Digital Vaccine Passports Being Rolled Out EVERYWHERE to Prove You’ve “Got Your Shots”

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For those of you who thought the pandemic hysteria and the totalitarian results from it would magically disappear after Joe Biden’s inauguration, you were, well…


As I wrote about in this article, there are currently two existing vaccine passports options, one being operational in the United States right now:

  • Common Pass: Created by Commons Project, this health pass has been in international use since October on United and Cathay Pacific flights between New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Common Pass operates via Apple’s Health app on iOS and CommonHealth for Android. It connects to 230 US health systems. It functions as a scannable QR code and can store a passenger’s test or vaccine data and travel plans. (It is not yet publicly available for download.)
  • IATA Travel Pass: Expected to launch in early 2021, IATA Travel Pass, is currently under development by the International Transport Association. According to the IATA website, the digital pass for travelers is: A global and standardized solution to validate and authenticate all country regulations regarding COVID-19 passenger travel requirements.

If you’ve ever left a pet at a kennel while you travel, you may be familiar with the process of proving your animals have had their shots against things like rabies and kennel cough. Now, it appears that humans, too, will have to prove they’ve “gotten their shots.”

While we’re certainly not objecting to anyone who wants the vaccine being able to get it, this push to make it essential to live a somewhat normal life is concerning for a number of reasons.

New York has begun a pilot program for their vaccine passport.

Always the first to pounce on a new opportunity to stifle personal freedom protect people from Covid (unless they happen to be nursing home residents), New York has begun a trial of a vaccine passport app.

New York officials are testing a new mobile app that could be your ticket into places like Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center as the state slowly reopens venues for sports, concerts and other events.

The Excelsior Pass works much like a so-called “vaccine passport.” The app, developed in partnership with IBM, uses encrypted smartphone wallet technology to prove a person’s recent negative COVID-19 test or confirm they are fully vaccinated against the virus.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted the app as a way to fast-track the safe reopening of theaters, stadiums and other businesses that operate in densely populated settings.

“As we begin reopening the valves on different sectors of our economy, we are putting guidelines in place to ensure individuals attending events involving larger gatherings have tested negative for COVID or have been vaccinated to avoid an outbreak of the virus,” Cuomo said in a statement Tuesday. “The Excelsior Pass will play a critical role in getting information to venues and sites in a secure and streamlined way, allowing us to fast-track the reopening of these businesses and getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal.” (source)

Thus far the app was tested at Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center on Feb. 27 and again on Tuesday during the New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

Of course, your personal health data will be perfectly secure.

The global pandemic crackdown is continuing apace, particularly in the areas of travel

Denmark and Sweden are already announcing they are developing systems for “digital vaccine certification,” aka “vaccine passports.” These digital certifications allow travelers to prove they have received the COVID vaccine. The plan is to create and maintain a record of anyone who wants to travel both domestically and internationally to countries that require proof of vaccination.

Claims are the plan is to accelerate air travel and assist in the “revival of national economies.” Morten Bodskov, Denmark’s acting Finance Minister, has stated that an online registry will be operational by the end of February, and it should be fully in place by around June.

Thomas Bustrup of the Confederation of Danish Industry told CGTN Europe he saw the registry taking the form of a phone app. The app would include the following three pieces of information:

  • Someone had had the vaccine
  • Whether a person was tested and the result of the test
  • Whether the person had COVID-19. If so, they may still have antibodies

Sweden is also looking at a similar plan and timeframe to Denmark. Sweden’s Digital Development Minister, Anders Ygeman, stated, “With a digital vaccine certificate, it will be quick and easy to prove a completed vaccination.”

Attendance at sporting and cultural events may require digital vaccine certificates

Both Sweden and Denmark stated the system’s scope could eventually be widened to include attendance at sporting events and “cultural events.”

As is typical when long-planned agendas unfold, other European nations are looking at rolling out the same system. Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain have all announced plans to unveil a similar vaccine passport system.

The European Council has also taken note of the system. However, it has yet to make any official decision, saying in a statement that: “Leaders agreed to work on a standardized and interoperable form of proof of vaccination for medical purposes. Leaders will determine at a later stage in what circumstances these certificates could be used.”

The British government is also considering a vaccine passport system

As The Evening Standard has reported, vaccine passports for travel are on the way.

A Covid vaccination certificate that could unlock holidays abroad is on the way, the Transport Secretary disclosed today.

Grant Shapps revealed that talks are under way with governments, including the United States and Singapore, and the United Nations aviation body about an international system to help people who have had the Covid-19 jab to fly.
“Just as we have things like the yellow fever card… I imagine that in the future there’ll be an international system where countries will want to know that you’ve been potentially vaccinated or had tests taken before flying, before you come in,” he told the BBC Radio Four Today programme.

But the Cabinet minister warned the public it is “too soon” to book summer holidays yet — and he even suggested that staycations in the UK could be in doubt.

“The truth is we just don’t know how the virus will respond to the vaccines,” he told Sky News.

There is concern that it’s too soon to plan for any travel yet

Indeed, the British government has taken contradictory stances on vaccine passports in the past several weeks.

However, CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg does not doubt that vaccine passports will be required to travel. “It will be required,” he said. “The real question is what technology will be available to create a universally acceptable and universally readable document that can’t be forged.”

“Some governments are doing it,” he added. “Denmark is creating a digital passport for citizens that will contain all your current medical information that can be updatable on that digital card.”

CNN has been promoting the idea as well. For instance, in a bizarrely written article where the author labels the concept of “vaccine passports” as “reassuring,” the article shows that documentation requiring vaccination to travel is something that is coming down the pike. CNN writes,

The words “vaccine passport” have a reassuring ring to them, perhaps conjuring up the image of a sleek, embossed document with watermarked pages and official stamps of approval. Flourished at border controls, it would open travel doors that, for so many of us, have been closed by Covid-19.

Some destinations — including the Seychelles, Cyprus, and Romania — have already lifted quarantine requirements to visitors able to prove they’re vaccinated. Others, such as Iceland and Hungary, have opened up to people who’ve recovered from Covid-19.

This raises the prospect that proof of inoculation or immunity could be the golden ticket to rebooting travel and seems good news for people eager to book summer vacations after months of lockdown, particularly as vaccine rollouts gather pace.

They could open up the restaurants, bars, cinemas, and other leisure and entertainment facilities whose closure over the past year have left many teetering on the edge of — or already victim to — financial ruin.

Required vaccines and other procedures are just the beginning

Requiring vaccines, biological manipulations, and medical procedures before allowing access to essential services, entertainment, or travel has been a long-held idea. In fact, conspiracy theorists tried to warn us about mandated vaccines. (See Brandon Turbeville’s previous article on the Social Credit System).

As early as May 2020, “Contact Tracer” and “Disease Investigator”  jobs opened up across the United States, to track those who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Weekly COVID tests were reportedly in the works for the UK offering a “Passport to Freedom.”

Now we finally see a vaccine passport system being rolled out, and, for many, it is surreal. As costs and difficulty mount for “proving” that you’re healthy, it’s a concern of many that only those with money will find their lives returning to some type of “normal.”

At this point, all I can say is to hold on to your hats

What are your thoughts on required vaccines for travel? What about sporting events? Have you been vaccinated? If not, do you feel pressure or plan to do so?

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Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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    • Great quote HiveMind. It is exactly what is happening before our eyes and the only thing that will keep the idiots from moving forward with their agenda is a civil war with bullets.

  • Guess I wont be attending any sporting events, concerts, or air travel.

    Oh, wait, I dont do those things now.
    Oh well.

  • I don’t remember anyone thinking President Biden being elected would stop anything. In fact the opposite. I distinctly remember thinking former President Trump’s re-election would end the silliness or a lot of it.

    That being said we are open. A couple of states are now completely open. As for the rest of the world well you’ve stepped off in it.

    They’ve no idea how long the vaccine is good for as it’s still experimental. They don’t even know if it’s an annual thing yet or not.

    As far as passports no one is keeping up with what little paperwork you get so that’s already an established whoops.

    I’m not traveling anywhere anymore except by vehicle and trying to interrupt me would be a mistake.
    As far as sports most of them are un-American, un-patriotic, spoiled and can all die off. Nothing changes in my world if you win or lose.
    As far as concerts the folks I go see aren’t going to tolerate such nonsense anyway.

    Anything else with large groups should be avoided for the most part anyway even without covid.

    • I remember hearing some folks say “Oh, I bet Covid magically improves the minute Biden gets into office” and “Covid will be cured on Jan. 20.” It was more in a way of saying that Biden “stopped” it and Trump “made it worse.”

      • You are part right. On inauguration day, the WHO or CDC declared that the PCR test needs to be run for 30 cycles- and not the 40-45 they are now. Of course, numbers have plummeted when you use a test system the way it was intended for any other organism.

        • Not to mention that the day before inauguration, the American Medical Association publicly approved of hydroxychloroquine for covid treatment. Ten days later, the National Institutes for Health publicly approved Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid.
          BTW, I could find only one article online which mentioned that fact.

          Also, what’s up with Remdesivir? My father-in-law was admitted to a hospital in Austin, Texas with covid. They would not treat him with Remdesivir until he got sick enough. They said there is a shortage. I tried to find even just one article about that and found none that are recent. The most recent articles about Remdesivir shortage were from July 2020. This seems very odd. How can it be that we are still in a Remdesivir shortage and there is no news, whatsoever. None. No questions. No journalists exposing and questioning this supposed shortage. Nothing for 8 months. Have any of you seen anything?

          Well, they sent my father-in-law home with huge bruises on his belly and poop front and back -all over his genitals and his backside. He had only gotten his 4th out of 5 Remdesivir treatments. He looks like he won’t make it. He is completely helpless and can barely drink water. Our medical system is a sham. Whatever you do, do NOT allow your covid positive loved one to be put in a public hospital.

          • Edgar, please know that I’m praying for your Father-in-Law… and you and your wife. I’m so sorry this has happened to all of you.

          • I will be praying for your father in law that the Lord heals him with a miracle. I am so very sorry that he was treated like crap. God will judge the person(s) who did that.

    • “They’ve no idea how long the vaccine is good for as it’s still experimental. They don’t even know if it’s an annual thing yet or not.”

      they don’t care. they only care about having control over whether you can participate as a citizen or not. the vaguer and more inconsistent the rules against you that you’ll accept, the better.

      and as a bonus, they get to inject you with whatever they like, or you get shut out.

    • I agree! I cant believe we’ve come to this point!!! its like a scifi, nazi, marxism nightmare!! do believe its definitely time for America to speak up ENFORCE (all together)!!!!! if we dont, it will continue to get worse FAST! they want to kill off the seniors/ill/handicap/first responders and those who disagree with them FIRST, keeping around the ones who will agree with them, submit to anything they’re told, and not make waves…….its totally DISGUSTING!!!! telling us how to fly our flags, have to have a covid license to live your life, take away all our rights, and so on…when will America rise up….after its all done??? THINK ABOUT WHATS HAPPENING FOLKS….there’s no turning back once its shutdown totally……

    • This is just the start my friend. You won’t be able to go in the store to buy groceries or anything else you think of with the communist card. You won’t be able to buy or sell. Sound familiar?

      • You are correct, Please read up on trans humanism and the tiny chips that they want to implant in us. The technology is already here! Please watch this video with Rosa Koire —

        It is about Agenda 21 and the Great Reset. Look up Klaus Schwab and his book, The Great Reset. These things are despicable and they are here and ready to be implemented. As God is our witness, stand up for the Lord and be prepared.

      • So what does it look like in the big retailers and corporate oligarchs who said they are still enforcing all their restrictions in the establishments in spite of the mandates being rescinded?

        • We still have restrictions however it looks like this:
          You walk in with no mask and some teen says you need a mask you just stare at them as you walk by and continue to shop. The end.

          I see it daily. I wear a mask. I’m grown it’s my choice. Anyone don’t like it is free to remove it from me.

          Think about it. Whatya gonna do call the cops? They are busy with real stuff. And besides isn’t everyone for defunding, not using LEOs for everything and wanting all these personal freedoms?

          You think some minimum wage store clerks gonna get shot in the face for trying to force a mask mandate that the politicians who created it violate daily? Businesses themselves are put in danger trying to force issues through loss of customers and physical destruction.

          • @Matt in OK,
            Big box stores still mandating masks, go to one that doesnt. Since this all started, we have been supporting a local mom&pop ran hardware store. She does not require masks. Even when I had to goto a big box hardware store, I saw a few people without masks on. Not one of the employees said a word to them.
            A local stop and shop gas station they dont require masks.
            If you really want to go to a concert, or a sporting event, or fly then by all means, get the shot, and the app.
            There was a recent poll showed 40% of Americans wont get the vaccine. In this economy, can stores afford to lose 40% of their potential customer base?
            Are their Karens out there, who go around, pepper spraying people for not wearing masks or social distancing? Sure. One of these days, someone is going to take offense and beat the crap out of them. Or worse.

            • I’d like to see some Kovid Karen try that in, say, a Walmart in a CHP state. “Worse” is right…

  • So I’m not sure I even want to be in a herd crowd blocked in setting with zillions of folks who are shedding nano tech unknowns? Think I keep to a small town existence. My hope is that our small towns will remain. At some point all will be converted to the neohumans. The organic humans will be bred out.

    • “My hope is that our small towns will remain”

      they won’t. as soon as the major power centers are secured then political/social/actual warfare will be prosecuted against any remaining holdouts. can’t run, can’t hide.

    • “Think I keep to a small town existence. My hope is that our small towns will remain.”

      You’re right and FYI for everyone reading this – small towns are short on doctors – which means the hospitals and clinics there will largely use nurses to give out these shots. Which means it should be very very easy to go get your shot… but actually have it shot into the trash can and still get the papers proving you got it…
      This will be a huge benefit of small town rural life. At least in the near future until they figure out people are doing this.

  • It’s against US law (code 21?) to require mandatory vaccination with an experimental vaccine or drug. None of these injections (falsely called vaccines) have FDA approval. They only have permission to proceed because of the lie that there is no treatment. Otherwise permission could not (should not) have been granted. Oddly, there was a treatment in 2005 pioneered by the “evil dwarf who cant throw a baseball.” Of course now, he stands to profit from this injection. We’ve been played.
    Think of this: we have an organism with a >99% survival rate, and the media has manufactured fear (and consent) for this gene therapy shot. To top it off, in 2008 the definition of pandemic was changed, from highly spreadable and merely highly spreadable. In the later years (days?) of the Obama administration, he changed wording to make any respiratory symptoms a cause to lock people up in quarantine camps.
    Wonder what’s next. I’m. thinking release two of a binary weapom system.

    • “It’s against US law”

      in the communists’ minds, they themselves are the law, and you are here to serve them, to be eliminated if you don’t.

      • You sure are a little beaming ray of sunshine!

        As long as the individual exists there is hope. These rules only work if there are a majority of people willing to blindly follow along. This is all based on fear of the unknown and a common group mentality. Hive mind if you like.

        There are always options and one doesn’t necessarily have to be a warrior to find another way although I am thankful for those warrior spirits. I have one inside myself 🙂

        There is so much wrong with these “health passports” that there isn’t enough paper to write it all down. We each have a choice as to whether or not we give control of our minds/bodies over to the enemy. So draw that line in the sand for yourself and behave accordingly.

        Have courage. Stay positive. Keep learning and for heavens sake, be adaptive as much as you can.

        • “You sure are a little beaming ray of sunshine!”

          (laughing) that’s awesome, thanks.

          compared to what is coming, yes I am. these are the good old days, make the most of them.

          “be adaptive”

          yeah, 1st jarhead says that too. it’s worth addressing. adaptation presumes 1) freedom of action, and 2) resource availability. the communists know this and act to 1) restrict or eliminate all freedom to act, and 2) restrict or eliminate all resources for action.

  • I can’t understand why people are not more outraged by this turn of events.
    All we need is a guy with a heavy German accent saying, “Papers. Papers. Show me your papers.”

    • I could be wrong but I think many are outraged. I won’t speak for anyone else but I personally am also so weary from this long grind of abuses and usurpations that the most I can do is say “well, yeah, I expected this, and here they are, doing what I expected.” At the same time I know what’s what the powermongers are counting on.

    • They have been laying the groundwork for this for a long time not just in direct anti-personal freedom policies – i.e. airline and social media/internet stuff – but in the general “laissez-faire” attitude and societal malaise and apathy that exists in most of society – the normalization of things that 100 years ago would have caused mass outrage.

      Example – mainstream entertainment culture normalizing the sexualization and promiscuity of teenage girls, and, also targeted towards teenagers, the normalizing and even encouraging of fluid gender and sexual identities. Also the normalizing and acceptance of teenage motherhood, criminal records, addiction and so on. It can also be seen in the acceptance and identification of mass economic, social and moral failures as “sub-cultures” – the opioid epidemic, the existence of mass tent cities and skid rows in major American cities, the fact that in many major American cities there are “no-go” areas – entire quadrants of cities “don’t go to the South side/West Side/East side” and so on. Or the fact that there are major American cities with murder rates and probably weapon counts that far exceed war zones (OK this might be a stretch but you see my point) – all of this is completely normal, citizens in close proximity to any of these problems just turn away and look in the other direction. The acceptance of everything fosters the idea being that personal freedom has already been won, so we don’t notice it being taken away. The small battles for things like bathroom rights prompt outrage yet the mass violations like the right to move freely or protect your privacy are embraced.

    • “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.” Sounds like coerced or forced consent to me.

      “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” George Orwell

  • Guess I won’t be doing any more traveling then. This is so absurd. Will we still be able to cite religious exemption to be able to travel. I have no intention of getting a vaccine that the government pushes. I am against any vaccine that is not necessary and this one is not necessary for most people. It should definitely be a personal choice. Government should stay out of our private medical decisions for side.

  • This country used to have civic commitments but now we just have a common collective of folks who think they are kings or queens that don’t HAVE to do anything they don’t want to. I work in an area where the exposure to the virus is very high and I chose to get vaccinated. There are people around me who chose not to and frankly I don’t give a shit. What I do give a shit about though is now that those who chose to NOT get vaccinated are going to want to piss and moan and crybaby around about why they can’t go to a sporting event or a concert or someplace else? My response, cowboy up, get vaccinated and move forward. I swear, if some of you folks had your way, we’d still have waves of the bubonic plague. Get over it.

    And I don’t want to hear this bullshit about it being a made up virus. We buried a 23 year old just the other day who died from it. The vaccine is designed to stop this COVID 19 variant before it mutates into something much worse. That’s why we need it. OF course, all of this rests with that moron we had as a president who didn’t even have enough stones to admit that he got vaccinated. Like it or not, you have an obligation to society and to your fellow man. It is called citizenship. Look it up.

    • I don’t know you and I owe you nothing. If you got the vaccine and believe it protects you, fine. You are protected and it makes no difference if I get the vaccine. If you want to require me to get the vaccine, then you don’t believe it protects you, so then what is the point? There are too many questions about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. I will gladly take the risk of contracting the China Flu which has a 99% survival rate, just don’t penalize me and restrict my liberty because of your fear.

      • Agree. We need more clear thinking like your comment. I’m disgusted with dogma that preaches what I’m supposed to do by those who are too fearful to think clearly. If you’re vaccinated and believe it works, why get all morally superior about us heretics choosing to take our chances based on our individual risk assessment and tolerance? What harm can the unvaccinated do to the vaccinated? I keep waiting for a logical explanation to these questions. The best I get is some version of “because, shut up!” Unpersuasive.

    • John, If you read some of the links Daisy provided you will see that young healthy people have died from the vaccination too – and yes by all means take your vaccination, but the whole point of the framework of the American Republic and the Constitution was that it was formulated to protect against the worst excesses of Democracy, as shown by the Athens model ie dictatorship by the majority. We are ALL born with God given rights and if even a small minority choose to exercise their rights not to take the vaccine, then to advocate for their removal from society and from their barring from social events – whether or not they are infectious – well that is tyranny. It’s also against the law given on Sinai and by Jesus which only ever asked for the sick to be quarantined not the healthy. By all means yes – Ask for a covid test beforehand to prove non infectiousness, that’s reasonable – but to insist that the healthy need to inject a substance into their body to be acceptable in society? For many different reasons, that’s an extremely dangerous path to go down – and for many religious Jews and Christians, its a complete No No. So you would in effect target also by that ruling a certain segment of society overwhelmingly. And its not a huge leap, skip, and jump from that to ask them to wear an identifying mark, so they can avoided effectively by the “correctly vaccinated” crowd and perhaps even to herd them into ghettos..? ..

  • “your personal health data will be perfectly secure”

    from you. the communists will enter any data that suits them at any given moment, and it will be a leash on you.

  • Looking for some input if any of you would be kind enough. I am really new to the prepper world but I have been a herbal medicine and holistic believer for a long time. I absolutely do not want the vaccine, and along with everything else that seems go be happening I have a huge problem! I am stuck in Pennsylvania!

    In all seriousness, I am planning to relocate and the second I have the finances I am heading south. As a conservative I have been wanting to do this for a while anyway, I was just waiting for the election results to see if I could breathe a little.

    So my question is, just based on the fact that you are all more than capable of making an educated guess which I would trust, how much time do you think I have? I am so terrified of getting stuck here in another lockdown, or not being allowed to cross state lines without vaccine proof.

    I am also wondering when the inevitable economic crash or power grid failure, food shortage etc might happen, which I am thinking will probably be in more extreme weather periods (i.e. winter or summer) to make it even worse for people.

    I am actually asking for some speculative predictions here but it will really help me. I am wondering if the things I really do believe are coming will be rolled out more slowly so people don’t notice and everything is just normalized (do they notice anyway?) Will it be in the immediate period leading up to the mid-terms and then the 2024 election or if it will be sooner?

    All input is very appreciated.

    P.S. Roberta – what is “release two of a binary weapons system”

    • “I am planning to relocate”

      the ones behind all this are a tribal slaver cult. they are parasites, who have nothing and who are nothing except for what they take from you. no matter where you go they will pursue you to the ends of the earth demanding your submission and slavery, or your death if you refuse. there’s nowhere to go – you may delay the confrontation for a time, but sooner or later it will come for you personally. might as well face them where you are.

      • Ant7 – first thank you so much for ALL the responses.

        RE: the above – I don’t doubt that this is true, it is certainly the goal, but I would still rather perish with like-minded individuals willing to put up a fight than with those willingly signing their own death certificate which now probably even comes with a $2000 stipend!

        • “willingly signing their own death certificate which now probably even comes with a $2000 stipend!”

          (laughing) I’m a little awed by that observation. should go on a t-shirt.

          • And on the back “people will do anything for free money”

            And the small print all the way at the bottom – “better spend quickly”

            All sadly a little too close for comfort!

    • “how much time do you think I have?”

      no-one knows, but I’d say less than a year. whatever you’re going to do you might want to do it now.

    • “inevitable economic crash or power grid failure, food shortage etc might happen”

      communist regimes are clinically efficient at causing shortages and famines for others, but they themselves never suffer any such thing. their goal is 1) loot everything for themselves, 2) subsistence support for those that work for them, and 3) kill everyone else. so what you’ll see is piece-meal failures, shortages, etc, in regions that resist communists, and subsistence support for captive “blue” areas.

    • “do they notice anyway?”

      not anymore. many are acclimated to passivity. for them it’s just “the world we live in now” and it never occurs to them that they do or should have a say in it. if you however act they will notice that and feel that you are dangerous.

      “Will it be in the immediate period leading up to the mid-terms and then the 2024 election or if it will be sooner?”

      it will be wherever they can, as soon as they can. whatever you’re going to do, do it now.

    • “release two of a binary weapons system”

      a binary weapons system uses two inputs, neither of which is harmful in itself but taken together are harmful. for example, (say) a “vaccine” introduces a chemical into your body that does nothing by itself, but when exposed to (say) tear gas it creates a poison that kills you. if one of the components of a binary system can be pre-emptively deployed in a captive population that means the communists can spray the second component everywhere and be safe themselves, while incapacitating or killing the target population. for example.

      • Holy lord. I am speechless but that sums up exactly why I don’t want a vaccine.

        And I get the blue-state subsistence and red-state piece meal failures etc I’m sure recent events in Texas are just a taste of what’s to come.

        I’ve read Jim Marrs and WW2/Nazi material and that was my intro into that world. I’d really like to read more about other historical precedents of countries that enforced communism and other government mass control strategies, particularly those who used propaganda and measures that actually had the public lining up to jump on board. If you have any recommendations for any historical event or period I could research please let me know. I think understanding the precedents and reminding yourself of what power and human nature are capable of really helps to recognize it as it happens in front of us. Thank you!

        • “I’d really like to read more about other historical precedents of countries that enforced communism”

          “the gulag archipelago” by solzhenitsyn. anything on communism in russia by solzhenitsyn. also the movie “the chekist”, a russian movie with english subtitles (warning, unrelentingly gruesome). also alinsky’s “rules for radicals”.

          and learn to garden, you’re going to need it. in the soviet union everyone that could had a potato patch out back to supplement their official soviet diet.

    • Three good places to get info:
      “Epic Economist” videos on YouTube website website

      • Thanks KathleenJ – I am on the lists of the second two but never heard of the Epic Economist…as you are well aware so much is suppressed that it’s hard for newbie’s to learn anything – I realized the many prepper and survivalist lists I have joined are kind of the back door because of all the info shared by intelligent and aware people on the comment sections and boards and links posted by people like Daisy. I hate that the Google/Wikipedia/You Tube and so on can label things “conspiracy” “extremist” “fake news” and so on, so that any complete novice starting to look a little deeper is immediately dissuaded!

    • In the long term, it may well that, as conservatives, unless the birth rate increases dramatically or we can resist the immigration pressures, we cannot hold America at all. The demographic pressures and the continuing loss of religious faith may be too great. But as this population change is happening across Western Europe, we can see that these problems are not specific only to America and so the solution is not likely to be specific to America either. In the meantime, I would say what you see happening now is likely to continue happening, only more so. So if you feel that you are in an unsafe area for you, then the chances are it will become less safe with every passing year. However, the civil and financial systems of countries (and Empires!) often take longer to collapse than you would imagine. Hitler came to power in 1933 and until the war broke out in 1939, Jews could still leave Germany. although with increasing difficulty each year. The first protest in Kosovo (part of Yugoslavia) took place in 1981 but the final break up of that state did not really start to happen until 1990. Chavez won the election first in Venezuela in 1998. The financial collapse of that country did not officially happen until 2010. If we look at the fall of Rome, collapse did not happen all at once or in all areas at once. In all of these countries, elections and political changes marked significant flashpoints, so personally I would absolutely expect a further downgrade after the mid terms and then even more so after the next election. A four year plan would therefore seem a reasonably good one to me, and that will give you time to choose the right area as well to live in. You don’t want to have the expense of setting up up a new home in a new area permanently, twice, if you can help it! Just my two cents.

      • Naomi, this is great, thank you.

        I have done a lot of research and I do know where I want to go, but it is a big change in all lifestyle aspects and I have a lot of learning to do as well as making sure I have financial stability first.

        My biggest concern about Pennsylvania is not so much an immediate catastrophe – weather or economic or otherwise but more the Governor and ruling party of the state of Pennsylvania who have already demonstrated blatant disregard for state law. I can absolutely see them being one of the first to enforce statewide mandatory vaccines and other extreme measures. It is no leap at all to imagine not being able to cross from PA into New York state without a vaccine passport.

        That said, I am closer to the side of the state that borders Ohio and Kentucky so it is less of a concern.

        Really interesting examples you provided – excellent comment thank you.

  • The US government have been forcing people to be vaccinated and have proof of vaccination for decades. This the logical progression of the US government’s child vaccination requirement to attend school.

    • “forcing people to be vaccinated and have proof of vaccination for decades”

      sure. but that was when disease was disease and vaccines were vaccines, and not political control vectors.

    • There are still medical and religious expemptions available for public school enrollment. Plus you have the option of private or homeschool if you choose not to or are unable to comply. The proof of vax being called for now is unconscionable as it would leave no avenue for either medical or religious exemption or even conscientious objection. One will be relegated to a second class citizen at best or a social pariah prevented from participating in society. And we shouldn’t even call what’s being offered a “vaccine”. It is more a therapeutic will, supposedly, reduce severity of symptoms rather than prevent the infection. It does not fit the definition of vax but falls under that umbrella so TPTB will still receive complete immunity from litigation.

  • even Dr F has said that people with severe allergic reactions in past should not get mRna vaccines. so what happens to me when i don’t get because of medical problems? no one knows.

  • Fantastic article. Thank you. You can see all of the pieces coming together for global and regional control.

  • I believe everyone should have the freedom to decide whether to get a vaccine (or not). And I think everyone should also have the freedom to travel or explore or go to shows without having to prove whether they had a vaccine (or not). It’s always been true that whenever we go out in public, we open ourselves up to whatever germ or virus is in the air or on surfaces. So those who do not want to get any illness shouldn’t go to those places or should take proper cautions to reduce their own risk. There’s no such thing as a totally safe and un-germy environment.

    As for the vaccine itself, I’m not anti-vaccines, but I’m anti-putting-this-one-in-my-body. I am feeling pressure from family and friends to do so because I think I’m one of the only hold-outs from people I know. But I feel very strongly that this particular vaccine, which has not received years of testing on side-effects, etc., is not something I want to put in my body. So I’m not.

  • If it was never done for the flu, and not counting “Spanish flu” which was not Spanish and was a bacterium rather than a virus –

    Then it shouldn’t be done for Covid-19. Everything should go back to how it was in 2018.

    The reason it won’t has nothing to do with safety. It’s due to the world political elites and their connected friends seeking to further increase their power and wealth. Which means diminishing the power and wealth of the regular people they seek to enslave and depopulate.

    The Great Reset cult will kill billions by the time they’re through, you’ll see. Way worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined.

  • So…I have done some prepping, but really, how long will it realistically last during these times unless you live on a farm and have no dependents? I have elderly parents and in-laws who live 20 miles from me. I would be devastated not to be able to get to them if/when there is no gasoline. I don’t have a generator. I don’t stockpile gas. I have a young daughter. I can’t exactly ride a bicycle with her for 20 miles to take care of them. We all have some food, paper goods, stockpiled, but it will run out in a crisis. What then?
    If ‘they’ are coming from you, causing you to grab what you can carry and run–so much for the prep you leave in your house. I am so so discouraged about the future. I try to cling to prayer…but I almost don’t know what to pray anymore.

    • “don’t know what to pray anymore”

      well if you go by the text:

      matt 6:19 “19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; 21 for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” … 25 “For this reason I say to you, [n]do not be worried about your [o]life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the [p]air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? 27 And who of you by being worried can add a single [q]hour to his [r]life? 28 And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, 29 yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. 30 But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith! 31 Do not worry then, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear for clothing?’ 32 For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But [s]seek first [t]His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be [u]added to you.”

      but if you still feel the need to ask for something, then ask him what you should do.

  • This all sounds like a great plan in theory.

    However, our new policy is to allow undocumented immigrants to enter the U.S., despite testing positive for the virus.

    The hypocrisy is scary!

  • “Doctors” and politicians faced trial and execution after WW2 for pushing “vaccines and treatments” onto people. Now it’s OK because people accept everything for the good of the people.

    Everyone is craving going back to normal again, back to the Matrix to sleep and not feel any pain.. Long lines everywhere to take the jab. This whole thing is not over yet.

    • “Now it’s OK because people accept everything for the good of the people”

      once you understand that it’s for the good of The People then everything comes clear.

      • Caught a Nat Geo documentary on N. Korea last week which showed the Beatlemania-on-steroids-like fanaticism for Kim Jong Un, who makes North Koreans literally weep with deep profound gratitude for every new dictatorial policy because “the Great Leader just loves the people so much”.

        Of course over here – well in the good old days – we would call that a cult. Very interesting to me that this new movement we are seeing here does not have a charismatic leader. It seems to me that all the other Communist and Marxist takeovers, Dictatorships and indeed cults have in common a very charismatic leader. I wonder why this is not something that was done here – it has to be deliberate, intentional. I mean they have installed the very opposite of a charismatic leader – what is the end game behind that? I assume that it CIA engineered mass reverse psychology where Trump is positioned as the evil dictator staging a coup and the real coup remains faceless and forgettable. But on that premise should Trump not have been allowed to win again? Perhaps that is the 2024 agenda…

        Thank you for the research recomendations also

  • Maybe it would be easier to somehow label those who DON’T get the vaccines. Perhaps a yellow star sewn onto their clothing or an arm band of some kind that they are required to wear.

    Oh wait, I guess that’s been done already, and none of it ended up very well.

  • O my word!!!

    If you travel to countries outside your own, you have to be vaccinated for potential diseases wherever you want to travel.

    Covid is nowhere near done with this world … if you come and visit our county, better you have ALL the vaccinations and proof of such.

  • Two choices – don’t travel/attend events or be ready to prove you’re not Typhoid Mary or should I say Covid Kristi/Covid Kim. In my book, you don’t want to be vaccinated, fine by me. Just stay at home (along with any non-vaccinated family members) so those non-vaccinated due to supply shortage and/or real medically verified health issues aren’t infected.

    Yes, that makes you pro-choice.

    • You are sure putting a lot of hope in this “magical vaccine” that is going to return everything to normal. Do you really believe this one vaccine will protect all of the different variants that are out there? And how long will it last? This is all a big experiment. I know someone who worked in a research lab in the past, and they have questions about this virus and vaccine.

      I am not anti-vaccine, but I also know someone whose life was ruined by taking a simple flu shot, so it IS possible to have auto-immune reactions to vaccines. As we take more and more of them, I think we will see more auto-immune reactions. To me it just seems worrisome that this vaccine makes people so sick for DAYS (an older friend of mine was sick for 4 days and a younger man was really sick for just a day.) Covid-19 can also kill you (and apparently the vaccine can, too), but for some people it is mild and for others life-threatening.

      My concern is that this is a different vaccine than just the simple flu shot. I think the jury is still out on whether it protects from all of the variants and how long it lasts. I don’t think we will know about long-term side effects for quite a while. And I have no problem mis-trusting the so-called stats that get quoted on the news.

      And by the way, Wired magazine (not exactly a crazy prepper source) had an article on how an incorrect stat about the Spanish flu has been quoted over and over when used in comparison to Covid-19. . When the author started doing the math, he found that the stat was not even mathematically possible. It just got stated years ago and people have been quoting it ever since. So it makes sense to question some of what you hear (on both the right and on the left) and try to research on your own. It is REALLY easy to take statistics and bend them the way you want.

      I don’t think it is stupid to worry about what the tech surveillance app might be used for in addition to tracking vaccination rates. Once this is set up, it will just allow a lot of other things to happen. Like in China (theoretically), if you are not considered socially in line with everyone else (i.e. what the communist party wants), you get on the “bad list.” So in America, who is going to decide what a “bad” belief system is? Are you “bad” if you prep and prepare for the bad times that might come (because this is “hoarding?” Are you bad if you go to a pro-life church? Are you bad if you go to a church at all? Are you bad if you have a different opinion about the social “flavor of the day?”

      There’s the rub. This sort of thing won’t just stop with getting into sporting events. It will cross over into what you type into search bars on the internet or whether you are doing someone that gets labeled as “un-social.”. This is why it is such a problem to create a tech surveillance system. Tech companies are just that — companies — and companies have one main purpose — to make money.

      So people have many reasons for not taking a vaccine. We don’t even know exactly what it protects again. Again, this is one big experiment, in my opinion. My husband has chosen to take it, and I get his reasons. I myself am waiting–plus I am not in a high-risk category, so I have time to see if it kills the rest of you! LOL!

      • Had the US had sane, smart, and non-ignorant leadership when the virus first hit (other countries had their own version of the aforementioned), the variants may not have taken hold. We truly can’t fix stupid – we just need to figure out how to keep it from destroying the US as well as the world.
        And if people hadn’t had their heads stuck in the sand or up a specific orifice of their body, the internet would not be vast hell hole of bullshit, conspiracies, and sheer stupidity. All I can hope for us is any viruses for which the “anti” group refuses to vaccinate against only kills them. Tis but a pipe dream however as they’ll infect others and suck down medical resources and my tax dollars.

  • Thankfully there has been massive pushback to this nonsense.
    There are several lawsuits pending across the world, including one from a group with lawyers from several countries.
    This has never been about a “virus”. It’s being used to pull off the “Great Reset” as some call it.

    • I forgot to add that the mandating of unproven “vaccines” violates the Nuremburg Code, which virtually all first world countries have signed.

  • Rapport, Dr. Cowen all reveal it’s a made up virus and IMO it’s being tied into an economic reset of some kind that related to the Mark of the Beast that is coming.

    You will be required, as some kind obeisance to a “beast” system so you can live or that is “buy and sell”.

    Those that don’t will be economically prosecuted. The rest will become ZOMBIES to the beast system. You are living in the Hollowood nightmare like the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and other such Hollowood horror movies.

    Hope you are armed to the teeth and at least ONE Bible cause you’re gonna have to do two things.
    PRAY or PREY.

  • If you voluntarily participate then you are a SLAVE. 90% of people Don’t NEED to Fly, go to Sports events or other Non necessity places. If people Refuse to “Vaccinate” & Refuse to Travel & Refuse to go to Sporting events then these Entities will go Bankrupt – WHO CARES! Eventually Non-Participation will be Civil Disobedience.

  • These are experimenral injections and if mandated AS FAUCI DEEMED POSSIBLE would be crimes against humanity!
    When the US joins the communists – freedom and liberty gets murdered here!!!!!

  • I find this truly scary.
    And what about the many peple who don’t have a smartphone..especially the elderly? Even if they don’t travel abroad, they still might want to attend sports events, go to the theatre or cinema etc
    I assume there would be exceptions for those who for certain medical reasons cannot be vaccinated? And what about those who really do not want oto be vaccinated for some (valid…or even invalid?) reason?
    I have been vaccinated and I do have a smatphone..but I still greatly object to having to have any kind of proof.
    The British Government (or a group pertaining to them) are going to be discussing the practical, ethical etc etc factors regarding this. I really do hope that they decide agains it. Obviously, people wanting to travel abroad will most probably have to have been vaccinated..many airlines ar not allowing people to fly if not.
    I believe all this does not bode well for the future.

  • Argh! Does anyone else have a problem with this? Being forced to be vaccinated with unproven experimental vaccine, to be given permisission to live your life? Everyone has been so completely succombed to fear, fauci has flip flopped what he says, i do not trust a single word, gates is no physician, doctor, i wouldn’t trust him to vaccinate my dog!

  • Yeap, like the star trek *Tholian web* its feels as if a noose is tightening, like unfortunate deer caught in grasp of constrictor gradually sufficating its life away, is how it feels. CDC guidance to only associate with others vaccinated. Turns people who believe it should be there choice to preservse thier body in a sacred state which God intended, causes people to be isolated as modern day lepers.

  • Funny, while reading this article, I got a phone call from my insurance provider asking to set up a time for next week at Walmart to take their vax. I told the woman I will never take their vax, as it is a death shot! uh oh…now I know I’m on the “list”.

  • Probably be better off proving you were “vaccinated” since the “vaccine” doesn’t prevent you from contracting and passing covid on to others according to Fauci. That’s why they want “vaccinated” folks to continue to be masked, socially distanced and to gather only in small groups. You can be “vaccinated” and test positive at the same time, so if you want to do things, you’ll have a better chance getting into a venue by only showing proof of “vaccination” versus trying for a negative test result.
    Loopholes, if you will.
    Of course, I’ll not be getting the injection. No matter.

  • They are a bunch of Communist Bastards. Should I drink Antifreeze, or Roundup, or rub acid on my hands and face because they say so. “1 Corinthians 6:19 Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Lord who lives in you.” I am careful that I put into my body, and just why should I trust the Government to tell me that this is what I must do. You do not know best for me. I see this only making a few Swamp Rats much richer.

  • I choose to not get the experimental vaccine till I see what the short never mind long term effects are. I will choose to not travel by air(since they are the most vocal of vaccine passports), so only where I can travel in my own vehicle likely. I don’t really travel much anyway so this is fine. I don’t go to sporting events and such regularly, I am not into the bar scene, and I am not sure that movie theaters and restaurants will be coming back like they were before Covid so I guess that isn’t an issue.

    My fear is that at some point it will be needed to go to the store or leave your house. This could get pretty restrictive at some point. I have issues with sharing my personal medical/vaccine/financial or other info with anyone and everyone regardless for the vaccine – I am opposed to the whole vaccine(and whatever else they deem you need to share with everyone with out real consent) ‘passport’ idea.

  • There will be no alternatives. Without digital verification of vaccination you will not be allowed in any public space….in any country. This is the game plan for all countries. Only the timetable and names will vary:

    Shortly, you will not be allowed to go into a bank, restaurant, grocery store or bar. This is just to start.

    The global economy is going to be deliberately and progressively damaged (the slow start has begun but the pace will accelerate).

    Universal guaranteed basic income will be started by spring for those who have lost their jobs. At first, it will be a freebee. Then, as vaccine compliance reaches about 66%, the income will come with a stipulation that you comply with the vaccination schedule. The economy and interest rates will be blown up enough that most people will lose their houses (if not fully paid for).

    Once 80% or more of the population is vaccinated the prohibited areas will increase to gasoline/petro refill stations and any place of employment. Since 80% of the people will have been vaccinated, you’ll find it hard to elicit sympathy for losing your job. By that time the public education/vaccination campaign will have the general populace angry at your for putting them at risk by being a selfish, cowardly, vector.

    When the population’s vaccine compliance reaches around 96% the unvaccinated will be deemed public health risks and put into forced isolation camps for the public safety. Canada will have theirs complete by 3rd quarter of 2021. To leave the concentration camps all you have to do is take the vaccine and a few other forms declaring your serfdom (You’ll find this hard to believe until it happens but I mean literally…literally as in “I agree not to own any assets or property for the rest of my life”). Which is kind-of like saying “All you have to do to leave the camps is sign yourself into eternal serfdom and take a refreshing shower.”

    The ONLY thing that is going to vary country by country is the flavor, naming and exact timetable of the coming serfdom.

    I can’t spell it out any more clearly to you (the reader). The bad guys have a timetable and they are on it. The concentration camps are opening back up for a repeat of history.

    You have a VERY short window to make a plan B. Already, supplies (and selection) are starting to get harder to procure and have longer wait times. This is a time of closing doors. If you know Covid is a lie, you likely also know what the vaccines will do to you (or can guess).

    Shortly, if you haven’t already clued in, you will come to the realization that certain loved ones can’t be convinced. It doesn’t matter if they are your children or spouse. At this point, people are too brainwashed to consider any nefarious agendas. Those that are awake are awake. Those that sleep will continue to do so (this is the path they have chosen).

    Spending time planting ‘seeds’ in their minds won’t be enough. There isn’t enough time left for the seeds to grow.

    I would recommend getting out of the ghetto my Jewish friends. When EVERY government around the world said “Don’t worry, the vaccines won’t be mandatory.” YET purchased more than enough to vaccinate EVERY person in the country….well you should have clued in then.

    Do you have faith in the lord? Are you prepared to actually build the ark or only hope to cling to driftwood? Is freedom really that important to you or will you give it up to stay in the golden cage (until it too ends)?

    By the time most people will realize they need to prepare it will be WAY too late. Like every gun control advocate, who, when faced with the rioters coming down their block in LA, frantically tried to get a gun.

    Like the people who tried to get KI (or a radiation meter) after Chernobyl or Fukashima and so many others.

    Plan it out in your brain. Assume I’m right. Make a game of it. What will you do? Where do you want to be when they come looking to snatch you for vaccine non-compliance (at the checkpoints)? What skills do you want to have? What gear? How fit do you want to be? How much do you really want to weigh? How are you going to cache supplies when you can’t leave your area due to checkpoints?

    Above all else know:
    The camps are death camps. There are no marmalade sandwiches there. Learn from history. Escape prior to collection and processing.

  • I’m an avid traveler but Vaccine passports are the beginning of the end for our retirement dreams and more importantly, our civil liberties and freedoms. There are so many reasons why people cannot or will not take vaccines especially experimental gene therapies with no long-term outcome data. This nonsense MUST stop. My personal medical information is just that… Personal and private.

  • CNN thinks Third Rich type tyranny is “reassuring” – or at least, they’re hoping that they’ll fool someone into thinking that it is.

  • If you get a vaccine to travel you are getting vaccinated for freedom not your health. What a slippery slope. I hope that the airlines and tourism industry go bust without the unvaccinated travelling. I love how clear the skies have been during the plandemic so less planes flying isn’t really a bad thing is it. If a person has to have a vaccine eventually to do anything then it truly is the mark of the beast as predicted in the bible. You can plan the future but you can’t plan the results and I do believe that all the nefarious plans of the elitist pig dogs will eventually fail. How about a few more positive articles showing the unlimited capacity of humans for the good? Are we creating a shit reality by focusing on what the human garbage is dreaming about creating for mankind or are we focusing on what we are going to create which in my estimation should be heaven on earth. Just sayin. Thank you Daisy for site.

  • so we’re pretty sure this will be the “norm” from now on as soon as they get it up everywhere. right now, arent they giving people a card with your covid info on it, when to get the second etc? so meantime I’m supposing that anyone thats traveling etc, will have to show this card? so what will people do if they have decided NOT to get the shots? we wont be able to move around or do anything? cant believe this is happening!!! and NO ONE seems to be willing to DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT, stop anything going on!!!!! it seems like a nightmare, from which we’ll never awaken; isnt it amazing how all thru the years there has been scifi movies, with storylines way beyond what we could imagine….but yet….here we are living a lot them!!! next we WILL SEE borgs, zombies etc. I dont believe in these shots, dont believe they are safe, I believe they are a way to take out people at leisure, old and sick people, and just a way to control the populations, pare the populations down to “pure” like hitler wanted, and so on. anyone’s thoughts?

    • I call absolute and total bullshit on that. I had Covid. I’ve had friends die from it. Your sources are faulty at best and dishonest at worst.

  • Absolute insanity. These so-called “vaccines” — which in fact aren’t vaccines at all — are based on highly experimental, not to say highly dangerous technology, which won’t confer immunity, merely reduce symptoms in individuals with mild cases of “covid-19”, which by the way, has never actually been proved to exist. The vaccines have not been approved let alone licensed, merely give an emergency authorisation by the thoroughly corrupt FDA. Leading virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has issued a blunt warning that these “vaccines” will destroy the immune systems of anyone who takes them, not to mention Big Pharma has had complete freedom from liability for their noxious potions since 1986. Anyone taking one of these injections, knowing the risks would have to be crazy or of subnormal intelligence. And yet these Stalin-esque vaccine passports will soon be demanded for international travel, to attend sporting events and I imagine movies, plays and concerts, quite possibly to go to the grocery store — or to remain employed!!

    What will it take, to wake people up?

  • After much much research, I won’t be getting any of the offered vaccinations so, as this progresses, I apparently won’t be eligible to travel, attend events, perhaps to even go into a restaurant or shops/grocery stores??? However this plays out, it doesn’t look good for those of us who are ‘cautious’ and that’s the reality we must be prepared for. Unfortunately it appears that pressure will also be enforced by compliant citizens who want conformity in everyone else and who are under the illusion a vaccine and mask offers some type of safety or security.
    The thing is, this doesn’t have to be the direction we take but it will take a consensus of enough of us to allow for individual choices as is the definition of human integrity or, some say, sovereignty.

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