The Organic Prepper Has Been DEFUNDED for Being a “Disinformation Website”

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Earlier in the year when the rash of “cancelations” began, I made the decision to avoid some of the more controversial topics to protect my website and writers. We wanted to keep bringing you the best information possible at a time when it’s never been more important to be aware and prepared. I wanted to keep my business running because I have a responsibility to 7 people who rely on income from this site.

We limited our discussion of vaccines, Covid, climate change, masks, politics, racial violence, and all other things sure to inspire rage in the “woke.” We opted to focus on actionable information to help you get prepared for the shortages, inflation, and economic collapse.

But that was not sufficient to satisfy the censors.

I knew we were in trouble when I received this announcement from my advertising network a couple of weeks ago. Please note that I have worked with this network for 4 years and have never had a single complaint from an advertiser.

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) helps advertising companies assess a website’s risk of disinformation and provide a trusted and neutral assessment so brands and ad companies can make informed decisions and avoid funding this content.

We recently became the first ad management service to partner with The Global Disinformation Index to introduce new vetting processes for all sites in the AdThrive community, so that advertisers can spend confidently and be assured they are NOT funding disinformation!

This allows us to pinpoint potentially harmful topics on the site (for example, disinformation, hate speech, racism, derogatory content, and other topics or themes that are not brand safe) and research the content in a more thorough way than before.

We’re also using this system to establish new brand safety processes to periodically review our existing partnerships to ensure our community remains as high-quality as possible. (source)

I, along with several other “partners,” voiced concern about this high-level censorship of our websites. After all, we’d been working together for years and it was downright insulting to be “audited” for truthfulness from some outside entity.

Who is GDI?

You may be wondering who “GDI” is. It’s quite an interesting workaround to be able to censor sites like mine leaving little to no option for recourse.

This is a group based in the UK whose purported mission is to demonetize sites they deem, as arbiters of truth, to be untrustworthy. Their home page states, “It is time to disrupt, defund and down-rank disinformation sites.”

Wait… didn’t we stop letting the British tell us what to do back in 1776?

Allow me to translate:

GDI is devoted to getting rid of sites like mine by defunding us. If we can’t make money, we can’t continue to publish. (Emphasis mine.)

Disinformation is harmful both online and offline.

The people who spread disinformation have various motives. One of them is financial gain.

This is where the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) focuses its efforts.

To reduce disinformation, we need to remove its financial incentives.

Brands unwittingly provide an estimated quarter billion dollars annually to disinformation sites through online ads served on them.

GDI’s risk ratings provide brands and ad tech companies with a trusted and neutral assessment to use for directing their ad spend. (source)

I believe my definition of “neutral” may differ from GDI’s definition.

The clever machinations of GDI

GDI is protected by a series of firewalls that make legal action difficult. First, the company is based in the UK so international law is involved. At the same time, those assessing and running the show seem to be mostly American.

Their funding comes from ” a range of governmental, philanthropic and commercial sources. No single funding source is to make up more than 33% of the total funding base. Our current funders are listed on this page and will be constantly updated.”

We’ll go deeper into those funding GDI in a future article. Much deeper.

Here’s how they decide what’s disinformation and what’s not.

Here’s a rundown on their process. Again, the emphasis is mine.

The index provides disinformation risk ratings for news sites in media markets around the globe. The risk ratings are neutral, independent, and transparent. The ratings are done at the site level. They provide for an unbiased ‘gold standard’ to assess disinformation risks. The GDI and its ratings are non-partisan and non-political.

The GDI risk rating is based on expert-identified disinformation ‘flags’ that can be combined to help give an accurate and unbiased risk assessment of a news domain. A site’s risk rating is determined by an automated and manual assessment. The GDI produces risk ratings for news domains in any given media market.

The index has four pillars:

  • Structure: This pillar is automated and looks at the different metadata and computational signals of the news domains. It uses artificial intelligence that has been developed based on a sample of 20,000 known disinformation domains [Note: How are these websites “known” to be disinformation?”]
  • Content: This pillar manually assesses different disinformation flags for articles published to a specific domain. These include an article’s credibility, sensationalism, hate speech and impartiality. It is based on a anonymised review of 10 of the top-shared articles on a domain that have been randomly selected. The review is done by a researcher and the source of the articles is not disclosed to them.
  • Operational: This pillar assesses the underlying policies, standards and rules that domains abide by to establish trust and reliability. The disinformation flags are drawn from the universal standard that has been set out by the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI). This pillar focuses on conflict of interest and a site’s operational integrity and accountability. An independent researcher reviews whether a site has JTI-compliant policies. Eventually, the findings will be based on what sites  self-report to the JTI standard. [Note: How does this conflict of interest resolve itself with mainstream media and say…pharmaceutical ads?]
  • Context: This pillar assesses the reputational practices, reliability, and trustworthiness of a news domain. These disinformation flags are assessed by an independent expert survey of respondents from across the political spectrum.

The index has been piloted in South Africa and the UK. As part of the pilot, a total of 30 media outlets have been assessed in each country. Findings for the overall media market are available here. (source)

So, anyway, we here at The OP flunked, despite our best efforts to remain neutral, less controversial, and productively informative.

On June 2, I received notification I had been defunded.

While I was on the road leaving Mexico to come back to the East Coast I got the email I had been expecting/dreading.


So….I don’t get to know why. I don’t have an option to appeal. Their hands are tied…you know, the hands that hired GDI in the first place.

Nearly half of our income is through advertisements. I wrote an article here in 2019 about why we had ads on the website that goes over the expenses of running this business. Please note that nearly all of our writers are paid aside from a few who donate their time to write articles for us. Several of these writers are extremely dependent on the income they receive from our site. I wrote the article in 2019 and at this point, our annual operating costs are closer to $55,000. I have lived off savings this year and taken less than $5000 in salary for the entirety of 2021 because I’ve been working hard and reinvesting to create additional streams of income.

Our advertising revenue last year was $56,000.

As you can imagine, this is a tremendous blow.

We tried playing it their way.

So remember how at the beginning of the year I decided to step back from controversy, hoping that this insanity would blow over?

Clearly, that neutral approach didn’t work.

The fascinating thing about our site being considered “a disinformation site” is that we deliberately cite mainstream sources for credibility purposes. Soooo…when do they get demonetized? When do all of our sources get audited and defunded?

Oh – they won’t be, because they draw different conclusions from the same information. They draw the “correct” conclusion and we’re just big ole liars.

A note to censors: We will not be silenced.

You can expect to see a lot more controversy in our articles. This action taken by my former ad network will have precisely the opposite effect that they had desired. I will personally be focusing a great deal of time researching GDI, its staff, and its sponsors.

I am actively seeking legal representation because I refuse to let down my readers and my staff. GDI has defamed my character and my integrity by grouping me in with racists, hate groups, bigots, and radical disinformation outlets.

Opinions, by their very nature, cannot be disinformation. They are simply that – opinions.

Facts, however, can be proven and disproven. I have been found guilty of malicious dishonesty without any opportunity to prove otherwise. We cite our sources for this very reason – so that people can check for themselves that what we’re saying is the truth.

This won’t take us down. This won’t silence us.

We WILL get through this and we will be stronger than ever.



Y’all picked a fight with the wrong gal. You have no idea what you’ve unleashed.

You want to know what I think about mandatory vaccines? What I think about Black Lives Matters officials taking money and getting rich while the families victims of police violence don’t get a dime from the hundreds of millions in donations? What I think of critical race theory being taught in schools? My views on defunding the police, vaccine passports, climate change, green initiatives, anti-whiteness? Oh – what about my views on censorship? The current administration, gun grabbers, lying politicians?

Stick around. Be sure to sign up for the email list so you don’t miss a thing because this, my friends, is going to be epic.

How you can help us fight censorship.

I have always provided my information for free. When we publish PDF books, we offer them at no charge, no questions asked, to those who cannot afford them. This will continue.

I will not put up a paywall. I will continue to offer my own PDF books at no charge to those who cannot afford them. This is my promise to you.

If you find any value in our work and can pledge a monthly donation, it will help us stay in business, grow our audience, and teach more people to think critically and become self-reliant. If you can only manage a one-time donation, that helps too. We are working on setting up sponsorship alternatives to Paypal as well. How much is freedom of speech worth to you? Please consider any donation.

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And just think – all those ads you guys didn’t like will be gone. *wink*

As well, if you’re on social media, please share our articles so more people can see them. Email them to friends who might be interested. Do not be silenced.

Your contributions will be supporting this website, Selco, Fabian, Lisa, Robert, Brian, Cat, Chris, Donna, Joanna, Rachel, Jayne, Linnea, Chloe, Toby, Jose, Colette, and me. You’ll be making sure those who can’t afford a contribution still have access to vital self-reliance information.

Don’t think this is going to stop with my website. You never know who will be next.

If you prefer snail mail, please make any checks or money orders out to LutherCompany LLC. Checks to my name cannot be used for accounting reasons.

Our mailing address is:

LutherCompany LLC
1740 Dell Range Blvd.
Suite H13-49354
Cheyenne, WY 

Censorship will continue to get worse.

The virtual book-burning of alternative news sites has been going on for a few years now and it’s accelerating at a terrifying speed. Alternative points of view are being rapidly wiped off the internet as social media purges them for the sin of dissent.

It wasn’t that long ago that Zero Hedge, one of the biggest alternative news sites on the internet, got demonetized by Google.

If we of the independent media don’t speak up, who will?

How can we do nothing while the entire conversation is being taken over by radical elements with which many Americans do not agree? The independent media is the last remaining bastion of alternative opinions. George Orwell wrote these chillingly prophetic words in his novel 1984.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” (source)

When we of the independent media are gone, Big Brother is totally in charge of all the information you receive. This will be the information on which you make your decisions, the information that influences your opinions and the opinions of others, the only “truth” there is, even if the information is inaccurate and biased.

This is a battle that requires an army, though. We can’t do it alone. Please sponsor us if you can.

Thank you.

Picture of Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I find this very disturbing.
    Is there a way of setting up a monthly standing order or subscription?

  • Your sponsor is your boss, so like any big public company, they go where the wind blows. I know America Swiss Trading helped Bill Cooper back in his time, but that may have just been because of Craig R Smith of Swiss America Trading. Worth a try, at least, and hope your able to find decent sponsorship.

  • Daisy,

    this weekend I plan to set up my donation to you. Just had my credit card compromised so am trying to find the most secure means to do that. My bank mentioned something about a cash withdrawl I can do from a pre-paid credit card for recurring payments. Can you school me about how secure Paypal is and how it works as I am not real familiar with a lot of this modern stuff?

    Also, I try to support as much independent media as possible. Would you happen to have a list that you could publish of solid Independent Media sites so that we can collectively consider supporting our other brothers and sisters as well? Thanks for all you do.

    • I recommend not dealing with Paypal if you don’t have to. I’ve been fighting with them for over 2 months over a $25 donation I tried to make to a small local charity (to buy home canning supplies for people who can’t afford them), which got flagged because they unfortunately called it a “benevolence fund” and somehow that tripped an alert. They won’t pass the donation on to the person I wanted it sent to, and they haven’t returned the money to me.

      • After hearing all the horror stories, I got them to send me a letter giving permission to use this for site sponsorship.

  • It is only a matter of time before companies like PayPal use GDI in order to remove those funding streams as well. I don’t know of a valid alternative off-hand, but you may want to explore alternative funding streams.

    • Good idea. I’ve been boycotting Paypal once i found out that they were controlling what you could and could not buy.

      • I’m working on another option right now, and have also added an address for snail mail sponsorship to the article. Thanks for this suggestion.

        • Have you considered setting up cryptocurrency wallets so readers can donate by sending you whatever cryptos they may have?
          I’m an old guy and I know just enough to know I’m not qualified to do that and do it securely, but the process is really not technically difficult.
          Probably most Millenials can get the job done…might not amount to much at first but you never know.
          I first became aware of Bitcoin close to 10 years back when Jim Rawles [SurvivalBlog] started posting a BTC receive address for donations on his blog. I would dearly love to know what the accumulated value of the dribs and drabs of BTC he has been sent over the years amounts to…

          While there are now literally thousands of crypto coins, [most of which are worthless or very nearly so], ya never know which one[s] might become valuable in the future. Look at Dogecoin-started out as a joke and now has value.

          If you know someone who is into crypto it can’t hurt to see if they will set you up with a wallet for a few of the more common coins and show you how to use it and generate some receive addresses you can post on your site.

          Wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on them, maybe once every couple of weeks spend an hour exchanging them into whatever seems to be the hottest prospect for appreciation at the moment.

          I’m pretty sure my total investment in crypto is less than $400 and last time I paid any attention to it about 3 months ago it was worth close to $15K-and that is AFTER I had bought about $2K worth of silver coins with some in about 2018…

        • I’d also like to contribute monthly but can’t stomach PayPal. Let me know what else you come up with through my email account. I can even pay by check if that works for you.
          I’ve enjoyed your content for years so I know this is a worthy cause. (You may want to contact Jim Willie at to see how he set up payment not through PayPal.)

  • You should find (several independent) alternatives to PayPal. Refusing to allow transactions via big-tech payment platforms will be one of their next moves to censor “disinformation”. In addition to traditional fiat, I would also suggest you accept direct cryptocurrency payments in a variety of low-transaction-cost coins.

      • That absolutely works. Please make checks out to Luther Inc. Following is our business address.

        Luther Inc
        5830 East 2nd St.
        Unit 94661
        Casper, Wyoming 82609

        Thank you very much.

        • Can we designate whom any donation goes to? or does it go to your organization for expenses and such? Thanks in advance.

        • Thank you for the snail mail/check option. Sometimes being low tech is actually an advantage considering what is going on in the world.

  • We are being warred upon and if you don’t soon wake up to that fact you WILL be taken out by those who set themselves up as arbitors of truth. In other words my friends, when someone is trying to fuque you over, do you just allow them the right to stomp you into the ground, or do you show them the error of their ways by putting your shotgun in their face and daring them to continue. When they don’t stop their criminal way, then it is time to take them out.

    Those Marxist have turned this into a war on multiple levels and it will continue until Americans realize that shooting the enemy is not considered morally wrong. We did it with the British and we can also do it to the Marxist. Just because they reside here makes no difference.

  • By doing all of this, they are making the internet worthless. If the truth is being censored, if anything is being censored for that matter, there is no reason to use the internet. I have totally understood what is happening, also predicted the pandemic in December when China was freaking out somewhat quietly. Honestly, we do not need the internet. I get my own discernment from God. Life was just fine before the internet, my life was actually much better. Way more hopeful, even though I’m only 34 I remember floppy discs and dial up internet and I believe people and life was way better before smart phones and constant ads. Either way, I believe our problem is MUCH bigger than defending… They are coming for everyone and the events of the Bible are underway. Life will change no matter what we do, and it is God’s timing and control, not theirs. All they can do is defund virtual ad space…. I know this isn’t the response you want and I do appreciate what you and others do but they are using the internet to deceive and control humanity, money is the least of our problems as humans.

  • Daisey !! I no longer work thru PayPal as I believe them to be a part of the “enemy”. I am sure they will eventually take you down – not allow people to donate to you thru them.

    Please send me a private email of where I can send some $upport by snail mail.

    In the fight with you. You Go Girl !!!!

  • Wow. Just wow. I can’t find the words to express how troubled and GD pissed off this makes me. I’m so sorry Daisy and contributors. I subscribed and set-up a monthly donation. I have been relying on your website for years to help me stay informed on different perspectives and stories than I see in mainstream media. You helped me stay ahead of the pandemic with my preparedness. I’m so disheartened by the attacks to alternative view points that have come over the last year, especially. Freedom isn’t free, as they say, but I never would have expected it would be fighting for it against our own.

  • Wow Daisy I think Paypal may already be in cahoots with the powers that be.
    I just had to do a whole lot of confirming that I have not had to do before. Sort of like checking up on me.
    It is indeed disturbing as we feel the nets closing in around us……..worldwide.
    Just go get ’em Daisy !

  • I think most of the people have underestimated the virulent nature of the “other side.” Appeasement, trying to be “civil”, or whatever you want to call it never works with unreasonable, un-compromising, agenda driven people; Daisy…these entities do not take prisoners. The “reasonable” of what I hope is still the majority, have sorely misjudged what society is facing. We have not reached the tipping point yet so unfortunately (IMHO) this will be a “slog” for you. Maybe the ADF can help….Alliance Defending Freedom.
    I am sure there are a lot of others who are in the same boat; maybe find out who they are are get a coalition formed so you can split the workload and “divide and conquer.” Put together a class action lawsuit because their actions have denied you your ability to “make a living.” 1st Amendment violation against your civil rights.

    • Unless she can toss in some jaysus angle, she’ll not get far in the legal system. Courts are stacked in favor of big business. Then again, some OP and commenters don’t help.

  • Heil Biden – Heil Kabala! I often read your blog, it is primarily comprised of preppings and survival tips – I don’t recall discussion about the injection or badmouthing of the current regimes’s tyrannical policies. I’m sorry you are taking a hit- perhaps because your are helping and encouraging others to stay prepared – no one wants a prepared populace when the contrived famine occurs or the obvious collapse of the dollar. – heaven forbid a large group of people weather the storm sufficiently to rally the troops and take overdue corrective measures.

    • Thank you!! Almost every I know about prepping and survival tips I’ve learned from this website. I see Daisy and the contributors as a source of knowledge, I’ve even picked up tips and tricks from fellow commenters. I see this as an attempt to turn people in sheeple and vilify those wha can actually think and make decisions independently. I got so mad reading this, it’s total b.s.

  • Hi Daisy. So sorry to hear about this. In the world we live in today neutral fact checkers aren’t neutral, don’t care about the facts, and seldom check out anything that doesn’t match their narrative. They just stamp what they don’t like with the “Disinformation” label. I like what Gab has done and created a separate system for getting alternative views out. Companies like GDI are driving us in that direction.

  • I wonder if we could organize a boycott of firms who utilize GDI. Funny, I am boycotting so many businesses now that I have to use a spreadsheet.

    • Roberta Bogner,
      I REALLY like the idea of boycotting the traitors utilizing GDI to censor out the truth. theirs is a fight against both righteousness and liberty–and that is utterly un-American.

  • Daisy, I think you’re seeing the tip of the iceberg of what looks like a Marxist-style global assault on free markets, freedom of speech, honest money, and local choice over pretty much everything that matters. We see the same pattern of mega-sized corporations and oligarchs funding this “Great Reset” as we did when Wall Street, England and the German General Staff all kicked in for the funding for Lenin’s famous train ride from Switzerland to Moscow in order to steal the 1917 Kerensky Revolution for the communists. And once Lenin got control, there was a parade of American oligarchs under cover as Red Cross reps hurrying into Moscow to extract various trade monopolies from Lenin in exchange for funding his bloody takeover of Russia. Antony Sutton’s book “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution….” tells that story.

    It was little wonder that when Wall-Street supported FDR first took office in 1933, he immediately granted diplomatic recognition to Stalin’s murderous regime as the always suck-up to power NY Times gushed over what a wonderful workers’ paradise Stalin was running

    There are multiple parallels between the communist takeover and destruction of freedom in Russia and the modern global assault on freedoms that we understand today. One was the shutdown of speech that reflected truthfully on TPTB of that day. Another was the infiltration of opposition groups that purported to provide non-communist approved thought, benefits and resources. One such organization was called “The Trust.” An Irish spy working for British intelligence (Sidney Reilly) learned that organization was in fact controlled opposition — designed to attract Stalin’s enemies so they could be eliminated. When Reilly exposed “The Trust” to the world, Stalin had him arrested and executed. In that era there was a real Miss Moneypenny working for British intelligence in France …which strongly hints that Reilly was one of the original inspirations for Ian Fleming’s fictional James Bond novels.

    In our era the Deep State has a long history of infiltrating opposition groups and causing a lot of damage. Expect this will increase as such groups arise to oppose the “Great Reset.” Here are a couple of such groups today:

    Global Pushback Against Tyranny Has Begun, By Dr Joseph Mercola


    How to Reverse the Global Reset, Reclaim Local Control, #UNRIG From the Broken Political System, By Ben Bartee – June 10, 2021

    A famous line from the pre-digital age’s classic book burning novel “Fahrenheit 451“ was “Mommy, Mommy, look — here comes a fire engine — there’s going to be a fire!” Today I’m seeing stories that even some saved materials on the internet’s allegedly “forever” memory are being erased. At the same time there are some projects underway to create a decentralized internet NOT subject to centralized control and shutdown. In this era when the FBI can confiscate a domain name … such decentralized projects might be worth our attention.

    Also for a couple of years Google’s Gmail was notorious for blocking the entire left half of every page of Daisy’s articles that were linked in her subscribed emails. While Gmail finally relented on that, they could do it again in a heartbeat. Any excuse would do.

    The point of that is that having alternate email systems and perhaps even backup IP numbers (such as Mike Adams of has published) might be a really good idea now — BEFORE they suddenly become needed.

    Some of the opposition groups are even discussing alternate currencies and barter how-to. It’s been a many centuries long scheme by governments to steal additional purchasing power (via counterfeiting) from an unknowledgeable population compared to the obvious confiscation of purchasing power by taxes. And in world history no government that engaged in fiat currencies could ever resist the urge to counterfeit and spend it to oblivion. In our era that urge is being discussed in trillion dollar terms. In our era we know what happened in the German Weimar Republic, in Zimbabwe, and most recently in Venezuela (where the same Chinese voting software that put the socialist Maduro into office just did the same thing for Biden.

    I’m not claiming to be an accomplished gypsy fortune teller. All I can do it look at what we know has happened in the historical record and then speculate on what, when, and how bad things might happen.


  • Edicts from the land of Prince Harry. A man who public states he “Doesn’t understand the first amendment” and that it’s silly.

  • The authorities (governments) of this world are on hanging on by a thread. They will do whatever it takes to remain in control (power).

  • I dont visit this site a whole lot but find it interesting when I do, even if I dont always agree 100% on varying topics. I can only donate $1 month (I do the same with 20 other sites I like) but I figure if thousands of people do the same it’ll make sure OP thrives while at the same time giving the middle finger to the despotic left.

  • They are trying to stop people from thinking.

    From an article titled, Stop Talking, Stop Thinking:

    To think, we must talk. If we cannot talk, we cannot think. There are many things worth discussing that have been made illegal to discuss. And this is just in the legal / state realm; with the relationship of big business and big tech with the state, there may not be prison involved, but one can be equally shut out of society for saying the wrong thing.

    Hence, we cannot think because we cannot talk. All that is left is to obey.

    Then today I came across this essay by Stella Morabito, entitled How Ending Freedom Of Expression Gives Up Your Right To A Private Life. Morabito offers much more depth to the brief comment I offered, and it is worth touching on. For example:

    We rarely discuss the deeper purpose of the First Amendment, which is to preserve our right to build families, our right to make friends without state interference, and even the right to think our own thoughts.

    To think, we must talk.

    In short, the First Amendment serves as a shield against social isolation. You are being socially isolated whenever the mass state or Big Tech regulates your speech so that you can’t express an opinion without fear of losing your livelihood.

    If we cannot talk, we cannot think.

    Thus, cut off from open conversation, your ability even to think — to generate new ideas, consider new ideas from others, improve those ideas by communicating — evaporates.

    We cannot think because we cannot talk.

    Political philosopher Hannah Arendt noted that all totalitarian systems depend upon cultivating social isolation in people. Isolation renders people powerless. So it’s no wonder that freedom of expression is always first on the chopping block during and after authoritarian takeovers.

    As VanderKlay said: “You know things are getting tyrannical when there’s a law against patience. DON’T THINK, JUST OBEY! Oh, OK, I see some tyranny coming down the road here.”


    From G.K. Chesterton (and taken from Morabito’s essay): “There is a thought that stops thought. That is the only thought that ought to be stopped.”

    • I would suggest a check or money order might be better. It would need to be made out to Luther Inc. I’ve added our snail mail address to the article.

    • Never mind!!!! It’s on the way!! We won’t give up the fight….. Thanks to you and all your staff….we will stand strong… GAME ON

  • Dear Fellows.

    As one of the writers for this site, I find this really upsetting, and a huge blow (not as big as Daisy´s though) to my income, as a single dad and with a child to support under the worst economic conditions I´ve faced in my entire life.

    GDI is a soul-less organization.
    The impact of these evil actions is something that anyone should allow.
    All of the information I´ve published, whether in my YT channel (non-monetized BTW) or other sites that have asked for my collaboration is REAL, and intended to ASSIST the prepping community, providing within my limited means to transmit information about our collapse in Venezuela and how we´re dealing with it.

    This being said, it is clear that it is an attack towards yourselves, too. Those looking for self-reliance and independence.
    We need to stand united.
    Thanks for all your sponsoring. You´re great people.

  • Check’s in the mail, girl. The OP had been a favorite of mine for years.

    We’re behind ya. ♡

  • Daisy,
    I am so sorry this is happening to you. This happened to me 4 years ago with YouTube and I quit and sprang back to life this year…but already things are much much worse. I can’t even type out the title of my most recent NOVEL on Facebook without getting censored at this point. I’ve decided that the best thing I can do is to disseminate my work on as many platforms as possible. But that still does not solve the financial sustainability problem. I’m reading through these comments here with great interest. Everyone cares about you Daisy. Be sure of that. We live in interesting times.

  • Daisy,
    I’ve been reading your articles for a few years now and love the content. My gut told me it was a bad idea when you announced that you were avoiding controversial topics and what I read today just confirms it. Giving in does not stop these people. Just like apologizing to the woke crowd. It’s never good enough, and they won’t stop until we’re annihilated. I know you were doing it to protect yourself and your writers, but they were able to muzzle you and now you’ve been defunded anyway. I know hindsight is 20/20, but you would’ve been better off speaking your mind all along. This is a time for boldness and for fighting against this evil that is upon us. Best wishes going forward, and God bless.

    • Some, well one, writer may have caused the site to be flagged. A number of commenters have done so too. Tis a fine line between stating one’s opinion versus parroting unverified information in the comments section. And IMHO, parroting unverified information is what got the site on the hot list.
      It isn’t Selco or Jose who are posting how they are dealing with the “issues” in their country.
      GDI isn’t the only company who ousts people with no opportunity to dispute (Air B-n-B comes to mind).

      • Define “unverified information” please. Also would you define who makes the determination of what is and/or is not verified information? Is an opinion, or even knowledge gained by personal experience unverified? Who gets to determine that? Just curious.

        • Spare me the “fake news” and “cancel culture”. Repeating lies gets a site on the disinformation list. To humor you, Antifa starting fires. LE in Oregon states not true. COVID-19 vaccine magnetizing people. The list goes on and on. But doubt if you’ll believe it – I liken it to those who continued to insist the world was flat. Time will take of the believers of the lies but one can only hope sooner than later.

          • Well, I don’t know where that comment came from since I didn’t even mention those issues nor did any of them even cross my mind when I replied with my questions. I had hoped for a deeper, more thoughtful reply if you will and perhaps a healthy debate, but oh well, you went straight to denigrating and stereotyping me. You draw quite a conclusion about me with zero knowledge of who I am… I guess that would be called “unverified information” or perhaps “disinformation” since I know me and my views quite intimately and you do not. You make broad based assumptions about me based on a few sentences. And your assumptions are wrong by the way. I am out of here. Take care. John

      • I discussed the possibility of the comments section being the reason for the defunding.
        She said, no, it was the content of the articles (never saying which ones) and not the comments section.

  • America is the next East Germany (with all due respect to the Germans)
    Since the 2020 elections, and arguably before then, the United States has turned into a modern day East Germany complete with totalitarian Stazi enforcers. We have large regional interruptions of goods and services; Power outages, material shortages, delivery delays, and reduced levels of raw materials available in our markets. New levels of corruption in elected officials at every level of government in virtually every State, and our federal government has gone off the rails. If one says something unpopular (even if it’s true) they may be doxed, hunted down, ostracized, ridiculed, or attacked.

    Something has got to give. Either totalitarianism will in fact take over from the streets to the upper echelons of government, or some form of revolution will restore a free republic. The smell of revolution is in the air, and it seems that people are preparing for tough times to come.

  • It seems the only way to fight this is to put pressure on the companies who contract with GDI. At some point, after defunding a number of sites, their ability to advertise will be cut in half. They can’t tolerate that for very long.

    Just look at the reports GDI produces and you can easily see where they are on the political spectrum: Interesting that they have not done any research on the negative affects of lockdown or on growing supply chain shortages.

    Not only that, look who they’ve been supported by (scroll down):

    It’s pretty clear what their agenda is and it’s not much different than CCP’s social credit score.

    You can count on me for support.

  • I am truly sorry to hear that this happened to you.
    But this is the way of things.
    Media Censorship is always used to silence opposing views in order to stifle opposition, just before they move on to worse ways of censorship, (like rounding up and incarcerating or executing dissidents).

    They don’t want people prepared for SHTF. because prepared people are not dependent upon government services or other handouts (along with the restrictions imposed, in order to receive those handouts).

    If you check out GDI , you will find they have ties to Open society, a George Soros group.
    Which pretty well say it all…. The Elite at work, destroying truth and independence with a little help from their pawns on the Left.

  • Daisy, I just hit a rough patch and my emergency fund got dinged. I just made a $100 donation anyway. I’ll send more when I can. All the best to you and your contributers,

    Marc M. (You now have my Comcast email).

  • It’s never been otherwise – censorship is ALWAYS done by tyrants who know they’re evil and wrong, and are trying to hide the truth about what they’re doing.

    Their empire is built on lies and will fall, but for now we have to suffer under their illegitimate rule.

    Don’t be fooled by groups like the ones targeting this site. They are carrying out tyranny for money, and are evil. You know automatically that anyone they’re attacking is sharing TRUTHS they hate and want to hide.

  • I should be thankful in that they are identifying who the Marxists are and who are collaborating with the socialist enemies of America

  • Dear Daisy, while I am not always in agreement with some of your articles I am outraged by this blatant censorship. I am sorry, I am not well off, but I will send 5.00 MO a month via snail mail to help out. As the Brits say..”Keep a stiff upper lip.”

  • I must admit I’ve sometimes been a little frustrated because you wouldn’t talk about some of the more controversial issues, but I did understood the reason behind it. Now that you don’t have to play it safe anymore I look forward to more ‘opiniated’ content. I’ve set up a monthly contribution via PayPal and the minute they start causing problems – which they will – by God l will send a monthly check in the mail! Please keep going, it’s more important now than ever!

  • This is such BS! While the current focus of the GDI is on advertisers and ad tech companies, wait until hosting companies and even ISPs start using the GDI… we’ll have full blown Communist China style censorship on a global scale. You may as well stop self-censoring while you still can… write those controversial articles. More people need the information your site does and should provide. This is evident considering 63% of Americans have already voluntarily participated in this experimental “vaccine” for an illness that has a 99%+ survivability rate. It just shows how so many people are ignorant (willfully or not) and misinformed. For that reason, I’m happy to support you financially, so I just subscribed on Patreon. I hope other readers will do the same. Thanks for all you do!

    • At that point, if it comes to that, this site might need to send newsletters to an email list as a way for all of us to stay informed. There actually might come a time where going underground and ‘grey’ is the only option.

  • Monthly donations made via PayPal and Patreon. We rely on your information and posted opinions/info of others to get factual data! If possible, as I skim past ads, a listing of lost AdThrive companies would be appreciated so we can shop elsewhere…

  • This is not good. I felt back in the summer of 2020 when crowds were pulling statues down and NO ONE stopping them or being arrested, it would snowball into this. Yup,burning buildings attacking cops, something has turned. Daisy, I dont have a lot, but I will find a way of supporting you financially. I’m a 61 year old vet, and I believe the time to saddle up again has come.

  • I sent a small donation as I want to keep seeing alternative media sites like yours exist. the censorship right now is frightening.

  • Oh Daisy, this totally sucks but your right on, We will not be silenced & Game on!!
    I am so aware this is happening and will continue to. Big brother and all other participants will
    keep trying to silence us but we’ll keep going forward and get stronger and stronger.
    We must keep supporting every independent site and not waiver.
    I’m finally getting ready to start building my site since thanks to Google lost the one I had.
    I’m not backing down and going full speed ahead.
    And staying right here and supporting what your doing!!

  • Daisy,

    I’m with ya gal! Never underestimate the fury and determination of a woman!

    Donation made thru my credit union credit card via PP. Although I’m far from wealthy, I try to support the alternative news media (e.g., Steve Quayle, Mike Adams, Doug Hagmann, Dave Hodges) as much as I can as I dropped cable service 12+ years ago and don’t miss a minute of the MSM puke they try to pass off as “news” or “science”.

    To victory!

    • Dog Daze: Great minds think alike. 😉 I support those alternative news media as well. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow truther.
      And I, too, dropped cable more than 25 years ago and do not miss one iota of it and the ad nauseum, inane advertising and useless, uninteresting drama.

  • Never lick the boot. Never bend the knee. NEVER APOLOGIZE.

    I told you at the time that cucking to TPTB was a mistake (though you are free to run your business as you see fit).

    *Insert Denninger’s “Told Ya!” emoticon here*

    You should look at Chris Muir’s comic, Day By Day. He is using an alternative payment platform, and he has a rock-solid webhost arrangement to prevent deplatforming.

    • You did indeed advise me of that at the time. I also figured it was only a matter of time that we would no longer be able to stay under the radar.

      Thank you for the suggestions.

  • NEVER try to placate a bully. It never works, and one only ends up sacrificing their integrity. That being said, I don’t understand why you need so much money for your website. I have had two websites for the last 12 years, and they cost me nothing… because I create all the content. My sites have been shadow-banned for years, so I don’t reach many readers. However, I believe I reach the folks that God wants me to reach.

    I have known we are in End Times for 30 years. I took a lot of international trips 1998-2000 because I knew the day was coming when it would be impossible. I have always been poor, so I made many sacrifices to take those trips. I also have been warning people what was coming for 30 years. I got my first thank you last week. A woman said to me: ” your words scared me at the time, and I didn’t want to hear it, but now I understand what you were doing. Thank you for never giving up on me”. That one thank you made all the effort worth it.

  • Just found the PayPal link and donated, Daisy. WE stand with you against the fight of tyranny in our country. You, Selco , Jose and everyone else there at The Organic Prepper are always trying to assist us with loads of useful information about what’s been been going down in our Country and abroad in this global reset , plandemic etc (all the bullshit) and helping us by TEACHING us how to survive what’s coming. I for one am extremely grateful to you all there. Keep fighting the good fight Daisy.

  • To everyone whom has made a comment or monetary donation,

    Long time commentor/occasional writer, 1stMarineJarHead here.

    I would like to thank you all for your of support for Daisy.

    Daisy, get em!

    Again, thank you.

  • Their opinions are subjective and they obviously feel threatened by you exposing what is going on. Most people paying attention know. Maybe you can list those advertisers so I can make a point not to purchase their products from some other site. Anyone who has been unfairly targeted, I have stopped supporting. I do plan on supporting you. Bravo for standing up more people need to do or they will continue to be the bullies of the world. FYI…I’m in the libertarian camp and my beliefs are strong in self-government and individual responsibility.

  • Daisy-

    As my Roma brethren would say, it is better to die standing than live on your knees. We don’t have a lot of the issues other nations have, but if we don’t fight back now we will. My partner and I support you 100%. I would consider Venmo as an option as well, although it is just as traceable as paypal. But what is freedom if not done in the bright light of day?

  • Well, you’ve obviously struck a nerve!!! LOL

    Good for you. Means you’re on the right track…hit the nail on the head…knocked the ball outta the park…

  • Thank you all so much for your support, your generosity, your kindness, and your love. I’m truly overwhelmed with gratitude and I promise, we won’t let you down.

  • Go get ’em, Daisy. I’m flabbergasted over how you were treated. I, too, like to dig deep as to why stuff like this happens. I can only imagine that the very excellent prepping articles on your site presents a threat to (((((someone))))). And, that ‘someone’ does not want Jane & Joe Sixpack to prepare for the darkness that is on our very doorstep.

  • These guys have popped up before as a blatant left-wing censorship outfit. Most of their money comes for very wealthy very left wing billionaires. The biggest single chunk of cash comes from a guy who made billions from EBAY. Of all the current donors I dont know how the Walton family foundation got involved. They might be the easiest target to pick off. The rest are the usual suspects.

    The rest of the money comes from the US and UK governments. These guys are partially subsided by tax payers.

  • Just added you onto my patreon account thru PayPal although I’m in agreement with other commenters here that it’s only a matter of time before they too go completely over to the dark side. I’ve been following you for many years Daisy and I appreciate all you do.

    • Interestingly from the GDI Website: “The ratings are not to be used for censoring content or sites, curtailing freedom of expression, or limiting media freedoms.”

      Well, apparently not.

  • Charlie Ward was thrown off You Tube several months ago, and lost his 150 000 subscribers. Now he has his own server and 13.7 million subscribers. Mike Lindell’s income has rocketed since Bed Bath and Beyond threw him out for publishing facts about the election. Mike Adams the Health Ranger got his own servers years ago and has his own multi-million dollar chemistry lab for testing his survival foods.

    Have courage, Daisy! Survival includes the Truth about several censored subjects. Hold your torch higher than ever and you WILL find funding.

  • Daisy,Selco, Fabian, Lisa, Robert, Brian, Cat, Chris, Donna, Joanna, Rachel, Jayne, Linnea, Chloe, Toby, Jose, Colette.
    I come here with my coffee and for my little bit of me time. To keep informed, find information and a rare slice of Common sense Which isn’t so common anymore. I’ve been here when I was homeless, when I was starting again and now in my house. I adore the community and comments .I have digital copies of your books and hard copies cause you never know. You all share so much of yourselves here. Although I’m not flush , I’m in a better position than the last few years, I’ve redone my budget and I’m sending a donation your way . I did swear out loud when I read this article which prompted my daughter to ask what was up. I kindly explained that your ad company would no longer work with you because you didn’t fit their mold. She is drawing you new ads and feel better card. And her response is you don’t need them anyway. She has a spend jar, save jar and give jar. She’s donating you and your friends writers her give jar $20 and I’ll snail mail from Australia her card and ads. Never give in and never give up. Sending positive vibes Izzy xxx

  • Hi Daisy

    Did some more digging. Its basically a few guys in an office in London. Very small time operation. Total income / spending seems to be around $400K a year. Chump change in London. The American guy based in NYC seem to be the guy pretty much in control of the company by this stage. The other two principals seemed to have pulled back. One sells yoga mats on the side.

    The company was set up in a way so they dont have to file proper company accounts. Thats why they are a “non profit”. The whole operation is very opaque.

    Based on the previous history of the principals its just another NGO/non-profit scam. Grifters who jump on the latest bandwagon that might get some foundation money. Thats the business model by the look of it. A very lucrative scam if done properly. These guys are very small time operators. Not very good at hustling foundation money it seems. If they were the should be bringing it at least ten times more p.a. That how much real pros at the scam bring in. Good seven figure sums.

    Thats the great “authority” on “misinformation”. A bunch of serial small time hustlers who mostly seem to have worked in the finance in the City previously.

    As there is a UK government money connection, according to the GDI website, I’ve put in an email to someone who has a very good track record of creating embarrassing media stories in just these situations.

    So fingers crossed.

  • Disruptions are annoying and stressful but can lead to new ways of doing things that are more successful than the old. You now have the freedom to put even more truth and preparedness into your site. The fact that they targeted your site means you are genuinely helping people.
    I closed two paypal accounts some years ago because it did appear they were hacked/breached – whatever exact term is appropriate. But there are hopefully other alternatives available.
    I think another way to receive support that might be more difficult to tamper with is EFT’s from subscribers banks. A person can setup an automatic deduction from their bank straight to your account for any time period they want (per paycheck, per week, per month, etc.) and that is bank to bank – no third party interference. Even if it is only a small amount each time, it adds up.
    I would suggest having a conversation with Mike Adams about this. There might be some collaborations possible which would reduce your web hosting expenses and make your site more secure. After all, I found your site because Mike recommended it.
    Thanks for a great site. I even enjoy reading the comments because so many of them are from people who genuinely want to help and share their experiences.

  • Daisy, some time back you have told us about your last hours with your father. I’m thinking that if he could be looking down on you now, he would be bursting with pride at your determination for fight for both your principles and your friends.


  • I find it interesting and disturbing that once again, fiction has become reality. in 1984 the country of Oceania, the home of Big Brother and The Ministry of “Truth” was centered in England. The masters of Revisionist history and propaganda manipulated all forms of communication, espousing the teachings of the party and castigating any other contrary view or belief. Is it any suprise this new version of Newspeak is also based out of Great Britain? I dont see any possible reconciliation possible and believe that actual bloody civil war is unavoidable, as repugnant an idea as that is. This world is not going to be capable of righting itself until Jesus Himself returns. Until then I, afraid what we have dreaded will most certainly befall us. Make sure you are on the right side, and make sure you are right with The Savior. God Save, not Bless America.

  • daisy
    I live in Va now, moved here 5 yrs ago hr 10 miles from appomattox, shame this state is turning blue. any way i will send you check snail mail as i dont trust pay pal. sorry you got dumped by GDI, but seems liberal media is really / others are going after freedom of speech, thought, websites like yours. Being a Retired Marine an seeing what happening in our country scares me. but I enjoy reading your blog all the time.
    semper fi

  • Be careful about Patreon and PayPal.
    They will probably be the next ones to drop you.
    There are others, though.
    Best of luck.
    OH, by the way. The “heck” with the Brits.

    • Not So Free – I’m definitely wary of that and looking at all options. We plan to set up multiple ways readers can contribute and are exploring what’s out there. Thank you.

  • Serious suggestion (didn’t read the other comments): help start an alternative advertisement network that is purely ethically backed and thus even allow content creators like Whitney, you, James and everyone else to advertise if they wish. That way the bloggers can reach the readers and you reinforce each other. Then get mom & pop businesses, then medium-size businesses on board.

    Here is the key: limit the advertiser’s business size to small or medium, by number of employees or finances.

    All I can do is technical and you can do better for the cdn/servers.

  • Dear Daisy, GAME! ON!

    I am so happy to see all of the pledges of support for you and what you do.

    It wasn’t very long ago I was feeling crazy and alone….not knowing a single live prepper or anyone who thought like me. Then, I found the OP and it felt like home. I have learned so much from the writers here and many of the regular commentors, too.

    More than ever, what you are doing is absolutely critical. The quote from 1984 was chilling, and spot on. I’ve set up a monthy donation. I am not wealthy by any means, but I can’t think of a better way to spend $5 a month than to help you share all the valuable information that you do.

  • The check is on its way, Daisy. I wish it could be for the full annual amount, but I can swing 100th of it. Are there 99 more people out there who have received $560 of value from the information on this site? I have been reading this site (and even purchased 2 books) for at least 7 years. This site, along with Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition, have helped me sleep soundly at night knowing that at least we won’t starve! When I had cancer (stage 3 NLPHL, hodgkins), all my preps helped my husband feed us when I couldn’t do it. That’s the point of prepping, right? You never know what disaster might entail. Without the tips and encouragement from Daisy, we would have had much more stress. If I can afford $560, I’m sure there are 99 others. Get a friend to split it with you, have a yard sale, use some of that stimulus money for something worthwhile! I don’t remember who said it,, but the quote, All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing, seems extremely appropriate here!

  • It’s called nazi propaganda. Fake marxism. Marxism failed when Hitler advanced his version of communism. Stalin and Mao adopted nazism and that’s what we deal with. Marxism, non-violence, use the world, move on, strip it of resources, move again, not earth worshipers as Hitler was. True marxism cannot have a military because everyone is equal. Nazim is based on elitist ideals, the opposite of marx. Both believe you can have your cake and eat it, too.

  • GDI is basically one guy in NY, Danny Rodgers, and two small time NGO fund raisers in the UK. Thats it.

    Rodgers has a long history with companies financed by Pierre Omyidar, a multi billionaire who gives huge amounts of money to Democratic Party organisations. Think of Omyidar as Mr Mini-Soros. Rodgers was CTO at a web “security” software company financed by Omyidar yet it seems that Rodgers had no relevant technical background or experience. There is a bunch of other stuff in Rodgers history that throws red flags. I would be very suspicious of both his background and motivation. And who finances him.

    The GDI set up is very odd. In the UK yet almost all funding comes from the US. Other odd thing is the company looks like a personal guarantee company. It avoids them having to make very much information public. It also means that the principals are personally liability. No protection of a corporation. UK libel and slander laws are very different from US ones. Much easier for the victim to prosecute. Which means that Rogers and the other principals would be personally liable in any such case. Which could easily bankrupt them.

  • Hey Daisy,

    I have enjoyed you website for years.
    Now you know…100%….you can’t play by their rules because they are always moving the goal posts. It’s all about control. I hope YOU have control of your web platform because they will actively try to shut you down.

  • The days of the actual TRUTH getting put out on any sort of media is becoming harder and harder to do. This is sounding like the Communists are taking their bs of censorship of the truth world wide.
    I donated all I could to your efforts to bring us the TRUTH, and the sage advise on being prepared and ready for SHTF.
    HUGE THANK YOU AND YOUR WRITERS for bringing us your insights.

  • Dear Daisy,

    I love your grit and determination!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement…

    ” I don’t believe in mandatory vaccines and medical treatments, I feel the lockdowns were handled in a way that destroyed the American economy, and I believe that a pandemic does not cancel our constitutional rights.”

    I posted about the same things and was suspended from Twitter, in February, for what they called “misinformation”.
    I’ve appealed my suspension, but have heard nothing.

    As you know, I’ve posted your articles many times, and I look forward to many more!

    Daisy, I will help your cause and donate…

    Ever stalwart,


  • I am sorry to hear that you are being defunded Daisy. I have read your blog for quite some time and enjoy the many articles you and your authors have published. I remember reading previously in the comments section of prior articles that you attempt as much as possible to remain apolitical.

    What I have found personally, after many years of observing events here in America, is that it simply is not possible to disassociate oneself from politics, especially when Leftist politicians of the Democrat Party are incessantly pushing Marxist agenda items such as Cancel Culture, Censorship, Critical Race Theory, and the 1619 Project, and many others. What we are experiencing right now, and the defunding you have experienced, are a direct result of the Leftist Cultural Revolution that is currently taking place here in America, and to a larger extent, in many Western nations such as the UK, Germany, Sweden, France, and elsewhere. Big Tech, Leftist Mainstream Media, and the internet censors you have identified are in lock-step with these worldwide Marxist Revolutionaries who are intent on stamping out all ideological freedoms and replacing it with THEIR way of thinking…a One World Marxist Government that eliminates dissent by ruining people financially should they dare speak out against it.

    Free States that remain here in the U.S. such as Oklahoma and Florida, which are Republican, are actively working to ban Critical Race Theory and other Marxist strategies that are being used to divide and destroy America.

    Hopefully this defunding event, while personally devastating to you financially, may encourage you to join the ranks of millions of other Americans who are waking up to the nightmare and taking active steps to prevent it from advancing any further. Rest assured, you are not alone in your suffering. MILLIONS of Americans have lost their businesses, jobs, and livelihoods from the forced COVID-19 lockdowns that were orchestrated by the Global Marxists in power positions. All these draconinan measures and edicts were enforced at the Federal, State and local level by Leftist politicians, their lackeys and Leftist Mainstream Media apparatchik — striking fear and terror into the hearts of the populace to institute extreme levels of societal control, all for a virus that has a 99.97% survivability rate.

    I truly hope Daisy that these events will compel you to Vote Republican and become active in Republican politics. The hour is late, and we desperately need people like yourself who value Freedom, before the Marxists have stamped it out and replaced it with the Global Marxism envisioned by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and their Leftist ilk who buy Democrat politicians to tirelessly advance their neo-fuedalistic New World Order where the common man will have no property rights, no freedom to think or speak, no freedom to defend their families with arms, and no political power whatsoever.

    At the present time we still live in “a Republic…if you can keep it”.

  • You will be silenced because even though many of us have been screaming about this problem for ten years, you keep using Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc like idiots.

    • Total agree with this but.. can you give alternatives? We are rural and use Amazon to deliver things we absolutely can not get. Would honestly love to hear about alternatives/substitutions. I have switched from Google to DuckDuckGo but wonder if that is any better? A well thought out list of alternatives would be a great post Daisy!

  • Unreal but sadly not unexpected. Daisy, don’t worry about playing nice anymore. It doesn’t work. I’ll send you a check so I can avoid PayPal!

  • I feel more and more like I’ve slipped into an Orwell/Huxley/Bradbury nightmare that I can’t get out of every time I get online or check my email.

    I stopped using Paypal years and years ago when money went missing from the account I had set up for transfers. I already did my bank stuff for this week, so I’ll send out a check to you next week to your snail mail. It won’t be much, but enough for a cup of coffee or three! 😉

    I didn’t like the ads, even though I knew they were there for a purpose, but this is completely unreasonable. Especially given the absolute crap that comes out of the MSM these days.

  • You are a bright star in this dim, mucked up world and we need you! Daisy, you are respected and admired more than you know and this hurdle will just make you stronger and better. You are a source of knowledge and inspiration for me and I thank you for that. I will send my support right away. Blessings

  • This is one of my favorite sites to get a perspective different from the MSM. I remember when you said you were going to stay under the radar and thought “I would rather have your opinions on those things ” but understood why.

    You have my support. Keep us updated and keep the good information coming!

  • I was deplatformed off facebook, no warning, no explanation. 12 years, 6 pages, all my art, content and contacts gone as if I had never been there. Actually, I think it’s a good thing. FB controls what you see, what you can say, blatant censorship. And almost certainly CIA controlled. What better way to know the opinions/affiliations of BILLIONS of people, all voluntarily given?
    I’m going to set up a web page. I know nothing about ad funding. You were recently on ‘End Game’, they spoke about Stu Mclaren that helps people set up websites, maybe he can help with ad funding. There has to be another way.

  • I’ve emailed them directly.

    “Your organization has been cited as being instrumental in the de-funding of a very innocuous website.

    It might be a good idea to explain yourselves as many readers are more than a little upset.

    As an Electronic Frontier Foundation member and one of the first few to aid the setting up of the UK based Open Rights Group, I’ll be highlighting your company to both entities for a closer look at your activities.”

  • So the lesson I’m taking away from this is that

    A) You went out of your way to try to “play nice” and avoid “controversial” topics

    B) It didn’t matter, because these hate drenched self righteous Bolshevik scum were gonna get you banned anyway.

    I’ve been on this earth over forty years, and in all that time, I’ve never seen, heard or smelled of an opinion or an idea that was so DANGEROUS that it couldn’t be talked about! And from here on out, my mission is to say exactly what’s on my mind, and deal with anyone who tries to stop me by any means necessary. And here’s my $0.02 fro today:

    The biggest problem that decent people have is believing that somehow we can bargain with or accommodate or coexist with our enemies. WE CAN’T. They hate us, and they want us to to not merely stop talking, they want us to be wiped off the face of the earth.

    They have declared war on us. We can either remember that all’s fair in war, and do everything to disrupt and attack and vanquish these monsters, or we can just dig a hole and climb into it.

    That’s it. Those are the choices.

  • Wow, they all want to control free speech or eliminate it even the truth. Sorry for your trouble, it is everywhere now

  • Daisy,

    So sorry to hear this. You and your team have always done excellent work.

    Reach out for some free content. My hosts and I, many are writers, would gladly write some probono content.

    We will also spread the word on our shows this week, too.

  • So sorry for what you’re going through but, glad to see you’re back!

    The true & original Daisy, not the censored Daisy who was temporarily forced to produce info like the mainstream media and out of touch left was bullying her into doing. I had stopped clicking on your links as often for the past who knows how many months without realizing it until now. I have purchased and enjoyed 3 of your books and been following you (and receiving your emails) for enough years now that I’ve lost track, thinking I was getting bored or losing interest. However, I now know what the problem was, and I will be back following you with a vengence again vs. skipping over your emails.

    Like many others, I too have stopped using paypal and will therefore be popping a check into the mail tomorrow – you should have it by weeks’ end. I’m also going to sign up for the $5/mo. ad-free OP.

    Also, like others, I hope your ad-free OP will now be able to inform us all in-depth on GDI, and the companies and advertisers who use them so we all can cancel them like they cancelled you and so many others.

    Here’s to supporting you in finding the silver lining in this whole mess and for getting forced out of your comfort zone like so many before you have as well, so that you and all your followers can be added to all the other cancelled people, and our numbers can rapidly rise resulting in enough push back that we see results.

    Glad you’re back Daisy!

  • “I made the decision to avoid some of the more controversial topics to protect my website and writers … But that was not sufficient to satisfy the censors”

    you don’t understand. they don’t censor you for what you do or don’t say. they censor you for who you are. they censor you, because you are not them or controlled by them. that’s all. it’s their religion, and they won’t ever stop driving towards this until you are entirely subjugated to them.

    “didn’t we stop letting the British tell us what to do back in 1776?”

    it’s not the british, just subversives posing as brits.

  • “these hate drenched self righteous Bolshevik scum were gonna get you banned anyway … I’ve never seen, heard or smelled of an opinion or an idea that was so DANGEROUS that it couldn’t be talked about!”

    lots of ideas are mortally dangerous to THEM. in every generation.

  • God Bless you, Daisy! Keep fighting the good fight! I love reading The Organic Prepper and have always found it to be very sensible, and non-sensationalist. I made a small contribution via PayPal, and hope everyone reading this does the same.

    • I would like to sign up to stop receiving ads, but I REFUSE to give 1¢ to or through Patreon. They have tried to alleviate racism by choosing to give huge amounts of $ away to artists just because of their race. I refuse to support this reverse racism. Art is art — support the art by its virtue, not by the color of the artist’s skin. Plus, Patreon has controlled what one of the people I used to follow on patreon could say/post, and so they chose to leave patreon, too.
      I will support Organic Prepper and the writers. I am hoping that Daisy can find another platform where content can be shared ad free. 🙂

  • You should inform your congress critter of this. I have heard (although cannot confirm) that some of them are becoming quite concerned with infringement of our 1A.

  • The censors are on a roll this week. YT just removed the Prepared Mind channel for an older post that predates the current YT terms of service. Talk about moving the goalposts!

    These Bolsheviks never learn. Trotsky was huge in the Revolution and was de facto commander of the Red Army, but still got an ice pick through his skull by his comrades in arms, and all his generals got Arkanicided, Soviet style. All you Censors remember, history swings both ways, typically with tyrants at the end of a rope.

  • Nah. I suspect you’ve stepped on the toes of someone with “the juice” to respond in kind with a brutal lesson for you, one you might not be capable of grasping.

    Maybe stop censoring people on your platforms? Maybe be careful about who you censor? Some people take offense to that sort of thing.

    I don’t expect you to accept responsibility and accountability. Your absence at ZH is no accident. Feel free to find me on MeWe or Telegram. I hardly check email.

  • Sponsorship, I would like to sponsor OP, but I only get paid on a monthly biases, and my next payday will be 1 August.. Is there any way that I can do it, but not have it come out of my Account until 1 August. If so please email me with firm instructions on how I may go about doing it.

    • Patreon takes payments out on the first 🙂 Thank you very much for your sponsorship! Alternatively, you can make a recurring payment on Paypal that comes out on the appropriate day just by making your first payment on that day.

  • We appreciate your work. Yes, that’s the problem of advertiser support, they can stop supporting. Stay true to your values, be cautious in your budgets and prepare for the worst. Blessings.

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