2020: How Covid Was Used to Change the World Forever

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Every year, I go back a couple of days after Christmas for a retrospective of the year we’re putting behind us. Most years, there are a variety of articles that have caught the attention of our readers, but this year, every single one was related to how the Covid pandemic would affect us here in the United States.

The interesting thing is that the stories aren’t really about the virus itself (which some folks believe is the plague while others believe it doesn’t even exist.) It’s about the lockdowns, what we need to be prepared for surviving government mandates, and the non-health effects this has on all of us.

Because regardless of what you think of the Covid, nearly everyone is affected by the government’s response to it. Perhaps you’ve lost your job or business, or you know someone who has. Maybe you can’t find the supplies you want, or you can no longer afford to stock up. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to be ready for the next round of mandates – because we know they’re coming.

Never have I written such a grim look back that was so laser-focused on one overriding topic.

These were the ten most-viewed articles on The Organic Prepper in 2020.

#10) How (and When) to Prepare for the NEXT Lockdown

Published on May 2, just as we were beginning to see a tiny bit more freedom to come and go as we pleased, I wrote about the fact that another lockdown was entirely likely and that the time to begin preparing for it was immediately.

I wrote:

If it turns out to be seasonal, the second wave would be most likely to begin in October. And now, health specialists know what to look for so it’s likely the re-emergence will be identified fairly quickly and lockdowns could occur by November.

Whenever a surge occurs, whether it’s next month or next fall, expect another round of lockdowns.

Incidentally, I wrote an article about the second round of lockdowns on November 13th.

#9) UPDATED LIST: How to Build a 30-Day Emergency Food Supply…Fast

I updated this article repeatedly throughout the year because company after company faced backlogs of orders without enough inventory to fill them. My favorite company, Legacy, dramatically increased production to fulfill orders and still customers had to wait for months in many cases to get their supplies.

This was one of the most popular articles of the year as people who felt they were not quite ready for a longer-term emergency stocked up.

Many of the products listed in the article are currently available at the time of this round-up.

#8) Last-Minute Coronavirus Quarantine Supplies: What to Buy (and Where to Get It) When the Stuff You Want Is Sold Out

Many people had begun to see the writing on the wall in early March, even those who were not preppers. On March 8th, I wrote an article for those who were having difficulty finding the supplies that were on all the standard checklists.

Don’t despair if you can’t the last-minute emergency supplies you wanted. It just means you’re going to have to be flexible and creative. And don’t let people who accuse you of panic-buying or being “selfish” get you down. Sure, you waited later than is ideal but you are doing the best you can, and I commend you for doing so. Ignore the jerks – most of us are really glad you’re here and you’re trying.

The best thing about this is that it turned a lot of folks into preppers who had never even considered it before.

#7) 9 Things to Buy Every Time You Go to the Store

By June 28th, after the first round of restrictions had been lifted, people who were never-before preppers were still paying attention and seeing that the stores in many parts of the country had never fully restocked. I recommended the 9 things I pick up every time I go to the store as a simple way to get ready for the next round.

#6) The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect the Availability (and Cost) of THESE Essential Products from China

Back in February, Zero Hedge reports that the virus that was then centered in mainland China had “all the hallmarks of a true Black Swan event.” And they called it. With hundreds of millions of Chinese people locked down like something out of a dystopian novel, this was bound to affect both our supply chain and our economy. Locked down people weren’t out there producing the cheap goods Americans have come to rely upon, and shipping ground to a halt.

It took 2020 to visibly demonstrate to us how little we actually produce here in the US, and how reliant we are on China for consumer goods, medical supplies, and even food.

This article has a massive list of the essentials that my analysis showed might become difficult to acquire. And as it stands, many stores are still hiding the empty spots that used to be filled with these goods.

That list is useful today in that we can use it to predict the products that could soon increase in price, be in short supply, or even be completely unavailable. You can use this list to foresee the things that could become a problem. Some things you could stock up on – like medications – but others are items you won’t know you need until you actually need them – like parts to repair your furnace.

Fears of this escalated even more when China said they might withhold medical exports no-they-were-just-kidding if the United States continued to blame them for giving the whole world the coronavirus.

#5) How to Prepare for a Coronavirus Quarantine

The fifth most popular article of the year was published on February 29th, and it was about how to prepare for a quarantine should the virus really escape China and make its way to the United States.

This article was written with a real quarantine in mind and not the lockdown measures that were later instituted by the United States government. It provided guidance for people who might end up unable to leave their homes for more supplies for a month or longer.

Some folks who were at very high risk for the virus did make the personal decision to quarantine themselves and have since shared stories of staying home and living from their supplies for months. Most people practiced more of a form of social distancing instead and limited their interactions or trips to the store, but they still left to purchase supplies. It should be reiterated this is not the same thing as a quarantine. With a quarantine, you don’t go in and out. You go in, and you stay in until it’s over.

#4) The Lockdown of America Begins

On March 21, the official lockdown of the United States began in California and over the next week spread across most of the nation. By April 4th, 90% of Americans were living under some form of restriction. As predicted, this wasn’t something that happened all at the same time on a federal level, but on a rolling basis, state by state.

#3) What I Bought to Prep for a Wuhan Coronavirus Lockdown

When the pandemic began, unbeknownst to us here in the US, I had been in Europe. In January, I returned to North America for the funeral of a beloved family member on a round trip ticket, planning to return to visit Croatia.

However, while I was in Canada, things with the virus began to pick up speed. I popped down to visit my daughter in the United States at the end of that month and quickly came to believe this was the real deal. I postponed my return to Europe and went out to purchase food and supplies for a potential quarantine.

This article is a list of what I quickly bought so that we could hunker down for a few months if the need arose. I started from square one and put our entire stockpile together in just a few shopping trips in early February. While it isn’t necessarily the items I would have bought if I’d had unlimited money, space, and time to prepare, it saw us through the lockdown and we still have some supplies left from these trips.

#2.) How Long Will the American Covid-19 Lockdown Last? Here’s What the Patterns Suggest

The thing that you may have noticed throughout this roundup is that nearly all of the predictions I made weren’t of the crystal ball variety. They were based on patterns. How did it happen in other countries? How many days did it take? What did their charts look like in comparison to our charts?

This article is no different but met quite the outcry when I said not only could we be looking at somewhere around 77 days of restrictions, but also that this could be a stop and start process.

We have not seen the worst of this situation yet. People should be prepared for anything from more stringent lockdowns, supply chain interruptions, and potentially even civil unrest in some areas as the situation drags on.

I know these dates and numbers are probably not what you want to hear. It’s only been ten days and for many, it’s practically unimaginable to live like this for 2 more months, stretching into June. The effect on the economy alone is mind-blowing, not to mention the feelings of uncertainty, unrest, and even fear that many people are experiencing.

But if you’re anything like me, you’d rather go into this unknown territory facing reality instead of waiting and wondering.

The response in the comments on both my website and other websites where this was published was that this timeline was nonsense and that there was no way it would take this long, nor would this be something that could literally go on for years.

Yet here we are.

#1) When Will the US Lockdown Over Covid-19? How Long Will Quarantines Last? Here’s What the Patterns Show Us

The most viewed article of the year, with over 400,000 visits, was this one.

On March 12, before the “let’s stay home for two weeks and flatten the curve announcement” was made, I analyzed the lockdowns of China and Italy based on what we were being told. I concluded we could be looking at a lockdown within a matter of days and recommended that readers make their preparations and get to wherever they intended to spend their lockdown.

…If massive lockdowns are occurring on about day 22-23 in other countries, that means we may have 7-8 days before we see major lockdowns and quarantines here. That would put us at March 19th or 20th. We may see some early lockdowns of cities or regions where the virus is rapidly spreading like Seattle and New York City. The lockdowns in other countries expanded in about a week to encompass greater geographic areas and larger numbers of people. This would put us at approximately March 26-27th.

…I would expect a quarantine or lockdown in the US to last for up to 2-3 months. There are lots of variables, of course, but this would be a good general guide for getting supplies.

On March 21, the lockdown of America began.

2020 in summary

There are many theories about the covid pandemic including…

  • There’s no such thing as Covid-19
  • The virus is a bioweapon
  • We should have done X and everything would be fine

I believe there is a virus. I had it, it was confirmed with a serology test, and I was sick for 17 days.

That being said, I don’t believe the mandates and measures taken by the United States have been in our best interests. I believe it’s a real health crisis that has the potential to overload hospitals, but I also believe that it didn’t justify the destruction of our economy and our personal finances.

We should have the basic human rights and responsibilities of making our own health choices. We should be provided with accurate information, not propaganda to support the whim of whoever currently wants to mandate our medical decisions.

We have had a real crisis in our country – and in the world – and it was made a thousand times worse by those in power who live by the credo of Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff.

“You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste.”

World leaders have taken that to heart, and nations around the globe will never be the same. We’ll be told it is all for our own good, and they’re just keeping us safe.

We will look back at 2020 in the same way we look back at Sept. 11, 2001, as a turning point where great freedom was lost. There will be the world before Covid, and the world after Covid.

A cage, no matter how “safe” it is, will always be a cage.

What stands out most in your mind about 2020?

Was 2020 a difficult year for you? What stands out the most to you? How was your circle affected by the virus, the restrictions, or the economic disaster? Share your perspective in the comments?

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Its annoying but I’ll follow the store rules when I’m out and about. I think our government would take the damage to the economy more seriously if they started missing their own paychecks, but then its not their ox that’s getting gored. The rules don’t effect them, or its rules for thee and not for me. There’s nothing worse than a bureaucrat who knows what’s best.

  • It was a terrible year. For those of us who prep, we probably weren’t as uncomfortable as many. Those who weren’t prepared learned some hard lessons. For those of us who are older and/or otherwise at risk, the isolation was too hard. I visit my family in SoCal a couple times a year normally. The pandemic means I missed out on an entire year of that…more by the time it’s all over. That is the most painful part for me. It cemented a decision I had been considering for quite awhile, and that is that it isn’t worth living where I do if it means being so far from my kids and grandchild. There are no pine trees pretty enough, there are no political environments, no tax laws, no nothing that makes living 1,200 miles away from family acceptable at this point in my life.

    Can I also say that I am tired of hearing this politician or that one did or did not do this or that? This was an unprecedented problem, and everyone was slugging their way through it. Good and bad decisions were made, just as they are in a military war. Nobody comes out looking good in a situation like this.

    I don’t expect 2021 to be anything more than a stab at healing the country. It will be a bit better as the virus eventually dies out, but the economic situation is going to take longer to heal. And the political situation…well, I don’t expect miracles (putting that mildly). So, I think we make the adjustments that we need to during what could be a respite between storms, continue to prep, watch the country/world closely, and try to have a life in-between all that.

  • You have always been ahead of things, Daisy. I credit you with my own preps being ready. The only thing (thank God) we didn’t have to deal with was quarantine rooms for the sick in our homes… at least most of us didn’t. And being in AZ, things weren’t as hard for us. But I fear you are correct about them not letting a crisis go to waste. I believe it greatly affected the outcome of our election as well. But being a Prepper means you’re ready… emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially… for whoever is elected and whatever comes our way. There’s much peace of mind in that. Thanks for ALL of your thought-provoking and HELPFUL articles.

  • We were more fortunate than most.
    Saw enough info about COVID and the possible 2nd and 3rd order effects.
    4 FEB called the ball, doubled and even tripled up on our already well stocked pantry.
    Then sat back and watched for Indicators and Warnings that this was going to be as bad as they initially predicted.
    Thankfully they were wrong and the millions of Americans dead by Summer 2020 never came to pass.

    The economic onslaught against small businesses, the poor, minorities, and to a lesser degree the middle class is real shock and awe and not in a good way.
    The transfer of wealth to the top 10% is again, real shock and awe and not in a good way.

    Been reading about The Great Reset (and yes, they even have their own website, https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/ ).
    Reading it, sounds all warm and fuzzy, in the kum by yah, every one hold hands sense.
    Personally I am somewhat skeptical whenever rich elitists get good ideas that are supposed to be for my benefit. Seems they are the ones who benefit and us unwashed masses get screwed.
    Call me crazy.

    To the old 60s’ phrase, “Tune in, and opt out,” comes to mind.

  • I saw that we were in for a global pandemic earlier in the year. I have been stocking my pantry for years, it takes only once being snowed in for two (2) weeks to learn a lesson. My children were teenagers back then.lucky we had 7 cords cut, split and aged so we stayed warm and were able to cook what we had on the wood stove. It takes a lot of food to fuel teenaged kids. Oats, biscuits and gravy, home baked bread, beans and caned vegetables were about all I had then.
    Now I’m almost 78 years old and have health issues, so have been in isolation for 8 months. Have a small garden for fresh greens. My pantry will keep me from being hungry for a while longer.
    This is real folks, wear the mask, wash your hands and keep your distance from others.
    Good luck and keep safe.

  • For me it was a year that showed who I really was and what I thought I couldn’t get done I did without help. It was damn stressful but I’ve now gotten my father and adult kids prepping and I feel better that they are. It also showed where you live can play a massive part of your life when you have a 7km travel restrictions from home. It also showed who are real friends and who are acquaintances. It showed me the power of our government and the ease that they weild it. The incompetence of our schools and home schooling not only works but sees children thrive. Post lockdown back to face to face learning confirmed it.
    How quickly people turn on each other for a roll of toilet paper and how close aggression is to the surface in some people. And the importance of researching violence to be able to look for the signs early and do an about-face out of there. I’m thankful for your site daisy and the personal experiences of your writers and the frugal site too. This coming year will be about massive changes for us and approval won’t be needed I’ll be getting it done .

  • The year has been a big bump for me and my family, thankfully I have been mostly working here in Alaska where I think people have faired better than other states. My, family is in Thailand and the borders have been closed and returning has not been possible without going through much expense and jumping through many regulations to get there , so therefore I have not been with them in over a year. My wife is so positive and thankful that I’m working, where some stuck in Thailand have run out of funds and are not able to return to other countries to replenish finances. Thanks Daisy for your info.

  • Yeah. A friend just got out of the hospital with the “COVID-19” after 5 days.

    I asked him what all his symptoms were. I then went to the CDC website and pulled down all the minor, moderate, and severe symptoms of the Influenza and sent it to him via email.

    I also asked him what the hospital had him on. He said steroids (although the use of steroids is still being debated), antibiotics, and C, D3, Zinc, and B1.

    Mind you, antibiotics do nothing for a virus. But, they kill bacteria… “COVID might, in turn, cause excessive mucus production in the lungs that leads to the development of a bacterial pneumonia.”

    Let’s spin that before the COVID days: The Influenza Virus might, in turn, cause excessive mucus production in the lungs that leads to the development of a bacterial pneumonia. Which is what my Grandmother died of back in 1995 after contacting the Influenza Virus.

    BTW, I told him months ago to take those vitamins. He now has his whole family taking them.

    There is nothing new here. The only thing new here, is you all are wearing face diapers which acts as your lungs exhaust collector of various nasties being trapped on the inside of your face diapers, building up, and the INHALING of it back into your lungs, creating a nasties overload. Being viral, bacterial, whatever. Not to mention lack of Sun and Vitamin D. Of course people are getting damn sick!

    And as of yet, no one has isolated an intact, whole, complete Corona-Virus from anyone. No one has the virus in a purified and isolated state. Instead of proof, you have shady inference and assumption and guesswork and deception. Freedom of Information reveals Public Health Agency of Canada has no record of ‘SARS-COV-2’ isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever. No one has. You don’t say, “Oh, we found all these bits and pieces of something in the soup of bits and pieces and POOF! it’s the Corona-Virus!

    Anyhow, none of you will get it, but the expected COVID-19 closing date is 2025, and from there, the ‘SPARS Pandemic 2025 – 2028’ Simulation begins.

    They expect the UN Agenda 2021 and 2030 to be fully implemented. And they will get away with it because, well… you are all wearing FACE DIAPERS… right?

    • Interestingly enough, the symptoms of covid are remarkably similar to the symptoms of zinc deficiency, including the cough and loss of smell.
      Someone on here also mentioned Lyme decease in one of the above articles.

  • Daisy,
    i usually agree with most you say and i like your website. However, let me be the contrarian today. I am 65 years old live in a suburb east of Cleveland and I am semi-retired. I think as an American it is my right to choose what changes i will accept in my life. I believe the China virus was a hoax perpetrated by phonys like Antony Fauci:Forty years of failure and democrats that never let a good disaster go by without exploiting it. I believe we were conned and the 1% mortality rate should never have caused such a reaction. At the beginning of this I was already prepared and I refused to react with fear over logic. I researched the 1917-18 pandemic and learned a great deal even about lockdowns. They wen’t found to work then and they don’t work now. I researched masks (I already had gas masks and respirators as I used to investigate HazMat accidents) the ones people are wearing don’t work and never will, it is ludicrous to say so. I have come to a point in my life that iI don’t really care what the majority of people do I go my own way. i haven’t trusted the American govenment for a long time and am not surprised by what we have seen. Anyone that would trust the government after Vietnam is a fool. Our government will never be anything different until we demand change and force accountability. I believe that was happening with Trump he is the best President I have seen in my life time. I believe he realizes he was had.
    I can go on forever just about the election but won’t here as that is another topic.
    I know what has happened however let me say that I am not changed by anything that has happened. I have made a choice. They can all go chase themselves. I believe in science when it is science not speculation. I Believe my eyes not lies and that is never going to change. I believe although I am not as fast, strong or have the endurance of my youth i can still take care of myself. I am an avid supporter of the NRA and my second amendment rights. I believe as long as the second amendment is there, they will take my guns from my cold dead hands and that is the only way they are going to get them. I was a cop for quite a while and know that as a cop I could not have done what I have seen in the past year. I would have never tolerated or asked anyone else tolerate what police have in the past year. We were riot trained and tested and tolerating what I saw police tolerate is contrary to anything I was taught. You maintain the peace by any measure you have to up to and including deadly force, you never let things get out of control like what we saw. My officers would have never allowed their men to be abused in the ways I watched on my television. From what I saw there would have been broken bodies littering the streets as there have to be consequences for any attack on Police. I would have died before I gave a station to a bunch of punks and in my day that is what would have been expected. You never back down like that or you set a precedence to do it again and again.
    Like most of this country’s institutions it failed. Not because the police failed but the support system behind them failed. Police department may have got lax on riot training but Police are Police they know what they have to do. The racial fallacy is just that some dreamed up delusion. In 1983 the police acts stopped racial discrimination in its track. All someone had to do is call the FBI and the action was rolling with the federal govenment behind it. You just couldn’t get away with illegal and harmful discrimination and we were all for it and followed it. We didn’t have a choice and didn’t want one. Right was right.
    I guess what I am saying is I am too old to change and I don’t want to. I don’t care what the democrats want and I don’t care what they believe they are not the majority, 75 million people proved it. That’s not going to change and niether am I, not for anyone or anything.

    • Well said sir. I to am not afraid of any virus with a 99.5% survival rate. There is a reason it is called the scamdemic! I do believe people have been sick but it’s been proven that the covid cases and death numbers are a total farce. It’s not near as bad as the sheeple think. They are using the scamdemic to bring in world government. As you said sir you believe what you see. I see all the governments locking their citizens down as if following a playbook. If people can’t see this, they are totally blind. If we don’t stand up to these ridiculous mandates and say no more, you can kiss your freedoms goodbye!

  • I’m old and semi-retired. Have a side gig selling on Ebay that has done as well or better under covid. I saw early on the videos of China and hurried out to get extra supplies quickly, thinking I would be among a crowd. Imagine my surprise that there were no crowds, no one stocking up. That came a few weeks later.
    My four grown kids have been effected differently. Two have been devastated, one is crippling along and one seems to be unaffected. I’m tired of not being able to see my kids or the grandkids. But I’m afraid we may look back on 2020 as a good year compared to what is to come.

  • I don’t mind being caged for safety. Since 9/11, hundreds of terrorist attacks have been foiled by the protective measures in place since then, thousands in other countries. It would be horrible if even more massacres occurred than now, and they would if we let our guard down. We’ve seen how many cases of contagion with symptomatic Covid occur even with the measures. Do we really want to see how many millions would be disabled or killed by it if no one observed any of the measures? I would not.

    Yes, it has been a horrible year of unimaginable suffering for millions. But is the answer to throw away the masks and hug each other, laugh, sing, and cough on each other, and then deny the connection when our supposed friends cast her Covid from us and often die? I don’t think it is.

  • Before any comments were posted here, ZeroHedge.com had already reprinted Daisy’s article by midday today:


    By six hours later their comments had already grown to 126.

    1stMarineJarhead touched on the WEF connection. Here’s another aspect of it:


    In 1930 there were still some 30% of the population living on farms with agricultural and gardening skills … who didn’t need grocery stores. Today that percentage has dwindled down to the 1-2% range … with much of the nation’s just-in-time food supply coming from overseas and at risk of being cut badly. This is at the same time as the federal evictions moratorium is expiring with the prospect of millions of unemployed facing homelessness.

    In 1918 the Rockefeller Institution supplied an experimental vaccine to the US Army’s 1911-created mandatory vaccination program … with our GIs as defenseless guinea pigs who immediately began getting sick. As that sickness changed through at least two mutations it grew more and more deadly … while the Rockefellers sold more vaccine to other countries around the world that eventually killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people (including more Germans than WWI combat). The Wilson government (put into office by secret British money in 1912‘s election) didn’t have the guts to hold the Rockefellers accountable, and to this day the US government has maintained the lie of the “mysterious” Spanish Flu origin of that death-dealing vaccine.

    So why is that history relevant? In 2010 the Rockefellers were again doing research on pandemics. In 2019 Bill Gates helped fund a pandemic simulation of mammoth proportions. He had already hired the electronics expert to develop the tracking chip electronics to be injected along with a soon-to-be mandatory vaccine (which horrified that honest engineer when he learned the intention of his tracking technology).

    Some years before, the US Congress had outlawed the ongoing development inside the US of bioweapons research, so those pursuing it began slipping funding for such continued research to Wuhan in China…

    When the Covid-19 boom was finally lowered in early 2020 it was the perfect cover for the coming Federal Reserve’s credit bubble collapse … just as they’s been pulling off regularly for many decades ever since the 1930s Great Depression. This time however enough central banks around the world have been doing the same thing so this should be a horrendous global financial depression.

    In parallel with the Covid-19 damage, while the millions of small businesses were deemed “nonessential” by politicians who were not being held accountable for their arrogance, federal “relief” money is being funneled mostly to the same large businesses that can buy congressmen as needed to carve out near monopolies and cartel style economic privileges per Mussolini’s description of fascism.

    Australian researcher and writer Caitlin Johnstone described this global war by the oligarchs very well here:

    Oligarchic imperialism is the new dominant world religion, 29 Nov, 2020



    “Oligarchic imperialism is the new dominant world religion.

    It is what shapes our culture. It is what holy wars are fought over and acts of terrorism committed for. It’s what power is built around. It’s what you’re branded a heretic for rejecting.

    Adherents of the old dominant religion used to read the Bible; adherents of the new dominant religion read the New York Times.”

    When the Davos crowd, Bill Gates, George Soros, and the global network of counterfeiting central bankers all conspire to destroy cash and track the defenseless with chips embedded with mandatory vaccines, the evils of a global digital money supply controlled by those bankers and governments becomes total and all consuming. See this website for details:


    Does this make more clear the motivations for destroying 10x as many lives from lockdowns as Covid-19 is causing? It provides cover for the most monstrous power grab in world history.


  • 2020 showed just how quick so many people would willingly and in some cases demanded to give up their rights for a tiny bit of so-called “safety / security”.

    Also showed TPTB how quick and easy social media and the MSM could spew disinformation that sheep would gobble up with little or no facts.

    Proved that a very large portion of the population is nearly totally dependent on local, state and federal government handouts for their pitiful, useless existence.

      • I really liked the movie Downfall, about the fall of Berlin. How free are you to run down to the neighborhood grocery store when all the buildings are being bombed and snipers take out everyone in the street? Remember all the people dropping dead in the streets from ARDS in Wuhan, Milan, New York City, New Ireland, etc.? The hundreds of thousands of horrific deaths just in the US? It would have been much worse without the 80% of Americans taking this very seriously, and it would have been much better if 100% had.

  • I doubt if it will go away. As long as America bows to their demands there will be something new to replace Covid. I saw what was happening in Jan 2020 and created the Coronavirus Defense Kit which has freed my extended family and friends from this scourge. We walk free in America without all of the fooleries.

    I am a USAF Bio-Warfare Officer and know how worthless the masks are. The only mask that is of any real value is the Chem/bio/nuke mask with the canisters. Ever seen anyone use it in public? What happened to common sense? We use a 4 component anti-viral mixture for a nasal spray, mouth, hand, mask, face, eyes, hair, etc. I put up instructions on YouTube to make your own protection at home. THEY erased them…..
    There are still 3 left at T J Gray Coronavirus @ YouTube if you hurry. You don’t have to be their slave, you can still walk free in the Old America, if you choose. You will not like the New One.

  • Hello Daisy,

    Interesting points but I beg to differ with some of what you said. I will outline where I differ. I only ask that you do a preliminary investigation and if you believe that it has some validity then dig deeper.
    1. You said that you believe the virus is real due to your serology test. The production of antibodies is not always associated with exposure to a new virus. First, I would highlight the following article
    which CDC’s own scientists admit: only using 37 base pairs from real tissue to assemble SARS-CoV-2 from a genome of 30,000 base pairs. The 37 segments were put into a computer program, which filled in the rest of the base pairs!?!
    2. CDC Scientists found that SARS-CoV-2 didn’t Infect human tissue. CDC virologists found that solutions containing SARS-CoV-2 — even in high amounts — were NOT, infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested. It is ONLY infective to monkey kidney cells, and only then when you add two potent drugs (gentamicin and amphotericin), known to be toxic to kidneys into the solution.

    So a virus manufactured on a computer cannot be causing people to become ill with covid-19 especially when they take samples from people ill with covid-19 and try to infect other people. So there is some other method causing people to fall ill (and die) consistent with the profile of previous epidemics going back more than 100 years according to Dr. Edgar Hope-Thompson in his book, The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza. As to the means of transmission, I would highly recommend that you look into a recent eye opening book by By Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell, The Contagion Myth. Note that even for SARS-COV1, they were never able to isolate a virus and show that it infected anyone. It highlights the level of fraud being perpetuated on the public. If there is no virus isolated how can you make a vaccine for it???

    Note that our human virome contains 380 trillion viruses of which 57 trillion are coronaviruses. Those coronaviruses have led to the production of t-cells and antibodies that have protected more than 99.98 % of the population from serious issues with covid-19. Right now what we can definitely say is that covid-19 has a profile consistent with previous influenza epidemics where, according to the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford

    in seasonal influenza epidemics, about 70% to 90% of deaths occur in people ≥65. All the PCR test are BS. They cannot detect infectious disease according to Public Health England and other public health authorities including the WHO. So when the media talks about covid-19 cases it doesn’t mean anything. A case in medical terms is a person showing symptoms of a disease but what the media speaks about when it says a case is a positive PCR test. So yes, you had covid-19. If it lasted for 17 days that is an indication of where you are in terms of your health. I have not even had a cold in 17 years. It basically comes down to ensuring that you have every nutrient that your body needs. Below is the main reasons why over the that period (not at the same time).
    Superfood Plus

    Bio superfood

  • “I believe it’s a real health crisis that has the potential to overload hospitals, but I also believe that it didn’t justify the destruction of our economy and our personal finances.”

    I completely agree that it shouldn’t have been allowed to destroy the economy. But what gets at me, and that I really don’t understand that many preppers don’t seem to get, is that the way NOT to destroy the economy is to be more prepared, not less. The countries whose economy wasn’t badly affected have been places like New Zealand, Australia, Japan, that took MORE measures, and more importantly, EARLIER. In other words, the best prepared. They kept the virus under control. It’s the countries that were generally least prepared and least willing to prepare that have had more deaths AND destroyed their economy as well. Getting it wrong the first wave is, to some extent, understandable, though Daisy here proved that you could be perfectly ready for the first wave. But after a relatively low-count summer, getting it wrong again for the next wave is inexcusable.

    • “took MORE measures” – In my state in Australia the government mandated that my non essential business be closed from March 22nd to the 2nd August. 4 & 1/2 months closed due to Covid because of how many deaths ?…… 4 !! Heaven forbid the measures there may have been for, I don’t know, 10 or 12 deaths. Be careful what you wish for. Australia, by denying natures course, and having not yet had its proper “1st wave” is now in a position where I can’t see it ever being able to reopen to the rest of the world.

  • Like you, I had been “nomading” and got myself into permanent housing in March, right before everything here shut down. I had minimal supplies(had been stocking up as best as possible but everything needed to fit in my car or a small storage unit which would freeze). I didn’t have furniture. You get the picture. But I was thankful to have a place to stay while this all rolled out. As a former “prepper” who had jettisoned most of my stuff in order to travel and live overseas, I at least had a good idea of what to buy and where although it was complicated by the closures. And of course prices for desirable goods started to escalate in response to shortages.

    I think what strikes me the most about this year is the divisiveness on all levels. Political of course but also the widely varying takes on Covid. There are people who have been hunkered down in their homes since March, terrified to even poke their heads outside, still spraying their mail with Lysol after “quarantining” it for many days. There are others who never wear masks, disregard all warnings, pile into crowded bars(when open) etc. And they all are blaming each other for our current situation.

    I have learned, no big surprise I guess, that our elected officials don’t have a clue and can’t be trusted. That they will say whatever works for them in a self-serving way. Watching Dr. Fauci tell us that we don’t need masks and masks won’t help only to pivot and insist we wear masks(admitting that this was because we had a mask shortage) was disheartening. Watching him continue to shift the goal posts for herd immunity, admitting that he is doing so in order to prod the public to get immunized. Whatever happened to evidence-based science?

    Watching our economy get destroyed.? Watching people become impoverished through no fault of their own, only due to their owning a restaurant, or working in a now-shuttered business. Watching Amazon and Walmart thrive while Main Street dies. Watching how so much of the aid went, and keep going, to large businesses, political pork projects, etc with crumbs gong to those who really need it.

    Watching the Democrats use Covid in order to demonize Trump and the Republicans. Using Covid to roll out mail in voting with all of the potential for fraud which they took advantage of. Watching Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc censor what they don’t approve of. Realizing that the medical establishment is forgoing inexpensive protocols that will be effective in favor of others that don’t work well and are costly. Wondering who benefits? Always follow the money and the desire for control.

    I no longer recognize my country or even my state. So much has been lost. I don’t have much faith that 2021 will be better.

  • Thank you, Daisy, for this site and all you do. Your site, as well as Peak Prosperity, informed me well in advance about the virus and what was happening globally. I live in hurricane country, so I’ve been prepared. Topped off things back in late February in anticipation. Thanks for the heads up.

    I will admit, at first I was scared. More of the unknown than anything but I quickly realized what was going on, a total change of the system, at any means possible.

    I am so grateful I live where I do and my Governer is level headed. Others I know are not so lucky. Many friends and family live in those dictator-like states. I see so many here locked up in their own fear, I want to shout to them to wake up and see what the powers-to-be are doing, feeding fear to control.

    It was either Franklin or Jefferson that said
    ” Those who would give up essential liberties for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security.”

    If one is so afraid to die that they willingly sign their freedoms away, then what is the point of living?

    Thanks again for your work, Daisy. It is very valuable information. Glad that you are on the mend.

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