Are We on the Verge of World War 3? Here Are Some Facts We Know for Sure.

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

Sometimes it is best to take a step back and look at the facts that we know without a doubt so that we can then take a look at the bigger picture. Within the context of World War 3, here is a bit of what we have seen.

Draw your own conclusions.

Does Washington’s opinion here matter?

Out of the blue, New York City recently released a PSA instructing New Yorkers on what they needed to do in order to survive a nuclear strike on American soil. This hasn’t been done since the Cold War. If you want information about nuclear survival that isn’t glossed over by the government, you should check out our live nuclear survival webinar that is coming up with Army Ranger NBC Specialist Chuck Hudson. Go here to learn more.

The United States is now stockpiling anti-radiation medicine. Washington recently ordered $290 million worth of the drug Nplate, a drug used to treat “blood cell injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome in adult and pediatric patients (ARS).”

Biden recently said that Putin was “not joking” about a potential Russian attack with “tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons.” Anybody who has read Soviet defector Ken Alibek’s Biohazard is well-familiar with what some of these biological weapons are.

Does the market speak? 

Potassium iodide pills are out of stock just about everywhere you check now.

Sales of gas masks, Geiger counters, and dosimeters have absolutely exploded.

Russian nuclear doctrine is worth learning about.

Russian nuclear doctrine permits Russia to make a first strike provided the Kremlin believes they have faced an “aggression against the Russian Federation with conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened.”

Russian nuclear doctrine permits battlefield commanders to use tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield at their own discretion without explicitly requiring the Kremlin’s permission.

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Getting one’s duckies in a row. 

Russia recently drove nuclear-capable equipment past the American embassy in Moscow.

A Russian train was recently spotted moving equipment from a military unit that is known to handle nuclear weapons.

The Sarmat 2 – a nuclear-capable, hypersonic ICBM – was just tested this past year by Russia. It is impossible to defend against it with current technology (that we know of).

In March, Belarus decided Russian nukes could now enter the country.

Russia has sent out the Belgorod, a submarine equipped with six Poseidon missiles, each of which is capable of creating a radioactive tidal wave.

Russian troops have been granted permission by Nicaragua to conduct joint training exercises with the nation and bring in troops, ships, and airplanes.

Nuclear-capable Russian bombers are in Venezuela.

Verbal warnings

The building the German embassy was housed in Kiev was recently hit by a Russian missile after the Crimean bridge attack. While the building has been empty since the war started, it is theorized that this was done to send a very explicit message.

Russians marched through the streets of Moscow chanting “Nuke Washington” after the Crimean bridge attack.

Nuclear-capable bombers were spotted flying close to the Russian/Ukrainian border not too long ago.

In April, Russia said that we are now in World War 3.

In May, Russia began openly discussing nuking Paris, London, and Berlin.

Russian state-sponsored TV recently said that “nuclear war is coming,” going on to add that the West doesn’t “understand what happens next.”

News that makes Alaskans shiver. 

Billboards have surfaced in Siberia saying, “Alaska is ours!”

Four Russian Navy and three Chinese navy ships were recently spotted performing a training exercise together 86 miles north of Alaska’s Kiska Island.

Russian spy planes were recently spotted probing close to Alaskan airspace.

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What comes next?

I’m not really sure what comes next of all this, but we’re not seeing a lot of good signs from all this right now.

When you combine all of the above with the food facility fires (part of the world’s largest produce market was recently burnt down, by the way), the rampant inflation we’re seeing in the United States, the energy crisis in Europe that is going to lead to people dying from hypothermia this winter, the destruction of the Nord Stream under incredibly suspicious circumstances, the supply chain shortages that are making it impossible to find baby formula, car partselectronic components, and just about everything else, I think it would be a very wise idea to make sure that you get your food storage in order, firmly establish your off-grid comms plan now, and read a few choice books.

There are quite a few concerning happenstances taking place, but, as I said, make your own conclusions here. But if you come to the same ones as me, you’ve likely come to the realization that we’re playing Jarts in a minefield.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are there other concerning happenings of late to add to this list? How concerned are you that WW3 is near? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • As I have mentioned in other article comments section, the US/Western lead uni-polar world is collapsing, and a new multi-polar world is emerging.
    The recent OPEC+ production cut, after Biden went to SA to beg not too, is a signal SA and OPEC+ sees the writing on the wall.
    Recently the No Oil Producing or Exporting Cartels (NOPEC) act is back and being pushed by some in Congress.
    There has also been talks of a “Buying Cartel” made up of the US and other Western countries. If you thought, “What sense does that make?” I thought the same.
    Talk of halting all weapons sales to SA. Or pulling all US troops out of SA.
    Is that really punishing them?
    Or us.
    Then there is the very real threat of SA and even OPEC+ ditching the petrodollar for a basket of currencies that are not pegged to the dollar. Guess what that means . . . collapse of the dollar and likely instant hyperinflation here in the US. That happens, empty you bank account as those $5s and $10 be worth more as TP.

    As I noted elsewhere, hope is not a course of action. But I have been hoping either the Russian invasion fails, or they get back to the peace talks in earnest and end the war.
    Seems to me, no one is for the latter. For that matter, seems DC is pushing for this proxy war and is even willing to risk WWIII and the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions.
    Do we really want to go down that path? As Aden mentioned, nukes would be on the table.
    And could we even field a fighting force? Recruitment in the military are at all time lows, with the exception of the Air Force IIRC, and not meeting their recruitment quotes by no small margin.
    Show of hands, who wants to see the draft re-enacted for this war?

    • dont think we have a “fighting force” anymore, hardly any supplies/munitions left, if they use the nuclear then we’re deadies wherever it hits, as for the money situation, TP is probably right, but you might not be able to get your monies out, especially your pensions, etc. so we are up shit creek no matter HOW we look or play…..if we get to the midterms, and republicans take it we should rejoice, and work five times as hard to pound biden and his ilk, if we loose, then we should get our shit together, do what we can to survive, and pray hard. it wont be pretty!!! for sure…

    • If the draft was reinstated, our “men” would flee to Canada and Mexico faster than the Russians boys who are fleeing anywhere. I’m an old patriotic jarhead that enlisted in ’66 to fight the war on communism in Southeast Asia {yeh, How did that work out ?}. This country does not have that kind of patriotism in the younger generation. Our military has gone soft with yellow card cry babies and LGBTQ + XYZ bull crap. Very little pride in the uniform these days.

      • Rich Malone,
        Semper Fi!
        Of additional note, traditional military families (i.e. conservatives) are not seeing their children enlist. Those families have been a long time core to enlistment. Now with the purge of conservative values in the military for the all new woke ones, we see recruitment numbers down.
        Would we see draft dodgers again? Would all those woke military aged men who tweeted support for the Ukraine, beat feet?

        IIRC there is a clause in my contract that says if the situation is dire enough, they can recall my happy butt. I am closer to 50 than I am 30.
        There is a frighting thought (i.e. the situation gets that dire).

        • I’m with you on you getting called back to duty, I might be called for a “Home Guard” type units like in WWII, even knocking on 70’s door this old vet can still manage a few things.

        • 1stMarineJarHead – in 1968, of my own free will and accord I took 1 step forward and recited a familiar oath “…to protect and defend…”. There was no statute of limitations implied or stipulated. No cancellation option. At 72 with arthritis in the spine causing sciatic nerve damage, don’t write me off as “too old” or a 4-F for medical reasons. I can still shoot as well (if not better) than I could as a teenager. I can thank many people for honing those skills over the years, including some fun things that came with my jobs at Meade.

          How many young people would be found fit for military service? Self inflicted disabilities (obesity), drug use, criminal records, lack of education, etc. That kind of limits the pool of candidates for a draft.

      • Semper Fi. Marine here also.

        You’re right. We don’t have that kind of patriotism anymore. And well we should not. Not for this social experiment where the value of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (if put into a graph chart) would look like an inverted hockey stick on the Y axis of years starting somewhere around November 2020.

        If my boys get called, it will be tragic, unfortunately both will suffer compound fractures to their tibias or amputations to their pinkie and index fingers. I leave the choice to them. The previous plan was for them to grab the ass of and try and plant one on the lips one of the male Docs at MEPS. Now that THAT’s no longer an option I’m down to physical injury. Can’t fake mental derangement, both would lose their current careers.

        There is no patriotism owed the USA from her youth where it concerns being thrown into a meat grinder over some real estate, beit in Europe or the South China Sea. And don’t give me any bs about being their allies. Allies are political constructs to protect the executive and political classes. Not people like me.

        And unlike 1stMarineJarhead, of whom I have a great deal of respect for, I hope Russia gets the lead out and steamrolls Ukraine. Only swift and decisive violence will end this. If Russia tarries much longer then I can only conclude that this is all theater. The victor was preordained. Misery and grinding loss of life over nothing. Troubling, but I’m convinced that is likely what will happen. And that, is most certainly not worth any American kid, never mind mine.

        • Jim I was USN 75-79 and totally concur with you… grandkids are worth more to me then some old fool of a POTUS…I am a patriot but certainly this government is a treasonous one …I feel no obligation to it …they hate the country I love and detest the things that made us great….hang tough …God,Family ,Friends and Zip Code

        • Sorry, but Ukraine is only the first step. The Russkies plan on an empire that stretches from Vladivostok to Lisbon. If we don’t stop them in Ukraine, they will continue their march westward into Germany and beyond?

          Because of the use of nuclear weapons, the war will be over in only a few months. Not enough time to re-institute the draft.

          Because of the use of nukes, tens of millions of our population will be killed.

          In order to cement their victory, the Russkies and Chinese need to put boots on the ground, invasion. What are the odds of that invasion succeeding? How many of us here can shoot?

        • ~Jim,
          Now that is a different way of looking at it.

          Unfortunately, just read a source reported to Politico (yes, I know) that NATO is committed to a 10 year plan to rebuild the Ukraine with a $38 billion price tag for next year alone.
          The US has already given $15 billion in direct military assistance.

          It has been noted some in the media are calling anyone who even suggests of “peace” as being pro-Russia/Putin stooge/traitor/un-patriotic.

          • As I recollect, the Soviet Union went broke trying to win the war in Afghanistan.
            They may be using this tactic of a thousand cuts, along with decoupling from the dollar, to bring about the financial downfall of the United States and EU.

    • The current regime will stop at nothing to distract from the massive money laundering and corruption nexus they were running in Ukraine for many years.

  • Reference your comment that Russian Field Commanders being able to deploy tactical nukes without asking permission. Not exactly true. In the announcement of the General known as the butcher of Chechnya His Orders received was full deployment of all weapons Except for nuclear weapons on any target as required. The Russians had nearly Vietnam style rules of engagement to avoid targeting civilians infrastructure.

    The kid gloves are off in Ukraine and nuclear weapons will not be used unless Russia is endangered.

    I fear the west will be first to use a nuke, and before the mushroom cloud is gone All Media will be broadcasting identical messages that the Russians did it.

    • Spent some time last night going down the rabbit hole. Looks like there are videos coming out that show captured “Ukrainian” fighters. They claim to be either ISIS or Al-Qaeda from Syria, being paid by NATO countries to fight for Ukraine. If this proves to be true, it sheds a whole new light on the entire situation, including who the “good guys” and who the “bad guys” are.

  • I understand from Lew Rockwell dot com that Nancy Pelosi just bought a whole bunch of shares in a company that produces pills for radiation sickness.

    It seems that the elites think that their bunkers will keep them safe while the rest of us peasants get nuked. They actually want a nuclear war so they can reduce the population and then carry out their Great Reset of everything.

  • The problem is that everyone’s assessment of the state of world affairs are about 60 years out of date. Politicians no longer control countries. International bankers and the Elite, control the world.

    Since Politicians no longer control their countries. They don’t really control their Nukes either, their handlers do. Which is why no one is concerned about the dementia patient in the Whitehouse, being in control of the US Nuke Arsenal.
    Because he really is not, He is just a puppet. So is Putin.

    The Propaganda of a Nuclear WW3 is great for making money and selling stuff to those who will believe it.( Which is the only thing that drives the bankers and the Elite – is in making more money).
    Then comes the next big issue: most of our Minuteman III missiles are reaching their useful life expectancy and about to be replaced by the Sentinel series of missile. The US keeps its Military equipment up to date and current to the available technology. Russia, not so much, since the fall of the USSR.
    (There has been some resistance to funding the replacement missiles, but with this Nuclear War scare, that will surely fade away. Very Conveniently!)

    Even in the Ukraine war most of their equipment is Cold War leftovers. Some of it has some upgrades but a lot of it has broken down from poor maintenance or failed against newer technology. So if they tried a nuke attack on the US, a lot of those missiles would probably fail to launch, blow up in the silos or miss the target entirely. So that Dog has a bigger bark, than it does a bite.
    Europe being closer to them is more at risk. Mostly from misfires and radiation clouds from them detonating in their silos. Tactical nukes are a better possibility, but would be quite limited in usefulness. But Russia might be allowed to use some of them.

    But none of that makes great Gloom and Doom news and it does not sell anti radiation products, food storage or other products including new military weapons,( the first rule is always follow the money).
    So no one wants to talk about how poorly maintained and outdated the Russian weapon arsenal really is, both the conventional and the nuclear ones.

    Then there is the problem of believing anything the Propaganda machine called the MSM puts out. Can you really trust their propaganda of what is really going on? In Ukraine? On Russia? The China good, Russia bad narrative? That the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian DisInfo? Or on anything?

    • @Mic33 glad you articulated that. I’m beyond the point of cynicism about any narrative being pushed through the mainstream media and anything that narrative is encouraging us to buy or be afraid of. I read somewhere (don’t recall the source) that Putin was also one of the graduates of the WEF’s “Young Leader’s Program” along with Trudeau, Macron, Newsom etc. I’m also currently reading Tim Weiner’s “Legacy of Ashes” about the CIA so feeling extra cynical!

  • The sky is falling! Living in fear of anything is not living. Especially living in fear of another world war or nuclear attack. Yes yes, I know. Can’t go around with your head stuck in the sand blah blah blah… I can only feel sympathy for the folks that travel through this life with no faith in God and His will for us. Paul said “for to me, to live is Christ, to die is gain.” Living with that kind of faith is freedom and liberty that no man, no weapon, no war or no bomb can take from you. You’re more than welcome to blow all your money and sanity on non sensical preps like Geiger counters, radiation pills, chem suits and lose your mind over worrying about things you can’t control but as for me and my house we will live with faith in God, compassion for our family and friends and the assurance that when this life is over we will rest comfortably in our Saviors arms.

  • The satanists which basically comprise politicians, CEOs, Rope a Dope, celebrities, Pig Pharma, MSM are all doing everything possible to start a war that will essentially annihilate humanity. That is their goal as satanists desire destruction. As everything appears to be infiltrated by said satanists yes I believe they will implement WWIII. However I do ponder will a higher power of good let mankind be wiped out and the planet destroyed so that a useless pig like Klot Schlob and pals can have orgies in the streets while drinking adrenochrome? Evil has big plans for us but as my wise mother says “You can plan the future but don’t plan the results.” The compliance gene is being wiped out as I type which may be the downfall of all the ruling cruds via the cobra effect. Here’s hoping and praying.

  • Not possible WH Squatter Liar himself was told by CFR handler to present the hoax drama to increase American tension is hopes of supporting the coming Dominion software election fraud. Observe the constant stream of Dem/Rino CFR fake news presented hoaxes, hoax antifa, hoax blm, hoax Floyd, hoax impeachments, hoax wave, hoax right to murder babies, hoax agitation at homes of Judges, hoax impeachment Clarence; hoax FBI raid to Trump’s home, hoax woke conspiracy at all levels.

    Just amazing presentation of CFR controlled cultural fake psychoses.

  • This is a good article. It’s both thought provoking and relevant to today’s nuclear threat. For sure it makes the case for “prepping” — laying by some food. And water. And relevant books (about how to deliver a baby, how to repair your car, how to light your house at night without electricity). On that last point I have something to offer. I wrote the Non-Electric Lighting Series of books. They’re available in both print and Kindle formats. Here’s a link. Let’s just hope we never actually need this info, eh?

  • How concerned are you that WW3 is near? I’m very concerned about it and have sent many messages to the White House. No one has sent me any personal replies. I also sent messages to my US Senators and Congressman. I did not have the privilege and honor of serving in the US Armed Forces. For the first time, many Americans will become civilian casualties in the next World War. Please spiritually prepare for the coming conflict and make your peace with God. And Jesus will give us genuine peace as the storm clouds of war gather.

  • So much effort being spent to keep people all over the world afraid. Scared people can be controlled as that bs pandemic proved.
    The Davos crowd needs to be controlled first and foremost then we’ll see what the narrative becomes. That isn’t gonna happen as long as the elites keep the plebs pitted against one another.
    No one wins if nukes are used. Pretty sure that gets factored in during all the saber rattling going on currently.
    I don’t have any answers but I will NOT comply and I am not afraid. My faith is not in anything in this world. I am well aware of current events but my life as usual goes on ever day Lord willing.
    You’ll find me cooking dinner as usual tonight…….

  • Our national government, our military and our economy are all rotting. We’re in a 3rd world war. These weaknesses are likely opportunities for the Minuteman. At a minimum, these negativities should inspire us to prepare – something we should be doing even in good times, although harder to do.

    The children of former military can join this Minuteman tradition. They won’t have fancy medals, fancy uniforms, fancy weapons or paychecks but they will be prepared to fight the good, long fight and be able to prepare future generations to continue to protect us from ALL enemies foreign or domestic.

    Thomas Jefferson spoke the truth when he said,” the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure”.

    So it’s not a question of ‘if’ but of ‘when’.

    For now, go hike along your nearest mountain range and familiarize yourself with it, getting into good physical condition doing so. You will bump into other like-minded Minutemen but be careful of what you say and do not be too familiar.

  • Very concerned! Here in the Northwest, the Senior center is offering free pistol lessons. Guess they figure when push comes to shove, we can be counted on as we still remember what America & our Constitution stood for before the jackals reduced this great country to its present state.

  • Excellent article. I have a question for the wise military and astute readers here…is it true NATO pilots will be trained here in Texas in this coming year? An acquaintance (veteran) has a nephew whose next step of Air Force training is attending flight school in Texas. He was disappointed to learn he has to wait another year for the instruction to begin, which will be taught by NATO. Any thoughts? (Unfortunately, I was not in the position to ask any details due to the time/place of this convo.) THANKS

    • Holloman air force base just outside of El Paso has long been where the Germans (NATO) trained their pilots. Though it’s been years since I moved away, I never heard that that practice had been stopped. So I expect that is still the case.

  • I feel that we are already in WWIII. It won’t be like WWII. It is past time to leisurely start preparing for it. The people of Ukraine are paying a big price to worn us.

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