Selco: The “Camping Trip” Is Ending and the REAL SHTF Is About to Start

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Co-author of SHTF Survival Boot Camp

Lately, I found myself less and less on social networks, forums…places where people sharing their thoughts and ideas about survival and the situation where we are now.

There are few reasons for that but the two main reasons are:

  1. I have a real life, and it is basically pretty rough because I already lived in a non-functional society before this Corona mayhem. When pandemic started it simply finished and functionality in it. So it is an everyday struggle with real life. Not too much time to sit and write something – sorry.
  2. It is frustrating, very frustrating, to see that most of the things are going in the direction that I’ve described, written, explained years ago, and for years, and I can not do anything other than to write an article here and there.

I am one voice in the chaos of ignorance, corruption, in this spiral of going from a bad situation to a worse one. People still will have an endless discussion about “what caliber is better” or “100 fucking items to have when SHTF”. For those few who will read, listen, and care for what I wrote, and write I WILL, but increasingly it feels everyone is diving into ‘personal fantasy (denial)’ territory and are not so interested to listen anymore.

As usual, the most important things I already wrote, many times, and it is not like rocket science, it is a combination of logic and history lesson, so I’ll again mention something that I wrote about many times.

What do I mean by “Camping Trip?”

“Camping trip” is something that I use for the description of a stage, a specific stage of SHTF. Every SHTF scenario will have a “camping trip” stage. It is usually not even important if we are talking about a local event like a storm for example, or terrorist attack in the city, or a longer and bigger event-like this pandemic. The “camping trip” stage will always be there. Sometimes that stage will be very short and barely recognizable, and sometimes it will be longer.

You know when you go camping with friends, you have tents, a barbecue, a party planned. It may however be cold, damp, it may rain, mosquitoes will bite, it may suck in general, but there is a feeling of friendship and general sharing of food, drinks. There is a feeling of helping each other etc. no matter “how bad the circumstances.”

The analogy of a “camping trip” may not be great, but the point is that it is a situation where you share things, help each other, try to kinda have fun, no matter what. Or maybe not to have fun but to make the “best of it”.

Now, let’s say something bad happens in your city, and you are not aware of exactly what it is, how bad it is, how long it is going to last…you have the urge to help folk in your neighborhood, to “give a hand” those who need it. In short, there will be strong feeling of community. There will be a sense of unity and of “we’ll get through this together”. All that is admirable, BUT humans have a tendency to get tired of things, not only physically tired – more mentally tired, and for us here mental fatigue is more important.

So one day, let’s say a week from that bad event in your city (let’s say dirty bombs activated by terrorists in several cities in your region, including your city, no electric power, no services, no information) you suddenly realize, “I need to watch my food levels in my storage” and that means no more cans sharing with Jim from next house and his kids. That means Jim cannot come anymore in your house because he might see what you have. You’ll have to pay attention to what you say in front of him, so no more hanging out with him and other neighbors in yard and discussing what is going on, etc. etc. You realize the importance of OpSec.

The “camping trip” stage ends there, and the new stage of SHTF starts.

In that new stage of SHTF, the rules are different, because “Jim the neighbor” will conclude too that he probably has only a few days left of food for his kids, so he need to look for other solution of acquiring goods.

The camping trip stage ends when your neighborhood finally understands that this is not a temporary event.  It is not ending in a week or two. Nobody is coming to help. They are on their own to look for resources. And in that game of “looking for resources” new rules usually apply, or more precisely – no rules.

Now, as I said every SHTF has a camping trip stage. Sometimes it is so short that you are not noticing it, and sometimes it can last for months. I think we in many regions in the world, or perhaps worldwide, are very close to the end of the “camping trip” stage. Since it is a worldwide event, and it has been and is increasingly complicated and influenced with many many other factors like political or racial tensions, or very hard immigrant issues, we cannot really predict how far will go that “I’ll look only out for myself” both on a national level and on your local community level. We don’t know how interaction between those two levels will work and what exactly will come from all of that, but we can clearly establish that we are moving to a new phase, beyond the ‘we’ll get through this together‘ stage.

I am not following social media exactly because of that. People are wasting valuable time and energy discussing bullshit things instead of preparing for the end of “camping stage”.

Even those who do recognize bad signs will go into endless discussion about those particular signs instead of using that realization for understanding what’s actually going on.

The Camping Trip is Ending

Sharing and helping and “it will go away soon, we’ll be back to normal soon” thoughts are coming to a close. This is the new normal!

Be ready for the camping trip to end and the real trouble to begin.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. 

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.



Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • Ok so what do you do to prepare for the end of the camping stage?

    I’ve followed you for a decade or more. I respect you because I got a glimpse of what it was there while deployed before the main force arrived. It also gives me insight to WHO caused what and why. That being said there are major differences here than there.

    It seems you don’t believe that having extra gear, weapons or food being discussed will extend or end that period so what is it that will in your opinion if we are worthy of it? I’ve bantered with you before on food stores.

    The reason there are endless discussions on calibers, gear and such is that they’ve got time on their hands. Much as y’all did before the early 90s and it was filled with other outlets.
    In other words nothing has happened yet that is so detrimental that it requires immediate action.

    Take a breath and look to the reasons behind what’s happening. With covid lockdowns what I’ve found is most are bored and need discussion. It can get on your nerves about 9mm vs 45 or AK vs AR or CATT vs SOFTT but like I said boredom has them.
    My life didn’t change that direction in fact it got busy. I never locked down.
    I believe very quickly you’ll see a change for the better in that area because things are returning.

    I don’t think what happened there will be a exact copy of what will happen here. Guns will play a much larger role in a collapse here than it did in the Balkans because we have tens of millions of them here in personal ownership. Another difference is land mass and population. The other thing is no one will help. There won’t be any air drops, no KFOR, no UN. If it goes it’s just gone. Land ownership is also a major factor. It’s not setup like Europe where farms are separate from living quarters. This is home of the 5 acre dream.

    Things are in decline in many areas of our lives and not just here or there but everywhere. Yeah it’s worrisome.
    You keep teaching n preaching. It’s not falling on deaf ears. I’m not going to 100% YOUR plan though because there are differences. Don’t take that as a negative because it’s not. You plant seeds but sometimes the idea of where and how it grows gets changed because of circumstances.

    • Well said Matt in OK.

      In the past I have noted there would be similarities and differences between what Selco experienced in the Balkan war and what could occur here in the US. I noted the land mass, climate, population densities as well.

      Where I am located, I see a lot of people with gardens even prior to CV19 lockdowns, and even more have appeared since then. Selco mentions the neighbor, Jimmy and his family. It is during the camping phase is when I see it as that is the time to help Jimmy start a garden, raise small livestock, or other skills.
      I know there are others out there who claim,
      “You are a fool! Your neighbors will come and kill you and take all your preps!”
      “Hordes of harden survivors will pour out of the cities, packed in RVs to come and take all your things!”

      I would rather turn Jimmy and company into an asset now rather than a liability later. A friend rather than a foe. Having to worry constantly about if my elderly retirees neighbors are going to kill me or not is very tiring.
      And it is not like my Amish neighbors are going to go all Mad Max over night, and come raiding in their horse and carriages.

      The rants of which caliber/gun/gear is best is a conversation that likely has taken place over the centuries but swap out gun with best breed of dog for tracking, or best type of cabbage to grow.

      Cannot imagine anyone willing to come and attempt to “help,” knowing what a hot mess our society is right now. They might send some air drops just to keep us here and not coming to their shores. Can you imagine what an American refugee would look like?

    • “Guns will play a much larger role in a collapse here”

      really? twelve years ago all the preppers were proclaiming that we’d never get to where we are now because everyone would have long since rebelled. but here we are, a geriatric ahlz for prez and the left energetically working to changing the sex of our kids, etc, and we’re just letting it happen.

      • Are you suggesting removing a sitting President by the use of firearms?

        No one is trying to change my daughters sex. She is quite capable of telling them to bugger off with no help from me.

        • “No one is trying to change my daughters sex”

          yeah, everything’s fine in your little corner, no need to worry.

          • Even Meghan Kelly saw what was going on in the private school her children were attending.
            And she pull them out of that school. That was her choice.
            There are others out there who are doing the same thing:

            Numbers of people who are choosing to home school have gone up. While the visibility on if they are opting out of such indoctrination may be hard to prove, I am of the opinion it would be a factor.
            I know if my child was still in the public education system pushing that kind of “teaching,” I would opt out.

            • As Sun Tzu said…”give me three generations of your children and I will rule your country”. That’s exactly what we have done…turned our children over to government run school system to be taught whatever “they” deem necessary.

              • Those of us who have spent half a century warning the rest of us haven’t made a dent. The deaf can’t hear and the stupid/stubborn won’t. Thanks to all who offer good info and suggestions. Now we have to figure what to do since the horse has left the barn. The camp out has been over for a while.

          • “a sleepy, incoherent, dementia-ridden President”

            he is, yeah. but his handlers aren’t, they’re busy little bees on a mission.

          • While that may be a more accurate description, still fact of the matter is Biden is the sitting president of the USA, despite gman’s asinine comment.

      • Ant7- Gman – I bite or whatever.
        What are your complete thoughts on it?

        Based on your experience overseas vs here what are the major differences?

        What is it your going to do differently after the camping?

  • This is exactly what happened in each and every near-SHTFs we’ve had here, too. Grid-downs, strikes, crime waves, shortages and disasters: early on everybody’s into sharing, helping others, donating and all that. They say camaraderie and solidarity is key to overcome this, and it’s important and humanistic but it wears out if SHTF goes on. All this soon disappears when resources become more and more scarce and people start to realize things won’t get better.

    • “when resources become more and more scarce and people start to realize things won’t get better”

      is when the camaraderie and solidarity are needed the most.

  • I’m thinking half of America is in the denial stage of reality and maybe half the population are red pilled to what is coming. I see the storm gathering with unemployment rising, inflation ramping up and transportation bottlenecks becoming the new normal. TPTB are trying to lock us down, disarm us, silence us and vaccinate us.
    Starvation and poverty are coming to America in the near future.

    Half the population of this country is blinding participating in the oligarchs plans for genocide and they have been indoctrinated and propagandized beyond saving, it’s a sad situation but survival will come down to having a core group of like minded individuals who are prepared. Half the country will perish in a true SHTF situation, 90% of those who die will live in large urban Blue States, these Libtards have crafted and participated in their own demise and in the end America will be cleansed of their evil.

    • Don’t (or may go ahead and) assume people in Blue States are not prepared and will account for the vast majority of deaths.

      I do agree with the thought process of making Joe (more) self-sufficient. But until you have a good feel for what and who Joe is, tread carefully. The new/old neighbor is not always what s/he tries to project.

      • It is not that Blue States are not prepared, but generally have larger populations that are dependent on some kind of social welfare. When the money stops flowing, a lot of people will be in dire need. The increase in crime rates have skyrocketed in 2020 and continue in 2021, predominately in Blue ran cities. Once the “camp out” is over, that will likely get even worse.

        Much of our food travels approximately 1,200 miles to get to your plate (source: The Omnivore Dilemma). Once that supply line is disrupted or cut off, a lot of coastal Blue States will not be prepared for that kind of shock.

        Even water, Southern CA is dependent on their water coming from a long way off, they are not in control of.

        • “Southern CA is dependent on their water coming from a long way off, they are not in control of”

          you mean you don’t see the control. this is a long-standing concern they are well aware of, be assured they have lots of paramilitary police available to deploy as necessary.

            • “Your lack of understanding of economics, logistics and tactics is quite impressive”

              they certainly know more than I do, I’M willing to admit.

              • They cannot even keep their streets clean. They do not have the manpower, the logistics and have not implemented the economics to fund such a force, and still keep themselves in power.

                • “They cannot even keep their streets clean”

                  … well by gum that settles it. you got this, dude.

                • “pointing out the facts”

                  yep, they can’t keep their own streets clean, that is indeed a fact, I been there and I can testify to that.

        • Again, don’t assume crime rates have sky rocketed in “blue states”. And don’t assume “high population” of social welfare is *just* in large cities. If one wants to be factual, red states are more dependent on social programs than blue states. The number of 62 and over population whose sole income is social security is likely higher in red states.

          Bottom line – no US state is in a solid financial, self-reliant state. I operate on the premise that most people would rather *not* rely on outside help. Ensure these folks are on a good footing then we can deal with the 10% who are deadbeats.

          • It is not an assumption, crime really has grown dramatically in blue cities if you have paid any attention. Portland unheard of shootings, Beverly Hills residents buying guns, Chicago a gangland play ground, New York a muggers paradise, yes the blue cities are killing themselves, you are in denial about the facts.

    • “Half the country will perish in a true SHTF situation”



      and that’s just the first couple years.

      • First couple of years? Hah!! I give it a year, absolute tops. Half these powder puffs will probably kill themselves the first two weeks they can’t update their fakebook status. Good riddance too, pile the bodies and burn them so the spread of disease is limited. Northern states are going to have a very bad time, not because of red / blue but because of winter. You can bundle up and survive a 30 degree night with no electricity a lot easier than a -30 degree night.

        So once we are weakened is china going to send their millions over to take us over or just let us rot?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

        • “I give it a year, absolute tops”

          nah, a couple. it won’t all go down all at once, people won’t just lay down and die (despite some preppers’ fervent wishes ….) and the cities will continue to have access to trade and money and political power for some time and so will last longer than most preppers give them credit. some cities won’t go down at all, there’s one near me that might wind up being a major power in the aftermath.

          • The power goes out, the cities will be hell on Earth.

            All one has to do is look at the Arctic blast that hit Texas to get a glimpse of dependent cities are on the JIT/BAU system. A lot of cities get their power from a long way off.

        • “So once we are weakened is china going to send their millions over to take us over or just let us rot?”

          that is an absolutely outstanding question. similarly to hebrews, culturally they are pathologically insular and introspective and have no interest whatsoever in the rest of the world – in their culture THEY are the world (that’s what is meant by “middle kingdom”) and everything outside of them is useless barbarity. BUT they do learn, and they’ve learned a lot during their “century of humiliation”, and I’ve heard them say they won’t make the Zheng He mistake again. I’ll bet they park ten army groups in california first chance they get, for starters. if they’re still capable, that is – whether they’ll be capable is an outstanding question too.

    • I live in a very red state. Nearly everyone here is fooled by globalist narratives, thinks masks are backed by real science, thinks things will be back to normal soon, is rushing to get the vaccine, etc.

      I think 80+% of the country are absolutely thoroughly suckered. Very few know what’s going on, that the PCR tests spout nothing but false positives, the virus has never been isolated or proven to exist, and everything those facts imply.

  • Its nice having extra stuff. You know… that “One is none and two is one” mentality. Accumulating it when times are good and keeping it when times go bad is not the same. ‘Ol Neighbor Jim will remain friendly as long as you share the things you have that he doesn’t. Once you can’t share any longer ‘Ol Jim will get pissed and he will begin telling others how much stuff you have and how selfish you are. Or, as someone said, you can show Jim how to become prepared himself… if he is even interested, that is. How about Neighbor Bob on the other side of you or Neighbor Fred across the street?

    The idea that Selco doesn’t understand the deteriorating situation here because, “This is ‘Merica” is nonsense. In truth it will be a lot worse here. Americans are fat and lazy… and soft. They raise not a whisper about all the socialist programs and regulations about to be imposed on them in the latest COVID “rescue” plan. They only are interested in getting “my check”! Most are totally ignorant of the dark circumstances about to engulf them and when it does a big pile of stuff won’t be your salvation. Only the right attitude with or without stuff will give someone an edge… and that may not be enough.

    • Very few communities are solid red or blue. You better know who your neighbors are and what they are capable of and be fully prepared to fix a problem BEFORE it’s kicking in your door at 3 am to steal your stuff. Nobody likes to talk about this but you better start thinking about it very fast. The one with 50 coexist flags on their car is NOT one who is going to probably be very prepared themselves. This one also will have no problem killing you and taking all your stuff for not thinking about him and his problems first. That dope head down the street, what do you think he is going to do once the crack money runs out and the PBR is gone?

      Hey look at YOU, you are old, you limp a bit, you probably got injured some time in the past, you probably have pain meds for that, I gonna go and gimme dat!! It’s not just neighbors either, relatives can be just as worthless and treacherous.

      • “be fully prepared to fix a problem BEFORE it’s kicking in your door at 3 am to steal your stuff”

        ya mean, like, proactive?

  • Selco,
    You may misunderstand the situation. The world is a bigger place than what we generally understand.
    While it is true that people talk talk talk, and the social media “truths” coming out of “experts” is most likely going to just get people killed, many of the ones talk talk talking are still at the beginning stages of oh $#!+.
    You have been dealing with people who understand where you are coming from. People who were concerned years before. Those who could already have gotten ready as best as they can. But there is a large wave of people who only just began to realize 1 year ago that they may have to take charge of their own destiny.
    From my own experience it was years into my idea of prepping before I realized I didn’t know a damn thing.
    It was years before I realized that the most popular people were just salesman men. Some selling products some click bait, some just spouting bs for whatever mentally defective reason works in their worm ridden minds. I respected and followed one guy for YEARS, until I found out that he lived in a city and never even went hunting once.
    For the most part ALL of us who began this journey before are not talk talk talking. This is the next generation of prepping. There are more of them than before, and they are at that awkward stage, being lied to. Reading the same nonsense regurgitated since the 1950’s as full gospel.
    I say have patience, please. I understand your concern and am glad you gave voice to it, as it is something that has been rolling around in the back of my mind for a while.

  • Suppliers are in serious trouble. It isn’t making the news. I got off the phone with a supplier three days ago and I almost puked.

    If you are holding off buying any prepper items…DON’T. Order now and express ship. The time of selection is ending. The doors are closing.

    You are in serious danger. Get off the computer (unless you are ordering) and do something in the real world.

    Train, inventory, exercise, plan, pray.

    Good luck!

    P.S. I’m trapped in a house in Canada enforcing online-covid-schooling for my 9 year old. SEND HELP!
    Seriously, it is getting hard playing ‘normal life’ while the trains rockets towards the bridge that is out. At least you (dear reader) are on this p[articular site. Selco hang in there! My break is over…..going back to studying edible plants.

    • “Suppliers are in serious trouble. It isn’t making the news”

      care to elaborate? been hearing people say “It’s all going away real soon!” for ten years now.

      • I’ll give you one example. I ordered new sofas the beginning of November with expected delivery in two months. I still don’t have them 5 months later. I was just informed the plant is closed for the next 2 weeks after already having been closed for 2 weeks during the Texas power outage. Why would they close it except they don’t have the materials to make the sofas? I was also told my sofa is in production so I’ll probably see it in a month (now taking 6 months to get) but otherwise everyone else is now being told not to expect anything until JUNE!

        Also I have access to buying appliances at an employee discount but the website shows most of them are out of stock – especially refrigerators & freezers.

        To make matters worse the salesman told me he has been swamped with people wanting to buy furniture & appliances with their COVID stimulus checks.

    • Do you think it’s too late to move at this point? How would you know when it’s too late? We are looking to sell our (paid-for) house and buy land and build a house on it (mostly ourselves, outsourcing some of the work). A house with wood heat, and solar power, and lower cost of living, and a huge garden with chickens. If we do that, we have to rent for a year while we clear the land, and build. Is it too late? That’s the question that haunts me at night when I can’t sleep.

      • Joy, take it one day at a time,one project at a time. Go ahead, pick out some land,sell your house rent a trailer or something while your building your house. This is not something to lose sleep over. You NEED to rest. Now, go to sleep

      • Building costs are now too prohibitive. Tearing up roots and getting acclimated to unfamiliar territory is also a consideration.

        • We’re actually looking at a small straw bale home with cob interior and exterior, so not much lumber. Taking the opportunity to build less techy: no microwave or dishwasher, composting toilet, on demand water heater, solar electricity with biodiesel/biofuel backup, rainwater collection using grey water for the garden.

          And we’re looking at land near where we are currently, so as to keep our jobs. After researching, literally, all 50 states, looking at everything from “freedom” factors to state finances, and every potential natural disaster or drought or ice age (Grand solar minimum), turns out where we are is really a prime location. So a new community is not a factor, we’ll just be a little outside of our smaller town, and not have an HOA (which prohibits solar, rain water barrels, chickens, and edible front yard gardens … sigh).

          We’ve thought it through. Now just trying to decide if it’s too late to make the jump. Either way we want to sell, we think the market will crash soon, and we can sell for way more than we bought for. In 6 months to a year we could purchase (we think) at much lower prices due to foreclosures.

          • It think you have time still but the time may be running out, or we may go on in a slow slide for a year or several longer just getting a little worse week by week…

            Make a move now and hope for the best. You may regret not moving and just thinking about it…

  • Selco is a God-send. If he wakes one more person up, that’s one that I or my family don’t have to deal with. I believe the time for one on one “red-pilling” is about up. I have talked to so many people about the orchestrated demise of Western civilization, and the world-wide catastrophic financial meltdown that is right around the corner that I’m blue in the face. This is a warning that it’s time to practice Op-Sec like never before. Be kind, be cordial and respectful, but be wary with every interaction.

    Many people have gone into debt, taken long and luxurious vacations, bought the newest nicest cars and homes all the while my family and I have lived an austere lifestyle learning about ourselves and how to adapt, overcome, and survive. Yes, we’ve accumulated “stuff” to deal with SHTF, but not things that are extravagant or expensive per se, we have done what we could to educate and support ourselves and those around us, but now it’s time to tighten the circle. Those that “lived the good life” can deal with what is coming on their own for a while. I anticipate the fallout to be disastrous for a large part of the population. The “Great Reset” will bring about the “Great Awakening” even for those that have been asleep.

    Sack away your Beans, Bullets, Band-aids, and Bullion, but be prepared to leave them all behind if necessary to preserve your life for even a day.

    • Again, what good is Bullion when shtf? You going to trade it for what? That worthless currency? Forget about the dumbasses and their crypto, that’s gone too. No internet, no electricity, no million dollar bitcoin stash either. OH but I have gold bars, who cares, I sure as hell don’t. Cant fix stuff with it, Can’t use it to make ammo with too easily, can I eat it? can it cure the infection I have? Most people are not going to be ‘the kingpin’ when it comes to the thunderdome situation, so are ill equipped to sit on piles of gold for when things get ‘better’. If you must do the bullion, you are better off with silver and copper anyways, A gold bar or coin is the same as buying a coke with a 100 dollar bill, is your seller going to have something to make change with, and is he / she going to do so without a 30 percent ‘handling fee’?

      Comms, throw the digital state of the art crap away, get an old tube amp if you can, IF you got power that might be the only thing not emp’d IF we do come to that. At this point it would not surprise me to see the govt emp it’s own citizens either to better control them.

      • Ask a venezuelan, a greek or an argentine (and others) what good is to have bullion in a SHTF and they’ll tell you. Gold, silver and cash have been saving people’s lives in SHTF since civilization appeared.

        One of the most common SHTFs is economic colapse. The system is very intricate and banking can stay shut for weeks or months until they can open again. This is one of the first things that happen: things run out of control, they shut everything down to limit damage and contain panic. Of course this entails even more panic, but if you have cash and bullion you won’t panic at least not as much.

        There are bank accounts, stocks, bonds whatever, but if the system is shut down there’s no money coming out of the pipe. Things just don’t move: funds and brokers can’t sell, banks can’t pay, ATM doesn’t work. This is what happened in Brazil 1991, Argentina 2001, Greece 2011 among other countries. It happened in U.S. a few times too.

        Venezuela has been in a SHTF like that for more than a decade. A family living there can lead a half-decent life (which is more than 90% can achieve) with 21oz. of silver per year to cover costs. No kidding, silver. Those who depend on payments or whatever are walking around with fresh 1.000.000 bolivar notes that are worth USD50 and loses 12% just going from the bank and the grocery store.

        • Thanks for sharing this. I’m interested in buying some silver and gold but I’m not sure whether / how it would come in handy in a SHTF situation. How, exactly, do people use bullion in these countries to trade? What quantities or denominations (for lack of a better word) do they use to buy goods? Any on-the-ground information you have would be appreciated.

  • “increasingly it feels everyone is diving into ‘personal fantasy (denial)’ territory and are not so interested to listen anymore”

    well twelve years of delay kinda drains the urgency out of it.

  • I am prepared more than most and have been for years. I am getting older now and my life has gone through many traumas and tragedies. Im at a point where I have basically lost my will to live and don’t care to survive in the world I see today. Its only a matter of very little time at this point when SHTF and in some ways it already has. I have a bipolar son going off the deep end and he is becoming almost impossible to help. I am seeing his bipolar mother again after she divorced me 3 years ago and of course now she wonders why but thats a story for another day. Everything and everyone around me is being systematically destroyed. Most of my family that watches the boob tube are still hiding at home waiting to get their savior the Vaccine so life can go back to normal again and everybody will be happy. Yeah right. Life will never go back to normal in this now occupied territory that sued to be called the USA.

    • “don’t care to survive in the world I see today”

      you’re not alone. but would you be willing to help someone else carry on?

  • Selco, once again I thank you for your essays, comments and insights. I know I’m not alone in this appreciation of your guidance and tutelage.
    I believe you’re right in your observances and predictions that the “pot” is about to boil over. We’re in the early stages of a crisis, that I find inevitable at this point. I don’t believe it’s possible to avert or back away from it at this point.
    We shut down our participation in local Prepper activities after the Pandemic began, not because of fear of transmission, but driven by the belief that OpSec is paramount.

    Again, Thank You Selco, Daisy and crew, for all you do.

  • Neighbor Jim,Fred,and whoever,should have been told from the start that while you can help now,y’all need to start on your own building a pantry,starting a garden,etc. , because there will come a time when I have to take care of my own. If they dont,and SHTF comes , don’t come to my house,the door will be locked

  • Another thing: do not worry who is/is not president,or who is handling who. In SHTF it really will not matter. What matters is happening in your neighborhood, or in front of your face

    • sylvia, you are the only one on here who made any sense. thanks to Selco we can get a glimpse of what’s to come.

    • “do not worry who is/is not president,or who is handling who. In SHTF it really will not matter”

      nonsense, it will play a tremendous role leading into it. 40 million illegals vs 20 million will make a difference. no ammo at all vs $50 a box will make a difference. mandatory “vaccinations” vs voluntary vaccinations will make a difference. etc.

    • It may not matter who is president, but it DOES matter that our government, through FEMA, has already warned you that all your food, fuel, water, ammo, home, clothes–anything they want!–is theirs to confiscate in an emergency. And we ARE in an emergency, as declared by the federal government. Best if you look poor and have a small stash in the pantry while keeping 2 or 3 bigger stashes hidden away in separate locations from your property but within a day’s walk.

  • Selco has the basic, right idea here. Right now people are still trying to help others, but it is starting to wear thin and this is only a so called “pandemic”. I think in the beginning of a real SHTF scenario, you will see a camping trip mentality from some people.
    Since I plan on bugging out, my neighbors will not be a concern of mine. only my group.

    Once things get really bad, I do expect it to get really rough.
    There are two things that most preppers don’t seem to take into account. The racial/ political differences in America and the propensity towards violence.
    Though violence is common world wide, the availability of firearms makes this a bigger threat.

    Look at the violence going on on the Pacific Northwest with Antifa and BLM. Add guns, take away the ROL and add in dwindling resources and you will see what SHTF will really be like.
    Anyone who is not ” with them” and even some who think they are ” with them”, will be their victims.
    They will form a mob that will be like locusts on the land, stripping every resource, person, homestead, etc. in their path. This will be repeated by their cells/chapters all over the country.
    Only a very large, military style force organized to deal with them, will stop them.

    So just because you live in a red state, away from the city; don’t think you are safe, because you probably won’t be!
    Especially if you have a farm or homestead or live in a town that is easily accessible by road.

    • “Look at the violence going on on the Pacific Northwest with Antifa and BLM. Add guns, take away the ROL” …

      … and antifa/blm likely would cease to exist. dude, it ain’t the guns, it’s the people behind them. if preppers were like antifa/blm/chicago-gangbangers this country would look like dresden.

    • “you live in a red state, away from the city; don’t think you are safe”

      they do think that, and you can’t tell them otherwise.

      • They are about to learn very quickly. The zombies coming at them will be shooting back, not just lumbering along the road.

        • “The zombies coming at them will be shooting back”

          yeah, they … they just don’t get that. in their minds they are smart, they are wise, they know economics and logistics and tactics and everyone else is just stupid. near as I can figure they’re borderline sociopaths – “I am, and there is none beside me” – and other people just aren’t real to them.

  • Dang it must just be the day for this! Sounds like a lot of frustration. We all talk about our preps to give ideas to each other and to help others who are trying ; many have have no frame of reference or they are possibly new to it. No matter what we can learn from each other! It is still the “good fight” and me personally I am going to try and advise and assist as much as I can as long as I can.
    I sat off the coast of a disintegrating Yugoslavia for a while and only imagined how bad it was on the ground there. I was in Haiti and Iraq multiple times and know what a complete mess looks like up close and personal. Each country and region has its own issues and nuances; America is no different. Yes the majority has becomes sheep in all its glory, but that is the choice they have made. I am completely frustrated at the level of incompetence and stupidity I see everyday. Unfortunately it is what it is.
    I am not going to change the US. I can make an impact on those around me and that is what I am trying to do; it’s the best I can do in these times. Never has there been a more toxic environment for common sense, loyalty and honor! I personally believe the “Center Will Not Hold.” Is the breaking point coming…probably. Am I ready for it? As best as I can be. It just might not be good enough. I will not lose my humanity over the actions of others. Sorry for all the clichés.

    • Well said InTheBooniesTX.
      I think it is having been to third world, war stricken countries we can see the similarities and differences.

      • And we could not fix it…I tried to make the difference with my squad, my platoon and my company. Now it’s my family, friends and Church. In case none of us has noticed “Old Scratch” is loose and working overtime: it is soon to be his time for a season, but we know how the story ends.
        In the mean time there will be some serious trials and tribulations. SHTF? Yep, but I am not sure it’s what we all plan for. So we do our best and plan for what we can. So join me in raging against the dying light where you are at! One more hill or two.

        • Thank you from those of us who can only try to understand and be compassionate towards what you guys (who are the “real deal”) have gone through.

  • I share your sentiment. Everyday is “just another working day, and we’re ALL just trying to get some rest,,,,’
    to steal from Paul Simon.
    Yet everyday is no longer as yesterday. And “tomorrow(s)” isn’t looking to good.
    The denial is worse than the disease we supposedly are currently battling.
    Yesterday, “let’s ALL stand in line for that test”.
    Today “let’s ALL stand in line for that shot”.
    Tomorrow, well, okay, we ALL have to wait in line for gas.
    Next week it will be paper goods.
    Then it will be for food.
    The eyes are the window to the soul. Great words. So, watch your neighbors eyes. Today they say let’s buddy up and get this task done. And then we’ll have a couple of beers.
    Two weeks later those eyes will say he sees you as “something else.”
    How aware is he concerning MY preparedness. WE both talked guns. He has more than I. And more ammo.
    BUT, did he store food? Did he notice me bringing home extra 5 gal cans of gas, while the price was still low?
    Has my Mrs. said to much to that sister who dearly wants to believe nothing bad is ever going to happen to her or family because she “believes in GOD.” Yet she has over 100 social media accounts wherein she may have talked about the Mrs. and I? And how ‘crazy’ we are for preparing for the worse while praying for the best.
    Denial is like a shroud of dust nobody noticing is settling all over. Layering up until it stifles. And panic kicks in.
    Everywhere I look. EVERY person I see/hear; every place I go, denial is engaged.
    And in my bones, I can feel it. As a mild uptick in the wind just before the gale force blows through taking everyday “things” down with a crash.
    Your article is spot on. Hope some few get it.

    • “nothing bad is ever going to happen to her or family because she ‘believes in GOD.’”

      “No harm befalls the righteous, But the wicked are filled with trouble” proverbs 12:21

      “guns. He has more than I. And more ammo.”

      one gun and a couple of bullets will get most people what they want.

      • “The Righteous”! Not the shallow of Faith who firmly believe ALL their sins have already been forgiven. Ergo they WILL be spared the Tribulation that is coming.
        The Lord even said to his Believers He hopes they are spared this terrible times. A message from His mouth to ALL who profess Faith.

    • Jim- That was beautifully poetic…thank you for that comment; I am grateful for whatever is lovely these days.

      There are so many on this site whose opinions and experience I respect and value (Selco, Matt in OK, 1stMarineJarHead, to name a few). I’m just a middle American mom trying to do the best for my family, trying to stay a few steps ahead of the horde and remain on my toes, ready to pivot at a moment’s notice.

      The thin veneer of civility, I think, is disintigrating before my eyes – in real life, not just on media platforms. I think Selco is right – the campling trip is over. Maybe what comes next won’t look exactly like Selco’s experience but the logic is solid. The impact of the “next thing” might vary from state to state or county to county, but the shockwaves from whatever it is will resonate throughout the country, whether it is real interruptions in supply lines, for example, or it is TPTB simply capitalizing on that perception. Human nature is not geographically specific. Ultimately it’s not the event that matters, it’s the human perception and subsequent response to it that matters and probably where I should re-align my focus.

      • Well Thank you Sher. And you are right. “Ultimately it’s not the event that matters, it’s the human perception and subsequent response to it that matters.” Called situation awareness. Faith in, not just the Lord, but His words. Both for wisdom and the fulfillment of the word of the prophets. I find far to many who claim to Believe in Jesus yet have no clue to what He said or why. It is written “he who fails to prepare is a fool”.
        “But stay alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that must happen, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke)
        Keep vigilant, on your toes, well prepared and above all, Keep the Faith.
        My prayers are with you.

  • Yep, how long when things get scarce, anger starts rising, resentment builds up? Yep, your camping trip is over and every man for himself.

    So far, it has not hit us yet, but when the above happens, it will.

    Then you’ll hear the stories, the violence, the riots, the murders, the rapes, the theft, home invasion, gangs, etc.

    Then that big bright light that tells you the enemies are raining nuclear strikes on your country.

    • “nuclear strikes on your country”

      nah, no nuke strikes on the u.s. outside of the u.s. and russia nukes aren’t all that numerous so by the time anyone can get away with nuking the u.s. they’ll be conserving their nukes for their local enemies. north korea for south, china for japan/taiwan/india, india for china/pakistan, israel for iran/saudi/egypt, etc. nah, no nuke strikes on the u.s.

      • “I have returned from Germany with peace for our time”. – Neville Chamberlain.

        “I never had sex with that woman” – Bull Clinton

        “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” – Ken Olson (CEO of Digital Computing).

        “Read my lips; no new taxes” – George Boosh

        “nah, no nuke strikes on the u.s….” – ant?

      • “nah, no nuke strikes on the u.s. ”

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but the CCP and Putin are working together. Putin has the nukes, and doesn’t believe in MAD. The CCP has the boots to put on the ground. Both know they have to take out the U.S. first, because we are the big kahuna that is frustrating all their other plans. I expect the nukes. They’ve upgraded theirs, we’ve let ours rot. After the nukes come the boots.

        I expect the war to be short, no more than a few months at most. But it will leave behind a level of death and destruction that will be horrifying.

        Those of us who survive will have to concentrate on rebuilding. For that we need skills and materials. I think a lot more of electronics will survive than expected. Even the elderly, those who can, will have to come out of retirement and produce. A lot of that will be with our hands.

  • Excellent article and metaphor to con-vid “camping” as we are certainly at the point when everyone must realize that Gate’s wasn’t kidding or exaggerating when he pronounced “The New Normal”. Social media is just censored conversations which are allowed only to entertain and not educate. The warning labels are off, and those who haven’t heeded nor cared about politics, as it dictates everyday life, are simply sheep to slaughter who will wake up dead. There are only two teams in existence and we are witnessing and experiencing the myth of neutrality and sitting safely on the fence. People’s true allegiances are being exposed hourly by their actions, not their lip service hypocrisy. “Good” allows evil to destroy itself and along with evil, many “Useful Idiots” will perish also, having been deceived as promised in biblical texts. “Biblical” does not begin to describe what is no longer coming, but is now right here. Brace for impact, and fight hard for your chosen team! Indeed, the camping trip is over.

  • Dear Mom’s SHTF Royal Straight Flush

    .The following described SHTF scenarios occurred between 1940 to Feb 15, 1945:

    1) Soviet “Absorption” of the Baltic States (in this instance Latvia). Grandpa labelled a “Kulak” and family gearing up for “New Opportunities in the Far East”….with the second major deportation/execution cycle scheduled for June 1941…….Ass puckering anxiety…saved by!…

    2) Operation Barbarossa (THE UNDISPUTED WW2 VARSITY FIGHT.)…tipped off the NKVD was coming with a “No Knock Warrant”‘
    Grandpa took his revolver and family to a ditch on his farm and waited for the artillery barrage to the west to subside. As quiet engulfed the area.. an infantry scout approached warily ( a member of Col. Lohmeyer’s 505th Infantry regiment),

    a pillow case placed on the end of a stick aroused his curiosity and the family stood up hands high…Wow was that a relief!…..

    3) Soviet Operation Bagration June 22, 1944. (The Russian Front comes home)…Ominous
    rumbling from the east. October 1944. Daily aircraft battles occur as the Soviets try to subdue Leipaja…..the rumbling continues….German troops start digging trenches on Grampa’s farm as he watches his fall Rye harvest compromised by all the digging…”IT’s BUG OUT TIME!”

    4) Escaping with his family to Liepaja (for subsequent sea evacuation)..the family enduring ship sinking by submarine and strafing by IL-2 “Sturmaviks”…..please see the fate of the following ships..Willem Gustloff, Goya and Von Steuben….TITANIC TRAGEDY MY ASS…The Baltic Sea holds the record for the worst mass human loss for sea disasters

    5) Dresden Feb 14, 1945……”Free at Last, Free at Last…ummm..not quite”!….Air raid sirens…into the basements ..then Boom, Boom Boom….Followed by a mass drop of incendiary bundles….Mom’s quote..”Nu Petey we climbed out of the basement and everything was so smokey”!……..”I had to Hop-scotch over all these glowing batons” (phosphorus sticks)….

    While evacuating the city American and British bombers dropped thousands of counterfeit ration cards on the populace….”Let them eat cake”.

    Tell that to the Marines!…..She sure did.

    By the way Mom is 91 and still loves gardening in CT.

    • The title couldn’t have put it any better.
      See what happens when you don’t proofread before pushing the button?

      • Thanks,
        Mom went through a hell of a lot and it still astounds me to this day. She has always gotten a chuckle watching “Hogan’s Heroes” . whenever someone was threatened with”Being sent to the Russian Front”!

  • Locally it’s still almost business as normal with only slight impacts. We are just pulling into the campsite and unloading using the analogy given.
    Nationally (Canada) we are definitely at the “camping trip” stage. Camp is set up, coolers are open, people are all smiles and chuckles.
    Globally we are at the “camping trip” stage but the mosquitos have been biting and there is no more bug spray. The last six hot dogs and the last marshmallows in the bag mean that the marshmallow and wiener roast are coming to an end. The thunder in the distance is getting stronger and a few rain drops are starting to come down.
    So you can go to your tent and batten down the hatches, grab your rain coat, fix up the campsite and head for bed where it will be nice and cozy, or you can wait it out by the bonfire and hope everything turns out OK.
    Right now would be a good time to start “cleaning up the campsite” and preparing for the storm.
    How that storm looks varies from person to person, location to location.
    As long as you recognize a storm IS coming, and YOU are preparing for YOUR storm and whatever problems that may create around you that’s really all that matters.

    • Joe:
      Loved your analogy – last six hot dogs and last marshmallow… thunder in the distance…

      Considering now how to be proactive and “clean up the campsite” to prepare for the storm. I’ve never been really adept at figuring out how much time before the inevitable storm arrives. What to prioritize, that question plagues me often.

      • Well one way is to do it by the day
        Have one day of water, one day of meals, one day of fixed expenses like mortgage, car payments, etc. one day of emergency fund, one day of personal hygiene stuff, one day of etc….
        By breaking it down into small components it’s not so big a bite to take if the funds aren’t there.
        But ensure it is tailored specifically to you, your location, and what are probably the five biggest “threats” (e.g. job loss, medical issue, etc.) you will face.
        ANY preps are still better than no preps.
        If you need to buy equipment, buy things that cover multiple scenarios versus ones that only cover one or two.
        For instance a quality multitool such as a Leatherman Rebar might fit into ten or twelve different scenarios that would affect you and be a useful object to have. A bar of silver bullion may only be good for two or three scenarios. Which one of those items do you think I would prioritize based on the multiple scenario “rule”?
        Knowledge is probably the biggest thing to go after.
        By having knowledge you will be able to much better see what you already have and can use, and where your personal preps need shoring up.
        Knowledge plus imagination also gives you the ability to improvise equipment for your needs.
        Use everything around you to help. For instance is it a shovel handle attached to a broken snow shovel? or is it a walking stick? a staff for self defense? a garden support? a shovel handle for a smaller shovel that doesn’t have a handle? a two foot baton? kindling?
        That type of thinking now will pay dividends if you ever have to improvise in the future.
        Don’t get caught up in things.
        Keep moving forward one step at a time and you’ll still be further ahead than the vast majority of the people around you.

  • I come from a family that will probably NEVER see the world as it is, because they believe everything they see on their TV. I had to wait until I was in my thirties and moved far away from them before I started to “wake up”. Selco, you were one of the first people to open my eyes about how the world really is, underneath the thin veneer that people think is what is the “real world”. I learned so much from you that made everything I had seen for so long make a lot more sense, most especially about working on yourself, not just buying a bunch of stuff to be “prepared”. You were one of my earliest inspirations, so much so that the first rifle I ever bought I named after you. (Its a Yugo SKS, very sturdy and easy to use). To some here this would not be such a big deal, but if you knew my family, and how against guns they are, you would know it was an act of outright revolution for me.

    Please sir, do not EVER stop writing

  • I read over most of the comments. What I see is a lack of understanding who the real enemy will be. It isn’t zombie hordes or even the guy down the street… unless he’s a government snitch. The real danger is our own government. Have you not been paying attention to what is transpiring in this country? The election was stolen and no one cares but those it was stolen from. Not even the SCOTUS cares! The Capital is ringed with razor wire and thousands of armed troops. There is not a single institution remaining that can be trusted. The last bastion of public trust, the military, is under leftist indoctrination to rid itself of those “radical, racist, conservatives”. There is no one left! Oh, but you have a “group”. How well will your group hold up against a very well trained assault force? Got a smart phone? Got a GPS in your car? Use a CC? Have a bank account? Post on social media sites or comment on sites such as this? Then you are tracked constantly. There is not a key stroke you make or a syllable you utter on your phone that is not saved. Know who the real enemy is.

    • I have not seen a well trained assault force in a lot of years. The military is not the military of my generation. Just like the civilian side they have grown soft. Look who makes up their ranks today. It’s why our foes are now a lot bolder than they once were. There are not enough rough men to keep us safe anymore. They are all busy sitting in classes and not in the field sharpening their skills. Sorry folks, but thanks to our new normal we are not even close to being as lethal as we once were. Unfortunately I have witnessed this up close and personal. My old senior NCO’ s who raised me in the Corps, and who had lots of trigger time, would not recognize what we have become. We are a shadow of what we once were. Takes boots on the ground to hold a piece of real estate. Can’t push a button or drop enough bombs to change that reality.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I communicate with those I served with daily and none of us can recognize this country any longer. I’ve had the occasion to go to sea on two different destroyers over the past six years and all I can say is that we now have a Navy of love boats… seriously. Any NCO who points that fact out commits career suicide. I had some hope that the Marines could hold out. I have been disappointed.
        As for that well-trained assault force, its all relative. They wouldn’t be going up against Russian Spetnaz.

  • Selco’s not a gadget guy, so he’s pointing out that our best SHTF/TEOTWAWKI tool is between our ears. He’s pointing to skills, thinking & decisions as our greatest tool to survive. He’s actually mentioned some “things” he wished he had along the way to make it easier, but he’s not a collector/hoarder of things.

    The Weekend Camping stage comments are Selco’s way of pointing out that the “We’re All in This Together” theme can quickly disappear with interruption of food, water or electricity. He senses the imposed Covid-19 rules by clueless, socialist governors is a prelude, a stage, leading to more fascist changes and destruction of the successful capitalist society the Americans have.

    Selco knows from first-hand experience that the USA could devolve rapidly into every family for themselves. He has not suggested there will be a civil war, although the likelihood is increasing with more Presidential orders. Selco recognizes that, just like in 1773-1775, there is 3-6% of the population that are not sheep and will not tolerate loss of their rights under the US Constitution.

    Like most Americans, Selco doesn’t know how far Dementia Joe’s Socialist administration can push America before they give him the English King George III special treatment. Bejing-Owned Joey moved from his Delaware basement to the White House living quarters. His girlfriend Nancy is bunkered in on Capitol Hill now. She used to think she could do what she wanted with impunity. Now, she’s scared, hence the troops and concertina wire.

    Selco’s not thinking Red vs. Blue. In my home state, only the cities are mixed red/blue, mostly blue, but the other 150+ counties are Red, Red, Red. The blue cities have the population density along with the crime & social unrest. Civil War in the US with traditional Red vs Blue is old school thinking and ignores technology & asymetric warfare. Nightly, Seattle is an example of how it starts. The Right continues to keep its powder dry while selected Left groups riot for fictitious Social Justice Warrior (SJW) causes, destroying businesses, attacking the weak, and assaulting government buildings until the local P.D. shows up.

    What will be the Trigger for the next stage? A trial verdict deemed unjust? Rioters entering residential neighborhoods and attacking residents & homes? One of Dementia Joe’s orders? Congress banning firearm ownership? Taxing your car mileage? Open Borders? Illegal Alien crime event? Illegal Alien Gang event? Required Covid-19 passports to travel, work or attend school? Universal Basic Income for the unskilled, losers of the Republic? Teacher Unions refusing to reopen schools in large Blue cities?

  • Dear Selco,

    Yes, it must be frustrating to feel that your hard-earned knowledge and writings are floating out into a sea of denial. Sheeple will be sheeple, will they not?

    But please know that I read and reflect on everything you write. I don’t have anyone to talk with about what is REALLY happening. Everyone I know here in Canada is lining up to get their vaccines and they’re all so HAPPY about it…”What a relief!” they say…..

    Your writings are like a lifeline to what I can feel in my gut….it’s coming. You have helped me become better prepared mentally and to understand how bad things can get. I am grateful for what I have already learned from you. I hope you keep writing, when you can find the time. I could probably use a bit more help with the part after the camping trip is over…!!!

  • I was a 11B2P in Vietnam in ’68 so I know a lot about squad tactics and living in combat conditions in mountain jungles. What I learned is you need friends. I’d rather have 5 neighbors armed with bolt action 22s then one neighbor armed with a M 60. You have to stand watch and you have to move. That is impossible to do on your own. In SoCal, water is a choke point and likely, if antifa or the government blow the supply lines, you will have to move. Make friends, Join local churches, network, make friends. Good luck (and don’t make any on line threats – many are watching and they ain’t your friend so “istMarine” don’t put threats in the mouths of others. It makes you look like a agent provocateur or a drunk.)

    • We began to organize/prep as a small neighborhood group when Obummer started the race war. We have a basic outline of job duties, first of which is defense. Everyone has chores that are tailored to their skill set. Two large gardens for fresh produce and a stockpile of long term storage foods. As hubs and I have the biggest dungeon and the dry goods, we are the PX. Our castle will be the most protected and we have set up plans to rapidly booby-trap entrances that cannot be defended 24/7. One entrance will be guarded and has a bullet-resistant covering. Family and friends know we are prepared and also know that if they show up, they will have to earn their keep. I am having second thoughts about allowing anyone who voted for Peepad/Kneepad to join our community. I suspect if SHTF scenario arises, my soul will dictate my actions in that regard. If they accept responsibility for their role in the current state of affairs, the community will decide if they stay/go.

  • Selco is right. We can see it from here. Things are deteriorating quicker than we know and disintegration will accelerate beyond the ability of anyone to stop — even the PTB who are enjoying the chaos they’ve created. They are rubbing their evil hands with glee in anticipation of the time when Most People will cry out for their solutions in desperation. The point of prepping it to be able to put off desperation for as long as possible. We must accept the future before it gets here so we don’t waste anytime wondering wot happened.

    During the isolation this past year I’ve learned to be content without society. When I’ve had opportunity to be with friends its as if no time had passed at all. Good friends are just that way. But depending on others just is not a good idea in SHTF. Drawing closer to my Maker helps me reconcile with what is lacking elsewhere.

  • William the Resolute is spot on. What is happening has been planned for a long time and China is the major force behind it here in the US as far as I’m concerned as a longtime China watcher. We are in for some serious times and Beijing Biden is the prop to make all Xi’s wishes come true. Here’s an 8 minute video on the subject that is definitely worth sharing as an insight as to what is being planned for us. Today’s clash in Oregon’s capitol is just one more example:

  • I read the comments and wonder sometimes what fantasy planet some people live on.
    Growing up in NYC and now living on a homestead surrounded by farms and McMansions a mere 70 miles (commuting distance) to that same NYC– I have seen a lot. Riding the subway to school in the 1970’s, blackouts and riots, bricks thrown at a bus for no apparent reason–people get frightened and panic. Panicked people are dangerous–just ask a lifeguard.
    Flip side, neighbors will often astound you with generosity and assistance.
    So I have a thousand suggestions I could make but here’s the main one– get off your computer and your ever widening butt and do SOMETHING every day. For example, remember that Farmer’s Market in town you made fun of because the veggies were weird and a little more expensive than the crap they flew in from CA? Find that damn local farmer, if he/she survived the market closing and get a CSA share. Yup, give them money upfront so they can survive and you can eat. And meet people who actually can grow the food you’ll need or give you tips on growing your own.
    Go to the library, or church, or fire department and give a little volunteer time; you’ll be surprised at the neighbors you’ll meet and the connections you’ll make and the way getting your head and out of your own little fantasy fear fest will make you feel.
    People in need locally are not mindless zombies ready to attack, but sometimes just neighbors who hit hard times. And boy, do they become allies when there’s a call to arms. Seen it first hand. They might not have financial resources to throw at problems but feel great to be able to give back and participate when manpower (excuse me, people power) is what’s needed.
    Look, I have never been in truly dire circumstances (unless an hour on the NYC subway with no lights, movement or info counts)–most of you haven’t either–so don’t pretend you know what will go down. Live the real life God has given you now and do your best to prepare to take care of those you’ve been entrusted to take care of…then reach a little further to quietly be able to help others beyond that group.
    Oh yeah, no matter what–stay GRAY. You didn’t think I was an idiot–did you?

    • Good Points! It hit me not long ago that I had become extremely isolated. If it was not for my new church family I would have continued that trend.
      Getting off my butt has never been a problem more so now that I am working like a madman to get my homestead finished: the projects don’t seem to end! I have learned you will find the time: especially when it is important. Make the time before it’s critical or just flat too late. Make a list of things that need to get done and prioritize them.
      Giving back means putting yourself out there…which is a good thing because there are always people who need help whether it’s a large or small ask.
      I try to never minimize what anyone can bring to the table in my circle of friends and like minded individuals. Sometimes just a kind word or gesture from them means the most. Often it’s what I really needed to keep driving on. Suffice to say I am not a happy go lucky guy, but this year I have learned some very harsh lessons which forced me to more humble…it was a hard pill to swallow. Humility is something I have to work at a lot..I am simply too prideful.
      Thanks for your post! I learn a lot from people here… even if I don’t agree with what is said. Got to acknowledge we are a woke…just the not the wrong kind off woke!

    • I survived the same period of NYC that you did also still live outside of it, I do not share your optimism though I am not going to try to start Mad Max either, from what I seen it reminded me of a lighter version of FerFal/TheModernSurvivalist description of the Argentinian currency collapse. They may not have been kidnapping people but you did get the sense that some thug could get away with literally murder, Angry Prepper just the other day said it was getting back to the point where people are having sex openly on the streets again. That one statement tells me all I need to know I just hope they stay with sex and not go on to robbery and murder. I guess Madonna can now go back to the NYC she missed oboy.

  • Wow. Never saw SHTF coming in such comparison. Quite possibly the best article EVER on the subject.

  • Selco — Thanks for this!
    Thanks also to all you who left comments. Excellent points to ponder (for the most part). I appreciate your perspectives, truly!!

  • SELCO is wrong,THIS coming WAR will be worse then he saw,every trick that can be imagined will be pulled on america ,right down to the use of NUCLEAR weapons on the cities,THE LORD SAYS “DO NOT BE INVOLVED IN THE COMING RACE WAR”.ITS just to burn up your ammo so you can’t fight the INVASION,you’ll need every round you can get,IF you’ve taken the snake venom vaccine,YOUR SCREWED,when they turn on the 5-G satilites you’ll be done right then and NO LONGER ABLE TO FIGHT,GET you all the supplies you can…

    • “ITS just to burn up your ammo”

      dude, there’s so much ammo out there I don’t think anyone will survive long enough to use it all.

  • I live away from cities by lifelong preference. I’m pushing 75 but still learning. A winters food is pretty standard for a gardener who preserves natures bounty from harvest to harvest. I encourage and help my neighbors to learn and do so they will have experience and knowledge. As for prepping. It n ages since to plan ahead for possibilities but know that a fire, war, or government can wipe it out and you may have to walk away. In that case you need the prep of a few well chosen items you can carry and knowledge that can help you stay calm and survive.
    At 21 I lived in the woods along for 10 months. I had 1 change of clothing, a pocket knife and half a book of paper matches. But I knew campcraft, foraging, could always figure out directions, and had been taught to figure out how to do things. Id also memorized hundreds of Bible verses and songs so I was never board, could encourage myself, and sing from joy or make some joy.
    At 70+ I doubt I could do it alone again but I’d be an asset to a small group or family.
    I hate the idea of what looks to be ahead but ill keep learning, work hard to stay healthy and fir, keep adding to the garden and “wild” edibles growing here. I’ll keep we p helping a few good neighbors too. Not to expect a big return but just because its the right thing to do while it can be done.

  • After reading the article again a day later I now kind of get another point that was lost upon me the first time i read it, I think what Selco is also driving at is worrying too much about the conspiracies and politics of the situation when at the end it is not helping you PREPARE what is coming. When the enemy is at your gates you do not go discussing the fine points of Nazism or Marxism, you plan strategy, tactics and logistics on how to DEFEND from it. Too much talk about their politics or conspiracies and not enough on HOW THE FUCK YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE THIS SHIT! I have a friend who is like that and I keep telling the person “Ok now you know all this tell me how the fuck are you going to survive it!”. Of course sometimes one does get fatigued and I guess it is a good distraction to complain about the Man but you have prepare. Selco is saying now that the shit is going to get deep, maybe it has in the Balkans here it is a bit less so but then how some of the masses react to the summer, supply chains and the markets seems to be the determining factors right now if we are going to either Ferfal’s situation or Selco’s total Mad Max. I do listen intently to everything Selco’s says in fact I am a paid member of his web site and only came here because Selco came here (no offense to Daisy besides I like the part that she is organic, ) I did not come here the play role playing games, I came here to survive though wargaming is a part of it especially if you never been in a situation like Selco’s, you do have to try to game these scenarios so you can prepare. We however are now veterans of supply shortages, civil unrest and fascistic government overreach so we are STARTING to get idea. Some of us are just trying to get a break from the stress so when it does get extremely real we are mentally prepared as humanely possible. Take your breaks when you need them Selco some of us have quietly listened and are waiting for the “enemy” who or whatever that might turn out to be.

  • Sadly, I think there is some truth in this… People are tired and starting to realize that things may not being going back to pre-covid ever. All this talk about it being the third wave before the first wave ever even happens or finishes, it is frustrating to watch. Opsec should ramp up now. My goal is for people to be worried I will show up on their door looking for help…

  • Every place is different while situations may be the same. Some will fare better than others simply due to, as those in real estate say “location, location, location.” Those who are trapped in the mega cities (I call them that because of there are MILLIONS of people in them) they are going to be the worst off. The suburbs will still be bad but only after the cities run out of resources. Population density is a huge factor. Where I live, that’s not such a concern. My entire county has less the 9K people. Our county seat (largest population) has less than 3K. Now, when the survivors out of that 3K can’t find food, they will begin to travel out into the rural area where we live. By that time, there will be no gas to drive the 17 miles through hilly country so they will have to walk. They will not be at their peak performance levels at that time and after a march from there to here, they are going to be totally buggered. The next thing they will come across are road blocks at the bridges (great choke points!) They can’t go around through the bottoms, TRUST me. So, unless you know the logging roads (which are NOT on a map) there will be no way in or out except those bridges. This little area is old and filled with farmers, people who raise livestock, vets of different rank and services, electricians, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, herbalists, Paramedics, horse trainers, seamstresses..etc..etc. and I would say that 95% of these people grow a garden every year and freeze or can their produce. I will say that some do better than others … I’m HORRIBLE at it but I can trade if needs be. I’ve stored up non food items that I can trade to fill in the gaps of my lack of garden production. I’ll be growing Soapberry trees for when the soaps run out. (Need to get those in the ground!) but I’ve got fruit trees that others don’t have. I have peach and apple while others have plums, figs and pears. The population of our little community (has never been big enough to be a town, much less a city) is less than 50 people. All of us are related in one way or another down the line. So, places like ours will not have the same issues as that other places have. We’ll still have issues, just not like those who can’t grow, can’t raise, can’t hunt, can’t fish and don’t know WHO the neighbor at the end of the road is much less half a mile away. And water is no problem either. Lots of springs and clean, potable water as well as 36″ wells that can be drawn from. So again, what one needs to do, learn, etc. all depends on WHERE you are and who is around you.

  • Selco,
    Thank you from the heart that you speak of reality. Yours is the voice I listen to when I seek the truth of situations.
    It’s a hard learning curve for so many (and about to get much harder). I have never experienced the hard facts of a grim reality but I am learning at an accelerated rate now.
    Please don’t give up trying to speak to these difficult times…we all need affirmation occasionally.

  • Totally agree, to me it’s close to every man for himself. Sounds harsh, but it my reality. Me and my own family ultimately comes first. The “ it’s not who we are” or “ we’ll get through this together” isn’t going to fly in my world. When the s@%t hits the fan, which I believe it has, things get into survival mode.

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