7 Things That Used to Be “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” Until 2020 Happened

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Remember back in the old days of, say, 2019, when anyone who talked about microchip implants, Americans being forced to show travel papers, and re-education camps was thought to be a crazy conspiracy theorist? And then 2020 rolled around and voila! It turns out those conspiracy theories weren’t so “crazy” after all.

And I’m not just talking about the government releasing info about UFOs.

We’re living in a time when someone will attempt to beat the crap out of you, burn your house down, or even kill you if you voted for the “wrong” presidential candidate. We’re being subjected to curfews, our movement is restricted, and our businesses have been forcibly shut down. One day, people will look back on this as the year that everything changed – or depending on how Americans respond to the mandates – the year we finally said enough.

Here are seven things that were considered crazy conspiracy theories…until now, when they’re becoming far too real.

#1) Universal Basic Income

Did you ever really think we’d live in a country where the government would tell private business owners when and how they could operate? Where workers would be told, “You can no longer go to work for your own good?”

Well, welcome to 2020.

22 million jobs were lost and only 42% of those were recovered by last August, when the country began to reopen. Millions of lost jobs were permanent losses, as businesses across the country fold under the weight of the restrictions that either don’t allow them to operate or the money problems of their former customers.

“It’s clear that the pandemic is doing some fundamental damage to the job market,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics. “A lot of the jobs lost aren’t coming back any time soon. The idea that the economy is going to snap back to where it was before the pandemic is clearly not going to happen.”

…More than 10 million Americans are currently categorized as temporarily out of work. But historically, nearly 30% of people who tell the Labor Department that they are temporarily unemployed never get their job back, said Heidi Shierholz, senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

“Even though we don’t know if the historical record will hold in this case, it’s an extremely valid concern that not all of those people are going to get called back,” she said.

People who are counting on businesses reopening their doors may be surprised to find that a temporary loss has become permanent one, said Zandi. (source)

Of the businesses that have closed, many will never reopen. Most harshly affected were small businesses.

About 60% of businesses that have closed during the coronavirus pandemic will never reopen, and restaurants have suffered the most, according to new data from Yelp. (source)

So we have not only people who became unemployed, but we also have business owners who’ve lost everything. As we go into the second round of lockdowns across the United States, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that some of the small businesses that have thus far managed to stay afloat will succumb to the economic effects of these mandates…taking with them even more jobs and plunging even more people into poverty.

Poverty is a vicious cycle and one seemingly small thing can suck those who are struggling into a vortex of fees and penalties from which emerging seems impossible. I’ve written about my own experiences with poverty here. The concern is that even fewer people will recover financially after this round of government mandates, leaving even more Americans broke, hungry, and homeless.

But don’t worry – the government is here to help and I mean that in the President Reagan threatening kind of way. They provided a “stimulus” check to everyone in America, gave such huge unemployment money to people that they made more staying home than they did going to work, and went so much deeper into debt that the number is simply unfathomable.

In effect, they paid people not to work. And it isn’t the fault of those people in most cases – the government forced their places of employment to close unless it was considered “essential.”

And that sounds a whole lot like Universal Basic Income. Or as I like to call it, modern feudalism.

Quite a few people are ready to give up their freedom so that someone else can take care of them.

They don’t think they’re giving up freedom. They’re convinced that they are embracing a smart, fair system that eliminates poverty. The greed, entitlement, and lack of ambition that seems inherent in many people today will have them slipping on the yoke of servitude willingly.

They feel like they deserve a living just for drawing breath. As Gawker’s headline reads, “A Universal Basic Income Is the Utopia We Deserve.”

The idea of a universal basic income for all citizens has been catching on all over the world. Is it too crazy to believe in? We spoke to the author of a new book on the ins, outs, and utopian dreams of making basic income a reality.

The basic income movement got a significant boost this week when the charity GiveDirectly announced that it will be pursuing a ten-year, $30 million pilot project giving a select group of Kenyan villagers a basic income and studying its effects. As an anti-poverty solution, universal basic income appeals to impoverished people in Africa, relatively well-off Scandinavians, and Americans automated out of their jobs alike. (source)

Sure, money for nothing sounds great on the surface.

But what would the real result of a Universal Basic Income be?

Feudalism. Serfdom. Enslavement.

UBI would fast-track us back to the feudalism of the Middle Ages. Sure, we’d be living in slick, modern micro-efficiencies instead of shacks. We’d have some kind of modern job instead of raising sheep for the lord of the manor.

But, in the end, we wouldn’t actually own anything because private property would be abolished for all but the ruling class. We’d no longer have the ability to get ahead in life. Our courses would be set for us and veering off of those courses would be harshly discouraged.

People will be completely dependent on the government and ruling class for every necessity: food, shelter, water, clothing. What better way to assert control than to make compliance necessary for survival? (source)

With this second round of lockdowns how many more jobs will go permanently down the tubes? What are all those people going to do for food? For rent? The government is going to give them money. And we can’t even argue, really, because everyone knows someone who has lost a job they had for decades and who can’t find other work.

They might call it something else, but Universal Basic Income is coming. And it’s coming soon.

#2) Travel Papers

Don’t be ridiculous. We’ll never have to show our “papers” to travel freely in the United States.


Not until a COVID pandemic with all its subsidiary restrictions occurred. Back in March, days after I warned about the first lockdown, I wrote:

For everyone who thought the article about the Lockdown of America was a “hysterical overstatement” and that they could still do whatever they wanted because it wasn’t really being enforced, what are you thinking now that “travel papers” are being handed out? To me, this sounds like the lockdowns I wrote of yesterday were just the first incremental step toward a society that nobody hopes to see.

Yesterday, readers sent me photos of “travel papers” provided to them by employers so they could get to and from work. These are employees who work in industries like healthcare, pharmacies, and foodservice, as well as those who work in the production, transport, and sales of essential supplies.

One reader wrote, “We were told to show these if we got stopped on the way to or from work and that if the authorities gave us any trouble, to not argue and just go back home.”

Papers that people sent were from Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, and Ohio. Industries mentioned in the papers were trucking, grocery stores, medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, city transit workers, railroads, food production plants, pharmacies, gas stations, stores like Target and Walmart, and automotive repair facilities.

Most people were given their papers on Friday or Saturday and told they’d need them to get to and from work starting the week ahead. (source)

You can see some of the papers that people sent me here.

#3) Mandatory GPS tracking of humans

“Don’t be silly. Nobody is actually tracking you with your phone. You’re not Jason Bourne.”

Whoops. 2020 proved that was a lie when they rolled out contact tracing apps to make sure you didn’t breathe the same air as somebody who got a positive COVID test.

Not only do sick or potentially sick people need to worry about being phoned or questioned by contact tracers, but there’s also a whole new world of dystopian technology being rapidly developed.

Apple and Google formed a partnership to develop a phone app with the potential to monitor one-third of the world’s population. The Australian government has developed an app called COVIDSafe to “protect you, your family and friends and save the lives of other Australians. The more Australians connect to the COVIDSafe app, the quicker we can find the virus.”

In fact, all sorts of potentially invasive new technology tools are springing up to “fight COVID.” Some use AI to detect signs of COVID and the Department of Defense is deploying thermal imaging to detect signs of COVID.

These things won’t just go away when the pandemic is over. If they’re in use for a year or two years – however long this virus is with us – chances are, they’re here to stay. (source)

So…if you have a smartphone, rest assured, at some point you’re probably going to have an app like this forcibly installed during one of those relentless updates. Of course, they’ll say that the app is just the framework and you have to enable it for it to work. Oh, wait, they already said that. After installing “the framework.”

#4) Cashless societies

Somehow, the United States ran out of change.

There were no coins to be had…anywhere…for a while. Bloomberg reported in August:

As if a deep recession and a never-ending pandemic wasn’t enough, the U.S. now faces another crisis: a coin shortage. Thanks to the lockdowns, fewer coins are in circulation, leaving businesses unable to make change when customers hand over paper money. (source)

This had a lot of people concerned, especially since Venezuela used COVID to push citizens toward a cashless society. Here in the United States, the “change shortage” was so extensive is caused many stores to give you your change on a store loyalty card or invite you to donate that change to some cause. A true cashless society would allow significant control over our day to day lives. See this article for some of the totalitarian ways it would affect us.

#5) Microchips

Darpa got involved early on, touting it as a way to “save” us all from COVID. Robert Wheeler wrote:

But governments aren’t having to market the chip as a method to track, trace, and control their populations. Instead, they are marketing the chip as a way to track and detect COVID and other coronaviruses. Clearly, this is a much easier sell to a public literally terrorized by their governments and mainstream media outlets for the last six months.

Raul Diego details the creation and coming rollout of the new biochip in his article, “A DARPA-Funded Implantable Microchip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021,” where he writes,

The most significant scientific discovery since gravity has been hiding in plain sight for nearly a decade and its destructive potential to humanity is so enormous that the biggest war machine on the planet immediately deployed its vast resources to possess and control it, financing its research and development through agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and HHS’ BARDA.

The revolutionary breakthrough came to a Canadian scientist named Derek Rossi in 2010 purely by accident. The now-retired Harvard professor claimed in an interview with the National Post that he found a way to “reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in the human body, not to mention all biological lifeforms.

These molecules are called ‘messenger ribonucleic acid’ or mRNA and the newfound ability to rewrite those instructions to produce any kind of cell within a biological organism has radically changed the course of Western medicine and science, even if no one has really noticed yet. As Rossi, himself, puts it: “The real important discovery here was you could now use mRNA, and if you got it into the cells, then you could get the mRNA to express any protein in the cells, and this was the big thing.” (Source)

The microchip talk died down but the fact it as even a discussion and topic of COVID research should be troubling. Anyway, after the initial microchip hubbub, the push got redirected toward our next conspiracy theory.

#6) Mandatory vaccines

Remember back when nobody thought that adults would ever be forced to take vaccines except for “crazy conspiracy theorists?”  Well, that day is coming sooner than many people expect.

A much-heralded COVID vaccine could be rolled out in a matter of days. Pfizer and BioNTech have both concluded Phase 3 of rushing their jabs to market. There are still many, many questions.

The return to many of our old familiar ways will take time, and how much time remains unclear. The answers await more research into the vaccines, how they can be distributed and how many people are willing to get them.

“A vaccine won’t be available immediately for everybody,” says Arthur Reingold, a professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley…

…“It probably will take four to six months,” he says. “What that says to me is that people will have to keep wearing masks at least until spring. We won’t be in a magically different situation by February or March. I don’t see how that can possibly happen.”

Equally important are the unknowns about the vaccines themselves. Scientists still don’t know how long vaccine-induced protection will last, for example, or whether inoculations can block actual infection, or only prevent the onset of disease. If the latter turns out to be the case, meaning the vaccines keep us from getting sick, but not infected, we still could be infectious to others. Until we know, don’t toss those masks into the trash…

…Andrew Badley, an immunovirologist who chairs Mayo Clinic’s covid-19 task force, says the return of any normal activities depends on numerous factors, including how many people get vaccinated.

“The only possibility that life will return to normal by summer is if the majority of the population receives the vaccines by then and the early efficacy data is borne out in ongoing studies,” he says. He adds, however: “I think it is unlikely we will be able to vaccinate the majority of the population by then.” (source)

And how will they make sure that “the majority” of the population gets the vaccines? It’ll start out easy – there are tons of people who will gladly roll up their sleeves to get a vaccination that was rushed to market with no testing on the long-term effects. And then, the rest of us will be coerced by being unable to go to work, to a concert, to school, or into a public building without proof we’ve been vaccinated.

YOU WALK TOWARD the arena, ready for a big game, tickets in hand. But what you see is a long line wrapping around the corner of the building and a bottleneck at the entrance as people search their pockets and purses for a small piece of paper. To be cleared to enter, you’ll also need that document—proof that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccination.

This is the future as some experts see it: a world in which you’ll need to show you’ve been inoculated against the novel coronavirus to attend a sports game, get a manicure, go to work, or hop on a train.

“We’re not going to get to the point where the vaccine police break down your door to vaccinate you,” says Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University’s School of Medicine. But he and several other health policy experts envision vaccine mandates could be instituted and enforced by local governments or employers—similar to the current vaccine requirements for school-age children, military personnel, and hospital workers…

…The mandates can be directed toward customers, as well. Just as business owners can bar shoeless and shirtless clients from entering their restaurants, salons, arenas, and stores, they can legally keep people out for any number of reasons, “as long as they’re not running afoul of any antidiscrimination laws,” says Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a professor of health and vaccine law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

When a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, some experts think states will require targeted industries to enforce vaccine mandates for their employees, especially those we’ve come to know as “essential workers.”

“Grocery store workers get exposed to a lot of people, but also have the chance to infect a lot of people because of the nature of their work and the fact that virtually everybody needs to buy food,” says Carmel Shachar, executive director of the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School. Hospitality industry workers—those who work in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, for example—could also see similar mandates.

“It’s in an employer’s interest to make sure that their workplace is protected and that you can’t infect your colleagues,” Shachar says. “Having a widely accessible vaccine gets a lot of employers out of having to control their clients’ behavior.” And with a vaccinated workforce, “you don’t need to worry if the people you’re serving at the restaurant have COVID-19.”

Even the general public could be incentivized to get vaccinated. “Oddly enough, the best way to impose a mandate is to reward people with more freedom if they follow that mandate,” Caplan says. For example, with proof of inoculation, you would be able to attend a sporting event “as a reward for doing the right thing,” he says. “And I can imagine people saying, If you want to go to my restaurant, my bowling alley, or my tattoo parlor, then I want to see a vaccine certificate, too.”

Booster shots could also be required, depending on the efficacy of future vaccines.  (source)

Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside how all these experts are planning to force an unwilling populace to accept an untested vaccine? It’s all for our own good, you know.

#7) Re-education camps

Remember how we all used to joke about being put into FEMA camps? Well…..

Finally, for those of us who believed these conspiracy theories were conspiracy facts all along – oh – and for Trump voters – there’s the discussion about how to re-educate us so we can rejoin society.

In a Twitter thread run amok, we saw the dark side of some “well-educated” Democrats who were sincerely trying to figure out how to redeem those of us who did not vote for Joe Biden.

Of course, he doesn’t really mean re-education camps. Of course not.

And Laura found she bit off a bit more than she intended to chew. So of course she blamed non-Americans. (Probably those darned Russians, right?)

Welcome to my inbox for the past 8 years, Laura. Every time I have posted a pro-gun, pro-self-defense article, I’ve been barraged with “creative” rape threats with a vast variety of implements and violent threats by the “peaceful” left. People have wished my children dead in a school shooting. So cry me a river, Laura, if your “thoughtful discussion” of putting me and people like me into anti-cult deprogramming in a gulag put you in an unpleasant position.

Trust me, you get used to it. Heck, you might even begin to understand why I’m a gun owner.

What other conspiracy theories have been proven true this year?

Is it just me or has 2020 been like reading every “crazy conspiracy” rabbit hole on the internet while dropping acid? Except you can’t come down from the trip because it’s all actually happening. As the insanity continues, make sure you have this book to help you get prepared.

What other former “wacky” theories have become fact this year? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • For the most part they still are “conspiracy theories”, because they still do not exist in reality.
    The Jury is still out on “mandatory vaccines”, for instance. It has been promoted by some countries, but the Citizens may well revolt and not allow it to occur.

    Just because someone talks about implementing that kind of program or a similar one, that does not “confirm” , the theories.
    All it shows is that they are a possibility, but of course that is where the “Theory” came from in the first place, the possibility that such a thing might happen.

    If it was never a possibility, then it would have been dismissed as “lunatic ravings”. There are more than enough of those on the Web and on You Tube in particular.

    A better title might have been: Conspiracy theories that just got one step closer to being reality.
    Because that is truly where we are at right now.

    • We used to watch tornadoes from a hill coming in from the southwest in Southern Wisconsin. At some point, when they got within a couple of miles, we hit the basement. One of those times, lightning from a related thunderstorm set the house on fire and we had to get out. Fortunately, FD came in time and saved it before it raced down the entire roofline. I don’t know about you, but hope is not a strategy. Be prepared.

    • The people of Denmark just revolted for nine days against a proposed law mandating forced vaccination. They banged pots and pans in front of Parliament, which backed down.

    • Yeah but these things crawl untill they run. CV19 has been rushing things quite a bit, and indeed it´s the perfect excuse, cover up, red hering, whatever. One step at a time is a sensible strategy to get there if we think of it. The economy is being crushed (except the big ones turning even bigger) and people are being empoverished, i.e. weakened, and frightened too.

      I´m not one for conspiracy theories but when they start taking shape and becoming facts, it means things are brewing. Where there´s smoke… It is somewhat clear to me that we´ve been nudged for the past few months. Now I´m feeling more and more being pushed, or maybe “prepared” to be pushed. At one point we might be left without options.

    • “Your papers, please.” is a FACT – I was issued “papers” to show to “authorities”, that might question my travels, that I did indeed work for an essential industry. I was not the only one or the only industry.

    • These are all being implemented more and more. Vaccines are mandatory in some locations or settings, for example. Just because they’re not everywhere doesn’t mean it’s still “conspiracy theory.”

    • Yes Ed , it is .
      A conspiracy by a loving God to save YOU from eternity in hell .
      Go ahead and laugh at me dude , I don’t care .
      Just please remember this conversation .
      Because I WILL be there to remind you of it , as you are being cast
      into the lake of fire .
      Just because a lot of people who Claim to be Christians have done
      bad things , doesn’t negate the message of Jesus .
      God didn’t ask you to follow ME , or any other Christian ,
      HE asked you to follow HIS SON !

  • I have a question: how do they track you if you don’t have a mobile phone, cell phone, smart phone??
    Because I don’t and don’t need one.

    • License plate readers and anywhere you go in public where there are cameras with facial recognition. Which are quite a lot these days and will soon be ubiquitous unless some cities opt out by their own laws. Now if you don’t drive and don’t have a license they can still cross check you if they get your name from some records where you once were photographed for an I.D. If you ‘somehow’ managed move around enough where your current address is not known on record. If you have utility bills they’ll searched that and find out exactly where you sleep, no matter it is if you have service. People don’t understand just how much info there is out there on you if you have more than a few years of existence. Your credit reports are a big snitch network as well. And any cop can just call them, identify their department and say they are doing an investigation on you and the credit reporting companies will hand it over giftwrapped. Also the post office, which tracks and photographs the outside of every parcel and letter that goes through their facilities. And so on And so on.

    • The “theory” is imbedded microchips contained in the vaccine. I’m sure that if you keep your eyes pealed on FB you see at least one post on that subject.

      • No cellphone? You’re an anti social nationalist, that’s what you are and we have ways of taking care of that.
        A little time in a re-education camp…like the kind Canada is already proposing then a collar with a tracking device like the ones they use on wild animals by field biologists to track movements.
        In the book: The Starchild Trilogy, co written by Frederik Pohl, all those deemed a threat to the ruling class were forced to wear a collar that could explode at any time for any reason if the offending criminal became out of control. There was no way to remove it without setting off the explosive charge….which would remove your head.
        Oh yes and the rulers could remove any part of your body deemed necessary to an essential worker.
        But then the short story by Kurt Vonnegut, Harrison Bergeron, would be a good reminder as to where we are headed. Equality for all!
        If you’re not scared, you should be.

    • We are the Globalists. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

      We will track you with an implantable biosensor “approximately 5 mm long and 500 microns in diameter” that can be read with an “Optical Reader” that attaches to your skin or is held in place. The reader transmits your biological information wirelssly.

      Profusa’s mission

      DARPA SBIR: Profusa Implantable Biosensors – COL Matt Hepburn

  • 2012, Obama wins a second term. For the most part, the majority of conservatives and libertarians just shrugged their shoulders, wondered who would run in 2016 and went about their lives. Sure there were a few who grumbled louder than others, but no one of note.

    2016, Trump wins. Calls to Resist! Not just from some old man yelling at his tv. CEOs, celebrities, the losing candidate herself. Protest! Riot! Cities on fire! Cancel culture(threats)! Doxxing(more threats)! RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA!
    (Note: I do not recall anyone calling for the #Resistance, #NeverTrump, etc. for deprogramming efforts, or consulting cults experts. Nor did this start with the 2020 election.)

    2020, Still up in the air but Biden appears to have won.
    Under Biden, we are all expected to unite peacefully, hold hands and sing kumbyay by the same yahoos who have been crying #Resist for past four years. The same yahoos who sneer at the flyoverstates as a basket of deplorables. The same yahoos who say if you didnt vote for Clinton in 2016 or Biden in 2020, then you are a racist, misogynist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, fascist. (Try telling that to the Hispanic/Cubans in Miami)
    The division in America is there and getting bigger. Thing is, it seems the one half that has cried for Resist! for the past four years now expects the other half to just accept it, shut up and color.
    But dont behave like they did for the previous four years. Or if they do, then they need deprogramming.
    Ironic, dont you think?

    • Jarhead, I don’t know if Biden won he sure is acting like it. I’m waiting for the lawsuits to pan out. If Trump really won — KATY BAR THE DOOR ! Cause if it happens and proved massive fraud, there are going to be massive riots from the Left which will be laterally breathtaking. That’s is the shoe I’m waiting for to drop

      • And we will be in a position to deal with them according to our laws. The enablers would at that point be largely disabled by the voice of the people. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

        • I don’t know, @Kay. “…shall not perish…” was not a guarantee or a fact, but a plea that we set aside our differences so that this gift of the government and Constitution that we have that guarantees certain freedoms won’t perish.

          Sadly, there are those in leadership in DC that want this “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” to perish and burn as quickly and completely as possible.

          I hope and pray they are not successful.

    • Don’t forget,BLMTIFA continues to riot and cause more destruction in Portland and Seattle. Even Now, Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler has become public enemy according to BLMTIFA, setting out “wanted dead or alive” posters in the city.
      So the rioting and violence continues.
      As long as it remains in Portland, who cares, you people brought it on yourselves. As far as I’m concerned, they could burn the entire city down….they deserve what ever they get. Trump won’t remain in the White House much longer, he stated he would make sure cities like Portland and Seattle get no federal funds for rebuilding all those businesses BLMTIFA put to the torch.
      Expect the violence to worsen and even spread. We may very well end up having to defend ourselves with fire arms.

  • Two corrections I want to mention:

    You mention microchips, but then the description under the title is far more insidious—injection with mRNA that can change how every cell in your body acts. mRNA is a type of genetic coding used by healthy cells to transfer information from the DNA to the rest of the cell to regulate how the cell runs. The injected mRNA is not part of a healthy cell. It’s no different than a virus that causes illness. It could even have a kill switch that causes you to die, maybe timed for one to two years so you don’t connect your organ failures to the injection. Notice, at least one of the “vaccines” proposed to “fight Covid-19” has a mRNA active ingredient. That’s why they need to keep the shipping temperature at -80°F. No way am I going to take that shot.

    The idea of microchips is bad enough.

    The second thing I want to mention is that if you have a cell phone, any cell phone, you can be tracked. The difference is that if you have a dumb cell phone, like an old flip phone, the tracking can be off by as much as a half mile. I know because my mother had one of those “senior phones” that allow loved ones to track them; sometimes when I knew where she was, the tracking was off by as much as a half mile. I found that to be amusing.

    Smart phones have GPS, which often can track you down to within a few feet. But if you turn the GPS off, the tracking then becomes no more accurate than a dumb phone. Another reason to turn off the GPS is that it eats up a lot of battery power. My default is that the GPS is off.

    • If they’re really concentrating on you for some reason, dumb phone or not, they use Stingray technology, now updated from 10 years ago when they always denied using it , after 4g to where they can zero into much, much closer ranges.

      If they want you, they’ll get you if you have any kind of normal lifestyle.

      The only way to stop it is to get a few good men And women lawyers with some good cops to file and pursue charges under USCC 18-241-242 and perp walk them publically as an example why government officials should not violate our rights, even under color of law or official mandates, which should be overturned in attendant lawsuits.

      I warned this would happen years ago. Those of us who study this see it coming way in advance.

      If that Georgia Senate Race doesn’t go the ‘right’ way so that the Senate power remains in republican hands to kill any draconian legislation for the next 4 years to buy us a little more time to come to our senses and stop the steal of our liberties, were all finished. They’ll be able to make any ANY agenda based federal law they want without any fear of not passing. Think about that ?

    • Whilst it may be comforting to leave your phone at home, every camera, laptop, car and a dozen other devices have embedded GPS.
      Everywhere you go there are endless RFID readers. Your access cards, credit cards, half your articles of clothing bags etc all have RFID embedded and unless you have specific readers you will never know about them.
      Yes there is facial identification, but your walk, your body shape, your clothing all can be used to find and identify you. Computers are a heck of a lot smarter than you are.
      “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”—
      George Orwell, 1984

      Welcome to Skynet!
      If you want to engage in any subversive or clandestine activities, you are pretty much screwed.
      Ask yourself, ‘What has the FBI and Fusion centres been doing the last 10 years?”
      They have not been catching terrorists, there are no terrorists.
      They have not ben catching criminals, the media would be ecstatic to report such things, but absolute silence.
      They have been compiling lists.
      Who is on those lists?
      It sure isn’t people like Comey, Strozk Obama and Clinton. It isn’t Hunter Biden or Chelsea Clinton and their corrupt friends. It is not the subversive organisations like Google, Facebook or Twitter.
      It is not the monopolistic practises of Walmart and Amazon.
      No it is a list of people who read and comment on sites like this.
      People who up-vote patriots.
      People who can quote the constitution.
      Orwell understood “Unity”
      Remember Seth Rich, Forster, and 100 Arkanicides.

      For those who did not believe, fear would do and for those without enough fear, detention and death were available. (1984?)

  • The Great Reset, with Klaus Schwab openly admitting that they want to “reset capitalism” (i.e. replace) and that nobody will own private property by 2030 as part of United Nations Agenda 2030 –

    For decades anyone saying that the United Nations wants a one world communist government was loony as can be.

    Proven 100% true now.

    Also proven that Democrats are communists. All are fighting for Klaus Schwab’s and the UN’s agenda. Which is the agenda of billionaires, actually, who intend to comprise the ruling class that enslaves you – or possibly kills you, since they’re also eugenicists who claim the Earth’s human population needs to be drastically reduced.

    All this is now out in the open, and previously called loony. Now you’re a “loony” if you oppose this agenda according to the same who previously denied it was real and mocked those saying anything about it.

    • Happiness would be watching George Soros and Klaus Schwabe falling into an open elevator shaft….with Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai chained to them.

    • I have received so much abuse from my relatives on Facebook. They tell me I’m immoral, mentally ill, etc. because I defend Trump and his supporters.
      No way am I getting the vaccine. Absolutely agree with you, Steven Quinn.

  • No vaccine has ever been tested long-term. In most cases they just allocate a couple of months for “testing.” The vaccine companies do it themselves: it is not done by independent agencies. They have their panel decide in advance a short list of events, which, if they occur, will be automatically accepted as caused by the vaccine. Things like immediate and fatal anaphylaxis. Not much else. They allow the vaccinated test subjects to report the accepted reactions ( if still alive), for a preset length of time, and if it happens a day earlier or later than the preset supposition, it is thrown out. Sometimes they allow test subjects to report other events which they think were caused by the vaccine, and then the panel decides if they think it was related or not. Usually they say not, with zero proof.

    Vaccines provoke autoimmune responses by their very nature. See the anthology Vaccines and Autoimmunity, editor leading immunologist Yehuda Schoenfeld. All vaccines cause an inflammatory reaction, to cause the production of antibodies. Many people are genetically prone to react to vaccines with excessive inflammation: often vaccine encephalitis, which can cause stroke-like damage to the brain, especially the language center (as in my autistic daughter, who reacted with vaccine encephalitis to the hep-B vaccine given at the hospital the day she was born, without my knowledge and against my express wishes). Or it could be a chronic autoimmune syndrome of many possible kinds: I have MS from a reaction to a tetanus booster which paralyzed both arms for a few days starting the day of the vaccination. Later diagnosed by MRI.

    So-called vaccine testing is a joke and a disgrace. Most vaccines usually work to prevent the targeted disease for an uncertain length of time. Yes, in some cases they could save lives. But today Zero Hedge said that two-thirds of Americans are against a mandated vaccine. It MUST remain an individual decision. Especially those who already have a personal or family history of autoimmune disease will have to think about it very carefully. But complete information on reactions will not be available for years, as it takes years for many vaccine reactions to fully play out. But both now and in the future, it will be a gamble.

    In addition, the Russian, Chinese, and English old-fashioned, adenovirus-based vaccines should be made an option here for those unwilling to take a spanking-new mRNA vaccine. We still wouldn’t take any of them, but the more traditional ones may be safer (relatively speaking) than the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.

  • Oh, you won’t be FORCED to get the jab.

    But you’ll have to show you did to:

    * Go to a theater
    * Get on a plane
    * Go to work

    Etc. In other words, to live a normal life, you’ll have to get the shot.

  • Mic, I think you got it mixed up a bit. The technology is real. It’s here and now. These are companies that trade on the S&P 500. And the more basic intrusions and implants in your body were being tested years ago and used in tracking our military operators overseas.

    It’s not even a conspiracy that they are planning a total physical and psychological control and eventual pragmatic enslavement of the populate. Anybody with no shit stuck in their eyelashes could easily see it coming for years now. Plus they don’t even hide it anymore too much like they used under the insulting fraud of ‘Public Safety’ and focused ‘Crime Prevention. Biden and others are on record as saying that ‘assault style weapons must be banned’. Pelozi & Co.(horts) already have the bills drawn up to go full digital cashless society within a couple years. The tech is already here and used on a smaller scale. All that remains is to make it official. That’s why bit coin is gaining popularity. Those financially ‘in the know’ realize when they ban cash they’ll still need some kind of very private ‘money’ from prying Gov eyes. What they don’t realize is that the new ‘government’ under the Marxist socialists will ban all cryptocurrencies except for their own National government bitcoin. In which all transactions will be recorded and monitored at will. Anyother form of currency will be illegal, cash included. And anybody who believes differently is just stupidly ignorant. Oh, and you can wipe your ass with your gold and silver. They already had practice banning AND Confiscating that in the 30’s. HaHaHa!

    Also. 50& of the vehicles and an increasing percentage of homes will be electric in just a few years, and so on, and on, until there are no more conspiracies, only actualities. Remember, the covert Marxist globalists have been working on the U.S. for generations. They finally got enough extreme left Billionaires to make it happen in 2020.

    Another more accurate title for the article might be, ‘The reality is that ‘The End is No Not Near. The End is Here And Now…and Almost Over!’

  • Didn’t Hillary Clinton mention sending people to “reeducation camps” during her 2016 campaign–presumably culled from her so-called basket of deplorables? So many tactics that are being set into motion or even fully deployed these days have deep/covert past roots in certain sectors of power (+ corruption…but after all these centuries, what’s new in that respect?!).

  • You are so right! In my worst nightmares did i ever want to believe it could happen here like in nazi Germany. It is ironic how the lefts accuses those who are Trump supporters of being Nazis ,yet they have no problem using nazi tactics to erradicate deplorables. Add Tx to the *Papers Please list*, It is one of 4 states on the ” Pilot Test kill list” for vaccine rollout.

  • Where to begin? I haven’t seen any of this . Maybe I live in the wrong place. Even the so-called unemployment payments that supposedly pay people to stay home? The unemployed people I know barely got enough to pay one month’s rent. The one stimulus did everyone got was nice, except that billionaires got millions well the little people got 2000? And the unemployment ended over a month ago so…..
    As to the vaccines. I have a family member who is working on a vaccine in conjunction with three major universities period it will not cure covid , but it will lessen the effects short-term and long-term. They have been testing for 2 months and are asking for more volunteers. (Texas a&m)
    As far as Pfizer and the other companies, I think they are also in the testing phase. My familial researcher said ‘wait and see”. No one has ever said it will be mandatory. Everyone is welcome to contract covid-19 if they want, but I wish the ones who happily went out and caught it would have a tattoo that tells healthcare workers that fact.
    The rest of this is so far out that I just don’t have time , but would love to see sources for all of these allegations.

  • Papers for travel? Yes, they were a thing, even in Houston. Our HR department handed out forms showing that I worked in an “essential industry” and that it was deemed necessary that I travel to and from work. That was during the two week “lockdown” back in the spring.

    Not that local cops, constables, or sheriffs ever pulled a person over for that (because this IS Texas), but scary to think that someone thought this form was necessary.

    • In 1975:
      1. You could buy an airline ticket and fly without ever showing an ID.
      2. You could buy cough syrup without showing an ID.
      3. You could buy and sell gold coins without showing an ID
      4. You could buy a gun without showing an ID
      5. You could pull as much cash out of your bank account without the bank filing a report with the government.
      6. You could get a job without having to prove you were an American.
      7. You could buy cigarettes without showing an ID
      8. You could have a phone conversation without the government knowing who you called and who called you.
      9. You could open a stock brokerage account without having to explain where the money came from.
      Now you can’t even go to the shop without ID and ‘permission’ from a cop.

  • Seriously? David Atkins whines the right hasnt been sensitive to thier *Snowflake*feelings, they totally deny conservatives any rights to voice any feeling contrary to Lefts narrative, oppinions, or just to live & let live, they have waged pychological warfare on Trump , & conservatives tormenting Trump 4yrs straight. When their flu vaccine have not been effective last 50+ years to stop flu, we are suppose to be all onboard with a rushed unproven fast trek vaccine in under 12 months?

  • A little history of US government conspiracies

    The US government through its many management changes starting in the early 1900s has been a nonstop generator of conspiracies they have predicably denied ever since. From the time that secret British money was sneaked over in 1912 to fund the Ross Perot style of a Teddy Roosevelt third party challenge to knock Taft off to guarantee the British favorite Woodrow Wilson would get elected, being lied to by government has been the order of the day.

    In 1915 German intelligence learned of the illegal munitions on board the Lusitania that would be carrying many Americans from the US to England, and attempted to warn Americans via about 30 US newspaper ads NOT to sail under such high risk conditions. The Wilson administration managed to get all but a couple of those ads killed. Though many Americans were killed when German torpedoes sank that ship, it was not enough yet to push America into that European civil war as the British had hoped. Possibly the assistant secretary of war then, FDR, learned his lesson that such damage needed to be far greater when he planned the Pearl Harbor disaster beginning in 1940.

    But before Pearl Harbor there was the great forced vaccination of American GIs in training in 1918 prior to shipping off to Europe. The Rockefeller Institute took advantage of the US Army’s adoption of a mandatory vaccination system that dated to 1911. The GIs at Ft Riley, Kansas had zero choice about taking that jab of a poorly tested horse vaccine. They began getting sick immediately. That didn’t stop the Rockefellers from selling that vaccine to several other countries. The damage was so bad that estimates of deaths from what became covered up as the “Spanish Flu” ranged from 50 to 100 million people worldwide — including more German deaths than they suffered in combat. That deception has continued even through today.

    Before Pearl Harbor FDR’s Wall Street backers wanted both war in Asia and in Europe. By August of 1940 FDR’s government had located a Navy intelligence officer who as a little 4-year-old boy had been stationed with his parents in Port Arthur, Russia at the time to witness the Japanese surprise navy’s assault which destroyed the Russian fleet in 1904. Robert Stinnett’s book “Day of Deceit” tells how that young officer devised a plan in August of 1940 that would force Japan to commit that same act against the US. FDR followed that plan exactly and the bogus “surprise” attack on Dec 7, 1941produced the results that the Wilson government couldn’t achieve with their treachery on the Lusitania. And of course the few who learned the truth and published it were trashed unmercifilly in the captive media of that day.

    In 1963 two weeks prior to the JFK murder, two US Army trained crypto operators who were stationed in France and Scotland (and who did not know each other) independently picked message traffic about planning the JFK hit. Part of that discussion involved whether they would blame the killing on a communist or a negro. Both of those guys reported to their superiors what they had learned, and both were suppressed into mental hospitals [Stalin style]. It should be no surprise that the CIA slapped a classified label on those details which remained sealed until only a couple of years ago when Trump declassified it.

    Oh, one of many ways that JFK had crossed swords with the military-industrial complex (to use Eisenhower’s label) was to shut down Operation Northwoods which was a plan that the highest level of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had approved … to attack targets in Miami to be blamed on Castro to justify a full scale invasion of Cuba (which could have risked a war with Russia). That was one of the few such conspiracies that was actually shut down in time.

    Since that time the details of more recent conspiracies are more well known. After the OKC bombing of the Murrah building to be blamed solely on Timothy McVeigh and the slow speed explosive ammonium nitrate in his truck, Ret General Benton Partin (who had been a munitions development specialist for the USAF) came on short wave (that I was privileged to hear) to explain that the cutting of the vertical steel girders in that building could ONLY have been done with high speed military explosives. Of course the investigating grand jury foreman (who was pushing for further investigations beyond McVeigh that the federal government opposed) was replaced to keep that investigation within federal limits.

    In even more recent times, is there anyone who yet does not know that in the 9/11 destruction that WTC 7 was never hit by an airplane but came down on its own footprint some seven hours after the others? It normally takes about two months of skilled work to set up a building that size for a controlled demolition to produce such precise results.

    Little wonder that the late CIA director William Casey in an early February 1981 staff meeting in the Roosevelt room of the West Wing of the White House was witnessed to say that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Is there anybody left who does not believe that the US government lives and bleeds on conspiracies?


  • Your article is so ridiculous and far-fetched that there is no where to being a factual dispute. Any attempt to provide facts to those so far gone is a waste of time. Likely going to be a touch haul for you but feel free to hug your gun and continue promoting what a fool and his money are soon parted will pay you. Sight is no longer a prepping site, just fear mongering to provide you and others similarly situated a revenue stream.

    • Ah yes, the much trusted, “credible” zerohedge website. Perhaps we’ll see it reprinted on a few other “credible” media sites also (sarcasm since you can’t hear my tone of voice). I for one hope “reaching across the aisle” doesn’t happen come January 20th. One can’t reason with those not living in reality/playing with a full deck. And remember, money matters more than anything else.

      • Selena, I really hope you don’t mean to be so scathing and insulting. In my line of work, getting picked up by a much bigger site like Zero Hedge is something that says, “hey, we think your writing deserves a bigger audience.”

        And it’s a shame you have no interest in trying to get to know people who think differently. It’s folks with your mindset that will cause problems that could be avoided if people could focus on common ground instead of on their differences.

        Anyway, thanks for that sarcasm. Very kind of you.

        I hope you have a really great day.

  • Americans in 2019. “We got guns. Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

    Americans in 2020. “Crickets”.

    Turns out that the guns mean precisely nothing.

    • They (guns) are for posing in your rainbow and leopard print skinny jeans while leaning on a borrowed Harley Davidson, taking selfies!

  • Hi Daisy. I just want to say I love your articles. They are excellent, informative, I inspiring.
    This one does wonders in destroying the cognitive dissonance arising from the shameless peddling of lies and gas lighting by the mainstream media and other globalist propaganda organs that daily seeks to destroy and subvert truth and reality.

  • Conspiracy theories becoming conspiracy facts seems to be the cycle in which we currently live. Who would have believed people inside the US gov’t would conspire with many others inside that gov’t and others to overthrow the duly elected president of our country? Worse…when exposed…nothing happened to them. Worst? Some at the top of that plot/conspiracy are now proposed as “new” Cabinet members.

    It is sad, indeed, to see so many people so obedient to diktats from on high when a few minutes of critical thinking and a memory that goes back even a year would tell them the diktats are about robbing us of our liberty to give them power and nothing to do with “saving” anyone or anything.

    Face diapers [or “masks” if you prefer] are the new yellow star only this time only the “good” people will be wearing them. But at least they’ll nicely match their wardrobe as face diapers have become the newest fashion accessory.

    2020 sucks.

  • These supposedly newly confirmed realities are mostly things that have already happened in the past, in the US and elsewhere.
    If you don’t want to live in a regulated society, fuck off to somewhere without laws or rules. This incessant right-wing bullshit about demanding your rights and insisting the Global Communist Elite is imposing rules on you is tiring. In reality, you want rules, just your rules. You want the right o enjoy the benefits of government without taxes. You want the security of armed forces and police without submitting to their authority. You want a safe and healthy environment with the only health and safety that matters being yours…fuck everyone else.
    So,seriously. the US has never been a libertarian nirvana. You assholes have never been happy at any level of regulation. Fuck off to Somalia.

  • And who are behind all of these “new” economic features? The crazy liberal portion of the population. Can a communist America be far behind if we don’t put an end to this nonsense? None of it can work in the long run, of course. When you create income out of thin are the money will debase itself and hurt everyone. And, nobody is content with a fixed income just like your neighbors. You can’t just become a nonproductive member of society expect to be taken care of. Maybe a few can but it doesn’t work for the majority of a population. It can’t. 2+2 will never equal 6.

    Let’s suppose it did work. Who is going to produce the goods? Who is going to grow the food? Who is going to build your home if everyone is on a fixed, free income? And, who is going to save the world when the next world ending calamity happens?

    If we don’t progress to the point of saving ourselves from these calamities, we are all doomed to be extinguished on some day in the future. Be it a comet, an asteroid, a volcano, a series of nuclear blast, even a series of EMPs would send us back to the stone age. No progress means no solutions.

    The democrats and liberals plan to destroy the human population and possibly our planet all in the name of saving ourselves.

  • “Whoops. 2020 proved that was a lie when they rolled out contact tracing apps to make sure you didn’t breathe the same air as somebody who got a positive COVID test.”

    You missed the bigger story, Daisy. Before they even HAD specific contact tracing apps, the cancel culture crowd gave America a great demonstration of how they could glom onto the cell phones of nearly everybody who attended the Michigan anti-quarantine demonstration, and follow every one of them right back to their own homes. Scary as s*t.

  • I must respectfully disagree with you about Universal Basic Income (UBI). It’s utterly silly, ridiculous and historically inaccurate to call UBI “feudalism”, “serfdom” and “slavery”. In the first instance serfdom was the main feature of feudalism. That’s being redundant. Calling UBI “slavery” is a grave insult and a serious trivialization of slavery. Under Feudalism Serfs didn’t not receive any monetary income from their Lords. To the contrary, Serfs had to provide the lion’s share of their harvest crops to the Lord. All financial gains went directly from the bottom to the top. The Lords didn’t give Serfs payments of gold or silver nor provide them with shares of titles. UBI has nothing to do with serfdom. As a descent of slaves in the America’s it’s rather rich how reactionary whites bandy the word “slavery” whenever they believe that their material interests are under threat. Slavery is free labour. Period. Never in the history of slavery either in the New World or Old World were slaves ever given any amount of payment for forced labour. Please don’t respond with the ignorant reactionary statement that slaves were provided with free housing and food. Referring to UBI as slavery is the epitome of ignorance. The article cited even states that it pays more to receive relief money than it is to work. Imagine a Feudal Lord or Plantation Owner paying his serfs and slaves not to work!!!!!
    Personally I’m dying for an UBI. That means that I won’t have to waste my time and energy running after paper. For the most part, a job is simply making someone else rich. Very few people become wealthy by having a job. I’m a Performance Artist. Having an UBI would lift a huge burden off my chest, head and shoulders.. Instead of having to chase paper to eat and pay rent, I will have my basic needs fulfilled which will enable me to devote all of my time exclusively on developing my art. Many people complain about the poor quality of music these days. Regardless whether one likes the following genres of music but Punk, New Wave, Dub Reggae, Hip Hop and Electronica/Techno music were created and produced by artists who received various forms of government money. But once the Reagan/Thatcher capitalist counter-revolution began in the 1980s and expanded throughout the 1990s, the quality of music began to deteriorate. As rents increased exponentially, it became impossible to just hold a “day job” and develop one’s art. Suddenly people had to work 60 hour weeks with two or more jobs just to make ends meet. Do you think that artists have time to create? When I first started out as a music producer and DJ in Europe, I used to make bank thanks to government subsidies to art. Then right wing politicians, who naturally hate the arts, took over European governments in the early 2000s. They cut funding for the arts to the bone. In 1999 an artist in Austria made their living from their art. Then after the right wing governments, each artist had to find jobs that paid much less than what they made as artists. I can tell you that every artist is hoping for a UBI. This is the thing. I never cared for the American Dream. At 19 I knew that it was a scam. I was never interested in owning a house, land, property or a car. Fortunately I now live in a poor Eastern European country where I only work 28 hours a week which covers my basic needs. I’m against private property. So the abolition of private property doesn’t bother me one iota. If petit -bourgeois conservatives don’t want UBI, then don’t accept the money. It’s about rugged individualism, is it not?. Even more striking is that a site dedicated to prepping for the collapse of civilization is worried about UBI! When the SHTF, do you really think that there will be any jobs or UBI?!? I repeat, if you don’t want to take the cash, then don’t. But don’t stop others that need or want it. Don’t ever dare call us serfs or slaves for it. Whatever petit bourgeois capitalistically degenerated nightmares that you have about UBI, keep them to yourself. Don’t try to spook readers with ghost stories which reflects your own capitalistically degenerated psyche. I don’t think that there will be a UBI. That’s one of the right wing conspiracy theories that’s too good to be true.

    • What you seem to be missing is that you WILL be enslaved. You WILL have to do certain things and toe certain lines to receive that money from your overlords. Why should someone who chooses not to work reap the same benefits as someone who works hard? I work in a creative field and worked full time at a day job while starting my own business. That’s how you become successful. Hard work and consistency. Nobody owes you anything.

      Thank you for telling me what I should post on my website. Wishing you the very best.

      • How much longer will ” I come from a slave heredity last”. So did I and many others. From my “white skin” I came from Irish slaves and my other features I came from a distant grandmother of African dissent who had been a slave in Africa not America. Did I milk this for my whole lifetime. No I got off my hind end and lived a reasonably productive life. You can make excuses or make a way.

  • Class Action Law Suite: 3 TRILLION DOLLARS Combined Amount Against ALL Companies, who’s Employer’s Actions – FORCED (Verbally) on their employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine shot – show proof (covid shot card) or lose your job. This one act by ALL EMPLOYERS is against Human Rights. All HR Depts Employees are to be encluded in the CALS and personally be held monetarily accountable as well. I believe everyone who were co-hearst (threaten with job lost) will gladly sign petition for this Class Action Law Suite against every Company that forced their employees to get the jab.

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