Disasters happen. Here's how to start prepping in a way that isn't overwhelming or expensive - some steps are even free!. No bunkers, no wearing of tinfoil, no filtering and drinking of pee, and no building of Arks will be required.
The 3rd SHTF Anthology contains over 190 pages of advice, eerie predictions based on past experience, and brutal revelations from Selco.
Situational bias is a cognitive bias that can cause some people to believe that their unique skills, level of preparedness, or location make them immune to the disasters that may befall others. Be honest...is it possible that you might be suffering from this bias yourself?
A prepper's mental fatigue or self-pity can cause serious consequences in a long-term crisis. Early intervention and management are crucial.
With the economic crisis, more people than ever are turning to public transit to get around. If you ride the city bus or use the subway system, here are some tips to help you stay safe and comfortable while on public transport.
Mayhem in Minneapolis: After another police shooting, Minneapolis has exploded into fiery riots. Meanwhile, the verdict in the case of George Floyd's death draws near and the prosecution's case was weak. (VIOLENT CONTENT WARNING)
If the Biden Administration has its way, changes could soon occur that would allow for packing the Supreme Court with additional justices - with the justices of the administration's choice, of course.
Thirdworldization is a slow-burning SHTF for those of us living in developed countries like the US where we're used to comfort, convenience, and security. And we're watching it happen right before our eyes.
An extreme shortage of semiconductors has caused a price surge that could soon render electronics outrageously expensive and certain vehicle repairs downright impossible. We may not have to wait for an EMP to take down our tech and cars - we are facing a shortage that will affect EVERYTHING.
In all things survival, you need a layer of three, including your food supply. Here's what you should have in your three layers of food storage.
BREAKING: The President just signed a number of Executive Orders allegedly designed to “curb gun violence” that will turn many law-abiding Americans into felons.
Collecting rainwater is a vital prep. As an added bonus, it helps you save both money and the environment while preventing possible property damage.
An upcoming global event will simulate a supply-chain cyberattack that would "assess the cyber resilience" of the exercise participants. Notably, recent simulations have often been precursors to actual events.
Everyone keeps talking about the "new normal" but are you prepared for a reality that includes flashmob gangs, revolutionaries, and a lower standard of living?
The price of cooking oil is about to skyrocket. Here's how to avoid those high prices and possible shortages by producing your own cooking oil and rendering fat.
The government can't censor free speech because of the First Amendment, but Big Tech can make sure billions of people never see opposing opinions, making dissent obsolete. Have they gotten so much power that they're an unofficial 4th branch of the government?
You Need More Than Food to Survive

In the event of a long-term disaster, there are non-food essentials that can be vital to your survival and well-being. Make certain you have these 50 non-food stockpile essentials. Sign up for your FREE report and get prepared.

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