Shocking and Dehumanizing Discrimination Against the Unvaccinated Is About to Make Life VERY Difficult

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All over the world, the hot-button subject of the moment is the Covid vaccination. Many governments discuss making it mandatory, a terrifying concept for people who believe that the vaccine is unsafe. But perhaps even more appalling are the shocking things that people are saying about those who are unvaccinated.

This article isn’t about whether the vaccine is safe or not. I’m not urging anyone to get the vaccine, nor am I urging anyone to avoid it. I believe that my health decisions are my choice, and yours are your choice.

I hope that when you read these comments, whatever side of the debate you are on, you stop and think about your humanity. If this were done to any other group of people, it would be considered hate speech. Because the mainstream media and the narrative are tightly controlled right now, this isn’t just thought of as acceptable but a signal of superior virtue.

The danger of “othering”

We already talked about how people would be “encouraged” to get the vaccine through a loss of liberty “privileges.” By now, those eager to get the vaccine have done so. Also, those with valid reasons (like loss of income) have also gotten the jab. Therefore, holdouts who remain adamant they won’t get the vaccine are now being exposed to a whole new level of “encouragement” via extreme social pressure.

A phenomenon called “othering” is used in both the violence dynamics world and in brainwashing. Othering is when a person determines that another person is unworthy, threatening, or all-around inadequate and hardly even the same species.

Othering is a process whereby a group of people is made to seem fundamentally different, even to the point of making that group seem less than human. This process can trigger instinctive emotional reactions towards members of that group. In many instances, othering has been used to degrade, isolate, and render possible a group’s discrimination, abuse, or persecution. (source)

Those who don’t learn from history…

It has happened many times in history: when human beings were used as slaves and property, when human beings were the subject of horrific experiments when the media and people in power deliberately manipulated human beings to believe that other humans weren’t like them, and therefore, it was permissible to mistreat or abuse them.

As the saying goes, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And repeat it, they are. I think, regardless of our stance, we can all agree that fervently wishing for bad things to happen to those who believe differently and dehumanizing them for their beliefs is pretty awful.

People have come out with appalling suggestions for those who aren’t vaccinated.

Don Lemon of CNN believes the unvaccinated should not be allowed to buy food or work. Does this mean he believes that they should starve to death?

If you had any doubt, Lemon also thinks people who are unvaccinated are idiots.

“How many people have to die,” Lemon asked, saying “if behavior is idiotic and nonsensical, I think that you need to tell people that their behavior is idiotic and nonsensical.” (source)

CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner says that unvaccinated people shouldn’t go to bars and restaurants. A doctor pondered the ethics of whether he could refuse to see unvaccinated patients in The New York Times.

It’s becoming popular to blame the unvaccinated for all future cases of Covid

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s Big Kahuna of Covid, blames those not vaccinated for a new spike in cases.

“We have 100 million people in this country … who are eligible to be vaccinated, who are not vaccinated,” Fauci said in an interview with “Face the Nation.” “We’ve really got to get those people to change their minds, make it easy for them, convince them, do something to get them to be vaccinated because they are the ones that are propagating this outbreak.” (source)

Columnist Leana Wen of Washington Post believes the unvaccinated are dishonorable. Wen called upon the CDC to mandate masks for everyone because of it.

We need a return to indoor mask mandates not because the vaccinated are suddenly a problem, but because we don’t trust the unvaccinated to do the right thing voluntarily. It’s not a commentary about the effectiveness of the vaccine or even the trickiness of the delta variant, but rather about the failure of unvaccinated Americans to fulfill their societal obligation to act in the interest of everyone’s health.

When the CDC issued its mask guidance two months ago, it got the science right but got the policy and communication wrong. And it has happened again. The Biden administration should clarify that the backsliding of the United States’ pandemic progress necessitated the return of indoor masking. This has happened because of those who choose to remain unvaccinated, and the vaccinated are now paying the price. (source)

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey wants everyone to blame the unvaccinated for any cases of Covid that happen to occur.

“Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” Ivey told reporters in Birmingham. (source)

That’ll really be helpful if someone unhinged loses a loved one to Covid and decides to seek vengeance on some “unvaccinated folk.” After all, the governor said it was their fault.

How far should “blame” be allowed to go?

Speaking of which, Nick Cohen of The Guardian said that it was only a matter of time before “we turn on the unvaccinated.”

The vindictive will start to describe Covid as a sickness of choice. Its victims will be victims of their own stupidity. They might have accepted vaccination. They might have protected themselves and others if, as seems likely, vaccines limit infections.

Rational people will ask why they should continue to accept restrictions on their freedoms because of ignorant delusions. Employers will demand to know what possible argument there is against allowing the owners of pubs, airlines, restaurants, hotels or holiday homes to demand proof of protection when immunity passports might save their business. To make it personal, how would you feel come the autumn if someone you love contracted cancer and the NHS delayed treatment because it had to look after needlessly ill Covid patients? (source)

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, says that unvaccinated people are “variant factories.”

People want to impose financial penalties

Andy Slavitt, a former medical advisor for President Biden, believes that anyone unvaccinated should be required to be tested daily at their own expense until they finally give in.

“Look, if people say they don’t want to be vaccinated, which some people might say, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that’s fine,” Slavitt told Anderson Cooper. “We want you to show up every morning an hour before work and get a negative test. Maybe even at your own expense.”

Slavitt continued, “Until the point where people will say, you know what? It makes more sense to actually get vaccinated. If you give people that option, I think you’re going to see more and more people take the option to get vaccinated.” (source)

Some employers are docking peoples’ paychecks, according to Forbes.

…But the carrot approach is about to be joined by a stick that could cost employees up to $50 a month, , the large employee benefits consultancy that works with thousands of employers around the world.

“Employers have tried encouraging employees to get vaccinated through offering incentives like paid time off and cash, but with the Delta variant driving up infections and hospitalizations throughout the country – at the same time that vaccination rates have stalled – we have received inquiries from at least 20 employers over the past few weeks who are giving consideration to adding health coverage surcharges for the unvaccinated as a way to drive up vaccination rates in their workforce,” said , Mercer’s regulatory resources group leader.  (source)

Wesleyan College in West Virginia is charging an even more outrageous amount.

The college recently released it’s [sic] campus arrival guidance for the fall. It states that students who aren’t vaccinated will be charged a non-refundable $750 COVID fee for the Fall 2021 semester. It also states that students who get COVID-19 and are unable to quarantine off campus will be charged $250 to finish their quarantine on campus. (source)

And, in the UK…

Sanctimonious pundit Piers Morgan of England tweeted that people who don’t get the vaccine should be denied medical care.

“Those who refuse to be vaccinated, with no medical reason not to, should be refused NHS care if they then catch covid. I’m hearing of anti-vaxxers using up ICU beds in London at vast expense to the taxpayer. Let them pay for their own stupidity & selfishness.”

Umm…considering that the UK has government healthcare – it’s already at their own expense, Piers.

They want to literally ruin the lives of the unvaccinated.

The only reason employers cannot (yet) legally force people to be vaccinated as a term of employment is that none of the vaccines have gained more than temporary FDA approval. None of them. Once the vaccines are FDA-approved, you can bet your sweet bootie it will be a requirement in many workplaces.

Pam Keith, an attorney from Florida suggests that the unvaccinated be denied access to any federal benefits…including things they’ve paid into their entire working lives like Social Security.

“Here’s a good way to move people into getting vaccinated: Condition all federal benefits on proof of vaccination. That includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, military pensions, VA benefits, fed subsidized housing… ALL OF IT! I bet THAT will move things along.”

Wow. What a lovely lady.

Other “tolerant” people chimed in eagerly with replies containing all sorts of other ideas for punishing the unvaccinated:

  • Or even better, deny any Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance coverage for Covid treatments or meds for unvaccinated. Set a date, say 9/11/21, for vaccination coverage or no insurance. (source)
  • That’s a great idea! Also, add employment, suspension of gun and driving licenses, access to loans. Sporting events, dining out concerts should also require proof of vaccine. It will not be popular, but it is the only way to get people vaccinated. (source)
  • I still love the idea that every unvaxed person that gets the disease is held personally financially responsible for all testing & if they contract Covid. Not private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. Only excuse: documented allergy to vaccines/components. (source)
  • How about if all the health insurance companies just said we’ll raise your premiums by, say, $5000/year for each unvaccinated adult on a policy? The chances of getting sick if someone is unvaccinated are much greater than those that are. Make it a financial decision. (source)
  • I’d rather see their health care suspended for all covid-related treatments. (source)

What a bunch of stellar human beings. Imagine walking around thinking these things are justified. Imagine having that much hatred and disdain for those who don’t share your opinion.

What are your thoughts?

Seeing our country at each other’s throats yet again is heartbreaking. The rabid contempt for those who think differently can lead nowhere good. For those who believe we should all get vaccinated or not, are you okay with this kind of dehumanization? For those who are not planning to get the vaccination, have you faced any discrimination yet? Share your thoughts on this divisive behavior in the comments.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I totally agree that this Othering is heartbreaking, and very dangerous. Between that and the cult of personality we’re dealing with along with the race wars, I’m surprised that more violence hasn’t broken out than already has. Remember, several big urban centers are still burning, such as Portland, Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago. The homeless population has spiked and so have food prices. Affordable housing is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Many wars over the centuries have been fought over resources. This Othering is making a bad situation worse. Remember the Holocaust. Othering was a very effective mechanism in that instance too.

  • Really well said Daisy. I’ve been watching this develop with great trepidation. We do know exactly what happens when a group is made the “other”; history has many horrific examples for us. I am hoping however that as at least in the US, many of the unvaccinated are black, this will deter some of the more stringent measures being floated out there. Passing laws that prevent blacks from entering venues or stores or depriving them of government benefits won’t go down that well. TPTB must know what would happen. They may not care about doing this to rural Conservatives or religious folks but they will be more leery of targeting blacks. This will make for strange bedfellows among the vax resisters but it will hopefully deter the worst of the punishment they wish to inflict. I for one though am staying well aware of who calls for these measures; their true nature has been exposed!

    • Ani, I believe that should push come to shove, those who “check” vax compliance will simply be too to timid to ask ethnic minorities to show proof to avoid lawsuits, rioting etc. Everyone else will be subject to harsh scrutiny. You see this already in airports. Muslim women are exempt from walking through x-rays or being patted down by TSA before boarding a plane. No one else escapes one of these forms of pre-boarding examination.

      • No idea where you got the idea Muslim women, such as my wife, are exempt from X-ray machines or other forms of security. Including all forms of pat-downs and more if the circumstances call for it. The pat-downs would be by women, and there are no less stringent security requirements in Muslim countries.

        Seriously, you’re full of it. I never heard or saw any situation where Muslim women were not subject to security/

  • Love this: “Only excuse [to refuse the jab]: documented allergy to vaccines/components” when no one knows what’s in them.

    • HEY NO there are TWO other VALID reasons. ONE is people with POLIO or anything that has been caused by any injection that they have had in their past. And the other is that most of the Mormons and the Adventist as well as the Jehovah’s Witnesses (of which combined run way up into the thousands) will not be vaccinated b/c of their religious beliefs…SO I think 3, Your reason and these two…But as for as ALLEGY to vaccines then I think the people with polio or something like that would also be considered allergic b/c they took a vaccine and that happened to them… Be safe !!!

      • FYI. A history of Guillan-Barre or Bells Palsy is currently not considered reason to avoid the vaccine, as mRNA vaccines have not been associated with these illnesses. Again, this is the current medical recommendation and I share this because forewarned is forearmed.

        • According to the VAERS db, 4044 people claim to have contacted Bells Palsy as of July 30, 2021. I can’t locate it right now but there are a large number of people reporting GB also.

        • First of all, Alice (and any other commenter on this site), mRNA is NOT a vaccine; it’s a gene therapy that destroys the immune system and either kills those who get vaccinated or creates serious side effects.
          The FDA has NOT approved this experimental drug for the public .. The FDA has only approved it for emergencies, period. Forcing people – including children – to be guinea pigs for this experimental drug is a crime against humanity as well as a serious violation of US Law and the Nuremberg Code.
          Already, at least 45,000 people – including children and teens – have died from the mRNA experimental drug – and the state and local governments who forced their constituents to be guinea pigs for this poison have to face the consequences.

      • …. And those who are already immuno-compromised such as cancer patients and those with auto-immune disorders….

        But. Vaccines are supposed to protect people from getting something they don’t want to trouble themselves for to gain natural immunity. I had the gamut of childhood diseases. I am immune from those now.

        So, if vaccines are meant to protect people who are vaccinated, then there should be nothing to fear from those who remain unvaccinated. This is where the distortion of otherness has become a needless problem.

        But. Wait! People who are vaccinated against Covid are getting Covid. Even Bill gates will tell you some of his experimental vaccines in Africa made it worse for the vaccinated. Oh! Maybe that’s where they got the idea!

        Oh, but wait… what? You can get it again? ….

        Anytime there is confusion over the facts, you can be sure that a population is malleable enough to be divided against itself. Good ol’ common sense is out the door. And “when wrath breaks the lock, the devil is through the door.”

        • Debber’s, since you bring him up, thought I’d share this: at a Ted Talks event where Gates was speaking about vaccines, he stated that “…if we could get everyone on the planet vaccinated, we could decrease the human population by 10 percent…”. Not sure what he meant by that, but for whatever it’s worth…

      • First you need to check your facts. Mormon’s are not only allowed to be vaccinated “The Church of Jesus Christ” aka “Mormon’s” has put out an official statement encouraging its members to be vaccinated but are given the freedom to make their own choices and consult with their doctors about their individual health concerns.
        I am personally vaccinated not that my choice is anyone’s business. However I have several family members who have chosen to not be vaccinated. Again no ones business but their own.

      • My family is protestant and my sister in law’s school is mandating the vaccine for all students. Her church and several others in the area are providing a religious exemption letter to anyone who would like one. I am thinking about talking to my pastor and seeing if he will do something similar for our church. Constitutionally, they can’t force us to do something that is against our religion, although they shouldn’t be able to do this in the first place.

      • Wanda, while it’s true that at this point that religious exemptions may assist in keeping one safe from vax mandates, a privately owned business can ultimately decide who may or may not enter, who may or may not be employed there. There’s no constitutional right to go shopping or to be employed. In my state, the Governor fined businesses that didn’t strictly enforce the mask mandate. It was easy, all any of the volunteer army of liberal Karen’s had to do is snap a photo using there telephones of anyone not properly masked and email it to a special site with name of the store, location, date and time. Some Walmart’s even had local police parked outside the front doors ready to issue citations carrying a $100 fine for those “guilty” of not wearing a mask…

      • Google search mormon church covid vaccine – you’ll find LDS is encouraging the vaccine as well as wearing a mask.

        Those not vaccinated by choice should not get priority from the medical system. And we’ll all be paying for the long term health costs. The costs that started by not taking the virus seriously continuing until all the Typhoid Mary’s/Mark’s die off.

        We’ll also be paying long term – supply chain, skilled staff, housing, etc.

        While not required at the time, I self-identified as vaccinated. It was mandatory to identify if you lived in one of 3 (I believe when I updated my status) states. But my employer is now requiring everyone to identify yes, no, or choose not to respond.

        • I’ve had Vivid therefore I don’t need to be vaccinated. People who’ve caught the virus have more than 2x the antibodies in their system than those who’ve never had it, but have had 2 vaccine shots. This is according to the guardianUK, not some conspiracy website. Although I’ve never been vaccinated, I too “identify” as being vaccinated. Kinda like how a man can “identify” as a woman these days.

  • I think everyone should be vaccinated unless they can get a medical exemption. It’s true that the vaccine can be disabling or fatal, like all vaccines. But in this case the virus is so dangerous, sicker, younger, quicker, that for the sake of everyone else, including children who can’t be vaxxed yet, even fearful people should just do it.

    The alternative would be for the unvaxxed to stay out of the way, meaning quarantine at home. Have groceries and medications delivered. If someone infected, whether symptomatic or not, goes out, he will spread his extremely transmissible germs and keep the chain of sickness going. He doesn’t have the right to do that.

    Delta has been described as like an entirely new disease. I don’t think it is, but it has an extra furin cleavage R site, PRRRA, rather than merely PRRA. The vaccine no longer protects nearly everyone from getting symptomatic disease, but it keeps it mild when it occurs in nearly everyone but some of the very old. It no longer prevents transmission, so that vaxxed people can give Delta to others in many cases. If those others have been vaccinated, then it’s rarely a problem, it stays mild.

    Delta will probably burn itself out in two months. In the meantime, no, the unvaxxed do not have the right to circulate freely. Maybe if they wore masks, which everyone should be doing anyway, vaxxed or unvaxxed.

    This discrimination is not based on factors of identity, like color, sex, or religion, but on the way the germs of a dangerous disease are spread. No one should talk about Liberty without also talking about what he does to protect the vulnerable and our society as a whole from his germs.

      • 620,000 Americans killed by Covid were afraid of it, not to speak of the millions with permanent organ damage or long Covid. Fear is an appropriate emotion under the circumstances. The use of the word porn to try to evade responsibility for even unknowingly keeping the chain of transmission going is just an excuse. I don’t know who came up with it, but it has nothing at all to do with this situation.

        • I had Covid, as I disclosed in this article. It was a terrible experience. It took me months to recover and 8 months later, I still can’t taste and smell things like I could before my illness. My memory has suffered. I had to be under the care of a pulmonologist for 3 months to repair my lungs. You’re right. It was a scary experience. I have also lost a close family member to the virus, which was heartbreaking. He fought hard but didn’t make it.

          And still, I believe that everyone is responsible for their own health. If you are afraid, if you are among vulnerable populations, it’s YOUR responsibility to lockdown, wear masks, and get vaccinated. Forcing others to take care of YOUR health is unjust and totalitarian.

          Will I get vaccinated? That is a private decision. And my choice shouldn’t matter to anyone else.

          I’m an American and I believe in freedom over fear.

          • I think the problem is that too many should take responsibility, but choose not to do so. It surprises me how many refuse to wear masks even if they are symptomatic. They probably wouldn’t be tested and wouldn’t know if they were an asymptomatic carrier.

            To me, the measures are reasonable. I had Covid a year and a half ago. I got the Pfizer vaccine on May 1 and 22. I had a bad reaction to the first dose, dizziness, vertigo, and vomiting. I have MS and knew I was likely to react, but after a lot of research, decided to do it anyway. I persuaded my daughter to get both doses a month later. It was a frightening decision, but I’m glad we made it.

            The only reason Covid is still a thing in the US is because so many have refused the vaccine. If it were a choice which only affected the individual refusing the vax, I would have no problem with it, and say yes, they should have the freedom to do so. But in this case, unless they take measures to protect others, many along the chain of transmission they have chosen to be part of, will suffer themselves, transmit it to others unless THEY practice protective measures, and a number will die or experience permanent or longterm disability, as a result of the choice made by someone to refuse the vaccine. It’s similar to many areas in which we have to act in certain ways we’d rather not. I fully understand that the vaccine can kill. To the best of my knowledge, the disease kills more often than the vaccine, and would have killed far more if most people had not taken the vaccine. So I wouldn’t physically force it, but think forced containment measures like home quarantine or mask mandates, are necessary to protect others, say the old, immunocompromised, and children, and to protect society from the US becoming India, with millions suffocating, begging for oxygen, and every corner of every parking lot being used to cremate the bodes. This affects all of us, and society at large has a right to contain it.

            • “The only reason Covid is still a thing in the US is because so many have refused the vaccine.”

              Cia, that is not true. I am British and they have been one of the most vaccine friendly countries in Europe, and they are still dying from Covid. Israel is also vaccinated up to the hilt and in fact they are now saying that the immunity from the vaccinations is now wearing off, due to the amount of vaccinated people getting sick. There are many other examples of this, including Cyprus (and a cruise ship where every single person on board was vaccinated and people still got sick)

              All viruses in the early stage mutate tremendously and even the vaccinated carry these mutations, whether or not they get sick. In fact, studies show that the vaccinated can carry the same virus load as the unvaccinated. Over time viruses become more infectious and less lethal, and that will happen with or without a vaccine.


              • In the US, it is reported that over 90% of those hospitalized and over 99% of those dying of Delta are unvaxxed. I just read at USA Today about a young, healthy 30 year old woman dying of Covid not long after giving birth to a daughter. Yes, I’ve also read that the vaxxed can carry a high viral load. But the crucial thing is that they very rarely get very sick and even more rarely die. I’m also following the news from Israel with interest. But the numbers dying of Covid in Israel are very low. They were never that high, but they’re very low now because of the vaccine protection. Antibody levels are falling, but the cellular immunity is continuing to protect the vaxxed. Like here and the UK, the vaxxed are relatively often developing symptomatic Covid, but it is the unvaxxed, not the vaxxed, who are dying of it. The vast majority would not have had a disabling reaction if they had gotten the vaccine, but would have been protected from dying of Covid. It’s hard to know what to say beyond that. I don’t like to be paternalistic and say they did not adequately understand the risk they were running, but I also can’t imagine their thinking they had made the right choice once the full nature of their situation overwhelmed them, they agonized, and died.

                • Read the guardianUK article where it clearly states that those who’ve already had covid have more then 2x the antibodies as those who’ve never had it, but have gotten 2 shots. I’ve had covid, so therefore I’m more protected than alot of people who’ve been vaccinated.

                • That’s all I’m seeing on their comments, just no you’re wrong, and citing faulty information

            • I have already had Covid. I have natural immunity now and will for certain not take the jab as it could lead to a cytoken storm given I already have had the disease and have immunity. You take care of you, and I’ll take care of me.

            • Cia,
              It is too bad you actually believe all that you think you know. You are just regurgitating what the corrupt news says hook line and sinker. 600,000 people have NOT died from Covid. How do I know? Personal accounts from folks who’s loved ones went to the hospital, NOT SICK, died and the death cert said Covid. This includes my own grandmother. I would wager to say this happen a LOT over the last year and a half.

              PCR tests are a joke. CDC in its own paper on the isolation of covid admits the following “Our data shed light on a wider range of human cells that may or may not be permissive for SARS-CoV-2 replication, and our study strongly suggests that the human immune cells tested do not support a productive infection with SARS-CoV-2.”

              There are more troubling things with the paper than this.

              Covid is the biggest lie in human history.
              All planned: look up Event 201.
              ALL for a plan: look up agenda 21 and 2030 and the Great Reset and the World Econimic Forum. One world government is NOT a conspiracy theory any more. I have read a paper where the POPE of the Cathlic Church is calling for a world central governing force.

              Are folks getting sick? Yep. And in a crazy way? Yep. So if Covid is not what they say, then what is it? Good question. 5G+poisoned bodies+fear porn+ folks get sick = equals real sick for some, like Dasiy Luther.

              Read the book Virus Mania (if you dare, in fact I double Dog Dare you and everyone). It is a rabbit hole of epic proportions. Why don’t you actually look into why many folks don’t want to take the poison shot. I mean really look. Or are you too afraid of what you might find? To afraid to rock your own world. The world by they way created by a government that just approved a vaccine that has killed many folks (well more than 12,000 according to VARS, which according to Standford University is only 10% or less of the real numbers, so that is more than 120,000 people).

              Here are some others who also don’t want the vaccine. Look up Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Look up Look up Del Big Tree. Dr. Mercola.

              There are hundreds, if not 1000’s of doctors and researchers all over who are speaking out and questioning all of this. One needs to ask themselves why are they so adamant? Why are all these folks going to such great lengths, at there own cost and detriment, speaking out? What do they have to gain?

              What does the government have to loose by letting them speak and be heard and run the risk they will be believed? Oh yeah, power, control and money (lots and lots of money).

              Main stream media, and our government wants to censor all these folks. Why? If the government is REALLY telling the truth and can 100% prove all of it, what do they have to worry about? If the government was telling the truth, they would never have to censor, just be transparent. But, they are not transparent and they are lieing big time and have been for more than 100 years on the subject of health and vaccines.

              If anyone has taken any of the vaccines. I totally pray for your health. I would never want anyone hurt or killed because they thought they were doing the right thing based on a lie.

              And before you think that I am crazy, read and research my suggestions. Really read, watch videos and open your mind.

              God Bless all who read this.

            • We have the chance to drive this pandemic into extinction with HCQ and Ivermectin along with other therapeutics. We will never reach herd immunity with this leaky vaccine that produces variants. The only way we can reach heard immunity is to get infected with the live virus.
              The reason why we still have Covid is because of the vaccines. The vaccinated are the ones producing the variants.
              These vaccines do not stop spread. Efficacy wanes after a few months. You now have to get a third booster shot. Israel is considering a fourth booster. They do not provide sterilizing immunity. Even the CDC has said so itself. There is a lot of hard data that supports this.

          • @ Daisy

            I am sorry for your loss and anyone else who lost anyone to Covid or had it because it sounds like hell. I just want to clarify my own comment in that I think everyone has the right to be afraid of it, as they have of any horrible virus. The only time I have ever been glad my all my grandparents passed earlier was when Covid came along because they all made it to their mid-90’s and I would have been very scared for them knowing they had weakened immune systems.

            But my point about fear is not about individual fear, or the legitimacy of fear of the virus it is the fear the media and the government are both exacerbating, and often manufacturing as a means of societal control.

            As Daisy has said before in another article the two can co-exist – a deadly virus and the powers that be abusing its existence, trajectory and the response to it for political gain.

          • Freedom over fear…YES that is right…Getting the jab is totally a personal decision…About 1/2 of this country has not and will not…It’s just a matter of choice just like getting married, having a baby, finishing college, dating someone of another race, or smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. It’s ALL “freedom of choice” and this has for my entire life been a “free” country and to me it still is that…
            The injections have damaged peoples lungs, messed up their brains, and cause death so far to thousands of people…The virus is bad, it is but the effects from the vaccines that I have studied about are far worst. According to some articles it’s all part of an agenda or a depopulation plan…Enough said.

            • Thank you!!! I wish people would simply research this and understand that it is being used against them instead of for them, otherwise, why demand it, why so many boosters? (only to kill you faster is why). I truly am not trying to scare people but get them to think for themselves, research for themselves (both pro and con), just knowing their life and the lives of their children and families are truly on the line here!

          • This VACCINE has already been proven to be as deadly (or more so) than the actual virus (Covid-19).
            In the second week of July 2021, the White House officially announced that they will go door-to-door targeting anti-vaxxers in their own homes starting in all cities and forcing Americans to take the “jab-aka kill shots).
            It’s official…The White House has publicly without apology announced the deployment of “strike-force”-(a military-term) to go door to door across America.
            They are looking for ALL who have refused the vaccines or have just not taken them yet. This was proudly announced in July by Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary).

            The goad of this program which has already been denounced by numerous state governors and U.S. Senators-is to coerce people into taking “kill shots” of spike protein bio-weapons, which are deliberately mislabeled “vaccines”. Very quickly, this program will be ramped up to full “mandatory” status, which means gunpoint enforcement of early shots, especially meaning the U.S. government is unleashing real death squads across America and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.!

            Every human has the right to self-defense…Vaccines that have already maimed and killed many people is actually an assault on the people by means of a deadly weapon.
            Jen Psaki said “their work does not stop there, but the goal is to also target 12-18 yr. old kids and get them vaccinated. That’s one of the reasons why we initiated these strike forces to go into communities…

            The Biden regime has declared war on American Civilians! Armed squads intend to destroy their targets, which in this case is the of Every American they can reach who had refused to be injected with this bioweapon.

            Deployed domestically, these militarized forces will consist of FEMA enforcers and almost certainly armed federal enforcers and almost certainly federal agents as well. They are in effect “death squads”. Their goal is to either inject the citizens with these deadly bioweapons from the vaccines or medically kidnap them and take them away to FEMA Covid Camps where they can be exterminated quietly, without making a scene.
            Anyone resisting will likely be executed on sight and labeled a “domestic terrorist.”
            It’s beyond “authoritarian” but now is “extermination”…Mass depopulation by whatever means necessary.

            The injections were experimental and has still not be FDA approved. They have no track record to “prove” their safety. This program is call “Brown-Shirts program”. Half of ALL covid deaths are occurring in people who were already vaccinated…
            All newborn babies should also receive the vaccines according to the P.0.T.U.S.
            Pfizer is attempting to market a 3rd vaccine b/c it will top the first two to be sure the job gets accomplished !!!
            Printed on July 10, 2021 by Natural News

          • Here Here! I concur 100% I had cv19 and I survived. I have been warned not to take jabba because I already have anti-bodies. Ultimately, the people on the wrong side of the fence will find out one day soon that they have made a dreadful, life altering decision that they cannot undo. You’ll never convince the other side in a quick conversation. It takes hours of intense research to come to an educated and informed decision.

          • My sense of smell is beginning to come back after 9 months. It’s not great now, but no longer a dead sense. I was resigned to never get it back. Yours too may come back slowly.

        • Why is it that you totally refuse to recognize those of us who have had the disease and recovered? All our knowledge of medicine tells us that some portion of all the population will survive diseases and will have ROBUST immunity! Why do you pretend that these millions of people do not exist? If you made the choice to be vaccinated why do you refuse others their choice?

          • Natural immunity to the original Covid provided about 80% immunity while immunity from the mRNA vaccines was about 90%. If this immunity were demonstrated to be long-lasting, and it probably is, I think it would be fine to certify natural immunity as the legal equivalent to vaccine immunity. Delta is different. At this time we don’t know if natural immunity to Original extends to Delta. If it does and can be verified, I would support such immunity as being sufficient even now. We need an easier way to test for cellular immunity of t- and b- cells and others, which may give long-lasting protection even when the antibodies fade. In the meantime, I think people should be happy to protect those vulnerable to Delta. My daughter is tired of masking in public. I tell her to wear a mask in the public swimming pool, and she said she didn’t want to because no one else was. I said there were a number of people in a small area without masks, and with so much Delta around, we should continue to wear masks even though we’re fully vaxxed. For me it’s not difficult, not something onerous, just normal at this point. I told her it was conceivable that we have the virus asymptomatically (we’re in the hotspot Missouri), and we wouldn’t want to inadvertently give it to someone who might have a bad case of it. I didn’t know it was becoming cumbersome for my daughter, but that’s just the way it is at this time. While wearing a mask, she doesn’t really swim, doesn’t put her head in the water, so that’s not a danger.

            Maybe it’s a lack of imagination. Maybe the idea that because you feel fine, no one could be harmed if you inadvertently transmitted virus you were unaware of carrying, seduces people into believing that it’s as simple as that. But every person who has been diagnosed B with Covid, many dying of it, caught it from someone else. And in all or nearly all cases, the transmission of the virus was completely unintentional. But when it could have been easily averted by taking simple measures?

            • You are so ignorant it hurts to read your posts. Then again your posts are just what would be expected from a paid shill. Your beef should be with Little Lord Fauci who funded this disaster. We have to put up with the Spike Proteins the fools who had the vaccine shed so you can allow us to stay healthy by remaing unvaxx. Within two years most of the vaxxed will be dead or incapacated anyway so who cares what you think? Or don’t actually think at all, shill.

            • When did you get charged with worrying about what other people are doing? These days everyone has enough in their own plate. It seems you love the idea of the government dictating what everyone can and cannot do. If your vaccine works, then you have nothing to fear from anyone else. Wear your mask, and keep your distance like a good little citizen/serf, and you’ll be AOK!!

        • Please stay in your house forever…and never leave.
          If you must leave, wear two or three masks…or even four or five.

        • First of all, PER THE FDA no less, the PCR tests ONLY detect INFLUENZA!

          I also saw a comment from someone, will have to do your own research on this, that low zinc levels cause loss of taste and smell, unsure about that.

          This next link is from a BC MD who tells what this “vaccine” does:

          People, those who are getting vaxxed are the ones spreading the “delta variant” and it is nothing more than another strain of flu. If you don’t believe me, then I challenge you to provide a link to the actual corona virus, please, I as well as thousands of other people really want to see this. Many people have put in FOIA requests and are told they cannot provide it as it isn’t there. I would also like to say that your deaths by Covid are WAY OFF! PER the CDC only 9% of deaths are actually linked to their supposed Covid (flu). Please do your research and stop believing the Chinese Amerikan Govt (imposters) narrative! Fauci should be tried and terminated for treason and crimes against humanity as well as most of our Govt, those who have held Amerika hostage.

          • The Delta variant, while I don’t know the origin of, have read the superspreader in the U.S. It was a male homosexual social event in New England. Why this has not been made known on the national media, I do not know. But you can research it and read for yourself. I am not a vaccinator for myself, I work at home, rarely go out, and I had it at the beginning back in late 2019 before it went all over the new, it took about 3 months to get ride of it, I was given anthrax medicine and they called it Pneumonia. It was a mucus making machine in my lungs and a daily low grade fever. I took enough Ibuprofin to kill a cow. This is how I made it to work. If these people think I am going to take their unapproved, slapped together, vaxx, then they come and drag me out of my home. I trust my own immune system over these new Medical Dictators that now control our movements and behavior without being elected to serve the public.

            • My husband had it at about the same time as you did and about the same symptoms, enough phlegm to choke him up in his lungs. The anthrax vaccine, well the military tried to kill him as they kept losing his health records when he was going to deploy, so he wound up getting all 3 shots in one month versus the 3 and 6 months after the first one or however it goes. I feel the same way, slapped together with enough toxic stuff and aborted baby cells, its a wonder more people don’t die when they take the shot.

          • That’s why everyone who says they had covid just had the flu and swallowed all the propaganda about this fraud. Truly pathetic.

        • Cia unless you experienced it first hand (in my case twice,) and fear your personal self and act accordingly … then take what action you deem appropriate.

          But your “belief” that others should have their personal sovereignty defiled is part of the problem. Because you cant realistically discern the true severity of the bug and assess accordingly the nature of the impact of it doesnt give you right to call for action against others!

          • The problem is that people catching Covid spread it to others, some of whom die as a result. Almost no one would die of Covid if everyone were vaxxed. So the question is how many people the unvaxxed are entitled to k— in the name of their liberty.

            • I would rather take advice from real experts than those people who have earned
              a fortune out of others ill health and loss of work and businesses.SHOW ME one expert on the health side who can say he or she has seen the covid 19? isolated.
              They do not know what they are treating and you would not want to know what is in the shots.Tell me how you find a cure for an illness that you know NOTHING about.Don’t bother taking advice from the best virologists in the world,don’t listen to Luc Montagnier or anybody like him,Biden and company know it all,just like Johnson over here—those are the 2 you are pinning your lives on–good luck with that.If you all believe Government so much how about offering public debate or do you believe facebook will cure you.

          • The difference here is that making the personal decision to refuse the vaccine also entails transmitting the virus to others when you yourself contract it, as you probably will. You might be able to prevent that by using masks very responsibly, distancing, staying home, avoiding crowds, etc. Responsible people who don’t want to cause other people’s deaths, a LOT of other people’s death as the numbers affected explode, have to do one or the other. You can’t reject both the vaccine and the measures and pretend that your actions have no severe consequences in those who exist around you. Actually, a lot of people ARE doing just that. Others have said this, it’s not an exact analogy, but would people demand the perceived right to drive home when drunk, no matter who may die as a result?

            • You ignorant fool. Logic and common sense tells you if the vaccines are reliable and work, then the unvaccinated are of no risk to the vaccinated. Its funny how the “rules” of this virus changes as the governments politics changes. They want everyone vaccinated, so now the unvaccinated are the threat. If youd actually looked you’d see that people like Rand Paul and other government officials own stock in these vaccine companies. People are making millions off of this vaccine.

        • 620,000 did not die of COVID in the US. The CDC had to correct their own figures and stated that only 6% of the initially inaccurate number actually died of COVID. (If someone died of a heart attack but tested positive for COVID at anytime, it was carried as a COVID death, skewing the numbers. (Hospitals were also reimbursed at a much higher rate if it was a covid death so the incentive was there for them to embellish the COD.)

        • Except no one died from your rebranded flu. Children are 99.997% likely to survive and yet they should join a clinical trial slatef to end in 2023. Your Delta variant is just the adverse reactions to the vaccine. 47 major studies prove masks as ineffective, yet you insist on wearing your occultic mouth tampon as a security blanket. There are two Nobel prize winners and scientists the world over warning that those who take the jabb will be dead in about two to three years. Making a synthetic spike protein that covers the endothelial lining of your vessels will eventually kill you. Only the uninformed would take this bioerapon into their srm like a lemming running off a cliff.

        • So, you do understand that I want nothing to do with vaxxers–they are transmitting the graphene oxide and causing pregnant women to miscarry.
          So, now, how does that feel?? You are the dangerous one now, not we the unvaxxed.

      • Kathleen J – well said.

        This entire thing has devolved into a vile psy-op forcing people to think with their feelings – i.e. fear instead of the ever elusive facts.

        If the vaccine works then everyone who has it is protected and needs to mind their damn business.

        If the vaccine does not work for other variants then why are we even talking about vaccines?

        If kids cannot get the vaccine and are at even moderate risk for either variant then by that logic they should be quarantined because we are talking about an airborne virus which they can get anywhere not just from person to person contact but from touch etc (remember all the hand sanitizer). Vaccinating everyone does not prevent an airborne virus that is also present in animals. Or did we retire the “cats with covid” story?

        And since the vax police don’t want their kids in school anyway none of this should be an issue.

        How can they preach “my body my choice” for abortions and gender reassignment surgery and then the government’s body, the governments choice for vaccines?

        And again the ‘killing people” argument falls flat if the vaccine works, and if it doesn’t then why are we talking about vaccines?? One hand clapping into infinity…

        If the vaccine works then you are protected and you have no business worrying about what anyone else is doing. If it does not work against the new variant then wait till one that does come out and start harassing everyone about that instead of making an argument based on a completely non-sensical, illogical, hysterical premise.

        Great article as always even though we are not supposed to talk about the actual vaccine this insane parallel universe we are now living in makes it hard not to.

        • Coronavirus is present in many animals, but this particular disease was bioengineered for increased virulence and transmissibility, and designed to primarily infect humans. This particular serotype does not exist in nature, or didn’t until it escaped from the lab. It is in a different category to natural disease. I think we should try to eradicate it worldwide.

          • @ Cia – I find it interesting to read your comments because you are making the case pro-vaccine for eradicating the virus for society at large rather than just as an individual afraid of catching it. I really like to consider both sides, but what I have an issue with is if it keeps evolving and new, more transmissible, more deadly strains keep appearing that the vaccine does not work against then it seems like a wasted effort for the most part unless it is just to protect yourself from catching and transmitting whatever strains do have effective vaccines. I also don’t get – and would like to have clarified – why so many people who have had the vaccine are still concerned about catching it? If the effectiveness rate of the vaccine is low enough, or rather the breakthrough rate is high enough to cause any real concern to the vaccinated or vulnerable about what others are doing then for those who have not yet decided to get the vaccine, it is not an obvious “yes” at all, instead it becomes a “possibly” or “moderate probability” strategy but at that level of uncertainty, then surely it is a matter of weighing as an individual with a specific health record and concerns whether for you the vaccine makes sense as a strategy to “highly likely” protect your own health and that of others. But if it is highly likely to protect against the virus then surely the concern about what others is doing is minimal.

            I also think most people would rather wear a mask if it was mandatory than take a vaccine, keeping in mind that it does not even have full FDA approval yet and is still classified as experimental. A mask can be taken off once you get back from the supermarket, unlike a vaccine so given those facts it is not surprising there are still many people who are hesitant.

            Also when there is talk of the numbers of unvaccinated people, how many of those people had Covid and now have natural immunity and thus are not taking the vaccine for that reason.

            • I think I am like most people, surprised and disappointed that Delta has occurred. The mRNA vaccines continue to offer considerable protection from severe cases, hospitalization, and death, but it is no longer as good as it was pre-Delta, and in places like Israel the rate of protection seems to ve declining the longer ago you got the vaccine. It has so far not been that drastic in the UK, many possible reasons, using the AZ vaccine far more often than mRNA, longer intervals between doses, which increases protection, probably other reasons as well.

              So far, the vaccinated, although most of them don’t get more than mild symptoms when infected, have been shown to be capable of transmitting it. I don’t know how often or how severely. But over 90% of those being hospitalized are unvaxxed, and over 99% of those dying. The vaccine is very protective. I agree that no one should be physically forced to take it. I have read dozens of reports of those who had severe or fatal reactions to it.

              For a long time I said that once all adults had had the time and opportunity to take the vaccine, I’d end all restrictions. I calculated the end of July. But then came Delta and reports of pediatric wards filling up with very sick children. So now I’d change my stance to waiting until children have been able to take it. And then let the chips fall where they may. Here in Missouri, several doctors in Springfield have said that all of the many Delta patients they have seen die, ask for the vaccine when they are diagnosed, but it is too late. Several tell their wives and children to go take the vaccine. Several have been reported to be in tears when they are intubated and then die. It causes me pain to read that and I think they were inadequately informed. But I’ve also seen video of those who have had severe vaccine reactions, including what looked like when I was in the hospital with my left arm and leg paralyzed in an MS attack. I do not want to minimize any of this suffering. I have MS and my daughter autism from encephalitic vaccine reactions. But it’s always a risk-benefit calculation, both for the individual and for society.

              I am as concerned as you about the new variants. Well, relatively new, the important ones so far all started last year, before the vaccines. I read an article yesterday in The Guardian by a scientist who thought that the problem of the variants was reaching an end. I’ll look for it and link it. I hope he’s right.

              I think eradication is possible. As it was with polio. Nearly every person in the world has been vaccinated for polio. Two of the three serotypes have been eradicated, and the first one has nearly been. I am aware of the problems with the vaccine, the Cutter incident, SV-49, thousands of Indian children paralyzed probably from over vaccination. And that before pesticides and agricultural chemicals, polio was a mild and universal illness. But I am glad it has almost been eradicated. It became an often severe and disabling illness around 1900.

              I think Covid is a very ingeniously-designed virus, and it may be that these more severe variants were part of the design. Gain of function, transmissibility and virulence. Accountability from China and the American-funded bio labs is unlikely to ever be achieved. At this time, I believe that polio-like vaccination campaigns worldwide might be able to eradicate the disease. Maybe it will become less virulent and we can live with it. But at this time, countries with very low vaccination rates (from poverty and lack of availability) like Malaysia and Indonesia are experiencing the horrors that India did in April and May.

              In most cases for developed countries, I continue to be anti-vaccine. In this particular case, I am in most cases pro-vaccine, but it has taken a year and a half and a lot of reading to get here.

              • I couldn’t take a link, the site wanted me to subscribe. It’s by Ian Tucker, The Guardian, Saturday, 07 August 2021, “Professor Francois Belloux The pandemic has created a market for gloom and doom.”

              • Your wrong, stop giving the numbers out when you have no clue, and stop listening to CNN you are getting the wrong information. Its actually the people who were vaccinated who are getting the Delta and getting sick. Covid is curable and only like 5 % will die. The vaccines are not FDA approved and therefore the majority of people wont get the vaccines until they are. They threw that crap together way too fast.

              • Show me a VIROLOGIST report or someone not connected to getting paid by big pharma as to your contention that it is the unvaxxed who
                are suffering in hospitals.Are you not aware that these vaccines do not cure or prevent covid flu.If you vaxxers were a little more diligent you would not be encouraging by your silence the prevention of well known
                treatments such as Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and
                azithromycin neither of which will kill you or turn you into a zombie.
                The vaccines the public is taking have been patented since 1999 as has the virus to within 10% of it’s original and you should read the
                history of the people who have been making it .No treatments and no debate,public or otherwise,everything banned–smell the coffee.

                • Pierre Kory and his daughter got Covid a few weeks ago despite taking a weekly dose of Ivermectin. I think it was inevitable since he’s constantly exposed to the virus, and thankfully it doesn’t seem to have been severe in either of them. But he said that at this time all the IMask supplements are often no longer working. Nothing is working. I also depended on Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine saving me if a got a severe case of Covid. I really don’t know what to think of this news. I’m glad I got the vaccine so that I probably wouldn’t have a severe case or die.

            • Look into who in our government have financial interests in these vaccine companies. Rand Pauls family bought into a vaccine company months before the pandemic happened. This is 100% fact. No conspiracy theory.

            • This has absolutely nothing to do with health. It’s a scam of monumental proportions to rob you of your freedoms.

            • I read this afternoon that 10,000 Texans had been hospitalized this past week with Covid, like six months ago. Fauci has a lot to answer for. But that’s a separate issue.

              • most people have been checking the hospitals that say they are over filled with people dying or sick and found that it is NOT true, the parking lots are empty, the doctor parking lots are empty and nurses are also reporting that it’s all a lie to promote fear, this was done in Florida by a black female doctor no less!

              • Do you believe everything you read? Have you read the one about the big bad wolf? How about the three little pigs?

          • I highly doubt it can be eradicated. We have only been able to eradicated one disease in the world through vaccination and that was smallpox. Perhaps we can get a handle on it so the numbers are small but eradicate I highly doubt.

      • Thank you for that, Kathleen. Really. I have a God that will care for me–he has for 71 years and if I die, I die–meant to be.

      • There is no evidence so far of antibody-dependent enhancement. All the variants of importance began in 2020, before the vaccines. If no one had gotten the vaccines, millions more would have died by now. While the MATH+ protocol may be very effective, very few people in the world could have acquired all the supplements or adhered to it indefinitely.

        • The ones who died would have been the weak and decrepit. The vast majority who died were over 70 YO, overweight and had multiple comorbidities. You can think of it as weeding the herd.

          • That’s not true. I know many previously healthy, active people who were taken down by this illness.

            • It is 100% true! Let’s turn to the CDC:

              Adults of any age with the following conditions can be more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19. Severe illness means that a person with COVID-19 may need:

              Intensive care
              A ventilator to help them breathe
              Or they may even die

              In addition:
              Older adults are more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19. More than 80% of COVID-19 deaths occur in people over age 65, and more than 95% of COVID-19 deaths occur in people older than 45.


              So did the people you know all die? Or are talking about being slow to recover?

              How many are in your sample of “previously healthy, active people who were taken down by this illness”? 10, 20, 30? Whatever the number, I guarantee it is not a valid statistical sample.

              I know hundreds of people across the USA consisting of family, friends and acquaintances that I loosely stay on contact with. Over the 18 month course of this scamdemic, I know of only 2 people in this cohort who got Covid and both of them have survived. Is my sample any less valid than yours?

              I am a nearly 70 YO male who works out regularly and eats healthy. I am not mRNA vaccinated, don’t wear a mask outdoors and when forced to wear a mask inside, I wear it loose and below my nose. I use the same ratty masks for months at a time because I don’t fear Covid. I have yet to catch it. But I do have a supply of Ivermectin in case and I am looking to pick up some Fluvoxamine as backup.

      • Over vaxxing a population causes the toxic element to mutate,it fears for its own survival so it changes course,something about 2% but enough to make a failure of any vax.Making it more successful will lead to something which cannot be treated so all we are doing is teaching a virus how to become potentially lethal to all the population rather than the unlucky few.Unfortunately our masters know this and that is why they are performing in the manner they are.NOT taking advice from people who really understand and being influenced by the pure love of money is what will kill us all in the end.Venglishi Sri iis still giving talks in China and we have people with knowledge who escaped from Hong Kong but every bit of relevant info and expert advice has been shut down by tjhose who ,I feel sure will be,in the near future fighting for their own lives at Nurembourg just as
        the Nazi doctors did after ww2.

    • C,ia So what I hear you saying is a lie stuck to is as good as the truth. I am a sovereign human being and I do not get bestowed rights from ANY man. You are free to believe what you JUST AS I AM. Be careful when you poke the bear with your stick.

    • @ Cia

      But the vaxed contract and spread it so why fixate on the unvaxed? And no, zero reason for a healthy young teenager to get a vaccine that might cause them significant harm when just getting Covid won’t. The unvaxed aren’t asking to be protected; they will take responsibility for their own health. Sounds to me like you’ve drunk the koolaide and are jumping on the bandwagon to demonize and isolate the unvaxed; sad really.

    • I do think that “othering” is happening to the unvaxxed, and psychologically it is the wrong approach. (I’m going to leave ethics out of it and address practical issues.) If people are threatened and ostracized for being opposed to vaccination, this behavior is going to cause them to double down rather than agree to get it.

      That said, do I think vaccination will be mandated eventually? Yes, and frankly I don’t have a problem with that (speaking as a physician). I’ll give one reason. Every time infection rates jump, people’s access to health care is limited further. Needed surgeries and other treatments are being postponed. If you or someone you care about needs, oh I don’t know, open heart surgery? Control of their diabetes? Knee replacement? Access to all of these services and more are going to be postponed as the COVID ill take up more and more of our health care assets. It doesn’t matter whether you think this ought to be the case – it IS the case.

      I also think the variant/mutation process is likely to continue indefinitely, and I don’t see how vaccines can be blamed for that since this was well-documented before any vaccines were available. Also newer variants continue to be located in areas where relatively few of the population have been vaccinated (e.g., India and South America). So, I don’t think criminalizing the unvaccinated population is the answer… but as things stand, this pandemic isn’t going to end any time soon. And we all will suffer for it.

      • @ Alice

        Every year(but this one) people get sick with the flu and require medical care. Do we force everyone to get a flu vax? Of course not. Only for Covid which is highly unlikely to kill anyone who isn’t elderly and in poor health.

        My body my choice. Your body your choice. Got it?

        If the vax is so wonderful the vaxed have nothing to fear from us unvaxed.

          • The “fallout” was due to the lockdowns–not COVID. And those were ill-advised failures that destroyed small businesses, led to more spousal and child abuse, and suicides. It was political, not medical. When in the past did we lock down healthy individuals, and not tell sick ones to stay home and get better? Force everyone to wear pointless masks–when those who work directly with deadly infinitesimal viruses wear Hazmat suits?

          • @ Alice

            The economic repercussions of obesity and the drain on our medical system is huge.,Do we lock all fat people up and force them to lose weight? The repercussions of smoking are similarly huge; do we force all smokers to quit? Your argument for forced Covid “vaxes” makes little sense.

            • @ Ani and the same would follow for things like illegal drug use especially heroin/fentanyl and the cost of say all police and other relevant places carrying Narcan to reverse voluntary opioid use resulting in overdose. I don’t know the stats but I know it is very costly to the healthcare system in both dollars and time, and getting more so with the uptick in fentanyl making its way across the border.

              And in terms of the “otherizing” I was too young at the time to remember this but I wonder if that how people were treated for lifestyle choices when the HIV/AIDS virus was spreading? The other problem is of course the slippery slope argument when you can mandate vaccines for public health. It was not so long ago that forced sterilizations and lobotomies were performed in the name of public safety or the risk of endangering both the self and others.

              • I remember the AIDS scare in the 80s. The “experts”, politicians and “media” claimed that 25% of the male population would die from AIDS by the year 2000.

                I lived in a big city with a large gay population and knew several gay men. Not one of those gay men I knew died from AIDS let alone 25%.

                In the 70s it was Swine Flu that was going to be as bad if not worse than 1918. Vaccines were rush to market in the US and thousands died from them as the government sought to get every American vaccinated. Due to this medical debacle the vaccine injury comoensation fund was created.

                Since then there was SARS and the Avian Influenza that was going to sweep the world with a pandemic and cause untold misery as huge swaths of the population died from it.

                What do all of these have jn common? The experts, politicians and media stoked a fear camapaign and it proved to be a “nothing burger” in the end.

                Now the experts, politicians and media want to take everything away from people who won’t follow their dictates. Guess what? When you take everything away from people they have nothing left to lose. Back a rabbit into a corner and it WILL fight back.

                Back a large portion of the American population into a corner after taking everything away from them and we will end up in a much worse place than we are now.

                There is a disiease sweeping across America and the world, it’s called tyranny and Communism. There is a cure for that.

                Keep up the othering and there will be civil war. There will be blood in the streets.

                Some people are hoping the 2022 midterms will result in a shift in power at all levels and return us to normal. At the rate we are going we won’t make it to the midterms before it all goes to hell and we’re in a full blown civil war.

                Better read what Selco has written becaue it will be your day to day life with one exception – there are a lot more gund in America amd there will be a lot more dead.

                So as you push to take away my freedom and lives of those others you are also forcing them into a situation where they will have no choice BUT fight or die.

                I don’t want this, but I also refuse to stick my head in the sand and pretend that it can’t or won’t happen.

                • @ Thaylore Re: the HIV/AIDS I had a strong feeling this was the case – and then of course it became a huge killer in Africa – depopulation rehearsal?

                  Every time I try to convince myself it may not get that bad I see something that would have been an outrage pre-Covid/pre-Biden announced in the mainstream media that was warned about in various blogs/websites/videos. Everything is playing out so I am taking everything, “impossible” or not very seriously.

                • You can’t believe anything coming from them. The system is totally corrupt and it only serves its owners. “It’s the big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club”. George Carlin. RIP.

            • I pay a premium for my health insurance because I’m overweight and they charge me an extra $30/payday as a “smoker surcharge “. So, there are repercussions for personal choices.

          • The economic, social and medical fallout is from the panicky overreaction to a virus which has a lethality rate of less than one percent overall and MUCH less than one percent in those under the age of 65 and in relatively good health.
            The virus is not the problem. Panic is.

            • Exactly, but the reality is that there is no virus. Read Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense.

      • This is an important point and you are clearly coming from a place of knowledge. But oh gosh please don’t share that argument with the government. If I see this line of thinking coming from Jen Psaki at the next White House Briefing then there can be no doubt that they have their big brother tentacles in every corner of the internet.

      • Yes, my understanding is that it does show antiviral activity. Levels required to treat infection may be toxic in humans… it’s still being studied. Current recommended treatment for high risk exposed patients is IV antibody infusion.

        • OMG you are part of the big lie! It has been used for over 40 years and many many many doctors have said if taken early at the onset of illness, it has worked very well. Stop spouting CNN and the evil Fauci lies! How many face masks are you wearing, two, three, four? Still want to see the isolated corona virus, please enlighten all of us. Look at the many doctors and lawyers who are suing and are against the vaccine, please really see and hear what they are saying and WHY they are saying it, save your patients instead of killing them slowly with that poisonous vaccine!

        • Alice, it’s doctors like you that make me fear visiting any medical doctors any more.

          So answer this, and I’m going to go into more detail in a new post at the top. And don’t dance around it. Your answer will show us if you even know what you’re talking about:

          If the unvaccinated are causing new variants, why weren’t these new variants more prominent when everyone was unvaccinated? Our populations were unvaccinated while the virus was circulating in the U.S. from September 2019 until the rollout started in December 2020, and due to distribution problems did not really commence until February. That’s about a year and a half, including two winters. Not long after the jabbing of America commenced, lo and behold, all of these variants popped up. And in the middle of summer, during a heat wave.

          You don’t have to have a ‘scientific’ background to see that this makes no sense whatsoever. Not only is it pretty obvious that these ‘outbreaks’ stem from the vaccines, but I don’t think these are virus outbreaks, or why would they be commencing during the summer? I think it’s the spike proteins that these jabs are producing that are causing the illnesses. Note: Bill Gates has said that these vaccines will turn you into ‘vaccine-making factories’ (means your cells will generate spike proteins continuously, and you can never turn it off), and both Pfizer and Moderna announced the exact same thing in news releases they issued regarding their vaccine’s efficacy.

          • First, I’m a primary care doctor and not an infectious disease specialist but I’m happy to tell what I am familiar with.

            Viral variants, also known as mutations, take place over time. Influenza viruses mutate from year to year which is why flu vaccines are annual. The interesting, and worrying, thing with regards to COVID is that this is happening faster, to the point that we have had several new variants in the past 18 months. Mutations happen with viral or cellular replication, which takes time. Why wasn’t this happening earlier in the pandemic? – the answer is, it was. Alpha, beta, gamma… et cetera… these variants just haven’t gotten as much press as delta. Why not? I don’t have any idea. I think that early on the Western healthcare systems were just in reaction mode trying to treat the ill, but that is my speculation.

            As for “spike proteins,” this is just another term for antibodies. These particular antibodies are spikes because they are specific to the structure of COVID 19. They mimic the spiky proteins on the outer portion of the virus to activate B and T cells, which starts the process of destroying virus present in the body. All vaccines turn your body into “antibody factories,” that’s just how they work. The immune system is like a printing press. Once you get the immune system sensitized to a particular protein/infectious agent (all such agents are proteins), it has a permanent memory of this agent and can reproduce it much faster than if it is starting from scratch. However, spike proteins cannot reproduce on their own and can’t give you infections.

            Incidentally, the pneumonia vaccine works in the exact same way. Strep pneumonia has a thick protein shell which protects it from the immune system’s efforts to kill the bacteria. The vaccine for pneumonia contains no live bacteria, just sensitizes the body to the protein shell which allows phagocytes/monocytes to become activated much faster and to kill the bacteria.

            • Do you have any information on the risks of those with already-high antibody levels from having covid taking the vaccines? Has this been studied?

              • It’s been reviewed, no risks or complications that I am aware of. Initially people who had COVID were advised to wait 90 days before vaccinating, but this was because supply of vaccine was limited and demand for vaccination was high. Someone recovering from COVID would have at least temporary immunity and could afford to wait for the vaccine.

                • So you answered Daisy, but no answer to my questions. You have no answers. You don’t really understand how this vaccine works, do you? These are not ordinary vaccines. They have actually been tested since SARS, for about 20 years now, and no company has been able to come up with an effective vaccine against any of the coronaviruses. In animal trials that have been done, they like to use ferrets since they have similar responses to vaccines to that of humans. In the tests, ALL of the ferrets died. All of them. They give them the shots, wait around 60 days, and then expose them to another virus. This puts them into a cytokine storm because their systems now only respond to one ‘virus’ type, and they die.

                  As for your explanation of spike proteins, you have not researched how these Covid vaccines work, or you would know that they have specific HIV inserts that allow the vaccines to enter the cells. Once that occurs, the cells start to continuously manufacture spike proteins, which then gravitate to different organs in the body, including the brain. If it hits the brain, a common development is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is the human form of mad cow disease. Just as one example. These spike proteins are also deforming smooth round blood cells, which in turn makes them cluster and cause clots. Thus the cardiac attacks, especially in young people, who have a stronger and more reactive immune response.

                  Etc., etc. I have an FDA list, called ‘FDA Safety Surveillance of Covid-19 Vaccines – Draft Working List of Possible Adverse Event Outcomes’ from a presentation given by the FDA on October 22, 2020, that lists two dozen side effects such as:

                  Guillain-Barre Syndrome
                  Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
                  Narcolepsy and cataplexy
                  Acute myocardial infarction
                  Autoimmune disease
                  Pregnancy and birth outcomes
                  Kawasaki disease
                  Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

                  And on and on. This proves the shot is NOT experimental, full testing was done, and they knew EXACTLY what it does. And yet the FDA gave them emergency approval anyway. And they are now going to give them full approval, even though the VAERS database numbers for deaths and serious adverse events is off the charts. And mind you, studies have shown that less than 1% of all cases are even reported to VAERS. With all of the suppression of information and pressuring of doctors not to report issues to VAERS, goodness knows how many multiple cases there already are.

                  So go ahead and give those shots to your patients. You can’t be sued because you have immunity (but you already knew that, didn’t you?). But one day, you will have to answer to a higher power. Or, a lower power.

                • This sounds like Lysenko science.

                  On the other hand:

                  Covid-19 immunity likely lasts for years
                  A new study shows immune cells primed to fight the coronavirus should persist for a long time after someone is vaccinated or recovers from infection.
                  by Neel V. Patel archive page
                  January 6, 2021
                  covid-19 electron microscope
                  Covid-19 patients who recovered from the disease still have robust immunity from the coronavirus eight months after infection, according to a new study. The result is an encouraging sign that the authors interpret to mean immunity to the virus probably lasts for many years, and it should alleviate fears that the covid-19 vaccine would require repeated booster shots to protect against the disease and finally get the pandemic under control.

                  Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 could last longer than originally believed


                  Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.Jul 2 2021
                  One year after infection by SARS-CoV-2, most people maintain anti-Spike antibodies regardless of the severity of their symptoms, according to a study with healthcare workers co-led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) and the Jordi Gol Institute (IDIAP JG), with the collaboration of the Daniel Bravo Andreu Private Foundation.

                  The results suggest that vaccine-generated immunity will also be long-lasting.

                  One of the key questions to better predict the pandemic’s evolution is the duration of natural immunity. A growing number of studies suggest that most people generate a humoral (antibody) and cellular (T cells) response that is maintained during several months, maybe years.

                  During the first wave of the pandemic, the team at ICS/IDIAP JG in collaboration with Carlota Dobaño’s team at ISGlobal started a follow-up study of a cohort of healthcare workers with COVID-19 – a total of 173 people working in healthcare centers of central Catalonia. Most infections were mild to moderate, although some cases required hospitalization.

                  The research team took regular blood samples from September 2020 onwards to measure the level and type of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in these patients. This work was possible thanks to the support of the Daniel Bravo Foundation, which equipped ISGlobal with the latest technology and necessary resources to perform the study and rapidly reach conclusions during the subsequent waves

            • “Mutations happen with viral or cellular replication, which takes time. Why wasn’t this happening earlier in the pandemic? – the answer is, it was. Alpha, beta, gamma… et cetera… these variants just haven’t gotten as much press as delta. Why not? I don’t have any idea.”

              OK, so you can’t answer my question. Then let’s focus on this: why is this ‘virus’ ramping up and putting people in the hospital during the summer? Not only the summer, but during a major drought and heat wave? Why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don’t do that?

              I can give you a hint. I know quite a few people that ended up in the hospital after taking the vaccine. My own sister, for one, got a Pfizer jab on April 22nd of this year, and woke up unable to move. She was rushed to the hospital, Kaiser in Oakland, spent 5 days there, and they couldn’t help her. She can’t walk anymore. She can’t even get off the toilet, let alone get to it. She is going through her life’s savings having to pay for 24/7 medical care now. She is now suicidal. Her health is getting worse by the day.

              And speaking of which, the month we were first locked down last year, the vaccine makers were granted full liability protection against all vaccine damages and deaths. So were employers that mandated the vaccines as a condition of work. So were all medical facilities and personnel that supplied and/or administered the vaccines. So she has no recourse. If the vaccines are so safe, why was it necessary to protect these entities? Other than vaccines, no other pharmaceutical product has this protection.

              And don’t let me forget one of my best friends from high school, who also got a single shot of the Pfizer jab about a month after my sister did. Shortly thereafter, he woke up paralyzed from the chest down, and had to be airlifted from El Dorado County to UCSF. The last I heard from him was after he’d been there for over two weeks. He e-mailed me that the doctors were talking hospice care for him. I check the obituaries for him every day.

              It’ll be a cold day in hell before I get one of those jabs. I’d rather be dead than be in either of their positions. And don’t even think of replying that it might not have been the vaccines. People don’t just become paralyzed out of the blue.

              • To paraphrase one of my med school professors, respiratory viruses don’t behave like that… except when they do. Not trying to be flippant here. There is a huge worldwide pool of infected patients and variants can emerge in such a pool. With worldwide travel it’s easy enough for these variants to break out – there was an explosion in travel demand at the start of the summer. That may explain it. I’m not a virologist, I can only give potential explanations that seem reasonable to me and to many who have been researching the pandemic.

                As for the post vaccination paralysis, yes there have been rare reports. But COVID itself can also cause paralysis, stroke and neurologic problems. I have seen several cases of “long COVID” post infection and I think statistically this is a far higher risk than the vaccination. Again, I know everyone is going to calculate their own risk and make their own decisions… but more and more those who choose not to get it are going to run up against restrictions, as Daisy pointed out.

                Liability protection has been granted to all vaccine manufacturers in the US, not just those who make COVID vaccines. Were this not the case they would have been sued out of existence by now.

                • I recommend you read “Confessions of a Medical Heretic, by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD. He taught in medical school. You may want to follow his advice instead.

              • I actually wrote a long response to your points yesterday but I see that for whatever reason the site didn’t post it. At this point it’s clear to me that investing further time would really not make a difference, and I am just not motivated to rewrite my post. If people are determined not to be convinced that vaccines can help, they won’t be.

                Last night I attended an online conference held by my medical group regarding vaccination, and at this point millions of doses of vaccine have been given… the safety statistics continue to be much better than COVID. But I doubt that’s of any interest to most of the commenters here.

                I do see this morning that the Biden administration has actually floated the idea of requiring proof of vaccine to allow people to travel out of state, which I personally think is a terrible idea… but this is just one more example of what Daisy mentioned earlier. To those who say “I am free to make my choice,” yes you are, but choices have consequences and we will all have to live with said consequences. Those who choose to avoid the vaccine, get ready for more and more and more restrictions.

                • I’m glad you said something. I checked and found that for some reason, your reply and several other comments from readers had gotten caught in the spam filter. I’ve cleared and published them. My apology to anyone whose post did not show up yesterday. This article got so many comments that things got a little glitchy.

    • If you are one of the so called “vaccinated “ why are you concerned about the unvaccinated? After all according to Fauci and the CDC the “vaccination “ is the answer. So no one should have any fear of those who choose to remain unvaccinated. All the media is doing is using its vast power to keep you afraid and under their control. Wake up this “new” delta is actually less dangerous than the original virus and as it mutates it will continue to decrease in strength.

    • If you honestly believe the vax works then you are totally HYPOCRITICAL ! If the vax works than the unvaxed cannot possibly be any kind of threat to you! If the unvaxed are getting sick and dying of the disease that is their choice, why are you, the vaxed worried?

    • My real life experiences differ greatly from what you are describing. My entire immediate family of 11 plus 3 other close family friends all came down with Covid during a 3 week period this past spring. Guess what? We ALL wore masks diligently and caught it anyhow. Ages ranged from 47 down to 3. My mother who has stage 4 colon cancer and is 76 came down with Covid 1 month prior. ALL of our symptoms consisted of a loss of taste and smell and some fatigue including my elderly and sick mother. We had no fever, no cough, etc. All recovered in less than 2 weeks. Fast forward to this month and my husband who works in a small office setting has had 3 fully vaccinated employees that have never previously been infected come down with Covid simultaneously. One is in the hospital and one is being treated for pneumonia at home. Guess who hasn’t been infected by this current outbreak? ALL employees who were previously infected. I will not listen to the fear porn that the msm channels are spewing. I will continue to use common sense and my own eyes. The fear that is needlessly being spread is so sad for ALL of us.

    • I think you better do more research. It’s not deadly to the vast majority of folks who got it like myself. Only a very small percentage of the population has died from it, less than 1 percent. Stop believing all the hype and propaganda and look at the actual verifiable facts.

    • I guessed you missed the news that the most vaccinated countries are experiencing the most COVID cases. You must have also missed the news that these faux-vaccines have resulted in more deaths and serious side-effects that ALL OTHER VACCINATIONS COMBINED!
      “… the unvaxxed do not have the right to circulate freely.” (Seig Heil! mein Furor.) Do you know what is more dangerous that COVID… or even the faux-vaccines? People with notions such as you have presented here!

    • Cia, your inverted logic and lack of knowledge of virology and epidemiology is breathtaking. You should have no right to comment on this matter, let alone have a vote for those inflicting measures you support in what continues to represent itself as a “free society.”

    • Thats rediculous the unvaccinated, person without Covid cannot possibly give it to anyone because they dont have it. Wake up

    • I respectfully disagree with pretty much all the beliefs you have expressed, Cia. But where I draw the line is the assertion that I have to change my life and beliefs to accomodate yours. Your rights do not trump mine. If you believe your life is endangered because of covid, then you do what you believe necessary for your safety – you change your way of life. If I believe these vaccines need years more testing before I would consider getting, that is my right – you have no right to demand I suffer for your particular belief.

      Of course, I also believe there should be no government welfare, and each family/community should be asked to contribute on each recipient’s merits. Nobody shoud have the right to force me to labor on someone else’s behalf.

    • Forced medicine is against all principles of liberty, and yes, I’m talking about liberty. If you’re afraid of the virus, YOU stay home.

      BTW, your analysis of the situation may be wrong, if it is, and this turns out to be harmful, or simply the wrong “public” health move (read about leaky vaccines, please) are you prepared, given your position on the issue, to be personally responsible for what you do to your neighbors? Should me and mine hold it against you if we should come to harm, or if this vaccine policy leads to deadlier variants?

      Live and let live, first bit of advice to you. Don’t tread on me, second bit.

    • If you’re this scared, even after being vaccinated, then you should make the adjustments. Not me. Either your vaccine works or it doesn’t.

    • This alone is discrimination and dehumanization of people. Please put the shoe on the other foot. This is fear based and living life in fear. Do you want to live life this way? I don’t.

    • One thing I will say you admitted that vaccines always have a small risk of side effects including up to death. As you know the vaccine companies hold no legal responsibility for someone in such a case. The government has a fund but it i svery limited and not very easy to be granted access. I very much think if this is the attitude everyone has to take it then we should start a temporary tax that will add to that fund substantially so that these people can be taken care of or their families if they pass away. I do have a friend that was permanently disabled from his polio vaccination. After I met him I thought more about the possible side effects of vaccines. I am still very much for vaccines but now my view is a little more balanced

    • The virus began as a flu…even CDC has written that if you know how to search.
      The problem began with giving the shot/injection that contained graphene oxide that destroyed our good, natural antibodies and leaving antibodies that attack our organs.
      A lady from Pfizer (recorded on tape) speaking about the fake approval from FDA said there are different strengths and ingredients sent in the injection to different demographics…..think about that.
      Targeting populations comes to mind.

    • Cia, since you are vaxxed what are you worried about? Are you admitting the vaccination is not going to protect you? Do you still walk around fearfully wearing a mask even though you are “protected”? Why would you give a care if the virus is going around killing the unvaccinated, which it is not. Your fear is not our fear! This entire virus is proven to ne manmade and they are lying about it. What else do you think they are lying to you about. Please wake up.

      Signed, Concerned, unafraid, and unvaccinated.

  • Just read there is a person running for a seat in the California house who states that those who aren’t vaccinated should be shot be ready to stand your ground

  • It is totalitarianism and @930’s Germany. We should not be surprised when these people start talking about putting untaxed people in camps. These folks have obviously never read the constitution nor understand HIPPA!

    The ruling class will never let COVID go. We need to learn to live with this disease and stop politicizing it. However, I seriously doubt we will never stop politicizing it no the lemmings will continue to go over the cliff!

  • WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY???? cant believe this crap is happening!!!! it makes me SICK, especially all this mess about vaxd and unvaxd! NOTHING went or goes this far with FLU vax now does it? measles, mumps, chickenpox and so on, this is totally absurd. it is a person’s RIGHT to decide what goes in their own body, not the govts, or other peoples; people STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS! its not someone else’s right to say you HAVE to do this or that, take this or that etc. this virus mess is ridiculous, the test is faulty, even cdc has said so, the vax will NOT PREVENT the virus, cdc has said so as have others. so why the panic, hysteria, the hate, the dehumanization of each other and so on? govt has no right to lock us down, stop our supply lines, and literally run our lives. the dimrats are drunk with power, people we CANNOT let them continue this, our country is dying fast, and by Christmas, we wont have it!!!! PAY ATTENTION FOLKS…..IT HAS TO STOP! people should be able to live their lives as they want, not be forced to someone else’s standards or wants.

    • Nicky I think you really hit the nail on the head here – people have drunk the Kool Aid and that is a bigger problem than anything else. Everyone needs to wake up and separate themselves from fear and start thinking logically.

      If you actually start breaking any of the mandates down, none of them make sense. Even when people quote these mass numbers of people who had Covid and the danger, then they beat down their own argument because if you had Covid and recovered then you have antibodies and don’t need the vaccine and nor do you need to worry about the unvaccinated.

      Whatever happened to the concept of herd immunity? This media just retires plotlines and “facts” at their leisure and yet everyone acts like God came down to clarify the gospel every time there’s a story on CNN or any time there is a White House or CDC briefing. At this point the government and all associated bodies have more in common with Stanley Kubrick than they do with George Washington.

      Remember not one person out there actually knows how many people REALLY had Covid in their city or state or the country, or the world, nor do they actually know how many people died from it, or recovered from it, or had co-existing conditions, or what each individual’s real cause of death was. Maybe you had Covid or personally knew 500 people who did, or worked in a crowded emergency room with a high fatality rate from Covid, but that does not mean anything beyond that first-hand experience.

      You still don’t actually know how many people had it in Alaska, Hawaii or Germany unless you were there. Always consider the source and their interest, where the money trail goes (politicians-elections-donors-Big Pharma and their shareholders) unless it is something you can speak on from experience.

      Every single piece of information that every single person is making their hysterical assessments based upon comes from EXTREMELY unreliable sources – that means the media, the government, the CDC, the NIH, any other lettered body all of which are made up of political propagandists – and science and the medical field are certainly not exempt from that. And again, because it deserves emphasis the media is the mailman for the government messaging bureau both of which are a roster of politically financed soap operas with a writer’s room, NOT facts.

    • This is all based on a PCR process that was never intended by its inventor to be used as a test. It is NOT a TEST! He even said so himself. It cannot be used to detect any kind of infection. Even the so called authorities have had to admit that the PCR is useless! It can’t detect any so called viruses. Which means there’s no Covid. It doesn’t exist. And if covid doesn’t exist, how can there be any variants? And how are they detecting them? that all the statistics about cases are nothing but lies. No covid, no variants. Those people that claim that they, their friends or relatives had covid, believed the lie and simply experienced the flu.
      Ever wonder why they admit that the flu has practically disappeared as if by magic? People gave been fooled into believing that the regular flu is Covid. This is nothing less than a FRAUD of worldwide proportions to divide and enslave humanity more than ever before. Do you think that Kary Mullis’ death in 2019 was merely coincidental? They had to take him out before they could pull this stunt. Is time for everyone to wake up to the fact that governments, the media, big pharma, the medical industry, universities and all other institutions are completely controlled by the owners of our corrupt society only for their benefit, not ours. Stop believing all the lies. They want you to be completely dependent on them. That’s the only reason they created it. Now their masks are coming off because they have obviously realized that there are too many sheeple waking up to their lies. So before they start losing control of the herd, they are asserting their power by dividing us like never before. This way we end up fighting each other instead of the real enemy. It’s the old but very efficient divide and conquer/rule they’ve been using throughout history.

    • What’s happened is that the illusion of freedom that we had it’s coming to an end. The owners of the system have decided so because too many are waking up from the American dream. It was called a dream because you had to be asleep to believe it!

  • Last i checked? The unvaxed outnumber the vaxed!
    They need to be very careful WHO they push and how hard… People are quickly losing their tolerance for this demonization.

  • Thank you for this thoughtful article. I also find this Othering we are witnessing to be heartbreaking. This Othering seems to be rapidly surfacing across the US and many other nations as well. This leads me to wonder if this is internationally coordinated as part of a bigger agenda. Seems like too much too fast to be coincidence. On the other hand I keep wondering (hoping) if we are going to see a significant rise of Americans pushing back against these emerging shot mandates. But every week I see politicians, and other people in high positions making even more bold moves to lead this nation to forced shots. I have studied history as it pertains to Nazi Germany and I am alarmed that I am seeing not only the same patterns emerging here in the US but but it is happening even faster than it did in Nazi Germany.

    • @ Felix

      I don’t think that it’s necessarily internationally coordinated despite country after country doing the same thing and appearing to be reading from the same playbook. I suspect it’s because people are the same everywhere and they tend to react similarly when led to engage in demonizing the “other”. So yes, we here in the US are totally capable of acting like Nazis or any others that actively participated in and furthered genocide.

      • Not internationally coordinated? Tell that to the families of the now dead presidents of four African nations who opposed the vaccines in their countries. That should give you an idea of how sinister the agenda behind the fake virus really is!

    • RIGHT, yes agree happening to fast for comfort…Are they mostly sheeple? Can we fix “stupid”? YES I will agree 100 % that is’s ALL part of a much BIGGER coordinated agenda…Perhaps an agenda to kill off so many “useless eaters” as Henry KIssinger once talked about to Bill Gates…Just to many people on planet earth to be sustainable…
      Will people push back and not get these jabs? Remember they were fast tracked. They were to fast too soon and without proper testing so we do not know what the long term effects will be on them do we? Ahhhhh, I am not a gambler and don’t wish to take a chance with my life…I prefer to live out all of the time that I have left on the face of this earth…To many people seem to be unconcerned about their own welfare/lives or the lives of anybody else anymore… IF people don’t get them voluntarily then yes they could be forced to take them by being denied the basic…That certainly might happen…

  • Something wicked this way comes, not in the form of a virus but in another civil war, as godless marxism has divided using another crisis to complete its agenda. Those already conquered sheeple are more than willing to put chains on their neighbors in the name of safety.
    “For the heart of this people is grown gross, and with their ears they have been dull of hearing, and their eyes they have shut: lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted…”

    • Frank, you are so right!!! I know what you mean by “sheeple”, but they are actually goats. The sheep are being separated from the goats as we speak. The goats are and will persecute the sheep as it is also written.

      • Don’t expect your god to come to your rescue. That drama has been playing for over 2,000 years already. Don’t be misled. The sheep are more easily led to slaughter than the goats.

  • I just read two different studies, one by Carnegie Mellon University and the other by University of Pittsburgh, found the most vaccine hesitant Americans have PhDs.

    • THANK you…retired teacher here…Common sense also, wisdom from above, knowledge from studying, and thankfully even a good gut…I do believe that many who have not done this have PhD’s simply b/c they KNOW what’s happening and what this involves…They are not gonna follow the sheep to the dead end of the cliff and then fall over to their death…Thank you for telling people what you discovered. May they wake up before it’s to late and use some common sense. Remember the “New World Order”? Is this is? ahhhhh, about the coming One World Government and the coming One World Religion? Ohhhhh, the more wide awake we are the better off we may be…Knowledge is power they say! Are there just to many people on planet earth now? Perhaps the elite class just intend to “quietly” do away with as many as they can and perhaps many of those would have been the ones that took the jobs thinking it was in their best interest and later finding out “oops” I guess I made a big mistake, however by then it will be way to late and they won’t be able to undo what they have done unfortunately !!!

    • It was never about covid, but control. If covid was really a concern then the illegals would be stopped and not released. The purpose is to flood our country to destroy our freedom and constitution. If you want to stop illegals, then put troops on the border and lock and load. Once illegals know they will be shot as invaders, things would change. No medical, no food, no housing, no money, no education. Anyone harboring an illegal should get 10 years without parole.

  • In my staunchly liberal, once great state of Oregon, a state where differences were not only accepted but admired, things have spiralled out of control. Our governor just yesterday reinstated a mask mandate for the entire school year for children and all adults, as well as the requirement of vaccination for all state employees with a mid-october deadline with refusal earning you termination with no regular testing alternative. But get this, the legislative and judicial branches are exempt from this decree. This state was once prosperous and has been ruined by Covid extremism. Businesses were madate-reduced into closure or crippling debt much like the landlords. Our governor refused to open up our state to masklessness and normal business flow until 70% of our population was vaccinated. She held us hostage until June 30th of this year. Now once again she has moved the goal posts. Now it’s all must be vaccinated not the 70% promised for months and achieved through coercion tactics like weekly lotteries for new jab subjects. Yes. Televised lotteries. I am not vaccinated. I am sure at some point I will have to get it because the loud majority who currently rule our country, and yes I mean rule, will move to cutting benefits and means of survival for us. It’s only a matter of time. And it’s terrifying. If we treated vaccinated in the way they are treating us it would Floyd level madness all over again. My reservation has always been this.
    a). Why should I as a free American have to do anything medical because politics dictates?
    b). How great can it be if you can still die from it after getting the jab? (A fact the media conveniently fails to report)
    c). Why do you want me to get it so badly that you will bribe me and make my life infinitely difficult if I don’t?
    d). Why do I need to vaccinate against something that kills less people than almost anything?

    • I’m in Oregon too, and
      the Governor is a dictator. Hold the line, there’s lots of us out here that for various reasons are not getting that shot.

  • If you want to have your eyes opened about the reason this so called,vaccine, is allowed to exist, go to the interview with Clif High on Bitchute, and watch the video. Could be all BS i don’t know but worth watching.

    • Captn.Jack going to look for this. I also just watched an excellent presentation on Youtube to a school board in Indiana by a Dr. Dan Stock about why masks simply do not work.

      • Drakey, thanks for the recommendation about dr dan stock. I just listened to his youtube video and was very impressed. For those pushing for everyone to be vaxed, perhaps people would be less hesitant if there was more openness by our country’s leadership and the media to the various perspectives and studies. I sure wonder at the ‘censorship’ of some. Definitely feel like there are ulterior motives.

  • I have noticed the rhetoric and vitriol become more venomous in the media for sure. I personally don’t care what choices another person makes in regards to their personal health care. People I associate with or do business with are jabbed and unjabbed. In fact, lately, the whole subject barely even comes up at all.

    Which in my opinion, is exactly why the media trend is dialing the hate up.

    Follow me on this for a moment…

    Here in the USA we still have a second amendment. A pesky nuisance that have stymied the fascist Bolsheviks for a long time. Right thinking people have always known that it’s in place for very good reasons. Subversive types always look for a way to make something that is a hindrance a helpful tool until it is no longer needed.

    Unvaccinated Americans (my opinion here), are being set up to be considered as walking weapons and a threat to society. Whereas other people will look at them (unvaxed types)as an imminent threat to their (vaxed types)life and deadly force will be considered as legal and justifiable. Ultimately resulting in the population demanding a repeal of the 2A after much bloodshed and loss of life. Then the takeover will be completed.

    Do I have any evidence? Of course I don’t. I just have tried to imagine the way evil thinks.

  • I am allergic to the flu vaccine and much more. Carry an EpiPen religiously. I maintain my immune system.
    Even if I wasn’t I’d not take this experimental untested jab.
    My cousin died of covid after the shot, my significant other has been sick ever since getting it. My mother died of it after the shot in a nursing home. My good friend had a seizure and a stroke after the shot.
    Nope, these pro vax people should stop with this behavior. This is not Germany. So far we have freedom of choice.
    I will say this. If it’s tried to be forced upon people there will be blood.
    Go hide in your houses with your fully vaxed and masked selves. I choose freedom.

  • History repeats itself. The Jewish people in Germany originally went to the camps without protest because they were told they had a disease that they were being sent to be treated for. It was when they learned that the “camps” were not for disease but for their religion that things changed. Now they are coming for the unvaccinated and christians. Remember they are creating re-education camps or should I say concentration camps here and in Canada. The governor of Tennessee has signed an EO to allow the guards to go after the unvaccinated and involuntary confinement. Besides being a violation of due process, there is no authority to confined healthy people just because they chose no to be a guinea pig.

    We went to war against Germany. One of the reasons used was the use of “papers” by the Nazi’s. Now they are doing “papers” against us for day to day living. As far as I am concerned anyone that supports vaccination papers are traitors and criminals.

    I read several articles where doctors are being sent notices that if they report vaccine injuries then they will have their licenses revoked. CDC was forced to reduce the amount of cases in Florida after being called out on their false numbers. The increase in cases are from those who are vaccinated. The numbers of individuals who died from the vaccine is much higher than those who allegedly died of covid.

    The lies by CDC & Fauci says it all. I praise the marine general who is refusing to force vaccinate his troops.

    Remember the virus was never isolated, but is based on a computer generated. The vaccine does not protect you from getting covid. It does not meet the definition of a vaccine, but is a gene therapy manipulation. I prefer not to have my DNA altered.

    • You might want to read the EO. There is no provision listed where the Guard can involuntarily confine those that are unvaccinated.

      • You might want to do a little more research on that Mesquite, they are building “Fema” camps in every state, aka concentration camps. Obama’s EO 13603?13605? something like that as well as another where the gov’t can arrest you and detain you indefinitely for no reason whatsoever! So yes they can.

    • My friend in NYC went out for dinner the other night and was asked to show a QR code for the vaccine which should have been via the app on his phone. He said he forgot to bring his phone, so they told him not to worry they could just look him up by his name and the type of vaccine he had. His hungry self told them his name and Moderna or whatever and they found him right away. But HOW can this not be a violation of individual health privacy for a waiter to have this information????

    • Sorry, but you’re wrong about Germany. Like most, you have been indoctrinated into believing the big lie about Hitler and the evil “Nazis”. If you really do your homework, you will find that Germany’s only sin was to have become a free, strong and independent nation. The parasitic international bankers who created the Soviet Union and are behind what’s happening today, could not allow that to continue. That’s the only reason Hitler and Germany had to be destroyed. Meanwhile, they promoted and funded communism in Russia. A false enemy that they could control. The so called Bolshevik revolution killed an estimated 60 million christian russians. Some historians claim even up to 100 million.
      No wonder General Patton after the war stated that we had fought the wrong enemy.
      For this, he ended up being murdered.

  • I say to all the vaccinated folks. (And it’s not a real vaccine by definition). If you are vaccinated, and you truly believe it works, what do you care if someone decides not to get it??? You’re protected right????

  • Avoiding the jab:

    This letter is from Father Joseph:
    Dear Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other medical staff, Teachers, Soldiers and Military staff too, Everyone!

    Please read this carefully. Please share it with your co-workers.

    There is a little know secret that gives one the ability to opt out of taking the Covid 19 vaccine without getting fired or reprimanded. It’s called the religious exemption. There seems to be a near complete blackout on this valuable right, perhaps because it undermines the effort to get everyone the Covid shot. One may usually find the form from their company or organization by simply Googling the company’s website address in quotes (without the ‘https://’ or ‘www.’) and the words ‘religious exemption’. For instance: “”” “religious exemption”.

    There is also the false conception that one must somehow get a letter from their religious leader verifying that their denomination agrees with the applicant. The Supreme Court has upheld that one’s personal conviction is valid enough, so no letter or proof has to be provided. However if you want to silence them with a several page legal document with footnotes, links etc, one may edit and use the attached form in all cases: It is probably overkill, but no-one is going to dare argue with it.

    Here are just a few examples.

    Hospitals in Washington and Texas and most states offer this exemption, for the Civil Laws act of 1964 demands it. Have in mind that once you file a religious exemption, there should be no more weekly testing required unless it is required from everyone (vaccinated and not).

    A. Here is what the University of Washington Medical Center says on its website: they will make you go through a educational presentation (to try to guilt trip you into changing your mind) Just sit through it and stand your ground and you should be set.

    “You may, however, claim an exemption for medical or non-medical (such as religious or philosophical) reasons. A medical exemption requires a note from a provider while a non-medical exemption (such as religious or philosophical) requires the completion of an educational presentation.”


    B. Here is a news story where the Texas hospitals clearly state they are accepting religious exemptions.

    “Texas Health Resources issued a statement on the protest…”

    “As Americans, we are privileged to have the freedom of speech. As medical professionals, we have the responsibility to keep our patients safe. We understand that employees wish to share their opinions, but the science is indisputable. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective against the spread of the highly-contagious delta variant. Texas Health has in place an established process for employees seeking exemptions from, or needing accommodations to meet, our employee health requirements for medical or religious reasons.”


    C. News article from Houston Methodist hospital itself. They allowed doctors (and I imagine other medical staff) to file religious exemptions.

    “…The policy, adopted by all eight Houston Methodist Hospital medical staff executive committees, gave doctors until June 7 to demonstrate they’ve been vaccinated or become subject to automatic suspension of their clinical privileges. Doctors were able to submit a request for a medical or religious exemption.”


    Here is the actual form they provide on their website. It is obviously written to scare and discourage one from filling it out and using it, but once submitted, it’s good for a full year:

    D. Here is a law firm stating that the Supreme Court has stated that one’s personal views (not denominational views) are valid for religious exemption:

    “…Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, individuals have the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of religion. As part of their religious beliefs, many individuals object to vaccines. Employers are required to accommodate religious observances and practices, unless doing so imposes an undue hardship on the business.

    “Religion” is very broadly defined and encompasses not only organized religions, but also informal beliefs. “Religion” under the law can also encompass non-theistic and moral beliefs.

    In Chenzira v. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 2012 U.S. Dist. Lexis 182139 (S.D. Ohio, 2012), the court recognized that veganism, in some circumstances, may constitute a sincerely held religious belief. That court exempted an employee from a flu shot requirement.

    Once an employer determines that a true religious exemption exists, the employer must make an accommodation for the employee. Such accommodations may include reducing a mask requirement, modifying work duties to comply with social distancing, adjusting an employee’s schedule, or allowing an employee work from home.”


    The Pentegon has also just issued new guidelines to file for religious exemption from the Covid vaccine. So military personnel can get out.

    Here is a bullet proof ready form designed for our soldiers and military staff.

    Here is what many hospitals like Adventist Health will state: Again, the Supreme Court states that personal religious convictions suffice, but should you not want to sound confrontational, just use the attached word doc. and edit it accordingly. Otherwise, one may use the paragraph at the very end.

    Here is a sample statement that can be used when filling out a Religious Exemption form

    “It is my sincerely held deep religious belief and conviction that prevents me from being a recipient of the new Covid 19 vaccine. In my understanding of the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ warns me that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, a temple for which I will give an account for on the Day of Judgment. I am under the conviction that this vaccine would defile my temple for it contains several unnatural manmade ingredients with unknown side effects, and it has not been afforded the rigorous long term safety testing of other well established vaccines. According to the official government website (VAERS) this new vaccine has inflicted more deaths (@15K and counting) and permanent disabilities in 6 months than all the other vaccines over the past 20 years combined. Dictated by my faith, creed and conscience, I cannot possibly consent to taking this new vaccine.”

    May Christ our God protect us all.

  • Science is a hypothesis based faith whose members are constantly attempting to disprove each other.

    This “scientific” cult presents theory as fact and we are marginalized if we demand proof.

    • You’re absolutely right. That’s why it’s called The Church of Scientism! Completely owned and controlled by the oligarchs who rule the world, and are behind all the the insanity that’s going on today.

  • If the vaccines work, why do people who have them worry about those who don’t?

    And if the vaccines don’t work, why are people being “encouraged” to get them?

    More than half the adults in my geographic location have not been vaccinated and many don’t intend to be. But the atmosphere against those who haven’t been vaccinated is all over the internet and the airwaves and it’s very concerning. I saw a meme a few days ago that said something like “I just got this gun because I want to put a hole in the head of anyone not-vaaxed”. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact words but that was the gist. And my first thought was wow, we are going to have a war over this.

    Our decisions on what is best for us and our families should be our decisions. Whatever they are. I might also add that in my home, we have both pro-this-vaccination and anti-this-vaccination people. Weird thing is, we’re still talking to each other, loving on each other, and living together just fine. We both think the others might die from their actions, but we respect them enough to know they are doing what they think is best. Of course, if there comes a time when there is a serious us-them all-out-battle, I don’t know what will happen.

    So what I think? Stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours. If you feel a need to get the vaccine, get it. If you don’t agree with the vaccine, don’t get it. Either way, pay attention to your own life and leave me alone.

  • This was posted yesterday on the member exchange of the National Association of School Psychologists by a practicing school psychologist in Colorado. The thinking among school psychologists is becoming more and more unhinged.

    “What responsibility do mandated reporters have when parents refuse to mask their children in school during a deadly pandemic? Let’s take this question even further. What responsibility do mandated reporters have when State Governors give parents the right to endanger their children’s lives by blocking mask mandates? What is our responsibility as child advocates in this debate? Should NASP issue a statement?”

    “Passive neglect is the failure by a caregiver to provide a person with the necessities of life including, but not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, or medical care, because of failure to understand the person’s needs, lack of awareness of services to help meet needs, or lack of capacity to care for the person. Protection from a deadly virus must certainly be seen as a necessity of life for a child.”


    Psychoeducational Diagnostician/Practice Owner

    Arvada CO

    • Yes so deadly that according to them 99.9999% percent of children will not die from it. They have a better chance of getting hit by lightning!

  • What about those who get “COVID”–whatever that means now, in light of the highly-inaccurate PCR test whch the CDC has pulled from EUA approval–but are fully jabbed? I’m unvaccinated–but my fully-vaxxxed supervisor caught the Coof. A couple of sheriffs in my State–both of whom were fully jabbed–died of “COVID” or pneumonia. What about them? Maybe those who want to build a jail cell for the unvaxxxed, will find themselves locked behind bars.

  • So, IF I am to be held responsible for everyone elses health and well being, then I want to see some changes around here!
    1) No more ulta-processed food stuff! Whole foods only!
    2) That (#1) means no fast food unless it is made with freshly made whole foods within a 24hr time frame! Sorry, no plant based “meat” products (they are by definition ultra-processed).
    3) No smoking!
    4) No drinking!
    5) No drinking of HFCS beverages!
    6) Everyone has to walk 3 miles a day at a high rate of speed (power walking)! Bonus points for other cardio like activity!
    7) Screen time is limited to 2 hours a 24hr period!
    8) Everyone, drink more water!
    9) Everyone, sleep more!
    10) Everyone, more laughing!
    11) Everyone, be nicer!
    12) Everyone, pay more attention to your spouse, kids, pets!
    13) Everyone, take an hour each day to sit outside, and watch nature!
    14) And when it runs out, replace the $&!@(! toilet paper roll!

  • So far, I have not been othered for this. I have been subject to it several times in the past, for three or four different reasons. I weathered those. I will weather this when it happens. And I know it will. It is not only inherent in humans to want to destroy what they fear, and they fear unvaccinated people even more than the actual disease now. Or, at least many of them do. It is easier to express hatred borne out of fear against a person than it is a microbe.

    I keep finding reports, scientific papers, studies, and articles about the real causes, effects, and numbers associated with the virus and variations. Many are in agreement about several things, if they are addressed in the report.

    1) It is semantics, yes, that the vaccine is not technically a vaccine. Still, it is being used in the same way a vaccine would be, for the same stated reasons. To stop the spread of an illness, to protect the person being vaccinated from the illness, and to protect those around the person being vaccinated from getting it. So, let them call it a vaccine if they want. I know it is not, but that is not an argument that will sway anyone.

    2) The various vaccines have only been partially effective in preventing a person from getting one of the forms of the virus. At least one of the vaccines has not had much effectiveness at all.

    3) The various vaccines do not always prevent the vaccinated person from passing the virus to another person. In significant numbers.

    4) The vaccines have been proven, in some people, some of the time, to keep the actual illness from being as bad as it might have been without the vaccination.

    Even with that last point that it MIGHT reduce the severity of the illness SLIGHTLY if it is contracted, the other points far outweigh that one small possibility. And it is a possibility, not a given. The vaccines DO NOT prevent a person from becoming infected. The CDC has said so. The vaccines DO NOT prevent the transmission of the virus from a vaccinated person to another vaccinated person or an unvaccinated person. The CDC has said so.

    So, if being vaccinated does not give me a very high probability of not getting the virus, and if I do get the virus does not keep me from passing the virus to my family and friends, and I only have a slight chance of not getting as ill as I might if unvaccinated, where is my incentive to take the risk of being vaccinated when those same papers and articles and reports all state that the effective rate for the vaccines is somewhat less than 90%, but they are not sure how much less, and that the rates of transmission from vaccinated people is so far unknown, but with the number of new cases, and the incidence of other protections being used by the unvaccinated, it has to be high, because the numbers of unvaccinated could not produce that many new cases in those that are vaccinated.

    Nor can the numbers be pinned down on just how many cases of less severe infection there are, which would bring to a conclusion that there are not that many.

    When you add together the number of people for whom the vaccine is not effective, to the number of people in which the vaccine made extremely ill and/or kills, you wind up with a relatively large number of people. Possibly as many as 15% of the population.

    I would like to ask those mandating the vaccination at gunpoint if sacrificing as much as 15% of the population because of the vaccines’ problems, is worth it to them, as a human being. Can they live with that?

    Another point. Any law that has any penalty (and why have a law if there are no penalties?), that can result in the arrest, incarceration, adjudication, and sentencing of the person refusing to abide by that law, means that during the arrest of the person, if any resistance is shown, law enforcement is now obligated to stop the person from escaping and to bring in for trial. And if they resist, that means deadly force will be used, ultimately meaning that a law to mandate being vaccinated, if not followed can carry the death penalty, no matter what the assigned penalty is.

    This is where this is going, if another disaster of some time does not occur first and prevent it from happening.

    Just my opinion.

  • there is a parallel here with the push to eliminate smoking in public places because of the damage second hand smoke causes. yes, people have the right to smoke, but not the right to damage others by that habit.

    • Yeah, should have never let them have that one, especially since the “science” severely overstated the risk of second hand smoke in public environments.

  • Presumably, the “logic” behind calling for denial of health benefits to the unvaccinated is that it is a personal choice that burdens the health care system unnecessarily.

    If this is to be the case, how will they then rationalize continuing to provide those benefits to, say, smokers or drinkers? How about the overweight or obese?

    Or, to truly dent the progressive “logic”, how will you continue to justify medical care for abortions and “transition surgeries”?

    Will we still provide treatment to the tens of thousands that for one reason or another suffer a medical event due to drug abuse or overdose? That seems to be a cause that is near and dear to those same people.

  • All of the VACCINES that I have received to date have protected me from the disease or virus that they were designed for. This vaccine however don’t do that. You can still carry and pass on COVID.
    I read just yesterday, this vaccine went to phase 3 clinical trials in less than 1 yr and 1/2. Dr. FAUCI said it was a landmark because normally it takes 10-15yrs to achieve this. You tell me what’s wrong with this picture.
    When the VACCINES work like they are supposed to and they are approved by the FDA. Not temporarily, actually approved, then I might get vaxxed.
    Sure there are as always going to be a person here and a person there that will unfortunately have a severe reaction to it, but not like right now, when the vaccine is as deadly as the virus.

  • I have been thinking a lot lately about how I will manage to feed/shelter myself if all possibility to work or even draw my Social Security checks is gone. BUT…and this is a big but…after reading the CDC’s upcoming plans to create “GreenZones” (e.g., internment places) for the unvaccinated, I’m wondering if there will even be a way to exist at all outside of their watch.
    Just a short quote from it:
    Explanation: The implementation and operation of green zones requires strong coordination among several sectors which may require substantial additional resources: supplies and staff to maintain these spaces – shelters, IPC, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), non-food items (NFIs) (beds, linens, dishes/utensils, water containers), psychosocial support, monitors/supervisors, caretakers/attendants, risk communication and community engagement, security, etc. Considering global reductions in commodity shortages,17 movement restrictions, border closures, and decreased trucking and flights, it is important to outline what additional resources will be needed and how they will be procured.
    Gotta love it. I feel SO cared for! I am praying, at this time, that I will not back down and et the vaccine which I feel is far worse than the disease. I’d llike to live a long life!

  • I want to share – because I have a lot of respect for this website and the commenters (even when I disagree!) – that since the California vaccination mandate became effective the administration of my medical group has distributed talking points to the doctors. The purpose of this is, as you might expect, for patients who come in requesting medical exemptions from the vaccine. I don’t think many people will meet the criteria for medical exemption.

    As for religious reasons, we are referring employees to Human Resources; we have been told not to address this issue. As for non-employees requesting religious exemptions, that is an open question.

    • @ Alice

      That’s pretty scary. Sounds like the CA government has given you their marching orders. Wonder how you’ll feel if you deny someone a medical exemption and they are horribly damaged or killed by the vax? Will you just say “hey, I was just following orders”?

      • I can’t physically force anyone to get a vaccine – legally that is assault. The choice of whether or not to get it is still theirs. All I can do is keep up with current medical recommendations, take a good medical history and check to see if they meet current criteria for exemption. Some people will, most won’t.

        • Alice,

          I am a nurse and its pretty obvious in above comments I am dead set against this “vaccine.” I have warned as many people as I can not to take it. It is their choice, but at least I tried. I just hate to see people take something that will probably take their life, if not now after the jab, but in the coming winter season or not in the too distant future, from what the BC MD said, of a potential right-sided heart failure or other clot formations elsewhere. If people don’t stand up and resist, we might as well lay down and let them bury us. In other countries, there are videos that show officers pinning people down and the vaccine being forced on them, which like you said is an assault, but they are getting away with it. Our rights have been terminated by the imposters in the government.

          My suggestion is to do whatever you can, even if against the rules of your job, to warn those that this might kill you or hurt you temporarily or permanently, tell them its your disclaimer lol

    • Thank you for the information, Alice – I really appreciate your willingness to have open discourse.

  • “Die Ungeimpften sind unser Unglück.” Where have we seen that before?

    (Hint: replace “Ungeimpften” (unvaccinated) with “Juden” and see what results turn up in a search.)

    Am I comparing the Branch Covidians to Nazis? You’re goddamn right I’m comparing them to Nazis. If the shoe fits…

  • Before you pass judgment on those not vaccinated, consider these questions:

    1. Could the person have recovered from COViD, thereby having natural immunity?
    2. Could the person gave an autoimmune disease that is in an active state which precludes getting the vaccine?
    3. Could the person have had an organ transplant, thereby precluding vaccination?

    Not all folks who don’t get the vaccine are making that choice out of “hesitancy”, but for legitimate reasons.

    Also consider this- why would PhDs be the most vaccine hesitant? Do they understand aspects of this vaccine that the general public doesn’t? When some of the smartest people in the room start leaving, best to understand why.

    • thank you also. makes sense doesnt it? there are quite a numbers of folks in the medical field I know that wont take it……wonder why……its a person’s choice, it’s their body, so people should just stop dehumanizing those who dont, because YOU dont walk in their shoes…..dont judge!

  • So why don’t we just require a yellow star pinned on all those who refuse the killer vaccine? It will make identification easier and get them all loaded onto the trains to the concentration camps.

    • You are representative of the people we are talking about on this string. You are sick, sick, sick. Please get the help you need.

      • Ann,

        Why are you othering Green Knight? Did you stop to consider he/she/they/ it might just be being sarcastic? (as am I) Or are you so polarized that the possibility doesn’t even register? Stop and take a deep breath, and count to ten before succumbing to the same knee jerk reactions the great unwashed American public is treating us to right now.

      • @ Ann Darcy

        I suspect Green Knight is just being sarcastic. I don’t think this is what he is really proposing!

    • I sense Green Knight’s exasperation with people, particularly on the left, who ought to be able to see that what’s happening looks awfully awfully familiar.

  • Common decency is being respectful of one another’s rights.
    Even without the Constitution this should be a no brainer.
    We’re not supposed to cross one another’s boundaries.
    Allowing ALL to make their own decisions for themselves and their families.

  • I honestly don’t know where there is heading….scary times indeed. BUT I had covid….I’ve been tested 3 different times, the last time 2 weeks ago and I am positive for having antibodies….meaning I am immune and ZERO threat to the people who have been vaccinated (I know that might not last forever) but the point is….even the diehard “YOU should die if you aren’t vaccinated” people appear to be so ignorant of the fact that millions have recovered and are immune.

    When I walk in a store and some random person asks me if I’ve gotten the shot, I don’t even respond anymore. It’s none of their damn business or right to ask my personal medical information. I just laugh and walk on by. They are so tiresome in their fear.

    I won’t even get the flu shot this fall. I’ve gotten one the last 10 years but I don’t trust these people to not slip something into this shot now. I’m good. I’m an American with rights and freedom and intend to keep on living that way. (And before I get slammed by a pro-vaxxer here….yes, I do know people who have died from Covid….my father passed September 30, 2020….he was 85 and healthy….didn’t take any medications. Covid simply got him hard…so no I’m not living in some fantastic fog that Covid isn’t real and can’t be deadly)

    We only have 1 life….live it to the fullest people. I feel sorry for those people who live everyday in dread and fear of people like me…. people who have not/will not get the shot…but who are still perfect safe to be around. What a waste of time that we only have a limited amount of.

    • @Suite148

      I have always gotten a flu shot since 1976.

      NO WAY am I ever getting one again because I do not trust Big Pharma to slip some spike proteins into future shots.

      BTW, the FDA just put a black box warning on the shingles vaccine, Shingrix, because it can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome.
      The black box warning was implemented on 24 March 2021. I’m sure my idiot doctor at the VA will tell me it is “safe.”
      I would rather develop shingles than Guillain-Barre syndrome (auto-immune disease with possible paralysis).

    • -SassyGirl,
      It does seem that way does it not?

      So rather than the vaxxed and unvaxxed getting into a shooting war, why not opt-out?
      You want to make me pay to work for you for testing?
      Fine, I quit. Start my own biz that is in competition with you.
      Dont want to give me a loan to start that biz? Fine, I will find other ways to raise the money, or perhaps my uncle who is a banker opens his own Credit Union that caters to the unvaxxed.
      Healthcare insurance? Fine. Cancel it. Take the money, stuff it into the mattress. Need health care, pay cash. Might be better in the long run than playing the insurance scam it is.
      Restaurant requires vaxx papers? I just wont go to them. I can always cook at home. Been doing it for years.
      Form your own unvaxxed support group/networks.
      Not interested in a shooting war here on American soil.
      Not one bit.

    • Sure, that’s was he was led to believe. In reality he fought for the same parasites that are bringing this tyranny to us now.

  • I hate to see our nation splintered by “othering”. US vs THEM is dangerous to any possible freedom.

    All vaccines have inherent dangers and there are pros and cons in every public health debate on that subject. I personally would prefere to see us maintain privacy, (HIPPA), choices, and freedoms. But other vaccines have been mandated for us and our children for decades baring allergy or religious exemptions. So its really not a new debate. But it’s a new and somewhat unproven style of vaccine being offered. What long term problems will arise from this one. There are still debates over the ultimate safety of the old and proven ones.

    I still carry a scar from a preschool small poc vaccine. I had the early Salk polio vaccine in the late 1950s during the polio epidemic. I had both kinds of measles as an infant, lucky me. I remember swallowing broth from a spoon when I had mumps on both sides at once. When whooping cough raced through the neighborhood I was barely sick but I had that silly sounding whooping sound. I tried to catch chicken pox when all my older friends had it. I was preschool age. I’m 74 and still haven’t had it. I nursed my 4 kids through it. Dad never caught it either. He lived to 83. Dr said it was a natural immunity. My kids were all eventually immunized against the other childhood diseases. It was required for school.

    I see pushing for forced vaxxing as something that doesn’t feel right. I had covid at age 73. It nearly killed me. My husband was 82 when he “probably” had it too. He only had a mild 3 days of diarrhea. His pregnant grand daughter the same.
    I’m still recovering 15 months later. Fibromyalgia has flared up again, arthritis is much worse, so is the idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. In other words I hurt like HELL and I’m tired all of the time. Taste and sense of smell are about back to the precovid state.

    Would I want anyone to loose work, education, freedoms, ect over covid vaxxing. NO! Should folks be threatened over it? I don’t think so. Should they be shot over it? Definitely not!

    A lot of impassioned rhetoric get thrown about. If it’s a matter of free speech. Have at it. Debate doesn’t hurt a free people. It’s when worse freedom that it becomes dangerous.

    It’s when we sell out freedom for comfort and safety that we weaken ourselves. Then no one is safe nor comfortable. But remember we have speedlimits and seatbelt laws for public safety. Where are we willing to draw the lines. Those were enacted over proven statisticics. The covid vaccine is only sort of, maybe, maybe not, yes, oh not really, proven.

    How can anything that murky be forced on anyone?

  • Remember this,
    The ones that developed this virus and hysteria, are also the ones pushing and wanting to punish, those that choose not to get vaxxed.

  • I’m having a hard time accepting that as an essential employee throughout the stay home orders, I couldn’t quit my job because I was scared and collect unemployment. I went to work everyday, exposed to everything that comes out of people ( I work in water/wastewater treatment). Now, I’m the problem because I’m not vaccinated? 18 months ago, I was essential, I mean expendable. Why change now?

    • This is hilarious to me. Please notice, at this time Biden’s economy is tanking, the business class can’t get workers, and an inflationary cycle is pending, hard core. Me thinks, maybe, just maybe, they need us more than we need them.

      Employment is always a two way street. Sometimes they like to pretend it’s not, and sometimes they can even get away with it.

      I’m just saying, for me personally, if they want to fire me and tell me I can’t spend money in their establishment, LETS GO, see how it works out for ya. The underground economy is a wonderful thing. Maybe I’m tired of paying taxes too.

  • Covid has been proven to not exist by the FDA and the CDC.
    Nurses and Doctors are coming out with video of patients basically being murdered for money. The SHOT is whats killing people. If you get the SHOT that’s your choice. If you don’t get the shot that’s your choice. I’ll bet you all the money I have that all the politicians, and the elite have not taken the shot. It’s all about thinning out the herd. I will never take the SHOT. People need to live and let live.
    During the regular flu season about 60,000 people die a year and some get the flu vaccination and some don’t. The doctors in my opinion are getting kick backs from big Pharma for pushing the SHOT.
    I dare the government to go into Chicago and try to give the black community the SHOT. The next day you will read or hear. 2,000 shot and 1,500 dead trying to administer the SHOT. If anyone or organization is dumb enough to try to force people to take the SHOT they better bring body bags and lots of them because the American people won’t stand for it. I have heard the unvaccinated are calling the vaccinated the walking dead, and the vaccinated are calling the unvaccinated un-American.dishonorable. and other names. I guess we are are CHILDREN. Everyone needs to grow up and STAY OUT OF EVERYBODY’S BUISNESS.

  • My thoughts on this are simple: I have an aunt and cousin that refuse to get vaccinated. They don’t have what I would consider good reasons not to vaccinate. In fact, I consider them both at high risk if they catch covid, my aunt because of her old age, and my cousin because of serious chronic health issues. The reason they don’t want to vaccinate is because my cousin spends a lot of time reading Facebook posts about people saying bad things about the vaccine, and many of them don’t even make any sense.

    I have had this sort of issue before, meeting people addicted to certain Internet sites or Facebook pages full of silly notions. Most of the time it’s harmless, but sometimes the silly notions that they wanted to go on about encouraged them into unpleasant behaviour. I consider encouraging people not to vaccinate based on lies about the vaccine as encouraging one the nastiest sorts of unpleasant behaviour.

    We should recognize that addiction to your favourite Internet pages is a thing, and that while most sites are harmless and some are positive for you, a few are dangerous. Most people are aware that pornography, for example, isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing, especially the younger the person watching. But pornography isn’t by far the only sort of site that can be harmful. Pages full of lies can be harmful as well, especially if they use lies as an encouragement to dangerous or hateful behaviour, and right now there is very little control over that. And maybe there will never be much control, given that so many people are very much against censorship.

    So, since maybe it’s unrealistic to hope that the Internet will refrain itself from being dangerous, maybe we should encourage people to see the Internet, and especially the less regulated corners of the Internet, as potentially dangerous, bad for your mental health, bad for good relations with your family and your local community.

    That’s how I’ve been talking about the Internet to people. Think of it as pond water. Think of its contents as whatever you overheard in a bar. Think of it as trash.

    Because it is.

    • Actually, that level of contempt for people who don’t just listen to government propaganda is frightening. Rather like the “Deplorables” comment of Hilary Clinton. I have a law degree and post graduate qualifications after straight “A”s in Classical Greek and Latin. My husband is a software programmer. My brother was a financial analyst before the lockdowns, and tested off the charts with his IQ level when at his private school. I think we are all able to distinguish between pond water and drinking water. Personally I think you would probably drink the pond water if told to do so by a government suit.

  • Daisy, just to start out I am a follower even though I disagree with some things but I respect everyone’s opinion. Having said that I expect to get jumped on big time.
    Fact. Covid 19 is real. It is contagious and people have died.
    Fact. Masks are a pain in the butt but if they save a life are they worth it?
    Fact : a vaccine is available and it is new. It has side effects but so does covid. Is it worth the risk. It should be decided by person and their doctors. My doctor will not approve me because of a rare neurological condition that I have. A fever will put me in the hospital with paralysis. So I wear a mask and only go out for doctors appointments and groceries. That’s on me but if you are infected and out in public without a mask or vaccinated, I am at risk even with a mask. The mask protects the other guy from you more than you from the other guy. This would be different is n95 masks were actually available which does protect the wearer.
    Do you wear a seatbelt?
    Do you have a driver’s license?
    Do you pay taxes?
    Do you put your kids in a car seat and make them wear a bike helmet?
    If you own a business do you have a business license?
    Why do you do any of these things?
    Either because of safety or laws.
    Tell me the difference beyond your just wanting to bitch, complain and have a temper tantrum like a 5 year old because you don’t want to do something that is inconvenient. If you don’t want the vaccine that’s your decision but wear a d#@%& mask and save a life.
    Let’s hear it. I’m all ears.

    • Frogmoma, Thank you for your respect of others choices as well as I respect your decision to do as you choose to do also. And as it should be. No one should have to be made to feel guilty, or fearful, because they choose to make the right decision for their own health in the face of so many differing and ever-changing govt/medical opinions.

      As a former Designer of Life Support Equipment, specifically Ventilators, for 15 years I know what even the smallest lack of blood oxygen does to the brain. Think of watching a little 7 year old boy who drowned in a swimming pool due to lack of oxygen as the water is filling his lungs and parents having to make the most terrifying, heart-wrenching decision of their life.

      I choose to NOT wear a mask as I value my good health and full breath-taking because of a strong immunity due to using herbs (God’s medicine) instead of man-made concoctions that cure nothing. Remember that old saying “out with the old (breath! In with the new”)
      Re-breathing in the old air does cause health issues especially for young children.

      I know you already have your mind made up about wearing your mask and I say good for you. Keep choosing to wear it, by all means, especially if you are sick, or have a weak immune system, or any health adverse issues. That’s important. BUT please don’t dictate what others choose to do regarding their own good health. I know Who my Protector is and it definitely is not a piece of cloth or paper. But may God bless you and your own health. Keep safe and keep others safe if you are sick. Personally, I’d rather stay home if so.

    • Do seatbelts have the potential to cause, among many other things, clotting and thromolytic cytopenia?

      Do driver’s licenses have the potential to cause, among many other things, clotting and thromolytic cytopenia?

      Do taxes have the potential to cause, among many other things, clotting and thromolytic cytopenia?

      Do car seats and bike helmets have the potential to cause myocarditis in your children?

      Does a business license have the potential to cause, among many other things, clotting and thromolytic cytopenia?

    • Someone with a peanut allergy does not get to ban peanuts from the world.

      Further, the “if it saves just one life” trope is not how government coercion should operate, though our politicians use it on a regular basis when it serves them. Have you been wearing your helmet in the car, lately? Ban swimming pools? You get the point, a lot of “harmless” changes could save lives (you assume masking works, it doesn’t, but for sake of argument…)

      One more argument of principle to respond to your typical arguments, I note it being stated in the media that a pretty high percentage of American minorities are not getting vaccinated. Therefore, I posit a deliberately outrageous think question… Perhaps if our black fellow Americans had remained enslaved, we could then ensure 100% compliance with all vaccine mandates and schedules. No? Arnold Shwarzenegger just told us “screw your freedom” and I assume you cheered. Please tell me exactly how and where a society draws a line between slavery and what you advocate? Wait, don’t forget–you won’t be deciding this, a politician or politically powerful person will, NOT YOU.

      Yes, we have some laws already, you sagely note, so why not have a couple more, you suggest. Perhaps it is somewhat true we are somewhere in a gray area between absolute liberty and enforceable government injections of medicine into formerly free Americans. Forced injections of medicine….Do you understand how outrageous this sounds?

      Finally, for some strange reason you are trusting the motivations of these people. Unless you are simply uninformed, you will only be convinced by the passage of time and events. The public health people have lied about the facts and moved the goal posts from the outset. Why? Why do they need to lie?

    • That will be the same date that Afghanistan falls completely into Taliban hands.
      Kind of like a FU in America’s face.


    Firstly, an information point for those who think..” if only the unvaccinated would save the country from covid” – that’s not even possible. This is why we never had vaccinations for viruses in the past. Its a money making racket and they are knowingly lying to us in telling us vaccinations will solve the problem and get rid of Covid.

    Secondly, God has got this under control. Every decision they make to ostracize those of us who refuse the vaccine for reasons of conscience, or to ghettoize us or to send us either metaphorically or literally to the gulag, will only place us more squarely in the center of God’s will for us. He has got a plan for us. I don’t know the exact details of his plan. But I know it is to give us a hope and a future, as he told the Jewish people when he led them out of Egypt. The American pioneers came to this land trusting in God’s provision. We need to trust God now for him to lead us to whatever place we need to be. This story is not told yet.

    However, I also think there is no point in burying our heads in the sand. The Pharisees were judged for not recognizing the “signs of the times” before the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans – and the Christians at that time were told by Jesus to flee Jerusalem in order to save their lives, as soon as they saw the City surrounded by Roman soldiers. Substitute Jerusalem for Christians and conservatives/libertarians – and Roman soldiers for Marxist and radical leftists – and depending on numbers and the level of threat – now is the time to leave, and move to a safer area. It’s only going to get worse in the short term, as American society unravels, and people start to behave in increasingly irrational ways.

    • I just read that article.

      Ironic is it not? The possibility that the vaccine just might be responsible for transmitting the next variant better in the vaccinated population.

      Also read of reports out of Israel of people fully vaccinated, and with the booster, still getting COVID.

      Fact is, we do not know much about the virus in the first place. If we did, we would have vaccines that were 100% effective.
      Based off reports, does not seem that way, eh?
      And, we do not know much about the vaccines. If we did, there would be no side effects, and everyone fully vaccinated would not be infecting others or getting COVID.

      All this for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

  • We have all made Daisy’s point. There is a lot of “othering” in the posts here. There are definitely two camps when it comes to vaccination thoughts and neither has much respect for the views of the other. I see this as a symptom of a much bigger problem than Covid, which I think is Daisy’s point. It is being displayed in many ways: rioting vs peaceful protesting in our cities, views people have on the direction our government via socialism vs capitalism, globalism vs nationalism, and issue after issue. We can no longer have a civil discussion with those who hold opposing views. We are a free country with more than enough room for those who disagree with us.

    • Do you really feel that you still live in a free country? The best slaves are the ones thank think they’re free.

  • Today my sister called me stupid because I have not gotten the vaccine, which is not a vaccine, and also said I was trying to kill her. She has gotten the shot. She would not even have a reasonable discussion. I could cite doctors, reports, etc about not getting the vaccine but she was not interested. ????

    • I’m in Alaska. I bet your sister is a brainwashed nurse and I probably work with her lol (for now. My employee days are numbered)

    • My 85 y.o. and 73 y.o. vaxxed Aunts today asked … no, her e-mail pleaded with me and my siblings, our spouses, and our children to get vaxxed before coming to our mother’s funeral (not COVID), lest they and her vaxxed friends could not attend themselves out of fear from the threat from the unvaxxed, while at the same time imploring that her death was the reason we must all be together, if only just one more time, as a family.

      Half of us have already had COVID and don’t want to risk screwing our natural immunity or risk ADE from the Delta, and the other half of us have allergies that medically contraindicate vaccination for many conditions with vaxxes that are approved and are far safer than the experience shown thus far with all the COVID vaxxes, so four resounding votes of ‘no’ from across the political spectrum. Our spouses either had it or are supportive of our decision to not be vaxxed.

      I didn’t want to insult my Aunties, so I didn’t respond with “OK, Boomer,” but we pretty much agreed that they were being extremely selfish to ask us to risk many more quality years of our lives than either of them had left, clinging to existence at the cost of living.

      We kids can do our own memorial some other time, but I’m sure my Mother’s sisters and her Boomer friends will wonder why her kids and grand-kids, who were only loving while she was alive, didn’t have the decency to show up for an event at which they were not welcomed unless they risked their own lives.

      It really sucks to cut loved ones loose like that, but I remember when older folks would sacrifice for the young without even being asked, and now they are pestering us to risk everything to give them another year or two, as if our duty lies only to them and not our own families.

  • I got the moderna Vax back in April, and the second shot in May, because the government swore that it would confer 100% immunity and it was supposed to be safe.
    I’m now hearing about disturbing side effects that are possibly lethal, the Vax isn’t giving the immunity that was promised, and now I’m supposed to want to take yet another shot with the probability that I’ll need to get boosters every six months?
    How can we trust ANYTHING that the government is telling us about this? Or anything else, for that matter?
    And meanwhile, I and millions of people who trusted foolishly that the government wouldn’t deliberately sicken it’s citizens are now waiting to see if our kidneys will shut down or if we get a fatal blood clot. While we wait to see which horrible death awaits us, we are told to mask up, social distance and sign up for the next round of shots.
    I truly hope that these people are unrepentant, because I want to see them burn in hell for eternity for doing this, and if that means I go to hell too, well… at least I will enjoy the view.

  • Revelation 16 strikes me as describing Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. Woe to those who took the mark of the beast so they could go shopping or go on vacation.

  • You should read this updated (unvaccinated) version of “First They Came for the Jews…” by Wayne Allen Root:

    This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    This is the most important commentary I’ve ever written.

    It’s time for alarm bells. It’s time for me to play the part of Paul Revere: “The communist tyrants and dictators are coming! The communist tyrants and dictators are coming!” They’re coming first for unvaccinated Americans.

    This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938. No, it’s not the Holocaust. Nothing can be compared to the Holocaust. Ever.

    But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews.

    Everything happening today to the American people … to the U.S. Constitution … to freedom … and particularly to unvaccinated Americans reminds me of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here.

    First, “the papers.” Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are just like 1938, when the Gestapo demanded papers from every German.

    Republicans asked for “papers” from migrants who had broken into our country. Criminals. Democrats said, “No, that’s racism.” Republicans asked for “papers” once every two years for federal elections, to prove you have a right to vote. Democrats said, “No, that’s racism.”

    Now Democrats want American citizens, not illegal aliens, not criminals, but patriots born in this country, to produce papers 24/7. We’ll need papers to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, concerts, casinos, conventions and hotels and to board a train, plane or bus. We’ll need papers to enter a supermarket, or we’ll starve to death. All for the crime of being unvaccinated against … wait for it …

    The flu.

    All for the crime of being unwilling to inject an untested, rushed to production, experimental, “for emergency use only” shot into our bodies.

    What happened to the war cry of Democrats: “My body, my choice”? It only applies to murdering babies, but it doesn’t apply to dangerous experimental shots that we don’t want injected into our bodies.

    Weren’t Jews injected with experimental drugs by the depraved Nazi government? Wasn’t that a key part of the Nuremberg trials? That no government could ever again inject experimental shots into the bodies of unwilling citizens? Isn’t that a basic human right?

    By the way, this isn’t about vaccines. If you want the vaccine, take it. I’d never stop you. I’d never limit your freedom, your choice. This is about vaccine mandates — forcibly injecting Americans who don’t want it. That’s 1938.

    But there’s much more in common with 1938. Mask mandates. If you’re scared, wear them. I’m not scared. I don’t want to wear them. Mandates are about forcing individuals to lose their freedom, choice, individuality and human rights. That’s 1938.
    Lockdowns are a match with the Warsaw Ghetto. Jews were locked down. Jews couldn’t work. Jews couldn’t travel. Jewish businesses were labeled “nonessential.”

    If government can force us to close our businesses, to kill our jobs, to decide who is nonessential, then this is 1938.
    Stars on clothing. It’s coming. The vaccinated get into restaurants, bars, concerts, supermarkets, planes and trains. They keep their jobs. The rest of us are marked as “subhuman” for life. That’s the star. That’s 1938.

    Media and social media as the public-relations wing of the government. That’s called propaganda. Remind you of 1938? Back then, the Jews’ books were burned. Today, it’s those of conservatives, patriots and specifically the unvaccinated. We are silenced. Our facts are labeled “misleading.” Only the facts that agree with big government’s agenda count. That’s 1938.
    Door-to-door intimidation and making lists of those who disagree with “government knows best.” Trust me, that army of door-to-door vaccine brainwashers will soon be turned into a Gestapo of gun-grabbers. 1938 was the year Nazis banned Jews from owning guns. They took them door to door. That’s 1938.

    Only days ago, a former Department of Homeland Security official said the unvaccinated should be on the federal no-fly list. That’s exactly how Nazis attacked the Jews and others who disagreed with their agenda. It was always lists. Lists of people to be disappeared in the middle of the night; lists of those to be sent to reeducation camps; lists of those to be sent to concentration camps; lists of enemies of the state. It’s happening again. Maybe this time you’ll only lose your job or free speech. This is, again, 1938.

    It’s all disgusting and disgraceful. But I’m warning you, this is just the start. It’s all going downhill from here — fast. This is the end of America. This is 1938.

    Unless we stop it now. Unless we take a stand now. Unless we draw a line in the sand now.

    First, they came for the unvaccinated. Trust me: Next, they’re coming for you.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong , why should the people who have been vaccinated worry about unvaccinated , aren’t the vaccinated safe isn’t that the propaganda , get two shots and you will be ok , if that’s the case why should the vaccinated jack up against the Un vaccinated it’s just one big propaganda exercise to see who is stupid enough to get this whatever it is we will start seeing the results of this in a few years time , if you have had this shot it’s to late for you ,there’s no reversing the damage done

    • @ Tony

      Does it make sense to try to force everyone, from healthy teens to those who already had Covid to get the vax? Course not. Does it make sense to try to force people to get a vax which now appears to be only about 39% effective against the Delta variant? To get booster shots of a vax that doesn’t work? To double down on trying to force everyone to get it? Only reason I can think of is to eliminate the Control Group, those that refused the vax. If significant health problems arise in the vaxed, it wouldn’t be convenient to have an unvaxed population to compare them to.

  • This isn’t about a vaccine. Whistleblowers from both Pfizer and Moderna admitted on both main stream news and other news sites that they weren’t and won’t get the vax beecause it is a BIOWEAPON. Their words, not mine. It is designed to get rid of what those in power consider useless. Since many of them are on pensions. social security or Medicare, what better way of thinning the herd by forcing the shot on them, when they KNOW that that this has a high mortality rate? Why are there videos circulating that show people’s iPhones sticking to their skin, when these phones did not stick before the vax?

    The reason why they want everybody to get a vax and they are passing disinformation around about natural immunity is the shot works with 5G cull the herd (to put it bluntly) and mind control others. Look at those videos from China.

    At least one millionaire offered a $1M prize to anyone who could provide proof that the virus has been isolated. Nobody has stepped forward. So how can you develop a vaccine for a virus that so far nobody has isolated? Doesn’t make sense. This particular strain of coronavirus has some interesting symptoms, but ALL coronaviruses have spike proteins. That is where the name “corona” comes from! And what are coronaviruses? Rhinoviruses for those who understand medical terminology, the common cold for those who don’t. Ask yourself, why is there a resurgence in August? The hottest time of the year in the northern hemisphere; that is NOT the way natural respiratory viruses work. They peak in Mid-February, start to ramp up in mid-to-late November and die down to almost zero by May. The original coronavirus that everybody is so scared of acted EXACTLY that way. This so-called Delta variant? Prove to me it exists! I bet it doesn’t and is part of the same psyop to boost the profits of big pharma as their bought off puppets (MSM) tout the need for boosters! People were told that if they got vaxxed, they could travel, take off the mask, go to bars and restaurants. That didn’t happen and the vaxxed are the ones getting sick; so what does the bought off lame stream media do? Blame the unvaxxed and now you have ALL these agencies telling the people, vaxxed or not vaxxed that they have to put on their masks again.

    Don’t fall for it. THIS WILL NOT END if you do. It isn’t the vaxxed. It is the sick psychopaths that run our governments.

  • My body, my choice. Or does that only count when it fits the narrative?

    All the C-19 numbers have been skewed from day 1.
    The CDC has already stated that it’s the Pro-Vax people who are spreading Delta.
    Lastly, unless someone has a time machine and can travel 10 – 20 years into the future, they should shut up about how safe and effective the experimental (Snake oil) vaccines are.

    Wanna blame someone for the pandemic? Blame China first and then all the fear mongering news networks.

  • Ask everyone you meet the following:

    If the unvaccinated are causing new variants, why weren’t these new variants more prominent when everyone was unvaccinated?

    The ‘virus’ was circulating at least as far back as September 2019, and the injections didn’t start until December 2020. Due to distribution problems, not too many shots went into arms until February 2021. That’s around 1 1/2 years, where the populace was 100% unvaccinated, for the virus to mutate. But it didn’t until AFTER people started getting jabbed. That year and a half when vaccines were not yet available also included TWO winters, during which time viruses are most likely to spread. You don’t hear of flu outbreaks in summer, for example. So why are these mutants occurring during summer? A summer where 34 states are experiencing heat waves, fer chrissakes.

    You don’t have to have a ‘scientific’ background, let alone be an epidemiologist, to see that none of this adds up.

  • My comment didn’t post. Let me try again.

    Ask everyone you meet the following:

    If the unvaccinated are causing new variants, why weren’t these new variants more prominent when everyone was unvaccinated?

    The ‘virus’ was circulating at least as far back as September 2019, and the injections didn’t start until December 2020. Due to distribution problems, not too many shots went into arms until February 2021. That’s around 1 1/2 years, where the populace was 100% unvaccinated, for the virus to mutate. But it didn’t until AFTER people started getting jabbed. That year and a half when vaccines were not yet available also included TWO winters, during which time viruses are most likely to spread. You don’t hear of flu outbreaks in summer, for example. So why are these mutants occurring during summer? A summer where 34 states are experiencing heat waves, fer chrissakes.

    You don’t have to have a ‘scientific’ background, let alone be an epidemiologist, to see that none of this adds up.

  • I had Covid back before we knew what it was. I was pretty sick and miserable for a few days, but thanks to a recessive gene that I have (I knew I had that gene since high school) I was over it in about a week. Now, according to all medical science, I have immunity that will last the rest of my life, an immunity that will protect against even close variants of the original disease.

    I studied genetics at the university. So when I read that these “vaccines” contain mRNA, that was a big flag that these are dangerous. No way will I willingly take a jab. I also oppose GMOs because of what I learned in the university.

    According to all reports that I’ve read, the CDC VAERS listings record only from 1% to 10% of adverse reactions to vaccines. With that in mind, when they list over 1500 deaths from the “vaccines” in less than a year, that means the true number of deaths so far is between 150,000 and 1,500,000. Those are scary numbers. Good reason for hesitancy. Especially for those with natural immunity. Further, there are reports that some “fully vaxxed” people are shedding spike proteins, causing health problems for those around them. If those reports are true, it’s the unvaxxed who should be protected from the vaxxed.

    The total percentage of vaxxed people who will die of complications to the jabs is still unknown, but scary. The complications range from the well known blood clots, to cancers and other diseases caused by a compromised immune system. The figures I’ve seen range from 35% to 100%. But that is all still speculative, as the longitudinal studies have not been made. Even though there’s a good chance that those who received the jab will die soon, that’s no reason to treat them as less than human. If they do die, there will be many orphans—can you see me in my eighties taking kids out on camping trips? Teaching them to make fires?

    Now I’ve given the reasons I, and my nonagenarian mother with a PhD, who also recovered from the disease, refuse the jabs.

    Yes, we have been ostracized by people we considered good friends. We refuse to reciprocate. There were social things that we enjoyed, from which we are now banned. That’s sad.

    Looking at all sources of information we can find, including America’s Frontline Doctors, Health Impact News, Mike Adams as well as others, we have concluded that the MSM gives us lies, more lies and statistics. When the MSM reported that the local hospitals were overflowing with Covid patients, my next door neighbor, a cop whose job regularly takes him into the hospitals, reported that they were empty but that the hospital workers weren’t allowed to say anything.

    Finally, I saw this on another site, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out myself: if asked if I have been vaxxed, instead of answering “Yes” or “No”, ask “Have you received the jab?” If the answer is “Yes”, respond with “Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do for you or your family? Have you seen a lawyer yet to get your will in order? Are all your affairs in order?” and mean it. This is not a time for gloating, for those people could be in serious trouble sooner than they think.

    • Someone commenting on the Ecosophia site recommended replying with a big grin, “Not yet! How about you?” Look really excited, and then ask them all about their experience. Of course, by this time, not having taken the plunge indicates to everyone that you do not intend to, but avoiding making yourself a target of the insane by deftly changing the course of the conversation is probably still worthwhile. I suppose you could tell them that you are holding out for a really big incentive. May need to avoid the person after that.

  • No, I have not had the vaccine for several reasons. I had a reaction to an MMR that may be part of the reason I am disabled. I have multiple medication sensitivities & allergies. And I have had COVID (documented & am now a long hauler). But I don’t think a lot of the vaccine fanatics would consider any of those good reasons for not getting the jab.

  • I’ve read all 130 some comments ahead of mine. There has been a lot of great insight shared. I have a few quick things to add:

    This virus is doing what all viruses do (as I have said over and over again ad nausem). It is mutating. It is becoming more transmissible but less lethal. Any ‘good’ virus wants to live. It is ‘learning’ to not kill its hosts, so that it can ‘live’. (Science. Really.)

    I am of the camp, you do you, and I’ll do me. I don’t care if you took the jab or not. Not my business. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so or not. My reasons for my choice will not mirror yours necessarily. But guess what? I still like you or don’t like you just like before all this crap!

    The only ‘ othering’ I am currently experiencing is my employer ‘mandating’ masks for unvaxxed while ‘encouraging’ vaxxed to mask. I think y’all know where I fall in that line. While I am holding out as long as I can, I do need my job. I can wear a face diaper if I must (working on a medical exemption play for that tho). I DO draw the line at a mandated jab. And am looking at options should that happen. I am concerned that actual vaccine status is being fast tracked, which will make it ‘easier’ for employers to mandate, vs the EAU.

  • Thanks for exploring this Daisy. Many have considered the options and will not comply. No. Matter. What.

    So this could be the leverage that creates the civil conflict the radical leftists are seeking. I would caution them however, to think about what they are pursuing as it could cost everyone dearly in the end.

  • Talking about covid is like talking about the environment. It draws in people who are zealots, on either side, you are wrong, no you are wrong, shut up and die, no you shut up and die. There is no discourse, there is only two sides ranting at each other, and if you are fool enough to be caught between them, watch out. Anyone talking about covid sounds deranged, which is a shame, it is useful information.

    Where did the smart and cautious people go, where are the clear reasoned debates? Watch Aldous Huxley being interviewed by Mike Wallace discussing the problems of Survival and Freedom in America, It makes the debate now look like something a toddler would say.

  • Some of these comments are as sickening as don lemon. Freedom. Period. It’s not up for debate. Leave people alone who don’t want the jab or face a rebellion that ONLY THE POLITICIANS WANT. Mark Twain once said “it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.” I’m done trying to convince the foolish. You do you and I’ll do me. You don’t really want what you think you’re demanding. Read a history book.

  • The pro-vaxxers are objectively wrong. They are extremely ignorant and don’t know any accurate information about the Covid jabs. All they know is whatever lies came from Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, etc and other liars in government, the media, and the extremely corrupt medical industry.

    The problem here is that people don’t know when they’re being utterly fooled by psychopaths, and they are conditioned to fight and become super bitter and hateful if anyone points out their extreme gullibility and folly.

    The authorities know how to sucker most people, even people who fancy themselves intelligent and good at researching info. Unfortunately they are accepting things as true without evidence. If the sources they trust tell them that something is “misinformation,” they believe that it is.

    What these people constantly do is allow others to think for them. They repeat what the authorities say and feel strong due to being on the side of the authorities. The reality is they don’t know how to think independently or do real research. Their critical thinking skills are nil.

    They are part of a cult, a set of religious doctrines accepted on faith, but refuse to admit it. They know it’s true though, hence their extreme anger and bitterness, their massive insecurity and inability to remain calm and devoid of anger.

    They cannot have a rational conversation and discuss the evidence for what they believe. They don’t have any, they just think Fauci et al are honest but the real facts disprove this easily. Facts they’ve been trained to not look at due to their brainwashing. The truth is too traumatic for them to consider.

    • Just read this and it is well worth reading – someone else in the comments copied and pasted it I think although I read it online. Thanks to both for the recc.

  • Well, that was disturbingly one sided. All that blame-stream rubbish, and not a word toward what the kill shots really are. The Mark; changes your DNA, and you are no longer God’s creation. You are now a GMO.
    I get that we need to hear the lies for the pro death jab, but people need reference to resources like bitchute, and encourage them to do their homework to learn the other perspective..once called the truth. Learn about spike protein the jabbed release, the insane clotting of platelets, the agenda to depop. and graphine oxide found in extreme percentages per jab by numerous doctors in lab coats that don’t buy the paid-for science…called lies. And lets not forget about the over 45,000 deaths in the U.S. alone from those Never safe, never tested, emergency use only innoculations of death.
    Never has a shot killed so many and been allowed to still be injected into the stupid and ignorant by force, coercion, or edict. When the Gates of hell openly tells you that he wants to reduce the world population by abortions and vaccines, is invested heavily in the jab, and giggles like a possessed school girl when he talks about jabbing little kids in Africa with his darts of death, and you still roll up your sleeve, well, that is a whole new level of deadly dumb.

  • There’s a world of difference between making someone do something which affects only the person being ordered and making someone do those things which protect others. If you choose to not get vaccinated, that’s on you. But if you choose to infect me, that’s a whole different kettle of fish no matter how innocently your viral assault on me originates. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, then you should respect the lives of others by remaining isolated from others from whom you might become contagious and to whom you might also transmit the infection. Perhaps you also think that people shouldn’t have to learn to drive before heading off in a car? Free will must reign?
    You can shoot your gun all you want out in the middle of nowhere. But blasting it wildly in the middle of a heavily populated area is unlikely to remain an innocent and harmless manifestation of self-determination, no matter how much you feel entitled to do whatever you want. Breathing is considerably less obvious, yet it can have similar outcomes among those who don’t care who they harm.

    • Flip side: If you are so fearful of every germ out there, in nature, or be it a lab made one, a germ that I may or may not have. A germ that I have no control over even if I was vaccinated and may pass on to you, even if you have the vaccine too. Rather than try to impose your will on me, why not respect my wishes not to get the jab, and just stay home for the rest of your life?

    • I completely agree. Virtually every person hospitalized or dying of covid was infected by someone who had no idea he was carrying it. But he was, and he gave it to others. It’s just not only about an individual’s desire to reject the vaccine.

      • So I hate to be the paranoid sounding person that points this out, but you guys do realize the two main pro-vaccine peep’s your arguing with literally have the moniker, CIA and Alice (as in wonderland).

        Trolls they be. Most normal human response is to make your argument and move on unless someone gets hostile and you feel you need to defend yourself. Trolls keep arguing just to force a point. Just for future reference. By the way you guys all sound well informed and well rounded. The kind they hate.

      • Then why not just stay at home for the rest of your life if you are that fearful of germs?
        Germs are everywhere. They mutate every day. It is nature.
        Right now your skin is crawling with millions of germs.
        Your cell phone is host to another million.
        Your computer keyboard and mouse.
        You might have been carrying a germ that may have killed someone who is immunocompromised in the past.
        Are you full of that much fear?

  • Anyone remember the Nuremberg code??? It’s not like that was put in place for any reason and it’s definitely not being violated…oh wait

    • The Nuremberg trials were a sham perpetrated by the same people that are doing this to you today. Don’t expect them to become victims of their own fraud.

  • Cia is a paid shill.

    As to this “freedom is everything” thing, just wait until the shoe is on the other foot. Airline insurance carriers have told the airlines that vaxxed pilots invalidate their insurance because of its experimental nature and the now-known risk of blood clots which makes it dangerous to pilot or even ride in an airplane.

    Thousands of cases have been reported in women, even long-postmenopause and babies–of heavy painful vaginal bleeding and large clots. Is this a lie?

    Well, if you have been deplatformed, Daisy, then so have others. That means we really don’t know which side is endangering the other.

    We all know “reproducibility” is a key in science, and that the fancy peer-reviewed jurnals have a “reproducibility crisis.” In high school physics, I was told that THE keey in science is correct prediction. In February, Dr. Geert Van Den Bosch, a vaccine maker exec, predicted that the VAX would cause a breakout of variants that would be more deadly than the original, especially to the vaxxed, whose immune systems would be too specific to cope with variants.

    All the shrieking about “Delta” and other variants makes Van Den Bosch look right. But with so much censorship, it is hard to say for sure.

    Worse, there are CURES for all this stuff: zinc with either ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, Vitamins C and D, sunshine. Total censorship of this has killed thousands of people.

    Those wanting to violate other people’s rights are scared to death. They might be calmed down if they could be told about the solutions.

    CENSORSHIP is the enemy.

  • Did you hear the interview of that Mexican maid sexual fiend? The one they call Ahnold that destroyed his marriage by committing adultery with one of his employees?

    He is lecturing US about getting the JAB so he can have more freedom. Basically that is what it was. It was quite appalling what and how he was saying it. He has no right to talk about morals considering what he had done.

    Neither does Don Lemon as a sexually immoral sodomite.

    Why are ALL the ‘elite like that? It’s as if Satan got a hold on all of them.

  • The Catholic diocese in Denver has issued guidance for those wanting to get a religious exemption from the vaccine. They also have a form letter that you can use. I’m sure that it can be used for any religious denomination.

    When nothing in the world makes sense anymore conspiracy theories start to sound reasonable. I found this article that asks why the govt is so hell-bent on a 100% vax rate. I have heard several doctors and researchers say that the vax could affect fertility. Something that may not be obvious for several years and then it is too late. As someone said to me, “When has it ever ended well in a movie when they start screwing around with DNA?”

  • Cia is nothing but an AI. I see it everywhere. All it’s response are the same. Fake numbers, fake facts and fear mongering with extreme emotional bullying. Your a “dead” giveaway in every word. Your propaganda and manipulation tactics won’t work on the un-propagandize people. Ya, I know you’re taking over our world but EVIL Will Not Prevail! I will not bow down to you or my government. I fear my creator. I will die for Him. Starving and cold if need be. Never for you. Glory be to God. May I/we be counted worthy.

  • I have a few thoughts on this issue. I’m unvaccinated and intend on staying that way. Its no one’s choice by mine. I have never been a follower. That’s not saying I can’t be a good team member. But I walk away from the group once it become apparent their purpose is not my purpose and I feel no pressure to “just go along”.
    How are programs like SS and Medicare now defined as some “benefit” when I was mandated to pay out of my labor into them all of my working life… a benefit some dope now wants to take away (as if they can) due to a personal medical decision I made?
    If you take a look at those calling for all this discriminatory nonsense they are really no-bodies. They are entertainment fools having no expertise in what they are talking about. Leftist hacks, has-beens vying for a last bit of attention, squishy Beta males, dysfunctional females, and miserable individuals wanting everyone to be as miserable as themselves.
    My feeling it that the narrative is unraveling as more and more people wake up to the looming disaster caused by these “vaccines” which are not vaccines at all. I only will have to keep on keeping on and outlast the lies, the disintegrating narrative, and the desperation of the globalists to kill off and/or enslave us. (Good luck with that, asswipes!)

  • After Rereading this article and some of the responses here I couldn’t help but think of that quote from yoda of Star Wars fame.

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” — Yoda

    There’s a whole lot of fear out there. Controlling fear is a survival skill. A couple pro-vax posts are rank with it.

    Just an observation.

  • I cant understand how they blame the unvaccinated for Covid if the Unvaccinated dont have Covid, plus its their life and they should have the right to choose based on their own decisions. There no way that an unvaccinated person without Covid, can possibly give Covid to anyone and I dont need to be a doctor to know that.

  • They seem to keep forgetting the “other” is well armed and would rather die fighting commies than die as a sick useless nothing person.I’m afraid there will be a lot of dead if it continues and becomes like the Aussies.

  • To the utterly stupid, vile ignoramuses (incl. Chris Cuomo – the same guy that hypocritically violated his own lock down when he had Covid, and then also threatened a bicyclist who accidentally blundered into him, and brother of Gov. Molester Cuomo, tell the latter that unvaccinated should be allowed to work or buy food, here on CNN.), that horse doctor at Vandy, the sanctimonious sock puppet Lemon, all those “Hate has no home here” yard sign hate-filled hypocrites, ad nauseam, two comments:

    a.) If and when ADE kicks in, you won’t be *around* to implement your hate-filled plans now, will you. Oh wait. You will, because you got a saline injection, right?

    b.) Ummm… I realize the people like Morgan here are not exactly rocket scientists, but I ALREADY have covid antibodies, as to millions of us. OUR IMMUNES RESPONSE IS SUPERIOR TO YOUR NARROW VACCINE ANTIBODY RESPONSE. Further, it is now known in the science community that those vaccinated spread just as much, if not more, than the non-vaccinated. But lets leave that aside for now. Since those of us who have natural immunity are BETTER than you vaccinated one, might I suggest we segregate YOU as dangerous???

    Sorry to use logic on you fasco-Marxists, but just thought I’d ask. Not that any of you would have the intellectual honesty to answer. Let alone vaccine developer and former DIRCTOR for the Global Alliance FOR Vaccine and Immunization, AND for Bill Gates’ vaccine org, now saying you vaccinated ones are the ones CAUSING the variants. Guess we’ll have to doc your pay. Heck, I could live like a king on 1% of fake newsers talking heads salary like Lemon or Morgan

  • If you want to tie medical costs for Covid hospitalizations, you would also need to charge people more who are obese or who smoke–both conditions that pre-dispose people to more serious illness.
    People can choose to stop smoking and to get control of their weight–just the same as they can choose to take a vaccine. I wonder how THAT would go over in the country?

    I am personally not against vaccines, but I like Robert Malone’s viewpoint–each person must weigh the risk of the vaccine against the potential of death from the illness. (And yes, I have looked up Robert Malone’s credentials and know some of his claims are “misleading.” However, I still think his viewpoint makes sense).

    And BTW, every vaccine has risk. We just don’t know how this one is going to affect different groups as not enough people have taken it yet and the children whose mothers got the vaccine haven’t even been born . If you meet someone whose life has been ruined by a vaccine, although rare, it is memorable. (I personally know a healthy 70-yr-old who ended up in the ICU for 3 months with months of rehab after a flu vaccine, with no full recovery, so yes, it does happen.)

    What we have now is a FEAR CYCLE. “Othering” happens when people begin to be afraid and look around for someone to blame. Yes, this is a real illness and some healthy people will die from it. But most won’t. I suspect Covid is going to be able to figure out how to get around any vaccination we create, so this “herd immunity” idea is just a pipe dream. Not that we shouldn’t try to find vaccinations and better treatments for it–just don’t run over the cliff in a herd and overlook the real concerns about this current vaccine. This is a NEW THING and in my years of experience, our scientists and government officials tend to think they know more than they do. We may have a big OOPS! moment with this vaccine in a few months… or years.

    I have personal experience with the FDA saying something is safe and then years later, it isn’t. Sometimes you are not going to know if something is fully “safe” for a a long time–and not until a large group of people have entered the “experiment.” So to recap, each person has to weigh the risk of the vaccine from the risk of the virus. It will make sense for some people to take the vaccine but maybe not others.

    Try to keep a “sound mind” and do your research–not just watch your favorite news channel or favorite website. Read differing viewpoints. This “othering” is deadly and will turn your mind full of fear and anger. These are the 2 emotions that are being manipulated right now–and these don’t help people reach common ground or solve problems. Try not to “other.” It didn’t work out so well for Nazi Germany and the millions of people who died, so let’s be very careful about doing it ourselves. Remember, the propaganda masters use these 2 emotions. When you find yourselves falling victim to these emotions, do a mental check.

  • This could be the end, it’s probably going to get worse from here. I doubt this evil is going away, we must all accept the fact that we either die fighting this evil or eventually die in the camps. The first step is to separate ban us from society, ban us from travel etc. The last step is our extermination. Prepare yourself and your family to fight, you don’t want to die in the camps.

  • I have an idea similar to those cited in the article. Please allow ME to assign some blame and do some othering regarding the Covid.

    First of all, I’m one of many in flyover country, doing my workaday thing, and all this China flu thing flopped onto my doorstep. I remain unvaccinated, but I happen to know (because science) that the Covid does NOT spontaneously generate in unvaccinated rednecks. So time to NOT blame me.

    Instead, I’m thinking
    1. China government. Not only did it come from there, and maybe from the lab, but they will not allow outside investigation into the origins.
    2. US government. I’m sorry, did we send them money to invent this?
    3. World wide jet setters, Ya all you international travelers, rich guys and business people, you all are always spreading this kind of crap, not me and my banjo playing friends.
    4. Fauci, Oh yeah HE sent them money for it, against the law and he lied about it. OUR GOVERNMENT funded this. HOW DARE THEY BLAME THE UNVACCINATED.
    5. Public Health WHO, yeah they’ve lied multiple times including early on when they said it wasn’t human human transmissible.
    6. Biden. Cmon, Man, just close the border. You close the border, I’ll maybe THINK about taking the vaccine.
    7. Public Health, USA How ineffective have these guys been, across the board, many states, good GAWD the ineptitude. How many millions did they waste war gaming this stuff in previous years and THIS is what we bought. Try lying about death totals some more guys, or misstating the cause of death, or ignoring therapeutics, or humping masks that don’t work and lockdowns that haven’t worked, or using the wrong modeling, or acting politically.

    So, I’m thinking, to force these COVID naughties into some kind of compliance…..I’ve got the tar if anyone has the feathers. Long past time to place some blame where it really belongs.

  • Walk out Wednesday is past. The next protest nationwide is August 28th. 2 people with homemade signs stationed anywhere for 2 hours counts. Advertise on social media. Bring your friends. It will be fun.

  • I’m finally convinced that I need to find alternative ways to replace my prescription meds. I know that Daisy has some articles on this site that talk about that and I will read them. I would like somebody to tell me some very good books on the subject.

    There was a comment by somebody a few months ago about beating acid reflux. But he didn’t what he used. I’d like to hear about that.

    I also need alternatives for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart rhythm, diabetes, thyroid supplement, I’m also taking 4,000 mg vitamin C daily, vitamins D3, E and zinc, all for support against covid.

    I fear that they will take away medicare from the unvaxed or maybe doctors will withhold prescription refills. Even on medicare part D, 2 of my meds deductibles went up $150 each this month.

      For Minerals, Eidon Ionic Minerals – – 800-700-1169
      Ionic Minerals are the second best. Colliodial Minerals being the best.
      Paul –

      First and foremost, I go by the Word in Genesis 1:29 – “I have given you every green herb and seed for food.”

      Also, Hippocrates tells us “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!”

      I highly recommend the site above and the contents for some good starting help with your health conditions.

      Paul, never, ever, stop any medication “cold turkey,” or suddenly, as medications take time to be released from your body. You have to be slowly weaned off any medication for safety and from causing serious and adverse health results. And slowly be weaned on with natural

      For example, a friend with thyroid issues used to take thyroid medications but she was always tired all the time. She discovered an all natural thyroid product that made her feel so much better and not tired. Yet she still had to have her doctor prescribe it.

      Do check with your doctor. Yet, keeping in mind that most all doctors are faithfully tied to pharmaceuticals as they get a big payback for all they prescribe and often do not easily let go of that “reward” and reluctant to prescribe herbs, vitamins, minerals or anything natural
      that do not have the serious side effects of medical drugs.

      If you can, find a good naturopathic doctor who can guide you in the weaning process. Even one that will work with your medical doctor as well as that would be a help for you. Even your pharmacist may be able to offer some help. Never hurts to ask!

      The first website, above, has a long list from A to Z that covers very many health issues and the minerals that will help each condition. Do your due diligence on anything you do regarding your health and changing from medications to natural herbs, minerals, and/or vitamins. You can “double dose” if you take medicines and natural vitamins and/or minerals both at the same time.

      There are many excellent herbs, also, that will help each condition you have. You are on the right track with the vitamins you take. A word of caution – again, be careful that you are not “double dosing” if the vitamins do the same as the medical drugs which are very potent.

      Matthew Wood “The Book of Herbal Wisdom” is a thick book that is excellent and extensive.
      Another is “The Way of Herbs” by Michael Tierra.
      Most excellent herbal books will always have the contraindication/cautions as well as the healing they produce for any health issue.

      Learning all of this is a long and often confusing process. Start small, don’t try to do everything all at once. Do one thing at a time, over time, to see how that works for you. Often, you may find that the same vitamins, herbs, or minerals can cover more than one health issue. You will become frustrated, but your health will thank you in the long run.

      I, too, believe that soon many medical drugs will become unavailable as part of this “culling of the herd.” I am 80 years of age, an oldie but a goodie. I have no health issues, none whatsoever…except a little tiredness if I do too much work outside in the garden. Then a good nap is what’s called for.

      Please be encouraged to change your way of thinking. And it sounds like you already have and on the right track with your decision. May our Heavenly Father bless you in everything you do in this regard. After all, it all started in a garden!!!

    • Paul –
      You will find these sites of great help in your quest –

      Sayer Ji –
      Sayer’s projects:
      Vitamin C research:

      Discussion around vitamin C and its use in China to support immunity. Why has the US been censoring the information?

      Dr. Saul’s online course:

      Matthew Wood –

    • Paul, I managed to beat acid reflux. I can tell you what I’ve found out and what seems to work for me. It appeared in my case to be a problem of bacterial overgrowth in the duodenum, producing really nasty burps. The key to solving that is to find ways to encourage a healthy gut-biome. Probiotics can help, but are not sufficient by themselves. I recommend keeping a food journal and see which foods tend to provoke it, and then be extra careful with those, while consuming a variety of fermented foods. One of those may do the trick once you’ve cleaned up your diet. Natto seems essential to me, for example. Large amounts of simple carbohydrates will set off a bout of acid reflux in me. I have brown rice only at noon, and the rest of the time mostly vegetables. Squash, though, seemed to set me off for a while. Recently it hasn’t. Cheese quelled it, but a lot of people cannot handle dairy. Diet is really individual. Check out information on the gut biome on alternative health sites.

  • Evil is defeated by the rejection of evil and by evil’s own greed for power.
    I reject evil and these monster vax creators. Its a dance with the devil.

    Those who choose to take such a devastating lab created “plandemic” are doing exactly that. The terrible tragedy for them in the long run by taking into their God given DNA a toxic chemical soup turning their DNA into mRNA, and so very much more, something totally different than what the Creator had in mind. But their choice. The results will soon be evident to them of their decision to choose to evil and away from good.

    God have mercy on them all for they know not what they do.Yet, the evidence is easily gotten in so many places. Trouble is people trust in their govt for peace and safety…when there is no peace nor safety!

  • I could see this coming from a very long way off. Anger toward the unvaccinated has been cultivated for at least the last ten years, with the media blaming them for disease outbreaks among the vaccinated, for example with pertussis, not giving any rationale for that, just repeating the lie until most people accepted it without question. I reckoned it would be a handy way to turn people against each other in a time of strife, thus sparing the people who got us into this mess and that’s what they were preparing for. Really sad to see it come to this in the US. Europe has its passports, but a strong backlash against those and I haven’t heard of hate campaigns there yet. The US is split mostly along political lines with raw rage against the Deplorables for everything that went wrong in people’s lives during the past four years feeding into this, I’m seeing some on the left start to question the effectiveness of the vaccines they took, suffered side effects from and are now being told they’ll need to take more, but that isn’t stopping them from blaming the unvaccinated. If anything, it will make their rage all the more unbearable.
    All I can do is pray for God’s mercy on America.

    • What was it that Adolf Hitler repeated many times over? “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”—Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)…as people today still readily believe the lies in lockstep. History always repeats itself.

      Its interesting to see how the same kind of fearful population can be so easily manipulated by these same type of “puppet-masters” like Gates, Fauci; Soros; the media, and starting at the very top of the political/medical food chain – the same talking heads most likely to be found frequently spewing out their verbal vomit in every media venue they can. Their foolish followers lap up their every cherished word….never thinking to seek information to make an “informed choice.” Whatever their choice might be for themselves.

      The “reach” of these puppet-masters, sadly, is worldwide with the same Hitler-like tactics and lies as their years of race-bating against the races whether USA or Africa or any other nation. They’ve had lots of years of practice. Turn the population against one another and they will kill each other and “we – the powerz that be” have clean hands.

      Patricia – A Holy and righteous God will not overlook the mass corruption; the killing and harvesting of the little bodies of our born and unborn; our vast network of human trafficking and pornography; political and financial lies and corruption in high and low places; the vast amount of idol worship and demonic activity…and all the other numerous evils here in this nation…He is a Holy and Righteous God.

      We are being judged by His righteous judgment. His plumb line is being tested. It cannot and will not be pretty. Yes, He is merciful and prayerfully in His judgment He will show mercy. But what is coming, we deserve. I keep my heart, mind and soul strictly on what our Heavenly Father is doing and His plan for His own. And never in fear of this worldly scene.

      My sister, Watch and Pray…be ready to be His Bride.

      • That is actually a misquote. Hitler accused the Jews of telling lies that eventually people believed their lie, he wrote that in “Mein Kampf”. Goebbels, after reading “Mein Kampf”, applied those sentiments to the English, accusing them of lying and constantly lying until people believed them.