What Will Schools Look Like After COVID? Prison Camps. They’ll Look Like Prison Camps.

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If you’ve been wondering what it will look like when the kids go back to school, one school in Quebec has released their new guidelines and they’re shocking.

Apparently, schools are going to look a lot like prison camps.

This is another example of how things will not just “go back to normal.” Everything is changing, including life for our children.

Here are the guidelines one school has laid out.

Schools in Quebec, Canada are reopening on May 19th and one school released its guidelines. This list was submitted by a parent to the Facebook page, Kate for Education. The school was not named for the privacy of the parent. (All emphasis is mine.)

Now if you’re saying to yourself, “This is in Canada. There’s no way this nonsense will happen here in America,” I urge you to remember that the lockdown restrictions in Canada are far less stringent than those in the United States. Look around at the ridiculous rules we already have like stores choosing what items are essential for us to buy. Then tell me “It can’t happen here.”

Here are those reopening guidelines.

  • To minimize movement, we forecast assigning students to classes nearest the Berlin Street entrance (on all 3 floors if needed only);
  • Once assigned to a class, students will spend their entire day (including lunchtime) in their assigned seats;
  • Students must expect to be regrouped based on the number of students returning;
  • Students must not expect to return to their regular class with their classmates;
  • Your child may not be with the same teachers as before as several members of our staff will not be returning to school;
  • Teachers not returning to school will continue working and keeping close contact with students remotely from home as recommended by the government;
  • Activities completed while in school will not be evaluated or graded;
  • No physical materials will be transported back and forth between home & school;
  • Students must include a mini garbage and recycling bag with their lunch in order to collect their personal garbage and dispose of it at home;
  • All students must bring in their personal, labeled, and filled water bottle as water fountains won’t be available;
  • Sharing of ALL items (pencils, pens, sharpeners, wax crayons, rulers, toys) is not permitted;
  • When weather permits, recess breaks will be held outdoors and will entail of walking outside safely distanced from one another in a prearranged pattern;
  • Gatherings (groups of students together) will not be permitted;
  • Limited travel throughout the school by all during the day;
  • Bathroom visits will be monitored/escorted so that proper disinfection by our caretakers can follow before another student uses the facilities;
  • As per government recommendations, masks and gloves will not be provided;
  • Students are certainly welcomed to bring these items from home. They are also invited to carry their own personal disinfecting wipes with them if they wish;
  • Lockers will no longer be used. Students will place their spring/summer jackets behind the chair they will be using & their school bags under their assigned desks;
  • There will be no cafeteria service or Home & School pizza & frozen yogurt days.
  • There will be no physical activity taking place in the gym, no art classes (although art and craft projects can be promoted as home suggestions), no library periods, and no drama classes;
  • No fundraisers or after school activities will take place;
  • Parent volunteers will not be permitted in school;
  • We recommend your child brings a book or two of interest from home to read;
  • Students with fever or flu-like symptoms will be returned home.





Lest it sound as though this is a total outlier, here is the guidance from another school – it’s similar but not quite as harsh. And here are documents from the Minister of Education outlining the guidelines to be followed by the schools.

And did you notice there are quite a few inconsistencies? Kids can’t take anything back and forth from school. You know, except for their lunches, their garbage, their water, their PPE, and some books to read. That stuff doesn’t count as gong back and forth and clearly, is germ-free.

This sounds more like a prison for dangerous offenders than a nurturing place for children to learn and grow. And to think, Harvard is worried that homeschool kids are isolated and poorly socialized.

It’s important to note that returning is not mandatory for the rest of this school year. Teachers will still be available for online learning if parents wish to keep their children home.

I simply cannot fathom treating children in this way. If a home school parent had similar rules for their children, Family Services would immediately be at their door for the radical mistreatment of their offspring. The fact that the government can not just allow but order the public school system to abide by guidelines is utter madness. This is not right and it is not healthy, mentally, physically, or psychologically.

This setting seems like it would be psychologically damaging.

Imagine the culture of fear this creates for children. When you drum into a child the constant worry that others might be infectious, how do you expect that child to learn to communicate with others, make friends, and enjoy learning? This is how you make children afraid of human contact.

Active children will be miserable. If you think the number of diagnoses for ADHD and similar behavioral issues is high now, just wait until energetic 7-year-olds are forced to sit in the same chair all day and then walk in a properly distanced around a playground, past all the fun stuff like swings and slides.

If their work isn’t even graded or evaluated, what could possibly be the point of returning to school?

I guess there’s one point.

If you want a population of worker bees who will quietly submit to authority and distance themselves completely from the influence of others, this is how you produce that population. You drum into them that they can’t even choose when to go to the bathroom, that they can’t congregate with others, and that they must remain seated with their hands strictly kept to themselves at all times.

I wonder if the monitoring of the bathroom will be similar to what was discussed in this article or if somebody will actually go with them. And if so, isn’t an adult being alone in the bathroom with a child pretty inappropriate?

You teach them that every single moment is structured and supervised. You teach them to walk only in orderly formation – no skipping, no running, no playing.

And just think, all this time public school parents were worried about homeschooled kids not being properly “socialized” with others.

Would you ever allow your child to be subjected to these conditions?

We don’t know exactly what the conditions will be like when kids return to school in the United States, but it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to expect something similar to this, particularly in harder-hit regions of the country.

I wouldn’t subject my kids to this horrible setting for any reason. I’ve always tried to be open-minded regarding the homeschooling vs. public schooling debate – one of my kids graduated from a public high school and the other was homeschooled. But I urge any parent who is able to stay home not to send their children back to school if it’s going to be more like a prison camp. Continue if you can at all to educate them at home and let them play outside, paint beautiful pictures, and do science projects.

Let them be children, for crying out loud.

Would you send your kids back to school if school looked like the guide above? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Hat tip to Toby Cowern of Resilience Hub

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  • First, all your children will be REQUIRED to take the Bill Gates Vaccine, and many will develop serious complications and many will die.

    Fauci will insist on it, and Trump will comply.

    Yesterday, Trump said the Corona Virus Taskforce will phase out.

    Today, he flip flopped and said the Corona Virus Taskforce will continue and focus on Bill Gates Vaccine.

    Fauci works for Gates, and Gates will make Trillions from the vaccine.

    Fauci funded the bio weapons lab in Wuhan.

    The link is for a film about the Plandemic, and names Fauci as complicit, and responsible for the deaths of millions of Africans during the AIDS epidemic.

    Fauci is the man that Trump is letting run the country.


  • This is happening this month in Quebec. There are also bussing changes. Parents are being asked to bring kids too and from school. Those riding the bus are somehow going to sit one per bench every other bench… This on busses previously seated three per bench every bench.

    Also read that they will be allowed to play on the yard in pairs only no groups ..
    (Not sure how that will be enforced) .

    I am in Ontario and homeschool, schools here might go back in June and these are similar to what has been suggested for then… Personally I don’t see a benefit to the kids going back for June. Might be good for some fed up parents though sadly…

  • With the US State Department, long run and likely still very loyal to Hillary Clinton, allowing coronavirus infected passengers to fly home to America on the same plane as healthy people as Kaiser Health News had reported in this February 21st story and now, proof of numerous false negatives, faulty testing kits and screenings at airports missing more than half of suspected cases, hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of people being released into America who may have been exposed to the virus in far less than the up-to-28-days which could be the incubation period of this virus, some argue that America and the world are being set up for a fall with this outbreak being used to complete the globalists satanic depopulation agenda.

  • This should put an end to any doubts about home-schooling,, but there will be many leftist holdouts who insist the govt will know better, and that you must fall in line.

  • There is no way I would return my children to that environment. End of sentence. I realize that the US has created a climate where many feel they need two incomes to get by. It has gotten worse since my adult children were kids, however, through frugality and lowering the standard of living we think is necessary, we can create a the financial space to homeschool children. Many states have homeschool support groups, in every flavor of expression in that movement. Look into it. While we homeschooled, our support groups had different ways to offer enrichment activities- my oldest went to a class taught by a parent who was a professor in architecture. He learned everything freshman students learn about architecture at 12 years old, and at a modest cost. We participated in co-ops and shared skills with others’ children. Our kids attended a one-day a week program that introduced in-depth subjects in literature, science, and history, while leaving math to the parent to decide what level was right for the student. There are thousands of variations of this, and some are supported by the public school system. There are homeschool conventions in every state that provide classes and curriculum to scaffold the parent while instructing their children. The approach to education exposed in Daisy’s article is appalling. Neither kids nor adults should tolerate it.

  • Nope! No way! I have already discussed with my child if school opens in the fall and what it may look like. Child has expressed complete determination to home school. Many rural schools will not be able to comply with these guidelines. Our school is packed to the gills already. They have discussed a split schedule. No thanks. I can take care of my own child! This new world is going to get some taking used to….I for one cannot comply with the socialistic views of the post virus world

  • This is the one arrives the rest-opening of America, I disagree with the President on. Public Liberal Indoctrination Centers (public schools) need to remain closed for one overriding reason, they’re Germ Vats or Petri Dishes. Whether it’s a viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic, these diseases and infestations run rampant through our public schools. That’s a fact, and no amount of hygiene awareness changes it. It’s addressed better in rural schools, but urban and inner city schools suck at it and always have.
    Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves and to us.
    In a recent example, our moronic school district doesn’t even send out warnings of head lice infestation. Head lice don’t discriminate between socioeconomic classes. Rich kid blood taste just as good as poor kid’s blood to a head louse. Over a 90% infestation rate at one middle school.

  • Public schools have been indoctrination centers for decades. This just ratchets the screws down a bit.

  • Sending children to this kind of school system deprives them of their human rights and is outright child abuse. It’s the kind of system that fosters robotic-like behavior that merges children to automation and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, all under the guise of disease prevention and ultimately for the benefit of how the high-tech overlords are trying to reshape society towards this hellish end. If we allow children to grow up in this high tech social distancing plantation, they will grow up to hate their parents for not defending them and for caving into this satanic inspired madness. Not allowing children to socially interact, to be active, to share in experiences is theft of innocence and robs them of their God-given normalcy. No disease or tyrannical nut has the right to take away typical childhood experiences.

  • Under those conditions, my children would not be returning to school. As for things going back and forth from home. The real concern is a child who may have the virus and be asymptomatic touching something and then another child touching it.

    I’m hearing various things about schools here in my area. It’s pretty much a done deal that elementary kids would stay in the same classroom and teachers would come to them. There is talk about the kids having school half a day, where half the students would come in the morning and half in the afternoon. Each class would only have about 10 or 11 kids which would make social distancing easier. Especially on the elementary level, I don’t know how to teach and maintaining social distance, how do you help a student who doesn’t a concept from 6 feet away?

    For high school they are talking about a split week. Each class would be 70 minutes instead of 50, which would make the school day longer. Half the students would go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The other Half would go Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’m glad my kids are either out of school or in college. I doubt either would be overjoyed about Saturday classes.

    With both these scenarios my question is what about the teachers? With elementary doing a split day, teachers would be working at least 10 hours a day, not counting planning and grading papers. High School would be 2 hours longer. Here the kids are in class from 8:05 until 3:20. with longer classes, they would go until about 5:15. Giving the kids a longer day than most working adults. Teachers would be working a 12 hour day, longer if they have multiple classes a day. Having taught high school on a traditional schedule and a block schedule with 90 minute class periods. Both are great systems, however, it takes a bit to go from on to the other. They would also be working on Saturdays. YIKES. The high school teachers would be working 72 hours a week. Will we be paying them double? Or will the district try to find new teachers? Is it realistic to try and double your faculty in one summer?

    The one thing in all this that is certain, I’m happy that I’m no longer a classroom teacher.

  • Sounds like the government is getting absoulutely DISGUSTED educating your children. All these things mentioned are showing how they can’t stand your KIDS!!!

    Soul’ution? Homeschool your kids. Because YOU LOVE them.

    As you know I can’t stand Justin “Bieber” Truedodo (that’s the burd, OK?). I believe he has openly committed treason on Canadians and should be either jailed or hanged.

  • Daisy, OFF TOPIC
    we both have been around the prepping scene for a long time and have seen many sites crash and burn like Mac Salvo’s and M.D. Creedmoor’s. In both cases, I believe the posts were taken over by hate filled kooks and trolls. I hate to say this, because I really like your articles, but allowing the bully boy back in here is doing the same again. Most Preppers are Patriots and pro Trump, please don’t allow this to happen here. Just some food for thought

    Stay safe and God bless. (Let the ranting begin)

  • Sounds a lot like Huxley’s brave new world. Let us not have any meaningful relationships with anyone,
    that might threaten uncle scams relationship with you! I don’t envy any so called educator that has to try and a keep a child in one seat all day long. GOOD LUCK! And what might going back to work look like? Something similar perhaps? I’m already considering not going back, selling everything I own, and becoming a nomad. I’m not digging what I see coming!

  • I find it very interesting that there are so many parents crying the blues because oh horrors! oh shocking! they actually have to spend some actual time with their kids instead of posting to Facebook and texting, my my my isn’t this virus terrible? This virus is every government employed bully’s ultimate dream. Now they can control EVERYTHING including normal child behaviour and warp it in order to produce a nation of zombie slaves. Time for a revolution.

  • If all the lockdowns and other edicts are straight out of 1984, this has got to be spawned from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. The psychological attitude of fear here would be abusive to both students and teachers.

    It’s the direct opposite of helpful and nuturing. Yuck.

  • just say no and homeschool your children and that should end the idiots thinking they know best and then the parents can get together and create their own neighborhood small school and go from their based on what the parents deem safe and acceptable for them.

  • ITS pretty obvious theres a problem,YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE ENSLAVED and you don’t give a shit and neighter do any of the parents OR THESE RAPESTS,CHILD MOLESTERS AND SCHOOL TEACHERS WOULD BE HANGED BY THE MEN,sadly there are no men and the children are NOW under full blown attack,BUT the GOOD NEWS IS..OUR FATHER IS GOING TO TAKE THE CHILDREN and send most of you to HELL,BUT first hes going to pound everyone into the ground,I think its less then you parents deserve,BUT hes going to destroy CANADA AND AMERICA for Not doing anything to protect the children,IT ISN’T TO LATE TO HANG THESE PEOPLE,but we all know you’d rather be dead and sent to hell….

  • As a classroom kindergarten teacher, what is proposed for Quebec is horrid for the students and teachers. There is no way you can keep a 5 or 6-year-old in the same seat for more than 15 minutes, with a project, let alone keeping them in that seat for longer than that. Developmentally their attention span is 1 minute for every year they are. Home school is the best. Your child will be able to work at their pace. They will be able to have breaks when they need them and use the restroom when they need to. My principal and I discussed this Monday. He is on the digital committee for my district. He sees a little of both, online learning at home and classroom with much spaced out desks. Double shifting works but it makes for really long days for all involved. Usually, with double shifting, there is a set of teachers for each shift but they share a classroom with the AM or PM teacher depending on their day. This will, of course, increase the need for more money as with normal double shifting, this time we will not have the extra students who come with extra funding in the per-pupil budget. As far as 12 hour days. Welcome to regular education. Between lesson plans, preparation, meetings, the insurmountable amount of paperwork along with communication with parents we already do 10 to 12 hour days. This sure will be different.

    • Oh and most likely, teachers will take a hit on their salaries and bennies because districts really can’t afford all those extra teachers and law enforcers. Maybe They’ll cancel the student debt accrued in pursuit of those education degrees. Otherwise, who would want to be a teacher working for practically nada with the debt albatross tied firmly around their necks? People may be very desperate for jobs come fall term but at what price to educators and learners?

      One thing I am almost certain of — it will be a Brave New World curriculum.

  • Makes one wonder how many of these school administrators once worked in the prison industry.

    Makes one wonder if all progressives wish that ALL children had been aborted. Other than their own, of course.

  • School should expect many of the kids to be redirected to home schooling. To hell with those Communist Indoctrination Centers.

  • Ha!
    I thought this story was going to be about the new “Quarantine Centers”.
    The schools have looked like prisons for decades in the US.

    You better get up to speed.

  • I’ve got bad news for you. The schools were ALREADY like a prison BEFORE all this madness happened. We took our daughter out of public school after I visited her class for a day in 1st grade. Marching down halls single file, no talking, anywhere. Not even at lunch! They had to sit only on one side of the lunch table and had to leave an empty seat between themselves and the next student. They have them trained to respond to bells, only moving when the wardens and guards, I mean the principal and teachers allowed them. I was sick to my stomach after following them around for a day. They are training your children how to be good little prisoners. Never question authority, always rely on those in power over you to make all your choices for you. Don’t think for yourself, just regurgitate whatever they tell you. Oh, and if you’re good, maybe we will let you on on the prison playground for a few minutes of recess, but if you mis-behave, we will take away that small time of relief and punish you with solitary confinement. This China Virus may make the schools more like prisons than they were before, but they were already like prisons. If you love your kids/grandkids, you will do whatever it takes to get them out of those government re-education prison camps. You will sacrifice whatever must be sacrificed to not have them indoctrinated. Yes, you may not get to live the lifestyle you have in the past. Yes, you or your spouse may have to stop working a job in order to do this, but wouldn’t it better to live in a smaller house, not have a new car, than to keep allowing this abuse to happen to your children?

  • I read this in a fiction book this morning. I suppose this is obvious in the context of this article. But, here it is anyway.

    she said “My relatives never liked their servants to learn too much. Easier to control the dull and incompetent, especially the ones with weapons.”

    he said “People treated that way become sly in self-defense. How are you going you teach honesty at their age?”

    she said “I can’t. But I can reward honesty, greed produces whatever brings reward.”

    “greed produces whatever brings reward” the story of human existence and the root of all corruption.
    Some say the root of all evil.

  • The guidelines forgot to mention the gray unisex coveralls the little tykes will be wearing.

  • It makes me glad I chose not to have children. I can’t imagine putting up with this crap and I pity anyone who has to. Of course, parents could protest – vociferously – and not stop till they are heard. Enough participation and eventually they couldn’t be ignored.

    Sad about recess but at least they’re getting a walk. Too many schools made kids sit still and watch film clips and such for recess and that was well before the outbreak.


  • The corona hoax seems to have worked. All this social engineering for a “virus” from which over 98% recover, and from which children are pretty much immune. And yet, people still believe in the “virus” and are okay with all these social behavior changes, if it keeps one person “safe.” It’s too bad that people on this blog don’t see through this charade immediately.

  • I have a 2 year old grand baby. Her and her mother live with me. Not sure how we will work it out but we will! There is no way on earth I will put that child in a public school. And as far as the vaccine…not going to happen for any of us.

  • It’s all speculation at this point. Let’s see what happens in the next couple of months with the virus, and then more concrete decisions about school will be made.

  • I am an educator in the public school system in Oklahoma. I try to kids to be critical thinkers. I try to find fun creative ways to teach. I read the above article and that is a place I would not want to be nor would I
    want my future students in that setting.

  • Hello, I live in Canada and I really feel they should not open the schools, at least until they have more information/some kind of handle on the virus. And good luck with this “regimen.” No child or teacher is going to be able to stand/withstand this. I taught at a church school for years and what’s being required here is NOT possible, even with the adults. Also the school year is almost out so this is kind of pointless. There is not going to be a vaccine unfortunately, unless there is some kind of miraculous breakthrough on all coronaviruses. What I’d love to see is actual science being applied like, “Older people/people with health issues pulled through when they shouldn’t have. Why?” Those young, healthy kids/adults died when they shouldn’t have. Why?” Getting answers to that would probably increase our chances way more than the “vaccine hope.” In the meantime have kids go to classes regularly, give them information on good hygiene and cleanliness habits. Bet that’s not taught now. I do think having kids/teachers wash their hands before they start school and leave school and insisting on good hygiene habits is a far better approach. The above is way too complex/impossible. And I won’t go into the damage it will do to everyone involved, because I think enough people have covered it here.

  • I’ve denied this whole plandemic from day one…it’s not about a virus it’s about totalitarian control. Throughout this plandemic there have not been any news even in the propaganda media about children being infected and death. This is not how to raise children. I will not be sending my children to school if these are the conditions. Plus they will not be getting jabbed with with the toxic vaccine.

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