Russian TV Anchor Says We’re Now IN World War 3

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and  The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

Need further proof that this war is only going to escalate? How about a Russian state-sponsored TV anchor now saying that we’re in World War 3?

For those unaware, it was late last week that the Russian Black Sea flagship, the Moskva (named after Moscow), was sunk. Ukraine claims that they sunk the ship with Neptune missiles. Russia claims that the ship was sunk by a fire.

However, we now have the Russian state media claiming that the sinking of the Moskva is cause for war (which, to me, means that the whole “it caught fire” story is nonsense.) It was on the Russian-sponsored Rossiya 1 (Russia 1) TV show that well-known Russian journalist Olga Skabeyeva hosted a pundit talk session.

Regarding the current war, Skabeyeva said during the interview that “One can safely call what it has escalated into World War 3. That’s absolutely for sure.” She went on to say, “Right now, we’re definitely fighting against NATO infrastructure, if not NATO itself. We need to recognize that.”

Skabeyeva also referred to Russia, in reality, being in a war against the United States of America, as she said that America is supplying large amounts of weapons to the Ukrainians.

During the episode, one of the pundits claimed that what Russia needed to do was to bomb Kiev. “Bomb them once, and that’s it,” the man said. What kind of bomb the guest on the show (it’s very difficult to find his name) was referring to isn’t clear. Does he mean nuclear? That’s a one-and-done response.

Here’s the video if you speak Russian…

Who is Olga Skabeyeva? 

Skabeyeva is one of the top media figures in Russia. At 37-years-old, she is an incredibly popular journalist within Russia, gaining fame after her coverage of the Pussy Riot trial from 2012 to 2013, in which a female punk rock band was arrested and tried after performing an anti-Putin song at a cathedral in Russia.

It was after 2016 that Skabeyeva started a talk show with her husband Yevgeny Popov called 60 Minutes. The couple is well known for being very hardcore towards anybody who says anything remotely anti-Putin.

If Skabeyeva has said it, this means that she does so with the blessing of the Kremlin. While there is the chance that the Kremlin wants its people to engage in this type of hardline talk, as Moscow knows that it will result in widespread fear amongst outsiders, I doubt that this is simple saber-rattling. Things are too heated right now for me to believe so. The man who is already swinging is more apt to swing again than the man who hasn’t begun.

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What does this mean for you? 

While a single journalist doesn’t necessarily speak for an entire country, it is worth pointing out that Russia 1 is state-sponsored. What is said on the show has to match up with what the Kremlin approves of. Otherwise, you end up sharing the same fate as particular punk rockers. This could very well mean that we are looking at the imminent expansion of this war.

We’ve already pointed out here before that there have been other rhetoric in the past that is clearing the way for more countries to become involved in a potential World War 3. The likelihood of this type of event, or at the very least an attack against American soil, only increases as politicians continue to pump billions of American taxpayer dollars into Ukraine in the form of weaponry, funds, and equipment.

If we look back through recent history, we find that Russia seems to prefer utilizing cyber-attacks and sabotage before they engage in anything conventional. Prior to the invasion, Ukraine experienced the largest cyber-attack they’d ever seen.

Three weeks before the Russo-Georgian war of 2008 ever “officially” began, Russia engaged in a series of cyberattacks against the finance, government, and communications sectors of Georgia.

Estonia had largescale cyberattacks for three weeks in 2007 perpetrated against them by the Russians after the Estonians moved a statue of a Soviet World War 2 memorial. It is highly likely that any direct action against America by Russia would first start off with a cyberattack as a result.

Acts of sabotage on American soil would likely occur at the same time.

It’s worth noting that numerous alphabet soup agencies have been warning about the threat of cyberattacks against Americans just within the past three weeks.

Prepare for disruptions to daily life. Do you have enough food?

If Americans are forced into World War 3 by the actions of NATO, modern Americans are going to see things unfold that they’ve only read about in their lifetime. I’m growing more and more of the mind that Americans urgently need to focus on their food storage.

In the event of a nuclear strike, Cresson Kearney points out that it’s not until two weeks after a blast that people can begin to wander out of a fallout shelter for a few hours. This means you would be in that fallout shelter for much longer than two weeks, and would need that much food. And even if it’s not a nuclear strike that we see, but a cyberattack, don’t forget that the banking systems seem to be a prime target in recent history.

If you can’t get cash out to buy food and your credit card won’t work, what do you do? Put away enough food for your family now rather than later.

When somebody you don’t exactly have the best of histories with begins to talk about openly fighting with you, it’s best to pay attention.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about all this? Is it just saber-rattling? Or do you believe that World War 3 is on the horizon? If so, what are you doing to prepare? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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  • “Remember the Maine!”
    Too similar.
    “You give me the pictures, I’ll give you a war.” -Wm Randolph Hurst”

    • WW3 will start the day of the next US false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran. That day Russia, China and the SCO are going to nuke and invade the USA. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of the approaching Planet X and the chemtrails that hide it every day globally for thirty years. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end WW3 when it rips North America into thirds, erupts Yellowstone super volcano and kills 5/6 of the 200 million SCO invaders. This is also the reason for the scamdemic and the death-shot fake “vaccine.” This is all planned by the evil criminal bastard governments and their evil alien masters. Execute the criminal bastard government or die in WW3 very soon!

  • Before you make judgement, first watch this documentary from 2016

    Why is it the press does not talk about how on Feb 17, 2022 several days before Russia entered the Ukraine, Kiev ramped up its bombing of the Donbas region?

    We personally know the Ukraine is corrupt first hand. My husband was set up to build a water purification facility in Kiev, however the money went from the world bank to the Ukraine. Within minutes the money disappeared. The Ukraine government still wanted my husband to build the facility without any funds. That did not happen!

    How about the letter sent in 2019 to the state department signed by 40 members of our congress wanting to classify the Azov has a Neo Nazi terrorists group? I have no faith in our government or news media.

    • Zelensky ran on an anti corruption platform. From 2019 forward there’s been a move to change. Everything doesn’t happen overnight. If you really want some corruption to dig your teeth into then look to Biden.

    • The Donbas region….Ukraine and their Azov battalion (with lightning bolts on their uniforms) have been shelling that area for years. (Just look it up). They’ve murdered Folks in that area for over 8 years….and no one batted an eye. Now that Russia stepped in…truths are starting to surface as to how dirty the Ukrainian government is.

      Their own people (Ukrainians) are telling folks the Ukrainian army is shooting them.

      So sad.

  • I believe Russia will hold off nuclear attacks. The people are holding off the invasion and they are more likely to crush the Ukrainian morale, It’s propagandist. I think Putin wants control, not a mess on his hands. WW3 won’t come for a while.

  • We are preppers here. If you’re not thinking that WWIII is possible in the near future (or already started, depending on your point of view), given what we know so far, I have no idea what you are doing looking at this site.

    The next question then is: what to prep for? There’s been a bit of discussion on this site already, and I think that the main points are:
    1. Food, and especially fresh fruit and veg. There have been some food shortages already for various reasons, and a major war is likely to make disruptions worse. Fresh fruit and veg is usually one of the first casualties of disruptions in food distribution.
    2. Take especial care of your health and in case of doubt, don’t leave treatments/operations/dentistry for later. This depends on where you live, but if there’s any chance that healthcare services may be overwhelmed with war casualties in your area, take this into account.
    3. If you live anywhere near a potential military target, consider seriously when and how to move away.
    4. Think about how to deal with power cuts due to EMP weapons or other attacks on the grid.
    5. Be prepared for fuel shortages, both for transport, and for heating.
    6. Think about how you may keep in touch with family/friends if for any reason phones stop working.

    There are probably a couple more things. Have I missed anything important?

    • Good list, Doly!
      Don’t forget WATER…(or is thst just included with food?)
      (And some potassium iodide on hand probably would be reassuring, but I agree it isn’t likely needed just yet…)

    • “Have I missed anything important?”

      yeah, nukes and radiation. if you’re in the eastern u.s. you’ll get lots of fallout from the detonations over the midwest missile silos.

    • Prescription medicine while you still can. Things that baby (think of baby foods and formula), will need and toddlers. What about the handicap the elderly and our beloved pets? (Think about dog food, cat food) All will be important. and fresh fruits and veggies are great but how long will they last? maybe 5 days to a week at the most. Better off with frozen foods while you have power. What about water, things to drink to quench our thirst? Can goods now have date to 2023 and 2024. Some till 2025. The longer the better. What about alternate ways to heat. Water purification? ahhh bet there is even more that I didn’t think about. Potassium Iodide tables for radiation…

  • Surface combat vessels are relics. Just my opinion. Unless we have directed energy weapons mounted on them to engage multiple threats with enough power to reach out to and neutralize incoming swarms of missiles like the Israelis, they are going to be future habitat for bottom dwelling fish.

    I don’t know, this (the sinking? of the Moscow) stinks to high heaven. It’s reminiscent of the sinking of the (British flagship)Hood. A 25 year old ship built in 1916 that was sunk by one well placed shot from the Bismarck in 1941. Days later she was also sent to the bottom by her crew after she was crippled by a single torpedo from a Swordfish bi-plane launched from Arc Royal and badly mauled by a Royal Navy surface combat force. But the British navy cried “remember the Hood” all through the rest of the war.

    Now a forty year old guided missile cruiser that the Kremlin has refused to upgrade in any significant way is sent to the bottom. Oh, yea, and it bears the name of the nations capital and was the flagship of the Black Sea fleet. This will rally the Russian population. This will escalate the war. NATO, whether behind this or not, is out of options. The die had been cast years, not months, ago. No avoiding it now. BTW last fall the Russian navy launched a new super silent fast attack sub into the pacific from Kamchatka. While we’re building larger and larger carriers.

    I know it’s cliche, but, the old saw; “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes” seems to fit here.

    As far as preps go? This changes nothing for us. I’ll feed my sheep, cattle, and neighbors and keep going. I’ll keep going because it’s the only thing I can do. This is all too big for me. I can only stay within my circles to affect others positively.

    • Actually, there is a thought that the Moskva wasn’t hit with a Ukrainian missile AND the Fire Report was actually factual.

      You see the airspace in that area is international so not under Russian control. A Directed Energy Weapon platform was demonstrated on a P-3 Orion style platform able to puncture anti-ship missile launchers almost a decade ago, and it is thought the Fires (Plural) in the munitions of the Moskva by such an Energy Weapon.

      It is also thought the Russians are WELL AWARE of this and thus have established a Combat Air Patrol around their naval units. They cannot without starting WW3 shoot down spy aircraft like the P-3 Orion BUT can make the NEXT event Fatal for that Orion.

      So, the State News was a warning to the Americans they are aware.

      Russia has no need to warn us they are going to use massive cyberwarfare and hypersonic EMP on us, they would just DO IT. Our warning time would be measured in a few minutes, vs the 30+ minutes of normal ICBM flight.

      Personally, I suspect that China is egging both Russia and America on as they OWN Biden and much of our Deep State (or Biden would never been selected) and have learned it’s cheaper to buy a few American Politicians (Pelosi on a 140,000 annual salary is worth at least 140 MILLION Dollars) than lose a few 30-60 million dollar Jet Aircraft (F16 basic prices), let alone a Chinese Aircraft Carrier.

      Lets you and him fight idea.

      Follow the money Russia and America crippled, maybe Europe in flames and China who has YEARS of stored Food, Energy (Oil, coal, nuclear) while America has no food nor energy reserves. After the smoke clears and radiation decays China owns the Russian resources and America’s fertile farm lands.

      All China needs to do is stay on the sidelines and not get nuked.

      Famine wars or as Michael Yon keeps saying PanFamWar.

      We all know a lights out event in America will very soon have burning cities and chaos.

      Got plenty of food, safe water and trusted friends?

      Spiritual preps is as important as defense preps as we will all meet our Maker someday and it’s best to be on good terms with Him.

      Praying for wisdom

      • Michael, excellent points. China has been hoarding everything they can get their hands on for years. China and Russia have a cyber armistice, and have been collaborating on a lot in recent years.

        Russia and China both have most, if not all, of our infrastructure and business networks well mapped out. They could very likely cripple us without an EMP.

    • Jim, I especially like the last paragraph u wrote because it’s absolutely on point: we just have to keep doing what we know to be right.
      Best of all, keep on being a positive influence!!!

  • Our government no longer belongs to us. We have been hi-jacked by a leftist/globalist criminal cabal. They are bent on world domination via looting private property/wealth, depopulation on a global scale, and crushing those countries that will not go along. Russia isn’t going along so Russia must be destroyed. A small elite group plans on controlling it all. Claus Schweb, the unelected but appointed spokesman of this evil group says the “You will own nothing and be happy!” They believe that a nuclear war will ‘clear off the table’ so-to-speak and then they can come out of their holes and re-build the world how they (Satan) wants it to be. Indoctrinating our children, acceptance of perversion as “normal”, ethic and racial divisions, destroying our sovereignty and that of other countries, COVID, the kill shots, inflation, increasing food shortages, financial collapse, an increasing tsunami of violent crime, adulterating our foods, weather manipulation… its all WWIII and we have been in it for some time. Those demon-controlled lost souls are at war with ALL of the globe, and so far they are winning. Prepare as you must.

    • And isn’t it amazing that the BIBLE actually warned us of these things? Daniel and Revelation specifically told us what to expect. We are to know the signs of the times. We are to be awake, aware, alert and looking for the signs that are all around us…We are NOT to be asleep at the wheel, now is not the time for that. We are NOT to have our heads buried in the sand either. NO we are to prepare NOW, and NOT procrastinate but to put our whole body and thought into keeping safe and be cautious NOW…Procrastinators will be in trouble. b/c they waited till it was to late….

  • “ If Americans are forced into World War 3 by the actions of NATO”. More like if NATO is forced into WW III by the actions of America. The hawks on both sides of the aisle seem to be pushing very hard to put America in a situation where our troops come into direct conflict with Russian forces. We have senators calling for a “No Fly” zone that don’t even seem to realize what that actually entails. And let’s not forget the continuing Biden Blunders which only make things worse. I have seen more than one report of Americans being in charge of training and troop movements on the ground. We continue to try and strangle Russia financially, while supplying more and more lethal weaponry to the Ukrainians. And we seem to be announcing everything we do to the world. Is it any wonder that Russia feels that they are at war with America and NATO?

    If it leads to nuclear war we are hooped, beyond what anyone can imagine. Can we survive a nuclear strike? That depends on the strike. Experts say we wouldn’t be able to leave our shelters for two weeks. Really? How do they come to that conclusion. Is that a strike in the Ukraine, or is it 10 airbursts over America? Other experts say that it would take at least 100 nuclear detonations to create a “nuclear winter”. That’s all well and good, but even India and Pakistan have several times that number, let alone Russia or the U.S. whose missiles are measured in the thousands. Are they looking at ground strikes, or air bursts? Are they considering that one nuclear detonation in the upper atmosphere can create an EMP that would wipe out all electronics virtually forever in the continental United States.

    The truth is that experts have nothing but theories when it comes to what the effects of multiple nuclear blasts would be. Let alone, hundreds or, God forbid, thousands. And the experts on nuclear blasts are not the experts on American or Russian nuclear war doctrine. Would mankind survive? Maybe yes, maybe no. Small pockets in deep underground, self-sustaining shelters with air filtration systems – possibly. But for the average man, woman and child on this planet the odds are definitely stacked against us.

    • EMP attacks always come up when the specter of nuclear war looms.
      Fact is, the US detonated an air burst in 1962 not far from Hawaii, to test these theories. It was code-named Starfish Prime, and now I don’t have to tell you the results, because that name lets you do your own research.

  • “If you can’t get cash out to buy food and your credit card won’t work, what do you do?”……….After a major cyber attack , there will not be any food to buy anyway, cash or no. Better have sufficient on hand for quite a while.

  • Someone tell Pravda and CNN that it can’t be a “world war” with just 2 countries involved in the fighting.

    • Umm. Sorry. That’s counter to the narrative. You will be docked 10 credits. Please get on board with the current thing quickly and avoid further penalties.

  • “Is it just saber-rattling? Or do you believe that World War 3 is on the horizon?”

    saber-rattling. short of nukes, wwiii means multiple massive cross-border invasions, but no-one has the infrastructure to support that anymore. and the nukes aren’t out yet, so no, no wwiii.

    heh. during the cold war we were all aware that our entire world and way of life could come to an absolute end in an hour – we called THAT wwiii. anything short of that was just called “war”.

  • I think only in hindsight, historians will look back and say when WWIII started. Could be argued it started with the fall of the Soviet Union, and NATO’s Eastward expansion.
    The Orange Revolution?
    The Minsk Protocol (or the breaking there of)?
    Closer ties with the EU when the Ukraine joined the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area?
    Actually, I kinda dont care as to when it began. That is a date or event that might be on Jeopardy, or a world history exam. Not like I can control any of this Charlie Fox anyways.

    What does interest me is the second and third order effects we are seeing on the global geo-political and economic stage. Especially when it comes to globally traded commodities, like wheat, corn, fertilizer, fuel. Things that can affect me and my pocket book.
    Obviously, getting as self-sufficient, self-resilient, and independent of things that I can control are a priority. The less I have to spend at the grocery store and grow my own, puts me that much further ahead.
    Unless someone drops a nuke on my head (wont know it anyways), even if a cyber attack or physical attack on the grid, it goes down, live stock still need tending to. Gardens still need weeding and watering.

    • Total agreement 1stMarineJarHead.

      Large Circle events I cannot control. I watch them for advance warnings.

      Small Circle events are something I can do something about. Food production, safe water and trusted friends.

      I fear the GIMMIE DATS more than anything else. NOT just the EBT crowd in Big Cities we country folks say are going to Burn those cities and “die off” before they walk out to us. Those that manage to gang up and get out to the countryside will be the most savage survivors of the bunch.

      Current gang activities have used young mothers with a baby act to get past locked doors even now.

      I ALSO Fear the unprepared out in the country with us. Even the sweetest Grandmother will go feral when she hears from her granddaughter “Grandma, I’m HUNGRY”. IF she feels she has No other options.

      Also, according to medical stats about 1/4 of Americans are on anti-depressants and mood-altering legal drugs (let alone the Tweekers, etc.)

      There is an excellent chance you have one or more such chemically mellowed folks in your circle.

      That’s to deal with “Normal Life Stresses” what do you think they are going to act when their 60-90 day supply is run out in SHTF situations?

      Think about that friends.

      Praying for wisdom

      • Michael,
        Good observation about those in the cities. How many could make it out? Would they? Would it be safer out on the open road, in unknown territory? Look at the false news coming out of the Ukraine/Russia war. Before the grid goes down, could there be rumors of country side, “Yu sur got a purtty mouth!” rednecks gone feral, and resorting to cannibalism? I for one would never start a rumor like that! 😉

        Right you are about the number of Americans on medications.
        While some are in fact a chemical imbalance, I oft wonder at how many may be a result of environment (disconnection from nature), food (ultra-processed), physical activity (lack thereof) or social media.
        One thing is for certain, the post-SHTF diet and exercise program will succeed where all others have failed.

        • “One thing is for certain, the post-SHTF diet and exercise program will succeed where all others have failed.”

          Master level work of understatement. Cannibalism is likely sad to say given the lack of concerns about the “Sanctity” of the human life (aka live birth abortions and party shootings and such).

          Going to be a whole of starving in the dark folks. Figure out NOW who you trust with your families’ lives.

          Praying for wisdom

    • Some historians even believe that the Cold War was WWIII. If that’s true, then this would be WWIV. What constitutes a World War is when alliances start picking a big fight with other alliances with little piccadillos.

      I believe nukes will be limited because those just scare the ‘ell outta everyone and peace may well be ushered in by a totalitarian global sumpin’, sumpin’. “Peace and safety” bait and switch. Just thinking through some logical outcomes. No one can say for sure. But some powerful folk out there thrive on chaos and confusion.

  • Isn’t it odd that a few years ago food retailers began encouraging folks to eat fresh and shop daily. Odder still that years before that, most distributors and retailers began the big “truck to shelf” campaign, which of course was prompted in part by IRS inventory tax on businesses. Distribution inventories were tight before all this, as was retailers’ inventories and consumers’ inventories. A few people had some foresight and may weather the storm for a while, but clearly we are all headed for disaster. When distribution goes completely dry there will be panic, outrage and a quick collapse of civility. Main thing for now-wear two masks, get another round of gene therapy and buy a “I support the current thing” t shirt. We’ll all be fine. Actually, this really is Trump’s fault. And Putin’s. Yeah, that’s it. Its Trump’s and Putin’s fault. And conservatives. And Christians. And the Second Amendment. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • RealWesterner,
      The eat fresh, shop daily thing is very common in the EU, and even in the major cities in China. They both have very small space for a pantry, and their fridge and freezers are at least half to a quarter of US sized (I have been to both the EU and China). They pick up what is for dinner that day.
      Then again, pre-electricity, modern grocery shops, telling one of the kids to go get a chicken to slaughter for tonight dinner was the norm. Potatoes, beets, rutabagas, carrots that still had dirt on them for that nights dinner was the norm too.
      Can you imagine the average American having to slaughter, pluck, gut a chicken? Wash dirt off their own veggies? The horror! The HORROR!
      Now that we are seeing the negative aspects of the JIT/BAU system, i.e. empty shelves, food inflation, there just might be a day in the not to far distant future where entire sections are empty, and what is available is going for 3 or 10 times the cost of 2020.
      Ladies and gents, boys and girls of all ages, the days of 2020 are long behind us. Expect everything going forward to be either in short supply, of high cost, or both.

      • “Expect everything going forward to be either in short supply, of high cost, or both.”

        and don’t forget “rationed”, to “essential personnel” ….

      • Indeed…or bait a fish hook without cringing and asking someone to do it for them…..also, before grid electricity was widely developed, Americans used a lot of batteries to power certain things.

  • We have been for a while now. It just finally turned hot.
    Does the frog get out and beat it’s oppressor, or is it happy sitting in the warm kettle playing with it’s memes and wi-fi until it’s soup?

    Sadly we all know the answer to this one, which is why we prep.

  • i see the train flying off the rails…is this the real situaton?… i do not see that i have any imput… i wish it were different because of my family and friends…but i see only one path for us….plant OUR gardens, milk OUR cow, tend OUR fields…change OUR children’s diapers…eat OUR home made bread in the solace of knowing that we have tried to do right, and the only answer we find is to stay ‘under the radar’…BUT… as we realize ‘extras’ from our efforts, we shall share with OUT neighbors.

  • Russia using properganda to sway the West’s public opinion hoping to influence their leaders.

    The truth is Russia is a 2nd rate country floundering on being 3rd world and America is a 1st rate world floundering on being a 2nd rated one.

    BOTH have commies ruling them. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • These people opinions don’t mean jack just as some Americans and other countries persons are saying the same BS. The only escalate is from Biden, Johnson, EU, NATO and other puppets of the deep state. Who want America to go to war with Russia to cover up what they been doing there and to further tear down both America and Russia so they can easier control the world. Putin is not going to invade Europe or anything else but what he said he is doing. Take out the evil Nazi units that been bombing and gunning down the citizens of Ukraine for the last 8-9 years or so and exposed the deep state slave trade, drug trade, sex trade, money laundering and other things they don’t want the world to know about. The Nazi units are their foot soldiers just like BLM, Antifa and MSM is in America. They just been around longer except for the MSM.

  • The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.
    Douglas MacArthur

  • USA is and has been under attack at the Texas/Mexico border for years. Those millions coming across will soon feel trapped and useless since there are really no “jobs” for all of them. After the free-on-arrival handouts end they will start raging.

  • WW3 will start the day of the next US false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran. That day Russia, China and the SCO are going to nuke and invade the USA. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of the approaching Planet X and the chemtrails that hide it every day globally for thirty years. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end WW3 when it rips North America into thirds, erupts Yellowstone super volcano and kills 5/6 of the 200 million SCO invaders. This is also the reason for the scamdemic and the death-shot fake “vaccine.” This is all planned by the evil criminal bastard governments and their evil alien masters. Execute the criminal bastard government or die in WW3 very soon!

  • So some Russkiy TV anchor thinks this is a world war.


    Moving on. I really think this site has been making a slow and steady shift to “ridiculous panic” mode instead of just preparation mode. Ratchet it back a bit.

  • By claiming to be in WWIII permission is assumed to do whatever is necessary for self-defense. So, while one is attacking another they will also assume a defense or offensive posture and increase attacking claiming it to be defensive. Hence, whatever is done to the declared enemy is acceptable because it is self-defense.

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