Brainwashing and the New Vocabulary: 12 Words and Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

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Editor’s Note: This was written in 2020. I’m sure we have plenty of new annoying words to add to the list by now.  Add your 2021 Brainwashy words in the comments. ~ DL

Remember how after September 11th happened, there was that nasty bill that formed the TSA and authorized all sorts of surveillance against the American people and they called it, ironically, The Patriot Act?

Of course, we knew then that the bill was anything but patriotic, however, that didn’t stop it from being passed and trampling all over the Constitution. The word “patriot” was perverted by those in power who wanted everyone to fall into lockstep with the unconstitutional searches at airports and many other invasions into our privacy.

Which brings us to another word that doesn’t mean what people think it means – it was all done in the name of “security.”

If you’ve been watching any type of media coverage or reading articles, you’ve probably seen or heard a plethora of words and phrases which are currently being perverted due to the coronavirus pandemic. I don’t know about you, but if I never heard “safe” or “new normal” again, I’d be a much happier person.

If you feel like people are being brainwashed through repetition, that’s because they are. Quite simply, these buzzwords and several others we’ll discuss are being used to indoctrinate the public.  As Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany, wrote:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (source)

We’re incredibly divided right now and the words are being as fuel to the fiery arguments taking place both online and in-person, during altercations in which one party feels the other party is being callous and horrible.

Let’s take a look at this hostile takeover of our vocabulary with a dozen words I’d like to have stricken from conversations, advertising, and the media.

The new normal

While it’s absolutely true we’re never going “back to normal” like we were before the pandemic, there’s a “new normal” being foisted upon us which is blatantly fueled by fear. Earlier on in the lockdown, I used this phrase a few times in reference to the economy. Sorry about that.

The “new normal” is most often used to get people to accept whatever unconstitutional or undignified rule that people in charge want us to find tolerable, like taped squares on the floor that we’re supposed to stand in while waiting in properly spaced lines. You know how cats will curl up in a taped-off square on the floor as though it was a box? Now they want humans to do that for the privilege of buying alcohol or food.

Other bizarre “new normal” activities are having your temperature taken by someone brandishing an infrared thermometer gun, scurrying around in a mask in stores trying to avoid other humans like you’re playing some kind of weird game of tag, and publicly shaming those who don’t act terrified because they clearly hate old people.

We’re all in this together

The saccharine phrases “we’re all in this together” or “we’re all in this together…apart” were bandied about early on in the lockdowns. Celebrities serenaded us badly with John Lennon songs. They made videos of themselves looking concerned at their mansions, telling us not to worry, because “we’re all in this together.”  Except, of course, they still have millions of dollars in the bank and the rest of us weren’t supposed to go to work or open our businesses to make the money we need to survive.

Indeed, we all owe these celebrities an unfathomable debt of gratitude for reminding us that they, too, are “in this together.”

Social media outlets even made little frames for your profile pictures bearing those wildly annoying words. Articles encouraging us to hunker down in our homes reminded us that everyone, rich or poor, was “in this together” too. It’s just that the rich people were “in this together” on yachts and private islands while the rest of us crammed into the kitchen on Zoom meetings with our employers while banning our kids from streaming anything so we had enough internet.

Stay home.

Stay home. Just stay home.

How many times did you hear this phrase early in the lockdown? You probably lost count at umpteen million. #StayHome was a viral hashtag on Twitter, people ended social media status updates encouraging others to just “stay home,” and we were all told that if we didn’t “stay home” we were risking the lives of every person we loved and a few we hated because we were going to unconsciously spread the virus and kill people.

Clearly the only people who were asymptomatic were the a$$holes who wouldn’t “stay home.” They were COVID Marys and COVID Marks, thoughtlessly spreading illness to old people and kids with cancer merely because they wouldn’t just “stay home.”

In order to get us to all “stay home” stores in some states took to establishing what their government felt were “essential” purchases, and banning all other purchases even if you were already in the same store. (More on the word “essential” in a moment.) Thoughtless people didn’t realize if you only bought lettuce or a gallon of milk, you wouldn’t pass on your cooties. Cooties were only passed when you bought duvet covers or garden seeds.

Jeez. Stay home, you jerks.

Social distancing

Another phrase that makes me want to snarl viciously at those using it is “social distancing.” I’ll admit, I’ve always had an invisible personal space bubble I don’t like having invaded, but the whole social distancing thing means now that stores have arrows telling you which way you can walk down an aisle and the afore-mentioned taped boxes or Xs on the floor for standing in an appropriately social-distanced line.

Due to “social distancing” we spent months being unable to visit with loved ones, go into restaurants to eat, or go into the liquor store aisles to select our own much-needed whiskey.  We’ll continue socially distancing in all sorts of ridiculous ways in the “new normal” future, with venues only allowing a small portion of their former capacity of customers inside at a time.

Six feet

Hand in hand with social distancing is the phrase “six feet.”  If someone gets too close to you in the store, you can shout angrily from behind your mask, “Six feet, mofo!” and it’s perfectly acceptable. Six feet is the gold standard, the protective bubble that keeps you “safe” from getting COVID 19 when you can’t “stay home.”

All those Xs on the floor of stores are measured out to be six feet apart. Children returning to school will have to stay six feet away from other children while marching around the playground in dismal formation. Offices are being redesigned so everyone can stay six feet away from everyone else.


The word “essential” has also been corrupted. If you were able to keep working throughout the entire lockdown, it’s because you were an “essential” worker doing an “essential” job. “Essential” was defined separately by the governor of each state, so it varied from place to place. My daughter, who works in a beauty supply store, was initially not “essential” but a month in when everyone’s roots began to show, she became essential and got the travel papers to prove it.

The word “essential” was also used to describe purchases that the government felt were important enough for you to be allowed to make in person, and for trips outside the home. It was “essential” to go to the grocery store, the doctor, the pharmacy, and out to walk your dog. However, the dog had to be walked on neighborhood streets with all the other people essentially walking their dogs, instead of on a trail out in the forest alone, because the trails were closed because they weren’t essential.


Depending on the business you’re in, you may have heard the word “pivot” until you wanted to vomit. Small businesses were super-busy “pivoting” to try and stay afloat while loans meant for them went to billionaires and giant corporations. You could “pivot’ by manufacturing something else – something “essential” like hand sanitizer – or by offering delivery or curbside pickup of your products.

Some of the “pivoting” was just different marketing. Buy this laundry soap, because we’re washing clothes for healthcare workers in it. Buy our car, because we support essential workers. Buy from us because here’s how we’re keeping our employees safe.

Other “pivots” were allowing people to work from home, supporting your customers in different ways, and selling goods from an appropriate social distance, like literally selling new vehicles over the internet and dropping them off in people’s driveways.

Uncertain or unprecedented times

How many emails could possibly have the subject line starting with “in these uncertain times” or “in these unprecedented times”?

It turns out, a whole lot. I can’t enumerate how many emails I got assuring me that various companies had my back in these “uncertain times.”  Everyone from Victoria’s Secret to my internet service provider sent me a message letting me know how they were doing business in these “unprecedented times.”

Car brands had commercials about why you needed a particular vehicle during these uncertain times because we all definitely need a new car while the business that employs us is trying to pivot. Articles had headlines about handling these “uncertain times.” I confess, I too had an article about uncertainty early in the crisis. Again, sorry I used that word.

The continued use of this word makes people eager to latch on to anything that is “certain.” It makes them want to accept “the new normal” so they don’t have to be so “uncertain.” And since all this is “unprecedented” we have no idea what that “new normal” is going to be, so it can be anything, no matter how draconian.

Flatten the curve

When the lockdowns were first announced back in March, the entire goal was to “flatten the curve.” That meant that hospitals would not be overwhelmed like the hospitals in Italy and China. Instead of a graph going straight up into the stratosphere, we’d have a gentle hill, spacing out the illnesses.

Everything became about “flattening the curve.” You can’t “flatten the curve” while going about your business.  CBS News explained (while using 4 of our least favorite words and phrases):

Communities are being urged to practice social distancing, some schools are closing, sports and cultural events are being canceled, and companies are asking employees to work from home — even if they’re not experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Many are wondering why they are essentially self-quarantined despite the fact that they’re not sick. The answer has to do with “flattening the curve” — an answer that could leave some people confused.

You’ve likely seen “flattening the curve” graphs being used in articles and shared on social media as a way to explain the importance of responding aggressively to curb the spread of the coronavirus. But what does it mean to flatten the curve, and how do we do it?

Friday on “CBS This Morning,” CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook explained what has become a buzzword in the wake of the outbreak.

“Is it really worth while to do all of this social distancing and hand washing? The answer is yes,” Dr. LaPook said. “Normally, right now — without any measures — the epidemic might go up [sharply] and go down. That peak number of cases could overload the system and that’s what people are worried about.” (source)

Unfortunately, even after the curve was flattened across the nation in April, that was no longer sufficient. Many people are still stuck at home and many businesses are still unable to reopen.


The most overused word in this entire list of hijacked vocabulary has to be “safe.”

If taking a shot every time you heard or read the word “safe” was a drinking game, we’d all be wasted by 9:30 am. Out of all the words I never want to use again, “safe” is the ultimate. The word was already hijacked somewhat by the “safe spaces” nonsense where people were supposed to go when they felt vulnerable because somebody said something mean or wore a MAGA hat around them.

Now, “safe” has crossed the Rubicon. Every other article on the internet is about remaining “safe.” Church marquees want you to stay away from service to be “safe.” Instead of saying “bye” or “see ya later,” the salutation when someone is leaving is now an implorement to “stay safe.”

Some things that used to be okay but now aren’t safe are: kids playing at a playground, adults shaking hands with other adults when doing business, going for a hike, eating at a table in a restaurant, getting your hair cut, or basically having fun in any way beyond playing a wild game of Scrabble against those with whom you are “staying at home.”

You all know that Ben Franklin quote about safety and liberty. I’m not even going to quote it.

Dishonorable mentions: “curbing the spread” and “wash your hands”

While not used quite to the same dizzying level as the words above, I’m also pretty sick of hearing about “curbing the spread” of the coronavirus and “washing my hands.”

First of all, every business that sent me an “uncertain” or “unprecedented” email wanted me to know what they were doing to “curb the spread” of the virus. Every White House or gubernatorial press conference explained with deep sincerity how following all the rules would result in a “curb of the spread” of COVID19. (Of course, they also said the lockdown was only going to be for 2 weeks, and here we are finally emerging 60 days later in some parts of the country, almost as long a time as I predicted in the analysis I wrote back in March when a whole bunch of readers said I was nuts and angrily unsubscribed. Let me also note that the lockdown has not yet been completely lifted in several highly populated parts of the US.)

And I was already washing my hands, thank you very much. If you need to be told to wash your hands as an adult, you clearly missed out on some important childhood lessons.

This is what brainwashing is like.

If you ever wondered what it was like brainwashing somebody, this is what it’s like. Having the same words used over and over, words that used to mean something, until they begin to come out of your mouth too. When you consistently hear these phrases and the opposite of these phrases is used to incite irrational fear, that’s brainwashing.

I’m not being a paranoid, tinfoil-tiara-wearing nutcase when I tell you that we’re all the targets of a mass media operation to make us accept this draconian outrageous “new normal.” When you hear things over and over again, when you hear a script coming from the mainstream media, from social media, your sucker of a neighbor who snitches on kids playing outside, and when every other article has one or more of these words in the headline, there’s an agenda.

And that agenda is going to result in the loss of more freedom and the addition of more surveillance. (Anyone looking for a contact tracing job?)

I’m not saying that this virus wasn’t real or that it wasn’t a public health threat. It was. The fact that things didn’t get as bad as predicted doesn’t mean that the measures taken were entirely unnecessary – it means they worked. But it doesn’t mean that those measures need to be continued forever and ever.

However…as with all things, when the government gets a little bit of extra power and control, they become greedy for more. They didn’t let this crisis go to waste, and they aren’t letting any grass grow under their feet while they plot to make all this nonsense permanent.

A fearful, indoctrinated populace is a populace that is easy to control.

What words are driving you nuts?

What words or phrases make you want to fling yourself (or the person using them) into oncoming traffic?

Maybe I’m just cranky after being locked up for 2 months, but I’m stunned all my teeth have survived without being cracked as I clench my jaw in annoyance every time I hear or read these phrases.

If you catch yourself using these words, please, for the love of kittens, STOP. Stop perpetuating the propaganda. And if I missed any of the new buzzwords that annoy the snot out of you, please let me know in the comments. Which words would you like to see stricken from public discourse?

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  • The phrases have irritated me from the start. I’ve blocked anyone that uses this stupidity on my social media.

    I’ve also started using the phrase, “STAY FREE!” when someone gives me that “stay safe” line.

  • Yeah all those phrases have driven me nuts because the manipulation is so transparent, it’s even more annoying when I see people I know repeat them.
    “ we’re all in this togeather” really got me. Got we’re not in this togeather. Our govt, celebs etc still have plenty of toilet paper, food, homes, jobs, pay & a golden parachute for life. So NO!
    There not in this togeather with anyone else. It’s complete BS.
    And I totally get your point about the other ones too but I’ve kinda found a way to make it work fir me.
    1. New Nirmal? I’ve never believed in normal anyway so it doesn’t bother me. I expect things to be odd.
    2. Stay home? I’m a home bid anyway so that doesn’t bother me either. It’s a cold , wet winter here in Australua anyway so comfort food in front of the fire place is cool with me.
    3. Social distancing? I’ve used this old chestnut so that I’ve got a good excuse to avoid people I don’t like or am not in the mood for.
    4. Essential? Well this is so arbitrary & inconsistent that it makes me wonder why the government thinks it’s essential.
    I don’t find tyranny essential do you?
    5. Uncertain or unprecedented times?
    As long as I’ve been alive I’ve heard variations on this one just to put us in fear relying on an incompetent govt.
    It’s right up there with “ the Cold War” which was actually a timevif unprecedented peace in the west. But to keep us all in fear they just had to scare the living daylights out of us with “ mutually assured destruction” it’s all such BS.
    6.flatten the curve? Means nothing to normal people it’s PC speak for flatten your face with the govts boot on it.
    7. Safe? The only thing I don’t feel safe around is mad tyrannical govts and snitch neighbours that think they’re being good whilst perpetrating this Nazi like evil.
    After all the corruption that’s been exposed in all our institutions & govt over the last few years I really didn’t think I could think less of our institutions. But they’ve managed to hit a new low that I couldn’t even imagine that’s reached disgust.
    & I’m guessing that curve hasn’t been flattened yet.
    I don’t know how, because my mind can’t imagine the diabolical but I’m gathering the impression that they’re going to reach new lows

  • First off, I ate in a restaurant yesterday. Not my first choice, the restaurant I wanted to eat at was still only serving drive thru. Where I did eat was only 100 yards from my first choice, but their tables are spread out more.

    Second, I went and got a haircut. I had to sign in and they took and recorded, my temp. This smacks of contact tracing to me. Then I had to wait outside until my barber was ready. She told me that next time I had to wear gloves and a mask or if she was caught with a customer without one, she would be written up. The mayor in this city is a pretty belligerent dim.

    The conflicting news reports, from many sources, are very confusing and contradictory, but that is probably part of the plan, to have us all unbalanced and confused.

    Putting on tin foil hat for a moment, I think we likely may see something else, some other major distraction, like this virus but different, before the election in November. Tin foil hat off. Heaven help us if the dims get control of (by ANY means possible) the senate or the presidency.

    • I am in agreement with your response that we will see something else before elections. Even China states we will get a nasty surprise for the elections, think October surprise, isn’t there one in October just about every year? Total agreement of your last paragraph!

  • If you want to control people’s thoughts, begin by controlling their words. If you can control the language, you can control the people. And controlling people is the ultimate goal.

    And when it comes to “safe”……..The pursuit of “safe” over virtually all other considerations is life-suppressing. This is true for your own individual life, and it is true for the life of a society.
    You are not on earth to be safe. You are on earth to lead a full life. The nature of this world is such that if you aim for 100% safety and no pain, you won’t really live. Safe, as in “no risk,” doesn’t exist. Accepting there are degrees of safety and balancing risk with reward are part of leading a rich life.
    The World War II generation has been dubbed “the greatest generation.” Part of what made them great was the last thing they would ever ask was, “Is it safe?” If you want to lead a good and full life, you cannot now keep asking, “Is it safe?”

      • We are in a time when everything is being redefined — especially our perception of good and evil.

        The one phrase, “We’re in this together” is the most deceptive one of all. What. A. Crock. We already knew this country was deeply divided along party lines. My party cs. your party. It is now become a deeper rift, My life vs. your life. But we are now all magical friends because we are all suffering in the same way, to the same degree.

        But “contact tracers” takes the cake. Who ever heard of such a thing? I’m sure we’ll all become bilious with this stasi tactic real fast.

        • One more: Zoom. I’ve had it with that mechanical substitute for human contact. Talk about flattening something! Flat faces and tin voices. DIL came over the other day and we embraced shouting, “Hugs everybody! Time for hugs! ”

          All this crap is dehumanizing. Fear sells though and so love grows cold. We can’t let love grow cold.

        • Ah yes, the “contact tracers” maybe that will wake people up but again, there are those who like to talk just to talk and maybe feel “important” because they warrant this attention. Unbelievable.


    Let me say this nicely: ANY politician who uses that phrase needs to be strapped to a gurney then pummeled into a coma with gym socks full of dog shit

    And ANYONE who nods their stupid head in agreement with this idiotic, flat out untrue phrase needs to eat the content of the socks after we’re done

  • Thankyou again for a very good article , and voicing the same feelings that I have …. as I am writing this there is a “pop-up” ad showing one phrase that really annoys me ,
    ” at home togother” , when so many I see saying it have been gathering with thier friends every weekend since this began at thier lakehouse and getting drunk , keeping everyone awake till 0230 in the morning in this community. I always make sure to mow my lawn as early as I can the next morning though…

    • My lawnmower may not be as loud, but my boys are eye poppingly AWAKE at 6:30 every morning. And we have a basketball hoop. And a heavy bag for round house kicks. Plus they have outdoor chores to do, “before it gets too hot”

      So there’s that 🙂

  • I agree on the items you listed and would add some variation on “so this will never happen again.” What ever “this” is definitely will happen again. Better to be prepared to deal with it.

      That word SMART has been around for along time. Seems we’re being conditioned to accept the word “SMART”. Maybe this new mark that will come out in the near future will be the “SMART MARK” or the “SMART CARD” or “SMART HUMANS” , “SMART PLASTIC” or something…But if you would notice we already have SMART PHONES, SMART CARS, and there is a SMART BANK, SMART CHICKEN FROM TYSONS, SMART RECIPES and SMART this and SMART that….SO as I write this I just hope that everyone will remember to STAY SMART, b/c it will matter apparently in our future, it will be important to be “SMART”…We probably will not be able to stay alive unless we are all “SMART”, seriously.

  • Just finished my last transaction a few days ago with a company that didn’t think that I was ESSENTIAL! I know one person ordering doesn’t matter to that company – but it means I at least have some integrity.

    I also am sick and tired of all of the B.S, that has come with this “disaster” from the NWO crowd. I’m amazed that so many companies joined in on this full force. They DO NOT realize what is behind the CV curtain waiting for them.

  • What a great read. I totally agree. The first time the words “social distancing” were used I thought, hmmm, we’re not supposed to TALK to people? That would be social distancing. At least “physical distancing,” while it would have become just as annoying, would have at least been more accurate.

    The way this entire C-19 thing has been/is being handled raises all sorts of red flags. Not letting you buy what you want when you’re in a store? I can see a limit on some high-purchased items, but telling you that you can’t buy this item or that item? That’s crazy.

    I’m personally sick of the word “pandemic.”

    That’s all for now!

  • “My rights”. Yes, we have rights. Are all of them absolute – no they are not.

    I suspect anyone in London who left his/her lights on during an air raid, was swiftly dealt with provided s/he survived the air strikes.

    I can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

    My right to pray – no one said you couldn’t pray. Just not in a building for the time being. There weren’t always churches in this country so families worshiped at home.

    As to essential, lack of federal leadership allowed “essential” to have all too many definitions.

    And FYI – FC Seoul faces sanctions for using sex dolls in the stands.

  • Daisy, excellent synopsis of the whole matter. I now hate the words “comply”, “compliance”, or any derivative thereof. I would like to say all of this is a bunch of HORSE MANURE, but then why insult horse manure since it is at least good for something. The garbage we have been fed wouldn’t even make decent fertilizer!

  • all those emails from companies I have done business with in the past telling me how “they are here for me.” Really? They’re here for me? Are they reducing the amount I owe them? Are they making my payment for me? Are they sending me a box of food? Are they going to lower the interest rate? How exactly are they here for me? If I call them in tears because my kid is sick and I can’t find a doctor to look at him, are they going to help me with medicine? Find a doctor who IS OPEN? My husband had an allergic reaction and the doctor won’t see him for over two months. Will they find someone who can see him sooner? Like right away while the reaction is still going on? No, they aren’t really here for me. No one really cares. Even the doctor doesn’t care. They are ALL ONLY INTERESTED IN GETTING PAID. I am sick of their FAKE CONCERN.

    • OMG Okie Farm Girl, I’m so with you on that one! I am sick and tired of those ‘caring’ companies. If you cared so much you would be totally ignoring this idiocy, stay open, let your customers get what they need, and keep people employed!

    • We did get a refund check from our car insurance company because people are driving less and there aren’t as many accidents. A nice little silver lining. LOL!

  • Daisy-awesome run down of the most aggravating, ad nauseum phrases being used currently. Takes being PC to a whole new level of stupid!
    I love the first commenters reply to the beloved, “stay safe”, “Stay free!” Awesome! 100% agreed and will start using this myself 🙂

    I didn’t see anything about the recommendations to wear a mask. You can’t even get into some businesses without the dreaded mask! What a joke! The masks actually put you more at risk to become sick not to mention have become a fashion statement. Kind of an establishment status symbol as well. Gives you a good idea of who the good little sheeple are 🙁

    Our health dept has taken it upon themselves to put up these yard signs in front of various businesses in town, especially eating places, that remind everyone of the top 4 suggestions.
    Social distancing, wear a mask, stay home, wash your hands!
    I wish they would all simply disappear. Might send a clear message to the freedom hating bureaucrats.

    Massive psych-op on the American public all of this nonsense. Pure propaganda to get the sheeple to fall in line for the next lock downs. Yup, they are telling us that this will happen again if one is listening with a brain that still has critical thinking abilities. Question is, will people just fold up and agree to do it one more time? I sure as h*ll hope not. Enough! Go back to work and get on with life. (Of course giving people an extra $600 with unemployment doesn’t encourage a return to work when you can claim fear of Rona and stay home!)
    Ignore these goons and turn off the mass media. It is literally poisoning peoples minds and taking away their ability to recognize what freedom really means.

    I really could go on for a long time. This whole thing really toasts my buns!
    Enough already!
    Where are the freedom loving patriots? Perhaps it’s time to get the powder keg lit. Need to review what MLK stood for and get people out in massive numbers to exercise the right to peaceably assemble against these freedom smashing tactics. Is this what all of our service people have given their lives for? For us to just give up without a whimper when our civil rights are simply taken away?

    Sorry, I got going again.

    • This was only a practice run. The next round will be even worse. Keep prepping everybody!!! They are all intent on getting rid of the constitution and making this a dictatorship, a socialist country. Unfortunately, they don’t realize they will not be at the top. They will eventually be either dead, or a little peon, just like the rest of us. Socialism never works. Never has, never will. But the great experiment, which was America, is in the death throes. Ben Franklin answered the question of, “Well, what did we get?” And he said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Well, certain people have been trying to tear it down ever since then. They are very close. And they are even more encouraged to keep going. Look at what we have put up with? We are all cowering in our homes, afraid. We are allowing stores, who have the goods, just roped off from the public, to tell us what we can and cannot buy. Free public parks are closed, and people are being arrested for going OVER the rope to enjoy the sunshine or let their kids play on the playground. This is insane!!! This USED TO BE A FREE COUNTRY!!! And we just role over like a dog and allow the beatings to continue. We need to wake up and fight back. Say NO MORE!!! STOP!!! But, I am afraid too many people ARE Sheeple and don’t want to leave their couch.

    • For the most part your FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOTS ARE IN THE SOUTHERN STATES…i live in N.C. and these people LOVE their freedom…They will be one of the final states to ever give it up…FLORIDA is in the south yes but most of those people are NOT Fl. natives, they are down there from up north b/c they go there to be warmer…SO Fl. is NOT included.
      Then you have GEORGIA AND SOUTH CAROLINA AS WELL AS ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI AND LOUISIANA. add TENNESSEE and I believe that should cover the really southern ones…THEY fly rebel flags, and put bumper stickers on their vehicles (lots of trucks). They believe in the constitution, they fly the USA flag, they voted (for the most part) for Trump…They own land, farms and many of them are real “preppers”…They wear cowboy hands and have great big trucks, some with big ole tires on them so they can make it back to the land they own far into the woods/country…and more. SO if you want good ole freedom lovin patriots these are the places to be. ALL hell will break loose before they give in to government control. DON’T TREAD ON ME is another flag you might see in ALL of these states. They know how to spell FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS, and DEPEND ON ME !!! They believe what MLK said in his famous speech…They grow their own veggies, tend their own gardens and ride their own horses, they plow their fields, they give to their neighbors, they are (for the most part) good, decent , down to earth souls…The own a Bible they believe in FREEDOM at all cost. Yes they own GUNS (lots and lots of them) and they NEVER turned them in for money when many idiots were doing so… They believe in the RIGHT to assemble PEACEABLY…They don’t want their LIVES/FREEDOM trampled on. THEY will NOT allow their civil rights to be taken away from them by hell or high waters…It just ain’t gonna happen!!! ONLY “GOD” has that right, but man will NOT do that to them. They are PATRIOTS, they are WARRIORS, they are SOUTHERNERS and they are FREE!!!

      • True, but the South is also the unhealthiest part of the country in terms of obesity and chronic diseases. They don’t take good care of themselves down there. How can they fight for freedom effectively when they’re dying earlier than anywhere else in the country from their stupid health choices? Put down the fried food and wake up to your potential Southerners!

  • First responders. I’m so sick of that term I could just scream. And heroes. Geez, everyone who gets up in the morning now is a hero.

  • I was laughing so hard, specifically about “we are all in this together” and “stay at home” and whatever phrase they want to hijack next. You are spot on.

  • I think you may have overlooked “herd immunity”. I would even add the more common word “vaccination” to the list and “lock down”, of course.

    This isn’t a term, but I hear it all to frequently and am sick of hearing the names “Bill Gates” and “Tony Fauci”. I personally think the former is nothing but a psychopath with a lot of money and the later a fraud who has been implicated in some questionable dealings by the NIH.

    Hope this helps

  • The phrase “new normal” makes me want to just jump off the rims. I hate that phrase more than anything else they have come up with. Of course I don’t like any of the others either. I will fight that “new normal” with all my being.

  • I am watching an interview between Julia Roberts and Dr. Fauci. She used all those buzz words-new normal, social distancing, hand washing…ugh!

  • Yes, all of those have been a source of endless irritation and have been the source of many expletive laced comments at the Talking Heads every time I’ve heard them on the TV and Radio (usually F***ing Morons).
    Just as the CDC came out at the beginning announcing that PPE, especially masks, would not protect someone not trained to wear one (like Medical Personnel). What a ludicrous and totally false statement. I’ve had a belly full of the Coolie Cooties since January. The misleading information and outright bald face lies from the media, CDC, WHO and the arse half of Congress have been way too much to take. Time for a revolt!

  • My work has a weekly meeting on Mondays called A HUDDLE. If I NEVER hear that word again I will live a full and happy life! Our HUDDLEs have consisted of such eye opening discussions as what MUSIC we like to listen to, what movies we like, what books we read, first trip or vacation after the stay at home edict is lifted. SERIOUSLY? they have us WORKING FULL TIME, but want to take a damn hour to discuss movies, books, and music??? WHAT EVER.

    • Wow. That’s definitely the way to enrage people that have a full workload to get to. I have to do a few conference calls each week but at least my boss has kept the touchy/feely stuff to a minimum.

  • This may sound bad, but I am sick of politicians saying it’s all “For The American People” while they put on a woebegone face and pretend they really care. Especially Ms. Pelosi. She uses it every other sentence, it seems. But she is not alone, just to me the most irritating.
    Love your articles, Daisy.

    • She doesn’t give a dang for the American people. She’d rather be at home eating her ice cream. She sure doesn’t want to be around the common person or their germs!!!! It almost makes me wanna puke just to hear her name, but certainly to hear her voice.

  • Agreed especially on “new normal” in fact have said to people, they should NOT be saying that, it is NOT normal. “Unprecedented times” isn’t even true, pandemics have occurred, maybe not in conjunction with food shortages, a presidential election and an attempted coup but hey these times are unusual, unfortunate or strange but not unprecedented. It is all very disgusting. I and my friends and family go about our business – had a great gathering on Mother’s Day, may well have a barbecue on Memorial Day – “Social Distancing”? Hmmm, well I tend to do that anyway as we’ll as “wash your hands”. If you weren’t taught that at home – that is unfortunate but not unprecedented.

    As for “Safe”, none of us have ever been wholly safe. A plane could crash on your house (or a car come through the wall), you could get hit by a car in public, or trip and hit your head or fall out of a tree or off of a roof or maybe, since your family didn’t teach you to “wash your hands”, maybe you will run with scissors and stab someone or your self. You could cut yourself on a piece of cardboard and get an infection.

    Life includes risk and in investing, the greater the risk the greater the potential reward and of course vice versa. Individuals must make their own choices – granted we can throw in seat belts (still could make things worse in an accident) and install lights (but you should still look before you cross) but risk is natural hence phrase “survival of the fittest”. (maybe throw in smarter too – everyone gets dealt their hand and so it goes.

    But yeah this is NOT NORMAL difficult, unusual, strange, odd, unfortunate, yeah .

    • I have heard “you are so selfish” so often it makes me sick. Everytime I don’t follow the party line then I am selfish. Tell me, who is really selfish for keeping the economy closed. There does not need to be a dichotomy, it is possible to go out there and live your life and still open the economy. If you stay safe the rest of you life, how can you possibly have a life?

      • I totally agree Kris. If you didn’t support the first black president you were racist. If you don’t like the transgender craziness you’re bigoted. Now, if you don’t subscribe to the pandemic narrative you’re selfish. Because so many people worry what others think of them it’s very easy to accuse someone of being racist, bigoted or selfish to keep them toeing the line. Wake up, sheeple!

  • Thank for the article, I am surprised that I have any hair left, I feel like pulling it out every time I hear these words or see sweet little pictures on TV on how great this is being stuck together. I really have no desire to look into other peoples lives. I am also sick of the hero shit! I was a nurse for 35 yrs. It was never a safe (sorry) job. At least they still have an income so can feed their families. You know what you signed up for. Thank You Again, I know we are in this together, sorry haha

  • In California, Governor Gavin Newsom is king of the cliche. Regarding the pandemic and lockdown, if I hear him say one more time that we are going to “meet the moment” Im going to pull out what little hair I have left

  • you are right about the word “essential”. where have I heard that word before? oh, yeah….WW2, for the jews in camps. be a good “essential” worker. these rats are following the nazi playbook. and they are conditioning us to be in a continuous police state mind-set.

  • Most of these phrases I just manage to ignore…hopefully they’ll pass. The one that REALLY irks me is “We’re all in this together” says the news caster that’s still getting paid. As well as the politicians and anyone else that’s still making money from their original job. NO, WE’RE NOT ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

  • The admonition to “wash your hands” got on my nerves from the beginning. It seems very condescending, like they think everyone but themselves are unwashed cretins who don’t have any common sense. When this first started, every mainstream article you read, and some even from alternative news, were telling us to wash our hands.

    And people who repeated the lie that “masks don’t work” except for the “front-line medical professionals” got on my nerves. A woman in an elevator told me “that mask isn’t gonna help you.” It was an N95 mask, so yeah, whatever you say. She said “Just have faith, wash your hands, spray down…” Spray down? I hope she doesn’t mean spray yourself with Lysol, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • I’ve been keeping a list words and phrases since this started as something of a memoir. Those you describe are on there, as well as: shut/lockdown, self quarantine/isolate, shortages, curfew, epicenter, mitigation, gatherings, taskforce, alone together, do your part, hording, contact tracing, frontline, authoritative source, surge… and I’ll be checking the comments to see what else others have noticed.

    We were bombarded by propaganda prior to 2020, and it’s been turned up more than a few notches since. I’m really glad to see you draw attention to brainwashing. A facinating non-fiction read about it is “Let Our Children Go” by Ted Patrick. This man was hired by families to infiltrate cults and “steal” back adult children, and it describes many methods as well as the painful process of “deprograming” them by getting them to think for themselves again. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

  • Yes, every over-used term from this article and every time I hear Justin Trudeau tell us that “we are here for you”. Ugh. Hopefully the media will cross that thin line and use these phrases once too often and society en masse will let out one gigantic shriek and they’ll get the message to [politely] “get lost”.

    We all want a return to the good ol’ days; but that’ll never happen, they’ve taken us too far and brainwashed too many people.

    They’ve learned how far they can push people; and when they put their REAL plan into action a few months from now, it’ll be horrific – at which time we won’t be laughing at the terms they’ll be using.

  • I heard someone say, as if they heard it on the local gospel, er I mean, local TeeVee news station, and were repeating what they were told, that they were going to firmly, ‘Stay The Course’ … which meant, what? Why that Easter and then Mother’s Day family get togethers were not gonna happen, that’s what. They didn’t want to risk a child getting sick. Funny that, no one mentioned anything like that last year (or any year) at Christmas time when half of everyone had a bad cold or flu. I was even told then, ‘yeah, come on down anyway’ after I told ’em I had a bad cold.

    All over my city are signs in front of many businesses, ‘Hero’s Work Here’. Lots of poofy cloud-like color on those signs, like it was some kind of ‘Happy Talk’ – in a scary clown way.

    It’s not – ‘Social Distancing’ – it’s, Chinese style ‘Anti-Social Distancing’.

    I’m a bit surprised they don’t tell people who lost their business or job that they are, ‘Taking One For The Team!’ …The Virus Cult team and their Insect Overlords, that is. Rah-Rah-Rah!

    Do you recall, when the Burgermiester cancelled Christmas and outlawed toys? I remember thinking at the time how absurd, diabolical and evil that plan was. I wonder how many children cheered that scene? Seems like there must have been a whole lot of ’em by the looks of the way adults are acting now, especially the ones who wear what looks like homemade children’s underwear on their faces while shopping, driving or walking alone on a sidewalk.

    All I can add is, I really appreciate and the other websites seeking truth.
    Hope you do, too.

  • This video just about sums up everything quite well, please do take a few moments to listen to this young woman describe her relationship with Uncle Sam, it is so very well put together:

    Help! I’m in an Abusive Relationship

    • THANK YOU so so so much helot for finding and sharing this. I was nervous about following the link, but grateful I chanced it. PLEASE WATCH this great example of critical thinking presented in a relatable and loving way.

  • You people really don’t have any patience. Just don’t let these people get under your skin, they aren’t worth it.

    These comments are just so funny. lol

  • One of the not-infrequent examples of such high quality news aggregators from the alt-media community recognizing Daisy and her sterling research and writing happened late this afternoon. At 16:45 hours (Eastern Time) today, May 21, reprinted Daisy’s article:

    And already added 247 unique comments … at last glance …

    That is orders of magnitude more significant than anything mere mortals like me could say.


  • Disregarding safe-ty, it is safe to say that safe s are less safe than safe manufacturers (not manufacturers who are safe ) for safe-ing weapons. Is this a safe assumption about safes?

    (It was hard to resist this opportunity, so I did not resist.)

  • I have a liberal friend who is using the hashtag #MaskItOrCasket. I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet, but it’s already wearing on me. Is she merely ignoring the 98 recovery rate, or is she threatening violence?

  • Thank you Daisy! Well written.
    A pet peeve term that seems to be getting even more traction is “assault weapon” Unfortunately here in WA they have now labeled ANY semiautomatic rifle as an “assault weapon”, and are trying to ban “assault weapons ” which will then include any semiautomatic weapon capable of holding more than 8 rounds, this includes handguns!!
    I’ve yet to see a firearm “assault” anyone nor have I seen it reported anywhere.
    A phrase from decades ago keeps coming to mind, “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” it seems to be becoming the truth.

  • Just remember, when the govt. takes things away, they’re record shows you may never get that money back! Just sayin…

  • 6-foot distance means to DEEP-6 your fellow humans.

    Social distancing is too Orwellian. I prefer DK’s Safe Distancing or as another guy said Social Spacing.

    Wearing a mask means to SHUT UP and OBEY.

  • ‘Hero’ or ‘Everyday Hero’

    Disliked it when it was for men & women in uniform (10 year vet here), now, for f&$ks sake.

  • I agree the power of words controls people’s minds. We have been brainwashing targets, and it has been the case of divide and concur. Suddenly, many people turn out to be a kindergarten teacher telling us “We are all in this together!” That phrase is the most irritating to me.

    Another annoying words list:
    Novel COVID
    The world has too many humans
    Toilet paper 🙂

  • Speaking of words, I wanted to share what I found out yesterday. I always thought the acronym COVID-19 is a definition according to WHO is coronavirus disease 2019.
    What Bill Gates said at Event 201 is this: Certificate of Vaccination ID defined in 2019.
    The mandated vaccine ID requirement is the next thing we will be fighting with.

  • Add the words & phrases: Diversity(Division) Tolerance(Acceptance of All Evil) It’s All About Love(It’s All About Sex & Perversion) Hate Speech(Speech You Hate) Progressive(Regressive) Socialism(Communism) Green Initiative(Satan’s Domain) Environmentalism(Anti-Human) CDC(Communist Disease Corporation) WHO(Wuhan Health Organization) Transgender(Mentally Ill)

  • Thank you! I finally exploded today that I felt like taking the next person who used certain of these expressions, and banging their head against a wall until their eyes and teeth fell out. (Note my phraseology–I *felt* like doing it, not that I *was* going to do it!)

    And I, too, shall adopt “Stay free!” as a greeting/parting phrase.

  • “Coronavirus” is the one that annoys me the most. The actual danger is the coronapanic, and I wish people would use that word or phrase.

  • Stop Lying about Goebbels!!!! A genius and a man of many, many talents, even many of Goebbels enemies credit him as being the father of modern propaganda. Goebbels defined propaganda in an address given in September 1934 in Nuremberg, he said:
    “Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.” In fact, Goebbels’ views were quite different than what this fraudulent quote suggests. He consistently held that propaganda should be accurate and truthful. In an article written in 1941, he cited examples of false British wartime claims, and went on to charge that British propagandists had adopted the “big lie” technique that Hitler had identified and condemned in his book Mein Kampf. Goebbels wrote: “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

  • So, They’re creating contact tracer as a job title. That goes with a Department of Contact Tracing. We all know know a government department just disappears when it’s no longer needed.
    Why not keep it simple and staple U.S.Foresty’s radio Bear Tags onto the suspect’s ear? That would help make Covid victims into pariahs so we the righteous mask wearers could spot these social leper’s easily.

  • In 1957 116,000 Americans died from an Asian H2N2 flu epidemic. They didn’t shut everything down then, nor spew propaganda to brainwash the masses. People would not have kowtowed to it.

  • Without Prejudice:
    From Across the Pond:

    Overhead (gantry) signs on the freeways (motorways) and my replies to them:

    – None of your damn business!

    – My mother brought me up right and I’m an adult now so don’t tell me what to do!

    – No! YOU stay home, you Nazi creeps, and keep your gangstalking…er…contact tracing attitude to yourselves!

    – NO! I’m not military personnel on deployment whom you need to monitor by satellite whilst on patrol so keep your stupid nazi orders to yourselves!

    – Really???!!! Well, as no one has scientifically isolated c19 yet and proved that it actually exists, what exactly are you testing for? How then can a vaxx for ‘nothing’ exist? I do know that two of the three needles on this vaxx conduct electric currents into our bodies to create minute holes in our cells’ walls (electroporation), thru which nano particles, smart dust and DNA from other organisms can enter, thereby editing our unique, individual DNA and turning us into genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – as this external DNA will be patented by a corporation, we will cease to be free and become that entity’s property – in other words: slaves with no rights. NO THANK YOU RIGHT BACK ATCHA!

    I told my doctor two months ago: no testing, no vaxx, no gel (Celeste Bishop Solum was a member of FEMA for 20 years and her website explains this better than I can). Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s website explains why it’s imperative that c19 needs to be isolated thru Koch’s Postulates and Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Debbie Mikovitz explain the derivation of ‘social distancing’.

    And one final thing:

    – is a line lifted straight out of the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald’ scene 5. The predator class is signalling J. K. Rolling that they think nothing of her literary and artistic attempts to throw lifelines to the victims and survivors of their satanic rites through her creations of Harry Potter and Newt Scamander. When we agree with this epithet, we (un)consciously consent to comply to their agenda (21). It’s important to be aware of the meanings others can put behind the mundane way words spell. Being able to read and feel the hidden agendas and dark intentions of others by trusting our gut and intuition is of paramount importance at all times and now just now.

    Stay free because we are free – now and forever.

    Thanks ever so much, Daisy, for such lucid confirmation, validation and affirmation of what the vast majority of us are thinking, feeling and doing right now. You’re a star and a brave one at that! And thanks to everyone who’s commented on this post: we’re with y’all this side of the Pond ????❤️✌️☺️????????????????????????????????????

  • Bill planned this way before and called this project ID2020 where the goal was to get everybody a global identity and voila along comes this so called dangerous virus in 2020. Everybody who is dying after that, no matter what it is, the cause of death becomes the corona virus. It takes weeks to determine cause of death and we are giving a daily update before cause of death is established.

    Bill wants this global digital passport for everybody run by the UN’s WHO. you know for those that have taken their stupid injections, so that they are cleared to travel etc.

    The Bible speaks about this False Prophet who wants everybody to be marked to the Beast with the Lamb’s horns (see ICANN logo, motto one world one internet) that comes from the ground ->technology-internet of things controlled by ICANN which joins it all together into one global beast.

    We are told that the Beast with the Lamb’s horns will subjugate the world to the Beast with the 7 heads which is the UN whose motto is one world one people).

  • “We’re all in this together”! Like an orgy- we’re all getting f*cked”. Not to be a spurg, but penultimate means second to last…what phrase do you despise more than “safe”?

    • Well, whoops, thank you for catching that. I had the meaning of that word wrong. 🙂 Fixed.

  • “I’m not saying that this virus wasn’t real or that it wasn’t a public health threat. It was.” Well, there it is, capitulation the narrative. Well, surely, there must be a virus that is causing illness, right? But, how do you know? Did you know contagion has never been proven? Did you know that no virus has been properly isolated from human tissue? No? why not? You do know, folks, that germ theory is STILL just a theory? Have you ever actually seen a virus? Do you know what a virus really is? There must be a virus but you really don’t know that. You repeat what the bubble-headed-bleach blonde on the tube has repeated over and over again as if it were the truth. Is it? Do you know for sure? Does “science” really know what causes disease, espescially given the lousy track record of Allopathic medicine? These are the questions you should be asking along with “what the Hell does alone together mean?”

    Come on, Daisy, you can do better than this.

  • Wow, what an unconstructive rant! Anger in every comment below, boring name-calling, everyone else is thought to be stupid, and “they” are out to get us while “we” are on to their dirty tricks. That’s what I find a bit irritating these days, plus poor spelling, lame grammar, an overabundance of expletives, jumping to conclusions without researching sources of information, and finger-pointing. That seems to be the “new normal” and it does not reflect well on the people of this country. Whatever happened to civility, goodwill, optimism, erudition, and informed rhetoric? Where is compassion and generosity these days? What kind of society do you want going forward, describe it, and then be it.

  • While this discussion is mostly about language tyranny in the coronavirus era, the ever-power-obsessed UN has its own language change demands, according to a lengthy twitter feed spotted this morning by Simon Black of

    Warning: there is an abundance of bad language


    • COVID Karen! Accusations of if you have the view the economy should be opened up you are a Covid Karen! This gets exhausting. Can’t carry on reasonable discussions without bombshells being thrown at you… also, do you want to be responsible for your grandma dying? Have you been tested? You have blood on your hands if you are asymptomic and make others sick and die!

      It does not have to be “everyone is wrong except me”

      Tired of those bombshells. Of course every life is important, but there does not have to be a dichotomy between staying at home and opening up the economy. Should be a balance, but not extreme….. Just a reasonable discussion to come to solutions….

  • MY #1 most HATED word is, ‘SAFE’!!!! Shortly after 9/11, it started……every time I’d hear THAT word, I’d CRINGE!! My #2 most HATED word is, ‘EXPERT’!! If MSM/Goobernment starts spewing…..”The ‘EXPERTS’ say…..”, just do THE OPPOSITE!!

    My other most HATED words is extensive; so I don’t want to take up space here. LOL BUT, some of those include…….’Racist’; ‘Sexist’; ‘Homophobe’… get the idea! lol

  • Oh!! And I’d like to add……

    If you’re not LIVING LIFE, then you’re already DEAD!

  • Daisy, like Selco said, the rules have changed. If you accept that the virus is real and that it didn’t get too bad because of the lockdowns, then you also have to accept that the virus is still around and that if people go back to doing things the way they used to, it’s going to spread like wildfire again. So people’s behaviour has to change for as long as we don’t have a good treatment or vaccine. And since we don’t know how long is that, well, indefinitely.

    I’m not asking you to like the situation. We all know that survival situations aren’t enjoyable. I’m pointing out that ranting about the bits you don’t like doesn’t change in the slightest the reality of the situation, which is, you and everybody else will either need to change how they behave normally for an indefinite period of time, or accept the risk of hospitals becoming overwhelmed and healthcare becoming uncertain for everyone, infected with the virus or not. Talk about it any way you like, but the reality is what it is.

    Also, it’s a fact that a survival situation always means that your options are reduced and the ones you still have are dangerous to some extent. Remember that Selco said that one way of surviving is to become a servant for the best master you can find. Advising people not to adopt a servant attitude may make you feel better, but it doesn’t necessarily improve their survival prospects. After all, in a dangerous world for most people it’s easier to be a servant than a master or a hustler that will deal with anyone. You may think that you have leadership or hustling skills, but are they up to the standards needed if you have to think of many other people as a threat? Probably not.

    Probably part of the issue is that the situation isn’t so dire yet to make you adopt a full survival attitude. And it may never become that dire. But then, it may. Be prepared.

  • Take off the tin foil hat Daisy as I think you nailed it with these propeganda phrases.

    The one that weeks me the most is everyone saying that they are ‘homeschooling’.

    I am a home schooler and have one in school. This emergan y remote learning is NOT homeschooling’ as someone other than you the parent is controlling the teaching and most saying it are sending the kids back once it is over.

    Also important to note is homeschoolers are social and out in their community, I hazard more than kids stuck at a desk In a school all day being told not to talk ..

  • It has become like nails on a chalkboard for me to hear “out of an abundance of caution….”

  • Tired of all the talking heads and pharma shills saying we won’t get back to normal until there is a vax and tracing.

  • “May You Live In Interesting Times”.
    Translation: I’m an arrogant and insulated prick living on some island after having rapaciously played the market and retired at age 32. I amuse myself by writing intermittent god-like “analyses” on ZeroHedge. I make sure you know I am unaffected by all of this human suffering, then quip that constantly repeated trite-ass witticism before grabbing another drink with Jeffrey Epstein and his teens on the warm white sands.
    Watching it all burn down from afar is so….Interesting.

  • You deserve “hazard pay” for bagging groceries? Really?!? Quit whining and be grateful you still have a job at all — or quit and let one of the 29.7% newly unemployed have your job.

  • Great article. Lots to think on. One point to disagree on.

    “The fact that things didn’t get as bad as predicted doesn’t mean that the measures taken were entirely unnecessary – it means they worked. ”

    I’m not yet convinced of that …. that the measure taken worked, and that they were the reason that things turned out to be not as bad as predicted.

    — The predictions, the forecast models, were rather poor.

    — The information about what actually works seems to be rejected or ignored if it doesn’t line up with the party line.

  • Thank you!!! I’ve been saying the same thing you’re saying. We’re being herded. I believe the technical term is “socially engineered” and the Left is SO proud they’re leading that charge. All my ‘spidey senses’ went on alert when Trump first talked about the two weeks to “flatten the curve” I saw the opportunity the Left would use right there, it’s a hole the size of Texas they just raced right into and exploited.

    I threatened to bite the next person who patted me on the head for “doing so well” as Dr. Bryx began doing with regularity. It sounded to me like, “oh what a GOOD doggie you are!” Especially after that time she so excitedly said “Do you realize the POWER this gives us?!”

    Yeah…I did and do and I never “gave” it. The only reason I wasn’t going to all the places I usually did was because they were threatened by gov’t if they stayed open!

    I’ve watched over the years as the Left has stolen then corrupted perfectly wonderful words to mean things or apply to situations they were never meant to be about.

    And you’re exactly right about them using language they’ve corrupted [and focus group tested] to advance their agenda.

    They say “mask” and I respond, “face diaper” or as a friend says, he’s not wearing a jock strap on his face.

    Life is not “safe”, not any part of it. Never has been. There IS no such thing as a “safe space” not anywhere in this universe. Get over it and go live life…and live it LOUDLY and proudly.

  • Riffing off some other commenters here, I propose every time we hear or see the phrase, we respond or substitute with the following:
    The new normal = well that’s interesting
    We’re all in this together = No, actually we’re not
    Stay home = Go outside
    Social/ physical distancing = Hug someone you love
    6 Feet (in Canada we’ve actually been told to measure 3 geese, 2 hockey sticks, 1 moose…by government officials on official signage, sad but truth) = Good luck trying to get 36 sq ft of personal space
    Essential (this one got me the most as I was denied an emergency root canal for a festering dental abscess for 8 weeks under covid because it was not deemed “essential”)= Tyranny is not essential (dentists however are)
    Pivot (CAD: transition) = Keep your head on a swivel
    Uncertain/ unprecedented times = Keep your eyes wide open
    Flatten the curve = We already flattened the curve
    Stay safe = Stay Free

  • “If you need to be told to wash your hands as an adult, you clearly missed out on some important childhood lessons.”

    I’d like to tell you that every medical person I encountered in my career as a nurse always washed their hands appropriately. Except, I must not tell lies. Sad.

    “…gun-toting …”

    Go, Daisy, go!

    • My husband and I are “in this together”, because we live in the same house. We stay home, because that is what we do. Not because we’re forced to. I go to the store, he stays home. I do wear a mask as we both have health issues. At 68 and 70, it’s expected.

  • How about “mask up”? Must wear the pseudo-scientific face coverings that don’t do a damn thing to protect from airborne respiratory viruses. And for a virus not harmful to nearly everyone.

    Must force children to wear it. Even though it deprives the brain and body of sufficient oxygen levels. And even though kids aren’t in danger from the virus whatsoever. Should be considered child abuse on a grand scale.

    “Great Reset” should be on the list too. The communist UN plan to subjugate the Earth and extinguish all liberty, but open eugenicists whose cult preaches depopulation (along with enslavement).

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