How PRIVATE Are Your Financial Records? BofA Helped Feds Investigate Jan. 6

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by Robert Wheeler

A recent Tucker Carlson report should be reminding American citizens just how far down the rabbit hole of tyranny and surveillance their government has gone. It should also be reminding Americans how Big Tech and Big Banking work “hand in glove” toward the destruction of freedom.

(And if you think this is bad, imagine how much worse a cashless society would be.)

Bank of America gives unknowing customer’s information to the authorities

According to Carlson’s report on FOX News, Bank of America searched through customer transactions to target people who may have been involved in the “riot” at the Capitol. BOA then handed over information to federal authorities at the request of those authorities.

The bank said it identified 211 customers who “fit the profile.” Some deciding factors used to identify these people were making purchases in the D.C. area or buying airline tickets or other accommodations in the days surrounding the event.

Carlson reports that at least one person who BOA identified was “taken in for questioning” but was later found to have no links to the event. Carlson justly accused BOA of spying on its customers and sharing their private information. Indeed, BOA gave the information to law enforcement and federal authorities without the knowledge of those concerned.

Reporter states, “Something awful is going to happen.”

Carlson also accused BOA of treating its customers “like a member of al Qaeda” for handing over their information. He then accused the left of “creating extremists as they did in Iraq,” saying that this gross overreaction and overreach by both government and major corporations were “dramatically elevating the chance that something awful is going to happen.”

Carlson said, ‘At one level, that does not sound bad. Because no sane person is for political extremism, especially violent extremism.” But, he argued, they ‘have to be more precise’ in the investigations.

‘Here’s the remarkable thing about this public conversation we’re having. No one is doing that. Have you noticed? None of these newly energized and highly empowered extremist hunters have told us exactly what an extremist is,’ he continued.

Carlson alleged that the corporation, America’s second-largest bank serving (to use polite language) more than 60 million customers, is “actively but secretly engaged in the hunt for extremists in cooperation with the government.” He also went on to say: “Bank of America is, without the knowledge or the consent of its customers, sharing private information with federal law enforcement agencies.”

‘Bank of America effectively is acting as an intelligence agency. But they are not telling you about it,” stated Carlson.

BofA went through records of citizens searching for specific criteria

Carlson correctly stated that BOA had rifled through the records of American citizens who had not committed a crime, searching for the ones who fit specific criteria. What did that criteria include?

  • People who had made debit or credit card purchases in Washington DC between January 5 and 6, for one.
  • Those who purchased hotels and Airbnb reservations in Washington, Virginia, or Maryland, after January 6 were also targeted. 
  • Carlson claimed that other criteria included people who purchased weapons or purchases at a weapons-related merchant between January 7 and their stay in D.C.
  • Airline-related purchase since January 6.

Carlson stated that the profile was “remarkably broad” and said that it cast an “absurdly wide net.”

Any overnight stay anywhere in the three-state area. That spans hundreds of miles,’ he fumed.

‘And then any airline-related purchases. Not just flights to Washington, flights to anywhere, to Omaha, to Thailand.’

He criticized BofA for handing the information over to federal investigators “without notifying the customers who were being spied upon.” He added that federal investigators had “interviewed” one of the people who “hadn’t done anything wrong and in the end was cleared.”

‘Imagine if you were that person?’ Carlson fumed.

No further information was given about what grounds the interview was based on or if the interview was linked to terrorism charges.

Carlson continued: 

‘The FBI hauls you in for questioning in a terror investigation. Not because you have done anything suspicious. You haven’t. You bought plane tickets and visited your country’s Capitol. You thought you could do that. You thought it was your country.

‘Now they are sweating you because your bank, which you trust with your most private information, information of everything you buy has ratted you out to the fed without telling you without your knowledge.

Because Bank of America did that, you are being treated like a member of Al Qaeda. What country is this?’

“That actually happened to someone. It’s hard to believe it, but it did.”

The bank did not deny allegations.

When asked about this investigation, this is what BofA said in a statement to FOX:

“We don’t comment on our communications with law enforcement.

All banks have responsibilities under federal law to cooperate with law enforcement in full compliance with the law.”

Of course, most gullible onlookers assume that corporations such as BofA would have required the government to do more than ask. Perhaps obtain a warrant or subpoena?

The government was never going to do that, and corporations would never protect your information. That became well known to researchers and civil liberties activists after 9/11. They’ve recently discussed widening the definition of “domestic terrorists” in a way that could include at least half the country.

As a matter of fact, this is precisely the type of thing those researchers and activists warned about twenty years ago. This website has long discussed unbanking and underbanking and it looks like that just became a whole lot more important.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts about the bank serving up information on its customers without a warrant and without notifying those whose records were passed on to authorities? Do you feel this is a reasonable way of doing business? If you are with Bank of America, are you considering moving your account? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Picture of Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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    • I did when they became “woke” months ago. Same with Wells Fargo, Amazon, Capital One, Target, and many more. Hope other conservatives will do the same.

      • I’d really appreciate knowing what your alternates and otherwise choices look like. I think at some stage we have to disengage but so far all I’ve done is delete my twitter account.

  • When any business (bank or otherwise) responds to the FBI as described here because some law requires it … that business is acting as an arm of government. In this case that becomes a blatant violation of the 4th Amendment. Though I have little confidence in the present black-robed SCOTUS members to rule honestly on that issue, if (or when) the Beijing Biden regime packs SCOTUS (like FDR wanted to do back in his day) with political toadies … any constitutional protections will be dead excepting those occasions when it benefits the regime.


    • There are states already filling bills to require that EO being examined for Constitutionality. If it is unconstitutional then law enforcement and state agencies are forbidden to aid the federal government. They are also working to protect the citizens second amendment rights.

    • Daisy isn’t set up for voting on comments, but if she were I’d give your reply 1K thumbs up.
      Thank you for your insightful comment.

  • I was sent this article by some shocked people the other night. This was my response:

    “Most card companies as well as phone carriers have done so. That database is compiled and facial recognition scanned in comparison to those inside the Capitol and those attacking officers.

    All it takes is a request and/or at most a subpoena which most federal judges are jumping to do right now.
    Though timely it’s literally an easy tasking for any investigator or analyst.

    To think the machine wasn’t going to work against them is a serious lapse in judgment.

    To think your credit card/phone company is going to tell you that your under investigation is even sillier.

    They will also use owner/rental vehicles computer logs, flight records, hotel and food receipts once the identity is established as well to show conspiracy and RICO which carries a mandatory much higher”

    Also this came up too and don’t construe my answer as “choosing sides”. I’m simply stating the facts of how things work in the real world.

  • There are lots of reasons to use local banks or credit unions, in addition to shopping locally instead of big corporations. These corporations have way too much power and nothing to keep them in check.

  • We bank at a small bank with a few branches which are all in Texas. All my income is from the federal government. My husband is 100% disable veteran and I am retired army. The government knows how much we get. However, I don’t have any credit cards. My husband has a debit card for online purchases, but I don’t have a debit card. I pay cash. On payday one of us travel to the bank and pull all the cash except for what we need for online ordering. I prefer to pay cash for my purchases. We canceled our Amazon account over a month ago. I don’t need them. I also canceled my Sam’s club membership last February. I don’t need to pay someone a membership fee to go shopping in their stores. I don’t give my phone number when I go shopping either.

    • EXACTLY!!! Cash only, except utilities and the house payment. It is no one’s business what I buy, when or how much. NO bank either. Credit Union only but even they have to adhere to the law. Better investigate banking laws enacted since the Clinton era.

    • Better check the “fine print” first before sending money down the wolf class hole. Maybe it’s time we all read the fine print that we have signed our names to when it comes to our finances.

  • Anyone remember the “good old days” when dead people were identified by DENTAL RECORDS? Way back then your dentist was handing over your dental records to the government! Why? To id the random dead? Or something more sinister. Like to let the gov know who has a mercury mouth and might be a problem in the future….

    The real surprise is the banksters didn’t just hand over the information as soon as they had it.

  • Daisy, I really like your new mast head, or whatever you call it.

    The Official Blog of the Apocalypse

    You are absolutely right, the apocalypse has indeed started, in the US anyway.

    • Until you can’t use cash anymore because they made it illegal. I heard just recently somewhere that maybe it was Louisiana that bans the purchase of gold bullion/coins with cash? Why not stop trying to outmaneuver them and lets just use the system, like they do, to beat them at their own game?

  • People MUST file class action lawsuits against B of A for their gross and criminal violations of the law.

  • Re: using cash, debit cards & credit cards

    A few businesses are already no longer accepting cash. I fear that’s just a hint of a coming digitally enforced cashless economy. But in the meantime a discussion of debit versus credit cards is worthwhile.

    With debit cards if you suffer a loss because your identity gets stolen or because a thief sneaks a card skimmer into a gas station gas pump for example, your chances of getting your money back are about zilch. With a credit card you have a much better chance of getting your money back — the law is better here.

    Online orders where cash doesn’t work has some different issues. While a credit card still has better laws to get stolen money returned, there is a vital and free service via

    that can supply you with a substitute debit or credit card number to use for a designated seller, or many of them, for either a one-time purchase or for longer time uses. Between the better laws for credit cards AND the ability to use a substitute number for privacy reasons … my impression is that credit card usage for online ordering is far more preferable. And my local credit union offers both debit and credit cards.


  • Banks are notorious for handing over any info a police inquiry of any type simply for the asking. I’ve seen it happen to many people since 911 and the continuation of the Patriot Act. (under a different name) They’ll also freeze your account when any agency like the IRS is getting ready to do a tax lien on you. I’ve seen a poor young single mother of two try to fill up her tank up her last 60 dollars in her checking account for a job interview and there were no funds because the IRS took it without even a notification by the bank!
    Then they made a bank reporting law that banks had to notify ‘authorities’ about withdrawals or deposits over a certain amount, ostensibly for the specious notion of thwarting money laundering.

    Also, all that credit card companies like Experian need from the police is a positive I’D. of your department/agency and they’ll hand over your entire credit reports also without a warrant.

    They can also go on Amazon with the same ‘warrantless’ request and find out anything you bought or sold.

    And so on.

    The latest thing is getting customer lists from gun suppliers direct. These people resist unless there’s a warrant, but with ‘friendly judge’s’ order, that’s not a problem either. The latest example of this in December was a raid on Polymer 80 to seize parts kits and the customer lists of people who bought them. Even though these parts were NOT deemed to be firearms! So anyone can buy them> (story @ GOA, or Ammoland News) Polymer 80 supposedly refused to turn over that list so they had a judge issue a subpeona to the actual credit card company who processed purchases and the mailing service Polymer 80 subcontracted to, and they turned the lists right over! All this was in response to this new administrations rabid obsession with gun registration as a precurser to eventual confiscation. And these Polymer 80 kits could be used for ghost guns which are perfectly legal to have, if not made into firearms.

    It’s scary but we lost our 4th/A years ago because we didn’t get outraged enough to our Reps and backed it up with voting penalties for not protecting our rights to privacy.

    Now, of course, you see clearly and positively what’s next with HR127 and HR134.

    IBut instead of nstead of We the People doing concentrated political action at the polls and in the courts to really turn all this totalitarianism around, We think we alwas can ‘get around’ most of this with VPNS (which they can crack. Google browsers still know everything you do online) or Bitcoin accounts which are anonymous…that is, until this administration decides to ‘make another law to ban all coins except G-Coin, which of course they will have a back door access to! And ultimately then ban cash itself.

    I Hope The D man falls back, re-groups, and comes back with a vengeance we can all support ASAP!

  • I’m not living a life that requires anything hidden… but it doesn’t mean I need to like being treated as potential Talaban either.
    Land of the free is a misnomer.
    My big No No is believing in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I won’t hide that for anyone.

    • Clergy lady, we’ve exchanged similar views and comments on other websites in the past for years now so here’s a heads up in advance for all your Christian and other churches. They are coming for them.

      They hate the fact that Churches don’t pay taxes they can raise, especially the large Evangelicals and the super Wealthy Catholics who own a lot of valuable tax free real estate as non-profit corps. They were granted this back in the day under a handshake and a wink agreement with the G in exchange for formally staying out of politics. But nothing was guaranteed in stone and the radical eftists will home in on church corps right after they disarm us. along with the new wealth tax agenda.

      In a way, it would be heavenly justice for the Catholic Church because it actually supports gun control
      but maybe they’ll see the vision in the clouds of Jesus looking down upon them not smiling and saying ‘Get thee to help Trump start a new Freedom Party movement to take back our Country to save the flock or you’ll all be sinners!

  • I strongly suspect that, while B of A got caught with their pants down on this, virtually all national banks (e.g. Chase, etc.) would do the same thing. The main point is that ANY transaction that occurs with an electronic record can be identified. Just watch a few of the ‘true crime’ shows on TV. And it’s one of the reasons they are pushing to eliminate cash transactions everywhere. Keep that in mind as we continue the walk down this road. And while we might have been more comfortable with Trump in the White House, the people pulling the strings in ALL the federal agencies are part of that Deep State network that doesn’t care who is in the WH.

  • I don’t like what is going on but this isn’t anything new. I was researching another subject I didn’t realize that Verizon owns Yahoo and if you didn’t know AT& T owns Verizon. If you look at AT& T it is an after career for FBI agents and managers ergo the government can check anything on them with impunity. This has been going on since the 1950’s. This is also well known. If you didn’t know big brother and 1984 are here, guess what?
    The undermining of our privacy started a long time ago there was never a telephone in this country made that wasn’t set up for tapping land line and cellular. The problems Microsoft had in the 90’s wasn’t for monopoly problems it was for back doors into their programing hard and software. Welcome to “The Great Reset” and all it brings. For those
    that think this is a “Conspiracy Theory” guess what, the jokes on you. Look up Biden: “The Great Reset” all the preppers out there are about to find out what they have been prepping for.
    By the way on your article about the supply chain, I forgot to remind you that Bill Gates became the largest owner of farmland in the country last week, does he look like a farmer to you?
    I would like to thank Lou Dobbs publicly for being a great American, it sad that someone who actually tried to tell us the truth has been taken off the air. I did not always agree with him but I always respected him. I hope he finds another station to hang his hat, I will miss his straight forward common man approach to the news and world events. I would hope that we see more support for him throughout the country. Thank you President Trump for remembering Dobbs immediately for the warrior he is.
    The hate being pressed by both sides of these issues we are facing makes my heart ache and makes me wonder if there is a good guy in all of this. I can’t help but feel if everyone in this country knew the truth we would see a lot more action. However, I may be fooling myself maybe they do see the truth and no one cares anymore. I pray that is not the case and I am to old to change even if that is the case. God bless, protect and guide us all.

  • How private are your private financial matters? They aren’t. It’s been getting this way for years with certain leaders saying things like “That doesn’t belong to you.” You didn’t build that.” etc. etc. All this is meant to slowly get us used to the idea of not having private ownership of anything any longer, just what is best for The State – i.e. Communism.

  • Every time the government points it’s finger at Russia, China or Iran because of “reports of “human rights” abuses” it’s time to look at what they are up to. Congratulations sheeple, you now have “social scores”!!! God bless Merica!”

  • I use cash as often as I can. I bought a ham sandwich last week at Heavenly Ham and they asked for everyone’s cell number and I was the only one who refused! Due to Covid restrictions, some restaurants in N.O. are requiring your signature, your email address and your phone number. I enjoy using an alias, a made-up email and the phone number for Dial A Prayer! Oh to be a fly on the wall if anyone calls that number!????

  • Gee, I wonder how many BLM “protesters” in Portland were fingered to the FBI.
    Wanna bet NONE?
    Don’t do BofA and never did. I bank regionally. No *big banks*
    BTW: That’s another reason to use cash.

  • I have avoided BOA for well over 30 years just over poor customer service, so not overly surprised.

    That said, I would just assume any bank can and will do this. Cash would work, as would using cash to by prepaid debt cards. Although I am finding several locations that will simply not accept cash any more. I do not shop there any more.

  • This what has come out, What other banks were involved with illegal search and turn over of financial records? Wells Fargo, Chase, various Community / Regional Banks??????? At this point no one knows. God please help our Republic.

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