When Will the US Lockdown Over Covid-19? How Long Will Quarantines Last? Here’s What the Patterns Show Us

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Yesterday the World Health Organization officially declared Covid-19 a pandemic (like we didn’t already know this.) As well, President Trump addressed the nation, closing American borders to all flights from Europe and announcing some ways he intends to help the people of the United States financially.

In unofficial terms, this is sh#t getting real.

Things are going to get worse – possibly much worse – before they get better. Illness completely aside, this will cause financial problems that many folks will feel for years after the pandemic is over.

The biggest question people are asking now is, “When?”

When will the US begin to see measures being taken to lockdown areas or put people into quarantine? What would that lockdown look like? How long will quarantines last?

We can look at how this has gone in other countries to get a general idea of the pattern. Of course, we’re Americans and we do things differently. Our geography is quite different as is our population density. So this isn’t an exact science. We’re looking at patterns to predict (not in a crystal ball kind of way but an analysis kind of way) what could happen here.

Here’s how things have gone in Italy and China.

We can still learn a lot from observing the patterns of the breakdowns there.

The United States is probably closer culturally to Italy and other European countries than we are to China. For example, Italy is far more concerned about human rights than China. However, geographically, we’re a lot more similar to China than we are to Italy. China has 9.3 million square kilometers and the United States has 9.1 million square kilometers. Meanwhile, Italy is 301,340 square kilometers.

Both of these things play a role in the spread of the virus and containment efforts.

What about China? Well, I don’t trust the numbers and information coming out of China to include them in this model by very much, but note that the situation of which we’re aware has been going on for about 8 weeks. The first cases of a mystery illness were heard of when Dr. Li Wenliang, who later died of the coronavirus, blew the whistle on China on December 30, 2019.

To our knowledge, the quarantines began in Wuhan on January 22. So from the first patients to the initial lockdowns was 23 days. From the date the first noted illness became public to now has been 73 days. From the date of the first quarantines in Wuhan until now has been 51 days. Although the quarantine has been loosened, there are still serious restrictions on movement in China. The country may or may not be getting back to normal, depending on who you believe. If they are not getting back to normal, then this 7-week window is inaccurate.

Back to Europe. Italy, specifically.

On about the 20th of February, three cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Northern Italy. Officials acted quickly to lock the area down but unfortunately, their quick actions weren’t enough. What began as a lockdown of a few villages in the Lombardy region in northern Italy on the 21st spread to a nationwide lockdown on March 9th.

From the first patients to local lockdowns was one day. From the first patients to the entire country being quarantined was 22 days. In just 22 days, the virus had spread to such a degree that an entire country has suspended mortgage payments, stopped all non-essential movement, and ceased business. Their medical system is so overwhelmed that they are forced to choose who to save and many people over 65 are not even assessed as the hospitals reserve their resources and space for those who have a higher chance of survival.

Less than a month ago, everything was normal in Italy. Tourists were making wishes at Trevi Fountain, people were enjoying sunny days having coffee with friends on a cafe patio, and businesses were thriving.

As of yesterday, Italy had 12,462 cases of Covid-19 and the death toll leapt from 196 to 827. In a day. Everything has been ordered closed except food stores and pharmacies.

This is how fast things can go.

And Italy is currently on day 25 since the first 3 cases were diagnosed. If it took China at least 50 days of quarantine, then Italy is potentially halfway through the worst of this outbreak.

Countries across Europe are slamming their borders shut in an effort to contain the virus. Whether they’ve acted soon enough remains to be seen.

Where is the United States in all this?

The first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed in the United States on January 22nd in Snohomish County, Washington. Incidentally, that was the same day the city of Wuhan went into lockdown.

We have already had some small regional lockdowns and people in quarantine after traveling, but the quarantining of large groups of people has not yet occurred in the US. YET. We are on day 50 since the initial case was diagnosed in the United States. However, the first case of community spread was on February 26, and this may be a more important marker than the first case in a country the size of ours. “Community spread” means the illness was not contracted through traceable means, like a family member with the virus or travel history to places where the illness was running rampant. So if we’re counting from the first day of community spread, the US is on day 15.

If massive lockdowns are occurring on about day 22-23 in other countries, that means we may have 7-8 days before we see major lockdowns and quarantines here. That would put us at March 19th or 20th. We may see some early lockdowns of cities or regions where the virus is rapidly spreading like Seattle and New York City. The lockdowns in other countries expanded in about a week to encompass greater geographic areas and larger numbers of people. This would put us at approximately March 26-27th.

Now keep in mind, this is not engraved in stone. I don’t trust our numbers any more than I trusted China’s because the testing protocols have been nothing short of disastrous. First, faulty tests were sent out to health departments across the country and then the criteria for being tested was so narrow that many cases were likely overlooked. It took one person who caught the virus through community spread 10 days to be tested because she didn’t fit the criteria.

The US might still manage to get a handle on this outbreak and contain it. A successful treatment regimen could be discovered. But if you’re looking for a general idea of when we may see lockdowns and quarantines, this pattern seems to be repeating itself and possibly speeding up.

This chart shows how far behind Italy other countries are in the grand scheme of this outbreak. Based on this chart we are 11.5 days behind Italy, who instituted their country-wide quarantine three days ago. If this chart is correct, we’d be looking at massive quarantines on approximately the 20th as opposed to the more gradual schedule used by China.

Graph by Professor Mark Handley, at University College London (Image: Twitter)

How long are quarantines lasting?

If the information coming out of China is accurate, their period of extensive lockdown has lasted 7-8 weeks. Italy is right at the midpoint of that, at 3.5 weeks and the situation appears to be nowhere near under control.

Based on this, I would expect a quarantine or lockdown in the US to last for up to 2-3 months. There are lots of variables, of course, but this would be a good general guide for getting supplies.

  • This article can help you figure out what you need for a period of quarantine
  • This book (which was banned by Amazon) is an even more thorough guide
  • To get a free quarantine checklist, sign up here for my newsletter.
  • If supplies are short where you live, this article can help you figure out some alternatives.

I have to stress that whether you are personally concerned about getting the coronavirus or not, a mandatory quarantine will still affect you and you’ll want to be prepared. Otherwise, those folks you made fun of for buying toilet paper will be laughing at you for using the pages of a phonebook to wipe.

So what’s going to happen?

It’s impossible to predict exactly how the coronavirus is going to affect the United States. Americans are far more independence-minded that folks in China and much less likely to cooperate with draconian containment measures. At the same time, healthcare here is outrageously expensive for those of us who are uninsured, which up until this point may have caused many people to skip medical treatment or diagnosis, potentially spreading the virus faster.

However, as of today, March 12, a number of universities across the country are shutting down classes until April. Workplaces are taking more thorough sanitation measures. Large gatherings, conferences, and conventions are being canceled. The NBA has canceled the rest of the season, the MLB has canceled spring training, and NCAA tournaments have also been canceled. (source) Last night, President Trump announced the suspension of air traffic from the EU much to the outrage of Europe, and today he said that suspension of domestic travel is also a possibility. (source)

We know there is community spread in New York, Washington state, and now potentially Houston, Texas. Containment efforts thus far have failed.

While we aren’t in lockdown yet, anyone who is paying attention can see that we’re certainly headed in that direction.

There are some things that could change this. If we begin having a lot more positive cases in clusters, it could accelerate the timeline. On the other hand, if the growth in the number of cases slows down, it would show that containment efforts are working and it might never get as far as government-mandated quarantines.

Either way, if you aren’t prepared, I would strongly recommend you put some plans in place.

It’s time to make some decisions.

While again, I must stress, we don’t know for sure what will happen, it’s time to make some decisions just in case.

  • Where do you want to be during a quarantine or lockdown?
  • When will you stop going to work or sending the kids to school?
  • Do you have enough supplies to see you through 7-8 weeks or longer?

Use this guide to get prepared for the possibility of a Covid-19 lockdown.

You’re the only person who can answer these questions for yourself and your family. But you should probably answer them soon, or the decisions will most likely be made for you.

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  • Daisy, did you see the article on Zero Hedge about 30,000 US military arriving in Europe with equipment? What’s that about?

      • Zero Hedge was warning about the coronavirus crashing the world economy long before other sources.

        There’s a lot of relevant info there, you just have to be intelligent enough to sift through it.

        Just be sure to use Brave Browser and turn on the ad blocker.

        • I’ll second that perspective and advise then add my own: Research sensemaking. Rebel Wisdom has a good selection of vids/interviews explaining it.

    • I for one did not see that article that 30,000 troops are going to Europe with equipment. IS that a TRUE or FALSE report or do you know? PLEASE tell us what was it ALL about. Sounds interesting. I know someone in the military, an officer, however he’s in Kabul, Afghanistan. Not sure how that would affect him and his men over there.

    • It’s true – it was verified by a contact in Slovenia. They arrived for a Nato drill but it appears the drill is being canceled.

      • Got a friend who was supposed to participate in a joint US-Israel exercise.
        The US Navy was a big player . . . until one of the ships crew tested positive for Covid-19.
        Then Israel canceled the exercise and told the USN to go back to, guess where, Naples Italy, where they likely contracted the virus.

    • This was to be the largest military exercise with NATO. The theme was Russian aggression. However, Germany and Denmark have announced they now will not participate due to the virus. The number of American troops arriving was dropped to 20,000 in another article I read. The problem with the Germany military is they did not do maintenance on their tanks, planes, ships, etc, but they have money for migrants that don’t work. This exercise has been planned for awhile. Here in the states Jade Helm 16 exercise is taking place.

  • That chart is remarkably smooth. I was wondering what the daily increase was. Now I know 33%. So, the US total is 1323 as I write this. At 33% tomorrow should be 1760, Sat 2340, Sun 3112, Mon 4140 Tue 5506, Wed 7322, Thu 9739 Fri 12,953 and so on. Frightening.

  • I’d look for some states to shut down borders in an attempt to contain even though it’s too late.
    It’s time to be where your going to be.
    Things will be uncomfortable but most will survive though you won’t be uneffected or untouched.
    Super nice day, been out cutting wood, and we went to get some hamburgers to grill this evening cause I reckon them days are bout to come to a halt for a while and the panic buying was in full effect. TP was in most carts.
    Y’all stay positive, be flexible, stay sharp to your surroundings and stay the course.
    We’ll be posting bout the lessons learned in a few months.

  • As much as I appreciate Daisy’s research and excellent insights, there is one aspect of this situation that has been overlooked. IMO (and only MO), the US to too large for forced regional lockdowns. President Trump has already indicated that he wants the state and local authorities to take the lead on this, and they will only do it patchwork style. There are not enough military, National Guard, militias, whatever, to police entire major geographic areas. That said, shutting down transportation and closing off interstate traffic is a distinct possibility and relatively do-able. The plans were worked up as early as 2006 with the H5N1 outbreak.

    As for getting this under control – probably not, and you might as well accept that now. What can happen is that it becomes SO OUT OF CONTROL that the PsTB can simply throw their collective hands in the air and say YOYO. Think Katrina, Chernoble, nation-wide flooding, forest fires, ad nauseum.

    So really people, you need to be planning for (1) self-quarantine if over 40 or have children or have medical issues; (2) a long-term recession where you might not have a paycheck coming in; (3) a long-term event that will have so many people sick and out of work that trucking and other transportation services effectively cease, where there aren’t enough people to do basic sanitation and utilities support; and/or where supplies do not find their way to shelves in what few stores might be still open. And finally, (4) expect riots or other breakdown of law and services, like functioning EBT cards, healthcare, credit cards and other banking services, etc. The monthly Govt payouts do not happen by majic. Real people punch in the data every few weeks at least. And in most cases, the bosses of the worker bees have forgotten how to do it.

    The government doesn’t have to lock down your street or your county for you to need to stay home and Away From Crowds.

    If you fail to make a plan, you are planning to fail.

    • Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the US Constitution states where the federal government has jurisdiction. The feds have no jurisdiction in the boundaries of the many states except where the state legislatures ceded jurisdiction. The president can call martial law ONLY in the federal zone and not within the boundaries of the many states.

      In Texas, only the state legislature not the governor can call martial law. However, even in martial law Article 1 of the Texas Constitution cannot be suspended. That is the Texas bill of rights. Because that state legislature have no authority to touch Article 1 since it is out of their power to touch. That means no storm troopers ramming down my door to steal my guns or drag me unwillingly to the FEMA concentration camps and no sticking a needle in my arm like an animal. To do so is treason and there can only be one answer to treason. One lead piece at a time!!! The second amendment is for defending ourselves against a tyrannical government, not for hunting.

      Remember executive orders ARE NOT LAW. EO are designed for the president to run the executive branch and only applies to his executive branch employees. It is not binding on we the people. The EO that the president has to take our food, livestock, etc. is unconstitutional and again is not law but policy.

      • Additional Information: Governors can declare healthcare emergencies and lock down their state via the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act passed 2001.

        From Wiki
        The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) is a public health act originally drafted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to aid the United States’ state legislatures in revising their public health laws to control epidemics and respond to bioterrorism. The CDC’s draft was revised by the Center for Law and the Public’s Health, a collaboration between Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University. By December 21, 2001, the act was released to state legislatures for review and approval. Critics immediately charged that the MSEHPA failed to protect the general public from abuses arising from the tremendous powers it would grant individual states in an emergency. The MSEHPA provisions also went beyond the scope of addressing bioterrorism while disregarding medical privacy standards.[1] As of August 1, 2011, forty states have passed various forms of MSEHPA legislation.[2]

        Politician tries to help his donors:
        Wiki— In 2002, the public strongly criticized[5] a similar but federal version of MSEHPA, folded into Section 304 of the Homeland Security Act. Of concern was Sidney Taurel’s seat on the Homeland Security Advisory Council and his influence in creating what was commonly referred to as the Lilly Rider[6], those HSA provisions which protected Eli Lilly and Company and other drug manufacturers against legal liabilities. The primary difference between HSA provisions and MSEHPA provisions was that traditional state control of public health concerns was removed and replaced by federal health department control. The Department of Homeland Security would declare public health emergencies instead of governors, and be responsible for enacting forced vaccinations without informed consent. The HSA was passed by Congress, but Section 304 was struck from the bill in 2003.

        Phyllis Schlafly called the MSEHPA “an unprecedented assault on the constitutional rights of the American people.”

    • I’m from the government and I’m here to help said no government employee ever with any degree of veracity.

    • True. We don’t have enough troops for a quarantined America.

      That said, the National Guard was called to New Rochelle, NY. A sleepy, older community where the virus hit hard. News has the guard delivering food and chemically cleaning streets.

      There are two guardsmen among my co-workers who belong to two different units. If they get a message to mobilize it will be a day or two at best to hunker down or bug out. They don’t need to announce a thing. Their absence from work will be enough.

      • Trunews has an excellent piece regarding New Rochelle. Interesting all the big names being protected/surrounded by NG. Reminds me of the moment when Pence was first asked about the CPAC conference. lol The flash of shock before his sociopathy took back over.

    • In LA one of the churches had cops show up and threaten them with National Guard coming if they did not stop meeting. The pastor said that they would not stop and the government had no right or authority to interfere with religion. I agree. I should make the decision to go shopping, eating out, church, etc. as long as I am not a carrier or have the virus. I will weigh the risk based on my health. If I have the virus then I should shelter at home not to infect anyone. A free person makes the decision, but a slave is told by the nanny state what they can and cannot do.

  • US Military troops are going over for one of the larges military training exercise with NATO. However, the number was reduced from what was suppose to be sent originally.

  • Trump had his speech last evening. It was basically a flop…How is he containing this by stopping flights in and out of Europe? Is that really gonna put a dent in this? How about banning ALL FLIGHT to ALL COUNTRIES for a month and see what happens then! That make ALOT more sense to me than just stopping people from flying to Europe and Iran and China…
    Tell ALL AIRLINES they can go nowhere for 30 days and I do think this will be contained. NO flights in or out of the USA…That will be the smartest, wises decision that he can make. Let’s hope we see this in the next week or so b/c surely he has eyes to see that this certainly isn’t getting any better by the day, It’s NOT going away…We have it in the USA as of today in 46 states. Only IDAHO, ALABAMA, WEST VIRGINIA AND ALASKA have reported NO cases as of now. I think by the end of the month ALL 4 of those will also have cases and then it will have taken over the entire 50 states. How many countries is it in as of today, I think over 100 countries as well so it’s the largest thing I’ve seen in my lifetime and the sooner it goes away the better I will feel for myself and all mankind here on our own soil…

  • This panic is nuts, and explicitly encouraged by fear mongering media in another attempt to destroy Trump. Love him, hate, indifferent – the media and lib pols are spinning this as the end of western civilization. Which they would accept to replace the current POTUS with one they can control. I don’t recall this level of hysteria with Swine Flu, West Nile, N1H1, or any of the other in recent memory. And any one of those was more lethal.
    While the virus is real, and people will die, next year it will be endemic and included in the year flu jab. Aside from that nothing essential has changed except the lefts determination to destroy Trump even if it wrecks our Republic.

    • Trump, Trump, Trump it’s all about Trump with you people. The MSM downplayed this thing until it became all too apparent so now they are playing catch up and you think they are trying to get Trump. They don’t sound at all to me like they are causing panic and I sure don’t see panicky people around me only complacent, unprepared people. The twisted perspective is not with the MSM for a change but yours

      • Regardless on where you stand about Trump as good or bad, Chinese money is influencing the media and many other things. MSM are failing to report on China’s tentacles reaching throughout govt., news outlets, and universities. Who is paying MSM to repeat China’s narrative of what a great containment job they did? Really? You honestly believe it’s OK to weld people doors shut to die of starvation or drag them off to shoddily constructed open gyms to die? (Those patients rec’d NO medicines, NO food, and the toilets were outside.) Good ole CNN, CNBC, Washington Post, etc. does.

        Why do you think the MSM is charging xenophobia if you mention the “Wuhan virus?” Previously everything is named for its geographic origin- SARS, MERS, HongKong Flu for instance. Why did WHO change it? WHO’s head Tedros Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian politician. Ethiopia is the largest recipient of Belt and Road Program from China.

        Lawfare, legal advisors on impeachment, is funded by Brookings which is funded by China. Coincidence? All the pharmaceutical execs have put the eggs in China’s basket as the cheap labor leads to obscene profits. (Plus no FDA oversight overseas. They use the honor system to check your drugs.) Who is one of largest lobbyists for Congress? Pharma. In the last budget, there’s a back door to allow unlimited Chinese visas to the USA. Think it got there accidentally? They sold visas to rich Chinese during 2008 housing bust. Tons of real estate/land in America is now Chinese owned, even in TX.

        Many universities have gotten visiting Chinese “professors” who later were mysteriously close to trouble. 2015 UNC-Chapel Hill modified SARS with Horseshoe bat DNA and created a novel virus that they said was untreatable. This work was granted permission to continue despite many scientists’ objections by O’b admin. The 2 Chinese team members are in Wuhan now.

        Harvard’s Head of Chemistry Dept. was just arrested for espionage Jan 2020. Why? Lieber rec’d over $50k/month and a $1.5million lab in Wuhan.

        Look at the South China Sea actions. Invasions of waters around Japan and Philippines with armed ships and threatening their navies. They erected mining operations in disputed territory without consequence.

        Did you see the article “Why the World Should Thank China'” by Xinhua news? In the article they state that unless the USA and Europe APOLOGIZE to China, they will “sink you in the sea of Coronavirus” by cutting off all medicines and medical supplies. Remember, things got out of hand outside China after Spring Festival, where everyone returns to the homeland. May be they craftily made millions of little carriers and then dispersed them like seeds in the wind.

        If you understood their mindset- “we’re the oldest civilization, we should rule the world”, you’d understand why winning is no holds barred. “We’ve got lots of citizens. We can afford a few million deaths, how about you?”

        Basically Trump cut off their money and stole their face. No choice, he did the right thing as they were rampantly stealing and abusing us. Never anyway to get them to stop by negotiating nicely as they lie prolifically. Idiom: “They’d rather eat their children than lose money, and they’re very fond of their children.” They will do anything to punish him. Wrecking the US economy, T’s strong point, by killing off people with a virus is within their skill set. They have a thrifty organ sale business by harvesting from prisoners, Falun Gong, and the Muslims. They don’t waste anesthetic on them. Check the topic…you’ll be horrified.

        Chinese have a saying,”Kill the chicken and the monkey watches.” This is their way of warning off anyone who tries to stop them.

  • A few hours ago, my Kentucky governor announced that he is recommending all public and private schools close for two weeks. My district has a workday tomorrow so we haven’t gotten official word on how this will be handled , but I expect that we’ll do distance learning for the next three weeks, until spring break. We’ll see how it goes. I have concerns about what parents of small children are going to do.

    • In Germany, today the state of Lower Saxony announced that schools stay closed from Monday on until April 18. From southern relatives I heard that there schools will close from next Wednesday on (haven´t heard of other states but very possible soon, too). So be prepared it might happen in the more affected states in the US soon.

      Finally politicians are reacting and recommending social distancing. Even online order of toiletries or cans in the few online stores who offer it here, was not possible anymore. However ordered some additional flour and some other things like coconut oil (for cooking, baking, anti-bug for pets and making simple herb salves). While ordering, the sugar of my cart got deleted, as did some other things, so many people must have been buying

      Here a scientist commented on TV last night that he expects the peak (!) in mid May…

      Would not have ordered anything if I hadn´t heard that (and the foods I bought 3 weeks ago were planned to last till more or less this time. Glad we have a garden, however I´ll probably not be able to support a 4-person family with it.

      Stay safe everybody…

      • Can you please share your recipe for the coconut oil anti-bug stuff for pets? Is it for dogs, cats or other pets?


  • The sky if falling. Better panic. At least that seems to be the BS the media is shoveling our way. I think this is a massive overreaction to an overhyped crisis. Fatalities seem limited almost exclusively to those over the age of 70 (I’m only 69–whew!) and those with diabetes or other health complications. But let’s examine one critical fact.

    Fact: Most individuals who get this virus don’t even know they have it. Their symptoms are so mild they think they have a head cold or a light case of flu. They don’t seek medical help and so they are not among those who are reported as having the virus. Because the number of people who get the virus is so badly underreported the mortality rate is grossly over exaggerated. According to what I read on the CDC site the actual rate is closer to .5% than the 3.6% the media are reporting. That’s still bad–worse than the annual flu–but it isn’t an apocalyptic scenario unless public panic makes it into one.

    I’m not saying it isn’t wise to prepare–it is. I’m just saying the situation isn’t as grave as the media (which is chiefly concerned with publishing scaremongering headlines) is making out. But the public panic is already causing harm to virtually everyone. People are staying home from work and public events are being cancelled. The stock market has crashed. That is causing economic harm. What’s going to happen if truckers stop making deliveries because they fear getting sick? That is when the real harm will happen. Until then the panic is worse than the disease.

    • The reason truckers aren’t making deliveries is that there’s nothing to deliver. The Port of California is EMPTY – there are no container vessels coming in because there’s nothing to ship. China’s manufacturing and food processing have been shut down for two months while tens of millions of people were quarantined. Do you really think China tanked its own economy over “a mild flu?”

      • I was sitting in my car waiting for someone to bring my order to my car at a Walmart in a small town 20 miles from my house yesterday. There were 2 cars ahead of me so I had to wait 15 minutes or so. During that time 3 18-wheelers pulled out from behind the store. While they may not have dropped their full load at that store they must have delivered something. Admittedly 1 of the trucks was a Coca-Cola truck, which, of course, is made locally. These days I have found that this small town store has more of the stuff I order and usually the same day than the 2 Walmart stores that are closer to me.

      • China is having a problem with their own truckers returning to work to get products from the factories to the ports.
        A lot of them went home for Chinese New Years, a major holiday for the Chinese.
        Then the Chinese government restricted travel.
        Many of the Chinese truckers cannot get to work. Products do not get to ports, ships will not sail unless they are full.
        No work for US dock workers or truckers.

        It is not just the virus, but the 2nd and 3rd order effects (hat tip to CHS) that will impact not only the economy but society.

      • There’s something else about China to consider – the men smoke like old, coal fired smelters. And cheap, unfiltered cigs to boot. I’ve been to Chengdu a few times to train support engineers in the company’s products, and just being in the same room is like sitting in an old ashtray, in a cheap bar, after closing. The lung function of these people has to be marginal at best, so I wouldn’t expect any sort of resiliency following any type of pneumonia.

  • For example, Italy is far more concerned about human rights than China.

    it is funny when stupid uneducated bitc$hes (mostly from USA of course ) are blubbering about china is bad!! and human rights. i guess they heard it on Cnn!

    i guess this is USA education is all about , or better lack of it!!

    hey stu$pid one!

    how many countries china bombed in 20 century?

    do you know stupid American bi$tch where fascism was born? do you even know who Mussolini was?

    do you know where mafia came from?

    list go on!

    keep mouth shut!

  • our first case was announced today. the state & muni have declared emergency. the school district is extending spring break for a week, at least, and allows teachers to come up with some ‘distance learning’ plans next week. all happened today; after watching the stock market news, the sports leagues cancelling seasons…. today i feel very tired. but know i have plenty stocked up – guess it’s time to just hunker down. going to find your ‘doom fatigue’ article to reread 🙂
    thanks for all your work, Daisy

  • Thomas Dowling says: March 12, 2020 at 9:42 pm
    You NEVER want to consent to “martial law”, EVER! “Martial law” IS pure evil! IF Our government tries to control the movement of ALL Citizens, THEN “they” consider US subjects OR slaves. If Trump is the man I think he is, he would NOT try to do that to US. A quarantine on Our national borders from ALL other countries and NON- U.S. Citizens would Not be a violation on U.S.

  • Hi. Where are the dates on your articles? “Yesterday the World Health Organization officially…” doesn’t mean anything without an article publish date.

    thank you!
    Michael J.

    • Sorry about that – it’s on the photo at the top of the page 🙂 I should probably start adding them to the articles themselves. Thanks for pointing that out! The article you’re referring to was published on March 13.

  • The term “lock down”… what does that mean, exactly? It gives me the idea that I will be mandated to stay in my house and no travel. I’m not clear on how that would be enforced because certainly there would be some ability to enforce such a thing… right? So what exactly would a lock down entail? Would I be pulled over and possibly arrested or detained should I decide to take a load of trash to the collection facility near me? While local, state, or federal governments certainly can reduce or otherwise modify government activities, such as closing offices, curtailing business travel, closing schools (as has just happened here), to attempt to extend that control to private businesses or private activities may be a ‘bridge too far’ the way many of us view it. Controlling the populace of a congested city is one thing. “Locking down” the rural areas is simply beyond government’s capability.

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