Scratch cooking is a lost art but it doesn't have to be. It's not out of reach as long as you can read, know how to set a timer, and possess the ability to use a measuring cup.
The MSM claims China has incarcerated a million people in "re-education" camps. China claims they are merely undergoing "vocational" training. What's the truth?
Do you have a stash of green, unroasted coffee beans but no idea what to do with them? Here's how to roast coffee beans at home.
The idea of having a chip implanted for "your own good" or for "convenience is spreading. Now the British media is normalizing the practice of microchipping.
An ambulance crew became stranded in the wildfire sweeping through Paradise, California. Here's the heroic story of how they survived and saved their patients.
You've probably heard of people closing wounds with super glue. Here's what you need to know so you can safely use super glue for first aid purposes.
I know that a lot of folks are feeling very tense and very stressed, and I believe I can help. Check out my course, Bloom Where You're Planted.
Cape Town, South Africa almost ran completely out of water on Day Zero. We can learn a lot from residents still surviving on only 13 gallons per day per person.
Plastic is bad for us and bad for the earth, but is there a darker, more menacing reason for the explosion of anti-plastic news and simultaneous bans?
Join Selco and Daisy in the November Prep-Every-Day Challenge and make preparedness a daily habit! (PS: You can win a prize for completing the Challenge!)
Lowe's, a hardware and home improvement store that has been around for 72 years, is closing around 50 locations. Is your local store on the chopping block?
Canola oil is like battery acid to your heart, even if it's organic. Here's why it's so bad for you, how to avoid it, and what to use instead.
Jewish Nurse Ari Mahler had every reason to hate the man in his ER, but he treated the synagogue shooter with kindness and compassion in his heart.
In 20+ years of paying utility bills and growing up in a house that was very utility conscious, this writer learned some tricks to drive down your costs.
If you were caught up in the midst of a massive earthquake would you know what to do in order to survive?
An old Army medic gives us a glimpse inside his first aid kit. Here are some links and checklists to create your own high-quality prepper's medical bag.
You Need More Than Food to Survive

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