I Had Covid for 17 Days. Here’s What It Was Like.

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A lot of folks are out there saying that COVID is a myth, that viruses don’t exist (wth?), or that the whole pandemic has been a scam. While I strongly disagree with the lockdowns and restrictions on our ability to make a living, there truly is a pretty bad virus out there. And I know this from personal experience.

I had Covid and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It was brutal and I had what would be considered a “moderate” case. This article isn’t meant to be used as medical advice or political fodder. This isn’t a treatise about a magical cure being kept secret by Big Pharma nor is it about the Deep State, some villain who cooked up a bioweapon, or any other theory du jour. My medical and treatment choices may be different than yours. I’m simply relating my experiences.

This virus hits people very differently

If you were fortunate enough to have a mild case, don’t disregard your next door neighbor who ends up with permanent organ damage. Some people are asymptomatic, some have minor symptoms, some are moderately ill, and some die. This is definitely not “just the flu” for many people. I never had a case of influenza that took me down like this, particularly not for this length of time.

I don’t think that there is a “typical” case of Covid because there are so many variables.

The only thing notable about the week before I began to have symptoms was an insatiable thirst. This hasn’t been mentioned in any of the literature that I’ve read but anecdotally, several other people I spoke with who had a case lasting a few weeks agreed that they’d never had a thirst quite like it.

I generally drink 4 liters of water per day. I was up to 6 liters a day (that’s a gallon and a half of water!) as well as electrolyte beverages and still I felt parched. I was waking up in the middle of the night and guzzling a water bottle. It was a little weird but I didn’t think too much of the sudden dehydration.

How it started

First of all, to answer the inevitable question, I have no idea how I got Covid. I work from home. I have been following the local rules and staying on my property aside from trips to the grocery store. I haven’t been to any gatherings, I wear a mask as required by regulations in the city where I’m staying, and I wash my hands at the appropriate times.

As far as risk factors go, I have mild asthma, the cough variant kind, where instead of wheezing I sound like I’m dying of bronchitis. I’m pretty fit and active and walk 3-5 hilly miles most days, rain or shine, so my lung capacity is good and I don’t get winded going up hills or stairs, generally speaking. I’m 51 and could probably stand to lose about 20 pounds but I have no health issues for which I require regular medication. I rarely eat processed food, get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and limit caffeine to one (okay two) cups of coffee per day.

Day 1: On Monday, the 7th, I started feeling kind of “off” for lack of a better word. I was tired – very, very tired – and I went to bed ridiculously early, at 7 o’clock because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Day 2: When I woke up on Tuesday, I realized that I was sick and brushed it off as the flu or a cold. I figured a day with chicken soup, peppermint tea, and a nip of Jack Daniels for a stubborn cough would have me right as rain in no time. At that point, my symptoms were a dry cough, body aches, a very mild sore throat, and an all-encompassing fatigue. Later in the day, I got so cold that no amount of blankets and heat could warm me up. I was running a high (for me) fever that kept going up during the night.

What it was like to have Covid

Days 3-5: Over the next three days, chills and fever were almost constant. My joints and muscles hurt. Getting up to go to the bathroom felt like an expedition up a mountain.  I was tired and winded. I had very little appetite and even less of an inclination to cook food so I existed mostly on peanut butter and crackers and leftover soup. I was absolutely exhausted and so cold that I shivered violently when I got out from under my bed piled high with blankets. I had super-weird dreams. My cough worsened, my head hurt, and my throat was still mildly sore.

I drank lots of water and electrolyte beverages. My thirst remained unquenchable regardless of how much I drank. I took vitamins (C, D3) and took Zinc supplements. These are my regular supplements but I doubled that.

Days 6-9: The line to get a test at the local clinic was long and filled with people who were coughing up a lung. There was no way I’d be able to stand in that line for an hour, as sick as I felt. Besides, I figured if I didn’t have Covid, I’d get it standing in the line so I opted not to be tested.

This part made me think of the worst case of the flu I ever had, except intensified by about four times.

I usually let a fever run its course but by Saturday I felt so awful that I gave in and began treating symptoms. My normal temp is in the 96s and my temperature throughout these days stayed between 101-103. I staggered ibuprofen and acetaminophen, and I also used a mild muscle relaxant and my Ventolin inhaler. The meds didn’t get rid of my fever but reduced the chills to a tolerable level. I slept almost around the clock, waking up for a couple of hours here and there to check on website stuff. Fortunately, I have a wonderful team who kept things running for us. One day blurred into the next and I considered going to the doctor again, but couldn’t muster the energy. I felt like if I just got a little more sleep I’d be okay.

My cough was getting far worse and now my ribs and abdominal muscles hurt. It was a deep painful cough that caused me to clutch my chest every single time inhaled deeply.

Day 10: I woke up feeling slightly better. My fever had finally completely broken and I was no longer feeling chilled to the bone. My cough, however, was even worse than before and I recognized the wheezing sound that meant I was headed for a bout of pneumonia. I’ve got mild asthma and quite often upper respiratory issues end up with pneumonia for me so I know the signs. I upped the vitamin C and hoped for the best.

Day 11: I hadn’t been drinking coffee, just peppermint tea and I was really looking forward to a delicious cup of coffee now that I was feeling better. Unfortunately, the Keurig at the rental where I’m staying seemed to be putting out tinted water. I was bummed that the coffee was bad but I just refilled my water bottle and went on with my morning.

My cough was horrible. I decided that I’d put it off for as long as was safe and that I was going to need a steroid inhaler to heal my lungs. I planned to visit the doctor as soon as I finished my morning work on the website. I made myself some toast with peanut butter to eat before I left because there’s nothing worse than going to the doctor hungry and grouchy. I was texting with my friend while eating and thought, “This tastes awful. Why is my toast so bland and sweet? Ohhhhhhhhhh………….”

I had lost my sense of taste. I could pick up slightly sweet or slightly salty flavors but that’s it. Eating only sweet or salty Styrofoam is probably the most effective diet ever.

My doctor’s appointments and treatment

I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Covid and pneumonia, just as I had expected. My blood oxygen saturation level was 92. She prescribed an aggressive regimen and scheduled appointments for the next 4 days to give me injections and check my vitals. There are more details on the treatment below.

Plot Twist: Did I mention I’m in Mexico right now?

I went to the walk-in clinic recommended by local friends. Since it was midday, during the week, there was just one patient ahead of me. I basically had the waiting room all to myself. I typed out my saga in Google Translate and pasted the Spanish version into a document in case I got a doctor who didn’t speak English. I speak some Spanish but not nearly enough to convey all this stuff.

The doctor spoke a little bit of English, which, when combined with my small amount of Spanish and our respective Google Translate apps, got us through the question and answer segment of the appointment. She was extremely thorough in her exam, and I was very satisfied with the care I received. She was concerned that my pulse oximeter reading was low and instructed me on what to look for with my oxygen levels.


She confirmed that I did indeed have both Covid and pneumonia and wrote prescriptions for the treatment of both. I was tested with a serology test as opposed to the PCR test.

The protocol was:

  • 5 days of Ceftriaxone (Brand Name: Rocephin) injections (antibiotic)
  • 3 days of Dexamethasone injections (corticosteroids)
  • 4-8 grams per day of Vitamin C
  • Salmeterol inhaler
  • Loratadine and ambroxol cough syrup (a combined antihistamine and expectorant)

I received my first injection of antibiotics and steroids there at the clinic.

On the mend

Day 11 continued: On the night of Day 11, I started perspiring heavily after having begun treatment earlier in the day. Kind of gross but I’m all about the TMI: I was sweating so much it looked like I’d been caught in a rainstorm. At the same time, I was cold and shivering, so I had to stay bundled up. My temperature was up and down constantly. Sometime around 2 am I fell into an exhausted sleep.

Day 12: I woke up on Day 12 with a pounding headache and some intestinal upset. I was expecting this because corticosteroids always affect me this way. I took some ibuprofen and an Immodium to manage the side effects because they were well worthwhile. My deep, uncontrollable cough was far less frequent, and no longer as brutally painful. As I wrote before, I’m very prone to pneumonia because of my asthma, and I’ve probably had it more than 30 times in my life. I’ve never responded to treatment as quickly as this, ever. I think the difference is that I was receiving steroids and antibiotics by injection instead of orally.

My ability to taste was beginning to return – I’d say I was about halfway back to normal. My internal thermostat was still wonky – one minute I was hot and the next I was cold, but at this point, I’d had no fever for 36 hours. I still had the heavy brain fog that makes tasks go a lot more slowly and the possibility of multitasking was completely out of the question. I hated the hazy, slow mental feeling I had been fighting through.

I felt like I had much more energy until I tried to do a few things.

It didn’t take long before my legs were wobbling, my hands were shaking, and I was feeling tired but not as thoroughly exhausted as before. I took a little nap then got up to go to my doctor’s appointment feeling more clear-headed.

The appointment went extremely well. My blood oxygen saturation level was up to 99% which thoroughly shocked the doctor given my condition the day before. I was deemed no longer contagious and given my second injection of antibiotics and steroids. The doctor asked me if I exercised a lot and I told him that I walked a few miles most days in the hilly area where I lived. I was told that my quick rebound in lung capacity was likely related to my good cardiovascular fitness.

Day 13: I always have difficulty sleeping when taking steroid medications so I slept in a bit on day 13. I woke up with that lovely corticosteroid headache again and a bit less energy than the day before. Today’s doctor’s appointment also went well with another 99% reading. Today was the last steroid injection, thank goodness. I just had two more injections of antibiotics to go.

My neighbor was beginning to show some symptoms so I stopped and picked up the vitamins that were recommended for me to give to him.

Some good days, some not so good.

When I got back from my appointment I took my dogs on their first walk in almost two weeks that wasn’t just a quick pop-out-to-pee excursion. I was maybe a bit overly ambitious even though the total walk was less than half a mile. We went to the dog park where they could run around and I could sit. Walking back to the condo is uphill and I got pretty winded.

I got back and took a puff off my inhaler and sat down to rest for a bit but it didn’t help. It turned into a bit of an asthma attack that lasted for about an hour. I could still feel the heaviness in my chest three hours later and there was a wheeze to my cough.

It appears that recovery from this is not linear and there’ll be some good days and bad days. While it’s something I’ve heard others report, it’s discouraging.

I was able to finally get some dishes and a load of laundry done, and I called it an early evening.

My improvement had ground to a halt.

Day 14: The wheeze never left and got a whole lot worse. When I got to the doctor’s office for my checkup the next morning, they made me stay because my oxygen level was at 89%. I was given a medication to control bronchial spasms and a stronger inhaler. After a couple of hours, my levels were back up and I was allowed to leave.

Nobody really thinks about the oxygen saturation in their blood until they don’t have enough of it. Day 14 was terrible. I was so tired that walking to the bathroom and back to the couch felt like a trip up Mt. Everest. My oxygen levels were up and down all day, at one point dropping as low as 83%.  My cognition was fuzzy and I felt terribly depressed.

The depression or change in mental status isn’t something that I’ve seen a lot written about in the mainstream media. But think about how much oxygen your brain uses to function and then cut off some of the supply. Science Daily reports that coronavirus infections can cause delirium and Medscape suggests that depression and anxiety in Covid patients could be indicators of the virus attacking the patient’s central nervous system.

Some of the causes of mood swings during Covid could be biological and related to the illness itself, but there’s also another factor.

People treat you very differently when you have this illness.

The media-propelled fear justifying the lockdowns are every bit as infectious as the virus. You’re like a pariah. A leper. People you know wouldn’t even consider coming near you. I have a kindly neighbor who has dropped off supplies at the door for me, but aside from that, people locally who have done work for me in the past are hesitant to pick up my groceries or handle small errands.

Even some people who are long-distance friends who I talk to online on a daily basis completely disappeared. Some of them were so adamant that Covid is a “scamdemic” they didn’t want to hear about my experience. I didn’t expect emotional fallout from having Covid, but it was present, particularly as it seemed to go on and on. Two weeks feels like a really long time to be sick.

I didn’t have the energy to make food so I just ate some fruit that was in the refrigerator, followed by saltines. I drank water, took my drugs, and went to bed early to sleep it off.

Johns Hopkins reports that Covid can seriously damage the lungs of survivors.

COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, can cause lung complications such as pneumonia and, in the most severe cases, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. Sepsis, another possible complication of COVID-19, can also cause lasting harm to the lungs and other organs. (source)

This damage can be reversed with diligent effort and in severe cases, respiratory therapy may be required.

After a serious case of COVID-19, a patient’s lungs can recover, but not overnight. “Recovery from lung damage takes time,” Galiatsatos says. “There’s the initial injury to the lungs, followed by scarring. Over time, the tissue heals, but it can take three months to a year or more for a person’s lung function to return to pre-COVID-19 levels.”

He notes that doctors and patients alike should be prepared for continuing treatment and therapy.

“Once the pandemic is over, there will be a group of patients with new health needs: the survivors. Doctors, respiratory therapists and other health care providers will need to help these patients recover their lung function as much as possible.” (source)

Finally able to get out and get moving a bit more.

Day 15: My oxygen levels were finally stabilizing a little bit. Today was to have been my last visit to the doctor but they asked me to return one more day because of the new medications for my lungs. The constant feeling of shortness of breath was still present, but the bronchial spasms had subsided.

I began to take my dogs on short walks today. Normally we move briskly, we run around at the park, we hike down to the water, and we climb back up. I am definitely not able to do that at this point, not unless I want another repeat of the recent asthma attack. So we began today taking short, slow walks. The dogs are overjoyed to be out of the condo, and frankly, so am I.

We managed to walk 1.28 miles over a period of 3 walks today. It took forever because unless I want to be gasping for air, I had to move slowly, taking a moment to rest on the inclines. It felt so strange and so unlike me to walk at this snail’s pace. I felt like I was walking with someone’s elderly grandmother, but it was me – I was the “elderly” person.

But it seems the important thing is the movement.

Doctors don’t yet know how long it will take patients to regain their pre-Covid strength and endurance. In the case of acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS, which has been caused by other viruses and has similarities to Covid-19, full recovery can take over a year, but there are no such statistics for Covid yet.
However, the earlier patients start their rehabilitation, the faster they begin to bounce back, which may be another reason for doctors to take them off ventilators sooner, Ms. Al Chikhanie said. That may be possible, especially as scientists understand how to manage the acute infection phase better. (source)

Day 16: On Day 16 the line at the clinic was long again, and I opted not to wait for a recheck. I felt better able to catch my breath and less tired, although I still needed a nap in the middle of the day. Miles walked: 1.5. I walked slowly, trying not to get overly winded.

My cough was far less frequent and not as deep when I did cough. I still didn’t really have my appetite back. I could taste food but it didn’t really taste good or flavorful.

Day 17: I finally woke up feeling almost normal. I awoke at 6:30, my usual time, without an alarm clock. I took the dogs out, grabbed some coffee, and got a bit of work done before my appointment.

I got into the doctor earlier and was the first patient in.

He looked at me and said, “You are feeling much better, I can see it.”

All my stats checked out normally and I was released from Covid and pneumonia care. I am not under any kind of quarantine because of how long it had been since my symptoms began and since I’d run a fever. I have no other follow-up visits scheduled unless I run into complications.

While I no longer have Covid, the doctor said that it will take a while before my lung capacity is where it was before I became sick. He warned that post-Covid can be dangerous because I would be susceptible to other upper respiratory infections during this healing stage and to keep up with the high dose Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. I was to continue walking but not push myself to the point of getting winded for a couple of weeks to give my lungs more time to heal. My sense of taste has not fully returned.

I still have to take a bronchodilator for another week, as well as an inhaler that compares to Symbicort in the US twice a day for the next 3 weeks.


My treatment in Mexico – complete with 7 doctor’s visits, prescription medications, and supplements – cost well under $300. Because I happened to be here when I got sick, I don’t have to come up with thousands of dollars or become buried in debt to pay for my healthcare. I was fortunate. Despite all the talk about how Covid medical care and testing are covered by the government in the United States, many people are still facing enormous bills because it’s just not working out that way. People are getting bills they shouldn’t be getting and not being told the charges are covered. Others are discovering that not everything they were told would be covered, is.

I think that as awful as this illness is, there are other concerns that are falling through the cracks while all attention is focused on this one ailment. As a nation, our economy is suffering, our mental health is suffering, and our physical health is deteriorating as we lock ourselves away from others at the behest of the government and as care for other conditions remains nearly impossible to access.

There are a million opinions on this virus, the treatment thereof, the medical system, government restrictions, and other Covid-related minutae. I sincerely believe we as individuals should have choices about the medical treatment we do or do not receive and how we choose to protect ourselves. We should have both the right and responsibility to make these decisions.

What about you?

Have you or a loved one had Covid? What was it like? Share your experience in the comments.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I’m sorry about your experience, and I’m glad you are recovering now. I always believed the virus was real. What I found upsetting is that I got ridiculed by friends when I told them I know it is real. It’s as if I am not truly a conservative if I believe covid is real. I don’t have first-hand experience of the virus, but I did contract work for a company that is studying the virus and how blood Vitamin D levels effect the outcome. From everything I saw, it was hard to have any doubt about the dangers of covid. It is very real.

    What I can tell you is that without a doubt, your blood level of Vitamin D makes a huge difference. Those who were deficient in D, were much more likely to have a severe case of covid and even have to be hospitalized. In fact, it was rare for those with good levels of D to have a severe case (Those severe cases were likely when they had comorbidities).

    It is a good idea to get your blood levels of D tested before supplementing, as too much can also cause damage to your body (arterial calcification etc). Nowadays, you can order test kits online and do it at home. Also, there is growing evidence that the MMR vaccine may provide protection against covid. It has to be the MMR II shot, which came out in 1978. So those vaccinated with MMR II, are less likely to get covid, and if they do, it *might* be a milder case. Those who served in the military will have had MMR II in bootcamp. Anyway, lots of things are being studied right now. I’m not a medical professional, but I did IT work on this project. So much of what I learned was due to being exposed to the mountains of data being sent to us from clinics, hospitals, universities, and other research companies.

    • @ John

      Interesting about the MMR shot. Does one shot do it? I’d have gotten that later one(in the 1980’s) but could only get one round of it due to a serious side effect reaction.

    • One big reason people are vitamin D deficient is that the CDC has terrified them into thinking the sun is a malevolent ogre out to kill them. So they slather on the high SPF sunscreen and miss out on the #1 source. Ever since this business started I have been urging people to get out in the sun while wearing as little as possible. That plus supplements has kept me healthy.

      Since I had measles & rubella as a kid (missed out on mumps despite being exposed), it would be foolish for me to get the MMR shot. And no, it is not automatically given to all military personnel in basic (I enlisted after 1978). Nor did I fill out any form listing the diseases I had already gotten (IIRC). Perhaps natural immunity is as much an anti-Covid factor as the shot.

      • I agree entirely about the Vitamin D and the sun phobia in our society. I really believe one reason I have not gotten Covid despite being very high risk is that I sunbathe regularly w/o sunscreen. I merely avoid the harshest and hottest sun of 11-3 and sit out and read in the sun after 3 p.m.. I do not sun burn easily, so I have never worried about cancer or such.

  • Daisy, I’m so glad you’re feeling better and that the medical expenses didn’t take you out financially! I think it’s good to read about other’s experiences with this disease, because they do vary. I recently lost a 51 year old, healthy, fit, and with no preexisting conditions coworker to COViD. He left behind 3 teenage children and a grieving wife. This coronavirus is nothing to laugh at, that’s for sure.

  • Your Day 2 sounds like what I and the wife had for about 3-4 days.
    The cough, now that hung on for me for about a month. Nothing really bad, just the feeling like I had to clear my throat like every 5 minutes. More annoying than anything else.
    I would say we were in the “mild” category.

    I found green tea with honey really helped with the sore throat.

  • My brother in law died a couple weeks back from covid and it’s repercussions. It seems to me that susceptibility to the disease seems to be be genetic; my wife was very ill with covid-like symptoms a couple years ago, except she didn’t transmit any disease to the rest of us.

    • “It seems to me that susceptibility to the disease seems to be be genetic;”

      Yes, I think you’re very right!

      Another reason I think you’re right is that I haven’t heard a single mention about investigating this crucial question on the MSM.

  • My wife and I set out to drive to Colorado for my annual 5 week ski trip back in late February. We stopped for the night just West of Indianapolis. At a local steakhouse for dinner we ordered the pork chops. They were served still sizzling. We could not smell them, and the had no taste whatsoever. Dinner the second night near Kansas City had a bit of taste, but something was lacking. We got to our lodgings in Breckenridge CO. I was tired, but I wrote it off to the day’s drive. I normally acclimate to the altitude (9,800 ft) coming from 400 ft, in 16 to 24 hours. I was 2 days on the couch. Very tired. My wife spent 3 days essentially in bed. Our daughter and her son came out for a few days. I really wanted to ski with them, but I had no energy. After they left, my wife and I went to the local emergency room. Tested for flu A & B and chest x-rays. All negative. We were sent out with oxygen concentraters and a diagnosis of “upper respiritory, infection, not further identified”. After 6 days on oxygen therapy, we headed East. From previous experience, my eastbound journey is 2 to 2.5 days. It was 4 days of driving. I was so tired, I had to call it quits early each day. We got home and my wife went to bed at about 5 PM. About 15 minutes later, she complained that it hurt to breath. I called 911. She was hospitalized in isolation for 6 days. The longest 6 days of our nearly 40 year marriage. She had pneumonia and blood clots in the lungs. They tested her for Covid in the hospital, but it was negative. The testing in mid-March was not as accurate as it is today. Instead of a celebration dinner at a fancy restaurant, it was carry out wood fire pizza. We could taste and smell it. That was March 28. For several more weeks we both were really dragging, easily fatigued. We are back to 95% (+) now. Both of us are in our 70s with lowered immune systems (she has an artificial knee and I have an artificial aortic valve). We both have to take antibiotics before having a routine dental cleaning and check. I guess that puts us in the “high risk” category, but we pulled through.

  • I wish you the best! Maybe look into Ivermectin, very effective for both prevention and treatment, both during and post-Covid. See Chris Martenson, Kory Pierre, IMask and others.

    I’m sure I had it, but there was no test at that time. Much the same, absolutely overwhelming fatigue, breathlessness (which still continues), extremely severe cough for two weeks, blood oxygenation in upper eighties, tachycardia and heart arrythmia.

    I think the measures have been and continue to be necessary. Just part of the horrific pandemic experience. Without them we would have had a lot more deaths. Dr. John Campbell in his excellent Covid series on Youtube said Monday that the US is in an emergency situation. Hospitalizations had increased 333% in one week.

    My daughter and I have had two disabling vaccine reactions each so we won’t get the vaccine, but I support those who get it voluntarily, usually eagerly. I think it is the way to end the pandemic this coming year. I’m wary of vaccines, but think it’s an entirely rational measure for most in a crisis like this.

    Thirty countries have closed their borders with the UK trying to keep out or at least limit the spread of the more transmissible mutation. And that’s rational too. You really can’t just carry on as usual with this extremely high number of deaths.

    • Ivermectin is a game changer. My 83 year old grandma got it, and she got a regimen of ivermectin and zinc. It saved her from having to be hospitalized.

      • Good to hear! This supports what I have been researching online. I’ve heard that alot of the misery comes not from the Covid virus itself but from the resulting lung infection that affects some. Thereby the prescribing of antibiotics that are particular for lung infections

  • We’re pretty sure my husband had this last February. Testing wasn’t widely available then, so it’s not certain. He had a terrible headache that just wouldn’t quit, high fever, weird dreams, body aches, a nearly-complete loss of appetite, and a horrible cough. We thought it was the flu at first, but none of the usual OTC meds would touch it, which was strange. He finally went to the doctor. Dr. didn’t test him, but took chest x-rays; he had pneumonia. My husband did lose his sense of taste & smell for weeks. But my son & I, who lived right there with him? Nothing. Whatever it was, we didn’t catch it.

  • Daisy, I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been through. One of my sisters was sick in August for a week with what was comparable to the flu. Recently one of my sisters-in-law was in and out of the hospital for a couple of weeks and had pneumonia. So far my wife and I have not had it. I’m concerned for her because she has asthma and is prone to pneumonia.
    At the risk of sounding insensitive and indelicate, so far the virus has a 99% survival rate. That should give hope, but it upsets most people I mention it to.
    Of course, I think we’re finding out that survival doesn’t necessarily mean being back to normal. I don’t want to underestimate that. It makes this whole thing all the more frustrating, disgusting and loathsome.
    Take care. Be good to yourself.

  • Daisy, I’m very glad you pulled through having that awful disease and hope you make a full recovery with no “Long COVID” issues. I’m sorry you had to go through such a bad illness far from your family! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  • I am sorry to hear of your experience. Sounds like you are recovering nicely.
    It seems it affects everyone differently.
    Anyone who thinks it does not exist is fooling themselves, because it does.

    However the testing and numbers of infections are bogus and being inflated and used for political and social modification purposes. The “death” tolls are also being inflated for the same purposes.
    Scare Tactics to cause compliance.
    Recently a Colorado coroner was complaining that he had 5 people who died of gun shot wounds and two of them became “Covid 19” deaths, because they had tested positive. He cited Federal regulations required they be labeled that way.

    So we know that there is more than what meets the eye going on here, the question is how deep and sinister is it.

  • I good transparent assessment of how the illness effected you – no two people are alike – those with compromised immune systems are more venerable and have a significant challenge compared to others
    I personally have been skeptical of the seriousness of the illness as there is so much fake news floating around. My opinion the numbers of the actual cases are stretched to the max and do not reflect true values of those effected.
    What is real is the illness and also the seriousness of those whos immune system is not as robust as those who are younger and in better physical health as a majority of those who become hospitalized
    My opinion is that is those in power would report accurately the numbers – the seriousness – take out the political BS THEN majority of people would react accordingly and not require fear and pressure tactics
    Thank you for doing a personal inventory and transparent – truthful report

  • Diasy, I am sorry that you had such a horrible experience, but glad that it happened while you were in Mexico and that you are feeling so much better now!

    SARS-Cov2 (COVID-19), despite popular literature, has never been isolated, purified, or seen under an electron microscope. Several journal articles make the claim that they HAVE; however, their methods do not meet Koch’s Postulates, which is the scientific “gold standard” for isolating, purifying, and categorizing viruses. Also, because Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reactions (“PCR”) cannot, does not, and never will test for infection, the test you were given falsely “diagnoses” everyone, eventually, with COVID-19 by misusing the threshold cycles. The inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis, said bluntly that it “is not a diagnostic tool,” and he explained the ruse of medical professionals increasing threshold cycles to “pretty much find anything they want to,” since the human DNA contains everything about our physical structures (and then some).

    Furthermore, CDC has been re-categorizing every death as a COVID-19 death, even if only under the assumption that the deceased person had symptoms, which are the same for influenza, pneumonia, and most other respiratory illnesses, including high altitude sickness. (It is interesting to note that the physician who treated you in Mexico double-diagnosed you with COVID-19 AND pneumonia.) If you go to the CDC and look up their death records, you will find that, for 2020, every major category of death — heart attack, cancer, etc. — is negligible compared to others years, and that in those prior years, the numbers for those causes of death are reliably similar. So, there are no “excess” deaths from COVID-19: All other causes of death have been conveniently SHIFTED into the COVID-19 column. And, to be fair, “officials” have gone on tv and social media since May 2020 to tell viewers exactly what they are doing, but apparently only a few people paid attention to that “lie in plain sight,” and those people have been ridiculed, de-funded, de-platformed, and otherwise kicked off both mainstream media and some sketchier portions of alternative media.

    So I’m sorry to say that you did not have COVID-19. No one has had it, because it doesn’t exist as a “virus.” COVID-19 is a psychological operation foisted on humanity as a fear-based control mechanism, meant exclusively to 1) roll out 5G; 2) get people to wear masks as a mass Satanic ritual device, which also serves to self-suffocate; 3) persuade people to get the trans-humanist mRNA vaxxes which are tied into 5G; and 4) reset the global economy into a giant prison of mass surveillance and physical/mental/spiritual control. Essentially, COVID-19 is a tool to separate humanity from each other, get us to think of each other as “dirty and dumb,” and to coerce us into accepting ANYTHING in order to get back to “normal,” which will not happen if we don’t wake up to the system of control.

    The wanna-be controllers hate humanity. We are nothing to them but machines to be tinkered with for their pleasure, for they see themselves as superior to us “useless eaters.” They trade our birth certificates on the stock market. Get it? “STOCK” market, like cattle. The mRNA jabs are designed to insert nano-technology into the body, to permanently alter our human DNA, and to turn us into soulless computers, permanently connected to AI, to the Internet of Things, via NeuraLink. This has been a millennia-long plan, and it looks like they might pull it off . . . except that I think there are enough people with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to stand against the tyranny. Let’s stand for human freedom, for it is our Creator-given right and natural condition.

    Peace and love to you, Daisy!

    • ^ This is what mental illness looks like. Not being a troll but genuinely feel sad when you see it. This appears to be clinical mental illness. Please get help.

      • Steve, I wouldn’t be too quick to point the finger of mental illness at Sharine. Everything she said is “backed up” by vloggers on YouTube. While I consider these videos to be at least as “valid” as those who post “proof” that the Earth is flat, many people are taken in by some of these slick presentations, some of which feature people who claim to be “physicians” or “scientists” or “know someone in the CIA”. The simplest way to investigate these “physicians” or “scientists” is to Google their names. See what they’ve published that isn’t on their own websites. Most of the time you’ll find nothing that indicates their qualifications–like Bill Nye “The Science Guy”–never did research in his life beyond that to get his degree in mechanical engineering. His extraneous “degrees” are all honorary issued to him in honor of his tv show offering greatly simplified “science” geared toward children.

      • steve,

        Thank you for your quick, unequivocal diagnoses that Sharine is suffering from “clinical mental illness.”

        It’s great to have a real, Licensed Psychiatrist participating in this discussion.

        Oh, I was just curious…….where’d you go to med school?

      • I agree with you. It’s hard to understand the many who want to deny the reality and virulence of Covid. Many who do not die sustain permanent organ damage and at least 10% have long Covid, an autoimmune reaction which leaves them exhausted and ill indefinitely. The virus has been identified and its genome described. It has a PRRA gene insertion from another virus: it is the product of bioengineering. Gain of function research was being done at the Wuhan lab, work being done to enhance the transmissibility and virulence of the coronavirus.

    • Nothing you said has been ever proven. It has indeed been proven wrong many times. You should get your facts right. Educate yourself before you get lost in the conspiracy theories. Memes can multiply like viruses, you know. You have got a bad case of covid denial meme.

  • I’m so glad we didn’t lose you Daisy. After reading this, it is no wonder that people are found at home dead from Covid. With that kind of fatigue, they can’t get themselves anywhere to seek help, short of calling for transport help.

    I just read that they are also finding that melatonin is a helpful preventative with its calming attributes and it also seems to calm the over-the-top immune response the body has to Covid that causes a lot of the problems. People can read about it here: https://www.newsmax.com/headline/coronavirus-melatonin-sleep/2020/12/21/id/1002565/?ns_mail_uid=5a1fd0af-c948-4a3a-91de-2773f9c5608f&ns_mail_job=DM176572_12232020&s=acs&dkt_nbr=010102ihip69

  • Glad you’re doing better Daisy. My husband and I had Covid-19 twice; once in March (very mild) and again in October.
    In March our entire household got sick, which is my son & dil (33 yrs), granddaughter (12) and my grandson (5) who was either asymptomatic, or didn’t get Covid. Everyone but me had a bad cough, with my granddaughter having the worst cough. My poor granddaughter was coughing CONSTANTLY…just hacking away…she only wanted to sleep, no food…she lost 15 lbs in the 3 weeks she was sick. The constant coughing and fatigue seemed to be her only symptoms.
    My husband and son (both were smokers) coughed a LOT and were fatigued, but neither missed work…my husband was 53 at the time; he’s in construction and pretty active. My son is a gym rat and takes all kinds of supplies.
    My dil had a sore throat and cough and missed 2 days of work.
    I experienced chills, severe fatigue, loss of taste and smell.
    We all thought we just had an extremely bad seasonal flu, and rode it out at home. The complete loss of taste and smell later tipped me off that it was actually Covid. It was about 3 wks before we all felt well, although it took longer for my tastebuds to return.
    The second time I got Covid was October; there was more info out there so I knew pretty quickly. I’m a 58 yr old diabetic who after having been an athlete all my life, have become someone whose only activity now is housework and chasing after my grandson.
    I began to suspect Covid when my energy level dropped drastically; I’m normally running up and down the stairs all day, but I found that I couldn’t even make it to the first landing without getting winded. By the time I got to the top of the stairs, I’d have to stand there and catch my breath. I also began having such body aches that moving any part of my body hurt. I homeschool my grandkids, but I got to where I was just sitting on the couch, too exhausted to do anything.
    I have an oximeter and was checking my oxygen levels throughout the day. My intent was to ride it out at home, but when I got to 89 I decided to go to the ER, where I tested positive and they admitted me.
    I was put on an IV treatment of remdesivir, and given steroids, blood thinner and vitamins C, D3 and zinc.
    I felt ok, but they wanted to keep an eye on my oxygen, And the remdesivir treatment was a five day protocol, so I had to stay in hospital for that.
    I was given the option of receiving the antibody transfusion and I took it. It was a 3 hour transfusion I had from midnight to 3am. By breakfast time that morning, I was feeling like a million bucks!
    My Dr. said the first time I had Covid, my body probably didn’t produce enough antibodies to fight the second infection, and so I caught it again.
    When I was discharged my Dr. told me I was her first Covid patient who didn’t need to go home with oxygen.
    *Interestingly, one of my nurses also had Covid twice; he said he was hurt at how his co-workers treated him when he came back to work after having been sick…like he was a leper or something.
    My husband who absolutely NEVER gets sick (other than allergies) tested positive as well, but was completely without symptoms. He tested negative a week later.
    So my experience is unusual to say the least: a household of six, 5 of whom got Covid, each having a different experience.
    According to the CDC, I as a diabetic should’ve been deathly ill (and I thank God I wasn’t) and my smoker husband should’ve been much sicker, and he wasn’t…there’s just no way to predict this virus.
    I AM anti-mask, and I DO believe certain people have politicized this virus shamelessly (I don’t trust the govt as far as I can throw the Capitol Bldg), but I’m very much aware that this virus is REAL…I’m just not willing to hide out in my house like a scared rabbit waiting for the govt to tell me it’s ok to come out of my hole and pick up my life again.

  • Call me Mr. Downside if you will however…

    The mask wearing picture is a terrible example.
    Masks do Not protect anyone. Masks actually make those, who have infections, worse.

    This is Not just my opinion, it is backed by studies. I’m not going to post them. Look it up!

    The manufacturers of the “tests” admit they are not even close to accurate. Don’t be duped by these.

    Covid type diseases do exist and have for a long time but, the popularly named Covid-19 has NOT been singularly isolated in a repeatable (verifiable) test, (as of 12/20/20).

    Being a “layman” has some advantages. I have read a plethora of information about this disease since mid-January. I am convinced the Covid-19 (thing) is really a consolidation of several viral infections. These infections have similarities but are most likely not one thing.

    “Trusting science” or famous doctors is the perfect recipe for disaster. If most Americans weren’t so danged lazy, this whole mess would have been resolved in a couple of months.

    Covid-19 is a Geo-political and financial creation. This will never be widely published because those who are reaping the benefits also control the dissemination if information.

    Trillions of dollars have changed hands since Covid-19. We’ve been had!

    If this hurts your feelings or makes you angry, so be it. You are bringing on your own suffering.

    SHTF is not a picnic and disasters are not going to present themselves in one form.

    Yesterday the insiders rolled out a “new and 70% improved” Covid.
    Be the first on your block to get tested “positive” for this disease.

    Government and it’s minions are not here to help anyone but themselves.

  • I have had a lot of doubts about the reality of Covid-19, because my sources have basically been MSM, and the rapidity with which the Democrat Party began clamoring for mail-in voting caused me to believe that it was an elaborate hoax to replace Trump. The financial incentives for physicians and hospitals from the feds to attribute deaths to Covid-19 is well documented, and I suspected that the deaths were being greatly exaggerated so docs and hospitals could reap unearned rewards, and the political class could use those inflated numbers to the Democrats’ advantage.

    That having been said, I DO believe you, and so I’m now convinced that Covid-19 IS real. I’ve subscribed to you for a few years now, and consider you to be one of the more reasoned, level-headed commentators in the prepping/survivalism community.

    Thank God you survived to tell us this story!

  • Hi Daisy,
    I’m glad to hear that you are healing, but sorry to hear that you had to go through this. Thanks for sharing. My SIL was just diagnosed but only has minor cold-like symptoms. Most interesting is that his co-workers are annoyed with him because they have been exposed and likely have to change their Christmas travel plans to quarantine. Hopefully, those of your friends that disappeared will have an opportunity to be more generous with their thoughts in the future.

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  • I’m glad to hear you’re recovering. My sister had it. She is 22 but has had a lot of health problems. The only medical care she needed was a steroid shot. She had been coughing so hard she couldn’t keep food down, so she got a steroid shot, which calmed the cough down. After that she felt too weak to go to work for about a week but eventually made a full recovery. I hope you do too 🙂

  • Thank you for posting your story; real experiences from real people
    can have so much more impact than dry statistics. One of my former
    high school teachers died of Covid-19 in the spring, and a relative
    (active-duty military in his 20’s, so he “should” be low-risk) spent
    several days in the hospital on oxygen after he caught it.

    While it’s true that only a small percentage of people will get a
    severe case, that’s of little comfort if you are in that percentage,
    and even a “small” percentage of the population getting gravely ill
    is enough to completely swamp our medical system. My county was
    doing really well for a while, but now we are close to running out
    of ICU beds. For now, my wife and I are strictly self-isolating, masking,
    hand-washing, and waiting for a vaccine. On many subjects we are
    rather conservative, but this isn’t political for us — it’s just about
    defending ourselves from the virus.

    • One positive about current covid is it appears to not readily spread. I got it from directly sharing food with my mother in law the day before she showed symptoms. This is one of the worse periods for shedding active virus.

      Of my family of 5, we had thanksgiving and spent Friday/ most of Saturday together before my symptoms showed. 4 potentials for it to spread and nobody else got it.

      Hope you avoid it, but be prepared with meds before you get it. Zinc, quercitin, vitamin c & d and ivermectin It’s not joke. Stop the viral replication early.

  • Hello Daisy, I was very interested to read what you went through as my husband and I both got it the first of October. We both have co-morbidities and we are in our 70’s. My husband has non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and slight asthma. I am very over-weight with controlled blood pressure, A-Fib problems and Thyroid issues. The odd thing was that neither of us had higher temperatures! However, the coughing for me was awful…I thank God I never smoked. My husband didn’t cough as much. We had no energy whatsoever and just getting to the bathroom was an ordeal. I was gasping for air as soon as I stood up. I finally decided I needed to go to the hospital after a week. There is so much I could say about this experience, but suffice it to say, I just came home to suffer it out. We subsisted on water and anything ‘quick’ to eat. A relative brought us food and left it outside. Our family kept in close touch with us everyday. In the middle of the night I prayed to see some light at the end of the tunnel. {Not that light to meet Jesus right then, but some improvement in our conditions!} My sense of taste left and I still can’t taste some things. I never thought I was going to die though. What brought us through, I am convinced is that our Vit. D3 levels were at good levels, as were all our other vitamins my Ophthalmologist suggested for healing, after my corneal transplant….as well as Bovine Colostrum. There are more things, but thankfully we made it through and are doing pretty good. As a side, I have lost 30 lbs and will continue on this life-long battle of mine to lose more weight.

  • I was told that I tested positive for covid after taking a test at work. I can definitely relate to the unbelievable thirst I have. Waking up at night to drink some apple juice. And the coldness…! Cant seem to get warm. The achey tiredness,too. I’m on day 4. No fever,no cough,no difficulty breathing. I find it frustrating the best thing to do is rest and drink a lot. One would think that doctors could come up with something better. As to your experience in Mexico, how come the supposedly most advanced country in the world,we have to pay thousand of dollars for health care? Shameful.

    • Start taking either andrographis or chondroitin sulphate ASAP. You don’t need both. Either of those substances will de-fang the viral particles by neutralizing the charge on the viral particles’ protein spikes, thereby rendering them unable to enter your cells. Take some twice a day, about twelve hours apart, to keep some circulating in your body all the time.

      Also take some quercetin with extra Vitamin C because quercetin increases your body’s absorption of Vitamin C by 40%. Get some sunshine on as much of your skin as you can handle, according to the climate in which you’re located. If it’s often rainy, foggy or very cold where you live, then supplement with a combo Vitamin D3+K2 product.

      Another thing you can do to jump-start your immune system is to take a shower, starting with warm or hot water, then turn down the hot as far as your chills allow; then turn the hot water back up until you’re comfortable. Repeat once more per shower. This hot-cold temperature alternation has been proven in multiple studies to jump-start immunity as well as tone the cardiovascular system.

      This is more pie-in-the-sky, but if you have access to a practitioner or clinic which offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, book a few sessions. This will increase your blood oxygen levels, as well as increasing oxygenation of all your bodily tissues. Extra oxygen will help your body eliminate the virus.

      Do these things ASAP because the virus has already breached your body’s defenses and will continue to cause issues until your immune system wipes it out completely. Give your immune system all the help you can, as soon as you can.

  • Thank you Daisy for sharing your experience. It has convinced me that my experience a few months ago was Covid. It was before the end of 2019 so I did not connect the possibility. But I experience so many of the same things you have described, I know now that my suspicions were correct. I don’t know where I could have picked it up, I am legally blind and have to have a driver take me to the grocery store, driver is my daughter. I was very fortunate, had been taking a lot of Vitamin C and Zink … as I do each year. I credit my light case as miraculous … still do not have full recovery of taste and smell. The things that mystifies me is that I suffered this in November of last year, long before it became known as a problem. My daughter, who lives across the street, ran back and forth checking my temperature and watching me over what we thought must be a mild case of the flu. But, in all my life I have never experienced the kind of thirst and bone hurting chills. I fantasized about water even when out at the store for groceries days later. I have never had a flu shot, am past 80 years old and do not intend to subject myself to the covidf vaccine. Each to his/her own.

  • I thought I posted a rather lengthy comment earlier, but I don’t see it, so maybe it didn’t post. I’m not going to do that again, but I would like to share that my husband and I had it Twice; my whole household had it (6 persons ages 5 to 58 years, each with different ailments).
    The last time I had it I was hospitalized due to oxygen levels. I received remdesivir via IV, blood thinners, steroids, vitamins C, D3, and zinc. I also had the antibody transfusion which made WORLDS of difference!

    I don’t believe that masks work, but I DID wear one when in public because I couldn’t get into the store without one…
    I’m a 58 year old diabetic and according to the CDC I should’ve been put on a ventilator or dead. I recovered TWICE and according to my Doctor, I was her first patient to leave the hospital without needing oxygen.
    My husband tested positive and had no symptoms whatsoever.. this virus is definitely real and potentially deadly, but I believe that it should be up to the PEOPLE how to live, NOT the government.

  • I’m so sorry Daisy, I hope that your back to yourself quickly.
    And I’m glad you got access to affordable healthcare. It’s a shame about the lack of local help and support/ understanding from friends.
    Wishing you & everyone a better 2021 fingers crossed!

  • Daisy, do you have WiFi or microwave radiating devices? What you had sounds like radiation pneumonitis. I know people who got horrible, unexplained cases of “pneumonia” in 2019 (before “covid”), and they all had very powerful microwave-emitting devices (cell phones, etc.) (I measured the radiation and it was very high). Microwave radiation will exacerbate any existing vulnerability in the body, and will affect people differently, depending on the strength, location, and duration of exposure.
    I suggest people switch to wired connections (Ethernet, etc.) and really learn about this very serious health threat that has taken over our world.

  • I had Covid April to May. Dry hd3 eackibg cough, fecer worst at night. Felt like we it went up with the setting sun. The taste of food was horrible. Not flavorless, Horrible! Lunchmears were the worst. 7 months later I still can’t eat lunch meats. I had tge worst headache of my life. It lasted 4 1/2 weeks. I was so weak it was all I could go to get from the bed to the toilet or from the bed to a recliner in the livingroom. Dr suggested a netti pot when i had the first symptoms, “to wash th we multiplying virus put as much as possible”. It did seem to slow it down. When i wasn’t running a high fever my head was,drenched with sweat. I was taking my D3, C, and Zink, but increased it. At one point I was too weak, had no appetite, and food was so repulsive I couldn’t make myself swallow it. I ate nothing for 10 days. We were having an early record-setting heat wave and I had no wat to cool off but drink refrigerated water from water bottles that I was too weak to open. My husband has alzheimers abd sat in a chair near me. He’d get and open the bottles for us.
    My neighbor would pick up money and a shopping list. Upon returning hed set everything inside the door. My husbabd patiently put each item away where I’d tell him. I’d order 4 or 5 of his favotute sub sandwhiches and canned fruits. He get a big sabdwhich and eat on it all day. He had the dry cough and diarrhea for a few days then was fine. I had diarrhea for almost three weeks. I hated 6 weeks of intense brain fog. I kept wondering if I’d ever get MY brain back. I lost 22 lb initially. Then after I was past the covid I ate so little for weeks I lost another 27 lb. Walking was a chore not a pleasure for 6 months. I’m just getting some strength and stamina back again. I do get out and carry water to my ducks and rabbits. Feed them. Sort used wood i plan to build a chicken coop with. Then come back inside and feed and water my half grown 13 hens. Then rest a while and fix anything fast and easy for us to eat. If took 5 1/2 months to regain some appetite. I still start each day with a high protein ensure. I eat light meals or just one many days. It’s all I can hold. I never felt hungry but I could almost taste chicken… my dear neighbor had come by to check on me. When I n entitled I might try eating if I had chicken nuggets he immediately drove to the neighboring reservation store and bought a hot chicken finger lunch for both of us. It took me two days to eat mine. It really was a big meal. It took my husband all afternoon and evening but he ate his.
    I still tire quickly but I’m greatful it didn’t go into pneumonia. My lungs are still scarred from so many bouts with it.
    Loosing several clothing sizes was an interesting problem. My neighbor drove us to the city so I could shop a secondhand store for a few pairs of pants. And i bought myself several belts. Covid accomplished what I hadn’t been able to do. I lost just about 50 lbs. It’s a comfortable weight. Not skinny either.
    In October my neighbor and his wife cought covid. In three days he was so sick his wife called for an ambulance. He was checked at the Indian hospital ghen flown to the city to be in a better hospital. His wife was hospitalised that week but just for three days. My neighbor was there 2 weeks as his lungs filled till he could barely get oxygen. Then his kidneys failed and he was gone. He left a wife and three little grandchildren they had custody of.
    I’ve lost several friends now to covid and seem more get over it and slowly recover.
    Our state is on strict lockdowns but that only shows the infection rate a little. I had a bad reaction to the second medication I was given and had to stop it. I’m allergic to others so I’m not a candidate for the vaccine. Didn’t want it anyway. Husband would just refuse and always has.
    He’s 82 and I’ll be 74 in January.

    By the way, I do enjoy the articles here. Glad you’re better Daisy.

  • wow daisy!! so glad you are feeling a bit better!!! hope every day is a better one. what you described sounds a lot like Lyme Disease which I had about 4 yrs ago….wow, never been so sick in my life! very high fever, vomiting, couldnt even keep water down for awhile, felt like a dump truck ran over me, aches/pains, soooo cold, needed sleep but could – cold and pain and so on. once the fever broke, I was feeling a bit better, but the fatigue….thought I’d never get over it…as you said even bathroom was like a climb uphill, straight up.

    when able to hold something down, I ate lightly, soup, cereal, water, piece of cheese, peanut butter; found the best thing for me was COCONUT WATER – pure, virgin….drank that instead of water, didnt even think about gatoraid or anything like that!!!! that coconut water seemed to help me get over the fatigue quicker than anything, I swear by it today. the remaining effects of Lyme are about the same as covid, can do and leave damage; I also have fibromyalgia so hard to tell sometimes.

    anyway, I dont wish this mess on anyone, even my enemy!!! have a fear of ticks now though. daisy, take care of yourself, be careful, dont overdue. thank you for continuing your blog. and thanks too for speaking of what you went thru. hope you never get it again! hope too your Christmas is good and new year better…..for all of us.

  • Is this for real? You write…” I’m very prone to pneumonia because of my asthma, and I’ve probably had it more than 30 times in my life”. 30 times!? I’ve had pneumonia once and that was when I was a strapping lad of 16 and I spent two weeks in the hospital. So you, who has asthma, and has had pneumonia more than 30 times, and who never received a test to confirm the presence of any unknown virus, are supposed to be a poster child for horror of Covid 19? Really? I can’t believe I even received this as it certainly has done nothing to change my opinions about this situation.

    • I never said I wasn’t tested. I said I didn’t get tested the first time when I opted out of going to the doctor. I did get tested at the appointment at which I was diagnosed. Nor did I proclaim myself a “poster child” of anything. My goal, as stated at the beginning, was not to dispense medical advice or make a political statement. It was simply to share my experience and the details of my pre-existing condition were pertinent.

      Wishing you the very best.

      • Thanks for sharing your story and allowing us to also.

        Knowledge is power, especially when the medical profession, politicians and media have politicized covid to the extent that it can be difficult to separate facts from fiction. I thought I was fairly well read on covid before I got it, but reality is a little different.

        Best wishes.

        • The medical profession hasn’t politicized COVID-19 – they’ve been treating it for over 9 months. I suspect they are flat out tired of stupid people and the 2 X 4 up side the head that despite the numbers showing the US (and the world for that fact) is woefully short of doctors and nurses, heads have been in the sand since the 1981. I don’t doubt we see realistic assessment of incoming patients – the less chance of survival/quality of life, you don’t get the ICU bed/ventilator-if-needed.
          I think it is ludicrous that the long term care facility residents get the vaccine before the front line medical workers, long term care facility staff, and first responders. Sounds callous but what is the future? Vaccinating residents just encourages super spreader visitors – facilities have don’t have the staff or time to police visitors – masks, temps, questions. My Mom won’t get the vaccine – she’s not in a facility but she’s not going to live much longer.
          As with HIV/AIDS, until “important” people dies from the virus, those with money won’t care. Or it starts hitting those with money in the pocketbook.
          Glad you’re better Daisy and especially glad you didn’t have to wait weeks to see a doctor.

  • So glad you are better Daisy! I didn’t know you had been ill, but the thought that we might have lost your voice is both startling and saddening to me – as well as heartwarming that we haven’t!!. You have my very good wishes for your continued recovery and thank you for taking the time and trouble to chart your symptoms and experiences.

    Two things can of course be true at once. One – that Covid may be a very serious and deadly disease for some – and Two – that governments and various other entities may seek to use it, and indeed have used it, as an excuse to impose their own political and ideological agendas on other people (“rules for thee, but not for me”). Thank you for your ongoing well written reminders of both truths.

  • I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better. I hope that you continue to recover without any lasting problems. I’ve never doubted that COVID is real – my best friend is an ER nurse, and she has told me many times the things she’s seen in our local hospital throughout all of this. Take care.

  • Glad you’re feeling better, Daisy! I know the virus is real but I think it’s over-reported and people may die of other things sometimes while diagnosed with it – kind of like how people die of hospital infections but the reason why they were in the hospital in the first place gets reported.

    Anyway, if it’s useful to anyone I’ll share my experience. I got it earlier this year, interestingly while hardly ever leaving my house and always wearing a mask when out. My city also has such an order in place. It quite frankly sucked! I had the worst lung pain of my life, fever, intense fatigue, and joint pain. I beat it in two and a half days.

    My treatments were an albuterol inhaler (I have that coughing type asthma you have), lots of vitamin C, sunshine, peppermint tea and other teas, lots of rest, steamy showers, raw and lightly cooked garlic, chicken soup, and a particular essential oil blend called OnGuard.

  • I am sorry that you were subjected to this illness. You may wish to read The Invisible Rainbow. It has some relevant Ah Hah moments in it Wishing you a full and lasting recovery, K

  • Your disease diary is by far the best I have seen. Thank you. I am about 99% sure my household was exposed early on Jan of 2020 with a member package handling from all over the world. I have COPD and its probably been 2 to 3 decades since I have had a fever. When we were exposed the young adults were decimated since they dont supplement aggressively like my wife and I do.

    I had exhaustion for 3 or 4 days and a 102 to 103 fever for the same time and I already do symbicort inhalers as a part of my normal COPD treatment so coupeling them with oregano oil infusions and on day 5 no more fever and a few more days to get back to a normal.

  • I am so sorry for your experience. I lost a close friend. And now I am aware of a lot more close friends near and far who are in the midst of it. I know both my husband and I are in the high risk group. I pray neither of us get it. As we also have a disabled son living with us. Take care and thank God you weathered this storm.

  • Daisy, I am glad to hear that you are recovering well. I am grateful for you and everyone else sharing experiences and treatments. I believe DH had covid last month mostly due to his comments of feeling like an elephant sitting on his chest and shortness of breath along with other symptoms. He did not get tested. I don’t trust the tests. I have been supplementing vit D, taking elderberry syrup daily, diffusing an immune booster EO blend. One thing I read early on, and is now being actually studied, is using a listerene type mouthwash to rinse your mouth and gargle with. (Not pushing the brand name, generics should work just as well) That just makes sense to me as the virus is airway related. A netipot or similar system also makes a lot of sense.

    Folks, this is what community is all about. Sharing experiences and information. It’s how we get thru this together.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Daisy, that surely sounds like a textbook case of COVID. I am very glad that you are improving. I would say don’t push your activity too hard and be prepared for it to take up to several months to resume your prior level of activity. I heard a radio interview with a runner (he has run marathons) who had COVID and he said that three months after his illness he still can’t run more than three miles at a time. For him, that’s a major downgrade.

  • Sounds like the bad case of the influenza I had many years ago, right after my last flu shot. About 30 years ago.

    BTW, how many people actually look up these “never before seen” Corona-Cooties symptoms and after-effects, and compare them to mild, moderate, and severe Flu-Cooties symptoms? Well, for those who haven’t, you should. Surprise!

    I don’t wear a face diaper, been expose to 16 PCR tested CASES! that I know of this past year. Maybe it’s the C, D3, Zinc, B1 and Fever Tree Tonic Water with natural Quinine?

    Remember the China PsyOps videos of people suddenly dropping dead in the streets, bodies stacked on the sidewalks, mass graves and incineration’s, shoddy containment hospitals springing up overnight, armed men in hazmat suits kidnapping people off the streets and from their homes in Wuhan? Yeah, they’re Partying in Wuhan now and laughing at the West.

    A couple of things:

    “Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR test, if you run it long enough.” ~ Dr. Kary Mullis, PhD (Nobel Prize Winner for inventing the PCR test).


    The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

    Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

    The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

    Anyhow, happy recovery.

  • Usually your temperature is in the 96s? You’re probably hypothyroid type 2.

    I recommend you get a copy of “Hypothyroidism Type 2” by Dr. Mark Starr (no affiliation). Get a used copy if you want to save some money and you can loan it out and not worry about losing it. He explains it all. It’s also genetic so it’s likely at least one of your parents had it and any of your siblings and offspring will have it too.

    Treatment is easy and inexpensive. According to Dr. Starr adults need:
    -3 drops of lugols iodine once a day.
    -150-300mg of thyroid. Must take the iodine for at least a month before starting the thyroid or your adrenal glands can be damaged.
    I get my lugols iodine and thyroid from Vitacost.com (no affiliation). The brand I use is “Ultra glandulars raw thyroid”. They have other “raw” products so be careful what you buy. I found that I do best with smaller more frequent doses – 1/2 a pill (100mg) every eight hours. The lugols iodine is ~$15 for a 2oz bottle which lasts several months. One bottle of thyroid (90 pills) lasts me 2 months for ~$25.

    Low thyroid causes all kinds of problems including a weakened immune system. Most people with low thyroid also have intolerance to heat/cold. I was always freezing before I started taking thyroid. I’d get in a hot car in the middle of summer and leave the windows up with no AC and it was wonderful. My ex-wife was the opposite. She was always dying of heat. She had the car AC on max everywhere she went in the summer. Once we both started thyroid that almost completely went away. I always know when I miss a dose because I feel cold.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve had several family members and know a half dozen friends who have had Covid. My 22-yr daughter is a CNA in Seattle and treated the patient who became the first known (at that time) US fatality of Covid-19. She had a moderate to serious case back in March, but completely recovered. My 24-yr old son is a College athlete and is tested weekly. He had a 3-day mild case in November that would’ve been called a ‘head cold’ last year.

    My 86-yr old father with a heart condition and pacemaker just recovered from a 7-day mild case of the virus. He has been obsessive about his health, weight, blood pressure, and diet for years in order to combat his heart condition. He has taken 4,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 daily for years. His doctor aggressively treated him at the first sign of symptoms, even before the positive test result came back, prescribing Hydroxychloroquine, Z-pak, and 50mg of elemental Zinc per day. This treatment regimen worked wonders for him. Zinc is what kills the virus, but it has difficulty breaching the cell wall. It needs a Zinc ionophore to transport it into the cell. This is what Hydroxychloroquine does.

    In my opinion, you did everything wrong, especially for someone with a history of respiratory illness. The virus must be treated aggressively when symptoms first present. If you try to treat yourself for days, and allow the virus to reach the inflammatory stage and get into your lungs, it is much more difficult to defeat. Even so, Ivermectin is showing great promise for even late stage patients. You got to the doctor late and neither HCQ nor Ivermectin was prescribed. Your example is a case study of what not to do.

  • Sorry for your troubles, but the bottom line is that you survived. The world death count is lower than last year’s which means this is not a pandemic. You want to see a pandemic, just wait until the world economy crashes and everyone is force fed this crap vaccine – coming your way now. This the of article is what is driving the myth that there is something going on that is worth robbing human beings of their lives. If there were no 24/7 psy-op going on the author would have chalked her health issues(of which seem to be related to issue other than the “virus”) to a bad flu. What is going on is a pure anti-human agenda. Here is also another thing that many of you will find hard to swallow, but give it some research. The whole house of cards that big Pharma is built upon resides solely on the “germ theory” myth. Many brave and truthful doctors are starting to tell the truth. Germs and microbes are not the enemy. When you get sick, you are detoxing. We don’t “catch” colds like our bodies are being possessed by demonic spirits. When basic hygiene was brought into play(i.e. the end of open sewers, treated water, general cleanliness) that is when “contagious” diseases started to disappear. It had nothing to do with vaccines. The elites have poisoned the earth – everything from our food, water, crops, sky, you name it…they have contaminated it. Viruses have never been proven to cause disease – ever. This is not conjecture , it is a fact. In fact, the CDC and WHO have admitted that they have NEVER isolated a COVID virus. Anyway, I will not be visiting this site again. I’ve read other articles that are questionable. I’ll go to the peppers forums if I want real information.

  • It’s great that you are in recovery and things appear to be going well.

    I am one of those people that consider many aspects of this illness a grandiose fraud. The concealment of stats, fraudulent high cycle PCR testing, misattribution of death, etc.

    I once had Mono at a young ages, about 25. It knocked me out physically for 4 months. Feeling great and active one minute, on my back exhausted and feverish the next, even weeks after the initial attack. Climbing a flight of stairs took all the energy I had.

    Most people afflicted with Covid do not suffer as you. A number of circumstances come into play, health, medical history and strain being most important.

    Most don’t even know they had it. Some know they had something, but it quickly passed. Others, a rare few, suffer terribly. And a rarer few die. I would not wish to be elderly, in poor health, possessed of certain respiratory ailments, facing a nasty strain of Covid, and devoid of cross immunities such as colds. Nor would I wish to be in those circumstances facing any new or threatening illness.

    As with pneumonia the harmful effects of Covid may linger and be permanent. Having come through this I believe your immune system shall be in a far better state to take on with ease some pretty nasty bugs.

  • i finally found some relief from lingering post-covid symptoms (odd pains in my feet, shortness of breath) by taking liposomal glutathione and n-acetyl-cysteine.

  • Hi Daisy

    Sorry you caught it, but very glad that you are recovering. Too bad it took so long.

    I began hearing about anti-viral properties of ivermectin back in May. It caught my eye because I use it as a dewormer on my farm. Since then, there has been more and more medically backed evidence (mostly outside the US) that it has positive therapeutic effects at all stages of Covid, even long-haulers, with a single dose, in most cases. It can also be used prophylactically to prevent catching the disease.

    That there are no studies, nor any considerations, of ivermectin by CDC, FDA or NIH borders on criminal malpractice. So many people died or were permanently damaged early on because no one had any knowledge of the disease or any treatment for it. But that is no longer the case, yet thousands still die daily. Needlessly.

    Current guidelines from CDC on being diagnosed with Covid; to paraphrase, go home and wait to see if you get sick enough to be hospitalized.

  • It’s real, just not life threatening for the majority of people. Only 0.26% of people who get it actually die from it, unless they live in a nursing home and are already sick from something else. Only 10% of the small amount of people that go into ICU actually have long term damage from it, and that is usually more to do with the ventilators, which can harm your lungs. Bottom line….the virus is not at all worth the amount of hype and fear the government is trying to encourage.

    • I agree with you. She prove that wearing a mask and doing what the government told her, made her sick. These are her words.

      I have been following the local rules and staying on my property aside from trips to the grocery store. I haven’t been to any gatherings, I wear a mask as required by regulations in the city where I’m staying, and I wash my hands at the appropriate times.

      All of this cause her to get sick..here is the proof..stop the mask, stop social distancing unless you want to end up like Daisy. I hope she isn’t working for big pharma.

  • I’m glad you recovered. Importantly, you had no risk factors for the exposure and yet picked up the virus. A perfect example to show that it is important to control an environmental hardy virus. Here’s what I didn’t hear: Vitamin D supplementation. Based on your physical description , 5000 IU per day are probably required. COVID-19 is unlike the flu in that the immunological derangement induced by the virus is markedly similar to immunological derangement induced by severe vitamin D deficiency. Zinc supplementation. Zinc has potent anti-viral properties, especially when directed towards RNA viruses like COVID-19. Quercetin or other ionophore to increase zinc’s antiviral properties. Failure of your physician to try either the hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin regimens with or without ivermectin or ivermectin alone. Note: azithromycin is the antibiotic of choice as it also has antiviral properties. In particular it induces interferon 1 in bronchial cells. Interferon 1 is the prime antiviral cytokine of the body. A unique aspect of COVID-19 is that it shuts off interferon 1 production.

  • I’m very glad you’ve recovered! Sounds pretty awful. There are a couple of things someone who catches it might consider adding to zinc and vitamins C and D: quercetin, which helps zinc get into cells where it inhibits viral replication, and nebulized hydrogen peroxide, highly recommended by Dr. Mercola: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/10/12/trump-coronavirus-response.aspx (scroll down to the video).

    I’m against mandatory lockdowns, but you’re right of course that the virus is real and can be nasty or fatal. I don’t understand at all people saying, “They can’t isolate it, so it doesn’t exist.” As if something imaginary could wipe out so many nursing home residents.

  • Sounds a lot like my own odd “flu” in January, also in Mexico City. Caught it either at the airport or a Chinese store. The biggest difference was not having asthma/pneumonia. I was 37 at the time; it damaged digestion (food felt like bricks) and the liver. Instead of losing taste, food tasted too burnt/salty/sweet. Machinegun coughing till puking, awful chills under three blankets, weakness and heavyheadedness. That lasted about a week, at some point it did feel like almost curtains. Then some metamizole helped fix the liver swelling, some honey and lemon tea to boost the body, and burgers (zinc?). After about ten days of nightmare it turned into a regular flu, a couple weeks later it was gone.

  • Too much zinc can apparently lead to loss of taste, as well as flu symptoms. I know someone who thinks they had Covid, who self-medicated with a zinc tincture and synergistic quercetin, and who lost a pile of weight because they lost interest in food—everything tasted like metal! Well, they were taking a metal supplement that was probably being absorbed in their mouth, not going directly into their stomach as a capsule would.

    Also, ordinary NSAID medications suppress the immune system. You might have tried reducing the fever in a lukewarm bath.

    Thanks for giving us all the details on how you self-medicated and how you were treated. I think this is very important information

    Glad you recovered!

  • You got covid from wearing the mask which prevent you from getting ample amount of oxygen your body needs. I know people who don’t wear a masks, gather together, and not follow the government rules who never got sick. So you just proved that following what they told you made you sick. Look up Peggy Hall since March never wore a mask or social distancing, her group of large number of people never get sick..they are what I call healthy. How can wearing a mask make you healthy? How can living in a bubble when we were not design to live like that make you healthy? We need to be around bacteria and virus that is how we make our immune system strong. If you were sick, you had a weak immune system. Did you make sure your body got all of the Vitamin C, D, zinc, etc that you need? I just hope you are not working with big pharma.

  • OMG Daisy. I’m so sorry! Thank you for sharing this. I had pneumonia once; can’t even imagine having it so many times. I was never so sick in my life and I was a young mom then. And that you were being careful and still got Covid with no idea how is also a concern.

    A study in Israel that may interest you has shown good results from using a generic med prescribed for high triglycerides which appears to help with the fat deposits in the lungs of those with Covid and pneumonia.


    Feel better soon and have a complete recovery!

  • lad you made it thru. i’m not a doctor, but have followed covid closely, and read everything i could find on it.
    the suppliments that are suggested for treatment/prevention are C, D, and zinc. from what i have read, the reason your blood O2 level drop is because covid knocks the iron off your blood cells. this lowers your oxygen levels, causing fatiuge, fuzzy thinking, and joint aches. one study indicated the displaced iron accumulated in the lungs causing pneumonia.
    pre, during, and especially for you and anyone who is recovering, i would suggest a low dose iron supplement to help restore your energy, cartio, and brain functions.
    and as my doctor is so fond of telling me, if he disagrees with my position.. “it won’t hurt you, so why not”
    keep the dose low as higher doses can cause constipation, and nobody needs that.

  • Sorry to hear how bad you had it. I too am prone to pneumonia and have had it 5 times. You having it 30 has me beat and I feel for you.

    I got the virus from a public establishment in our neighborhood when I got a sliver in my finger. I felt sick two hours after getting it.

    The virus hit me but not that hard; like a normal flu. Lost my taste since everything I tried to eat tasted like metal. I did get a fever, but dressed up in my cold weather hunting under garments, downed Niquil and passed out under a down blanket to sweat. It worked and I broke the fever in two days. I still was a bit week after that for three weeks and had a nagging cough. Finally felt better in four weeks and am back to my normal routine

  • Daisy – So glad you’re feeling better. I rarely comment in websites, however, your article deserved a reply. In short, a fantastic writeup on your experience and the current situation w/ respect to Covid.

    Everyone – Stay safe and happy holidays.


  • Your story means nothing. I’ve had colds in the past that took nearly 2 months to get over. Just as I felt like I was over it, wham, back it came. A common cold makes you lose your sense of taste and smell, nothing new about that. When I was a school kid there were years when schools closed because so many kids were sick, that’s not happening now.
    This whole thing is BS. There’s nothing new about people dyeing from a severe chest cold.
    Three of my grandparents died of corona virus, 65 years ago! Two were smokers the third had diabetes, they caught the cold that was going around and were dead within 5 days, nothing new.
    I’ve had colds that made me ache so bad I couldn’t stand to have clothes on because my whole body ached, none of this is anything new.
    You people are being put through this scam due to complete ignorance and dependence on the corrupt government and your childish unsubstantiated fears. You react out of fear instead of facing reality. Viruses come and viruses go. They always have and always will.
    The government is your worst enemy. Much worse than some pathetic little virus.

  • Thanks Daisy. This is a very good description, and all the details and timeline count. I’m a public health doctor in Austin, and I have been at the front of testing since we worked it out, and I have been treating with antivirals, also. My post from 12/9/20, Vitamin D Christmas, has a lot of details: https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/12/vitamin-d-christmas.html
    Votes an Vaccines, from 12/14/20 has more treatment protocol specifics.
    It is hard to find doctors aware of ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline, and able to accept and treat patients.
    This is a big, and artificially created problem. Information about effective treatment is mocked and good doctors who treat are viciously disparaged.

    • Dr. John, it is heartbreaking to see how our medical professionals refuse to recognize viable treatment protocols. Thank you for your efforts in changing this.

      It’s also good to see that many here are taking responsibility for their own treatment and have learned on their own what works.

      God bless.

  • There are very few people who are saying there is no such thing as a virus. That’s not the issue, the issue is does a virus make you sick? There is NO evidence of this. What they are saying is a virus is an immune response, part of what has been called the virome. Once you take viruses as a cause of illness off the table you are free to look at other possible causes. Your experience sounds like EMR exposure, or it could be exposure to any one of a zillion different chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Like Roundup, for example. Or it could be simple malnutrition, not the kind you would expect if you were starving, but the kind that is the result of eating the wrong stuff.

    There is simply no way to know that a virus caused your illness because there is no test that tests for a virus, PCR included, which is just an amplification method, not a method to see if there is a virus present.

    There is something causing people to get sick out there, there always is. This year is no different than any other. But it’s clear from the research that is being done by those looking for other causes, that it is not a virus. By taking the virus out of the picture, suddenly all sorts of stuff pops up. Stuff that is part of the modern world and makes a bunch of money for some people, people who would rather you didn’t know that their products can make you sick.

  • Got Covid Tuesday night before thanksgiving with symptoms showing Saturday evening. Can be specific because I shared a bowl of popcorn with my Mother in Law the day before she became symptomatic.

    Shared many of your symptoms with exception of the cough. Didn’t have much of a cough except the morning choke after I woke (2nd week). 1st week was not to bad except for constant headache, exhaustion chills and fever. Took zinc quercitin, vitamine C&D and musinex. 5 days into symptoms took single dose of ivermectin. Also took a leftover antibiotic for 5 days once the phlegm started building up.

    2nd week was worse as blood oxygen fluctuated from high of 94, usually stabilized at 91-92 and had lows of 85. Almost went to hospital on 8th day of symptoms because of this. Gave myself a couple hours to see what happened, O2 went back to low 90s and I was able to sleep for several hrs straight. This was a 1st and the Covid high water mark. About this time my Mother in Law went to hospital.

    It was as much as I could do to walk to bathroom and take a shower. A few minutes standing was equivalent to a 5k.

    Mother in Law died day 17 for her case.I don’t know how they treated her except increased O2. It was 100% at the end. She was a strong 92 yo, but couldn’t recover from the lung congestion.

    Almost 2 weeks post covid I’m still weak and have headaches if I do too much. No smell and just starting to walk a few miles a day. Suspect full recovery to where I was in mid Nov will be some time. I’m almost 60 and was in good shape. Wouldn’t want to have underlying conditions, excessive weight.

    Think it’s very important to have on hand zinc, vitamins, an ionophor (HQC, or over the counter Quercitin to carry zinc across cell membrane) and invermectin -also OTC. Take care of yourself. The medical establishment will not treat you until it’s too late and you cannot breath. My primary physician provided the awesome advice to alternately take aspirin and Tylenol every 3 hrs and go to ER if O2 content reduced further.

    Here’s a good covid protocol from Eastern Virginia Medical Center – https://www.evms.edu/media/evms_public/departments/internal_medicine/EVMS_Critical_Care_COVID-19_Protocol.pdf

  • If I had dollar for everytime someone responded with the, “well you didn’t get tested so you didn’t have it” bit I’d be enjoying a trip to Mexico myself! I’m so glad your feeling better. Sickest I’ve ever been and I have started to enjoy seeing which people treat me as an outcast bc it helps me to waste no more time on those who have very little, if any, capacity for possibilities that exist outside their own l pyche.
    My sense of smell wasn’t lost until almost three weeks after having extreme fatigue, migraines, vertigo, and sore throat. Barely smelling things again and it’s been over a month since I lost it. It’s funny how many people tried to convince me, or probably more themselves, that I had strep throat or something else. I have had strep, it wasn’t strep.
    I’m a healthy, 37 year old mother. My family responded completely more mild than I. It’s just unfortunate that we can’t have productive conversations about this bc that’s what is really killing people. Ignoring all other illness and disease and censoring information on one virus. I’m happy to see thousands of doctors and medical professionals speaking out, trying to communicate with each other and citizens about effective treatments and the truth behind the mandates and the naively idolized vaccine. Keep an open mind which is little tougher until the covid brain fog subsides. ????
    Thank you for sharing Daisy.

    Happy Holiday wishes to you and yours.

  • Hello Daisy,

    Interesting experience that you had with covid-19. Sorry that you went through such challenges. A couple of key observations:
    * The medical profession and even many in the natural health community think about medicine in terms of magic bullets. Vitamin D or Vitamin C or Zinc in most cases in and of itself not going to allow you to recover from an illness because it is other nutrients and phytonutrients that work synergistically to strengthen and modulate the immune system to address an attack by a virus or bacteria. If you use a supplement in isolate like Vitamin C, if you lack calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur for it to be used efficiently in your body. It is the same with other nutrients.

    * Flipping back and forth between supplements and allopathic drugs can often be a recipe for disaster. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t use something that is known to be effective such as hydroxychloroquine and zinc or ivermectin in combination with carrageenan that are know to be effective treatments to covid-19.

    * You are in Mexico where there are a number of really good clinics that are not restrained by the mafia of the FDA, CDC and Big Pharma. I would imagine that it would have been pretty easy to do hyperbariatic oxygen therapy or ozone therapy which would have been far more effective than combinations of drugs that you used.

    * Finally I will point you toward the most nutrient dense food in North America. It is made up of 4 different algae. In the future, just take it and if you start to feel that symptoms are coming on, just increase the amount that you take. It was used to heal many of those living in the areas around Chernobyl after the nuclear accident just to give you a sense of how effective it is. Your immune system will function optimally and you will never have problems. I am going on 18 years without even a cold. It is called Bio Superfood. https://bioage.com/product-category/biosuperfood/

    All the best!

  • My sister from another mister…I am so glad you are feeling better and I hope you continue to improve daily.

    I got banned from Facebook and miss you. Sending lots of well wishes your way

  • Be sure to watch for “dry mouth” while using Symbicort. I have used it for over 18 months and ended up loosing a tooth and 2 new cavities that hadn’t been there 6 months earlier. I have asthma and “Bird Fancier’s Disease”.

  • I’m sorry about what happened to you, but I have to say this: when you told us that you were choosing not to wear a mask when you went into shops that did not require it, I asked you: what are you thinking? Aren’t you a prepper? Isn’t the prepper thing not about doing what everybody else is doing, but what is right for you and your family? I thought that you simply were not taking enough personal sensible precautions, given the information about your life that you told us. Which I really do not understand, from somebody who is a prepper.

    This said, I do understand that even people who are taking all the personal sensible precautions may catch this disease. And maybe you did change your mind afterwards, and at the time you caught the disease you were being as careful as you could. Bad luck is a real thing. It’s just that I think that being a prepper means feeling 99% sure that you did all you could and you had bad luck.

    So far, I’ve been lucky. I’ve also been extra careful. I know I may still catch it. But if I do, I also will know that it was bad luck, and I won’t feel guilty about having been careless. I will still feel like I was as prepared as it was humanly possible for me.

    I hope you feel 100% recovered now. We all make mistakes, and we all hope your mistakes have no permanent consequences.

    • I think maybe you misread what I wrote. I said that I did follow all the local rules, wore a mask, and socially distanced. There are no stores here where I’m currently living that do not require masks.

  • Sorry for your experience and bout with CV19. There was a travel advisory issued about Mexcico a month ago. Not that it matters now,just thought you should know…..So glad you recovered.

    By the way , the Selco and Toby book is awesome.Lent it to my mom’s caregiver ( Daytime,Nightime is my shift} whose starting to prep. Told her Selco’s english is better than my Croatian!

    Merry Exmas,


  • Thank you for sharing your experience Daisy, and very glad you are on the mend.

    To respond to an earlier commenter:

    1) The virus is real. Just because it does not impact you or your loved ones does not mean it is not (by contrast, I have had three relatives that have gone into the hospital with Covid-19, two of whom did not come out).

    2) Just because the virus is real, does not mean that the government has acted in a ham fisted manner. One does not rule out the other. You can have a serious health hazard and an overreaching government at the same time. And it is possible to fight the overreaching government while protecting people’s health, even if yours is not impacted.

    3) (Personal comment): I have followed Daisy and her blog semi-frequently for some years now and generally found it to be a supportive environment. The amount of animosity generated in this thread by some is not a particularly lovely thing. Just because her experience (her actual experience, mind you) does not fit within preconceived ideas seems to have invoked a sort of bitter “eat your own” reaction. If there is some kind of belief that this sort of brutal “tough love” will result in people adopting a different point of view, I assure from someone who probably shares a lot of other philosophical values with posters here, that is not the case.

    Or perhaps the more simple application of my mother’s advice, “If you do not have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”.

  • “. . . and limit caffeine to one (okay two) cups of coffee per day.”

    If you absolutely must swig that stuff, make it decaf. Meanwhile, look at the bright side — you’re immune!

    A co-worker came down with Covid last month, but came through with flying colors. Somehow, neither her husband nor any of her kids got it.

  • 1. *sigh* guess it seems pointless to post this, because ppl who don’t believe in censorship believe in censorship…
    2. ‘diagnosed with c0v1d’ ? WHAT does that mean? there are NO specific symptoms that distinguishes c0v1d from any other severe flu/disease… but, yeah, in mexico where you are exposed to a range of stuff you normally wouldn’t be (as a person from mexico would be coming ‘here’), it must be c0v1d got you sick…
    3. IF you are talking about the RT-PCR test being ‘positive’, you realize the review of the original Corman-Dorsten (sp?) report justifying the PCR test totally demolishes the whole premise of the testing, in that it shows 97 out of 100 ‘positives’ are FALSE positives. you are up on that, right ?
    4. c’mon, very disappointing, go to Jon Rappaport’s blog, No More Fake News to get your learn on about this, SERIOUSLY disappointing you have not done ANY esearch on this ? you quote johns hopkins, did you know they BRIEFLY had a statistical study up that showed the ‘huge’ increase in c0v1d deaths was matched exactly by a mysterious decrease in the deaths from most all other causes? you saw that ?
    5. sorry you have been stampeded like the rest of the c0v1d zombies…

  • Very sorry to hear about your illness and very glad you made a recovery but several things strike me about your experience.

    Given your long history of respiratory problems and pneumonia your risk using the standard clinical PSI/PORT risk calculator put you almost of the top of the risk scale for any kind of viral pneumonia. Like SARs CoV 2. I have multiple chronic serious medical conditions but as none are respiratory etc my PSI/PORT score for SARs CoV 2 is about average.i.e lower than for Influenza A.

    I was talking yesterday to the very first person I have met in the last nine months (in Europe) who had got sick with any kind of serious SARs Cov 2 symptoms. They were out of work for almost a week. As we talked, he describing his experiences and me describing getting Swine Flu in 2009, it turned out the symptoms and severity were about the same. The only difference being I recognized the early stage symptoms of Swine Flu’ in 2009 immediately and in the few hours before I completely collapsed prepared and then went to bed. Where I could not move for almost two days. Your physical collapse is total. He tried to fight it for almost a day before collapsing. Otherwise the symptoms and progression he experienced were pretty much the same as I did back in 2009. Swine Flu was very nasty in the 2009. It killed about 50K to 70K people in the US alone. If I had not been prepared I would probably have been hospitalized. It was that nasty. Like no other flu I’ve ever had.

    I have yet to get a sereological test but I’d guess its 50/50 I had a SARs CoV 2 infection at the start of March. I was in the right place to get infected at the time. I had a very weird severe headache, just like the one I had at the beginning with Swine Flu in 2009, followed by mild flu’ like symptoms for a day or so, slight disruption of smell and taste., and that was it.

    And that seems to be a more typical experience for those of us in the lower risk group who develop a symptomatic infection.

    But as you are in the highest risk group you have to be extra careful. Not just from SARs CoV 2 but all the other causes of viral pneumonia. The main mode of transmission for most viral agents is indoor respiratory aerosols. Usually either in badly ventilated spaces or spaces with recirculating air-conditioning. Thats why hospitals and care homes are such efficient transmission nodes. The air-conditioning. And as you probably know only a N95/N99 mask works in any way as a physical barrier with those aerosols if you find yourself in such an enclosed space for any amount of time.

    Best of luck in the future. Stay well.

  • My husband goes to work & does the shopping. Thought he had the flu. We get the shot every year & never get sick. We do take vitamins & probiotics. We eat lots of natural food & sprouts, from the greenhouse. My husband has cancer & is on oral chemo. After a week he can’t catch his breath. Went to er, 80’s o2 sat. He was intubated x 4 days, for pneumonia. But tested – for covid the first time. I had the flu x 3 days & was tired x 2 weeks. Later he tested +, but had no symptoms. Very strange in all! We are still here & the bill was 270,000. But since it was covid, it was paid? Thank God we are still here. We keep taking our vitamins, & eating well. No side effects, lost taste, or brain problems. Only mild flu symptoms. Getting old sucks! Sorry about your illness. But you were lucky to have a good DR, in Mexico! Great healthcare for 300$ Bless you & be well!

  • I had this in January when it was still called the flu. My room mate brought it home from work in a restaurant in a tourist area. A handful of her workmates got sick too. She tried to work through it and wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. The first week or so when I got it, it felt like my hay fever was acting up. Mild symptoms, not even worth taking an allergy pill. Then after around 2 weeks, I felt something coming on. I stocked up on vitamin C, 2 gallons of OJ, chicken soup, ibuprofen and ice cream sandwiches. The next day, I couldn’t get out of bed, I had a fever, headache, and my lungs felt like they were on fire. I had some problems breathing but minor. I doubled up on my multi vitamin, started taking vitamin C, 600mg ibuprofen 3x a day, drank mostly OJ, ate chicken soup and stayed in bed. While in bed, I saw a news report on TV that reported on this “new” virus and listed the symptoms. After 3 days I decided that if on the 4th day, I didn’t feel better, I going to the doctor. The 4th day the fever broke and my lungs were feeling much better. It lingered on for another 2 week but with very mild symptoms. I am 62 years old, diabetic and recovering from a motorcycle accident. My room mate is 53 and she’s fine after 3 days in the hospital.

  • You probably had bacterial pneumonia from wearing a mask all the time. I had it too, but it was nothing like you described. I loaded up on vitamin C, Zinc, daily vitamins, and took some diphenhydramine. It wasn’t even as bad as a cold. Enough with the non-sense.

  • I think Trent has it about right. Had you treated it more aggressively early on and with the right medications you’d have had a much better experience. Jerome Corsi, a famous Trump supporter, has a link on his site where you can order HDCL after an online consultation with a phys. People should perhaps do this before they’re infected as you cannot rely on local phys (fizz) to do the right thing. Of course you still have to get Zpack out of her/him. Preppers will know there are ways to handle this ahead of time as well. Zinc should not be problem to source.

    Preppers should know not to rely on a single point of failure. I just don’t think you canNOT rely on allopaths–especially in the US—thank goodness you were in MX. At least the wrong treatment didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    Lastly, there was somone commenting on here–doing that tiresome thing where he gets into a credential pissing match…no one can know anything without the proper credential. I have credentials of various sorts and many of my similarly-credentialed colleagues could not find their arse without a map. The credential scam is how the universities got control of our culture and the certification boards run their monopolies. They’re not so good at quality control.

  • Daisy, Thank you for sharing. What dosage D3, C, zinc – routinely and after infection? Do you measure 25H vitamin D blood level? Any vitamin K or multiple? Wife takes 10,000IU to get blood to 50 ng/dL, I take 45000IU to get blood level 96 ng/dL ( advised by a cardiologist). Also take K2, needed with high D3 diose.. Zinc/elderberry lozenges, or Coldeze, kills a lot of virus in your throat before it gets deeper, but I am guessing that would only help you as a preventative or early days. It might prevent spreading – makes sense. Life Extension makes a zinc lozenge that takes 30-60 minutes, tastes yucky, but will stop a cold or flu in a day. Buried Treasure ACF is also very effective with viruses (elderberry etc). NAC is helpful for lungs, especially to expectorate We also take Source Naturals Mushroom Immune Defense – many ingredients clinically proven, plus Life Extension Immune Modulator (keeps cytokines down) and Immune Senescence. I am 66, 110# overweight, high BP (controlled), asthma – serious comorbidities. I never wear masks but avoid anybody who looks sick and social distance 1-2 feet. I sing karaoke 4 nights a week – and note that singing is a super spreader activity, worse than coughing or sneezing. Others at karaoke (maybe 20 out of 300) started getting covid in September (most minor, some hospitalized and recovered in a couple weeks, one death) and I was next to them just before they became symptomatic. I have not had a flu or cold that lasted more than 2-4 hours for 4 years since I went on the above regime. Before that I only had D3,K2,C,zinc and still only had one flu/cold in my life that lasted more than two days, and again that was doing lots of karaoke. I am not bragging but I think my supplements plus liberal use of zinc/elderberry lozenges have been very effective and wanted to share. Merry Christmas!

  • I had the Avian flu in 2007 and was sick for 40 days, nearly dying. I discovered a few things in the ordeal, namely to NEVER drink alcohol! The other thing I learned is that the doctors are useless. Finally, I discovered that taking Amino acids got me up on my feet within hours. I tried all sorts of vitamins and minerals beforehand without success. The particular amino acids I had on hand were L-Lysine, L-Glutamine, and L-Cysteine. I suspect the latter was the most beneficial from some online research I performed. Fast forward to 2020: I had uncontrolled coughing back around March, and discovered that gargling with dilute Lugol’s Iodine got rid of it promptly. To get rid of a little nasal congestion, I took around 250 mg of FLUSHING niacin B3 (the non-flushing type does nothing). The nasal congestion is gone as soon as the flushing starts. I’ve written extensively on my own experiences over the years on a number of health topics that you can read here: https://tinyurl.com/yyz8sjlp

  • You may have had a bad illness, but you never can say it was the “covid”. There is no way to know that, no matter what the doctors say! I had a bad illness myself early this year and it may have been just anything. Regards.

  • Daisy, thank you for the story of your illness and glad you are feeling better. It is frustrating that you couldn’t pinpoint the source of the disease. It is even more frustrating that your doctors didn’t know enough to give you Ivermectin, which the studies now show is a cure, essentially, and prevents the worst complications. Check out Chris Martenson’s Youtube videos for the analysis of all these studies.

  • My experience with covid:

    I get home from work at 5:00 and prick my finger because I’m diabetic. Usually around 95 to 135 blood glucose level at 5:00pm.

    Wednesday I got home and glucose was 245; wow!

    Started coughing my head off at 7:00pm; didn’t eat dinner; coughed all night.

    Went to work at 9:00am next day still coughing and hacking.

    At 10:00am someone turned a switch and I stopped coughing. Ate lunch but began to have chills. Finished work and went home at 5:00pm. Glucose is still at 245; didn’t eat dinner that night.

    Friday I felt fine; lost 10 pounds, glucose didn’t come down for a month.

    I’m almost 70. I guess I’m just like the other 94.5% of folks that survived the infection.

    Will I get the vaccination?

    Hell no!

  • Nicely written article, just her experience without an agenda. I know there is a high risk for blood clots and I treated one with enteric coated natto. worked extremely fast, the non enteric coated didn’t work for me.

  • Hi Daisy
    I am happy to hear that you are feeling better.
    My story is from February of this year. A couple id people that I work with started getting sick in January 2020 and then I started getting a cough. I thought it was a bad cold. The gradually started getting worse and then the breathing issues started. It felt like I had a boulder sitting on my chest. I am naturally a fast walker but had to slow down because I couldn’t take in enough oxygen. I was out if work for 2 days. When I did go back the cough was almost gone however I still couldn’t breathe properly. I never had a fever or sore throat. I wasn’t sneezing either. My hubby also got sick and he did have a slight fever and he lost his sense of smell and taste for about a month. It took me an extra 2 weeks before I could walk at my normal pace. Almost a year later and nothing seems to be off. No lingering side effects from that sickness. It was strange, I have never felt that kund of sick before in my life. I’ve always had issues with getting bronchitis. Very strange.

  • Sorry you had the flu, covid is not real. Do a due diligence search, turn your TV off. Seems flu season has vanished since the cv 19 agenda. Take care.

  • Our whole family has been on 30 to 50 mg of zinc (depends on age) daily, 500 mg quercetin daily (quercetin is a zinc ionophore), 5,000 to 10,000 iu vitamin d3 and 100 mcg k2 daily plus 1000 mg vitamin c 2 to 4 times a day. None of us have been sick.
    I’ve had had 5 friends of either my daughter or myself get covid. Experience as follows:
    1. 20+ military only lost sense of smell and taste. Quarantine for 2 weeks with the rest of his group.
    2. 66 year old trusts medical establishment and wouldn’t take supplements I sent over (zinc and quercetin) and the vitamins I recommended. She got worse with substantial symptoms and finally started taking supplements according to Dr. Zelenko + C and D.
    She was completely well after 2+ weeks. Husband didn’t get sick.
    3. 60 ish friend who is overweight and had open heart surgery 12 weeks before he told me he had covid. He had the info I share often on what to take. I messaged him in a week and he was well. He had been taking Zinc, d, C, mag, calcium and a multi vitamin all year. He only added elderberry when he got symptoms. I had read elderberry caused cytokine storm in older people who got covid. It was fine for him. Wife didn’t get sick.
    4. Late 20s male, who eats a junk food diet(fast food and no greens). He took supplements, but continued crappy died, His symptoms were mild/ moderate and covid hung around for 3 weeks. Wife didn’t get sick.
    5. 30 ish female adamant about always wearing a mask and not attending gatherings.
    Laughs at taking vitamins. Mild symptoms. Well after a couple of weeks, except for cough. Husband and child didn’t get sick.
    Nobody in our family in NC or extended family in west coast has gotten covid. Many are on our Dr. recommended regimen. My husband never stopped working and goes into a few nursing homes every month. He hasn’t had a sniffle.
    Glad you are well. I take it very seriously, although I only wear a mask when I have to, which isn’t often.

  • Premise is incorrect. No one thinks the virus is a myth. The response to this virus is overblown and inappropriate. Destroying the livelihood of families is wrong and is and has resulted in devastation and even death.

  • It amazes me there are still people saying it doesn’t exist despite all the overwhelming proof that it does.

    Strangely during the first wave of it when the real masses of people were dying from it I didn’t hear of anyone I personally knew (or even any friends or friends etc) having it which was a bit strange however in the past 2 months or so I do know people who have personally caught it and heard of many more friends or family of friends who have too, it’s real.

    Best of luck in your recovery and wishing you no long covid issues.

  • December last year my oldest and middle sons and I all came down with “something” all at the same time about the 15th, the oldest usually brings “something” home with him from his flight. We were all tired, and had mild coughs. I had continuing fatigue, and a fever on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. By now the oldest was recovering and the youngest son had caught it (hubby never did). Middle son and I were coughing worse and decided we would make appointments after New Year’s if no improvement. By our appointment (Jan 5th), I was coughing so much I couldn’t take a deep breath, and Middle son was still coughing (but not as bad as me, I have coughing-asthma and he doesn’t). We were both diagnosed with “Viral Bronchitis” and given a Z-pack. I was also prescribed 3 days of nebulizer treatments and was told I should not exercise until the coughing was gone. I stopped coughing the end of the third week of January, and stopped coughing on exercise completely by the end of February. I still think we all had caught a “mild” version of the C-19 Wuhan Flu. I think for us it was rather similar to the H1N1 we had during the Swine Flu epidemic. I am still needing my inhalers more than before, but I’m hopeful that once spring gets here and I can get outside to walk again that I can eventually use them only occasionally again. (oldest and youngest got better without professional treatment, middle son & I were much better after the Z-pack and treatments)

  • I am glad that you are on the mend – your experience is almost exactly the same as my 57 year old friend except for the fact that she left the doctor’s empty handed. The only advice they gave “If you have some vitamins go ahead and take them” She almost called 911 on herself a few days later because she was having so much trouble breathing and I am glad that she didn’t as she probably would have ended up on a vent. She too has good days & bad days. My own experience was extreme fatigue, worst backache of my life and digestive issues. I do take antiviral supplements, Zinc, C and of course D every day among others. Did that make the difference? It would be interesting if the scientists out there would take a deep dive into all of these variables. (I know they have looked at D) Hope that you make a complete recovery and thanks for all you do.

  • Hey There,

    I want to send you deep heartfelt thanks as I a recovering from case of Covid that started just before Christmas. I think the worst may be behind but your amazingly detailed story has helped me keep despair away.

    I am a 60 yr old COPD man and If I can gut through this with my herbololgy and inhalers than I think anyone can. Bless you

  • Daisy,
    So glad you’re feeling better! And sorry you were so sick. This “mess” went thru part of my family last (end of) Nov,(beginning of) Dec Months before “they” said it was here.Husband first,we were leaving town,and he was so grouchy,I finally asked just what his problem was,he replied with I can’t breath..well we turned around & went back to the clinic,where he was given a steroid inhaler & cough syrup with codeine,he was the sickest I’ve ever seen him,he went three rounds of the meds (he has asthma,and is almost 60 & A- blood type)Then our 30 old daughter (who has asthma & heart issues) She was pretty sick,but just stayed on the couch,with her inhaler. (she has A+ blood type) My second youngest daughter (aged 33,type A-) was so sick,we thought she’d end up in the hospital,but we managed,her two little ones were both sick,coming from both ends for at least 2 weeks & then off & on for another month.(they’re both positive blood types,but unsure as to A,B or O) Neither I nor my son in law got sick (I’m O+) and I was “at ground zero for sure,but took plenty of zinc)And we were all crammed into one house) Fast forward to early summer,an ex son in law,who has his son 1/2 the time,and wouldn’t wear masks or make his 15 year son where them,got very sick,as did his girlfriend they both tested positive,15 year old grandson tested positive(no symptoms except a sore throat),as did one of the 3 girlfriends kids) We were all quarantined,out of that & again my daughter with type A- & her two kids all went for round 2…….not fun & it is real (think the ex son in law figured that out)
    We do wear masks if we go into town,but are very lucky,we live way out,do have some neighbors,that steer clear of town also,keep the kids OUT of the stores,and so on.But everybody takes precautions,just as we did when we responded with the ambulance service.not rocket science,I’d say.
    We’ve been ridiculed because of the masks,hand sanitizer,and saying,”hey some of us have had it,we know” But we also believe it was a bio-weapon,yep,I said it,(ambulance days,again)
    That’s been our experience,……..and nobody wants it again,that’s for sure..don’t know if they can get it again…but really not willing to chance it,still had our same people at Thanksgiving & Christmas (not related ,nor do they live in this house,and no we didn’t social distance) But we were willing to take “the chance” to keep things “normal” for the kids……..

  • Daisy,
    So good to hear you have recovered. My 68 year old sister in law died a week ago and my sister who works in hospital got it in July and had almost the same experience. Zinc, vitamin D & C were what she took. Extremely tired for about 14 days, but the hospital forced her back to work because they were so short staffed. She could of used more recovery time.
    Happy New Year!

  • Daisy, and you can thank Dr. Fauci for his wonderful “gain of function” research that made this virus so frickin nasty. Diabolical people should be put down like rabid dogs.

  • Sorry that you were so unwell.

    Can you prove you had COVID? I can’t. I left hospital after being ill in a very similar manner; pneumonia, low blood / oxygen (89%), no appetite, nausea, extreme fatigue … about a week ago. I’d had a PCR test which I’m told tested positive. I was never advised of the specific cycle rate for my test, neither was I advised whether I’d caught the strain that emerged originally in 2020 or one of the claimed variants.

    I don’t deny that there are seven coronaviruses and an associated disease attached to SARS-COV-2. The latest one of the seven coronaviruses we’re told was discovered some time around late 2019 / early 2020. But its existence still cannot be categorically proven, not without purification or isolation, an important process which we still await. It remains a fact that the survival rate for sufferers is around 99.7%. Not bad. And not worth risking myocarditis and countless other potential life threatening ailments brought on by the experimental gene therapies otherwise known as ”vaccines”.

    So in the absence of such crucial information I prefer to state that I suffered from a coronavirus, but I don’t know which one because I cannot and do not trust the heavily leaned on medical authorities that informed me I had COVID19. It felt awful, true enough and I was the worst affected of four family members who all tested positive. But I’m afraid I’m further down the road than you as regards my research and my associated skepticism. I would suggest that you carry on reading everything – but not the mainstream press and media obviously – and stop wearing useless facemasks which cannot prevent the free transmission of microscopic viruses including SARS-COV-2 from person to person, as proven in dozens of peer-reviewed controlled studies pre-dating the scamdemic.

    p.s. The word “scamdemic” does not directly translate to any claim that the virus and the disease “do not exist”. That’s just stupid and you’re wrong to imply or worse, claim it. it’s much more complex than that. Get researching in the right places, i.e. the output of the brave, qualified, medics and scientists who are putting their careers on the line by exposing this scamdemic. Thanks for your time.

    • I was out of the country and had a blood test as opposed to the PCR. The specific constellation of symptoms, along with the loss of taste and smell, are part of the diagnostic process.

      Thank you for your interesting comment!

  • I feel for what passed thirty years I know of chilling things, this even long before the internet existed. but I must inform the truth and then I will give a direction and no virus does not exist but my word must not change your thoughts, just understand that a lot of “magic” was used by the “elite” so think of this way… What else could create the symptoms I went through?… after thinking about what happened along with all this since the beginning of this “crisis” and to reiterate what I say to 1,000 lawyers and more than 10,000 doctors suing the CDC and WHO, well… a doctor and a lawyer could just be freaking out but… this number seems very strange to me don’t you think? please think, search here speaks someone who knows the “magic” well (sorry if the translation is not adequate)

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