Social Media Networks Vow to CENSOR “Misinformation” About Coronavirus

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Yesterday, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, and search engine Google announced their intentions to censor – um, crack down on – so-called “misinformation” about the coronavirus that is spreading across the globe.

Before we get started here, admittedly, there’s some absolutely terrible advice out there about preventing or curing coronavirus. There are some really wild stories about the origin of the virus which may or may not be true. But the issue here is that social media networks are setting themselves up as the arbiters of truth, making it seem as though the rest of us are incapable of separating good information from bad information.

Facebook is taking action.

Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook’s head of health, wrote:

Our global network of third-party fact-checkers are continuing their work reviewing content and debunking false claims that are spreading related to the coronavirus. When they rate information as false, we limit its spread on Facebook and Instagram and show people accurate information from these partners. We also send notifications to people who already shared or are trying to share this content to alert them that it’s been fact-checked.

We will also start to remove content with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities that could cause harm to people who believe them. We are doing this as an extension of our existing policies to remove content that could cause physical harm. We’re focusing on claims that are designed to discourage treatment or taking appropriate precautions. This includes claims related to false cures or prevention methods — like drinking bleach cures the coronavirus — or claims that create confusion about health resources that are available. We will also block or restrict hashtags used to spread misinformation on Instagram, and are conducting proactive sweeps to find and remove as much of this content as we can. (source)

So, don’t worry, friends. “Independent fact-checkers” from the Ministry of Truth will protect you from conspiracy theories and false claims.

Maarten Schenk from Lead Stories, a fact-checking organization working with Facebook, scoffed at some of the “conspiracy theories” he’s seen in a comment to CNN.

“It always has to be something sinister,” Schenk said of the conspiracy theorists’ misinformation, which includes false claims that the virus was the creation of a government.

Some people, Schenk said, are “not trusting the narrative about the numbers of deaths and infections.”  (source)

To be perfectly honest, whenever someone refers to a particular view as “the narrative” I’m even less likely to trust it than I was before. And I haven’t trusted the numbers coming out of China from the very beginning, as I wrote here.

Google is pushing back “misinformation” in search results.

Google is bumping any site providing perceived “misinformation” back in the search results and putting “authoritative” sources on page one.

A Google (GOOGL) spokesperson pointed CNN Business to policy changes in recent years for Google and its video platform YouTube, which are designed to surface information from authoritative sources at the top of search results. Like Facebook, the company doesn’t wipe false claims from its platforms entirely. (source)

Having been bumped back by Google numerous times in the past, I can tell you, it’s a real blow to inbound traffic when this occurs. While you personally may not use Google, keep in mind that it is the most widely used search engine in the world, with 81.5% of the market share. If they are pushing back information – oh, of course, I mean misinformation – then most folks will never see it.

Twitter is showing people “official channels” first.

According to CNN, Twitter is providing people with the best possible information when they search the coronvirus hashtag.

On Twitter, users searching for “coronavirus”in the US and other countries, including Hong Kong, Brazil, and Australia, are first prompted to visit official channels of information about the virus. In the US, Twitter directs users to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, beneath a bold headline that reads: “Know the facts.”

A Twitter (TWTR) spokesperson told CNN Business on Tuesday that the company has not seen a coordinated increase in disinformation related to the coronavirus. In a blog post Tuesday, the company said it had seen over 15 million tweets about the coronavirus in four weeks. (source)

But of course, as always, it goes further than that.

Last night, Zero Hedge was quickly suspended by Twitter.

I’ve written repeatedly that the best coverage I have seen of the coronavirus has been on Zero Hedge. They’ve done a lot of no-holds-barred reporting and broken numerous stories about the virus and its possible origins. They’ve been careful to be extremely clear about whether something is a question or a statement, and they cite numerous sources for their work.

They’re also not afraid to be controversial.

And this got their account suspended from Twitter last evening.

Shortly after they posted an article about the extremely unusual makeup of this particular coronavirus (based on a scientific study that called the makeup “unlikely to be fortuitous,” their account was suspended. I immediately thought it was because of the article that suggested we could be dealing with a bioweapon, but according to Zero Hedge, it was something else entirely.

Twitter accused them of harassing a guy by posting his (already publicly posted) phone number and workplace. ZH reports:

What appears to have happened is that twitter received a complaint from the website best known for publishing the discredited Steele dossier when no other media outlet would touch it, and making cat slideshows of course, Buzzfeed, in which someone called Ryan Broderick writes that Zero Hedge  has released the personal information of a scientist from Wuhan, China, falsely accusing them of creating the coronavirus as a bioweapon, in a plot it said is the real-life version of the video game Resident Evil.” (source)

By all means, Twitter should certainly take the word of someone who works for a site best known for quizzes to help you figure out what kind of potato you really are to delete a news organization’s account.

It’s also important to note that ZH didn’t post anything personal that wasn’t already publicly made available by the subject of the article himself.

…we did not release any “personal information”: Peng Zhou (周鹏) is a public figure, and all the contact information that we presented was pulled from his publicly posted bio found on a website at the Wuhan Institute of Virology which anyone with access to the internet can pull from the following URL:, which is also the information we used. (source)

So who do you want filtering information for you?

While I have seen a lot of terrible advice – drink bleach or a bottle of vinegar to “cure” coronavirus, use this essential oil and you’ll never get coronavirus, simply cut an onion in half and leave it in the room and it will absorb the coronavirus cooties, and much more quackery – I still don’t believe that social media networks and search engines should be able to filter what people see.  We are (allegedly) free individuals who can think for ourselves.

Shouldn’t we be able to decide what we believe and what we don’t without information being engineered to fit a narrative? Shouldn’t we be able to base our pandemic preparedness plans on all the information out there?

Instead, we’re provided with “narratives” and biased information. That’s something we here at The Organic Prepper have warned about repeatedly. If you can’t trust your intel, it makes it difficult to make informed decisions.

This just makes it seem like there’s something to hide.

If anything, this crackdown on any alternative views, treatments, or theories makes me even more suspicious because it’s a clearcut case of Propaganda 101.

Propaganda is information that is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.

Propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies, religious organizations, the media, and individuals can also produce propaganda. (source)

This is a technique that is as old as time.

Whenever you see some pop-up or some “correction of misinformation” the first thing you should do is ask yourself, is what are they trying to hide? It may legitimately be bad advice (like that whole drinking bleach thing) but it may also be something more sinister.

I don’t know about you, but now I’m even more curious and doubtful about the “narrative” than I was before. What is it, really, that they don’t want the rest of us to know?

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • A commenter’s tagline I saw recently seems artfully related to the current critique of social media. It read:

    Prepper’s Tagline: At least newspapers have many more uses than just fake news.


  • Keep in mind, Snoopes is a fact checker for Facebook, so you know how reliable they are (not).

    I would like to think Americans are a more informed group of people, but as Daisy mentioned, there are some really crazy ideas being floated around out there. But we are the society that brought about the Tide Pod Challenge, or the Bird Box Challenge.
    Personally I think it is more about control and power the MSM is losing to alt-media. Alt-media can range from decent, well thought out articles, to the down right zany/conspiracy. There are those in alt-media that call out MSM for self-censorship, ignoring uncomfortable facts, or when they have a meltdown.
    I read on The Hill that CNN recently had a meltdown over Trump’s Coronavirus task team for its lack of diversity . . . really? People are getting sick and or dying, travel bans, quarantines, possible market collapse, possible social strife/unrest and that is what they care about?
    MSM is looking more like tabloid TV.
    And before someone comments something stupid like, “What about Fox?” they are MSM too.
    (disclaimer: I cut the cord back in 08′ before it was common lexicon, we dont watch TV in our house)

  • Same here Daisy! I thank God your articles and updates, honestly I don’t feel like I would have ANY truth if not for this website. As of late we don’t access any other place for news because when you read one MSM article you’ve read them all. They all say the very same cookie cutter thing. So frustrating. Their censorship is leading to only one place: control control control control; you know the rest…and what amazes me is that they think we don’t see that! Then when we do, they gaslight us like we incapable of thinking for ourselves. Projection and fake news. They’ll literally let the world collapse before just giving the straight truth????????☹️Thanks Daisy, for the ongoing fight you battle to bring real news!

  • It was Zero Hedge that originally led me to this site, for which I am eternally grateful.

    Some of the most fascinating information I’ve ever read online was gleaned from Zero Hedge article commenters.

    BUT – some of the most vile, disgusting and offensive things I’ve ever read online were also contained within Zero Hedge article comments.

    That’s the dilemma of the 1st amendment. The truth can set you free but it can also piss you off – or worse.

    When you first start reading ZH, it can be disturbing and disorienting.

    However, once you learn to appreciate their apocalyptic perspective and bombastic style, there’s a lot of truth lurking beneath the surface.

    If you’re going to read ZH regularly, sign up for a user ID so you can block the more idiotic and offensive commenters.

    • is one of the last bastions of freedom on the Internet.

      Run by “Tyler Durden,” it is fight club where freedom of speech is not only allowed it is revered.

      Not a place for snowflakes, SJWs, Bolsheviks, globalists, feminists, girls with pink hair, and soy boys.

      Long live

      • I agree with you.

        Now are some of the commenters complete and total jerks, yes.
        Are some of them racists, bigots, misogynists, homo and xenophobes, yes.
        But that is still not illegal.
        They are just world class jerks.
        IF you believe in the 1stA, then those idiots have the right to spew stoopid stuff.
        And you have the right to protest against them, equally call them out, or outright ignore them.

        And that is what America is about.

  • We have a LARGE collection of DVD’s, so we have a TV and DVD / Blu Ray player. But, while it is connected to the outside world, we almost never watch anything other than our DVD’s. I have to say, during the election of 2016, it was SO NICE to not have to look at all those campaign ads!!! And not having to hear / watch all the impeachment hoopla! Those of us CHOOSING not to watch mainstream tv are so lucky!!!!

  • It’s hard to tell, what is true, and what is false these days, one gem of many which I have gleaned from, and try to keep in mind when considering the words of so-called medical experts is this:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” – Marcia Angell, former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, in the NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”.

    • ED sez: “The virus is a hoax.”

      Yes, those Chinese hoaxers. They love to quarantine 60 million people, and destroy their economy and world standing.

      Now please find a way to contact the families of those killed by the virus and tell them that their loved ones are not really dead, they are just being punked.

      By the way, my contacts tell me the incinerators are running 24 hours a day in Wuhan to dispose of dead bodies.

    • Yes and no; realistically, people get the flu and die every year, and that’s no hoax.

      This is so common, the phenomenon isn’t really tracked as closely as one might expect, but rare enough that when an apparently healthy person falls ill and dies, it might make the news in a normal year.

      A pandemic panic, yes, that’s probably a hoax in the emotional sense. By WHO definitions, which are very conservative, there is a technical pandemic.

      Realistically, this works out to a ‘live drill’ that appears academically useful in tracking how a pathogen spreads and how many catch and die from a particular strain of flu. Right now though, given the heated geopolitical situation, n-Coronavirus also seems a cheap dirty shot against China and Chinese.

      We would have been far better off had world ‘authorities’ admitted there’s a new strain of flu, but not pretended they could contain it or it was more deadly than usual. Were it not for the panic, tens of thousands of n-coronavirus survivors in China, some of whom never knew the name of the bug they caught, would be returning to normal life.

      Now, they have to live under Chinese Communist authoritarianism on steroids, and the world economy is volatile. Great if you can buy the dip, not great for those needing to make a living in a globalized economy.

      The elderly and children are very vulnerable to influenza and related complications. That’s no hoax.

      Perhaps the wealthy and powerful are afraid of n-Cornoavirus, many being elderly themselves. However, parents are usually there for their children, able to provide the level of constant care that the elderly might need a hospital to do for them.

      Be wary of false dichotomy arguments and social panics, when the answer is more complicated than two extremes of “Yes, social and/or official tyranny and authoritarianism now!!” and “No, do nothing and get bit hard in the rear.”

      Both extremes advocate abdication of personal autonomy, authority and responsibility to follow official or charismatic leaderships with dodgy intentions.

      • Brockland sez:

        “People get the flu every year a die.”

        Yes, and that is were your entire line of reasoning falls apart.

        This is not the flu. How many times do I have to say it?

        • Brookland:

          Totally clueless.

          I am a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine with over 30 years in the trenches.

          I taught at a school of Oriental Medicine.

          You have no medical training, know nothing about medicine, and have no valuable information to contribute.

          You are going to get people killed if they follow your foolish disinformation.

          What is your agenda?

          By the way, the CDC today said they are preparing for a Corona virus pandemic.

          Just a cold……my ass.

      • Freedom of speech entitles you to think what you like; I strongly disagree with your assertions. That ability to discourse is the topic. Are we allowed to do it or does our beneficent dictator (govt., FB.,special interest groups) get to squash it?

        You contend it’s no big deal and compare it to regular flu, but only 1% of those infected with common flu need hospitalization, with 2019 nCoV it’s 60%> across all age groups. Due to CCRP, we’ll never know how many as it’s loss of face. The “hoax” notion is no doubt from previous forays into with bird flu, and swine flu predicted pandemics that never materialized. This is different.

        Real people are sick and dying. Due to news blackouts and censorship, you’ll never know how many. That’s the real set-up. Oct. 2019, B&M Gates, Johns Hopkins, and Bloomberg ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic. Event 201 stated that WHO was the ONLY source of data/ information. Anyone spreading disinformation (anything that disagrees) should be jailed. This was a policy recommendation by the group attendees. Sounds straight out of Stalin’s playbook. Is this more acceptable than a public health hoax?

        • Odd; my original reply disappeared or did I miss this. Whatever.

          Anyway, I’m against disinfo, whether fear mongering or otherwise.

          n-CoV is just a really, really bad cold. This is like the 2009 Swine Flu; lots of hype, lots of fear, deadly, but no reliable contrast against regular death by colds, flus, and assorted alphabet viruses.

          China is not the best place to get sick any time of the year, but the Chinese are especially vulnerable given the loss of a major nutrition source – pork, vitamin D from winter’s naturally low sunlight exposure, China’s legendary air pollution, and government ineptitude and over-reliance on allopathic care.

          In many ways, China has become too Westernized and doing what our governments (so far) only wish they could do.

          Its probably no coincidence casualties spike the more the CCP feels the need to ‘do something’ and cracks down.

  • I guess it is they are the judge on what is real truth news and not . I believe they will do anything not to get the truth out. They want people to take vaccines, they want people to believe the MSM [DS] Mockingbird media news which is really the real misinformation.

    These Tech Companies must to brought to justice for violating 1st Amendment rights and for censoring views they disagree with.

  • We don’t need censors, it is dangerously close to eroding Amendment # 1, which is seeing erosion already. I look at political correctness and hate speech as erosions . Propaganda is a weapon.
    But on the other hand we have a population that not too long ago was paying money for “pet rocks”. Duh . There seems to be a large school of swimmers from the shallow end of the gene pool who find thinking and using prudence and logic a challenge and a bother .

    • Worse, there are the people who see the low end of the gene pool as an opportunity and so deny thinking and prudence from any source, not just ‘official’.

      Big Brother is a problem, but Little Brothers, about as bad but many more of them.

  • Folks, “The Lancet” is a highly respected medical journal from the UK. They recently published some research (lengthy and technical) on what the authors project as the number of people infected in China. Bottom line: currently over 75,000 and doubling at an alarming rate. Until I see numbers from a reliable NGO like Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders (“MSF”), OXFAM, etc. or the WHO I remain very skeptical of any numbers coming out of China. Here is the article:

    If the ratio of infected versus killed in Chinese supplied numbers is to be believed, only around 2% of those infected die. The Spanish Flu of 1918/19 had a mortality rate of as high as 20%. Note that antibiotics / anti-virals hadn’t been invented then. Back then, most of the victims died of pneumonia. Easily treated today with modern drugs. Food for thought.

    • Sorry, but my sister worked for the Red Cross for a brief time.
      Reliable is not a word I would associate with them.

    • Funny how we’re not hearing a peep from the TCM community in China. Claims by the Western holistic health community are that their casualty rates with the 1918-19 flu epidemic were less than 1%.

      Of course, that’s probably not the smartest thing for Chinese TCMs in China to do. There seems to be a lot staked on seeing this ‘pandemic’ panic through.

      The sales spike for just surgical masks must cover several years worth on non-panic sales by now.

      • Brockland sez;

        “Not a peep from the TCM community in China.”

        Who are you to call out the TCM practitioners in China?

        What do you even know about TCM?

        Western medicine is for pandemics.

    • Sorry, agree with your sentiment, but the “easily treated pneumonia” is not true. By definition, pneumonia is any fluid accumulation or foreign invader that causes fluid/pus and thus impairs oxygen exchange. Spanish Flu victims turned blue black (due to lack of oxygen) and fell over while marching in parades or standing on street corners. A young person could go from asymptomatic to dead within a day. The mechanism of how that flu worked and its rapid progress would be unstoppable still today.

      Are you aware virologists exhumed Spanish Flu victims in Alaska and grew the bug? Why? “To study its genome.” What about safety?

      These outbreaks not an easily treated pneumonia due to how these diseases work. Bubonic Plague (bacteria), Airborne anthrax (spore, bacteria), and Ebola or Spanish Flu (virus) all give you pneumonia, but it’s hemmorhagic, meaning you drown in your own blood.The CCR5 receptor on macrophages is highjacked by the contagion, and as the white blood cells go to attack it, the immune system experiences a cytokine storm. Then everything begins to shut down. The blood pressure drops, fluids seep from blood vessels into tissues, then the heart struggles. In the lungs, the terminal air sacs called alveoli are covered in tiny vessels so that oxygen can go in and CO2 out. These burst, and the patient drowns not in pus or water, but blood. Blood is highly corrosive outside the specialized vessels so even if you don’t immediately succumb, you may from sequelae.

      BTW folks, by 2008 80%> of all drugs sold in the USA were made overseas. Top producers were India and China. Not a single antibiotic has been made start to finish in America since early 2000s. End of 2019, hospitals were reporting critical drug shortages already. What do you think this outbreak is going to do to drug and IV production?

      • ” What do you think this outbreak is going to do to drug and IV production?”

        Make a fortune for the manufacturers. Essential goods production will be prioritized by the governments concerned, just like in wartime.

        Aspirin has been cited over the years as a potential muitilplier of Spanish Flu deaths. The drug was new then, taken in handfuls like candy before aspirin toxicity, undue fever suppression and blood thinning undermining immune response, were properly understood.

        Since then, aspirin has been clinked to Reye’s syndrome, and not to be used in children under three or any child suffering from chicken pox or flu-like symptoms.

        Unfortunately most people are discouraged from knowing that about aspirin.

  • EVERYONE should be preparing,THE LORD says THIS IS THE FIRST OF SEVEN PLAGUES that will be sent upon the world,ALL OF THEM COMING FROM THE US GOVERNMENT DEEP STATE,namely DARPA,BILL GATES,THE CDC,AND WHO COULD FORGET THOSE DEVILS AT THE US ARMY BIO-WARFARE CENTER,at ft.detrick ,maryland..their the cause of almost every desease anyone ever heard of…AMERICANS LOVE DEVILS,THATS WHY BARACK OBAMA WILL SOON BE THE DEMON IN CHARGE OF AMERICA AGAIN ,and he’ll kill almost all of you with his peace plan……

    • God called.
      She said those idiots (men) who wrote the bible, totally misinterpreted what she meant.
      She is busy right now, with other things as you are not as important to her as you may think. But will get back to you in a millennium or two (for her, a short period of time).

  • YouTube is doing the same thing. Apparently, there is a new US government subcommittee in charge of silencing any and all people who aren’t on board with the whole climate crisis “narrative” and YouTube is removing, demonitizing, and burying dissenting channels.

    But get this… The wording of the “proclamation” from both parties is identical.

    Go to “The Ice Age Farmer”, “Adapt 2030”, “The Grand Solar Minimum”, and “Electroverse” for their posts on this unprecedented censorship of free speech.

    • Also check out

      Totally suppressed info; dark greens only want carbon taxes and political power grabs, disaster capitalism over real solutions that solve problems.

      Iron fertilizing the open deep ocean phytoplankton pastures is the real and only serious solution to CO2 poisoning of the atmosphere. Iron ocean fertilization is fast, easy and cheap so long as we don’t wait till ocean species go extinct before applying it.

      CO2 has greened the land, at cost of much of the iron-rich dust usually blown off into the open deep ocean. Iron is the one missing ingredient needed for open deep ocean phytoplankton to bloom, feeding fish and whales as the base of the marine food chain, trapping carbon in a living carbon sink of marine life, then sequestering that which dies and falls to the deepest ocean floor.

      Phytoplankton also release aerosols that help form rainclouds, remove trophospheric ozone, and produce much of the oxygen needed on the planet. Most oxygen is local; forests use what they produce but phytoplankton produce a surplus.

  • This whole scenario is very troubling, There seems to be almost a desire to drive peoples heightened fears to a frenzy panic, for instance countries delayed taking the infinitive to ban travel from China or to retrieve there citizens from the infected area, now seven confirmed cases in US. I’m waiting for the all too convenient miracle cure vaccine announcement, doubt it will be a forced mandate. I remember reading about a mystery illness, than the outbreak simulation last October 2019, than three months later this outbreak goes hot…I am just having a extremely hard time believing that it was just some random coincidence .

    • There was an major epidemic simulation just in October!?

      Well, well. There was. And they’ve been doing this since 2001.

      This should look like a coincidence, but it doesn’t ring like one.

      A few years ago the CBC reported on the limited usefulness usefulness of flu death modelling. The 2009 H1N1 outbreak allowed a realistic comparison to existing flu computer models. The models didn’t fare very well against reality, grossly overestimating the death rate.

      Of course, if this n-Coronavirus thing is just a live a drill to compare with a simulation model, they won’t admit it except in the context of our (common people) sacrifices are needed for the (elite) ‘greater good’ foolery.

      Then there’s the chicken little/cry wolf once to often effect to consider; or have they in fact, considered it in ways we might not approve…

  • These companies and the technocracy they are fostering can only censor us if we let them. I ‘deleted’ my Facebook account several years ago, though I don’t believe for one second that they didn’t save, and are not still collecting, info about me. I abandoned Twitter after being suspended for defending James Woods. I didn’t delete the account, figuring I might go back in the unlikely event that Twitter changed its ways, but when I checked last week, I discovered that the Twitter gods had decided to make the suspension permanent.

    This is no loss, as far I’m concerned. For what little I use social media for, there are plenty of other platforms. I’m no longer feeding the beast in this regard. Daisy, I notice you have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, linked from your website through those services’ embedded scripts (which also try to identify and track your readers using various methods – I use the Brave browser, which just blocked most of that on your site and notified me). I have to ask, how can you complain about their actions, while still subjecting your readers to their invasive and abusive behavior?

    I’m active on MeWe, and I’d be more than happy to follow you there.

    • I can complain about them easily while still using their platforms to reach more folks. I get at least a third of my traffic from social media and I’ll use any means possible to get the word out to people who might otherwise never reach my website 🙂

  • I quit Fascistbook over a year ago. In a 6 month period, I spent all but two weeks in their Stalag/Jail/Pokey, for speaking out about the continued fallacy and lies behind the Gender Dysphoria/Transgender movement. Upon my release the last time, I received notice from the Fascistbook Gestapo, informing me that another “Violation of Community Standards,” for speaking the truth. 24 hours after their “threat,” I chose to leave on my own initiative, I closed my account and went through the steps to have it deleted. It’s their Playground so it’stheir rules, so I chose to leave it on my terms.

  • This article deliberately leaves out any mention of Zero Hedge suggesting people should pay the guy a visit. Seems relevant doesn’t it?

  • EVERYONE MUST watch these videos that were filmed in the hospitals and streets of Wuhan–the epicenter of the novel Corona virus if want to know the truth and severity of this pandemic. BEWARE these videos contain graphic scenes and graphic profanity.
    FACT: The Peoples Republic of China (PROC) suppressed the Hubei Provincial Government, the Local Wuhan Government, and the people themselves about telling the truth about this terrible pandemic with at least very significant jail time.
    FACT: There is no known cure for this novel Corona virus.
    FACT: An estimated 5 million Wuhan citizens fled Wuhan before this city was locked down.
    FACT: A infected person who shows absolutely no signs/symptoms of being infected and appears to be in perfect health will unknowingly spread this virus because the incubation period can be at least as long as 14 days.
    FACT: This virus can also be contracted by contact to the eyes as well as inhalation or digestion.
    FACT: The number of people killed and the number of people that are infected are being drastically suppressed and the exact count is NOT KNOWN by anyone.
    FACT: The people killed by this virus are being cremated immediately without funeral and are not allowed to be buried which is mandated by the PROC.
    FACT: Of the estimated 40-45 million Chinese people that died from the Great Chinese Famine of 1958-1962, PROC put the number of deaths at 20 million.

    • Fact: Being under mass quarantine under Communist China sucks.

      Fact: Mass quarantine and denial of liberty do not work to suppress outbreaks. Just look at China.

      Fact: Give in to this latest panic, and the same BS that’s going down in China will happen here anyway.

      n-CoV is becoming an obvious diversion. Whether or not this is some kind of test or a real power play is unclear.

      The 1957-58 Asian Flu pandemic killed 70,000 Americans, but the living people did not lose their liberty. The CDC estimated 80,000 people died of the cold and influenza in 2017, a non-panic year.

      There’s conflicting scare stories; one to sell vaccines, and one to perhaps justify a mass quarantine in parts of the U.S.. Success in imposing a quarantine in the USA will lead to copycat tyranny and authoritarianism elsewhere in the free world.

      What we really need to demand, apart from maintaining our freedoms, is more accurate tracking of how many people actually die of the cold and flu every year so as to better disarm the pandemic scare machine.

  • Brockland: This is not the flu and apparently you have no idea what you are talking about, or you are posting intentional disinformation of a supposed global conspiracy.

    Seasonal Flu has a Ro 1.3.

    The Wuhan virus has an Ro of 4.0 or higher.

    • Brookland:

      You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Seriously, you have no idea.

      Case fatality rate (CFR):

      Flu=0.1 nCoV=3% or higher


      Flu=1.28 nCoV=4.0 or higher

      Serious complication rate (Icu bed requirement).

      Flu=1% nCoV=20%

      Facts do not lie.

      This morning the CDC said it is preparing for a corona virus pandemic.

      I don’t pretend to know your personal agenda Brookland, but your disinformation will have consequences.

  • Link to the biolab in India that says that there are segments of HIV in the virus from China:

    If true (and it looks entirely legit) then it suggests that the virus may have come from the known bio-warfare related Wuhan Institute of Virology. So the release may have been a mistaken release of bio-warfare . And the Chinese government would block this information by any means necessary. This is, of course, evidence, not proof. For example, if an early carrier had HIV, a mutation could have added the HIV-like material.

    See also a website which is following the data closely:

  • Zerohedge was taken down for one reason and one reason only:

    They dared to tell this truth: Indian researchers published a paper stating that the corona virus contains the addition of HIV. This combination does not occur in nature.

    This means that this virus was engineered in a bio weapons lab, probably the level 4 lab in Wuhan.

    This engineered virus combines a highly communicable pneumonia inducing corona virus, which has a long latency period, with the deadly HIV virus.

    Proof of this statement is that some infected patients are now being treated with HIV anti viral medication and showing improvement.

    You have no idea how serious this situation truly is, because you are being lied to in order to prevent societal chaos, and yet, the truth will out.

  • The fear porn has really gotten out of control. Just a few days ago and guy from India claimed, without any peer review that the virus was a weapon because it contained strains of the HIV virus. Well as Martin Armstrong commented today: “The conspiracy network is alive and thriving and the gist of this is that the coronavirus is created in some lab because it has a sequence that is similar to HIV. I have two very good sources and they point out that this claim is MOST LIKELY completely bogus. Why? Because this very same sequence also exists in many other viruses and it is NOT unique to the coronavirus or HIV, which by the way was a virus.”
    Last year over 16.5 million were infected by the flu and over 34,000 died. The CDC claimed though that this was “reported” cases where people sought medical care but the majority who are infected do not go to a doctor and just stay home and recover so the number of infected was way, way higher and around 80,000 that actually died but the deaths were not reported as the flu. Over 600,000 died worldwide. Where was the outrage then? The fact is the new virus is more easily spread but the death rate and the recovering rate are the same or slightly lower than the regular flu. The CDC warned recently that the real problem is the flu and already there is over 15 million infected in the US alone with over 8000 deaths and the new virus has only around 4000 deaths worldwide. China has turned over the genetic code to the CDC and who ever else wants it with the CDC in China now. So if this was a weapon why would China turn over the code? They would not just as any country’s industrial military complex would.
    Unfortunately the fear porn is simply out of control especially on sites like zerohedge condemning the Chinese for anything they do. From saying it was from a government lab, stolen from Canada, to a weapon, to HIV laced, to the horror of cremation, (what else are you going to do with infected bodies, have an open casket funeral) to hospital wards for quarantine looking like gulags, (I guess these people never seen a quarantine facility in the US or any other western countries), they have few creature comforts so a virus will not spread.

    • JJH said: “Fear Porn.”

      Get a clue or rent one:

      The Chinese government does not quarantine 60 million people and destroy their GDP just for grins and giggles.

      How can people be so blind as to not the reality of this statement?

      Here are some headlines from this morning, Feb 3:

      “CDC preparing for corona virus pandemic.”

      “Dr. Frank Boyle, creator of Bioweapons Act, says coronavirus is biological warfare weapon.” (I have said the same thing for days).

      “Indian Government launches investigation into Wuhan Institute of Virology.” This is a result of the whiners who complained the study coming out of India was not peer reviewed.

    • Agreed, the fear porning is out of control. Some are probably making money selling masks and and making ego points off it, and so incentivized to keep promoting panic.

      This is like being in a bad MMORPG event and one can’t logoff. It just so fakey and staged.

      Its all fun and games till the eye in the pyramid gets pokey. Then its a sport as the government jackboot comes down to protect us from n-CoV and little else. W8… I may be sliding into that fear porning myself.

      Hmm. Neat. I may have been propagandized against my will and supposedly aware judgement.

      Oooo scary. But still neat.

      Anyway, should a government mass quarantine go down, just remember that if quarantine and authoritarianism didn’t work in China, why expect it to work here.

      At the very least, sites that promote panic will have a lot of kow-towing to do to regain credibility. But The People will have lost yet another venue of real news.

  • It is most interesting that the major media are tapped into an entity that has been recognized for issuing fake news to verify truthfulness of information!

    I find Zero Hedge much more accurate, that they have so much support information that I have to “skip” through many articles to find the summary because it gets boring going through the seemingly “excessive” documentation!

    Regarding Facebook’s Minister of Health, how good are the chances he is a “reporter”, not a doctor?

  • When i heard N95 mask were selling out, my first thought was “fear mongering”, still i decided to play safe and order some for my family, from a site which had them for less than $20 each, I ordered them 2/1/20, they never arrived, when i called to check they said they were sold out & canceled all orders they could not supply, including mine. everywhere i searched online, they were sold out. It is beginning to feel surreal, like a Sci-ifi dystopian horror film. Thank God I finally found some still for four times what i originally, but Amazon is asking $200-$1000 for masks now it is insane. Pray for Gods protection on your families.

  • even when COVID is manmade, it’s less of Depopulation and more of Fearmongering

    it’s censorship pushes the official narrative of COVID-19

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