Hundreds of COVID POSITIVE Immigrants Released into the U.S. While Americans Are Urged to “Stay Home”

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The United States seems headed for many crises. There are a looming food crisis and a supply chain disruption. An overall breakdown in society’s functional aspects is on the horizon for the United States as well. Another crisis, a humanitarian crisis, is boiling below the surface. Call it what you want – a “migrant crisis,” a “refugee crisis,” or an “immigration crisis,” it is still a crisis and one that has yet to be effectively addressed.

Currently, “migrant caravans” are marching their way to the United States border, where a new administration, much less interested in protecting border integrity, removes restrictions and merely allows them inside the country.

Border Patrol recently released COVID positive migrants into the U.S.

Despite all the restrictions Americans face over COVID, the Border Patrol released 108 migrants that tested positive for COVID into the United States.

As FOX News reports:

More than 100 illegal immigrants released by the Border Patrol into Texas since late January have tested positive for the coronavirus following their arrival, officials in a city on the U.S.-Mexico border tell Fox News.

Felipe Romero, a spokesperson for Brownsville, said Wednesday that the 108 positives represent 6.3% of the number of total migrants who have been rapid-tested at the city’s central bus station, where the Border Patrol is releasing them. Rapid testing of the individuals began there on Jan. 25.

Numerous news organizations reported the number of immigrants being released into the United States even after testing positive for COVID is “surging.”

The New York Post reports:

​The number of migrants testing positive for the coronavirus before being released into the U.S. by the Border Patrol is surging, almost doubling the amount from last week, according to a report. ​​

Felipe Romero, a spokesman for Brownsville, Texas, said 185 migrants rapid-tested at the city’s main bus station showed they were infected with COVID-19, ​up from the 108 who tested positive last week, Fox News reported Monday.

Since Jan. 25, 1,553 individuals have been tested for coronavirus after crossing the U.S. border there, he said.

Weren’t we just told again to stay home?

All this while many Americans are still being forced to remain on house arrest and “stay home to flatten the curve” or whatever else Bill Gates and Tony Fauci can come up with that has a simple rhyme or catchy sound.

Of course, it has already been established by numerous reports that Trump’s seemingly bombastic claims that it was not just Mexicans and Central Americans pouring through the American borders were actually correct. People from all over the world were flooding into America through its southern border. 

Mexico has been doing much more to try and stem the tide of immigrants getting into the United States and Mexico itself.

The flood of immigration coming from Central America is about to be made worse

Worsening conditions in South America are cause for concern as migrants flee their country. Take a look at an article from the Guardian which reads:

Activists are warning of a looming humanitarian crisis on the border between Chile and Bolivia as growing numbers of migrants brave the harsh terrain of the Chilean altiplano to cross the frontier on foot.

Chile closed its land borders last year as a preventive measure during the Covid-19 pandemic, but authorities have reported a surge in irregular crossings, mostly caused by Venezuelan migrants fleeing economic instability and political turmoil in their home country.

Since the start of the year, up to 200 migrants have entered Chile each day, crossing an arid landscape 3,690 meters above sea level where temperatures can sink to -8C.

Jose has written about Venezuelan refugees making incredibly risky and dangerous trips to flee their country.

Undocumented entries have risen 32 times in one year!

In the Tarapaca region, where Colchane is located, police have reported 2,031 registered undocumented entry cases, which is 32 times higher than in 2020. The increase is attributed to Venezuela’s crisis, where Western countries are locked in imperial economic warfare with a corrupt socialist government.

Chile has already received 470,000 Venezuelan migrants and refugees, the largest number after Colombia and Peru. Of course, “human rights groups” like Amnesty International (who supported the war on Syria) are demanding that Chile take in even more immigrants, house, and settle them, even though its foreign population has risen nearly 20% in the last year.

Why would an immigration explosion in South America affect Americans?

Refugees seeking to escape war and economic stagnation or poverty always attempt to go to countries that are not engaged in civil war or whose economies are continuing to function, even if they are shells of their former selves.

This means that immigrant upheaval in South America leads to immigration northward through Central America, Mexico, and eventually into the United States. It may not be today or tomorrow. But there is a ticking time bomb of immigration just waiting to explode on America’s southern border. We can argue about it all we want, or we can prepare for it.

Because when it arrives, partial walls and Border Patrol agents won’t be able to stop it.

What are your thoughts?

Do you feel that migrants who are covid-positive should be put into mandatory quarantine? Are you comfortable with the fact that quarantine is “recommended” and then they’re released into the country? Meanwhile, what is the status of covid restrictions in your state? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • “Do you feel that migrants who are covid-positive should be put into mandatory quarantine?”

    no. whether positive or negative they should be loaded onto dump trucks and taken to the border and dumped back across it.

    • The problem is, we keep sending them back ALIVE, when we actually do send them back.
      And they just keep trying to hop the border.

      Radical Notion, and I’m half-joking:

      Of course, we always COULD just ANNEX Mexico;
      they wouldn’t even need to cross over into Texas,
      because they’d ALREADY be in the U.S. if Mexico just became a part of it!

      How strong is the Mexican national government and military?
      We could probably take them, right?

      • “How strong is the Mexican national government and military?”

        not as strong as the drug cartels. the cartels would support annexation because that would give their product free passage between production and market. not that anything is slowing them down now .…

        • Most of the problems in Mexico are due to the drug cartels, and the federales turning a blind eye to it.

          Solve the drug cartel problem, and we’d be able to get Mexicans to stay in their own country.

          • The problem is not just Mexico anymore. It involves Central and South America. Having Mexicans stay home will help, but the migrant caravans are from Central América. How do you keep those people home!

    • The new administration will keep illegals or “future “D” voters”, storming our borders to secure their political power forever, regardless if they have covid. The Gov. can sell them vaccines paid for with your tax payer money, while officials at every level of the chain get kick backs selling the vaccines. The question is how to stop the hoards, when there’s zero federal level political desire to stop them?

  • STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!!! GUTS, someone or many need to have some NOW and stop this mess~!~~~ we are losing our America to a mass of undocumented, ill, criminal, illegal, and who knows what else, people who are ILLEGALLY INVADING our country!!! for the past year or so, Americans have been told to stay home, dont congregate, no church, restaurants, cant go to work, cant go out for anything except doctor, meds, groceries, etc. now we are on the verge of doing it all over again, due to new strains of viruses, soon you wont be able to go out at all unless you have a card that says you’ve taken the deathly vaccine, and so on….BUT the biden admin is allowing, no begging these illegals/criminals/virus-bacterial ladens to invade America???? I’M TOTALLY DISGUSTED and Americans need to stand up TOGETHER TO STOP THIS MESS, and the rest of the crap biden and his ilk are trying to PUSH on everyone!!!!TIME TO STAND AND FACE OUR INVADERS AND INVASION OF ILLEGALS!!!!!!!


      (shrug) the ones behind all this won’t stop until they are physically stopped. neither will the illegals.

  • Biden threatens more restrictions & dangles the July 4th “carrot”, newly appointed Italian PM & former ECB chief Draghi institutes Code Red or whatever latest new Lockdowns, the afore mentioned Fauchi & Gates, the VACCINES VACCINES. Plus Biden’s boarder madness, seems pretty obvious to me. Wish I could remember which Democrat said this, but when asked when the COVID1984 restrictions will end they answered “IF COVID ends”. WTF ‘if” COVID ends? I suspected this from the beginning & now they’re actually saying it; THEY don’t want this to end, the greatest power grab & wealth transfer in human history 🙁

    • “Biden’s boarder madness”

      1) it’s not madness. it’s hatred and hostility.
      2) it’s not biden. he barely knows what he’s doing.

  • I think the people that have told our border guards to let everybody in when this is a pandemic should be jailed. Everyone knows what`s going on but is afraid to admit it. This is a government takeover. We`re just short of firing the first shot.

    • If you haven’t posted with your current IP address, your post goes into moderation automatically so that I don’t have thousands of spammers posting sex toys, fake viagra, and links to porn videos in my comments section. Because I do have a life aside from the website, I was actually out driving a sick friend to the doctor today and was not available to clear comments the moment they posted. You literally complained 4 minutes after your first comment was put in moderation. Sometimes you’re just going to have to wait a few hours until I get to your comment.

    • I do. he said he was in hospital for two weeks with blood clots in his lungs. but he also has other health issues, not sure where they end and covid begins.

      my doctor says several doctors in his hospital have caught it and were on oxygen for a month. he says the death rate is low but that there are complications such as cognitive decline.

  • I live on the border. The only way to stop this is when the people making the decisions are impacted by their decisions. As long as they live in walled communities with guards at the gate they can be “humanitarians.”

  • So it’s the Democrats/RINOs and their NWO Globalist masters who are allowing the illegal invasion to happen? The question is how to do concerned U.S. citizens stop the invasion and destruction of U.S sovereignty?

  • In trying to put this story into perspective it may be helpful to remember some of the goofy reports over the last year. Remember when Elon Musk was tested four times in the same day for Covid-19 by the same nurse who used the same test for each time. Two times yielded a positive result and two other times yielded a negative result. Musk lost respect for whatever test method was being used.

    Remember the NY Times article that described how the PCR test (often mandated by the FDA) sometimes produced as much as 90% false positive results — this from the test described by its late inventor Kary Mullis as totally unsuitable for diagnosing ANY disease.

    Remember the raging arguments over what a Covid “case” really means … or does not mean.

    Remember the corrupt payments to hospitals to receive vastly higher dollars if they reported deaths BECAUSE of Covid-19 as opposed to deaths merely where Covid-19 was only present.

    Given that history of falsely inflating the Covid-19 damage … consider that the border invaders who were told they had Covid-19 were not even given any paper documentation … and probably not even any mention of what test was used.

    All I’m saying is that given that history of deceit we can only say that we don’t know if, or to what extent, those border invaders actually have real instances of Covid-19 … OR to what extent the political war of information terror might be exercised in an additional way.

    Finally, I was listening to a doctor on local wee hours AM radio a couple of nights back. She was asked when she thought the pandemic would be over. She replied with “How could I possible know that — I’m not a politician.”


    For Months I have spent hours a day on social media and blogs attempting to expose “the Great Reset”. I have acquired calluses on my fingers trying get the truth out to the county with absolutely no success. This country is a lost cause and I am going to go underground. I no longer believe we can stop the left wing destruction occuring . There are not enough people that care about what is happening. I truly believe they would rather live in ignorance than come together to stop the destruction. The politicians I do know will not commit to stopping what is going on. I wish everybody well and will probably stay on this site as I have learned a lot here. However, I will be under Opsec from now on and will try not to leave any more prints of my existence.
    I wish everyone Gods Blessings. I don’t believe that hiding is the answer but that is what I will be doing. I can only conclude that people would rather wait and be subjugated rather than trying to stop it. Daisy, I should have known better but I did try. Just like with the Trump election. I have time to waste now that I am retired and I will waste it making sure I survive or go down fighting. After 65 years I believe dying is easy, its living that’s hard.

    • “absolutely no success”

      when you exposed the truth, did you leave them hanging with just that or did you follow up and point out what your listeners can do in response to it?

    • I’m with you . . . trying to expose things that have already been exposed a zillion times is a waste of time and energy that I have also given up on . . . . . I will not kill, nor will I take the knee . . . . F them . . . they can have my body, but my spirit is mine . . .

  • I can’t get behind any of this.

    I’m not staying at home. I’ve no idea what y’all are saying.
    Just returned from a trip.

    Migrants? They aren’t migrating. They are illegal aliens who are interlopers sucking up resources.
    Quit acting like they migrate here for the summer then go back come winter.

  • Enuf awready with the coronapanic and the health-destroying measures the gullible do.

    Quarantine has made no sense since Feb 2020, when the disease was in 18 countries, and it was obvious that we could not stop its further spread. This thing has been found in every US state–more coming in will make little or no difference. It’s here already.

    The test is so preposterous that it should take only half a brain to throw it out. You do not have to shove a swab into the blood-brain barrier for a snot sample. And while few have ever done PCR, it is not hard to understand that running too many cycles means positives are garbage results. Most of those positive immigrants are healthy anyway.

    Boundaries are the important issue. The way your body kills invaders is by tagging them with antibodies and then breaking them open. Smothering a tick with oil gets them to back out their wound and die. Any healthy organism has a membrane of some kind to keep non-self out and self in, with plenty of pores for desired exchange. Same for nations. Nations have a right to exist.

    • “Nations have a right to exist”

      well there’s one particular nation that for 3000 years has believed that they are the only nation, and that all the others are just herds of animals put here by god to serve them, to be eliminated if they don’t …

      “Any healthy organism has a membrane of some kind to keep non-self out and self in”

      … and they’re busy breaking down those boundaries to break down whoever will not serve them.

  • Shivers go up my spine reading this – and not the good kind – and I know it’s true, when I hear about it from other news sources, as well as from Biden’s own mouth.

    And now I see their strategy to continue this thing in perpetuity…bring in a bunch of infected foreigners, who’re just going to spread the *supposed* pathogen all over again, when we seem to more-or-less have gotten over it in this country.

    Of course, they could just as easily attribute a “Resurgence” to a bunch of Spring breakers partying.

    This thing isn’t going to end UNLESS the American Public MAKES it end, and they’re not going to, because they suffer from normalcy bias, they’ve deceived themselves into thinking this’s only temporary, and that there’s actually a concrete end date to it in the works. But it’s been over a YEAR now. No one noticed how we gave an inch, and they took a mile?

    Problem is, those of us who WANT to do something about it, we don’t know how to organize.

    That protest thing at the capitol was pathetic, but the Dems were successful into convicing people that it was an attempted coup d’etat…only person who actually died that day was Ashley Babbett.

    The time for protest is over; we need to start playing for keeps…we need to go “BLM” (medieval) right back at these people trying to destroy our standard of living and way of life.

  • It seems obvious to me that the reason they are releasing covid positive illegals throughout the country is to increase the covid count so they can impose additional and stronger lockdown.




  • I do know people who have had COVID. My son’s entire family had it, and each one had different symptoms and lengths of malaise. I sold something to an older man in person and 10 days later, he was dead of COVID. Scared the crap out of me because I am immune compromised and at risk. So, I have stayed home for a year since I am retired and like home hobbies better than shopping or gallavanting any day. I managed to avoid it, and now have had my vaccinations. Happy to get out to my favorite steak restaurant again! About the border, there is no point in countries having delineations if people are free to drop in anytime. Of course the border needs to be protected. But unless someone brings in anthrax, smallpox, or bubonic plague and starts an even worse epidemic in our country, this president is going to keep the gates open. We lost our chance to keep the border closed and keep all of Trump’s policies in place when people voted for the NICE guy because they hated Trump’s persona. I don’t care that he was more barricuda than gentleman. I was never going to have him as a guest in my house anyway. I was able to like his policies even if I didn’t care for the man himself. But we lost a lot of Republican votes to Biden because people could not look past Trump’s nastiness to see his work.
    Those people are most concerned with niceness and manners. Those are sheeple. I can’t fix that problem. Neither can any grass roots movement against Biden. We need to find a nicer Republican candidate for 2024, one who is a gentleman with a backbone. We have to play THE GAME a bit and appeal to the NICE people. I like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul but they are so outspoken, they already have turned off a lot of people. I am thinking we need Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. He didnt let COVID destroy the economy of this (my) state and he didnt let the elderly die en mass either. 2024 is our only hope.

  • Of coursr they will be given every blesding to roam free where ever thier desires may lead. While Americans are subjected to tyrannical gullage restrictions.

  • Solution? For those illegals who are flooding into the US, how about we escort them to Biden’s Delaware mansion and Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion along with her Napa Valley estate?

  • Anyone who thinks this is the result of Biden’s incompetence or compassion has been spending too much time listening to the globalist puppets like cnn, msnbc, Pelosi, Shumer etc.

    Open borders to flood the country with illegals. Giving them instant citizenship to make them faithful democratic voters to cancel the votes of actual citizens. Bankrupting the country with more welfare for these illegals with no job skills. Little to no English literacy. Illiterate in their own native language.

    What about our own homeless. Who gets priority at the homeless shelters. The illegals or the citizens. If an illegal is in front of you, tough luck citizen especially if the illegal is infected with COVID. Aren’t you glad you voted for Biden?

    A nation without borders is not a nation. That’s the bottom line and the pot of gold for the globalist puppet masters at the end of this massive globalist brainwashing campaign about diversity, inclusiveness, anti-racism racism.

    BTW if your skin is white then you are guilty of the original sin of white supremacy and must make amends. When are they going to require you to wear clothes with a scarlet letter W if you are white. If you are white then get ready to spend the rest of your life having to sit at the back of the proverbial bus.

    Welcome to the Brave New World that the globalists are creating for us. A world where the man who said this would now be considered a racist:
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    Time for all citizens to set some new boundaries on their relationship with their government and just say NO.

  • A doctor in San Antonio Texas owns a heritage (multiple generations) ranch near the border and showed my husband the deer camera’s catching illegals around 2-3 am following coyotes through his ranch. He pointed to the leader of one group and law enforcement identified him as wanted for murder. These are bad guys leading more bad guys across the border. If you try to stop them they intimidate you buy burning down your house. He now has an armed guard watching over the house. The local sheriff said if their caught he can arrest them, but they will just let them go. There has been talk of property owners shooting them and letting the hogs eat the bodies. God help us!

  • My new next door neighbor is a nice, short, handsome young man from Honduras. His family just bought the house and now that the weather is better he is out in the yard building a new fence to replace the old, rusted one. He is doing a nice job of if, all by himself and his family, in the rain. His place will be a real asset to the community, in stark contrast to the next six houses on the block, which are rental units infested with hood rats, who have nothing to recommend them. Can we do a trade, and take more honest and hard working folks like my neighbor, and send the others back to Chicago or wherever they came from to suck welfare off somebody else?

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