What Exactly Is This “Great Reset” People Keep Talking About?

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For those who may not know, (and those who do) here is a primer on The Great Reset.

Buckle your seat belts for this one because it’s more chilling than any horror movie you’ve ever seen. You’ve heard your “crazy” friend at work bring it up in conversation. Perhaps you heard it briefly mentioned on TV the other day. And now you’re left wondering, “Just what on earth is The Great Reset?”

Meet the World Economic Forum (WEF)

You’ve heard of the WEF before. They’ve been in the news quite a bit for the past year or so. The reason? The Great Reset initiative. It is there that a man by the name of Klaus Schwabb runs the show. Schwabb founded the WEF and is one of the most powerful men in the world.

Each year the World Economic Forum hosts an event at a ski resort in the mountains of Switzerland where “the self-proclaimed global elite” meet to discuss global problems they can all work together to “fix.”

Generally, WEF invites 1500 people from roughly 70 countries to attend. All the attendees play major roles in various sectors of society, with a large portion of those invited being major players in the worlds of politics and business. 

In 2020, Schwabb released a book titled COVID-19: The Great Reset, in which he lays out his plans for what he believes needs to happen next.  

Now, let’s talk about Agendas

First, you need to understand one thing: the World Economic Forum and the United Nations march together hand in hand. In short, they’re two sides of the same coin.

The United Nations previously announced two separate agendas eerily similar to The Great Reset that contain many of the same components. These two UN agendas, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, include plans for what needs to happen on earth by 2021 and 2030 (there’s also an Agenda 2050, by the way).

Agenda 2030 has publicly stated goals of promoting racial and gender equality, eradicating global poverty, and abolishing violence, hate, and war from the globe. It also states it will reduce natural resource use in every country and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every industrialized country. 

And how do you suppose Agenda 2030 would accomplish those goals?

Suppose you’re a lumberjack. A global organization has just stated you’re no longer permitted to cut down trees to “reduce natural resource use.” You’re now out of a job and can’t afford to feed your newborn daughter.

Or, let’s say you’re a farmer. A global organization has just stated that your cows produce too much methane. They’re all slaughtered and left to rot in a field (we’ll get to why later). You’ve now lost a significant investment, your primary source of income, and are out of a job. Farmers in non-industrialized nations are permitted to raise cattle. But you’re an American, so you are not.

Why? Because we need to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every industrialized country.”

Here’s another example. You’re an American with unalienable rights, a Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. You have the Declaration of Independence and a long history of fierce protection of freedom. Protection of freedom necessitates the possession of arms.

But now, a global organization has landed troops on your shores. Why? To “abolish violence.” The organization deems your possession of arms as a hindrance to such. Therefore, the organization will take measures against you to abolish violence.

The Great Reset incorporates all these ideas into its plans

Publicly, the WEF states The Great Reset is going to be about completely revamping capitalism.

“Every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.” – The WEF [source]

The WEF particularly likes to say they want to instigate “stakeholder capitalism,” where the bulk of the private sector works hand in hand with the government. They say that such “will require stronger and more effective governments.” According to the WEF, there are human and financial costs of capitalism not being addressed. [source]

What do you call it when the government owns and controls all private business?

Communism. You call it communism.

And, what happens when capitalism dies?

As Ayn Rand pointed out in her excellent book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, man on this earth without capitalism is bound. It’s inseparable from true human freedom. Collectivism leads to further and further slavery every single time.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

A significant component of The Great Reset is a term Schwabb coined back in December 2015 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The best way to describe it is to combine The MatrixMinority Report, and Will Smith’s I, Robot.

According to Schwabb, the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is “Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us, and it’s happening at exponential speed.”

In short, Schwabb wants to turn the world into a digital mecca

Perhaps you don’t care about the above “improvements” – they don’t bother you? Well, let’s continue to delve deeper.

As it is, the WEF has already alluded to the possibility of using an AI to govern humanity. Humans would no longer have elected representatives in office (not that the US has that now, but I digress). Instead, super-powerful AI would determine what supplies went where and what prices would be, and so on. 

It’s the surrender of humanity to a machine.

Furthermore, what about these brain enhancements and genetic editing?

Look around at the world before you and what “the powers that be” have forced upon society. In a world full of brain enhancements and genetic editing, do you genuinely think you would still be free to choose?

Remember that The Fourth Industrial Revolution heavily ties in with The Great Reset, which seeks a one-world government. In such a world, should it be decreed under the guise of law that overpopulation is a problem, the ability to genetically edit sterility into 20% of the population becomes a reality. Let’s say the lottery system selects both of your kids. Do you really think they would grant you a say?

Freedom would have long been rotting in the grave in such a world.

Further aspects of The Fourth Industrial Revolution include digital surveillance everywhere, made possible worldwide by 5G (with the hope of utilizing 6G eventually). [source] 

There would be no privacy in such a world. It would be Nazi Germany on steroids. Have you read Zamyatin’s dystopian novel We (in many ways, the inspiration for 1984)? Practically, you’d be living in a world of glasshouses.

It’s worth noting that there are several other aspects of TGR that bear mentioning. Consider the following:

Rural populations will be forcibly coerced into urban environments 

Allegedly, to combat climate change. In reality, it is to have easier control over potential dissidents. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to leave your farm. The good of the whole compels you, and men who have heartily devoured Mao Zedong’s philosophy on power (“Political power only grows out of the barrel of a gun.”) will be happy to assist you in your mental transition here. [source]

Citizens now rent everything because they own nothing

Aden Tate wrote about what the world would like like without personal property in this article. Aden writes, “Within the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, the mantra has come out that by the year 2030, ‘you’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.'”

The government now owns everything, as a group of men comes in to tell you they are stealing what is rightfully yours. The world falls back to a system of feudalism. The Irish are well-familiarized with how such a system works out. [source]

All media is digital

Climate change, of course. And let’s not forget the recent trend to battle “disinformation’. If everything is digital, it is censorable. This serves as the ultimate means of wholly controlling what it is people read and say. [source]

A Chinese-style social credit system

Good global citizens of the one-world government will have a higher social credit score than the older American who supports those fighting against foreign invaders. These higher scores will permit access to travel “privileges,” better food, and better jobs. And in a world full of brain implants and genetic editing, I wonder what some of the punishments for low-scoring Americans could be? [source]

A digital blockchain currency is now the way forward

Cash becomes a vector of disease, expensive to produce, and inefficient. Of course, this means they can track every purchase you ever make. [source] There is no anonymity of purchases any longer. Given the new ability to pay for food with your palm, the push for using a QR code to pay for anything, and quantum dot tattoos that may be able to store your financial data, this may not be too far off.

What’s for dinner? Bugs and fake, food-like lab products

According to The Great Reset, animals are a “resource-intensive” form of protein. The GR seeks to steer you away from such foods and “towards four main categories of alternatives – aquatic, plant-based, insect-based, and laboratory-cultured.” [source] 

The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum are NOT your friends

Should The Great Reset succeed, the world will firmly fall into the grip of a totalitarian government. You will be a slave in every sense of the word, liable to medical experimentation and forced treatments. The state will own your children, and if history serves as a guide, you won’t get to keep them for long. Should the AI determine it’s convenient, your family will be uprooted and transferred to a newly created ghetto.

Forced to ingest chemicals rather than food, you will never know what genetic-altering agents and medications are in those foods. 

Your lifelong dream to be a parent could be vaporized as mandates of forced sterility begin. Should woke culture decide masculine men are an issue, would it be outside the scope of the power of a government that owns everything to mandate the creation of eunuchs throughout your town?

Though the rest of the world may have fallen, Americans can never let their country follow suit.

Too much depends upon it.

What are your thoughts about The Great Reset?

What are your thoughts about the Great Reset? Do you believe it is the stuff of conspiracy theories or the advent of global communism and control? Do you intend to fall in line or fight it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

About the Author

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • We fought 3 wars against communists. Our freedom war 1918, winter war 1939-40 and continuation war 41-44.


    Luckily prior to the winter war Stalin had killed all the high ranking army officers. In continuation war communists were busy at other fronts. So we fought back and were lucky also.

    It was not the russians but the communists who were our enemy. Russian people suffred greatly under marxist rule and they were communisms poor victims as we have learned from Solchenitsy.

    Gulag prison camp is the future of freedom loving people. So keep your positions and never give up!

    • I agree completely. These are the end of days. Who will be left behind? A one world order is asinine.

  • While it does sound threatening, I take great comfort in knowing these organizations sound all powerful, their plans lofty, they usually fall far behind.
    The UN does not have a great track record for accomplishing anything of real significance, and without NATO support, even less so at “peacekeeping” missions.

    And we are seeing push back against authority around the world.
    Just read Justin Trudeau got pelleted with rocks (albeit small rocks, rocks nonetheless) from an angry crowd of anti-vaccine mandates.

    In France, there have been protests of thousands (one report an est of 150k people) of people against vaccine passports. In another form of protest, people eating outside of establishments, a second weekend in a row, not just a few but hundreds.

    People in the US pushing back against CRT and similar policies in school systems. Homeschooling has seen increased rates in CA and TX as a result. Charter schools have also seen increases recently.

    This past weekend was the beginning of the college football season. Stadiums packed full of fans would all begin to chant, “F— Joe Biden!”

    Trust, faith and confidence in our political leaders (too many to count on both sides, Biden leading from his Delaware basement), military leaders (see Afghanistan, wokeness), in the media (activists journalism, see recent Rolling Stone fake news), various experts in various fields.
    Why would anyone trust the WEF for anything?
    Could they force us too?
    Then go the Charles H. Smith route: go local. Create your own economy (Fabian had a great article about this).
    And aside the elite, those who buy his book, how many people do you know who thinks this is a good idea?

  • If you are not permitted to own anything,
    If you are dependent on someone else for your food, clothing, and housing,
    If you have no say in what kind of work you do, where you live, and whether or not you have any children,
    If you do not have any parental control or rights,
    If you lose autonomy over your health care and treatments,
    If you are subject to being arrested for no reason,
    If you are subject to being used against your will for medical experimentation,
    If you face physical, mental and economic punishment for infractions of “rules”,
    You are by definition a slave.

    • -M.K. Outre,

      Good point.

      The question I have, is are we seeing a backlash against authority, mandates, etc.?
      Sure, it is easy to be a fatalist, and just surrender to the so called TPTB declaring, “They will take all your things, freeze your bank account, your CC, your property, the Blue Helmets (LEO, military, DoD contractors etc.) will go house to house, take all your guns, your preps, blah, blah, blah . . .”
      But as I pointed out else where, people are pushing back. And some of them are those very LEOs, military, and more than a few contractors would be right there with them.
      So, who is left to enforce TPTB Reset?
      The all new woke military?
      UN Blue Helmets? IIRC, without NATO support, in the late 80s or was it the 90s(??), some 600 of them got captured by mercs during one of their peace keeping missions in the West Coast of Africa.
      If you were a NATO member, would you want to get involved in a land war in a land mass as large as the US, with all the various terrain, to include urban, sub-burban and rural, with our known gun ownership?
      That could make Afghanistan look like a good time.

      • They know taking this country would be difficult in a conventional manner. But in most cases citizen will kill citizen. Because most are not prepared for even a few days much less months. So if this country was hit with an EMP no Communications, no Comforts of life, but especially no food. Within a year 90% will likely have killed each other. And many will willingly walk to a fusion Center (concentration camp). And the few that remain hiding out in they’re prepared sanctuaries. They won’t need to worry about. The numbers will be too few and one day they’ll poke their head out of the hidey-hole and a drone will spot them, scan them, and exterminate.


  • “Each year the World Economic Forum hosts an event at a ski resort in the mountains of Switzerland where “the self-proclaimed global elite” meet to discuss global problems they can all work together to ‘fix.’ ”

    How can those who’ve largely created the world’s problems possibly believe they can “fix” those same problems when they view solutions as problems and problems as solutions. If they truly wanted to help solve the worlds problems they’d create a circular firing squad and continue shooting until no one remained standing.

    • -Old Scribe,
      “How can those who’ve largely created the world’s problems possibly believe they can “fix” those same problems when they view solutions as problems and problems as solutions. ”

      Brilliant observation.

  • The new mantra for any freedom loving American should be
    “We will NOT comply!”
    Computers can be unplugged.

    Just who the heck does Satan Klaus think he is anyways?! Puts his pants on the pants on the same way I do!

  • This is a great article to read.
    The good news is, more and more people are fighting back against blatant tyranny. Bad news is, these dictators will resort to even more covert tactics under the guise of new beneficial science and technology as well as “helpful” policies.

    For those who think this article sounds far fetched, or this can’t possibly happen here, I assure you, there IS a chance it CAN HAPPEN.

    Look back at the horrors of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Look at eugenics movements, forced sterilizations, and involuntary human experiments throughout nations, including the USA. Take a look around. Covert Eugenics is STILL occurring in 2021 in the USA. Do a simple search on Duckduckgo and you’ll see what I mean. It preys upon the low income population, especially minorities and those who have disabilities. It’s SICK!

    China. Take a look at the CCP. They want to create genetically modified super soldiers. They are also throwing people in concentration camps left and right. People who are religious or fight for freedom are thrown in these camps, where they are forced to endure slave labor, OR WORSE YET, THEIR ORGANS ARE CUT OUT OF THEM. Yes, they will harvest their organs and provide them to communist supporting citizens. How else do you think these citizens can get an organ transplant within a week? Again, this is SICK.

    Another subject to consider, most of our crops are grown by Big Ag are genetically modified. Over 90% of bananas are clones, for example. And now the push for these new insect diets and laboratory grown “clean meat”. The intentions may sound good, but this is ripe for abuse, food chain control, and flat out human error.

    I’m not fearful of technology itself. When used correctly, new science and technological advancements can provide cures and answers to many complex issues. It’s when this new tech is abused by PEOPLE, utilized to take away other people’s freedoms and rights, and forced upon the population is when it becomes problematic.

    When alternatives start disappearing, and systematic laws, both blatant as well as covert, are starting to be implemented to control people, people’s property, food sources and their own bodies, that the skeptics will perhaps finally realize a dictatorship run by elites is upon us all.

    As of now, things are looking grim, but I still have hope that we can band together and fight these power hungry sickos!

    Once again, great article. Very thought provoking. It should serve as a good wake up call.

    • Yes they foresee a 90% reduction in population America has been the stumbling block I suspect there is a EMP coming in our near future. As that would take care of most within a short year. Unless of course the Jab with a delayed reaction takes care of that.
      With regards to eugenics Sir Francis Galton wrote the book on eugenics. And at the time this country embraced it. Francis Galton lived in Kirkland Missouri. His cousin was Darwin. And at that same time you had Albert Pike (all three were Freemasons) wrote a letter talking of how, where, and when for World war 1,2 and 3. World War 3 uses radical Islam to try and Destroy Christianity. This is likely part of the reason for the rapid withdrawal leaving equipment behind.

  • Great article! A democratic Republic has it’s flaws, but under communism a person has no chance of learning from mistakes. Under communism, it’s “Do as I say or die!” There are varying degrees of capitalism, such as crony capitalism, crapitalism, and outright theft (Banksterism). All these can be fixed. Communism can only be fixed, as it’s been said, ‘through a barrel of a gun.’

    We’re barely hanging on. “You’ll own nothing and be happy!” A solution stated by a super-psychopath. “You give up all your stuff to me and I’ll be happy!” That’s the real purpose of the Great Nonsense.

  • It’s about getting rid of America, white people, and their Christianity that always seems to be getting in the way of these fatherless morons that want it replaced by them and the rise of the gentile nations to get rid of their country that is halting “progress” if you can believe that.

  • You forgot the part where they depopulate the earth by 90%. It’s the next 9.9% who will become the serf-class and tradesmen…. until the 0.1% figure out how to upload their consciousness into machines, at which point the consciousnesses of the rest of humanity can safely be snuffed.

    Sounds like the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica 2004.

    • -Cato,
      Great BSG reference.

      However, if one goes back far enough, with no machines, then there is nothing to be beholden to.
      Would they even care? We would be ants to them. Not worthy of their attention.
      There is a Star Trek TNG reference in there about an episode where the crew locks an adversary into a computer make believe for a life time of experiences where they would not know the better.
      What if that is what we are living now, a la The Matrix.

      Sure, if we were to go back to a mid to late 1800s lifestyle. It would be much more physical. Not so much of living till your ripe old 70s, though I do know of a few Amish who have reached that age bracket and can still get around, with their full mental facilities, more so than Biden.
      What remains of humanity, sans those jacked into The Matrix, may live better lives than what we do now.

      Something to think on.

    • YES “depopulation”…Covid injections, and then the “boosters” and maybe a pill you need to take on top all all of that. Did anybody read about or go see the Georgia Guide Stones? It tells us all about the “depopulation” agenda. What about the NWO (the New World Order, or the One World Government or the New World Religion? All of this matters…Knowledge is power. Stick to your guns (as the saying goes), NEVER GIVE UP ! Always prepare. Will these things happen? In my humble opinion…Absolutely, and what is happening today is just the preshow of what’s to come. Hold on b/c all of this changes everything that we’ve ever known…It will be a whole new world…The good old days are gone forever…The perils of aging were not something I looked forward to and now I am happy I’ve live this long with all of this nonsense and chaos…It will be left to my 2 children and my 5 grandchildren and there is nothing I’ll be able to do for them b/c when all this happens I most likely won’t be around to know about any of it. Is that a blessing? Ahhhh, I guess that depends on how you look at it.

      • I use to live near them. Yes I saw them. Yes I read all the words on them. I had wondered how they could bring it to pass. It’s all before us now.

  • These Eletists ARE NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are Lunytunes They are also HYPER ARROGANT !!! Who in the HELL do they think they are to tell ALL of mankind how WE should live our lives ?!?!? Well, SCREW THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You’re right on. Although I have been prepping since the 70s I stepped up my game in 1992 when Clinton signed us up to Agenda 21 in Rio de Janeiro. And yes their vision of the future is actually much like the Hunger Games. And depopulation is well underway most just don’t know it yet. Jeff Bezos spoke to the wef in Saudi Arabia a few years back. He said in the near future no one will be working they’ll be a robot to do everyone’s job. And everyone will get a subsistence check with a little extra for certain people to get something they might want. I believe is he put it for those that remain. I’ve made sure for the last 20 years I’ve had no payments made arrangements to make sure property tax gets paid. And yes last year they tried to pay ranchers and myself in my area to kill our cattle. I know and I knew did that. This has been planned and it’s going like clockwork in fact the plan goes way back over a hundred years. Read the Albert Pike letter written in 1870s. It should explain what just happened with our withdrawal from the Middle East, leaving behind supplies for a satanic Army.

  • I think that a lot of people are going to die in rebellions and the great rest may not happen. Instead you will have freedom fighters and an underground resistance perpetually until the entire world rises up and kills the elites. It will not happen in the USA we are almost in a state of civil war if pushed any further.

  • Those geniuses who want to reduce the world’s population to 500 million, ignore the reality that the economic system needs redundancy in order to work, and redundancy requires population in order both to produce and to consume. They think that they can reduce the population and yet see not only a maintenance of their present luxuries, but continued advancements in science and technology.

    If they succeed in reducing the world’s population factories will close, roads will deteriorate, bridges fall down, trucks stop deliveries, as things wear out, they will not be replaced. Oh the elites may continue using their Rolls Royces, but when replacement parts run out, they may find that the fanciest cars produced are on the level of a Model A Ford.

    As factories close and universities emptied, R&D will virtually cease. Much of the R&D remaining will emphasize how to maintain the older technology that survives. AI is expensive as far as development and operation is concerned, R&D on it may stop.

    The elites may think they are so smart, but this population reduction idea will destroy what they plan to build. Romans 1:22.

  • It is now painfully obvious why the PlanDemic was forced on us, and an election stolen from us.

    And by “us” I don’t mean Republicans, but rather Americans.

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    Reuters – what my free salt water cure stops.

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    We all need a cure which works instead of these vaccines, when you get a Coronavirus infection – now you have one.

    Keep safe. Richard

  • I believe all the things you have addressed; however, you have not mentioned the Luciferian new world order they intend to force upon the world by removing all religions and make it mandatory to worship their god Satan. I believe that the never ending vaccination plan is the main part of their plan for implementation.

  • I believe that I understand most of what I read, the explanations of each category of change…what I don’t understand why anyone profiting by the capital system would ever want to change the world in these ways. Can someone explain that to me? What is to happen between 2022 and 2030 and then what starts happening in 2030? I guess I have a lot of questions. Does anyone have any answers that match. Are there any answers?

  • UN Agenda 21/2030, the Great Reset, EVENT 201, COVID-19: There’s more to this conspiracy theory than meets the eye. There is a big picture. Let’s not get lost in the details. The big boys have a plan–a 500 year plan: 1776+500=2276CE. And the midpoint of their plan is just 5 years away in 2026. (Will they reach their goals?). The online book 2276CE: The Future is Calling (2020) outlines The Plan–and the inauguration date for the New World Order. That is, The Plan will abrogate the future of the whole world! We are simply living in the midst of its unfolding.

  • The problem with anti-vaxers is not so much that they threaten their own health and safety but that they threaten the health and safety of their fellow citizens.

    We would have never conquered polio if the anti-vaxers had won that round.

    Come on, people, use your heads.

    • Vaccines have been a lie and a hazard since their inception. Edward Jenner killer both his son and a neighbor’s boy with his experiments. The English smallpox epidemics were caused by the mandated vaccines. Polio was not defeated by vaccines, but by redefining the definitions of several diseases, thereby lowering the incidences of ‘Polio’. Just recently, over 400,000 Indians were infected by Gates Foundation polio vaccines. The ‘Spanish Flu’ was not a virus, but a bacteria released by Rockefeller Foundation experiments with a Meningitis vaccine at Fort Riley, Kansas. The Guardasil vaccine has killed hundreds and injured thousands of young women.
      You want a vaccine, by all means, have it. Stop self righteously demanding that everyone else give up their choice.

    • Polio had been mostly eradicated BEFORE the advent of the vaccinations. Also, the vaccination killed many!

  • Globalism is (as I’ve come to learn) one of the main goals of the one percent OF the one percent. That, and as stated above by others, utter and total control by them. It is not enough for however many of them to be so sickeningly, disgustingly, so very God-damnedly, most stupendously gluttonously wealthy that they could not spend it all in several lifetimes!!!! No!! My understandings are that some of them are in addition fucking control freak psychopaths who’ve a lot of fear of those that do not share their viewpoints, their beliefs about how this world should be. They feel entitled to RULE this world. They long have and DO rule this world. Kings, Queens, Emperors. Presidents. What I learned a long time ago to refer to as the Corprotocracy. Very extremely wealthy individuals in a group who hold already many positions of control and power in a revolving door style that makes identifying them a challenge. They DO NOT want differing; opposing viewpoints about how they believe that this world, as well as the societies in it, should be. They’d bring back feudalism. Only a much more powerful; more REFINED version of it. Technocratic Neo-Feudalism. We are already economic slaves (at least in the US) by design of the very FALSE; transitional fiat money we are born into. Taught to use. To accept. As I’ve come to understand it via the Zeitgeist documentary movies, British author Icke; David, similar sources, certain of the one percent OF the one percent wish to have total and ABSOLUTE control (if we the people of the world acquiesce to it without speaking up and simply choosing in solidarity as much as possible with as many as possible against it, for the sake of the FUTURE OF the children of the world) of what some of them refer to as the useless eaters. US, our ancestors,our descendants in whatever ways, shapes and forms. Think we’re enslaved now? Read George Orwells book 1984. North America and other countries are fast becoming like what’s described in it on steroids. Read Icke’s books. While I don’t agree with all his opinions, I do agree with more than a few of them. The so-called elite of this world want a people that will simply tolerate what they’re told to do, do it, no questioning of authority. No getting out of line. No suggestions of let alone allowances of even the ideas of freedom, change for the better for the slaves. They see themselves as far above us. Like gods on Earth. They are confusing gender on the way to fusing; outright ELIMINATING gender. They are and have been genetically modifying the human race. Not all of us. Not those who are critical enough thinkers to have been i the know all along as to what in the HELL has been and is going on. They want a SEXLESS form of most of humanity that they intend to grow in laboratories. Which will be programmed with what the state wants them to believe, unquestioningly, and raised ENTIRELY by the state for the super wealthy elite. They will own NOTHING and be happy. They will be watched at ALL times. The SLIGHTEST hint of suspected individuality of free thought, of God forbid REBELLION from their slavery. ELIMINATION. They will have their TOTAL, THEIR ULTIMATE FORM of slavery imposed upon them and enforced via having at first accepted WILLINGLY, then MANDATORILY being made to be MICROCHIPPED. THEY WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY. It will be a psychopathic control freak globalist elite super riches paradise. Their never-ending wet dream!! The entirely digital currency controlled and kept track of via the unremovable implanted microchips which’ll also be tracking the slaves thoughts, feelings, actions and locations at all times will simply be turned right the HELL off if ANY SLAVE should show the slightest hint of it’s dissent. That slave, any that are somehow inspired to follow will starve to death. If not die from exposure. They will rent everything down to the very clothes on their backs. For the love of God DO NOT LET YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONES BE CHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For any reading my prior comment-there’s a line where I typed “money” and meant to type “monetar sytem” for clarities sake. Apologies for any confusions.

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