In this article, Jose discusses some of the difficult choices he had to make when Venezuela collapsed, and how he could have done things differently.
A new investigation from Consumer Reports has identified 11 brands of bottled water that contain detectable amounts of arsenic.
Looking for prepper fiction? It's my favorite genre but man...not all of it is my cup of tea. Luckily for me, I found LL Akers' SHTF series.
In a SHTF situation, you may have to try to diagnose illnesses. Arriving at a diagnosis can be very complicated, but making a solid educated guess is often relatively straightforward.
It's probably no surprise that things are different in the Balkans, and for one, people are generally more fit and it relates to their daily habits.
Suicide bombers killed hundreds in Sri Lanka at churches and hotels on Easter morning. The streets were described as "a river of blood."
A team of researchers was able to keep pigs’ brains “alive” outside their bodies for 36 hours. Experts are raising concerns about the implications.
In part 2 of my travel diary, I'll tell you about the journey traveling from Virginia to Croatia.
The CDC and other health officials are investigating an outbreak of Listeria that has killed one person and hospitalized others.
In this article, Jose shares ideas about tools and equipment that will be useful post-collapse and are important additions to every prepper's workshop.
The deadly Ebola virus outbreak that has been ravaging the Congo may become a global health threat soon if efforts to contain it do not succeed.
Gun control activists in Congress and gun-grabbing activists are attempting to pressure banks into refusing service to gun companies.
Here are five pieces of medical knowledge that are important to understand during an emergency situation or during a disaster.
UPDATE: This outbreak is rapidly getting spreading. Cases have more than doubled (72 to 156) since the outbreak was initially reported.
Here's what I'm bringing with me to the Balkans as I head out for Selco's urban survival course and learn what the region can teach us about preparedness.
Sometimes I think that the next Revolutionary War will take place in a vegetable garden and that the rebels will be gardeners.
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