Are You Interested in Writing for The Organic Prepper?

Are you a talented, organized, and knowledgeable writer? is one of the most popular emergency preparedness websites in the United States. Our team is always on the lookout for talented writers to contribute to the site.

Not just any writers, though. What are we looking for? Read on to find out.

Experienced Preppers and Survivalists

Are you a prepper, with mad skills in all things prepper? Have you canned, dehydrated, and learned to purify water? Is your stockpile the envy of the prepper world? Are you self-sufficient (or could be when necessary) in a world that seems to depend on instant gratification and home-delivery? Do you know how to plant a sustainable garden even in the most garden-unfriendly places? Maybe you even have experience with livestock and producing your food.

Are you a modern-day survivalist with realistic practical experience? Can you live off the grid without a second thought? Do you have experience building your own bug out bag, and maybe even helping others do the same? Do you have the knowledge to teach others about survival gear, tools, and the mindset it requires to really pull through when the SHTF? Can you offer real advice on how to survive in all climates and geographic locations?

Have you learned and implemented ways to prepare for future possible events that may impact your life? Are you capable of teaching others to take these steps to prepare for their own personal disasters, or even a larger scale SHTF situation? Even more important, can you put it in writing that readers can comprehend and use to their advantage?  

Having ALL skills possible of a prepper or survivalist is not necessary. We all know learning tends to be a lifetime endeavor. Gathering knowledge, gaining the skills, putting it all to use, and then sharing it with others is the ultimate goal of our team here at the Organic Prepper.

Are you in? 

Current Events Guru

Do you keep up with what is going on in our world today, every day? Whether it be in the United States or globally, we strive to be an excellent, reliable, unbiased source of information for our readers. Some people enjoy searching the internet for hours on end to find the current days news. We think time could be better well spent. That’s why we are looking for a specialist who does the research and then places it into well written, organized, and fact-based articles.

Do you fact check and compare the information you gather? Do you cite reliable sources and double-check those? If you were to sit down and write an article today, would you be confident in having it published, with your name on it? Are you capable of coming up with your own topics as well as writing on a topic our team assigns you?

Do you know how to write on controversial topics without being too biased? Are you willing to look at both sides before deciding which side you are on? More importantly, can you engage readers that aren’t necessarily on that “side”? Can you offer our readers a non-biased, enjoyable, and interesting read to start their day with?

We want our long-time readers to stay and new ones to visit the site. The only way to do this is to write articles they want to read.

Are you ready to write?

You don’t have to be a perfect writer!

There are lots of folks out there who have critical knowledge to impart but they’re hesitant to put that information out there because they believe they’re not “real writers.”

Well, here’s a secret: real writers have editors. And we’ve got a crack editorial team that will get your article ready complete with graphics, proof-reading, content editing, and an SEO-friendly headline.

Your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s what we’re here for!

(Psst. Here’s our handy writer’s guidelines.)

Are you genuinely interested in becoming a member of The Organic Prepper team?

Contact us at: [email protected]

  • Tell us why you want to write for us and what makes you believe you are who we are looking for
  • Share your experience as a prepper or survivalist with us
  • Tell us about your expertise in current events
  • If you have one, send us a link to a previously published article. Or, write a new one for us to review

We know you are out there.

And remember, “Writer’s write.”

Are you a writer? 

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