Are You a Good Global Citizen? Your “ESG Score” Will Say It All.

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We are witnessing the narrative switch from COVID to global warming. True, the notion of climate change has been a leftist buzzphrase for years now, but we are seeing an increase in the rhetoric, and it is growing in vehemence.

The Organic Prepper has covered the concept of Personal Carbon Allowances before (and you’re bound to hear more about them in the future).

Now, we are hearing discussion about companies’ “ESG scores.”

It is no secret that the goal of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (WEF) is to instate a globalist government that encompasses the entire world. America is the sole country that stands in the way of this happening. Should America fall, the WEF will rise.

So, just what is an ESG score? It stands for “environmental, social, and governance factors,” and it is a concept that has already crept throughout the United States largely unnoticed.

Why was it that international companies in the US have placed such a heavy emphasis on being “green” over the past several years?

It’s because of ESG scores.

Rated on a scale of 0-100, the higher your score, the better you fare. The man with a score of 88 would be deemed more climate-conscious and a better global citizen than the man with a score of 23.

Here is how your ESG score is calculated…

A company called ESG The Report has detailed all the ways that your ESG score is calculated. Here is what they have to say:

E = Environmental Factors

There are three primary environmental factors that determine what one’s ‘E’ score will be. They are:

  • What effect do you have on the environment? What are your carbon emissions like? How much waste do you create?
  • How effectively do you utilize natural resources? How much water do you use? How much electricity do you use?
  • Do you engage in any climate change initiatives?

Let us start with an analysis of the practical consequences of this. 

Imagine a world where your trash output is monitored and recorded. If you create too much, those in power will know about it. Have a birthday party with family over that generates extra trash? You could end up being penalized.

Picture being told that you drink too much water, and you need to ration how much you consume. You eat too much. That’s not fair to the rest of the planet. The number of calories you eat is to be dictated to you by the planners of society. Did your smart meter just detect you’ve met your monthly electricity allowance? Your power has just been cut off.

And what about climate change initiatives? You are literally being forced to give money to particular charities and causes at the risk of being blackballed. No money? That’s okay, forced community service, so that you can prove that you planted 45 trees this past year is also an acceptable “contribution.”

S = Social Factors

There are three primary “social factors” that influence one’s ESG score, as well. They are:

  • How well do you treat your employees, local community, and society at large?
  • Do you support diversity?
  • Is your workplace safe?

Are there practical consequences to these ideas as well? You betcha.

Consider that this scoring system necessitates some form of organization to which the employees of the world can file grievances. Do you like the idea of some global organization keeping a track record of every complaint your employees make, justified or not?

How does one determine just exactly how fair you treat your local community or society at large? Would the small town gun shop owner be told that they are selling a product that is doing harm to “society at large?” Keep in mind that globalists hate American gun ownership.

What about the church that preaches that particular actions are sinful? If this goes against the globalist agenda, they could be slapped with the low ESG score label with all the consequences that follow.

Workplace safety is not something I believe people initially object to, but if there’s one thing we’ve witnessed over the course of the past two years, it’s that what is enforced upon people in the name of safety is often anything but.

Diversity is not even worth mentioning here. If you’re a business that hires white, American men, your ESG score will be abysmal. You will be forced into hiring people based on their skin color rather than their ability. “Sorry, you can’t work here. We haven’t met our minority quota yet, and you have the wrong color skin.”

G= Governance Factors

Three factors contribute to one’s “G score.” They are:

  • Do you make political contributions or influence legislation?
  • How much do the executives at your company make?
  • Are the executives within your organization diverse?

As can probably already be seen, there are a number of issues here.

For starters, consider what could happen if it’s discovered you’ve given money to a pro-American lobbyist organization. Do you think that will help your ESG score or lower it? What if it’s found you’re not giving to any of the pre-approved political organizations? Could this be used to lower your ESG score as well?

Should globalists have any right to determine the pay scale of the executives in your company? Is this not a forced redistribution of wealth scheme? If I founded, run, and own the company, why can I not pay myself the salary I desire?

And of course, lastly, we see institutionalized racism incorporated by the globalist agenda once again, as they seek to force people to be hired not on their ability but on their skin color, gender, or sexual preferences instead.

(For information on how to starve the beast, make sure to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide.)

Who on earth is ESG The Report? 

It has to be asked who this company is. Despite their doing a very good job of hiding where they are located and who works for them, they appear to be shills for the World Economic Forum.

On their website, you’ll see such questions and answers as:

  • “Is capitalism ethically justifiable? No, it isn’t.”
  • “Does capitalism destroy the environment? Yes, it does.”
  • “Capitalism’s alternatives include democratic socialism…”

You can also see pictures of  world-class citizen, Karl Marx.

Slapping an ESG score on every human on the planet is nothing other than the next step of The Great Reset.

And no, you will not be permitted to avoid it. As Great Reset mastermind Klaus Schwab has said, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate [in the Great Reset], and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”

This won’t stop at the business level either. As we pointed out with the current discussion on Personal Carbon Allowances, this is being discussed at the individual level as well.

As the company, ESG The Report, says, there are a number of ways in which one can calculate their personal ESG score. Your transportation habits, your dietary habits, attitude, outlook, the environmental impact of your career choice, the way you invest, your recycling habits – all of these could be used to determine what your personal ESG score is.

Do you live a 45-minute drive out from work? Well, that hurts your ESG score. If you want to better it, you will need to move into a densely-populated urban center to cut back on your drive time.

Do you eat meat? Sorry, that hurts your ESG score.

Do you have a negative attitude towards the UN, the WEF, or ESG scores? Do you believe in national sovereignty? You love America? Sorry, an analysis of your social media posts and your recent government-mandated “outlook appointment” have all determined that these are negatives within your mindset, and your score will reflect it. You are guilty of Orwellian thoughtcrime.

As the WEF points out, an ESG score allows politicians to measure how well a business complies with The Great Reset. You’re no longer measured by how profitable your business is. You’re now measured by how long you’re willing to comply with tyranny on a global scale.

Surely, the idea of an ESG score is just another conspiracy theory, right?

Look it up for yourself. And for those of you who refuse to believe that this will progress into anything further, may I ask how your ‘two weeks to stop the spread’ panned out?

Agenda 21 is in motion. It’s been steadily gaining momentum ever since Nancy Pelosi introduced it to US Congress in October 1992.

We’re already seeing the effects of it. Want to see the current ESG scores of a number of companies? Check here.

Want to figure out if your personal bank has applied an ESG score to you as an individual? Check here.

These people have no intention of leaving America alone. They are intent on racing to place themselves atop a pyramid as they drag the countries of the world through the broken glass they leave in their wake. And they fully intend on leaving your United States as nothing other than a blurb in a history book.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Those idiots want us to paint OURSELVES into the corner they designed for us. Do you know what “Sinking to the Lowest Common Denominator” means? The Powers That Be, use thumb screws to force everyone to continue to report on each other tightening those screws as every butt-hurt moron wants a new law to curtail the rights of others.

    There is no place for this to go but down, because it will build a hysteria that will turn humans into apparent zombies. Remember my friends that “Misery Loves Company” and the lowest rung on that ladder is that we all will be turned into those Useless Eaters who eventually will be looked upon as stealing food from the mouths of the rich and connected.

    • “want us to paint OURSELVES into the corner they designed for us”

      that’s the only way they can get it done. is if you do it.

  • Well I don’t do mainstream social media, flatulent more than a Kalifornia cow on fresh alfalfa and love shooting lead so my grades will be lower than college scores when I failed my elective of country western dancing because I was out at the clubs country western dancing (true story).
    Like many other things it’ll be something I’m proud to have failed in life at.

  • Radio Talk Show Host, Glenn Beck recently wrote n excellent book on the Great Reset and about ESG Scores. The book is called The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism.
    You can find it on Amazon in Hardcover, Kindle and Audiobook.

  • This is proof that Klaus (Rothchild) Schwab and his minions are globalist tyrants,who must be removed from the earth permanently.We cannot allow the few (30,000 + – globalists) to rule over the masses. The globalists want us at each others throats to weaken us.Divided we are weak.United we are strong. The masses of earth must work together and stand strong against the globalist tyrants,for the common good of mankind.

    • Working for the ‘common good’ is exactly what WEF would say they’re doing, and they would also say that people who don’t embrace the Great Reset are selfish, uneducated terrorists ‘who must be removed from the earth permanently.’
      It’s a slippery slope, using the same mentality as WEF –advocating for one side to win over all others and dominate. The only thing that I can support is the strengthening of the US constitution and protecting individual freedom, or else tyranny wins.

  • Around 1985 they came out with “credit scores” to get loans or credit. Before that there was no scores. The only way to win is not to play the game. A now famous quote! I don’t have credit cards. My husband has a debit card for ordering online. I pay cash for everything I need. I have my own well which is on solar with a generator back up if needed. I live off grid. Our land was paid off within 10 years of purchase. We own it out right now. My house is not finished, but we pay cash as we go. I have a small garden. The less ties you have to the system, then the less control they have on you. My cars are brought used and paid for. Yes my Packard is costing more to get it back up, but it has no computer chips. Our VA doctors said that my husband (100%disable vet) and I (40% disable vet) are the only two patients they see that are not on drugs. We do herbals where needed. The predicted shortage of drugs does not hurt me. I had a VA doctor once tell me that I had high cholesterol. I refused her pills. Instead I increased my salads and started walking my dog twice a day instead of once. On my next visit my cholesterol was normal. Funny how that works. The more individuals who walk away from the system the better. Also, when you work for someone you are making them richer. I support mom & pop business as much as possible. That is why I no longer have an Amazon account. I don’t do social media such as facebook, twitter, etc. The organic prepper is one of the few sites I get emails from. I don’t own a TV either and that is by choice. I do pay for internet (no wifi), but no cable tv. My phone is a pay as you go. I only use that when traveling. Lately since I won’t wear a mask I am banned from the VA hospital care. So, I go to doctors that don’t take insurance nor require the mask or vaccines. These are the doctors that also walked away from the system.

  • Yeah, this ESG is being mentioned a lot. It’s nothing more than to hamper and eventually eliminate capitalism. It’s all NONSENSE. It’s about NOTHING ELSE!

    Please don’t fall for this by the American hating LEFT!

    • You only fall for it if you support it. By refusing may cause some hardships at first, but the more who do the less it will work for the leftest.

  • The Earth’s climate is controlled by sunspots & solar activity and has been since the beginning of time. It is audacious to think that human activity has any part of it.
    We certainly have a responsibility to be good stewards of what we’ve been given…but carbon taxes and the climate change hoax are just more ways for nwo types to soak people out of their hard earned money.

  • Well, look at what is going on in Canada and take notes.
    Two good articles I think it worth mentioning/posting:

    Some have said this is the West’s version of the Arab Spring, just without the violence.
    However, as one journalist put it, he spent 10 days in Ottawa and saw no violence until the police showed up (paraphrased). The reaction of the Canadian government is telling. Despite the rhetoric and spin from the Canadian media, the government is not on the side of the people but them and theirs to hold power.

    How will the People’s Convoy here in the US be treated as the truckers move from Barstow (tomorrow) and when they are expected to arrive in VA? Some have said they are not going to enter DC itself. Having lived in the DC suburbs, traffic is awful as it is. I can say from experience without the truckers, you would not know if there was a protest or not. Heck, even an inch of snow or two and the whole city/state shuts down.
    Watch how the US government and MSM depicts the convoy. Look for alt-media sites who also cover the convoy. Video posted. The reaction from Big Tech.

  • “What effect do you have on the environment? What are your carbon emissions like? How much waste do you create?
    How effectively do you utilize natural resources? How much water do you use? How much electricity do you use?
    Do you engage in any climate change initiatives?”

    this is all fake and a distraction. the real score will be how well you serve THEM, as opposed to how much you don’t. they’ll call it “esg” or other such, but it’s all a cover.

  • My score will be horrible.
    But I really appreciate what Mette said about removing oneself from “the system” where possible.
    Need to do better at that…

  • I’m shooting for a 100. I’m not going to eat or use water. I’ll stay at home and don’t work, so I will have no money to spend on contributions. I may emit emissions but not carbon or greenhouse gases. And I won’t have an opinion about anything. Will I qualify for Universal Basic Income?

    • “Will I qualify for Universal Basic Income?”

      no. ubi will require positive participation, not merely the avoidance of a bad score.

      solzhenitsyn describes an incident where a soviet committee was to seat, and someone gave the obligatory praise of stalin, and everyone was supposed to applaud then sit down. but somehow the applause was extended and there was no indication by anyone that the applause was ending, and no-one wanted to be the first to stop, so everyone kept clapping. it went on and on, no-one daring to stop. finally one committee member just stopped and sat down, and everyone else collapsed into their seat.

      the committee member was arrested that night.

  • This ESG concept is scarrier than hell. At 75, I am thankful I hopefully will not be around when it totally takes effect. I would expect my score would be under 50%. The first of items don’t concern me that much, but the government one would be a serious downer. I read 1984 in the sixties in high school. Even then it sounded ominous.

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