Tempers Are Flaring Over Lockdown, Masks, and Money: Is All-Out Civil Unrest About to Erupt?

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Across the nation, tempers are flaring over the continued lockdowns in many parts of America, and also on the requirement to wear masks in public. I wrote previously about the possibility of civil unrest over the lockdowns, and unfortunately, it appears that’s where we’re headed.

The longer the lockdowns are continued, the more likely it is that we are going to see violence erupt.

People seem unable or unwilling to respect the opinions of others with regard to COVID19, which has affected every family differently. Some are devastated by the loss of or risk to loved ones, while others are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Others are rightfully concerned about the losses of liberty that we’re seeing. All of these concerns are valid, and not mutually exclusive.

Some violence has already occurred over mask requirements.

Just over the past couple of days, there were several disturbing incidences of violence when people refused to wear face masks in businesses that required it. Whether or not you think that you should be wearing masks, violence toward employees is not the answer. People working in retail just want to keep their jobs, and unfortunately, that sometimes leaves them in the vulnerable position of having to police customers who don’t want to comply with store policies.

A physical fight erupted at a gas station in Decatur, Illinois when a customer refused to don a mask to pay for his fuel. Sgt. Brian Earles with Decatur Police spoke to the press about the incident. It seems that a 59-year-old customer got into a verbal altercation with a 56-year-old cashier when he was trying to pay for gasoline without a mask, as is mandated by the state of Illinois. The customer allegedly shoved the cashier, who said he felt threatened, and the cashier responded by punching the customer in the face. The customer was arrested and charged with battery over the incident.

In Holly Michigan, a Dollar Tree customer refused to follow the posted store policy of wearing a mask. When a young female employee approached him and let him know of the policy he responded by saying, “Here, I will just use this as a mask,” and wiped his face on her sleeve. The customer continued to behave belligerently until he left. The entire incident was caught on store surveillance.

At a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan, the most violent response yet occurred when Calvin Munerlyn, a security guard for the store, was shot and killed after he refused to allow a customer’s daughter to come into the store without a mask.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said Sharmel Teague “began yelling at Munerlyn and spit at him and Munerlyn told her to leave the store and instructed a cashier not to serve her.”

Sharmel left the store. About 20 minutes later, she returned with two men who officials identified as Larry Teague and Ramonyea Bishop. The two men confronted Munerlyn, and Bishop shot Munerlyn in the back of the head, the prosecutor’s office said.

Bishop is Sharmel Teague’s son, the office said. (source)

Sharmel Teague and both men have been charged in Munerlyn’s death.

Anti-lockdown protests are spreading across the nation.

A lot of people aren’t formally protesting – they’re simply ignoring restrictions. Parks and beaches have been full of people who are sick of being stuck at home. Police officers are fed up with going out to break up crowds and enforce social distancing.

While some states are beginning to lift lockdowns, others are not. Protesters across the United States are demanding that restrictions be lifted. The Hill reports that protests are taking place in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee, and Washington. There are also protests occurring in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine, as well as North Carolina.

Protests are scheduled this coming weekend in Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.

Many of the protesters cite the need to go back to work while others say that their concern is liberty. In much of the mainstream media, the protesters are painted as pro-Trump white supremacist gun owners, which is taken right out of the playbook used by Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, during the anti-gun control march back in January, when he said that “armed militias were planning to storm the Capitol.” While many of the protesters do lean more toward the right-wing, not all Republicans support the protests. And clearly, not all of the protesters are hate-mongering racists and its disingenuous of the media to promote this biased portrayal.

Counterprotesters have shown up at some of the protests to represent healthcare workers.

Currently, the protests have been peaceful but have raised grave concerns because the protesters are not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. Facebook has banned anti-lockdown protest pages and coordinators. Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, is unhappy to see the protests.

Dr. Deborah Birx told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that protesters may inadvertently jeopardize the health and lives of their family members.

“It’s devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and infect their grandmother or their grandfather who has a co-morbid condition and they have a serious or a very — or an unfortunate outcome, they will feel guilty for the rest of our lives,” said Birx. (source)

The protests are likely to continue until the lockdowns end, and we can probably expect to see greater numbers of protesters the longer the restrictions go on.

A lot of people still don’t have the money they were promised.

Back when the lockdowns began and President Trump announced a “two-week plan” to flatten the curve, a lot of promises were made by the federal government to help people weather the economic disaster caused by shutting down businesses. 30 million Americans have become unemployed since the middle of March.

Unfortunately, many of those promises have not been kept. (For tips on getting through the application processes for Pandemic Unemployment or Payroll Protection loans, go here.) Whether it’s due to antiquated application processes or shady business practices by large banks and publicly held corporations, the money just has not arrived for many people – and those folks are beginning to become desperate. People in many states, including New JerseyMaine, and Pennsylvania report they haven’t yet gotten a dime from unemployment. In fact, a whopping 71% of jobless Americans haven’t gotten their unemployment payments from March.  Lines at food banks are literally miles long in some areas. Rents and mortgages are not being paid.

Anger is increasing.

Soon it’s going to bubble over into rage and when it does, we could see unrest and crime like we haven’t seen in this country in centuries.

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  • Anyone else here still waiting for their check? I don’t know a single person who’s gotten a dime. That seems strange to me.

    • Are you referring to unemployment or stimulus checks?

      My daughter was laid off due to her workplace closing for the pandemic. It took 5 weeks but she finally got her first unemployment payment on Friday.

      She got her stimulus check about 2 weeks ago (she’d filed her tax return early) and mine appeared in my account last week.

      • Did you do your tax return electronically? If you mailed it in, unfortunately, it will be a while. All the offices are closed and the mail is being collected in a big trailer, as per a friend who is a CPA.

    • I receive my SS via a USDirectExpress debit card. As of yesterday I had not received my stimulus money. But, today it seems that their website login page must be hacked, as accessing that page produces a warning.

      My grandson has gotten his stimulus money but his girlfriend has not.

      • I paid my taxes in 2018 with my Direct Express card and was having no luck with the Get My Payment website until last Friday. The site finally worked and told me that my payment was scheduled to be mailed on May 1. Since I live in Hawaii I expect it will take a few more days before I receive it. Keep trying the website, I too kept getting the warning message for about 10 days. The site was down for maintenance last weekend according to my House rep’s office. I am going to spend mine donating to Republicans running for the House. We have to get the gavel back from Nancy.

    • We received our stimulus direct deposit promptly and our tax refund earlier this year. The tax refund was deposited in a pretty timely manner but it was before lockdowns. Last week we received a letter from the Department of the Treasury about the stimulus payment deposit.

    • My husband and I got ours by the original promised deadline (4/17), but many around us have not yet rec’d theirs, so I am not sure what the hold-up is. We had already filed our taxes before lockdown, could that have made a difference? Has anyone who filed early NOT gotten their checks yet? If so, then that isn’t the reason.

    • My husband and I got our stimulus checks. We actually feel bad about it because our financial situation hasn’t changed. He’s still working, and I haven’t missed one retirement check.

      • Did you spend extra to prepare for the potential food shortages? Do you have family members who need help?

        Have you donated to your preferred presidential candidate? (This is probably the most important election in history for the United States).

        Do you have an adequate emergency fund?

    • A big fat nothing, but Im sure they will take it outta my checks by the end of the year in more taxes.

    • My husband got his last week, but we sent it back. We haven’t filed in over 5 years due to the taxable portion being below the filing level.

      • I don’t mean to be rude but why on earth would you send money TO the government? Haven’t they stolen enough from us all?

    • My daughter got a check for unemployment and our church got the PPP money from the Small Business Assoc

    • Only 1-2% of the Funding bill went to the people in the form of 1,200 dollar checks.

      The remaining 98% went to the Banks, Corporations, Oligarchs, and their cronies.

      Congress and Senate passed this monstrosity and Trump signed it gleefully.

      This bailout package added trillions to the National Debt.

      Once again you have been deceived.

      Tired of it yet?

      • John you must be one of the communist democrat that is destroying this country? Mine and your grandchildren are going to be left to try and pay all this free money back!! Trump is trying to do the best he can under the circumstances, and the dems and media are fighting anything he does? I’m sure you think Hillary would have done better? Like she did Benghazi, Libya, hurricane relief money? Shut up and try and be productive not counterproductive if you can!!!

    • We got our $2400 by EFT right away but file our taxes electronically. If you file by mail you will wait for checks to get there if they are not stolen first. Got the PPP money for my business right away. It depends if you filled the PPP form our correctly, gave them all the information the first time, and had a relationship with a SBA bank. Submit an incomplete form….more delays. Don’t have a bank account for EFT?…….more delays, get arrogant with the people running the program? …..application put on the bottom of the pile. I’m keeping my employees working at least through June. We’ll see what happens after we cross that point. Blue state governors are choking us to death.

  • We must understand who it is that has resorted to violence up to this point in time and it is not directly caused by the pandemic restrictions themselves. It isn’t those protesting at the state capitol of Michigan or even other states although they have been called insulting names by those who they are protesting. The violence to date is being conducted by individuals who do not hesitate to be violent over any issue they do not like, not just lock-downs or wearing masks.

    The potential violence that concerns me most is violence perpetrated against citizens legally protesting by agents of the government, be it local, state, or federal. I have viewed or read of more of those type incidents than citizens acting out violently against lock-downs.

  • You got that right Daisy, we are about fed-up-to-here with the idiocy of wearing face masks and government lock downs now that we know the facts that the COVID-19 is really no worse that our seasonal flu even though it is very much more contagious.

    Because the CDC sent down a directive for hospitals to mark almost every death on the death certificates as that relating to COVID-19, it is making it look like the death rate is in the tens of thousands, which is BS.

    This is a tactic that is being kept quiet because there is an agenda afoot which we are not privy to. I also believe we are being set-up as this comes off as a Beta Test upon the will of the people, to see just how much we can take before revolting into civil war. which by the way, speaks to an economy that is about to collapse.

    All those trillions of dollars they are printing cannot and will not be paid back because it is mathematically impossible to do so unless you turn our whole society into slaves for the sate. The more currency they print the more it is devalued, thus inflation, which will essentially turn our once great nation into another Venezuela.

    • No mask..or yes mask??
      I went to the DG this morning…everyone except the young and me(70 now) wore masks. Didn’t bother me. This county has had 1 death and few cases.
      Then, I went to hardware store—no employees/no shoppers wearing masks.

      • I was in San Antonio this weekend, but the post office refused to serve me. Gas stations would not allow me to pay for gas inside and no grocery store shopping either. I did not have a mask. Today I went to San Angelo on my way home to do shopping. There are no grocery stores in my county. No problems not wearing a mask while shopping. I refuse to wear one. The rights you keep are the rights you fight for. In Stillwater, OK the people gave an uproar on the ordinance to wear a mask that it was revoked three hours later.

        • So you refuse to wear a mask and that is your right I agree. The business’s that are saying they will not serve you unless you wear one have the right to do that also but you seem to think your rights trump theirs. it is no different that the ” no shirt no shoes no service” ban that has been around for years. If you don’t agree with their rule then don’t go to their establishment

    • Forearmed, you say the CDC tactic is being kept quiet and we are not privy to their agenda. Then how do you come to know about it?

  • Here in MA, I believe we had between 200-300 protesters, and a majority of them were not wearing masks, which may indicate their thoughts that there is no pandemic, but they were carrying Trump signs. Meanwhile surveys in MA show overwhelming support for our governor and the very cautious way he is handling things here. Our statewide mask requirement takes effect tomorrow.

    I can only tell you that I feel strongly that our president is encouraging these people with his stupid tweets, while he talks out of the other side of his mouth about safety and our increased projected death toll. MA as a state strongly believes in Science, not the ramblings of this old, unethical, circus showman who loves to pit us all against each other.

    • But also AG Barr stating to governors …you will be prosecuted for issuing unconstitutional orders.
      I’m with him, though. I’m in a rural area and it’s ridiculous with only one death in this county..more died from flu!!! One size doesn’t fit all.

      • Barr ain’t gonna do anything.

        Barr is deep state, and so is Trump.

        Q is psyops designed to keep the Trump supporters complacent.

        There will be no indictments.

        No body is going to gitmo.

        It has been a colossal scam, and Trump supporters are so gullible.

        • Your scenario is one of hopelessness – there is always hope. Either Trump truly believe in the United States or your theory is correct, in either case, we the people will have our eyes opened to the truth and as they say forewarned is forearmed – the people who take their life and liberty seriously will plan their own salvation. Will you be poo poo ing or will you stand up?

    • Diana, I can’t believe you are saying this, the President has done an exemplary job – sometimes you have to allow people to see for themselves who the tyrants are – e.g. the governors and mayors threatening to arrest those who do not comply with their “rules” that is in direct opposition to our constitutional rights which you apparently are willing to surrender. I am not.

      How can you not see what this lockdown is doing to our country? To our citizens? You just read this article, this is just a taste of what will occur and be magnified if the country is not allowed to move forward and salvage what we can as quickly as possible.

      The President has to be diplomatic because he needs to meet the needs of ALL of our citizens, even those who just want someone to take care of them and make it all better. We must all work to protect ourselves and our countrymen. Still and yet, the President supports our constitution – as it should be. I hope you will do some research and hear both sides of the story of what is happening NOT rely on the liberal media, not even on the theoretically more conservative Fox News. The truth is our their but oddly and sadly, we now have to hunt for the truth.

      Last thought, think through the proposals to their logical and likely outcome – do not just consider the here and now. e.g. “Oh, I got a check”. Where did that money come from? What will be the impact on its value? What are the implications for prices, taxes, our standing as the reserve currency? THINK THINK!

      • “Trump has done an exemplary job.”

        Are you joking?

        Trump declared a National Emergency and shut down the Country.

        Then he turned the power over to Fauci/Birx, and the Governors.

        Trump single handedly destroyed the economy, and killed his chances for reelection.

        Biden will be replaced by Cuomo, Newsom, or some other jackal.

        Soon the Marxists will control all 3 branches of government, and that will be the end of freedom and the beginning of the Global governance with the “Mark”.

        • If the Dems win, you will be right. I stand by my position and remind you that sometimes you have to let people see the truth for themselves, only then will some make good choices. He used Fauci/Birx because they are “respected professionals”, until we see who they really are and turning over local decisions to local authorities is as it should be otherwise he would be accused of attempting to create a dictatorship . Plus, as I said, we get to see who the true villains and power mongers are as they reveal their true desires and intentions.

    • We in other states are very much aware of your governor and how she has behaved. My only question is, does she goose step into the office each morning and are her retainers required to give the Nazi salute as she arrives shouting “Seig Heil”?

      Quit honestly, if you really agree with what she is doing I don’t think you remotely understand the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    • Sorry Diana,

      You ARE WRONG. My husband and I were at the Boston rally. Well over several thousand people there. All well behaved and patriotic. Yes some wearing masks and some not. The order wasn’t in effect yet anyways. The rally was for standing up for freedom and liberty. It was not a Trump rally although some had trump signs and MAGA hats. Baker will extend this shut-down until God knows when if people like you have their way. Have you lost your job? Have you been personally affected.And sorry its no longer about science, the numbers change every day. Its not about your health, its about control. So please dont speak for all of MA in this way. There area those of us who do not agree with you.

  • Interestingly, here in Israel, I have not heard of any protests against masks. The Corona related protests have been only about getting payments, and they have all been peaceful.

  • As you said, there have been protests here in Colorado. The protests are fine, but there was no social distancing and in the city and county of Denver there will be a mandate on tap for residents to wear a mask or be fined $999 for certain places….so, if you happen to “forget” while standing in line to go in a store, one could get fined. That just is over the top. One can also get a ticket for being in a park by the Denver Parks and Rec.

    Our governor is also footloose and fancy free with his powers. It is made no mention of in the national news, but, those of us who live here know it if we are in tune to what he is doing in overstepping his powers. For instance, under the “safer at home” orders, you supposed cannot drive more than 10 miles from your home with vague wording. Well, in some places you have to drive more than 10 miles just to get to the store or gas. He has made it a “one size fits all” which won’t work in our state as we have a vast area that is rural. And then, if you do get arrested, who knows what wording will be used against you. In addition, he just announced that restaurants may not open till three more weeks. Alot of them probably will not survive 3 more weeks. Then when they do open possible to only 25% or 50% capacity and won’t survive even that. There is more that both the mayor and governor are doing that oversteps their powers that is too long a list to go into here.

    I suspect strongly, that there will be more protests in our state which could develop into civil unrest. I have already gotten rumblings of businesses developing a legal suit against the governor.

    We just got our stimulus deposit today. Our Pandemic Unemployment came in a couple of weeks ago and we just got a small EIDL grant for one business and are waiting for the other, but not holding our breath….The system is complicated to get all this financial help and there still is too much red tape for a crisis. But, that is government for you!

  • I spent FOUR HOURS trying to answer all the questions on the Federally funded Maine State
    self-employment aid application this morning.

    If there EVER was an example of what an effort to DELIBERATELY FRUSTRATE
    people’s efforts to get help would look like; or what an effort by a government to
    DELIBERATELY INSPIRE a revolutionary uprising of citizens against a State in order
    to have an excuse to get dictatorial…this is certainly what it would look like!!!

    I tried literally DOZENS OF TIMES TO ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS, and they
    process on me, forcing me to have to start FROM THE BEGINNING ALL OVER AGAIN!! When you hit the mouse to make the line appear on the space where the answer is supposed to go…the program would not allow you to type the answer in even when the program told you that you were wrong.

    When I called the “help” phone line which the program suggested, the line
    would tell you to hold on until a person could help you, but then would
    immediately hang up on you.

    One would really be tempted to wonder if these guys are really intending
    to put out any effort to help, or is it possible that the State of Maine is trying to muddy the waters to hide efforts to hang onto the Federal money THEMSELVES???

    When Governor Mills took office after Governor LePage, the “rainy day fund” that Governor LePage built up after GETTING THE STATE OUT OF DEBT was exhausted THREE MONTHS after she took office, and in just two years since her inauguration, we are back into BILLIONS of dollars of State debt!!!

    I am a very conscientious taxpayer that rejoices in my ability to do my
    civic duty, and I consider it a VICTORY to be able to pay my taxes! I am
    self-employed and want to continue to work; but this situation with the
    ReemployME help program is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS and absolutely DOES NOT
    inspire confidence or personal fidelity to our State government or any belief in their
    ability to get ANYTHING DONE!!!

    I don’t swear…but I could certainly let loose with a LONG string of

    Our representatives need to know of our displeasure at close range, with
    our blood pressure at dangerous levels, veins standing out on our necks,
    and our voices adjusted to the uppermost reaches of volume that is physically
    possible!!!!! They need to be pulled out of their offices and taken to
    jail to think about what-all they are NOT DOING!!!!

    Gary from Maine

  • According to the takings clause in the 5th Amendment, the goverment must pay the full wages of anyone that they put out of work by their arbitrary order, because any taking must be compensated at fair market value.

    According to the due process clause in the 14th Amendment, no citizen shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process or law. Right to work is liberty, and the wages are property.

    According to the right to assemble clause of the 1st Amendment, limiting assembly to groups of 10 or less is not lawful.

    And for the upcoming forced vaccinations that everyone KNOWS is coming, the security clause in the 4th Amendment states that we are to be secure in our PERSONS, papers, and effects, so invasive assaults on us without consent are unlawful.

    Undoubtedly, there are more examples, but these suffice to show blatantly unconstitutional violations occurring.

    The people have been very patiently going along with the original premise of flattening the curve, but now that it is seen that there is no longer an issue of overwhelming to medical sytem, it is time to get back to work to save the country from economic destruction.

    • Pat,I e-mailed the Goldwater Institute here in Arizona about the Constitutionality of all this. They got back to me and said they weren’t interested in takilng cases because of the time and resources it would take. And this from a conservative organization ! So,indeed,we are on our own

    • Unfortunately we have no one left in power from top down to local level that could care less about the Constitution or Bill of rights. They will arrest you in many jurisdictions in the USof A for even claiming you have those rights. Sorry to say they are gone and we let them do it. Now only a multi-millionaire could fight them and still probably lose.

  • Dr. Birx’s husband was a Clinton campaign official. Trump has big investments in big pharma companies that make vaccines. And resistance to tyranny isn’t a crime. It is obedience to God.

    • Birx proudly proclaimed how the statistics are being intentionally manipulated in a press conference. That woman is not walking with Jesus!

    • I think you may be misunderstanding the post. I’m not referring to protests as being criminal. I’m referring to the fact that when people become desperate, they’ll do what they feel they must to feed their families – even if it means stealing from somebody else.

    • Mark, as I am a Theologian/ Christian Clergyman , I am interested in which scripture verse leads you to believe that violent acting out is , “Obedience to God”?

      • Mark 11:15
        And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves;

        Wow,… sounds sorta violent to me. And, BTW, Mr. Seminole Wind, Mark never mentioned “violence”. He clearly said “resistance”. (Words mean things, you know)

        “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. (Thomas Jefferson agreed.) Gordan Runyan – pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church – points out numerous instances in the Bible of men and women who disobeyed their government rulers, and were rewarded by God and praised as holy. Indeed, the Bible mentions “justice” more than almost any other topic.”

      • “Violent acting out.”

        Better tell that to Jesus, honey.

        He kicked ass on the Hebrew money changers.

        And in case you aren’t familiar with scripture:

        “If you do not have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

        Do you think Jesus wanted you to take a newly acquired sword and turn the other cheek.”

        Modern day Christians are weak and spineless.

        Jesus was a renegade and a Master Teacher.

        • Then said He unto them…he that hath no
          sword let him sell his garment and buy one.
          Luke 22:36

          Remember the rights you keep are the ones you fight for

    • Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci may well have a vested interest in a. the “Pandemic” and b. NOT supporting existing/inexpensive treatment options.

      President Trump has provided information that appears relevant regarding an inexpensive; existing option with the admonition that we should do legitimate studies to determine efficacy (this drug combined with one or maybe two others).




  • Although you have made some good point that I tend to agree with, I think the Federal Government will step in first.
    Barr already said they would go after states and Governors that were acting unconstitutionally,.
    Since the Trump has lifted the Federal rules, I think they will force these states to comply before it gets to far out of hand.
    Then there are the legal remedies inside these states, through the court system and the state legislatures. This is an election year, so some of these people will step in to stop this, as it makes good political points with the people.

    The Bigger impact may be in November, when these people get to vote their displeasure about the extended lock downs. Some ” blue” states may turn “red” and boot some of these fools out of office.
    This is more likely to upset Antifa and similar groups and cause them to turn to violence. As power slips from the grasp of Liberals and Leftist they always tend to turn to violence.
    So we really need to be more concerned about them, than the usually peaceful right wingers.

    So it might happen for a different reason at a different time.
    It is always good to be prepared for anything, as you never know when something you do not expect might happen.

  • I am on ssi and my husband is on ssd. We do not file taxes and our checks are direct deposit. I received stimulus check last week but hubby has received nothing. Every day I read something different regarding sad. I check website for him and got the no info at this time speal. I only got information on mine right before it was deposited. Like hours before.
    We are in rural missouri and nothing has changed in our town through this whole thing beyond the police station, the courthouse and the city offices and fire dept being closed to walkins. The police are worthless anyway so no loss there. Noone wears a mask. We just stay in and away from everyone. My biggest concern here is everyone travels to the cities for work and do no protection at home. Even the restaurants have been open the whole time even inside. Like i said business as usual and ignore, ignore, ignore that there is a pandemic.

  • Michigan has also had protests at the Capitol, seems to be many different groups, as well as fully armed & in full military styled gear. Many aren’t following the rules & causing trouble. Then they wonder why their counties are hardest hit with the virus. I did receive my tax refund, stimulus check, also luckily getting full pay while on lock down, child support is still coming from his unemployment, & now a bridge card from kiddos school because they have meal program. So I’m doing good for once, so now I do help a few friends when they need anything.

  • Anger and resentment is manifesting as people are waking to the fact that ‘normal’ is just another carrot on stick. What is Normal in America these days and how will we know it when we get there? Are we headed to the ‘normal’ of the post 2000 presidential selection, the normal of post 9-11, post 2008 financial crisis, post Russia Russia Russia, post Mueller, post Impeachment? You get my drift. The normal We The People desperately need to return to is where personal responsibility, love of Country and community, love of God and fellow American are the ESSENTIAL SERVICES of the day.

  • Hi Daisy (and fellow Preppers) This will be long, but are some additional thoughts on what seems to be going on right now.

    The people are starting to do the math. While the COVID-19 virus is very real, and deadly to many elderly as well as those with compromised immunity, or comorbidity issues, many people are seeing our form of governance and the elimination of their Constitutionally enumerated Rights change and disappear before our very eyes in 6-8 short weeks. Many that are forced not to work have done some independent investigations and see multiple “red flags” regarding recent events.
    For example:

    1) Dr. Fauci (Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984) in 2005 Published in the NIH Journal the incredible efficacy of Hydrochloroquine for both preventative and curative properties against SARS. How did he suddenly forget that COVID-19 is also SARS? https://onenewsnow.com/perspectives/bryan-fischer/2020/04/27/fauci-knew-about-hcq-in-2005-nobody-needed-to-die

    2) The CDC first incentivized health care providers for diagnosing COVID-19 with $13,000 payments for each patient, raising it to $39,000 if the patient were placed on a ventilator. Since April 30th the CDC has reduced the number of cases of COVID-19 deaths substantially. There have also been multiple claims of medical mismanagement; from Gov. Cuomo of New York forcing nursing homes to cross contaminate infected people with their general populations to nurses claiming abhorant practices. (This is one you may want to be aware of: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/must-watch-tearful-nurse-blows-whistle-new-york-hospitals-murdering-covid-patients-complete-medical-mismanagement/)

    3) Draconian rules imposed primarily by Democratic Governors under the guise of law. From closing beaches, arresting lone people in large outdoor areas, arresting parents playing with their children, imposing fines for businesses that open without prior permission, all the while people are free to congregate at their local Wallmart, Costco, or Home Depot. (Funny how the virus is smart enough to infect people at their local markets and small shops, but somehow inhibited in these larger stores.)

    4) The almost immediate push for mail-in balloting in the 2020 Presidential Election, but remote voting in the House of Representatives could be too easily corrupted.

    These are but a few of the many things that don’t seem to add up in today’s quarantined world. Keep in mind that the Federal Government did not shut down a single lawful business. All of the “shelter in place” and shut down orders came from local or State governments.

    Fortunately in the United States our Constitution enumerates many individual rights which by law cannot be infringed; for instance the First Amendment specifically enumerate the rights to peaceably assemble, and petition the government for redress of their grievances. Title 18 Section 242 states: “Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.”

    When this is all over there will still be a litigious mess for the courts to deal with. While tyranny may offer short term power for a few, if the United States is to remain a nation “under the rule of law”, those that inflict unconstitutional rules and edicts on the citizenry will eventually pay a very steep price for it.

  • ALL of you that think it’s all BS are correct……..it’s ALL BS, every last bit of it! NO ONE has died, NO ONE even got sick! SHOW THE GOVERNMENT WHO’S BOSS….GO LICK THE FLOORS AT THE ER…..PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL YOU AREN’T BUYING ALL THIS VIRUS NONSENSE!……RIGHT??? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT???????!!!!??

  • Why did Trump believe two obama leftovers for advice? Dr. Fauxist and Dr. Burp. Was he playing partisan politics? He should learn not to trust the other side after what they did to him over the phony impeachment.

    If he keeps doing this something is wrong.

    • Blather, consider this… if you were to become the CEO of a very large corporation would you personally know the history and background of everyone in that corporation that headed up the various divisions? Most would have been in place long before you arrived and when they are called on you would have to think they knew what they were doing for the betterment of the corporation. Trump is no different. He has also been under constant attack that began even before he spent his first day in the Oval Office. Without God’s protection I doubt many could have lasted considering what he and his family have been subjected to.

    • Still don’t get it do you?

      Trump is the Trojan Horse.

      Trump has always been in “The Club”, and has always been a Globalist Democrat.

      Trump shut down the Country, and turned power over to Fauci/Birx, Bill Gates, and the Governors.

      Trump is now demanding a vaccine (that will be required).

      Anyone who is willing to look through the smoke and mirrors will see the Truth.

  • The stats have shown from the very beginning there is no pandemic. It was modeling and propaganda.

    All follows from this. First never watch mainstream news.
    Second, are you going to wear a mask the rest of you life, get tested or vaccinated for papers, ID2020?

    There never has been a pandemic., and that is what matters.

  • Since I saw this whole mess coming, I made a point to file my return early in February and received my tax refund in record time – a paper check less than a week after filing. But like Daisy said, if you haven’t filed by now and are expecting a return – you might be in for a long wait.

    Regarding when you might receive your PAPER stimulus check (if you haven’t already), be aware that the IRS is sending out checks – in theory anyways – from the “bottom income scale up.” Thus, the lower income you had in 2019, the earlier you should (again, in theory) receive your stimulus check. I received mine two weeks ago.

    Not sure if this income priority holds to people who receive their tax refunds electronically.

    • Jim – if you’re getting your funds electronically, I don’t believe it’s in order based on income.

  • stop voting for democrats this election…a massive swing toward true conservatives. ANd put our borders first, bring back our jobs and get rid of regulations and corrupt, pork loving career politicians

  • One of the things that is fueling the anger is that people are waking up to the fact that they have been lied to. This corona virus is real, and it is killing people, but how many have died from the virus, and how many from other causes but those deaths are attributed to this corona virus? Who knows? We’re learning that many of the hospitals are empty because of how few corona virus require hospitalization. How can we do the right thing if we don’t know what is the right thing? With all the lies being thrown around, from the government, from the news media, from foreign governments, from most everyone, where do we turn? What is the right action? Yet at the same time many are out of work, out of food, didn’t pay the mortgage/rent for the month, having to go to the food bank to feed the kids while farmers can’t get their produce to market, yet the news is leaking out that the hospitals are empty, that an inexpensive treatment is available but not being used while people are dying, the anger is building up from a thousand little cuts. Some people will snap before others. Because of all the lies, some people will believe that they are suffering for no reason. Others will go the other extreme and believe that they are being endangered by those who don’t believe the pandemic is true. Lies, lies, lies are providing the powder for an explosion.

  • If this lockdown does not abate, even in the face of obvious evidence that it is a power play, and especially if Dems get hold of the presidency, there will be rebellion. It will not be a “civil war”, because this time the people know who to go after and it’s not their neighbors. The Constitution will survive, but the ones who trampled on it will not.

  • I think this whole mask debate encapsulates the entirety of the past 20 years or so – and it started with peanut butter. Remember how schools banned peanut butter because ONE student in the whole school was allergic to it? Instead of recommending personal responsibilty for the one affected to make decisions that pertained to his own health, tyrrany was imposed and peanut butter was banned for everyone for the sake of one person. This slippery slope devolved to include all kinds of homemade treats being banned. Over these past 2+ decades our society has dutifully accepted the bans imposed for the benefit of few. The peanut butter crowd is now hostile because they haven’t received resistance all these years (and all those kids who were conditioned in schools over this are now adults) and the not wearing of a mask is an abberation to them.

    The better solution all along would have been personal freedom, and let the non-affected CHOOSE, out of love for others, to help protect the vulnerable. Not mandate, lockdown, and impose. Not strip away the essential liberties of others for a few. CHOOSE and they shouldn’t be condemned for choosing not to wear a mask either. Private businesses also should have a choice with regard to their operations and if that includes customers wearing masks, so be it. The un-masked can choose to go elsewhere.
    Not become hostile and foolish over a private business exercising its right.

    And the few who are vulnerable have a personal responsibity to do what is necessary to protect themselves without demanding everyone else give up his/her rights. The government should not have lied about masks in the beginning and should have made available N-95 and PPE to the vulnerable populations instead of hoarding them.

    Just an observation – in my area it depends on what city you are in regarding mask compliance. (It’s not mandatory in my state – just recommended, except for certain businesses who have mandated). Most of the millenials that I see are complying. Gen X is split and so are the Baby Boomers. So we are divided over this by gender and generation, as well as socio-economic status and race – just how the puppetmasters demand our division.

  • We have a choice. Either you can act responsibly and wear a mask so we can all get back to work, or this virus will keep circulating through the country, spawning lockdowns every time our economy starts to get back on its feet. It’s possible to be extremely concerned about the damage to our economy and trampling of our constitutional rights, while still acknowledging that this virus is not “just the flu.” My primary concern is liberty, but with those rights comes a great responsibility to not be a jack@$$ and put your fellow citizens, or THEIR right to go back to work and earn a living, at risk.

    And this is someone who thinks Fauci is a big-pharma troll with more conflicts of interest than a Hillary supporter at a Chinese CCP troth.

    Everytime I see a “protestor” who is not wearing a mask, I don’t CARE what they have to say. All I can think is “What, are they STUPID.” Anything they might have to say is null and void because they don’t understand basic science.

    If you are repeating paid CCP-Chinese propaganda that “the virus isn’t real” and “wearing a mask so we can open up violates muh rights,” then you are a traitor to our country. That is how MOST people, ordinary people, people who want to get back to work, view these purile temper-tantrums that will only lead to longer, and more economically damaging, lockdowns. If the freedom-loving Taiwanese and Hong-Kongians can do it, so can you. So suck it up, cupcake. Outside of Rush Limbagh (who is dying) and Alex Jones, only an idiot would repeat CCP propaganda.

    • Hey Anna, thanks for a level headed, and accurate post. To all the nay sayers proclaiming that the virus is a lie I say: Do you really think this much money would be squandered by the elites for a fabricated outbreak? I am a retired firefighter/medic, with friends, family, and associates in various medical fields all over the us. The reports I get as I checkin with them is indeed grim. Follow the protocols, and prep and we will get through this.

  • The fact that there’s actually been so little ‘civil unrest’ is a testament to how well indoctrinated the vast number of citizens are in ‘The Land of the Free’. This indoctrination has been a long time coming, but got a large boost after the 9-11 event, and the application of the fear generating notion that anyone can be a ‘terrorist’, so you’ve got to rely on the government to protect you. The same sociopaths that concocted the 9-11 operation, also cooked up this most recent Covid operation, but added an even better twist with the notion that the ‘terrorist/virus’ can be anywhere.

    The name of the game is always control, and what better way to control a population than to use the ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactic. Get the population to willingly distance themselves from each other and muzzle themselves with a mask, and they will be less capable of organizing to root out the parasites behind the scenes running the show.
    All in the name of protecting themselves from the ultimate ‘terrorist’…..a virus.

    Meanwhile this will distract the ignorant population from the fact that the ongoing economic collapse (since 2007), is rapidly accelerating now, and can be blamed on ‘The Virus’. And isn’t it ‘convenient’ that since people are willingly ‘social distancing’, and forbidden from forming groups, protests will already be kept to an ineffective minimum.

    And the real kicker here is that all this has been orchestrated on a completely false belief about what a virus actually is. But of course, very few people will bother find out how they’ve been fooled into giving up their freedom and locking themselves in their houses, while muzzling themselves when in public.

    And so it goes………

  • Wow, some of these comments…

    1) The virus is real and it has killed people

    2) Yes, the death toll is *way* overstated and is heavily weighted towards the very old

    3) Trump could have handled things better and been less flip-floppy with his public messaging, but a) he did not shut down anything (he declared the state of emergency and his CISA issued shutdown guidelines, but it was entirely up to the states to implement or not at their discretion) and b) he can’t fire Birx and Fauci because they aren’t appointees – they’re career bureaucrats with civil service protections (the merit of those protections is questionable). Fauci has had his job SINCE 1984.

    4) This whole thing reeks of a psyop, but Trump ain’t behind it. The guy can barely get his agencies to follow his directives, let alone pull off a conspiracy like this.

    5) These continual encroachments on American liberty are absolutely violations that have no merit, and the issuing authorities were never given the power to impose them. This includes mask requirements.

    Even if we accept the “fOr OuR sAfEtY” arguments as valid, if you don’t have an N95 or equivalent mask you’re effectively using a screen door to keep out floodwaters. Those cloth masks aren’t protecting anyone. But that’s beside the point, because the virus is nowhere near dangerous enough to merit any of mandatory mask wearing. We’ve never done this before for *any* other disease outbreak, almost all of which have been more deadly.

    If you’re worried about Grandma, wear a mask when you visit them. Take some personal responsibility rather than complaining that others don’t do what *you* think they should do to be personally responsible. If you don’t think it’s necessary to wear one, don’t do it. If you do, then do it. Expecting all of society to reorganize in a way that makes your life moderately more convenient is not personal responsibility – it’s selfishness masquerading as self righteousness. The people in the moral wrong are those who demand everyone change their lives so those people can feel better about themselves.

  • Lost my job last December. I filed for unemployment and got it. Found a new job in March. The day I was to start the company closed because of The State of Emergency declared. I had to stay on unemployment until April 9th when I ran out. The State of Kansas Department of Labor put out a press release April 30th stating that a 13-week
    extension would start in late May. This lame-brained state has had the money since March and they still can’t pay!! OUTRAGE!!!

    Want to read all of the complaints? Google this below.
    Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19

    Also google: Projected Timlenes CARES Act Kansas
    It’s May and they MIGHT get us paid—-maybe!

  • Good, I for one support the unrest. I truly believe it’s way past due. It’s time for patrioticAmericans to rise up and take the country back. We’ve all been seriously scammed and lied to.

    • You think it’s okay to hit store employees and shoot them for asking customers to follow the stores’ policies? Really? If you actually read the article and support those acts of violence, you’ve got some real problems.

  • I’ve never seen such a group of helpless, unprepared, whining entitled people as I’ve seen making comments after this article. I’m 64 yrs old, I’ve never made much money in my life which I’ve spent as a self employed person. Yet, we own 20 acres of timberland and a 2000 sq ft home that my wife and I built ourselves. We have modern vehicles. It’s all debt free. We still work to make a little money, we work at improving our property. Our two kids don’t have to help us financially. We would be ashamed if they had to help us. We are able to do what we want to do on our own without worrying about money. The $2,400.00 handout was welcomed by us but not expected. We would have done fine without it. We grow a food garden, we have some livestock, we hunt and fish a little. But most important, we don’t spend our earnings frivolously.

  • This comment will get lost at the end of an extremely long string but I’ll make it anyways. And btw, the string is so long someone may have said this and I missed it.

    PLEASE do not fight with your fellow Citizen over masks.
    Wearing a mask or not is an exercise of free will, constitutional rights and a matter of person and PRIVATE health decision making.

    Do not fight amongst “ourselves”. it only helps the assholes. How is that not exactly what the power-mad want? Do not vent your frustrations on your fellow and equally powerless citizen.

    Further, whatever the actual death rate is, the infection rates, the origin, cause of spread and deep partisan divide – at some level this virus is real, may indeed be a bioweapon – personally I don’t think any other explanation makes sense at all – and no one wants the (painful, demonic, mandate) illness or can afford the medical bills and inconvenience.
    Those who voluntarily wear masks do help everyone. A recent study, based on behavior in Japan (no “lockdown”) show that is a majority (perhaps 80%) voluntarily wear masks a relatively normal life can go on without giving government ANY excuse for lockdown.

    If I wear a mask, it actually makes it easier for someone else to choose NOT to and yet not be harassed for their decision.

    We need to make peace with ourselves. Soon as the author here says hungry people will be coming through our doors. The other day I felt very uneasy living in a rather dense neighborhood where those next door can see me bringing many bags of supplies into the house. My husband is a trucker and we still have an income, few in our low-income neighborhood still do. We’ve had break-in attempts before, back in the last downturn. This appears to be much worse. I can shoot but I sure don’t want to.

    We need to stop fighting our families neighbors and (former) friends over Trump, party politics, masks, and all that canned pre-packaged horse-shit. And we need to stop now.

    • sorry for the typos and wrong auto-correct, “mandate” should be man-made, yada yada…*eyeroll*

  • when is the deliberate acts by Dr.(sic) Fauci to develop the corna virus, against the orders of the government, and to fund the development at Ft. Detrick, Wuhan and Univ of North Carolina, to prophesy a pandemic three years before the event, to have he government grant financial relieve for a corna virus a year before the public identification of such an event, going to be made aware to the public?

    This is the New World Order agenda that is being directed by Wall Street, but the public does not see it ??

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