The Belgorod Nuclear Submarine Was Completely Off Our Radar. Shouldn’t We Keep Track of That?

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

Do you remember those nuclear torpedoes Russia has that TOP covered some time ago? Well, it looks like six of them are “out there,” and we had no idea where.

Within the past few days, NATO issued a warning that the Belgorod – the largest submarine built within the past 40 years and equipped with the Russian Poseidon Unmanned Underwater Vehicle – had disappeared from the Arctic Circle.

The Belgorod
The Belgorod. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

There is one main theory we’ve seen covered so far with where the Belgorod is going: it’s heading to the Kara Sea, where it’s preparing to test the Poseidon in the Arctic Circle.

Whether it is or isn’t, this doesn’t bode well.

Remember that the Poseidon creates a nuclear tsunami, with a wall of radioactive water 1600 feet high. Also, remember that the Poseidon travels so fast – 108 knots – that it’s largely deemed to be unstoppable once it’s released.

On October 5th, Naval News confirmed (with quite a bit of sarcasm) that the Belgorod was indeed in the Arctic, in the Barents Sea. However, they could not rule out whether or not the Belgorod was there to perform a nuclear test.

Isn’t something this powerful a thing we should keep track of?

Let’s examine this.

The reason that the Poseidon hasn’t been officially tested as of yet is because of international regulations that ban the testing of nuclear weapons. But now, the entire western world is at odds with Russia. This is the part of the world that created the public relations nightmare of keeping a test from ever happening in the first place.

But now, with the entire Western world having cut off all economic relations with Russia, do we think that Russia still cares? What is to keep them from testing the Poseidon?

And do they have any good reason not to launch a nuke in the Arctic Circle, or do they have a heavy incentive to do just that?

If Russia were to slip the Belgorod into the orbit of action – nuke waving a European city – nuclear war would immediately commence. There would be no way of establishing plausible deniability here. The entire world would know that it was Russia and Russia alone that had the technology to do that, and they would respond to the best of their ability.

But if Russia were to instead test a nuke in the Arctic Circle, they wouldn’t directly kill anybody. But they would have one heck of a card they’ve just revealed showing what they are capable of. It would be a supreme act of intimidation to get the rest of the world to fall in line as they realize just what could be possible.

Aside from the fear they would sow in the rest of the world, they may even score some indirect deaths over the long term from fallout floating through the atmosphere. We’ve seen radiation float across the Pacific before and impact the American coastline. What would happen if radiation floated in the wind stream around the North Pole?

It would be the supreme act of intimidation. There are already tactical-nuke-capable systems popping up all over Ukraine. Would this not be a form of checkmate?

Let’s say that the Belgorod is somehow capable of making it into the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, or Baltic Sea without anybody noticing. That’s entirely possible, but would it still benefit the Russians?

Absolutely. They’d have moved a serious weapon into play.

I don’t see how even if they were noticed by radar, anybody would be willing to force them to stop.

Do you really want a much more severe version of the Cuban Missile Crisis? You either let the sub pass, in which case you’re effectively admitting the queen to your back rank, or you stop the submarine with force.

How do you think that Russia would respond to the West stopping one of their subs by force?

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All around, it’s a bad situation.

I have no doubt that we have our own secret weapons that are highly advanced, but there’s a lot to be said about highly advanced weapons that aren’t secret as well. When people know that there’s zero chance that you’re bluffing about your abilities, they react accordingly. Any poker player that has been counting the cards and has the smallest inkling that you’re not holding as good of a hand as you let on is going to play the game much differently.

I’m not really sure what to think of all this. I never advocate for apathy. I think being a cynic is being a loser. But there comes a time when you have to face the cold, hard truth, and right now, I’m really not liking what it’s showing us.

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We’ve let ourselves be weakened for far too long.

We’ve made it so we can’t recruit soldiers, we’re cutting our military funding, we’ve left our equipment overseas, we’ve let our enemies build our military hardware, and now we’re reaping the consequences. I don’t like it, not one bit.

Our bishops, knights, rooks, and queen – we’ve let them all be traded in for pawns. How do you use pawns to stop a new piece that can pop up across the board wherever it desires, taking out the entire front line and making deploying forces or resupply impossible through a cardinal direction?

I just don’t know. But I do know my country has some serious catching up to do.

What are your thoughts? Is the fact we lost track of the Belgorod worrisome to you? Or do you think this is simply something random that is of no concern at all? Do you think they’re in the Arctic to perform a nuclear test? Are you worried about the future of our military strength? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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  • I work as a member of a military which shall remain nameless. Our military is in the process of being dismantled due to race theory, woke ideology, pandering to gender confusion, pandering to the weak, whiny, obese and unfit, lack of funding, military members becoming sicker and weaker with every round of forced injections… and those who are strong willed enough to refuse having a toxic, experimental substance injected into their bodies are being kicked out.

    Yup. Military members who basically look/act like Rambo, are physical beasts, mentally tough as nails, decorated and with several tours to their credit are being given the boot. No place in the military for people of this description. They only seem to want meek order followers.

    I’m seeing this happening in most militaries around the world with a few notable exceptions.

    Recruiting is way down as young men and women with the right ‘schutzba’ to be effective soldiers simply are not interested in dealing with all that crap. Members who are seeing the writing on the wall are also getting out where they can.

    I see it daily. Western militaries are being summarily weakened and taken apart FROM THE INSIDE, folks.

    Most folks who have nothing to do with military ops have no clue at all what is going on. They should be freaking right out and demanding investigations and asking hard questions.

    Be afraid folks. Not only is your military being destroyed – your allies are also being weakened to the point where they will not be able to come to your aid either.

    • This is why being part of a state militia is important. Remember the second amendment is not a right, but a duty. All males between the ages of 16 to 62 are suppose to have guns for the defense of our country. In the founding documents of my county there is a reference to a local militia requirement although not done. The term “Well Regulated” in the 1700’s did not mean control, but well trained.

      • Mette,
        I take the “Well Regulated” as not only trained, but trained as a fighting force. Not just a bunch of yahoos shooting at random.
        And as being well regulated as to be supplied with their own arms, supplies. If a militia is called up, they are expected to show up ready to fight. As their own personal supply is used up, the state or regular military is to then supply them from their stockpile.

          • Ideal world, those in the militia would show up and have at the bare minimum, the mastery of the fundamentals of marksmanship.
            Based off what I have seen at the local public shooting ranges, not so much.

        • 1stMarineJarHead – I totally share your view. A 72 year old in this day of modern medicine and good health would probably meet or exceed the abilities of a 62 year old in the late 1700s. I hope it never comes to it, but I’d be your brother in arms (at age 72, with some pretty good firearms skills courtesy of Oak Lawn (IL) and Chicago PD, USMC, and certain three letter agencies.

        • The problem today is every form of communication, save carrier pidgeon is being watched by the enemy. The moment anyone tries to organize anything, they will be descended upon swiftly. Not to mention the traitors who’d turn them in for their 5 minutes of fame. People can say what they want but this, correction event, we are heading for, is well overdue and well needed. It won’t be until after it has begun as well, that true organization can begin to occur either.

    • Zipperhead,
      Thank you for your insight.
      I do support our troops, but reading about the changes in the military is concerning.
      It is not the front line troops, but the highest levels of leadership whom are implementing these woke ideals into our military.
      The question I have is would commanders at the lower echelons and the troops themselves be willing to act against American citizens if such a situation would arise?

      • A certain amount would. If I’m not mistaken there was a big “to do” a couple years back in your neck of the woods, when the question of being willing to fire on American citizens was included in the military induction questions. We have forgotten, and history isn’t taught in schools anymore, that “just following orders” is not an acceptable excuse or defence. We have forgotten every lesson learned from WWII.

        And let’s not forget the Chinese police stations from yesterdays article. Foreign troops are always an option. There were numerous reports that Trudeau used foreign troops against the trucker convoy in Canada. When your own troops won’t follow illegal orders, and may not be loyal to you, this has historically always been an option.

      • Many would not, HENCE, another big reason WHY there is nato. The leaders know that if they tell the regular rank and file to fight their own blood, neighbors, and family, it’s probably not going to happen, BUT lets import a bunch of euro weenies who have this long standing deep hatred / jealousy of America and American ways in general, they now, will have no problem burning down the farms when ordered to. Do you think these Orange .vs. Blue forces wargames they play every year for ‘civil unrest’ are just for fun?

    • I do believe you and I are on the same page.
      Our military is being destroyed from ‘within’ and this is being orchestrated from the highest levels in our government…and quite possibly, a foreign government. I view it all…as treason at the highest level.
      I left the military just a couple years short of being able to retire because I saw the writing on the wall and this was back in the mid-90s. I had served, proudly, getting numerous pieces of tin and ribbon, but I just couldn’t put up with the ‘political’ tampering any longer. It was tough because I still had three years to go on my time, but I was able to wrangle it. It cost me a few things, but I feel it was worth it.
      We had a ‘briefing’, senior NCOs and Officers only, that was considered to be ‘confidential’… where we were asked, and I quote, “If given the order, would you fire on or give orders to fire on American citizens?” No explanation of circumstances of what might be going on or anything else that might be used to justify these type of orders. As I remember, we all just looked around and then, almost as one, we stood up and headed for the door, all 50 of us…well, except for maybe two or three. The person presenting all this was in civilian attire and he just started screaming for us to ‘stand fast’, ‘take your seats’ and that ‘he’ had not ‘dismissed’ us. Remember…this was in the ‘mid-90s’. I got out within one month of that and I know I wasn’t the only one to do so.
      They have to weed out, purge really, any and all military members who would actually live up to their oath of service, loyalty to our country, the Constitution and the American people. The ‘oath’ doesn’t include the American people, but… the oath to uphold the ‘Constitution’ covers all of this and does it remarkably well. They are making our armed forces into another “Schutzstaffel” or, as more commonly known, the ‘S.S.’ from Nazi Germany, where you don’t think…you just follow the orders given…regardless of what they are and what you will be doing. Many times they were just used as ‘thug squads’ to bring fear and terror to the German populace. The writing is on the wall, if you care to look or have studied history, especially the history of various dictators and how they formed their dictatorships.

      • That was towards the end of them rolling out that TQL BS to start the woke / PC garbage. Hence the era of the ‘Grievance’ was born as we birthed a kinder, more gentler warrior. This is when they started replacing the Admirals and Generals of Honor and Integrity with a bunch of nutless Politicians, using the military to hone their snake skills, where F ups could be buried easier unless they killed a whole bunch of people… then they’d lie about it like when they blew up the battleship. I got out very soon after as well. They were making it crystal clear that there was no place for someone like myself who would tell a star to F off if given ignorant orders. I seen myself in a.. err.. another court martial situation and sitting in a cell for doing the correct thing, instead of just blindly following orders … it was time for this old relic to find better pastures.

        What is even more disgusting is the brainwashing the ‘educational’ system is doing to the kids where today most of them would answer YES, because well, THOSE people deserved it for not going along with the group think.

    • I have 3 kids in the military & have heard the same. One son knows a guy who made a gay joke (probably not cool) & is being kicked out. OUT of the toughest fighting force in the world. In the ‘old’ days he would have been given extra PT. I am frightened for my kids as well as the U.S. but more so because we ARE indeed being weakened slowly but surely from the inside out. My kids went into the military for an education & ability to fight for our great country but kids these days do not have the same guts as their predecessors.

      • actually, no. In the old days, people would have laughed, because everyone could take a joke and then he’d be told, ok now, let’s keep it civil, or quiet in the ranks, and the day would have moved right on.

        If his off colored, or even colored joke was that bad, he’d have been told, see me after quarters, where his Gunny / Chief, would have pulled him aside and said, enough of that, next time your ass is grass. You know better, so ACT better.

        Today, instead of pulling everyone up to the HIGHER standard, we are cutting everyone down to the lower weaker standard. WE WILL PAY. Will pay with many lives, but ultimately we will become better and stronger again after the culling. or we will simply, cease being.. it’s up to us really.

  • Aden, your timing is perfect.
    The Health and Human Services department announced on 4OCT22, the purchase of $290 million dollars worth of the drug Nplate. ” Nplate is approved to treat blood cell injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome in adult and pediatric patients (ARS).” In short, anti-radiation sickness from a nuclear accident or nuclear detonation, along with radiation sickness from cancer treatments.
    Biden made a comment at a fundraiser recently, “and the Russian leader was not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons.”
    An article recently said US officials are not seeing any movement of Russian nuclear assets. IIRC, that was land based assets.
    Could they use the Belgorod?

    Meanwhile, there still is the question of who sabotaged the Nord Stream 1&2 pipelines? That one act has made any and all energy infrastructure open targets.

    Biden went to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to prevent a oil production cut.
    That failed when OPEC+ announced it will cut production by 2 million barrels a day. The Biden admin even offered a secret deal to buy the Saudis oil at $80 a barrel.
    Now the Biden admin is turning to communist Venezuela, easing sanctions for increased oil production.
    As I stated in another article, “The Biden admin has been drawing down on the US Strategic Reserve of oil to off set the Biden admin induced energy crisis. The Strategic Reserve has been drawn down to 1984 (ironic) levels. The draw down was supposed to end this month. But in light of the recent OPEC+ cut, the draw down will continue.
    Thing is, the US Strategic Reserve is supposed to be used in cases of real emergencies. NOT a politically induced one (e.g. turbo charging the money printing machine and flooding the US with money).”

    The Biden admin is also considering a mandate to block all federal oil and gas leases till 2028.

    200 chamber of commerce and 14 national associations sent a letter to Biden, “to strengthen our energy security by removing impediments to greater domestic energy production.”
    “High energy prices remain a major concern for businesses throughout the United States and are a leading cause of inflation,” the letter read. “Businesses of all sizes are facing burdens from increased costs for goods, services, and transportation, which combined with tight labor markets, presents major headwinds for the U.S. economy.”

    Things are not looking good.

  • Mostly this is just more Fear porn, by the Government and Media.
    Just in time for the Mid term elections as a Distraction.
    The idea that anything can happen at any time, is a Joke.
    The World’s Elite pull the strings on the nations and their actions. The World’s governments are all their puppets.
    They can not afford a World wide nuclear exchange, it would break them financially and they might get caught up in it and get killed off.
    But aside from all of that the Russians are logical and methodical, not mad men.
    However the Chinese are a very different story. Asian Governments like N. Korea, China, etc. are mad men. That tends to apply to Pakistan and India also.

    So if you want to get all flustered about some one with nukes, watch those countries closely. Except that the Media tries not to mention them or their actions as much, as it does not fit the Leftist’s “Hate Russia, Russia bad”, Narrative.

    • Ah, yes!
      Those shadowy World Elites! Their control over countries like China, N Korea, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, let alone the US, is absolute!
      These few Elite families, so rich and powerful they control not only entire nations, but people like Musk, Bezos, Zuckerburger, Soros!
      How diabolical they are!

    • Leftist’s “Hate Russia, Russia bad”, Narrative.

      Every single Republican since Eisenhower is rolling in their grave with that statement.

  • Wow! That’s amazing 1600 foot high. That’s about twice as high as the highest community in Arizona.

    I am seeing and feeling the economic ‘pinch’ at the gas station and at the grocery store which has a fair number of items I am not finding. If all this is true and our national government is destroying and weakening our economy and military, and placing us in great harms way, I see the silver lining.

    A corrupt government as it weakens it becomes vulnerable and provides the opportunity to being overthrown. It is just the natural order of things and is why God created the 3%. There is nothing extremist about this. It’s just fact.

  • plus russian subs have become so silent (ty bill clinton) that they can no longer be tracked by their signature sound.

  • From 3 different sources, I have seen claims that extra-terrestrials or angels have stopped nuclear weapons from firing.
    In early 2021, I saw claims about the “precipice” that we have to hit for these earthlings in a coma to wake up. Nuclear terror was to be part of that. Those Q followers and others were already awake or half awake and needed to know not to fear–it wasn’t ACTUALLY going to happen.
    All around me are lazy bones who are kind in person, but think freedom is free and their only civic responsibility is to cast an utterly ignorant ballot. If they do not awaken, we “will own nothing and be happy,” in the words of Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum.” The extremely rich will have stolen everything, killed most of us and the survivors will be soulless robots controlled by an AI.

    Biden and the rest of the Western Deep State are TRYING to goad Russia into a nuclear attack. They know this would obliterate US and EU. They are traitors and believe the demons will rescue and reward themselves personally. Yeah, these people are crazy. It is good that Adam has noticed the destruction of US military.
    What to do about it all? First, locate that whirling wheel of LOVE energy near your heart. That is your personal connection to G-d. Orient your whole life by that. Second, wake up and DO. Starve the beast by legitimately cutting your taxes, using cash every chance you get and watching Catherine Austin Fitts videos. Join CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) to begin taking America back at the only level that will work. Use OP, Gab, MeWe, Truth Social, etc. to connect with other patriots and build a parallel economy. Pay attention to America’s Frontline Doctors and and the other docs who are censored for telling the truth and providing real solutions.

  • God’s Word is true. Revelation is happening right before our eyes. The Son of Man is awaiting His Father’s Command. I think Russia is planning to aid China as they cross our borders, by threatening us with nuclear war. I think we should give it to them forthwith. Why wait around for the inevitable, when it is possible that the first blow might truly be the only blow. And in the mean time, someone could take out the usurper in the Whitehouse, and re-install the real winner of the 2020 election. Just sayin’….

    • THAT is what they are moving towards, but the people are too f’n blind to see. Put Trump in with a few months left, oopsie, gee you were right, it WAS stolen, here ya GO !! Oh and that’s your 2nd term, you can no longer be re elected. He is conveniently out of the picture now and they will have the law of the land solidly behind them on that one.

      People are going to need to get dirty to fix this. How long will they stay in denial and let the cancer grow? Stop looking at the boomers, they are dying off and getting too old to keep wiping their overly entitled childrens asses anymore. The kiddies need to step up to the plate before it’s taken away from them and they find themselves at the trough with the rest of the livestock. It would be amusing to watch if it wasn’t going to suck the rest of the world down with it.

  • Okay Aden, let’s break down a couple points in your article:

    “ How do you think that Russia would respond to the West stopping one of their subs by force?” This in itself would constitute an act of war. Stopping a sovereign vessel in the open seas is contrary to the Breton Woods agreement, and I believe international maritime law.

    “ I just don’t know. But I do know my country has some serious catching up to do.”. Unfortunately this will never happen. The good old U.S. of A. has offshored everything until they literally produce nothing. To change that would not only take years if not decades (that we do not have) but would require a complete change in the thinking of our society. We would need to return to the ethos of our forefathers that we have long since abandoned.

    The more I look around the last few weeks, the more it reminds me of the movie “Deep Impact”. It makes me wonder if the powers that be know something is coming, and they are just playing for time. Lying through their teeth to the general population to prevent panic, while scrambling to get all their preparations in order for COG. The simple truth is that something IS coming. We don’t know what. We don’t know when. But all you have to do is look around at the accelerating world events to know that something is on the way – and it does not bode well for us.

    • Beg to differ with you on US reshoring.
      Earlier this week, chip manufacture Micron announced it will build a $100 billion chip manufacturing plant in central NY.
      Intel is going to build two facilities out side of Columbus OH, worth $20 billion.
      Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co is going to build a $12 billion facility in AZ.
      As we move from a US/West lead uni-polar world to a multi-polar world, I think we will see more US companies reshore to the US or at least the Western hemisphere.
      Supply chain issues are to the point Ford cannot source their Ford blue emblem afixed to the front and rear of their vehicles. Imagine not being able to finish and ship a product due to two 5 cents each pieces of plastic that is iconic to your brand.

      • Oh, there’s no doubt that the supply chain issues that have been caused by globalization have been brought to the forefront. And I think it’s great to see all these plans. The issue that I see is time. All of these things take time, some of them years, and with the way world events seem to be accelerating, I just don’t know if we have the time.

        • Agree with you completely if we have the time or not.
          Got that weird, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” feeling.

      • What? Their 100 dollar an hour union goons can’t produce that inhouse? All that highly paid ‘skill’ and they can’t figure out how a little plastic injection molding machine works? Say it isn’t SO !!

        They are building plants in places that are absolutely hostile towards the working class. Probably using grant money that will end up in the pockets of the politicians and union bosses, and any money the workers do get, will be taxed away back into those same pockets.

        Just like all this ‘green’ stuff, all fluff and bunnies but anyone with any kind of clue sees it’s an absolutely HORRIBLE idea.

        • Actually, to produce the number of those little emblems at scale takes a degree of space, tooling, training, sourcing of the raw materials, energy and then production.

          I think that is why in the emerging multi-polar world we will see the re-shoring of manufacturing here in the US.
          How much will be automated is yet to be seen.
          The upcoming, or should I say recession that we are in, and how much that impacts timelines is the question.
          I think those forward thinkers, may take a short term loss, but will have long term profits.
          IF we make it that far and are not shooting each other by the end of next year.

          Good times!

          • To add:
            Those little plastic emblems, emphasis on PLASTIC, are petrochemical dependent. As in, OIL.
            Something that just went up in cost as of Wednesday.

            Lets go Brandon!

  • 10 Ways Russia can respond to the pipeline destruction: A 100′ tsunami awaits US cities via Putin’s underwater drone nukes, October 06, 2022

    “It is beyond doubt that the Nord Stream pipelines were sabotaged by the US Navy.”

    “EMP. Russia could fire off an EMP over the US. Depending upon location and strength, this will permanently destroy any electrical infrastructure or electronic device that is exposed to the EMP. The power grid substations would overload and burn. The transformers in these stations take months to build and install, and that is in a time when manufacturing supply lines are normal, With half, or most of the US power grid down, it will be a decade or two before the grid returns to present day service.

    With the grid down, services such as elevators, municipal water and sewage service, fire fighters, police, traffic signals, gasoline station pumps, refrigeration, radio, TV, internet, transportation of food and fuel, and all new manufacturing of goods will cease. Any device with electronics, including automobiles, cell towers, computers, internet servers, elevators, traffic signals, and cell phones will be electronically fried. There will not be any repair or spare parts available. Welcome to the 18th century.”


    • The one thing that you didn’t mention is the the EMP commission continued to find the same thing year after year: That in the event of an EMP/CME/grid down situation that 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead within 12 months.

      • “9 out of 10 Americans would be dead within 12 months.” Sounds like the goal of WEF and bill gates (500 million population worldwide).

      • Probably 70 percent of those deaths will be by suicide by grief stricken GenZ’s who can’t update their fakebook status’.

        Good ole tubes work still, like back in the 60’s and 70’s. Simpler, friendlier times. Maybe it will do the world good to go BACK to those times.

        • Ugh!
          I have read articles about “camps,” that the campers have to turn over their smartphones and do without them for up to a week.
          The first day is usually the hardest.
          After that, they learn how to reconnect with other, actual human beings!
          The disturbing part, they have to “learn!”
          Great scott, can you imagine entire generations of people having to “learn,” to socialize?
          As a teen, was I awkward in talking to girls? Dang straight I was. As I matured, got easier. Kept in mind what my parents said to me, class never goes out of style. Be the most interesting person in the room without being arrogant about it (I have even told this to my own daughter). Respect everyone even if you differ in their opinion. Dont say something you would not say in front of your own mother. Keep your emotions in check. Agree to disagree.
          And as always, Semper Gumby.

          • I have always referred to the internet and socialist media as digital crack. When you look at what it does to people, how they behave, especially when they get cold turkey’d from it, it checks every box ! It’s a powerful drug they use to manipulate the masses with. Rare is the free thinker who can resist this and lately, those are being hunted down with a vigor that is getting …disturbing.

            When SHTF the hardest part is going to be the first month or three, keeping the zombies IN the city to die in there, in the bowels of their own creations, before they get out and disease your parts of what’s left of society. Don’t you think for one second they won’t start migrating once the pizza pockets start to dry up!

      • “That in the event of an EMP/CME/grid down situation that 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead within 12 months.”

        That right there.

        As I have commented in the past, go to your local Wally-World and look around. How many of them do you expect to make it past 12 months?
        And some have called me a snob for the observation. Hey, just pointing out the obvious.
        Granted, EMP/total grid down, everyone having to walk, or bicycle everywhere, some may reach deep down, find their grit, their base instinct to survive and make it.
        Good on them.
        I hope to meet them on the other side of the SHTF bottleneck.

        The post-SHTF diet and exercise program will succeed where all other diets have failed.

  • I wouldn’t worry about the Artic bc the Russians have been there for a long-time drilling and pumping oil. Like the pipeline they will not harm their own interests. It’s staging and moveable. The US elite dropped the first nukes on Japan and FUshima was us again for those who don’t know or refuse to believe it. Japan was trying to go on the gold standard and fighting the cabal. They were brought to their knees. JFK and the popes were all threatened with strategically placed and moveable suitcase nukes! This forced a lot of their decisions. In the middle east they have been using depleted nuclear material in the bombs and ammo. This has also been harming our troops who have to carry and use their crap. Their lands are very contaminated now. Jie in N Koria didn’t just become nicey w/Trump for his great charms. Trump nuked their under the mountain nuke facility. The news reported that Trump did a test fire of the system and ascertained it was no good and needed overhauling the systems. 1 time report, a blip, and no more on it, it was not repeated again. There was a bit more news on the mountain (accident) right. But I was home when it was sent out from Wash St. it went over my house like a freight train. I held on to my chair and prayed and then watched for any reports like a hawk! 1 !!! 1 news media, 1 time, short and BS. We also hit Russia a few times, Turkey, and now in Ukraine. The global elite are using the US as home base and are in the thick of everything around the globe. We have been in a global war for a very long time, do we really need them to declare it for us to understand? Prep, keep your head, and fight the agenda to the death. Do not fear death it keeps you from thinking straight, that’s what they want. I do not fear Russia bc Putin is a newer Christian and I believe it is real. He is fighting under Christian principals believe it or not. He is not aligned with China bc he likes them. He is fighting the cabal with them and that is it. The cabal wants their trackable money system only. Iran wants to go the gold system. Any who try are targets of war. Early on it was the take down of only the Christian kingdoms. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were not military targets! They were the 2 largest cities with growing #’s of Christians. Only the satanic monarchies remain. Old money, blood line families are the cabal. They took over the Cath church in 1958 PPL. they are totally destroying the faith. She is now the seat of the anti-Christ as we were warned. No surprise to real Cath’s. You have been taught to hate her so have missed some warnings from heaven. I will give one that may give you hope. Our lady of Fatima said that eventually Russia would be converted but would be used by God to chastise the world. This is why I believe Putin’s conversion is real. He knows it’s not the PPL but the cabal he is fighting. He will use all resources to protect his PPL and do the least damage to the PPL of the other countries as best he can. He will attempt to only go after military targets but count on the cabal using Hspt’s, schools and the like to vilify Putin if he is forced to hit them. The cabal tried to blow the nuke plant in the Ukraine and Putin stopped it and sent his men in to stabilize it. That is not what the MSM media is telling us. there is much more going on behind the Siens since the killing of JFK. Our military have been organizing and working for a long time. I don’t believe our expelled Generals are really retired. I believe we need a few more wins in our courts before the military are legally allowed to take over the courts for treason. These coming months I think will become a bit over whelming. Keep your sanity and help others. We will get through this in time. Jesus told us there would be lots of conspiracies and there are, but they are being proven today with evidence. The cabal is fighting tooth and nail to suppress the evidence and failing. Read Jett’s blogs here. he wrote the book Fruits of graft on the Clintons. He has connections we don’t know. It may take decades to recover from what they are doing to us and the world. And remember- Putin has new nukes with super clean burn down. Meaning fall out will be minimal in 3 days, unlike our old dirty bombs. PS we did 9/11 for multiple reasons! Expect false flags here from our imbedded elite before elections. Or weather or whatever. They are crazy. Like cornered rats. If we get hit with a dirty nuke it’s not Russia but our turds. One big help is the infighting of the cabal to see who gets to be on top. No honor among thieves. Some who were promised protection in their assets are being sacrificed and are fighting back. Insurance industry for 1. They put in acts of war they would not have to pay out on- hum no declarations. Calif fires, Or. Wash. weather assaults. No declarations, the Vaxx! Betrayal. Only God can bring good from evil, and He will. God is using Russia!

    • “God is using Russia!”

      The only way I’d agree with is statement is if you’re trying to convey their role in Gog and Magog.

      Other than that, I’d be careful about supposing to know what God is doing/thinking. Doing so is to deny His omnipotence and omniscience. The entire book of Job details how puny our comprehension and capacity to understand His plan is.

      • Is that the polite way of telling him to shut up and get a job?
        ….ok, I’ll go back and lay over by my dish now.. 🙂

  • American intelligence agencies have been usurped by the Left and focused inwardly, against Americans. They have no time or interest in monitoring the military developments of America’s enemies.

  • Six of those eeeevil nuclear torpedoes? With 100 megaton warheards? I’m just going to say bravo sierra. Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear explosion in history was 50 megatons.

    Aden, remember this. No one has seen Poseidon actually work. No one knows the size of the actual warheard, because there haven’t been any tests. As for Belgorod finally sailing (I was afraid it would sink at the dock, being there for so long), it is a scare tactic.

    Biden’s flunkies buying a buttload of iodine pills is just to keep us frightened, up until the midterm elections.

    • Would ANYONE trust anything from Pfizer at this point (the iodine drug)? Is this so if/when something happens then they come to the rescue again only to poison us further? Are they trying to get to the ‘conspiratorial’ smelly Walmart shopper preppers clinging to their Armageddon beliefs? I’m smelling something.

      • you can also just get a bottle of iodine and put a few drops in a gallon of water and drink, works just as well.

  • Submarines by nature, are hard to determine exactly where they are, no breaking news there. Hopefully he nukes New York, DC, or California. THAT would fix a ton of problems for BOTH sides. The US brought this firmly upon themselves, both by the ‘evil’ side who is perpetuating it, and the so called ‘good’ side who has done nothing but cry on internet bulletin boards about all the evil they did and have done ZERO to stop it.. Inaction is just as bad and evil as the actions IMO.

    Two generations of lazy, sloth, narcissistic, self absorbed youth who are more concerned about updating their selfie than staying free. A little pain is good now and then. It reminds lazy, apathetic slovenly, slothly people, what all they stand to lose, like the freedom to turn so pathetic in the first place!

    Putin has ZERO reason to listen to or obey the bloviations of the West, as they offer him nothing in return anymore. I predict a nuke by Christmas. In a twist, I say he gives it to lil kimmy who launches it at the US.

    Grab the popcorn and the Iodine boys and girls, this one is gonna be a gully whumper !

  • In 1980 I left the US Navy, I had been an Ocean Systems Technician .
    My introduction are my bonafides : I know how the underwater tracking systems work and don’t work.
    Source: medium: sensor
    All mechanical systems emit sound. Sound travels further in denser mediums… the more dense the medium the further sound will travel.
    Oceans consist of three density mediums: a reflective medium, a refracted medium and a pure sound channel axis which runs between these two mediums.
    Russian submarines were VERY NOISEY until Clinton started giving ( read that as selling ) our technologies to China … at that time the Russians also gained our sound dampening technologies.
    This reduced the detectability of their surface AND subsurface combatant vessels. But did not prevent their detection entirely.
    Add time, newer technologies in this game of cat and mouse…. My Rating no longer exists in the Navy, technology made it possible to merge us with Sonar Techs, both ratings base technologies had matured, humans could now do both jobs with less infrastructure being involved.
    Today this rating is now part of Space Command. Satellites can now detect with pinpoint accuracy every boat under the ocean and every ship on its surface.
    Underwater detection has also matured, sensors now Uber sensitive.

    All of the above is so I can simply say: we didn’t lose it for a single second.

    • Everyone loves to blame the Clintons and Russia for them getting our secrets. Let’s not forget the little incident with Toshiba now. They got caught selling prop secrets as well but we didn’t destroy them like we should have back then.

    • Good comment….thank you.
      Shame your nation has “lost it” over the past 30 years.
      Oblivion awaits… that a corrupt, filth ridden nation like the USA can be stopped once and for all.
      It’s worth it.
      I’d rather die than have the what the USA has devolved into rule the future of this planet.
      Utter filth.
      Utter hypocrisy.
      Utter antithesis of The Founding Fathers and the hopeful, proud nation they once founded and proclaimed, among what were once their brother and sister nations of the world.
      Most nations now completely despise what the USA represents.

  • Think about the Scorpion and Thresher – US subs that were lost under murky circumstances. Some allege Soviet action. Revisit the more recent Kursk disaster. What steps might the US or other western power take if this is a credible threat? Or the Chinese with a vast population and manufacturing base near ocean waters?

  • As a former submariner I can assure you that one of our fast attack subs is in the Russian boats baffles right now keeping track of it…

    • Maybe back when we had competent leadership that loved the United States and had balls. Now the balls are stapled on and were made in china.

    • JD – as someone who worked the ASW task in the early 1980s, working for the largest US producer of sonobuoys and on board processors for the 688 boats, I know what we were capable of doing back then.. Revisit Sean Connery “Hunt for Red October”. The “waterfall” display that “Jonesy” watched was ancient history when the movie came out. Times and technology changes. It is the unknown number of unknowns that trouble me.

  • “I just don’t know. But I do know my country has some serious catching up to do.

    What are your thoughts? Is the fact we lost track of the Belgorod worrisome to you? ”

    Here are my thoughts……

    “Your country” is the biggest affront to freedom, peace and honesty that has EVER existed. If your country “caught up”, it would only amount to even more subjugation for the rest of the world, who just want to live without constant US interference.

    The Great Bear is now being cornered by The Woke, Broke, LYING BASTARD Imbecilic Left Wing US Rainbow Eagle that doesn’t even know which toilet to piss in.

    The Great Bear will unleash EVERYTHING he has.


    • To what end?
      Does this some how free your people from the oppression you perceive as coming only from the USA? How were things for you before the Evil Eagle via Ronald Reagan, essentially gave you your first taste of freedom in how many years was it?

      If your bear has any intelligence, which I doubt, since pretty much EVERY country is corrupt at the leadership position, it will realize that it’s the LEADERS who are the problem, and NOT the rank and file every day citizen such as you and I just trying to make it day to day.

      When this bear ‘attacks’ as you promise it will. Will it go for the eyes and head, which are the real problem, or will it be like every other cowardly leader in history and kill off the lowly common people?

      When leaders start actually killing off other leaders, (aka the REAL cause of all the problems) THEN genuine change in the status quo might actually happen for once, but when they just keep killing off each others average normal citizens, then nothing changes, as it never has yet changed, to date, so far EVER.

      Waiting to see how much better YOUR leader is. I’ll go grab some popcorn.

    • Hey look, your morally superior great bear is killing innocent civilians. That’s someone elses fault too though right?

  • My take is this. USA is quite weakened. Senile “leadership” and the gang we all know (yes, even we SouthAmericans know them) have been sold to the foreign powers enemies of the West years ago. They´re looking to destroy from within what once USA was. Until not too long ago, I believed that a coordinate attack from Chinese, NKoreans, Russians, including the Iran regime with the Islamic Brotherhood sleeping cells within your borders would spread havoc.

    The recent stats of Phentanyl in fake candies is showing another reality. Chinese don´t act suddenly unless they don´t have another way. It´s embedded in their culture. Patience is an asset. Mind you, they wrote the “Art of War”, didn´t they?
    Food for thought…

    • Thats one thing many people forget. China has been around for what 5000 years now? If there’s one thing that they have learned it’s patience. Waiting a generation or two is nothing to them. America is a petulant teenager in the eyes of cultural maturity, for lack of a better term for it. China is a wise grandfather watching the children screw up, once again, and waiting for the perfect time to break out the whip, and ‘discipline’ them.

        • Who gets to deem mature, by which standard do we judge?
          PC standards, SJW standards? Have you looked around the US lately? Tell me that America is not acting like a bunch of spoiled rotten petulant children who need a good ass whoopin and sent to bed without dessert! Have you SEEN the products coming out of our supposedly BEST in the world institutions of education?

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