Gaslighting: “Conspiracy Theories” Already Proven True in 2023

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Preppers get called conspiracy theorists a lot.  It’s supposed to be demeaning, but considering how many conspiracy theories have been proven correct lately, I no longer consider it an insult.  The more time goes by, the more “conspiracy theorists” just seem ahead of the game.

Quite a few “conspiracy theories” have recently come to light as actual facts in 2023 already. And it’s only the beginning of March.

Let’s look at a recent batch of “conspiracy theories” that aren’t really theories any more.  

Gas stoves in peril?

In January, the OP ran a story about the potential ban on gas stoves.  Naturally, the mainstream media poo-poohed the idea that the government would do something like that.  The New York Times insisted that “No, Biden is Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves.  CNN likewise claimed Biden didn’t want to ban the stoves  NPR dismissed the thought of banning gas stoves as a right-wing, culture war stunt.

Well, maybe they’re not going to outright ban gas stoves. . . but the Department of Energy is proposing new efficiency standards that will make approximately half the gas stoves on the market no longer available. So, technically this isn’t a ban, but regulating gas stoves out of existence has the exact same effect.   

This is particularly problematic for anyone with fairly new models.  Newer appliances are made to break down within about ten years.  Anyone who’s been a homeowner for more than a decade knows this.  If appliances are made to only last ten years or so, the government doesn’t need to conduct some dramatic midnight raid to steal your stove.  All they have to do is wait.  Within ten years, most people will have to replace their stoves anyway, and at that point, very few, if any, gas stoves will still be on the market.  

Nope, it’s not just a theory.  They really do want to get rid of gas stoves.

Covid origins?

And in other Department of Energy news, the agency recently came to the conclusion that Covid probably did come from a lab.  The findings were part of a classified report, which the government agency shared with the Wall Street Journal last weekend.

Back in 2021, the FBI had been the only federal agency to state with “moderate confidence” that Covid came from a lab.  At the time, their finding mostly went ignored.  However, with another agency admitting it, and WSJ covering the story, it becomes more difficult to brush aside.

And at least we’re allowed to openly discuss the lab leak now.  Two years ago, we weren’t.  In February 2021, Facebook banned any discussion of the possible laboratory origins of Covid.  The lab leak theory was just too crazy to even consider. Zero Hedge was banished from Twitter for daring to suggest the makeup of the virus was peculiar in 2020. The Organic Prepper was called a disinformation site and defunded due, in part, to our coverage of the virus.

But now, House Republicans are launching an investigation into the origins of Covid.   And once the Wall Street Journal publishes something, even the stodgiest Boomers can’t ignore it.  

The Covid lab leak theory is slowly but surely looking less like a theory, and more like an established fact.

The Covid vaccine?

This is hardly the only situation in which Covid dissidents have been proven correct.  There has been a small contingent of people from the beginning who were reluctant to participate in the trial of a novel medical product.  Considering the many criminal payouts Big Pharma has had to make over the years, wanting long-term studies before trying a novel pharmaceutical product shouldn’t be controversial.    

The cost (injecting a poorly-tested novel substance) did not match up with the benefit (avoiding a not-particularly dangerous disease that many of us had a natural immunity to anyway).  Plenty of well-informed people had perfectly rational reasons for vaccine hesitancy.

Were our concerns taken seriously?  No.  The Othering was vicious and relentless.  Daisy wrote an article about it here.  Family relationships were stressed and sometimes broken. Careers were ended. Opportunities were denied. Reputations were ruined.  

And meanwhile, the “safe and effective” drumbeat resounded.  Anyone who wanted real answers about what was happening, who wanted to wait for long-term studies, was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.

So, who was right?  Were the shots safe and effective?  Or were the conspiracy theorists the reasonable ones?

I’m not a doctor or statistician.  All I can do is point at actual numbers.  And even the most pro-vax publications cannot hide the non-Covid excess mortality of the past two years. Young, formerly healthy people have been dying at far higher rates than they used to, and it’s not from Covid.  As of right now, no one can prove that jabs are responsible, because no one wants to look that closely.  But we can’t prove they’re not responsible, either.  Safe?  I’m not convinced, and neither are a lot of vastly more qualified people.  Just look at Ed Dowd’s meticulously researched book, Cause Uknown.

And even Tony “The Science” Fauci recently admitted that the shots don’t really work at preventing transmission or infection.  So, nope, these jabs aren’t effective either.  

Meanwhile, Congress is finally launching an investigation into the safety of the forced vaccine.

Were the conspiracy theorists right to be cautious about the new shots?  Yeah, I think so.  

Mandatory masking?

And what about the masks?  We got mixed signals about masks from the beginning.  In March 2020, Dr. Fauci said they didn’t work, then he later changed his tune.  Many people around the country had to deal with mask mandates for over a year.

Well, the experts at the Cochrane Library recently published a huge meta-analysis of the effectiveness of physical barriers (like masks) at preventing respiratory viruses (like Covid).  They can’t find any strong links between masking and disease prevention.  Cochrane studies are the gold standard.  They’re very conservative, they rarely make hard and fast statements, but once they do, people typically stop arguing.  

The mask debate is one that really smacks us at the OP because, back in 2021, NewsGuard cited our questioning of the mask narrative as a reason to downgrade us, which really hurt our income stream.  Daisy goes into the whole story here. She cited studies with a variety of outcomes regarding masks, and NewsGuard saw the variety of viewpoints as reason enough to downgrade us.

The journalism majors working at NewsGuard don’t seem to understand that letting multiple educated people argue is more true to the scientific ideal than top-down authoritarian mandates.  

I’m not the only person saying this.  Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford professor and MD, said as much in a recent interview with Jordan Peterson. At 5:26, he talks about public perception during the pandemic:

There was this sort of uni-vocal conclusion that you had to do lockdowns, you had to wear masks, you had to socially distance, you had to put plastic barriers up, you had to close schools, you had to do all of these things; that the vaccines would stop transmission of the disease, that therefore it was warranted that people would lose their jobs over them.  All of these ideas were sold as if there was a scientific consensus in favor of them.  That was a lie.  There was never a scientific consensus on almost any of the topics; and as you say on masks, in fact, the preexisting narrative, the preexisting idea of most scientists before the pandemic, was in quite the opposite direction.

Dr. Bhattacharya’s not the only highly qualified doctor speaking out, either.  In fact, so many of the various Covid narratives have been proven wrong, that Dr. Marty Makary, chief of Islet Transplant Surgery at Johns Hopkins medical school, recently published an article February 27 titled “10 myths told by covid experts—and now debunked.”  

“Masks prevent transmission” is #2 on the list.  I guess if NewsGuard still thinks Daisy is a conspiracy theorist over this one, she’s got some pretty kick-ass company.

But in all seriousness, thank God (or whoever you pray to) for doctors like Dr. Bhattacharya and Dr. Makary for not treating the public like we’re mentally impaired rodents.  There are still a few true medical experts out there who genuinely want to educate the public, and give us real answers.  

The air and water in East Palestine?

In the meantime, I wonder if the EPA will find any real experts. That agency keeps insisting that the air and water in East Palestine are perfectly safe, despite the derailment and subsequent disaster going on a few weeks ago.  

The EPA says they’ve been testing for everything and that the numbers indicate everything looks good; professional chemists aren’t so sure.  “They should be testing for individual compounds, and if they are testing for total VOCs [volatile organic compounds] as a screen, they need to have very sensitive instruments because some VOCs are much more toxic than others,” says Ted Schettler, MD, and science director at the nonprofit Science and Environmental Health network.  The fact that East Palestine residents are still smelling off odors suggests that the EPA is not using sensitive enough equipment.

And the EPA hasn’t started testing for the myriad other substances that formed when the known chemicals in the train were burned.  When you mix chemicals together and burn them, new chemicals form, and this hasn’t even been talked about much yet.  

It’s probably going to be a long time before we have a good picture of the damage caused by this derailment.  But, what do we know?

We know that the people of East Palestine are still suffering from bizarre symptoms.  Rashes, shortness of breath, and a burning sensation while breathing are common.  Some people have had voice changes, loss of taste and smell, and random infections. Because East Palestine is such a low-income area, doctors can’t do the tests they need to, though they all agree that the citizens are in real pain.  

And yet EPA Administrator Michael Regan states, “Nothing is coming back that shows adverse health impacts.”  

Government officials are not helping themselves by insisting there’s “nothing to see here!”  Distrusting the federal government has traditionally been in the realm of conspiracy theorists, but once again, which group of people seems more reasonable?  

The Twitter files?

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if I’m too cynical, too eager to see ill intent.

Then came the Twitter Files. 

We’ve written about them before on this site. When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he handed over internal documents to independent journalists Bari Weiss, Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Lee Feng to peruse.  

Many figures in alternative media had suspected they were being shadow-banned, or having a hard time reaching followers.  The Twitter Files confirmed everyone’s worst suspicions: the federal government does spend millions of dollars policing online content, and much of it targets law-abiding citizens with inconvenient opinions, rather than real criminals.  Many of the people that had their accounts locked or frozen weren’t even big media presences, just people with a few dozen followers with an annoying sense of humor, or who got snarky about the wrong things.   

Five years ago, anyone convinced the Feds were watching their every online move would have been labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist.  

Well, yet again, the conspiracy theorists have been proven correct.  

The gaslighting continues.

If you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship, you probably know what it’s like to have someone trying to convince you you’re crazy.  The only way to survive gaslighting like that is to constantly remind yourself of things you know are true.  That’s why it’s so important to keep track of whatever narratives we’re supposed to swallow and constantly check them against our preexisting knowledge base.  It’s important to hold purveyors of false narratives to account; it’s important to point to tangible facts and to be able to discuss them.

These are only the most recent examples of conspiracy theorists being proven correct.  Daisy had an article about “7 Things That Used to Be ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theories’ Until 2020 Happened.”  The tin foil hat wearers have been getting vindicated a lot in the past few years.  

I think we’re going to keep seeing more of this for a while.  Universal Basic Income, digital currencies, AI tech, there are so many new things happening right now. 

What about you?  How have you been proven correct?  Are there any “theories” you’re just waiting to see evidence of on the mainstream? What theories have you seen mocked, then proven true? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • I need new conspiracy theories! All my old ones keep coming true!

    Kidding aside, it is amazing to see some cling to things like masks.
    “But if it saves one life!” they cry.
    Yet look at all the damage the lockdowns have caused to include increased use of drugs, alcohol, mental and physical health.
    Saw a study of how many people are not getting the boosters.
    A recent UK study found people who died OF COVID, 92% had at least the first jab.

    Over the weekend went out with friends shopping, and then had lunch at a sit down restaurant. It was fun, and we had a good time.

    • The people still wearing masks are pathetic. they are not even sheep; they are mice living in a constant state of fear.

      • If it gives them comfort fine.
        It’s interesting though regarding mask wearing as I think they’re basically useless. Most medical facilities them to be worn to enter the building. A couple weeks ago we were meeting with my wife’s oncologist regarding a new type of treatment she’ll be getting. Of course masks are required to enter the treatment center a probably most patients are compromised. Most if not all of the reception people were wearing the masks with their nose hanging out…kind of a joke.

      • I don’t think they’re pathetic. It’s a personal choice.

        If you don’t want to be forced to wear one, you shouldn’t be treated poorly or mocked for that. If they feel more comfortable with one and they’re simply making that choice for themselves, that shouldn’t affect your life at all.

        • Sure, if that were the case but its not. I couldnt even go to my gynecologist for my yearly pap smear without being forced to wear a mask. They told me if I didnt wear it I could leave. So, I wore it also with my nose out.
          I told them even Biden (who’s sanity is questionable at best.) says Covid is over, and the masks are proven not to help.

          But, I was forced. I would look for a new place to go but Im in a very small town and not many options.

    • “But if it saves one life!” they cry.
      Yet look at all the damage the lockdowns have caused to include increased use of drugs, alcohol, mental and physical health.

      These are two separate topics. “Saving lives” and “damage the lockdowns have caused” are not the same and cannot be compared….apples and oranges.

      “A recent UK study found people who died OF COVID, 92% had at least the first jab.”.

      No, it didn’t.

  • thanks for the article. as a long time “conspiracy” theorist or as i say one who adheres to “inconvenient truths” since 9/11 i have found that one only has to look at patterns of how these things evolve, what convenient agendas are put in place after the fact (surveillance and control) and who benefits. they all follow the same patterns. as with 9/11 the scanners were put in place because michael chertoff, then head of “homeland security” was the attorney for the company that made the scanners. billions were made on that one. the othering and flaming have sidelined us in a parallel world where fantasy prevades and reality and we sit and watch this crap unfold while money is made and mind control affects the masses. it is not good. a very dark world awaits and i don’t have much hope for the future. the whole vaccine virus debacle was transparent from the start. kill off old people and the sick so the expense of medicare and social security would be lowered. i had the virus, took ivermectin, was sick for 36 hours and my natural immunity has protected me through 5 trips on airplanes, cabs, busses, airports, etc. my daughter was fine with natural immunity, then was forced to get the vaccine for a job and 2 weeks later got a bad case of covid. still friends look at me sideways and other me for not doing my part and getting the vaccine. other conspiracies, of course surround the horrors of wireless technology and the suppression of science. I have a personal story that would take too long in the comments as i have taken too much already. again, thanks for the article.

    • Please, Morris, share your wireless technology story! You’ll be helping the world to understand, one person at a time, and motivating people to take positive action, before even more harm is done.

    • morrison, there is HUGE hope for the future! People are waking up and waking up and waking up. This is a process, not a one-realization thing. Right now, most have removed the fear masks and booster shots are a hard sell. We have a long ways to go, and we need to keep telling the negative truths.
      But there are so many positive truths, there are whole states full of sheriffs who pledge to uphold the second amendment (we need the rest of our rights, too), new people are running for school boards and other offices, organic food sales keep increasing and “regenerative agriculture” is doubling every year. There is greenwashing and other hitches, bumps and mistakes, but we will reverse 6000+ years of desert-making agriculture and reach a new abundance.
      The plans of the globalists are horrific–but they are LOSING, slowly. Yes, we warn. Yes we shake people awake. Simultaneously, we build a better world. As we said in the ’70’s: Keep On Truckin’.

      • “we will reverse 6000+ years of desert-making agriculture”? Modern environmentalists think they invented sustainability. They didn’t! Farmers care more about their land than anyone, especially multigenerational farms. If you are on a farm you don’t throw trash on the ground because you are the one who will have to pick it up and you don’t pollute because you get your drinking water from a well. Agriculture has done just the opposite , making deserts bloom.

    • Thanks Morris, your story is true of so many people. And I have run across many people that feel that the whole Covid thing was about control and others that yes are still wearing masks. Hopefully, someday we will get journalist and Government officials that do tell us the truth and are working for us.

  • I guess I’m farther into the “theories” than most, as I don’t believe for one second that covid (or any virus) actually exists, but still waiting for that one to catch on. In the meantime, I choose not to participate in the narrative, I walk maskless in my freedom and think with my OWN brain, not regurgitate some MSM peddlers of fiction.

    • Yes, viruses do exist. We can see them in electron microscopes. But that doesn’t change the fact that the MSM peddled fiction

  • The power of modern propaganda is astounding, but only slightly more astounding than the inability of (supposedly) highly educated Western populations to see through it.

    For the past year, the most massive propaganda campaign in the history of the world has been underway. It is concerning the situation in Ukraine. It’s safe to say that, if you’ve been getting your information from mainstream Western news outlets (left or right leaning), you have been getting fed info that is usually 180 degrees from the truth. It is so bad that if one considers the exact opposite of what we’re being told to be the truth, you’d actually get pretty close.

    Every Western news report starts out the same way, usually in the first sentence, calling the Russian invasion of Ukraine “…unprovoked.” In fact, the invasion couldn’t have been more “provoked.” The killing of nearly 15,000 citizens of the eastern parts of Ukraine by their own government since 2014 is just a start. Western press ignores this. Also hidden is the US backed overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government in 2014 and the installation of an actual real Nazi government. Yes, real, actual Nazis. This has been very well documented for nearly ten years, but now is completely hidden by mainstream Western news organizations. One could easily write all day regarding the sickening atrocities of the present Ukrainian government. Russia has been trying to alert the world about this for years, but was, and is, ignored. There is much more, of course.

    So, now we find ourselves a few seconds from nuclear war. There are a few voices reporting the actual situation in Ukraine, but you will not see, hear, or read them in mainstream Western press. Those voices will not be heard on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or any newspaper in the USA or any NATO nation. Those trying to be heard are immediately banished — far worse than with anything regarding the COVID situation or the “Twitter files.”

    If one is unable to find truthful reporting of the Ukrainian situation (and it’s out there, just not easy to find), my advice would be to believe the exact opposite of anything being stated by Western mainstream news organizations and Western and/or NATO governments.

    And, yes, this is now considered a “conspiracy theory” (if not outright traitorous talk) and under attack like none other, but the stakes are so terribly high that people must learn the truth if we are going to have any chance to stopping the madness.

    • Terry: things are more complex than what you report.

      The “fall of communism” in Russia is a fake. The communists are still in charge, only behind the scenes. They left communist puppets in charge in many of the countries, puppets that remained in power through rigged elections. Poland broke free. In 2014 Ukraine broke free. Burisma Oil that bought the Bidens worked on behalf of Russia. In 2019 the Ukrainians elected a Russian speaking Jew to be their leader. That doesn’t sound very Nazi to me.

      Meanwhile I was amused at how the mainstream press tip-toed around the mention of the Wagner Group fighting on behalf of the Russians—the Wagner Group is the largest neo-Nazi organization in the world whose leader is an associate of Putin.

      Also in 2014 the Russians started a low level invasion of eastern Ukraine, hoping gradually to take over the whole country. In 2014 naked aggression Russia took over Crimea.

      In war, the first casualty is the truth. We are not being told the whole story. Wait until summer. Will the Russians and Chinese finally fulfill their plans to attack the U.S. with nukes? Both Russia and China are going onto full war footing, have you heard about that? When the Russians and Chinese first drew up their plans decades ago (plans since updated) they decided that the U.S. needs to be depopulated, because we are too independent minded, and too well armed. Other countries, like Venezuela, can be made into slave states, but not the U.S. This is not conspiracy theory, rather reports made by defectors from the communist side. Have you heard about any of this?

      There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes about which we don’t know. How much of it will we get from our mainstream press, or Russian propaganda?

  • Natural immunity.

    When I was a child, we had “chicken pox parties” so that we children would get chicken pox. Because once a child has chicken pox, he has natural immunity that lasts the rest of his life.

    In the 1970s my grandparents were told that they didn’t need to worry about the flu that year, because it was identical to the flu that they had survived in 1918–19. Natural immunity would protect them over 50 years later.

    Then Fauci et al tried to tell us that natural immunity lasts only a short time, as few as a few months. They’re starting to change their story again.

    • For the Spanish flu of 1918-1919, it didn’t bother people in their nineties at all, because they had lived through the same thing in the 1830’s.

      • You got it wrong they had to cover up vaccine death calling Spanish flu.

        Look at what this world calls history… mainly lies and distortions of the victor.

        Now you can’t even have a conversation about anything without crap like woketards, feminists so called experts on tv fact checkers and the worst offenders are those who say you cant ask about history you just need to believe and made it a crime to discuss…

        Just be wary nothing is as it seems and dont waste your life on chasing material goods that you can not take with you.

  • No factual evidence to prove any of what you’ve posted. Same old tired if you repeat it enough, it becomes fact.

  • Oh Marie, you’ve only cleared the brush from the rabbit holes. They go farvdeeper than many know or even think of.
    It’s a descent into depravity so vile, it can only be called Evil.

  • About the COVID JAB: How many people would gladly be bitten by a Cobra or a Krait snake? Zero. How many know that the COVID JAB has venom peptids IN the “vaccine”? Not many.
    Check this out: This is a link to something that is absolutely phenomenal about the ‘conspiracy theory’.

  • Many people I encounter are so brainwashed by media that they can’t see two inches in front of their noses, and if you ever challenge them on the propaganda they find there, like Pavlov’s dog they will call you a conspiracy theorist. They will then turn up their nose and walk away with a heightened sense of superiority.

    The term “conspiracy theory” is remarkably adept at turning off all critical thinking like a light switch in a large portion of the people I have personally met.

    Conditioning the public to react this way has to have been one of the most effective PSYOPs ever pushed onto the general population.

    It is equal parts diabolic and brilliant, and it means that the elites can get away with just about anything with little to no scrutiny because everyone is too afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes lest they be labeled a “conspiracy theorist”.

  • I am prepped more than 99% of America’s sheeple, and continue to make improvements and enhancements to my beans, bullets and bandages. I will not be surprised, when that “Oh Sh*t!!” moment actually happens. My money is on an EMP, given the chicoms (shout out to Rush Limbaugh) just did a test run with biden’s approved ballon flyover.
    As much as I don’t want this to happen to my country or my people, it’s almost as if humanity has gotten so wicked that God is preparing to turn the Etch A Sketch over and start over. When it happens, humans will revert back to survival of the fittest, in a Lord of the Flies sort of way, in every corner of the globe. I also don’t want to be forced to play God with another human’s life, but I will if I need to defend the fruits of MY labor.
    I tell people who know me NOT to come to my house if the SHTF, without literally everything they need to survive, because they shall be turned away. The alternative is they pay me $100 a month to spend on stockpiling for them, or they bring their stockpile here. If they decide they need or want it back it’s here for them. Either way, literally everyone becomes a potential threat in a SHTF scenario, no matter how close the relationship.
    The moral is being a Modern Conspiracy Theorist is a badge of honor, since we have been right about literally everything. Own that sh*t and don’t be shy about being an Americanist, a rugged and self-reliant individual!

  • Joe Biden is a corrupt and illegitimate president, ‘elected’ through fraud, lies, illegal censorship, and the partisan propaganda disseminated by the leftist Fake News. He also suffers from senile dementia, and does not possess the mental capabilities to serve as POTUS — or even as dogcatcher, for that matter.

    “Global warming” is another scam. The science clearly shows that there has been no increase in temperatures over the last decade, and that there are just as many glaciers now as there were when Al Gore first began spewing his deranged climate theories to line his pockets with public funds and further the Globalist agenda.

    Electric vehicles are neither environmentally friendly, nor will they ever be able to replace fossil fuel powered vehicles. The resources to produce the batteries are an ecological nightmare, and the electricity required to charge them is non-existent.

    Men can choose to be women and give birth, and women can choose to be men and impregnate them. I could go on ad infinitum, but why bother. Anything that the Left spews is pure unadulterated garbage!

  • How you folks quickly forget the gazilion that turned out wrong. Let’s be honest with ourselves, conspiracy theories are for entertainment purposes.

    The data all along said masking was a joke. You can thank the government and corporate media for not adhering to the facts that have been known about masks all along. Same with many of the things you pointed out, like COVID origins.

  • Enjoyed the article and agree with most. What is “OP”? Wish everyone would quit using all these shortcuts assuming everyone knows what they mean.

  • That quote from the EPA about East Palestine –> “Nothing is coming back that shows adverse health impacts.” really bothers me. They should be taking a ‘positive vetting’ approach where the EPA specificially proves the area is clear and safe for all plants and animals (including humans). His statement reeks of bum-covering, ie ‘doing the minimum of what needs to be done, without turning over the wrong rocks’
    The movie ‘Deep water horizon’ actually displayed the major flaw in their safety approach. This was that they only did their specific tests. When those tests did not indicate a problem, the rig crew proceeded and of course there was a diasaster. What they should have done was carry out enough tests to PROVE that the environment was safe enough to proceed with retrieving oil etc.
    A multi-national should have better processes than those indicated in the film.
    Likewise, the EPA and the train company should also be able to make their processes available for public scrutiny, then actually follow those processes.
    What is their agenda? Their goal? Is it really about health and safety or just money?

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