The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect the Availability (and Cost) of THESE Essential Products from China

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The effects of the Wuhan coronavirus could end up being far more widespread than the illness itself. It is already affecting China’s economy, potentially to the tune of $60 billion. Other predictions are even less optimistic, suggesting that if the outbreak isn’t rapidly contained, Chinese banks could face a $6 trillion disaster.

And the fallout won’t stop with China. The United States and China are intimately linked economically. The coronavirus outbreak could directly affect our economy, as well as the availability of many essential products that are made in China.

How the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak could affect economies

Zero Hedge reports that it has “all the hallmarks of a true Black Swan event.” If you’re not familiar with that term, it is a market-related term that describes a severe and unexpected event that cannot be predicted beforehand but could potentially cause catastrophic damage to the economy. (You can learn more about the term “black swan” here.)

A report on GnS suggests that it isn’t just the US and China that could suffer economically. Tuomas Malinen writes that this could trigger a global economic catastrophe.

The first shoe to drop outside China is likely to be the export-and China-dependent Eurozone. And, as we have warned on several occasions, many European banks will be unable to withstand a recession (see also Q-Review 3/2019 and Q-Review 4/2019).

When the European banking crisis, driven by the ensuing recession, resumes it will “go-global” fast as Europe holds the biggest concentration of globally systemically important banks, or G-SIBs.

It is also unlikely that hyper-valued U.S. stock markets will be able to endure the impact of a global recession. This is even more the case if the Fed tapers its term repo-operations in February, as planned.

Global recession, a European banking crisis and a crash in the U.S. capital markets will produce a global economic collapse which will almost certainly overwhelm any attempts—massive and coordinated as they may be—to turn the tide by over-stretched central banks and over-indebted governments.

This is, why the coronavirus outbreak should be treated for what it is: a potential harbinger of human and economic calamity. (source)

Currently, at least, global stocks are rising in optimism of a slowdown of the spread of the virus, but the Federal Reserve is monitoring the risk of economic disruption.

What does this mean for us?

All this market stuff is a whole bunch of big numbers that don’t feel very personally relatable. But that doesn’t mean we won’t suffer financially as a result of the outbreak.

Getting down to nuts and bolts, how will this affect us here in the United States personally? There are a few different ways.

First of all, we import a crapton of stuff from China.

The cost of goods could go up as China attempts to recover from its own economic crisis.

The availability of goods could decrease since 400 million people are currently locked down in China. It’s a pretty safe guess that manufacturing is not ticking along as it has been in the past.

And it goes even deeper than that. Even products that are “made in China” have components that are made in the United States. A lot of the research and development is done in the states, and of course, the retail aspect also takes place here. In fact, 56% of what you pay for an item “made in China” goes to American workers and businesses.

And with the latest news that the virus can live up to 9 days on surfaces and that the actual incubation period is 24 days and not 14, well, bringing stuff in from China no longer seems like such a great idea now, does it?

So you can see how the ripple effect could cause a lot of problems on our side of the ocean.

Here are the products we currently import from China

Last April, the US and China were involved in a trade war that resulted in tariffs being added to products we were importing from China. At that time, my friend Marilyn Matthews compiled a very thorough list of the products that could see a price increase due to import tariffs.

That list is useful today in that we can use it to predict the products that could soon increase in price, be in short supply, or even be completely unavailable. You can use this list to foresee the things that could become a problem. Some things you could stock up on – like medications – but others are items you won’t know you need until you actually need them – like parts to repair your furnace.

  • Tires, tire retreading products,  all rubber products including but not limited to stoppers, caps, lids, hoses, belts, tubes, pipes, etc. This will affect everything that rolls or is contained.
  • Antifreeze and de-icing fluids
  • Iron and iron alloys and steel products
  • Aluminum and alloys
  • Nuclear reactors and parts
  • Central heating units and parts, furnace burners and all parts, furnaces, ovens, and water heaters,
  • Turbines of all kinds, combustion piston engines, ignitions, compressors
  • Hydraulic engines, pneumatic engines, turbo engines
  • Pumps of all kinds
  • Machinery for food production commercial and home use
  • Papermaking and bookmaking, anything printed
  • Cartons, boxes, containers for mailing and shipping
  • Textile machines, any and everything to do with needlework of any kind in textiles
  • Metalworks:  Anything to do with machinery involved in this industry, drilling, milling, grinding, smoothing, shaping, punching, polishing, etc.
  • Woodworking machinery of any all kinds
  • Cast iron parts and products
  • Chainsaws and parts
  • Cash registers
  • Anything to do with computers, electronics, magnetic storage, whole or in parts
  • Medical devices
  • Microwaves
  • TVs
  • Car computer components,
  • Concrete mixers
  • Earthmoving, crushing, grinding, and sorting machinery of all kinds
  • Glass optic machinery
  • Assembly machinery of all kinds
  • Vacuum molding machinery
  • Thermoforming machinery
  • Rope and cable manufacturing machinery, both metal and fiber
  • Floor polishers,
  • Trash compactors
  • Pulleys
  • Ball bearings
  • Welders
  • Electric motors
  • Generators of all applications from large to small
  • Electromagnetics
  • Lab equipment for all applications
  • Broadcast equipment
  • Safety control equipment (flight record data box for example)
  • Railway and shipping equipment of any and all types
  • Tractors
  • Motor vehicles of all kinds.  If it rolls it’s on the list.
  • If it flies it’s on the list as well as the parts to repair or assemble
  • If it floats it’s on the list.
  • Satellites of all kinds and all parts

And it isn’t just mechanical goods and electronics. A large number of medications and medical supplies will be affected:

  • Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecarenone) heart health supplement increases oxygen
  • Quinone drugs including Malaria testing kits
  • Aromatic drugs derived from carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function, and their derivatives
  • Amfetamine (INN) benzfetamine (INN), dexamfetamine (INN), etilamfetamine used to treat ADHD, hyperactivity, narcolepsy,  athletic performance and cognitive enhancer
  • antidepressants, tranquilizers and other psychotherapeutic agents, monoamine drugs
  • cardiovascular drugs of amino-compounds with oxygen function
  • dermatological agents and local anesthetics
  • Lidocaine
  • oxygen increase breathing drugs for cardio patients and asthmatics
  • Anesthesia drugs
  • Thyroid drugs, hormone drugs
  • TB drugs
  • Anti-malaria drugs
  • Immunological products and drugs
  • Vaccines for human medicine
  • Vaccines for veterinary medicine
  • Human blood; animal blood prepared for therapeutic, prophylactic, diagnostic uses; toxins, cultures of micro-organisms
  • Antibiotics
  • Diabetes drugs, testing strips, syringes
  • Asthma drugs
  • Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine – vasodilators
  • Other medications containing alkaloids or derivatives
  • Medicaments containing vitamin B2 synthesized from aromatic or mod. aromatic compounds, in dosage form or packed for retail
  • Medicaments containing vitamin B12 synthesized from aromatic or mod. aromatic compounds, in dosage form or packed for retail
  •  Medicaments containing vitamin E synthesized from aromatic or mod. aromatic compounds, in dosage form or packed
  •  Adhesive dressings and other articles having an adhesive layer, coated or impregnated with pharmaceutical substances, packed for retail
  • Herbicides
  • Triethanolamine will affect surfactants (any detergent), emulsifiers, and cosmetics
  • Sterile surgical catgut, suture materials, tissue adhesives for wound closure, laminaria, laminaria tents, and absorbable hemostatic.
  • Algins used as thickening or stabilizing agents in foodstuffs and other products.
  • Drugs used to dilate the cervix
  • Blood-grouping reagents –  medical blood tests
  • Opacifying preparation for X-ray examination; diagnostic reagent designed to be administered to the patient such as Barium for GI series, dyes, and stains for other radiologic tests
  • Antigens or antisera antiserum. A serum containing antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens. Also called immune serum. Human or animal serum containing one or more antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens and are administered to confer immunity.
  • Thorium – coats tungsten filaments used in old-fashioned light bulbs, TVs, electronics, etc.
  • Dental cement and other dental fillings; bone reconstruction cement
  • Chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicides,  birth control
  • Gel preparation use human/veterinary medicine lubricant in surgical operations, physical exam, or coupling agent between body & medical instrument, such as  KY Jelly
  • Appliances identifiable for ostomy use

That’s a whole lot of stuff – and much of it is incredibly vital, like medications, medical supplies, and essential components of things that we use every day.


It’s impossible to say whether the items in the list above will become unavailable, just like it’s impossible to truly predict how far and fast the Wuhan coronavirus will spread. Like the virus, we just don’t know enough yet and the situation is rapidly evolving.

If nothing else, your awareness of the possible economic and supply ramifications is a tool in your arsenal. Preparing for the economic fallout is just as important as preparing for the virus itself.

You won’t be caught totally by surprise like most of the other folks in this country. At this point, 2020 has certainly been full of surprises. It would be difficult not to wonder with a certain amount of dread, what’s next?

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Yeah, I have read comments about people saying,
    “An economic collapse in China wont effect me! I dont have an iPhone!”
    But, you look at that list and yeah, you dont realized how inter-dependent our economies really are.
    There is the already in the pipe supply, or on the shelf/in a warehouse in the US now supply.
    How long will that last is the question.
    Rx, that is a big deal.

    • The traitors in DC sold us so much that 97% of all antibiotics are MADE in China and 80% of the rest.

      How’s the globalism you signed on for 1994 going for you Newt Gingrich, GWB and Slick Willie Clinton?

      Three who should be hung by DOJ for what they’ve done to America.

  • Bottom line – our traitorous politician’s gave away all of our industries. We should be making all of the items mentioned. True independence is self-reliance.

  • Daisy, your article from January 2019 that you linked to is an invaluable read, including so many very knowledgeable comments:

    What you are describing today is a version of bringing back the 1930s Depression era saying of “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without” as the just-in-time product supply network from China becomes severely crippled. This will drive prices of existing product stocks here much higher here. The 2011 book titled “Poorly made in China” can be replaced with one (not yet written) of “No longer available from China.”

    As we monitor reports of farmers going bankrupt, shopping malls going dark, homeless encampments growing (despite local governments trying to destroy them), stock markets sagging, real estate markets hesitating, and the “Everything Bubble” created by Federal Reserve funny money leaking air, it’s worth remembering that in 1930 some 30% of the population still lived on farms and knew how to garden — in contrast to today as that percentage on farms has dropped to around 1-2%. And while the 1930s had severe dust storms, there was no looming threat of a coronavirus going global — as the US government stakes out a growing list of quarantine sites. So what will an update of John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” be called to encapsulate what’s looking in the headlights like the greatest global depression in world history?

    I think it’s a significant indicator that there are so many YouTube videos about living in RVs, vans, trucks and cars, and some about survival advice from the already homeless.


  • I don’t know if it is because of the supply chain but we have ordered two things, a refrigerator and car parts. We have been waiting two weeks for each. We were notified today that the car part is coming sometime in the next two weeks. No notice on the refrigerator. Luckily we have another car and a refrigerator that still works.
    The alarming news is medicines. Thank goodness I have been stocking up but if it goes on too long…

  • As I read I look at the meds. Neither of my husband and I are on any meds except herbals that are raised not only the U.S. but other countries. I make a point not to buy any herbs grown in China. We try and stay away from pharma. My stove, sink and cabinets were made in the U.S.A., but our faucets are made in China. Except the one in the bathroom. I brought it because it was made in America. Some of the items on the list are also made in the U.S., but are more expensive. Some items above won’t affect me, but other items will. How bad this will affect us, depends on how well others are able to adapt. I guess we could be optimistic and make a game of finding alternatives made in America or another country. I recently watched a video called “Beyond Off Grid”. It highlights what if you can’t get electricity, building materials, heating, etc. In other words be self sufficient if the grid and infrastructure does go down.

    My refrigerator is an old American oak ice box converted to a 12-volt fridge. I am sure the Canadian electrician Max who designed the electrical board for us probably brought the parts from China. My need is to look at a root cellar so I won’t have to have a fridge in the future. Or else do more preserving so I don’t need a freezer. Remember the less ties you have to the system, the less control it has over you.

  • We either used to make much of that list or could today make almost all of that list. But it could take many months or maybe years to get such factories operational. And it would certainly cost more, in some cases probably several times more. Scary.

    Guess I better research my meds to see which are made in china.

  • I told you being CHEAP will COST you. And they don’t even make the products particularly well and downright JUNK most of the time and worse they steal your trade secrets and make the same stuff you sell on the side to sell even cheaper.

    Then they make stuff for their military off the trade secrets to one day ATTACK you. Yeah, you LOSE in every way.

    Bring manufacturing back to America where you get stuff made pretty good after the Japanese forced Americans to make their cars better.

    But watch for the greedy unions that FORCED US to go have things built in China. Or either that go have your products made anywhere BUT China or Russia.

    Preferably like Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, etc.

    • “Unions.”

      Unions played their part, however they are used as a scapegoat by the right.

      Bush 1&2, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, and Donald Trump conspired with politicians of BOTH Parties, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Globalist Oligarchs to ship the factories and the jobs to China, gutting the middle class in America. Simultaneously they brought in millions of H-!B invaders to take the tech jobs while keeping the Mexican border open bringing in millions of illegals to take the low paying grunt jobs.

      No Chinese government would ever betray their people in that way. Chinese are patriotic and love their country. They would never do something so suicidal. They see the West as stupid fools and they are right.

      • Trump didn’t sell us out? If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t even know about China!! And believe me China and every democrat in office are doing everything in their power to stop him from getting reelected?!!!! Anyone vote for a democrat is voting to destroy what country we have left!! God help us all

  • We wanted our union pay packets to go further, so we eagerly bought items from Japan & Taiwan. Then Mexico & China and the former-East-bloc countries understood them. We complained about the quality, so they bought the unused machinery from our closed factories and they paid the extra to educate their sons in our STEM universities & technical colleges.
    And now here we are, we don’t have the goods, or the jobs. Half the population sits idle, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes or maryjuanna, driving around in mobility scooters that were made in China, and they don’t pay license fees to use the roads or sidewalks, don’t pay insurance, but drain healthcare when something does happen.
    We brought this on ourselves.

    • Will Rogers said if you wanted to see what is wrong with this country just ask where the item you are buying next time came from. Will Rogers died in 1935. This problem has been going on for a long time.

  • Well,I take thyroid meds. Got a three month supply and can’t re order until at least half are left. Any advice on how to stock up on more is appreciated.

    • Family member receives his meds usually 5 days head of the actual date. When those pills arrive I count how many are left from the previous medication. From the ‘new bottle’ I remove the same amount of pills which are set aside until the next refill. Slowly over time you can save up a months worth or more using this method.

      At the present time they are 30-40 days ahead just in case something were to happen. That is how you slowly build up your medication so you do not go without.

      This is on mail order medications, they ship it ahead of schedule so that the patient is not without their prescriptions.

    • I get my doctor to write a year long script, yes 360 pills of 150 mg. Take it to Walmart to fill- but pay cash!! No insurance. Cost is $34, last year and. Just refilled at $39

    • We have used AllDayChemistdotcom for several years and are pleased with their quality and service. Check to see if they carry what you need. They have my husband’s heart medicine and we have ordered antibiotics. And Nexium equivalent for much cheaper than our OTC here in the US.
      People freak out about ordering from India but they’d be shocked at where all their meds actually come from!
      And there are some people who would rather take Veterinary grade rather than purchase human meds from India.
      We have had nothing but good experiences with them.

    • If possible, wean yourself off your meds. Chances are you can use far safer natural supplements. Thyroid is often supplemented with iodine (I use Lugols). Blood sugar issues can be dealt with a change in diet and cinnamon capsules. It’s best to discuss this with a naturopath and/or a chiropractic kinesiologist. I also recommend supplements made in the US like Thorne, and The People’s Chemist.

      A great book on supplement use is Shane Ellison’s “Over The Counter Natural Cures” .

      • Definitely speak to an expert before weaning yourself off meds. The thyroid meds have natural substitutes like Armor Thyroid and Naturethroid (prescription only.) A caveat is that you must have a thyroid gland for those to work. If you have had your thyroid removed, meds are essential.

        As always, do some research and see an expert with a similar philosophy for serious medical conditions.

  • Looking at that list, almost everything on it used to be made in the U.S. and even many of the products made in China depend on U.S. made parts. Even more of them depend on U.S. designs, either directly as in made for U.S. corporations, or indirectly from pirated designs.

    One of the biggest problems in restarting manufacturing here in the States is government red tape designed to protect crony capitalists (Marxist fascists) from competition. There are so many laws that have been created that often to follow one law requires one to be a law-breaker of another law.

    China also has a QC (Quality Control) problem, so for a mission critical part or machine for a company, the company is already ready to pay a premium to get a quality product from a source other than China. Taiwan has good QC, but they’re too small to manufacture all the products on the list. South Korea had good QC and Japan has excellent QC. It’s the hobbyist and DIY who looks for the cheapest prices and takes a chance on quality.

    (On a side note, one of the reasons China has trouble selling their military equipment to other countries is the QC problem.)

    (A personal experience: a few months ago, I bought a mechanical product from a large box store. The product has an American company’s name on it. The product has good reviews. But when I got it home, it didn’t work. The box store refused to exchange it, rather referred me to the manufacturer. I just didn’t want the hassle of dealing with a distant manufacturer, and I was curious what was inside it, so I started taking it apart. I didn’t get very far when I found what was the problem—a critical part hadn’t been properly lubricated. So I lubricated it, and the machine works fine now. Such a simple problem. Proper QC should have prevented it. Oh yes, when I took it apart, I found in tiny letters “MADE IN CHINA” in capital letters. My experience is but a microcosm of problems purchasers of Chinese products are finding around the world.)

    Many of the products are already made in countries other than China. But even there, if this coronavirus has a world-wide effect, it could shut down their economies as well.

    Basically, what I’m saying, is that China is not indispensable. There are already alternate sources for most of the products on the list. Yes, if China’s economy shuts down, there will be disruptions, price uncertainties, shortages, but mission critical products will get made.

  • I think the shortages will hit us in about June. Go to Walmart and see what the shelves look like.
    I would like to know what to stock up on today.

    • Rocky
      Take good look at what you have in your household today. Check out the pantry, an any other storage area for everyday items you use or consume. Now estimate a 90 day period of total isolation from the places you would normally go to shop.
      Question is do you have enough of what you use in the house hold or storage area for that period of time. ONLY things you would normally eat, made from scratch, or use. If you have no idea write down each item you pick up and use, that will give you a better idea what is higher on the list of NEED rather than want.

      • Be sure to include soap, toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, all those little things you just expect to be available. Shoelaces, dental floss, hair clips, etc.

    • I frequently shop a small chain grocery store. The normal the stock of canned goods was half full shelves. Today those canned goods shelves were FULL. About 10 days ago I bought 200 cans of various vegetables, as I’m sure some others must have too. So the store reacted by filling up the shelves. BTW, this store has 4 pallets of cases of canned vegetables for only 50 cents a can, every day.

    • Food is an obvious choice. But also look at TP, batteries, pet food and things like deodorant, soap for body and laundry. And I also agree with at least a 90 supply. I am a little more obsessed so I have at least a year supply of most things.
      Also make sure your propane is filled whether a household tank or bottles.
      If nothing happens, at least you are topped off on supplies for a while!

    • You have to consider not only by your present consumption patterns, what may be available should other failures happen.

      For example, I’m in a household that is heavily dependent on refrigeration. What if the electricity goes out? We’ll have a feast for a couple of days, then have to throw out all the spoiled food. Then what? We’ll have to change our diets. So what long-term foods are there that don’t require refrigeration?

      Right now I’m in a desert where nothing grows. That’s scary. There’s a large population totally dependent on imported food. There are industries here that benefit from the dry climate, and as long as there are favorable conditions can pay for importing food. Yes, some things will grow when there’s available water for irrigation, but if the water system fails?

      These are the questions I’m asking while planning on prepping. What questions are you asking?

      • Canned vegetables and fruits, dried items like rice, potatoes, pasta, which will need water to cook, but that’s better than NO food!! So store water as well and learn to cook your own food. That’s the best advice.

        • If possible, can up some of that food in your freezers. By canning it up, you can leave it on a shelf and consume it later. They say to use up your canned items within a year, but my husband and I are using up meals canned back in 2012. Almost all gone now. Its not what is recommended, but we have not gotten sick from it, so will continue to do so. But that’s just us. You do what is best for you.

  • This may be a conspiracy theory and if it’s inappropriate Daisy please remove, but I thought no better place to share this than with my Prep-Club family.

    Considering that we have a world filled with turmoil, Europe, Asia, North America; all over the world the Globalists are making their play for world domination and are for the first time in a century being met by significant resistance. Brexit, Yellow Vests, Hong Kong, Trump, and tens of millions that believe in individual rights and sovereign freedoms are pushing back like never before. The Globalists are in trouble and the sheep are starting to wake up to their manipulations. The Coronavirus might be the weapon that kills two birds with one stone. (tacky play on words … I know.) The Globalists have been fighting for a one world government along with population reduction and control for over a century. If the Coronavirus truly spreads as a pandemic all over the world, not only will the various resistance groups mentioned above be devastated, but the large masses of sheep will go back to sleep in a vain attempt of self preservation. Biological warfare may be against every conventional treaty among Nations, but the powers behind Globalism believe themselves to be above nations and will do anything to retain and expand their power, control, and wealth. So keep prepping, get what you need, learn everything you can, stay safe, keep vigilant, and never go back to sleep in the presence of evil.

    • Sage words, Serenabit. Evidence supports your advice. Stock up on food, natural antibiotics (colloidal silver, essential oils, etc.) and shoes. Socks and clothing can be made locally from locally-produced fibers; shoes, especially good-fitting, durable shoes, are harder to make. Currently, China is dominating the shoe market. Having good-fitting shoes makes any day’s work much more bearable. Don’t forget to stock up on already-filtered drinkable water for cooking, cleaning and growing your own food when the worst of this is in full bloom.

  • (Yes, Corona Virus rumors do play a part in TRADE negotiations between China and the West. And never forget ‘the Opium Wars’ as they were precisely over an identical unbalance in TRADE; where the British Empire re-gained their lead by hooking the Chinese people on drug dependency. The elite’s War-on-Drugs eliminates competition/those who have not Paid-to-Play: the mafia way. The Uniform Commercial Code [UCC] operates the same way. No competition or country is allowed to trade unless you are a part of that One World Order; which of course is not really ‘competition’ is it? See what happened to Libya & Iraq when they objected to NWO-UCC codes. The same is happening with Iran, N.Korea, Venezuela, & others; the nice word for it is embargo. The media is totally controlled by this elite, so what we only hear is: “We are the good guys making the world safe for democracy.”)
    I have not heard this expressed in any terms. By approaching this subject where other have not, effectively places me in a position others fear. My recent work on how TRADE is the engine of civilization fell short because I did not include this, mistakenly thinking others understood.
    The recent limited quarantine of China due to so-called Corona Virus outbreak, and how it will effect world economies due to limiting TRADE, is a microcosm of our [un-known to some] Universe.
    As I have written earlier, TRADE is one of the greatest undertakings that everyone is involved with up close. Yet, it is little understood nor openly discussed. Bad mark on us for not alleviating this issue.
    When each enlarged family or tribe had their own land free of excess taxes to the elite on the excuse it’s for the poor & underprivileged, they could more easily provide the necessities that each of us desire. Under self-ownership, TRADE comprised only a minor of our needs.
    However, whenever an elite outdistance their relative separation from the common folk, these elite began the slow take-over of the Free Man’s land. Central Banks particularly excel at this occupation. All those who are involved with the promotion of commerce/controlled TRADE are guilty of forcing common folk to become consumers… those who use up their stuff faster than what should be. Buy, buy, and borrow to have more consumption is what all bankers love as they rake in more interest on debts from fools who soon lose their Free Man standing.
    What I am stating is that when people don’t have a place of their own that they have had to make do with in self-supporting, they are compromised more quickly when a separation-period is introduced in their lives… such as a virus quarantine leading to loss of TRADE abilities. It is the same as putting away important sustenance/provisions for a rainy day, SHTF, a TRADE embargo, a breakdown of the grid, or viral scare.
    Here is the big deal: On the macrocosm, TRADE is not done on a physical level due to it throwing out-of-balance the balance of the planets and solar systems. World-wide mining and off-planet mining with TRADE between planets especially cannot be conducted over a time period or the planets become off balance to others as does a free-swinging hanging mobile becomes upset in its harmony. Eventually the harmony is lost and near miss upsets ensue and even a collision and then the ping-ball set in the mouse-trap sequence commences.
    This is another reason Earth has been quarantined. It is because humans, and especially ‘persons,’ DON’T GET IT.
    Real TRADE is accomplished with ideas, ways/tree of life, honesty, morals, and Universal Law (non-physical positive goals). Corruption, scams, theft, lying, secrets, elitism, obscure Trusts, debt, & commercial code enforcement don’t cut it (scheming indebting/negative physical dependencies). It seems a downside of the common ‘man’/person has been their long worship of those who gain physical wealth by pulling schemes over others. He who gains gold in TRADE—not positive goals—via devious means rules these days!

  • Solar panels, and solar components, they are mostly made in china, there are a few other suppliers but the bulk are made in china.

    Rare earth elements, as I recall there was some pre trade war restrictions on them, but china has the words only current supplies. I have read that there is the availability to mine them in Australia but the mine was running yet, although that information is old.

  • Many of the items on the list are not made exclusively in China. The presentation of the information seems disingenuous by its one-sidedness. Nowhere is there balancing information about the % of the market of those items which are made in China.

    A balancing anecdote: Furnace parts are on the list, as IF all furnace parts are made in China. As it happens, I had to buy a critical part for my furnace just yesterday. It is American-made, certified and labeled as such.

    I’m not saying all furnace parts are made in America; I’m saying this article creates fear and anxiety by publishing a long list of items while omitting perspective on the % of the market originating in China.

    • Can you provide a % of the market originating in China vs the US or other countries?
      Asking out of curiosity.
      Also, yes there are items manufactured outside of China, like Thailand.
      Thailand, as of this posting (0604, 13FEB20), has 33 cases of Coronavirus.
      No country or supply chain, is exempt from this thing.

  • The Wuhan bio weapon will effect the entire supply chain.

    If this weapon is not contained, and there is no reason to believe it will be contained, expect a global panic, economic depression, and massive numbers of infected and dead.

    The medical system will be overwhelmed.

    That is why the US Government has constantly downplayed the true situation. They don’t want a panic, and a stock market crash.

    If this virus continues unabated, it will rival or exceed the Spanish Flu.

    You need masks, food, colloidal silver, and cash. Get it now.

  • Excellent info, helped a lot. Went through inventory to find any critical parts that might have been overlooked.

    Ordered spare cell phone batteries for all family members, as well as extra chains for the chainsaw. Don´t forget two-stroke mixture if you have devices that need it on top of gas…

    How should we store the extra cell phone batteries for long life (esp fully charged or empty – found different info on the web. Special temperature requirements?)?

    Another question that came up looking thorugh our supplies: We have N99/FFP3 masks stored already but they have an expiration date on them. Do they loose any protection qualities? If so, can they be treated to make them usable again (against virus/Corona, not just against dust)?

    Thanks a lot. Great blog and great community. Always enjoy reading.

  • America needs more…..made in America! Taxes and cost of manufacturing drove companies to move their businesses out of our Country! Thank your politicians! Vote careful ….know what people stand for ….higher taxes, etc. Elections effect “We the People”…..know what politicians are on Our side.

  • When I was at my regular grocery store a couple weeks ago, the tea section was almost empty. It seemed odd b/c it isn’t one of the things everyone talks about. China is the top tea producer in the world, but certainly not the only. Next comes India. Maybe there is a learning curve here for manufactures to figure out how to use something other than Chinese tea….

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