A Terrifying Eye-Witness Account of the Kenosha Riots: “Everyone in the city was getting ready for a war.”

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Much has been written about surviving riots and civil unrest. But there’s nothing like a firsthand account to bring it to life.

We shared an eye-witness story from a National Guard member who told us about the Seattle riots. Another writer shared her family’s experience during the Ferguson riots. We’ve seen brutal videos on YouTube and social media. The violence in our country is increasing dramatically.

Here’s a first-hand story of the Kenosha riots.

And now, a woman has shared on Facebook what her family recently experienced in the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. In her post, the thing that stands out in my mind the most is that help was not on the way. The residents of Kenosha who stood their ground were completely on their own against the mobs rampaging through their neighborhoods. I’ve redacted some identifying information from her post – otherwise, the public post is exactly as she shared it on the social media outlet. All emphasis is mine.

The day of the worst destruction, fires, looting, assaults… all of us in Kenosha were able to watch live -via independent media. The entire start to finish. The worst of it happened on 22nd & 60th, and I live on [redacted], so to tell you I was terrified is an understatement. The majority of Kenosha was watching our two [redacted] live footage well until 3am… police scanners on… bracing for the worst. It was apparent from the beginning there was no help. No police, no fire trucks no ambulances. None. Structures burned to the ground, people hurt and attacked were loaded into cars and raced to any hospital they could get to, rioters just broke into businesses and took what they wanted.

And we all watched it happen. There was nothing we could do.

A sleepless night, we faced the next day with more fear. A massive clean up effort, we helped as many homes and buisnesses as we could, brace for the night, we started to get inundated with messages from individuals and groups … targeting violence to specific neighborhoods, schools, libraries.. with fires and destruction… lots of messages. Most specifically targeting LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS… families!!!

Cars and buses were coming in to the city with no plates… caravans of groups. Again, no extra police or national guard.

But the rioters came to Kenosha that night again.

Our PD and any help it had was standing ground at the PD building and courthouse… and many rioters did not know… our PD was trying to keep them from burning these down, not only because it was our infrastructure but because right between those buildings were A LOT of local inmates that were currently there due to Covid closing our jail (HUBER).

Again live, we watched hundreds of rioters throwing Molotov cocktails at these buildings and burning our city garbage trucks and dump trucks to the ground that we were using to protect these buildings.

I was afraid for the small line of policemen there that night.

Everyone was urging me and Jim to take all of my animals and to leave the city… and let my house burn. To run far away from Kenosha. I love my home. Those who know me, know the pride we have taken in buying an (as-is) house and turning it into a home. And my business! Could I let it be destroyed?? Absolutely NOT!

We have dear friends with a popular business just 4 houses away… we spend at least once a week there… they packed up boarded up and closed.. terrified … it’s on the main road.

All of us were now under now a state of emergency curfew. Get home and off the streets! gas stations ordered to close and turn OFF all gas pumps..
the sirens and alerts on all of our phones coming in non- stop.

So we pulled out every firearm we owned. Loaded them up. And started to get ready… We were not leaving… Jim’s job told him to stay home and protect his family and home. Everyone in the city was getting ready for a war.

Are you starting to feel anxiety reading this?

Getting a grasp of how desperate we all were?

Knowing no law enforcement was helping? And I’m telling you… NO ONE was there.

I have a dear friend who lives in Gurnee. Has a home and a buisness there, and if she called me and Jim and told me her city was under attack, she was afraid for her LIFE and her store … I would help her. We would go to Gurnee and help her. Armed.

And that’s simply what happened. The residents started to realize this was on us. And we organized. Groups and individuals-On rooftop businesses -in the neighborhoods. I felt a little safer that night knowing we had some help.

So we watched again that night …live. Beginning to end.

At the lakefront… there was a small police presence again, where our courthouse and Pd is…. but the PD was nowhere else in the city. It was just us left to fend for ourselves, watching live feed again, Listening to the scanners … lights off, house alarm armed. Curtains drawn – guns ready as we listened to where the rioters were, which way they were headed. Despite the state of emergency curfew the city was flooded with cars driving around with no plates on, groups of people destroying our city. Not enough police to arrest or stop not ONE SINGLE PERSON.

Until the guard came to help… the entire city was left to its own defenses.

Hell… we ran out of plywood to board up!!!

I had the crates ready to throw the animals in and run… guns at every window and door. Constantly texting neighbors and friends around the city for updates.

When we say, if you don’t live here, you could not possibly know what was going on.. do you now understand? How afraid the whole city was?

The national guard FINALLY was called out – and did not mess around. The people who terrorized and destroyed Kenosha were not from Kenosha. Of all the arrests… most were from 44 other city’s. After our IDIOT governor finally asked, we got the help we should have had from DAY ONE. We had FBI and all the surrounding PD’s come to our aid.

If…you don’t live here… you could not possibly understand what we went thru. People should wait before they jump to conclusions. I just am disgusted beyond words at the judgement that’s happening. DISGUSTED

For those of you with children to protect, a business you put your heart and soul in… a home you struggled to own and pay for.. you have got to understand what we all went thru. The fear and the instinct to protect what you love, and what you worked so hard for is strong. I hope no one ever has to go thru anything like this. (source)

The damage in Kenosha is astounding.

Kenosha isn’t a huge city. It has a population of about 100,000 people. Until these riots, it was not considered a dangerous city. But things changed fast.

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the riots. Minus the damage from shells and sniper rifles, looks like a warzone to rival things I saw in Bosnia when I met with Selco and took one of his survival courses.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Lightburst – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=93638834

PHOTO CREDIT: By Lightburst – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=93638841

PHOTO CREDIT: By Lightburst – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=93638827

Is this the new America? If it’s this bad now, what’s going to happen after the election, particularly if the results are contested?

This is spreading across the country.

So many people are convinced this can never happen where they live. I see the denial all the time in the comments on my articles about this subject. And while it’s true that some parts of the country are more resistant to the riots and arson than others, it needs to be clearly understood that these are not locals perpetrating the damage. These are people being bussed in from other places. Time and time again, we see articles with local authorities claiming most of the arrests made were people from out of town.

This isn’t something you see coming a week ahead, like a hurricane on the horizon. One injustice, perceived or real, is all it takes to throw gasoline on a fire that is blazing across the country. It CAN happen to you, too.

A number of people in Minneapolis armed themselves to protect their families, businesses, and properties because they knew they were on their own. The story above only underlines that point. Literal battle zones are erupting across the nation. Armed conflict is already occurring and the writing is on the wall.

Be prepared for civil unrest and riots because you won’t have much warning should violence mobs deploy near you. Have a plan to leave if possible. And if that’s not possible, it cannot be more clear that you must be personally prepared to defend your home, your family, and your business because the police won’t be able to do it for you.

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  • As the founder Bill Ayers of the radical group ” The Weathermen Underground” stated in PJ Media the other day, ” We are already in Civil War 2 ” .

    • Bill Ayers is trying to revive his relevance, he’s a tired old reject of the 60’s. These Antifa thugs need to be stomped back into the mud from where they came. And WHY are we paying the old radicals to continue to brainwash their students at all of these colleges? We’re PAYING for that? That needs to stop.

  • I appreciate the sitrep and intell. This is great to hear the POV and use it to learn, plan and act.

    There are common factors to why this happened. They can not be ignored. Political, geographical and sociological.

    “It’s spreading across the country” wellll no not really. The group here is sitting in jail awaiting prison on terrorism charges. I traveled recently, went to the lake this week and shopped etc. Pretty much normal as normal is these days. Gonna travel some this weekend to another state to do some fun stuff. I’m still preparing but I’m still living too.

    It continued because of common factors. Ever heard the phrase “having a gun is not enough”. This and other events are prime examples. You have to decide where that break point is now otherwise your going to be telling this same story or worse.

    Getting through the OODA loop is critical. Y’all stay safe.

  • I have relations via my son’s marriage with a family that lives at the edge of Kenosha in Pleasant Praire they were armed for a fact. Two adult women one child and two men. Only the men would have engaged the rioters. I was waiting for a call or message they needed support.

    • I have to provide a link to the post to cite the source. But if she ends up taking the post down at some point, I’m not going to have her general address on my website or on other sites that might pick up the article.

  • This could be stopped very quickly with a swift and overwhelming application of lethal force. BLM and Antifa has declared war on our country and have made the city streets the battlefield so as soon as the first bottle is thrown or the first window is broken mow down every one in the street. They are enemies of the State and should be treated as such.

    Don’t want to die? Then stay off the battlefield (streets) and quit supporting the enemy which are communist rioters. There are no innocents in war and the quicker they make these POS go room temp the better.

    • At this point all they’ve done is destropy their own backyard. They only persist because they are useful idiots to their Democrat Mayors and Governors. When that usefulness ends and they no longer help perpetuate the myth the liberals are supporting the local LEO’s will suddenly be empowered to perform their duty and this will end.

      In the mean time I’m rural so the local sheriff is 30-45 minutes away any time I need them. You can be sure that the proper steps have been taken to secure and protect what’s mine. When they lose their protection and are met head on by determined and prepared owner’s we’ll find out what their really made of.

      • The main point I took away from this article was that the main perpetrators were being bussed in from outside the area.
        Somebody paid for that.
        Somebody paid people to go into this city, into these neighborhoods for the express purpose of destroying homes and businesses. For the express purpose of setting fires and looting. For the express purpose of beating people up.
        So when do they begin killing people?
        They already have begun.
        They need to be rooted out and put on trial… before they decide YOU make a good target…or your spouse, your parents, your kids, your friends.
        Follow the money to get to the people who most benefit from this destruction, murder and mayhem.
        Then prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

        • As to the vehicles that are driving through the area with no plates, if they were disabled they could be traced back to the owners after being impounded.
          And that’s not hard to do. Something as simple as two flats should at least slow them down. Doesn’t anyone have their own set of spike strips? they aren’t hard to make.

  • This sounds eerily similar to what happened here in Minneapolis, especially the part about cars driving around with no plates on them!

    • The next time you see cars without plates, take out the AR with FMJ ammo and start shooting through their doors. Everyone knows what these animals are doing. This will stop that problem promptly. Especially if LE is nowhere to be found. I see nothing…I know nothing. And neither should anyone in the neighborhood.

      • I don’t really suggest that as a reasonable course of action. Not unless you want to end up spending the rest of your life in prison. This is the kind of comment that could end up getting you in a lot of trouble if you ever have an incident and the DA is poking through your internet history.

  • I hope the locals can take immediate action to recall their treasonous politicians. The terror that’s been allowed in their states and communities are unacceptable to the vast majority of Americans. I don’t accept the pollsters who say 36% approve.

    Something is really messed up! We’ve got to read the news with a great caution.

    Rumors could really throw things into a tailspin. As we’ve seen, perceived injustices are the reasons these animals are pouncing.

    We’ve entered treacherous waters. We are ipso facto at war with other Americans. God have mercy.

  • Thank you kind soul for the time you took to open more eyes to the war on marxism that is ahead of us! There will come a reckoning and the rioters will not appreciate the loss or the brutality of it, but perhaps they will then understand there truly is a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    • I too live in Portland and have noticed the change in tactics by the rioters.
      After several of the major business owners had a “talk” with the mayor the Proud Boys were able to engage the rioters on a more personal basis and the nightly gatherings started moving around to other neighborhoods. That was countered by citizens with somewhat stiffer spines. Within a few days even those gatherings began to become smaller.

      Then the weather changed. The hot, dry days were exacerbated with strong winds from the southeast and fires began to pop up in the hills and mountains southeast of Portland. But fires aren’t unusual around here – we get a few every year, usually after electrical storms – of which there were none.

      But there was a storm that had quieted down for the time: The storm on the streets of Portland. Some local people noticed and commented but the local FBI office rushed to assure us that these fires were of perfectly normal origin and the recent battles with Antifa and BLM had no bearing on the discussion.

      Then a few members of those organizations were arrested while in the act of setting fires along main highways and local roads. Then someone pointed out that most of the fires started within ‘throwing distance’ of some of those highways and roads. The FBI didn’t have much to say about that.

      I submit that the rioters and protestors have simply changed their tactics. Instead to having to deal with irate citizens on the streets, they now get to do more damage with less effort and/or risk.

  • I really hope I never see such a thing. I consider everyone in a mob guilt of what one individual in the mob does. One shot or fire bomb and I might cut loose on them all. At under 50 meters I would go with 00 buck shot into the mass. Then 30.06 AP. The carnage would be horrible. I’m not sure I could stop as they fled. Not sure I wouldn’t finish the wounded. I have anger issues since Iraq so I avoid conflict. Once I get started it’s hard to stop. I would be the monster deserving the death penalty or life without parole..so why stop? I really just want to be left alone in peace. I always walk away but I’ve seen these little bastards not let people do that. If they want a lesson in real violence I have a PHD in it. Maybe after meeting me they will have “sleep disturbances” and clinch their teeth so hard they wake up with one broken. Probably shouldn’t have posted that. LOL just kidding. 🙂

  • The riots that will occur on 4 November will make the riots we’re seeing now seem like ice cream socials. Should Trump win, the Left will be on the streets one second after the results are announced. If blue states try to drag out counting ballots, Conservatives will be on the march also although it would be a toss-up if violence would ensue. If Antifa and BLM confront the Conservative protestors, violence will happen and it will be bloody.

  • There is a chess game playing out and we have to ride it out until election day.
    I found this little bit of news :


    Trump is using the vaccine issue to place military units in position all across the nation to prepare for a post-election invocation of the Insurrection Act which would activate the military to confront and arrest or eliminate domestic terrorists across the country.

    That may explain the Harris/Biden trashing of the possible vaccine release in November.Also a good reason for Trump to bring troops home .

  • Daisy,
    You are doing such a great job giving us what we need to protect our home and family. This woman experienced hell and we got only a taste of what she went through. God help us all.

  • Probably the wrong thing to say but this is one thing you Americans can keep to yourself because we have little defensive capabilities in the UK and sod all police out of the cities.

  • Greetings. I appreciate many of your posts during this turbulent year. What’s happening in the US isn’t a surprise to me. As early as 1997 the trends were clearly established. I wrote a book back then (which will finally be published next year in Serbia because no one in the late 90s or early 2000s believed my predictions) which I outlined the following scenarios for the 21st Century: Terrorism in the US; A world war which would be the US vs the world (ie; the global war on terror); economic collapse; civil war and finally the breakup and collapse of the US. I had estimated that the US would break up by 2017. It appears that estimates were roughly five years too soon.
    This is why I bailed out from the USA in the late 90s. Already in the 90s the politics had become sharper and more divisive (Bill Clinton impeachment). When the 2000 presidential election was disputed, it was clear that the US had crossed the point of no return. The aftermath of 9/11/01 shredded constitutional rights and expanded unchecked government authority. The financial crisis of 2007-08 was the final nail in the coffin of the US having a real economy. Politicians came about offering salvation but made things much worse. Obama was the first false messiah. Trump was elected because of the disillusionment of Obama’s policies. Trump was presented as another messiah but he’s just a dime a dozen NYC con-artist who scammed enough voters. Conditions continue to deteriorate. Every few years the chambers of the Congress switch between Democrats and Republicans who promise change but continue serving the interests of Wall Street, Houston and Silicon Valley. The news media has become corrupted since the mid 1990s. It’s become impossible to know what’s true and what’s false. The Internet was heralded as the new golden era of free and independent media. Instead it’s become a house of mirrors and echo chambers. The news media and the various “independent” online sources are nothing but propaganda and agenda pursuing money generating machines. There’s no trust in anything or anyone. There’s no trust in the politicians, the media, academia. Most dangerously, people don’t trust each other.
    It’s time to accept reality. Not only is the US a failed state but it will no longer exist as an Union after 2025. The US is following the pattern of Yugoslavia. I’ve been living in Serbia for 12 years and have traveled all over ex-Yugoslavia. Those that survived the breakup of Yugoslavia see the same developments in the US. It’s too late to save the American Union. The society is fractured and the masses have two diametrically opposed morals and values. Some embrace secularism, open sexuality, abortion, socialism. Others embrace Christian values, traditional sexuality and gender, anti-abortion and capitalism. Neither side is willing to give an inch. People are willing to defend their belief systems with ultra violence. If, for example the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, tens of thousands from NYC and Boston will storm D.C. and burn down the Supreme Court building. Neither the Left nor the Right can command a majority in the country nor can either side accept being ruled by the other. All of this combined with mass impoverishment spells disaster.
    Roughly 10 million Americans such as myself fled the country since the early 2000s. We were the wise ones. Now many that want to leave are trapped. The government isn’t issuing any new passports. The State Dept. claims that it’s temporary due to CoVid. I think that it’s permanent. The border wall is more to keep Americans trapped from escaping than it is to keep illegal migrants out. Trump had planned to place soldiers on the northern border with Canada. That became unnecessary as Canada has banned entry to Americans. The US passport has been rendered worthless. Less than 30 countries allow US passport holders entry. Part of it has to do with CoVid but most of it has to do with the behavior of the Trump administration in foreign policy. By antagonizing long standing friends and allies with trade war, tariffs, threats and bullying, this has made US citizens unwelcome in Canada and Europe. I’m not singling out Trump. US relations with allies has been under strain since the W. Bush administration. The Obama administration hacked and listened into the German Chancellor’s personal cellphone. It also bullied neutral Switzerland. Even those of us that managed to escape are finding ourselves under pressure abroad. There are now millions of “illegal” Americans in Europe and thousands more “illegals” in Canada. I’m now focusing on obtaining a Serbian or EU passport so that I don’t become stateless in 5 years. The point is that all Americans are left on their own both within and without the country. Still, it’s safer for me to be in Serbia than in the US. I hope that those left behind manage to survive. Civil war is upon you.

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