What is a grand solar minimum and is it something we should worry about? Here are the details to know about the sun's lack of activity.
A "state of emergency" has been declared by the staff at Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport, North Carolina. Few details are available at the moment
A farmer wants you to know that there's an ugly truth you need to face about that packet of wheat seed you've got in your survival seed bank.
Selco warns when the SHTF is over, if you survive you will be forever changed. There are some skills and experiences you cannot gain without paying for them.
Like it or not, social media is a monumental source of information. After a social media purge to only show one point of view, censorship is at its peak.
A Florida native shares a detailed story of what it's really like to live through a hurricane and how to get through the aftermath smoothly.
Jose from Venezuela talks about the difficulty of nomadic survival and how he wishes he had prepared differently.
All that idle time during a blackout can leave you bored and frustrated. Here are some reader ideas for what to do for entertainment during a power outage.
Are you preparing for Hurricane Florence? In this morning's updates, there's good news, bad news, and a lot that is still unknown. Here's how to prepare.
When you're in for some turbulent weather, do you head to the store with a list entitled, "Food for Power[...]
When a hurricane is headed your way, it's wisest to leave. But if you have some reason you couldn't leave, here's what to do if it's too late to evacuate.
If you need to get some last-minute emergency supplies but your original choices are gone, here's what to buy when the shelves are almost empty.
When a long-term SHTF situation happens, people will die. You need to prep for death - and for the dead bodies that come with it - both mentally and physically.
Here's a very thorough hurricane preparedness guide with a free shopping list!
There sure seems to be a lot of sick people and quarantined international planes lately, don't there?
Hurricane Florence could affect places that are as much as 350+ miles inland. Here's what you need to do to prepare if you live within that range.
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