With mass censorship of alternative media, Americans are currently in the midst of a virtual "book burning" akin to the ones we look back on in shame.
The concept of the Deadly Force Continuum helps you become mentally prepared to defend yourself. This article explains how to set up a personal "force ladder."
Are you prepping for someone on a special diet? Please help us create the content you need by taking this one-click survey.
Zombie deer disease is spreading in North America, and the Canadian government has issued a warning about the always-fatal disease.
Preparing your special needs loved ones for an emergency doesn’t have to be scary. With a little thought and research, it can even be a fun family activity!
Jeffrey Epstein had a system for recruiting young girls that is similar to that of many other pedophiles who prey on vulnerable kids. Here's how to keep your children safe.
Maybe it's time to teach your child how to bug out from school.
Facebook is transcribing users' voice recordings and it's been withholding that fact from users. And THIS is one of the companies they hired to do it.
If the proposed EO becomes reality, it would set a dangerous precedent when it comes to freedom of expression, particularly since the government would decide what “fair” means.
Once regular law and order end, expect gangs, crime, and violence to spread. Jose shares some cautionary tales from Venezuela for us to learn from.
The US has become a minefield of butthurt. It's nearly impossible to have a conversation without the politically correct pointing out the error of your ways. They're here and they're offended.
School supply shopping can quickly become a budget-buster. Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.
Do you believe the official story about the "suicide" of Jeffrey Epstein? If not, here are five theories you may find interesting...or outrageously far-fetched.
When the world you know crumbles beneath your feet, when your very life is changed, especially if it’s not of your doing, it’s a little bit tougher than just moving on.
I misinterpreted the study and want to make it right. My correction is coming in the next few days.
Universal Studios announced today that they have canceled the release of their upcoming movie, "The Hunt," a "satirical" film about "elite liberals stalking and murdering "MAGA types."
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