Google Says Websites Can’t Talk About Ukraine

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and  The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

A very strange email was sent out to website owners by Google just the other day, further proving that Americans are no longer allowed to speak the truth. The email reads as follows:

Dear Publisher,

Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war.

Please note, we have already been enforcing on claims related to the war in Ukraine when they violated existing policies (for instance, the Dangerous or Derogatory content policy prohibits monetizing content that incites violence or denies tragic events). This update is meant to clarify, and in some cases expand, our publisher guidance as it relates to this conflict.

This pause includes, but is not limited to, claims that imply victims are responsible for their own tragedy or similar instances of victim blaming, such as claims that Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own citizens.


Examine the content of this message.

Anything that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war is now verboten. Dismiss the notion of America entering World War 3 as a good idea? See ya.

The “condoning” part only applies if you’re Russian. The final paragraph makes it very clear that unless you are condoning Ukraine, you are violating Google’s new rule. (For the record, I don’t like either side here.)

Also, this letter is as deliberately kept as vague as possible. Say anything that challenges the mainstream media narrative – even if that narrative has turned a 180 – and you’re now to be erased from the internet by means of hitting you in the wallet.

This impacts virtually the entire internet. 

Almost every ad network uses Google to serve ads. Not only is Google AdSense impacted by this decision, but nearly every major ad network that exists. The majority of the internet has just been hammered by Google – forced to comply with the mainstream narrative.

If you do not, then you risk losing one of your primary sources of income should you be a content producer online. While censorship of the internet via demonetization is nothing new (witness the de-funding of The Organic Prepper months ago due to the actions of a shadowy, globalist organization allegedly based in Great Britain), this is yet another strike against truth.

There seems to be an ever-increasing push for the war in Ukraine to spread into World War 3 and for America to get involved with direct, conventional action. Freedom of the press is one of the best ways that any people can voice their opposition to tyranny and falsehoods. We’ve now reached a point, though, where yet another aspect of “the conversation” has been taken away from Americans. You already aren’t permitted to question critical race theory, the filth that is taught in public schools, or what is morally wrong.

Now, you’re not allowed to ask questions about anything dubious related to Ukraine either. If there’s one thing that 2020 taught the world, it’s that lying seems to be a regular national policy of nations across the globe. What if the claims that lead to being demonetized by Google are, in fact, true?

Have we seen any moments throughout recent events where what was once deemed to be conspiracy later was acknowledged as truth? Have we seen goalposts move? Have we seen “the science” change?

Why is nobody allowed to question what is going on overseas now?

Whether the claims are indeed true or not, what harm comes from examining them? Why is there a problem with establishing the veracity or fraud of a particular issue?

(For information on how you can help to starve the beast, check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on the subject.)

Think about this as well…

The year 2020 forced millions around the globe into online work. The Great Resignation most certainly was largely a result of getting paid to sit on one’s butt at home, but it also was caused by tyrannical policies being put into place at companies.

Many learned it was much better to make their living solo rather than to have to rely on others for their job. They didn’t have to put up with mandates, they didn’t have to worry about others calling them “unessential,” and they didn’t have to put up with actual workplace harassment (“You’re an idiot for not letting them give it to you!”).

Whatever money they’ve managed to cultivate via the ad networks of their website (which was built off of examining truth) now is being threatened.

What can we do? 

Are there solutions to this problem? I don’t purport to have all the answers, but here are a few ideas that immediately spring to mind that I think could flourish:

Seeking out whatever alternative advertising networks that remain if you’re a website developer.

As mentioned above, the pickings here are slim. I’m not a huge fan of this approach (it feels like the search for the always moving loophole), but it does appear to be an option.

Utilizing Substack to generate content. 

For those unaware, Substack is a subscription newsletter service where readers can support their favorite news analysts, alternative news sites, and the like via subscribing to access content. In a way, it’s very similar to Patreon (which The Organic Prepper has, by the way).

The content creator still is able to create content and keep the lights on in the process, and the reader is still able to read the information they’re looking for while keeping that information flowing.

Buy as much Google stock as possible? 

I’ve long wondered about this approach. It’s been pointed out before that buying up the majority stake of a company allows one to basically control the direction of the company. Shareholders have a very loud voice when it comes to publicly traded corporations.

Much like Elon Musk’s move to take over Twitter (and no, I still don’t trust Musk 100% of the way) to return it to what he claims are its original roots, could the same not be done with Google? If the majority of the shareholders were patriotic Americans who are tired of seeing the growth of a technocratic dictatorship in their country, could they not replace the leadership of Google?

The Ministry of Truth has spoken. 

And now, you all must fall in line, or you’re not going to make any money. There is a huge push for homogeneity of narrative. “Toleration” was only a buzzword used to let the cobra into the house. Now that the snake has entered, he’s intent on spreading as much venom as possible.

What are your thoughts on the situation, though? Are there other potential solutions to the problem that you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to and Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has three published books, The Faithful Prepper The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • ya know what? its a shame google is on EVERYTHING, phones, internet, etc and seems to be insidious…..I hate it, wish there was something else that could be used…, amazon, etc seems to think they can own everything and we’ll like it, nope! I dont. cant believe these businesses have gotten as big and now they think they own everything, not right, and people need to stand up against them! AND they need to be controlled….no more tax breaks, no more exceptions, and so forth. tired of people/businesses trying to control MY life

  • The letter doesn’t say you can’t talk about Ukraine. This article talks about Ukraine. The letter said “we will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war”. I guess you are protesting because you need to exploit, dismiss and condone the war and that is sad.

    • As far as I know the site here already lost their monetization from Google ads. So the article is just sounding the alert on one more control the narrative tactic.

    • Protesting attacks on free and open speech is ‘sad’? I can only hope that you aren’t a U.S. citizen.

  • The solution? Stop using all google products. There are many great search engines out there along with mapping and navigational sites and tools… There is absolutely no need to use anything powered by Google.

    As far as search engines go, check out MetaGer and Swiss Cows. Great privacy-based search engines and they show you ALL of the results.

  • I watch a prepping site,which I will not mention, they were told they were being demonitized. No reason. Hard to believe we are living in the U.S. How sad over what we have become

  • Forcing us to like a psychopath like Zelensky is of course … something only psychopaths like those who run Google would consider doing.

    Zelensky and Putin are both evil. We shouldn’t be involved, but I like the idea of encouraging PRIVATE entities to use their liberty (imagine if we had as much of that as we should) to help the victims in this war, mainly the innocent Ukrainian people who can’t do anything about the warmongering of their insane WEF-serving leaders.

    • And also the innocent people in Russia. All these sanctions and boycotts are hurting them, not the Russian government. For instance, on Etsy, they shut down all Russian shops. Those are just individual people trying to make a living by selling their crafts. It’s a disgraceful truth that it’s always the innocent people who are hurt in wars, in so many ways.

    • Ummm, no one is “forcing [you] to like a psychopath like Zelensky.” Just how dumb are you?

      And Google heard you and agrees. They are a PRIVATE entity using their liberty to help the victims in this war, the innocent Ukrainian people etc., by having the respect and decency to not allow people to make money hawking lies, conspiracy theories, and other grotesque, untrue, and ghoulish statements about who deserves what and why, and distortions about why this is all happening and our duties as decent human beings towards others. So Google thanks you.

      • Stop personally attacking people in my comments section. And Google is involved in several antitrust suits, as many feel they no longer fit the definition of a private entity.

        Please tell me of one article on this website that has rejoiced in the suffering of people in Ukraine. I’d wait but there’s not one.

        • Well, you must admit, it is pretty dumb to read Google’s policy as trying to force people to like anyone. I wrestled with how to say that more in another way but it just didn’t come to me. And… where did you go to law school? Just wondering. Yes, I’ve been following the antitrust suits against Google and Twitter and a number of other sites. A number of republican lawmakers have been trying to make hay also of these sites and Facebook. I guess the argument, which is a STUPID one, is that in this digital age, Google/FB/etc are almost like a public utility, a monopoly of sorts, and as such government should step in and force them to say this or that, to censor this or that.

          I’ve taken courses on antitrust law and it’s kind of a specialty of mine. This isn’t going anywhere. For one, these are privately held
          companies that are not monopolies — just look at all the alternatives your readers are always suggesting! And the other is, do we really want government stepping in and telling private companies what they can sponsor content-wise or not? I thought you guys hated socialism, collectivism, government overreach, etc.

          You are right that this site has not put anything forward that seems to enjoy anyone’s suffering. You are correct. But you do provide a platform for and encourage and embolden a lot of conspiracy BS that is connected to that. Read your own comments. Many of your viewers are convinced, against the evidence of their own eyes and ears, that Russia is the good guy here, that Ukraine is killing its own people etc. I suppose anything at all is possible, but how likely is it? If 99% of sources are saying this is so, even people who were there and saw it and survived it, I think it’s a slap on the face to those survivors to say, oh well, IDK, too bad you might have suffered, but really, you provoked Russia.

          Again, who is in whose country? Whose citizens are lying in pieces on the streets for weeks with hands tied behind their backs?

          You might not espouse this stuff directly but you sure give it a comfy place to land. And you know what? That’s fine. This is your website. You do you. Just like Google can do Google. That’s how the free market works. If you take a stand someone doesn’t like who may hold power over you, sometimes there are consequences.

          I read this site for prepper-related hints and helps. Not for the other stuff. You can put up any poorly-researched and badly-reasoned drivel you want. But I have to call BS when I see it. And the reaction of many of the prepper community to the Ukraine invasion makes me sick. It’s lazy, incurious, self-serving, and even hateful. And just happens to serve their POV where everything is Obama/Biden/Pelosi/WEF’s fault while the orange grifter gets off scot free.

          Even the title of this article is a lie. Google is NOT telling websites they can’t talk about Ukraine. Get it straight.

          Really, Daisy. I’ve read lots of your stuff. You’re smarter and better than this. IDK what’s happened but many of the articles in the last year are trashy, illogical junk, full of easily dispelled nonsense. I expect better of you.

          • Lorraine,if you want to know the truth about what is really going on in Ukraine,go to Youtube and watch Patrick Lancaster’s channel.He is an American citizen who is in Ukraine.He is fluent in Russian.The fake news media and governments are lying to everyone about what is occurring in Ukraine.Did you know that six entities control 90% of the news we read,watch and hear?

          • another BOT with so many opinions and no experience, that’s why the world is in the dumps because of Lorraine around!

  • When it is all said and done,Google is going to suffer the same fate as the lying,bought and paid for,fake news media,such as the (C)ommunist (News)
    (N)etwork,and social media,such as Twitter,et cetera,DEATH by 1,000 cuts. Promoting lies and censorship of the truth is their demise.Think about what 45 has set up,Truth Social AND an acquisition company.Think about what Elon Musk offered Twitter.The lies are being exposed.John 8:32 KJV “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.Romans 8:28 KJV “And we know all things work together for good to them who love God,to them who are called according to his purpose”.

      • If i had spoke these truths on Twitter,Facebook,Youtube,et cetera,i would have been banned for life by the censors of truth and all that is fair and good.Those people are under the spell of,and worship all that is evil.That evil is called Satan.

  • Although this stinks of censorship, this might be a good thing in a way. At least they are acknowledging there are different point of view (for and against the war) and that they are taking a neutral approach(banning all sides, if they actually do that).
    But most of all, it might be an indication that they are cracking under the weight of being called out as a leftist propaganda machine and of censoring the Truth.

    Most things run in cycles. It is possible that promoting Ultra leftist policy, Parroting the Government propaganda, etc. has taken its toll and that they are trying to find a way back to being Neutral or in the Middle of Societal Opinion.

    So before we condemn this too much, lets see where this trend goes.
    We may see it as being far to little or no change at all. but it might be the beginning of something, which can lead to walking and running in the right direction.

  • SO, how DO I get the (supposedly FREE) QUICK START Guide to Starving the Beast? I have signed up to get it every time it is suggested that I can get a copy…as so far bupkus! Thanks, I do enjoy your blogposts though.

  • Yes, we do have options, but the left won’t like them. When tyranny rears it ugly head, that is when patriots need to oil up the old blunderbuss and get ready to go to battle with the tyrants. The CIA has perfected assassination techniques, so if we’re to take back our nation from the criminal Cabal trying to steal our Democracy we will need to be just adroit at cutting off the head of the snake as is the CIA.

  • I feel bad for people who are dependent on Google for their lively hood and have to self-censor to keep their monetary status or risk getting de-platformed/demonetized.
    Sure, easy to say to go to a different platform, but in reality is something different.
    I have seen on some sites, question the US/Biden/NATO actions or words, and get called a Russian asset or Putin stooge. Even being concerned about all out, WWIII to include a possible nuclear exchange . . . YOU ARE A PUTIN STOOGE!!

  • I stopped using google as my search engine a while back. It pains me that my son has to use all these google apps for school work and my husband has to use it for work. How do you explain all this to a 10 year old without scaring them? So here’s an example of something very disturbing that happened to me and my husband. I don’t do social media at all and my husband only set up a “fake” Facebook account to sell some things. He was on his iPad while I’m talking to him about an emp protector for your vehicle. This isn’t something common that would just pop up as an ad. Within a few minutes my husband got an ad from the exact company I was talking about. We’ve seen things happen before that makes you question if you’re phone is listening but also thought it could be coincidence. This was no coincidence. My husband has NEVER searched for anything like that. We were extremely disturbed by it.

    • Oh yes! They DEFINITELY listen, I have experienced this too! Make sure you keep microphone, camera and photos disabled in the settings for any of these apps if you use them.

      • I do keep all mine disabled. Someone recommended to cover the camera on your phone using dark nail polish. If you need to use the camera for any reason it peels right off. Works great!

    • Every computer has a tracker built into it so you can be spied on.Think about what you looked up online,then saw it show up on your screen a few moments later after you left that site.Tape over the camera on your laptop,set the microphone to user command,disconnect voice command devices and cameras in your house and car,and by all means,turn off or disconnect EVERY other smart device in your car and house.When you are not using your smart phone,place it in an EMP bag.You can be tracked through a backdoor in your smart phone,even when you have turned off your tracking option.If something of yours is connected to the internet,it can be controlled by someone other than you.Everyone’s best bet is to own a “dumb” phone,drive a “dumb” car,and live in a “dumb” house,where only YOU have control.

  • It is ridiculous. I now see videos that simply talk in code, but we still know it’s about Ukraine. Laughable!
    For the past year I have been working to de-Google my personal like (work is impossible, since my employer uses Google everything). It is hard but not impossible. Protonmail is awesome for email and a VPN. Store your photos on a hard drive instead etc. Brave web browser. Check out Reclaim the Net – awesome work there.
    I have pondered the idea of a Musk-style share-buyer takeover. (Maybe his entire Twitter antics were even a way to suggest that possibility?) I think someone needs to invent a platform to coordinate this and it could work…with enough people, we could actually have a voice….like a Patriot Share-Buyers Club, and smart coordination of our resources in a smart way to buy back a say, or even majority control…I have pondered this idea for a long time but I’m not the right person to implement it…

    • Great thoughts. I started that process too about a year and a half ago. I finally bought a de googled phone and have never looked back. I no longer have google on my phone or in my life at all. There really are things that can be done and are fairly easy to do to eliminate or limit google

  • Funny how my comment disappeared. Let’s try again.

    Where to start…

    1. Google is not saying websites “can’t talk about” Ukraine. They’re saying you can’t monetize lies and suffering. I’m sorry ya’ll can’t make money off of dead toddlers, raped women, the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe in 80-plus years. Sucks to be you. Sorry you won’t get to LOLZ over this.

    You know where they REALLY can’t talk about Ukraine? Russia. Yup, you’ll be disappeared or imprisoned by even calling it a war. Maybe you prefer their model.

    2. Google is a PRIVATE company. They can censor content all they want. Again (I feel like I have to point this out at least once a month here), are you a capitalist or not? If you have your own company then you can do things like not provide contraception on your health care plan for employees, or use proceeds from chicken sandwiches to demonize gay people, or not be forced to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. You can also decide that content that excuses and even enjoys the suffering inflicted on one group of innocents for the deranged and evil ego of a foreign dictator is not going to be given a platform on your website. It cuts both ways. There are things government can do that private individuals and companies can’t, and vice versa. And that’s usually a good thing, as it is here. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else and stop acting like crybabies who need a safe space to discuss how women in maternity hospitals deserved to be bombed.

    3. I can say this as a US citizen who is also an attorney: freedom of speech is and has never been absolute. You can’t yell out “fire!” in a crowded theater. You can’t libel or slander, or incite to violence. In times of national security crises certain things can be censored (like, say, the location of ships or troops). Again, a good thing. The thing is that any restrictions that are place must be the least restrictive possible, and are usually limited in time, place, and manner.

    By the way, “commercial speech” is a kind of speech that has traditionally been limited as far as free speech is concerned. In other words, you can’t advertise you are selling washing machines that will clean your whole house and balance your taxes. You can’t, say, push horse de-wormer or colloidal silver as a cure to things science has better answers for. You can’t monetize lies and fraud. That’s not free speech protected by our Constitution.

    4. I don’t understand the demonization of science and vaccines etc. Science is always evolving, and when we know better, we do better. The best science used to be that if you had a headache, have someone drill a hole in your head. If you have a fever, bleed out or purge your system until you’re all better. We learn, and do better. The science on vaccines for COVID, the advice on masking, etc., was not handled well, but to suggest there’s some kind of mass plot by Fauci and WEF to destroy the economy and kill billions of the wrong kind of people is ludicrous at best, disgusting and dangerous at most.

    Yes, people once thought eggs hurt your cholesterol. Now, not so much. It used to be thought that margarine was better for you than butter. The fact that we now know better doesn’t mean people were lying to you! There is no evil plot. If there were, people like most of you couldn’t figure it out.

    5. I’m not sure why the far right and preppers etc. are so in the tank for Russia now. It wasn’t long enough ago when these folks were some of the most anti-Russian contingent in our country. Oh wait, I know! It was when your Fuhrer fell in love with Putin, believed him over everyone in our own govt including our own spooks (BTW, the intelligence our people have had on Ukraine these last months has been SPOT ON). The orange menace asked Zelanskyy for “a favor” to find dirt on the Bidens in exchange for getting weapons to them stat, and Zelanskyy wouldn’t play ball. This led to Trump being impeached. He never forgave Ukraine for this and was in even deeper for his Big Daddy, Putin. This is after Russia aided him (after being invited to do so) in winning the 2016 election and spreading misinformation, lies, and propaganda that helped him politically and hurt HRC and the dems. And anything your lord and master wants, you will be all too happy to jump over a cliff to get for him. Pathetic.

    6. I know there’s a lot of corruption all over Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. I’m not going to do some kind of “whataboutism” here as far as who is without sin. But…

    WHO has invaded WHOSE country? WHO is killing, torturing, raping WHOSE citizens?

    You can’t just throw up your hands and say, I can’t trust anything I see or read in the media. Only what I see with my own eyes. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to Ukraine any time soon. I have to rely on someone. And when the media, governments, NGOs, pictures, audio, the traumatized survivors, and the mute testimony of dead, hastily buried bodies tells us something, we have an obligation to believe it. Russia is over in Ukraine. THEY did this. It is inexcusable.

    7. So is all this anger and backing Russia over Ukraine really about the 2020 election and Biden? Is it about your love affair with Trump? Or is it that you just don’t want to lift a finger to help people in desperate trouble from an unprovoked, violent aggression? Same thing for COVID, masking etc. There’s things that are inconvenient and unfortunate and require sacrifice. We can be glad that for us it’s mostly paying more for for gas and groceries, wearing a mask at the store etc. There is no right to not be inconvenienced. There is a right to not having your apartment bombed in the middle of the night and having your toddler killed. I understand not wanting to go into WWIII, paying ever more blood and treasure.

    But it sounds like ya’ll have made up your minds, blocked out any information that doesn’t confirm what you want to believe and what will make your lives easier, and decided that since you can’t or won’t believe what you see, you’ll do nothing.

    But HEY, THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS, AMIRITE? Jesus loves you, Ukrainians! Good luck with that!

    Sorry about the length of this rant. Ya’ll really need some perspective. And consistency. And stop being lazy and selfish.

      • Yup. Bloogle has a s#!tload of blue pills for chest thumpers to swallow. It purports to protect them from the unwashed masses who lack perspective. Those blue pills are also said to be good for making one feel righteous about their own indignation since they know everything about what is happening everywhere more than mostpeople. (Thanks to everyone for allowing me this moment of blissful sarcasm.)

        I’ll stand with 1st Marine Jarhead’s unforgettable comment from a couple of years ago:

        “Never go full retard.”

        • HA!
          Thank you Debbers! I forgot about that one!

          I think MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski said what all this censorship is about (note she is referencing Musk and Twitter, but it applies really to all Big Tech and MSM),

          Brzezinski: “The dangerous edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media, trying to make up his own facts, and it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsen, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think…”

          And then,

          Brzezinski: “…and that is our job.”

          Scarborough: “Yeah.”

          • Yes! I also remember Infantry 101: Always improve your position.

            Funny how the rubber rulers in MSM rule like judge, jury and executioner. We’ll just be walking away from their implosions in bemusement when they’ve stretched the truth so far it slaps back in their face.

            Comprehending how the lefty MOs work improves our position. 🙂 They are now in full retard mode which does not bode well for them.

    • That’s a ridiculous comment. I won’t number my statements as I hope to be succinct.

      We monetize our content to pay for our overhead, not cash in on pain and suffering.

      We should be able to question the narrative without fear of repurcussions, financial or otherwise.

      I’m certainly not pulling for Russia to slaughter innocents but the picture presented is so black and white that I find some of it rather dubious.

      I’m NOT “far-right” nor is anyone involved with writing on this website. We are mostly libertarian and all critical thinkers.

      I would have thought they’d teach you not to make broad generalizations that aren’t supported by provable facts when you were in law school, but what do I know since I’m a mere blogger?

      • 100% ridiculous agreed! I stopped reading at the end of 3 when they mentioned horse de-wormer. Clearly this person doesn’t know how to do actual research for themselves and just relies on what they hear from the media. This so called “horse de-wormer” saved my husband’s life while others were dying in hospitals getting treatment that science shows causes organ failure. Unless people dig for the info, the so called science will only show what the media or google wants them to see. Any scientific study can simply be removed or made extremely difficult to find on the internet. Too bad they don’t teach common sense in law school.

    • Lorraine….by design, lawyers are trained to argue until the opposing party agrees with their point of view. That’s how cases are won, and how the legal system is set up. It doesn’t matter what the facts are, especially in a courtroom. As a scientist who is also a trained courtroom expert witness, this is one of the first things I was taught by the top white collar crime prosecutor in my state (I don’t live in a small state).

      Speaking as a scientist, I know that math and science don’t lie, but human beings with an agenda will lie or manipulate math and science to fit their agenda. For example, it is well know in the scientific community that you have to really examine statistical information very closely because it is one of the most commonly manipulated forms of mathematics used by people who are pushing an agenda instead of seeking factual information required to make an informed critical decision. People who don’t have a math background, especially in statistics, will typically accept what is presented to them specifically because they don’t have the math skills to work through the data themselves and determine whether it is valid or not. This is precisely why scientists validate each others work by performing peer reviews, which includes examining the math and data associated with a statistical analysis performed by others. That ensures opinion is not part of the solution, only facts.

      Your statements in #3 about “horse de-wormer” strongly suggest you don’t understand the scientific method nor do you believe in science. The use of Ivermectin has been proven to work by medical professionals who have used it, and they have documented their results as best they were able to under the circumstances they were facing as they worked in a time compressed situation to save human lives. Anyone who believes in the scientific method will review this information for what it is, and make their own decisions based on factual information instead of blindly criticizing or censoring it because it doesn’t fit a narrative. In the USA, most medical doctors are trained to treat symptoms by prescribing drugs, not to identify the root cause and treat the root cause accordingly. This is where scientists look at things differently. They seek to identify the root cause of a problem so they can figure out an appropriate solution solving the problem. It doesn’t matter whether its medicine or mechanical engineering. This is one reason I get along so well with my own personal medical doctor. He is a scientist who wants to solve problems using scientific fact based analysis and decision making.

      Your statements in #4 suggest you haven’t read much of the scientific information available, nor do you appear to understand the fact the shots being pushed on people in the USA were emergency use experimental drugs (gene therapy) that were not, nor have they ever been vaccines. Under US federal law, the term ‘vaccine’ is also required to be used for an experimental drug that is deployed for ’emergency use only’. Hence the reason they keep playing games with the definition of ‘vaccine’ throughout this whole COVID scenario. Human civilization on this planet has been one big petri dish throughout this whole situation – and those behind it did this intentionally and knew exactly what they were doing.

      As for Dr. Fauci, there is plenty of factual information, including books, describing his character and motivations over the decades. He is not the least bit interested in science or helping human beings – he is only interested in enriching himself. True scientists have no tolerance for people like him, which is why the propaganda machine has sought to silence those who have spoken out against him. Science is a process, not a person, nor is any single human being smart enough to “represent science” as Dr. Fauci has claimed only he can do.

      Human civilization is devolving back into the dark ages, and if we don’t collectively fight back against this, it very well could result in our own self-extermination.

  • The way I see this worlds situation at this point in time, can be summed up in ONE BIBLE VERSE, “satan has been thrown down, and confined to earth, KNOWING HE HAS BUT A SHORT TIME”. In essence, what this explains is the FACTS that EVIL events are occuring at lightning speed because, while satan has been planning these “events” since OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST BREATHED AGAIN 2000 yrs ago, only now has satan gained the “tools” he NEEDS to “pretend to be “god”. Ask yourselves, HOW MANY groups or individuals has satan lied to and “promised” the “world” or its “riches” to since ADAM AND EVE? Furthermore, HOW MUCH PAIN, SUFFERING, DESTRUCTION, AND DEATH HAVE THESE LIES CREATED? Think of it this way, IF EVERY “leader” in this present end time scenario, has been LIED to and TRULY BELIEVES that THEY “cannot fail” then satan wins twice. Once to further his war against GODS people, and secondly, he accomplishes that GODs “people” will destroy themselves. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE AT IN 2022. SO MUCH DECEIT, SO MANY LIES, SO MANY WARS, SO MANY WEAPONS, ALL DIRECTED AT THE HUMAN BEINGS GOD CREATED. AT THIS POINT IN “TIME”, DOES <>HAVE AN “EXCUSE” FOR NOT BEING READY TO MEET JESUS? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! GOD GAVE US ALL WORD. HE TOLD US THE END AT THE BEGINNING, AND HE GAVE US <<>> INTRA-NET TO SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN THIS WORLD OF LIES. (GOD USES satans “TOOLS” AGAINST HIM) WHEN GOD SAID “ASK, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE, SEEK, AND YOU WILL FIND, KNOCK, AND IT WILL BE OPENED UNTO YOU”, I BELEIVE THIS INTRA-NET IS OUR TOOL TO ACCOMPLISH THIS VERSE. After all, satans “world wide web” WAS created to ENSNARE, BUT SEEKING TRUTH WILL FIND IT, UNTIL THAT POINT IN TIME WHEN “GODs FACE CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND. THAT TIME, MY FRIENDS, IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING. NONE OF US IS GAURANTEED ANOTHER MINUTE TO EXIST IN THIS EVIL WORLD, SO, THEREFORE, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SOUL IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HEAVENS DOOR <> IT IS CLOSED FOREVER!!! LOVE, IN, AND THROUGH CHRIST JESUS, DAVID EDWARD MAAS [email protected] [email protected] 641-842-2567.

  • Just received my new Teracube phone yesterday. Open source Android OS and GOOGLE FREE! CCI is coming next week to install their Gigabit internet. Actually 10 bucks less than google. Google is fired. Google is not my search engine. Google is not my internet provider. Google does not provide the OS or any app for my phone.Google is definitely NOT the arbiter of truth. Sorry it took me so long to do this. #FIREGOOGLE …and… Let’s go Brandon!

  • I don’t use or bother with Googlue. I am on Youtubid and had to join Googlue to comment but don’t do much of anything else.

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