Australian Authorities Can Now LEGALLY CHANGE Citizens’ Social Media Posts

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If you currently live in Australia, you’re probably already aware that some pretty draconian measures have taken place in the name of public health.

But this next step has crossed the Rubicon into entirely new territory – one in which authorities can legally go into a citizen’s social media account and change what they posted and can make changes to their browsing histories.

The bills passing through the Australian Parliament of late have been mind-boggling but this one goes so far beyond the pale that it’s practically unbelievable.

Why? And why is this an issue?

Because just the other day, the Surveillance Legislation Amendment Bill of 2021 – otherwise known as the Identify and Disrupt Bill – was passed by both houses after having originated within the House of Representatives.

Even more alarming for Americans is the question that must be running through your head. “Is Australia the testing ground for a Brave New World coming to the USA soon?”

Consider this. You live in Australia and regularly read the fantastic website, The Daily Express. Occasionally, you’ll post a link to one of these articles on your social media along with a quick blurb such as “great read,” “something to consider,” or the like. 

That’s all you’ve done. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Surely this won’t be a problem, will it?

Thanks to the new law, it sure could be. 

The Identify and Disrupt Bill gives both the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission the authority to “disrupt data by modifying, adding, copying, or deleting data to frustrate the commission of serious offences online.” It also allows the police to “take over a person’s online account for the purposes of gathering evidence to further a criminal investigation.” [source]

Here is the summary of the bill directly from the Parliament of Australia government website.

Australian Spokesperson for Justice heavily criticized the bill

Senator Lidia Thorpe released a statement on August 27, stating, “…this bill enables the AFP and ACIC to be ‘judge, jury and executioner.’ That’s not how we deliver justice in this country.” Senator Thorpe goes on to say amendments put forward to protect innocent people from abuse of power were outvoted by the major parties. She also brings up concerns that the bill does not identify why these powers are needed. [source]
The bill, framed as being targeted only towards serious criminal activity, does not define that serious criminal activity. This is where it becomes ambiguous and could lead to abuse of power. Essentially, the Australian government could frame anyone, and they will then have no power to say ‘that isn’t me,’ as it’s under the person’s online signature.

Activist support group says the new powers may be used against activists

MALS (Melbourne Activist Legal Support) raised concerns that the “language” of the bill enables authorities to identify and disrupt not only criminals, but activists as well. This would mean that anti-war activists, anti-mining and climate action groups, and others could face serious federal offenses. These groups could be considered “criminal networks” simply by visiting the same websites as organized criminals.
The Human Rights Law Centre explains it like this: “if someone commits a relevant offence using WhatsApp, then … every user of WhatsApp worldwide would be a member of that “criminal network of individuals.” [source]

What does this mean? 

If we go back to our initial example, authorities could easily decide that you are promoting harmful content or some other similar nonsense. For those Americans who haven’t been paying attention, this is not uncharted waters for Australians. 

  1. We’ve recently witnessed Australia arrest a pregnant woman in her home – in front of her screaming children – simply because she attempted to organize an anti-lockdown/pro-freedom protest via a Facebook post. She was thus deemed a threat to public safety and hauled away in handcuffs one hour before an ultrasound appointment. [source]    
  2. We later saw Australian police arrest hundreds at (yet another) large anti-lockdown/pro-freedom protest within the country. [source]
  3. Then we saw the creation of veritable concentration camps for Australian citizens. [source] 

In short, tyranny is nothing new to Australia. The history of being a penal colony seems to have ingrained itself into its politicians’ minds, as they view their own citizens with an air of distrust and disdain. 

How far will this go?

Now, the Aussie police can easily go to one of your posts, CHANGE WHAT YOU SAID, and then repost it. This could make it appear as if you had issued threats or requested information on how to join a veritable terrorist organization. Literally, nothing would be off the table here. 

Could they change the content of what you said to make it mean the exact opposite of what you’d posted? For example, if you said, “This was a thought-provoking article and I agree” could they change it to “I think this is disinformation and it’s garbage?” Could they make it seem like you were promoting something like mandatory vaccines when instead you were promoting the freedom to decide whether you get a vaccine or not?

Could your browsing history be altered to make it seem as if you had been searching sites that nobody should ever be searching? How far could this go? Furthermore, the police would be able to constantly and thoroughly monitor all of your online communications. Anything you say can and will be watched there.

Privacy has died within Australia. 

So should you even post something online as innocuous as a simple link, you are fair game to be targeted by this bill. Police can now “legally” show up at your home and arrest you for exercising your right to free speech simply because you have alerted an algorithm somewhere that has red-flagged you as a cause of trouble. 

Do Australians have the hope of a fair justice system if authorities arrest them under such a system? The police are both willing and able to alter evidence to make it appear as if people have done something against Natural Law. Furthermore, authorities are willing and able to break through their door in the middle of the night and haul you away in front of their screaming children. Would you say there is any hope for justice?

One can’t help but draw parallels between modern-day Australia and other governments which do the same. Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s experiences, as well as Anne Frank’s, come to mind. 

For Americans, Australia is a warning about what happens when freedom is left to die. 

What happens to your right to:

  • petition the government for redress to grievances? 
  • own firearms? 
  • privacy?
  • leave one’s home?
  • free speech? 
  • worship as you please? 
  • assemble with other people? 

All of these rights are wrongfully denied to the Australian people by a federalized police force. (Americans need to be watchful against this as well.) After a brief stint in time, Australia has once more returned to its roots as a penal colony. The people there have had the halters and chains of complete and total slavery clasped upon them. 

Australia has fallen. 

What are your thoughts?

Do any of our readers from Australia want to share their experiences during this time? Do our American readers feel like if it could happen in Australia, it could happen here? What are your thoughts on this policy? Please share them in the comments.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • This has all happened under our “Christian” Prime ministers watch.
    He prays very well.
    Just like the Pharisees did.
    Now this.
    It does make me wonder which god he’s actually praying too.
    I’ve never seen such unchristian behaviour from even our most atheistic PMs.
    It’s very saddening.
    Beware “Christians”using God as a campaign platform.
    It’s equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig.
    “By their fruit ye shall know them”

    • Indeed. There is a lot going wrong in Christianity. And I also concur with your warning of political people purporting to be “Christians”. Apostasy in the Christian faith is gaining strength and momentum and it’s becoming fashionable for political types to participate in the deception.

      • You guys are just noticing playing the “christian” card in politics? Only started around 1980 in the US when raygun and the small “r” politicians crawled into bed with the “religious” right.
        Now the frogs have realized the water is starting to boil.

  • Y’all still think the 1st isn’t important and outdated?
    Better stand up if you haven’t been cause sitting quietly only results in this

    • A lazy, self indulgent, unprayerful
      Church is what results in this.
      This is a result of the doctrine of demons permeating the church.
      It became unsalty and it’s fit only for the fire.
      Standing up for Christ is all that counts. Standing up on your knees in prayer.
      Standing up in any other way is merely the flesh and they are ready for that.
      What they’re not ready for is national repentance and crying out to God for deliverance from pharaoh.
      Remember the Israelites were slaves in Egypt but they didn’t rise up to overthrow anyone.
      God did it for them in great victory.
      He let them go because God forced his hands in great judgement.

      • Recent archeological finds suggest that while some Israelites were among the foreigners enslaved by the Egyptians, most of the Israelites in Egypt constituted a merchant and money class that annoyed the Egyptians to the point of driving them out back to Canaan. This is far more consistent than the Book of Exodus with well-recorded history since then.

        There is nothing wrong with Christianity per se, but many things wrong organized (Big) Christianity and the elites most Christians sheepishly allow to steer it in the wrong direction.

        • “Recent archeological finds suggest that while some Israelites were among the foreigners enslaved by the Egyptians, most of the Israelites in Egypt constituted a merchant and money class that annoyed the Egyptians to the point of driving them out”

          after reading what joseph did to egypt, my conclusion as well, but never heard of any archeological evidence for it. could you list the cite please, love to see it.

      • The Creator is not interested in “repentance” that consists only of “prayer” for relief from the consequences of one’s actions. True repentance includes knocking off the drugs, alcohol, adultery or whatever your sins are, making restitution for harm, as well as turning attention back to God in prayer.
        Then God has something to work with “and I will come and heal their land.” (I = God there)

  • Australians let their guns be taken from them. This is what happens. Americans should fight to the death if they try to take our guns … should they ever succeed in taking them, we might as well be dead.

    • Tell me, what would you do if the gun police came to your door and demanded all your guns and ammunition? If you tell them you don’t have any guns or ammunition they will come into your house and search. If you have them they will find them. Are you, being the only house on the block they came to, going to start punching them? What would you do? You’re all alone and 6 or 8 police are at your door, what are you going to do. They already have a huge list of gun owners and they will come one house at a time. They don’t let you make a phone call and your friends don’t know your in trouble. If you have a solution please post it because there are a lot of people out here that would like to know.

      • As far as anyone getting arrested in the middle of the night with no phone calls allowed, I would suggest that you have a burner phone hidden in your house or vehicle fully charged with a couple of close friends who can be trusted on your contacts list. The numbers would be to their burner phones, and the purpose would be to check in at a predetermined time to let each other know you’re OK.
        Either that, or if you’re close enough, put up some prearranged signal visible from the street or across yards – a particular flag or a light in a certain window.
        You could also set up a dead drop for exchanging messages. Maybe a prearranged code. A quote from a common book you’ve all got copies of could be a signal that so and so got arrested, you’re under surveillance, or there is a heavy police presence in a certain area.
        If we have to live like we’re in Nazi Germany, then we should adopt the tactics of the French (or other) underground movements.

    • Enough with the “Australians let their guns be taken from them”. I read this so often but not true. Yes, we lost the ability to keep Semi Auto’s and pump action shotguns for the most part. However, almost any Australian can have as many guns as they want provided they are not weapons previously mentioned. Back in 1996 I had to hand back 2 weapons, the other 5 weapons I still own (and use) legally. I can legally buy as many as I want. I can legally keep as much ammunition as I want. America has more weapons than anywhere in the world and yet the tyranny runs just as hard there……… and the 2nd amendment has not as yet halted the tyranny. It’s not the guns or 2nd amendment that will save you or Australia. It is the loud voices of “We The People”

  • I always thought Australia was a very liberal government with lots of freedom. But what I have read of late is their laws are very protective of their country and ultimately limits the rights of the people to put the Good of the Country first. Is this bad? Who knows. We have a lot more freedom but also more people and often more lawlessness per capita.

      • They are using our constitution as toilet paper!
        They took the Ozzy constitution out of the schools in the 70s.
        Most people don’t even know we have one and if they do they don’t know what’s in it.
        That’s how they’ve been able to get away with all this.
        They got the guns back in 1996.
        It’s been a gradual dismantling of our freedoms ever since.
        Its like being a Jew in Nazi Germany around 1932
        “ my people perish for lack of knowledge”

      • Yes, and the American Constitution gives us the right to free speech. Been on Facebook lately? Or YouTube? Or Instagram? There was a woman who was muzzled on Instagram just the other day because she dared to criticize Taliban Joe after her son got blown up by terrorists

        The USSR supposedly cared about “workers rights” even as they were jailing, torturing, starving and shooting workers by the MILLIONS

        Talk is cheap. Freedom is not

        • “The USSR supposedly cared about ‘workers rights’ even as they were jailing, torturing, starving and shooting workers by the MILLIONS”

          the confusion clears when you realize that “workers” did not include russians.

          • You never went to a Russian Church, an7. You never heard heartfelt prayer at every service to “free the Russian homeland from the cruel godless ones.” Your daughter did not marry a Russian, whose father would not assist in family tree tracing because any contact from America to a Soviet citizen could get the Russian tortured and killed. It has been 30 years since that monster government fell. Today’s Russians worship openly and travel freely to other countries.
            Soviet Russians did oppress other peoples even more than the Russians.
            Today, the concern is for Americans. We are under attack from enemies both foreign and domestic. We need to fight back, and we need to win. Oddly, the guns are not the weapons we need. Use those and you feed into false flags. We need to join CSPOA, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, we need to investigate our local city and county governments, we need to be interested in the AZ audits and demand a full forensic audit in our own state and county, we need to use Gab and MeWe instead of Fakebook, Duck Duck Go instead of google, support our local brick and mortar stores.

      • Sorry for the delay! I get to clearing comments as fast as I can but sometimes I’m away from my desk and everyone else is tied up.

  • They are going to use this law to fill the concentration…oops…”re-education” camps they’ve built. And it won’t be restricted to the unvaxxxed.

  • I don´t know about Australia being a testing ground these days. I DO know, Venezuela IS.
    Have anyone else noticed how mineral resources-rich countries are the ones where their citizens are treated like slaves while the useless UN looks to somewhere else while releasing smoke curtains?

    Good thing is, once the law and order ends by crumbling, gun laws will be just a joke written on TP.
    Don´t ask how I know this.

  • Australia was originally populated with convicts from England, a prison colony.

    Australia has been returned to its roots as a prison colony.

    Australia is the testing grounds for the high-functioning psychopathic overlords for their “Great Reset” destruction of humanity.

    Always remember, their first action was to round up and destroy the citizens guns, based on a false flag attack of their own creation. Once disarmed, the few can control the many without a worry.

    • That’s what they did in Oz in 1996. There was a “massacre” by a “lone gunman” in Port Arthur in Tasmania. Not even on the mainland. Then they asked all the Ozzie’s to hand in their guns across the whole continent.
      The very naive Australians did.
      Now this.
      Similar thing happened a couple of years ag in New Zealand in Christchurch and their Prime minister tried to get the Kiwis to do the same but they saw what happened in Oz and didn’t do it.
      They were a lot smarter.

  • An unsettling thought. I don’t do well in too enclosed quarters. And I really prefere to speak my mind if I feel its important enough to say something.
    I always took pride in being an American all our special freedoms. Today what I feel is a bit more paranoid. Sad.

  • Could stuff like this happen here in the US?
    Years ago, as a much younger and more innocent man, I was in Germany and took the opportunity to visit the former concentration camp in Dachau. I expected the pure evilness of the place to make a strong impression on me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The place absolutely did make a lasting impression — because it was unnervingly normal. It didn’t feel different at all; it felt just like any other place, and to this day that still creeps me out.
    Evil can happen ANYWHERE.

  • They’ve been doing this in Oz for quite a few years anyway.
    This is just rubber stamping it and making an illegal practice legal.
    Just a reminder.
    Not only did Hitler claim to be a Christian but everything he did he made “Legal” before he did it.

  • Much of what has and is happening seems to be one year ahead in Australia. Whether it’s manipulated weather, or catastrophic fires, or draconian laws.
    One major difference America is armed. It will require a different approach which they are ready to implement. They don’t want a revolution, that’s why they have tried to formulate a civil war. But that hasn’t happened. But they can still kill 90% of the country and never have to fire a shot. Citizen will turn on citizen when they become extremely hungry and desperate.
    Of course we have yet to see if there are any effects from the Jab. Common Sense would say if it was a weapons of mass destruction its effects would have to be delayed or people would see it for what it was.
    This is agenda 21 playing out it’s results will be the end of all property rights and relocation of remaining individuals. It wasn’t meant to be completed this year only implemented. Many think this was planned since Rio de Janeiro 1992. That should have been a signal to anyone paying attention. I know it was for me. And even though I had been prepping over a decade before that, I started stepping things up. One could say it’s been the plan from the beginning. After all in the Bible it’s quite clear on what will happen and it’s going by the book.
    But there was a letter that was written in 1871 by Albert Pike a grand master 33 Mason. That letter describes 3 world wars and how they would be implemented. World War 1 and World War II happened when and how they were planned. Third World War involves the Muslims taking over the world attempting to obliterate Christianity. The satanic Army if you will. Many did not fully understand how this could come about. The actions in the last couple weeks should make it quite clear that the US has been complicit in formulating this third world war. If you follow the paperwork and especially the money you’ll find that our CIA help create Isis, Al-Qaeda… then this current Administration new despite what they claim knew exactly what would happen with an immediate withdrawal. Instead of withdrawing resources before Manpower, they actually sent in more to be left behind for these terrorist organizations.
    Now with their rapid withdrawal leaving civilians behind despite their make-believe effort many that are actually leaving are the terrorists being delivered around the world including the US this has all been planned.
    Everyone will likely be locked down again making sure the supply chain gets disrupted. And despite what they should have learned last year these recent hurricanes have proved people learn nothing and don’t act appropriately.
    I still look for a EMP. It’s the most effective way the deal with the population no electricity no communication. There’s been enough talk of that possibility coming from the Sun, China, Russia, North Korea. And no one will know how it happened. And within a couple weeks it won’t matter. There will be gangs formed. But there are likly already terrorist gangs here. And The Purge will begin.
    Sounds like a lot of different approaches and it is that and so much more Agenda 21 must happen by any and all means necessary.

    • Dear Ozark Prepper,

      You´re right, SOME of the US generations are armed. I have never been there (maybe some day, hopefully) but I do have friends there who I speak with frequently.

      In the cities, the actual generations, carefully groomed, bearded average guy, wearing tight jeans, a neat haircut or a man bun, just doesn´t see the need to do it. That´s what they tell me anyways. You should know better.

      Stay safe, amigo.

  • Australia is DEFINITELY the testing ground for the rest of the world and it has been for decades.
    For example:
    * In the 70’s Australian writer Germaine Greer published The Female Eunuch, driving the feminist movement in Australia which has led to abortion on demand, even for a minors without parental consent or knowledge. Fwiw, Australia hasn’t tracked abortion rates since the 80’s. It’s simply billed under the nationalized health program as a ‘medical procedure’.
    * Also in the 70’s Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s Little Red Book became supremely popular. In my senior year at high school (mid 70’s) our circle included an older student who believed emphatically that Australia would be much better off if we adopted a more Maoist/Communist approach.
    * In the 80’s the firmly held belief that a hole in the ozone layer allegedly right over Australia became the popular explanation for Australia’s high numbers of skin cancer (the outdoor lifestyle had absolutely NOTHING to do with it!) and so ushered in the global warming movement and other environmental activist groups. Aerosol products containing chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, were banned. No more big hair!
    * Govt. monitored universal wages followed. Same job/duties = same pay regardless of location, experience or circumstances.
    * Socialized medicine for those below a certain income, along with govt. paid unemployment benefits even for fully capable workers, Family Tax Benefits for those under a certain household income level, payments to unmarried mothers or teenagers who couldn’t/wouldn’t live at home for whatever reason (at 16 one my daughters who didn’t like our household rules benefited from this program and was given more handouts than my retired mother who’d worked her entire life). Over time the system became rigged to keep the bulk of the population within a certain income bracket. Socialism much…?
    * Socially there is full acceptance of common law marriage and rampant breakdown of the family unit. It used to be that after living together for 3 months, one partner could claim half of the common law property but I think that’s extended to two years now.
    * Abuse of Powers by police (employed by each state) are now on display for the world to see but I’ve also seen it up close and personal with a family situation.

    Throw in a few politicians, even a Prime Minister (see Julia Gillard, or as the Chinese called her, Zhuliya Jilade) who are in bed with the CCP for import/exports or other direct financial benefits and you’ve got a society who largely can’t think for themselves, believes the ‘common good’ far outweighs individual freedoms, liberty or choices and VOILA! People accept communist tactics without barely giving it a thought!

    As for freedom of speech, that was lost years ago under the guise of Racial Discrimination, as was any right to defend yourself even in your own home.

    So yes, HEADS-UP Freedom Lovers! Don’t say it can’t happen here!

    How goes Australia, so goes the rest of the world.

    • I did an expat assignment in Oz in the mid-90s, and I realized not long into it that Oz was a country run by what we now know as Karens.

      WWG1WGA … and not in a good way. It seems particularly to be a Five-Eyes disease, with eager hangers-on in France and other parts of Europe.

    • ANZAC,

      It totally sucks what happened to you Guys. I roamed all over NZ and hit every state/territory in Oz save Tasmania, back in the old “Free Spirit” days 1997-98. Hell South Island NZ still had “metall” main roads!
      However, I truly experienced the open road driving south of Perth toward Magaret River.

      Nothing but Wide open ocean to the right and a WHOLE lot of red clay colored terrain with a spaghetti western feel to the left.

      I believe the place is about 500 miles from the most “remote” place on earth.

      Good on ya mate

      • I’m SO glad you got to see what us arguably one if the most beautiful places on the planet. It used to be a great place to live too…unless you’re a ‘gun loving Yank’!
        I’m not so welcome there anymore. I’m ‘too American’. Lol

  • Legal? Schmiegel! Under color of law is what this is. The controllers would like to implement draconian measures here but 2A is the line in the sand that would trigger a justified response from the deplorable half. PTB want to go Aussie, but will get Afghani results.

  • Australia is a test case for what’s being planned for the rest of the “free” world. These politicians to me are under some kind of mind control either Satanic or evil alien which may be one and the same. Democracy is being dismantled in front of our eyes and the only thing left to do for the remaining free thinkers of this planet is to resist right to the end. For myself I have come to the realization that my life may not be what I envisioned but I will not live what is being envisioned by politicians and they will not be able either to live what they envision if enough freedom fighters unite and are willing to lay their lives on the line. Yes sounds like something out of a heroic movie and heroism is what will count in what I see clearly now is flat out war on humanity.

  • It’s what I and others have said why this is happening.

    THEY DISARMED YOU Aussies as well as the Chinese. ONLY the criminal or commie has the weapons now.

    And only a criminal will want you disarmed so he can wape and wob you. So looks like the inmates control the asylum down there.

    It’s going to be a real mess and only VIOLENCE can undo this now. Oh, that’s right, they disarmed you.

    • East Germans weren’t armed in 1989 … they just kept showing up in city centers in larger and larger numbers until the DDR troops, Stasi, and government had no choice but to throw open the gates.

      The point is, they kept showing up downtown, always with the danger that troops might fire on them.

      Even the Stasi (or Stalin for that matter in Russia) never dreamed of locking down people in their own homes. Leave it to the “Free World” to figure out the most effective way to imprison the masses of their population.

  • For me, the real issue with online stuff is that most people don’t realise how little control they have over it. Sure, now Australia’s government has crossed a line. I’m not arguing that they haven’t. But, when you think about it, there are lots of ways that your posts may get altered and deleted already, totally legally. The owner of a site can do pretty much whatever they want with comments. Same in online forums. Even with sites that leave people to express themselves, sites go down all the time, sometimes sites with really big communities where you may have spent a lot of time posting content. Social media platforms change their guidelines all the time, and after posting a lot of content there, you may find yourself out.

    My point is, if you want to do something online, and you really want it to stay online, you have to develop a plan for that, like with any other prepper activity. You have to think about hosting it somewhere you know it won’t go down easily. If you want it to be widely shared, you need a plan that doesn’t require social media, because you have no idea what social media will do next (building up an email list is an obvious choice). Don’t just do the lazy thing, be prepared.

    • samizdat. in the soviet union all (ALL) copy methods and machines were classified state-owned equipment, so dissenters circulated hand-written paper documents – samizdat. get it ready now.

  • AUSTRALIANS gave their women their guns,I THINK ITS TIME TO SEND THE WOMEN TO GET THEM BACK…or take every right they’ve ever had away for the rest of their life,and beat them to death if they refuse…THIS IS WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN IN AMERICA,except the women in america are just worthless whores so they wouldn’t care …well right now they don’t..

  • Now as an Australian at risk of this oppressive legislation, I post a reply. This is a sad day and another nail in the coffin of, what used to be, democracy. I think it reflects the global problem of main political parties being the different cheek of the same a$$#0l€. Whilst this latest legislation is dressed up to look like they are pursuing paedophiles, drug dealers and human trafficking, I think in time it will be used by lazy or corrupt law enforcement officials to hunt the low hanging fruit, the little guy that stands up against injustice and says, ‘Hey I don’t agree with your behaviour and I want you to stop.’ It is predicted by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics that if we don’t stand up and overthrow or vote out these supporters of Klaus Schwab and his WEF friends by 2022 then our western world will crumble by 2032 and full blown authoritarian socialist rule will be the new normal.

  • Australia is no longer a “Western Democracy”. It is, in effect, a dictatorship. Most likely with Chinese muscle behind it.

  • The amazing thing about this … is how its not crossed Aussies “line in the sand” on the whole???
    I guess whats worth dying for has changed for the human species.

  • Solzhenitsyn did say that 66,000,000 Russians were murdered between 1917 and 1957, that the Jews hated the Russians.

  • I thought this only happened in Nazi Germany, or the U.S.S.R. or China . Wonder if and when it will come our way if it hasn’t already ?

  • I’m in Perth, Western Australia and i’m disgusted at whats happening. So many freedoms are being lost over this scamdemic. The global NWO agenda has milked this for every cent its worth, and i dont believe the word normal will ever apply again.
    This draconian law has been snuck in with barely a whimper about it on MSM , and only on Conservative / Christian / Alt Media is this topic even being discussed. I can see it being used to set up opponents of the coming tyranny, enslavement, and Anti Christs time on the globe
    I personally deleted ALL social media a long time ago and only have a 5 yr old iPhone, but are truly considering going back to the old analogue Nokia which is text and calls only. Low tech, without the track and trace

    • Yep!
      Hi tech = Hi Trace.
      Low Tech = Low Trace.
      I got rid of all my social media years ago too.
      While they rob us of all our freedoms they are busy giving themselves even more freedom
      To take our freedom…. And money.
      I’m disgusted too.

  • There are more guns in Australia than the government knows about. I knew a few Aussie ex pats who’s famlies buried far more guns than they gave in. If the government didn’t know about the gun it was buried with few exceptions. A couple were kept to hand in “been in the family a long time” kind of thing. There is a LOT of land on those stations and rarely is someone from the government seen.

    They were thinking about the future and a time when the people might need them.

    Not everyone just handed over their guns.

  • As an Aussie I find this extremely concerning because most have absolutely no idea about the bill being passed everyone is focuseds on the daily covid19 numbers and the restrictions being imposed . I was a 70s child and believe as time goes on we get further from the Australia I grew up in. We live in a small country town of about 500 people surrounded by farming communities where the dirt is red and the land hard. Most here have not handed in their guns and the next generation is being taught useful skills, political correctness isn’t a thing here, we don’t go out of our way to offend but don’t bend over backwards either. For us I limit our social media accounts and time , we are too busy getting on with it. I’m truly surprised how far the country has travelled within a year , looking back , having perspective things that were said that never would happen are now common place. I often think of it like a kid at the check out , pester power to get that chocolate no matter the behaviour. Hoping we all get through the struggles !

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