How Many Times Are the “Facts” About COVID Going to Change?

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I have never worked in the medical field. But, I have had many friends and family work in the medical field over the years. We could speak together, intelligently in the past. We could share information and ask one another questions. 

It’s important for me to learn what I can do to better take care of myself and my children. While advice from individual practitioners varied somewhat, there was similar advice throughout the field, all around different parts of the country.

Everything is different now, and there is far too much uncertainty

This year everything changed. Mainstream media says one thing; the people I know in medicine have various things to say. Some agree with everything on the news, while others disagree. In fact, one day they agree, the next day they don’t.  There has been doubt about the numbers from the very beginning.

Chaos reigns. It’s hard to make informed decisions because it’s hard to know what’s going on. Medicine has changed considerably over the last 20 years, likely contributing to the chaos and confusion. 

The health care system has become more bureaucratized over the decades for a variety of reasons. The Affordable Care Act dramatically sped up the process. It significantly increased overhead expenses, which encouraged many private doctors to work for larger groups, such as hospitals, to absorb those costs more quickly. 

Private ownership has been decreasing for years but markedly reduced during the years between 2012 and 2018.  Physicians began moving away from offering their services privately to providing services at larger institutions. Hospitals and larger groups of physicians can more easily shoulder the burden of high overhead costs.

The voice of humankind no longer belongs to us

I have worked in a variety of settings. When I worked for a privately owned burger joint in high school, I dyed my hair orange and purple and had five earrings. The customers did not care. My boss’s opinion was all that concerned me. His only concern was whether it affected revenue. It didn’t. My boss was cool with my being a strange-looking teen.  

After college, I worked for a large consulting firm. My hair was back to its natural color, and most of the piercings were gone. My more heavily tattooed coworkers had to dress very modestly. We represented a business with dozens of offices around the country and were expected to conduct ourselves in a certain way.

Rules on what is acceptable in places of employment vary. In larger organizations, these rules tend to be much stricter. In today’s environment, these rules do not only apply to appearance. Especially in larger institutions and corporations. 

In medicine, the move away from independent practices toward larger institutions made it difficult for physicians to voice their stance if it differs from the institutions that now employ them, which leads to a lack of information. 

I am not arguing about the existence of COVID

I am trying to point out how difficult it is to glean information not influenced by hospital policies and non-disclosure agreements of medical professionals. When dealing with a dangerous new virus, information needs to be gathered from as many settings as possible.  

Compounding the issue is the fact that many medical professionals are truly exhausted. But is that solely the result of a new disease? Last September, the Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing how hospitals have trimmed staff in recent years for budgetary reasons. 

Is this exhaustion on the part of health care workers solely an indicator of how bad the virus is? Or were health care workers stretched too thin before COVID hit? 

With fewer workers available, was COVID the straw that broke the camel’s back?

When we watch commercials with exhausted nurses telling everyone to stay home and mask up, is it such a stretch to wonder if perhaps some of this is due to poor management and lack of workers? Not solely due to the virus. Selco wrote previously that it wasn’t the virus we need to worry about, but the system. Is that what we’re seeing?

Fact: Diseases emerge. Despite the chaos and uncertainty of the past year, progress has been made. I don’t know why we’re not giving more attention to progress and celebrating it. 

I have been watching the confirmed cases vs. deceased ratio daily for my county since they first began reporting it. In the spring, it was between 2 and 3 percent. In the past few months, it has hovered just above 1%. 

The ability to treat people suffering from Covid has significantly improved. The frontline health care workers who have been observing and refining different practices for the best possible outcomes deserve more credit than they have been getting.

Rather than praising potential vaccines, why not praise the tangible progress already made?

What happened to letting nature do its job?

The development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a genuine problem. People have denied this for years, though it’s well documented. We share our bodies with trillions upon trillions of little microbes. In addition to the masking and stay-at-home orders, we are told to sanitize regularly. We don’t live in a surgical ward. Trying to kill everything we can’t immediately identify will lead us nowhere good. Nature doesn’t work that way. Our bodies don’t work that way.  

When I was in the corporate world, many of my friends had children in daycare. My relatives also put their infants in daycare. When their babies got sick, doctors invariably told them it was good to expose babies to pathogens. It would strengthen their immune systems in the long run. It seems like, until Covid, moderate exposure to a variety of pathogens was essential in developing an immune system.  

The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration do an exceptional job explaining the development of herd immunity among less-vulnerable members of the population. I strongly encourage everyone to read it and then read the authors’ short biographies and co-signers. Accomplished scientists from all over the world have signed it.

This declaration is no conspiracy of pseudo-intellectuals, yet it was initially buried

Doesn’t it seem like the “facts” change too much and too often?

In the spring and summer, Florida’s horrible spike in cases was all over the news. Stories of hospitals at 100% capacity spread rapidly. Nurses were offered large sums of money to go down and work there because the hospitals were overrun. My family has a physician friend in the Orlando area, and my parents asked her about it. She told my parents it was nonsense; she said the hospitals were closer to 10%, not 100%, and surmised lawsuits might be coming over the fraud.  

This physician takes Covid very seriously; she refuses to eat at any restaurant and only socializes outdoors while wearing a mask. 

Why would she say something like that? 

I spent some time researching and found an article titled Florida hospital admits overstating its CCP Virus positivity rate by 10 times, some labs have not reported negative results”.

I have to wonder if the same sort of thing is happening worldwide. 

Progress is made when minds are allowed to bounce off each other

Communication and debate are essential. It is a lucky person who has never had conflicting diagnoses from doctors. I have been prescribed antibiotics for what turned out to be Bell’s Palsy, which is viral and not treatable anyway. Physicians are smart, not perfect. People work best when they are allowed to communicate freely.   

This past year I have felt I was continually asked to suspend disbelief. Don’t believe any physicians I know personally. Only agree with who the media titans believe in. Following the strictest mandates will protect my health. (Even though closing gyms and forcing people to stay indoors is a sure path to obesity, Vitamin D deficiency, and depression.) Taking an entirely new kind of vaccine developed in less than a year (the typical time for vaccine development is between 5 and 10 years) is safer than getting exposed to a disease with a 99.98% survival rate. 

Really?  Really?

Covid is a new disease, and new things are scary

We confront and conquer frightening things, not by living in a constant state of fear, but by recognizing what we can and can’t control and doing our little part. For most of us, that means following the same advice doctors have been offering for years to stay healthy: exercise, get some sunshine, eat the most nutritional food we can afford to keep our immune systems strong.

Let the medical researchers hash things out at the top as far as specific treatments for Covid are concerned, but allow them to do that freely, without fear of reprisal because they might express the “wrong” opinions.

Obviously, as we learn more, some things will change. But it seems like the “rules” have changed every other day since the beginning of the outbreak.

This country no longer has the right to call itself the “Land of the Free”

How are we to build a clear and trusting relationship with our family doctors if we are told to listen to only one group of experts? Am I supposed to ignore other groups of experts? And who appointed these “experts” we are being told to listen to? 

The United States is no longer a country where reasonably well-informed citizens can make their own decisions regarding health care. We are being forced to distrust our judgment. 

“Guard your heart” is advice I’ve heard a lot over the years, but better advice for today would be “Guard your mind.”

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  • This fake pandemic has shown a huge hole in people’s preps. The stats showed there was no pandemic from the very beginning. The only way it could’ve been believed is if one watched or read mainstream news.
    It shows today’s propaganda machine is huge and very effective- an understatement- and that no one is immune. This writer still seems a bit in doubt, herself. Not because of facts but because the majority of people are still wearing masks.
    Also our programming runs deep. Hospitals = good for instance. Who can believe this now since they are lying, or going along with the lie? I know individuals, like our dr., say (to us) they don’t think this a pandemic. Poor little employees.
    The only way to fight the totalitarianism it represents is for a good number of people to quit complying. Now. To tell others and actively shun businesses and people who do comply. Don’t live a lie. I know poor employees have to do it but if it doesn’t stop now they (and all of us) will REALLY be in bad shape.
    Just say 99.8% recovery rate, and cures. Big pandemic.

    • The number of excess deaths is flat. There is really no evidence that this virus even exists. Flu and pneumonia combined make up as many annual deaths as has been falsely attributed to the election virus. Simply evidence that the socialist project to produce a society of useful idiots through government indoctrination of children is almost complete. Even the highly “educated” don’t seem to understand the principles to which they think they are adhering.

      Piece of Fauci claims that you MUST get a vaccination but then says you can get the disease after already having had it, and the useful idiots are lining up for it.

      Masks? As the number of people who wear them properly approaches 100% they are the most obvious bit of social signalling. Almost every single person touches a door handle and then their masks and vice versa? Restaurants literally have people wear masks as they walk to a table but not once they are seated?!!! We are utterly screwed.

  • The PCR test IS the pandemic.


    There is no flu. There are no other diseases. No other causes of sickness and death. There is only the Assumed-Suspected-Likely-Probable-Presumed Corona-Cooties. If you get sick, it’s the Assumed-Suspected-Likely-Probable-Presumed Corona-Cooties. If you get sick and die, it’s the Assumed-Suspected-Likely-Probable-Presumed Corona-Cooties.

    It is a jealous virus, and there shall be no other viruses, no other causes of sickness or death, before it.

  • Excellent article about the Psyop known as COVID19 aka The Bullshitarona “Virus”. How an Unknown “Virus” with a 99.5% survival rate Destroyed ALL Economies & Freedom Worldwide & Exposed Tyrants, Dictators & Sociopathathic “Leaders” Hellbent on Evil Destruction & Abuse of Civil Rights, Personal & Religious Freedom. BE FREE PEOPLE & STOP FOLLOWING ORDERS FROM DEVIANT “RULERS”!

    • Let’s guard our hearts as well as our minds. Lets please use COMMON SENSE, and let’s PLEASE listen to our GUT !!! If you are leery or skeptical or in doubt, DON”T DO IT…We are NOT stupid, but it does appear that the government officials think we are. We are a bunch of sheep headed off the cliff it seems, we have NO sense at all. We bow down and honor. We stress out b/c of what’s going on. THIS TO SHALL PASS !!! I was told by my Mother that if you don’t stand up for yourself, who’s going to and ALL of your rights will be taken away from you and she added remember that!!! Plus she used to say that JUSTICE went out with high button shoes and she was probably right about that too. HOW will this political garbage turn out, OMG, what a mess with our officials and people that were elected to run this country. My for the future prediction will be that the US of A will cease to be a super-power and that China with all it’s intelligence and might will take over. This has already started and thus seems to be increasing daily. By the end of 2022 or before this most probably will happen…IT’s NOT sealed in stone no, but wait and see if I was correct in my assumption.

      • “We are NOT stupid, but it does appear that the government officials think we are.”

        more exactly the owners of the government think that they are the humans and that the rest of us are cattle here to serve them – so that is how they “govern”.

  • Great article, Joanna. I’ve heard the same story about hospital capacity being more like 10% in my state. My state has even gone so far as to lock up tennis courts and outdoor racquetball courts! It’s senseless! Also, someone mentioned on a thread the other day that deaths due to heart disease and the flu have miraculously plummeted, while COVID deaths rise. Why? Follow the money and government reimbursements to hospitals when the death is attributed to COVID.

    If we didn’t see so many changes in or deliberate distortion of in the “facts”, or arbitrary approaches to lockdowns (except when key government officials are concerned) we might feel as though we could trust our government.

    My state’s approach to COVID has eroded trust not only at the state, but at the national level.

  • This is a great article. Thank you for pointing out all of the absurd advice from “authorities”. Why is it safe to listen to certain experts but not our own doctor that we have been with for years?
    I work in the food industry and have for most of my adult life. The company tells us that it is not ok to have our condiments and plastic utensils, which by the way, are wrapped individually, available to the customer but it is ok to have boxes and wrapped packages on the shelf. Why is that small business places have to do limited services or close altogether but big business gets to stay open?
    I have been saying this from the beginning of this that none of what the “experts” are saying makes any sense.

  • With the passing time since this “Global Health Threat” was first announced, we’ve watched the so called “experts” flip their opinions so many times, that I’ve lost count. Masks, No Masks, Masks, No Masks and back to Masks again. In spite of the research that has shown passive masks don’t do a damn thing. We’re dealing with an organism that is so small, it easily passes through the masks we’re told to wear. R95 or R100? It doesn’t matter, because neither works. The level of filtration required to filter virus particles requires what’s known as Active Filtration. AF requires power because you’re filtering air through a series of different mediums, that would suffocatr anyone trying to breath through it, so a small pump is required to push air through the filter.
    Masks that do these actions are called respirators. They’re full face, require fitting, prohibitively expensive, and require a high level of maintenance.
    I spent 30 years in Health Care, and left out of disgust, dissatisfaction and burn out.
    At times I’ve questioned whether I made the right decision. With what I see going on right now, I’m convinced I made the right choice.

    • You made the right choice. The medical system has always been in bed with Big Pharma, now it shares the covers with worse characters. I am leaving it. I’m ashamed of it and can no longer be a part of the lies, greed, lack of real science, and a million other things. I used to think I was making a difference. Now I am just having to lie to my patients (by omission). That’s not the kind of difference I’m looking for. god bless you in your future.

  • The lie requires continuous shoring up.
    Whenever you hear repeated and escalating rhetoric on a subject then it is a lie.

    The truth stands on its own, unrepeated and unsupported.

  • measures: 1000 nm per µm, 1000 µm per mm, 1000 mm per meter(m), 1 inch = 2.54 cm = 25.4 mm = 25 400 µm = 25 400 000 nm.
    Per masks: Masks that have mesh/weave with gaps larger than 100 nm can only slow the motion of viruses through the materials, not prevent viruses from passing through. Covid19 is 80 nm in diameter. On the flip side, masks SLOW the motion of viruses through the materials. Which means that the user’s exhalations are similarly slowed. This works to slow the overall spread by reducing the force behind aerosolized viruses. (Once the initial exhalation force is depleted, viruses go where the surrounding air goes.) Masks also reduce the spread of droplets, which range from 1 mm down to 500 nm. Viruses can be spread by droplets in the air, by droplets landing on surfaces, by aerosolized spread (viruses outside of droplets), and by sharing of fluids (saliva/sweat/etc).
    Per metal surfaces: Metals, like copper and steel, share ions pretty easily. In the case of copper surfaces, this means that viruses on copper tend to be disabled within 4 hours of landing on the surface. In the case of steel, the speed of disabling ranges from 6 hours to 24 hours.
    Per sunshine: 3 minutes of full direct sunshine (like you would experience in the summer in the South/Southwest) has been shown to disable 90%-100% of covid viruses on the EXPOSED surfaces. Exposed surfaces are surfaces that are in the sun, not the surfaces that are in shadow. In half that level of sunshine (like you would experience in Washington (D.C.), Cincinnati (OH), or St. Louis (MO), around noon), it takes 5 minutes of direct sunshine to achieve the same results.
    Per covid infections: The initial infection can take between 2 and 14 days to become known to the recipient. Loss of smell is a very common symptom of mild infections. Tiredness due to hypoxia (lowered blood oxygen) is the most common initial symptom of moderate to severe infections. The downside is that anyone who is infected can become a virus spreader after as little as 12 hours. So, you can be spreading the virus for 2-14 days before you notice that you have anything. Thus, the various mask mandates. (That 2-14 days is why wearing a mask with your nose uncovered is pointless. If you have covid19, you may share the virus with your friends and family for several days before you realize you are sick.)

    (Also worth reading are and )

    Most of the above came from reading mainstream news about the cruise ship that was infected, reading, reading, and reading The sunshine effects came from a .PDF training from DHS for Law Enforcement. The rest came from thinking about how all the pieces hang together. Like reading “the best mesh we can make is 95 nm” and “Covid-19 is 80 nm” and “N95 masks prevent breathing in corona viruses” and “viruses were found on the intake vents”. The viruses on vents means turbulence in the air can move viruses against the airflow. The N95 mask effects and Covid-19 size means turbulence can enhance the filtration effect of masks.

  • The “facts” were constantly being adjusted to fit and further push the narrative and overall agenda. Remember the old saying “From chaos comes order”.

    Sowing doubt, misinformation, false accusations and fear has been used for years to subjugate populations and this is no different except it’s on a global scale. The “plandemic” has been very effective in showing TPTB how many are willing and at times demanding to give up their rights and freedoms. This is just the beginning and it will go down hill on greased rails in the future.

  • You should consider that there is no virus. See Jon Rappoport on this subject.

    The reason what they say keeps changing is because they’re pulling a political stunt. There is an agenda at work that has nothing to do with wanting to protect anyone’s health.

  • Great article! I think Covid is some-THING, if you are over 90, have a compromised immune system (HIV,Aids, organ transplant, etc.) or are living on the streets because you are homeless or in a crowded shelter. But for 99.5% of the population-this is nonsense. I had a neighbor who was having horrible back problems. To the point she fell a lot, the fire department was always at her house. A doctor decided to fix her right shoulder-she was in pain with that too, and it turned out she had a torn ligament and a cyst. He also did her back surgery with required a laminectomy. She was put in a rehab/convalescent facility for what was supposed to be 2 weeks. I talked to her the day before Thanksgiving and she was looking forward to coming home, texting to her grandson, etc. The woman was dead by 11/30-she contacted a staph infection! By the time anyone realized she was in serious trouble, it was too late. So-with all of the cleaning, sanitizing, mask wearing, no visitors policies-none of it kept staph out of the rehab center. That alone nailed Covid for what it is-the great imposter.

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear about your neighbor! But it’s true, people can die anytime and not necessarily from Covid.

  • You know, it’s funny how one can stumble upon things online when searching for information on something unrelated. Which is what happened to me last month.

    I stumbled upon this – which gave me great pause as it was published back in 2012.

    As of right now, all the links are working but who knows if they will be pulled once people start viewing them. I downloaded copies of all of them and off-loaded to a separate thumb drive (just in case). If anyone has trouble getting to the content I will happily post here in its/their entirety.

    As one person had written “We may never know the truth of what’s happening.” At the very least, they may never ADMIT the truth of what’s happening.

  • “Is it even possible to make decisions in this uncertain environment?”

    no. and that’s the intent – to reduce you to relying on “the authorities” to make decisions for you.

  • Yup , I hear ya. It’s a mess with the goal posts constantly changing. I’ve said it for years . Common sense is a super power. A friend of the family is a doctor and he agrees covid19 is changing all the rules there is no constant information. If in doubt trust your gut. The panic over covid19 is effecting our kids and lots are going without normal medical assistance not to have to deal with the dance that’s covid19 in hospitals. As for famy members at a greater risk , it’s the same way treat the flu, if we are feeling off we stay away from those family members. I’ll admit during the early stages I prepped like never before and took money out of my then savings to stock up and glad I did. I’ve seen panic buying before and wasn’t keen to be out in it. So in January I did a couple of big shops and was set. For me I’m cautious of those who are sick as I’m responsible for looking after so many in my family and it falls to we weather I’m sick or not. But I won’t put fear into my kids. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me but we went into a couple of hard lock downs and it reminded me of the 70s with less traffic, people allowing each other more space and not in grid lock every day., Families at the park and exercising and not using the shopping centres as entertainment. Not great for the economy but definitely a flash back to the 70s . Where to next, no clue. But I’ll listen to more than main stream media, live simply and trust my gut on what’s right for my family. The repercussions from covid19 will be felt for some time.

  • Thank you Joanna, for the great article! My husband and I do not use ANY anti-bacterial anything. We have been telling people the reasons not to use them for years. We have family & friends who use anti-bacterial everything, and have for many years, then they wonder why their children are always sick.

    We have watched with great disappointment the false information and false numbers being put out there. People are given all these numbers to scare them and they try to make it so you don’t know the REAL numbers.

  • Order out of Chaos One solution as much as possible, start to do business underground with those of the rind mind set. Tax free, barter accepted, word of mouth only economic activity can both cut at the enemy and save our families God’s speed all.

  • Bout the only thing I do know is there’s a bunch of y’all telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.
    Mind yours and I’ll reciprocate.
    I’m grown and I’ll make my decisions.

  • This is nothing more than an engineered PLANDEMIC designed to shut down the global economy, impoverish the dependent-on- income classes. The result is a global bancrupt economy/ system.
    Now they have us all dependent upon the state for our very survival, or more clearly, SERFS. Serfs are slaves, helpless to defend themselves, dependent on Gov’t for our survival and at the mercy of the ” ruling class”. You, we, will do WHATEVER they command or starve and die. Wear the masks, take the VAX, live in a pack and stack high rise slum, eat what we give you, do the work we give you to do. You have NO RIGHTS, SLAVE, NONE WHATSOEVER. THEY want to reduce the population down to probably several million, if that. These DEMON BASTARDS WANT EVERYTHING FOR THEMSELVES. We are nothing to them. THEY SERVE SATAN. Do you get a clear picture of what THEY have in store for us, every single one of us? Sounds crazy? Yep, it does, but this is the truth, take it or leave it. Stop being Suckers for the NWO DEMONS. Stand up before it’s too late. Read your constitution, wise up, people. Time is running OUT!

  • I just saw this report (pasted below) which documents the fatality statistics for Covid in Israel so far. They are an excellent source of data as everyone in Israel has health insurance and the government can easily determine the ages and pre-existing health conditions of those who died.

    “Over 90 percent of those who have died of coronavirus infection in Israel were suffering from chronic ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, Haaretz reported Tuesday, citing figures it had obtained from the Health Ministry.

    The data also showed that the virus had taken its largest toll on those over 70 years old, who make up 80% of the fatalities.

    At the time the figures were produced for the newspaper, there had been 3,004 deaths in Israel from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The total stood at 3,030 on Wednesday evening.

    Of the 3,004 who had died by Tuesday, 2,778 had chronic diseases, or 92% of the total, Haaretz reported.

    A breakdown showed 1,019 had high blood pressure (34%), 750 had diabetes (25%), 633 had heart issues (21%), 246 had chronic lung disorders (8%), 99 had suppressed immune systems (3%) and 31 had chronic liver problems (1%).

    Age also played a key role, with data showing that the average age of virus victims has been 79, and the median age 81.

    The largest group of fatalities was among those aged 80-89 with 1,022 deaths — over a third of the total. Among 70- to79-year-olds there were 759 deaths; among those aged 90 or over there were 613. ”

    One would reasonably assume that similar causation of deaths would apply in the US, Europe etc as well. This seems to imply to me that lockdowns and closure of most businesses and events aren’t serving a good purpose. Clearly we know who are most vulnerable to severe Covid complications and that is where the focus on protection should be. To insist that 5 year olds not play soccer because 80 year olds in a nursing home are at risk is nonsensical.

    • I’m shocked by your post. to see comprehensive data presented in a rational and contextual manner is so rare these days. you should be careful, someone somewhere will tag you as a dangerous person to be watched.

  • The plandmenic will continue until The World Economic Forum’s plans are in place, or so they believe. They talked about 2030, but now these wannabe totalitarians are pushing for 2022. In part that is because pandemics do have cycles, and 2022 is when that cycle hits, and they plan to leverage it.

    They will fail because few people, when they learn about these plans, will sign up to be serfs. Information about their “Great Reset” is being censored, but you can go to their website and actually read about it.

    While it is painted in glorious tones, it is Communism 3.0 that a few questions to yourself when reading it will reveal. For example, it says we will own nothing and be happy about it, renting instead of owning. The question is, who will be the ones renting to us?

    There are three things I see right now, beyond prepping to deal with them: Work to make sure voting is free from fraud and accurate, counter the lies and noxious indoctrination of our children, and work to get rid of politicians of any party who do not support our freedom.

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