With the internet, it's never been easier to find like-minded folks. Big Tech took advantage of our urge to connect but there are social media alternatives.
Vladimir Putin's comments at a Russian think tank last week about the results of a potential nuclear holocaust should concern everyone.
A reader from South Africa shares some tips for using generators and backup power that have made it easier to deal with the continuous rolling blackouts there.
Parents in California have lost yet another right as the state limits kid's menu drink choices to milk or water - one more than you get in a dungeon.
We thought the world needed a full-on "back-to-the-90s-no-social-media" forums here. So we created The Survival and Self-Reliance Forum with Selco & Daisy.
Going to the grocery store is like navigating a gauntlet for those looking for whole foods. Here are 3 fake foods that have found their way into many pantries.
We've opened a new online bookstore so you can grab our PDFs any time you want! Check out our grand opening sale!
by Daisy Luther Lots of preppers are convinced that they're going to "live off the land" should the world as[...]
As Big Tech shuts down the voices of dissent to "protect the elections, you're getting a live demonstration of what "election interference" really looks like.
Selco wants you to prep for the most likely events in your everyday life and settings, then crank up the PRESSURE to learn to respond when things are intense.
On average, an American family spends a mindblowing $4721.50 during the last three months of the year. And "average" means half of them spend more than that.
Hundreds of pages fell victim to the alternative media purge yesterday in just one more step toward a monopoly on information by those who hate freedom.
Raise your hand if you survived a childhood in the 60s-70s-80s that included one or more of these frowned-upon activities & both hands if you got a participation scar.
Don't expect much warning before foreign creditors dump dollar-based assets, and don't expect much time before the negative effects are visible on Main Street.
Coconut oil is a shelf stable product that does it all. It can be used in place of butter, shortening, and cooking oil, and also as a health and beauty aid.
A survivor of the Venezuelan collapse warns preppers to be mobile. He says of your supplies and retreat, "You may have to leave it all behind."
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