China Threatens to Withhold ALL MEDICAL EXPORTS: “The United States will fall into the hell” of a Coronavirus Epidemic

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As China allegedly conquers the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak that began in Wuhan, it appears that they’re right back to considering the United States an enemy. On Xiahuanet, the Communist Party news outlet, they threatened to withhold all medical exports to the US, at the same asking for an “apology” from the US and “gratitude” from the rest of the world.

This comes at the most crucial point of an outbreak that originated in their own country.

Why is China angry with the US?

Xinhuanet is the biggest news agency in China, and very “influential.” The outlet is the official state-run press agency, so anything found on the website is straight from the Chinese government. An article titled, “The World Should Thank China,” which was published on March 4, covered the outbreak of Covid-19 in the United States.

The article suggests that the US’s data is suspicious because all cases of coronavirus must be confirmed by the CDC. (I can’t disagree with them that our numbers are questionable.) It shows a photograph of people praying in the White House to underline how “nervous” President Trump is about the virus. (This photo was actually of a meeting that the Vice President had about the rapidly spreading virus, as opposed to the President.)

Xinhuanet goes on to tout the control they have taken over the outbreak, saying that Trump admires their handling of the crisis and that his “remarks came from the bottom of his heart.”


At the same time, Xinhuanet criticized the US’s perceived mistreatment of China, citing the travel ban and the evacuation of American citizens from Wuhan, the heart of the outbreak. This caused, according to Xinhuanet, other countries to also “isolate” China from the rest of the world, causing them economic harm.

A translated version of the article says:

These practices in the United States are very unkind. They can be described as falling into the ground and killing people while they are ill. (source)

And now, if it is to be believed that China has contained the outbreak and they’re back to business as usual, they may want to exact some vengeance for this “unkindness.” (And of course, this remains the question – do they even currently possess the capability to manufacture these medical products or is this all a way to save face because their workforce is decimated and the virus is actually not contained at all?)

How did China threaten the US?

In the article, China suggests that they could easily get even with the United States for their perceived mistreatment of China during the outbreak by cutting off medical supplies while we are in the midst of our own outbreak.

If China retaliates against the United States at this time, in addition to announcing a travel ban on the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products and ban exports to the United States. Then the United States will be caught in the ocean of new crown viruses.

According to the US CDC officials, most masks in the United States are made in China and imported from China. If China bans the export of masks to the United States, the United States will fall into the mask shortage, and the most basic measures to prevent the new crown virus are Can’t do it.

Also according to the US CDC officials, most of the drugs in the United States are imported, and some drugs are imported from Europe. However, Europe also places the production base of these drugs in China, so more than 90% of the US imported drugs are Related to China. The implication is that at this time, as long as China announces that its drugs are as domestic as possible and banned exports, the United States will fall into the hell of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. (source)

In the next paragraph, Xinhuanet basically says, “Nah, don’t worry. We are filled with love.”

However, there is a great love in the world. The Chinese people and the Chinese government have never done so. They have not insulted the United States, nor have they banned the export of masks and medicines to the United States. (source)

Then the article suggests that the United States, if not the entire world, owes China an apology due to our media coverage of the outbreak in Wuhan and comments made about the outbreak by government officials like  Secretary of Commerce Rose, US Secretary of State Pompeo, and US White House Economic Adviser Navarro. They say these officials “gloated” about the coronavirus outbreak and saw it as an opportunity to pull US manufacturing out of China.

The article says that not only should the world apologize to China but that they should thank China because they “made huge sacrifices, paid huge economic costs, and cut off the new crown virus.”

Now we should rightfully say that the United States owes China an apology, and the world owes China a gratitude. Without China ’s huge sacrifice and dedication, it would not be possible to win a precious time window for the world to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. (source)

This seems to be a direct threat against the United States, and it’s one we’ve made possible by becoming reliant on other countries for essential supplies.

The US is far too dependent on China for medical needs.

The United States is extremely dependent on China for medical products. Everything from medical diagnostic equipment to masks to medications is produced in China and then exported to the US for use by our citizens. This puts the US in an extremely fragile situation and at the mercy of China.

Even without China purposefully withholding medications, the United States is already concerned about a disruption in the supply chain since factories have been closed for around two months at this point. How concerned should we be about this? According to a report on Vox, it’s worrisome, particularly if the outbreak becomes widespread in other places that manufacture medications like India.

Drug shortages might not be felt immediately, as many companies stockpile ingredients or supplies to protect against unexpected stoppages, or have redundancies — meaning they rely on factories in different places — built into their supply chains.

And the reality is, with or without the coronavirus, drug shortages are a perennial problem in the United States. But an acute emergency like a virus outbreak, but also a natural disaster or a geopolitical event like a trade war, can threaten to make things worse.

“It does fit a kind of scenario we have worried about in the field for a while now,” Cornelius Clancy, an associate professor of medicine and director of the XOR pathogen lab at the University of Pittsburgh, told me. “It wouldn’t take much to expose the vulnerabilities in the supply chain.” (source)

And the Vox article was talking about shortages as a byproduct of the pandemic. Imagine how bad the shortages would be if China deliberately withheld all medical product exports to the US.

What medical supplies could be affected?

We’re reliant on China for a shocking number of medical supplies and drugs and it puts us in an extremely vulnerable position. In a recent article, I listed some of the things we import from China. That list includes:

  • Medical devices
  • Electromagnetics
  • Lab equipment for all applications
  • Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecarenone) heart health supplement increases oxygen
  • Quinone drugs including Malaria testing kits
  • Aromatic drugs derived from carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function, and their derivatives
  • Amfetamine (INN) benzfetamine (INN), dexamfetamine (INN), etilamfetamine used to treat ADHD, hyperactivity, narcolepsy,  athletic performance and cognitive enhancer
  • antidepressants, tranquilizers and other psychotherapeutic agents, monoamine drugs
  • cardiovascular drugs of amino-compounds with oxygen function
  • dermatological agents and local anesthetics
  • Lidocaine
  • oxygen increase breathing drugs for cardio patients and asthmatics
  • Anesthesia drugs
  • Thyroid drugs, hormone drugs
  • TB drugs
  • Anti-malaria drugs
  • Immunological products and drugs
  • Vaccines for human medicine
  • Vaccines for veterinary medicine
  • Human blood; animal blood prepared for therapeutic, prophylactic, diagnostic uses; toxins, cultures of micro-organisms
  • Antibiotics
  • Diabetes drugs, testing strips, syringes
  • Asthma drugs
  • Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine – vasodilators
  • Other medications containing alkaloids or derivatives
  • Medicaments containing vitamin B2 synthesized from aromatic or mod. aromatic compounds, in dosage form or packed for retail
  • Medicaments containing vitamin B12 synthesized from aromatic or mod. aromatic compounds, in dosage form or packed for retail
  •  Medicaments containing vitamin E synthesized from aromatic or mod. aromatic compounds, in dosage form or packed
  •  Adhesive dressings and other articles having an adhesive layer, coated or impregnated with pharmaceutical substances, packed for retail
  • Herbicides
  • Triethanolamine will affect surfactants (any detergent), emulsifiers, and cosmetics
  • Sterile surgical catgut, suture materials, tissue adhesives for wound closure, laminaria, laminaria tents, and absorbable hemostatic.
  • Algins used as thickening or stabilizing agents in foodstuffs and other products.
  • Drugs used to dilate the cervix
  • Blood-grouping reagents –  medical blood tests
  • Opacifying preparation for X-ray examination; diagnostic reagent designed to be administered to the patient such as Barium for GI series, dyes, and stains for other radiologic tests
  • Antigens or antisera antiserum. A serum containing antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens. Also called immune serum. Human or animal serum containing one or more antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens and are administered to confer immunity.
  • Thorium – coats tungsten filaments used in old-fashioned light bulbs, TVs, electronics, etc.
  • Dental cement and other dental fillings; bone reconstruction cement
  • Chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicides,  birth control
  • Gel preparation use human/veterinary medicine lubricant in surgical operations, physical exam, or coupling agent between body & medical instrument, such as  KY Jelly
  • Appliances identifiable for ostomy use

If China pulled the plug on these imports, whether maliciously or because they were unable to manufacture them due to the Covid-19 outbreak there, many people in the United States would suffer and even die because of it.

This should be a lesson to the United States.

The US is no longer a nation of producers but a nation of consumers. This could quickly come back and bite us in the rear as we’re seeing right now with empty store shelves across the country and empty ports that mean restocking isn’t going to happen right away.

Our just-in-time merchandising is dangerous. Even something like the trucks halting deliveries in the United States could cause chaos in less than a week. Imagine what could happen if the merchandise never arrived at all.

If our nation learns one lesson from this outbreak, hopefully, it will be the lesson that self-reliant people already know. You can’t count on others to take care of you when the chips are down. You can’t place your essential needs in the hands of others, particularly others with whom we have years of enmity and bickering. For more information about prepping for the pending pandemic, check out this book.

Having our medical imports cut off at any time would be extremely threatening to the well-being of many Americans. But having it occur in the midst of an outbreak that China allowed to start and to spread would be nothing short of catastrophic.

I previously wondered if Wuhan was a sacrificial city in China’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus. But this makes me wonder if they ever intended to stop it all along. As they (allegedly) recover from the Covid-19 outbreak, the US and many other countries are just beginning to fight the spread. Was the sacrifice of Wuhan actually even darker than suspected?

Is it possible that a global spread of a virus that many believe to be bioengineered was the plan all along? Would a country make a virus the first wave of an attack on that would be followed by the withholding of medical supplies?

Out of the multitude of conspiracy theories that have arisen surrounding this virus, at least one part of this comes directly from an official channel in China: the possibility of a retaliatory withholding of medical supplies during the most crucial point of the outbreak in the United States.

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Daisy Luther

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  • Big Pharma and other med industries have been joined with the NWO for many years. Their desires are the same as the NWO desires. They have chosen China to take dominance in the 21st century. They don’t care about America or Americans.
    America needs to regain its independence from these globalist pigs who have foisted their evil will upon us.

    • I don’t want to sound like this virus is a good thing, but if we can have one take away. I believe it will open a few people’s eyes, and that we as Americans will begin to make our own drugs ect. The Chinese don’t care about us, and I for one don’t want America to be dependent on China!!

    • Stop the medicines, anytime you like…we will stop the food. Maybe we will schedule some Japanese to visit you in Nanking…

      Hong Kong Demonstrators are being rounded up and killed, under cover of this Chinese released virus. Just say the word, China man, the weak man of Asia will come out of hiding!

  • Good! The world is overpopulated with useless eaters and people who should have died of old age years ago! Time to let nature correct the issue!

      • Amen to that! It amazes me how there is always at least one Bozo who comes out from the shadows to make a statement intended merely to shock the reader. I think they believe this is their moment in time where their life has meaning or a purpose. Undoubtedly, they failed at it again.

      • Miss Daisy,

        Please check your e-mail account…I forwarded you some stuff you should read, days ago. Ditto, sent same links at bottom of your “sold out” article.
        Read ’em …twice.
        Have more data & desire to forward. Salute baby.

      • sad but true trump is the most popular false choice ever given to the voting public…we are all most to the end of his first term and killery still walks free amoung us still doing damage….omuzloid still walks free doing damage and 2-300 other traitors still walk free damaging our country and way of life ….dont get me wrong trump has done more positive stuff in his short time in office than everybody since nixon combined….but he is not doing the right stuff he does just enough to put his base back to sleep for a while and then we wake up and make a fuss and he does a nother good deed and we go back to sleep and the enimees of our way of life and our country walk free and doall the damage they can with out fear or remorse because they know they are gonna get off scott free and never do a second in a jail cell and make them selves fithy rich in the process…..

        • The President is just a figure head. He is controlled ultimately by powers that be on the Left and the Right. When will the People wake up and understand this? We are all puppets and the Elite are pulling our strings.

      • Idiot ,

        Trump is the ONLY NON Globalist !

        Ever President Since Reagan has been a Globalist

        EXCEPT Trump ! READ HISTORY !

        • “Trump is not a globalist.”

          Trump is a globalist on steroids. He is a life long democrat masquerading as a nationalist.

          Stop listening to his lies, and look at his actions:

          No wall, wide open border, manufacturing not returning, H-1b visas increasing dramatically. Anchor babies everywhere, and DACA is full swing.

          Trump supporters are like a battered wife: They believe the lie and come back for more.

          As an aside, Trump has been incompetent in his handling of the Wuhan bio weapon infection.

          He is so incompetent one has to wonder if he is stupid or is intentionally trying to infect the US.

          • Totally agree, and no one cares or goes back to study his past history, while ones that do
            are berated and chewed out and slammed! Both parties work for the higher up elites, and
            while many of us have studied for many years checking the past and present, others are
            quick to judge us because we do not tell them what they want to hear even if it is lies…
            That is sad, and dangerous…thank you…

        • How do you know he’s an idiot?? Idiot just because his opinion is different?? Yep we can see
          old U.S.A. is almost dead because we all have to agree with who ever is not considered an
          idiot to someone else…Free Speech is almost gone, and many citizens will help it die, now
          that could be classified as being an idiot……Food for thought….And sorry John, i am not
          demoncrap, or republicant when voting. We tried to vote for who ever seemed less like an
          Idiot, but to no avail because after listening, going back researching them, we would have
          ended up with voting for an Elite ruled puppet idiot…No one after John Kennedy was killed
          was worth the salt that went in their bread and that’s a fact, and truth!
          Thank you….

    • “Useless eaters.”

      I know you Bernie Bro millennials. So smug and so self righteous.

      You think you know all the answers, but are unable to change a light bulb or a tire.

      The slightest stressor and you whine for a “safe space.”

      Let me clue you in: The reset is unfolding, and there will be NO safe spaces.

      Soon you will be on your knees and begging for help, and offering sex for food.

      You will remember my words, I have planted them in your mind, the sound will never stop.

      I will praise my Viking ancestors as I dance on the grave of your generation.

      • Not all Millennials like Bernie, or are useless. If I did end up forced to trade sex for food Id rather die a slow death.
        But, I have my ear to the ground and I feel it coming. I dont anticipate being there and will do my damnedest not to ever be there.
        Just wanted to chime in with that. Putting any group of people into your perceived idea is never good or likely true.

    • At 68 I must be one of your useless eaters but I guarantee my lifetime of knowledge and hardworking will kick your arrogant entitled worthless butt at the end of this nightmare. I don’t wish anyone die from this but I hope you and all the other arrogant a-hats out there who think they are teflon like our nieve president, get really sick and eat your words

    • Have you ever heard,”What goes around, comes around,”? You will be old too, before you know it.

  • We did produce our own meds here but big pharma got greedy, follow the money. So what happened to these factories ? Are they still around, can they be started up like it used to be? Need to break our dependence on other nations, and this is a perfect example why. Not only meds but other items that used to be produced here and are not any more. Big pharma needs to start thinking of the USA first ……period…..also need to clean out the fda, cdc and any other fed gov agency filled with big pharma people and start doing their job, looking out for us not their secret bosses.

  • China is trying to say “they are back in business” when in reality the virus isn’t finished and they still have zero GDP. They COULDN’T SHIP MEDICAL SUPPLIES IF THEY WANTED TO! How else could they cover up the false “recovered” narrative for being unable to ship??

  • We as a nation are stupid to be allowing all these things to come from communist China in the first place.

    Second do they even have the drugs they are threatening to withhold? There is a really high probability these items are not even available to shop as China has pretty much ground to a halt for two months .. I call there bluff they don’t even have it to export and are looking for an out.

    Going forward we need a more sustainable plan with less reliance on communist China.

  • Why would they stop at medical supplies? China produces lots of things including electronic components to computers and machines. Is medical supplies just the beginning?

  • But, I thought all the factories were shut down in China and we were already no longer receiving any imports from them?

  • In the first place as you said Daisy, they DID NOT stop the virus. ????????????????
    So therefore for what reason does the ???????? Owe them an apology ?? It really gets crazier by the day. According to their own sources thousands came and went through Wuhan at the beginning when China already knew about the outbreak ???? so this country does have a lesson to learn but the question is will they?
    Still no words…
    Thank you Daisy! Tucker Carlson had a kick butt opening monologue last night about this. He didn’t mince words. He is one of the brave souls who dare to speak right about all this like you.

  • Thank sll the politicians and manufacturers who sold out america by sending our jobs and productivity to china.

    • Dan sez:

      “Politicians sold out America.”

      Yes, politicians of BOTH parties, and yet you and millions of Americans continue to vote for these traitors as if it mattered.

      There is one political party and it has a two headed monster called Democrats/Republicans.

      Nothing will change until the reset, and that reset is unfolding now.

      • Well I cant wait for that. Ive been saying the same thing for years and nobody listens to me. It cant happen fast enough if you ask me. But, the people have been duped before. It only takes a majority to make it return to business as usual.

  • Very scary how this nation has let greed threaten national security. More profits are more important than jobs, national security, etc. I’m concerned about China, if they chose to, they could take us down without firing a single shot. Our supplies are probably already beginning to get low, just in time for the virus to explode? I don’t even want to think about that. China doesn’t care about us, we are a cash cow and nothing more. They can take the hit, they could even lose half of their population and still have double what we have. Don’t know if there are nefarious underpinnings to this but I do wonder….

  • How could our politicians hand us over to the Communist Chinese Government like this? Our Politicians have been weakening and selling out this Country to the Communists through “Most favored nations trade package” NAFTA, and other trade agreements. Finally we have a President with some guts and skill, who negotiates a new trade deal. China is pissed because they did not get their way. Learn from this Americans. When you see a product made in China at Wal-Mart aka China-Mart……then see the same product made in America next to it, buy the American product! You may pay a little more, but you will get a far superior product and the money stays in America and keeps Americans working. Doesn’t anyone understand this?
    Also, may be time to pass a law that any American manufacturing company that moved to China to save the bucks, needs to have at least one plant operating in America just for national security reasons. Now we see the threat to Americans when it comes to our health. It seems the baby butchering demoncraps hate this Country and want to sell us out any chance they get! There are many Republicans who can also have this dis-honorable mention.

    • The whole thing is the multi-headed hydra of doom. In the nineties, Americans were shamed for being “protectionist”. The EPA was pushing manufacturers to spend lots of money to clean up the environment. The American workers were told they couldn’t make ends meet and therefore should demand higher wages. China was willing to waste their landscape and pony up slave labor for the sake of the American Dream continuing without any hiccups in our fantasy of reality. Now they are chagrined.

      Some saw it way back then. Yet even Rush Limbaugh was singing the praises of NAFTA. All this was done to the average Joe and Jane American with barely a notice. The Swamp was beginning to fill up at the deepest levels with critters with dollar signs in their eyes. So if our bum is now getting chewed off, it is our own fault by default.

      This is why we prep. We noticed that The Dream has been morphing incrementally into a Nightmare and now we are there. “We told you so” is not heard by those who are in a panic. Hopefully, we can hold our composure and do and say the right things that are the most helpful to our hurting neighbors and our own.

  • China – We were gonna but then we remembered how much we like money.
    It’s not that the US can’t manufacture it’s just that it’s cheaper elsewhere. Once it becomes no longer so then it will shift again to wherever it is. I doubt it will be the US but it will be somewhere.

  • So, the world should thank China for manufacturing an unstable bioweapon and accidentally releasing it? Seems odd but I’ll play: “Thanks China.”

  • im all for dumping china we once had the greastes manurfaturing base on the planet and we can do it yet again and leave the chi-coms eating our dust forever which is how it should be bring all of our industry back and make america that shining city atop that high again

  • WHO ever it was that allowed the making of americas medical supplies to be taken to china,OR any other country ,SHOULD BE ROUNDED UP AND EXECUTED FOR TREASON,.ON NATIONAL TV as a warning to ALL politicans in the future,NO MORE TREASON FOR PROFIT ALLOWED EVER AGAIN….

  • Why should we be surprised a out anything? It China. They think about things totally different from western thought.. Things are bound up in old traditions of honor and the ideals of communism blended together.
    We are far too dependent on China. This used to be a producer nation. We lost a lot of that in the name of profits from buy cheap and sell for the biggest profit the market will tolerate.

  • There is so much going on under the surface that we don’t know about, so the propaganda media can take a portion of this and spin it. I see several issues:
    1. China is mad that Trump is forcing them to pay tariffs and not steal our intellectual technology.
    2. China is trying to become a world power and bio terrorism is part of that. I suspect something escaped from the Bio Lab in Wuhan. China didn’t acknowledge it until way too late. Now they are trying to save face and say we owe them an apology?
    3. Our liberal media is having a field day with breathless reporting on this crisis, creating hysteria in the stores. Is their goal to take down our economy, Trump’s most visible achievement, in this election year?
    4. The good in all of this is the public realization that most of their drugs come from China, a country known for poor sanitation. Maybe it is time to look at Great-Grandma’s medical recipes using herbs and tinctures made from them. Those have very few side effects!

  • Why are we not producing our own pharmaceuticals! What kind of brain trusts leaves the production of critical medical supplies in the hands of an unfriendly government! What kind of stupidity is this? Greed over common sense! It should be mandatory that medical supplies be manufactured here at home! Relying on anyone even Countries we truly trust is folly!

    • I have never taken kindly to threats. You can never give in to threats because when you appease you will only get more, which is defeat and subjugation on the installment plan.

      President Trump needs to get the resources together and have them develop a strategy to rapidly get the US out of the potentially fatal dependence upon China as a source for medical supplies, drugs, and medical equipment. The threat has been made and we need to respond with a solution for our own health and safety. It is by no means insurmountable, we just need the will to get it done.

      I would also see if Canada and Mexico want to be in on this. It would strengthen our ties as neighbors. However, if they are too divided and weak, then we will go it alone.

      China has its own achille’s heels, but as things are changing, that will be their problem. Our relationship with the Chinese Communist government has turned toxic, and does not have a positive future, at least for now.

    • The saddest thing is that we have depended so much on foreign meds that we have diluted our immunity. We need to stop popping pills and running for help with every little virus. That action has hurt us more than anything else. I have had antibiotics once in the past 10 years for a sinus infection that would not heal due to the pollution from neighbors burning trash. We are our own worst enemies, and have been since the dawn of advertising, offers of things we never needed in the first place.

    • Yes, China could destroy the U.S., but in so doing will destroy itself.

      The only way China can defeat the U.S. is through putting boots on the ground, i.e. invasion. Anything less than that will result in a drawn out war where we can rebuild at the same time cutting them off from vital raw materials, like oil and coal. Without energy, their factories will grind to a halt. They need to defeat the U.S. once and for all, in order to realize their dreams of “Lebensraum” (sound familiar?).

      The Chinese people hate their ruling class. A ruling class based on a non-Chinese ideology imported from the West, namely communism. Even so, they will cheer as the invasion has initial victories. But how successful will be that invasion? Even if the Chinese are able to land 2 million troops, how well will they do against 200 million P.O.d armed Americans, many of whom are veterans? How will the Chinese populace react if their invasion falters, or is even defeated? The military is the main force holding the communists in power; if it’s overseas being defeated, will the long-suffering Chinese people rise up against their oppressors in a civil war that will destroy China? What do you think?

      What is the probability that the U.S. will surrender without firing a shot? If we don’t surrender, but are willing to put up with hardships to rebuild, how could China destroy us? The only way we can be destroyed is by us destroying ourselves.

      A related idea is in this article,

  • There is also the chance that this threat by the Chinese govt is just propaganda, directed at least to their own citizens, but we in the US need to take it seriously and act decisively. The implications of this threat, propaganda or serious, are too monumental to ignore.

  • YOUR ARTICLE tho = Right on ->We , should manufacture our own Meds

    Sounds like B.S. =I do not believe China ever said any of this !

    Please remove me from YOUR B.S. Letter or reproduce EXACT ARTICLE BY CHINA

    • Did you click the link, John? It takes you right to the Chinese government news website, from which I copied the translated version.

  • People don’t realize about the Chinese. They are a BRUTAL nation and peoples yet companies lined up to get their manufacturing in and thought nothing of even giving them their required secrets to do so to get access to cheap labor.

    In this case being cheap will COST you.

    An article came out about a lawyer who handled such transactions between the Chinese and Western manufacturers.

    He said it was not uncommon for the Chinese to produce a duplicate copy of your products shortly after you released yours as lower prices.

    Unfortunately, this is the Chinese way. They have no morals or ethics. It’s just the Chinese way and with a big WINK from Confucious. LOL!

  • If we’re dependent on China for life-saving drugs & medical equipment (and everything else) it’s our fault, not theirs. As a society we have come to place no emphasis on quality & safety just to save a buck. Bring industry back to U.S.!

  • this seems to ignore that at least 5,000 people died in Wuhan and they are suspected at having squashed the numbers by several factors…Any travel ban was well justified.

  • Corporate greed brought to you by the republican party. But never mind, a tax cut cures all ills. All accomplished while their base made “saving babies”, hating guys, lovin’ guns, and god (their god, no one else’s god).
    As the old saying goes, the chickens come home to roost. For some, they won’t have a place to roost. For those that do, it won’t last long.

  • Maybe some of you can help me understand…

    If a US company signed a contract with a Chinese manufacturer to supply XX amount of product (let’s say masks), then if the Chinese manufacturer is unable to supply the masks (due to this outbreak), both parties are protected by the force majeure clause in the contract. If they are unwilling to supply the masks, they have reneged on the contract. The US company would be able to withdraw from the contract and go have their masks manufactured somewhere else, no?

    I’ve had some dealings in the past with legal contracts but, of course, none of them involved a communist country & none of them were specific to manufacturing. However, I still believe the US company’s legal team would install some kind of protection in the contract to ensure receipt of the product. If the product is not received, they bring their manufacturing home. Sure, it would take time (that we don’t have) as well as loads of money.

    Also, part of the problem would be raw materials that China appears to be supplying.

    I’m sure I am seeing this as too black & white so, if anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.

  • The sell out of the U.S. began when Nixon and Kissinger went to China to open up trade with them. After that, U.S. manufacturers couldn’t wait to offshore manufacturing to China to make a buck with cheaper labor to make cheaper products (of less quality) to import back into the U.S. The end came when manufacturing corporations and companies unbolted the machine tools in U.S. factories and shipped them to China….

  • One Question. China as we know hates America, and the Corona virus is going on over there,
    so what i Do Not understand is why would we want drugs or clothing, or masks that come from
    China, or anything else made in that country??? I personally would not trust anything coming
    from them, or any other country when this virus is so terrible!! Like we can trust them that it
    would be safe to ship things here in the States or any other country??? Nope, United States
    blew it when back in the 60’s when RCA, and many big companies began to move companies over seas
    for cheaper labor, and left Americans without jobs, and they never batted and eye lash about
    what they did to this country!! No sorry i do not trust anyone in the new United States
    government to say that the virus is dead in China and it’s ok to let them ship things here! We can be
    sooo gullible, it is scary! This virus was done and let lose for their hidden agenda reasons folks!
    And they all laugh behind our backs, while they do one thing evil, and then another constantly
    to keep the American people worn out, fear, and deaf, dumb, and blinded! Thank you for your time..

  • Since this is an engineered virus created then deliberately and purposely released by China (to quell the protests); denying life saving medicines can be summed up in one phrase: AN ACT OF WAR!

  • If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say Wuhan flu was created as a bioweapon to be used at a later time but was accidentally released into the Chinese public, forcing the commies’ timetable forward. Knowing how much we depend on China for pharmaceuticals – in particular the medical knowledge and treatment for the Wuhan virus – they had planned to withhold medical exports. “The Plan” has fallen ill due to exposure.

  • This is entirely the US’s fault. We deserve this. When you let your potential enemy, or at very best, adversary, control vital supplies that you need, you give them the power to puppet you anytime they need.

    Then again, our politicians don’t care about us little people, if it did hit the fan, they have plenty of stores of what they need to keep healthy until it runs its course and god will only know how many of us little people it wipes out.

    Let this be a solid lesson for the people here as what WILL happen the moment you need supplies.

    Also on this, if you have to take meds daily, you really should have a 90 day stock up on them, so that when crisis like this happen you are not left without your pills that very well may be needed to keep you alive. Another thing to keep in mind, you can not, in many instances just go out and grab another 90 day supply from the pharmacy. IF your insurance company pays for drugs, they are not going to let you stock up on their dime. The pharmacy might not let you get extra anyways due to regulations concerning abuse etc etc. If the pharmacist knowingly gave you more meds than was required, and you got sick off them, they could be sued, (thank America’s gimme dat crowd for this mindset) so they may be leery of giving out more than needed.

    This can be done though. Some pills you may be able to get by a day without taking one, so you do that once a week lets say, put that pill aside. Other pills, lets say it’s a take one every hours, if you can get by with one every 8 hours, do that when you can, put that pill aside. If you fill your perscriptions 90 days at a time, many drugs they will allow you to refill and insurance will cover still up to a week in advance, (thats at the 83 day mark, not the 90 day mark) that’s up to 7 more pills, take them put them aside.

    Eventually you will have a 30 day, a 60 day and then finally a 90 day supply of all your vital meds in your Bug Out Bag.

    Old pills don’t always work as good as new pills, so you will want to keep rotating them out, for example, once you get a 90 day supply in your BugOutBag, I’ll call it BOB from this point on, you are good, next time you refill your prescriptions, you take those brand new pills, put them in your BOB, and take the pills that were in your BOB, and now use them as your daily pills. If your BOB is still building and you only have a 20 day supply in there,then you swap out those 20, and keep it going. This way you are guaranteed that you will always have fresh meds in your BOB, and also be taking fresh meds. (They don’t go bad in 3 months, most of them have a shelf life of a year or more).

    Just because our leaders would let us be at the mercy of our enemies does not me WE have to do the same thing! Be Smart, Be Perpared and Survive.

    A A Ron

    • Tell the dead senior citizens and their families in Washington state that they deserved it. Keep us posted on that.

  • China’s economy was in trouble long before the Wuhan Virus it unleashed on the rest of the world by hiding the outbreak for weeks and allowing travel to and from China. The virus has further debilitated China’s economy and threats to the U.S., let alone actions, will do nothing to aid in any recovery. Only the globalists will mourn the death of the Chinese economy and only those aspects impinging on their (the globalists’) greed.

    • Even if they did the right thing, you will never E V E R be able to contain any type of virus or outbreak such as this.
      When we have the selfie stick generation that does not give a F F about anything but themselves and their inconvenience, you’ll never be able to contain them. Look how many selfish ignorant people even bragged about violating quarantines etc. Oh I went here, got on the plane, etc anyways, *I* am too important to care about the rest of humanity’s issues.

      All quarantines really do is just prolong the illness. Unless you can disinfect every single surface or person that it is in/on (you can not) it’s just going to keep popping up over and over and over again. Let everyone get exposed, let it run it’s course and be done with it. Those who die, die..

      Perhaps this was released on purpose, to see how it propagates and spreads so they can fine tune when they release the Round Eye version of it that is uniquely designed to take down the USA. Now that they have a lessons learned, they can fine tune what it needs to do.

  • Get the hand off the panic button! We have more danger walking down the street at night in any city USA than we have from the virus. The hype has not been used like this in decades. It is all to make us weak looking. We don’t need China, we don’t need anyone. Close our borders until this mess is cleaned up. Vote out all who interfere. Let us no longer look to China for meds. We can make our own. This nation is capable of sustaining itself.

  • Read ‘The Fate of Empires’ by Sir John Glubb and you will see that everything that is happening now has happened before and history is just repeating itself because our species is really stupid and will never learn from our past mistakes.

    It seems that we are witnessing the 4th Turning and heading towards a reset.

    Sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Sorry for that. It’s the decision made by the govt, personally I’d like to help.

    -from a Chinese prepper

  • Some idiot says a bunch of eaters.. Meabwhike china makes almost all world pollution, is out of balance with it’s population of EATERS, speaking of eater overfish and take from Africa and other countries, poach to extinction bc they want their lil weenies to be bigger from tusks and horns, soread evwry pandemic known to man.. I can KEEP going. China shoulda been left to die, this is what we get for rescuing them from Japan. Even though I feel this is all payment for us policing the world, I’m still not the kind to sit back and be murdered. They have cost our govs billions and our peoples jobs and lives repeatedly yet no gov does anything. Ppl have went to war for disturbigly less! Clearly, there is more to this.

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