What Are CBDCs? Here’s What the Central Banks Have Planned for YOU.

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An acronym that has recently been tossed around in an ominous whisper is CBDC. What is it, and how does it affect you?

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, and these are digital versions of a country’s currency. We’ve talked a lot here on the Organic Prepper about digital currencies and the dangers of a cashless society, and if the WEF has its way, we could be looking at just that – and soon. The governments of the world are hard at work creating tunnels and secret routes that all lead to one place – a one-world monetary system. This is all part of the Great Reset they’ve been touting.

The Central Bank has a plan to implement digital currency in the near future.

As always, it will be positioned as something beneficial to get the less critical thinkers on board first. Then, at some point, it could become the only legal tender that exists, and this will give the powers that be the ability to completely control every financial decision you make.

For the record, governments already have the ability to freeze personal bank accounts. This was tested in Canada last year during the Freedom Convoy when truckers protested Covid regulations. The bank accounts of donors to the cause were frozen without recourse. This actually happened to a friend of mine back in Canada, all because she made a $20 donation to the Go-Fund-Me, which was, incidentally, withheld from its intended recipients.

Anyway, a digital currency could mean such controls as automatic taxation or where and when you’re allowed to make purchases – all at the push of a button. The most likely way this will be rolled out is to “fight inflation” and “fix the economy.” As per the IMF:

A world with lower inflation (and even zero inflation) and no persistent recessions may sound like a pipe dream, but we argue that it is possible by transitioning to an “electronic money standard.” Such a transition requires eliminating the zero lower bound, which central banks can achieve using readily available tools. Breaking the zero lower bound implies that the optimal rate of inflation will be lower than in the presence of the lower bound. This will empower central banks to quickly restore full employment and, over the medium term, possibly move toward targeting full price stability with zero inflation.

Obviously, any kind of manipulation like this is false, and while there may be some temporary relief, it won’t solve the underlying problems with our economy.

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What are the details of CBDCs?

Bank for International Settlements wrote a glowing report about the “benefits” of the CBDC system. Here’s what I took away from this:

  • Central bankers can execute policy or modify rates instantaneously, at the push of a button.
  • Private crypto is bad.
  • Central bank digital currency is good.
  • CBDCs are better than crypto because they’re trusted.
  • CBDCs aren’t “subject to the practical limitations of paper money.” (i.e., they can be tracked.)
  • Therefore it protects against “money laundering, proliferation financing, and terrorist financing.”
  • It will increase the pool of data generated on users and transactions, thus “helping” the “proper authorities.”
  • “Multi-CBDC platforms” aids in decentralization. (i.e., a global economy)
  • On a common CBDC platform across multiple central banks, transactions are recorded on one ledger.

Good times.

There’s no anonymity with this system.

With CBDC, you would never, never be able to purchase anything anonymously. Period.

Your identity would be verified for every purchase. So that means no food stockpile would go unnoticed. No ammo purchases. No firearm purchases. No generator or stash of medical supplies. No books on preparedness or off-grid living, or revolutionary philosophies. No lessons on herbalism or self-defense, or firearms.

Every single thing you bought would be able to be pulled up or flagged when the purchase was made, painting a picture of your lifestyle and your personal philosophies. For folks like us, that’s pretty darned uncomfortable. And if we pair this with a social credit system and/or an ESG score, those who buck the system could potentially lose access to their hard-earned money.

And think about the tax collection ramifications. There will be no more yard sales that result in a wad of undeclared cash. If you spend more than the “authorities” feel you should be able to afford, you’ll leave a glowing trail for them to follow. And if they feel you owe more money, they can literally just help themselves or freeze your account until you pony up.

So what can we do?

You may be thinking about immediately shutting down your bank account to dodge this system.  Don’t. It won’t work.

As much as I’d love to think we could opt out of this system, we can’t. At least not completely. Unless you live completely off the grid and produce every single consumer good that you use, including such things as food and sanitation needs, you cannot get away from this system. And even then, property taxes will need to be paid, and if our only legal tender is CBDCs, you’ll have no choice but to use it if you want to keep that off-grid home.

Let’s quickly look at the four functions of money:

  • a tool of accounting for measure
  • a tool for saving for future use
  • a tool of barter for trading
  • a store of value for fair payment of labor

Of all these, only precious metals fulfill these functions with your privacy and anonymity intact. And, if enough people switched to gold and silver, this nonsense would be a lot harder to enforce.

Now, I’m not suggesting going out and dealing in only silver dimes if you are in a situation in which you’re living from paycheck to paycheck. If you are in those shoes like so many of us are right now, you don’t have as many options. It isn’t feasible or practical if you’re going to need this money right away for existing expenses.

But if you are trying to protect existing wealth and this is not money you’ll need to access immediately, I urge you to consider investing it into gold or silver to protect your savings during the economic downturn ahead. At the same time, getting your money out of this currency system that may soon be switched to CBDC is the only way to ensure it remains yours. (Remember how I mentioned Canada, when Trudeau locked down accounts for wrongthink?)

I use ITM Trading, out of Phoenix, AZ, for all of my metals purchases. I know there are plenty of good companies out there, but I prefer ITM because of their focus on education. I’ve learned so much in my consultations (which are free, btw). I’ve been very impressed with the access to curated resources, research, and weekly insights on macroeconomics, central banks, currencies, and the global reset that they provide. To me, there’s really no other option for my purchases.

If you want to schedule a strategy session with ITM, it’s absolutely free, and there is no pressure whatsoever. Some folks take weeks or months before investing, and others decide it isn’t for them. But what every single person walks away with is a clearer understanding of the monetary system and what investing in precious metals entails. And you get all of it at no charge. To schedule your own appointment, go here or call this number directly: 1-866-517-1257 – I’ll be really interested to know whether you’re as impressed as I am.

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A CBDC economy is good for governments, not individuals.

I truly want to evade having everything I own put into CBDC that could be taken away or deflated at the push of a button. I’ve worked too hard for too long to have my finances completely at the mercy of a global banking system. I have no desire for my spending data to be used against me. I want privacy and security, and I don’t think I’ll get either with a CBDC system.

What are your thoughts about CBDCs? Do you think that this is coming soon? Is there a timeline on which you expect to see this occur? Are you concerned about it, or do you think it’s a good idea? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Consider the “Pepsi Economy” that thrives in Appalachia. A simple G-search will provide a number of references to the “Big White Ghetto” and “Pepsi Economy”.

  • It will be sold in a number of ways that will be very persuasive. Businesses that accept credit cards will be told that a CBDC transaction will be faster then a CC transaction and with no cost. Consumers will be told that it will fight drug dealers (they will be unable to sell their product), human trafficking, and child prostitution.
    Once implemented, carve out for the elites will be created.
    You missed one way to avoid them. Barter. If I raise chickens I can trade the eggs with my neighbor for milk if they raise goats or cows. It is limited, but it is one way to avoid the tracking.

  • They are always proposing lofty ideas with unfounded projections for implementation. Like the 2020 project with is now the 2030 project and probably will become the 2050 project and beyond.
    Plus the Criminal underworld of Cartels and oither organizations are more powerful than many goverments and with a much larger(international) reach.
    So they will not take something like this laying down.

    Plus this is another internet and electrical infrastructure related project. Once electric cars and other enviroment regulations as well as weather events, fires, etc. start causing brown and black outs, this currency idea will fall apart.

    You know how people get when the EBT, credit and debit cards don’t work.
    Plus as of a Dec 20, 2022 report— “Cash is still the most frequently used means of payment at the point of sale…” So good luck on changing that.

    Knowing all of this, one might consider that since it is part of a larger group of impossible projects by the WEF, UN, Central banks, Etc. Combined, they might be part of a “planned failure”, used to bring about SHTF and the collapse of civilization. It is all to easy to get lost in the details and not see the larger picture. But then again maybe that is the point of pushing this stuff, so we don’t notice the larger picture.

  • Crapping out of the whole system… bit by bit, exiting the matrix.. even if it means giving it all away… none of it matters anymore.. All an illusion of choice… of a free world… never was a free world… the slave system was set up for you, as soon as you were born and given a “birth certificate” with a number attached to your name. Try to exit the “loop.” There will be penalities, such as a big tax bill, (if you cash out all), adjusting your way of life.. etc.. dumbing it way down.. living and surviving with less…loosing friends, a job maybe, etc.. but it can be done. Or at least I hope so. But those “penalties” is the price paid for the new life chosen. Think of it as an “exit” fee. We were sold an american fake dream, all to keep us as debt slaves.. till we die… so when you try to exit, it will be difficult.. Our lives were set up to look like a Jenga tower.. All done by design…

  • Crypto bank currency. Gee didn’t I just see that congress and other politicians took the FTX crypto currency and are scrambling to donate that dirty money before it gets noticed. If personal data is their’s for the taking and selling, how would our money be any different?

  • I’ve got, in addition to cash, a couple plastic cards, a debit card for day to day bills and another for credit card required transactions like car rentals and hotels. We already have multiple methods for payment, of which CBDC will become another.
    So untraceable cash may go away: how can I buy weed and pistol braces with the Man peering over my shoulder? I think something will work out – buy legal consumables and use them as trade (liquor, cigarettes, food, services, etc), and when the SWAT team drops by, just say I like Johnny Walker and what’s the problem?

    • BarrensHomey,
      That is what I am thinking. Just might actually creating a secondary market that cannot be traced.
      Someone always finds away.

    • There will be no other methods of payment.
      The only way to transact will be using CBDC.
      Don’t worry though, it’s fast and convenient.
      You’ll just scan the chip implanted in your hand.

      • There are ALWAYS other methods of payment.

        Think of it; when America was born, every locale had its own currency. They pretty much just made it up. In the mining towns of Appalachia, the miners were paid in tokens that were only good at the company store. It was a rip-off, but it WAS a means of exchange.

        What I see “them” doing is going digital, and REQUIRING anyone with hard cash to bring it to the bank to be converted to bits and bytes. S, what if you don’t bring it ALL in? What if A LOT of people don’t bring it ALL in? Between you and anyone who wishes to retain any sort of anonymity, that dollar will still be worth a dollar. For that matter, individual communities could come up with their own currency, just like the colonies did.

        …Uncle Sam will end up shooting himself in the foot with this one…

    • I am stashing first aid items (bandages, surgical tape, elastic bandages used for sports injuries, etc,) ointments with long exp. dates, iodine, etc. nail clippers, nail files, toothbrushes, combs. Things that take up little space and store easily used for bartering.

  • They’ve got us – period. We have been prepping for years for a collapse. We have told them time and again that we will not comply. “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    We have in effect informed them that if they push us past a certain point that we will resist – we will fight back. Well, they have found a way to exert their power over us in a way that you can’t really fight back against. They don’t need troops, or guns, or bullets. They have within their grasp the ability to simply shut down dissent, to remove their opponents ability to fight back. They have found a way to win through bureaucracy, rather than conflict.

    We have been short-sighted. We worry about them infringing on the second amendment, while they have found a way to basically negate it. We worry about the individual rights that they are trying to take away. They have found a way to subjugate all of our rights to what they dictate. We have been concentrating on the battles, while they have sought a way to win the war.

    • Excellent comment, and I fear you’re correct.
      It will be extremely difficult to live outside the CBDC system if, God forbid, it gets implemented.
      CBDCs will be the sole transaction method. Transactions will be tied to your compliance. How will your utilities and property tax get paid if you’re unwilling to get jabbed and have a chip implanted in your hand?

      • This applies to childrens vaccines for kids (many of them) and seasonal flu which is mRNA now. Violates the civil rights act (religious freedom and right to exemptions), Nuremberg code and basic rights to choose to opt out.

    • wow, this one sure rings true…..this could be the final straw, because everyone is involved and needs it to live…as mentioned, even living off grid isnt gonna work, it almost makes you want to give up and what happens, happens…..seems majority of folks are gonna just rollover and accept it as gospel…..too bad….like daisy I’ve worked too hard and long to get where I am (and I’m definitely not rich, just day to day living) but cant stand the thought of anyone taking whats mine…what else can we do> I cant go buy gold and silver, cant buy land, hubs wont agree to anything, stocked as I can, but the old stubborn sob just acts like its nothing, I worry too much, aint gonna happen, etc. probably would like to put me out to pasture….lol…oh well, if folks aint gonna fight, what do we have?>

      • Tig: many have spouses who think it is”nothing” sometimes it’s the wives too. We have worked all our lives along w/ a small inheritance invested, we have got some household/first aid items for bartering, money saved in tax free bonds, hoping patriots wil rise up and take this country back if there are any patriot men left who arent elderly or disabled , and who will fight for their families and future.

    • If the Mafia and the drug cartels can get around the rules, so can we… If the powers that be want a world full of “criminals,” we can do that…

  • I go to the bank once a month and withdraw the majority of my deposits, except for automatic like internet and certain supplements, I leave very little in my account. I pay cash for food and gas. My utilities is the gas, since I have a generator as well as solar. I am off grid. My well is on solar. The only way to force the issue and fight is not to have a debit card, but pay cash. Remember the less ties you have to the system, then the less control they have over you.

    Another way to fight the system is to barter. I have chicken eggs, meat ducks & duck eggs that I can trade. I am looking at starting to raise some bees. I have a small garden to offset my grocery bill. Yes it cost money up front to get it started, but then their use of food control is lessen.

    • boy, youre lucky, I cant even get maters growing anymore, not even herbs! lost my green thumb; been paying cash for food, cash for whatever I can, pay utilities online, crcds in full if use, what else to do?

  • You cant eat gold/silver..these are deriatives too..i m considering investing in the companies who mine find gold/silver..Thank you for sharing very important information..action we must take to bring down the oligarchs n their puppet globalists!

    • Silver mine stocks bankrupted Mark Twain, and I lost a grand on one of those “sure things”. Buyer beware…

      • Those close to retirement and in retirement are best in bonds, incl. tax free ones, corp. bonds or I bonds. They cannot do riskier things if they want to play it safe. Metals and property can be passed down to heirs.

  • Interesting that several countries have started CBDCs, but they are not going over very well.
    Some of the countries have ~2% uptake, and others not much more.
    This is especially true when people learn about the privacy issues.
    The privacy part is what we need to broadcast far and wide. (Not to mention what happens when the grid goes down, short or long term.)
    In the meantime we should us cash whenever possible.

      • I don’t think so. They need only collapse the banks and replace our lost money with FedCoin.

        Nobody is going to be willing to take that kind of loss when it could “easily” be recouped. Well, I guess I should say ‘few” will be willing. I know I wouldn’t take the loss if a medium to pay my taxes and mortgage became available.

  • In addition to buying and holding PHYSICAL precious metals, it’s important to consider creating and maintaining alternative markets. When/If CBDC’s replace the Federal Reserve Notes in the U.S. and other currencies throughout the world, gold and silver will be worth FAR More, but only in what today may be commonly referred to as the “black-market.” If we can create alternative markets prior to the implementation of CBDC’s it will be largely accepted in communities throughout the world, and be far more difficult for local, regional, or even national governments to shut them down.

    One other thing to consider is to catalog historical prices for items in gold and silver. 100 years ago you could buy a new car for 20 ounces of gold, the same is true today and should be throughout history. 20¢ would buy a gallon of gas 50 years ago, and the value of two silver dimes would pay for it today as well.

    Get accustomed to understanding the trade value of things when bartered for precious metals, so you have a reasonable expectation prior to initiating a trade.

    This is just my 2¢ (Copper pennies preferred.)

  • This is becoming more and more well known. I saw this in my FB feed this morning and reposted it:
    Please understand what NOT using cash is doing !!!
    Cash is important!
    Why should we pay cash everywhere with banknotes instead of a card?
    – I have a $50 banknote in my pocket. Going to a restaurant and paying for dinner with it. The restaurant owner then uses the bill to pay for the laundry. The laundry owner then uses the bill to pay the barber. The barber will then use the bill for shopping. After an unlimited number of payments, it will still remain a $50, which has fulfilled its purpose to everyone who used it for payment and the bank has jumped dry from every cash payment transaction made…
    – But if I come to a restaurant and pay digitally – Card, and bank fees for my payment transaction charged to the seller are 3%, so around $1.50 and so will the fee $1.50 for each further payment transaction or owner re laundry or payments of the owner of the
    laundry shop, or payments of the barber etc….. Therefore, after 30 transactions, the initial $50 will remain only $5 and the remaining $45 became the property of the bank thanks to all digital transactions and fees
    Small businesses need your help and this is one way to help ourselves too. Pull small draws of cash out at a time and use that instead of tap, credit, etc.
    When this is put into perspective, imagine what each Retailer is paying on a monthly basis in fees at 3% per transaction through their POS machine. If they have, for example, $50,000 in sales & 90% are by Card, they are paying $1500 in fees in ONE Month. $18,000 in a year! That comes out of their income every month. That would go a long way to helping that small business provide for its family!

  • Truly great article (although scary). But . . . CBDC, if implemented 100%, would leave you no way to bribe a politician. And that ain’t gonna happen. Politicians will do whatever it takes to leave loopholes providing for anonymous payment. Yes, diabetics may be prohibited from buying chocolate. But ain’t nobody EVER gonna stop prostitution and bribery. Trust me on this one.

  • My thoughts turn dark on this, so I can’t and won’t express them.
    The problem is that when individuals are given no other option, the predators, just might find they’ve turned into prey.

  • I thought I would share some of the things I have heard. Daisy talks about the lack of privacy with CBDC but didn’t go into the lack of choice that it can present. A big company – lets say Nestle as an example – makes a deal with a politician. Suddenly all government employees can only buy food that is produced by Nestle since the CBDC’s are programmable. Another thing I have heard is that they can expire. You can’t save up for anything if your currency expires on you.
    However, I have been listening to a guy called Rafi Faber on youtube and his view of it brings hope to the situation. I think his educated opinion makes a lot of sense. Historically, politicians who are capable of ‘printing’ their own money have an unfortunate habit of printing it out of existence. With CBDC’s they will have total control and the temptation of creating more will be too much. It is very possible that they will continue to create CBDC’s until the currency is worthless. How long will it take? He hopes for less than a year. I think it might take several years. But it won’t exist forever.

  • CBDC scares me for all the reasons listed here. I’ve been using cash more and more, but finding more and more places that aren’t taking it; “sorry, credit or debit only.” Grrr.

    Black markets and barter will obviously arise as this goes forwrd, but property and income taxes will be impossible to pay other than by CBDC. Short of living under a bridge with all my worldly posessions in a shopping cart, I don’t see any way of avoiding it.

    • Since the ’80’s I have noticed people way less wanting to unite. Society is way more mobile. Neighbors don’t speak, civic org. won’t speak out and unite the community to regain freedom, ditto for church leaders, all focused on social activities within the group. Veterans org. are strictly social clubs. Nothing in these groups mentioned ever get’s anything accomplished outside their buildings.

  • One cure for it all, put your trust and faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, nothing can stop whats coming the( Tribulation, book of Revelation in the Bible)the may call it the great reset, God cannot lie His prophecies are all happening .The Gospel 1st corinthians 15:1-4 Jesus will save you (Revelation 3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. )call upon Our Lord now believe and get saved before its to late God Bless use all.

  • I understand the value of putting assets into PMs, but how is using PMs going to work on a practical level? Like I’m going to hand a stack of pre-1960 silver quarters to the supermarket cashier and she’s actually going to calculate what they are worth? No, she just sees a stack of quarters (which she won’t accept anyway once the supermarket no longer accepts bills and coins).

    And even if one has plowed assets into PMs, they will never again be exchangeable for cash–only for CBDCs. So they’re useless unless you barter them with like-minded people . . . who would probably prefer something consumable anyway, like a loaf of bread or a pack of smokes.

  • Bitcoin is the answer- it’s a hedge against the collapse of the dollar and away from the central banking system that will roll over to cbdc. Not to mention it has still outperformed gold, even through this rocky ass year.

  • we should not turn to cbdc if the system allows the government to control the money of individuals…period.

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