NewsGuard Red-flagged Us for Publishing “False Information”… Because We Refused to LIE

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Another day, another bloody siege against the alternative media.

Recently, The Organic Prepper website was targeted by an Orwellian judge-and-jury of the internet called NewsGuard. In a series of emails, the organization demanded that we make a variety of changes. While some changes seemed reasonable, others were completely out of line with our website’s integrity. We aren’t the only ones so-targeted. Also found lacking by NewsGuard were,,,, MintPress News,, and MindBodyGreen, to name a few.

What do we all have in common? We’re all willing to question the official narrative. And in 2022, under the current administration, that’s simply against the rules of the powers that be. Questioning the establishment is akin to treason, a crime that must be punished, and voices that must be silenced lest others be led into the dark, disturbing corners of thinking for themselves.

Let me tell you what happened.

Despite politely corresponding with the person who contacted us and updating some of the things requested, we were given a poor rating and a red warning flag in a move that could damage our credibility and our ability to do business. Why? Well, in part because we refused to cede to their demands, and we instead chose to offer both sides of the story. In a tale of audacity that reminds me of extortion schemes and enforced “protection” by the Mob, our unwillingness to get in line puts at risk our very existence.

Wait…both sides of the story? It turns out that apparently, such open-mindedness is no longer acceptable in the United States of America.

DISCLAIMER What follows is my OPINION AND PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE on what occurred. (Even if NewsGuard is mad about our “opinionated language, at this point, we still live in a country in which opinions are protected speech. Well, sort of, as you’ll see.)

In short, a self-appointed Ministry of Truth that publicly purports to help sites that support certain narratives make more money while downgrading sites that question the official line combed through ten years of articles on The Organic Prepper website and requested we make a number of changes and correct our “errors.” When the organization failed to prove to me that we had, in fact, published erroneous information, I posted additional links into the articles in question, providing readers with a variety of opinions on the topics at hand.

This was insufficient, as you’ll see from screenshots I took from NewsGuard’s write-up on this website. My refusal to “correct” information that I still do not believe to be incorrect was deemed a deliberate and repeated publication of false information. NewsGuard, a corporate arm of censorship enforcement with ties to the United States government, doesn’t think that the readers of this website are capable of reading information and ascertaining what they believe to be correct. They seem to feel that readers must be spoon-fed one narrative without any questions, or those same readers will be blithely led down the path of confusion and falsehoods.

However, dear readers, I have more faith in you. I know that you can consume a plethora of information from a wide variety of sources and have the intelligence and good judgment to make up your own minds about what is true and what is false.

Interestingly, other sites that were allegedly guilty of the same journalistic crimes scored far higher and received a green flag. Upcoming articles will address these conflicting ratings and will provide the timeline for our correspondence with NewsGuard.

We’ve been warning for ages that our website and any other site posting viewpoints that aren’t in lockstep with the mainstream narrative are being targeted and censored. We’ve been telling you that it’s only a matter of time until alternative views are just a whisper in the darkness of a propagandized, government-controlled media.

A quick history of modern alternative media censorship

The first time I experienced blatant censorship firsthand was in 2016 when I posted an article that contained two videos. One was the edited clip shown on the news, and the other was the unedited clip. Of course, the unedited clip was promptly removed from YouTube, and my post about this was removed from Facebook for “hate speech.” You can see the article in question here and the follow-up about what happened here. About a year later, California proposed an absurd bill that would punish anyone sharing “fake news.”

By 2018, the pace had picked up dramatically. First, in March, I shared a video by Ben Swann (ironically, it’s been removed by YouTube) that discussed the modern Newspeak, assuring we only hear one side of every story. Later, in September, I addressed the purge of alternative voices from social media, starting with Alex Jones. I warned that you didn’t have to be a fan of Jones to be unhappy that he’d been silenced. By October, that purge had spread to include the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the following outlets: The AntiMedia (2.1 million fans), The Free Thought Project (3.1 million fans), Press for Truth (350K fans),  Police the Police (1.9 million fans), Cop Block (1.7 million fans), and Punk Rock Libertarians (125K fans). At that time, I wrote, “The alternative media purge is just the beginning. And we should all be very concerned.”

Unfortunately, that prediction was correct.

Between 2018 and 2022, we published more than 50 articles about continuing censorship, biased “fact-checking,” the 1st Amendment, and the double standard in social media and mainstream media. Some of those articles you may wish to look at are The Censorship of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book Burning, 51% of Americans Want to END Freedom of Speech (Many Even Want JAIL TIME for “Hate Speech”), SILENCED: We Live in a Time When Our “Opinions Qualify as Crimes”, and Big Tech Can Make Sure Billions of People NEVER See Dissenting Opinions.

Businesses were destroyed, people were “canceled,” and any opposition was deemed “hateful” or “false.”

We at The Organic Prepper got defunded in 2021 for being a “disinformation website,” and when I began to take legal action, threats ensued that could have ruined us all. (We’re sure they were completely unrelated to the lawsuit.) We lost thousands of dollars in monthly income, and it has been a true financial struggle ever since that happened.

The DHS started, then closed, a Ministry of Truth.

This year, the Department of Homeland Security tapped Nina Jancowicz to run a newly created “Government Disinformation Board” to become the official government arbiters of truth. After the Attorneys General of 20 states threatened legal action over the dystopian unit, it was disbanded (or at least “paused.)

This is rather misleading, though. While the official DHS board is no more, censorship is still alive and well. NewsGuard wields a different weapon than the official Ministry, but it’s no less menacing and leaves no room for dissenting opinions.

This direct attack on the Organic Prepper and many other sites is yet another piece of evidence upon the steaming pile. It’s because of this, we established a monthly newsletter that contains all of the articles from the previous month that were published on The OP. We don’t want our valuable information to be lost forever. If you haven’t yet subscribed yet (it’s just $7), you should do so now, because who knows where this will lead?

What is NewsGuard?

Who are these self-proclaimed beacons of journalistic integrity? I’m glad you asked.

First, let’s talk about NewsGuard itself.

First, they provide “online safety for readers, brands, and democracies.” Because we certainly can’t let readers, brands, or democracies be exposed to dangerous opinions. Some of their partners are the US Department of Defense, the US Department of State, the US Department of Digital Culture, Media, and Sports, the World Health Organization, Microsoft, Bing, MSN, and many others. Their homepage explains their goal of increasing ad revenue on “credible” sites.

Here are some screenshots of the partnerships of which they boast.

My understanding of the First Amendment is that the government cannot be involved in censoring free speech, dissent, and personal opinions. And yet, here is NewsGuard, publicly announcing on their home page their ties to the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

Their Social Impact Report describes how they have rated 7,466 news sites, “cataloged 762 false narratives as misinformation fingerprints,” and infiltrated the computers of more than 800 public libraries. They are also spreading their message of “media literacy” to the public school system.

My personal opinion is that Newsguard is an organization using taxpayer-funded partnerships to disseminate approved narratives to taxpayer-funded outlets such as libraries and schools. One must note that the United States government appears to be sidestepping its constitutional  limitations by crushing dissent through a corporate third party. (China, anyone?)

The person with whom I was in contact was McKenzie Sadeghi, a “misinformation monitor,” as per her LinkedIn account. Previous to her job at Newsguard, she worked in several fact-checking positions at USA Today. It appears she received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism just last year and that she is currently studying journalism for her Master’s degree. Her self-named blog appears to have been removed. (Was there false information, perchance?) According to her Facebook account, she graduated from high school in 2017.

So a young lady with a recent college degree is somehow deemed eligible to assess a website that helps to financially support a number of writers as well as administrative staff. Is there any regard for the fact that such attacks, completely unprovoked, could end up putting all of us in the breadlines? Does this young woman have any idea of the potential repercussions of this hit piece she helped to compose? Does she even care? These are certainly all questions that crossed my mind.

But even more than that, are the people at NewsGuard so afraid of those who would think critically that it’s worth ruining the lives and livelihoods of people sharing their opinions in the United States of America?

I know of a few other regimes that feel this way about the dangers of dissent. And those people are “just doing their jobs,” too.

What did NewsGuard say about The Organic Prepper?

Here’s our “Nutrition Label” – their term for a summary of the NewsGuard assessment.

Let’s look at these allegations.


We have been reporting on Covid-19 since before it was called Covid-19. While the mainstream media was still pooh-pooing the possibility of a pandemic, we warned our readers to get prepared – not so much for the illness itself but for the potential effects on our system.

We covered a variety of treatments, including my own personal experience with Covid in Mexico and a look at treatments that were frowned upon by the establishment despite copious numbers of studies that supported their use. We clearly stated repeatedly that our opinions were not medical advice, but NewsGuard seems to believe that readers cannot figure out the difference between advice and opinions.

Here’s what they had to say.

Please note that they themselves said we quoted directly from the study they touted to support our own opinions. As well, in the article with which they took umbrage about our opinion on masks, I added ten sources that supported their theory and ten sources that supported alternative views. All of these supporting studies were peer-reviewed.

Why would we add a correction to something we do not believe was incorrect? Why can’t we explore alternative information without being branded as liars? We never claimed to be medical experts. We just questioned the official narrative. (And need I remind you how many times that narrative has changed?)

Darkening the sun

In another “offense” our writers are made out to be some kind of Luddites when we pointed out that Bill Gates was funding research to potentially darken the sun in the hopes of slowing down global warming. Never did we state that the goal of that research was to “black out” the sun.

The website we cited was Forbes, a green-flagged website with a 100/100 rating from NewsGuard.

Interestingly, Forbes posted the following headline (with no correction.)

Always happy to share both sides of the story, we added an update.

Update: Please note that we aren’t saying that this experiment is an effort to “block out the sun” as the MSM has run with, making those who doubt the wisdom of this experiment sound like ignorant flat earthers. We’re just citing precisely what the website says – “darkening.”

However, NewsGuard took umbrage at our update because it was not a “correction.” We eagerly await Forbes’ correction.

NewsGuard repeatedly demanded that we issue corrections to anything with which they disagreed. In my reply, I wrote:

I firmly stand behind our right to share both sides of a story without committing to an approved narrative. The right to question our government is the reason the First Amendment was written.

Our “perspective”

Another sticking point with the folks at NewsGuard was my unwillingness to state a perspective. It’s simple. Our perspective is thinking critically. Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds: we have different politics, different religions, different nationalities, and different life experiences. It seems that they were urging me to state that we were “right wing” or “conservative” when in fact, we are neither as a group.

Meanwhile, other green-flagged sites such as CNN and Huffington Post regularly use opinionated language. I suppose it just depends upon your point of view whether or not it’s an opinion or a lie?

And it’s pretty sad that we are supposed to pigeonhole ourselves as either right or left. I opine that adamantly sticking to the narratives of right vs. left is a huge problem with our country.

(Want uninterrupted access to The Organic Prepper? Check out our paid-subscription newsletter.)

What can we do about this?

It astounds me that we’ve reached a point in which encouraging readers to question a narrative and think for themselves is considered “false.” It horrifies me that those of us who do so are being targeted and labeled and that it’s done in partnership with various entities that are part of the United States government.

It doesn’t stop with simply undermining our credibility. Groups like this will not be happy until we are defunded, unable to bank, and no longer able to publish alternative points of view. This is part of the Great Silencing, and don’t think for a moment that it will end with a little red flag icon.

We urge you to support our website by subscribing  to our monthly newsletter. You’ll receive a downloadable PDF copy of everything we have posted during the previous month on the 15th. It’s incredibly important to store this information now because we really don’t know what comes next. Whatever it is, free speech isn’t on the menu for NewsGuard and other referees of the internet.

On our side, we’ll continue to share both sides of the story and trust you to think for yourselves. We’ll work hard to help you stay prepared and point out the things you may wish to question. We will continue to cover the rise of the fact-checkers and will be adding a whole new category to do just that.

In upcoming articles, I will continue to break down NewsGuard’s assessment of this website and I’ll also compare our assessment with other sites that got the green light.

We are in this fight together. Alternative media is the last bastion of free speech and we’re being vigorously attacked. By reading, sponsoring, and sharing our work with others, you can help us to stand strong.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Tell us whether or not you believe entities like NewsGuard have it right, or if you want to be able to read different points of view. Let’s discuss it in the comments.

About Daisy

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at SelfRelianceand You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.


Picture of Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Daisy, first I applaud you and I know your content means so much to so many of us. I’m not sure if this will help because it sounds like you are in deep, but it just came to mind – check out Russell Brand’s Youtube channel if you are not familiar. He has almost 6 million followers and I can”t recall the exact videos but a number of times he alluded to certain things he has to say per his lawyers/legal advice, basically disclaimers along with every controversial topic, which as you’ll see are many. He always says things along the lines of “This isn’t necessarily what we think, and we don’t endorse xyz we just want to present different viewpoints so the viewers can make up their own minds”. I think your writer’s kind of do this anyway, but I just noticed watching a lot of his videos that he very deliberately inserts these kind of repetitive phrases on either side of every topic he covers.

    Again it sounds like you are in pretty deep and you should definitely stand your ground but it’s just a thought. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team do.

  • First, In reference to this excerpt from your article today:

    “We urge you to support our website by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. You’ll receive a downloadable PDF copy of everything we have posted during the previous month on the 15th. It’s incredibly important to store this information now because we really don’t know what comes next.”

    I recall there was an intense discussion about the absence of all comments from the decade-long archive of TOP articles when it was published on a flash drive. I vaguely recall there was some legal obstacle that blocked inclusion of all comments — which was a notable tragedy since the vast experience in your readership often leads to additions, corrections, insights, and resource links that are sometimes invaluable.

    Unless that legal obstacle has changed or been removed, I would guess that the paid monthly subscription for the downloadable PDF would also be lacking those comments and therefore be a lesser option in comparison to various daily DIY methods of saving selected articles of interest INCLUDING their comments. Various browsers have different “Save webpage as ….” features (such as html, PDF, or other …) either built in or as possible add-ons.

    Secondly, is there any plan for TOP to create a backup website on the deep web — even if it means educating readers on using such browsers as TOR? For example, Mike Adams of posts such information at the top of his home page in case his regular website gets taken down.

    I fully expect an all-out war of election vote counting fraud in the 2024 election … which could well preserve and increase the Ministry of Truth class of info tyrants — the kind that threatened Dr. Joseph Mercola a couple of years ago with confiscation of his own domain name … and forced him to take down some 25,000 articles he had created over the years. I am also recalling the infamous remark by the murderous Joseph Stalin who said that it’s not who gets the most votes — it’s who does the vote counting that matters. A repeat in 2024 of the 2020 election disaster would increase the oppression against alternative media that exposes the treachery often found in “official” narratives. Hence the need for defensive backup plans such as a deep web location.


    • While I do appreciate your perspective about the comments, we are asking people to support us financially with this subscription to help keep our website alive. I’m not sure why you would tell people NOT to do that, as I know you are a big fan of the site.

      We are in a fight for our very existence.

      • Keep in mind that the only people mad at you for telling the truth are those that are living a lie.
        Keep speaking the truth.

    • “Hence the need for defensive backup plans such as a deep web location”

      not much left to say really. at what point do you stop talking and start acting?

      don’t answer.

    • Backing up comments is more involved than backing up articles.

      For any articles with comments that are still accessible today, you could of course archive the article on and copy/paste all comments into a pdf and upload that to a website.

      Sounds like quite a task to me, but it could be done if you consider all comments worth preserving.

  • NewsWho?? If they weren’t handed tax dollars (if they had to actually produce a self-sustaining product) they wouldn’t exist. Ignore them – don’t validate people that can’t get real jobs by responding to them. Daisy Luther rocks. No-one’s ever heard of newsturd or whatever their name is.

  • No one ever said being Right was Easy and no one ever said that Freedom( or free speech) was Free. It all comes at a price, one way or another.
    So hang in there, you are with good company, those fighting the fight to speak out and speak their minds.
    Thanks for sharing how they are trying to force you into a narrative.
    It is not unusual as free speech is one of the first things that must be stopped before an Authoritarian( basically a dictatorship) Government can take over.

  • @ Carla H I have to figure Rumble and Substack out. I actually just read Daisy’s post again and I see that actually they did NOT want her to state that she was “not taking a side” but rather tried to pressure her into taking a position, i.e a “right wing” position that could then be blatantly censored by their logic. I think Russell Brand like Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan just have too big of an audience to take down so they are going for the “low hanging fruit” by targeting small organizations that they figure they can bully into submission. I’d like to see both Tucker and Russell look into News Guard actually…

    • “actually they did NOT want her to state that she was “not taking a side” but rather tried to pressure her into taking a position, i.e a “right wing” position”

      think of it as a cry for help. all their lives they’ve been pushing the limits, testing the boundaries, trying to find reality. and all this time they’ve found … nothing. just mushy, retreating, compromising pushovers who won’t stand and fight for anything, not for anything at all. no limits, no boundary, no uber-parent to stop their rampage against reality.

      we should help them.

    • That’s a fact. I keep sharing that with everyone who will pay attention, and recommend they do some reading and research on their own. As someone who has relatives (now deceased) who fought in WWII, including coming ashore on the beaches of France in that pivotal battle, I listened carefully to their stories of personal experiences, and continue reading everything I can get my hands on about that war.

    • “beginning to look alot like 1938 NAZI Germany”

      not at all, not in the least. more like the worst of weimar combined with the worst of boolshevik communism (and if you do the research you see that those are just two stages of the same process).

      • It very much does look like Nazi Germany.

        The German Workers’ Party (DAP) changed its name to National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDP) called the Nazi Party for short. The Democrats can’t change their name to the Nazi party but nevertheless the changes are similar.

        SA (Sturm Abteilung) formed. Known as Stormtroopers these were the party militia. They were also known as brownshirts because of the brown shirts that formed part of their uniform. Newsguard, and other similar leftist organizations, are the 21st century brown shirts.

        Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth was formed. The party had had a youth section since its beginning, but this new re-organised Hitler Youth was more integrated into the SA. This is a parallel to Antifa, code pink, the environmental nutjobs (Greta). The parallels are endless.

  • You are not left right. You are in the middle, the top of the middle is integrity, which you and many of us practice to the best of our ability and offer corrections when we are wrong. The bottom is lies, but when they are wrong, not corrections are offered.

  • Will you always be on Prepper Daily News or do you think that will be attacked/censored too? I just don’t get it. You really aren’t that controversial. This is the internet. Folks can/should be able to read what they want. Some of your articles I don’t care for or like. I’m an adult and scroll on by. It’s my decision. You have truly changed my life and my perspective. Thankyou.

    • “I just don’t get it. You really aren’t that controversial.”

      it’s not about controversy or facts or truth. it’s about control. total absolute unquestionable control, of absolutely everything.

  • If only alternative media could unionize around 1st Amendment rights. I understand that Labor laws have a lot of rights and protections already circumvented but there’s still power in loud, organized voices in large numbers. I saw this week that the high school coach won the Supreme Court case about freedom of religion for his right to pray on the field so all hope is not lost.

    • Also I’m sure there are some great lawyers out there doing pro-bono 1A work in this climate. If you and others are being singled out when there are equivalencies in the alt media and mainstream then it’s a discrimination case. Optimism..

  • Daisy, you wrote:

    “While I do appreciate your perspective about the comments, we are asking people to support us financially with this subscription to help keep our website alive. I’m not sure why you would tell people NOT to do that, as I know you are a big fan of the site.

    We are in a fight for our very existence.”

    Daisy, what I should have said was that with the understanding that IN ADDITION to subscribing for the monthly PDF to help support TOP, that some extra effort at home to save and archive some occasionally invaluable comments is a really good idea.

    Another way to help fund TOP would be to repair the sometimes broken PDF sales processing software. For multiple weeks I’ve been trying to make some purchases there but the software first added a product I didn’t want to my order. Then an attempted fix changed my password to one that would not work — twice. That is still an unresolved mess that I suspect is affecting many other people. When that broken software gets repaired it should help TOP’s incoming revenue flow.


  • It is funny to read MSM, to claim they are the speakers of truth to power, when their articles are activism journalism. Which is mostly an opinion piece disguised as “news.”
    Reading the NYT or WaPo is like reading dystopian fiction.
    When people noticed certain voices on social media were being silenced and brought up the issue, MSM belittled them, and said, “Go make your own site!”
    Guess, what, they did.
    And now MSM is losing their minds over it.
    People created Substack and independent journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss set up accounts. MSM scoffed at them. Until Greenwald, Taibbi, Weiss began to gain followers in significant numbers to include paid subscriptions. The MSM began to attack Substack in a effort to cancel them, but failed. Not only failed but as Matt Taibbi pointed out in one article, some of them have bigger audiences and subscribers than MSM outlets. More free thinking and critical thinking American’s are willing to pay for independent or alt-media than some MSM outlets.

    So this appears to be the latest attempt to control the narrative. Self-proclaimed fact checkers or misinformation/disinformation guardians.
    Fortunately, there are enough people who are waking up, and pushing back. They do not want to be told what to think or how to think. They do not want to spoon fed a narrative, especially when with their own eyes they can see through the narrative.
    We are fortunate we still have alt-media like TOP to cut through the one sided narrative, and present both sides of a story.
    If DHS has considered and nearly deployed a Ministry of Truth, how much longer will there be independent and alt-media for us to read, and make up our own minds?

  • Get off GoDaddy and goto NameCheap. They pride themselves in privacy and free speech. They don’t submit to government pressure. GoDaddy will take you down sooner or later.

  • The republican’ts, aka rinos were the ones responsible for creating Newsguard to advance their Never Trump ambitions. They colluded with Microsoft (bill gates) to try to take control of the narrative. They even have a spinoff of this to steal elections and it’s called Election Guard! When they steal the next election the gloves will come off! We are already seeing this with the primaries in Georgia and Nevada in the past couple of weeks where rinos miraculously won their primaries while America First candidates were polling much higher than the rinos running for re-election! At this point unfortunately I do not see a peaceful way out of this situation!

    • Indeed….and check out what just happened in Colorado…specifically the Secretary of State race. It has been reported that an Australian businessman named Mike O’Donnell came out of nowhere and picked up 28% of the vote in that race – and won entire counties. Yet it appears no-one has really ever heard about him. I just read about this and I’m starting to research the facts. It seems very odd.

      • Just the hysterical meltdowns both the left and RINO’s have over any reasonable questioning of results, ballot trafficking evidence or fraud-preventative measures are very indicative of meddling. If there’s nothing to hide you say go ahead and check. There are some interesting ongoing localized election fraud and integrity conflicts in State senates a over the country – Maricopa County, AZ, Los Alamos County, NM, and counties in Wisconsin and Michigan to name just a few.

  • NewsGuard are a particularly nasty company. They are not some “non-profit” bankrolled by billionaires and wealthy foundations, they are a commercial dot com play that shows up on all the Venture Capital fund raising sites. They are only in it for the money.

    The principals have already sold on one worthless dot com to big company suckers making themselves very rich in the process. This is their next play. Like all current dot com plays its a straight up fraud as there is zero chance of it ever being cash positive let alone making back the investors money.

    Given the purely commercial nature of NewsGuard and the structure of its financing I’d guess they may open themselves up for a RICO lawsuit if they keep up their threats. Sounds remarkably like a form of extortion to me.

    Document everything. There might be some bottom feeder class action lawyers out there who might find the documentation useful in the future.

  • Obviously NEWS GUARD is communist censoring. News Guard is a communist organization funded by our tax money to screw ourselves, thereby, actively assisting and establishing communism in the United States of America. This is what News Guard is all about. They are not telling us the truth about who and what they really are doing. We are intelligent people, and with the help of The Organic Prepper, and others, we do know who and what they are. They are NOT for the people of the United States of America. They are, in fact, against us. In short, the enemy!

    • Organic Prepper: Please delete one of these, if I have 2 the exact same up here. We could do it ourselves if you had an edit and delete button for us. All the other sites have it. This is frustrating. TY

      • We looked into adding the option to edit. However, if we do that, then we also have to force people to log in using a real email address and contact information. We opted for at least some measure of anonymity over ease of editing. Thank you for your understanding.

  • As a scientist, I’ve spent decades making decisions based on fact-based evidence. I’m fond of saying that ‘math and science don’t lie’. It always amazes me how many human beings proclaim they are magically smarter than everyone else, especially ‘journalists’ or politicians who appear to have no scientific background, training, education, or critical thinking skills.

    “misinformation monitor” is another one of those made up terms, and all your readers know that. Those human beings I call ‘propaganda pushers’ don’t like people like me who push back hard with facts. I’ve been censored quite a bit over the past couple of years, especially on the topic of election fraud.

    Stick with it Daisy. Please contact me directly if you’re looking for another guest columnist willing to provide factual information to your readers. I personally do not want to see human civilization slide back into the dark ages, and we seem to be well on our way down that path.

    • “It always amazes me how many human beings proclaim they are magically smarter than everyone else”

      as a scientist, do you ever wonder why they do that? what drives and backs that behavior? why, when you show them facts, they just flat out don’t care and push harder?

      • Good point an t7….yes, in fact I do….in some cases it is pretty easy to figure out, in others, especially those who intentionally play psychological games, it takes more effort.

    • Keep in mind that when a person or organization, including the government, lies to you, they don’t respect you enough to be honest and to tell you the truth. They also think you are too stupid to figure it out and not know the difference about what they are telling you.

  • Is it possible to get with all sites affected by this organization and take the case to court as class action? I bet there is a lawyer out there that would take the case! All the way to SCOTUS…

  • Tell them to go to hell,no they would enjoy the trip back home to see their friends,instead tell them to kiss your butt and be ready to make them be very sorry if they choose to visit you.

    • no it’s not. and in any case you can start your own blog with your own rules, show everyone how it’s done.

  • Fix those little dots on the commenters comment to be able to edit and/or delete OURSELVES. We should not have to contact you to do it or we have to get news elsewhere.

  • “This website does not adhere to the official narrative. You may be exposed to unapproved opinions. Proceed with caution.”

    full speed ahead.

    and thank you daisy.

  • Things are worse than I thought and that’s saying a hell of a lot. It reminds me of some churches when they start to think that the church is becoming radical left, it’s already gone way beyond “starting” to become radical, it has ALREADY become very radical.

    We’re not starting to see tyranny, we are living it. Our own government is now malevolent without even hiding it.

    Ignore the trolls.

    • “Our own government is now malevolent”

      ever notice that they’re not americans? no government ever sought to destroy its own people.

  • Come on, Daisy, surely you know the quality of information on this site is pretty doubtful. You are smart enough to realise that a lot of what you say doesn’t pass the smell test. Where it comes to practical advice on prepping, the site is quite good, but anything relating to the news is gossip and rumor, and often very trashy rumor.

    I still don’t know why any prepper would even contemplate suggesting to people to take risk of catching a virus. Even if there were any questions on effectiveness of masks, so what? Better safe than sorry, is what any prepper should always say.

    The only reason I come here in spite of that, is because you weren’t alone in saying rubbish about covid. Chris Martenson turned around like somebody was pointing a gun to his head on the issue of covid. He went from asking people to sensibly protect themselves, like I’d expect from any prepper, to gradually being, quite frankly, in favor of virus spread. When the virus started to spike in Britain, he said it was all too much testing, when it was in fact the new alpha variant. And he went downhill from there, all the way to becoming anti-vaccine. When I saw Chris turn, I realised something much bigger was going on. And after I made a couple of comments there and somebody’s reaction was “Wow, powerful statement”, I was no longer able to comment. So I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Sorry, but I don’t believe somebody like Chris changes his mind like that for no reason whatsoever. And I don’t think a prepper site like yours is anti-mask for no reason whatsoever.

    What happened? I think you said it yourself. You refused to LIE. As in CAPITALS means DOUBLETHINK. Except when it doesn’t. And a lot of people have been doublethinking for a very long time.

    I have no idea what is going to happen to your site, because we live in the times when TSHTF, as they used to say. And if you’re a good prepper, you should be prepared for that.

    • I’m not sure what on earth you are talking about with regard to doublespeak, despite my great love for Orwell. However I never suggested that anyone go out and TRY to catch a virus. I spoke up for personal and medical freedom. If you wish to wear a mask, by all means, do so. I completely support your right to do that. If someone does not wish to, that is also their decision. I never said that this virus did not exist, recommended that people deliberately get infected, or that we should not take precautions.

      As far as our information being “doubtful” I also support your right to feel that way. That’s the great thing about free speech and critical thinking. You can choose what sources you opt to believe.

    • Wow are you even reading the same info from TOP as the rest of us?!?! Sounds like you have fallen under the MSM spell since you stated the news here is gossip and rumor. There’s nothing wrong with questioning facts presented to us and making speculations. Nothing on here is “trashy rumor”. Maybe just do less complaining about what you read and use that time to do your own research. Yes it’s a little harder to find truth because it’s hidden and heavily censored. If you don’t like the info presented to you here then simply don’t read it.

    • “Even if there were any questions on effectiveness of masks, so what? Better safe than sorry, is what any prepper should always say.”

      How about “better educated than an idiot”?

      Have you ever bothered to look at the comparative sizes of purported ‘viruses’ and the pore size of various recommended masks, say N95?

      Have you ever read any peer-reviewed journals in microbiology, or ANY science subject?

      Among other things, I’m a retired microbiologist, and it didn’t take more than reading 4 articles about the so-called ‘novel virus’ to figure out it was a hoax. Not that my lone voice had any impact outside of my small circle. But it didn’t take long for other, very well-known scientists to call out the same – and of course their voices were quickly drowned out by MSM and the ‘pandemic’ narrative. Of course, when tests were shown to yield 97% false positive results, that info had to be suppressed. Same with the ‘treatment’, when proven to be a deadly toxin. 14.5 million ‘treatment’-caused deaths later, and still nobody’s dragging pharm-execs into the streets.

      A little research goes a long way toward freedom from idiotic schemes, and breathing oxygen, instead of rebreathing your own bacteria your body’s trying to get rid of, along with carbon dioxide (leads to hypoxia and hypercapnia) which starts causing brain damage within a few minutes. If Daisy even hinted at questioning mask-wearing, she was doing her readers a favor.

      • Good comment. I’m a RRT, Registered Respiratory Therapist, with over 36 years experience, in that field, both in research and clinical practice. I also went to school for Allergy and Immunology, working in that field for about six years, before going to school for respiratory therapy. I noted the same thing as you…that the entire C-19 scare was more of an elaborate hoax or scam aimed at ‘control’… and if people are fearful or afraid they are so much easier to control. I retired, abruptly, rather than use therapies and modalities that the ‘experts’ cautioned against using for C-19, given its nature and that it was a virus. I, in my letter of resignation, stated that I refused to use therapies that might be dangerous for the patient and I refused to lie to my patients about C-19. I was ‘cautioned’ by my supervisors not to talk about ‘why’ I retired. All I did was laugh and I’ve never been really quiet about why I retired. This was done April of 2020. I absolutely refuse to live in fear of anything.
        “He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears.”—
        Michel de Montaigne

    • ‘Still’ going on about C-19 and its ‘variants’? Wow…I see the ‘fearmongering’, that’s really all it is, has affected you, badly. When all the ‘fear’ started being spread about C-19…people said there would be ‘new variants’ every time people started to become unafraid and started questioning the official narrative. Even though a virus will mutate, making new variants, it wasn’t until ‘after’ people really started to question the official narrative and started to say, “NO” to the ‘vaxx’,… that’s when the new variants started to appear…right on cue.
      Sorry, but that’s my take on it.

  • It is obvious they are just trying to discredit this site. Only one narrative should exist and it should be theirs is obvious to everyone but it comes in the guise that they are the “authority”.

    Kind of amateurish, backward, and immature typical of brainwashed commies willing to be brainwashed by an amateurish, backward, and immature founder of communism, Karl Marx – who if they ever bothered to read any history of him should be SHOCKED at his laziness, hypocrisy, and failure as a father.

    BTW, ZH banned me and I don’t know why, really. Just told the truth for all I know about everything.

    • “Only one narrative should exist and it should be theirs is obvious to everyone but it comes in the guise that they are the ‘authority’”

      more accurately they think their narrative is the only one that is real – that only they are real. they then act like it.

  • Looking at Newsguard’s site, they are pre installed but opt in on Microsoft Edge browser, and the greatest risk to you with a low score and red icon is a potential loss of some ad revenue.

    Wipe the site, dump some click bait headline alarmist authors like Jeremiah Johnson, skip the news opinion in the future, and stick with prepping articles about the current best practice on fitness, skills, equipment, etc. Actual prepping stuff, as some of the articles currently are.

    It sucks, but outfits like newsgaurd and the revenue loss they can drive, may be the future.

    Might have to adapt.

  • Maybe you could do an article on how the ad revenue set up works?

    If you have a personal relationship with the companies who advertise here, you should have no worries. You know them, they know you, you use and recommend their products because you are confidant buying whatever they are selling is the best choice for a prepper, for the folks coming here who trust you to have their best interest in mind.

    Or, the companies who advertise here go through a middleman service, and pick you out of a long list of prepper websites based on views per article, hashtag clouds, or some other metric, but you don’t know them and they don’t know you and a red icon by your name on the list may well influence their choice.

    Without knowing how it is possible for them to affect your ad revenue, and to what extent, I’m left with a few choices.

    Believe you, that some evil privacy invader and truth hater is threatening your livelihood because you refuse to bend the knee and opt into the “official narrative”, and buy a subscription because doing so is tantamount to defending justice and freedom.

    But a subscription because I find the articles to be equal in value to the cost of the subscription.

    Disbelieve you, and pessimisticly assume that Newsguard cannot affect your ad revenue, the website is not in danger of closing down because you are made to be a pauper, and you are using the interaction between this basically meaningless rating service and yourself to nudge non paying members (bums, like me) into buying a recurring subscription.

    My problem is, I can never know. If everyone buys a subscription and the website is saved for that reason, how will I know? I can’t know.

    Your not asking me to subscribe. Your asking me to judge the value of the site.

    That’s difficult.

  • NewsGuard triggered my memory banks. What we have here are young people acting as censors. Young people hired to censor people who know what they’re writing about. Now flash back to Mao Zedong’s Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution in China. Who were the Red Guards? They were groups of students, as young as elementary school children (up to university age). They destroyed antiques, ancient texts, and Buddhist temples. They publicly humiliated teachers, monks, former landowners or anyone else suspected of being “counter-revolutionary.” Suspected “rightists” would be publicly humiliated, sometimes by being paraded through the streets of their town with mocking placards hung around their necks. They wanted to rid the country of the “Four Olds;” old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas.

    Eventually, the public shaming grew increasingly violent and thousands of people were killed outright with more committed suicide as a result of their ordeal. The final death toll is not known.

    NewsGuard. Red Guard. College kids. Only cover the government narrative – or else. Welcome to Red Amerika.

    • That’s exactly right, and that’s what is happening right now in the USA….the radical left is being used as a tool to erase our nation’s existing culture….a cultural revolution if you will…..destroying/erasing a nation’s history, and a people’s trust in each other….leaves you with nothing to compare the current state with what has come before….we are already living under a Communist leaning government, and totalitarian rule is their goal…..every American must get engaged, if you are not already doing so.

  • Mein Gott! Fresh out of Journalism School and we knows everything. Fresh out of Journalism School in 1977 makes me an oldy-moldy. Maybe they don’t teach Journalism Law anymore. Or maybe they approach the law codified and modified by Woodward and Bernstein’s Deep Throats, Marshall McLuhan’s, “The medium is the message” and finally, Wilson Key’s Subliminal Seduction to emphasize how to challenge conspiracy “theories.” Grooming much.

  • So let me understand this. This thing called news guard is essentially a blog which appears to be staffed and run by people that have minimal experience in journalism, half of them appear to be interns and most of whom are under 35.

    With those qualifications and that level of experience, they genuinely fall under the category of idiots. They don’t know what they don’t know and anybody pretending to be guarding journalistic integrity would be required at their minimum to do some due diligence with multiple angles on any given story.

    It will be interesting to watch people like this starve when it comes time to see who actually has genuine useful skills and who has the ability to use a keyboard. Twittering is not particularly useful when gas is six dollars a gallon and certainly is useless when you’re busy worrying about a mob looting your block.

    • “They don’t know what they don’t know”

      they know they have the political, legal, and financial support of the people who are behind all this …

      “when you’re busy worrying about a mob looting your block”

      … and they are the mob.

  • Archive of this article, as we may be nearing the time when sites such as this are purged:

    I’m not a prepper exactly, although I am a long time reader of this site. Such preps as I have are designed to allow me to function at a high level while the unprepared are scrambling for resources; long-term survival is not my focus. I am move activistic, pushing for positive change even if it flies in the face of being the grey man.

    Attempts to get people organized, even in small ways, here in the suburbs of Georgia have largely failed. I expect things to get serious quite soon, although I’ve been wrong on timing before. People are still placing youth sports and other such things as high priorities. When times get tough, they will be surprised, despite numerous signposts warning them of what’s to come.

  • Will you please just sue the pants off News Guard? If you don’t, this will never stop. Put them in their place. Right now! They are harassing you, discriminating against you and accusing you falsely & fraudently. Do something! Sue for damages as well. It’s necessary.

    • “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”—H.L. Mencken
      Yes, he has some good advice or observations.
      Speaking of ‘practical politics’…
      “It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.”—Adolf Hitler

  • Thank you for naming and shaming the ‘work experience student’ who pursued you for daring to disagree with mainstream narratives. Any chance of outing the rest of the people behind this scurrilous organisation including addresses etc. They seem to thrive on anonymity, I just wonder how they would feel if people knocked on their door to express a distaste for their own opinions and their harassment of hard working individuals like you Daisy. I know this sounds Orwellian, but who is pushing back at these individuals.

  • I keep saying Civil War doth creep closer every day, but in truth, we’ve been in a Cold Civil War ever since the Kenyan was installed into office in my opinion. The attacks on our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights began then, and have only continued to accelerate with the installation of the Dementia patient currently in office.
    The examples of these attacks are too numerous to list in a simple reply to an article, but they are there, and easy ti find with a little effort. Individually, they raise little alarm, but cumulatively they’re a Five Alarm Fire, All Hands On Deck, Prepare To Defend Yourselves Clarion Call.
    The Puppet Masters orchestrating this attack want two things, and they’re attacking those two things simultaneously (which verifies their attack to me, but may be a strategic error on their part). Freedom Of Speech and the Right To Keep and Bear Arms are both under coequal attack. If the powers that be control the flow and content of information, they’ve succeeded in their goal of denying Free Speech, and if they can control who is armed, or totally disarm the populace, their attack has succeeded. They are getting closer to their end goal by the day, and the attacks will only become more frequent.
    I, for one, believe they’ve rigged the system against us, thus efforts to fight the attacks through the system will inevitably fail, simply because they’ve stacked the deck in their favor. It may already be impossible for us to win from within the system simply because they control it.
    What can we do? My thoughts on this will remain mine, as they are regarded by the current regime as seditious, though it’s only sedition if you lose the fight.
    Distasteful as the thought of believing that fellow citizens of our country being our enemy is, we’re naive to believe otherwise, and we’d best get on board with that real quickly. Our Republic is under attack from within, and we better be prepared to fight for her, or we won’t have a Republic anymore.

    Lock and Load Patriots. Lady Liberty cries out for you and I to defend her.

  • My suggestion is to carefully consider either a legal option, as in a class action lawsuit, or a lawful option, as in a private libel suit against the individual. I presume you know what the former would require. The latter, however, will soon be available to you and many others, depending on where you live. The American States Assemblies are re-forming original jurisdiction Jural Assemblies and with them common law courts, which, basically, haven’t been in operation since the Civil War. That would require a correction of your political status from that of a statutory ‘person’ (a legal fiction – which is what would be suing the ‘NewsGuard’ corporation) to that of a woman. Just takes recording 4 documents, that’s all. As such you would be exercising your constitutionally protected Rights – and in fact is the ONLY way you can access them, as a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood woman. The corporation only has privileges and immunities, but you have Rights. And you have been caused loss by this fresh-out-of-college know-nothing. You CAN also sue the corporation, but it seems that making an example of one individual (or perhaps a few others, as well), might send a stronger signal to the rest than having some insurance company compensate you for the harm.

  • Where is lawyer Lorraine? Perhaps she could lend some of here objectivity and lawyerly wisdom to you Daisy?????

    In all seriousness, Daisy, I cherish this site and all the posters (especially you Lorraine) whether I agree with them or not. I’ve checked out permanently from other boards because of feuding. I’ve seen Daisy swat down bullies and defend not only her writers but other posters.

    This gang (because that’s all this organization is) harassing you is are using tactics you warned about in your “othering” article. Maybe they should have researched their target before they decided to threaten..? Very unwise to select a woman as smart as you that is PREPARED for this kind of b.s. Woe unto them. I’d hate to debate you.

  • NewsGuard are based in NYC so will come under the jurisdiction of New York state law. They are a for profit private company so their actions most definitely come under relevant extortion and coercion law in NY state.

    They have deep pockets and very rich investors so might be possible to find a lawyer in NY state who will work on a contingency basis. Depends on how watertight the state case law is in this area.

    INAL but have dealt with California law and lawyers for many decades. Those who decided to pick an argument got chewed up and spat out very quickly. I can read the same law books they did to pass the bar exam. Plus I know how the game is played. Thats the most important bit.

    In California you could make a case stick against NewsGuard. Or rather stick just enough to make their investors very nervous. Which is the main goal of the exercise. Investors only invest if they think they can cash out. Legal trouble like an extortion complaint well..

    Always go for the other sides weakest spot. In this case their investors confidence. Despite the fancy suits and big name law firms they are just sheep with money. And very easily spooked.

    Once any threat is there an operation like NewsGuard will back off very very quickly.

  • I’d like to know the origins of NewsGuard. When did it become a company? Who funded it? Who issued it a business license and where from? Who financed them from the beginning and its later expansion? How do the Feddies provide them funding and alleged credibility. Who authorized it and when? Is Soros involved, or any NGOs? Does it receive any funding from non-Americans sources or governments? Where are their physical offices and who are the company officers and their “professional” backgrounds? As a J school graduate, 1980, I learned back in the 70’s to always follow the money.
    It seems to me that NewsGuard engages in defamation, libel and extortion. What, if any, legal processes can be used to undermine their dialogue? Alex Jones use of the phrase InfoWars is an abolute description of what is occurring now. Independent journalism has been under attack by corporate media as long as I can remember and finanacial attack/limitations have always be their lawyers favorite weapon. The internet has changed all that, but advertising giants squeeze out competition. Fighting that by having advertisers for what people need today and will need later to endure seems a keystone for survival of independent journalism right now. If,when, the internet is shut down, people will need paper archives for how-to pamphlets and booklets. Printing a pdf file without extraneous material may be a way to retain knowledge. But would people pay for that?

  • Regarding the possibility of a lawsuit against NewsGuard

    May I suggest running this search on — which is a search system that does NOT censor:

    institute for justice wiki

    Here is just one of many websites about them:

    I first became aware of them when they took the case of a retiree in Dunedin, Florida who had to go out of state to care for his dying mother and her estate. He left his home yard maintenance with an elderly buddy who unfortunately died while the retiree was out of state. The resulting high grass growth at his home gave the city an excuse to run his code enforcement citation fines up over some $30,000 — which would have resulted in the city confiscating that house and auctioning it off to fatten city coffers. The Institute for Justice took the retiree’s case against that predatory city in just one example of a nationwide racket being played out to steal houses in state after state by greedy municipalities. This link has a discussion of that case:

    If a lawsuit against NewsGuard is being considered, it might be worthwhile to talk with the Institute for Justice.


    • This is very good advice. I am certain in this highly polarized political climate and egregious assaults on freedom there are many great lawyers, perhaps more than would be normal, being willing to take pro-bono cases against these kind questionable organizations. Interesting to research and see what case precedents there are and instances of other alt media organizations who have fought back with lawsuits.

  • Surely none of this is a surprise. I mean really… The collective “we” have allowed this to happen because of apathy towards our government, schools, banking system, etc. In case no one noticed; they are not playing by the rules anymore. But yet “we” still cling to the “rules” as “we” knew them and are still applying them to their “gross over reach.” It is going to get much worse. We ain’t seen nothing yet. They don’t think we will ever stand up to them. And you know what…most of America is still asleep. Keep fighting the good fight Daisy… The Windmill is going to fight itself!

  • I would simply respond to them “ I do not negotiate with terrorists”.

    The rationale:

    I wish I could tell you to take the easier road, to take the road that compromises with the spirit of totalitarianism, so that you would not have to suffer. However, this is a trap. Those who take that road will suffer more, perhaps physically but certainly spiritually. For, there is no compromise, not even dialogue, with terrorists. And behind this coercion, this blackmail, this fear mongering, are the demons, who are terrorists. These people are not honorable and cannot be trusted. Those who foolishly think that by trading in their freedom and their integrity for maintaining an employment, they are buying some kind of ticket to security, are deluded and are not worthy of freedom or security.

    The days are evil. Deception and spiritual delusion is spreading like a true pandemic. We are all being tested. Who will remain faithful? Who will trust God first and foremost? Who has the fear of God in them more than the fear of men?

    I firmly believe that the patient, prayerful, and faithful, that is trusting in God, will be victorious in the end. Not just in heaven, but also on earth. This sham is going to come crashing down on the world in the near future. Those who have trusted in God will have spiritual freedom and people will chase after them in search of salvation from the beast.

    The above, of course, is my perspective and beliefs which based on my constitutional right to freedom of religion and I am expressing this with my constitutional right to freedom of speech.

    So……I do not negotiate with terrorists. Any further response from said terrorists will result in a counter lawsuit of the violation of my human rights.

    PS yes, we should all support you financially.

  • It strikes me that NewsGuard, with its openly admitted association with the United States Government, is a openly unconstitutional organization. As such, it must be immediately shut down and removed from existence.

  • Orwell’s 1984 grows ever prophetic because it is a fictionalization of THEIR leaked plans. THEIR leaked plans were wisely disseminated in the 1920s, including by H. Ford.

    Orwell rubbed elbows with the MONSTERS in Spain.

    Orwell then wrote his warning of THEM to us, 1984.

  • Submitting observed information for discussion without assigning a value judgement, comparison of this information to the experience of others, and drawing possible conclusions for testing against future observations (as you have routinely done) is a hallmark of the scientific method.

    I trust the science 🙂

  • We ‘must’ remember, too, that the new ‘Ministry of Truth’ supports the claim that men can get pregnant…that there are more than two sexes and that your ‘sex gender’ or what you were born as…can change on a whim. The new ‘Ministry of Truth’, too, says that the facts and ‘truth’ are what ‘they’ say it is.
    If you want to find out more about the new ‘Ministry of Truth’, all you have to do is read George Orwell’s “1984” or watch one of the three movies made about it. (1954, 1956 and 1984) The ones made in 1956 and 1984 are the best of the three, although, those are my choices. I have both the 1956 and 1984 versions on DVD, as-well-as “1984” in hard copy…you know…a ‘book’.
    I challenge anyone to read or watch these…just to see how our society has changed. Another movie is “V for Vendetta”, which, also, gives a glimpse of where we might be headed.

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