A Personal Letter to Stressed Out Preppers Who Are TIRED of This Apocalypse

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Dear Friends:

2020 has certainly been quite a year so far, and a defining one for the preparedness movement. No longer are our stockpiles of rice, beans, and hand sanitizer objects that make us strange. Our stashes of TP would make us the envy of the neighborhood if, of course, anybody knew we had it.

So many of the things and beliefs that made us figures of mockery in the past are now proving their value. We’re learning, with a mixture of relief and perhaps dismay, that we weren’t so crazy after all.

When the first lockdown began, we weren’t out there emptying the shelves in the frenzied throng (even though we’re the ones who got blamed for it.) We were watchful but for the most part, comfortable with our preparations. We understood before things went sideways that extended events can result in civil unrest, crime sprees, and chaos. We realized that we could be facing shortages.

And then time went on.

And on.

And on.

This has been a year in which so many things have occurred that proved preppers have things right that it’s positively exhausting. We’ve had a pandemic, civil unrest, food shortages, increases in crime, exorbitant unemployment, and we’re facing an economic collapse, or at the very least, an economic crisis.

And we’re tired.

Maybe everyone doesn’t feel this way. Maybe you’re perfectly fine and you live on your back 40 and have been completely untouched by any of the above-mentioned crises. Maybe your finances are just fine, you never got out much anyway, and you’ve still got 8 years’ worth of food socked away to supplement the things you grow. Maybe you’re reading this as you spin goat hair into yarn from which you’ll make this year’s mittens. Maybe you have no relatives, friends, or loved ones in the path of danger. Maybe your area isn’t prone to a single natural disaster.

If this is the case, I salute you. I really do. Good for you.

But for most of us, this is not the case. A lot of us are tired.

And I mean tired.

I’m sure there will be plenty of folks in the comments who say, “Daisy Luther is such a whiner” but whatever. I’m just going to come right out and tell you how I feel about this.

This year has been difficult.

My life changed completely. The lives of people I love changed completely. I lost some people I cared for deeply to the virus. I watched people in my family frolic around blithely ignoring the virus for which they’re in a peak risk group for death. I watched my country get torn asunder by everything from the pandemic response to racial injustice to perceived insults or losses of rights. I have a family member who lives in a riot zone but due to work and finances, can’t just relocate. (Although those folks on the internet always make it sound so damned easy to just quit your job then up and move to the boondocks to raise sheep.)

I have friends who have developed such extreme political views on either side that I don’t even know what to say to them anymore. I still love them. I still know they’re good people or we wouldn’t have been friends in the first place. But what the heck, y’all?

Then we’ve got hurricanes and the worst wildfires ever in history and floods and droughts and snow in September and murder hornets and the Olympics got canceled and there was some radiation leak in Russia and police brutality, which you will say is alleged or real, depending on your personal perspective. Oh yeah, and the US Postal Service has gone to heck, a lot of kids can’t go back to school so they’re surfing the net while they’re supposed to be “distance learning” online, and Netflix is playing a child porn movie to prove that kids are getting sexually exploited. Our system is going downhill on a greasy slide.

Our presidential candidates are (in my humble opinion) like a choice between your favorite sexually transmitted infection, syphillis or gonhorrhea. And regardless of whether syphilis or gonorrhea wins, all hell’s going to break loose (or break looser because it’s already pretty freakin’ bad in a lot of places) before and after the election that may not even happen the regular way because of the pandemic.

And we preppers who were ready for an emergency are sitting here scratching our heads thinking, “Heck fire, I wasn’t actually prepared for ALL OF THE EMERGENCIES AT ONCE.”

And it’s going on and on and on.

And that’s the other thing.

This stuff is going on and on and on forever. Ad infinitum. We are still in the middle of a global viral outbreak that we don’t completely understand and lots of places are still under major restrictions. A lot of folks don’t have their jobs back and a lot never will. We have been dealing with this particular disaster since at least February and the mental toll of dealing with the restrictions, the loss of income, the isolation, and the loss of freedom has been harsh for many people. There are folks who are just plain mad that they didn’t get the apocalypse they signed up for and they haven’t gotten to shoot any marauders and quite frankly, lockdown is boring as heck.

Lots of us have family members and people in our inner circles who are chomping at the bit to get back to “normal” when things simply are not normal. We’ve got loved ones who want to head out to parties and who want to throw caution to the wind and who flat don’t give a hoot what they bring home to Grandma. We’ve got loved ones who are using this entire scenario to say how we’ve overreacted. We’ve got loved ones who still get aggravated when we bring home more toilet paper.

When we were prepping for all this stuff most of us never expected that our families who were also prepping for this stuff might not be on board with this specific scenario. We never thought we’d have to argue with children and spouses and friends and lovers about things like quarantines and masks and not eating all five years’ worth of the good snacks like Oreos in the first 6 months. We didn’t consider that we might not be able to replace our Bluetooth headsets or that we’d need them for work or that we’d have to have our offices in our homes or that our kids’ teachers might see their BB guns in their bedrooms and send the SWAT teams after us.

We can’t go to church but we can go to riots. We aren’t supposed to travel yet mysterious busloads full of “protesters” show up in other states and that’s just hunky-dory. The borders are closed except they’re not really and the restaurants can’t serve you except they can sort of and we can’t go to the beach but we can line up for a vaccine once the promised injection, untested for long-term side effects, is ready.

This is the worst apocalypse ever because it’s so dad-gum boring and it’s going on for-freaking-ever. That’s the thing that nobody warned us about. This monotony just goes on and on and on. It would be one thing if we were out there fighting for resources but in reality, we’re all just standin’ in line at Wal-Mart with our masks on waiting for our turn to get zapped with a thermometer to see if we are allowed to go inside. If it weren’t for wifi we’d all be crazy by now. Or – let’s be real for a moment – maybe it’s because of wifi so many people are crazy right now. Social media is a jungle – an outright vicious and bloody jungle – and may the most audacious mofo win because those of us who still retain our human decency are not going to be able to hang with the people out there flinging wild ungrounded insults like poop in the monkey cages at the zoo.

And folks – I hate to say it but we’re still on Round One.

We’re going to be dealing with this bizarre altered reality for quite some time. This virus ain’t over yet or if you don’t believe in the virus, then consider that this government response isn’t over yet. We’re never “getting back to normal” and we’re going to have to adapt. We’re going to have to hope our children who are going to school in personal bubbles aren’t going to have OCD and chronic anxiety for the rest of their lives. We’re going to have to learn to make do without all the imports that no longer seem to be populating stores.

We never really expected that a huge part of survival would just be waiting and adapting to the new world around us. Not this new world anyway. This isn’t one we can shoot our way out of or buy our way out of or wait our way out of.  We have to adapt to the new economy, the new precautions, and the new suspicions. We have to adapt to a different type of supply chain.  We have to move into survival mode as we watch civil unrest and riots break out in the most unlikely places, although it’s not really the survival mode we ever expected. We have to adjust to the nearly constant state of offense and unrest. We’re going to have to teach our children to be bold and fearless despite a system that wants them to be afraid. We’re going to have to forge a path through a labyrinth that is nothing like the one we expected when we began prepping for serious events because this event was so wildly unpredictable that nobody could have seen it happening the way it did.

But this is what we do.

We’re preppers. Preparing for the unexpected is our thing. Even when the unexpected is long-lasting, monotonous, boring, and stifling. Even when our family thinks we’re overreacting. Even when everything changes and things don’t get back to “normal.” Even when we’re just sitting there right on the edge of chaos wondering if today is the day that things will erupt in our neck of the woods.






The way this unfolded isn’t the disaster any of us expected but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. How well we’re able to handle it will tell us a lot about how mentally prepared we actually are. How we manage our friends, families, and expectations will help us determine how things might go in a future, more Mad-Max variety of apocalypse.

Take this as the learning experience that it is. And don’t be lulled by the boredom into a false sense of security.

Because this is not over. Not by a long shot.

Hang in there, my friends. Whether we have to pull our loved ones along by their collars, whether we have to buy our supplies and stash them away on the sly, whether we have to prepare all on our own, we have to deal with the apocalypse we’ve been given, emotionally and physically.

It’s going to be a long haul, but we’ve got this. I don’t know if you’re feeling the same way that I am, but just in case you are, I wanted you to know – you’re not alone.


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Daisy Luther

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  • Y’all gotta take this in stride. Find the balance.
    I’m still preparing so it’s not all bad. If it was I’d be using the preparations.
    We had a group meeting yesterday and accomplished PCIs. Pre Combat Inspections. Then I took my mom for her annual range time.
    Then I picked up my grandson and we played on the swing set, watched baby shark 147 times on my big screen HD tv in the recliner in climate control and gorged on nuggets and cereal. We popped a chemlight for fun and went to bed without posting an armed guard. Hardly gloom n doom though I do wear a pistol and have long guns handy but that’s been thataway always.
    BTW the chemlight was from Cash Saver for.86 cents In the Halloween display and is still kicking it this morning. Gotta run back over there today. Why? Cause I still can and we still have power n fuel to.
    Besides I haven’t got to miss a single day of work. Worst apocalypse ever.
    We’ve got a few months of turmoil left at least so y’all get your minds right. Breathe today cause I’ve no idea what tomorrow will bring.
    Stay safe.

  • Great article, Daisy. A slow burn, a boring march, a disheartening saga, a weary wander– they all describe what we’ve experienced this year. I am SO sick of wearing a mask (required by law in my state if we are in “public”) and at the same time roll my eyes when someone on a bike, riding by themselves, dutifully wears a mask. Having had surgery and enduring 3 months of physical therapy, with a mask, and breathing fire smoke has convinced me I am permanently oxygen deprived. And I’m sick of not being able to travel or to feel free to plan travel because who knows what will materialize in the next few months. Despite these things, I’ve taken the time to learn (and implement!) a plethora of new gardening, survival, and food preservation skills. I am grateful for YouTube of all things! I’ve learned to be content with making craft items out of trash and re-reading old books or magazines. I’ve learned to be thankful for the world slowing down a bit, but well-understand the plight of young families with children and the elderly who feel trapped in a nordic noir environ.

    Yesterday, I had the thought that this is all to get us ready, to get industry and supply chains and banks and schools adjusted, for what comes next. To get us used to using plastic or digital pay, to get us used to shortages, to get us used to not being mobile, to get us used to many restrictions….to get us used to the next level of dystopia. Even so, we need to find a bright light in that progression, something to look forward to, and something to hang on to. What are those bright lights? We need to be grateful for those.

    • Maybe you should be happy to be home. We had a death in the family and the funeral was 1500 miles away. We wanted to go but the timing was bad and we mad our apologies. a few days later we learned what we missed.
      1. The deceased’s nephew died the next day and tested positive for covid 19.
      2. The deceased’s sister also tested positive and managed to expose pretty much everybody else who showed up.
      3. Now most of the family is in 14 day quarantine and several have tested positive.
      4. If we had been there we would have at the least ben stuck 1500 miles from home also in quarantine and maybe positive.

      Thank GOD he kept us home.

  • Well said! Yes, these past months have been exhausting for me! Your words of encouragement and logical thinking I needed to hear.

    Thank you!

  • I read and article by Ray Dalio in Market Watch recently, where he says the economy will change in significant ways in the next 5 years. We wont be going back to the “old normal”. How to cope with the “new normal” is through education and learning new skills, and instead of hoping an old job will reappear, thinking about looking for work.

  • Very well worded. I am one of those who has a husband and kids who are on board with prepping, but I am currently hitting a wall with because of a few things. My husband is an OTR truck driver and b/c he was never in the stores themselves when the shortages hit, he doesn’t quite get how bad they were in most places. He also has zero clue how much food it takes to feed a family of four and two animals. He isn’t throwing a fit about me doing what needs done for round two, but he also doesn’t fully understand it.

    I told him he doesn’t need to understand it. He just needs to help me when I need it and stay quiet when I don’t.

    You and I – and most likely everyone else who reads your blog – know that what we are doing now is no different than what we’ve always done. We are just under a deadline now more so than we ever have been. Some are feeling it as the election approaches (btw, that might be my favorite description of the election EVER) while others are feeling the finances or unrest as their deadline. I think that in itself adds to the fatigue.

    And unfortunately that fatigue is going to contribute to a few more deaths or injuries when round two goes up and the preppers who gave into the fatigue aren’t ready.

    • {You and I – and most likely everyone else who reads your blog – know that what we are doing now is no different than what we’ve always done. We are just under a deadline now more so than we ever have been. }

      Absolutely! I do feel the fatigue, but because I started this pandemic on the tail end of a different disaster that sapped my strength and resources. But this comment about feeling a deadline is the thing that keeps me up at night. I feel it. I have no way to find more resources and am sooo slowly building back up.
      The gut instinct is kicked into high gear. But most people and family in my life would think I’ve lost it if I discussed my feeling and preps because of it. It feels like there’s something worse on the horizon. The ominous clouds are still white and fluffy, but there’s static in the air.

      • I too feel the same as you with the static in the air! and am on the tail end of another disaster as well. a year ago we had lost most everything in a flood, stuff I had been putting back for years and it happened so fast that we were lucky to get out with what we did and we went back to get what we could. people being people made it hard to get much out, disaster brings out the best in some and the worse in others! Dry boxes are not so dry under six feet of water and mud! God works in ways that are beyond my comprehension! that’s for sure, as we are in a less affected area now than what we were before and some other ways as well but not so much materially. some of the ways I have counteracted this is by knowing the wild plants and animals and harvesting accordingly and preserving all of it I can. Dehydrating to me is a less costly way of storage, a dehydrator can be made fairly simple and cheap, it is easy to store and transport. learn how to make and repair whatever is needed, there is a way to build almost anything if knowledge and need are there! this is what helps me sleep at night and defiantly is not a one size fit all sleeping pill stuff runs out, goes bad, runs away but knowledge can replace stuff! I hope my rambling may help to be more than pounding on a keyboard, it is only worth the time to read it and easy for me to say as I am a craftsman at heart and have been working with my hands for most of my years but mind whoever reads this that I came to that out of necessity in the beginning! BANG HEAD HERE!!!

  • I am not tired, but I miss the option of being able to say to my wife, “Hey, lets dine out tonight!”
    Or socialize with friends at a good restaurant.
    Just having the option.

    Otherwise, we are saving a whole lot of money in fuel working from home.

    It is the younger generation whom I am more concerned for. My daughter had just graduated from college, had a good job, making good money and she liked her work. Then CV19 hit, the clients pulled back on spending and everything went downhill. She moved in with us. It is not like it is bad or anything, enjoying having her here. But rather her been able to continue on with her pre-CV19 life.
    How long will it be before there is even something that resembles the new normal? Right now it is very fluid like.
    Reading about second waves, complications from the regular flu season, more lockdowns. How many more jobs will be lost as a result of some overzealous governor or health department decides the new case rate (not death rate) is too high and lock it all down again? Note: The survive-ability rate for those under 65 is like 99.97%.

    Dont have wildfires here, but the one bright spot I read about the wildfires, the air quality was so poor in Portland OR, that for a few nights there were no riots.

    With the death of RBG (may she RIP), I didnt think it was possible for politics to get any crazier but SURPRISE! Here it is! Calls for people to get more radicalized! Fight for our lives!
    This election is going to be a hot mess.

    Meanwhile, dogs still need walked. Livestock still need watered. Eggs still need collecting. Gotta make another loaf of bread.

    • I sure agree with your thoughts!
      I am tired of mask Nazis though. What ever happened to simply minding your own business?
      This situation has created a snitch society.
      Bright spot is we are getting lots of things done around home! We are both blessed to continue to work.

      Wondering what the coming election and loss of RBG will bring.

      Keep quietly prepping.
      Thanks Daisy 🙂

    • Yep. What he said.

      I am definitely concerned about the kiddos. My daughter is taking a gap year as there is no sense sitting in a dorm room and taking online classes at a premium. My son is a HS junior and also doing online classes. Feel really bad for the HS seniors of this year who might miss out on all aspects of school traditions, and even worse for the younger kids that are missing out on the social aspects of school and the extra weight on their parents.

      I have to rely on perspective, though. As bad as the air quality is, as loud as the circus is, as off the rails as the homeless situation is, I still have a roof over our heads and food on the table. I count my blessings and there are many. I have family and friends that previously gave me grief for my preps and mindset. Lately, my wife seems to be getting a lot of: “what does Frank know?”

      The things I will say about masks are this: if there is a chance they could keep me and my family safe, then why wouldn’t I wear them? If it preserves my anonymity, then why wouldn’t I wear them? Wear one, don’t wear one. I won’t be the guy in your face either way. I may shout at the person riding their bike with a mask but not a helmet, though. I try to call them like I see them.

      Health is wealth… Avoid crowds.

        • There have always been colds. And flu. Both are coronaviruses. There are a hundred different ones.

          Masks do not do much, but if they stop germs at all, then they are concentrating on your face diaper, making it germy indeed over time. These diseases die down in April, but by December they are back. With the job loss and stress and germy face diapers, I am predicting lots of TB and pneumonia and colds and flu for a very bad winter. Most will be called COVID-19, but won’t be. And dead is dead, whether the fashionable ailment or another.

          We’re going to lose millions of people this winter BECAUSE of all the ungodly prevention measures. And because Big Medicine is so stuck on money that they kill patients with ventilators, promote remdesivir BECAUSE it is $1000 a pop, while suppressing hydroxychloroquine plus zinc even though their record is sharply better and involves hundreds of thousands of patients BECAUSE these are around $20 – $30 or so. Etc.

          I sure hope people finally wake up.

        • My daughter who works in a senior home caught a cold/flu too….even with wearing a mask, hand washing, sanitizing, gloves and a face shield and goggles she still came down. Lost almost 2 weeks of work and had to take the test before she could go back. Hubby and I, both in our mid 60’s didn’t catch a thing. On a side note, our girl lives with us so we were constantly being exposed to her germs.

  • Life is not a sprint, it is a long distance run. Given what is coming before the Election and afterward, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Read an article called ” The Coming Coup” by Michael Anton which was posted a few weeks back. Also check out Dan Bongino’s show with the same title, on utube.

    Just look at the evidence, gun sales up , ammo too, freeze dried food too. I bet most prepper sites like this one are seeing more hits. Militias are being formed and the riots go on and on and on.

    Ginsburg is dead, Nazi Pelosi is screaming Impeachment again, many on both sides are talking Civil War.


  • Thank you Daisy,

    I think there is a collective exhaustion and it weighs on every aspect of our lives including relationships. We are all tired, we all witness the world on fire, literally as well as figuratively. It seems as though politicians have either weaponized biological warfare or used a virus to oppress the masses. Political factions are imposing fascistic means to terrorize full communities. If we read about these oppression’s happening in the 17th or 18th centuries we’d be appalled, but instead we are first hand witnesses.

    In spite of this we are our own community; we prepare to the best of our ability, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We help those in our sphere of influence, and we pray for those further away. Just as the world changed forever on September 11, 2001, it will never be the same after 2020, but we will make the world the best we can for all that we love and all that we leave behind.

  • Perfectly said! I’m so tired and we were all commenting how tired we are this weekend – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every day, I keep finding the motivation and grit to keep prepping and keep getting things done while working and raising kids. It’s not easy and this year is starting to compare to the early years of my divorce and raising four little ones. Not sure how everything got done, but it did.

    Love ya and keep your spirits up! We have a trip to Hawaii to plan someday!

  • As bad as the virus may be, the real problem is the blatant overreaction by governments, mostly state and local. And they are still overreacting.
    It’s almost as if they intended to kill our economy. (They wouldn’t do that, would they? hmmm)
    Other than a few shortages, (not toilet paper LOL), it hasn’t effected us too much.
    All we can do is keep on keepin’ on.

  • Daisy, since I’ve found your website I cannot tell you how much info I have learned. I feel like I have always been “slightly” preparing for the SHTF events to happen, but your articles and the others you post have helped me to the next levels and beyond. I now sense some big frustration from you and it is obvious as to why. We are living in the craziest of times. As preppers, all we can do is wake up each morning, try to smile and deal with ANY, and I mean any situation that comes our way. Try and have some fun along the way, enjoy the ones we love and smile. Life is a trip and no one gets out alive.

  • Saw a shirt yesterday that cracked me up. It read ‘ALCOHOL (noun) the glue that keeps the 2020 sh*tshow together.’ I rarely drink, but I certainly do understand the sentiment.

    Being glad I was somewhat prepared, the the thing that has helped me the most is comedy. There were a few weeks there if I didn’t laugh, I’d just cry. Thank goodness for Jeff Dunham and Walter for their public service announcements (No, you can’t kill your spouse) and Fluffy.

  • I loved this rant. I loved the pic. It is exactly how I am feeling. Like this keeps droning on and on and we are the exhausted wrestlers in the ring hanging on each other like it’s the 12th round and like you said Round 1 isn’t even over. I have no endurance. My apocalypse muscles are flabby. Could I turn back time and really get my heart and brain in top condition. Oh I think maybe I’ll just not take myself and ANYONE ELSE to seriously and learn to laugh more often. I am not gonna figure myself out of this maybe I can laugh my way out.

  • I feel this way exactly. An odd boredom. We didn’t get our Superbowl of an apocalypse. We got a slow day of golf. It’s almost disappointing, isn’t it?

    I realize some things now, though. I was guilty of shopping just to get out. That has stopped. I miss being able to go see my family. That is truly painful. I am grateful that I found the prepping life when I did. As difficult as this year has been, it would have been so much worse if I was starting from zero putting my preps together. And I am trying to redirect some of my energy away from reacting to what we’re living through and toward some projects that I can look back on with a sense of accomplishment. I have started a quilt for my granddaughter, I am completing a frustrating but still darn good gardening year, and I am working on a general lightening of the load around here to prepare for an eventual downsizing.

    I am apprehensive about what the next months will look like, but I am determined to not let outside influences define me. I don’t want to look back at this time and feel my main activity was hand-wringing. Your letter is very well timed as far as my life is concerned as I have spent the past week or so thinking about my reaction to the slow-drip apocalypse and how I want to move forward.

    Best to you.

  • Mark Twain once said “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” If history is a lens through which we may view the future, then we can expect the chaos and civil unrest to become much worse going forward as we enter the terminal decline stage of our American Empire.

    We are now at the commencement phase of a violent conflict foreseen by such luminaries as Peter Turchin, who stated “We are rapidly approaching a historical cusp, at which the U.S. will be particularly vulnerable to violent upheaval”, and that societal crises can typically last for five to 15 years. Whether that upheavel will be a Communist Revolution and Counter-Revolution, or a Second Civil War, and more importantly — who wins — remains to be seen.

    Steel yourselves Preppers, as the tribulations are just beginning. The days ahead will be marked by chaos and trepidation. Brother will turn against brother, father against son. Neighbors against neighbors. There will be no Mason-Dixon demarcation line. Instead the fighting will be street by street, house to house. All of your preparations will be put to the test. Nothing you have done to prepare yourselves and your families will have been done in vain. You should be accelerating your preps, pedal to the floor, in these last months before the real chaos starts.

    It is my opinion that not enough Patriots are awakening to our dire situation fast enough to save The Republic. The Barbarians are not only pounding on the gates, they are already inside of the gates. Illegal immigrants have been pouring in for decades as the result of an increasingly open border policy that is swinging the vote in favor of Leftists who seek nothing less than the total destruction of American Values and of America itself — to be re-molded using a Communist autocratic formula which has failed time and time again throughout history. The Long March of Communism through our institutions, schools, and halls of government is nearly complete, with decisive players in key positions within our government and military. Now several generals are even speaking openly about a military coup at the conclusion of the 2020 Election.

    The erasure and revision of our history is fully supported by the Leftist media — spearheaded by The New York Times 1619 Project’s villification of our forefathers and founders of this great nation. Our places of worship and statues of saints are being desecrated and destroyed as the cities burn.

    The conflict is coming, it cannot be reversed. It is here, now. At its beginning. The question now becomes one of the manner in which conservatives will be marched into the FEMA Camps by today’s Democratic Socialists. Will the Democrats disarm us as the National Socialist Worker’s Party did to the citizenry in Germany in the 1930’s to prevent any possible resistance to the later murder of millions? Or is the recent surge in gun sales indicative of the American Citizen’s intuitive apprehension of where things are headed?

    ONLY YOU can prevent TYRANNY. Every extra can of food that you store, the ham radios you buy, the training you seek, the preparations you make will determine the outcome of the war. No one is coming to save you and your family. YOU and your neighbors must band together to defend freedom.

    History is written by the victors. It does not matter if you are tired. Get up and stand up. Push forward. Think of the sacrifices made by thousands of Americans who gave their lives defending freedom. Maximum preparation is needed RIGHT NOW to ensure that future generations of Americans may speak, worship, and arm themselves freely in the age to come.

    A Republic, if You Can Keep It.

    • First, thank you Daisy. Well said!

      Second, I agree Mark. We should act now as if our lives and of those we love depend on it. Because it does. Right now. It’s not too late to prepare until it’s too late. Now is a good time for folks to learn how to be productive in a life-, family-, and community-enhancing way. Otherwise, odds are not favorable as the future reveals her secrets.

    • We, my husband and I totally agree with this sentiment. Only We, the People and our God can save us against the coming tide.
      Thank you

    • Yes! Petal to the metal.
      *Mentally, we are in the midst of the hands-on course.
      *Physically, eat better, eat less, and move more. Your life may depend on it.
      *Reread the constitution and amendments. Just so you know when the wool is being pulled over your eyes.
      *Prepare what you can every day. There will be plenty of time for resting up later. Work now, avoid panic later.
      *Buy a couple decks of cards and get a book on different rules. Have them for the real waiting period. You can thank me later.
      *Pray. Pray. Pray.

  • All so true! I feel your angst! I always thought of myself as a strong woman, and thus was unprepared for the mental struggle these last 8 months have brought. I vacillate between feeling angry and pissed off at the powers that be for restricting my freedoms, to feeling sad and in mourning for the loss of my country as I have known it all my life! I was also unprepared for the great chasm that would open up between family and friends as we have reacted to unfolding edicts and events. I am sick of commercials telling us that we are “more together than ever” as we sit alone in our confinement. I fear for the children, as society tortures them with masks and isolation. Current events have forced me to my knees in prayer….doing my best to let it go and give it to God! But it is a daily struggle. We will keep on keeping on despite it all, but you are right…it makes one very, very tired!

    • I understand Linda. If I hear one more commercial telling me that we are all in this together or that they are here for me, I’m going to loose it. We aren’t all in the same boat. Maybe the same ocean, but definitely not the same boat.

  • Lot of things happened were positive. Did have toilet paper when needed. The power hasn’t gone out yet! The masks I got for a nuclear attack came in handy, don’t know if enough left if we do have nuclear attack. Have soap and water, use it rather than sanitizer as some of that is toxic!! Which kind I can’t tell.
    A care giver for my daughter came down with Covid-19 or is it SARS-2 or is the virus from WH0, or is it 6ft or 3ft. Thank goodness my daughter and our household didn’t get it so far. Will be tested for antibodies next week, don’t know whether I hope I am positive, and if so is the test reliable?????
    Some folks in our community were waiting in line for testing, had filled out papers awaiting to get nose jammed and a thunderstorm came up. Quite a few went home- 4-5 days later they were told they were positive!!! We are in a community in N.C. where everyday they reported new cases and why they had to close schools, about once a month they reported how many had recovered. Never a chart of the trends unless increasing, which of course they did for a few weeks as more people went out, got tested and went to some sort of school. All this to say that many of the concerns mentioned
    by Daisy and Selco definitely went through my mind in the last few months. I have faith in God,and he knows our days ” from the foundation of the world’ and wants the best for us, yet like the ant we are told to prepare. Daisy, have you ever been called an ant? Sounds like the national legal system is likely to be sorely tried between now and Jan 20. Oh yes we are not in Kansas anymore we may be in Kenosha!! Well have to go, need to test run my generator, a check my supply of baby wipes. Love to
    y’ all (N.C.)

  • This is one of the most over looked and seldom mentioned areas of prepping: Mental exhaustion.
    Some Preppers are realists, they see what coming and getting prepared, but a lot more are Fear driven Preppers. Mental exhaustion s a potential problem for every Prepper, but more so for Fear driven Preppers.
    After only 9 months of this, many Preppers are already at wits end. SHTF will last for years( or longer, maybe decades) and be 10,000 times, worse.
    So what are we to do?

    Self awareness is a start.
    Who are you? What drives you to Prep? A fear of ; Death, Hunger, Injury, or what?
    Why do you exist? What do you have to live for,( survive for)?

    Stress reduction programs might be another good start. Like meditation for example.

    Another is to study what emotion drives you to Prep. This may be a need or a fear.
    Understanding what drives you, will give you insight into what creates your stress. Which you can then look at targeting that stress and reducing or removing it. Often there is more that one, so you will have to tackle them, one by one.

    A change of outlook can be helpful. Become a fatalist.
    Let the chips fall where they may ( ie Fate) and quit trying to control things, that are beyond your control.
    This does not negate Prepping. You Prep to control the things that you can (or some what can control) and allow Fate (or God, as mentioned below) to deal with the rest.
    Religion is a great friend in times like these. You can turn what you can not control over to God and trust him, to carry you through.

    Another thing is: What is your purpose for survival? What is your purpose in life?
    Many people exist with no clear purpose in mind. People who have a real, definable purpose have a lot better mental stability and a better chance of surviving.

    When we look at the increase of suicides among the general population during the lock downs. You should begin to understand how big the problem of your mental state is, in regards to your long term survival.
    Now is the time to get it under control.

    If you can’t handle this pandemic, you will never handle SHTF.
    In many ways a proper mental state is far more important, that having any Preps at all. This is what defines survivors, from non survivors, in emergencies or survival situations.

  • Meh – everything’s great! I just turned on the TV to see if I could get the status of the Bobcat fire which I can see clearly from my back patio. No information, but the NFL is on the air, so I guess everything is JFP.

  • Well said, Daisy. I pray for endurance for myself, and I pray for the well being of my children and grandchildren.
    To quote my best friend who passed away 6 years ago, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

  • In 1911 the US Army adopted a mandatory vaccination program. In the Spring of 1918 the Rockefeller Institute couldn’t resist supplying their poorly tested horse vaccine to that army of captive guinea pigs that couldn’t say no, which immediately began to get sick starting in Ft Riley, Kansas. After that vaccine was also shipped to several foreign countries, the ultimate death count grew to somewhere between 50 and 100 million people worldwide. The German army suffered more deaths from that disease than from combat. When Germany sent investigators to America in the early 1920s to learn what on earth had happened, our medics said “Well, our experiments got out of hand.” And of course to this day, government school history books maintain the lie that the cause of that global plague was the mysterious “Spanish Flu” instead of having the guts to hold the Rockefeller Institute criminally accountable.

    In the 1950s the Salk vaccine was developed to combat polio. It was administered to grade school kids as red drops of liquid onto sweet tasting sugar cubes. I’m reading reports today that it caused a horrendous number of new cases of polio.

    By the 1980s the pharmaceutical industry was paying out billions to victims of deadly vaccines, so in 1986 they got an exemption in federal law from ever having to pay such compensation again. In 2010 the Rockefeller organization was theorizing how to handle a global pandemic, and in the fall of 2019 Bill Gates funded a simulation of such a pandemic. And now Trump is saying that a vaccine (that traditionally requires between 5 and 10 years to test for safety) may be available in weeks, while the electronic engineer (who for Bill Gates developed the tracking chip that goes into your body with such a vaccine) was horrified when he learned what Gates’ intended use for that chip would be.

    With a government that has over a century of being congenitally dishonest, what could possibly go wrong…?

    At the same time, the Federal Reserve’s institutionalized system of money counterfeiting has blown the largest financial credit bubble in world history, and some argue that the plandemic is being used as cover for the collapse of that bubble, and that hyperinflation (which robs the money you’ve earned and saved of its purchasing power — like the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, or today’s Venezuela) may be a likelihood. Section 19 of the 1792 US Coinage Act once mandated the death penalty for such counterfeiting. By the time that such counterfeiting was turned into a permanent funding source for government wars by the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, most memory of that early understanding of the horrors of currency destruction had been lost.

    So today with the possibility of medical rape by government (a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code [that mandates “informed consent”] for which we either executed or imprisoned Nazi doctors), injection of what some might label a lifelong electronic “mark of the beast” under one’s skin (as a modern day replacement for the forearm ID tattoos the Nazis forced onto Jews) that could have the potential of being used as tracking for an all digital cashless economy (where government, banking, and the IRS could have ultimate knowledge and control over your spending, saving, and instant taxation), plus the destruction of global food supplies and supply systems … what could possibly be worth worrying about??? How about a combination of being broke, starving, sick or even permanently crippled … for whatever life under tyranny is left — in the face of a globalist obsession for depopulation?

    I begin to understand much better the famous quote from Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919) who said it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


  • Yes! Not only do I feel tired, I feel helpless and confused. Even though I’m ready for WW5, it just feels like I’ve not got any stuffing left.

    There seems to be a kind of repeated assault on our freedoms that is starting to personally feel like battery. Second verse same as the first, a little bit faster and a little bit worse. It’s all kind of a mental agonizing, as in how do we keep absorbing the absurdities and fending off the political and social extortionists? How to hang on to sanity when stuck in an insane asylum?

    It. Is. Exhausting. Emotional and mental fitness needs to be exercised. That kind of fitness may not be our first choice when we’re prepping. But we have to create our own stability when reaching for solutions to boredom. Seriously, it may just prove how much we are dialed into the news just to find out what happens next. We may be on that roller coaster called The Law of Diminishing Returns.

  • I really appreciate your perspective. We are past a quarter of a million excess deaths in this country, so I’m pretty frustrated with people who want to call the virus a hoax. Whatever your views on politics or epidemiology, a quarter of a million deaths is something we have to face up to. If it’s not covid, it’s sure as heck something, and we can’t pretend that normal is right around the corner.

    I’m happy that we have better treatments and proven public health guidance to reduce the spread and severity. There are very loud voices calling for kids to all be back in school and all businesses to be fully open, but these tend to be the same people who refuse to keep their distance, avoid large gatherings and wear a mask. You can’t have it both ways. The county next to mine can trace nearly all their cases, including a death, to a graduation party :(.

    I’m keeping my pantry deeply stocked, and I have a small freezer that is full and taped shut, because that’s what will keep us fed if/when we get quarantined or, God forbid, sick.

    I’m feeling pretty bored. Not that I ever had a huge social life, but I was accustomed to visiting the big city for a concert or a museum every six or eight weeks, and I miss the change of scenery. I hope we can work together to get through this with as little further loss of life and livelihood as possible.

  • Daisy this is why I love your blog, your personality shines right through. For me , having two kiddo’s with autism , who don’t like to socialise, go shopping or eat out as made it a little easier with lockdown. We’ve been in stage 4 lockdown for months now . We can only leave home to get food shopping once a day within a 5 km limit and exercise was once a day and been allowed to twice a day. All shops except supermarkets are closed to customers, except click and collect & delivery orders.
    Everyone is tired of it here too . And I’ve had a hard time with prepping , with limited chance to continue to prep , and anything I’ve brought from overseas hasn’t made it through customs. The reason I prep is the kiddos , I couldn’t imagine taking the kiddos to the supermarket when people are stressed and panic buying, my preps really have saved us more than once . But still my parents think I’ve drank the koolaid . I now no longer encourage them to stock up. They think prepping is like a cult . Seriously Im a single mum, I’m trying to just look after my kiddos and keep us in a good position. I really think this will be like a marathon. Good luck & stay safe everyone !

  • Don’t worry, things WILL get worse and they most likely will evolve to the place you all expected an apocalypse to be…The important thing is to keep on preparing and not get discouraged and pretend like this pandemic and other issues are over–they’re not! My pandemic preps were intended to help us sail through the fall and winter months without getting sick. But, we’ve had fires come close enough that the air quality was abysmally poor. At one point I wondered just how close the fires would come and whether we would be safe. We are. But I have concluded that while we may have to sail through winter, I will keep prepping if I can. Thanks for painting a very clear picture of how many of us are feeling.

  • In some ways it IS boring .But like you said some of us can’t tell that much different from our former life. It was exciting to have friends and relatives say you were so right about the toilet paper thing,(I told them to stockup when the Venezuela thing happened) I am really too busy preparing for what is coming next to be bored. I am slightly crazed now that I know we are really on the edge in USA. I am canning, filling in supplies, in a slightly panicked way . I don’t argue with anyone who doesn’t get it. They are hopeless till things get worse and I can’t help them. The virus is real no doubt but the response was and is overreaction. The CDC admitted there is no actual evidence that anyone can spread the virus two weeks before you have symptoms. As a nurse I knew it wasn’t true because NOTHING else can be spread a two weeks before you get it. If the mask was all about safety once the hospital demand got caught up they would have made N95 and N100 masks for the public. This virus bad as it is is being used for political reasons. THAT is the scary part . What are they planning next ? People that burn down cities and properties then say it is fine and peaceful and are dismantling the police are not harmless. And much of the public refuse to see the truth due to fear and normalcy bias. And because they would never do anything that evil think no one else would either. That is how evil gets away with it! Anyway if your health is compromised are you are 70 or older wear a mask when your relatives come. and stay home till the worst is over of the virus. To the rest of you THINK!!

  • Agree 100% with all of your points. I have learned that all you can control is yourself and your responses. Thank you for your thoughts.

  • Well said, Daisy. It seems that a lot of us are feeling this way.

    And of course, on top of all the “apocalypse” events are the normal
    “life happens” events; for us it was a couple of hospitalizations
    (unrelated to Covid-19), and because we recently retired we have
    to make a long-distance move to keep our expenses down. For a while
    we kidded ourselves that we’d do it “once the vaccine is ready, any
    day now”, but then we finally accepted that no magic vaccine is
    coming next week, next month, or even this year. Financially we
    just can’t wait for a vaccine, and paradoxically, realizing that gave
    us more of a feeling of control. Yeah, this is a really crummy
    time to be moving, but we have to do it and we can handle it. We’ll
    get through this. (Having a strong marriage really helps here.)

    Another thing I’d suggest is to focus on the long-term. We want to
    travel so we research places we want to see, even if it might be quite
    a while before we can go there. I’ve even made some (small) long-term
    investments that are unlikely to pay off in less than 5-10 years, because
    that reinforces my conviction that the world will still be here then. We
    are going to have a future, and if we look forward to it we can put our
    energy into making it a good future.

  • This is the year where anything goes. A pandemic that can be very scary, especially for those of us over 60 with under laying conditions. My husband is retiring next week, which brings both joy and fear. I worry about whether social security will continue to be there for the rest of our lives. We have retirement savings but would rather use that as an emergency fund, not as our primary income.

    We are in the midwest and thought we were safe from hurricanes until the derecho hit this summer. Our East Coast is facing more hurricanes than ever before. Our West Coast is on fire with some of the deadliest fires ever. The middle of the country has been through floods and drought over the last year. A lot of people don’t believe in climate change, but both the hurricanes and fires show that something is happening. Last spring when everyone was on quarenteen, LA has the cleanest air it hs seen in many decades.

    The republicans hate the democrats; the democrats hate the republicans. We have a president who wants to cancel the election because he doesn’t like his opponent. Guess what, political rivals are not supposed to like each other. If you liked your opponent, would there really be a reason to run for office. You are running because you think you can do a better job than your opponent.

    We are going through almost a revolution of thought process about race. We are reforming our police so they won’t assume that because of your race you are plotting to do something wrong. It’s kind of like the old question “when did you stop beating your wife?” There is no way to easily recover.

    Our children are either doing distance learning or they are in a classroom that is vastly different than the past. The things kids liked best about school… friends and socialization… aren’t happening. Luckily our youth are adaptable and flexible and when they are able to go back to school things will be fine. Different but fine.

    As someone posted, our lives changed after 9/11 back in 2001 and we adapted just fine. The difference this time is the divisions in our country and the lack of someone who will say “give it time, we will get through this.” We don’t know what will happen to jobs. Many jobs won’t return, other jobs may be created, other people will find a new path to follow.

    I’m tired of the phrase “new normal”. Yes, our way of life from early 2020 is over. We aren’t sure when this series of criseses is over and what life will look like. Will parts of our East Coast be forever changed due to the hurricanes? I remember my college geology professor saying about several islands in the Chesapeake Bay and the outer banks of North Carolina “if a hurricane can make it, a hurricane can take it.” After all the hurricanes, will parts of the coast be underwater? The West Coast will deal with it’s fires and loss of so many homes and too many lives like they always have. Somehow the entire country will learn to survive with the loss of so many jobs by creating new jobs. We will be strong and we will be fine, just different. Maybe even the democrats and republicans will learn to respect each other. Maybe not, that seems like just too much to hope for.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Daisy.
    And to Matt in Oklahoma: I love that you are finding joy in the simple pleasures and I’m inspired to bust open some glow sticks just for fun. ????

  • Much to our uncomfortable dismay, we all get exactly what we individually and collectively deserve (Allow). We need not understand gravity to be at it’s mercy, and the GRAVITY of EVERY choice we make, consciously or unwittingly has a RESULT or outcome. There are only victims of ignorance to this universal law, as there are collective and collateral consequences as well as individual ones.
    Like attracts like, suggests complaining is very dangerous to one’s future happiness.

  • Really good insights into how people are feeling.
    This is a “long haul” thing. Being mentally prepared for that is important.
    Great reminder for people.

    Hugs to you and your family Daisy.

  • Daisy and everyone, thank you for the article and comments, respectively. I have been getting so tired so early in the evening lately. Spend most of my time getting my backup stash up to speed. Glad to know my fatigue isn’t age related but the stress we are all living in.

  • Great article Daisy. Thank you for being here and helping me to sort of stay sane in an insane world. I am also very tired of this mess that we are in. Having to wear a mask at work is really getting to me. I have had enough.
    I have begun prepping and making sure that we have enough food and medical supplies and other such things that we might need. It’s not over by a long shot and the people in this country need to be ready.

  • Darned if you didn’t hit the nail on its head! I have been considered essential so never stopped working. I went ‘numb’. Made sure we were taken care of. Shook my head at those who went all hoarder

    I am burned out. I am glad I was prepared. Trying to stay that way.

  • Somehow this is the type of prep scenario I have considered ‘most likely’ to happen in my lifetime. It seems like once during almost every generation there are some ‘long term hard time’s

    What if the S**t doesnt hit the fan, it just sort of plops onto the floor. That still sucks, and its still a big mess; but/and its a lot less dramatically facinating.

    I have felt like as much as we want to dig in our heels and resist this direction- time is marching us all forward to a future that is going to be a lot less comfortable than our recent past.

    I just keep debating in my mind if we are marching toward a situation like wwii shortages in the US, or ww2 rations in the UK. Or life in west Germany. Or soviet occupied Poland. Or heaven forbid something like Venezuela. (God be with them)

    Most generations have to face hard times. Its our turn. It will be hard, and probably much longer than we want- but most of us can survive this; just like most of civilization was able to survive several of the above hard times.

    We will make it to the other side of this. Especially if we can keep our wits about us. Keep our spirits up. Improvise with what we have and where we are. And accept the unexpected when it arrives.

    Hang in there Daisy and friends,

  • Thanks, Daisy. I appreciate your words and thoughts. I know I’m one of the lucky ones – still have a job, the ability to continue steadily and carefully gathering resources, and I don’t have to share walls with anyone outside my family. I shouldn’t complain so I’m not going to – much. Even so, I’m freakin’ tired too. I’m tired of the lies on the news, tired of keeping my mouth shut at work when people say stupid crap because I want to keep that all-important job, tired of hearing nothing but stupid human behavior in current events. Tired of smoke, tired of local government overreactions, tired of being herded around. I know very well that I’m in a protective bubble of my own making and I’m STILL tired. I can only imagine how hard it must be for the folks who really have it bad.

    All the best to you and to everyone who still thinks being a decent human being is a good thing.

  • There are still many people who DO NOT see this whole Psy-Op – False Flag for what it is. They are going to be the ones who don’t make it.
    They WANT to believe that they can go back to the mindless consumerism and hedonism that largely is to blame for the whole dichotomy in the first place.
    These people will trade their freedom for the perception that they are ‘free’.
    The Rockefeller groups are opening talking about the “Great Reset” and “Smart Cities along with Agenda 21- 2030.
    They plan to starve everyone to submission or to death; they would actually prefer that all but 500 million people on Earth die.
    The secret to coping better is to realize what the score is and it likely involves one changing their idea of what their life actually means. It’s all hard work from here on to the foreseeable future.

  • Just watching from the sidelines and keeping my mouth shut and eyes and ears open. Trying my best to get a late Fall /winter crop of something in. Also trying not to fall into complacency. Things in my neck of the woods are noneventful. Never use the ‘Q’ word,it’s bad luck. Thank you for a wonderful post

  • My Apocalypse started on 20th December last year when the bushfires raged in Australia. My 20 acres were burnt out, sheds, car, tractor, house water supply, water tank, pumps, trees, 2 kilometers of fencing – all lost. The house miraculously survived, although with a half collapsed gazebo and burnt and missing verandah posts. I had to sleep in a Toyota van for the first 5 nights and came home on Christmas Day when a generator had been hooked up for electricity.

    As a single parent with 50/50 shared care of an 11 year old this was really devastating and difficult.

    I had barely begun the process of clearing the debris and rebuilding when Corona hit and virtually overnight from March to August almost all of my income had ceased due to government decree.

    I thought I was clever by gaining my income from many different sources, however almost all areas were hit hard or dried up altogether.

    With no work for income all I could do was work on the farm to recover from the fires. 2 kilometers of fencing to pull down and replace from scratch, sheds to pull down and remove – so much smashed and broken glass, car and tractor bodies to remove. Trees to pull down, cut up for firewood and wheelbarrow out of the paddock to stack – weeks and weeks and weeks of work – all by hand. Exhausted many times to the point of near collapse.

    My faith in the human race has been strengthened by the amazing volunteers, who I didn’t even know, coming to help me for days on end. Such a humbling experience. Such generosity.

    I’m nearer the end of the recovery than the beginning, – still have sheds to rebuild etc. but getting there. So many were much worse off than me.

    My point to the story is this:
    I have lived on this land for 11 years but never knew it well. I now feel part of this land like never before – Mentally and physically connected and invested. I know every inch of it now, every rock and undulation. After the fire my mental state was shot, I was broken, I couldn’t cope with the enormity of the job ahead of me, but now I am strong. I have lost 10 kilos working this land since the fire. I am fitter and feel better mentally and physically than at any time in the last 20 years.

    I have installed a Bakers wood fired oven and learned to cook everything on it and in it. A 51 year old learning to bake biscuits, cakes and brownies for the first time in his life – my young fellow loves it. This may be controversial – please don’t hate me – but I have to say that the fire and Covid may well be the best thing that has happened to me.

    I have to believe that this may be my finest hour.

    I don’t see an apocalypse – I can’t think like that anymore – I’ve already seen the worst. And if it does get worse I’ll be determined to cope with it and stay strong.

    If the worst you have to go through is boredom – be thankful. If you feel hard done by – read some of Selco’s articles. We have to take this bad situation that confronts us all in different ways and not only find the strength to deal with it but get stronger because of it.

    If the apocalypse is getting to you – then show the content of your character and make it your finest hour too.

    • @ Joe Silver

      Yes, we can(and should) look for the silver lining to all of this as you suggest. I hope that the drop in mindless consumerism remains. Also that people are spending more time at home with their family, cooking more and eating out less, gardening, canning, raising chickens anda ll sorts of other stuff that I see going on around me. All of that is positive imo, so hopefully this remains.

  • Great article Daisy. I’m more of a small scale prepper. I’m from South Africa, but work in a rural area in Mozambique on a commercial lodge which makes prepping difficult, but at least I have the lodges stores as backup and the ocean to feed us. We have been more privileged than most being so far removed from everything, but it has been a mental struggle nonetheless.
    We have been unable to cross the border since March to get back home. We’ve run out of OTC meds and chronic meds and have had to have it delivered to us at enormous expense. Our medicines travel about 1300km’s by road to get to us. My husband should have had a shoulder operation in May that was postponed. Living with him in constant pain and falling into depression has been very difficult.
    Our families are scattered around South Africa which has been very stressful. That country is falling into chaos, with rampant crime, riots, home & farm invasions and horrendous murders.

    We have discovered though that there is always someone in our small expat community that can somehow get us what we need, or have a way to sneak us across the border. We have in actual fact met quite a few new people over the last few months that have some very useful connections and skills.
    We have learned some leesons….Next time we’ll be better stockup on meds and toiletries, and stay up to date with dentist and doctors visits.
    These past months have been exhausting for me, but this too shall pass….eventually.

  • I bought my 600 rolls of toilet paper (fifty 12-packs) in 2014, which replaced the 600 rolls of toilet paper I bought in 2004.

  • All it would have taken was 6 weeks with total lockdown, masks, and universal testing. Yes, including testing people without symptoms.
    Don’t like the way this pandemic ‘lockdown’ is going? Where everybody and their mother refuses to stop shopping, insists on going to parties, restaurants and bars without masks?
    Yes, all of those restrictions could have been resolved in 6 weeks. Instead you’re stuck with a moron who pretends to govern with idiotic meandering stump speeches, then goes golfing or watching TV instead.
    You want this over with? Vote for a real President, you know; someone with a history of preventing not one, but SIX pandemics as Vice President.
    Vote November 3rd like your life depends on it, and the life of every family member or friend you’ve ever had depends on your vote, because it does.

  • I found Daisy Luther’s blog via zerohedge several years ago and have been enjoying her helpful comments and links since. Like everyone else, I search out those people that fight for liberty and freedom and those that help me feel better about the future. Daisy Luther is one of those people. Here is another…

    To that end, I wanted to offer a bit of additional hope. There is a Dr. Pam Popper out there worth checking out. If you are in need of someone to chat with check out her video here for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEEcnS9aP_E&feature=youtu.be

    Additionally, she created http://www.makeamericansfreeagain.com specifically toward fighting back against Covid 19 tyranny. Here you can also find home schooling resources, legal resources.

    As well, Dr. Popper along with Atty Tom Renz and Stand Up Ohio recently filed landmark lawsuit to restore Constitutional rights. Video explaining the lawsuit is here (start at approx 4:24 minute mark) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wrL8ZRj3Xg&feature=youtu.be

    You can read the full complaint here: https://a014950e-d34c-4dc2-bb32-0d0ed826ba43.usrfiles.com/ugd/a01495_6aab87dcc6c24702ba901d3bc8fb76ac.pdf?fbclid=IwAR28QppchIf87cRZUCvhU5_CBbyIoOGuBgaMhXWnWrNBH8vM4-SYbqaOExA

    You can read the Supporting Documents here: https://a014950e-d34c-4dc2-bb32-0d0ed826ba43.usrfiles.com/ugd/a01495_25a44d11ced94cc8b3c173e05303b9e0.pdf?fbclid=IwAR16qbLfPpuGN0Xmt0jzDCGtJjQ-C4QVWC6RbxODhrc3n7IllvRneFbvJV4

    Remember too that all of this suffering is part of the plan to break down and divide the population against itself. Don’t give in to that plan.

  • TO add, one thing I am tired of, is the non-stop hysteria of COVID.
    NPR was (past tense) my main source of news. It was on from when we got up in the morning, till dinner time.
    Pre-COVID it was reasonably enough to ignore the slant, see through the bias and still get the news.
    Since COVID, it has been non-stop COVID hysteria, and some truly amazing mental gymnastics NPR has gone through to link COVID with Trump.
    THAT has gotten tiring, to the point I only tune into NPR to see if they have gotten off the fear factor train.
    Nope. They have not.

    In the meantime, I am on a book reading binge again. Nice to sit in front of the fire, listen to music and read a good book.

  • I can sure relate Daisy. I’m wishing we could reboot 2020 as this version has a virus! And yeah, it seems to just go and on and I don’t know if or when it’s going to change/get better/get worse/who knows……. Pretty much everything is at a standstill here in terms of normal activities. So I work(but way fewer hours than I’d hoped for) and I’ve been gardening and reading and prepping and trying to get myself ready on many levels for whatever is down the pike. It just sort of feels like endless waiting for the other shoe to drop……..

  • Very well written. There is something everyone can agree with.

    For myself. I own a Mom & Pop Shop. When the order to shutdown “all Non-Essential” businesses was given. I determined my Mom & Pop Shop was “Essential”, as in essential that we get a paycheck. So we NEVER closed. If Wal-Mart is open….why should I close? My 2nd Quarter 2020 was actually BETTER than 2nd Quarter 2019. Now the 1st Quarter……we don’t speak of it.
    As for the ScamDemic, I personally know of Nobody who has caught the Wuhan Flu or even died from it. Now I have friends of friends with somebody’s Uncle who have died. But for me personally….meh. My county finally reached 1% of the population who have caught Wuhan Flu. The percentage who have died is .045%.
    I DON’T wear a mask when I go out. My church is open with limited 25% capacity. Living in Florida, it’s hurricane season and thankfully we haven’t had to deal with that nightmare (Sorry Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Panhandle) storms gotta go somewhere and this year y’all’s number was called.
    Yes, I’m so glad I’m a “crazy” prepper. I’ve quietly replenished my preps as they went down. Doing nothing that makes me stick out. My garden has been good, chickens are healthy. I’ve spent time rebuilding my Chicken Coop Cage out of Galvanized Conduit Pipe (wood frames are termite food). Fish are still biting in the river and lakes. I’m not really bored. I didn’t go out to the restaurants/bars before Wuhan Flu, so I didn’t miss it. I exercise at home, so I didn’t miss that.
    I live in a Conservative County so all this Race BS hasn’t affected me. I do feel bad for those stuck in Marxist-controlled hellholes. But hey, Y’all voted for that crap.
    Now things have not all been roses. I did get my roof replaced…thanks to insurance it was only a few thousand dollars. I just had to replace my 15 yr. old A/C unit this last week (no A/C in Florida can really suck), that’s a 4 thousand dollar hit. But the nice thing is I can put it on an empty credit card.
    As for the future……YES….it’s gonna get worst. No matter who wins (R or D), the Marxist mob is going to riot. That’s fine…..I’m ready for that too. Along with my cul-de-sac neighbors who make up our Prepper group. Five families on a cul-de-sac and we’re all Preppers. If Marxist Rioters come to us, it’s not going to end well for the Marxists.

    Everyone….stay healthy, stay safe, stay prepped.

  • “Our presidential candidates are (in my humble opinion) like a choice between your favorite sexually transmitted infection, syphillis or gonhorrhea.”

    Bhwahahaha, ahaha hahahaha…????????????????????????????

    And the award for best political commentary goes to…Daisy Luther!????
    Seriously though, that’s the BEST COMMENT EVER!!!

    I really needed that laugh! Thanks!

  • you think this is the apocalypse? heck its hardly started yet.
    you aint seen nothing yet, wait until after the US elections and all the snowflakes are “protesting” ” it isnt fair!”
    we are still on the opening chorus, the overture is yet to come.

  • Where some see catastrophe I see opportunity. We can finally reset our Republic back to the original intent of the Constitution that our forefathers embraced. We can return to free enterprise and competition based on one’s ability not your bank balance.

    So, I’m good here. If anything I’d like to speed the process up so we can get to the inevitable.

    • @ fifth disciple

      You do realize though that most everyone has an idea about how they would like this to play out and there are many possible ways it can happen. Your desired scenario is only one of many possible outcomes. The scary thing, to me, is that we are just as likely to end up as Venuzela, Sarajevo, S Africa, Liberia, Sudan etc as we are to end up as your desired Republic reboot that adheres to our constitution as it was intended. Or we could end up as a 50 state California run by snowflakes, trans folks and lefties. No way to know in advance. So the implosion of our country as we know it may or may not lead to an outcome that you(or I ) find desirable.

      • I agree, but when you assess the skills and assets of each of the parties involved I believe that the odds favor a renewed Republic more than they do a socialist or communist system. I don’t know about you but I can assure you that I have more skills and more assets (tools) than the average man-bun, skinny jeaned, grievance educated, iPhone dependent individual who perpetrates the daily disruption we see. They can’t build, they only destroy.

        I can build a house, rebuild the truck, repair the tractor, generate electricity and grow my own food as well as put 5 in a 1″ MOA at 100 yards. My sincere hope is that the unrest is put down by the local constabulary and peace and prosperity return. If not I’m prepared for ANY alternative.

        • @ fifth d

          Agreed that very likely more of us Prepper’s who wish to see our country return to its founding values posses the sorts of real skills that you describe than do the rioting looting mobs who only know how to destroy. If this was the sole determinant of our future I’d be more relaxed over it. But there are many of them, they have friends in high places and are funded by those with deep pockets as well.

  • Usually don’t comment on things but your blog on scam- demic fatigue was on point. Been reading your stuff on SGT for several years. Been getting ready myself for about 20 years. Keep up the great articles!!! BTW I’m an RN for 37 years so I guess I’m a patriot nurse as well….

  • The epic advertising pollution on this website discourages reading some thoughtful comments. Simply trying to follow the thread can become a chore. Keep looking Preppers, better sites elsewhere.

    • Hello there. What a lovely and courteous thing to say to the readers on someone’s website. Here’s some information on why we advertise.


      Perhaps you could consider an ad-blocker. Or maybe you’d prefer a paywall. Either way, the article above explains the expense in running a site such as mine. I’m committed to keeping my content free and accessible to everyone.

      Wishing you the very best,

      • Another reason to respect and admire you, Daisy, and there’s no sarcasm here – you’re classy when dealing with folks of a trollish bent. I don’t like ads either, so I do use a blocker, however when I’ve turned it off I have noticed that your ads are exceptionally well behaved. I’ve bought books from you a couple times and that more than matches any revenue you’ve lost from my blocker. Good article – it’s not free to provide content! All the best to you.

    • I use an ad blocker so I turned it off and refreshed the page. I got 8 ads all in the right margin with no pop-ups. I don’t know where you surf but this is tame.

  • I’m tired of the covid thing but not bored. I just don’t unhderstand being bored unless you’re a little kid. I can certainly understand them being bored. But there is so much to do inside and out and now a little more time to do what we didn’t have time to do before. Not that I don’t wish things were as they were before for at least a while.
    Time to work on projects I didn’t have time to before.
    Time to write a book.
    Time to read a book.
    Time to work on garden and yard work it was hard to catch up on before.
    More time to read the Bible and pray.
    More time to just do nothing
    More time to paint and draw- the list goes on.

  • “Our presidential candidates are (in my humble opinion) like a choice between your favorite sexually transmitted infection, syphillis or gonhorrhea. ” Really? Very disappointing to hear your opinion in this regard, I think I would have kept that to myself, no wonder you’ve lost friends.

    I won’t be back here either, I come for your prepping knowledge and unbiased information – yikes, guess I missed that mark. Best to you and yours.

    • I don’t think it’s biased to think both candidates are horrible. It would be biased if I only said one candidate was like a sexually transmitted infection.

      Best wishes to you as well.

      • I laughed at it and thought well at least I was having sex.
        Kinda glad I ain’t gonna be locked in with some of these folks come real bad times. No sense of humor and everything’s a dog fight to the death.

        • @Matt in OK,

          I feel bad for those people lacking a sense of humor, their friends and their family.

          But, you might get some insight as to who gets “voted off the island,” first when SHTF.

  • Was with you till you compared Trump to a sexual disease? Biden is a disease! The Democratic Party is a disease, that is destroying this country!! Trump is the best thing that has happen to this country!! Stick with prepping, you are sounding like a mouth piece for the Democratic Party!!!

  • I’m sorry that you lost people to the flu. However, less than one percent have died due to CV. Please look at the actual stats (which are obviously messed with also). The only thing going up are ‘cases’ by tests that CDC itself admits are dubious.
    This whole thing has shown me that too many peppers must watch and read mainline news. This is a big hole in your preps and it would be good to find several online news sources that you can use. This whole thing, including the MASKS, has really opened my eyes to the effectiveness of propaganda over actual facts (like numbers: supposedly approx. 165,000 deaths in 325 million equals…the flu, not a pandemic). There is nothing else but the numbers and propaganda plus social pressure.

    Take off the masks, folks. There is, and was, no pandemic and masks on healthy people is crazy. It’s a total psych ploy so do not comply. Don’t wait until the vaccine.
    It’s better to admit now you were fooled. This is the true horror story.

  • It doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe what your affiliation of politics, religion or anything else is because you are still dealing with the issues, the stress, the shortages and the upcoming unescapable events.
    The stress is extremely apparent in many of the comments where there is an inability to laugh or just let things slide without going full Karen and slamming the door on the way out.
    A few of the commenters are trolls who’ve never posted before and are paid to come in and stir the pot and leave. Ignore them and recognize them for what they are. There isn’t a single place on the internet they aren’t doing it to. Then there are the mental basket cases who spook at everything, screaming wolf and stick out like a sore thumb. You don’t talk to them when they are on the sidewalk while they are screaming with their signs so why listen to them here?
    There are enemies sitting and watching and looking for just breakdowns. Keep it together.

  • As you are saying, this is round one. I figure that the US will continue on this path for another twelve years minimum. There’s a lot of ruin in a nation, and even more in an empire. Our elites are going to milk the decline for all it’s worth.
    My empty nest is full again, with two adult children, a granddaughter and her husband living with me. It seems that wacky prepping grandpa isn’t so wacky after all. Not much of a silver lining, but at least the family isn’t calling me crazy. They’re even starting to help with gardening and cooking.
    Next step is marksmanship. Any suggestions on pellet guns? Ammunition is expensive, I would like to teach and practice without spending money I don’t have or draining my stash.

    • @Tweell,
      I wrote this about a month ago: https://www.theorganicprepper.com/air-rifles-pistols/
      If ya got additional questions feel free to ask there in the comments section. Will advise the best I can.

      Yeah, I went to a gun shop recently. There was nearly nothing available in ammunition. A few boxes of non-common caliber rifle and one handgun (.50AE). That was it.
      Same went for reloading supplies.
      Even looking for cast reloading equipment is hard to find.

  • I have to say this….
    This corona crap is for the birds. When it first started, the govt said, ” dont buy masks” … they said they didnt work. I thought wait…’thats bullcrap”…..” surgeons wear them and nurses”.then the government got them a source for the masks, then they encouraged all to wear them. I wear a mask out in public. A little prevention goes a long ways.

    But on the note of waiting on shtf, is like being told russia or china is going to nuke or emp us in upcoming months. This waiting period for an event is hell. Not knowing is mental torture.
    I hear everyday about a possible emp strike. Now its said we are going to have total civil unrest either way the election goes. How can we have total civil unrest? Trump will activate the Insurrection Act.

    Then theres Iran. it wants for revenge for what Trump did to Its solemani general. It has vowed revenge. Then theres China. China threatening to invade TAiwan. Then theres the United states acting as its bodyguard. Then there President Erdogan of Turkey wanting to start the Ottoman Empire by taking over greek islands. Oh yeah, lets not forget that China is about to battle with INdia.

    Its just like you said, Daisy, it goes on and on and on and on. Wouldnt you like to accurately see into the future and see whats happening so you know what you need to do or feel.

  • Stress is a killer and when I got to the point at work where it was cry, quit or go to lunch early I realized I was off my anti-depression and anti-stress program.
    The incredible increase in people buying homes or refinancing with the very low rates (a different symptom of 2020) is absolutely overwhelming all of us in the real estate-lending-closing industry in the Pacific Northwest.
    The smoke is to blame for my getting off my program because something as simple as a walk makes a huge difference. I try to get in a mile twice a day. It’s not marathon distances, just exercise, fresh air, sunshine. And we have those back again because the smoke is gone-at least for now.
    And laughter is so important – so look for those things that bring a smile. I would rather be locked up with someone I disagree with who has a good temperament than with someone who agrees with almost everything I believe but who has a sour attitude. So share that “sunshine” of a smile.
    And yes I am also so tired of all of it, but I don’t think it’s going to just go away

  • The Postal Service has not gone to heck. I work for the Postal Service (going on 24 years) and we are no different now than a year ago, or 3 years ago or 5 years ago. There are and always have been some financial challenges, but that comes with being a Federal agency that is self funded, not taxpayer funded, but has to abide by all the regulations as the other Federal agencies.
    The rural area I live in still has not resolved the shortages of certain items (paper towels for instance) so “round two” that should be arriving shortly ought to be loads of fun.
    And I recommend getting off of social media entirely.

  • Agree with your outlook! But comparing Trump to Biben, and a sexual disease was not called for? Trump is the best thing that has happen to this nation!!! Do get caught up in the moment before researching the facts? Prepare as best you can, and hope and Pray!!! God has everything in control!!!! God bless all!

  • This round one is very boring. It is tempting to slow down and embrace the boredom. It weakens us, and in some cases brings down our preparedness levels. If not careful, we will be worse for wear when round two starts, probably on November 4th.

  • I understand the angst reflected in this article. But I have to say the only thing I am tired of is the politicians taking the ‘I know better’ attitude. Most of China is still a third world country and one of the few recourse’s they had was LOCKDOWN. Most of the West is not China. We over reacted and still do.

    As far as being weary. We better remember our fore fathers had little of the tools we have. They faced privation nearly every year. Have a bad crop failure back to back and might very well starve. Most of the kids on the frontier were home schooled, the had no alternative. Lets not disgrace ourselves, especially if you are a prepper. ‘Being ready’ is a never ending task.

  • You sound like a whiny Democrat, not a prepper. Then when you insulted our President who is LITERALLY SAVING THIS NATION, well, I knew you were a phony.

    • I’m a whiny libertarian, actually. And I am an equal opportunity insulter of politicians. I’m every bit as sick of Republicans as I am of Democrats. (I’m talking about politicians, not people.) NONE of them are representative of the people. They’re representative of themselves and their biggest donors.

      If you can’t handle a bit of dry humor, I’d suggest you might not be as prepared as you think you are.

      Wishing you the very best,

      • I also am disappointed in your statements Daisy. As a long-time reader of this blog, I have appreciated your prepping insights, but your lack of knowledge of history is apparent as you reveal your political leanings.

        Are you seeking to profit by straddling the political fence hoping to gain more clicks and followers on the blog, even those who would champion the destruction of The Republic? Remember that God sees all. In the end, your words and actions will be judged. The people reading this blog are more intelligent than you realize, and are able to see right through any statements you make that have no basis in fact or are supported by very weak arguments.

        I find it difficult to believe that in your heart of hearts you truly believe that Trump and ALL politicans are not representative of the people. Are you living in a vacuum? Can you not see our cities on fire and statues being toppled and churches being burned to the ground? Can you not see that Marxist Democrats in particular (with some RINOs included) are complicit in supporting and fueling the riots and the destruction of America?

        Does this mean that NONE of the politicans are representative of the people? Absolutely not, that is a trite assertion.

        Is Trump perfect? No

        Did Trump expand the economy and lower the unemployment level to its lowest level since the mid 1960’s? Yes

        Did this expansion of the economy create one of the highest levels of employment and opportunity for blacks and hispanics? Yes

        Does Trump have the support of Cuban-Americans who were forced to flee a murderous Communist Revolution there and bloodthirsty tyrants like Castro and Guevara? Yes

        Did Trump just facilitate one of the largest milestones in the Mid-East Peace Process by bringing Israel and the UAE to the table? Yes

        Your blanket statement regarding NO politicians being representative of the people is patently untrue, and also misleading. What about Matt Gaetz (R-Florida)? What about Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas)? What about Candace Owens? What about Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota)? What about Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)? What about the dozens of lesser-known politicians, constitutional sheriffs, and administrators at the state and local levels that are ardent supporters of the United States Constitution?

        Wake up Daisy. Ignorance is not an excuse for deriding American Patriots who are doing their best to save The Republic. You need to educate yourself. Begin by reading the Bible. Start to finish. It is the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which our nation was built. Then read the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and the history of The American Revolutionary War for Independence. Then read about the horrors of Commmunism (Socialism) and National Socialism and state propaganda, and how complacency and appeasement pave the way for the rise of tyrants and mass murderers.

        This knowledge may help you to avoid making blanket statements that have no basis in fact — statements that display your lack of understanding of the basic founding principles of this nation.

        Don’t be an appeaser Daisy. Recognize tyranny when it rears its ugly head, as it is doing right now. Unplug yourself from the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine, and think for yourself. Critically examine current events and the witness the cities burning. Discover who exactly is supporting this destructive nihilism and Marxism.

        You will know them by their fruits.

        • I have NEVER tried to straddle the political fence. I am no where near any political fence.

          I’ve written about being thoroughly disgusted by people in office on both sides of the paradigm ever since this website began. I have supported a few politicians publicly – Ron Paul, for example, and Justin Amash. But – I’m not attempting to appease anyone by saying what is on my mind. I’m just being genuine.I do not vote down party lines, nor do I abide by party platforms. There are things with which I agree and disagree on both sides of the political fence. I tick off people from both sides politically by doing this, but appeasement would be if I just publicly agreed with my largely conservative audience when in reality, I don’t agree with a specific facet. That would be, in my opinion, a lack of integrity and disingenuous.

          You know how Congress puts through bills that are thousands of pages with all sorts of things we’d never approve of stuffed into a legislation that is more important and people just look at the primary legislation? Well, in my opinion, that’s how the political parties are. We should be going line by line, one item or action or person at a time, instead people are going by party.

          I’m tired of the lesser of two evils being our only options in so many situations – and I’m not talking only about presidential candidates. Why must we always choose evils? Why can’t we choose between the better of two goods?

          I have positioned myself as Trump-Neutral since he was elected and looked at things rationally instead of emotionally. Trump has definitely accomplished some good things – and when he has, I’ve written about them. But I’m appalled by his lack of decorum. He doesn’t respect the dignity of the office and his Twitter account is an appalling mess. I was incredibly disappointed that he hasn’t used his influence to help Julian Assange, when Wikileaks helped him get into office by releasing the true depravity of his opponent. I could go on and on about the pros and cons, but in conclusion, just let me say that I respect your opinion and have always enjoyed talking with you, and that is why I’ve written this lengthy response. I hope it clarifies my point of view.

      • Here is something you should read Daisy:


        Some excerpts from a former Libertarian:

        “Libertarians and Constitutionalists must act quickly and demand common sense change to slow immigration, erect strong borders, and strictly promote meaningful assimilation techniques and policies. People need to understand that the notion that demographics matter is completely compatible with libertarian thought and in fact one could say they necessitate one another.”

        “If libertarians ever want to be more than a social club and instead add to political discourse, they will heed the warning of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else competes in the arena that is identity politics. Take notice of what is happening now or the free America we have always hoped for will forever remain a pipe dream.”

  • Thanks for that, Daisy. I feel the same way.

    It seems that ironically, the people who prepared are probably suffering more emotionally and psychologically, as most Americans are still in denial, waiting for the V shaped recovery, hoping for the next $1200 stimulus check, and generally treating this as a one-off temporary down turn. People are saying they can’t wait for 2021, so we can get this awful year behind us, as if they’re incapable of believing that the problems can become worse, even though we’re watching things become worse before our eyes. I guess I can understand that. Relative to much of the rest of the world and all prior human history, the current crop of Americans were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and don’t even realize it. It’s no wonder their normalcy bias reflects that ever increasing debt fueled delusion.

    If it’s this bad now, I don’t want to think about this only worse… without internet. Hopefully I’ll be able to trade a brick of .22LR ammo for someone’s classic science fiction library when I’ve expended the DVD collection I bought last year for the SHTF scenario I sensed was close.

    We’re 75 miles east of Louisville, which is probably burning tonight. I chose 4 in the pool of how many people will be killed in tonight’s riots. I hope I’m wrong… unless my friend who chose 10 is correct. 😮

    I made a pot of SHTF beans tonight. I should reload some more ammo. My wife asked for a refresher on the 12 gauge tonight.

  • Oreos!?!? Gone?? I’ve been praying for you guys with lil’ kids. We’re old farts, pretty much on the same page after all these years of battling over, well, everything. Dog fur is warmer than wool and I do spin that. Learning to garden, dehydrate, winnow oats, can, cook in the solar oven, make medicine from plants, and reading books(!) takes up most of our opportunity for boredom. Family still thinks we’re nuts (but they love the dried mushrooms and tomatoes). Prepping never stops. Thanks Daisy!

  • Daisy, sounds like you’re. . . overwhelmed, now that it’s arrived and in the open. Why? This indicates a lack of preparedness on your part. Sorry you’re down, sorry you’re overwhelmed. Many things are coming at us (the “Perfect Storm”?)
    a. Lockdowns and shutdowns from the fake scamdemic
    b. Escalating violence, especially in Soros’ cities. It is, of course, Soros funded
    c. Central bank (the Fed) imminent collapse. Everyone knows this is here
    d. Plans for global starvation (Agenda 2030) and depopulation are here
    e. Possibility of EMP / nuclear attacks – whether from “our” govt or China, or Dick Chaney, &c.
    f. Threatened forced vaccines – mRNA that reprograms your genetics DNA
    g. Shut downs of social media and conservative participants thereof
    h. Food / water shortages or outages
    i. The start of door-to-door arrests of “dissidents” and seizures of firearms – soon to be seizures of money and food supplies
    j. The mass institution of totalitarianism
    k. Digital wallet central bank system of total control

    Perhaps you only prepared for one or two of these? When covid hit, I was incredibly at Peace. I was prepared, mentally, physically, spiritually. I do focus on Spiritual Preparation, in delivering our HushNews report of rather brutal truth – on vaccines, NWO, geopolitics, reports on monetary system collapse, spiritual matters, and even some light-hearted cartoon and “You Might Be A Liberal If. . .” sketches. HushNews is by email ONLY, by tnluv4 a hushmail dot com.

    When our Spiritual Houses are in order, I find we are at Peace with ourselves and the world. Peace & Blessings – George

    • I think you misunderstood the purpose of my article. I think that most people are feeling tired of the ongoing cycle of crisis after crisis. This was written because I want those people to know they aren’t alone and that nearly all of us have felt some of these things. Some of the experiences listed are things my friends have gone through, while others are my own experiences.

      There is great comfort in knowing that your feelings are perfectly normal and that is what this article is intended to address. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to write one article that encompasses the feelings of all readers. I know lots of bloggers in this niche portray themselves as ideally prepared for all things but as for me, I just want to be authentic and genuine. If that makes me look bad in the eyes of some folks, I’m okay with that.

      I’m an imperfect human doing my best and putting myself out there to remind folks that nobody is ready for everything and that it’s okay to have feelings sometimes that don’t align with the hardcore survivalist mentality. That being said, I’m fairly confident in my ability to handle whatever gets thrown at me wherever I happen to be on the planet and I am glad I’ve had the opportunity to have so many experiences.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  • I feel for all of you that are suffering due to government mandates. Living in the most free state in the country and probably one of the least impacted by radical violence, everything here has been mostly normal for months. I haven’t worn a mask at all the entire time, and most folks here in South Dakota also don’t wear a mask. Some employers require employees to wear a mask, but not customers, and some businesses (mostly regional or national chains with HQ outside the state) require everyone to wear a mask, but mostly we are maskless and not particular about social distancing. Last week a friend of mine from North Carolina drove through on the way to Yellowstone, and he was very happy to experience freedom again, even if only for a week. So if any of you also need a break from tyranny, a little trip to the middle of the country might do you a world of good. For anyone thinking of relocating, South Dakota is well suited for outdoorsy types (hunting, fishing, camping), there are plenty of jobs available, and we’re a low tax state (no state income tax, 6.5% sales tax). It’s food for thought.

  • I feel your pain. It’s been rough for so many. We were fortunate in so many ways not because of luck, but because of wise and vigilant decisions for the past 10 years. Yes, we have spent 10 years getting on a road to being able to be fluid enough to survive. We are not ready and could have used another 5 years, but this is the here and now. And than I got cancer through no genetic or lifestyle choice of mine and it has come back. So for the rest of 2020, I will work through bone marrow transplant treatment. So, I’d rather be done with this year personally. What do I do to keep sane? I dehydrate a few more apples. I mend another rip in a piece of clothing. I walk a bit everyday trying not to think how long it will take before I can hike again. I learn something new from someone who has wisdom and probably put in their 10,000 hours of practice. I avoid people and places and have for over a year. And, I pray. I pray that Americans will come to their senses. That the cancer is killed this round. That good will prevail and evil will be exposed. That when low, others too will pray and reap the peace and comfort it brings.

    I was surprised by so many friends and some family who have turned toward totalitarianism. I thought I knew them. Too many in our world with emnity. As a historian, I do tend to look backward and would so have liked to have seen people draw together as has happened before. This is my prayer.

    Yes, Daisy there is a Santa Clause and he is seen in every bit of goodness and kindness that is drawn out of each of us everyday and is passed on to our fellow human beings. We can make a difference in the world. Carry on and keep your powder dry.

  • I am truly sorry that you are tired. I think I might be too if I lived in the USA. I am fortunate to live in Canada where we took this Covid more seriously from the start. Our numbers of infected per million are way below yours. I would like to think that we are able to put a priority on reducing infections ahead of our personal freedoms to do as we want. I have been a prepper for years, and have been grateful for being somewhat ready for this. I suspect that thus is just the tip of the iceberg of collapse of our business as usual economy and way of life that we have become accustomed to. I suspect that the worst is yet to come. So if you are tired now, get whatever rest you can, and carry on doing the best you can. It is all we can ask of anyone now!

  • well daisy, think you hit most of it on the head, sounds like you’ve had a rough time!

    ok that takes us thru 2020, so now do one on 2021, lol! we should compare both and see if anything is any better than the other.

    so, as we count down 2021, hope everyone stays well, safe, continues to prep as much as possible, prays, has some guts, hope, faith, and consideration for others. we all need to calm down, be realistic, be kind, take care of our animals too, and prepare as we can. pray things will be better in the new year, live each day at a time and be thankful for every little thing you have, no matter what it is…some have nothing…..so here’s hoping everyone can survive and have hope, even a bit, convey it to others, and love…….take care all, hope everyone has safe and happy holiday, no matter how you celebrate or dont.

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