“Contact Tracer” and “Disease Investigator” Jobs Spring Up Across the Country

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For those who may have lost their jobs during the lockdown, it appears a whole new sector of jobs is opening up across the country. Cities and states are seeking “contact tracers”  and “disease investigators” to track down anyone who may have COVID-19 or anyone who may have come in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.

There are multiple job postings on Indeed.com, an employment-related search engine for job listings. Job titles include contact tracer, contact tracing supervisor, COVID-19 case investigator, and communicable disease investigator.

While some people find these positions to be necessary to public health, others find them invasive and meddlesome. One of the most worrisome things about this is what kind of power is held by the tracers and investigators. If they feel someone isn’t quarantining properly, and they report that person, what happens next? Ventura County, California officials claimed they would remove people suffering from COVID from their homes if there was only one bathroom, a claim they’ve since walked back after public outrage ensued.

Ventura County officials were forced Wednesday to apologize and clarify that those who could not isolate or quarantine themselves would never be forcibly removed from their homes as part of an effort to further contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Video circulated on social media showed Dr. Robert Levin, the director of Ventura County Public Health, speaking before the board of supervisors Tuesday about a plan to hire up to 50 new “contact tracing investigators” to “find people who have COVID-19 and immediately isolate them, find every one of their contacts, make sure they stay quarantined and check in with them every day.” (source)

If officials really want to see violence and unrest ensue, forcibly hauling off an ailing loved one would be one surefire way to make it happen.

What are contact tracers?

Here’s a little more about these jobs. (Emphasis mine)

New York State will hire and train a team of staff working remotely to support the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) and Local Health Departments (LHDs) to perform COVID-19 contact tracing in communities across NYS. The aim of this initiative will be to call every person diagnosed with COVID-19, establish all contacts of this person, and proceed to call and maintain ongoing communication with every contact. In addition, the team will support the isolation and quarantine of individuals, as appropriate in cooperation with the LHD. This includes virtual needs checks and referral to community resources as needed. This contact tracing initiative is in tandem with statewide-wide efforts to increase testing, improve communication and knowledge of effective strategies to reduce transmission, and implementation of isolation and quarantine. This will fortify efforts to control the pandemic in NYS.
General Summary:

The Contact Tracer will use a web-based client resource management (CRM) platform to call all contacts of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, determine exposure, assess symptoms, refer for testing according to established protocols, and provide them with instructions for isolation or quarantine. Contact Tracers will maintain ongoing communication with contacts to assess symptoms, ensure compliance with quarantine and determine social support needs and/or handle reporting of issues that arise. Contact Tracers are required to follow set scripts and adhere to policies and procedures provided by NYS. They will also comply with Department training regarding confidential information related to personal information. COVID-19 Contract Tracers will be required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

  • Work in collaboration with the Case Investigator from the local health department (LHD).
  • Call contacts of newly diagnosed cases.
  • Communicate with contacts in a professional and empathetic manner maintaining emotional and cultural awareness.
  • Collect and record information on symptoms and needs into the CRM with accuracy.
  • Provide contacts with approved information about NYS isolation and quarantine procedures, and if appropriate, refer them to testing according to protocol and/or to a COVID-19 Community Support Specialist for social resources.
  • Follow a set script to inform contacts about the importance of isolation or quarantine and what to do if symptoms are present or develop.
  • Maintain daily contact with Team Supervisor.
  • The position is considered temporary with a one-year engagement expected and the possibility to extend as needed.
  • The contact center will operate 7 days a week between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Evening and/or weekend work may be required.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • High school diploma, or equivalent required. Must be 18 years of age or older. Some college training preferred.
  • Must be a NYS resident.
  • Ability to speak, read, and write English clearly and concisely. Fluency in a second or multiple languages would be a plus.
  • Employment is contingent on completion of a background check by NY State.
  • Own telephone, computer, wireless internet (WiFi) and electronic equipment. (A partial reimbursement to maintain unlimited phone and data access will be provided.)
  • Must have access to a working PC with Windows 10, Antivirus Protection: Windows Defender and Windows Firewall; or Mac with Apple OS X 10.13, Antivirus Protection: Sophos; and personal mobile device to use for this job.
  • A headset is preferred.
Preferred Skills:
  • Ability to exhibit a professional, positive attitude and independent work ethic.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills required and ability to interact professionally with culturally diverse individuals during a time of crisis and distress.
  • Ability to show empathy to distressed individuals and assist with identifying solutions to problems identified.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Sound judgment required.
  • Ability to handle confidential information with discretion and professionalism.
  • Proficiency with computers and data entry into electronic tracking systems.


Because when you’re sick, who doesn’t want to answer questions asked by someone reading from a script? A similar job is posted for Applied Memetics.

There are also postings for “Communicable Disease Investigators”

Another even more invasive COVID-related job is ” Communicable Disease Investigator,” a position that Louisville, Kentucky is urgently seeking to fill.

Crown Services, Inc. in Louisville is proud to accept applications for COVID-19 Communicable Disease Investigators to join the fight against the novel Coronavirus in our community! The work involves investigating situations concerning individuals who have been in contact with COVID-19, which could result in possible sources of infection. This includes locating patients of COVID-19, and persons with whom they have had contact. Investigation procedures involve contacting various information sources such as welfare agencies, neighbors, hospitals, work locations, restaurants, and bars. The investigator is primarily concerned with locating persons who should be examined for acute infection. General supervision is received from an administrative superior with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment and initiative in carrying out the mandate of the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Certain assignments made to employees in this position will require reasonable access to transportation to meet field work requirements made in the ordinary course of business in a timely and efficient manner.

Required Education and Experience

Current student or graduate from a college of public health, medical science, college of nursing, or school of medicine.

Essential Functions

  • Interview patients to elicit information regarding their contacts to COVID-19 positive patients and to determine possible personal and health history related to transmitted diseases.
  • Educates and counsels patients regarding transmitted diseases and risk reduction.
  • Locates persons who have been reported to have COVID-19 or who have been in contact with infected individuals; directs these individuals to submit necessary laboratory specimens and such other necessary control measures.
  • Induces persons who have been in contact with COVID-19 to have medical examinations and laboratory testing as applicable.
  • Provides information and education on COVID-19 to phone inquiries.
  • Conducts interviews with persons who are COVID-19 positive and assists them in informing their close contacts of their positive status.
  • Conducts investigations to discover unreported cases.
  • Performs a variety of duties relating to the preparation of reports, entering personal data on patient registers, and preparing correspondence to send to patients who are in need of medical examination and treatment.
  • Maintains records on all delinquent and/or non-conforming patients.
  • Prepares individual narrative reports concerning work procedures and certain patients.
  • Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and physical abilities.

Pay and Schedule

COVID-19 Communicable Disease Investigator pay is $35.00 per hour base, plus mileage reimbursement

These full-time opportunities are on a rotating shift, and are available immediately! These positions are work from home with travel required within the Greater Louisville Metro area, including Southern Indiana. Staggered shifts are assigned between 7am-7pm, Sunday-Saturday. (source)

Other companies are looking for case investigators and contact tracing supervisors.

And don’t forget the dystopian technology.

Not only do sick or potentially sick people need to worry about being phoned or questioned by contact tracers, but there’s also a whole new world of dystopian technology being rapidly developed.

Apple and Google formed a partnership to develop a phone app with the potential to monitor one-third of the world’s population. The Australian government has developed an app called COVIDSafe to “protect you, your family and friends and save the lives of other Australians. The more Australians connect to the COVIDSafe app, the quicker we can find the virus.”

In fact, all sorts of potentially invasive new technology tools are springing up to “fight COVID.” Some use AI to detect signs of COVID and the Department of Defense is deploying thermal imaging to detect signs of COVID.

These things won’t just go away when the pandemic is over. If they’re in use for a year or two years – however long this virus is with us – chances are, they’re here to stay.

Meanwhile, it’s still nearly impossible to get tested in many states.

Despite the White House’s claims that anyone who needs a COVID test can get one, it’s proven to be nearly an impossible feat for many people who are genuinely ill. According to one report, the availability of testing depends on one major factor.

It depends on where you live. In California, El Dorado County and Los Angeles are offering free testing to all residents, even if they’re not showing symptoms. However, they still need to have an appointment.

Some cities and states may be able to test more people if they have more access to the test kits themselves. For example, tens of thousands of test kits are being diverted to New York state, a coronavirus hotspot and leading site of COVID-19 fatalities, because the need there is strong. New York is planning to manufacture its own test kits this month.

As a result, the limited number of tests available at each site are often reserved for higher-risk patients (for example, those with underlying health conditions) or those exhibiting strong symptoms that are associated with COVID-19, such as trouble breathing, pain or pressure in the chest, confusion and bluish lips or face.  (source)

In some states, you can’t just go to the drive-through testing facility and take a test – you require a doctor’s order, which you can only get after an appointment.

If you need to get tested, here’s a regularly updated list of testing locations across the country.

What do you think?

Do you find contact tracing and disease investigators to be a necessary part of combatting the coronavirus? What about the new tracking and detection technology? Or do you feel that these things are an invasion of privacy?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • It’ll be like telemarketers and repo guys. Nobody wants to talk to either. Good luck knocking on someone’s door for info. You might get attacked or infected.

  • This is mostly for the “blue cities and states” which have thecommunist mayors and governors. I very much doubt we will ever see one of those workers around my area.

    Do I think it is needed?
    At this point they can’t do anything to treat it anyway, so why do the need to know anything like that? My guess is that they are gathering data for the next biological attack.
    And don’t get me started on the mandatory vaccines that I will never let them jab me with.

  • Modern day Stasi & medical Gestapo with a high school diploma & way too much power for the qualification.
    Combine that with entitled SJWs cancel culture & their disdain for Boomers & what could go wrong?
    Way too open for abuse by an abusive corrupt system that wants to get rid if dissenters…..for the greater good.

  • It’s not hard to envision a day when men, women and kids are led off to the camps based on the word of some hastily hired government agent with an Orwellian new title. All the nightmarish stuff we’ve ruminated over the past few years is suddenly in view. It’s that close. And resisting this kind of enslavement will be next to impossible thanks to the sizable chunk of the population who continue to applaud every grotesque overreach.

    • Started to read Orwell’s 1984, only could not bear, to finish it, as i discerned it was not going to have a happy ending..this whole dystopian nightmare is beginning to take on very ominous tones. Sure all the filthy roach elites are already scurrying to their lavish underground bunkers. there is no safe place to run & hide, only safe refuge is in Christ.

  • Your own phone is your contact tracer, will rat you out and send you to a “Quarantine Camp”.

    • Frightening… but that is what I fear reading things like removal of infected people from their homes… The people in the same dwelling are likely already exposed. Where will they remove them too? Even if they are complying with self isolation/quarantine in their home? Under force? Under suspicion of possible infection? Because they aren’t vaccinated? Where does this end…

      • People don’t even realize that they starting building FEMA back in 2008. They started hiring for them during Obama’s second term. They are filled with security and other personnel. There are over 100 of them all over the country. There’s a way you can find out which one is closet to you. Everything going on has been planned for many years. And they have been telling us about their plans through movies & tv shows for years. I say that because one of the cabal’s rules is that they have to tell us what they plan to do before they do it. They just don’t say how they have to tell us. And clearly we miss everything they have told us before because we’re too busy watching these things for entertainment purposes only instead of warnings of the future. Now we’re at the final part of their plans.

  • Anyone who knows history knows that Organized Government , in some cases, can be the most dangerous “thing” on earth. Starting with the earlier forms, they have been murdering their own and “others” forever. Who thru the Christians to the Lions, Government. Who murdered a million Turkish Christian citizens, Government. Who helped wipe out some of the Native American tribes , Government. Let us not forget all the forms of Socialism, in Germany, U.S.S.R., Commie Cuba, China, Cambodia, and poor Venezuela. 100’s of millions.

    Can it happen here? Only God knows the future

  • There really isn’t much left to say my friends, that we can say here without getting arrested for speaking out about what we believe should be done to our Orwellian state.

    LOCK & LOAD IS THE LEAST OF WHAT TRULY NEEDS TO BE SAID. If anyone comes at you with the intent to forceably make you take the vaccine, SHOOT THEM !!! Or if you want be more quite about it put an ice-pick through their heart. It is quiet and would hardly be noticeable.

  • I think they were talking about “re- purposing” Census workers to do this. Makes sense as I don’t think many Census workers would want to just be showing up at people’s houses now and I doubt many people would welcome a stranger showing up either now. I think they were offering $20/hr so these jobs probably pay even better plus you just do this over the phone and online.

  • Thanks for tracking these job descriptions down. Very enlightening.
    Hearing the “good people” (Bill and Chelsea Clinton, the Gates (to Hell), and other lower-level bureaucrat health non-experts) describe their plans is one part of the picture, seeing the job descriptions is another. Hopefully I’ll never experience any of this IRL in order to get the best understanding of all.
    Actually, thanks to you and a few others, I have told my family if they ever encounter any of these people to treat them like any other door-to-door sales jerks and telemarketers, and if they do get sick to do what they have always done – call their Doctor, follow their Doctor’s advice and only their Doctor’s advice, and keep ALL personal medical information private.
    Thanks again.

  • I did not see one person in the comments who ARE LISTENING TO THE PROPHETS OF GOD,OUR FATHER HAS CALLED THE MEN TO STAND UP,they refuse because they want to pretend they didn’t hear him call,HELL WILL BE FILLED WITH AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN WHO COMPROMISD THE LORD,WANT TO IGNORE GOD,its your choice,BUT I would recommend YOU PREPARE TO FIGHT THESE EVIL DEVILS(LUKE 22:36-38)YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE ARMED AND READY AT ALL TIMES,THE worse bloodbath in history is coming to the most cowardly,chickenshit nation in history,STAND UP YOU MEN…

  • Please also pay attention to the FEMA housing being mobilized.


    Job Description:
    FEMA-Disaster Housing and Supply Chain Planners (Nationwide)

    Join the Dewberry Team! Are you looking for a rewarding opportunity to help your country with the COVID-19 and disaster recovery work? Dewberry is a leading, market-facing professional services firm with more 50 than locations and 2,000 professionals nationwide. What sets us apart from our competitors is our outstanding employees and more than 30 years of experience supporting FEMA. Our proven experience gives us unique insight into how national disaster events are prepared for, managed, and applied to communities. At Dewberry, we seek out exceptional talent and strive to deliver the highest quality of services to our clients. Our valued Planners will have the chance to collaborate with the best and brightest and work on meaningful assignments in impacted disaster locations. Our commitment to excellence stems from our personal integrity and from our defining attributes, which we call “Dewberry at Work,” that have inspired our employees to be successful for more than a half-century.

    Dewberry is actively searching for highly qualified Senior Planners with prior FEMA Housing Mission Planning and/or Supply Chain Analysis experience to join our on-call team. Typical projects will result from FEMA Individual Assistance and Emergency declarations and involve the analysis of potential housing mission to help determine the “best” option, or options, for providing temporary housing solutions to disaster survivors, as well as analyzing supply chains to help FEMA prioritize actions. Experience in the evaluation of housing options (Direct Housing Assistance, Transportable Temporary Housing Unit (TTHU), and Multi-Family Lease and Repair), temporary housing pre-mission planning, pre-mission transportation planning, and pre-mission implentation planning are preferred. Selected candidates must be able to commit to a minimum 30-day assignment in remote locations working in excess of 50 hours per week. Additionally, candidates must be disciplined and able to work from home, if required.
    Selected Planners will travel to disaster-impacted locations and support FEMA with housing mission planning and/or Supply Chain Analysis. Examples of planning tasks may include:
    Supply Chain Analytics
    Pre-mission Transportation Planning (Movement of Housing Units across Country)
    Permit Planning (Transportable Temporary/Manufactured Housing Units)
    Pre-mission Installation Planning (Site Assessments, Construction/Permitting Requirements and Stakeholder Identification)
    Site Preparation Planning (Placement of Temporary/Permanent Housing Units)
    Utility Coordination/Hookup Planning
    Interstate Documentation
    Inspection Planning Support
    Local Resource Planning Support
    Multifamily Lease and Repair Program (MLRP) Reconnaissance
    Interfacing with Local Jurisdictions (Elected Officials, Decision Makers, Planning Commissioners, and Support Staff)
    Development of Housing Plans
    Strategic, Operational and Tactical Planning, and Policy Development

  • Glad I am NOT in the US. But this may be a sign of what is come in Canada and other countries… Makes me want to hide in my home to AVOID all this…

  • Yes, there have already been news reports here in CO of contact tracing. Much of what was said in this article has been talked about as well as the privacy concerns. I don’t like it one bit. Our governor has mentioned people can report each other if they are not following the “mandate” he has put out. Bummer living in a blue state. Slowly becoming a police state. Soon people will make known with their feet or otherwise what they think about all this.

  • I have what is clearly a minority opinion here. Contact tracing is nothing new. It has been going on for many, many decades, used to control the spread of tuberculosis before there were antibiotics that successfully treated it. When contacts are called, they are not given the name of the person who named them as a contact. It’s really not a big deal. No one can be mandated to take a Covid test, although they can be ordered confined for 2 weeks to stop the potential chain of disease transmission IF it’s assessed that a significant contact did take place.
    Most ethical people feel a moral obligation when asked to disclose their contacts in the hope that they can help prevent more serious illness in the people they have exposed, and the further spread of the disease chain that originated with you to many others. I find it interesting that so many people who claim to be fervent “pro-life” people are reluctant to save lives in this way. They get their backs up over being asked about who they may have inadvertently infected with a potentially deadly disease. Does your “freedom” give you the right to push the uninterrupted transmission of the disease that came from you? What about the greater good?

    • This PlannedDemic Virus has a 98%+ rate of survival, like a bad flu, in people who are healthy. Unless you want to keep buying into the lies and wallow in fear, then get on with your life!
      If you are sick, stay home! If you are old and infirm, stay home! If you are afraid, stay home!
      The rest of us need to get back to work!
      I’m 71, in good health and active. I and one of my daughters have spent the past 9 weeks helping in a small business, surrounded by hundreds of people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and nationalities with out wearing masks, without Socialist distancing, with out gloves, without washing our hands every 5 seconds, we touched our faces and the other people were likewise and guess what…nothing happened! NO ONE is sick or dead! I’m fine! My daughter is fine! The owner of the business is fine! And not one customer got sick or died!
      The town I live in, which has 2500 people of all ages and various conditions of health, had one sick person way back at the very beginning which was possibly the flu. (CDC-62,000 died from this past flu season which ended in March- no tears, fear or coverage-no shutdowns, home jails, masks or any socialist oppression) We have had no one sick since and no deaths!
      Keep drinking the kool aid, it makes it easier to believe the politicians and contributes to their agendas of citizen programming! Or…you can grow a spine and do your own research! Choice is up to you!

  • Wow, what a $35hr carrot to exploit in the face those who lost their jobs, i wonder if Hitler used the same tactics to enlist Stasi informants. hmm, seems to recall visions of Chinese doing this to their citizens, dragging people from their homes off to who know where, who knows if to ever be heard from again. This entire virus sure feels deviously orchestrated..to fertilize the seeds of tyranny. so not only are people terrified of the virus & other people, now they will fear a knock on their door too, starting to sense a feeling of how the Jewish people must have felt during the reign of terror during the Third Reich.

  • I think that it is a needed job for our current pandemic. Being able to identify possible new infections come to mind. For instance, say you were at Wal-Mart shopping and you got too close.to.a.fellow shopper who later tested positive. Unless you personally knew the shopper, chances of knowing you could.be infected are.nil. But tracing all contacts, you would be able to let someone know that they could possibly be infected. Yes there would be some privacy issues that you would have to overcome, but I would rather know than be in the dark.

  • Preferred Skills:

    Ability to exhibit a professional, positive attitude and independent work ethic. – (Think like a SWAT team member.)

    Excellent interpersonal skills required and ability to interact professionally with culturally diverse individuals during a time of crisis and distress. (Must be politically correct and Demoncrap oriented.)

    Ability to show empathy to distressed individuals and assist with identifying solutions to problems identified. (Be Gestapo-minded).

    Excellent organizational and communication skills. (Must have own bullhorn).

    Sound judgment required. (High school drop-outs OK.)

    Ability to handle confidential information with discretion and professionalism. (Ready to rat on anyone, including wife.)

    Proficiency with computers and data entry into electronic tracking systems. (Fakebook organized individual with Chinese-made phone OK. Preferably Huawei.)

  • What a great reason to NEVER voluntarily get tested for the c-virus. What about private property rights when the gestapo investigator knocks on the door? And will the investigator be accurate or pad their numbers to justify their job and appease their bosses?

  • this is a big scam to get money from the government. notice its coming from all the blue states that are bankrupt..
    EveryONE will get it,, sooner or later..
    all it will take is one missed steam-cleaned shopping cart and it will take off like wild fire.
    Back on the 1st of may i went shopping in a very small town,, 2k people at the most,, didnt want to test the water in THE big box store yet 70 miles away…
    i got the corna,, the 4th monday it was full on sickness..
    never been so sick in my life,, i still am, but over the hump of it.
    Reading the paper this a.m. come to find out there were 4 other REPORTED cases all with in 2 days of of the 4th..
    the 3 reported cases were in the hospital..
    ok,, so how many other people caught the S*** like i did and are roughing it out at home..
    and how many other people have got it from them?
    or the door handle/shopping cart i used…
    we will find out…
    this little store is 70 miles from any town,, so it wasnt hard to figure out were the mass break out was….

  • This type of contact tracing is NO DIFFERENT FROM HEALTH DEPARTMENT STD CONTACT TRACING that is done every day!! It is discreet and CONFIDENTIAL!
    If you had contact with someone who had GONORRHEA or SYPHILIS, wouldn’t you appreciate knowing how to get follow-up treatment??
    Wake up and realize that this virus is KILLING innocent people and YOU MAY BE ONE OF ITS VICTIMS!
    I would sure as hell hope that you would not be so cavalier to pass it on if you knew you were exposed!

  • First off, I do not consent. I will not cooperate. I will not participate. Describing these two “jobs” as potentially invasive might be an understatement. One incident investigated by one of these people could possibly have the cascading effect of touching dozens (or more) people having only a casual association to each other with unexpected (and negative) results. You can bet your name and history will be on a government list out in cyberspace permanently (if it isn’t already) to be shared and used however they see fit for a long time to come.

    As for phone tracking, currently you must personally download the app. I will not be doing so. Should Apple or anyone else install it during an update without my consent, my phone will either remain at home or travel in a RF proof covering.

  • Check out this site: https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/496957-states-build-contact-tracing-armies-to-crush-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR3MmAzlHaQhiJzNHtckfSsQkGbmOBRktJt4VBUFSlFoTT6ks61wR2sGEt4 This is part of it, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Andy Levin (D-Mich.) have proposed adding a massive nationwide federal contact tracing program to the next round of coronavirus-related relief funding.” they plan to make it a federal thing, not just a state thing. We all need to contact our reps and let them know what we think. I for one will not allow these people in my house, I will not talk to them and they had better not try to force their way in, cuz it ain’t happenin’. What are they going to do with the non-compliant people? This is looking like communist China to me. Here we sit looking to our Gov. to save us. We are free citizens and do not need to ask permission to be so!

  • I agree with pretty much all of the prior comments. We all need to make sure we are right with God!!!! Things are changing fast. They want to control all of us.

  • Such efforts to stop transmission of a communicable disease are only effective in the early stages when the number infected is few. We STOPPED SARS-1 this way and STOPPED ebola and MERS. By early February, COVID-19 was in over 18 countries and it could not be stopped. Therefore the lockdowns, social distancing, masks and now contact tracing were not merely useless but so counter-productive as to demand conspiracy theories.

    If you follow the money, you find that Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are heavily invested in vaccines and stand to make BILLIONS if they can sucker us into social distancing, etc. until there is a vaccine they can force into us. Bill Gates has said they intend to do this. Another hysteric sells survival supplies.

    But this is worse than that. Gates wants to ID you as an individual through the vaccine injection and set up total control of the population. Since churches and all other houses of worship are closed, you know all this is ungodly (maybe even The Apocalypse). Regular Churchgoers live an average of 7 years longer, according to a Denver Post article a couple decades ago. So the hysteria is deadly. You do NOT want your life controlled by monsters.

    And Power Elites have believed in dangerous overpopulation since before the time of Jesus. I recently read The GRUNCH of Giants by Buckminster Fuller. Geniuses like him meet a lot of very rich people. He said each one he’d met believed in scarcity, that there simply isn’t enough resources to take care of everybody. Actally, resources are abundant. We make them out of sand and common ores, etc.–it is like fearing we will run out of seawater.

    But we had better stop this hysteria before “they” kill us.

  • I think it is a fine job to have, especially if you are a Constitutional hating, anti-American, Communist!
    So, they need to hire thousands of them since I am sure the life expectancy of these traitors will be very, very short!

  • I have such mixed feelings about contact tracing in regards to Covid-19. The use of contact tracing is well established in combating certain communicable diseases. It can do a great job if used properly in cases of STD’s, AIDS, TB, measles etc. for instance. I’m not so sure that it is useful anymore in combating Covid-19. I think if it had been used very early on it could have knocked it down quickly but this wasn’t the case. Using contact tracing for this now is akin to locking the barn door after the horse has already escaped imho.

    To do this effectively now we would have to lock down all cities/states and allow no one else entry to them and no one out. Then if we did contact tracing within them we would likely eliminate the virus. Maybe. That also depends on how much of this virus is being carried by particulates in air pollution and thus could be transferred to an area via air currents. With a total lockdown not in place we will be continually bringing in new sources of the virus with people from outside the area and infecting more. So I think using contact tracing at this point is pretty well hopeless and a waste. Better to use this money to help small businesses and unemployed people.

  • I just love your common sense approach to life. It’s inspiring. We’re to “live” our lives, not hunker down in fear. Keep up the great work.????

  • I work in public health and reportable diseases are nothing new. Contact tracing is nothing new. This happens when there’s a syphilis outbreak in any given community. It’s not meant to be an infringement of rights, it’s meant to stop the spread of disease.

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