The Canadian Freedom Convoy: Blacked Out, Defunded, and Still Growing

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It was on January 15 that the Canadian government decided they needed to impose a jab mandate over Canadian truckers, claiming that man no longer had the right to his own body, but that his body instead belonged to the state.

And so, Canadian truckers organized, creating the Freedom Convoy.

This massive caravan may very well have set a world record, as it’s estimated that 50,000 trucks have joined with it. That’s trucks – not truckers.

The January 15 royal decree has stated that Canadian truckers who do not have The Jabawockee in their body will be forced by Canada to undergo a two-week quarantine period should they traverse the Canadian-American border.

Washington DC decreed a similar demand on January 22, when the post-9/11 US Department of Homeland Security decided that Canadian truckers had to be fully jabbed should they enter American soil.

Both of these decrees (when enforced by those who do not understand what their respective countries truly stand for) would result in thousands of men losing their ability to provide a paycheck for their families – to put bread on the table.

And the Canadian truckers are not alone, it seems. Reports are surfacing of thousands of American truckers all traveling up to Canada to join the fray. The caravan is heading towards Ottawa, where it intends to turn the city into the largest truck stop of all time.

Canadian mainstream media has been downplaying the extent of this convoy, and there are even reports surfacing that the live camera feeds the public can normally watch online of Canadian highways have been shut down.

Further decrees, further problems…

This is further exacerbated in areas such as Quebec, where all those over the age of 12 have to abide by the “papers, please” mindset to those at the front door of stores over 1500 square meters. Should they not have the proper Juden paperwork in order, those Canadian citizens will then be escorted – like a child – by a “health warden” who will ensure they only shop for essential goods.

While grocery stores are specifically permitted areas for the unjabbed, Walmart and Costco are not classified as grocery stores, and thus, are regions which require a health warden to shop in.

They’re perfectly safe to shop for groceries, but when they step across the aisle to buy a pair of wool socks, they’re suddenly dangerous.

Woe to those who do not live in an area with any nearby non-Walmart/Costco “grocery stores.”

GoFundMe froze more than $4 million donated to the Freedom Convoy 

On January 20, a grouping of dozens of truckers drove a continual loop back and forth from Emerson, Manitoba, to Pembina, North Dakota, causing massive congestion, in a show of their disapproval of these mandates.

A GoFundMe account was started for the Freedom Convoy, rapidly raising over $4 million US dollars.  Then GoFundMe froze the money, stating that they wanted the organization to clearly delineate how the money was to be fairly distributed amongst the 50,000 trucks.

It doesn’t seem to be stopping these truckers, however. At least, 12,000 American men just showed up to the party.

The end results were known from the start.

Countries across the globe are already experiencing supply chain problems as a result of the perceived unbridled power of those who have infiltrated the field of public health. While there are no bounds to human stupidity, these decrees are not being done ignorant of what the final consequences will be.

Further supply chain problems are fully expected. So, why are these people pushing through these policies?

Transportation Intermediaries Association President and CEO Anne Reinke said, “Americans are struggling with higher prices and scarce goods, at the grocery store, the gas pump, and diners across the country.”

She went on to say, “One way to make this drastically worse overnight is to take tens of thousands of truck drivers and forbid them from entering the country, leaving countless amounts of essential freight at the doorstep of our country.”

Antonio Cachazo, Regional Director for International Transportation Services, says that these types of decrees could cause a interruption in the transport of medical supplies.

(Better read our free QUICKSTART Guide to food storage now, rather than later…)

It’s also been noted that these decrees have cost Canada at least 10% of their international drivers already. If professionals within the field of freight and logistics can figure this out, do you truly think that politicians cannot?

They know what is being done. And yet they still do it.


Why purposefully push for war with Russia? Why purposefully cause supply chain problems?

When you cannot get your medicine, when food is not showing up on your store shelves, when you cannot keep your propane tanks filled or your house warm – this will all have been preventable. It didn’t have to happen. Yet globalists pushed you into it.

This is what they wanted.


“We are a peaceful country that has helped protect nations across the globe from tyrannical governments who oppressed their people, and now it seems it is happening here. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people. Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive…” – The Canadian Freedom Convoy

What do you think about the Freedom Convoy?

Do you support what these truckers in Canada are doing? Why are hundreds of thousands of people protesting around the world but not in the United States? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I’m from Canada and haven’t felt this proud of my country men and women. It is giving us all hope and feeling alive again for the first time in 2 years.

    • Whoo boy! Like most Canuckbrains you’re far gone–deluding yourself– if you think this is the pushback that’s needed. Just seeking the outside approval that most Canadians are groomed to do, we suspect.

      • There’s no reason to insult our Canadian readers. I happen to love that country and have many friends and family members there. What are YOU doing to try and change the world?

  • The 6 million was released by gofme
    Trudeau is in hiding aka quarantine
    Kanada ain’t my problem but I’m enjoying the show ????
    I’m hopeful they regain some freedom

    • It’s a symptom of a WORLDWIDE PrOBLEM affecting everyone on earth maybe excluding Africans, 95% of whom didn’t take the kill shot

    • We also have the same mandate at our southern border as well, but you don’t hear about it on the news. We get a LOT of produce from Mexico and South America.

    • Dear Matt: For the first time in 2 years I am PROUD again to be a Canadian. This freedom convoy is carrying finally the resistance to tyranny not only of Canadians but of a lot of people across the planet. For 2 years many Canadians (including myself) have held the line with all our might against the evil men and women in Canada dedicated to destroying our country. Canada once stood for something – freedom. The convoy has returned this to all Canadians. It is THE most important moment in Canada’s history. It is probably right now also THE most important physical resistance worldwide to tyranny. Yes Canada is not your problem but really isn’t this kind of bullshit we’ve had shoved down our throats everyone’s problem worldwide? God Bless the Freedom Convoy!!!!!

      • IT,s Matts problem also. He just has not felt it YET. Truck on truckers. Wait outside thedopes front door. Please don,t shoot at any food choppers coming in AND you know they will be. Starve the rat out. Brave move and matt and i thank you. He a bit slow sorry.

      • Don’t lose pride in your country because of a few politicians doing wrong.
        Don’t base your feeling just on actions of others either. The truckers are doing right but I compare it to people who watch sports and have good or bad weeks because their sports team won/lost. That is ridiculous.
        Base yourself in what you do and who you are. Be proud of accomplishments you did not just what others do.

  • question is: WHY ARENT AMERICANS DOING THE SAME THING? thanks to those truckers who are standing up against the mandates!!!! God bless you! If America doesnt get her butt moving, we are gonna be worse than we are now! also, doesnt HAVE to be just truckers, whats wrong with protests, using your own car to protest as the truckers? America needs to form their own from cars, trucks, anything, to protest these mandates, they are ruining our countries!!!!

    • American Truckers are doing the same thing. Thousands are headed towards four border crossings. Of course it’s not on the news, but it is happening. The meetup is Saturday the 29th 12:00 EST. So yes, AMERICAN ARE DOING SOMETHING.

  • “Why?”
    Why, Mr. Tate? As the 007 villain remarked, “I want you to die”.
    This isn’t some secret/political/conspirist talk. It is what WEF has stated as its goal for all of us.
    Prep accordingly. Let me leave you with one bright spot: Ukraine-RUS negotiations, brokered by France & Germany have put the kibosh on war for the time being AND the US was not permitted to have any say in the matter. Too, only ONE NATO member has the clout to veto an intervention.

      • Chee. That’s exactly what the Brits and French said just before they let Hitler take Czechslovakia. How’s that work for you?

  • So, when I click on “Zombie Choices” why does it take me to an Amazon site that is predominantly in
    Spanish? Just wonderin’!

  • The question “why are they doing this?” was left unanswered. They are doing it because of the approaching Planet X. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. They stole our money to build them safe places while they plan to kill us on the surface before we collectively figure out what they have done and execute the criminal bastards! The next step is a nuke false flag in the USA to be blamed on Iran. That day, Russia, China and the SCO will nuke and invade the USA. Planet X will end the war when it rips North America into thirds, erupts Yellowstone super volcano and kills 5/6 of the 200 million SCO invaders but 90% of Americans will be dead by then. All planned by the evil bastard governments and their evil alien masters!

        • Well if he is a paid troll, he’s certainly not very good at it. And it’s not like it’d be very difficult to gaslight this crowd. Ya’ll are way too confused, gullible, and anti-science/knowledge/facts. So if he’s a dum-dum paid troll, maybe his bosses thought they’d give him an easy target, like TOP. But good for you guys to spot this! It does warm my heart to know that there are some things that even you won’t believe.

          • Ridicule is a top option for the government liars/ They run all the websites and account for more than 90% of comments on articles. As for science, NASA launched IRAS in 1983 specifically to look for Planet X and immediately announced they found it. Two weeks later they lied and said it was a mistake. Why do you think they have sprayed chemtrails every day globally for thirty years? Its not for “global warming”, thats for sure. Why is the moon turning blood red during every eclipse now? Even the bible says the moon will turn to blood before the day of destruction. Why the exponential increase in volcanic and seismic activity and incoming fireballs? You can see the run up to war now with the traitorous US regime threatening Russia and China. Everything is obvious to those who can still think. Also the Bible unmistakably describes the USA as the Mountains of Israel which gets nuked and exterminated. Every prophet everywhere all say the same thing: big war then Planet X. I could write a book with the facts Ive learned in the past 15 years, which is when I learned the fate of the US. The false flag nuke was stole in 2007 when that bombwer flew from ND to LA carrying live nukes and NORAD was searching for the private pilot Steve Fosset. NORAD doesnt look for private pilots. that plane left with 6 and arrived with 5.

      • Hey stupid ridiculing government liar, the gods will return about 70 years or 7 generations after the war. The aliens dont have to invade. Stupid slave sheeple have never controlled this prison planet and the aliens have never left.

  • Good for them.
    Them, a number of Canadians, and millions of American’s all took Nancy’s (Reagan) advice and,
    “Just say no!”
    Despite Biden’s authoritarian attempts to take away American’s free will and liberty, he failed.
    Went into town the other day. Despite the mandates, more than few people not wearing masks.

    • I go in restaurants and stores now without a mask. If I worked a job in one of those places or in an office a mask would be required for the job. Still insanity out there. American Freedom will win in the end. It is not over yet.

  • I remember when I was a long distance drive (1994-2008), in the 90’s and early 2000’s Mexican trucks had to stop at the border. The freight was transferred to US registered trucks, and picked up by US licensed drivers and transported to their destination. A similar system could be instituted to alleviate the movement of goods across our Northern border. This in no way insinuates that I agree with the mandates, which I am vehemently against.
    US/Canadian drivers can deliver and pick up loads that cross the border, but can not pick up and deliver domestic loads if not in their home countries. This may have changed since I retired in 2008.

    • it’s certainly a priority to protect your borders. A lot of strange stuff going on in the countries on both ends of you these days. But then there’s the core problem in Washington and the Blue states too.

  • I am 100% behind the Canadian (and now American) truckers. Trudeau is another autocrat, like the Democrats behind senile Biden, who need a sharp reminder that they govern at the behest of the voters, not rule as a monarch. Enough is enough of the policies that we did not vote for that are stifling our ability to live freely and make our own medical choices. If anyone is foolish enough to believe that politicians have the right to complete control over us from cradle to grave, then move to Venezuela or Cuba to experience it up close and personal. For myself, I am a born American and will die as one, under that Constitution which I swore to protect and defend. I will not willingly submit to anyone who thinks their office has the right to suborn those rights. I choose to support the truckers’ civil disobedience against the overreach of both Canadian and American politicians who misguidedly think governing is the same as ruling. The history of their overreach speaks for itself. They won’t stop unless we remind them that they’re not God. America and Canada are not Nazi Germany nor Stalin’s USSR…unless we continue to allow it. It’s past time for all of us to regain the freedoms we were born into.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people ARE protesting in the United States. In other countries, there are more parades and outdoor assemblies.
    American Patriots got burned badly with the Jan 6 false flag. It makes us more determined than ever, but public protest of the chanting crowds variety is not going to cut it.
    We have joined the CSPOA, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. We are investigating local politics. We have moved to more rural areas.
    We don’t wear masks. We are not “vaccinated” with the clot shots that produce long white elastic fibers in the veins of the vaxxed, according to the embalmer’s video I watched today. We are meeting our neighbors.
    We are prepping.
    We have discovered the Creator and our personal connection to Him.

    And our truckers HAVE participated in the Canadian Border demo.

    • J6 crossed my mind almost immediately when the Why question was asked. It was the threatening shot over the bow. Admittedly, we’ve got a few too many zombie-woke-bots who believe in their illusion of demoralizing powers.

      Even so, we are still rightly and patiently watching and believing in this Chess game our government is playing with our system of checks and balances. The executive branch is drunk with power and pulling out all the stops with eye-poking and sucker-punching The People. Check. Congress is likewise deliriously deluded that they can keep up their charade until they’ve stripped The People. Check. The frail and frightened Supremes, where we’ve placed a lot of our valuable hope, has denied the Constitution to The People. Check. The Real Game will end with check mate when lowering the boom balance of The People’s power — timed correctly. That’s where I concentrate my prayers.

      Unfortunately, the love-of-money people and the sense of smug security keeps many frozen in their spot of misplaced pride.

      Our pride should be supremely placed in our worth-fighting-for freedom. I love the simplicity of the Freedom Mandate. It should end all arguments. But the air is thick with ironies. So, in any case, we should breathe deeply of the free air and never let anyone pour kool-aid down our throats.

      O Canada! Go Canada!

  • So love and appreciate all the truckers involved. Such an incredible brotherhood. Stood proudly with tears in my eyes on the overpass cheering them on. God speed road warriors!!

    • Too bad it’s only about the vax though, right? Canadians don’t seem to be bothered much by all the other screwy stuff going on.

  • A population lives under the level of tyranny they consent to… This has been known for over 500 years.

    The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
    by Étienne de La Boétie, 01/01/1553

    “I should like merely to understand how it happens that so many men, so many villages, so many cities, so many nations, sometimes suffer under a single tyrant who has no other power than the power they give him; who is able to harm them
    only to the extent to which they have the willingness to bear with him; who could do them absolutely no injury unless they preferred to put up with him rather than contradict him. Surely a striking situation! Yet it is so common that one must grieve the more and wonder the less at the spectacle of a million men serving in wretchedness, their necks under the yoke, not constrained by a
    greater multitude than they…”

    Free book or audiobook available online.

    • “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

  • What these Truckers need to do is surround the Capital city and starve out the citizens. Let no supplies enter the city. NONE.

  • Canadians are generally a pretty easy going, peace loving people…..up to a point. We may take a while to anger, but once you have angered us we tend to push back hard. Just ask any opponent that has faced our small military.

    Yes this is about vaccine mandates. It’s about vaccine passports. But it’s more about freedom. Freedom of choice. Freedom from a dictatorial government holding a gun to your head to force you to follow its ever-changing mandates. They talk about their 70% or 80% vaccination rate – well maybe that many people did take the vaccine. That doesn’t mean that they support it. In fact many resent the hell out of it, because they were forced into a situation where they either had to bow to government dictates, or lose their job, their house, and not be able to feed their families. They may have been forced to bow, but their necks were stiff with resentment and rebellion.

    We have been pushed as far as we are willing to be pushed, and some of us have said, “Not No, but Hell No!” This is OUR country, and we will not be dictated to by some weasly little wannabe potentate.

    FREEDOM CONVOY 2022! If you don’t support us, crawl back to your masters and lick their boots some more. Get out of our way, cause we’re coming through!

    • I’m also Canadian. You have no right to speak for all the rest of us. Most of us support pandemic public health orders. And who are you to speak for all the Canadians who did get the vaccine? Have to done a scientific survey? You just say what you want them to feel.

  • …. If I did not despise Truedope and the Liberal party so much I guess I should be thanking him. Thanking him for uniting Canadians in a way that has not happened in a very long time. The last time I had this much pride for Canada, I will admit there have been numerous occasions for Canadian Pride, but my Pride to this Heart thumping tear welling level has not occurred since I watched Paul Henederson score the winning goal for Canada over the Russians in ’72. A lot younger then but it was just as emotional and the country watched in unison, Canadian Pride was every where. My Pride for Canada has been dampened by this Govt but the Truckers and all those Canadians standing in freezing cold showing support has given me that pride back, so THANK YOU TRUCKERS, THANK YOU REAL CANADIANS!! The True North Strong and soon to be FREE again!

  • Now if everyone in those trucks had a firearm when they came to the parliament building, well that would be something wouldn’t it??

  • Why can I not donate using my credit card? I don’t use those funding sites like facsist pay pal and go fuc me Is snap mail my only choice? I luv your platform. william

  • End All Mandates is the demand, else the government has to quit.
    Many countries now have convoys started and going on and planned. Many telegram channels.
    It’s for everyone not just truckers !
    The support is incredible everywhere. Trudeau calls it a fringe group with ‘unacceptable views’ and who do not represent Canadians. This is a horrible human or non human that says about un jabbed ‘Do we Tolerate These People ?’ . Same hypocrite donned muslim attire, said prayers in a mosque to show solidarity with a ‘minority’. Unbelievable void in the obvious fact unjabbed care and respect everyone around them, their choices. Early treatment works with doctors successfully keeping every one of their thousands of treated patients out of hospital altogether while the authorities say go home and isolate til you can’t breathe then go to hospital ! Terrible media blackout, the highway cameras show no one in the convoy. Rumor of paid antagonists going to Ottawa, 45 million dollars probably Soros money. Like Brussels protest great thousands and thousands of happy peaceful people while media only showed staged paid antagonists (see bit chute what really happened in brussels very great report)

  • To be honest, I had not heard about the Freedom Convoy. But I had wondered why there was so much Truck traffic from Michigan to Canada via the bridge to Windsor earlier in the month, and then barely any trucks for about 2 weeks, now there is light-moderate truck traffic. I try to keep up on the news of the world, but somehow missed this. It seems that Big Brother is everywhere and then can’t make up their minds on how to proceed – CDC was mandating larger companies that all employees have to prove vaccination, or prove weekly negative testing. But now they don’t…but some businesses are keeping to this anyway to get everyone used it for when it comes around again. Everyone has the right to make their choice for any vaccine, or not. It shouldn’t be a requirement of freedom to go about normal life. And people shouldn’t be charged fees for not getting the shot, that is just making life more difficult for everyone. Everyone be safe and watch out for what’s coming next!

  • Don’t let disgusting government clowns divide you by pointing at “fringe” influence. The government IS the fringe who is corrupt and trying to tamp down and keep its people subservient!
    Ignor them or run them over.
    United we ALL stand. It’s government that needs to be divided!

  • Originally from Ottawa, living in Cornwall now (at the U.S. border). One leg of the convoy is leaving from here to Ottawa tomorrow. Departure from Cornwall to Ottawa is at 10:00, and starting point parking is almost full already. Many Can-Am and American trucks there already Thanks for the support U.S. – this is a peaceful protest, people are upbeat, Canadian flags are popping up everywhere.
    Let’s keep this peaceful and happy and bring everyone to our side (which is not the mainstream media side)
    It’s a wonderful day to be Canadian!

  • Thinking about these Trucker Convoys.

    They have to expand their aims to include Regime change. I know that sounds dramatic, but the alternative is dreadful.

    If they settle for a mere retraction of the Jab Mandates, but leave the Regime intact … then the coming months will see each of those truckers hunted-down and punished. Similarly, those who have funded and otherwise abetted these Truckers.

    Because their chosen form of action is an effective threat to the ‘authority’ of the State, then steps will be taken to ensure that it can never again be undertaken. The first of those steps will be to make examples of the dissidents.

    They will be labelled ‘domestic terrorists’. They will be ruined, financially, and many will likely be jailed. You know the fates of those who were at Malhur.

    From what I read, there is already talk that those who are funding (via GoFundMe) the Truckers, are already in the sights … funding terrorism.

    I figure that there is but one ‘bite of this Cherry’. If they leave Ottawa, and the ‘King’ is still on his throne, then they are ‘toast’. A most unenviable position, and one which they have failed to foresee. But, now the Die is cast, they have to play the game to its conclusion.

  • If after all is said and done and Truedodo (like in Dodo bird) is still in office then your actions were in vain. He has implemented the “I can’t hear you” tactic. Maybe if you go to his office and blast 50,000 truck horns?

  • Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    A little table setting. I have no dog in this hunt. I do not identify with the Liberals, the NDP, Conservatives, the PPP, Greens, or any other party. Nor am I particularly liberal, conservative, socialist, nationalist, or green. I care very little, if at all, whether the organizers, participants, agents provocateurs, hangers-on, do or do not achieve what they hope for. I do care that things do not get out of hand and particularly that no one gets hurt.

    My reading of this . . . spectacle . . . is multifaceted.

    One facet: It’s a wildly overblown, overhyped, over[choose word] Event. It seems to have started out as a Protest Against Vaccine Mandates For International Truckers. It now seems to have morphed into a Statement Against Liberal Snowflakes, especially The Prime Snowflake, and into a protest against [fill in the blank]. Vile comments and unnecessarily vicious statements made by some organizers, participants, opponents, do not encourage me to support any of them. Blockades, traffic disruptions, unnecessary provocations, never mind violence, would make me even less sympathetic.

    Another facet: Has anyone read or is aware of the MOU that organizers seem to have drafted and signed? No, I have not read it. My understanding is that it calls for the organizers, the Senate, and the Governor General to form a committee within 10 days to replace the federal government, then to repeal federal vaccine mandates and order provinces, territories, and municipalities to do the same. Another way of putting that is replacing a mandate with . . . a mandate. Hmm.

    Yet another: Although this has become quite The Spectacle it a real and tangible expression of the frustration, disappointment, unhappiness, anger, fury, [or choose other appropriate word] that more than a few people feel about any or all of: not going back to The Before Time, the state of politics, about political elites (of all parties), about insider access to information and influence, about the economic divides so apparent in Canada. It’s unwise for political and social elites – or anyone – to ignore or discount these feelings whether or not one agrees with them. At the same time it’s best for these elites to prudently and judiciously handle this anger – not only tomorrow, in the future. That anger is not one and done January 29 2022.

    It might be good to keep in mind that fire can be a useful tool. It can also get out of control.

    • I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I can’t say I’m capable of being as dispassionate. I heard about that MOU you describe. It sounds to me like a wish for a coup, with themselves installed into power. Laughable, because it’s so amateur. But also rather unnerving.

      What infuriated me the most was hearing about trump’s words of encouragement and support from ANOTHER COUNTRY. I wish Canada could hack itself off from N America and drift far away, maybe closer to New Zealand…nope, not gonna happen. More likely that we’ll be lucky enough to find the wise response you describe. And then defend ourselves from whatever happens in the US.

  • i agree 100% with the freedom convoy. It’s exhillerating to see them take a stand. Terrible we had to come to this place. I wonder also what is wrong with the americans?

  • Are Americans not protesting? Yesterday I saw pics of a protest in Washington. You won’t see reporting of protests on MSN and if you do they will drastically under-estimate the numbers like they’ve done here in Australia. But the people here are protesting in the hundreds of thousands in the big cities. The resistance is bigger than folks think.

  • Have you noticed that the massive protests in Brussels Belgium hasn’t been reported in the US?
    Many videos around if you know where to look. One estimate I saw was over 40,000 people.
    Of course, that isn’t the only one. It’s happening all over the world. It’s just that the lamestream media won’t report it.

  • If any of you get the Covids, I’ll be happy to sell you some of my urine. I recently had the Covids, and thanks to receiving THREE jabs, the symptoms were almost unnoticeable.

  • Nabi: No conservatives in Canada? Not sure what rock you’ve been living under, or maybe you only get your information from MSM, but there are a LOT of conservatives in Canada. When they call Alberta Texas North, it’s not just because of the oil, it’s because of the attitude as well. We have a very similar division of conservatives to leftist, liberal hanky stompers as the U.S. of A.

  • Redwood City (HQ), CA
    United States
    855 Jefferson Ave

    Go Fund Me corporate headquarters address listed above. Perhaps truckers should also surround the building and protest!!

  • I’m very proud of the truckers for standing up. Just when I had about given up hope on what was happening with the Kidsmeller and Trudy-Oh, the truckers stood up and answered. It warms my heart to see folks making a stand. I know that many Mounties simply left after the vax mandates. It is time Canada stood up to these dictators.

  • I received a personal email from a Maverick Party rep this morning stating simply that “Everything was sorted out with GoFundMe and we’ve heard they’ve begun distributing funds.”

  • Actually they are funded,and the amount is now over 6 million dollars.You can watch a video by Canada-poli on rumble,he interviewed the fuding organizer.

  • I appreciate wanting to make a point, and I agree that there shouldn’t be a mandate, but Please, Please, Please do not compare this with what happened to millions of Jewish people during WW2.

    “Should they not have the proper Juden paperwork in order, those Canadian citizens will then be escorted – like a child – by a “health warden” who will ensure they only shop for essential goods”.

    Equating these two incidents is not right. There are enough people who want to make the Holocaust seem less evil than it was.

  • The Freedom Convoy 2022 has widespread grassroots support to end the Commie/Fascist government Mandates that unlawfully restrict freedoms encoded in constitution and/or charter rights of many nations. Go Truckers! and thank you to the many individuals and groups who are helping in their own way to protect our freedom!

    • If this convoy had “widespread grassroots support to end the Commie/Fascist government Mandates”, our election last fall would have turned out differently. The far-right People’s Party of Canada won just 5% of the vote. Perhaps you believe differently because of the people you choose to surround yourself with.

      Public health mandates supersede charter rights. No need to fling around words like “commie” and “fascist” over it. No one has unlimited rights. Check out N Korea if you want to see fascism in action.

  • Are you a troll or a bot? Or did someone piss on your cereal this morning? You are the most frequent commenter and you haven’t said a single useful thing. Just spreading bitterness around for the fun of it?

  • Last year some worthless junkie OD’d in police custody and the peaceful protesters burned the town down. But we’re talking Canada here. Never mind…

  • So thankful for the Canadian truckers starting this off & glad to hear that American truckers are joining it as well. This definitely needs to go worldwide to stop the government tyrants of the masks, mandates, lockdowns, and vax passports. Government officials are supposed to be working for us. It’s about time to make them understand that. God bless the truckers!

  • Canada and 50+ other countries are part of the British Commonwealth, so why don’t these oppressed people petition the Queen to stand up for the citizens of these countries?

  • What too many people haven’t realized yet is that our governments hate us and want to hurt us. Dare I say KILL US? Think about it: They are spending us into oblivion. There’s not enough money for pensions, healthcare, social services, you name it! It’s to governments’ advantage to have millions of us die off from deadly injections, suicides, drug overdoses, murders, deaths of despair. While we’re fighting each other in the streets they are partying like Boris Johnson behind our backs.

  • I just heard in the last couple days or so that the equivalent of our FBI in Canada has now joined hands with our FBI and other agencies to do extensive surveillance of the Freedom Convoy in Canada and the Freedom Convoy starting up here in the US. I guess they have a problem with the “unacceptable” narrative with the free protest? This is scary….

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