A Digital Currency Is on the Horizon

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When I was younger, I never received a regular allowance like some of the kids I knew, but if I kept up with my chores and did well in school, my parents would give me a few bucks here and there. I could earn a little extra by doing odd jobs for neighbors, and there were always a few bills in birthday cards, Christmas cards, and that arrived of course, from the tooth fairy.

I remember how good it felt to not only earn money but to physically have it. It was empowering to be able to go to my “super secret” hiding spot (that my parents knew of but never said anything about) and see a small wad of ones or fives that probably added up to thirty dollars.

Fast forward a few decades, and checks, debit cards, and credit cards became available. To some people, these are technically a form of digital currency. A person isn’t physically transferring cash from one hand to another, and yes, they are convenient. But the option of having cash is still available at the moment.

With the rise of alternative digital currency (such as Bitcoin) even Facebook has been wanting to develop its own form of currency, and now, the federal government and Reserve seem to be inching closer to a mandated digital currency.

According to a CNBC report issued in May of 2021, the Federal Reserve has issued a report to investigate the moves needed for a central bank to issue digital currency. The chairman of the central bank, Jerome Powell, didn’t give any specifics to the plans or the implementation of a U.S. digital currency other than the Feds have been “carefully monitoring and adapting” to the progression of payments through technology.

Powell went on to say, “the effective functioning of our economy requires that people have faith and confidence not only in the dollar but also in the payment networks, banks, and other payment service providers that allow money to flow daily.” He also said, “Our focus is on ensuring a safe and efficient payment system that provides broad benefits to American households and businesses while also embracing innovation.”

What’s wrong with progress?

It would seem that a digital currency would be the next logical step in currency technology. After all, our technology is progressing faster and faster every day. Who wants to be standing under flying cars (that promise was never delivered) exchanging slips of paper for goods and services?

As stated earlier, a lot of people already use debit and credit cards – digital ways in which to move cash from one place to another – although many people may not see the difference or the problem of switching over to a mandated digital currency. After all, they can still carry cash, if they want to. And I think that this knowledge that you can carry cash keeps people from realizing that they’re rapidly losing their ability to.

As convenient as a digital currency may be, the problem, as a lot of preppers see it, is the complete loss of personal financial control and decision-making.

But can something like that happen?

Remarks from non-preppers or those who have the utmost confidence in the system tend to make remarks like,

“You mainly use debit cards anyway, so what’s the big deal?” or “They can’t just take your money or put restrictions on your account.”

However, just recently, the participants of the Freedom Convoy in Canada saw this very tactic used. A GoFundMe page was established for the convoy into which millions of dollars we donated. At the request of a Canadian judge, the funds were cut off from the convoy.

“Well, that was a GoFundMe page and not a personal account,” some would say. But Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian Minister of Finance, posted the following on her Twitter account:

“This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades. We are today serving notice: if your truck is being used in these protests, your corporate accounts will be frozen.”

Could anyone’s finances be frozen under the umbrella terms of emergency powers, domestic terrorism, national security, or what may be deemed illegal in the future?

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I think so.

Is it too far out of the realm of possibility to think:

  • That one day, you can’t purchase any more food because someone thinks you reached your allotment for the week?
  • That you aren’t allowed to purchase a book or movie because it’s deemed “anti- fill-in-the-blank?”
  • That someone could say you don’t need X, Y, or Z, or that they would question purchases you’ve made because literally everything would be tracked?
  • That your accounts could be completely frozen until further review due to suspicious activity or simply not following suggested guidelines?

One final thought…

Will we see a cashless society in my lifetime? I don’t know, but it seems likely. I am not a financial guru by any means (I’m actually a pretty simple guy) but although the idea of digital currency may have some benefits, they won’t be in your hands.

The little stash of cash I had as a kid wasn’t much, but it was mine. Nobody knew where it was, I could spend it as I saw fit, and nobody could take it away with the click of a button. But American kids of the future may never get to experience that.

Do you think we are going to an all-digital currency? Will the results of it be good or bad? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

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Bryan Lynch

About Bryan Lynch Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

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  • Bitcoin & Crypto’s is just one of the by-products of Daniel’s prophecy thousands of years ago, where he predicted the explosive increase in knowledge. We read:
    “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, AND KNOWLEDGE SHALL INCREASE.”

    This leads us to the question: could Bitcoin be used to fulfill the prophecy about the Mark of the Beast?

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that NO ONE MAY BUY OR SELL except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666” (Revelation 13:16-18).
    So, does this explicitly say that Bitcoin & Crypto will be the means for the Beast to control the financial system of this world and in turn, the people? The truth is, it is still too early to be dogmatic. For now, everything is just speculations. However, there is a possibility for the government to duplicate or improve Bitcoin’s financial system to attain financial control.
    We need to realize that the Beast’s main platform is to promote prosperity, wealth, and abundance to everyone. They can only achieve this if they can control everyone’s financial behavior, from the national to a personal level. And that’s what is certain to happen.

  • The only way forward with a digital currency,is to be in a system that is decentralized,off the “Blockchain” and not under the control of Central Banks or tyrannical governments,(Canada anyone?). Centralized digital currencies will be the death of freedom to purchase what WE want to purchase. Central Banks and tyrannical governments want to control every aspect of our daily lives.Centralized digital currencies will accomplish that for them.If you have been paying attention,you noticed how governments have been saying “only criminals use Bitcoin”.UH yeah,they are the criminals.

  • A digital currency system is an Authoritarian dream, but is totally unworkable.
    Maybe in another 50 years or so but doubtful even them.
    To many people and businesses rely on cash.
    There is a great resistance to paying with the “tap and go” or your phone.
    It may depend upon your geographic region or economic status or even your age; but the resistance is there. If anything the resistance is growing not diminishing.
    Events like the Freezing of assets and the “outage” of Canadian banks, has just set this goal back, by many years. These are thing that are common in third world dictatorship and are not supposed to happen in first world countries. This has shaken the International financial community and will have further repercussions..
    People will not soon forget how easy it is for a government or other institution to shut off you money supply, especially if it is all digital.
    Not all transactions are public ones, (people buying at retail outlets), but private or individual transactions are very common and cash is the way they are done. This will not change in the near future.
    As the power grid becomes more unstable, due to the grater demand of electric vehicles and the reduced efficiency of ” clean” energy sources; digital transactions will not be available or be “delayed” in processing.
    Making a death knell for their implementation.

    • “To many people and businesses rely on cash”

      sure. that’s the point. what you’re missing is that to the ones in charge, only they are people, so what happens to anyone else is of no more concern to them than your concern with the bugs you roll over in your car.

  • It will be very bad. Couple it with a social credit score system and you won’t be free at all. Like the article says, those in control can freeze your account for a wide range of “offenses” and where will that leave you? Also, couple it with negative interest rates and watch your wealth shrink. Government wants negative interest rates – it makes the debt less. This is all about control.

    • “Government wants negative interest rates – it makes the debt less”

      more accurately, it makes accumulating more debt less troublesome.

  • What is created by key stroke can be deleted by a key stroke. Right now bitcoins are losing value. In Canada there ihas been a large increase in the number of depositors taking their money out of the Canadian banks. Thanks largely to the bank freeze the trust in the banks are now gone. Some are keeping their money at home. Some are buying bitcoins or opening accounts in the united states of America banks. Canada was set to delete cash and go digital, but the bank freeze is going to make it harder to gain trust. Many Canadians found their ATM and major banks offline after the emergency declaration was announced. Even though they weren’t involved with the convoy.

    The one thing that elite does not like is bartering. Instead of using money you trade goods or services. I remember on doctor talking about have done medical work in exchange for some construction work at her home.

    I don’t have a credit card. My husband does have a debit card, but it for ordering things online. We live remotely so going to the grocery store or shopping is once or twice a month due to the distance. Otherwise I would like to forgo the card. I have a pay as you go phone and not a smart phone. That phone is strictly for when we travel to go shopping or doctors. The less ties you have to the system, then the less control they have on you. I don’t have a tv, cable, net flex, etc. Why pay for the idiot system or fake news?

  • Well, when the Ontario Superior Court of Justice asked a software provider for names and to freeze bitcoin users accounts for donating to the Canadian Freedom Convoy, the provider responded thusly:

    As long as blockchain currency stays in the control of the end user, they should remain safe from government interference.
    Granted, that could change with some ill-thought out law.

  • you’re an enemy of the state (tyrant / demagogue wanna be du jour) , your accounts are frozen. we won’t kill you, but you’ll starve to death unless you are willing to move to a re- education camp, comrad

  • USDigital Dollar will be a nightmare and yes it is coming. I give it under 10 year maybe even under 5 years. It will be part of the Great Reset.
    You will be forced to turn in ALL you money into DigitalDollars. Then when the Government screws up the economy like Biden is doing…….the Government just goes into EVERYONES’ (but not theirs) bank accounts just TAKEs 10% or 20% or whatever they feel like.
    If your ESG score is low, you’ll have less access to your DigitalDollars, if you have any.

    The future isn’t bright. You’ll wish it was only as bad as the book 1984 portrayed.

  • I am no expert about digital currency, but I know a lot of people who are very heavily into it and their opinion is because it is decentralized it is a safeguard to the centralized financial systems. Being that I am a pessimist about the evil of the globalists and the centralized financial systems I could see them banning these systems in favor of their own digital currency so they can perpetuate the things you mentioned. I think digital currency is an inevitability, but to your point I dont think it will be trusted by the masses and will create an alternative/underground currency (Even Bartering) to prevent what happened in Canada. Canada opened a lot of eyes to how vulnerable we are, there will be a reaction. I personally moved all of my cash out of the big banks to a local credit union as an interim and am weighing my next steps. Be vigilant.

  • Watching fans of private crypto insist that Bitcoin and its mysterious creator will save us, I’m reminded of the Trojan horse.

    I believe cryptocurrency is a globalist invention designed to underpin a global currency to replace all others, and that this global economic crisis is manufacturing our consent for it.

    The globalists simply laundered their idea out through their pets in the private sector, so their ideological fingerprints weren’t on it.

    Brace yourselves.

  • the Yin/Yang in finance has been created by the Rothschilds cabal and we as puppets play with it for our entertainment/and greedy demise.. some got rich from the bitcoin (free advertisement by those who print it) and many will suffer from it forever in the future. The world and its rulers always needed the good/evil – east/west and now the fiat/crypto scenario to function and control its people. God gave mankind free choice and we tend to choose the worst, bad, evil nonsense because its more entertaining.. and support satan, that’s why his power is growing worldwide- anyone who cannot see this is lost, open your eyes please before the door is closed for you soon! Invest in your mind and soul, maybe some gold, silver, food, equipment, your home infrastructure and even whiskey (this is a good one) = not too much cash, it will be worthless with inflation, your credit score will be gone anyway (but never your debt to Mr Rothchild) and crypto -who knows, its not very healthy at the moment and part of the aim of crypto was to be stable even in times of war, but its not.. all lies by the master

  • “Will the results of it be good or bad?”

    if you’re a good little plowhorse, you’ll be well-taken care of.

    if not, then not.

  • Brian mentioned:

    Powell went on to say, “the effective functioning of our economy requires that people have faith and confidence not only in the dollar but also in the payment networks, banks, and other payment service providers that allow money to flow daily.” /end quote

    Due to the recent action in Canada of the bank account freezes and the GoFundMe account freeze, more people have lost confidence in payment networks and banks. Many more people are moving more into cash.

    The game has been revealed. The banksters hurt their game plan.

    Use cash for everything. Be sand in their gears.

  • This news is relevant:

    FBI set to launch new “crypto crimes unit” as more people turn to virtual currency to escape govt. control of personal finances, February 21, 2022 by: JD Heyes


    Any difference between the above and what communist China did seems just a matter of PR skills. China recently banned any crypto currency that their government didn’t create or control. Expect the FBI to carry out that same role so that the US government preserves their monopoly of counterfeiting via the Federal Reserve with the digital FedCoin.


  • Digital currency, particularly bit coin, are heavily dependent on the internet and the grid. Debit and credit could function sans internet and good old landline used for merchants to call in (though likely not enough help at the issuer and no more paper lists of lost/stolen cards). Banks can function sans internet too (though power would be challenge).
    I’ve said it many times – you don’t want what you buy to be tracked, pay cash. Yeah, you’re face *might* be on a security video but a) how long are said video kept and b) how long is cash customer nnn’s purchases kept?

  • Even under full digital currency there should be a thriving barter system. It worked in medieval times and to a certain extent it is used today. Of course, the government would make it illegal, but I’m sure organized crime would take advantage of it. Remember prohibition?

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