We Won’t Be Getting “Back to Normal.” Not Soon. Not Ever.

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(April 8, 2020) When will we get back to normal?

If you yearn for the days before COVID-19 swept across the planet, I regret to inform you that those days are gone.

This isn’t a warm and fuzzy blog post telling you that everything is going to be all right. If you’re looking for reassurance that “we’ve got this,” I’m afraid I can’t provide it. This article wasn’t written to console or coddle you, so if that’s what you’re seeking, you’re going to want to stop reading right now.

If, however, you want a reality check on what I believe we’re really facing, I’m not going to hold back. You’ve been warned.

We’re not even halfway through.

You may have seen some optimistic reports recently that the “worst” is behind us. It would certainly be lovely if that’s the case, but in my opinion, this ordeal is just getting started. I wrote an article previously about how long we could expect our current state of lockdown to last using the timelines of China and Italy as points of comparison, and based on that, we are 17 days in as of the writing of this article on April 8.

The lockdown of Wuhan is expected to last 77 days. If our own timeline continues to echo that of China, then we’re not even halfway there. We have at least 2 months left and this doesn’t include any new clusters when the lockdowns are totally lifted or any second waves. We’ve barely begun living in our current state of purgatory and this will continue (and most likely worsen) for quite some time.

So if you’re seeing this as a little break after which you’ll pick up with your life exactly where you left off, you’re going to be extremely disappointed. You need to adapt now because if you don’t, the future is going to be very hard on you mentally.

Use this time to think about the changes you can make to meet the needs of your family. Learn new skills, practice old ones, and get your head in the game.

The supply chain may never be the same.

Nearly every store in America (the ones that are still open, anyway) has glaring bare spots on their inventory. Who would have expected paper products to be the “gold” of our apocalypse? There was an original run on supplies back in early March when the general public realized, “Hey, this is for real!” and razed store shelves bare. Even though preppers already had most of their supplies put back by the time this happened, we were no less vilified by the media as panicked shoppers got into physical altercations over toilet paper and macaroni.

Government officials told everyone to “calm down” and “just shop for the week.” They promised that if we did, everything would be back in stock in no time. Many of us knew even then that this wasn’t true. The ports in California were empty of shipping containers from China where many of our essential goods are produced. There’s no inventory with which to replenish the inventory.

It’s been more than a month since that first shopping frenzy and unfortunately, supplies are still limited in most parts of the country. A reasonably-sized package of toilet paper can’t be had for love or money, nor can one easily locate cleaning wipes, paper towels, 20-pound bags of rice, and bottles of bleach. Other supplies are available, but sparsely and often in limited quantities: meat, eggs, butter, dried goods like pasta and rice, and canned goods. Prices have approximately doubled on many items.

Don’t expect this to clear up any time soon. Abundant inventory may well be a thing of the past. Many of the products sold in American stores are made in China. Even much of our meat that is a “product of the USA” is processed in China. Obviously, China is going to replenish its own inventory before exporting goods to us. Here’s a list of goods that we import from China that we may not be receiving in the same quantities in the future.

As well, the days of just “running to the store” to replace things or pick up a single ingredient are gone. Now, in many parts of the country, you have to walk through a cordoned off maze to enter a Walmart or Costco store. Only a certain number of people can be there at a time. Shopping means you’re risking your own health if someone else is ill, or you are ill and don’t realize it, you’re risking the health of others. It’s no longer quick, easy, inexpensive, or pleasant in any way.

And the generous offerings of days gone by are disappearing. In some areas, the store may have things you want but because the government there doesn’t consider them “essential,” you won’t be allowed to buy them. Ordering online may soon be your only option for things like craft supplies, clothing, decorative items, and shoes. And even when you order online, it may take quite some time before the goods arrive. Amazon has said it is prioritizing necessities, leaving people with uncertain shipping times.

And it could get even worse. What happens if the US Postal Service stops running? A House committee has warned the USPS could actually be forced to cease operations by June. So, if you think it’s hard to get supplies now, just wait.

The rules will get more restrictive and violence will ensue.

Every state with some form of movement restriction (lockdown for lack of a better word) has its own set of rules which are handed down by the respective governors in the form of an executive order. Some states are more restrictive than others and a small handful of states have no restrictions whatsoever.

The other difference between states is the methods of enforcement. Some states have the rules on the books but do little to enforce them. Others are levying fines. One municipality in Louisiana found it amusing to announce the beginning of the curfew with the Purge siren, terrifying people who were already on edge.

Don’t expect this gentle approach to continue. While I don’t think we’ll go full-Wuhan and weld people into their apartments, our Constitutional rights are already being trampled in numerous ways.

Texas and Florida have checkpoints where they’re testing travelers for health problems, escorting them to quarantine, or turning them away. Rhode Island police went so far as to go door-to-door with the National Guard, searching for “New Yorkers” who had fled the virus in their home state.

Most states have closed non-essential businesses and schools for the foreseeable future. Local authorities are beginning to crack down on groups of people and innocent Americans risk being questioned when they leave their homes to walk the dog or go to the store. Last week, thousands of Americans considered essential workers were given “travel papers” to show the authorities if they’re stopped when they are going to work. Travel papers. In the United States of America.

If you can’t satisfy the requirements laid out by your state or local government, you could face fines and even misdemeanor charges for breaking stay-at-home orders. (source)

Expect as the rules and enforcement efforts become more stringent for people to balk. As the money being dished out by the government dwindles to a trickle and as promises made by the government get broken, people will become more and more desperate.

Imagine. Your ability to make a living was suddenly taken away through no fault of your own. You’re all but under house arrest. Your government is threatening you with fines, incarceration, and even possible violence. Your family is hungry and you have nothing to feed them. What would you do in that situation?

There’s virtually no way this continues without violence ensuing, either out of rebellion or hunger or possibly both. Fewer and fewer police officers are available to respond as more of them get diagnosed with COVID-19. In New York City, nearly ten thousand first responders are ill. When you put all this together, it’s a recipe for violent crime.

The economy will be devastated.

We’re already watching our economy get destroyed right in front of our eyes. Never in history – including the Great Depression – have so many Americans been unemployed. And the fact that they all became unemployed at once is even worse. By the end of March, 7.1 million people had filed for unemployment due to COVID-19.

Many of the people who lost their jobs are the ones who are least able to afford it – hourly workers. Those who work at or around minimum wage are less likely to have a savings account to see them through the rough spot.

Then there’s the fact that the government appears to have lied. Others who became unemployed were initially told they qualified, but now the application process is proving impossible. Gig workers, such as drivers for Uber, Lyft, and Doordash, are being asked to supply pay stubs, something they just don’t have. It just isn’t how it works.

Those who have applied are waiting weeks to hear back from state unemployment programs. Their applications will likely be rejected, leaving them without any income for an indefinite amount of time. The advice for these workers?

A spokesperson for the New York State Department of Labor says the guidance requires workers who are not usually eligible for unemployment benefits to apply to state programs, get rejected, and then apply again for the federally funded pandemic assistance. (source)

So for all the big talk about making unemployment easy to get and simple to apply for, it isn’t working out that way at all for many people.

And of course, the economic issues are bigger than that. Small businesses are in big trouble. Those who are not able to find a way to operate during these difficult times still have overhead and bills. They have rent and utilities for their place of business. Many have inventory payments that were due net-30.  Restaurants that can’t make the conversion to takeout and delivery, fitness studios, gyms, clothing stores, and many more independent businesses may never reopen after the government-imposed hiatus.

One by one, families across America are looking at disappearing income, higher prices, and with shelter-in-place orders nearly everywhere, no real way to seek new employment. Unemployment, if and when it comes, is only a short term solution. If ever there as a chance to usher in Universal Basic Income and see people welcome it with open arms, this crisis would be it. Of course, UBI brings with it many problems, not the least of which is a lord-and-serf relationship and a slippery slope toward the social credit system, also brought to us by China just like the COVID-19 outbreak.

Right now we’re looking at short-term effects, but we will feel the effects of this situation for a very long time. In fact, it’s likely to change the economy forever.

As the economy continues to plummet because people are only purchasing the bare necessities, we’ll see other issues arise. How will you pay your rent or mortgage if your job qualifications are in a field that is now considered a luxury? How will you keep your utilities on when you’re not making any money? How will you feed your family, keep a roof over your head, pay for medical care, and maintain a vehicle?

If you’ve never been through personal financial hardship before, you could be in for a terrible reality check when the cost of your most basic essentials is out of reach. But many of us have been there. We can tell you that it often makes you feel powerless – it’s difficult and humiliating, but you can get through it.

If you’re a business owner, how will you keep operating if you have no working capital? How can you hire people if you don’t know whether you’ll be able to keep them on board for more than a couple of pay periods? How can you buy more inventory and can you even acquire that inventory anymore?  Will you be able to get the parts you need to repair items if you run a repair service business?

As you can see, there are more questions than answers. (source)

We’re just at the beginning of this bumpy ride, and there’s really no place that it leads except to an economic depression even worse than the one that took place in the 1920s.

We’ll never “get back to normal.”

For all the people wondering when we’re going to get back to normal, I’m very sorry to say, the answer to that is “never.”

There are jobs lost that are never coming back. Businesses that were successful may never reopen, and if they do, unless they can pivot to cater to necessities, they won’t last long in an economy with widespread unemployment.

And medically speaking, we are a long way from “normal” too.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a coronavirus press briefing on Monday that the world may never return to the “normal” that was known before the outbreak.

…”When we get back to normal, we will go back to the point where we can function as a society,” he said.  He continued, “If you want to get back to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense that the threat is there.” (source)

What’s more, the virus will be back for another wave.

Fauci said Sunday that people must be prepared for a resurgence next year, which is why officials fighting the pandemic are pushing for a vaccine and clinical trials for therapeutic interventions so “we will have interventions that we did not have” when this started. (source)

We could be looking at on and off periods of social distancing for eighteen months to two years before this is over. Here’s what the models suggest:

Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time—roughly two months on and one month off—until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it works at all). They note that the results are “qualitatively similar for the US.”

Eighteen months!? Surely there must be other solutions. Why not just build more ICUs and treat more people at once, for example?

Well, in the researchers’ model, that didn’t solve the problem. Without social distancing of the whole population, they found, even the best mitigation strategy—which means isolation or quarantine of the sick, the old, and those who have been exposed, plus school closures—would still lead to a surge of critically ill people eight times bigger than the US or UK system can cope with…

…How about imposing restrictions for just one batch of five months or so? No good—once measures are lifted, the pandemic breaks out all over again, only this time it’s in winter, the worst time for overstretched health-care systems.

And what if we decided to be brutal: set the threshold number of ICU admissions for triggering social distancing much higher, accepting that many more patients would die? Turns out it makes little difference. Even in the least restrictive of the Imperial College scenarios, we’re shut in more than half the time.

This isn’t a temporary disruption. It’s the start of a completely different way of life. (source)

For the foreseeable future, it appears that this is our life.

What will the future look like?

At this point, it’s pretty difficult to imagine what a future filled with waves of a pandemic virus, a devastated economy, and great loss will look like.

But some of the things we can expect are intermittent periods of social distancing, periods of interaction. Businesses like restaurants, movie theaters, bars, malls, travel experiences, and sports venues will never be the same and if they survive, will only be able to operate intermittently. There will be a focus on working from home in industries in which that is possible. Your ability as a business or employee to change in that direction will be the difference between bringing in an income or not, unless you work in some type of essential business or trade.

Homeschooling will be a long-term thing – children will not be able to be in a regular school setting during outbreaks.

We’re going to be looking at an entirely different world, one full of six-foot distances, immunity passports, and dystopian tracking methods using our phones.

One particularly unsettling possibility is a picture is painted by Technology Review.

We don’t know exactly what this new future looks like, of course. But one can imagine a world in which, to get on a flight, perhaps you’ll have to be signed up to a service that tracks your movements via your phone. The airline wouldn’t be able to see where you’d gone, but it would get an alert if you’d been close to known infected people or disease hot spots. There’d be similar requirements at the entrance to large venues, government buildings, or public transport hubs. There would be temperature scanners everywhere, and your workplace might demand you wear a monitor that tracks your temperature or other vital signs. Where nightclubs ask for proof of age, in future they might ask for proof of immunity—an identity card or some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains.

We’ll adapt to and accept such measures, much as we’ve adapted to increasingly stringent airport security screenings in the wake of terrorist attacks. The intrusive surveillance will be considered a small price to pay for the basic freedom to be with other people.

As usual, however, the true cost will be borne by the poorest and weakest. People with less access to health care, or who live in more disease-prone areas, will now also be more frequently shut out of places and opportunities open to everyone else. Gig workers—from drivers to plumbers to freelance yoga instructors—will see their jobs become even more precarious. (source)

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

This is NOT necessarily how it’s going to happenit’s only one possible scenario of the many unpalatable futures that are currently emerging. None of them are scenarios that embrace freedom or the joy of anonymity.

The life we knew is not coming back. But it’s better to know this and begin to think about how to mitigate these changes. Think about how you can earn a living, how you can teach your children about freedom in an unfree world, and how you can resist being a figure on a screen, constantly monitored for a spike in temperature.

And who knows? Maybe Americans will return to their independent ways and say, “No more.”  But the changes that took place after 9/11 suggest otherwise. Unless a fearful populace can be convinced that freedom is more important than safety, this will lead to more restrictions and some kind of Pandemic Patriot Act 2.0.

We don’t know what’s coming, but it will be different.

Facing uncertainty is always difficult. But by focusing on the things you can do, it can be managed.

I can’t tell you exactly what the future holds. But I can tell you that the lives we lived prior to COVID-19 are not going to re-emerge like nothing ever happened. And every day the lockdowns continue lessens the possibility of that even more.

You need to accept that now so you can best figure out how to navigate the post-COVID world that awaits. This doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to be happy again. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose everything. It means that things are going to be different and if you don’t accept that, your acclimation period will be dangerously long. As Selco always says, the sooner you understand the new rules, the better off you’ll be.

Things will be different.

We will adjust. We will adapt. We will survive.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Something I read earlier —

    Despite all

    I rise.
    On golden wings
    of my own creation.

    I am the human spirit.
    I am that which endures all
    and survives!

    I am that which turns
    the page and continues

    I am irrepressible.
    You cannot stop me!

    I am the human spirit.
    I rise!

    –Michael Graves (Poet) 1/19/19

  • Once ‘they’ started limiting the number of people that could go into Kroger at one time, I knew things were going downhill quick.

    Sucks to say I told you so.

    How long until the internet is offline…?

    • In the San Francisco Bay Area in some areas they are already Rationing Cell phone service on All carriers simply because They Can – just like gas rationing in the 70’s. We couldn’t get in touch with some relatives & they reported they are only able to use cell service on certain days at certain times. Notice how the Demonrat areas are being Communized 1st before Nationwide Rollout. This is a 100% Plandemic Scamdemic. The Bullshitaronavirus.

      • That is true. After the loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989, I tried using my cell phone to no avail. Having another more reliable setup is nice but complicated ie. Ham radio. Just keep this in mind if the sheet really hits the fan and cell towers get overwhelmed. God Bless patriots.

      • Just called my cousin in SF. She has no idea what you’re talking about. She has had no cell phone issues, hasn’t heard of any from her friends and hasn’t seen anything in the local news. Got a link for this? I’m curious.

    • Wow that is shocking. If our military leaders believe even half of that, why would they not have directly attacked China long ago? This guy stating the only path for China is to kill 200MM Americans on their own soil?

      • FYI. Asians (mostly Chinese) have been buying up real estate and businesses all over America in the last 10 years. Very few people have talked about it or cared.

        • More like 40 years. I was in the navy in pearl Harbor in 1979 and all I heard was that Japanese were buying up the island.

    • Nyquist is a Neo-Con, China hating lunatic.

      Epoch Times is owned by Falung Gong, a lunatic cult that also hates China.

      You people are so easily deceived, and you never preform due diligence. .

      This speech is fiction and this type of disinformation is being used by the Trump Administration to gin up a war against China, to distract from the unfolding economic collapse.

      • Got it. I suppose I was misled by your presentation of the material (military analyst having known of the speech). I was not calling for war, which is why I said “if” they believe…

        I am a peace-loving libertarian who thinks we should end all foreign wars and aid, and bring all of our troops home to defend our own nation.

        However, I am enough of a realist and cynic to know that the sociopaths in charge will never let that happen.

        Now preparing for the fallout from this bullshit virus and the coming push for new global order. Will not be getting vaccinated nor giving up weapons.

      • Here’s some due diligence, John Roberts DOM- you love your slavery, while my family escaped communists from Latin America & all their hellish repression in the name of “equality” that you so quickly bow down to (or bend over to), as do most naive Americans in the U.S. Nyquist has been vindicated in part by pointing out all the Communist sympathizing U.S. Traitors who whored themselves out with multimillion dollar contracts and financing with Communist China, to our national citizenry’s detriment. As for Falun Gong, they can be as lunatic as they want, doesn’t mean they should be imprisoned for their peaceful beliefs, nor, have their organs forcefully removed. The unfolding economic collapse has been underway way before Trump, vastly accelerated by a global banking cabal without any allegiance to any country and counting on mice-men kowtowing to China rather than defend human rights and religious liberty.

        • Liberdad:

          You are obviously blinded by your allegiance to Trump.

          You supporters just cannot wrap your mind around the fact that he betrayed you.

          How many broken promises does it take?

          Bush started the WOT, war on terror and took our freedoms away.

          Trump started the WOG, war on germs, and is one step away from martial law.

          Your freedoms will not come back.

          By the way, Trump may no longer be in charge. The Presidential Seal has been absent from his podium.

          Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not.

      • John Roberts DOM: Nyquist doesn’t hate China. If you had read him (apparently you haven’t) his main invective is against communism, in particular, Russian and European communism. Your strong outburst against him only riles up people.

        I personally got informed about Marxist socialism while living in Europe, before the fall of the Berlin wall. What Nyquist says about euro-communism closely parallels what I learned from European sources. I also learned about the other branch of Marxist socialism, namely National Socialism, from survivors who had lived under them. I lived in Europe long enough to learn fluently two European languages, and a smattering of a third.

        It’s absolutely criminal what the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has done to the Chinese people. The only things that keep the CCP in power are that the Chinese people are disarmed (except criminal gangs) and oppression from the PLA (People’s Liberation Army).

        You are right that the Epoch Times is owned by the Falun Gong, which is a religious sect.

        The only reason the Falun Gong hate the CCP is because of the intense persecution that Jiang Zemin started against them. Most of the Falun Gong are themselves Chinese who don’t hate China.

        Your outburst calling them “lunatic” and haters hurts, and doesn’t help, discussion on this forum.

        In the U.S. there’s a criminal “deep state” whose actions “on our behalf” at times make me ashamed to call myself an American. Is Trump part of that “deep state”? I wonder, when I see some of those elitist criminals still walking free. It also makes me suspicious when I see governments throughout these U.S. putting up what appears to be a police state. How long can these lock-downs last before people go hungry and riot, or worse? You are right to call out these problems. And Daisy is right that after this virus is defeated, the U.S. will be a very different place.

  • I have seen reports that the trucking industry is struggling with necessities needed on the road and truckers being diagnosed with the virus and that they need help, therefore another reason supply is at risk. Farmers throwing out food meant for restaurants and tons of it!?! When their are long lines at food banks already?

    When people get hungry, desperation sets in and brings violence as you said in the article. Crime has already seemed to be ticking up in and around our neighborhood in Denver.

    I have considered already some of the things you talked about in this article. The truth is important (there needs to be more truth), but then there is the issue of causing more panic nationwide.

  • I think this is overdramatic in my opinion. Things will go back mostly given the proper amount of time. People want a magic instant pill for everything and total fixes. They also love to play the blame game instead of focusing on what’s ahead with their own preparedness.
    There are things I wish would stay the same such as people being observant and not buried in their phones all the time, preparedness naysayers hushing up, folks paying attention to the WORLD around them not just their little world, parents being more involved in their kids lives, people getting outside and moving around.
    For many this was your warning shot. Things can and will be harder the next go round of whatever IT is. Get it together.
    For those still in the thick of it please stay focused and safe. The right thing isn’t the easy thing.

    • We got thru the Spanish Flu and came out stronger and more intelligent.

      But that was us back then. Critical thinking isn’t mass-utilized, and we’re (generally speaking) easily swayed to the politics of easy living and blame. No one has lived thru Great Depression type conditions, and will likely fold if faced with it today.

      Our “lack” of understanding what an infectious disease does was likely semi blissful ignorance, but we were also not living via welfare as so many are today.

  • Welcome to the Third World?
    I think it was Churchill who once said, “if you are going through hell, keep on going.”
    It has been done by previous generations. We can overcome. We haven’t even reached our darkest hour. We can overcome adversity. There is little we can do that is thrown at us, but how we respond to it is entirely up to us. We are not whimps. We can take it on the chin and move on.

  • Reminds me of the setting of the movie Ultraviolet (without the Vampires, sorry, Hemophages). A militant medical state with nearly everyone walking around in PPG and those discovered to be infected are shunned and sent away.

    • If you have a high school education and have a good relationship with your kids, you’ll do great. 🙂

    • Check into Khan Academy online, and The Great Courses/The Learning Company. Both offer a wide variety of high-quality classes.

  • A game-changer would be to find a treatment that “cures” (or at least prevents hospitalization) as soon as (or, preferably before), symptoms appear. Maybe this is why Trump is pushing hydroxychloroquine so hard.

      • Probably succumb to a Bill Gates-sponsored vaccine, due to hit the markets right about the time the powers-that-shouldn’t-be allow us out of house arrest; we will either be deemed “clean” or “dirty” and at least one person (a Senator, I think) has suggested that our health status be monitored each morning and that we wear a label telling everyone our health status for the day. All this chaos and economic devastation for a “virus” that, according to the little dictator himself, Fauci, is not worse than a bad flu (published on March 26, 2020 in the NEJM). Methinks something doth indeed stink in Denmark.

  • Although many people feel this way and it might be true in some countries, I don’t believe it is true for the US.
    We have a robust economy and it has shown it can bounce back, there will be problems for awhile but they will not last forever.
    The supply chain is flexible and will adapt to what ever is the new normal, that is what Capitalism and Corporatism is best at. Though for the Socialist nations, it will be a problem.

    The recurring pandemic theme is questionable.
    The current estimated death toll from covid 19 in the US, is now expected to be at or below the yearly number of influenza deaths!
    Now after deaths for the entire month of March are reported, the results show that deaths in the US this March are 15% less than the average of the past four years!

    So I am not sure you could really pass this off as a true pandemic.

    As for it reoccurring, that is possible, but as they are finding effective treatments and have several vaccines in research. that should stem the tide of it in the future.

    The idea that some new government intrusion or law will come out of this is doubtful.
    In fact it may actually be the opposite will occur.
    If you look at the thing happening, people are not happy about the lock down with some refusing to obey it. Then there is the Wisconsin governor that tried to postpone the primary and was shot down by the people and the courts.
    So in my thinking this is trending the other way. It might increase the interest in strong borders and a border wall.
    There were also a lot of firearm sales during this time. So it seems that some people decided that not having a gun, was not such a good idea.
    Which could be a big problem in the future, for gun control advocates.

    I know that some ” experts” are predicting terrible results from all of this, but I do not buy into it.
    Those are many of the same people, ( like the CDC ‘s “from 200,000 to 1.7 million to die”, from COVID 19 in the US), and those who have predicted economic doom and gloom in the past, that have been proven wrong before and I expect will, yet again.

    What this should teach us, is that we must meet the unexpected head on and deal with it.
    Being flexible and having hope is the only way to survive this and any SHTF Scenario.

    Without hope, you will not be willing to persevere to the end, regardless of whether that end is good or bad.

    • Thanks, Mic. Your comment is the most hopeful thing I’ve seen on this site in awhile.

      I’ve honestly stopped coming to this site as often because it seems like we are to resign ourselves to the fact that the worst case scenario is going to happen—and I’m just not seeing that (not even in NY or CA).

      I liked your statement about meeting the unexpected head on and just dealing with it. I wish there were more articles on this site about that.

      • Thank you, Christy.
        Prepping and Preppers, often tend to look at the negative side of things.
        Many of the people get involved because they see the negative side of things (the world is about to end, etc). So they prep to avoid that. Which is good.

        What is bad, is getting stuck in that rut of a viewpoint.
        One where everything is negative. It creates depression.

        So I always try to find the good side, if I can, to balance it out.
        Without Faith and Hope, there is no reason to Prep. It would all be useless, if it was always going to be all bad.
        There will be enough bad, so always look for what ever little good things you can find in Life.

    • No offense Mic but I don’t know how you can look at 20% unemployment and a unstable stock market as a stable economy. The problem with most Americans is that they have cognitive dissonance where they thing everything will stay the same.

      • Right. And the majority of Americans are now on some kind of government assistance – they will NOT bite the hand that feeds them, if and when government intrudes in their lives. You’re already seeing that around the country; yes, you have the Bundys out West, and other like-minded groups of people, but the majority of the populace feels you should have your head kicked in and be arrested for continuing to go to work right now.

    • I agree with Mic. While I’ve prepared for the worst and even advocated preparedness in that direction but it seems things are leveling off. That doesn’t mean you stop preparations though.
      Im still at work everyday and things haven’t gone off the tracks. There are those politicians who made power grabs that were against the law that needed spanking. They will be dealt with later after we get through our hump.
      There will be ups n downs.
      I think some feel the need for it be unhinged in order to be justified of what they do or who they are. Not me I’m confident in myself and my country.

    • I’m going to think out loud – maybe crazy but, who knows. So Bob (this is the generic Bob) was furloughed – no income. He has to eat and have heat, lights, water, and gas to go and buy food. The company Bob worked for has a slightly different problem. They need heat, lights, and water to keep the building and machines operational, they don’t need food.

      Congress passed and the president signed a bill that provides two trillion dollars for C-19 relief – I don’t know the details. You can buy an awful lot of heat, lights, and water with two million million dollars. I haven’t done the math but lets keep going.

      Now, in order to provide food, heat, lights, and water, some companies have to work. Food production and processing. Transportation to move the food and coal around. Utility companies for heat, lights, and water. Probably others. I would want to see most government workers stay at home – no economic segment gets to benefit.

      There is a cartoon where the punchline says, “and then a miracle occurs”. So my miracle is the people and companies who need stuff get money from this relief bill and they pay for food, heat, lights, water, and gas. Never mind the details. In that case, everything works. People have food and water, the heat and lights stay on, they can go to the store to buy food. The companies who make up this part of the logistics chain keep working.

      There is one thing left – rent and mortgage payments. Suppose they don’t get paid? Nobody dies. The guy in the apartment in NYC doesn’t pay his rent but heat, lights, and water are covered. The guy in the condo in NYC doesn’t pay his mortgage; heat, lights, and water are covered. Rent, mortgage, and interest payments catch the flu. When someone goes back to work, they make the next payment on schedule – no catch up. Those payments just don’t happen and there is no accumulation of interest. It is as if time stopped for two or three months. Financial institutions don’t gain or lose relative to each other. They all suffer but they all suffer the same.

      So, how will it end? Everyone will suffer so they won’t be happy. There will be pressure to end this ugly approach. I’m thinking that in a couple months, effective treatments will emerge and a vaccine will appear on be on the horizon and everyone can go back to work. Companies will reopen, their inventory will be still be there, unspoiled, to be sold. Unprocessed raw materials are still in the pile out back. People are coming back to work so they buy stuff. Bob didn’t earn any money but, on net, he didn’t spend any either.

      I can think of a thousand reasons it will be hard but it seems to me that the concept is right. Nobody will like it but no group greatly benefits and no group is greatly harmed and we mostly all survive and move on. It isn’t as bad as some of the stuff I have heard. What are your thoughts?

  • I’m not bragging, but I saw this coming Jan. 1. I’ve been struggling ever since to wake people up (but I’m not good at doing that without looking crazy). Now that time and change has taken place, people still can’t see what’s right in their faces!
    Thank you so much for this well written article! You very kindly lay out, that stuff is going sideways and is never going back to the way it was. I’m sharing this article far and wide. Good luck in what’s to come!

  • I’m 72 and in the winter of my life. This is what the “preppers” were warning about and preparing for. For 25yrs they were laughed at, ridiculed, and accused of being extremist wacko’s. Well kiddies, who’s laughing now? The collapse of society is now not beyond reason. Is it planned by man or God? I don’t have the wisdom to answer that one (though I will agree that “mankind” has screwed up as the “steward” of the planet and maybe God is finally fed up). If you have not “prepared” yourself (both physically and psychologically and spiritually) for what is coming down the pike, then good luck. Even if you have, you are going to experience an “interesting life” as the Chinese curse says. In the future (next 5 yrs?) , the living might envy the dead. One thing is certain, the America of 01/01/2020 is only a memory now. And when those of you who are young (if you survive) will tell you grand children (if they exist) of the time when you could go where you wanted, buy food and supplies at what was called a store, medicines at what was called a pharmacy, and you didn’t need a “authorization” (badge, paper tattoo) to get what the government allows you to have. People lived in what were called houses and only one family in the house. You will tell them that there were what were called cars and airplanes. All the wonders of what was then called modern civilization. You will tell them that no it is nor a fairy tale. It actually existed. Then your grand children will laugh at you and say you are old and imagining things.

    • Daisy’s may be gone soon too if she keeps telling us the TRUTH and the FACTS of the matter, but we now live in a day and time when MOST don’t want the TRUTH or the FACTS to be known…SO it won’t surprise me if ALL things “GOOD” will be removed from the internet soon, just my 2 cents…

  • Daisy, the article by the technocrat transhumanist Gideon Lichfield is revolting and disgusting. I reject every part of it and we need for people to realize the attack that has been launched upon them by the globalists and prepare to go to war with them. Things aren’t going back to normal unless we put them back that way. People like Lichfield need to be afraid for their life. Time for revolt.

    • Oh Please. There isn’t any good people fighting for the country against these Globalist Bankers. They OWN everyone and everything. The time to act to defend this country has long come and gone.
      Our Forefathers would have shot all these Congressional Criminals decades ago. We, The People who enjoyed their fight for freedom against tyrants they won, have sat back and gotten to be fat, lazy consumers. The People forgot that freedom isn’t free and must be fought for.

      Trump ordered up 1 MILLION TROOPS! They are not coming to help you!! They have you sitting in the house, scared to go outside, and as you watch reruns of TV, the troops are setting up for martial law. The People are well past the point of any tactical defense.

      Oh by the way, the 1 Million Troop Members will NOT be American Soldiers.

      • ✅ here, here! How I long for just one day in the life of our fore-father’s. YES they didn’t put up with it. I liked their style Ranger! Now it’s all

      • Speak for yourself. The Founders put up with lots of bullshit before they took action, because they knew once they put their solution/ reaction into play it would have dire consequences for all. They had courage but with restraint, until it was time to unleash hell. Things go in cycles. Hell is coming, and there are a lot of people that have nothing left to lose and value liberty more than a life in chains. So let’s see what happens when the shooting starts.

      • LOL I’m out every single day 8-16hrs and no one is setting up anything.
        There is no country nor countries capable of deploying 1 million logistically in good times much less in these times where everyone is holding what they have in place or pulling back to home.
        Get out from behind your TP stack and go outside and get some air.

        • Matt in OK,
          There is something to be said about that (re: 1 million foreign troops deployed to the US).
          We could not secure Afghanistan, a small third world country, with 139,000 US troops and a whole NATO coalition.
          The entirety of the US with 350 million people and a whole lot of firearms?
          Not seeing it.

          Besides, whom are these 1 million foreign troops? China is seeing a resurgence of COVID19 cases that were recovered (SK is reporting the same). China has lockdown the city of Suifenhe. Russia has their own problems with it, they just passed 10k cases after a big jump.
          Also reading about how the EU might collapse, per the Italian PM.
          The globalists appear to be losing their grip.

      • Patience Ranger. I’m sure you’re not a grasshopper. It’s not over yet. What is that old saying, “I have not yet begun to fight”? All the pieces are not in position yet. More of them have to fall into place just so.

  • My parents survived the Spanish Flu and therefore the Great Depression and both World Wars. They taught me ( or tried!) to teach me not to waste, not to be materalistic, and to be self-sufficent. Recent events have given me perspective on why my mother was so adamant that I not pursue careers in areas I enjoyed – fashion design, french literature, or mythology.

  • That’s a Demoncrap leftist message. It’s for them. It’s not for US. We can easily get back on track if we quit believing their messages. Possibly even stronger then before.

    We are nice people to a point. We’re gonna go back to work on May 1st whether Dr. Faucteeth or Dr. Brix-Head lies or not.

    We have been really nice enough (to say the least) to the liars and the left. Please don’t push us anymore or you’ll be swinging from a rope.

  • Seems some of the commenting folks here have differences of opinion on what being realistic about this present state of affairs is all about. Thank you for keeping your fingers on the pulse of these unfolding events, Daisy. It’s not easy to be the bearer of bad news. Its very dumb to shoot the messenger in times like these.

    Not only do we need to face reality close to home, we need to see what is unfolding worldwide. India is now suing China in the International Court of Justice. At the risk of starting a rumor about war, I want to be able to realistically plan for the world to be at war, possibly sooner than later. These thoughts about world war have been brewing in my head for a couple of months now. We are not going to be able to escape the big changes in attitudes around the world regarding who’s to blame and what resources are left.

    Bottom line is — everyone dies, eventually, as it is already. Our culture has conveniently removed this fact from being the place to reason spiritually about life.

    Keep half an eye open to watch the larger world. Being realistic about Doom and Gloom is not sinister. It is useful for perspective. Wisdom and Folly are crying out from the high places in the city. The first step in becoming wise is to recognize that we are foolish and need to learn. Learn. Watch. Prepare your hearts, encourage those you love to be brave.

    I’ve no doubt we will be overwhelmed but that doesn’t mean we are not able to overcome.

    To be realistic is to be stable. My two cents . . . .

  • America and the world is at a crossroad. What meaning do we give to things in our lives? We will find out what the truly important things are. If we are to prevail (as a whole) we will have to vibrate at a higher level than before the ‘plandemic’. Dr. Wayne Dyer has some great advice and insight, check him and Dr. Bruce Lipton out for hope and help.

  • i agree to a certain extint , if we all pray and fast and do what is right, we can get some normalization. But it will be up to us to do it. God must know we are serious before He steps in to help.

  • Daisy your pretty much spot on…..everything in your article and more has happened here ….I am in NZ (example heard a guy got caught with a deer in his truck by police he said it was to feed his family they gave him a $5000 fine….we started social distancing then isolation been in isolation 22 days (the government enforced isolation total lock down started 14 days ago)…. try to be 1 step ahead Of everything that way your more likely to be survivor not a statistic….stay healthy stay safe

    • $2-5000K is a normal fine in NZ for poaching is it not? It’s up to 10K. Much higher if it’s commercial like out of a helicopter.
      It hasn’t gone WROL yet has it?

  • As bad as the virus is, I think the bigger concern is the government heavy-handed response to it. Of course that has been said many times here and elsewhere.
    As things stand now, even if the virus disappeared tomorrow our economy, and that of most of the world, is circling the drain, and is probably past the trap.

  • I don’t doubt this virus is real and deadly to some, but I also believe it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. We’ve been teetering on financial disaster for a long time. Trumps Admin. Is the perfect time to drop the virus BOMB on us. Russia collusion didn’t work, impeachment didn’t work, but oh, the virus. Just the tool to halt all activity, collapse the economy, blame Trump, suspend the election, try to assassinate him and rig the general with mail in ballots. We have mail in in colorado, look what a mess they’ve created here. The Demon Rats always play dirty and the republicraps always feebly put up a wimpy attempt at resistance. Im afraid we don’t have much more than a globalist duopoly in politics. And according to Revelation we will eventually get to the New World Order that Kissinger and co. so dream about. Still, we must resist until the bitter end for our kids and for humanity.

  • This is the right call. The USA is heading for ruler fighting ruler. It’s in Jeremiah 51:46.
    Also we have been dealing with Matthew 24:7. Coronavirus was a grand pestilence and there’s other relatively smaller plagues like the Locusts in the Middle East, South Asia and East Africa.
    There were protests and riots in several countries recently (Luke 21:9 – Commotions) they will certainly happen again and evolve into civil wars.. Then there will be wars between countries, remember all of the rumors of war we heard? This is in Matthew 24:6.
    There will also be famine and we are already seeing some shortages.

    This is not the end of the world or the coming of the Messiah as the false teachers say. This is preceding the restoration of Israel and the return of prophets and Apostles (Isaiah 1) there will be many people heading into Israel in the greatest Exodus yet. (Ezekiel 20)

  • GOD has been calling the MEN to stand up and FIGHT these bastards,sadly there are none in america or this would NEVER have gotten this far,the men are drunk,dumbed down,and completely Blind of the storm surrounding them,the future is OVER for america,THOMAS JEFFERSON warned everyone NO STANDING ARMIES OR POLICE GANGS,and yet no one understands why he warned them,GOD SAYS “AMERICA ,YOU DON’T HAVE A MILITARY..SATAN DOES”.but we know america will learn this the hard way.,millions of dead people everywhere KILLED BY YOUR HERO’S..what a shame,but this is whats coming

  • 9/11 was a different type of disaster, we were attacked at our home – it was unfathomable. It still is, how could an attacker get past our guards? The virus is an illness and people understand the unpredictability of illness – it happens, we don’t always know who it will happen too.

    I believe the American people will adapt but that adaptation will not include staying confined indefinitely – if the attacks of 9/11 had continued on the street, we would have fought back then too. It is important to consider the worst case scenario, which you have, and plan for that as a way to mitigate anxiety over what-ifs. After that I am confident we will pick up the mantle and move forward from a position of strength.

    By the way, there was lots of TP at Costco on Monday 4/6/2020. Supplies of some other items were lower and likely it will take a while for transport to find a new normal but it will.

  • When under attack by an enemy on all sides the worst thing that you can do is to shoot yourself in both feet at the beginning of the battle! Normal has always been a relative term.

  • The Kommie Komment section is strong on this one.
    They sure wanna drag y’all down into the abyss of delusion. Sort the wheat from the chaff and revisit this in 6 months.

    • The “Kommie Komment section”? What are you talking about, some people are less hopeful but many are rallying the troops to prevent a communist takeover resulting from the existing infestation. What are you talking about?

  • Nothing that happens surprises me anymore. I don’t watch the president’s daily speech nor the daily speech of my states governor. I only look at the COVID-19 info from Johns Hopkins 3 times a week. I still do look at my normal daily news sources, which includes this site.

    I’m not sick but at my age and health I know I won’t last forever. I have made lists and other documentation covering:

    – the people on my street, addresses, phone and email where I have them
    – medical listings of myself and others that I am responsible for including detailed info on meds and doctors
    – my observations on how to care for the others I am responsible for
    – information on at least some of my assets and how to value and dispose of them should a need to arise to actually dispose of them
    – a copy of the governor’s executive stay at home order
    – a copy of Selco’s Gray Man article
    – lists of some of the lessons this old man has learned in life
    – a list of my physical book library covering a wide range of subjects, most somehow survival related
    – I’m still working on more detailed documentation of my extensive pdf library
    – and there is more to be done

    I am emailing these to my descendants, in the hope that this information I have collected will perhaps one day make their lives easier.

  • I get that the economy is bad, everyone lost their job, and a whole bunch of people are dying in New York and stuff, but do you have to always be such a downer? Why don’t you write something cheerful for a change? Look for the bright side for God’s sake. I bet your fun at parties.

    • Adam, we prep for the difficult, uncertain times in life. I’m so glad that Daisy shares with honesty exactly what she is seeing and expecting. I need reality and truth. It’s your job to look at those facts and count your blessings and find the bright side. BTW, Daisy is a hoot at parties.

    • You must not of read some of Daisy’s other posts.
      She is quite funny and witty too.
      But when she is on, she is on.

  • Daisy, you were spot on when you said this article wouldn’t be pleasant to read. I think you may well be right on most counts but I hope you are dead wrong on all of them.

    Meanwhile, those of us who were at least somewhat prepared should keep our hopes up. I, for one, hope this will all be over in two or three months. But in the spirit of hope for the best and plan for the worst, I’m expanding my chicken coop and ordering more birds. I’m doing succession plantings in my raised bed gardens and planning to expand them. I’m buying a 2,000 gallon cistern for extra water storage and renting a backhoe to put it in the ground (and I’ll install a root cellar while I’m at it). If I didn’t have to rely on processed food pellets for my rabbits I’d get more of them as well. By taking these steps I can produce most of the food we require at least through next Fall. If I can get my aquaculture system set up by converting our spa room to a greenhouse and our 800 gallon spa to a full scale tilapia growing tank I’ll be able to grow even more veggies year round–and I already live in an area I can grow vegetables outside year round.

    I realize many folks can’t do the same, but even if you live in a city you can keep chickens and grow a garden. And even if you’re stuck in an apartment you can grow sprouts. The important thing is to keep calm and think of the many ways you can improve your situation.

  • Oh, things will be different on the other side of this.
    How exactly is anyone’s guess.
    The food and bev industry took a major hit. 3% of small restaurants are permanently closed. Another 11% are expected to permanently close by the end of this month.
    Big chain restaurants are taking a hit as well. McDonalds pulled their 2020 forecast.
    30% of renters did not make their April payments.
    Americans asking for mortgage deferments spiked 1,064% in one month.
    Food banks are seeing lines of cars miles long. Note in the pics, those cars are not broken down beaters, but late model sedans, SUVs, tucks and sports cars.
    The airline industry is mothballing most of their long distance carriers, filling the fuel tanks with anti-algae chemicals.
    Apple is cutting orders for their iPhones and other products.
    And that is just a few.
    And that is just the beginning.

    The V-recovery that everyone has been hoping for is likely not to materialize. but a U-shaped one.
    Unemployment is expected to spike. Seen numbers as high as 30%. Currently we are on track for 12% now.

    Many companies are looking at their production and logistical lines, doing the risk analysis if this thing were to become a annual event or even if it makes a resurgence in the fall/winter (Spanish flu like). It might make better sense not to have production in another hemisphere.

    From a society stand point, how is this impacting people? Will the birth rate go up? Divorce rate? Changes in social habits?
    Health care professionals. How many of them will come out of this with some form of PTSD? We already have a shortage of nurses and doctors. Will this exacerbate that?

    Rhode Island’s reaction to all those NY elites fleeing their NYC residences for their second homes, what does that tell us? Those globalist elites are running/fleeing too. To their second homes, their boltholes in NZ, their super yachts or their underground bunkers.

    Over reaching federal power? Seems to me local and state governments are still in charge. Trump has yet to enact a national lock down, for good or bad, I do not know. I can still go out into town for groceries, alcohol, the feed store, or the drive through at a fast food restaurant. I have a vet appointment for my one dog today. No road blocks. No armed uniformed men in the streets. No UN blue helmets.

    Now, if something happens to our food supply system, be it the farmers, the processing plants, the trucking and distribution system, for a week or 6, then things could get real ugly.

      • The V and the U has been the most common ones.
        But I am seeing more and more traffic using the “L.”
        Usually associated with The 21st Century Great Depression phrase.
        Mostly on small or alt-media sites. But many of them have been ahead of the power curve, while MSM lags days, even weeks behind.

        • Had to shop for myself and others today. Went into the city. It’s not 100% but it’s 70%. Lots of TP, paper towels etc. I even bought Clorox wipes. There’s still limits but there supplies.
          Still only had a portion wearing PPE but folks were paying attention to distancing.
          No lines.
          Sure as the heck weren’t any doomsday roadblocks.

          • The wife went to town yesterday.
            Paper products where still low.
            There was bread flour for the first time in weeks.
            More people wearing masks.
            No problems picking up our elderly neighbors Rx. They asked us to pick them up as they are at high risk.

            Nope. No roadblocks.

            • We picked up some supplies today. There were paper towels for the first time in almost a month. Still no toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, and no bleach. They had some of the small 5 pound bags of flour and rice but none of the larger bags. They had a person at the door counting people coming in and another at the exit, counting people going out. The meat is spread out so it looks like there is more but it’s only one layer deep. So there’s not a whole lot of meat there.

              Tons of fresh produce and the bakery was full.

              • Most of our hand sanitizer is being made locally and only going to first responders and medical.
                I saw small bottles for sale at a local grocery bout 2 weeks ago but it sold out too.
                We’ve got tons of meat here. Maybe not the brand you like but plenty of it. Enough so that folks were having to stand there and make choices which slowed that section down because we’re still trying to stay distance.

    • “No lockdown yet.”

      There are roadblocks in some areas. There are cops ticketing people for violating distancing rules. There are armed club holding cops breaking up little girl’s birthday parties.

      There are people snitching.

      Trump has issued orders just shy of martial law, and the Democrat and most Republican Governors are gleeful to comply.

      Trump’s new chief of staff Mark Meadows is strong arming the Republican governors the resist the lockdown to comply with Trump’s wishes.


  • Daisy, your response to Adam was superb.

    I agree wholeheartedly with 1stMarineJarHead! Very insightful and good questions raised.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Daisy.

    • @Country Mouse,
      I took my dog to the vet, about a 20 minute drive. I was flipping through the radio stations and one thing I noticed that stood out to me, was how the various DJs were saying that we were all going through this together. They also were promoting for people to support those small, local, restaurants that are offering curbside or delivery.
      Second thing I noticed was the number of local businesses that were still advertising, but while they still were pushing for sales, they referenced the websites and “hands free” delivery.
      The point I am trying to make is while there are those who say this is a globalists power grab or attempt to “. . . consolidate their power!” (IF I had a dollar for every time I read that phrase since 2001, I could of bought my farm, cash in hand), what I am seeing is more of a nationalism (small “n” not “N”). Supporting local businesses, supporting community, the elderly etc. More rhetoric about not relying on products made overseas, like PPE, Rx drugs, with hints or undertones of bringing production back to the US. I see those things as a National Security issue.

      Regardless, we have to look at this from the long view, as hard as that may be.

  • There is no “pandemic” and the purpose of this false flag is to cover up the financial crimes, failure, and fraud of the banking system and to finish off the Constitution to gain complete control over our lives. When are the American sheeple going to rise up against the oppressors of the whole world and imprison them? Is everyone just going to bend over and take and say, “Oh well, there’s nothing we can do.”? What cowards live in this country and the rest of the developed world – addicted to their material comforts, cell phones, and the internet, etc.

    To quote Samuel Adams:

    “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the quiet of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    To quote Winston Churchill:

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Welcome to slavery, sheeple!

  • Daisy
    I have lost all hope of things getting back to before COVID-19, now my focus is how and what do I do to survive and prepare to feed my family. Do I go back to raising animals for food and trying to grow the vegetables I need for fear that grocery stores will never come back to having enough food to restock.


    • @ Jean

      I think raising animals for food and having a garden are great things to do no matter what. At the very least they ground you, save money and provide the best tasting nutritious food ever. When times are uncertain such as now, it can make a huge difference in the health and well being of your household. So whether the stores ever will or won’t have enough food isn’t the point i don’t think. You’ve seen just a taste of what can happen. If you’ve got the land and ability to do this, I hope you do.

  • This may all be true, but don’t forget that there is a power greater than all of the “powers that be” that can direct this the way They want it to go. Don’t underestimate the power of righteous people around the world praying, fasting, and consistently looking to God, and a merciful God who will hear them, and the Master Healer, Jesus Christ, who has the power to heal this broken world if it is their will and their plan for us. They are far more powerful than anything here on the earth, no matter what happens.

  • you totally got this wrong…the who’s, the why’s, the how’s even the when’s…total panic fodder, you piece of shit.

    • Wow Vocalpatriot! We know you are scared but raging at others who are not harming you merely advising one course of action is not okay. Why don’t you tell us what is really bothering you.

  • Solution? Stop stocking toilet paper and start stocking ammo. You cant vote your way out of this new socialism.

  • .
    Good article. 

    Big difference between Wuhan and USA. The USA wont lock people down and beat them if they go out. USA will probably have continual virus outbreaks from here on out. Our ‘freedom based’ way of life is not conducive to exterminating the virus.

    If this is our new normal, then just gotta suck it up and keep on keeping on best we can. America may have to reinvent itself into socialist nanny state where it takes care of people and there are less filthy rich. Other option is let half the people end up homeless, filthy rich can get richer and the  rest of the people die on the street cause they can’t work.

    Capitalism is fine, as long as it works. But we can see how things ended up with our healthcare and housing. America is probably already gone due to selling itself off for cheap illegal Mexican labor. Mexico controls the vote in CA. NPR says 25% of children in Texas have illegals for parents. The only question now is do the dems take control in the upcoming election, outlaw guns except for smart guns that can be turned off remotely and hasten our destruction. 

    Good luck to all!

  • I do not believe a word FAUXI has to say. I have tracked every single backtracking, hypocritical, outright lies from that Italian Mussolini-style fascist and his klan, and am here to say stop with the self-fulfilling prophecies. You SHOULD prep, I have. But one thing I know from living thru disasters and attacks is this: if everyone adopts this crappy attitude, everything WILL collapse. Get a freaking GRIP on REALITY, y’all are losing it. I’ve been prepping for 15 years, saw this coming in NOVEMBER 2019, got a dose of the deadly virus in DECEMBER 2019, treated it myself until it went away in JANUARY 2020, long b4 anyone here knew it had arrived, and still say, we’ll get our civilization back, but better. BTW, this is the only “pandemic” they’re “messing with you” about, there ‘ve been several, and not SARS or MERS.

  • To backup my stmt that FAUXI is a hypocritical lying fascist that no one should believe or quote, here are just 3 of dozens: About Jan 22 FAUXI went public on air stating America had nothing to worry about from Covid, we’re not looking at a Wuhan here. In March 22 FAUXI published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine stating that COvid was just “a bad flu”. Then around March 31 FAUXI gets on MSM and screams millions of Americans will die. The UGLY TRUTH is that both THIS bat COVID was known in 2017, they already had the COVID name for this bat coronavirus, and the curea in early 2018, which they had started testing in 2017 – as clearly explained in at least three key microbiology research papers, in August 2019, GS-441524 (the cure) was being mfd on the Chinese black market… the ORIGINAL stuff found in nature can also be used to help cure.

    So when you quote FAUXI please do so by URGING your readers to believe the OPPOSITE of what that fascist is saying. Also, VP Pence hates his guts. PPL, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Also, remember all those microbiologists tha went missing way back? Guess what they knew about. Nuf said.

  • While I agree with both you and Selco, American Society is a perception, not a fact in the main. The current situation, while quite serious, is partly continued by articles of
    the style of above – Knowledge, in some cases is better contained. We are both a Republic, and Statute Corporation in both the Federal Government and states.

    While it my opinion as a retired military research analyst, “Forensic Historical ” Ex. why did this operation fail, or why did one of our planes ( for the third time ) run into the mountain, etc.

    It is my attempt here to assist in reversing the propaganda, by placing the need before the fear- ie. As this “artificially induced” attack, moves along on it’s course,
    there are “simple” steps to success. It is historically noted in our response to “Overt censorship inWW2 –

    While the conflict was not in our house, how everyone responds, and the value of that response is crucial. There are so many foundational issues that must be in place, to generate the change, fear emplacement intellectual will defeat a poorly educated, “feeling oriented society –

    In conclusion, as time moves on, it took 50 some years to ascertain that the United States Leadership knew the Japanese were on the way to attack ( military ships kept silence ) while on another channel ( the civilian operated tankers were chatting among themselves, and picked up by remote receivers. To genereate the idea that 911, and this are in any way similar, it is only in the idea of loss of life – preperation for life, enables the mind to negate the idea of death: ie. training and “confidence”
    building. an aside: the Oklahoma incident, 911 as well, will eventually be exposed, and the several virus incidents leading to this one, are all on the same playing field.
    At Your Service = Raven6 65 – 93.

  • I won’t mince my words here: this is ludicrous.

    I have never really said this about many things before, so I’m not sure if this is truly how I feel or an approximation, but I think I would ALMOST rather die than live in a reality like this. I would fight not to allow this to happen. I can’t imagine I am nearly alone in these sentiments.

    You, on the other hand: you can feel free to live like this. It sounds like you already kind of do, “living in the mountains of Virginia.”

  • I think you’re wrong we will get back to normal the whole world that is. I think the Pandemic will end by June, 30 2021.

  • “The world changed forever when the virus began to spread”. When the virus was INTENTIONALLY spread. Which was only a pretext to get people to accept the mRNA injections. The virus is half as deadly as the annual flu.

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