Here’s How a Cashless Society Would Affect Day to Day Life

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Have you ever thought about the ramifications of a cashless society? I’m talking about the real, first-person effects, not some ephemeral conspiracy theory or possible biblical prophecy. This is bad news for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are the ways it would affect day-to-day life.

Here’s my definition of a cashless society, so we’re all singing from the same songbook:

Cash would no longer be legal tender, therefore you could not make purchases with it, pay bills with it, or spend it in any way.  You would not be able to deposit cash into your bank account so you wouldn’t be able to accept cash for an exchange of goods or services.

Therefore, cash would be nothing more than a worthless piece of paper. (I know, I know. Debt-based currency is a totally different article though.)

We’re heading this way. Jose recently wrote that Venezuela is rapidly becoming cashless and here in the United States a concerning early sign is that there is a “change shortage” which is causing many stores to give you your change on a store loyalty card or invite you to donate that change to some cause.


Think of all the times that cash is an appropriate gift. I’ve always given money, like stuffing a child’s birthday card with a $20 bill or giving a new graduate some cash to put toward college expenses.  When I got married, we received quite a bit of money from various loved ones. My dad always gave my daughters some spending money of their own each time we visited and they were surprised and delighted every single time.

However, in a cashless society, there are two problems with this.

First of all, the recipient would not be able to use the cash. He or she would not be able to spend or deposit it.

Secondly, if a monetary gift is given, it would have to be done with a check or electronic transfer. This means that the government (and the Tax Man) would know precisely how much money any person is given. That might not be a big deal for the 7-year-old who got $20 from grandpa, but what about the graduate who raked in a couple thousand in gifts from family members to celebrate his or her accomplishments? At what point will the government have their hands out for “their fair share?”

Side Gigs

A lot of folks are really struggling right now with the COVID shutdowns. Jobs have been lost, hours have been cut, and financial problems abound. One of the ways that these people are making ends meet is with side gigs. Folks are cutting grass, cleaning houses, driving for Uber, delivering food, babysitting – they’re coming up with all sorts of ways to make some extra money. A huge percentage of these people are being paid in cash.

But if suddenly you can no longer spend your cash, you’d need to be paid electronically. How many people who don’t already have a business have a merchant account for taking credit or debit cards? There are options like Paypal and Venmo, which take a percentage fee, but they’re going to have to figure out something.

And then, as above, every single bit of this side gig money is traceable and trackable. This could quickly turn your 20 bucks from lawn mowing into $15 after taxes.

Selling Secondhand Goods

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sold something to pay a bill.  Me too! I’ve sold jewelry, furniture, exercise equipment – all sorts of stuff to meet an obligation when in a pinch.  Not only that, but I have a yard sale every single year to downsize the things that I found I don’t really use, which often brings in a few hundred dollars.

How will this work in a cashless society? Well, if you are selling just one larger item, you’d probably end up using some kind of payment app like Venmo or Paypal. On the other hand, a yard sale would be nearly impossible to conduct electronically. Who is really going to be able to sit there and do Paypal transactions all day, especially when folks are buying things that cost 25 cents?

And there we are, down another way of making some quick money.


Lots of folks who work in food service and the beauty industry, just to name two niches, depend on tips to make a living. Generally, tips are collected from tables or paid out at the end of the shift if they were put on a debit card. But…once there is no cash, these tips will have to end up going on a regular paycheck. One hundred percent of this money will be subject to payroll withholdings.

This will mean that a lot of people see a sharp decrease in their earnings, plus they’ll have to wait for their checks to get the money. It puts a lot of power into the hands of the management and it would not be difficult at all for someone to manipulate the amounts the workers have earned.


I’ve written many times about the importance of allowing children to handle their own money. It teaches them responsibility and life skills that will serve them well in the future. (Learn more about talking to your kids about money in this article.) My daughters have had access to money since they were in kindergarten, and possibly before.

Now, how are you going to give a five-year-old access to money if it’s all electronic? Are they going to end up with their own bank accounts and debit cards? That hardly seems realistic. There is also the option of gift cards, but that means the money can only be spent at certain places, taking away the vital learning curve of saving your money to put it toward a Big Goal. Forget lemonade stands, gifts from Grandpa, or putting change in a piggy bank – these will all be things of the past.

The unbanked or underbanked

Eight million households in the United States are “underbanked” or “unbanked.” This means that they don’t have any kind of bank account due to fees, bad credit, or other obstacles. These people rely on check-cashing businesses that already take a hefty fee to give them the pay they’ve earned. What will they do when this is no longer an option?

Most of the people who are unbanked or underbanked are living under the poverty line already. This would mean that they can no longer pick up side-gigs to make ends meet, they can’t do odd jobs, and getting them any kind of assistance will be more difficult.

Slate reports how the coin shortage is affecting these Americans:

To the average American, this shortage may only cause minor headaches—a harder time paying at a parking meter or exact change required at a coffee shop. But some 8 million American households, or 6 percent of Americans, are “unbanked,” meaning that because of fees and other financial hurdles, they have no checking, savings, or money market account. Many rely instead on services such as money orders, pawn shop loans, or payday loans. According to Venky Shankar, a marketing professor at the Center for Retailing Studies at Texas A&M University, Americans who make $25,000 a year or less use cash for around 45 percent of their purchases. So those Americans might struggle to pay for essential services without change on hand. They also might find it more stressful to round up or donate their change, should stores ask for it. “For an unbanked or underbanked person, it could leave them in a horrible situation if they don’t have access to the cards,” saidAngela Lyons, a professor of economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (source)

And this is just a coin shortage. Imagine how difficult it would be if our society became completely cashless.

There is an alarming amount of power in access.

So, we can see this isn’t an ideal situation for any of us.

But even these things are relatively minor in comparison to the potential for abuse against citizens in a cashless society. If every single dime you bring in is tracked and recorded, you will have no financial privacy, and you’ll also be at far more risk. Many of us keep some cash savings around the house for emergencies. Even if there is a bank holiday, we’ll be okay because we have the money sitting around to take care of any incidentals while we are unable to access our banked money.

But what happens when things are cashless? All that money we’ve stashed away over the years would have to go into the coffers and we’d lose a certain amount of control.

It’s all well and good when times are okay, but what happens when there’s a Cyprus-style event and the government decides a bail-in is in order? If you don’t recall, back in 2013, billions of dollars were seized from depositors to protect the small country’s banking system. This was done to make good on an $11.6 billion dollar debt owed to creditors outside the country.

If you think that sounds far-fetched – like something that could “never happen here,” it’s incredibly important to note that we already have language that allows for bail-ins here in the United States. After the bailouts for the economic crisis of 2008, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act of January 2010, which prohibits government bailouts but allows bail-ins. So, yes, the money in your account could indeed be used to save a floundering bank.

Not only that, but think about the outrageous phenomenon of civil asset forfeiture. If you aren’t familiar with it, that means that an entity can seize your property or money even when you have not been convicted of a crime. Civil asset forfeiture provides billions of dollars to the US Government and local police departments every single year. Imagine how much easier that would be if your wealth was all in one place.

And let me take it just one step further before I take off the tinfoil – think about how many websites, YouTube channels, and social media accounts have been purged and demonetized over the past few years. Is it that much of a stretch of the imagination that this could be taken a step further? That perhaps unpopular opinions could be fined and money immediately be withdrawn from the accounts of those who dissent with the status quo?

Maybe I’m just another paranoid conspiracy theorist. But are you actually paranoid when “they” are really out to control you?

What do you think?

Do you think we’re headed toward a cashless society? Are you concerned about this? Have you considered how you’d deal with this situation if it were to occur? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Don’t think China/Russia wouldn’t love to hit the US with an EMP.
    A cashless society MUST have electricity to operate.

    A cashless system will totally enslave the citizens of any country to the whims of their government.

    • Even a storm can take down the electricity for days, or even weeks What do you do then?
      Of course, I don’t think TPTB are really concerned about us. They will be safely ensconced in their ivory towers with all the power they will ever need.
      I read recently that New Zealand is trying to ban bartering. REALLY?
      As the old Chinese proverb says; May you live in interesting times.

    • This is likely the plan they have. (We) need to put a stop to all this, problem is those that dont want to believe or can’t are in the way waisting precious time. Come on people wakey wakey……

  • This is not Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, or Hitler’s Germany. Average citizens have 100s of millions of guns- yet REFUSE to fight for their rights, in even the most nominal way. Govt puppets who illegally sign away our constitutional rights? Should be visited at home or office, put under citizen arrest and escorted to detention and interrogation and made accountable. But Americans refuse to conduct even the easiest, laziest measures to stand up against this tyranny. So it gets worse and will finally end only when most of us have been eliminated. Wake up folks and learn from BLM-ANTIFA…. Only use these tactics to address the 1% lawbreakers, not to attack each other

  • We here in Australia had bail in legislation passed early 2018 by then treasurer Scott Morrison, now Prime Minister.
    It was passed very quietly over a holiday when there was hardly anyone sitting in parliament. There was no news coverage of that treachery. This is after he voted against having a banking Royal Commission into the financial sector that was passed any way & exposed outrageous, criminal, unconscionable behaviour by the banks like charging dead people account fees, foreclosing on homes that had already been paid & a whole bunch of other stuff that amounted to outright theft from the Australian population to the tune of multi billions $ over decades in all 4 of the big banks & was found to be systemic. His response to that was to do very little & although the CEOs left in disgrace they also left with multimillion dollar bonuses & a smirk on their face. Nobody went to jail.
    Fast forward to the Covid scare & he’s just introduced a 10 thousand dollar limit on cash payment in business transactions. Which means that if you have a big purchase to make you must have that money in the bank to transfer.
    Of course the excuse is to stop tax evasion & terrorists laundering money. Which doesnt wash because in the RC it was found that our very banks were the ones laundering money for terrorists & drug dealers, not the businesses transacting in cash. Australia has a very small black economy.
    So the PM just gave them more of our money to continue “ business as usual”. So his pretext was absolute BS. It was to keep more money in failing banks to use to bail them out when the bail in legislation kicks in. I’m absolutely positive that the bail in legislation was passed at that time because TPTB knew there was going to be another economic collapse & they were doing the service of their masters.
    Now during the Plandemic there is actually a quiet but massive run on the banks in Australia. Particularly from cashed up older people who are seeing their super & saving disappear under the new tyranny we find ourselves. They’re taking cash out to the tune of billions of $ & shoving it under the mattress. So the banks are closing down bank branches & ATMs on a massive scale to prevent that from happening.
    This is our Prime Ministers doing.
    The same Prime Minister Who hightailed it to Hawaii when Australia was burning this year.
    He’s fine, he has a job, he has toilet paper, a home, food & a life long pension when he leaves (if he ever does leave) office.
    God has blessed this man enormously for his “ Christian “ actions that have put all of us Australians on the hook for all of his failures while he still lives off the teet of the public purse. God bless him.
    I don’t think I’ll ever vote for someone who uses God & Christianity as a campaign/marketing strategy ever again.
    Politics & Christian values aren’t compatible.
    No one can serve two maters, they’ll either hate one & love the other or be loyal to one and despise the other.
    You can’t serve God & Mammon.
    Ye shall know them by their fruit.

    • Australia and New Zealand are a sad example of what happens to your society when Globalist Bankers are in control, they knew the game was up when they disarmed you. I hope someone will be looking to make an example of your traitorous Prime Minister.

      • & Dictator Dan the Chinese stooge premier in Victoria.
        The whole bunch of them. They’re all the same & the Australian population is VERY angry….
        The blatant lies, the lack of transparency, the blame shifting, lack of accountability, the weasel words, the incompetence, the stupidity, the greed, the arrogance. You name it, they’ve done it.
        Right now while people are still getting paid & have bread & circuses things are sort of fine. Although it definitely is affecting people’s mental health, destroying businesses, killing people through deaths of despair. But once the $ stops, food stops, evictions start, banks foreclose I wouldn’t want to be one of these politicians or their winged monkeys. Desperate people do desperate things & I think it’s going to be quite mad & violent. I think if I was a politician right now I’d be retreating to my underground bunker.
        We moved to the remote countryside a couple of years ago.
        Melbourne was already becoming a sh*thole & people were changing. So we could see the writing on the wall & got out while we could. Of course we could never have foreseen this Covid tyranny but we already suspected that we lived under a totalitarian govt with the mere facade of democracy.
        Calling our govt a democracy is like putting lipstick on a pig.
        Let’s put it this way….as the masks go on everybody in Victoria the mask comes off our govt. And the face underneath is a very ugly ravenous beast. They’re destroying everything good about my beautiful country…..for the greater good of course.
        We were talking about it at the local grocers the other day & the woman behind the counter made a very good point. We were bemoaning the quality & overall stupidity of persons to vote for & the sad situation we find ourselves in but the opposition party isn’t any better. We were asking “ who is there to vote for? Is there anyone who is smart enough to run the country properly?”
        She said….. “ Smart people are too smart to get into politics”
        So there ya go. I think she’s right. Alas we’re stuck with incompetent, stupid, greedy, self serving, narcissists.
        God help us!

          • Goes to show you that this has all been very well planned for a very long time & the countries are walking in lockstep with the agenda.
            With the purposeful stuff ups they hoping that their
            “ incompetence by design” will be enough to give them plausible deniability & save their necks.
            There’s absolutely no way that all these nations can be doing exactly the same stupidity that doesn’t make sense “ for the public good” whilst making things worse if it wasn’t by design. Not on a world wide basis. They’re either all too stupid for words which means they should be thrust out of power now before they cause more damage or they’re doing it on purpose which also means they should be thrust out now….. & they wonder why people become conspiracy theorists.
            It’s pretty easy to become a conspiracy theorist when there is a massive diabolical CONSPIRACY!
            I’m gathering the impression from all this that all the “ conspiracy theorists” haven’t even scratched the surface of the enormous diabolical world wide conspiracy that is advancing at lightning speed around us right now.
            What’s the end game?
            The question is who wins?
            Follow the money…..
            The bankers & their winged monkeys the politicians win.
            But it’s going to be very ugly on the way. Sadly Many lives will be lost.

    • Amen brother. I feel for all of you in Australia. It seems our peoples are under the same spell. In a way, it makes you have a level of respect for Muslims as they don’t generally put up with as much as Churchians are willing to bend over for! Here in the US, they don’t dare offend Muslims out of fear of outrage or being labeled unPC. And other groups as well. But, Christians and their churches, shut them down. God bless you and those that stand for the truth in this age!

  • You bring up some interesting points. Some I’ve not thought of.
    You mentioned cash as gifts. My kids and there spouses usually ask for gift cards from XYZ. While there is a paper trail the IRS is hardly able to keep up with little things like that. Yet

    • Anyone notice that amazon is no longer accepting visa or mastercard gift cards? My kids would sometimes get those from grandparents in the mail and use them to make purchases and any money left over on the gift card (usually a couple of dollars or less)d they could spend elsewhere – not any more. Also, Walmart no longer accepts those MC/Visa branded gift cards either unless you know the exact balance left. Fewer places are allowing split tenders to use up the nickel and dime amounts left.

      What happens to all those gift cards with small amounts left? Unless you spend beyond the amount in the primary transaction those funds eventually vanish. And what about those places that require exact change or will gladly round up your purchase?

      I am dismayed at the rush toward cashless society. We’ve worked hard to disentangle ourselves from the plastic trap and spend only what we have, as old-fashioned as that sounds. We’ve tried to teach our kids that, too – cash is king. There is a psychological impact associated with cash – you think long and hard about purchases with cash and spend less frivolously.

      • “ What happens to all those gift cards with small amounts left? ”
        They go to the company on the card after X number of days.
        Either way is a win. You either spend more which they get or you spend less and forget about it.

  • Good points, Daisy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Dodd Frank also allows usurption of IRAs , 401Ks, and pension funds, which happened in Argentina in 2008. Barter will become the rule of the day in a cashless society. What do you have to trade? Skills, food, supplies, protection?

  • Fiat is trash but it’s all we have to remain free of the governments total control, we need to preserve our physical money to preserve our freedom! The crypto advocates are rooting for a system they assume will be free of counterparty risk and regulation but is an illusion and a step on to the slippery slope of Totalitarianism, if you think the Banksters will ever let anyone be free you are delusional.

  • First, when I check (which I have done various times) the save my name, etc……It never does. Now I do believe we have to learn how to……trade one thing for another like was done in the old days. So as you prep you just might want to put aside some things to trade later on. (May be learn a skill of some time and use that to trade. ….. O yes on the change problem, sorry but that is fake as far as I am concerned. The gov can run its cash making machines as fast as is needed to turn out as much change as needed, but it they slow down and make it seems like they can not, then it becomes another push for the……cash less society.,

    • Maybe those of us with jars of change can start using it up for smaller purchases before we can’t spend it anymore.

  • Escaping the digital control matrix will become impossible and any attempts to escape it through barter trade will be criminalized. Refuse to take the state mandated vaccine? SS deposits cease. Express unapproved political views? Your purchase of vegetable garden seeds denied. Share the Gospel & hold in home Bible studies? Your electricity & water get turned off. Attempt to purchase a generator? Your bank account gets closed and you’re locked out of the economy.

  • On March 19, 2020, the United States House and Senate, began working together to formally make money in central-bank certified bank accounts legal tender. Simultaneously introducing a new bill s.3571 – Banking for All Act, which legalizes “retail” central bank digital money and putting in a deadline that “All Federal reserve banks shall, not later than January 1, 2021, make digital wallets available to all residents and citizens”.

    • The Banking For All Act has no chance of getting passed especially before the beginning of next year. There has been no movement on this bill and it has no co-sponsors.

  • I think you’ve barely touched on the negative fall outs from such a system. How are you going to prove you had that money in the account if it’s hacked . or what about all of us who don’t own a computer. Or the older generation that have avoided the new systems
    My greatest fear would be doing something (like having a different opinion or belief) than the government and being penalized by them shutting down your online account. This would make us all slaves.

    • The proposed Banking for All Act requires post offices to service the digital wallet accounts. No computer, no problem! They’ve thought of everything to ensure we have these digital funds.

  • irs says you can gift someone a certain amt a yr with no tax consequences to either party. it is somewhere betw 10k and 15k. cant remember exact amt. but you can go look it up.

  • I experienced a sample of this during and since the lockdown. For years I’ve used filtered bottled water for several reasons. I installed a filter on the main line, but it isn’t as good as reverse osmosis filtration for removing impurities/chemicals, and a home RO filter is way outside my budget. I don’t use/own credit cards, but I do keep a prepaid debit card for rare internet purchases.
    During the lockdown, all of the 4 self serve RO water stations, in our community went card only back in March (for whatever reason), and have remained so. As a result, I’m forced to load and use the card. The absurdity now is the “coin shortage.” While it would make sense to shut down the bill accepter to avoid having to give change, why would you shut down the coin accepter, which encourages coin circulation? It’s a simple flip of dip switches to toggle between the two forms on the accepter unit. The only reason is a push by banks to a cashless society. Why? Because they make a profit off of every electronic transaction by charging a percentage not just once, but a minimum of three times. The End User is charged, the Distributor/Retailer is charged, and the Manufacturer/Supplier is charged, all for the so called convenience of E Transactions.

    Daisy’s right folks. Welcome to legalized institutional usury.

  • We’re either going to kill the entire group of people behind this or they’re going to kill us off. That is their openly stated goal !! And you darn well had better be able to identify who they are.

    Why is this so hard to understand ? Many tell me they’re awake to these things but I don’t really believe them any longer. There is no political nor legal solution to this.

    None of us want this, but the fight is being brought to us whether we like it or not.

    It’s time to get busy in the real sense folks or we’re going down.

  • A licensed health care practitioner possess greater barter leverage than any other commodity or skill. People will give their last meal for health care treatment but not for silver or gold.

    • After I got my EMT-B certification, I got my Wilderness EMT certification.
      What that class taught me, is that without access to modern, technological health care system (hospitals, labs, modern Rx meds), and all the supporting supplies that go along with it, it is back to the late 1800s we go.
      Even the Doctor taking the class with us said the same.
      How many people have a microscope in their homes, right now? (BTW, I do)

      Having said that, I would argue someone who knows how to grow things, save seeds, raise crops and livestock and know a thing or two about fighting arms/military knowledge, might have more leverage than someone with only on specialized skill set.

  • I am very concerned about this country becoming a cashless society. They are already controlling the amount of coins that are available. If this continues it will become extremely difficult for the people of this country. I hope and pray that it doesn’t come to fruition.

  • Bottom line is: CASH IS FREEDOM! Unfortunately most Americans are oblivious to this fact. If you tell them EVERYTHING they buy with a credit or debit card is tracked and entered into a database (actually several databases) they look at you like you’re some poor pathetic lunatic that’s bought into “conspiracy theories”. It seems hopeless to warn people of the dangers of not using cash whenever possible. Yes, it can sometimes be a little inconvenient to keep cash in your pocket, but the alternative is a complete loss of independence and privacy from prying eyes. What is your freedom worth to you?? USE CASH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!

  • This “cashless” society is designed to put us all under tight control by Big Brother. The globalist-socialist movement wants us all to be under their constant supervision. If they have their way we’ll all be living in rabbit-warren giant apartment complexes inside Democrat-Socialist controlled “Welfare Empire” cities. They don’t want us to have our freedom, land, guns or cash. To hell with them and all of their nanny-state over-reaching control obsessions.

      • I have no problem with ads, as long as they are static with a clear message. I refuse to click through auto-play video ads. I hate them. I wish there were a way to tell advertisers to stop that nonsense. Those ads are what drive the writing and installing of ad blockers.

  • Always a good article Daisy.
    I brought a big bag of coins to the bank but they didn’t want them so I
    ended up in the supermarket coin machine which takes 12% out of my
    hide. I gave a guy hold up a “hungry” sign some bucks this morning
    and now I wonder what will happen to the poor when the change over
    occurs. I’m glad we’re at the end, explained by the “servant” in daniel11
    truth – “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.” Matt 24:45

  • In our city during this Covid time, businesses put up signs stating that cash is not accepted. (You know, “filthy lucre”?) Someone got the bright idea that cash, paper or coins, carry the virus!

  • Very timely article, as there are twin bills in Congress which essentially takes us cashless on 1/1/21. As always, the evil bill has some benevolent name such as the “Banking For All” bill, SB 3571.
    This bill is unusually short, and creates a digital wallet, somehow administered by banks. If there are not many banks in the area, the Post Office has been charged with this responsibility. Makes the recent increased funding for them a curious thing. I don’t have a smartphone/surveillance device, dont intend to get one, and since I won’t be taking the vaccines (I’m unemployed now due to my refusal for the flu vaccine) will likely be locked out of all transactions anyway.

    There will be no “bank runs.” About November 2015 or so, the G7 met in Australia to decide our future. The nations decided to make all bank account money the property of the bank, and we former “depositors” are now “unsecured creditors.” We’ll never see any money from the way-underfunded FDIC, because there’s a hierarchy: first dibs go to holders in the quadrillions of dollars derivatives market. The upper crust makes all the rules.
    This is basically China’s social credit score; like the Sandra Bollock movie “The Net” you can be made a non-person if someone doesn’t like you or wants your property. And speaking of such, there’s something the Fed has been batting around called “negative interest rates”..which would be taken directly out of your bank account- so you are paying the banks to hold your/their money.
    Their balance sheet shows Federal reserve dollars as a debit, and coins ( a Treasury product) as an asset. I think I know where the coins are going. I think they’re trying to force us cashless. And end bank runs.

  • This information is important, because the “coin shortage” is just as contrived as the fake COVID numbers and the mask mandates. It’s all bullsh*t, designed to control populations. A friend of mine who owns a small business gets two rolls of quarters from the bank twice weekly. “No problem,” he says. Half the change in my pocket right now was minted in 2020. Coin shortage? My @$$. Keep your powder dry!

    “If the American people knew how financial and monetary policy in this country is set, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” -Henry Ford

    • This is also connected to big corporations being in cahoots with the banks. And governments give all that a pass. This will be the source of our future misery. There are way too many people who will vote away their rights to keep their consumer lifestyle. The pandemic of greed is everywhere. This list of corporations supporting BLM/Antifa has me barefoot and starving. There will be billions of people on the doubting end of this cashless scheme who will die. Isn’t that somebody’s plan somewhere?

      We should all be scared spitless of a cashless economy. It will unleash a hell we could never imagine.

      As someone else pointed out, we will have to take a stand. Sooner would be better than later. But are there enough people willing to boycott the big suppliers who seem to possess all the resources to “sell” on their terms? Not enough people willing to do the “belt-tightening.”

      The big banks and corporations are driving this.

      I can’t think of any solution except for the vast majority to deny them their plan. We will have to do the best we can with the least amount of compromise.

  • If we don’t start taking out the demons with extreme prejudice we will become no more than slaves to the state, with the IRS tasked with the military function of arresting anyone who does not comply. What will happen if the Deep State keeps this up, will be assassinations by the truck load, because obviously rioting no longer cuts it when the states are trying to turn us into slaves as this lockdown is Beta testing to see just how far they can push before we push back.

    We need to start fighting back with whatever equipment you may have at your disposal. If we don’t stop them we will be sorry. If for any reason they assassinate president Trump, I will go to war with the deep state, nose to nose and toes to toes. Also along these same lines, if they try and force us to take any vaccine they will be met with lead. Feeling frogy bitches? Jump right in but you had better be wearing a bullet proof vest, of course you are hoping against hope that I aim for the torso. I don’t always my friends. Give some thought to what a shot gun slug would do to a person’s skull.

  • I have been watching this slow train wreck since the mid seventies with the roll out of “debit” cards. This would have to be a slow process as American’s will not capitulate willingly, as they will not in respect to firearms and the loss of the freedoms associated with Socialism, et al. It appears Senate bill s.3571 would explain the sudden rush and push to go cashless as other countries have. This link, (provided by commentor “Jo”) will not work for me, for some reason, and keeps reporting “Your connection is not private…etc. Go here to view bill3571:

  • Like you, we keep a little nest egg to get us thru a few months…
    we would spend the entire thing on barterable items and preps as soon as we know about the transition.

    TPTB already know taxes, utilities, etc. so we would put those on auto pay ( we still write checks).

    For the occasional neighbor kid, birthday present, etc. we’ll just find out what they need and buy it , then give the item(s) directly to them. What’s harder is if they need the money for something large (saving up) … maybe you could fill their gas tank, buy groceries, shoes,etc, for them so they can keep what they have in the bank.

    Some towns already have their own “script”. I bet we will see a lot more.

    This whole thing is going to backfire on the banks… won’t need them for blockchain since it is all digital. So they will disappear… no bail in or outs… just POOF once everything is in the cloud.

  • What is created by a key stroke can be taken away by a key stroke. I remember an article about a millionaire in California who had half his money wiped out by the bank with a key stroke. He got some back, but not all. That is one way to control you.

    I don’t own a debit card by choice. I have a bank account because all my checks coming in are federal and they require an account. I take out the money on payday, pay my bills and live off the rest. I have no credit cards.

    My husband recently went to Home Depot and the cashier tried to get him to use a card claiming she did not have the cash in change. He refused and informed her that he paid with currency and under federal law she was required to give him his change in currency. Funny she had the exact change in the drawer. This will only work if more people refuse to use cards. There is a federal law on the book that says once payment is tender but refused then the bill is considered paid. if you don’t want a cashless society, then don’t use the card. Remind the company that refuses cash about the federal law. You would have to look it up because I don’t remember where it is.

    But what I forsee is more bartering although New Zealand is making it illegal.

  • If it’s a conspiracy, it’s not a theory!
    re: seizing bank accounts, are monies in credit unions at equal risk?
    i’m praying not.

    i believe at first there will be more/most control of ‘money’.
    but as things disintergrate, barter and real money will be in greater use.
    maybe city or counties will come up with a ‘currency’

    or what we have at home will be used.
    SAVE your coinage.
    paper money will wear out..
    but a dime or quarter can have a value imputed to it that all in an area have agreed upon.
    and metal will last much longer.
    i’ve a ccouple of mayo jars full of coins.
    and bought rolls of dimes & quarters long time ago..

    in the NW about 1/3 of stores only take the card.
    others including walmart, kroger and safeway still accept cash..
    good thing as that’s almost all i use.

    ps. never thought i’d be sooo happy to be old!

  • Um … Daisy … do you know the legal (!) status of your money when you hand it to the teller? The moment you “give” your money to the teller those funds legally become bank/CU property. The funds are no longer yours. At that point, you are an unsecured creditor. From a broader and more troubling view, any check you hold, e.g. a live pay check, is still not yours b/c those funds are property of another “bank” until you deposit them into “your” account at which point the ownership transfers from one “bank” to another “bank”.

    • Totally false. Control of your money is transferred from you to the bank when you make a deposit, not ownership. When you make a deposit you are LOANING them YOUR money.

  • Let’s not forget the main reason they want to go cashless. Negative interest rates. If rates go negative people pull all their money out and the banks go under. Take away that option and they can go as far negative as they want. Saving will become impossible.

  • If Dodd-Frank prohibits bailouts then why did US failing corporations and businesses just get bailed out by the taxpayers as part of the coronavirus relief?

  • I second that notion about storms (or the terrorist squirrel network!) taking the power out and electrical digits become useless. If the power is out for a few hours, a day, or a week or two, cash is accepted at many places for things like ice to keep the contents of a refrigerator fresh or to get gasoline to run a generator. Cash truly is a lifesaver.

    Even when there’s not been a storm – sometimes the system goes down for who knows why – and the checkers put up a sign that says ‘cash only’. There’s almost always a couple of fully loaded shopping carts sitting next to the check out isle because the wanna-be buyers didn’t have the cash, only plastic.

    • Even cash can become useless.

      I was in an earthquake in ’89 that knocked out the electricity. The local grocery store closed because all their cash registers are run on electricity. Because of poor education, the clerks couldn’t add up the purchases. Therefore the store closed for a few days until the electricity was restored.

  • I’ve been seeing ads on TV for a debit like card for children. Apparently, the parent can add money to the account and can get an alert when the child spends the money. Looks like “they” are prepping kids for the coming cashless society.

  • Since the government knows just how much money you have, a government run by corporations will know just how much to automatically deduct from your virtual wallet each month for utility bills, your food ration, taxes and fees to leave you with zero. Since the government will provide everything, your tracking device/monitor/phone, minimal healthcare, your uniform, electricity, housing and food allotment, they might leave you with enough digital currency to get a haircut.

  • If there is a demand for something that can be used as money, it will exist even if it’s illegal. There are a billion things people can’t do with electronic money that the government tracks and taxes, or that people don’t want to do if the government is watching and acting as the parasite that they are in extracting (stealing) from them.

  • One of the girls who works for me in my business also works weekends at a chain restaurant that has just gone from paying out tips that are left on credit cards (the majority these days) at the end of the shift to making all of the servers and bartenders have a cash card that the tips will be deposited onto the next day.

    This morning, when she came in and I asked how her weekend went she nearly broke down and told me that, due to some kind of systems issue, she won’t be getting the nearly $500 dollars in tips she earned over the weekend for at least two weeks. This is a major issue for her as she has a number of bills coming due that she was counting on having that money available to pay.

    Problems like this are one of the reasons I try to pay cash, or at least tip cash, when I buy things or go out to eat. It also presents an opportunity to talk to younger folks about the dangers poised by having all commerce being on one platform that can be monitored and taxed by the state.

  • We’re definitely headed in that direction. I took on a part time job at the beginning of COVID delivering pizza. I did this years ago in college too. The difference between now and then was tracking via GPS and clocking in and out during runs, and for your shift by fingerprint.

    In addition to that, they eliminated paying us out in cash each night, forcing us to either get assigned a prepaid card or have our cash tips put on our paychecks. All of that now being monitored and taxed eliminating the incentive to work for cash tips on a less than minimum wage job.

    For example, driver’s are paid minimum wage while clocked into the store, but once you clock out on a run, your pay drops $3 hour while delivering. And with COVID and contactless delivery, most times you didn’t receive a tip unless it was asked over the phone by the order taker.

    20 years ago I would make a minimum of $80-$100 a night in tips on a Friday or Saturday. Now, $15-$30 on a prepaid debit card. Now if I want to go to the store and buy something, Walmart, the government, and whomever else knows what, when, and where I purchased something. And this is just one small example!

    People are refusing their change because of a fear of COVID, and others are refused their cash due to a coin shortage. Couple this with supply chain problems, food shortages, crop disasters, preferred buyers like China getting our crops due to their own failures and shortages, the future is not a good one for us.

    It’s all about the supreme micromanagement of every aspect of our lives. And I don’t think Americans are up to the task of standing up and fighting for their rights. Look how easily we were conquered in just a few short months and willingly gave away our God-given rights for nothing.

    A vaccine verification chip coupled with a cashless society is coming, and most Americans, churchians included will line up to get them. All so they can “go back to normal” attending their football games, etc.

    When you continue to see “God heal our Nation” or God bless America” signs on churches all over with absolutely no repentance for abortion, producing 90% of the world’s pornograghy, GMO’S and the dissolution of God’s natural order, we are getting exactly what we deserve.

  • The “Black Market” would immediately become the “go to” for any freedom loving American. We are in dangerous times if going “cashless” is even a consideration.

  • Take it a step further. What if you visit websites the government doesn’t want you visiting. You go to the store and your credit card is declined.

  • I have to agree with those who are asking in various ways: “so what have you done about it?’…”so what are you going to do about it?”… “so what are you DOING about it?”

    And I feel the same. I’ve talked and written until I’m sick of hearing myself explain and until I get writer’s cramp about what is going on and what has happened and who they are and what their goals are, etc. Now what I really want to know from writers is, “WTF are we going to do about it?” Yes, we do need leaders of the Resistance. Who and where are they? How do WeThePeople organize against this imminent threat to Life and Liberty.

    We’re already past Paul Revere time. They’re not just coming. They’re already here. They’ve already fired multiple volleys. They’ve already started tearing our country down and everything good it once stood for. And they’ve made their intentions clear. They will accept nothing less than the destruction of our constitutional republic, of our economy, of our God-given rights, of our financial and physical health, of our write to object or gather or resist. They want total capitulation.

    We want NONE of it. We’ve said it. Now we need to organize and to act. We need bloggers and writers and reporters of alt-news/real news to start writing about how we organize against it…how we resist…how we find others who know what’s going on and use our constitutional rights while we still have them to fight against the enemy without that is now within.

    There will always be the totally brainwashed / near braindead / too lazy to think for themselves / too attached to the poisonous mother teat of the govt who cannot or will not be reached or understand. We need to go with those who have already taken the red pill, even as we continue to offer the red pill to others.

  • First cash is done away with & we all receive the “generic” card – so convenient. Then,after a while, those pesky cards can be lost, stolen, damaged, etc. Know what would be safer & easier? They could put a chip in us!

    • I have wondered that one myself.
      I think the real problem is is there enough gold coins in the hands of average Americans to put into circulation? Otherwise, a dozen coins get passed around to the same people.
      And if gold is trading at $2100 an .oz, how do you make change for, say, a dozen eggs?

        • The same applies to silver.
          Unless you are willing to cut that silver coin into 1/4, 1/8 etc.
          Or, you are willing to take a loss for a dozen eggs going at $5 a dozen when silver is trading at $26 (todays price).

          How many people would even recognize a real PM coin vs a fake?
          I would trade for a box of .22LR or other ammo first before silver or gold coins. We all know there is a market for those.

          • 1stMarineJarHead, knowing how to determine the melt value of gold or silver items is a skill. You are big on skills. You should learn this skill. In today’s times, all preppers should know how to determine the gold or silver content and current melt value of gold and silver coins, karat jewelry and sterling silver.

  • Ugh! One more thing to think about and try to find solutions for – it is indeed an all out assault. There is talk of getting rid of the Federal reserve and returning to the gold standard. I don’t know if there really are options, I guess so since currency has value because we say it has value – it is a promissory note and maybe we will all just agree to continue passing notes because it is efficient.

    It seems prudent to determine how much cash you can afford to lose and put that “under the mattress”, the rest would be used to pay down debt (car loans, credit, EstTaxPmt, annual expenses e.g. insurance, license fees, necessary subscriptions) and buy whatever you need to prepare for inflation, shortages, transition, bartering. Make repairs and replace “last leg” items as you can e.g. Hot water heaters, furnaces). If you still have extra, maybe buy physical metals (gold, silver, platinum) and/or invest in index funds that include mines and the metals. – oops, started thinking out loud – I am not a financial expert I suggest that we each process and share ideas but individually make choices suited to our circumstances.

    It seems risky to not have funds available (cash) but risky to have funds unused (cash). So using the funds wisely may if nothing else remove future expenses, provide options, reduce some stressors and Buy Time. If you keep currency to the exclusion of tasks listed, you could end up with nothing and all those things will still require action.

  • Cashless societies make it easier for governments to abuse people. Governments have often oppressed people. Government “work” often attracts the kind of sadists who like to bully and abuse other people. If a woman is in an abusive relationship, a cashless society might make it harder to spend money without her husband or male “partner” finding out about it. Many people in this society are targeted, and they’re not all guilty.

  • The issue is more ominous than that. If we were to go to a cashless society, the government could control what you buy, how much of it you could buy and who you could buy it from. If a certain faction of the political spectrum were in control, do you think it would be beyond the realm of possibility that they would restrict purchases that they don’t agree with? Guns and ammo come to mind but also businesses that don’t “tow the line”on their beliefs. Look at the cancel culture right now. Chick Fillet, Hobby Lobby, or any number of other businesses out there that express their personal views on hot topics like abortion on Gay rights, BLM, etc. would be considered “hate groups” and could easily be shut out by the government and the banks. Think bout that for a moment. You might say that would never happen, but from what you have witnessed in the last year or two do you really believe that?

    • High Country Patriot, I work for one of the businesses you mention. We are very aware that we could be/are a target merely because of the truly hateful and non-thinking people. Incredibly ironic, if one would only LOOK at our employees and see the diversity in our store! But facts don’t matter to the crazies.

  • This is why you must get some silver, a little gold, old copper pennies, and nickels.

    Also stash food–that will be one of the highest-performing assets out there.

  • Le troc, est depuis des années une solution que bien peu de gens pratique…une monnaie d’ échange hors du système est aussi une solution. Les gens sont ” moutruches” (moutons+autruches) et ça fait bien l’ affaire de nos gouvernements…et avec la Pandémie (sic). ils ont en main toutes les facilitées…Voulez-vs vivre ou mourir?.. et le tour est joué.


  • With all electric purchases evrything would be traced food ammo supplies everything ,this would classify anyone prepping as a hoarder and all preps could be ceased in a crisis.

  • No question but what we’re headed for a cashless society. Say good-bye to privacy and the simple freedom of having cash to make your purchase, because we’re switching over to ‘cashless’ soon. While I understand that the dollar has been printed into oblivion and is, therefore, becoming more worthless every day, I am adamantly opposed to going cashless. I think we’re going to need to employ the barter system, and come up with our own local currencies, just to give ourselves the feeling (if nothing else) of freedom. Even Trump is in favor of a digital currency on the blockchain and I believe we’ll see it in 2021. 🙁

  • I’ve been closely following all this since 6 months before the 2008/09 housing collapse. Dr. Ron Paul, along with his financial adviser, Peter Schiff, were both warning that the housing crisis was coming. And indeed it did, with a vengeance. No one should’ve been allowed to be bailed out; a correction in the economy was needed (no bailouts). It would’ve been severe but new growth would’ve come out of the ashes. Instead, govt decided to turn on the printing presses at full speed to save the banks and big corporations. This is why the dollar is dying & govt/Federal Reserve are attempting to force a cashless society on everyone. The bank needed to fail. Both Presidents Jefferson and Jackson allowed the first national banks to go away; they knew the dangers banks pose to our money creation. That’s why Article 1, Sec. 10 of the United States Constitution says only gold/silver is to be coined. I suspect our founders put that in because they witnessed the hyperinflation of the Continental dollar. I have since been following economists from the Austrian School of economics. I read not too long ago that there is an answer to this. It read that

  • Been following this economic collapse since 2007, 6 months before the housing crisis. Dr. Ron Paul & his financial advisor, Peter Schiff, both warned it was coming. There should’ve been no bailouts & the correction should’ve been allowed to occur. It would’ve been severe but new growth would’ve come out of the ashes. Govt/Federal Reserve central bank decided to massively inflate the dollar to dole out money to “save” banks & corporations. It has done nothing but destroy the dollar. The Fed needs to go away. Both Presidents Jefferson & Jackson ended the first two national banks. They knew the dangers banks pose to creating money. Article 1, Sec. 10 of the U.S. Constitution states only gold/silver is to be money; I suspect our founders did that because they witnessed the hyperinflationary death of the Continental dollar. This fast tracking by the Fed, printing massive amts of money, is not by accident. And I completely agree with you. But Austrian economists do have an answer to this. I’ll put what I learned in the reply.

  • Austrian economists (named after the country of their founders) have answers to this. I read recently that if only a handful of states stopped using the U.S. dollar when this goes down, it would nullify the Fed. There are bills in all 50 states ready to be passed that legalizes gold/silver as legal tender again. Five or six states have already passed their’s, Utah was first in 2011. They created an alternative currency called the Goldback. Nevada also has a Goldback. Tennessee’s bill was introduced in Feb. 2019 but has only made it to the Finance, Ways and Means Subcommittee last I looked (HR 1323/ SB 0978). It states gold/silver COINS to be used as legal tender. This is when I realized the coin shortage was probably about the fact that many with worth are still in circulation. If govt forces cashless, we’d still be able to trade in coins. They don’t want us to do that if they are to control all our money. They don’t care about the paper dollars because their intrinsic value is just that…..paper.

  • If all 50 states decided to throw off dollars when they collapse completely (shunning digital dollars as well) in favor of using alternative currencies (coins, Goldbacks, gold/silver, local scrip even), we would nullify the Fed. It would be a difficult time but we could do it. It would require the public to have knowledge of what was going on though and how to win this fight. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to pull that off with all the political division and mainstream media that lies to the people.

  • Not to mention how do you pay for anything if you’re somewhere with bad cell phone service, or the power goes out. A cell tower goes out, etc…

    I.e. even if it wasn’t a horribly wicked idea it’s just not feasable!

  • yes, very concerned!!! I think about the monies people like us, retired, fixed income etc, that have worked and saved for this retirement. and then for govt or someone to march in and TAKE IT ALL away from us!!!! makes me sick to think of it……BUT as you mentioned at this point, we are directly headed to that scenario and quickly.

    my question to you and others: what can we do about it NOW? how do we start emptying our accts without being heavily taxed, how can we put away elsewhere and do we go ahead and change it into other monetary vehicles…if so, where do we put it? we dont know exactly what vehicle will be, to be able to buy goods, etc.

    so, do others have this fear of losing all your monies? would like to hear suggestions, things are happening extremely FAST, us, like many others lost a lot in the crash years ago, we dont have the age and time anymore to replace some of what we lost….ideas/suggestions appreciated for sure……..

  • This is why I think Bitcoin and other cryptos are doomed. Once we have let crypto work out the kinks, we will see sovereign crypto must likely from a China and the US. As the article suggests, both sovereigns will jump at digital currency for the control. Once they do, it should entirely displace the crypto currencies. The sovereigns aren’t going to let a private system that is untraceable exist that so clearly defeats their control fetish.

  • ! m very worried about a cashless society. Two days ago I was going to my B.O.L. I pulled into a “Citgo” gas station. My Card wouldn’t work Screen said come inside to make purchase. if he’s “Closed” NOW WHAT. he held my card. pump stops at $ 40.oo CRAZY back in store TWICE to pay for gas,. he also had signs no bills bigger than a $20… been a string of BOGUS $100.oo…. duh don’t accept them.. if you can’t get or dont have a CC your screwed.

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