Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Natural Immunity?

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Daisy wrote an article recently on the “othering” of the unvaccinated. She went into detail regarding how individuals are blaming the unvaccinated for absolutely everything going wrong these days. I share her concern. There is a long, detailed history of the “othering” of a population leading to all sorts of horrors.  However, it is wrong at a more mundane level, as well. Public discourse surrounding the pandemic seems to focus solely on vaccination as a means of achieving herd immunity. Those who have recovered from the disease and have natural immunity, are being completely ignored.

But why?

Natural immunity.

The most frustrating thing to me, the past year and a half, has been the constantly changing narrative and the dismissal of formerly well-understood scientific truths. Natural immunity is one of those concepts from freshman biology that many seem to completely disregard these days.

I think this is a natural effect of the “cult of expertise” we have in the United States. Seemingly, anyone with specific credentials is automatically deferred to, regardless of how competent they are… or more insidiously, where their financial interests lie.

If more of us were willing to think critically about the “science” in the news these days, we could be more confident in managing our health. A healthy, confident population willing to argue and drag its feet on accepting medical treatments with which they aren’t comfortable is hard to push around.

A population willing to do anything to just “get back to normal” is not.

We’re not going “back to normal.” 

As early as April of 2020, Daisy wrote that we were never getting “back to normal.” And I agree.

But we can move forward a little more well-informed.

I’ve gotten into some discussions with medical professionals about whether people who have recovered from the disease need to be vaccinated. These conversations would have been seen as utterly ridiculous three years ago. However, now, it seems, we all need to relearn freshman biology. So I’d like to review the concept of natural immunity to help organize my thoughts and maybe help others that feel like their heads are in a whirl.

I’ve got my old college biology textbook-Life: The Science of Biology, by Purves, Sadava, Orians, and Heller. I’ve got the sixth edition, published in 2001, so it’s about 20 years old. I also have a newer college biology textbook because I’m a big nerd. It’s Campbell Biology, by Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky, and Jackson, published in 2014. Both textbooks detail how our immune systems work, and both say pretty much the same thing.

Our bodies have two major ways of defending against disease.

Our innate defenses are things like our skin and mucus. We’re born with these, and they make it difficult for various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and multicellular parasites to enter our bodies. Our bodies also have an immune system that recognizes and attacks any infectious agents that make it past our innate defenses.  

Our immune system is really sophisticated, and in healthy individuals, it works pretty well. Suppose some kind of pathogen makes it past the body’s innate defenses and begins infecting cells within the host. In that case, the host’s body will, in turn, start producing antibodies that will specifically attack the invading pathogen. The host body will continue producing antibodies until either the host dies or the invading cells die, and the patient’s body can return to normal.

The best part is, even after the active infection is over, the host’s body will retain the memory of the antibodies it produced during the infection. So if the formerly infected person reencounters the pathogen, the body will immediately have the antibodies to kill the pathogen. They rarely get sick again, and if they do, it’s generally very mild.

Even the incredibly pro-vaccine Wall Street Journal had an article on this recently.

Usually, the WSJ leaves their articles up on the Opinion Page for about a week. However, within twenty-four hours, WSJ buried this article on natural immunity. Jeff had a great article about alternative media just the other day. This definitely feeds into his narrative about how much good info is getting buried right now.

Anyway, the WSJ article discusses mucosal immunity vs. internal immunity. The author (a neurologist) states that while vaccines stimulate internal immunity, they do nothing to address mucosal immunity. The viruses don’t penetrate the host’s organs, which is why most vaccinated people don’t get really sick. But, the viruses still live and reproduce in mucus-lined mouths and nasal passages. That is why vaccinated people with no symptoms are still spreading Covid like crazy. However, those of us that have recovered have both mucosal and internal immunity.

In case you needed further proof of the efficacy of natural immunity.

An Israeli study showed recently that vaccinated people were 13 times as likely to become infected and 27 times as likely to have symptomatic infections as people with natural immunity. 

Alex Berenson posted this information on Twitter on August 25, and the platform permanently banned him on August 28. However, medical professionals are starting to make noise about it, such as Martin Kulldorff, a Harvard epidemiologist. Hopefully, more people begin to listen.

The benefits of natural immunity shouldn’t be as shocking as they seem to be.

After all, we’ve been observing this with other diseases for a long time. A case in point: when I was a kid, everyone still got chickenpox. We all got to miss school and stay home for about a week. I’m the oldest of eight kids, and I think the vaccine came out when my youngest siblings were kids. But I know the oldest four of us caught chickenpox.

One of my brothers caught it twice. The first time around, he caught it when I did. We were pretty sick for a few days and had a rash that covered our bodies for about a week. I never got chickenpox again. However, my brother picked it up a second time at school. He only had a very slight fever for one day and four or five blisters the second time around. That was it.  

None of what I’ve said above is even remotely controversial.

In fact, if you look at the history of smallpox, records date back well over 2000 years that smallpox survivors nursed the sick. Even then, it was common knowledge that survivors wouldn’t get sick again.  

Now, is smallpox exactly the same as Covid? No, not exactly. The story of smallpox eradication is an amazing one. Since then, we seem to keep hoping we can destroy every disease with vaccines. But that’s not necessarily realistic. For starters, smallpox has no recorded animal hosts. This means, once you wipe it out in humans, it’s gone. Covid, regardless of whether it originated in animals or a laboratory, is known to live in many different animal species. It will never really go away. Humans may gain the upper hand at times. But, it will always be living and evolving within a variety of animal hosts.

Now is not the time to despair.

So, should we all throw up our hands in despair over the fact that there is a new disease, unlikely ever to be eradicated, in our midst? No. We’ve been living with the cold and flu viruses for millennia. They won’t be eradicated either because they mutate rapidly and have a variety of hosts.  

I’m not trying to be insensitive to the people that have suffered from Covid. And, as it now seems generally accepted that Covid originated in a laboratory, I’m also not trying to downplay the absolutely evil minds involved in making this disease what it is. But we’ve been living with diseases for millennia. We can learn to live with this one too.

Some people feel totally comfortable with the new mRNA vaccines.

Personally, I’m not comfortable with the mRNA. But, I won’t try to change anyone’s mind. I had Covid, and I’ve got natural immunity. I was extremely low-risk for complications from Covid. (In my late thirties, close to my ideal weight, and no outstanding vitamin deficiencies.) And sure enough, I only felt sick for about a day.

I never had any fever or respiratory symptoms. I was achy for about twenty-four hours and tired the day after. My sense of taste and smell disappeared, which was why I got tested. They have not returned, which is depressing because I love good food, but I can live without it. No child on this planet should miss one race or one get-together with friends because I can’t properly enjoy coffee anymore.

Others have had it way worse. You can read about Daisy’s experience with Covid HERE . She has also shared with her newsletter readers that she lost a close family member to Covid – a healthy man in his mid-40s who had no comorbidities. Bernie Carr, the founder of ApartmentPrepper.com, has had a lengthy battle that included hospitalization and long-term dependence on oxygen, and Greg Ellifritz, of ActiveResponseTraining.com, came pretty close to dying himself but is on the mend.

For anyone else who is vaccine-hesitant yet still concerned about the disease itself, there are many other treatment options. Again, humanity treated disease for a long time before vaccines entered the scene. Some of the first doctors to treat Covid patients formed Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance to develop and share low-cost treatment options. This article talks about managing the symptoms of Covid at home for those who are not sick enough to require hospitalization. 

This is not an argument for or against vaccines.

If no one were willing to try anything new, we’d never make any progress. But the trials need to be made by fully informed, consenting individuals. That isn’t what we have right now. What we have now is coercion.

I am trying to argue against fear and hysteria. I want to encourage anyone, like myself, who is even moderately scientifically literate, to revisit your old textbooks. Build your confidence to make your own decisions. There’s too much fearmongering out there surrounding this disease. We’re distracted by a disease that 99.5% of infected people under 55 will survive as our rights are taken away, and our international reputation for being even a little bit competent and reliable falls apart. 

Don’t allow yourself to get swallowed up by fear. The same things that mostly kept us healthy in the past will mostly keep us healthy now. Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get sunshine.

Does this mean that if you are healthy, nothing terrible will ever happen to you? Of course not, just as obeying all the traffic rules won’t necessarily prevent some drunk from slamming into you. We can’t eliminate risk in our lives. All we can do is try to stack the odds in our favor.

How will you build your resilience and mental strength?

Resilience and mental strength are a huge part of prepping. Going back to the first principles, educating yourself will help you gain confidence in your decisions for yourself and your family. Confidence will help you stand firm against the rising tide of crazy we see in the world. Are you confident in your preparations? Have you been educating yourself along the way? Let’s talk about it in the comments section. 

Now is not the time to give in to fear. Now is the time to become strong.

About Joanna

Joanna has been homeschooling three children since 2012. In 2014, she moved to the High Plains of Colorado. She and her children began a little homestead, gardening and raising chickens for eggs and meat. One animal led to another, and these days they have livestock guardian dogs, chickens, geese, ducks, alpacas, goats, pigs, and one very spoiled cat.

Joanna Miller

Joanna Miller

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  • No money in natural immunity therefore it gets no discussion.
    Also it’s morphed into something else besides a medical issue so the discussions are rarely about medicine or the disease anymore it about politics, control, hate and division.
    Natural immunity spanks all those discussions down and that’s not what anyone on any side wants anymore.

  • Great article, Joanna! I had COVID in June and have several co-morbidities, so was pretty sick for two weeks. I think it would have been worse had I not already been prepping my immune system with Vit. D, Vit. C, NAC and Zinc. I never sought medical care and came out the other side with no lingering effects. Frontline Doctors for COVID Critical Care has some protocols for prevention and treatment during COVID: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/

    I was heartened when the Israeli study showed natural immunity is 13 times better than the vax. Now I just wish our policy makers would acknowledge that in their policies.

    • Fina,

      I had it twice near age 60 with co-morbidities as well. took about 2 weeks and the same natural processes and supplements. I have never lost sight of natural immunity and as long as you dont the propaganda will not convince you to action other than what makes sense to you.

  • Another aspect to this is: that by now almost everyone who is unvaxxed, has probably already had it.

    Unless they were living in total isolation for the last year, they were probably exposed and fought it off with little or no symptoms.
    Which might be why more and more nations are dropping the vax and all the COVID based, social engineering programs.

    • That’s a great point Mic. Oftentimes I think about that, too. It’s been almost two years already. Can’t imagine not having had contact with this virus yet, considering my lifestyle.

      I’ve been taking some care of course, avoiding big crowds in closed spaces mostly, and using mask inside, more out of “social respect” than protection I admit. I’ve always washed my hands so that’s a non-issue for me, but no rubbing alcohol or any of the other extreme measures, ever. No jab for me, of course. Not yet.

      Since Day 1 of this thing I have kept the same stance, been going to work everyday, walking, biking, hitting the grocery store, traveling, everything. It baffles me when I see someone wearing two masks outside, alone in the streets in the sun and wind, or driving alone in their car. Crazy.

    • “almost everyone who is unvaxxed, has probably already had it.”

      I doubt that. Over the 18 months of this scamdemic, despite sloppy mask wearing where required and no mask wearing whenever I can get away with it, I have yet to test positive. I had 4 PCR tests between Dec and May and all were negative. Of the hundreds of people I am loosely in contact with or hear about from someone else all across the country (family friends acquaintances), I’ve only heard of two who got Covid. Both survived and recovered.

      ~660k people have died form Covid over an 18 month period. CDC states that 375k died in 2020. Absolute numbers like these always sound large but when you reduce them to percentages, they give a clearer picture of the spread of Covid. The total who have died of Covid over 18 months against the total population of the USA is 1/5 of 1%! That’s pretty close to zero.

      But watch the TV or read the MSM news and you’d think that we have to kick bodies out of the way as we walk down the street, when the truth is that the vast majority of people in a county of 330 million people don’t even know one person who got Covid, let alone died from it.

  • I’m a middle-aged woman with pre-existing health problems. I don’t want the vaccine as I know my body and every time I have a vaccine I get severely sick. But I do not want someone telling me I am being forced to inject something into my body that I do not want. My doctor has demanded I get the vaccine and said I would probably die (pre-existing conditions) if I got COVID. I’ve been around people who have come down with COVID, and I’ve even gone through a crowd of about 300 people while unmasked. I haven’t been sick so I figure by now I’ve already had it and never knew it. I also have worked with animals for years. Could I have had a previous virus before the whole COVID issue and just thought I had a regular cold? According to the CDC 655,000 die from heart disease every year in the US alone. People choose to eat salad or fast food. I want my choice to have a vaccine or not.

    • Hey Sue. Yeah same here.i think my family and I had it back in December of 2019. The entire family came down with some pretty weird flu pneumonia like illness after huge Christmas party and pretty sick for about 2 weeks. I even took my 20 year old son to clinic and the Dr said it “appeared” to be flu and upper respiratory infection but he couldn’t pin point exact. We just pumped ourselves full of zinc, vit c and thieves oil. I would say find a new Dr, Miss Sue.

  • My wife and father have it right now. My wife started prepping our immune systems a month ago. She is coughing and congested but doing well. Taste buds going in and out. No worries. Second go around for all of us. I’m achy,sniffly,sinus congestion with sneezing. Same as my 80yo father.

    We just moved 30 cow/calf pairs by trailer to finish out the grazing season. We are outside in the mud and manure every day. Have been our entire life.

    We sprinkle covid on our corn flakes every morning and pour raw whole milk over them.

    We’ll be just fine. I’ve not heard tell of one livestock producer or stockman die from covid yet. Anywhere. Go outside, get filthy, stay healthy.

    • -Jim,
      I was going to write up a post, but I think you summed it up better than I could with,

      “Go outside, get filthy, stay healthy.”

      Hat tip to you good sir!

      Just got done moving the goats, before the rain myself.

  • Alternative news, especially medical, talk about this all the time.
    They recommend items mentioned in posts here, and ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine, and quercetin (which is in citrus peels, onions and garlic).
    Daisy, I understand that taste deficiency is a zinc deficiency symptom. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and quercetin all help the body absorb zinc. I am no doctor, so I recommend you research this carefully and then act.

    • Thanks, Esther–that’s good to know. I, too, lost taste/smell, but am slowly regaining them. I’ll up the zinc and quercetin.

  • I’m getting the “Jab” tomorrow when we go into town. The DW had it 6 months ago and hasn’t grown a second head or had an Alien pop out of her chest is I figure ” What the Hell?”!

    • I had the 2nd dose of Moderna yesterday (forced on me to keep my job).

      All I have had was a sore arm and tiredness but I am watching carefully for any severe reactions. I have been taking lots of immunity-boosting and nutritional supplements for the last year and a half + daily aspirin. I hope those will help in some way.

  • This is just desperate. I promise, my first and last comment in this subject.

    I am really upset on why decent websites like this one are becoming freakin anti-vaxers. Yeah, I know why. The common enemy. Sites needs followers. “Use ivermectin, or more, do not take anything, natural immunity takes care of everything.” – yes, how beautiful gospel. Much more attractive than ” Take vaccine – it will probably stop the pandemic and probably prevent new infections and probably will defend you.” This is so uncertain. But the former is a lie, and the latter is true.
    Natural immunity – yes, of course. Where you freakin were in 2020? One of my coworker doctor got Covid in last fall first and this Feb second – two times. There were no natural antibodies in her body after the first infection. The second illness was really serious.
    Two of my relatives died in Covid, none of them was vaxed. Local Baptist pastors wife (50 years old, healthy) got infected and died about 2 weks later.
    How many of you asked head-of-department hospital doctors about vaccinated new cases? I did with 2. They told me that very few vaxed people were hospitalized, after Sinopharm vaccine.
    Please do not let yourself deceived. This all subtle anti vax or other-than-vax blabla at these otherwise very good websites is just for more followers. This idea is not responsible for their followers.
    Yes, a vaccine is not 100% prevention. Yes, there may be adverse events. Yes, needle will poke your skin, injects stuff into you and it hurts ( how old are you, five? Is this a problem for you? Then go home and drink warm milk, because you are not a grownup for sure). But the vaccine is the only responsible answer.

    Sorry, but these articles are purely evil. It is just so easy to accept this slow, cooked frog strategy trash? If only one person defers vaccination because he or she believed to these <> thoughts and later dies of Covid ( I have seen that for two people!), how you would be judged?

    • No, it’s not anti-vax at all.

      First, let me be clear. I had Covid, badly. It took me months to recover. I lost a close family member to it. He was vaccinated and otherwise the picture of health. One of my children chose to get vaccinated due to her health. The other chose not to due to her health. These were their personal decisions and I’m glad that, at least for the moment, they had the opportunity to make those decisions for themselves.

      But if you believe people are too fragile and simple-minded to even consider other options or treatments without their judgment being forever impaired by the mere thought of a dissenting idea, then perhaps you are underestimating others and should be the one with the mug of warm milk.

      We should not live in a society in which dissent is not allowed or in which science cannot be questioned.

      For the record, I recently had an antibody test and my antibodies were extremely high. If my iron levels were higher I’d be able to donate convalescent plasma. (This was the entire reason I had the test – because I want to help.)

      You need only look at the illness rates in highly vaccinated Israel vs. meagerly vaccinated Sweden to question the efficacy of our current route. We’re not telling ANYONE not to get vaccinated. My only issue is with mandates.

    • “This is just desperate. I promise, my first and last comment in this subject.”

      Classic hit and run post. Emotionally laden.

      Sinopharm,eh? That’s the ticket? Okey-dokey-all-righty-then! Sign me up! Hey! Everyone! peterun found the cure for covid-19! It’s the sinopharm vaxx! Woo-hoo!

      peterun, if I may ask, if I took the phizer jabs (which have now <40% efficacy) can I get the sinopharm vaxx on top of it? Can you ask your 2 head of department doctors who gave you their hospital admittance information for me? I mean, Since they so willingly obliged you with said previous info, can you report back?

      Oh! That’s right! This is your first and last post…

      Bottom line. I don’t believe a word you wrote, peterun. Not one.

    • @peterun-“Yes, a vaccine is not 100% prevention. Yes, there may be adverse events. Yes, needle will poke your skin, injects stuff into you and it hurts ( how old are you, five? Is this a problem for you? Then go home and drink warm milk, because you are not a grownup for sure). But the vaccine is the only responsible answer.”

      How old are YOU? 2yrs old? The VAERS database is riddled with cases of vaccine injuries and DEATHS from these shots. I’m sure the person in the link below would give anything to have a ‘normal’ life again after trusting a shot that is not only experimental, but offers zero accountability or legal liability for anyone who is harmed by them.

      She thought she was doing herself and relatives a favor by allowing herself to be fear mongered into taking this shot. The fact that nobody gives a damn AFTER she had such horrible reactions ought to be a wake up call for anyone still on the fence. Go find another site to gas light/infantilize people into doing what YOU think is best for them. The adults here can make their own INFORMED decisions.


    • MOD

      “They told me that very few vaxed people were hospitalized, after Sinopharm vaccine” = a few people got hospitalized after that they had been vaccinated with Sinopharm. Meaning that they haven’t seen people hospitalized after vaccinated by Pfizer, Moderna or Sputnik. Janssen was not widelly used yet that time (early July 2021). Thanks Jim spotting the ambiguous wording.


      • peterun – You lost little boy! This is not about Covid, this is about AWARENESS. How long will you fall for the illusion that has been created for you? If you knew who and what you really were, you might understand the war you are smack in the middle of. You are so full of fear of Covid because you have no clue what REALITY really is.

        Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the numbers being put out are all FALSE? That maybe the method by which the hospitals are told to count Covid admissions are all designed to undercount the numbers of vaccinated who are getting sick with Covid? That maybe VAERS is not mentioned or even utilized to track Covid vaccine injuries in most hospitals? What if the amount of VACCINATED medical staff at hospitals who are now getting sick with Covid outnumber any Covid admissions who are unvaxxed? Perhaps if you had a family member who was part of senior leadership of a hospital you would actually have a clue about what is really going on.

        Do you have family members and neighbors who were sick with Covid back in NOVEMBER 2019? What would that tell you Mr. Grownup? You are either a paid internet troll, or a hopelessly lost vaccine-injury.

        If you still believe what the news and the hospitals are telling the public you should just go into stand-up comedy and at least get paid to have people laugh at you.

        If you have never put your cup of Kool-Aid down long enough to research mRNA or even the ingredients in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, if you have never even visited their websites, you should avoid sites like these if you want to try to have a knowledgeable conversation with anyone. Next time do some research first.

        Never mind, keep getting all of your facts from Oprah and the Cartoon Network and schedule yourself for your 6 month boosters. They should begin next month…you know…to keep you safe and healthy.

    • For 18 months the public has been lead to believe that high levels of vaccination will lead to herd immunity, with little or no natural immunity from infections. This is not the case. Please read the full transcript of Prof. Andrew Pollard, of the Oxford Vaccine Group (co-developers of the AstraZeneca adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine) in which he states that no level of vaccination will achieve herd immunity.

      This is part of my article “Vitamin D and early treatment vs. the COVID Vaccine Juggernaut” https://nutritionmatters.substack.com/p/vitamin-d-and-early-treatment-vs .

      Vaccination is the 3rd best approach to tackling the pandemic, after vitamin D repletion and early treatment. The doctors, immunologists, virologists and epidemiologists who are directing the global response are flying blind because they do not understand that the immune system can only work properly with 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels of 50ng/ml (125nmol/L) or more. With levels less than this, innate and adaptive immune responses are weakened and there is a much greater risk of dysregulated, hyper-inflammatory (cytokine storm) responses.

      There is very little D3 in food or multivitamins. The only ways of attaining the required 25-hydroxvyitamin D levels are proper D3 supplements or regular skin exposure to high elevation sunlight (or UV-B lamps) – which damages DNA and raises the risk of skin cancer. Average weight 70kg (154lb) people need about 0.125 milligrams (5000IU) D3 a day.

      Most people don’t do this so their 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels, at least in winter) are generally between 5ng/ml and 25ng/ml – 1/10 to 1/2 of what their immune system needs. Those with melanin rich skin and/or sun avoidant lifestyles are especially at risk of low 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

      • Thank you for posting this, Robin. After I told my doctor that I didn’t want the vax, he ordered this lab test — 25-hydroxyvitamin D. He didn’t tell me why he ordered it but I suspected. I had been taking a K2 + D3 supplement for several months already so my result was excellent.

  • Sorry but “natural immunity” varies with disease. Common cold is a corona and it is not unusual to get a second cold. Some illness, like polio, vaccine lasts a lifetime, not so for corona types.

  • Good article and as usual interesting comments.

    I’m 74 pretty healthy great grandma. Was 73 when I had corona just over 16 months ago. Didn’t loose sense of smell but taste was pretty messed up. Felt a virus trying to catch me. Upped my D3, zink, and C. By phone dr suggested a netti pot. I was too sick by 36 hours so I asked a daughter in law to get something for me. She bought a squeeze bottle set up and extra sailene solution to wash out sinuses. That helped but fever fluctuated up and down and I was sick for weeks. I lost 22 lb then continued loosing weight as I could barely eat for several months. I felt pretty near gone but pulled through. And after closer to 1 1/2 years I’m still recovering. My husband with alzheimers and failing health, and a Dr pushing, so even after having it we took the Moderna vaccine. Now I’ve begun hurting in every little bone and joint in my feet, ankles, hands, and wrists. I can feel new boney deposits on those same areas and I ache all the time. But I push on and I’m getting stronger. I really wish I hadn’t gotten vaccinated. As for doing it to keep my husband safer… he’s now on hospice anyway. Failing fast. Makes me wonder if it helped him or hurt him.

    As for vaccinations I remember a lot of them. Seemed they helped. Over all I’m not against them. I had most of the usual old chiIdhood diseases- mumps on both sides, 2 kinds of measles, whooping cough… my kids missed them all except chicken pox.

    I hope between natural immunity and the vaxx that I never get that kind of corona virus again.

    Months later our neighbor and her husband caught covid. She spent 3 days in the hospital and came home. In 3 weeks he was dead. Both had several co morbibities. It’s not a predictable thing.

    Suddenly developing arthritis is a pain as is fibromyalgia flared back up. What I hate is the loss of freedoms and constant pressure being put on folks. Open the bars, half open the restaurants whiIe closing churches seemed pretty controlling and stupid. Cancel culture for any reason isn’t right. It isn’t about vaccination as much as control.

    • Clergylady, I am sorry to hear that DH has taken a turn for the worse. Maybe with hospice care, you will get a bit of respite. Please avail yourself of the help hospice has to offer. Hugs and prayers.

  • EXCELLENT post Joanna! Couldn’t agree more! The ‘science’ being promoted today is not what I learned in grade/high school/nursing school. Natural immunity is best, healthy immune systems work best. (Anyone remember chicken pox parties LOL) I recall a doctor, early on, saying that vxing in the ‘heat’ of the pandemic would promote more problems (ie the variants) than letting it run its course. Wish I could recall the name, cuz I would love to be able to cite a source. Another interesting bit I recently came across, the ‘fear porn’ being thrust on society keeps ppl in a hightened state of fear, thus decreasing their immune systems, making them even more susceptible to infection of any sort. I don’t judge anyone who took the jab, or didn’t; it is a personal choice. I am glad my elderly parents did (sort of) because of their age (but I doubt they buy in to the booster regime).

  • Good thoughtful article. I find it fascinating that even though Israel did the research on natural immunity versus vaccine protection that has sent shock waves through those following this, they are essentially continuing to ignore their own findings. Instead of recognizing the benefits of natural immunity, they have doubled down on getting people to take third Pfizer shots! Plus continuing to give this to teens as well as intending to vax children as soon as they can.

    So what does this mean? That we appear, not just in the US but in so much of the world, to have blinders on. We set our course on vaxes and masks and we don’t seem to be able to correct our course even if it should be apparent that we are on the wrong track.

  • It seems that medical science is not necessarily about preventing and curing disease anymore; it’s more inclined to treating symptoms, prolonging illness, and milking insurance companies. It is a morbidly sick culture.

  • I do not know who the organic prepper is or the people behind it but the point has been missed by
    a long way.In spite of all the warnings by real experts we are facing a battle for our own lives.Do none of you believe the Wuhan story,has none of you ever heard of Reiner fuellmich,the lawyer who prosecuted
    Vw and the Deutchbank and is engaged on trying to save our lives.Eating healthily is not an option when you are dead.Shortly,as in OZ,they will be dragging us from our houses to get this jab or jailing us.hope you all get organic food there.This is the most deadly thing the world has ever encountered and the best we can do in a lot of cases is to worry about GW or something similar.

  • Your contributions are very reasonable and insightful… You might want to try taking a very small quantity of indica marijuana (I take it as oil – consumed) in the evening right before you go to bed. It should return your sense of taste and smell. Good luck.

  • Wife is a government contractor.
    According to her company, in the future, if a company wants to bid on a government contract the award will be dependent on the vaccination status of that companies employees.

    Dont know about you all, but I call that a mandate, coercion, tyranny.

  • No universal compliance to a vaccine passport, the end of freedom, if natural immunity is factored in. Everyone will have to show their papers to go anywhere, to buy anything. The tyrant’s wet dream.

  • You lost me at “formerly” well-understood scientific truths. They are still understood and are still scientific truths. They are being dismissed for political reasons not scientific.

  • Matt in OK answered the question well—the reason no one talks about natural immunity is because there’s no money in it. Vaccines is one of the most profitable business to get into, which is why Bill Gates now pushes vaccines instead of software. Fauci has monetary interests in vaccines too.

    All vaccines have dangers and risks. The question is: do the dangers and risks of the vaccine outweigh the dangers and risks of the disease? In the case of smallpox, the disease was far worse than the vaccine. In the case of shingles, I had an aunt who died of complications caused by shingles. My mother had a mild case of shingles, and was so miserable that she doesn’t want to go through that again—she got the shingles jab. But there are other vaccines where the benefits are questionable, among which are polio, mumps, chickenpox, and if I did some research, I could name more.

    As for these “Covid-19 vaccines”, the CDC’s own admission is that they are worse, far worse, than the disease. According to the CDC’s own admission, only between 1–10% of adverse reactions are reported to their VAERS listing. That means that the true number of those killed by the jabs range from 150 thousand on the low estimate, to 1.5 million or more on the upper end. Those are for eight months of the jabs, compared to the laughably inflated numbers of the deaths from more than a year and a half of the disease.

    Getting back to the question of natural immunity, how long does it last? Serum antibodies to corona viruses usually disappear between three to nine months. But there’s another level of the immune system called the T-cells that remember much longer, and flood the body with serum antibodies should they encounter the disease again. The question is, how long do the T-cells remember? A study was done on those who had recovered from SARS-Covid-1 17 years ago, and found that they are almost totally immune to SARS-Covid-2 (another name for Covid-19). Another example, one year in the 1970s, I don’t remember the exact year, the CDC told people who had survived the 1918 flu that their natural immunity from over 40 years earlier made them immune against that year’s flu variety. Which brings us back to the question posed by the article—why in public discourse is natural immunity not mentioned?

  • I Like this article. All this time I have not commented once anywhere about covid. However, this article, along with dictator wannabe bidens pronouncements today, has prompted me to do so.
    I was not working around the public for a while and I got covid. Although I could geographically and socially (personal choice) easily live like a hermit, I went about my life as normal. I walked right past mask required signs on doors, ate out some, etc. Probably how I got it. Big deal. I never fell prey to the non-stop 24/7 fear festival. Still haven’t. I am a little older though very healthy and my covid experience was mixed. Some fever & fatigue but for a couple of days I was short on breath. Dumbass me that will work half dead to complete a job I start, over did it one of those days and I considered the hospital at once point but decided to tough it out. Glad I did. Once I calmed myself, lowered my heart rate, hydrated and cooled my body, I was able to breathe better. With ample rest, I was able to recuperate within a couple of days, though it took me nearly a week to get full strength back. Fast forward a few months later to a public work place exposure where nearly 70% of the work force got covid, including one man I worked right next to for several hours wheezing and nearly fell out till made to go to the hospital where he remained for some time and experienced ravaged lungs and had to go out on disability later. He was near retirement and a chain smoker with COPD, so there’s that. Anyhow, for me, not even a sniffle from such heavy contact. Others marveled and looked at me almost with half superstition and asked how the hell I remained unscathed through it all. “Simple,” I replied. “Natural Immunity.” When jab time rolled around, many, many I know including family lined up eagerly. They all asked me why I did not and have not and will not get the jab. “Simple,” I replied. “Natural Immunity.”
    I am deeply saddened to see just how effective this non stop 24/7 fear festival has been. It has affected people I never suspected would fall prey to it since they come from a similar conservative, self-sufficient background as I. While I am saddened, I am also mad. Though never fond of, I now HATE mainstream media and am beginning to hate other groups as well. It’s a strong word, I know it’s meaning and I really don’t know what other reaction I am supposed to have towards those disrupting peoples livelihoods, curtailing personal freedoms as well as causing all the potential destruction and havoc to come. That includes certain institutions as well as the us govt.
    The chief lunatic in the white house has just thrown a gauntlet, towards everyone, including certain, if not all, STATES which I hope take proper note. FDR’S fear quote notwithstanding, I think an unchecked increasingly totalitarian government’s trajectory is something to possibly fear.
    The author asks:
    How will you build your resilience and mental strength?
    I will be humbly aware of my mortality and of the precious nature of life and live each day as the gift it is. BUT, I will continue living my life unafraid as I always have. Love of freedom instills in all that truly love and cherish it, a natural immunity if you will, of fear as a weapon to take that which no one else has a right to take, my freedom and my life. My freedom I will defend at perhaps the cost of my life. Otherwise I will go when God in His own time decides. And that is my 2 cents.
    ” Now is not the time to give in to fear. Now is the time to become strong.”
    Well said.

  • Germ theory is on the verge of collapse. Nearly all disease is cause by the environment “terrain theory”.

    Toxins: pollution; heavy metals; prescription drugs etc..
    Processed food.

    There are NO such thing as a string of rogue proteins (ie. viruses) flying through the air in magical aerosol droplets that have little keys that can unlock the membranes of our cells. This is indoctrination of the highest magnitude.

    Viruses are the bodies (our cells) natural cleaners. Look up exosomes, they are one of the same thing.
    They are found during bouts of disease because they are helping us detoxify. Just like you find firemen at the scene of the fire doesn’t mean that THEY started the damn blaze.

    Read about terrain theory, or research Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Thomas Cowell and Dr Robert O’Young. Read “What Really Make You Ill” by Dawn Lester and David Parker.

    This whole pandemic was a scam, a guise to create fear and sow the seeds via the corrupt MSM and health services. Just look at how hard the vaccination program is being pushed – and now on our healthy children. The real pathogen is the mRNA vaccine. This toxic concoction contains the ONLY route to the spike protein and your very own cell nucleic machinery will become viral particle factories. This is a depopulation agenda A GREAT RESET into a technocratic dystopia.

  • “…states that while vaccines stimulate internal immunity, they do nothing to address mucosal immunity.”

    So why is that? mRNA/DNA shots generate spike proteins with a specific spike configuration that the body’s immune system then learns to create antibodies for. Why does this protection not reach the nose?

  • Confusion. “The Truth is Out There.” Unfortunately you have to find it yourself. By far the best use of the Mass
    Media to try and control the narrative and redefine what we thought we knew about what an actual “vaccine” is and what is does. Funny no flu this year or flu shots…and what kind of virus is the flu again? Oh wait we have redefined that…my bad.
    Brothers against brothers, sister against mothers and so on. Divide and conquer, sow discord and division: “have gots versus have nots.”
    Most divisive issue ever in the US.
    Fear. Best PsyOps campaign I have ever witnessed. Brilliant and really well done. Did not take much poking and prodding to get it rolling. Now have ramped it up to the hatred level of gots versus nots.
    The final chapter or is it the “Final Solution?” And now we all wait for the other shoe to drop. The stage is set, the orchestra is ready, and that is when the “hammer drops.”

    A suggestion if I might…It’s going to sound “trite,” but I do believe it. Maybe Rodney King was right, “Can’t we all just get along?” Can we try a little kindness and compassion? Not saying you have to agree with everything and everyone. But this I know to be absolutely true…
    “A house divided cannot stand” If we are divided as a nation (and we are) then we will witness the fall of this country in our life time. So it is said and so it is done!

  • Why is it that Dr. Robert Young’s analysis of the four jabs—THAT THEY ARE LETHAL—not being circulated by “conspiracy theorists” websites ???

    Protesters are claiming Constitutional Rights—overreach of government—religious exemption—blah-blah-blah.

    Mandates to accept jabs are demands that the public commit suicide—WORLD WIDE. The jabs are lethal. Covid-19 was developed as a bio-weapon—–a weapon of war and extermination. Even the patent applications of 20 years ago confirm that fact. The fed government is preventing medical field from using known cures and is distorting death statistics. Young confirmed the Spanish investigation WITH OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE. If Young’s conclusion are deemed flawed, then the fed government must show the errors.

    Cannot even the state AG’s prevent the murder of their citizens with an injunction to prohibit jabs ??


  • “Seemingly, anyone with specific credentials is automatically deferred to, regardless of how competent they are… or more insidiously, where their financial interests lie.”


  • This article makes numerous references to “Covid” as if it were real. For example:

    “…spreading Covid like crazy.”
    “Covid, regardless of whether it originated in animals or a laboratory, is known to live in many different animal species.”
    “…the people that have suffered from Covid.”
    “…Covid originated in a laboratory.”
    “I had Covid…”
    “…low-risk for complications from Covid…”
    “…lost a close family member to Covid…”
    “…first doctors to treat Covid patients…”
    “…managing the symptoms of Covid at home…”

    And what defines “Covid”? The PCR “test”. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a manufacturing technique that replicates bits of DNA through a series of “cycles”. This technique has been illegitimately repurposed to identify disease because someone arbitrarily decided a certain bit of DNA is associated with this never-isolated (purified), never-sequenced (computer generated doesn’t count) virus. The PCR “test” has been rejected by scientists, doctors, and even legal courts around the world.

    And yet the mainstream media continues to promote PCR “test” statistics has if it were relevant. Sadly some alternative media also promotes the PCR “test” deception.

    • A rose by any other name…. Regardless of what you want to call it something is out here hurting people. We had IT in the house last March and my husband us just starting to get his sense of smell back. It is not a common virus(whatever) but something unique. Not quite like anything else we have ever had. I’m 43 and have caught quite a few bugs and nothing I’ve ever heard of completely eradicates your sense of taste and smell with lingering damage. You are free to think it doesn’t exist but something new is out here and it isn’t just media smoke and mirrors. Yes they are abusing it for their own evil purposes, it very well may have been created and released for this very purpose.

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