Are We Overdosing on “Hopium?”

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by Kratos

I am a prepper. I became a prepper in large part because I am a dangerous conspiracy extremist.” Why? Because I am one of those people who listens to what the power elite tell us they’re going to do, then take them at their word and prepare for it. Many people have been exposing this longer than I. However, I still put 13-plus years of my life into researching and exposing the globalist agenda. 

Almost none of what happens today is a surprise to me because it’s been bragged about for generations. After many years of learning about their agendas and conspiracies, this is the world as I see it. So take it with as many grains of salt as you wish.

But, it will all end soon, won’t it?

As a prepper, a stoic view of reality is necessary to see reality for what it is at present. And it is essential to learn how it got to this point and predict what direction it will take in the future. We can then be adequately reactive and proactive in adapting and overcoming what is and what will happen.

Overdosing on “hopium” or succumbing to normalcy bias can be detrimental to the point of suicide.

Naturally, it would benefit us if rosy assessments of the current reality were accurate or confirmed in the end. No one, least of all me, wants to live on a giant slave planet where the masses of humanity are so inured, so helplessly dependent on the system, that they willfully submit to enslavement. Nor passively stand by while the population is culled by elites who believe they have the right to determine we are unworthy of life itself and all the inherent rights that come with it.

Social media’s echo chambers magnify a statistically insignificant portion of the population speaking up and resisting. We comfort ourselves that this will all end soon if we expose the agenda to enough people.

Strike now, while the iron is hot

Many, such as the ordinarily great Larken Rose, claim the warp speed advancement of the globalist agenda signifies their panicking that humanity is awakening. Quite frankly, those claims are delusional and indicative of too much time spent inside social media’s echo chambers. Or, a cynical desire to make as much money as possible while the gettin’s still good.

Those claims are also indicative of a steadfast refusal to believe the Establishment can carry out such conspiracies even though they’ve had a monopoly on creating and distributing fiat currency for over 100 years. And have, during that time, literally bought the entirety of society. If you want an ironclad example of that fact, consider how they just stole a general election. The Establishment (the courts, Congress, state legislatures, media, and everything in between) destroyed any attempt to expose the fraud or prosecute those responsible.

The fact of the matter is, they’re moving quickly now because they’ve previously underestimated how firm their grasp is on the minds of humanity.

All across America and the developed world, businesses were ordered to close

I’m not sure if anyone can say what percentage or how many tens or even hundreds of thousands of small businesses shuttered under government orders and never opened again. Anyone who had to work, who didn’t have the luxury of sitting on their couch soaking up 24/7 news coverage while raking in far more in unemployment than they earned working, saw the hypocrisy of being forced to shut down. At the same time, Walmart and the big corporations were declared “essential” and remained open, yet they closed down anyway.

We all knew if they and their customers had each others’ backs and said “NO” en masse, there would be nothing the government could do except pound sand.

The heroes who did say no were quickly singled out to be viciously harassed, fined, and often destroyed. Whether the people believe the current scam du jour, their belief in authority, their identity as a “law-abiding citizen” is a yoke that will cripple them every time. Disobeying even the most vicious and unlawful edict is unthinkable to them.

People will say no…until they don’t

Government officials are coming under increased scrutiny for continuously moving the goalposts.

  • Just two weeks to flatten the curve.
  • We can go back to normal when we get the vaccine.
  • The vaccine is safe and effective, but you must remain locked down, social distance, and wear three masks.

When does this end? Why must this go on? They cannot and will not answer because this is not about a virus. Yet when we are told we must lockdown again, especially when the triple mutant variants arise (which they’ve repeatedly bragged is coming – they’re such sages!), people will bend the knee. Again.

As for the vaccine, it’s coming out in the mainstream that vaccine resistance is rampant. That would be good news on its face if not for what’s coming down the pipeline – vaccine passports and tracking. It is part of the agenda that you’ll be completely locked out of the Great Reset if you refuse the vaccine.

They won’t be “mandatory” in that SWAT teams will accompany a doctor to your house to force you at gunpoint. You won’t have access to the new digital currency that is being developed. And, like a social security number, birth certificate, or driver’s license, employers will not hire you without up-to-date proof of vaccination.

People will say no to the vaccine right up until they look around at everything they own, at their children, and see no alternative but to take the shots. At that point, it will be too late for counter-economic solutions like agorism and prepping.

Your thoughts are not your own

I’ve learned over these past 13 years that globalists have mastered the psychology of the human mind. They know us better than we know ourselves. Because not only do we not know ourselves, we don’t know we are being manipulated. We don’t know we are victims of generations of cumulative trauma-based mind control.

Let me assure you: if you think you’re not mind-controlled, you definitely are.

The globalists are not moving forward because they’re scared. They’re moving forward because the initial reaction to the scam was perfect. I believe COVID-19 was a test run. But it went so flawlessly, so swimmingly for them, that they decided to fast-track their plans. For example, the pandemic wargame known as SPARS 25-28 mirrors the present situation perfectly in all aspects. And, as its title suggests has been moved up five years (watch 2023!) Because why put off for tomorrow what you can accomplish today?

Now is not the time to give up or give in

What I witnessed in my hometown gave me no reason to hope that there is an awakening. On my social media accounts? Sure. Lots of people refusing masks, refusing vaccines, opposing the scam. But in the real world, mind control, as epitomized by Hitler’s maxim, repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth, eventually broke them down. The peer pressure got to them. Even today, several weeks after the mask mandate was lifted in my state, probably two-thirds of people still voluntarily wear masks. They’re a fashion statement, after all, found on the end-shelves of every aisle of every store.

The lesson here, as I see it, is this: do not give in to hope.

There isn’t time. This is the endgame, the finish line, and many are acting as if the starting gun just went off. Fall on your sword for your friends and family if you wish. But you are almost certainly doomed to get sucked into the same black hole.

The Reset button has been pushed, hell on earth has been unleashed

And no one can un-push the button. 

Even if they are aware of the scam, most people think they’ll say “no” and carry on with their lives. Those people have not been paying attention to what globalists have been saying for many decades now, much less this last year. (Follow the World Economic Forum’s tweets, and you can predict the future – they have that kind of control). Their words are now a reality – here, now.

We had one final chance to stop it last year. But the mass closure of small businesses for months on end, which, again, we could have prevented if we all refused, along with one-third of all the money created by the Federal Reserve in its 108 year history made in the last year, was a crippling, deadly blow.

As preppers, what must we do?

If we do not succumb to delusion, we must adapt ourselves to the agenda. We must create our own Reset. The old world, that old life we knew, is gone. It’s been stolen from us. We miss the opportunity to “build back better” in our own lives if we cling to that which is dead and gone. If we are steadfast and resist the globalist reset, we must understand our actions’ consequences if we are ready to die on that hill. 

Those who refuse and resist face two choices: be forced off-grid when the new currency becomes unavailable because we will need vaccines to work, bank, and shop. You will not be able to pay your mortgage and will lose your home. Not all of us are lucky in our family and friends. Especially post-Reset, when they may be facing the same struggles you are, or, worse, buy into the Reset and disavow you.

Or we unplug from the technocratic slave matrix on our terms. I don’t know about you, but being at the mercy of others is not a place I want to be, and so obviously, I have chosen the latter. That is a subject for another time.

As Eomer tells Aragorn in The Two Towers“Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands.” It is a dark place to be, for sure. But many of us as preppers have long predicted these days, and they are here.

They are here. Act accordingly.

How are YOU unplugging from the system?

Are you taking steps to get out of the system before there’s no way out? What steps are you taking to increase your resiliency and reduce the ability of others to coerce you? How are you becoming more self-reliant? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

About the Author

Kratos has been prepping for civilizational collapse of various types since the 2007-08 economic crash, when, studying its economic causes, came to the horrifying conclusion that the next collapse was not only inevitable but would be final. He implements and integrates survival, prepping, homesteading, agorism, and VONU to increase resiliency, build networks of interdependency, decrease vulnerability to coercion, and, as Camus said, “become so absolutely free that [his] very existence is an act of rebellion.” Connect with him on MeWe and on Bitchute

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  • “came to the horrifying conclusion that the next collapse was not only inevitable but would be final…..”” Welcome! now then, now that you have arrived, get and stay busy, there’s lots to be done. “you’ve only just begun”

  • Many months ago, I was led to earn Christians against falling for the demonic deception of what I call “hopism”. This current condition in our churches and spewing forth from our pulpits and false prophets, is keeping most Christians in a stupor of complacency and apathy. Worse is it is leading many to accommodate to this evil, Jesus hating, and Anti-Christ spirit.

  • Well that was a cheery little article, just the thing to make me want to go to work and help my fellow slaves. But other than reminding us what we already know about those dastardly demon overseers, what do you recommend? Jim Kunstler made a savvy connection between the elites and your typical James Bond villains; crafty, cunning, psychopathic evil geniuses who ultimately lose their whole game in spectacular fashion. F* those bastards, hold your head high and continue on!

    • I made brief mention of what to do towards the end of the article but I will discuss my own Reset in my next article. Thank you for reading.

  • Look up Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s dissertation about waiting in the hallways for the Germans to come to get them to take them to the death camps and you will have the answer of what to do.

  • Yet another agenda and like all the others, I’ve never seen it in print. Just oft repeated with no hard proof.
    A lot of us prep because we don’t know what tomorrow (and few to many days after) could bring. Weather, illness, job loss etc.

  • There is Hopium, Common sense and there is Fear.
    I Think the Author has moved into the Fear category, as so many tend to do.
    Fear leads to depression and being paralyzed. Being paralyzed is not always physical, but often a mental state. One can not ” see” past the fear. Thus they are mentally paralyzed.

    I don’t think the Great Reset is what so many think it will be. It is more of a smoke screen to keep you distracted. In any good Covert operation, you need to distract from your real objectives and actions.
    The Great Reset displays their hand to much. It has been released to easily and to widely disseminated.

    This is a war. But in war, you never give away your true objectives no matter how much you think you can win or how powerful you are.
    You also never reveal your whole plans to low level operatives (i.e. politicians). Now the Elite are not stupid, nor are they bumbling along with no OPSEC or PSYOP operation in place.

    In war, they will kill a person or a bunch of them, just to keep a secret.
    Consider that carefully.
    Then the next time someone plainly opens up about the Elite’s “operations and plans”, consider carefully, if this is not a diversion, a ruse to mislead you or that they are mislead.
    Now all lies contain some truth, or you would quickly recognize them as being a lie.

    So there is probably a plan, to reform society into the the way they desire it to be.
    But doing such a thing is not so easy on a World wide scale.
    To many people will resist, to much Nationalism, love of freedom, etc.
    Which are some of the reasons why; the UN, the EU, Agenda 2020, Climate Change/ Carbon tax, etc. have not been successful.

    These people are smart and crafty, If you think they will tell you what they have planned, then you are
    badly mistaken.

    • The Globalist’s TELL the sheep what they are going to do in advance because it is part of their bizarre satanic beliefs…according to their book (which will remain nameless) they MUST do this. The Economist is their flagship magazine. Each new year, they put out an edition called: The Economist: the year in 20**. This magazine cover has their plans for the year in symbols…which is the language of the Globalists.

      Having known what is coming for 30 years, and having carefully watched the Globalist plans unfold for 30 years, I try to look at that cover as soon as it comes out. While studying the 2019 edition, I noticed a pangolin on the cover. I thought perhaps this indicated a green false flag (the pangolin being endangered). When it was announced in early 2020, that perhaps pangolins were behind the Plandemic, it became glaringly obvious what the pangolin was doing on that cover. The Plandemic began in late 2019.

      Some people have called me psychic because I tell them what will happen before it happens. This is not being psychic…it is watching what the Globalist’s are boldly telling us. It is a form of taunting. I agree with the author of this article. We are too far gone…but do not despair. Welcome the Lord Jesus into your life. “He who endures to the end will be saved”. By the way, if you want to see the cover for 2019, just do an image search.

    • In my next article I’ll show you that I’m not paralyzed by fear but empowered to be in control of my life. Thanks for reading.

    • They aren’t stupid but they may be getting senile and they are certainly delusional. If you think back to Hilary’s campaign it’s clear that they were completely out of touch with reality. The 4 year hissy fit over the election of an ‘unauthorized’ candidate was a direct result of them not being able to comprehend their own failure.

      The problem is they’ve been listening to their own propaganda for so long they’ve started to believe it themselves. They are the self-designated ‘good’ people; the important people; the only ones that can make anything happen. They’ve created a facade that shows them to be omnipotent and they have begun to believe it. It doesn’t matter if they show their hand; they are all powerful.

      And to be fair they are still having success with their all time favourite game: divide and conquer continues to be a winning strategy. They are globalist corporate capitalists and they’ve got everyone believing that they are lefties! Antifa and BLM are absolutely oblivious to the fact that they are being played as a distraction and set up to take the fall for the genocide being perpetrated by the Davos set. And everyone else seems to be just as deluded. ‘Blame the lefties’ is a constant theme in this blog and comments.
      They aren’t omnipotent though and sometimes they are barely competent. But that doesn’t matter. As long as we are fighting amongst ourselves, the political and economic elites don’t have to worry about any resistance.

  • Those that wish to control us aren’t doing this for the mere notion of “they can”. It’s about making money. There are lots of ways to make money if you have a lot of it. The world’s debt is 118 Trillion dollars. Average interest rate on the world debt is around 2%. They aren’t in it for the 2% itself. It’s what they can buy with the 2%. Buildings are bought and leased out for far more. Businesses are bought for an 8% return on their investment. If you understand that this is all about making money, inflation is NOT the goal. Inflation helps “we the people”, not “those that wish to rule us”. With inflation, you have more dollars. Mortgages can be paid off with more worthless dollars. With deflation, prices/costs go down. Bad for we the people because we have less dollars. Good for “those that wish to rule us” because they can buy up lots of stuff. Look at the “Great Depression” in the whole world and see how much land and resources became consolidated in the hands of the wealthy. Time to start hoarding cash if it’s possible.

    • Money….. There is NO money in the system. There is confidence. Dollars work, because WE are confident they work….and will continue to work, until YOU won’t accept them in exchange for your labor.
      The elite don’t care about what YOU call money. They can/do conjure it from nothing, and YOU will exchange it for your most precious posessions… time & compliance…. and in the end, worship.
      They are the “gods” of this world.. YOU make it so by your focus on their MONEY.
      While Satan creates a false paradise with green science, your compliance becomes worship to him. With each sacrifice he becomes stronger.
      The Lord God..The creator of heaven and earth placed HIS money IN the earth. It is truth, and just weights and measures that will prevail.
      The system is a fraud…recognize this, and be in it, but not of it. Utilize that which works for you…while rejecting that which would work against you.
      Laugh at their illusion…it can not stand…. Its foundation is a lie.

    • theyve moved from the old model where money mattered and was a main objective, to a new model where it’s raw power. with power, you dont bother with money or ownership. everything is yours already.
      i do think theyve stepped up the programme but thats because i think enough of the power elite finally figured out that ‘the limits to growth’ is for real. they are moving to clear out a lot of us little people who, while twenty years ago we were important to them as drones buying their garbage and paying their taxes, now they see us as burning their oil and taking up too much space on their world.
      yeah, im also interested to see what the author has to say about stepping out of the prison before they close the last windows and doors.

  • I stopped stressing over all of it long ago. The actor Clint Eastwood once said in a movie, “A man has to know his limitations.” I do what I can for those things I can control or have an impact on for what I think is on the way. At the same time I work to not be the nail sticking up, and to remain as invisible as I can be to those who like making examples of dissidents. I agree with the author that we had the change to torpedo this insanity en mass but were too frightened to do it. We may have lost some of our comforts, after all! Now we all are the insect caught out in the sun and the Globalists have the magnifying glass to use at their pleasure. Its what happens when good men do nothing and allow evil to flourish.

  • For those who want to keep believing that we are a Republic or even a Democracy know this, the White House is considering using the Domestic Terrorist Mantel as a means of instituting National Gun Control. The boogey man in all of this is the so-called “White Supremist,” and any other group to include Christianity, any group or thought that does not conform to what the White House demands of you. I have seen their plan in PDF format, I just do not know how to convert it to Word so I could send it to Daisy.

  • The author brings up some salient points. I think he’s over-selling the fear and hopelessness a bit. He would likely label ME brainwashed… Lol
    Look… In ALL countries that have been overthrown by despots and communist/ marxist regimes? They all have one thing in common…
    ALL were first DISARMED. Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Allende, Somoza, Ortega, Castro…
    Many have misread the tea leaves on the American gun owner. Many think that our inaction to defend our communities was cowardice last summer. Bothing could be further from the truth. No…… What America witnessed? Was RESTRAINT. Trump urged that restraint, asked us to let him handle it. So, we remained idle.
    Now, a question….. How many revolts have occured because the citizens became hungry?
    Likely most of em. The tortilla rebellion, the potato famine, the ARAB SPRING more recently! That began in Cairo over a food cart dispute, turned into a riot, and spread to 16 countries and toppled 4 govts!! And mind you… These were mostly GOVT-Inspired, CITIZEN-DISARMED COUNTRIES.
    NO govt will fare well if their regular law abiding citizenry begin to starve. Start locking 130 million gun owners out of employment, confiscate their housing and private property and cut off their access to food???
    Right out of the gate? American gun owners outnumber ALL local, state and federal police, national guard, contractors and military, by over 100 to ONE.
    A final thought….
    I’ve said for decades? That the DUMBEST thing any sitting govt could ever do?
    Is to antagonize 130 million gun owners into formally organizing.

    • Yes, “we the people” have plenty guns. However, take 3% of 130 million who would actually stand up against tyranny, and you’re left with 3.9 million who would actually resist.

    • Look at all the liberties and economic destruction they caused without firing a single shot. How many businesses bent the knee?The technocracy doesn’t necessarily need to disarm you. They’ll just make you persona non grata inside their technocratic slave Matrix, so you can’t have a job, you can’t earn their digital currency, can’t enter businesses like the grocery store, etc. These agendas are already in motion.

  • When the UN Peacekeepers are kicking down your neighbors door at 3:00 a.m. and your neighbor is fighting for his life will you grab your rifle and go to his aide? That is the day that you find out who you really are…until then we are just preppers storing food and discussing theory.

  • Im trying generate my own resources and build community with those interested in the inevitable decentralization that needs to occur. Building skill sets, putting in place grid down water and power to make life as seamless as possible, (and to add to barter)

    Its not as much as some but much much more than others.

  • THE GREAT RESET is in the trashcan,only the world doesn’t know it,THERES ALWAYS A FLY IN THE OINTMENT,and this time its a big one,OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN is about to wreak all their plans,I suggest everyone prepear,its going to be some LONG cold WINTERS..TWO OF THEM ,NO FOOD,NO DRINKABLE WATER,NO FUEL,NO POWER,AND INVASION BY 11 NATIONS including the HERO’S of america,your beloved police gangs and even your own military will be against the people,THE GREATEST BLOODBATH IN HISTORY is about to begin,after they KILL Trump..YOU GET OBAMA.. THE SON OF PERDITION BACK,AND HE WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY ,the people love him,none of the blind will see what hes about to do to them, till its to late to save themselves,I don’t know anyone who will open fire on their hero’s,Simply because their to brainwashed to realize their HERO”S are on the side of the DEVIL now,and that will cost them their life,THE AMBUSHES should already have begun,IT”LL be way to late to save the country when they do…maybe you’ll be able to save your family,but even the chance of that will be slim…OH,just a word of warning,LAB CREATED MONSTERS will be unleashed in all the mountains to hunt and eat the people who think it’ll be safe,YOU BETTER have a dammed good weapon,or YOU will be whats for dinner…

  • Great article – agree with about 95%. 2 things: I live in Florida where we never really had much of a lockdown so the fear here is much reduced but having said that it is clearly apparent that Most Unamericans are Stupid Sheep who will gladly stand in line to be slaughtered so let them & who cares. The other point somewhat in line with what you’re saying is that None of us really Knows until the waiting in the halls for the NAZIs what any of us will do at that moment – we Hope we will Resist & be Heroic but Sadly we will do what we Have to do which means we might also be Stupid Unamerican Sheep – Let’s Pray that we aren’t. Cheers!

  • Something I’m concerned about is, when we are out of the economic system, we won’t be able to pay property taxes. So even if we have a self-sufficient farm in the middle of nowhere, we can be kicked out or arrested for tax evasion. Then what? People who try to live off the land in a tent in the woods don’t fare well, and we’ve all heard about the robots they’re going to have roaming the forests, fueled by consuming decomposing flesh. There have been mainstream news articles about them.

    • I’ve pondered this myself. I really don’t know how that is going to play out but that might have to be the hill that I die on. I’ll talk about this more in my next article.

      • Thank you, sir! The truth is hard, but it is the truth, whatever we may think or feel about it!

        One of the issues I believe is at the very base of our problems is indeed both the income (direct) tax, and property taxes. We’ve grown so habituated to both, our complaints notwithstanding, that we don’t recognize them for the enslavement and theft they indeed are: Rent (property taxes) by any other name is still rent!

      • i think a lot of that depends on your location. In some place like the EU, where almost everything is centralized and rapidly being rammed into being all-electronic, it might not even be possibel to pay those taxes without being in the banking system. In most of the US, those taxes are a local matter with county-level government, such taxes are often paid in person in cash, and in many states now there have eben been recent reaffirmations on the part of the state governments that constitutional money (gold and silver coin) are indeed the legal money of the land… why does that matter at all? it gives one more layer of confidence that a few more steps down the collapse slope, in such an area, one will still be able to hang on to his land by paying those taxes, if not with digibit bank-dollars, then with paper dollars, and if those become totally worthless, then with gold and silver, which one can resonably hang on to through all of this as theyre small and valuable and easily buried somewhere safe. (if you have so much that you cant find a place to keep it safe, well, feel free to give me some! haha!)
        in jurisdictions that are trying to make everything ‘online’ this will be more difficult.
        but generally i think on the timeline we’re looking at most of the US should not end up needing to worry about _this_ problem, whereas in most of europe this is a big worry for the next stage. nevermind that almost nobody in europe has enough land to try to live off of. just not enough land, and things are already too restrictive about what they dont let you do on your own land (and they already enforce with aerial observation etc)

  • Henry Kissinger once said “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

    This is why war is being waged on meat, this is why pipelines have been shut down and gas lines have been “hacked”, this is why money printing is off the charts, devaluing your hard earned dollars.

    Do you think it’s coincidental that all this is happening at exactly the same time? All of the three main methods of control are being implemented on the American people right this very second. One “green” regulation at a time, one dollar “printed” at a time. Prepare yourselves as quickly as you can. Become debt free at all costs, raise/grow your own food, start your own business, store away food, supplies, and hard assets like precious metals. I don’t think we have much more time until they take full control or the system collapses.

  • There is only ONE foolproof thing to do that will NEVER fail. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him. No one who follows Him loses anything that they do not gain the more in Him. In Him we have an inheritance that NO ONE can remove from us. His Holy Spirit will lead into truth all who come to Him and He does it on a moment to moment, day by day basis is a real and personal way. Having plans and opinions are ok only as far as they agree with the will of God. So, get spiritually reborn and follow the Lord… You are a guaranteed winner if you do so.

  • I live somewhere that the tyranny has barely touched so far. My family has mostly been able to not change anything from 2019. There are some exceptions –

    1. In my county mask mandates were never enforced and you never had to wear one anywhere, including stores like Walmart that had signs claiming they’re required (no employees cared), but in other counties that wasn’t the case sometimes.
    2. Some stores required employees to wear masks. Some never did this entire time.
    3. Restaurants were closed to dining indoors for a while, but they’ve been back to normal for months now.
    4. In person church was canceled from March 2020 until May 2021. It’s back like normal (no masks or social distancing), but I wonder if it will be shut down again if the media and government pretend the “pandemic” has worsened.
    5. Prices more recently have risen on lumber and food. This is worrisome.
    6. We like visiting some national parks near us, which are saying you must wear a mask if you haven’t been “vaccinated” for Covid in order to enter any buildings such as visitor centers. So we’re just avoiding those buildings when we visit.
    7. Worst of all has been that young children have been forced to wear masks at the public schools. Our kids however are homeschooled and have barely worn masks at all this whole time anywhere.

    Other than inflation, currently things seem very normal here. I’m in a rural area – my town has 3500 people, the county I live in has 30,000 people, and the nearest “big city” is an hour away.

    I wonder when the Great Reset psychopathic agenda will affect such rural areas more than it has so far. Surely they must have some sort of plan to destroy the areas that don’t believe in socialism and have barely been affected by any of this so far.

  • Are We Overdosing on “Hopium?”
    Yes, we are.
    If we dial it back a bit, and concentrate on what we can actually do, we might just have a chance.

  • It’s too late. The Genie has been let out of the bottle.

    What I mean is they now know they can get you to OBEY by FEAR at last. What triggered this one, i don’t know. We usually laff at this stuff and go about our business but for some reason this one was able to HOOK you.

    So, expect more of this, LOTS more of this. Till they finally can get all your STUFF, wape your women and children at will, and KILL you when they want you.

    Say, like now. Like I said, the genie is out of the bottle.

    • @ Leethal —– Wow . you sound like most of the people I’ve met in my business and personal life —- I am definitely in the very small minority, in that I have NEVER given my power away even when I was A very young man —— I knew instinctively that there was something very wrong with the world and have put the pieces together throughout my 60+ years. I fear NOTHING and don’t comply with evil and NEVER DID —- as a matter of FACT, if there were a lot more men like me in the world, these pieces of shit could have NEVER gotten this far with their evil plans —

  • Well, they can have a plan. Plans are only as good till first contact.

    I think we saw that with the 2016 election. All the pundits believed their own polls (which were biased/rigged); It will be Clinton by a landslide! She has the best ground game going!

    And then turns out she didnt.

    Regardless of what you may think about the 2020 election, look at who the elites backed: Two of the most milquetoast candidates. Harris was one of the first to drop out. Biden was lost the first three primaries, and his campaign was in the gutter.
    Then, all of a sudden, other candidates dropped out, putting him back in the lead, and then Sanders conceded.
    Biden went on to campaign from his basement.

    And here we are.

    Just watched Biden’s gun control speech . . . it was painful to watch him try to make his point. And F-15s and nukes eh?
    The Babylon Bee headline says it all:
    ‘You’ll Never Beat The Government With Just Guns,’ Says Party That Also Believes Government Was Almost Toppled By Unarmed Mob On January 6 . . . and lead by buffalo head, tattoo guy.

    IF that is the elites best, not so sure we have much to worry about.

  • Meh. ???? I can’t tell if this is an informed article or just another episode of fear factor. It seems like hopium or terror are the only talked about outcomes. My husband and I think it will mostly be the middle not much talked about option.
    While I dropped hopium last November, I’ve also been around enough to not entirely buy into the full blown sky if falling fear. Is life going to be icky and unpleasant for the long haul? Yes but is it a (insert bad guy world power here) take over of everything? Perhaps, maybe not.
    Regardless of what ends up happening I’m too late if its the “big one” to do anything more than I already am.

  • The usual solutions I here are connecting with like minded people, unplugging from the matrix, developing local solutions, etc.. If the total control slave state arrises, the rulers, in typical totalitarian fashion, will not tolerate anything or anyone outside of their control. Once they have consolidated power over the sheeple such people that are left will be eradicated.

    • The Committee of 300 can blow all the blue smoke out of their butts they want, what it comes down to are the enforcers. You get to them, get them on your side and the best laid plans are toast.

      God’s glory in all this is that the material world is restrained to physical laws–only certain things can actually happen. Know those things and you’re 90% there. The last 10% is deciding what kind of a world you really want and putting it together.

      Where it all happens is in that last 30 minutes sitting around the campfire when the most hesitant of the group says, “Let’s do this!”

  • After coming back to this article to read the comments I was struck by the question ” have you unplugged from the system?” No and neither have you. Not unless you can 100% provide for every scrap of food, tool, fuel, fabric and medicine you can’t actually unplug from the system. Okay I garden but unless I can harvest all of my seeds I am reliant on someone else. Same goes for food preservation. All of that except dehydration in certain climates requires item you cannot produce yourself. Same with all the animals like chickens, rabbits and the like. Unless you can grow all of their food and bedding needs you are not unplugged. Your clothes are only going to last so long unless you are a pro at sewing and have a huge stash of the correct kinds of fabric. Don’t even think about shoes.
    So only those capable of extreme poverty scrabbling,on property they already own, to eke out life can be unplugged and then only until something breaks or they run out of a foundational item.
    My point is too many people get high on the concept of unplugging when 95% or more people cannot. They fool themselves into thinking they are, or can, but reality is that the web of dependency is wider and stronger than most folks realize. This isn’t a call to give up in despair but to shift thinking. I don’t have any answers beyond that but “unplugging” defined by full self sufficiency is a myth.

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