Now Belarus Is Getting Involved with the War Between Ukraine and Russia

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices.

While there is without a doubt a host of propaganda that is hitting the media heavily right now regarding the Ukraine war (is this the fog of war Clausewitz warned about?), we are going to give you some of the straight facts that we are seeing come out of the situation, a few of our thoughts, and what that may mean at the moment for you as a prepper.

Fair warning, you’re going to hear a lot about Belarus today. While it may have been a country you thought little of in the past, you’re going to be seeing it in the news much more in the near future.

Belarus is not very happy.

For starters, Ukraine was recently accused of launching a Tochka-U missile into Belarus on March 13. The missile was shot down and nobody was injured or killed, but this marks a very important new development. As can be imagined, it only takes a single incident to drag a new country into an already existing war. Belarus could very likely use this attack as justification for entering the war on Russia’s side.

Old image of a Tochka-U.

Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko has even gone so far as to say that his country is being pushed into the war “via such missile attacks.”

Switzerland picked a side.

In what is a rather unexpected move, Switzerland has actually picked a side. They are no longer neutral in the Ukraine war. They joined the EU-imposed sanctions against Belarus that were imposed on March 2 and March 9.

Basically any type of financial transaction with Belarus by the Swiss is now illegal in Switzerland. No investing, no public financing, no “financial assistance for trade.” No transactions with the central bank of Belarus are allowed, and the Swiss are not allowed to accept deposits by Belarusians. No imports, no exports. No technical assistance. If you’re Swiss, you really can’t do anything with Belarus right now.

Belarus is continuing to ban grain exports.

While it’s most certainly not the only country to be banning exports at the moment, Belarus has recently extended its ban on the export of wheat, buckwheat, large ground grain, and spelt flour for another three months.

The head of the Department of International Cooperation and Application of Non-Tariff Regulation Measures at the Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade Ministry, Evgeny Belov (this guy must have a desk-length name plate), said, “This measure was taken in order to prevent shortages and to ensure food security of the country.”

Belarus is apparently concerned that they could run out of food. There is a chance that this decision is being made in preparation for some type of military action by Belarus in the near future as well.

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The new Belarus constitution has passed.

There is a bit of confusion surrounding this, but you maaaaaay want to read the two following links. After that, you’re going to want to read our newest ebook.

Nukes now allowed in Belarus

Belarus to host Russian nukes?

Will Belarus be assimilated into Russia?

There is some discussion currently that Belarus could potentially be assimilated into Russia as this war progresses. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, whom it is widely believed actually won the 2020 election for the presidency of Belarus (rather than the acting president Alexander Lukashenko), believes that Russia will very likely take Belarus over.

There are some reports trickling out that Lukashenko has asked for Putin’s help with stifling anti-Russian forces within Belarus, so it appears that there could be some truth to this. Belarus largely appears to be a puppet state.

Ukraine will now take stricter measures against Russian collaborators.

Ukraine’s Zelensky has stated that anybody who is identified as a Russian propagandist will be punished by Ukraine to the same degree that Ukraine would punish a Russian combatant. What exactly this means remains to be seen.

Will those within Ukraine who post facts contrary to the Ukrainian narrative be deemed as enemy combatants? Those convicted of treason against Ukraine are now liable to be sent to prison for 15 years to life. Any Ukrainians who collaborate with Russia could be convicted of this (if Ukraine exists long enough).

Pro-Russian statements can now result in one being convicted of a crime in Ukraine and being sent to prison for up to 15 years.

Zelensky has also signed into law that the property of Russians living in Ukraine can now be legally confiscated from them.

Kiev instituted a curfew.

On March 15, the mayor of Kiev announced that a 36-hour curfew was to be instituted. All those who violate the curfew will be considered as a member of “sabotage groups of the enemy” and will be responded to accordingly.

Personally, I’m a fan of this article, claiming that Kiev is having a 36-hour “cookout” instead of “curfew.”

Biden is banned from visiting Russia now.

Russia has now announced retaliatory sanctions against America in response to US sanctions against Russia. In addition to these sanctions, Biden, Jen Psaki, Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, and Hunter Biden are all now banned from traveling to Russia.

Things are not looking good.

It’s hard to look at this objectively and come away with any other conclusion other than, “This is bad. This is really, really bad.” Get your family squared away with your preps. We’ve covered what that looks like in the past. Do what you can now before these supply chain disruptions make it so that you can’t do anything.

What are your thoughts? Do you have more that you can add to the conversation? Have you heard anything different about the Belarus constitution? It’s hard to find details on that at the moment. Whatever your thoughts, let us know in the comments below.

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Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • There is NO “war.” Putin just saved the entire world. Ukraine is a territory of Russia. It is not it’s own country. Ukraine never signed the paperwork to become an independent country. Putin invaded to take out 30 bioweapons in Ukraine instigated by Obama. “Their’ plan was to release the most dangerous bioweapon that would kill 70% of the planet in the fall of 2022. He is also rescuing children, used for experiments and sex trafficking, locked in cages in the underground tunnels and arresting the deep state (who are satanic nazis) who want all the money power and control. Putin is a HERO. The best source of news is, chose the “intel” tab. Go back as many days as you choose for the entire truth that is unfolding. STOP WATCHING FAKE NEWS. They have lied to us all our lives. It’s time to wake up world.

    • Stan,
      Thank you for describing the situation correctly. Our propagandist media has distorted
      these facts, deliberately, as virtually all other subjects too, including the entire “Russian collusion” allegations. In your words, “They have lied to us all our lives”- completely accurate, and much longer.
      I would direct truth seekers to research Khazarian Mafia…who they are, their true history, and
      how they’ve infiltrated governments around the world.

  • It’s the same organizations that do whatever the crown corporation I can’t believe how ignorant the Patriots in America are it’s always the Catholics it always will be the Catholics the British and the international bankers that is the feudal system that this country was designed to get away from you can even read it in the Catholic encyclopedia if you can get an honest copy of them it’s always the Catholics the lawyers the doctors just like Nazis it’s the same crap every time homosexuality is the Catholic Church sodomy history of the Catholic Church

  • Ukraine is both a puppet state of the Globalists and the New Nazi Germany.
    The problem is that the Globalists love this. So do the Corporatists.
    Corruption and Crime run rampant in the Ukraine. They are the main source of Organ harvesting and the Human and Sex slave trade in Eastern Europe. Cybercrime is also high on the list of their criminal activities.
    Russia and Ukraine’s neighbors have suffered expansionist attacks at their hands for the last few years.
    But conveniently, no one really noticed or cared about that.
    Since Politician’s family members in the US and other countries have made huge profits from the corruption and criminal activities, they do not want that stopped.

    So beware of rooting for the Corrupt Ukraine Government. I do feel for the Ukraine people; the average people who are caught in the middle of this power struggle.
    We should have been supporting a decent and corrupt free government in Ukraine, but instead our corrupt politicians can only see the $$$$ they can make, in supporting a corrupt one.

    Time to clean out our own house(politicians, government), before we get to involved in dealing with other peoples houses,(politicians, governments).

  • Oh Boy. After reading the four previous comments, I’d say we definitely have some issue here. Disinformation is rampant on both sides of the it looks and sounds like.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to believe as sifting through the mounds of false narratives is a sisyphean task.


    • You seem to forget, or most likely didn’t know, that the US, and several other countries pledged to protect Ukraine from being invaded in exchange for them giving up all the nukes they had after the collapse of the USSR, which is what the lunatic Putin is trying to restore before he assumes room temperature, making the world a better place.

  • about the circus at 48.3794° N, and 31.1656° E, gotta say, since ahm full of don’t-give-a-fucks, ah jest cannot care ’bout this spectacle…..bless ’em all, let satan have a way with ’em…

    note: ahm well aware that life is about to get mo’ interestin’…..

  • Belorus was in the war on Russia’s side the very first day by agreeing to be a staging area from whence Russian troops and war materiel entered Ukraine.

  • Why would any of those people want to go to Russia in the first place?! Are they throwing softball sanctions against us to make it look like they are “doing something” to their supporters as well? I am becoming disillusioned by any news about what’s going on with Russia and Ukraine right now. Even news I get here I take with a grain of salt.

  • Belarus is prepping for being taken completely over by Russia as soon as Russia finishes with Ukraine.

  • So how long have you worked for the FSB? The article you link to is garbage Russian propaganda. Y’all have the wool pulled over your eyes, Biden, Putin, Klaus and Soros work for the same thing. The “globalists” are actually communists, in the old school Soviet style. They are the oligarchy that ran the Soviet Union and they are going to resurrect it globally.

    I don’t trust the United States Government. I trust the leaders of the “former” Soviet Union even less. It never. went. away. Y’all have been played.

  • Unfortunately the West is giving itself a hard lesson in the bankruptcy of globalism. The countries with plenty of financial assets (considerably more since the money printer went Brrrrrrr the last couple of years) are in the process of freezing out or alienating the countries that have the vast quantities of physical assets the West needs to not suffer a huge reduction in its standard of living.

  • Wow, some of the comments are a little off (especially the one about there is no war).

    Belarus, is a key player. My guess is that Lukashenko is doing his very best to avoid getting involved in this war whilst at the same time trying to convince Putin that he is doing his best. (its a difficult balancing act). I suppose we will find out in the next week or so.

    The current troop movements to the border, are probably just an effort to secure the border. The danger that Lukashenko faces is that some of the weapons that are being given to Ukraine are inevitably falling into the hands of Belarus partisans for future use – if and when Russia begins to pull out of Ukraine, Belarus stands a real chance of just imploding particularly if borders are not secured.

    It would be foolhardy for Lukashenko to send troops into Ukraine, because ultimately he is going to need his entire army to stabilize his own country. Lukashenko has been in power a while and so he’s already thinking ahead…..

  • I find the articles on this site informative and very helpful.

    The comments, such as most on this article, show that many claims are made with zero presented evidence.
    Obama began bio weapons labs in Ukraine and THAT is one of the reasons why Putin invaded? Apparently the Communists at the Heritage Foundation believe the bioweapons thing is all a Putin false flag effort. And so does much of the rest of the world.

    Ukraine isn’t its own country? I think it’s membership in the UN and recognition as a country by the rest of the world would disagree with that.

    “Their” plan was to release a bioweapon that would kill 70% of the world’s population by this fall? Who is “They” and you really believe “They” were going to kill 4 Billion people with this alleged weapon? Or apparently it’s the Satanic-Gay-Nazi Catholics. Or the Rothschild family. OR it’s the Globalists who are really Soviet Communists who is fooling you into believing that the Soviets fell in revolution. Or something.

    I know, let me have a go at it!

    John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston are all secretly Hollywood Communists (Reagan was after all the President of the Screen Actor’s Guild and Heston is gay) and are still alive in Mexico. They planned to start a revolution in Mexico in 2023 to turn them Communist and use their and Nicaragua’s army to invade America from the South while the Communists Russians cross into Alaska, cut the oil lines and head for Seattle. Unfortunately for them, the Loyal American Patrick Swayze discovered this plot and made a movie about it and spoiled their plans (which was to take place just after the Russians were to liberate Ukraine from the Jewish Nazi “President” of “Ukraine”. )
    Now, as their plans were ruined, these 3 evil child eating Liberal Democrat Socialist Communists are going to take over Starbucks with the financial backing of the Rothschilds and Trumps to poison Starbuck’s coffee with a mind control drug to make True Americans take the fake Covid-19 “vaccine” to track their every movement with Bill Gate’s nanotech so they can establish a “Utopian Communist” colony on Mars where Communist South African Elon Musk will be Dictator for Life. Why else would Musk start SpaceX? Prove me wrong.

    Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary proof.

    Daisy, I love this site but I feel that your crazier elements harms this site’s credibility. EOC.

    • THANK YOU. The firehose of crazy, stupid, and resentment is strong on this site. I love the practical prepping advice but this stupidity wears me out. You can’t argue with stupid, I guess. You can’t argue with people who won’t listen, don’t agree about things like facts and science.

      The narrative is so repugnant it’s hardly worth reading. Biden has weakened NATO? How about, NO ONE did more to divide and weaken NATO than Trump. No one. Vlad had no better friend in Washington.

      He’s even imitating Trump with his MRGA-esque rallies and beating on Biden’s “dementia” etc.
      The first casualty of war is truth, I know, but people need to ask themselves, what makes the most sense? What is most likely? In medicine they say, “when you hear galloping, think horses, not zebras.”

      And the crazed, breathless, “what do you think? people are saying this and that, and it might be true, because nothing means anything anymore and you can’t trust any news outlets anymore, so what do you think?” isn’t helping. Confirmation bias is real and without facts in front of them people believe any old crazy thing they want to believe and project all their fears about every reason why they don’t like today’s society on it.

      Sure, I believe in the evidence of my own eyes, but I’m not going to Kyev any time soon to observe from myself, so what should I do? Just let folks with an axe to grind, who are set to make money off of fear and panic (“Buy our new guide on 101 ways to cook lentils! Buy our slop-in-a-bucket!”) tell me what to think?

      Stop thinking you’re hearing zebras. You’re not. These are horses. We are in much better shape here in America than anywhere in Europe, protected by geography and other factors. Calm down and be reasonable. Ya’ll are always on and about how prepared you are for various terrible scenarios. Just calm the f down; if you’re as ready as you say you are you’ll be fine.

      And stop listening to, watching, and reading things that you have no idea who they’re by or what they’re trying to accomplish. Don’t be a useful idiot.

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