Quebec Taxing Un-You-Know-What People At Least $100/Month

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Quebec has now decided that if you don’t have the jab, you are to be treated like a criminal and fined on a per month basis.

It was January 11, 2022, that Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault made this proclamation, stating, “I think right now it’s a question of fairness for the 90% of the population who made some sacrifices. I think we owe them this kind of measure.”

Everybody else has sacrificed their future and their children. You must too. You know, for the good of the collective.

That’s quite a mindset, is it not? The notion that you and your cronies think you have some semblance of a right to force your will on a group of people you don’t like simply because you don’t like them? And all under the thin veil of “fairness” – because, after all, there’s an underlying theme of morality on your side, right?

Aldous Huxley said it best…

This is where sadism seeks a harvest of pleasure from the population at large.

Quebec’s Legault would go on to say, “We are working on a health contribution for all the adults who are refusing to get vaccinated.” A contribution? Are you serious? This is anything but a ‘contribution’. Yet this type of wordsmithing should come as no surprise to any who have studied the history of collectivism. “It’s just a shower.”

A thinly veiled guise of charity does not disguise the act of the robber.

Not all Québécois and Quebec residents are on board with this. The Canadian Civil Liberties Union says this is “an intrusion on bodily autonomy.”

If only the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union felt the same way.

This is only going to escalate.

What happens when the $100 tax doesn’t work? Will it be a $500 tax? $1000? $50,000?

And what happens when freedom-loving Canadians refuse to bow the knee to tyranny and still won’t comply – regardless of the price of the tax? Mass arrests? What happens when mass arrests don’t work? Do you see the cycle here?

Collectivism requires totalitarianism to (pretend to) function by default.

Man naturally resists others’ attempts to bound him in chains. When the slave-policies of collectivism don’t work, severe punishments follow. And when those more severe policies don’t work, an even harsher punishment awaits.

This is the nature of collectivism – whether your flavor be socialist, communist, or fascist.

It is the brainwashing of society to believe absurdities, which causes them to be capable of committing atrocities. It’s this othering of other segments of society that causes people to believe that whatever they do is morally justified.

It’s this type of belief that’s leading to children being barred from receiving cancer treatments (also in Canada).

“What we’re doing is protecting the safety of everybody in the house.”

Sacrifice the innocent, the defenseless – those who can’t speak for themselves – in order to protect the collective. That is the message here.

When evil has taken such deep root in the minds of the Karens of the world, can we expect anything less? If refusing to treat cancer-stricken children is now an act of moral integrity, where do we go from here? What other acts can then be justified?

Keep in mind that within the short space of two years you’ve witnessed friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members go absolutely insane. We’ve gone from a relative peace with one another to the above within two short years. Where will we be within the next two? How much further will we fall?

The goalposts will continue to move.

We’ve pointed this out before here at The Organic Prepper. About how you can play a tyrant’s game but you can never win. It’s worth pointing out that Quebec has already restricted peoples’ freedom of movement. They have a nightly curfew in effect that starts at 10PM and lasts till 5AM.

People complied. Now, they’re about to be fined at least $100/month. Now, their children are being kicked out of hospitals.

And, again, the goalposts will continue to move.

Canada is not alone in this type of thinking, by the way.

Many other parts of the world are facing similar policies. Consider Greece, where those over 60 are soon to be charged 100 euros/month if they aren’t jabbed. Italy has decided to top that with a fine of 1600 euros/month for those over 50. And once more, beloved Austria is not to be outdone in human rights violations. It is there that all those over 14 will soon be charged 3600 euros/month.

If you are an American, this is what is coming. Do not deceive yourself. The rumors are true. You will be forced to watch your children be barred from hospitals. You will be refused access to grocery stores. You will lose your jobs (if you haven’t already). Your insurance will be canceled.

What happens when your mortgage is called in? When CPS decides it’s their job to police your child’s inoculation status? Do you see how much more room they have to push this?

This isn’t about spewing doom and gloom. This is about looking at the hard realities around you, drawing conclusions as to what form of tyranny comes next.

And you aren’t going to like it.

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What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with this “tax” on the unvaxxed? Do you expect to see similar actions taken in the United States? Do you have a plan for this? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Yes… Even Obama got in on that act with the (un) Affordable Care Act.

    His term was to pay “your fair share”.

    • Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare.Obamacare is around the world and has to do with the kidnapping and trafficking of children for pedophiles.People who pay into Obamacare in the U.S. are funding pedophilia.People’s best bet is to get out of Obamacare and into what is called Medi-share.It is a Christian based healthcare insurance.Costs are shared between the insured,and no one is denied. Check it out.Please pass this information on.Thank you.

      • Best bet is to BOYCOTT taxes to Federal Reserve. ILLEGAL extortion, whereby the civilians have funded their own genocide. Getting harder and harder to listen to the unvaxxed’s whining when they refuse to fight for their rights.
        ACT UP! or stfu

  • The Big problem they face is their Narrative is collapsing, All over the world .
    So they are going to extreme lengths to try to justify their continued power grab.
    The problem is (as it always is) that the more repressive the governing powers get, the more people refuse to comply.
    They are just digging their own graves, and are to stupid to realize it.

    On the other hand, many of the Doom and Gloom folks don’t seem to be much better. You can only push Doom and Gloom for so long and when it never occurs as bad as you say, then eventually most of the followers wise up and quit following you.
    Look at Global Warming, Oops, I mean, Climate Change, Oops I mean the new Mini Ice age…
    As the Goal Posts keep getting moved, more and more people start to question the narrative. Eventually it will collapse. It always does. It is just a matter of Time.

  • The U.S. government will push to suspend the U.S. Constitution through Martial Law,by causing a civil war between U.S. government tyrants and citizens who refuse the “kill shot”.

    • I hope the civil war start soon but we might have to wait until we’re all dead. Meanwhile we just have to endure life under the fascist government of f uck Joe Biden and the peoples DemocRAT Party.

  • This has its’ tentacles in so many things now, it’s hard to escape. It’s been going a long time. Of course it will go off the deep end. It has already. Years ago, I was struggling and was on the State medical care service for my kids. I think it was 2012. At that time I received a letter that said if I didn’t follow their regimen of appointment protocol (certain appointments at certain intervals for each child) and do EVERYTHING the doctors said (guess what, VAX) then I would be investigated by CPS for neglect and child abuse. My past experience was already this: there was no discussion about what was best for the child, it was just DO AS WE SAY. This was not a letter targeted specifically at me, it was a form letter. No, it wasn’t a form letter. IT WAS A DIRECT THREAT. I immediately unenrolled all of us, and walk in care has been our medicine the few times we’ve needed it. I scanned and kept the letter as proof because it was so unbelievable what I was reading! Fast forward ten years, scary omen. But I learned that if you play by the system, the system rewards you. And if you don’t, you are a target, but, you are free….

    • Isn’t CPS just another front for child trafficking? Sure seems so in many places.
      Don’t follow the rules and we take your kids. No idea where they end up.
      There are literally thousands of stories about this.

  • Honestly, the world falling apart and an eotwawki free for all doesn’t really scare me. I’m pretty well prepared for that. But the increasing government tyranny is terrifying! We’ve never really been a free country at all during my lifetime. But our remaining freedoms are being taken away so quickly. It really seems like there’s no way to win as individuals, and nowhere else to go as this is global. I think this combined with everything else intended to cause division is going to lead to a civil war in America. And if we do end up in a civil war, I think Russia and China will use the opportunity to try to take us down. They are watching us and waiting.

  • Just read a Rasmussen Report/poll, showing nearly half of Americans favor something like this tax, criminal charges for those who are vaccine critics. Some favor camps. Others the removal of children from unvaccinated parents custody.

    Omicron did not live up to the media hype, or the Biden declaration of “. . . a winter of severe illness and death . . .” (interestingly enough, over half of the patients in NYC hospitals were there for other health issues and just so happened to be found with COVID. Also people at-home testing positive for COVID, then going to the hospital for a PCR test is more of a stress on the healthcare system, then actual people requiring medical attention. The NY Health Department asked people to stay home to not tax the healthcare system. Additionally, since the lockdowns, the death rate for non-COIVD related conditions has spiked).
    The media desperate for ratings, seeing their credibility sinking into the septic system, along with other so-called experts, and government officials, rather then admit they were wrong (gasp!). Instead they are doubling or even tripling down on bad decisions/policies/mandates.
    Other polling shows Americans are more concerned with the economy and inflation, supply chain issues, rising crime than COVID.
    I know I am.

    In another year, are we going to have one half of the country, masked up (or double masked) by themselves in their homes or cars, and the other half getting on with their lives?

  • Will my monthly expenses for quercetin, vitamin D, liposomal vitamin C, zinc, NAC, chaga, ivermectin, vitamin K2, magnesium, and other items be deductible from the fine? If so, when do I get my refund?? If not, why should I subsidize folks who don’t take care of themselves by blindly trusting an experimental product? Shouldn’t people engaging in medical experiments be 100% liable for their medical costs? Why should I pay for them to engage in a medical experiment???

  • Covid is being held out as the shiny object to distract you from the things going on behind the curtain. Keep watch on the “other hand” It is being used to institute a new framework- Go to the World Economic Forum website and read of the need for a “Great Reset” been in the works for years and this “pandemic” was the perfect situation to get it more deeply embedded, all over the world, never was protecting us from a virus, all about control and power. Books to read-“Creature from Jekyll Island”, “The Fabian Freeway-the high road to socialism”, 1984, Brave New World”, most recent The Great Reset, and the Holy Bible. do your prepping now-find like minded for support.

  • If some people are right (including many doctors and scientists), the only people left in “working condition” will be the un-vaxxed.
    We’ve already seen a 40% increase in all-cause mortality in 2021 compared to 2019.
    You don’t suppose that has something to do with all of the problems caused by the jab, do you?
    The insurance company charts are all over the net.

  • Fact-check:-

    Re: Italy…..

    Re: Italy….apparently…..

    ‘….the fine is 100 euros one time and no more, for those not vaxxed by June 30….the fine of up to 1600 euros is for those who enter the work place without a vaxx passport showing they have been vaxxed.. and that begins only on Feb. 15 and ends June 30.‘

  • “As seen on TV,” in the military, if you refuse a vacs, you get processed for discharge. That can’t be done in the civilian world, so when you have government-run healthcare, you either refuse service to those who don’t toe your line, or you tax the crap out of them.

    I’m retired military. I live government-run healthcare for 21 years. YOU.DON’T.WANT government-run healthcare!

  • Meanwhile, here in Japan, there’s a culture of avoiding confrontation, and that culture extends into the government. Even though this country has been dominated by one party for over 70 years now, Japanese politicians dare not try anything that turns the people against them. They’ve seen what has been happening when other governments worldwide pull such funny stuff, and they don’t want the resulting chaos happening here. (There has been Branch Covidian cult propaganda in the media, but a lot of people here aren’t buying it.) As a result, Japanese people are allowed to remain pureblooded to this day … and so am I, a still pureblooded American expat living here.

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