An American Manifesto: Don’t Let Everything For Which This Republic Stands Be Destroyed

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It doesn’t take much critical thinking skill to see that the depressing sham that the United States of America has become is all falling apart at the seams. Despite the obvious tears in the fabric of our nation, most of the current administration is merrily paddling along, dismissing the concerns of the little people like you and me.

I have tried to be neutral. I can no longer, in good conscience, do so.

American affairs are being so blatantly mishandled that it isn’t much of a conspiracy theory to suggest that it has to be deliberate. It certainly isn’t a stretch of the imagination to wonder if we’re being purposely destroyed from within for the benefit of our enemies.

I don’t know about you, but I’m furious at the destruction of my country. We’ve gone from being a beacon of truth and freedom to an embarrassment led by a crew of Communist-Manifesto wannabes who are really half-assing this whole “leader of the free world” business.

As such, I thought it was time for a manifesto of my own. We must not let this administration destroy everything that American stands for because there’s a new insult to our way of life every single day.

The gaslighting of America

What do you really believe: the politicians profiting off our misery or your own experiences?  What you see or what you’re told?

Don’t worry. Everything is fine. You’re imagining all the manmade disasters surrounding you. It’s just a conspiracy theory.

And so, the gaslighting of the American people continues. If you’re unfamiliar with it, gaslighting is a psychological term:

Gaslighting is a colloquialism that is defined as making someone question their own reality.

The term is also used informally to describe someone (a “gaslighter”) who persistently puts forth a false narrative which leads another person (or a group of people) to doubt their own perceptions to the extent that they become disoriented and distressed. This dynamic is generally only possible when the audience is vulnerable such as in unequal power relationships or when the audience is fearful of the losses associated with challenging the false narrative. (source)

Up is down. Right is wrong. Not all those who give birth and nurse babies are women. White people must pay penance for the misdeeds of their ancestors, many generations ago. Concerned parents are deemed terror threats by the National School Board Association, meanwhile, the President of the United States has no plan to stop Islamic terrorism. White people rioting/protesting in Portland and Seattle and destroying cities in the name of black people is A-OK and if you call it a riot you’re a racist. White people in Washington DC rioting/protesting at the Capitol is an offense worthy of a Congressional committee, insidious investigations to identify the potential perpetrators, and prison sentences.

Our history and our culture are being scrubbed. Flying our own f*cking flag is considered to be “a symbol of hate.” A defector from North Korea who dreamed of coming here for an Ivy League education says that the system here is reminiscent of her homeland, one of, if not THE, most dystopian societies on the planet.

We’re the victims of a mass-scale medical and psychological experiment. Some of us are willing and some of us are not. If you’re not willing, then you’re demonized, discriminated against, and wished dead.

A nation born of dissent is now banning dissent.

If ever there was a nation born of dissent it’s the United States of America. We declared our independence from the British and fought an entire revolution over rights like the freedom of speech, the separation of church and state, the freedom to worship or not as we choose, owning our own weapons, and the freedom to assemble and redress our grievances.

But that is not the America of today.

Today, dissent is silenced. Just ask Dr. Mercola, who has been targeted by the government for his research on natural remedies and covid and can now only leave his articles up for 48 hours. 25 years of work and research, and we can no longer access it because this medical doctor looks at the pandemic differently than Dr. Fauci, who has become power-mad and is, in my opinion, the single biggest cause of our economic disaster.  If it can’t be silenced,  it gets defunded or removed, and we’re only a few steps for dissent becoming criminalized – like it is in Australia. The internet and social media are being purged a little bit more every day of opinions that go against that of the administration.

Trying to fight it is nearly impossible if you’re an average person. You’ll spend thousands of dollars only to get a look at how dissent gets crushed by a system that is too big and too dirty, regardless of how just your claim is. There are many different ways – horrible ways – they’ll put pressure on you. And if pressure on you doesn’t work, they’ll crush the people you love. They have ways of putting an end to your fight, no matter how just your cause. The legal system is not beautiful, blind, Lady Justice. The legal system is biased toward those with the most money and power. And the battle doesn’t just take place in the courtroom.

We can’t “bully” President Biden.

Despite his catastrophic bungling of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, he only suffered for a few days at the hands of the media. He only gives canned, pre-written statements and rarely takes questions. He vacations from the White House regularly, regardless of the crises we are facing. And you’re not supposed to make fun of him.

That’s a pretty massive change from the mockery that President Trump faced every single day of his administration. I’m not a Trump fan, as I’ve noted before, but he faced nonstop disrespect the entire time he was in office. Meanwhile, President Biden, a blunder waiting for a place to happen, is off-limits. He’s rarely depicted by comedians on Saturday Night Live and when a crowd was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” at a Nascar race, the commentator quickly said the crowd was actually saying “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Of course, folks who aren’t fans of Biden immediately grabbed onto it, and now you can buy Let’s go, Brandon t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other paraphernalia. A hit song was written about it. It’s a glorious code, a moment of humor in the chaos.

But not so fast. Tik Tok has threatened to censor anything mentioning “Let’s go, Brandon” and YouTube banned the song about it for medical misinformation.  Trump balloons in diapers are free speech, even in London where it’s now in a museum, but Let’s go, Brandon is “bullying and harassment.”

Then there’s the disgraceful administration.

The Biden administration is a disgrace to our country.

First, let’s talk about Vice President Harris. She was put in charge of the crisis at the Southern border and it took her months to visit, since which time she has effectively ignored it, focusing her attention elsewhere. In fact, she didn’t really get involved until a misleading photograph made it appear the a Border Patrol officer was driving off a Haitian migrant with a whip. (He wasn’t, it was proven later.) Then she threw the Border Patrol under the bus, but still didn’t address the problem of the constant flow of migrants. VP Harris appears to be in over her head and one can only imagine what would occur should she take the reins from President Biden.

Then we have Mayor Secretary Pete. Pete Buttigieg is the Secretary of Transportation, and one might argue that the absolute clusterf*ck of our supply chain is in his purview, as ships full of goods linger just off the coast of California and cannot be unloaded because of a trucking crisis. Transportation, transportation, transportation.

Unfortunately, Secretary Pete is busy right now. He and his husband have adopted twins and he’s indulging in a two-month paid parental leave. Before a whole bunch of people jump in here, I don’t have any issue with the couple adopting. That is not my business. My issue is with him neglecting his duties while our nation is in crisis.

As any mom knows – we don’t get the privilege of saying “Sorry, I’ll deal with it in two months” when epic sh*t goes down at work right after we’ve had a baby and many of us just went through the physical upheaval of giving birth, on top of it. Nonetheless, if there’s a crisis and it’s our responsibility, as soon as we’re physically able, we shove the kid in the Baby Bjorn and we handle it. That’s what working parents do. Incidentally, while ignoring the supply chain crisis from his children’s cribside, Secretary Pete has let us know he is super-concerned about climate change as a transportation issue.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley both blamed Afghanis (you know, the ones we abandoned) for the collapse of Afghanistan and admitted being “taken by surprise.” Neither of them are accepting responsibility for the colossal disaster our rapid exodus caused, and they’ve joined the President in a game of Afghanistan-Hot-Potato.

What a freaking embarrassment each one of these people is to our nation. The fact that they are in positions of power reflect upon us all.

At least half the country is not being represented.

We are living in a nation that is disregarding the wishes and well-being of at least half the country. Regardless of your thoughts about the veracity of the election, we can all agree it was close – and that means around half of us are not Biden fans. But since nearly all the major news networks, the entertainment industry, and Big Tech is on board with the current administration no matter how idiotic the actions, it seems like we are in the minority.

We’re not.

Even people who voted for Biden are regretting their decision. His approval rating has plummeted to an abysmal 37% because his administration is catastrophic for the American way of life.

  • The authoritarian vaccine mandates
  • The deliberate “us vs. them” mentality he’s created
  • The economic fiasco
  • The Afghanistan debacle
  • The surveillance creep (Do you have more than $600 in your bank account? Do you have your vaccine papers?)
  • The supply chain calamity
  • The overbearing Big Brother treatment of every single decision of our lives
  • The policies that pit the races against one another
  • The policies that want to tax folks with $600 or more in their bank account (I thought we were taxing the bazillionaires)

It is in every possible way a disaster of epic proportions. And people are angry, as well they should be, because we are watching the slow-motion instigated collapse of our country and it’s like one of those nightmares where you can’t move and get out of the way of the falling debris.

People are beginning to take action.

Americans who believe in our country and the principles it was founded upon are furious and we have every reason to be. We’re being silenced, demonized, belittled, stolen from, and treated with scorn. The Biden administration is playing an incredibly dangerous game for a group in whom the nation has so little confidence.

They are gambling that in order to keep up their status quo – their jobs, their homes, the education system, the supply chain – that most folks will simply give up and comply, regardless of their strongly held personal beliefs.

But I’m not so sure.

  • People are protesting vaccine mandates. More than 70% of unvaccinated people have said they’ll leave their jobs before being forced into a vaccination they do not want. Healthcare workers are quitting or being fired, leaving our already overburdened healthcare system in dire straits.
  • People are furious about the IRS being able to snoop in our accounts. The proposal that would make banks report all accounts with $600 or more to the IRS has caused a wave of rage across the country. Let’s be real – who doesn’t have more than $600 in their account when the mortgage payment or rent comes due? (Wait – I thought Biden was for the little guy! He lied? Say it isn’t so.)
  • People are furious and worried about the supply chain crisis. Confidence in the government’s ability to deal with this issue is at rock bottom. 90% of Americans expect the situation to get worse before – and if – it gets better. And if that isn’t damning enough, the supplies that are available are far more expensive, making it difficult to feed your family on a budget that just keeps having to stretch.
  • People are enraged they might have to pay by the mile for driving their vehicles. The proposed infrastructure bill wants to institute a “voluntary” tax of 8 cents per mile driven. But do you really think it will stay “voluntary?” Heck no. Once they have a way to get more money from us, it doesn’t go away. That means not only will it cause folks who drive a lot a crap-ton of money, but some type of reporting or GPS device will be installed in our vehicles at some point to snitch on us about our mileage. (Oh look, more money being taken out of the pockets of people who have to drive further to work because they already can’t afford to live in the city.)

This list of grievances could be endless. I find myself enraged every time I look at the news online – any news, regardless of the source – because every day we are getting further and further away from the country that I love.

What do we do?

Every good manifesto has a course of action and so does this one.

Are you angry? Are you enraged? Are you under-represented? Then you need to do something about it. It’s too late to fight the system from within the system. It’s a glossy facade over a rotten-to-the-core fruit. There is no fixing a lie.

We have to have our own system. In order for us not to go without, we require a parallel system that cannot be shut down at the whims of Big Tech, Big Government, Big Corp, Big Pharma, and Big Agri. Screw all the Bigs. Don’t give them your business. Each item on the list links to an article.

We need to look for parallels to the controlled system so that we can create our own system: banks, technology, supply chains, advertising, networks, communications. We need options for those who are discriminated against for their medical choices.

We need to be outside of the system. Giving up the comfort of “the system” is a scary thought, but being a serf ruled over by a lord is even more terrifying. Are you really going to entrust your family’s well-being to these yahoos?

Some folks are even going so far as to say that secession is the answer. I disagree, but I’d happily say goodbye to the areas that are “embarrassed” to be Americans. I suggest they go and form their own countries and let us keep ours, home of the red, white, and blue.

What do you think the solutions are?

What would you add to this manifesto? What angers you right now? Let it out in the comments. (But for the love of all things cute and fluffy, don’t violently threaten anyone on my website.) What are the solutions?

Let’s discuss it.

About Daisy

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Democrats constantly criticized Donald Trump’s actions, yet those same actions brought us to prosperity and energy independence. It is so easy to criticize people, but, that doesn’t mean the critic has any answers. Movie critics are abundant, but, they don’t know how to make movies. Book critics write scathing reviews, but, they don’t have any best sellers, themselves. Democrats and opinionated TV anchors demonize Trump, but, they don’t know how to run a country. Democrats have shown us their hand and it is empty. Just a bluff. Time to fold ’em.

  • I can’t argue with much here, Miss Daisy! If there was any doubt that this regime in corporate HQ in DC have declared war on actual America, the COVID “vaccine” mandates, Afghanistan, the border crisis, etc., have all confirmed it. And, no, that’s not hyperbole, a mere rhetorical flourish to make a point! They are at war with me and mine! The Biden regime, the Deep State (yes, without regard to party affiliation!), the rule of the “corporatocracy” . . . , represent Lawlessness, rebellion, revolution – a genuine insurgency!

    Like you, I’m not a huge Trump fan, although I did vote for him. I loved the fact that he pissed off all the right people on both sides of the aisle! And it must be said, even though I don’t think he is a principled conservative, but more of a pragmatist, he did more to genuinely forward conservative (and libertarian) causes than many supposed conservatives preceding him. Still, while showing some promise, he fell short, and he has yet to adequately support those who supported him (But that’s a topic for another discussion!)! The point is, we’re not voting our way out of any of this, and your ideas, which amount to virtual, if not actual, secession, are spot-flippin’-on!

    We need to get real local, real fast, and reassume responsibilities, many of which we never should have allowed to be taken over by government in the first place!

  • I’ve been feeling the same; angry about all the ridiculousness that has been going on in our country. I know one person very close to me who is being forced to leave a job he’s great at, because of some of these issues. And several people close to me who are going to cave in on their beliefs so they can save their jobs and continue to take care of their families. I understand both sides of that coin.

    In my own family, we have differences of opinion on some of these very things and it’s quite concerning to find walls where conversations used to be. I think finding alternate ways to do everything – our shopping, our schooling, our hobbies – and becoming more self-sufficient is a MUST. And if your families/friends are in disagreement with you on a major issue going on today, make sure you’re making connections with people who agree with you.. just in case you are in a position where you’ll need some people on your side. And make sure you are taking care of your own financial life, just in case…

    And the stifling of free speech, the push-back against our second amendment, and the potential for oversight of our bank accounts – are extremely concerning and infuriating. Finding alternatives for those issues is a must as well.

    There is much that concerns me at this point in time. Working on solutions in my own little part of the world.

  • I dont think Biden is actually in charge or making the decisions. Watching any videos of press conferences, appearances, speeches he is just reading off a note card, teleprompter.
    Watching the UN speech was painful.
    The “Sir, you have something on your face,” note was cringe worthy.
    Aides rushing/forcing the press out of the room to prevent him from answering questions. Embarrassing.
    I actually feel sorry for the man. They parade him around, like a puppet, for the dog and pony shows. Give the man his dignity, and end this charade.

    That being said, the real question is,
    “Who IS making the decisions? Who is really in charge?”
    Based off previous interactions with government agencies, I would say they are leading by committee. And no one wants to be responsible for any decisions (hence, lead by committee).
    I think Harris, once she got in on the inside/behind the curtain, saw what was going on, is staying away as not to get any of this hot mess on her.
    This whole thing reeks of “Fake it, till you make it!”
    But they are not making it. Just pin-balling from one disaster to the next.

    The upside to all of this, if there can be an upside, is all the more importance of NOT-depending on the government for anything. As Daisy listed above of things one can do to insulate themselves from the various issues as much as possible.

    • Sorry but it’s not a Republic you were lied to, the US Constitution is not a Republican form of government, the only Republican form of government in America was The United States of America under the Articles of Confederation. If you spend the time to look up the definition of the Republican form of government you will learn that it is government that the people are over the government not the government over the people, when you have a government that makes laws and regulations over you including tax you you are not a free people. Contrary to fabricated history the US Constitution was not accepted by the people as it took their freedom away. As Thomas Payne stated on the floor of the Virginia Legislator “once this this is ratified this country will be under Martial Law”

    • Dignity? C’mon man 10% for the big guy! Another corrupt POS willing to trade favors to save himself and his son. Been selling us all out for his entire career. No sympathy here AT ALL.

    • I am with you 1st Marine that Joe isn’t in charge of anything. The man can’t even find his own shoes most days! He is being cruelly used as a figurehead to be blamed for everything. Any little temper tantrums he has only further this.
      Leading by committee, hmm. I think that may be pretty accurate as no one person is really rising to the top as a leader, at least not openly. And this crisis is world wide. The main stream media just censors it so heavily that it is difficult to see beyond our borders.

      Daisy did a great job of verbalizing many things I am angry about and I would add that this insistence on masking seriously pisses me off as well. Between the schools and anything medical it’s way out of hand. Masks do NOTHING to contain a virus, I believe they only serve as control symbols at this point. If I need a service that requires me to mask (ie: I need new glasses and have to mask up), I do so under protest so they know not everyone is just agreeable to it.

      People everywhere need to keep pushing back locally. Can’t be afraid to stand your ground. Sever as much as possible any and all ties to gubmint things. Be suspicious of everything, there is reason to be. Indeed, become as self sufficient as possible. Living off the land is pretty far out of reach for most but together we can create local supply lines. People really need to consider living with far less for now.

      • I hope you understand that when you protest wearing a mask you are doing so to people who have nothing to do with the policy. You are just making life hard for whatever poor soul has to deal with you. If you want to complain do so to the corporate office of whatever business makes you wear the mask but please stop harassing the employees. They are just trying to get through the day.

  • Gas has gone up $1.10, to $3.29 a gallon since JoeBama was installed by a rigged election.

    The only comment that I can make is TRUMP WON AND LET’S GO BRANDON x 1 million.

    • Trump did know a lot. He had our country better off, there is NO doubt, however one big thing about him that bothers me and has affected many people is that he RUSHED the Covid-19 vaccine. It did not go thru the proper testing required b/c it was “fast tracked”…He had NO idea how it would affect people…I know about vaccines, I had to get the polio vaccine to go to school, so I know how they can work…I was disappointed in him when that happened…It was as if he was not using his common sense and now look at this mess with them and what they have caused. Thousands in hospitals as well as dead b/c of them…Trump once said that he had done nothing to ask forgiveness for (to GOD) but now I think he might be accountable for this one…But even so as for running this country he certainly did a better job than the ones in this administration…IF Biden is this way, what will Kamala be like? He is being told what to say and what to do in order to accomplish their own agenda !

  • Daisy, you have hit the nail firmly on its head with this article. “Woke” policies are thinly veiled attempts to sabotage religious freedom, decent values and patriotism–basically everything that made this country great.

    Steps to take:
    Vote every Democrat AND Republican who supported these policies out of office.
    Do not depend upon the government for anything.
    Become as self sufficient as possible–grow your own food by gardening for example, and stock up on supplies while they are still available. Of special importance is to get a water filtration/purification system–one that can make any water potable.
    Add books on Preparedness and Homesteading skills to your library.
    Save up at least one month’s expense money and keep it at home, not in a bank where it can be confiscated.
    Pay off credit card debt as fast as you can.

    • GOOD ADVISE…the Dollar Tree has some great items for only $1.00. And Big Lots also has very reasonable prices and even sales…Wherever you an get Buy one, get one free will also be beneficial… Water and food (essential) and also PRESCRIPTION DRUGS…If it’s past 90 days you can pay for them yourself if you can afford to do that. Usually a doctor can only write one for 90 days. .Anyone running out of oxygen or their prescription medication will be up a creek without a paddle it seems and then what will happen? I would venture to say most will die…Don’t forget to buy NOW for your pets (food etc.) as well as for any babies, children or the elderly…When the poop hits the fan and things happen quickly, the shelves will be empty and it will be to late at that time to get what you need…NOW is the time, today is the day! Tomorrow may be to late…
      As for money in the bank, leave very little in the bank and hide the rest…One day you may need to withdraw and NOT be able too b/c of a lack of funds that were stolen from you !!!! Think it can’t happen, think again ! Always be alert, aware, awake and know the signs of the times…A brain is a terrible thing to waste, and common sense is worth a million dollars…So many people are without it today, it’s sad.

    • I would say keep as much in cash and physical assets as possible. There are lots of creative ways to stash cash in your home in fire proof safes. I live in the desert and water is our limiting factor. No way we could hold out 2 months here if the water isn’t being pumped, much less a year. I have an extra large cistern in the back but that will still be limited. We don’t get real monsoons here like we did 25 yrs ago. I suspect it is all the chemtrails messing with our weather.

  • “What would you add to this manifesto?”

    Just this (ahem), your list is accurate and well researched. But you leave out the nuclear family. The cornerstone of a healthy, polite, respectful, morally admired, and productive society. By inserting this statement:

    “Before a whole bunch of people jump in here, I don’t have any issue with the couple adopting. That is not my business. ”

    I do.

    You absolve the secretary of the obvious.. and that is (you are correct, in part) while very few people actually care about another’s sexual orientation, him and his partner are not genetically qualified to properly nurture and raise any child, let alone twins. Their adoption of these children is theater meant to portray their relationship as normal all the while they tear into, with great zest, the points you make very well. But, the real target is the family.

    That’s my addition. Bring back and exalt the nuclear family as healthy, honorable, and necessary.

  • To illustrate how determined are the Dem-Shevik digital book burners, I just checked on to see if any of Dr. Mercola’s articles were preserved there. Per the link below, his entire website has been wiped from that once-upon-a-time “forever” library.*/

    At least has been recently reprinting some of Mercola’s articles and those reprint links haven’t been targeted by the digital book burners …. at least yet. The trend through history for thousands of years has always been that tyrants try to destroy the history and culture of their opponents and slaves.

    Just as Trump has announced an independent social media platform (Truth Social), there are some efforts to create independent decentralized competitors to the highly centralized, highly hackable, and highly vulnerable internet to government tyrant shutdowns. One such competitor is the highly decentralized blockchain platform for Bitcoin transactions. And of course the central banks and their captive governments are scrambling to tax and control any such competition to their monopoly on counterfeiting their fiat currencies.

    The result is that for US citizens, any gains in value of cryptocurrencies they may hold anywhere in the world will be taxed like property, with some exceptions, such as cryptos being held inside IRAs, 401Ks, etc (with their attendant restrictions).

    In july of 2021 the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued a letter authorizing the major banks to act as “custodians” for cryptocurrencies. That will give the government a guaranteed viewing window into such accounts from people dumb enough to use such banks as their cryptocurrency custodians.

    Lately there have been reports from people who previously lived in various communist dictatorships around the world (China, North Korea, the former Soviet Union, etc) who were shocked to see similarities in the US to the tyrannies they thought they had left behind.


  • You have nailed it, this is where we stand today.
    And I basically agree with all your ideas of what we need to do as solutions.

    However, based upon the direction this Government is going, How long before they come for your Prepping Supplies?
    If there is a big enough supply crises, they can make ” hording” ( ie preppers supplies, especially food, stockpiles), illegal.
    People have long talked about them going door to door for guns, but what if they do that, looking for food supplies instead?
    Some might say this would never happen, but did you for see the; pandemic? lockdowns? mask requirements? Vaccine Mandates?, Etc.?

    Sure you might fight them off, but they would return in force and you would be dead or lose it anyway.
    At least with guns they are easily transportable and you could run away with a few of them and some ammo. Not so much of a chance to do so, with a years supply of food.

    One answer may be in knowing how to live off the land and be less reliant on preps, not in stockpiling more of them.
    The other provision would be in caching them in a remote location, not in your home or in a bug out cabin or bunker or a storage facility.. Somewhere that you could still access them if needed, but not in a location that authorities might search.
    If they start tracing your financial records( bank accounts) they may know you have bought them and any possible storage locations that you pay for, such as home, property, storage facility, Etc. So you would need to get creative here and do some “late night planting”.

    Would our government ever go that far? Maybe not.
    But I never would have dreamed it would get to this point either. So it would be better to be safe now, rather than sorry, later on.

    • The Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act was signed into law November 23rd 1988. It allows FEMA to confiscate personal property including food stores. I’m surprised more people have never heard about it. Those of us who never believed the 9-11 psy-op for one second, were talking about this online 20 years ago. Shortly thereafter there was a lot of online talk in conspiracy circles about a future plan for forced vaccines, and camps for those who refused. This was back in the days when people actually read their emails, so I sent these articles to many friends and family, and now not ONE if those people remember getting those articles. One person went so far as to say : “If you knew, why didn’t you warn me?” Actually Einstein, I did warn you. Most people have such p*** poor memory retention, I wonder how they make it through the week.

    • We cannot secure our southern border.
      We could not secure Afghanistan after 20 years.
      You really think this government could conduct door to door search for food?
      If you do, you have more faith and confidence in them then I do.

      Knock, knock, knock!
      “We are here from the government! Turn over all your food!”
      “I got a half gallon of milk and the ends of a loaf of bread.”
      “Your banks records show you went to the grocery store last Monday!”
      “Yes. And I had some friends over for Taco Tuesday, Wednesday was role playing game night, Thursday was book club, and Friday was Sam’s birthday celebration.”
      “We have no records of a ‘Sam’ living here.”
      “He is my German Shepard.”
      “You celebrate your dog’s birthday?”
      “Of course. Dont you?”

      • That is too funny! I love it! And I agree, the government is completely ineffective no matter which party is in control. Regarding the bill requiring reporting of every transaction over $600 it will never pass. Who the heck would be responsible for sifting through the millions apon millions of transactions every single day? The IRS? They can’t even deal with the information they have now. They would be completely overwhelmed.

  • I saw this bit posted by Charles Burris which I thought was good and worthy to pass along & relevant to Daisy’s article:

    TO ARMS, Citizens!

    [The above link is to a 1940’s song] La Marseillaise, sung by Mireille Mathieu. American-English subtitles.

    “Instead of the banal “Let’s Go, Brandon,” this is the enthusiastic emboldened anthem of heroic resistance which should circle the planet.

    Let it sound in intractable, unrelenting, endless opposition to the globalist elite tyrants seeking to destroy civilization by shoving the Earth’s people into abject slavery, misery, and oppression.”

  • Daisy, you are entitled to your own opinions, but how many of the issues you mention have much to do with prepping?

    I mean, if there are a few trans activists out there, how does that affect your preps? Is anybody on this site personally affected by anybody demanding reparations? Has any parent here been called a terror threat?

    Of your list, I think being concerned about rioting is the main one that really falls into prepping territory. I don’t even know why you care about any of the rest.

    What would Selco say? Small circles, and avoid getting involved in politics because in a civil war there are no winners.

    • Doly, first, I’d like to comment that it’s my website, and if I choose to go off-topic I will. Often people in the comments try to steer me to what they believe I should say, but ultimately, our editorial calendar is not their decision. Nor do I run my articles past Selco, even though he’s one of my best friends.

      Yes, parents here have been called a terror threat. I’ve gotten emails from more than one parent in Loudon County, Virginia. Yes, Secretary Pete slacking on dealing with the transport issue affects us directly. Yes, people snooping in our bank accounts affects us directly. These things trickle down.

      It has everything to do with prepping. Read the end for solutions.

    • Dolly Garcia, how can you not see the connection to being prepared? All the items Daisy mentions relate directly to our environment, our community at large regardless where you are located in the US.

      “Normal” is long gone and very unlikely ever to return. Yes, most of us are fiercely independent but we exist in a much larger world that does impact each one of us. Burying your head and exclusively staying in your small circle is foolhardy.

    • Good grief.

      How many other empires have not conquered vast land mass, and subjugated other people, societies, cultures?
      The Roman Empire.
      Genghis Khan.
      The British Empire.
      History is full of them.

      For each and every empire that has a beginning, has an end.
      Through our illustrious leaders, America will suffer the same fate.
      The Biden admin just got us that much quicker.

  • HI Daisy

    You wrote “We need to look for parallels to the controlled system so that we can create our own system: banks, technology, supply chains, advertising, networks, communications. We need options for those who are discriminated against for their medical choices.”

    you can find such efforts underway at novax job sites for employment options. Here are three such sites
    https:// novaxjobsusa. com/
    https:// novaxmandate. org/
    https:// gab. com/groups/49159 (requires login)

    there are more, but those are the three that I saved when I was checking out sites.

  • If you are serious about setting up a parallel economy you had better get going with a registry of some kind where canceled and fired people can organize by skill set. For instance, airline pilots, teachers, firefighters, soldiers etc. could congregate and set up businesses together to serve populations of like minded people within the society. We could have our own canceled and unvaxxed hospitals, restaurants, schools and militias that cater to and protect our “subclass?” from the depredations of the political left. Yes it would mean self segregation of a sort but we could do business with anyone, while the leftists would only do business with their own. Reclaiming our country will be difficult but if we pull together and work together we will win.

  • Daisy, please feel free to delete if this is inappropriate in any way.

    I would suggest that we take the lessons and truths that we have learned and discovered over the past decade on this site to implement the best solutions available to us. While Daisy’s list of today’s tragic situation was comprehensive it was not all inclusive. The plummeting value of the U.S. Dollar and the inevitable loss of world reserve currency status will create the worst financial crisis that the United States has ever known. This is not decades or years away, but at the current rate is likely months away and irreversible. As bad as things are today; while necessities become fewer and more far between, with limited domestic manufacturing, what is the likelihood that international trade partners will accept the American dollars for all of our imports? Did everyone see the story that Jose’ wrote about trading bits of gold for food and haircuts?

    As Selco has suggested, it may be best to start with very small circles. Prepare what you can by stockpiling necessities for yourself and family. Start and participate in a neighborhood watch program. Talk with neighbors; build and create networks of people in your immediate area that you can barter, trade, support, and count on for your immediate needs. While the term “black market” has historically painted an ugly picture in the United States, it is a system of trade that has always been alive and well throughout the world. Explore trade of services as well as trade to include precious metals. (If the present authoritarian government is successful in monitoring all of our bank accounts or replaces paper currency with a central bank digital currency, the only anonymous trade will be forced to use precious metals, as their value is inherent in the materials passed from one person to the other.) Educate yourself in learning the trade values for these precious metals, as well as how to identify fakes. (Reddit’s community of WallstreetSilver has a great resource in their Due-Diligence section) Invest $20 while you can to get precious metal testing supplies.

    These are a few things that we can do to prepare and take steps to ensure that we have as peaceful, rewarding, and enriching lives as possible. Remember the old saying … “Tough times create strong men, Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, week men create tough times.”
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took longer than that to fall as well. While we can argue that all Western Civilization is circling the drain at the moment, it is possible to bring it back. It will take the resolve of many people, the commitments to sacrifice ease to preserve morality, and courage to overcome the fears that shake each one of us to the core, but we can, will, and must overcome these obstacles for the future of our children, and the future of the world.

  • What’s coming is here now and it won’t stop. Be prepared to take care of you and family. In part this is judgement on our country for the grief we have visited on weaker nations ( Iraq, Afghanistan, etc ) all for money and power. Dam these psychopaths that pretend to serve our nation. I don’t take a knee to these scum , they have no authority over me ! As the Patriots said during the revolution ” no king but King Jesus”. They won’t stop , they are like a serial killer that can’t stop. Sick twisted, perverted scum and in my opinion many of them need to hang to see justice return . I care not what they say, what they require,what they mandate.

  • Dear Daisy – The same scenario is playing out here in Canada. Today the Canadian government took state sponsored genocide one step farther and has advised that there will be no employment insurance benefits for people who were forced out of their jobs due to being unvaccinated. In other words the Canadian government is going to starve millions of Canadians. In January we will experience another carbon tax increase, this despite the fact that Canada produces a miniscule amount of carbon pollution in the world but we as Canadians have to pay for the rest of the world’s pollution and for countries that have no intention of reducing their so called pollution. Our utility bills are becoming so expensive they are now more than a mortgage payment. In a cold northern country we have no option but to heat our homes but are being impoverished and punished for doing so. I used approx $7 of gas one month yet my bill was $80. My advice to all Canadians and Americans is to arm yourselves and be prepared to die in battle.

  • Yes, Yes, and Yes Daisy. We need to do ALL your ideas and more. I still think we are the 51% that can turn things around. Amerika may not look the same. We may have to live in a confederation of states with our own infrastructure and trade. We all may have to be guerillas or their support. It may take years. If not now, then when? Let’s get moving…

  • THE DEMONRATS have thrown the US CONSTITUTION IN THE TRASH CAN,everyone who TOOK AN OATH TO GOD LIED,now because of the failure of the men to stand up, you’ve loss your country,SLAVERY AND STARVATION are next in line for all of you,JUDGEMENT OF THE LORD is at hand,AMERICA WILL BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED,screaming peace,peace,peace was a waste of breath,you’ll all be dead soon..Some of you in very horrible ways,it was your choice and you threw it away..THE FOUNDING FATHERS WARNED YOU,but you did it your own way and it failed,NOW YOU’LL PAY DEARLY FOR IT…

  • We don’t need to all that. We only need to be RIGTHTEOUS and ENFARCE the law. That would mean automatic hangings for their TREASON.

    We know they are committing treason and violation of many US laws but nobody bothers to point this out and ARREST them!

    You make THEM leave. You make them cry UNCLE. We should NEVER be doing that ourselves. This is OUR country and does NOT belong to them. How dare they???

    So why is NOBODY pointing this out??

  • SHTF still seems like a dirty joke on the citizenry, but we’re just going into round 2. I’m afraid they’re driving for disaster on a Biblical scale; the satanists running this show plan to take it all the way to genocide and extinction if we let them. People are going to get lined up against the wall, or succumb to engineered war germs – Geneva Convention be damned. there’s no way to avoid it. What to do?

    Get a real gas mask and replacement filters for biohazards. Get serious about personal defense and squad tactics. Food, food, lots of food! Get involved with one of the gray market commerce networks Daisy recommends. And put distance between yourself and the red flag snitches amongst your family and neighbors (I’ve got a couple of in laws that would happily send a “non compliant” away to please the bosses). We have the moral high ground and will prevail if we can avoid the FEMA camp bus.

  • My goodness, what a hissy fit. I get a kick out of the scared snowflakes here, needing their safe spaces and for people who aren’t like them to shut up and let ya’ll continue to run the country into the ground.

    I know this must seem like ancient history to some of you but Trump was and is the greatest existential danger to our republic that has ever existed. Remember, this is a person who is by any measure a malignant narcissist, a compulsive liar, a grifter, proudly ignorant and racist and misogynist. He played footsie with the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Saudis, only to find himself outmatched as they flattered their way into fooling him and hurting us. In addition, he is a terrible human being. Remember McCain is a loser? Injecting disinfectant to fight Covid? Sharpiegate on the map of the Gulf? “I’m smarter than all my generals”? Sending soldiers with gas in so he could have a clear path to walk to a church and hold a bible upside down? “Only I can solve it”? “I know all the best words”? “What you’re seeing and hearing isn’t what’s happening” and on and on and on. Tell me, when did he come out with his health plan? We barely weathered his all-out assault on the Constitution and our democracy. Being impeached TWICE? Saying he’s never done anything in his whole life he has to ask God for forgiveness on? He wants to be like Putin, Erdogan, Kim, all the rest. He WISHES he could be Hitler or Stalin. In his dreams — Hitler and Stalin, for all their evil, had DISCIPLINE and were ORGANIZED, something he is incapable of. I could go on and on.

    Which is all to say, it’s going to take time to fix that wreckage, to repair that damage. Biden and his people are making progress — a step back sometimes, but moving in the right direction. I feel proud of my country and hopeful again. It’s not perfect, far from it, but we are in SUCH a better place now than a year ago.

    If you don’t want to wear a mask, get vaccinated, take your guns off when you go to school and church, if you insist on demonizing black and brown and other minorities who are just demanding justice and the space they are entitled to that white folks have been taking up for so long, I don’t know what to say about you.

    This last election was clear. While it was close, true, the people have spoken. This country IS getting blacker, browner, less religious and less Christian, more tolerant of different gender identities and sexuality. There is NOTHING you can do about it. Not. One. Thing. And demographics are destiny.

    So, go off to a hovel in Idaho or Montana. Don’t get vaccinated. It’ll just mean there are fewer troglodytes voting in the next elections.

    I only feel sorry for your kids. Hopefully they are secretly a lot more woke and determined to construct a happy, ethical life for themselves apart from your poisonous influence.

    Last point: secession? Are you kidding? Don’t you know that New York and California and similar places are subsidizing red state flyover countries with far outsize tax contributions? Don’t make me laugh.

    You all are sick and delusional. Please go away. I don’t want any of your “stupid cooties” to get near me or mine.

    Ain’t free speech grand?

    • Lorraine,
      Next year when the vaccinated are dying by the millions and you are lying in a pool of your own vomit dying, you will realize that the billionaire elete progressives care no more for you than they care for the unvaxed and you will realize what gullible fools you and all the other vaccinated have been.

      • So by next year all the vaccinated people will be dying in their own puke? Please elaborate on this. I am very curious as to the how and why. What is the science behind your prediction?

    • Dear Lorraine:

      You certainly make a lot of assumptions about me and my thoughts. You’ve embroidered greatly and drawn your own incorrect conclusions about me. Where did I say that I wanted the country to be “more Christian?” Where did I say I didn’t like minorities? Where did I say that I liked Trump? Where did I say I was anti-gay? I’m a f*cking libertarian which means I want to leave everyone alone and would like the same thing in return. You’ve simply copied a bunch of ridiculous talking points and painted me as a “troglodyte” without actually reading what I wrote.

      The very fact that you think this laughable administration is making progress causes me to make assumptions – assumptions about your utter lack of intelligence and critical thinking skills. It’s awesome progress to go drone a bunch of brown people, leave weapons for the Taliban to oppress more women, and abandon Americans and allies. It’s fantastic progress to destroy the supply chain and the economy and tax the living sh*t out of those of us who produce. Wow. You must be so proud.

      As for me going away, well, um, you seem to be on my website.

    • Someone has a serious case of TDS.
      People with TDS should be seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, medicated, not allowed to operate heavy machinery, own property, vote or reproduce.

      Anyone who uses the term “stupid cooties” clearly has the mentality of a child.

      And yes, free speech is grand. Firm believer in it. Seems to me there is one side that is doing everything it can to silence any voice that disagrees with it.

    • Wow talk about delusional. We could go in a myriad of directions but how about that disaster in Afghanistan. Leaving BILLIONS worth of military equipment to terrorists and leaving behind 1000’s of Americans at the same time. How do you defend that shitshow? Now please lecture the rest of us again about how the Taliban treats women and gays. Not sure if you’re off your meds, need to up the dose, or try some different ones.

    • Lorraine,
      Your so typical: blame Trump for everything.
      Your delusional if you think Biden has his sh!t together.
      Neither NY nor CA subsidize Texas. Are you really that stupid???
      Your “woke” language is immature, telling us (Daisy?) to go off to a hovel is telling.
      Get right with God because your going to need him.

      • Bless your heart, Sophia. A word for you: it’s “you’re,” not “your.” Careful, your ignorance is showing.

        I realize it’s not a way forward, to tell stupid people that they’re stupid. Nevertheless, “you’re” not fooling anyone. If you do go hide in a hole in the wall, do us all a favor and bring a dictionary with you.

        • Lorraine, when you have no argument, attack someone’s grammar. That’ll certainly prove your point.

          We don’t have a rude, nasty community here. You’re making yourself an obvious exception, which says everything about you and nothing about us.

  • Folks it is rather simple at this point: We are in the stinking corner thanks largely to our own pathetic, lack of actions. 99% of us are still sitting back with our impotent noodle in our hands thinking someone else is going to come & save us – well NO, that is NOT going to happen. Put on your big-boy pants and man the “phuck” up or just DIE.

  • love all you wrote;;as a OLD person i see MY America falling like= Rome .
    I did the shots i’ve had a good life, it they kill me-so be it, so far i’m fine. Booster next week. good friend has his yesterday he’s feeling horrible this morning Called a while ago feeling ok. so-so- he said .we will meet for breakfast.–ok

  • Keep in mind, when you pull your children/grandchildren out of “Public School”, you starve the (sic) beast. Here in the Gem State, schools are funded from Boise based on: “…butts in the seats.” This is what keeps these brainwashing babysitting factories in business. I know this for a fact as I used to be a teacher’s aide at a local high school in Kootenai County.
    The: “Let George do it!” attitude of most parents will have to change. I realize most parents work and cannot home school, or are not cut out to teach. Start co-ops. I had a very successful tutoring business when I lived on the Oregon Coast. I partnered with others who had experience in Math, Science, English, etc. We worked out of the basement of a local church, sympathetic to home-schoolers. It can be done.

  • America is a zombie nation. The primary age group that still cares is over 65, and why should we risk anything now that we are old and tired? Where are the 20-60 yr olds that will stand up and fight communism? They are too damn busy looking at their phones or checking to see if they got any likes on fakebook for that oh-so-cute puppy photo. they are stupid and dont even know it, and affluently apathetic.

    Wish they would prove me wrong but I aint holding my breath. prepped in a rural red state, run silent, run deep.

    • I’m 65 and yes I’m old and tired, but I’m still running against the wind. We also live in a rural red state. Husband is disabled so no chance of us bugging out to anywhere. We will hunker down and do the best we can. We have been prepping for 10 plus years, so we should be good for a reasonable amount of time. Also have friends and family of like-mind, so we’ve got each other’s back.

      • PJ
        Now more than ever, living near “like minded” people is essential to surviving the coming storm.

  • I thought your article was great. I would make the following suggestions. When you write, “the legal system is biased toward those with the most money and power”, I would add, anyone committing crime or having been arrested who has political views aligned with the Democratic Party is either being bailed (or let) out of jail or not being prosecuted outright. Also, I would add two points to your bullet points list of Biden’s screw ups: he shut down domestic energy production to the detriment of the economy and national security, throwing away energy independence; number two is the border disaster and all the myriad problems that come with that. Thanks.

  • I fully agree with Daisy’s conclusions: We need to create our own free trade networks.
    We need to create our own short-distance supply chains.
    We need to pull our kids out of this Marxist education indoctrination system before they’re infected beyond a cure.
    We need to be as self-reliant as we can, wherever we are.
    We need to have supplies.

    The question is how do we do this? It will only work if we can put together a group of people in relatively close proximatry to each other who have the same vision. For those of us with few financial resources and who live in very rural areas that is very difficult. For the past three years, I have been putting together a group of beginner preppers who have like minded views of goals similar to Daisy’s. I am now working with two groups of some six households in two locations separated by 200+ miles. The other families closest to me are all 15-30 miles away from each other. For most of these folks, this is the first or second year that they have been stockpiling supplies, growing food, and slowly developing a prepper outlook. Unfortunately the majority of these people are between the ages of 45 and 75, and all of them have incomes less than $2500 per month. My wife and I are the only ones in this fledgling network who have become mostly self sustaining and are experienced preppers. We are trying to teach the others skills that will help these folks become more self sufficient. We all share the same faith and are mostly part of the same religious tradition and denomination. Altogether, these things have brought us together but are not conducive to building a strong prepper community that can fulfill the goals outlined in this article. These people, in both of these groups are working together, sharing resources, and building stockpiles. But our resources are limited and we need some way to interact or connect to other such groups in our region. I would encourage other preppers to try to form similar groups around the country and then find ways to trade, interact, and provide support for each other. That is one way we could form free trade networks and some sort of supply chains. The big question is where do we go from here and how do we get there before our world falls apart?

  • I think we are way behind the curve. You seriously think “they” haven’t thought of this already and planned five, ten steps of all potentialities ahead? I know it sounds pessimistic but the audience to whom you are relaying this message to is late to the party. I mean, this “awakening” should have happened years ago, like way before 9-11 even. But no, unless it is in their faces, it’ll all gooood, bruh.
    But now that the metaphorical straitjacket has been placed on for real this time,(do you know how many millions will either die…..or “change”) NOW everyone’s gettin a little “panicky”. Well, short of a revolution which I’m not advocating, it won’t change. But even then, a revolution? The rest of the world can’t wait for that to happen. You think perhaps they might root for us? Go, Americans! We got your back! Lol. Yeah, don’t think so. We may have forgotten what happened in Iraq. (Abu Ghraib & all that), but the world that salivates at our demise has not forgotten. Oh, and this disaster with Afghanistan? That was twisting the knife, to make the world don’t forget. No, we Americans are slated to become the new gypsies. We haven’t done so well with this legacy have we? Our nation & Poland will finally have a real commonality we can reminisce in years to come. In ww2 Poland ceased to exist for a time. Germany took the west half, Russia took the east half. Poland regained it’s nation again, albeit under communist rule. But it was intact! I doubt history will be as kind to us.
    After babbling about freedom & delivering misery for too long, China will take the west, Russia will take the east and voila! No more debt owed, alas the USA will no longer exist. And what of us? Now illegal tenants, we shall be quarantined on reservations, just as was done to the natives. Or carried away as slaves. Karma will have the last word. I hope to God I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. But…this looks too familiar. And with A.I in the mix? We should have done it 30 years ago.

  • First of all, buy American made. Second, check out Gab. The founder is actually building a parallel society. We could use more help over there.

  • I have tried not to be overly Biblical on this forum, but this subject has hit a nerve. What I have to say will not be popular with many people.

    Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that he had traveled throughout America of that time, looking for the source of America’s greatness. He traveled the fields, factories, cities, countryside, and didn’t find the source of America’s greatness. Then he entered the churches and listened to what came out of the pulpits and concluded that that was the source of America’s greatness.

    Without touching on the theological issues, the social issues that were connected with that theology included strict honesty, care of the less fortunate among us, insisting that people act with justice towards all, tolerance without necessarily agreeing with dissenting opinions, not giving moral reprobates opportunity to have power over society, in short, avoiding many of the evils that now plague our society.

    Today our whole society is corrupt in spite of the small and shrinking cohort of just people. Buttigieg is a moral reprobate, in de Tocqueville’s day would never have been elected to public office. The same is true of Biden. As for Herris, I first heard of her as a common prostitute, except she sold sex for political visibility instead of money. And almost all the politicians now infesting Washington DC are moral reprobates. That such people not only become elected but often reelected, what does that say about our country as a whole? Fauci has signaled that he worships Satan, and just as Satan is named the “father of lies”, so Fauci is a documented liar and should be in jail, not dictating to us. There are many more examples that can be adduced.

    Don’t think that today’s churches are above reproach. The majority of pulpits are filled with preachers who don’t believe the Bible, therefore don’t teach it. Of those who believe the Bible, most that I’ve heard preach watered-down, feel-good messages that bypass many of the strong statements in the Bible. Few churchgoers live lives that differ from those who don’t attend church. Would Alexis de Tocaueville, had he lived today, be as impressed with today’s churches as he was with those of his day? I doubt it.

    It was an uncompromising, intellectually mature following the whole Bible that built this country. It was never perfect, as there always were those who didn’t believe the Bible among us who, in Biblical tolerance, were called fellow citizens. The same goes for some churches. It is to that faith that we as a people need to return and that faith, for a variety of reasons, is rejected by the vast majority of people in this country.

    As I stated at the beginning, what is unpopular is that we need to return to an uncompromising and intellectually mature following the whole Bible, which the vast majority in this country have rejected for a variety of reasons.

    • “America is great because America is good; and if America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.” – attributed to
      de Tocqueville. But whoever said it, I think we’re going down that path now.

  • Wonderful article here, Daisy. And so much food for thought in the comments. It keeps up my faith that there are still good folks among us. But I do have something to add. Someone here mentioned pushing back. Amen to that. Why hand all these loafers everything on a solid silver platter? To paraphrase a memorable quote, “the only thing necessary to evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” I have seen pleas in the media for people to get involved locally. We can look into the way ballots are gathered, handled and counted; get involved in the voting process. (I’m still not convinced that biden got more votes than anyone ever.)
    Also local elections matter. My little area is mixed politically, leaning a little right. We have a mayoral election coming up. I am seeing outright lies and mudslinging by one side. One candidate actually has her husband acting as her bulldog, while she makes a big deal of claiming that the mayoral position is not political. I decided to comment on one of his tirades on fb. boy did he come after me, but I just stuck to the subject with provable facts and asked him to keep it civil. They landed here from the Seattle area and she is well trained in social and climate justice. Whoopee. Bringing their divisive rhetoric to this pleasant area is scary. Anyway, he really attacked me. Hope he made them both look bad. I am old and somewhat disabled, not able to do all I would like to. But there are a few things I can do. Call evil by it’s right name for starters.

  • We have to all VOTE in the next election and get everyone we know to vote. However, and I KNOW I am going to get a lot of hate speech for this, please do NOT vote for Donald Trump again, even if he runs. He had so many negatives that a pretty good percentage of the conservative population would not vote for him. And they will not vote for him again.

    I suspect the Republicans will not choose him to run as a Republican candidate, so that means he will run on a third party platform. Every time someone does this, it splits the conservative vote and a Democrat will win. If Trump runs on a third party, the Democrats are guaranteed a victory.

    In fact, I don’t know why the Democrats are even trying to get him imprisoned or whatever. The longer he stays on the political scene and picks up supporters, the more likely it is he will split the conservative vote into 2 parties–neither of which can win an election.

    I know people who love Trump, but many feel he is a narcissistic (perhaps even a little bit deranged) man who loves power. The older he gets, the less presidential he seems. I see him as a little bit crazy, and choosing him as a leader is a choice I hope I don’t have to make. I don’t see him as a great leader who can really unite the country so we can face our tremendous future economic challenges.

    If Trump runs on a third party, he will not win. However, it will guarantee any conservative Republican won’t.

    Okay, I am not reading the reactions to this comment. I already know I will get all kinds of “you are so stupid” comments. So fire away. And go ahead and lose the next election and doom the country.

    • Cher in TX,
      You have an interesting theory, and I think is a real possibility.
      I would argue that IF by some chance Biden is still around (or if Harris is running), most Dems, and Independents would just NOT vote at all and stay home.
      Trump still has a base, that is for certain. But I also think if he were to opt not to run and back DeSantis I think he would win it.

      As for Independents, seems to me Yang and Gabbard would be the two front runners for a Independent candidate. If Gabbard would change her stance on 2ndA, she would likely gain both Independents and Reps whom do not like Trump. Maybe even some Dems.

      But a lot can happen between now and 2024.

  • Biden, or more particularly, his handlers whoever they turn out to be, are on a crash course to bring down the United States of America.
    Hey Garland; does that make me a domestic terrorist?
    I do think that at least some of our people are finally waking up.
    I just hope it’s not too late.

  • You go, girl. So glad to see you freely calling it. Agree with 1st Marine- this is an extension of the Obama admin. And they are using deep fake videos/sets to make it look like Biden is “with it”. The sad thing is, his wife is complicit in using her decrepit husband to perpetrate fraud and to cooperate in “high life” living.

  • The US is reaping what they’ve sown. This all started in 1980 when the “religious right” and the republican party crawled into bed with each other. Cut taxes, make 401ks popular for Yuppies (who are now bitching about having to pay taxes on their pre-tax contributions), *don’t* adjust spending. We need to get rid of the Teamsters Union. They got their orgasmic moment and now we are SHORT of truck drivers. Fire the striking Air Traffic Controllers. Another orgasm that was short lived. When you hire masses of people at the same time, they tend to retire at the same time. Of course airlines were deregulated and now get plenty of taxpayer subsidies so people who really can’t afford to fly can go to Vegas and other places.
    AND lest we forget all the whining about paying living wages – the republicans had a deal for US citizens. Ship jobs overseas so slave labor can be used and who cares about pollution OOPS Bejing does cuz they are hosting the Olympics. Sorry average Chinese resident, your power is being cut off. Plus the icing on the cake is you pay shit in taxes between overseas manufacturing and tax code that real working Americans don’t benefit from. So cry me a f-ing river over your whiny article. The chickens have come home to roost and karma is a bitch. Those of us with money will weather yet another clusterfake courtesy of the “conservatives”.
    I am still on the fence re: Amy-COVID, party boy Brent and bi-polar Neil. A ruling or two against corporate America and the short hairs of the republican party will likely be in a death grip corporate America. Enjoy folks – you’ve had a hard time dealing with change and will likely have an even harder time dealing with change in the future.

    • I really thought the article was more bitchy than whiny, but, hey, you’re the reader. It’s a shame that you always lump me in with ultra-right-wing conservatives. I’m fully capable of pointing out the negatives of both political parties and do so regularly.

      • “I really thought the article was more bitchy than whiny”

        Thanks for makin’ me smile with that one.

        &, yes, it was.

        Also, RE: solutions. I’ve been reading Bionic Mosquito’s stuff for awhile, he puts forth a solution: the churches. Not the corrupt 501C-whatever ones.

        Anyway, your exchange above reminded me of this line of his:

        “Why is it that when you offer facts, even the most intelligent will look at you with a blank stare….”

      • Wow! The people crawling out of their holes to comment on their alternative? viewpoints is just petty & mean.

    • Selena: Why so full of hate? Don’t you realize that your hatred is causing you to misread reality? Didn’t you know that ever since the law was passed during Nixon’s presidency that prevented a president from a line item veto of budgets, that every unbalanced budget since has either been a Democrat or RINO budget? Which large corporation hasn’t been taken over by leftists who prefer the socialist economic order like the one in socialist Germany in the 1930s and 1940s? Therefore those corporations hate capitalism? That’s why they were so happy to work with other leftists in China to ship American jobs to China? I don’t have time to answer all your false charges.

      Oh, I see you say you have money. That means that you don’t know what it’s like to be a working stiff trying to make ends meet. I remember the Carter inflation that hit the poor the hardest while people with money, like you, found it a minor annoyance. And now we’re getting the Biden inflation. Will you take some of your money and help some poor people?

      • I vaguely remember the fear and uncertainty my parents and many felt during the late 70s early 80s.
        When AMC workers showed up to the plant to find the gate padlocked.
        We ate a lot of leftovers and casseroles were common, to make food go further.
        Since then, my parents have done very well for themselves.
        My sister and I too. Did require discipline, savings, hard work, and when adversity appeared, the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome!
        Never took a government handout.
        My daughter, she is doing the same, and getting that much further ahead in life.

    • That has got to be the most delusional interpretation of history I have ever seen.

      This is the reason why leftists have such a hard time dealing with reality, they are hyper-emotional to the point of delusion.
      Reminds me of a insecure, angst fill teen.

  • Liberal, Democrat, Conservative, Republican, Constitutionalist, Minarchist. In the end it doesn’t matter, because everyone is going to have a choice to make. It’s a simple choice of option 1 or option 2. We’re all going to have to decide between accepting the slavery being offered or resisting that slavery.

    Freedom isn’t guaranteed. Freedom always has a price. Are you willing to pay that price? I’ve already chosen and I’m willing to pay the price. It’s really quite simple, to quote the band Pokerface “I’d rather die than be a slave.”

    I left one country to get away from the move towards communism. There isn’t anywhere else to go.

  • Daisy,
    Finally after years of reading your articles, you finally give us how you really feel, no holding back!
    Good! I want to hear the truth, no BS and I TRUST you to lay out the facts without compromising your soul. You have written what all of us think and don’t have the forum to express.
    Please continue speaking from your heart. This new side of you Daisy I NEED to hear more from.

    • All of us don’t think the same.

      Why is it petty and mean when someone expresses an opinion you don’t like but perfectly fine when you express yourself?

      • Krispiemae,
        I don’t mind opinions that are not my own.
        It’s the foul language, condescending attitudes from above:
        “So cry me a f-ing river over your whiny article. The chickens have come home to roost and karma is a bitch. Those of us with money will weather yet another clusterfake courtesy of the “conservatives”.”

        You are more thoughtful than most.
        It is one of the few I too have been reading for about a decade.
        Thanking Daisy for her time & effort for me was overdue.

  • Daisy, please don’t censor this, I really want an answer to this question. I will attempt to ask this as diplomatically as possible.
    Why does it seem like all preppers are very conservative and politically right leaning? Do Democrat preppers exist? And if they do are they afraid to speak up because of the majority?
    And silly answers like ” preppers are smart and Democrats aren’t” isn’t helpful.

    • And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like either political party. Trump was a creep and an idiot, sorry if you like him but the way he treats women and the idiotic things he said ( inject cleaners anyone??) are abominable. Biden has his head in the sand. The Afghan withdrawal was stupid, why tell the whole world ahead of time? Like he didn’t think there would be problems?
      That said the conservative right is so hateful and nasty. They call themselves Christian but act like the devil. They refuse to accept that racism is rampant in our Police force, they rip children from their parents at the border and demonize anyone who disagrees with them. They tried to storm and take the capitol by force and threatened their own vice president’s life!
      I truly care for my fellow man, I believe in love your neighbor …even if he or she is Hispanic or African American or has a different opinion than me. I can not in good conscience support the Republican party, let alone the conservative extremists. I believe in science and want it taught to my children in school. I have spent much time talking to intelligent educated people I respect about vaccines and I do believe they are helpful. So I must be one of those libtard snowflakes, right?
      But I’m a prepper and I like my guns. I believe in capitalism and the free market. I abhorre this super sensitive over politically correct culture that has taken over this country. The Democrats hate me too. Some days I feel like I am the only person left with both a soul and a mind.

      • Part of your and the Democrat’s problem is you and they think they can fix the world’s problems. That’s pie in the sky thinking. Can’t be done, impossible. They think that if they can control everybody’s thinking, all can be fixed. Can’t control everybody’s thinking. Can’t be done. The most you can do is exterminate them. Stalin tried that. He was left with a bunch of drunken sheep who couldn’t work. Those of us here won’t be exterminated, we will fight back and we won’t trust the government to not kill us with their covid shots.

        I didn’t vote for trump and didn’t like his stupid antics, but the country was running just fine while he was running it. You believe too much of the left’s propaganda.

        It’s been said here several times that we need to look out after ourselves and family and let everybody else worry about themselves. Also, you can’t fix stupid.

      • Krispiemae,
        I could argue the same about liberals.
        Read through this entire comments section, and what two commentors from the left stand out to you?
        They are without a doubt, mean, nasty, petty, and bitter. Now, there are some who responded, to include myself, that were not so nice. But it was justified.
        For the most part (the exceptions being Arizona, and ant7) most comments here are pretty civil, thoughtful, intelligent. And I would say most of those people identify with mostly conservative.
        Bear in mind, there are both sides that say that IF and only IF you agree with them completely, then you are morally superior.
        Seems to me, there are more on the left than the right (see CRT).

    • I think part of it is that many/most of the people here are older (probably 50 – 70+), and older people have a lot of life experience. We have learned to not trust liar’s. Many of us have been cheated out of money and other valuables by liars and cheaters. Experience has shown us that politians lie, cheat, steal and many are sexual predators/perverts of one sort or another. We learned in our youth that pie in the sky idealism things just don’t work. Period. We have seen that with the failure of the Soviet Union and other examples. Probably most important is that history shows us that people love power and the more power they get the more they use it. Dictators realize that they can’t trust anybody. Stalin was a clear example of that. He killed at least 50 million of his countrymen, including almost all of the generals. Then there is Hitler, the Chinese communist guy who’s name I seem to can’t spell, the north korea family and many more through out history. When the US reaches the dictator stage, all those rich elites who are expecting some exalted position will find themselves dead because the dictator will know he can’t trust them. That includes the MSM scum bags too.

      Democrat’s still believe in the pie in the sky idealism things. They haven’t learned yet that leaders are always out for number one, themselves and maybe their family. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and when push comes to shove you can only trust yourself and maybe some family members.

    • Krispiemae,
      I read you initial comment as I was finishing up my, pauper(??) lunch, and thought about it while working in the barn.

      I tried to think of differences between the two ideologies, from gun-control, to abortion, to illegal immigration (note: both sides of my family were legal immigrants, a point of pride on my Mexican side), to the recent mask/vaccine mandates.

      Ultimately it really came down to power.
      For the most part, as a semi-conservative (I do have some “liberal” stances) I want the power to be responsible and accountable for myself and no one else. I do not expect the government for much of anything other than being inept (does not matter really which party), and to tax us. As I live in the sticks, winters can be hard here, hence it is a more practical and prudent to be prepared as we are not under any delusions that help will come from the government in a timely manner (our local volunteer EMS is a different story).
      And that seems to be to me the difference between the two ideologies.
      How many people do you know historically think that the government (namely if it was their party) would fix a given problem? I have worked as a government contractor. There are a lot of good people working for the government. But they also tend to be a few dollars (or millions) short and 9 times out of 10 days, to weeks, to years behind.
      Up until COVID, for the most part conservatives tend to think the only people who is going to help them is themselves and gravitate towards prepping for when something goes wrong.
      Liberals tend to think “that cannot happen here, the government will do something.” And they are not prone to prepping.
      To a degree, COVID and the current supply issues may have changed that outlook.

      Now, are there some parts of conservatives that do want to push their POV on others, sure. Jehovah’s Witnesses use to visit us twice a year till the wife answered the door with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Have not seen them since. Cannot imagine why. Neither of us have anything against religion, as long as they do not try to force it upon us, be it Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Christianity, or Hare Krishna. As a former Marine, I would defend anyone’s religion. And I would also defend anyone from having a given religion forced upon them.

      Concerning COVID, that seems to really have brought about the differences between the two.
      On one hand, the experts and the government say (X,Y,Z), masks, social distance, vaccines.
      On the other, looking at the “science,” the majority of people are 99.6% likely to survive COVID with minimal to moderate signs and symptoms. There are one offs, and the majority of those whom do die from COVID, are the elderly, with comorbidities, to include hyper-tension, obesity, and diabetes. That is dang near all the elderly. And quite of a few of those under the age of 60.
      But that does not matter. Half of the country wants to force vaccines on the other half to include children, even though they are at the least risk. And if the teachers are vaccinated, what is the point to vaccinate the children?
      Again, power.
      Power over those who would think for themselves.
      Power over those who would question.

      • Thanks for the well thought out reply. The idea that most preppers are older does make some sense. Time wounds all heels and experience makes us cautious.
        I am a social liberal and a financial conservative, a moderate if you will. We are a dying breed. Our country is so divided that the moderates are lost to the tides. I feel like both sides have lost their minds gorging on their own rhetoric, all reason lost, forgetting that a divided house can’t stand. It isn’t one side or the other that is destroying America, it is the fact that there are two sides that would rather burn it down than work together to save it.
        I think America has forgotten the things that made us great. We have become lazy and are no longer willing to do the hard things. To save this country we need to do the hard things. We need to bite the bullet and stop relying on cheap imported goods. This country used to make things, we were a producer. Now we are a service economy. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons our economy will continue to tank. This along with the debt culture will be our financial undoing.
        Our government is for sale to the highest bidder, lobbyists have bought those who are supposed to be representing us. Lobbies and PACs must be illegalized and the electoral college amended out of existence to return the power to the people. One adult citizen equals one vote, plain and simple, no jerrymandering, no bs.
        I personally believe vaccines save lives but I would die defending each person’s right to control their own body. I doubt the religious right would see the hypocrisy in chipping away at Roe v Wade all the while fighting tooth and nail against mandatory vaccinations. Speaking of the religious right, it irks me that they use God as justification for their political opinions, calling anyone they disagree with satanic or the devil. I was raised in the church but I can’t stomach people preaching hate. I can’t think of anything less Christ like and in my bible it was God’s job to judge, not ours. Maybe their bible says something different.
        It depresses me that many in the younger generations have never learned how to do basic things like cook or repair clothing. What are they going to do when things get tough? Maybe they will rise to the challenge, adversity builds character. My theory is that the greatest generation was great because of the great depression and WW2. Will hard times help young Americans develop the grit to do what needs done?

        • I agree with much you have said.
          But disagree about it being just the religious right being a dividing factor.
          The left and their “wokeism” is a religion of its own, that is in my opinion a bigger divider. From defunding the police (note the “Summer of Love,” the near constant attacks on Portland and Seattle PD), to a college professor being forced to quit for not using some students preferred pro-noun, to the National School Board Association calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists,” to the VA school board cover up of a “gender fluid” boy raping a girl, getting rid of grades/SAT/ACT, no longer having to prove math (showing your work is now racist), write a grammatically correct sentence (see what I am doing here) or even having to prove you can read, write or math to graduate from high school.
          And a whole lot more.
          That side, seems to me, is the side that wants to tear America down.

          And I agree with you about hard times and grit. As much as some complain about everything wrong with America, if it goes full on SHTF, they just might find out how good they really had it.

    • I think that’s a good question! And I rarely censor anything – just stuff that is going to get me on an ACLU watchlist.

      I’m not conservative nor am I politically right-leaning. I know that many of my readers are. I have tried hard to create a place where people from different backgrounds are welcome. The FB group I created was successful because I outright banned politics and religion, two major points that cause conflict. That isn’t so easy to do on a website, however.

      I think it’s very important that Democrat, Centrist, and Libertarian preppers speak up. For a long time, prepping has been considered a ‘far-right” activity” but we all know that it’s not. Often, people of other political beliefs come in bashing and of course, that’s going to meet with conflict. But there’s no reason that a courteous addition to the conversation should be ill-received.

      I know I too have been guilty of being impolite sometimes and will personally try to do better, and also try to do better about supporting those who do contribute to the conversation.

      Thanks for speaking up.

      • I appreciate your efforts to create a space for preppers of different beliefs and ideologies. Prepping is not intrinsically left or right leaning. The desire to provide for our families has no political agenda. However as we all know the prepper community is often very conservative right leaning. I do often have to read around strong anti liberal content to get to the practical content on many sites. That’s ok I’m a child of the 70’s and I’m not easily offended, especially by different political opinions. It isn’t my job to change anyone’s mind and I’m not going to waste my time trying. Likewise I’m not too keen on anyone actively trying to change mine. I definitely prefer prepper content that is heavy on practical information and light on opinions. Obviously this article is an opinion piece with very little actual prepping advice but most of your content is full of the useful information we all can agree on. Your frugality series is brilliant and exactly what we need right now. I have been reading your articles for a long time, more than a decade I believe. I know you to be a kind and generous person and a talented writer. I think what we all have to remember that behind the rhetoric are actual people who are neither good nor bad but complicated and human.

  • Biological Warfare
    Currently Happening
    For how many years?
    Infiltrated from within
    All for $$ & power
    There is an end in site
    “Revelations” right before our eyes.
    Let’s be on the right side

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