The UK Is Enlisting an “ELITE ARMY UNIT” to Monitor Vaccine “Disinformation”

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It’s official.

You can’t call “conspiracy theorists” “conspiracy theorists” anymore. At least, you’ll need to drop the “theorist” part of the label. After all the ridicule thrown in the direction of those warning things like mass vaccination, Great Resets, police states, and lockdowns, all of those things have now come to pass.

Now, as the UK prepares to launch a massive national vaccination program, it is openly enlisting the UK military to crackdown on dissent, not even in a physical sense, but merely the act of questioning the government’s official line regarding the “pandemic” and COVID-19 vaccine.

The UK is unleashing soldiers to track “disinformation.”

According to The Sunday Times, leaked documents have revealed that UK specialist soldiers are now monitoring the internet for COVID content and researching how British people are “being targeting” with the alleged misinformation (translate misinformation to mean anything that goes against the official narrative).

The army has mobilised an elite “information warfare” unit renowned for assisting operations against al-Qaeda and the Taliban to counter online propaganda against vaccines, as Britain prepares to deliver its first injections within days.


The defence cultural specialist unit was launched in Afghanistan in 2010 and belongs to the army’s 77th Brigade. The secretive unit has often worked side-by-side with psychological operations teams. (source)

These internet spies analyze how messages travel around the world, who is reading or viewing them, how the viewer or reader reacts, and how they then pass that information on to other people. The defense unit in charge of the massive spying operation is part of the 77th Brigade and works alongside Psychological operations teams in Afghanistan.

The unit collects “evidence of disinformation regarding the vaccines from hostile states, including Russia.”

Information collected revealed more than a third of British people are “uncertain” or “very unlikely” to receive the shot. This revelation caused concern amongst the government due to large-scale efforts recently launched to encourage Brits to sign up for the vaccine. 

Interestingly enough, Retired Army Brigadier Ben Barry from the International Institute for Strategic Studies told The Sunday Times that the Army would most likely become even more important in “countering disinformation.” The Ministry of Defense sought to reassure the UK population by stating that the unit’s activities were “not directed at the UK population; 77th Brigade does not, and have never, conducted any action against British citizens.”

Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine itself, how do you feel about the military deciding what information you’re allowed to see, and monitoring those who are skeptical?

The government is here to help, of course.

But, as the iron curtain is quickly being pulled, no logical person believes the Ministry of Defense or any government official for that matter. In fact, the British government has been at war with its population for the last eight months. They are effectively imprisoning the entirety of the population to house arrest under authoritarian lockdowns. The government is preparing for ways to “deal” with what they label as misinformation about COVID, lockdowns, or vaccines.

A Cabinet Office spokesman stated, “As we edge closer to a vaccine, we continue to work closely with social media companies and organizations to anticipate and mitigate any emerging anti-vax narratives and promote authoritative sources of information.”

Promote “authoritative sources” indeed.

Before anyone gets the idea that the iron curtain is draped around Britain alone, however, keep in mind that the United States is only shortly behind the UK. Many of the most draconian measures have been overshadowed by election controversy. Indeed, little Englands exist all over America where left-leaning cities and states (and a few Republican ones as well) are under house arrest, people have been urged to cancel holidays, and some are even facing mask mandates inside the home. 

Once the election mess is sorted out and if Joe Biden assumes power, America could take a more “national” approach. 

Big Tech is also here to help.

Government involvement or not, Big Tech has become incredibly active in silencing anything and anyone who questions the UK or the US government. 

Many researchers have found themselves banned from Big Tech “platforms.” Of course, all these propaganda machines have been purging and banning “anti-vax” pages and activists for quite some time.

Indeed, the same Communo-Fascist attempts at silencing dissent are happening in the United States. Take one recent CNN article as an example. Written by Elizabeth Cohen and Dana Vigue and entitled “US Government Slow To Act As Anti-Vaxxers Spread Lies On Social Media About Coronavirus Vaccine,” the authors state,

While anti-vaxxers flood social media with lies about the upcoming coronavirus vaccine — that it contains monkey brains, that it’s a CIA plot to take over the world — the government’s multi-billion-dollar vaccine effort has yet to come up with a public education campaign to counteract that propaganda.

“We are behind here,” said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health. “We haven’t done a good job of getting [coronavirus vaccine] information out there.”

The stakes are high. In May, a CNN poll found one-third of Americans said they would not get vaccinated against coronavirus, even if the vaccine is widely available and low cost.

“Speaking for myself, I think I underestimated the level of public resistance,” Collins said. “I didn’t expect it to be that widespread.”

Exactly how will the military be used in the vaccine push?

One common theme between the United States and the United Kingdom is the idea of the military administering the vaccine or cracking down on “disinformation.”

We have never before witnessed an attempt to force an entire population to accept vaccination as we see today. Nor have we ever witnessed a major scale attempt to eliminate dissent and openly promote only government narratives as we are today.

We are entering the perfect blend of 1984 and Brave New World: the oligarchs’ dream world. And unfortunately, the window of opportunity to stop it is closing rapidly.

Do you think the military will be deployed to administer the vaccine in the United States? How do you expect the scenario to unfold? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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    • Thanks for the very interesting link(s) Dued321. This is a concern in our household.
      Do you think airlines would let me travel internationally with a print out of each study though?? It seems whoever has the power wins with this, and we, the Consumer, and our families who we can’t visit are getting screwed. :/

    • Dued321, the website link you provided has been suspended. “Disinformation”? Do you have the text of that by any chance?

  • The fact that the world’s globalist politicians are pushing so hard for a vaccine that supposedly will help against a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate is scary enough, but in the last 24 hours I’ve read stories that describe Pfizer’s VP stating that it causes female sterilization, Bell’s Palsy may be a side effect, and that Anthony Fauci was the first CEO of Moderna and Bill Gates is a partner. Gates has a long history of depopulation efforts.

    While I have no idea how other’s may feel, I can say unequivocally I will never take the vaccine.

    • And don’t forget that some people DIED during the trials. And the vaccine companies have ZERO liability even if everyone who got the shot died or became sterile. This is the worst corruption and crimes against humanity since the Holocaust and the communist atrocities such as under Mao and Pol Pot. Same basic belief system (eugenics, collectivism) at work.

  • The questions asked in this article are highly relevant … but answering them is premature. We don’t know how the US Supreme Court is going to rule now that at least 19 states are challenging the national election vote counting fraud/theft. We don’t know if SCOTUS turns a blind eye to that challenge whether Trump will then invoke a national emergency in response — which he can legally do.

    We can bet that if Dementia Joe (as a Trojan Horse for anchor baby only Kamala Harris) gets into office … the threats of federal mandates of all kinds are highly relevant — including the likelihood of the Nuremberg Code that requires “informed consent” being trashed because we’re doing it instead of the Nazi medics — some we imprisoned and some we executed.

    Dr. Benjamin Rush (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) was correct when he warned that the absence of any separation between medicine and government in the then-new Bill of Rights leaves us vulnerable to medical tyranny by government. Even the written provision of separation between church and government was largely destroyed in the 1950s when churches were prohibited from discussing politics with a new penalty risk of losing their non-profit status with the IRS. (Churches were a central point of organization during our 1770s Revolution … and would-be tyrants have never forgotten that.)

    After the 9/11 disaster and the “Patriot” Act, 4th Amendment protections were trashed as well. The lesson seems to be that the Constitutional protections are often invoked when they agree with politicians in power but ignored when they conflict. And at the moment we don’t know the outcome of even who will be in the White House in a couple of months.


    • “because we’re doing it instead of the Nazi medics — some we imprisoned and some we executed”

      most were hired. that line from the right stuff – “our germans are better than their germans” – was no joke.

    • “We don’t know if SCOTUS turns a blind eye to that challenge”

      the left complains that the supreme court installed bush in 2000, and if the court rules in favor of the right/trump/etc they’ll make the same complaint. essentially their complaint is legitimate and elections really should be left to the people at large rather than courts.

  • “how do you feel about the military deciding what information you’re allowed to see”

    (shrug) freedom for a nation presumes a freely informed citizenry. no free information, no free nation.

    the intent of course is control, but that control is not assured and the result may be a total lack of control ….

  • Heard a “expert” on one of the NPR/PRI shows yesterday.
    Through all the questions, her responses were mostly,
    “. . . ummm . . .” “I think so,” “That is a possibility,” “I would like to think so,” and then “According to the CDC . . .”
    I felt bad for her.

    The take away I got from it, she did not know, no one else at the CDC seemed to know, so the default answer was to fall back on previous statements that were just as vague.
    I dont think they know as the Rx companies dont know either. So the Rx companies give the government the same answers.

  • For awhile I thought there would be door to door military people forcing the VAX. Now what I think will happen here in the U.S. is that at the end of the day- if you don’t have that Vax Certificate you will not be buying or selling or working etc. This will very soon get un-prepared people begging for the Vax. Or going to FEMA camps. It’s just not gonna be good any way you look at it. No thanks. No Vax for me and mine.

  • I read yesterday that the number of Americans who want to take the vaccine has risen from 50% to 60%. 20% will definitely refuse it. The others say they want to wait maybe a year to see how it works out.

    I think it’s fine that many take it, it will give us valuable information, as long as they are aware of the risks. Most are getting it with no problem, though at least four have reacted with Bell’s palsy, two with anaphylaxis, two with transverse myelitis, (all autoimmune diseases), and two in the US have died. On the other hand, around 3,000 a day are dying of it in the US. Ivermectin (and hydroxychloroquine) would prevent or treat it, also D and zinc.

    No one has been physically forced to take the vaccine, so I think it’s all right that the military be deployed to give it to those who want it. Everyone needs to find the courage to inform themselves and then make their free choice.

    • REALLY,the people in PRISON are being forced to take YOUR SAFE VACCINE,and its killing them like flys,maybe you should go take it [REDACTED BECAUSE WE DON’T CALL EACH OTHER NAMES]…

      • Okay there Arizona, normally we suffer you with the Army super-duper lab bred dogs, trained to attack our children conspiracy, or the hyper-energy drones starting the wildfires in CA conspiracy, or god talking to you about the future, but people in prison being forced to take the vaccine and dropping like flies?

        And calling Cia a bitch?
        That is a new low for even you.

    • NOBODY would want it if they understood what it is, and what it really does (including infertility in many women). It’s not a vaccine, which by definition has a weak version of a virus. There is no virus in it, because the virus that causes Covid-19 does NOT exist, has never been isolated or proven to exist whatsoever.

      The PCR test is intentionally fraudulent and pumps out nothing but false positives. And the deaths counted as “Covid-19” are not this unproven virus, they’re other things simply called Covid-19 (in some cases other illnesses, in other cases heart attack or anything else, and called a Covid death).

      The vaccine turns you into a GMO. It genetically modifies you permanently and it CANNOT be undone, and has not been tested properly despite what the liars in the government and media may claim.

      And don’t be fooled into thinking we’ll really have a choice. “You can opt out, but you’ll die of starvation because you can’t work or shop.” Not really a choice, is it.

      This is what we get as a result of allowing our country to fall into the hands of socialist eugenicists like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, etc. They are the real controllers of the world, who US presidents including Bush, Obama, and Trump serve. They claim ownership over everyone and everything, and won’t let you opt out of their plans for you.

  • The State of Maine is already involving the military. The National Guard was recently hired to “contact trace.” It’s like living in a communist country here. The stores have been ordered to throw people out if they do not wear a mask and they call the police and they do it. You are cited for trespass. I went to Walmart the other day and all but one entrance was locked down with a patrol car sitting right there to escort you out. We are also set up for mandatory vaccines. The legislature rammed through the removal of religious and philosophical exemptions and removes the licenses of all doctors who write medical exemptions so we are trapped. My doctor, a DO, suddenly closed his practice in October and booted us to the curb. Recently they are now trying to mandate all medical workers get the flu shot, which will then lead to them mandating the COVID shot for medical, then essential workers, then all people here. We fear we will not get our driver’s licenses and lose our jobs. Already my kids can no longer attend public school and we have to homeschool. We all know it’s coming. For years there has been medical tyranny here under the name of “MaineCare” which I dropped the day they sent me a letter saying that I would be investigated if any of my kids missed any “required” appointments or vaccinations. That was the end of that and I haven’t had family medical insurance since about 2005. We are getting the bug out bags ready and monitoring the news. When they come for us, we will be long gone . . . .

  • I THINK ITS SAD ,how the police gangs and military will throw away their family and their own life to support the devils running their country,BUT money buys whores and we know their nothing but bought and paid for whores…To bad…GET READY KIDS…THE AMBUSHES WILL BEGIN SOON,you’ve got a lot of devils who need to be hanged for TREASON….and they wouldn’t have it any other way..

    • That’s exactly what it is. Accept a paycheck and be willing to do anything, no matter how extremely wicked, vile, and shockingly evil.

      Without those who carry out the commands of the tyrants, they would just be lunatics nobody would pay attention to, or they’d get locked up like they deserve.

  • Really, using the Military to ensure vaccines are given? Me thinks thou protesteth too much! Several vaccines developed so fast, to be given to every human on earth: what could go wrong? Or, is that the plan?
    With my knowledge of vaccines, especially anything that will change a person’s DNA, should be something to be avoided at all cost! Would you really risk your life, your child’s, your parents? I think people better wake up fast! I fear the vaccines will be far more dangerous than the virus!
    And, I’ve already had it, so what’s the problem? We must be nearing herd immunity. This isn’t about a virus!

  • If this doesn’t permanently destroy belief in government authority for everyone, nothing will. It couldn’t be more clear that they do NOT have the consent of the governed, do NOT represent us, and do NOT intend to do anything other than their own will as they seek more power and money, and to never be held accountable for their extreme criminality.

    Masks, social distancing, the existence of the virus that causes Covid-19, contact tracing, the vaccine for Covid-19, are not just supported by ZERO real science, but they are blatant attacks on science.

    This is a cult, plain and simple, and you’re not allowed to not believe in it.

    The cult of the sociopaths who preach depopulation, eugenicism, and the communist Great Reset.

  • Fakebook, twitter and the rest of the anti-social techs are doing a pretty good job at preventing us from learning the fact about covid and the vaccine issues. We don’t really need the military to join in.
    I think the old saw about the sun never setting on the British Empire has proven to be a bit of a stretch.
    The real question is whether the U S Empire will turn into the UCSA (United Communist States of America)

  • I am not a religious nut job, but I see where this could be construed as the mark of the Beast. I have a medical background. I will not be taking a vaccine. I am well aware of the implications of that. I may no longer have a job. I may no longer be able to shop in stores. I may no longer be able to attend my fave sporting events ( I know, not really a priority but had to include it anyway). Life is not going to be easy. I am a prepper but in no way THAT prepared. But I will stand my ground.

    The way these vaccines were rushed. The whole new mRNA technology. No thank you.

    The military ‘controlling’ the information we see? Isn’t Big Tech already doing that?

  • Here is the TRUTH about the British, which are Owned-and-Operated by the satanist Nazi/Commie Globalist Rothschild/Windsor Banker Cabal. Do not blame the People. DO blame the Bankers. They ARE the ENEMY, who subversively created EVERY enemy we have waged war against for the past 150 years, even our Civil War. The greatest enemy of mankind, ever to walk the earth. When their FOUL STENCH is REMOVED by God, the children of God will be oppressed no more. Sooner than their ignorance is aware.
    THEY own the Voting machines, and are the origin of it all, while they manipulate the blame to others. This has ALWAYS been their modus operandi. 2 World Wars were based upon this same method. China and others appear as the main culprit, which they primarily are, but the Bankers financed them and control most of their goals. Belial gates financed the Wuhan Labs. he is a front man of the Bankers, as is Soros. The British Bankers trained Lenin in London in the early 1900’s, then financed his Bolsheviks in Russia, then Hitler in Germany and Mao in China, etc., etc.. 250 MILLION innocents dead from Communism and Socialism (National Socialists – NAZIS) lay at the Bankers feet, no one else.
    A small taste:—-From-His-Memoirs-(1922)—-Primary-Source:c?r=Drt8wvUodBLoSSzV234Xh1zup8HMWhQi—-From-His-Memoirs-(1922)—-Primary-Source:c?r=Drt8wvUodBLoSSzV234Xh1zup8HMWhQi—FULL-AudioBook-????????—Greatest????AudioBooks:8?r=Drt8wvUodBLoSSzV234Xh1zup8HMWhQi

  • It’s becoming clear the biggest reason to invent a fake pandemic was to administer- by force, if necessary- a very real “cure”. My guess is the side effects will be slow acting at first, but progressively dangerous with subsequent dosages. Remember, this is something they expect people to take every year.

  • I wasn’t planning on getting the vaccine anyway, at least not the mRNA ones nor the viral vector sorts either. The results from day one in the UK have clinched it for me. I have allergies severe enough to carry an Epi-pen. Having already experienced an anaphylactic reaction and having done a number of years of treatment to reduce my chances of one, I’m not planning on taking a vaccine that is already shown to cause this. Add to this having had a serious long-term side-effect reaction to the MMR vaccine. Will they try to force me to have it anyway? Probably. They’ll just say I need to receive it in a facility capable of resuscitating me after I go into anaphylaxis! Right. Sign me up……

  • Rubbish! Ever been on the other end of this? Ever had drug traffickers telling the local public that typical childhood vaccines make one sterile … a 3rd world very remote province where everybody has a 5th grade education?

    Wake up! ChiComs created & released this nasty flu, accidentally or purposefully. It’s bio warfare, but you’re worried about the counter disinformation campaign?

    The only way out of the Covid-19 Pandemic is through vaccines. Yes, the vaccines will kill some of us.

    Antivaxxer commentary is uninformed, bat-shit scared opinion, Not Science.

    Citizens need to go with the herd & SCIENCE on this one. If not, check out for your personal outcome.

    • Javel:

      I had the symptoms of Covid-19 back in February. My nonagenarian mother had the same symptoms though not as badly as I had them. Both of us were over it in less than a week. At that time, there were no tests widely available in our neck of the woods. Because anti-bodies for corona viruses (there are several disease causing ones, not just Covid-19) disappear in three to six months, we await the T-cell tests to verify our experiences.

      I don’t consider myself an antivaxxer, for some are necessary. After reading the research, I just have come to the conclusion that we are now giving too many vaccinations, some worse than the diseases they were designed to prevent.

      I don’t know about you, but I studied genetics at the university. That’s SCIENCE that I studied. I learned about gene splicing and viruses. Everything I learned about these mRNA genetic “vaccines” and the “side effects” including death that they cause, make me say “No thanks” to this particular vaccine. Why take an experimental vaccine with unknown long-term effects yet warnings from scientists of dangers connected with this vaccine for a disease with more than 98% survival rate? And most of those who died were like my uncle, who at 96 had been in hospice care for a few months whose health was already declining? And with the Covid-19 tests giving 50+% false positives, did he even have Covid-19 when he died?

      I’m not a lab-rat. I have no intention to take this experimental virus (after all, the mRNA “vaccine” is no different from a virus) to prevent another virus that really isn’t that dangerous. With the survival rate as high as it is with Covid-19, is a vaccine even necessary? Or will the vaccine turn out to be worse than the disease?

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