A No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine WILL Lead to WW3

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the mainstream media can tell you one thing one day and immediately flip their position a day later. I find it concerning that we see articles trickle in advocating for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

If you’ll remember, over the course of recent history, there have been plenty of times where the small fringe voices within the mainstream media initially touted ideas that everybody thought was ridiculous, and then these ideas gained momentum and steam over time with more and more people adopting what was once considered idiotic.

You could very well see the same thing take place with this talk of the institution of a no-fly zone.

To start it off, Ukraine’s Zelensky has repeatedly called for foreign countries to send their men, munitions, and fighter jets to the region to create a no-fly zone over his country.

The Washington Post recently posted an opinion piece titled “Want to help Ukraine? Close the sky.” Within the piece, it’s argued that toddlers and babies will not receive the food, blankets, and medical supplies they need to stay alive and that children will suffer psychological trauma unless America incorporates a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Just the other day, we had 27 foreign policy “experts” send a letter to DC lobbying for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Within their letter, they stated, “NATO leaders should convey to Russian officials that they do not seek direct confrontation with Russia forces, but they must also make clear that they will not countenance Russian attacks on civilian areas.”

The point is, there are a growing number of people out there who are advocating for America to get involved in this.

Sean Hannity wants us to bomb Russian convoys, Facebook now permits talking about committing acts of violence against Russians, and others are pushing similar policies.

What is a “no-fly zone?”

A no-fly zone means that NATO wouldn’t let any Russian planes fly over Ukraine. How is this enforced? With jets, missiles, and anti-aircraft guns. This means that if a Russian jet were to fly over Ukrainian soil, NATO (aka The United States) would shoot that jet down.

To advocate for a no-fly zone is to advocate for American kinetic action against Russian forces. It is to argue for America to get involved in a conventional war against another nuclear power.

What is Russia’s stance on a no-fly zone?

As you can probably imagine, if you threaten another country, they’re not going to be very happy about it. What are Russia’s stated responses to threats of a no-fly zone being placed over Ukraine?

For starters, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Knoashenkov has said that anybody who offers their airfields to assist Ukraine to carry out attacks will have been considered as having joined the war. So, if NATO (aka, American) jets launch out of Poland to shoot Russian jets out of the sky over Ukraine, Poland will be viewed as fair game by Russia.

This is how war spreads.

In addition to this, Putin stated on February 24 that “Whoever tries to hinder us, or threaten our country or our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to consequences that you have never faced in your history.”

So, not only would Poland be fair game if this were to take place, but the United States would as well.

What are the consequences of a no-fly zone?

Don’t ask Congress. They apparently don’t know.

It’s comforting to know that we have people that are willing to support actions that will lead to open conventional warfare with a nuclear power.

As you have probably already deduced by now, the consequences of a no-fly zone are nothing short of world war. A no-fly zone is nothing other than a euphemism for “conventional war.” Do you know what that white crap is on top of chicken crap? More chicken crap. It doesn’t matter how you wrap it and what color bow you put on it; to incorporate a no-fly zone is to declare war with Russia and to start conventional warfare between two world superpowers.

If this were to take place, keep in mind that A) war often spreads, and B) war escalates. There are a lot of nations out there who hate America and would view this as the perfect justification to push through a lot of violence against you and your family. Russia has friends that would happily join its side to fight against us. War often spreads.

And war escalates.

People are always looking for an edge over their enemy, and this is how new weaponry is created and used.

Am I anti-war or anti-weapons? Not even close. There’s a time for war. But if you’re arguing that this is what we need to do, you’re talking about dragging my family into World War 3 with a nuclear-capable nation that has nuclear-capable bombers stationed in Venezuela.

If you want to play stupid games and win stupid prizes, do so on your own time and at your own risk. Don’t put my family at risk as well. Because if you’re arguing for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

What do YOU think?

Do you think a no-fly zone would set off World War 3? Do you think it would go unanswered? Do you think the United States should step in? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • The US should STAY OUT OF THE CONFLICT! To ignore Putin is folly. He’s dangerous and doesn’t care who he has to fight to show he is in control. Much like a bully on the playground, he will stand his ground and bomb anyone he thinks is getting in his way.

    • TOTALLY 100% agree with that Dianne…He is NOT to be messed with…I agree we NEED to stay out of it at ALL cost. The man is a “CONTROL” freak and will stop at NOTHING to have what he wants. IF the USA is smart they will back off immediately from this idea and drop it cold turkey!!! I don’t wanna be pulled into it and be in danger either. I prefer LIFE to death!!!

    • One lesson I have learned growing up as a Hobbit (I’m a guy who’s 4′ 8″) is that you have to stand up to playground bullies. Yes, the fight could be bloody (my fights always were) when I was in Elementary/Junior High I normally lost. But I discovered the weight room and began to workout. In High School, the school bully decided I would be his next target. He ended up in the hospital with a broken hand, a broken nose, 2 broken ribs and a dislocated jaw. I ended up with a black eye. The bully’s Dad came to my house to confront me and my Dad. Once he saw how short I was (looked like a 4th grader) he left. His 6 foot+ thug of a son got his ass kicked by a Hobbit. Word got out, “don’t mess with Hobbit, you’ll end up in the hospital”. I never got bullied again.
      Yes, we should help Ukraine but not in a “Hey look at us-type of way”. A large bomb “mysteriously” takes out the Russian Command Center. No planes or missiles were used. No military troops invaded Moscow. But BOOM….”gee Mr. Putin it looks like you had an accident. Sorry to hear about that.” Next day a whole air wing is “mysteriously” destroyed. Catch on? Hitting military targets without the “normal military” would drive Putin nuts and we can claim plausible deniability. Our military hasn’t left there bases. Our planes haven’t flown over Russia.
      Mr. Putin, you should be more careful with your toys.

      • So… you punch the bully, and the bully shoots my kids… Brilliant…
        I’d stand up to the bully too, if the bully was bullying ME or MY KIDS. Getting into the middle of the Russia/Ukraine thing would go sideways… FAST. Be REALLY careful what you wish for…

        Everyone keeps saying “PUTIN WON’T STOP AT UKRAINE!!! WE GOTTA STOP HIM NOW!!!” Really? Do you know that for sure? One thing’s for sure; if we go after Russia based on conjecture, you can BET Putin won’t stop at Ukraine. Then everyone starts picking sides. Then WW3 breaks out. The sky’s the limit at that point. No, if Russia starts making moves on allied countries, THEN we start slinging lead. THEN we’re going after Russia based on FACT; not MEDIA SPIN. If WW3 breaks out at that point, it was inevitable anyway.

        Lemme ask you; do you REALLY want to going into a conflict guns a blazin’ based on info given to you by “news” organizations who have been lying to us for DECADES?…

        …Damn… Everyone’s in such a rush to start Armageddon…

  • Hi Aden. Russia has already welcomed fighters from the Congo and Syria to fight along side their forces. China is helping them economically and may strike out at Taiwan while the war in Ukraine has us preoccupied. Russia continues to escalate the level of conflict. Putin is escalating the war because he knows we are weak and will back down. He saw the disgraceful surrender and withdrawal we just experienced in Afghanistan and the disaster we have at our southern border. He knows our current administration does not have the intestinal fortitude to stop him. I believe we are already fighting in WWIII, and our administration is so clueless they don’t realize it yet. God help us.

  • I totally agree with you Aden. We need to stay out of this! We have enough problems at home, that are being addressed, and don’t need to get into other’s business. Ukraine is a false country built by the Biden’s and their cohorts, for the express purpose of money laundering and other crimes.

    • Mopsy: Ukraine is a people with their own language, their own alphabet (similar to Russian, but noticeably different) who have suffered under centuries of occupations yet have retained their identity. That’s why they wanted their own country and got it.

      Now Russia wants to occupy Ukraine again and the Ukrainians, remembering the Holodomor, want nothing to do with the Russians. That’s why they are fighting so hard.

      The Ukrainian government knows it has a problem with corruption and are trying to clean it out. They have already gone after some of Biben’s corrupt partners in Ukraine, and planned to take them all out. Biden basically gave the Russians a green light to cover up his crimes.

      As for Ukraine, they are in basically the same situation as Poland in 1939—there’s nothing we can do to stop the Russian invasion. We are too weak. NATO has to a large extent disarmed. Russia and China have decided that now is the time to defeat their #1 enemy—the U.S and take over the rest of Europe. No matter what we do now, the die is cast, we will get nuked. Large cities like Boston, NYC, DC, Miami, Chicago, Twin Cities, St. Louis, Phoenix, LA, and others are targets and most likely will get nuked. We are in World War III whether we like it or not.

      The best preparations for those in major cities is to get out. Other preparations have already been listed in other articles in this forum. Thanks Daisy.

      • “the same situation as Poland in 1939”

        (laugh) britain and france told germany that if germany invaded poland that they’d declare war on germany. when germany and the soviet union invaded poland and divided the territory between them, britain and france declared war on germany. after the war the soviet-seized portion of poland remained with the soviet union, but part of germany was depopulated and handed over to poland to make it “whole”.

        makes you wonder, just who is running our foreign policy ….

  • Agreed- most people have no idea what a “no fly zone” actually means in military speak. It’s become a catch phrase to galvanize the American people against Russia – which is in fact ridiculous if we actually knew the part our government had to pay in escalating this conflict to exactly where it is now. As an Army veteran who spent some time in Iraq, I do remember the days of the “no fly zone” and all that was required to keep it in place then. Also- the Koreas anyone? This a a direct plea to get the US involved, and it’s pure suicide for our soldiers and theirs, with the people of the Ukraine smack in the middle.

  • In the first place, Ukraine is NOT part of NATO! Zelenski is actually a comedian installed by the CIA back in 2014. What makes anyone think he is actually doing the biding of his people and not the CIA?
    Ukraine is NOT our (US) war. Unless of course you look at what the various elite stand to lose in dirty money, (think Biden, Clinton and Bush and more) then you have an idea what may really be going on.
    Wars make the elite lots of money. Covid failed to start WW3 so here we go with Ukraine.
    Anything the current admin has done to “discourage” Russia has only hurt Americans.
    The US needs to stay out of Ukraine.
    Furthermore, how would we expect our admin to respond if Russia or China started lining up nukes at our US/Mexican border? Bet we would respond a lot like Putin has done with Ukraine.

    • Indeed, Dawn is correct. It is very well documented how the Clinton, Biden, Romney and other criminal clans have been using Ukraine as a money laundering operation for years. A recent issue of the Epoch Times had a really good synopsis article about this, and many books are readily available describing the whole situation – with plenty of verifiable footnotes. Even the arrest warrant issued for VP Joe Biden can be found on the Internet due to his treasonous gymnastics in that part of the world while he was in office. Many U.S. politicians currently holding office, and many unelected/appointed people currently in our government are corrupt to the bone. They would like nothing better than a global war to distract from their larger agenda.

  • Considering the high-level politicians and war hawks advocating for this course of action have reserved spots for themselves and their families in elaborate, fully-stocked nuclear shelters paid for with my tax dollars and have done absolutely nothing to protect the rest of us – yeah, I have a problem with it.

  • Heck, let’s do a no fly zone! Why stop there. Maybe we should supply tactical nukes to Ukraine – to make up for the nukes we talked them into giving up in 1994. We sure aren’t standing behind the promises that we made to both the Ukraine and Russia – so why would anybody trust anything we say or do.

    To be honest I’m just getting tired of the stupidity that I am continuing to see from both our leaders and our media. Im tired of the slow inexorable march toward socialism as our governments take away more of our rights on a daily basis using one excuse or another. I’m tired of trying to survive daily in a world of “death by a thousand cuts”.

    Maybe it’s time to knock down all the pretty buildings and high minded unworkable ideas. Maybe it’s time to take it all back to the basics and start over. I’ve reached a point where my attitude has become, “ If we’re going to do it – let’s do it, and get it over with. And let’s see what we can rebuild “from out of the ashes”.

  • Well, we might outta take a look at the BIBLE and see what it tells us. We are living in the times that prophecy talks about and thus Daniel and Revelation. Birth pains, wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, drought and the coming famine. Maybe it’s time to heed those warnings b/c as for us, we see it coming in this day and age that we now live in…What about the 4 horseman? One has already passed and the second one is here now. So many don’t believe these things, thinking they must be just fairy tales and myths and not real info.
    I think we are in for a HUGE surprise, a BIG wake up call actually, and that the end of the age of man is upon us. Maybe some agree, but it seems to me that most do NOT agree and they scoff at all of it.
    Let wait and see but I do see trouble on the horizon with all of it and NONE of it looks good. Very scary in fact…The ONLY house that we need to have in order right now is our “spiritual” house. Our physical and the rest will fall by the wayside. Only what we trust and our believe in GOD will get us through to the end. IF you agree make it known, if not that becomes your own choice…Each one is entitled to his/her own opinion. I pray we will NOT have the coming war b/c it’s something that will wipe out millions of people and the USA will be in big trouble…Many things will happen before JESUS returns to earth and WWIII is just one of them that will sooner or later hit us and we won’t be prepared physically or mentally or spiritually for any of it…GOD bless us ALL.

    • well said Wandakate, I do believe, and I believe we are in the end times….whether we will see the completeness in our time, who knows, but everything up to this point has been foretold…..things are very scary, most everyone living now doesnt understand the horrors we face and will face….once a nuclear goes off thats it…there is no more….we saw in history how nagasaki and hiroshima ended up, and our world would probably be ten times worse as our nukes are stronger. so best we can do is prepare, both our house, our spiritual house, and pray. none of it looks good these days, we have allowed things thru the years/centuries to progress too far, it has crept up on us and we are not prepared, we have not heeded the word…..so be it…God bless

    • “We are living in the times that prophecy talks about and thus Daniel and Revelation”

      (shrug) christians been saying that for 2000 years including at the very beginning, every two generations or so since then they have another “it’s the end times!” spasm.

  • Well…Not like anyone is going to listen to any of us anyway.
    Not sure where we are at on the timeline for “Trials and Tribulations.”
    Pretty sure we have exceeded the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    That being said…any day now? It’s bad now, but I am pretty sure it will get a lot worse! When it get’s to that stage it should be pretty recognizable (one would think).
    Good news is none of the mainstream media will cover it so you can go there for your daily dose of “sunshine.”
    Horsemen…Seals…not sure. Personally I don’t think we are there yet.
    No Fly Zone…if you enforce it…that will probably start the “Big One.”
    And remember none of the people “in charge” care about what we think…so whatever the agenda is…that’s what is going to happen. Most people don’t really care as long as Starbucks is open and they can still get their “stuff.” The majority aren’t willing to do anything. E-mailing, calling, talking to (a large majority) of your “elected representatives” will get you nowhere…they don’t really care either…they are getting “theirs.” Shuffle off peasants! Nothing to see here!

    • “Pretty sure we have exceeded the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah”

      long ago. “And you, Capernaum, will not be exalted to heaven, will you? You will be brought down to Hades! For if the miracles that occurred in you had occurred in Sodom, it would have remained to this day.” matt 11:23

  • I seriously over-estimated human intelligence and the nature of the human spirit. Everyday has unfortunately become a learning experience for how much I had over-estimated both of those.

    The truth is that the entire world despises the United States. NATO is trying to provoke further U.S. involvement in this with a no-fly zone being created by having U.S. troops fly Polish MIGs from Germany.

    The Poles could fly those MIGs from Polish air fields if they wanted to. They do not want to be retaliated against, but would like America to do it and be retaliated against.

    Zelensky would also like America to do it and be retaliated against because Ukraine had 1,500 fighter jets prior to the start of this. I mentioned that and then thought, well, maybe they were destroyed, Blinken said that they still have planes that they are not flying after I said that on another site.

    The United States government showed that it is more afraid of the written word than it is of protests when the United States and Ukraine were the only countries that did not vote to condemn any Nazi or pro Hitler celebrations, or holocaust denial.

    The United States government is not threatened by such radical, ignorant lunatics, because the majority of Americans are not Nazi, pro-Hitler holocaust deniers.

    The United States government is more threatened by people that are critical of its present policies of being anti-Putin and anti-Russian than they are of people that are pro-Hitler.

    Since Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning have received America’s “diplomatic treatment” for exercising freedom of the press guaranteed in the 1st amendment, and since Abu Zubaydah, who was a writer, and is still being falsely imprisoned in Gitmo, and has never been charged with any crime, but remains there just for the sake of not embarassing the government for its evil crimes, if you really want to defeat the government, the pen has always been mightier than the sword.

    It is why they are constantly banning people from social media.

    You really have to wonder though how it is that the thirty pro-Ukrainian NATO nations, in addition to the pro-Ukrainian countries that are not NATO members signed onto that at the UN, while simultaeneously supporting Ukraine that is suporting Neo-Nazis to empower itself.

    Very weird virtue signalling between those that signed onto it that are pro-Ukraine, and the United States for claiming that it did not sign it because it violates free speech with the repeated 1st amendment violations by America!

    When the world’s leading psychopaths put their heads together, and agree to do something, the outcome is never good.

    • Stop this neo-Nazi trash talk. There are more neo-Nazis in Russia than in Ukraine. One reason the Ukrainian people elected a Jew to be their president was to show the world the the majority of Ukrainian people do not support neo-Nazi ideology.

    • well stated Andrea, people are very much asleep and brainwashed, like during the fake pandemic.. now fully vaccinated against nothing for nothing.. they are now unfortunately having uneducated, deceived opinions about this Ukraine/Russia conflict as social media marches into a war that no one can ever win (except GOD).
      by the way, RT News has been banned so we don’t get the Russian insight, only edited western media.. Russia is handing food to Ukrainians, they have restored electricity to Chernobyl, they target civilian places with militants amongst them, what else should they do?
      Russia has drawn the line, do not step over this line unless your heads want to roll. Disinformation from the west is evil and spreading, we need to stop it!

  • I am assuming anyone in this country pushing the no fly zone, knows the risk of a nuclear attack on this country. I also am assuming whoever that is has protection from this kind of attack and owns a bomb shelter in their backyard. I assume they feel safe and secure when they push this no fly zone. They also know most of the people in This country will die because they have no protection. I also assume the people who are pushing this no fly zone do so caring more about the people in Ukraine than they do the citizens in this country. A lot more little children will die, and hospitals will be destroyed than whats happening in Ukraine. Many, Many more people will die from a no fly zone. So why do the people pushing no fly zone not care about the millions more that will die here. Are they just stupid, or what?

    • “So why do the people pushing no fly zone not care about the millions more that will die here. Are they just stupid, or what?”

      not stupid. hostile. “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed”, and they mean to accomplish exactly that by whatever means are at hand.

  • You could lobby the United States government to do anything under the sun, and with enough money, they will do it. The fact that none of the Americans in the billionaire claub have lobbied the government to revert back to the Unite State Constitution as official policy speaks volumes of both the billionaires nature, intent, and priorities. Instead, they have lobbied the government for the destruction of the constitution.

  • No fly zone,absolutely not. . HOWEVER…the opinions stated by Dianne, Wandakate,Wanamaker,, is wrong. We cannot ignore what is happening. . There is a bully in the neighborhood, Russa,whose war doctrine includes targeting civilian populations. Our help does not require boots on the ground,in fact,the Ukrainians don’t want our boots there. As for none of our business,yes it is. Along with the obvious economic impacts, there is the issue of ICBM missiles,which cross international boundaries. Hobbit. I like your post,very much…..nothing bur love,guy

  • The Dims do NOT want the Nov elections to take place because they know that with honest elections they will be swept out of office in record numbers. Would the Dims knowingly engage Russia in WW3 to prevent the elections? I think yes. Would they engage in a limited nuclear war, whatever that is, to prevent the elections? I think probably so. Would they engage in a full nuclear exchange with both countries destroyed to prevent the elections? Possibly, But war tends to have a life of its own sometimes. Things can get out of control.
    Daisy had an article a few years back about US billionaires getting homes with sufficient farmland in New Zealand. If I was those guys, I would be spending this year, and maybe forever, in New Zealand and I would already be there!

    • “Would the Dims knowingly engage Russia in WW3 to prevent the elections?”

      only if they think dominion votes won’t be enough.

      • “only if they think dominion votes won’t be enough.”
        What are “dominion votes”? Are you talking about Canada? They don’t vote in the US.

        • dominion is the name of the company that built the vote counting machines and wrote the vote counting algorithms that were used in the contested precincts last election.

    • I’ve never been to New Zealand, doubt I ever will. The “kiwis” are our friends, kind of. They don’t allow US nuclear powered (not necessarily armed) warships to make port calls there. They also have some of the toughest anti-gun laws on the books of mist any country. Thanks, pass.

  • Putin may be pulling off one of the best come and take it tactics ever. Sending in inferior forces and equipment, slow rolling or a bit of mission creep so to speak just to draw NATO and the U.S. into direct conflict with Russia in order to unload Russia’s elite war fighters and weapons in an all out war with the west. The west is just arrogant enough to think they can get away with it. What ever happens, even if it all ends today, our world and the future of our children and grand children is in Gods hands alone.

  • Also some of y’all ought to go back and read the links posted here on TOP educating folks on how to survive a nuclear attack. Yes they’re bad but unless you’re at ground zero or close to it a nuclear attack is very survivable if you prepare for it. And no, a bunker isn’t required.

  • A few thoughts:

    1. For all of you out there thinking the Rapture is about to start, while it is true that I don’t know if that is true, you don’t either. Jesus did say, after all, in that book we both read, that no one knows the day or the hour. But it sure doesn’t look good.

    2. I’m so tired of ya’ll blaming Biden for everything. He’s weak! Look at Afghanistan! (which was handled badly, I admit, but ending our country’s longest war was a worthy priority)! No one respects him! That’s why Putin went in now! WELL, Putin has LONG had the reconquest of the former USSR on his bucket list, piece by piece, bit by bit. He plays a long game. Why didn’t he invade while Trump was in office? John Bolton (of all people) put his finger on it when he said Putin couldn’t have asked for a better US Pres than Trump. Trump demoralized the whole world, weakened and threatened NATO, bullied our allies, cozied up with dictators and thugs, even publicly taking their side against his own intelligence services (which, btw, have been SPOT ON these last weeks). He’s weakened our democratic institutions and has all of us at each others’ throats. Putin was DELIGHTED with Trump.

    So Biden was weak and that’s why Putin attacked? ‘Cause we have no willpower or fortitude? Well then, I think he’s shown remarkable backbone these last weeks. So, do you want him to be strong or weak? Don’t you think with all the pressure he’s getting that not putting a no-fly zone in is a strong move, not a weak one? Or do you want to go in there and kill Russians and get us all in a world war?

    Pick a side. Biden, who is showing restraint and judgment and maturity against a ruthless and quite possibly deranged murderer with nuclear weapons, who’s united NATO like no one else has since the 1950s, who had a son who served in a war zone and knows what it is to send your sons, husbands, brothers, and now daughters and sisters, into war… who’s never said stupid things like how he knows more than all his generals, or sought deferment after deferment for bone spurs in his feet? that’s the weak guy? What is strong to you? Saying yeah, sure, let’s go to war, or saying, let’s really think about this and not do anything we might regret without really getting everyone on board.

    3. We’ve been living in a bit of a fool’s paradise in this country. We’ve taken peace, prosperity, etc. for granted, like it’s always been here and will always be here. Before WWI and II there were a lot of people saying, stay out, it’s none of our business, etc. I agree with much of that and understand it. But it is a different world. We are all so interconnected. Our two oceans no longer protect us like they used to.

    At some point we have to decide what we want to do. How many dead toddlers do you have to see? How many hospitals bombed? How many families fleeing for their lives, pushing their babies in strollers and dragging their exhausted grandmothers and children through rubble to a place that might be safer? What will it take for the US to decide we need to put a stop to this NOW by sending in troops of some sort? Does Putin have to invade Poland or the Czech Republic? (Sounds familiar…) WHERE IS THE LINE for you when we as a country have no choice to get involved in a way that will exact a fearsome toll of young blood here?

    Or is there no such line? Would you let Putin have whatever he wants, go and take whatever he wants? As long as we’re safe and fat and happy here? There has to be a line that if he crosses it, we are done.

    4. I don’t know the solution. The problem is there are no good solutions, and we don’t know the future. Putin isn’t going to stop. Bullies never do. But constantly punching on Biden because he’s too weak, or too much of a hawk, or whatever, just because you hate him, isn’t just faulty. It’s lazy, and intellectually dishonest.

    These are going to be some very hard times no matter what direction we go. I do know that endless recriminations and hating on each other isn’t going to help.

    I’ve often thought my grandparents’ generation, the “Greatest Generation”, really was the best. Victory gardens, scrap metal and paper, war bonds, etc. They pulled together through hardship and tragedy and the result after the war was some of the greatest prosperity in all of history. I have a hard time imagining people in the US today being told that we are being rationed on sugar, fuel, meat. I mean, I think there’d really be rioting if that happened. Maybe we’re just not good people anymore. No willingness to undergo sacrifice for the greater good.

    So cry your eyes out for Ukraine. Just don’t try to have it both ways. We can’t say, ugh, not our problem, but also keep the cheap oil and meat coming this way.

    Please think about more than yourself.

  • No. It is not in my best interest to stop exposing the hypocrisy that has led to yet another war. If you want to try to silence everyone that is pointing it out, you are going to have an enormous task in front of you that you will never be able to accomplish. If fighting a losing battle since it is based on lies is what you are into, and being fully committed to being wrong is your aim in life then that is your perogative.

  • The above comment was for R.O. but it did not show up under it even though I hit the reply button. Not sure why.

    • “even though I hit the reply button”

      it happens. if you preface your post with a quote of what you are responding to, that will make your post’s origins clear.

  • Vannity and others of his ilk are not deep thinkers at all. I personally can’t stand to listen to him for more than five minutes. He really only has two or three talking points which shows the depth of his intellect. And it shows his apparent ignorance on most topics. Still, he makes tens of million of dollars per year and is popular with people who can’t think for themselves.

    NATO and the Neocons are pushing Russia to the edge. They have been doing it for decades. The re-treads in government; Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, Samantha Power, and in the background are Susan Rice and Barry Obama, all are all vicious warhawks. Ukraine is merely bait for the next World War. This bunch cares nothing about Ukraine. It is merely a means to an end – to get Russia to fight.

    It’s never been easier than today to launch nuclear missiles. Both the US and Russia have a FIRST STRIKE Doctrine. Mutual Assured Destruction was thrown out years ago. Ladies and gentleman, Russia can win a nuclear war. They have fallout shelters for 40+ million of its people. And the US, ZERO . Oh! the elites have their hidey-holes hundreds of feet underground with all the comforts of home and food. The rest of us will suffer a fiery Hell. But, their deep underground holes should be of no comfort to them because the Russians have 50+ megatons nukes that can bore into the ground at great depth – then explode.

    The US government is a disaster. These people need to be removed from their positions in government. Or most certainly, Hell will rain down on us. Good Luck and Good Night!

  • We have reached a Mexican standoff but it was bound to happen anyway. A house divided will fall is a well-known and very true maxim.

    Too bad it will happen in our generation and most sadly at our peak. That hurts!

  • Right now is the time for America to grow some Balls. This is how Hitler got started on his rampage in 1938.
    When Switzerland abandons it’s neutrality, you know something Bad is underfoot. The only thing the bad actors respect is power.

  • Ant7,

    Thanks, but it is easier to just start by addressing it to the person than copying their comment. That also make it clear and is much quicker.

  • Ant7,
    Thanks but I will just address it to who it is that I am replying to because it is quicker and less confusing.

  • Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Kendali Jackson Brown has come under scrutiny for being a public defender of Gitmo detainee that has never been charged with any crime, Khi Ali Gul. A public defender that is incapable of springing an innocent person from detention has proven themselves to be incompetent or corrupt. We have seen this play out too many times. Abu Zubaydah is another Gitmo detainee that has never been charged with any crime. Julian Assange is another case who was denied an appeal for extradition to the United States today. Incompetency or corruption of public defenders being unable to spring innocent people from prison is epidemic in America. Many of the 1/6 stop the steal prisoners is another well known case. Many were imprisoned just for attending it and did not commit any crime. This problem is systemic corruption of the legal system. The country would not be in the shape that it is in if there was not systemic corruption of the legal system. A legal system that does not work, is no legal system at all! The attornies have proven to be swivel chair thieves!


  • Ukraine lost, Putin won the day the globalists elected the fake president Joe Biden.

    Putin was prodded and encouraged to invade Ukraine. Call Putin a bully and a tyrant all you want. Putin knows NATO has no stomach or ability to stop him, not when he controls their energy supply. And under Biden America has become a paper tiger. Biden calls for sanctions against Russia but does not call for sanctions against China Russia’s biggest supporter. The import sanctions, bank sanctions, VISA and Master Card canceling Russia. They are all a big joke. Just a big show to make weak, impotent, dementia Biden look like a hero standing up to Putin. Putin was well prepared ahead of time for all of this. How could anyone be dumb enough to think Putin would not be expecting this? Putin had already taken measures well ahead of time and had plans in place to block or neutralize any of these actions.

    Russia teetering on the edge of economic collapse. Putin in danger of being assassinated by his own people because of the invasion. More fantasies cooked up by the msm for mass consumption.

    The democrats are expected to lose control of congress in the midterms. War with Russia is the globalist controlled msm’s chance to rehabilitate Biden’s image.

    Will the globalist puppet masters enact a no fly zone over Ukraine? That would be a terrible idea and would fail on day one.

    This is how the no fly zone scenario would play out according to the msm. US/NATO commits to flying military planes against Russian forces. The masses are convinced that Russian armored columns miles long will be wiped out like sitting ducks. Putin will be taught a lesson. Don’t mess with super Joe Biden and America’s standing in the world as the number one super power is restored. Putin is soon arrested and jailed and replaced as president by Alexei Navalny – RFLOL. More msm fantasies for mass consumption.

    This is how the no fly zone scenario would really play out according to Putin. US/NATO commits to flying military planes against Russian forces. Putin knows the make, model and serial number of every single plane being fueled, armed and being readied for take off against Russian forces. Once the planes are fully prepped for their mission Putin gives the order and all of the planes are destroyed on the ground before they have even taken off. How very proactive of Putin and such a big surprise – sarcasm. The msm of course blames Putin saying he has escalated the war by taking unprovoked military action against NATO nations blah, blah, blah. More fantasies cooked up by the msm for mass consumption. Are we now officially at war with Russia? Will the midterm elections be called off? Will Biden/globalists be given emergency powers? In any case this scenario avoids a nuclear war. US/NATO have no more non nuclear military options to use against Putin. Putin gets a Ukraine victory. Biden says mean things about Putin. Biden/globalists get to blame Russia for the terrible economic problems in the US. Biden and the democrats look better after all of this even though they were the ones that created the problem to begin with. Problem – Reaction – Solution. Russia, Russia, Russia all over again when it should be Globalists, Globalists, Globalists.

    It will all make more sense to you if you just remember what the chief globalist puppet master and head of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab said: “You will own nothing and be happy!” Spoiler alert on this up coming movie playing IRL.

    What Schwab is really saying is the globalists will own everything because they have completely destroyed the economy – Problem.

    The masses react in panic – Reaction.

    And the masses then look to the government for a – Solution.

    And surprise, surprise the puppet masters have a solution ready to go that is so great “You will own nothing and be happy!” . Beware of globalists bearing gifts!

  • Old proverb: THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO WAR, ROAR LIKE LIONS. Mr. Hannity and the neocon clown show at FAUX NEWS need to put up or shut up. Whether you like him or not, Mr. Putin has a right to secure his borders, just like Jack Kennedy did in October, 1962. All Vlad has done is invade and expose the Biden-Pelosi-Romney Crime Family money laundry. Where are the real “Journalists” who will tell the truth? Asking for a friend.

  • My guess is that the people that lobby the government for things like the fake pandemic, supporting Ukraine, bashing Russia, 9/11, the false flag wars in MENA, are just really sick, morally depraved sadistic losers that sit around laughing with eachother while the country is being destroyed. It really makes you wonder why the gocernment puts up with it from them. As if they have no ther choice. It must be extremely humiliating for them to be wrong all the time. One of these days the lobbyists are going to be in for the shock of their lives and they will be sitting in a prison cell wondering wtf just happened?!

  • Why does someone keep hacking my comments with and adding typos to make it look like I am using a cell phone? I am not using a cell phone, and someone keeps adding typos so that it is a letter next to a letter.

    • Andrea –

      Nobody is touching your comments. I can see a full edit history and there is none on yours. Face it – you just made some typos.

      While we’re chatting, please try to keep your comments topical to the article you are commenting on. 7 Ways to Prep for Free is not the place for rants against Elon Musk and Bill Gates. We’re trying to welcome newcomers, not scare them away.

      • “Nobody is touching your comments”

        actually there does seem to be something. several times I’ve typed in text and seen something other than what I’ve typed, and then see a message flash up saying “a javaapp has altered this field”. and then disappear.

  • After war mongering psychopath Lindsey Graham said that if Russia strikes Ukraine with chemical weapons, this is what a Ukrainian said today reported by Al Jazeera:

    “I think that no later than in May, early May, we should have a peace agreement, maybe much earlier, we will see, I am talking about the latest possible dates,” Oleksiy Arestovich said in a video published by several Ukrainian media.

    “We are at a fork in the road now: there will either be a peace deal struck very quickly, within a week or two, with troop withdrawal and everything, or there will be an attempt to scrape together some, say, Syrians for a round two and, when we grind them too, an agreement by mid-April or late April.” -Al Jazeera

    These monsters are sick as hell. The fact that Graham claims to be pro-life makes it even more ludicrous. Really sick monsters.

  • The problem that the idiots in InfraGard, the WHO, and the medical mafia are suffering from that has caused them to behave like Joseph Mengele, is that they have very diseased brains. Maybe Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Eric Schmidt will just decide to remove their brains entirely. They are all very interested in researching human brains, just like Frankenstein was. None of them are neurologists, but none of them were virologists either, they were not about to be intimidated by such trivialities regarding the fake pandemic, and they won’t be intimidated by trivialities over neuro-surgery either.

    Elon Musk’s latest medical endeavor and philanthropic act has been in the arena of neo-natal care. Elon Musk is going to create mechanical wombs, because then, women will no longer be necessary for the survival of huMANity. It will only be men, because they do not experience the mood swings of menstration and menopause.

  • “…In addition to this, Putin stated on February 24 that “Whoever tries to hinder us, or threaten our country or our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to consequences that you have never faced in your history.” ”

    This was not spoken by the White House or any other national personage. It’s straight from Putin’s mouth. I think he is serious. He is one year younger than me. If I was near the nuclear button, I’d press it and let the world go to hell in a hand basket… Let’s start over and see if we can do better. 🙂 Putin is probably much worse than me, with no regard for the death of little children. He is a monster.

  • Naturally Prez Shitty Pants and our fearless leader Chairman Turdope are most anxiously awaiting the start of WW3. It is very very important that the Ukraine cesspool isn’t made public. Shitty Pants and our democracy hating, women hating, homophobic, extremist, racist Chairman Turdope will fight to the death to avoid being exposed as modern day vampires along with the majority of “leaders” of the Western world. Yup that’s right – vampires. Our whole world as we have known it for centuries has been run by vampires. We as human beings have been fodder for these entities. They could care less about wars, famines, pretend plagues etc as all of these help to hold and implement their crimes against humanity.

  • Ukraine. Ancient home of the NAME STEALERS. They get everybody else to fight their wars for them – and profit off the misery and death. They fund and equip BOTH sides, just like WWII, just like WWI, the Civil War (a mercenary conflict between two municipal corporations, not the actual States), and going back into history for who knows how many centuries.

    Now it’s in their own back yard. Maybe we should HELP Russia get rid of them instead of buying into the ‘poor me’ play-acting they use to draw other nations into their drama. Can’t blame Putin for not wanting a dozen bioweapons labs (that OUR military funded) on Russia’s border, or missile launchers (our military provided) with 5 minutes’ flight time of Moscow.

  • Yeah,but didn’t putin already escalate things by simply invading Ukraine and even russia is just trying to put together the old russia,which includes poland,the balklins and alaska.And Ukraine isn’t a part of russia anymore.

  • I guess I’m old. I grew up knowing Russia (aka the Soviet Union) was an evil place, led by evil men. Putin is cut from the same cloth as Lenin and Stalin, willing to destroy the lives of those in or out of his country. Yes, it’s a risk to stand up to him, but it’s a certainty that not doing so will make the world a much more dangerous place in the future. Putin is playing a game of chicken with Biden, but he knows not only will Biden swerve, he’ll probably not even get in the game.

    Supplying jets from Poland through an American base is no different than arming ground fighters with American anti-tank weapons or Stingers, but we claim we worry about offending a filthy Soviet dictator. Refusing to create humanitarian corridors is a sign of complete disregard for the lives of those being slaughtered by the Soviets and an absolute acknowledgement that our nation no longer truly believes in liberty, Democracy or the right of self-rule.

    We will sit and watch a brave man and an entire country die, and with it our standing as a world leader dies. This is what you risk when you advocate for the United States to stand down and do nothing but observe.

  • There is little risk of nuclear war. Putin is fundamentally mafia – he is a thug more than he is insane – he won’t do anything to harm his children. Moreover, the less we stand up to him, the bolder he gets.

    As long as we don’t hurt his children we should be safe – Nato putting in a Patriot system with Nato soldiers to operate and closing the skies over Western Ukraine is probably less escalatory than sanctioning and confiscating the assets of Putin’s children – which some people want to do (we can wait on that until this is over) – but, if we hurt his children then its Godfather 2 – all bets are off. Also it is well documented that Putin has a fondness for Ukraine – especially the old cities like Odessa and Kiev – which is in part why it distresses him to see it looking to Europe – which will impose border controls for Russians. In many ways the EU is far more of a threat to Putin than Nato, because the EU insists on human rights and anticorruption measures.

    Putin has already described the sanctions and supplying of weapons as an act of war – I doubt he sees other Nato involvement as being more at war than it already is. Perhaps involving Nato allows Putin to save face knowing he wasn’t beaten by Ukraine alone.

  • Ukraine has already shown us that it is serious about fighting for its independence. This is not something NATO has forced on Ukraine. As human beings it is our moral obligation to support Ukraine to ensure this happens. We need to keep squeezing and gradually escalating the defenses of Ukraine so that it becomes apparent to the kremlin that the best time to negotiate with Ukraine is now. If they are not already alarmed by the number of weapons that are pouring into Ukraine and where they may eventually land up then they should be! The best time to end this is now. We must provide an off ramp, but at the same time demonstrate that we are quite serious about ending this war.

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