The Growing Weight of Censorship: What Are They Hiding?

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Longtime readers know that this website was defunded in June 2021. While this was incredibly stressful for the team of people that rely on The Organic Prepper as a source of income, in a perverse way, it’s a badge of honor. It means that Daisy has joined the ranks of President Trump, Dr. Robert Malone, and Alex Berenson, formerly of the New York Times. All of these people have been kicked off platforms due to being labeled spreaders of “misinformation.”

While The Organic Prepper has survived, it’s worth noting that censorship, in general, has only been getting more intense in the past year.

How censorship has escalated within the past year…

On January 8, 2021, President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter. The excuse for a company to de-platform a sitting president? He was accused of inciting violence during the January 6 demonstration at the Capitol, despite the fact that in his transcript, he specifically urged everyone to remain peaceful.

In August 2021, Twitter permanently banned former New York Times science reporter Alex Berenson. His crime? Publishing a pharmaceutical company’s own trial data.

Twitter also booted the prominent virologist, Dr. Robert Malone, in December 2021, with no explanation. The ban came after Dr. Malone posted a video critical of the above-referenced pharmaceutical company’s mRNA jabs. 

Twitter boasts approximately 400 million users. It can be a great source of income for people with huge followings. Conversely, kicking those popular folks off can really do damage to their financial status. 

Trump and Dr. Malone both have a variety of income sources. However, Alex Berenson is a professional writer, and his story is worth following for anyone not only curious about the state of healthcare in the United States but also those of us working in media. 

Fleeing to new platforms to escape censorship doesn’t seem to work for long.

Many people permanently banned from Twitter, including Alex Berenson, have moved to Substack. Substack is another platform geared toward writers trying to earn money. There are no advertisers, so you don’t have to worry about not offending them. You simply set up your account. Substack doesn’t ask for payment until you start getting paid subscribers. You can set whatever price you want, and when you start bringing in money, Substack gets 10%.

That’s it. It’s really easy.

And it’s because of this that Substack has become trendy among people considered experts pre-Covid who find themselves disgraced because they argued with the official narrative. Robert Malone, Aaron Kheriarty, Steve Kirsch, and Alex Berenson have all opened Substack accounts that anyone can sign up for. They’re not expensive, and you can usually read a fair amount for free. You don’t have to pay before seeing what you get. 

So now, naturally, Substack is in the crosshairs of the Thought Police.

I’ll focus on Berenson’s journey through social media for two reasons. One, I’ve been a paid subscriber to his Substack for about two months now, so I’ve been following him closely. As someone with a background in investigative journalism, I believe his story is most pertinent for those of us in the media. 

Alex Berenson’s story and the fate of the average American

Someone sent me a link to Alex Berenson’s interview with Joe Rogan last fall. The interview took place sometime in October. I signed up for his Substack because I found his interview with Rogan fascinating. 

I may be a prepper, but I don’t think I’m an alarmist. I believe that being well-informed is essential to making good decisions. I have three children to worry about. I try to gauge which way the wind blows. Mainstream media had slowly lost my trust over the years for a variety of reasons, but Covid killed whatever little trust I had left. I have a degree in ecology, I took a ton of science classes in college – and now? Now, the most powerful doctors in the country are saying things that make me think they couldn’t have passed freshman biology. I wrote about that in detail in my article on natural immunity.

Anyway, I like Berenson because he posts a lot of data from all over the world. For example, earlier this week, Berenson had a post comparing jab failure data from Scotland, Israel, Britain, and Denmark. The charts are fascinating for anyone curious to see how things play out in the almost-fully-jabbed countries. For those of us who don’t mind (or maybe even secretly love) staring at charts and figures, he’s a great resource. 

Tens of thousands of other people think so, too. And so on January 27, the Guardian ran a piece in which representatives from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) called for “anti-vaxxers” to be removed from Substack. Washington Post ran an article that was almost exactly the same. Both pieces complain that Substack profits from misinformation. CCDH representatives try to say that freedom of speech is beside the point. People who read Alex Berenson, Dr. Mercola, or Dr. Malone might get hurt, the CCDH claims, and Substack needs to prevent that.

At this point, I think most of our readers know that this kind of condescension and censorship “for our own good” by self-proclaimed authorities has been going on for some time now. But, just to drive home how low the mainstream press has stooped, here’s a link to Berenson’s post about an email he received at a quarter to ten in the evening on January 26, asking him to comment on the various nasty things they were planning to say about him in an article running January 27.

Why does truth no longer matter to the mainstream media?

Mainstream media does not even pretend to be interested in an honest debate anymore, which is unfortunate because watching opposing sides present arguments is how a lot of us learn things. It never seems to occur to the censors that you can read someone’s article and not do whatever it says. I don’t agree with Alex Berenson on everything, but I wouldn’t say that about my best friend, either, let alone most family members. 

If Berenson posts interesting data, I’ll happily read it. If he tells me to stick crayons up my nose, I’ll say, “Sorry Alex, you’ve lost me.” Most adults should be able to listen to most other adults fairly dispassionately. But maybe that isn’t a thing anymore?

Until two years ago, I was never remotely skeptical of any recommended medical treatments. But the lack of discussion has disturbed me. The “just do what you’re told” attitude makes me want to do the exact opposite. I suppose I’ve always been something of a contrarian, even as a child. But if you believe in your product, why wouldn’t you welcome the chance to argue its virtues publicly? When I sold chickens, if people asked why I charged so much, I was more than happy to give them reasons. If they wanted to know why it was worth it, I was happy to explain that too because I believed in my product. 

If a Washington Post writer thinks she can win in an honest debate with another writer, why email him hours before the “debate” is supposed to go public? 

And this is only one of many instances. Steve Kirsch, a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, has had offers on the table for government representatives to come and publicly debate him and his team regarding the official narrative of Covid. He is offering a million dollars just to show up. They don’t even have to win the debate. A million dollars to show up and answer questions about your own recommended product! No takers. I’m suspicious.

Science and journalism are both about the pursuit of truth. The language may be a little different at times, but the pursuits share the ultimate end goal. Free expression of ideas, sharing of data, and above all, arguments are essential for any kind of progress. Suppression of debate and secrecy do not indicate a healthy society.

So, what are we to do?

I don’t like to complain without offering, if not solutions, ways of coping. 

First of all, wherever you get your information, it’s wise to subscribe so that you can directly connect. I’ve searched for old articles I remembered from years ago only to have an error page pop up. If you are on an email list, if someone’s page gets taken down, they may be able to notify their readers where to find them next.

Long gone are the days of living surrounded by the people important to you. Most people are lucky to have family in the same town. Some of us have loved ones scattered all over the globe. If we find people we trust, we need to monitor those connections as closely as possible. Daisy noticed many missing source articles when putting together the USB Archive. (You can grab that here.)

(Also, make sure to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide to emergency evacuations as well.)

Second of all, talk to people in the real world. I am a contrarian, but I’m also curious. My opinions on the current state of American health care are formed not only by people like Alex Berenson, but also the people I know in real life who work in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Many of them toe the party line. Many of them refuse to. But the point is that I’m willing to listen to non-mainstream voices. My experience as a meat producer and my acquaintances with truckers and mechanics inform my opinions regarding the supply chain. You’re probably surrounded by fountains of knowledge and experience every day. It just takes getting to know people in real life. 

Third, reread George Orwell’s 1984. I hope you all still have your copies from high school. If not, get them while you can. I really believe a lot of the censorship we see now has to do with protecting the financial interests of our political class. But an unfortunate side effect of intense censorship is that the more you hear “2+2=5”, the more you start to question your own perception. Staying grounded by having solid, real-world relationships can help mitigate that.

Censorship is getting more and more heavy-handed.

Some countries are scrapping their Covid restrictions. I’m concerned that the U.S. is getting ready to double down. I hope I’m wrong. But again, oppressive censorship makes it more important than ever to nurture our connections. Real-world relationships will help us stay sane in the face of the Thought Police. They will help us cope with whatever comes next.

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed a rise in censorship? How do you deal with it and get to the truth? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Joanna has been homeschooling three children since 2012. In 2014, she moved to the High Plains of Colorado. She and her children began a little homestead, gardening and raising chickens for eggs and meat. One animal led to another, and these days they have livestock guardian dogs, chickens, geese, ducks, alpacas, goats, pigs, and one very spoiled cat.

Joanna Miller

Joanna Miller

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  • The answer is very simple. All of those people that have been “censored” are false opposition. They are part of the plot. They want you to think that they’re saying the truth, therefore the censorship. When in reality it’s just a plot to deceive you. Sadly, most people fall for it.

    • I don’t follow your logic Charles. How can they be part of the plot if they are saying the plot narrative is wrong and then they back it up with fact. Sounds like you just don’t understand both sides of the issues. In other words … you don’t know what the blazes you’re talking about so shut your pie hole.

      • The fact that you can’t follow my logic is no reason for you to get your knickers on a twist Geo. Ever heard of the false Right-Left Paradigm of which most people participate by adopting one side or the other thinking that they’ve made a legitimate choice? If you haven’t I suggest that you educate yourself on the matter as the same principle is being used here. The ones promoting covid offer you two false choices pretending that one is giving you the truth, when in reality it only gives you partial truth. The whole and only truth is that COVID DOESN’T EXIST! Is that too much for you to digest, Einstein?

    • There’s a point where being hyper-skeptical becomes just as much of a barrier to discovering the truth as being gullible is. Assuming no conflict is ever real because you believe both “sides” of anything are always secretely working together behind the public’s back is just as bad as assuming that it never happens.

    • So Daisy has been censored, therefore you are suggesting she is “False opposition” and “part of the plot”. If that is your belief I have to ask, What the hell are you doing even reading her articles, let alone commenting.

      “Sadly, most people fall for it.”
      If you actually believe what you have written then it sounds like you have fallen for it as well.

      • Well well, I thought that I was living in the USA. So you’re telling me that I’m not entitled to express my opinion because is different than the writer’s? Do you want to censor me too? Are you with the CCP?

  • Once you understand that this has nothing to do with covid, then it will make more sense to you about the censorship, mask wearing, and multiple vaccines which are being used to bring in a world totalitarian communist government and global depopulation! They really don’t even try to hide if you do some research. The kills shot is the virus.

  • What they are hiding is the approaching Planet X with their toxic chemtrails sprayed every day globally for over thirty years. Planet X is what the “climate change” and “global warming” lies are all about. In the past, Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end the coming, planned WW3 that will kill 90% of Americans and it is all planned by the evil criminal bastard governments. the day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran is the day Russia, China and the whole SCO nuke and invade America. That is the story in over half the bible and what every prophet everywhere has said. Execute the criminal bastard government or die in WW3 this year!

      • You stupid government liars are as obvious as you are stupid. Ive known for a decade that 99% of article comments are you criminal bastards. You have to have something to do while you await the apocalypse from your underground cities. Ill be here to make sure you criminals do not crawl back out of your holes. They will become your tombs and rightfully so! Also, you ridicule only makes you look more stupid. I can back up everything I say but you can not.

        www (.) straight (.) com/news/482846/government-trolls-use-psychology-based-influence-techniques-social-media

        • Make your point Renegade, nothing more. When you stoop to name-calling and try to ridicule someone who may disagree with you, you’ve instantly lost both the argument and credibility.

          • I made my point. You say I am name calling? I question your IQ and your motives because the other government liar is most definitely a government liar. I have battled them for 15 years online and they are all too obvious. They mentioned the “tinfoil” word. They did the “ridicule” and “name calling” thing. Stop your lying projections on me you stupid government liar. Just so you liars dont devolve this into a “last word” argument, Ill post some more information. This is all about the when they stole the nuke to be used for the next false flag. The next government liar ridicule will get me to post the Biblical description of the USA, which is the real Mountains of Israel. Or maybe Ill post more about the approaching Planet X and when NASA didnt lie and told us they found it.

            www (.) globalresearch (.) ca/missing-nukes-treason-of-the-highest-order/7158

            • By their fruit you will know them. When someone goes into full fledged personal attack mode you know they are full of crap and not interested in the truth, only their own pet narrative. Why do you think this is the favorite tactic of snowflakes, wokies and progressive liberals?

        • I am a government employee?
          If that is the case, where is my paycheck? My W-2? Do they match fund for my retirement account, and if so, up to what percent? Oh! How is the dental plan?
          In the underground city, can I get an apartment with a balcony?

          • Youre not worth my time anymore you stupid government or alien liar. Ive already labeled you for exactly what you are and you deserve nothing less than execution for genocide! You say youre a marine? Well what do you think of you brain-dead senile pervert “supreme commander” starting WW3 as fast as possible? What do you think causes the moon to turn blood red during every full lunar eclipse (exactly like the Bible says will happen before America is annihilated) when the moon has never turned red, just dark during eclipses throughout my entire life? Have some excerpts from Mother Shipton’s great prophecy:

            When pictures seem alive with movements free
            When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea,
            When men like birds shall scour the sky
            Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die.
            A fiery dragon will cross the sky
            Six times before this earth shall die
            Mankind will tremble and frightened be
            for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.
            Not every soul on Earth will die
            As the Dragons tail goes sweeping by.
            Not every land on earth will sink
            But these will wallow in stench and stink
            Of rotting bodies of beast and man
            Of vegetation crisped on land.

            • My brain dead senile pervert supreme commander?
              If he is brain dead, then how can he be senile? Or a pervert? Or a supreme commander?

              Granted Biden and a few others in the Pentagon seem to really want to get us into a war with Russia. We just delivered 500 tons of weapons to the Ukraine.
              Karmatically speaking, the Ukraine will have another revolution next year, and the all new, anti-US government will arm their new military with those very same weapons we just sent.

              • The senile pervert doesnt control anything, just like every “president” since the evil government murdered JFK. When they pout Reagan in office they told you the office was an acting position. There is no “The Ukraine.” The country’s name is Ukraine. That also is a distraction. Nothing matters except WW3 destroying America and Planet X. All else is show, exceopt for the death shot bioweapon fake “vaccine.” The war has been planned for centuries by the evil bastard aliens running this planet. The destruction of america is THE distraction for the rest of the world until Planet X wipes out 80% of the rest of the population. Death to ALL the criminal bastards who go underground!

              • There you stupid criminal government bastards go again. You can tell when someone tells the truth by how much stupid bullshit the government liars heap on to try to dissuade the sheeple from listening. They only have ridicule because the truth is not on their side.

    • I don’t know about planet x but the chemtrails for sure. Sadly most people are so brainwashed by the government and the media that they don’t seem to trust they’re own eyes. All they have to do is open their eyes and look to the sky and see that they’re being sprayed like bugs with toxic chemicals on aregular basis, but instead they rather believe in inexistent viruses and their variants.

  • I was suspended for 5 days on Nextdoor and now for 30 days for telling the truth about C-19. They have no way to appeal from their platform. They silence anyone who tells the truth because it is “misinformation” according to their platform and information that is now facts out in the general public. So, people are being silenced on every platform. It is scary the direction this is going….

  • On a positive note: The heaver the censorship, the more the “official narrative”, is falling apart or failing to convince people. That is why they are working harder and harder to censer stuff.

    If it was going there way,( people were believing the ” official narrative”,) there would be no reason to fight so hard to stop discourse and real truth from getting out.
    They are liars, but some times they use a little truth to set you up to believe the next lie that they will tell you. Having recognized some truth from them, you will let your guard down(or they hope so) , so that they can get you to accept the next lie or dis Info that they are peddling as also being “Truth”.

    One of the things you must keep in mind, is that you can not believe anything the media says, whether it is good or bad, supports your position or not. If they are untrustworthy in one thing they can not be trusted in anything. They have only one agenda: to peddle what ever lies they are told to spread, by whatever means is necessary.

  • So many things…

    First of all: censorship is only prohibited if it is done by a government or governmental authority/agency. There is no right to go to the NYTimes or Twitter or CNN and demand they print or broadcast your contention that aliens are controlling our brainwaves. That’s not censorship, that’s just a. common sense, and b. a business decision. You don’t have to like it, but it’s legal, and in our free market, capitalist society, that’s how it is. If you don’t like it, don’t use twitter or CNN etc., or start your own outlet to tell everyone about the fake moon landing. Or put clickbait for Trump or ads for toilet cleaner or slop-in-a-bucket on your website.

    Side note: know what IS prohibited censorship under the 1st amendment? SCHOOL BOARDS, which are government actors, banning or removing from the library books like “Maus” and “Beloved” and the “New Kid” books. THAT is censorship under the 1st amendment. And why? Because it might hurt the feelings of white children? REALLY? Is this brought to us by the same people who call liberals “snowflakes” who need “safe spaces” and wear “F%@# your feelings” T-shirts? And coming soon to FL, my home state: a law that prohibits teaching materials that might make white kids “feel bad” about past actions of white people. (Rich, coming from those who don’t want to take down confederate statutes ’cause “it’s history”). Censorship again.

    So, private businesses can “censor” certain discourse or ideas all they want. And they can require or forbid lots of other stuff, too. If, for example, a bakery can refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, then it’s darn sure that Target can require you to wear a face mask when you go in. (Another side note: same thing with your own home: you can decide that you don’t want to watch certain channels or own certain books, or that when people come inside they have to remove their shoes.
    Your house, your rules. Same thing with Target and Safeway.) And it’s not just to be annoying that masks might be required in businesses: there may be local ordinances they’re trying to follow, or for liability reasons so they don’t get sued if someone who’s been in the store gets sick. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there, and for heaven’s sake, don’t harass the store employees.

    Not all restrictions or requirements are a crime against freedom. If you work for Best Buy, you have to wear their blue polo shirt. If you have a baby or toddler, they have to be in a car seat in the car. When you buy cereal or ketchup or shampoo at the store, they shouldn’t poison you and should be the weight they say they are. You have to stop at red lights. Some restrictions and requirements are both for the good of individuals and the functioning of society.

    Science and journalism are, as the article states, about finding and, in the case of journalism, reporting truth. But there are things that are facts, and we have to respect them whether we like them or not. As the expression goes, you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Not everything is debatable. Serious journalists aren’t going to provide a platform for ignorant nonsense, like for example, using leeches instead of insulin to treat diabetes. If there are debates and fresh looks at new and old ideas, I want the experts to be looking at them, such as the WHO, CDC, NIH, and various universities. It’s not up to someone with an ecology degree, or me with my degrees in English, education, and law, to second guess someone who is a bona fide virologist.

    One of the worst things about the US (there’s a lot of great things too) is its perpetual anti-intellectualism and distrust of education/experience/expertise. Yes, Bob who is a truck driver without a college degree, all of a sudden is a constitutional scholar and an infectious disease specialist? All viewpoints are equally valid? No. Hell no.

    And then there is confirmation bias. People believe those things that they want to believe. If you don’t like government or snooty professionals telling you what to do, if you have some kind of problem with authority, if you just don’t want to get the shot, you’ll believe that which will justify your decision.

    Look, I think we can ALL agree this COVID thing, in the mass consciousness now for nearly two years, has been handled in a very confusing way. Early on they said, no masks. Our esteemed toddler-in-chief did everything he could to make things worse (inject bleach, anyone? Why not? Wait, did the MSM censor that gem? Aren’t all ideas equally valid?) BUT, as the scientific community learned more and more, the knowledge on the best ways to handle the pandemic and prevent spread evolved. It wasn’t and isn’t perfect. In 1340’s Florence they didn’t know it was a virus in flea saliva that killed 1/3 of their population in 15 years. The point is, scientific knowledge is evolving, just like the virus. We know more now than we did then. We will know more in the future. The only thing we can do is take the very best advice from the overwhelming census of the best minds of the scientific community, and that is to mask up and to get the shots.

    Anyways, long rant, I know. This hysteria I see on this site and on the right about “censorship” and “cancel culture” etc. is pretty rich. These are the same folks who profess to love capitalism, free markets, and telling hard truths that hurt the feelings of progressives. You can’t force Twitter and other private businesses to air and indulge whackadoodle fringe ideas using the constitution. You can only vote with your feet and wallet. Knock yourself out.

    An Attorney

    • It bothers me to see “science” being used to usher in an immoral agenda, as the German Nazi party did when they used “science” to justify the extermination of millions of people.

      I would trust your hypothetical example of Bob the truck driver to stand up against tyranny more than I would some so-called scientist who is willing to fudge the data in support of some politician’s agenda, because that politician controls the grants which that “scientist” hopes to get.

      Science is supposed to be the pursuit of truth. What is despicable is using the term “science” to cloak propaganda supporting some agenda.

      I think one of the best things about America is its reluctance to automatically trust anyone or anything. We are the most free when we are the most alert to deception. Suspicion can be a very healthy thing. I have learned over many decades to be wary of anyone using credentials or claiming expertise to demand my trust. Usually these people do not have my best interests in mind.

      • Val,
        To me, it is not that the hypothetical Bob the truck driver is a overnight expert on all things medical, but those who want to censor any alternative information that Bob the truck driver could read/listen to, and make a informed decision.

        Currently there is more than a few pushing/demanding that Spotify censor particular Joe Rogan podcasts as they pose a challenge to the narrative and question the science.

        We also know there were attempts by government experts (Fauci and Collins) to shutdown Great Barrington Declaration. The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration are, too experts in the medical field.

        While this censorship is mostly around COVID, it should be noted the great news blackout (censorship) of the Hunter Biden laptop by Facebook and Twitter prior to the 2020 election.
        As it has been noted that those companies are in fact private, they are acting as de facto government censorship. The MSM derided the laptop story initially as Russian misinformation/disinformation.
        Yet, now the laptop appears to authentic.

        • Well, in case you haven’t seen it, it’s all over the news today that the NY Times (!!!) is suing the US State Dept. for emails and documents related to a FOIA request they’re balking at about Hunter. The lawsuit was filed yesterday.

          So tell me again how the MSM (of which there is no bigger bogeyman than the NYT to certain folks) is all in a conspiracy to hush-up misdeeds from the D side of the aisle?

          The truth is, the MSM, most of them including the NYT, WAPO, and others go sniffing around where there is smoke. They embarrass and help expedite the end of political careers for people of any political persuasion. (Much of it richly deserved). Think Anthony Weiner, the Cuomo brothers, Dan Rostenkowski, Jesse Jackson Jr., Corrine Brown, Katie Hill, Al Franken, and others. Most Ds have no more love for the MSM than the Trumpist crybabies.

          • Yes I saw it.
            Law Professor Jonathan Turley had a piece on it.
            We have known about the Biden family pay for assess/influence, 10% for the Big Guy for nearly a year and a half.
            And the NYT is just now investigating?
            Okay, I guess better late then never, right?

    • What’s coming to your home state is a ban on critical race theory, which is nothing but lies and meant to teach kids to be racist. Ditto with 1619 project. Either you’re woefully informed about these programs or you too, are a racist

      • I would agree to that, but to a degree.
        Putting children into “oppressed,” and “oppressors” groups or boxes (i.e. check boxes) is making children hate themselves or hate others, all based on skin color.
        IMHO, that is right up there with the Nazis and Hitler teaching German youths to hate Jews, blacks, Gypsies, LBGTQ+.
        That is wrong.
        We can teach and discuss race, slavery, the Holocaust, all in historical context when they are mentally and emotionally mature enough to understand the concepts (History is not pretty.). Like in their Jr, or Sr years.
        Not when they are 8 years old.
        Same goes for “sexual” fluidity. Ya really think a 8 year old is going to understand that concept, when they are still watching Barney or whatever they are watching nowadays? We need to stop sexualizing pre-pubescent children.

    • Lorraine, the argument about “private” businesses having the right to censor makes sense only if there is not collusion between the “private” business and gov’t, and if the private business is small enuf not to have the kind of control gov’t has.
      Amazon had 80% of the WORLD book trade a few years ago. What government ever had remotely such power?
      There is also the matter of social collusion amongst myriads of small businesses as in the 1960’s and prior treatment of American blacks. A black person could not even go to the bathroom on an interstate drive for Juneteenth. It took the Federal Government to make this illegal.
      “Your right to swing your arm ends at the tip of my nose.” Blacks found themselves punched in the face over and over. And normal people who want to live had better realize that Freedom of Information is not merely amusement. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION IS LIFE AND DEATH.

    • Therein lies the problem. Deferring to so called “experts”. When we deify persons with certain letters behind their names or special pieces of paper as the complete arbiters of truth and authority on all things in their respective “fields”, we the people lose. Where do these “experts” get their funding?
      Do you not think it compromises their pursuit of honest and unbiased science? What happens if their “research” contradicts the handlers who fund them? Do you think they truly “follow the science” if their conclusions will jeaprodize their funding? Who sponsors their continuing education and wouldn’t you conclude that those offering continuing education credits will influence the information that is transmitted to the participants in favor of those sponsors? Going back further – step into any institution of higher learning and tell me they don’t have an agenda to produce eventual “experts” pre-disposed to view their “science” (or any field they happen to be in) through a particular lens.

      Humanity was given the gifts of reason and logic. Without independent thinkers throughout history, those with reason and logic who were ordinary people without “expert” designations, who possessed the curiosity and moral fortitude to ask honest, unbiased questions and seek answers without prejudice, who would investigate a problem and were willing to accept that their initial hypothesis might be wrong, but continue to research and improve – these were the people who impacted and changed history for the better. Perhaps they eventually became “experts” in their own right through their integrity and devotion to pure science (or any other field) without the “expert” credential bestowed on them by corrupt systems of influence. Furthermore, many of them leave the real world and end up in some ivory tower think tank or 3 letter agency dissociated from reality and how things actually workk.
      Some of the most “expert” people lack real-world common sense and the ability to make things work in the real world – only in their world of simulation and theory. For the record, I don’t go around advertising the letters I earned after my name. I’d rather be known for being an ordinary reasoning person with some semblance of discernment, logic and common sense, than worshipped as an infallible, soulless “expert” who long ago abandoned integrity, honesty, and real science.

  • I believe when censorship raises its ugly head, like a cobra, we need to step back with a shotgun and finish it off as you would a nest of rattlesnakes. Censors to me are the lowest form of belly crawling vermin in our country. They need to be spotlighted and finished off. Or beat with sticks to make them conform to the bent pieces of metal they are. If the pukes in silicone valley wish to live through the civil war they will soon bring upon themselves. They better find a hole outside of the region they live in and hope no one ever finds them.
    I’m an old VN Vet. I hate with all that is in me the wickedness I see growing like a poisonous
    mold growing in our nation. Pour gas on them and burn them out of our FREE society.

    • “I believe when censorship raises its ugly head, like a cobra, we need to step back with a shotgun and finish it off as you would a nest of rattlesnakes”

      first one to do that won’t survive.

  • Most people don’t realize that gross dishonesty by the US government and its shills in the mass media has been going on for much longer than our lifetimes. In 1915 the German government learned of illegal munitions being loaded onto the passenger ship Lusitania to sail from New York to England (a combatant in the European civil war), and paid for ads in some 30 US newspapers to warn Americans not to sail on that torpedo target ship. The Wilson government in an attempt to maximize the number of Americans to die from such an attack (in an early but failed attempt to use that outrage to suck America into that war) secretly managed to shut down all but two or three of those warning ads. The lesson that FDR had to have learned (as Asst Secretary of the Navy) was that one had to kill many more Americans [as would happen at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941] for such a strategy to work.

    In the 1932-33 era while Stalin was starving millions of peasants in Ukraine by confiscating their yearly crops to sell for cash, the NY Times was printing dispatches from their Moscow office representative, Walter Duranty, about what a glorious “workers paradise” Russia was.

    To appease his Wall Street and other oligarch financial supporters who wanted war in both Europe and Asia, FDR spent a full two years trying to figure out how to push Japan into a “surprise” attack. That full story of how he finally succeeded is told in “Day of Deceit” by the late Robert Stinnett.

    After WWII the US government changed the name of Secretary of War to Secretary of Defense and its first office holder was James Forrestal. In 1949 he was kidnapped into Bethesda Naval Hospital where he told his visiting brother that he didn’t expect to get out of there alive. After he died from going out a 16th floor window, no media of that era dared mention that the “suicide” note left behind was in a different person’s handwriting. Even today the ever deep state loyal wikipedia dares not mention that murder.

    In the 1950s the CIA (that much later Harry Truman confessed had been a great mistake to create) spent years perfecting the “assassination by patsy” method of eliminating political opponents … in country after country. They even put the perfected details in a how-to manual. It has only been revealed in recent weeks that Lee Harvey Oswald had been trained by the CIA before his fake “defection” to Russia. Little wonder then that he said (while arrested after the JFK assassination) before TV cameras that “I am just a patsy” Little wonder that the CIA slapped a classified label on reports by two US Army crypto operators (stationed in Europe and who did not know each other) who independently picked up message traffic planning the JFK hit some three weeks prior while discussing whether to blame the hit on a communist or a negro.

    In the book “Truth is a Lonely Warrior” by James Perloff, the author tells how the faked Gulf of Tonkin resolution was drafted in Washington several months before the actual alleged event was claimed to have happened. Never mind that Admiral Stockdale (who much later became the VP candidate for Ross Perot’s failed 3rd party presidential campaign) was present in that gulf and later testified that no such attack happened there. Lyndon Johnson (who used that faked attack to lie to the US Congress to justify the phony war in Vietnam) was the same man who stacked the Warren Commission with JFK’s bitterest enemies to cover up the actual assassination details, and who ordered the JFK limousine with the front windshield entry bullet hole to be shipped to Detroit (in felony violation of Texas crime scene evidence tampering law) to be rebuilt.
    Johnson also told one of his mistresses (whose video survives today on YouTube) on the day before the JFK hit that ‘that after tomorrow we won’t have the Kennedys to worry about.”

    That’s just some selected deceits from much earlier US history in the pre-internet era. If I updated it here, I’d have to fight off demands to put it into a book. The only other later historical tidbit is a non-verbatim remark by one CIA director who was witnessed in a meeting to say that “we’ll know our work is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie.”

    The point of all this is that murderous deceit in the media has been going on since long before any of us were born.


    • Long winded BS not addressing the real problem. You want to get to the real problems, remember how the evil lying government and their (fake) israeli comrades brought down the WTC as an excuse to start wars in the middle east? Well you better focus on the next nuclear false flag to be blamed on Iran because that is the very day that America will be annihilated by the SCO. Later, Planet X will end that war when it rips North America into thirds, erupts Yellowstone super volcano and kills 5/6 of the 200 million SCO invaders. I hope the remaining 10% will gladly exterminate any surviving criminals and traitors that may emerge from the underground cities that *we* paid for! I know they will all smash their idols (TV liebox) and I suspect they will not hesitate to execute the vermin crawling back out.

  • This OUTSTANDING narrative should be read, digested, and forwarded to every HUMAN that can read.

  • Charles H. Smith of his blog, Of Two Minds, noted in 2017 that 90% of news media content in America, was controlled by 6 corporations. 5 leaned left, and then there was Fox. All 6 have their own bias, slant and agendas.

    Prior to 2016, that bias and slant could be ignored and still get the news.
    Since then, everyone cranked it up to 11. Even NPR.

    Journalist Bari Weiss was working for the NYTs, when she penned a scathing resignation letter. She noted that the news floor had been taken over by promoting “advocacy” journalism. Shortly afterwards, I noted more and more calls for abandoning long held “objective” journalism for “advocacy” journalism. That quickly morphed into “wokeism” journalism. You cannot listen to a NPR article that is not seen through the lens of wokeism.
    Thing is, there is a good portion of Americans whom are not interested in their “advocacy” journalism, “wokeism” or being lectured to.
    Even long time Democrat and liberal, comedian Bill Maher has been highlighting “wokeism” that has gripped the Democratic party, liberals and the left.

    Recently, some pundits on CNN insisted they were more “enlightened” than American’s who listened to The Joe Rogan Experience. Yeah, I laughed too.
    But their attitude highlights their arrogance. And their viewership numbers reflect how American’s are disgusted with that arrogance.

    So American’s are turning off MSM (see CNN ratings) and turning to alt-media. And MSM is losing their minds over it. We see articles after articles about how dangerous alt-media (like those on Substack) is. People on Substack have larger, paying, subscribers than more than a few of the MSM. Those corporate own MSM outlets are not only losing viewership, but control of the narrative.

    During the Trump admin, we saw clearly the anti-Trump MSM narrative.
    Then COVID came along, and that got politicized.
    Now, dang near everything is politicized.
    And the MSM narrative reflects that.
    We got half of America telling the other half to shut up and do as you are told. Or questioning the narrative be it the government or MSM, you are ignorant, white supremacist, racist, sexist, misogynist and throw in a few other “ist,” that I might of missed.
    Oh! Just recently, a WaPo political cartoonist made a cartoon that the Freedom Convoy is fascist. Another “ist.”

    What is the answer to losing control of the narrative? Losing viewers (money) to alt-media? To listening to or reading those who challenge the narrative? To reading all the information, making an analysis, and drawing your own conclusion that might just go against the narrative? And, gasp, even voicing that conclusion?

    • Can you possibly throw any more distractions out there? Nothing you stated makes any difference at all except for distracting the stupid brainwashed sheeple.

      • Funny, I tend to think of those who read TOP and post to be more of the “enlightened,” kind (e.g. long time poster, Lewis, comes to mind).
        Certainly more so than the pundits at CNN.

    • “Charles H. Smith of his blog, Of Two Minds, noted in 2017 that 90% of news media content in America, was controlled by 6 corporations. 5 leaned left, and then there was Fox. All 6 have their own bias, slant and agendas.”

      look at their controlling corporations’ ceo’s.

  • “First of all, wherever you get your information, it’s wise to subscribe so that you can directly connect. I’ve searched for old articles I remembered from years ago only to have an error page pop up.”

    Here’s a tip – Bring that up, and in the blank in the middle of the page, paste/type in the URL with the error and search for it. Odds are that it’s been archived, so you can go back to old versions of the page.

    Speaking of, you can read 1984 there as well. You’re welcome. 🙂

  • “Why does truth no longer matter to the mainstream media?”

    do you tell your chickens and cattle the truth? do you give them the information they need to decide their own fates?

  • I just got kicked out of the Dr. M site because I disagreed with him but I know he has a fragile ego and you cannot criticize him because he has done this once before to me. FYI, I wasn’t criticizing him. I just disagreed with him yet he is complaining how they censor him!

    So go figure that one out. They are just as worse as the ones that they complain about censoring them. It’s Hillaryous and hypocritical if you think about it.

    There’s another conservative guy that worries and complains about being censored (Initials MA) and this guy censors me all the time and I have NOT violated any policies. Yet MA is one of the biggest complainer about being censored.

    In fact, he moderates EVERY comment before it can get posted. Talk about hypocrisy! He’s doing the same thing they do to him. No wonder they censor him.

  • Just try and post a truth about the “evil Germans” and anything “contrarian” to the magic six million and see where that gets you. There is a Bible verse describing this phenomenon.
    “These people have eyes to see; but they never see. Ears to hear; but they never hear…” Ezekiel 12:2

  • Go Brandon!

    This moribund fool with declining cognizant ability should never have been elected. He and his ilk should have their freedom taken away and be locked down in a prison like Alcatraz. Nancy Pelosi should help the new immigrants by letting them stay at one of her many mansions. Do as I say not as I do is famous with he and she. Governor Newsome in California isn’t any better. These old people enjoy what many have labeled as “White Privilege”. It is more correct to say they are enjoying “elite privilege” just because they are miserable socialists, communists and anarchists. Socialism has failed Venezuela and it will fail this country soon unless we unite against our federal government’s tyranny. The time is now to unite and concentrate on what unites us rather than divides us. To paraphrase what Patrick Henry said so many years ago: “Give me liberty or give me death”. The time has come to stand against the forces of tyranny and tell the government what will be. It is by the consent of the governed not those who govern. The government is not our God or a supreme being. It is made up of evil men and women trying to take all of our freedom away. Now is the time, now is the appointed hour, for the survival of freedom here, and around the world!

  • Man, remember that self-righteous post Daisy made in 2020 or 2021 about not discussing certain topics because she did not want to lose advertisers and jeopardize income streams for the site’s authors and such? Good times.

    How did that cucking work out for you all, again? Oh, right….

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