A Cautionary Tale: How Gun Control Played Out in Nazi Germany

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices

The rights of Americans are getting trampled on at every turn. Unfortunately, the right to self-defense as enshrined within the Second Amendment is no exception to being spit upon by communists/globalists (I admit to a bit of redundancy there).

Since President Joe Biden has been in office, we’ve seen efforts such as pre-crime surveillance plansthe administration asking SCOTUS to uphold warrantless gun confiscation, and executive orders that could turn a whole lot of gun owners into felons. In fact, the Biden administration has been very open about Biden’s willingness to “get the job done” with gun control executive orders. Or royal decrees. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Do you think gun confiscation couldn’t happen here?

A lot of folks are firmly convinced gun control could never happen in the United States of America. Of course, neither did the Germans before WW2. Nor did the Venezuelans. Other South Americans didn’t think so either.

As Selco writes in his article, Gun Confiscation: Here’s How it Might Actually Go Down”:

The 2nd Amendment is very cool, and I like it very much, but here is the ugly truth:

It works only if the government wants it to work. One day, when the government does not want it to work anymore it will be out of order, illegal, or even terrorist to practice it. Sorry, it is not your inalienable right. The government lets you THINK  it is your inalienable right. Actually, you do need to protect that right. You need to defend it.

History is a fantastic instructor and can perhaps help others better understand why this is such an important right to defend. Today, let us turn to the series of gun control laws passed in pre-World War 2 Germany. Does any of this look familiar?

April 12, 1928 – The Law on Firearms and Ammunition

Everyone now needed a license for anything related to guns due to this law. Whether manufacturing, assembling, repairing, or selling a gun, the person would be required to have a government-issued license. Not only did this law apply to guns, but it applied to ammunition as well. Anyone wanting to purchase ammunition or even to reload their own now needed a license to do so.

Arguably, this single law laid the foundation for all of what followed next in Germany throughout the ’30s and ’40s.

Not even a year passed before the Germans decided they needed further restrictions with this law. July 1928, the German government decreed that citizens were now required to have a permit to acquire more than one gun. Furthermore, citizens were only permitted 50 cartridges for that weapon.

March 18, 1931 – Unauthorized use of weapons

This law banned the carrying of any weapon off of one’s premises. By extension, this law made it illegal for groups of armed men to assemble in public places. The law specifically targeted clubs and knives. However, the law also included guns considering the exemption of those with (difficult to obtain) firearm carry permits.

February 15, 1933 – Registration of all firearm licenses

Nazi officials now demanded that all lists of registered firearm holders be delivered to the municipal government. The Nazi’s gave three weeks to comply. Anybody who the government deemed a potential threat (aka politically opposed) to the Nazi party had their firearm license revoked. According to reports, Nazis used pre-war lists of gun owners to confiscate firearms, and many gun owners simply disappeared. Following confiscation, the Nazis were free to wreak their evil on the disarmed populace, such as on these helpless Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto. [source]

February 28, 1933 – Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and the State

As Hitler gained power on January 30, 1933, gun control efforts increased exponentially. [source] This decree suspended the German constitution entirely. Personal liberty, freedom of speech, and the right to assemble were all banned by the government under the guise of national security from domestic terrorists (e.g., German communists).

The government could now open one’s mail or monitor one’s phone calls whenever they pleased, could conduct unlimited raids on individuals’ homes, and decided anyone engaged in “rioting” could potentially face the death penalty.

The government routinely conducted raids to search for forbidden weapons. However, the government could effectively silence any public discussion on the morality of such actions. Should one attempt to congregate with others to petition the government for redress of grievances – and should this gathering be deemed a riot – all present could face legalized execution. [source]

March 31, 1933 – Decree for the surrender of weapons

Germany’s government ordered citizens to surrender arms, emphasizing those considered “military weapons.” Claims state that citizens were offered the freedom to join the SA, SS, Stahlhelm, or the National Revolution units if they wanted to carry a weapon. Should you choose not to join these units, you forfeited your right to own weapons.

All those who didn’t join the Nazi organizations and kept their guns were “viewed as an enemy of the national government” and punished accordingly.

June 12, 1933 – Ban on imported handguns

As of this date, people could no longer import handguns into Germany. “For reasons of public safety, it was no longer possible to tolerate this situation,” stated the decree. It was now illegal to import a pistol “until further notice.”

From what I can tell, this ban on handgun importation was permanent.

1935 – Rubber Truncheon is published

After the global release of the hit book Rubber Truncheon, the world finally becomes aware that Germany has built a system of concentration camps for political prisoners. The author, Wolfgang Langhoff – one of these prisoners – details how Germans who violated weapons laws were routinely rounded up and shipped off to one of these camps.

Langhoff also details how a veneer of legality was brushed over all of the Nazi’s actions.

December 16, 1935 – Gestapo Directive “Issuance of Weapons Permits to Jews”

“Firearms in the hands of the Jews represent a considerable danger for the German people.” As a result, Jews were scrutinized under a microscope to determine whether or not they really “needed” a weapons permit.

In reality, this played out with Jews being denied weapons permits virtually 100% of the time.

February 9, 1938 – Weapons Law of 1938 

The German government outright banned anyone from having a weapons permit if they were a Jew, a gypsy, or a person under police surveillance (virtually all of the country). Weapons permit applicants had to prove they needed a gun before they could get one now.

November 8, 1938 – Kristallnacht begins

Widely considered the “official” beginning of the Holocaust, Kristallnacht – or The Night of Broken Glass – is a massive state-sponsored pogrom against the Jews. Estimates are that 30,000 Jews were arrested and shipped off to concentration camps throughout Kristallnacht. Hitler’s henchmen destroyed Jewish homes and businesses and killed many Jewish people.

Himmler soon declared Jews are outright forbidden to own weapons of any kind. SS head Heinrich Himmler decreed: “Jews are forbidden to possess any weapon. Violators will be condemned to a concentration camp and imprisoned for a period of up to 20 years.” [source]

We all know the rest of the story

Most of us have what happens next etched well within our brains. The following years bring us the stories of Oskar Schindler, Anne Frank, Sophie Scholl, Viktor Frankl, and a host of other heart-rending stories. Stories of men and women raped, brutalized, coerced into medical experimentation, forced to watch the execution of their children and murder themselves.

Had April 12, 1928, never happened, could a different story have played out?

For a more in-depth look at how gun control played out within the Third Reich, I highly recommend reading Stephen Halbrook’s Gun Control in the Third Reich. My research for this article came from this book. I disagree with Halbrook’s conclusion that gun control doesn’t necessarily lead to genocide (despite virtually every example in history proving such). However, this is a highly detailed account of what happened legislatively in Germany leading up to The Holocaust.

What are your thoughts?

Looking back in history, what are your thoughts about the pattern that we’re watching play out right in front of our eyes? While you personally might not give up your gun for any reason, do you think you’ll be in the minority? Do you think most people will give in? What do you foresee as the next steps of the current administration? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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  • This is the fine art of @rse covering. They’ve wrecked the economy and it collapsed sometime in 20-8-2019 and they’ve been papering over it ever since.
    They desperately need a distraction from the economic crime and a way to control people who would rise up and burn them at the stake so they invented the Covid psyop.
    Im thinking that they’re gonna hafta remove the all the unvaccinated from society because when the vaccinated start dying in droves and they notice that the only healthy ones are unvaccinated they’ll know their been lied to and they’ll come for their pound of flesh from the culprits.
    So they need to isolate the unvaccinated so that situation doesn’t happen.
    It’s all a depopulation event so it doesn’t matter to the criminals in chief how we die. In camps or from the jab, it’s all the same to them.
    Just as long as we die and they stay alive and in power.
    We’re led by genocidal, deranged maniacs.

    • You are correct as it doesn’t matter to them how we die. But covid and the jab was conceived decades ago. And actually existed before it’s purposeful release in China. I had known and prepared for its release. And I knew the timeline 2 years and a month ago. And I wasn’t alone that’s how I knew. There’s so more to worry about the things being Unleashed upon the world not just America but the world, and they have multiple purposes. They distract,divert, overwhelm, and do their part in the agenda. They don’t have the resources or manpower to go door-to-door. Yes they did in the past but there’s 5 billion more people today. It’s not only political but natural disasters as well. Which they will also use to their advantage which is why they hide and manipulate data. They don’t want a revolution notice how they are pushing the country into a divided. They seek Civil War. And they would rather us be armed. Over the decades they have threatened confiscation. But it leads to more purchases. So with an armed public given the right circumstances the populace will kill each other and the ruling Elite won’t have to expend any resources or Manpower. And just like the Jab many will walked to an internment camp and swear allegiance to the Beast. Expect a EMP.

  • It becomes clear, that, as we sit and watch the USA being destroyed from within, the reason for sabotaging internally is due to the fact that, per the 2nd Amendment, there exists a large number of gun owners, who, IF, threatened; challenged, could create a formidable force of resistance.
    WW II revealed that truth. Attacked, and we unified. We fought.WITH.SPIRIT. And even when out numbered won the battle and eventually the war.
    The 2nd Amendment has been THE.SINGLE.FACTOR. forcing socialism to thread its was through the fabric of our society, and destroying us from within. ONCE that is gone its GAME.OVER.

    • But your forgetting the infamous remarks from Rep. Swawell when he was asked how do you plan on taking Americans guns from them, he said that the US government has nuclear bombs and we will use them if you don’t surrender your guns.

  • My Opa (Grandpa) was a young boy living in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. He is still in good health and tells stories about the war. The Netherlands had national gun registries, when Hitler invaded those were seized. The Germans were able to go door to door demanding the Dutch people relinquish their firearms – those who did not were shot on sight. My Opa-Great tried to keep his rifle, but Oma-Great threw it into the canal and told him, “It’s not worth your life, Albertus.”

  • What it actually means is that we must be ready to kill. When the phrase, “We must protect our God given rights against tyranny” is used, it means we must be willing to kill other humans who are trying to control us to do their bidding.

    At some point we citizens as a group must step up and start taking out the criminals, (trash) by force. Our government is at war with us and the only way to stop it is with more brutality than the state can use against us.


    The sad part is that our government knows just how timid most Americans are, being raised on the “Turn the other Cheek” idiocy professed by their religions. Also remember that other old saying, “God helps those who help themselves”, or as Jesus supposedly stated, “The kingdom of God is within you”. In other words do not look to God to save us from totalitarians, we must take on that task if we are going to save ourselves from this obvious forming medical dictatorship !!!

    • They now have the list…..everyone that follows the government got the shot. If you are not wearing your mask you get fined.

      • It depends on where you live not everywhere in the USA has the same mindset. It’s beyond me why there are those who continue to live in places that have filth and Corruption. People will continue to make an excuse to do what they do, or stay where they stay. But they do so at their own peril. Frankly I’m glad! I can’t have everyone living in my backyard. LOL

  • I think TPTB/Globalist want the US economy to implode. There are already talks of a Fed coin. Which is a digital currency. Once they roll out the digital currency it is game over. It may not take place overnight but they do not care as they are in it for the long haul. The Millennials? Probably. They have been brainwashed from birth at every level. When TPTB say take the vax or we shut off your bank account, they jump. When they say turn in your firearms or else, same thing. It’s endgame at that point for most. Will there be resistors? Absolutely! There will always be those that are wise to the game, but they will be a small group and will eventually be hunted to extinction. I am 52 and have seen the best of the USA.Will we the people (patriots) say no more, take up arms and take back our country? Or do we lay down like sheep and lose it all.

  • my dad was a vet of WWII. he told us many times of ‘how the german people lost their guns’

    1) after hitler took control…there was a propaganda blitz of… we germans are in a war…and we MAY need your gun …so please REGISTER your weapons, (for the good of germany)
    2) your gun may be used against your fellow german by a ‘fifth columnist’ (home-grown terrorist). so… it is your DUTY to place your guns in the town bank vault each dusk…(it is your gun and you can go hunting anytime you wish or take it out to clean it and target practice)…but place it in safe keeping each night.—if you took out your gun to hunt, when the local huntmaster blew his hunting horn, announcing ‘end of hunt’, YOUR GUN went back into the bank vault.
    3) after it was determined that All GUNS (even museum pieces that had never been fired) were accounted for… the SS troops came into EACH town and held the townspeople at gunpoint while the bank vault was emptied of all guns….then the antique guns, hunting rifles, and pistols as well as anything that would fire a projectile, were taken to the center of the town square and inflammable ‘cosmoline’ was poured on the stack of guns…fire was then set and the guns were burned…this fire was followed by the monster panzer tanks. they were repeatedly driven back and forth over the charred guns…mangling and crushing the barrels…
    4) then… the announcement was stated to one and all…”you have no guns now, NOW you will do as you are told!!

    dad would tell this to us and with tears say, “NEVER LET THEM TAKE YOUR GUNS”


    • REMEMBER!…the frog who was placed in a nice pan of cool water and was happy until some asshole put the pot on the burner and turned up the heat and before the frog knew what was happening someone was eating his well cooked legs for dinner! I heard that that tyrant Biden loves frog legs before his has his daily ice cream…

  • The problem is that you are looking at Hindsight and that you have removed it from it’s cultural. political and economic context.
    Most of the German population did not have that many weapons.
    Most farmers and hunters owned long guns and very few citizens had pistols. Most of them were old and of only average quality.

    A lot of this was caused by economic factors; a world war they lostalong with the finiancial costs and the restrictions put on gun ownership, due to that loss and a world wide depression.
    Money was tight and people did not have the latest and greatest weapons.
    So there never was a ” gun culture” in Germany, like there is in the US.

    Also most Europeans are sheep, they have been long ago programmed to do as they are told, to just submit and obey. The centuries of being under Monarchial (ie dictitatorial) systems of government and religious( ie Catholic church) control, caused this.

    So trying to comparing this to the US, is like comparing Apples and Pineapples.
    The only simularity is that they are both fruit.

    Could it happen here in the US? Yes, anything is possible given the right circumstances, but highly unlikely within the next 100 years.
    As it would take at least 100 years of indoctrination into being sheep, to get to the point this might occur.Then you would also have to create a series of events that would cause a major change in gun ownership numbers, not related to gun confiscation or registration laws.

    Nothing occurs in a vacuum, there are always numerous events that lead up to and influence an event or series of events.
    Without considering the greater picture (the overall context), we are left with random facts, that can be manulipulated into all kinds of false and deceptive conclusions.

    This occurs in Prepping as much as it does in Political or othe areas,rin this case in gun control.

    • “So there never was a ” gun culture” in Germany, like there is in the US.”

      I’ll think of that the next time I go to a Schutzenfest, which many small towns in Germany still hold (at least in pre-COVID days).

      BTW, notice that the slippery slope of disarming the populace started before the NSDAP was anywhere near power. Gun control laws don’t necessarily lead to Nazis, but they sure make it easier for them to advance their agenda.

      • -Cato,
        In his book, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control & The Big Lie, Retired M/SGT Jim Owens USMC notes the same competitions.

    • I want to add to this list of differences. Americans currently, nearly across the board, enjoy a vast amount of individual wealth. Many non preppers have stashes of resources unimaginable in the German story referenced, much less country people or preppers.

      Survival itself not quite as close a thing. Laying low for a good bit of time may be a little easier. Travel is easier. Communication is easier. Modern Americans have a lot of tools in the box when it comes to keeping to themselves in a world where fascists are coming to call. I would add wealthy America have a lot of tools in the box if resistance is called for as well.

      The entire dynamic of power is different between an impoverished population and the fascist regime offering jobs and survival, vs. a wealthy population with options galore. More than half of our relatively wealthy population is already on guard. Even as they work to wreck the economy, some of this stuff doesn’t go away as easy as that.

      If they want to go this route, they really have their work cut out for them.
      That said, get spare parts, extra ammo, train your kids and family while you still can, and work to keep the hobby alive, because it’s fun and because it will help ensure freedom for the next generation.

    • I seem to recall something called Rising of 44′ against the Nazis (also a book, Rising ’44, The Battle for Warsaw, Norman Davies, that I have).

      Then there was the French resistance with many stories of the French fighting the Nazis and the Vichy government (another book The Resistance, Matthew Cobb, that I have)

      Then there is other operatives and spies, a vast array of US, British, French, Italian and many more fighting against the Nazis. (Operatives, Spies and Saboteurs, The Unknown Story of WWIIs OSS, COL. John Antal and MAJ. Bradley Gericke, another book that I have).

      So the idea that the Europeans are merely sheep does not account for those historical facts.
      Meanwhile, there have been protests by German people, French, the British in the thousands over various COVID mandates or passports.
      After Biden’s “my patience is wearing thin” speech what did Americans do? Well, some began to shout “F— Joe Biden!” at college and NFL foot ball games.
      That is about it, so far.

    • I don’t think you have much of a leg to stand on with your claim there weren’t any rifles or pistols throughout Germany. Evidence clearly points to the contrary.

      What on earth do you think Nazis were going door-to-door for years confiscating? We’ve written evidence of such. We’ve also written evidence that many of these weapons were holdovers from WW1.

      I agree with your thoughts on European culture and that’s about it here.

      • Spent two tours in Germany and lived among them the first one. Ompa showed me his 32 that rode it out in the hay loft. He still couldn’t buy fresh ammo for it because you’ve got to have a registration card to do so even today. He had some before I left.
        Not many know of what’s out there. They got good at OPSEC and their trust had to be earned.

  • A very good brief history Aden. You hit all the high points. I too have read Halbrook’s “Gun Control in the Third Reich,” and like you, I also disagreed with Halbrook’s conclusion. There’s simply too many examples of Gun Control leading directly to Genocide and/or Democide (mass murder due to Political difference), to ignore that conclusion. The Nazis are just one example of where Gun Control inevitably leads.

    The Anti-Gun/Anti 2nd Amendment adherents have adopted the “Death By A Thousand Cuts” strategy, rather than outright bans. Outright Bans are too obvious, and garner considerable opposition. Instead, they chip and whittle away at Gun Ownership a little more every day, all in the name of Public Safety/Crime Prevention. Yet not a single Gun Law in our Legal Code has had the effect of reducing Crime or Violence. All these laws have succeeded in doing is erosion of the 2nd Amendment.

    I’ve asked a few questions many times through the years to various peoples of all ages. That question is “Why were the British marching to Lexington and Concord? What was their purpose? I find it troubling that very few people I’ve questioned know the real purpose the Brits had in mind. 1 out of 10 in my age group (55 – 65). In the age group of 15 – 25, no one has given me the correct answer, which is the Brits intended to confiscate/seize the township’s cache of Arms and Powder. Only a very few know that this wasn’t the first time the Brits had confiscated the Colonist’s Arms. That they had succeeded several times before at disarming the populace. Yet, if you look at a current History textbook, you’ll be hard pressed to find that little tidbit, that was far more inflammatory than a 2 cent Tax on Tea. The disarming of the citizenry was so egregious, it’s on the list of King George’s Crimes in our Declaration of Independence.

    Gun Control isn’t about reducing Crime. It’s all about Disarming the populace to Control the populace. A disarmed person is much easier to load on the cattle cars. Hitler did it, so did Stalin and Mao, as has every other dictator throughout history.

    Enjoyed your essay Aden.
    Thank you.

  • I’ve been wanting to point out that totalitarianism comes in lots of different flavours. The current flavour is fascism. That is: the corporations own the government. ‘Communism’ is when the government owns the corporations.
    As far as I can tell the global capitalist oligarchs are setting up the lefties, the people of colour, and the trans-gendered to take the fall if what they are doing goes sideways. The fact that these people are naively playing into their hands is a side issue. When you see bankers and CEO’s ‘taking a knee’ it’s obvious. They aren’t lefties. They are profiteers.

    • Whether we’re discussing fascism, socialism, or communism they’re all forms of collectivism. Collectivism = slavery. Capitalism is the only economic option that gives one freedom. American history has demonstrated such.

      • Socialism, communism, fascism and capitalism are all isms. But the first three are forms of governing while the last is a form of economy. Capitalism was never a form of government. Ism is a suffix that means a doctrine, theory, system or practice. Relativism is another ism yet besides having ism in it, really has no other relation. Its a theory.

      • “fascism, socialism, or communism they’re all forms of collectivism”

        no. fascism and socialism are citizen-based. communism is always and everywhere cabal-based. the issue is not the system per se, but who controls it.

        especially for communists. they HATE nationalism, because they can’t wield power until it is eliminated.

    • There is no “left” or “right” anymore, only those “profiteers” you mention! They’re all in it for their own benefit and moist could give a damn about your FREEDOM or your life! Remember, just as you brought out, throughout history and into the present there have and are many “flavors” of tyrants who have and are using these same tactics to ensure they remain in total power over the people and anyone who disagrees with them will end up on a list and join the millions of souls who perished throughout history due to these megalomaniacs! Just study the history of Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao’s “people’s revolution”, Po Pot’s extermination of everyone he deemed dangerous to his regime, and the list goes on and on but no one seems to want to remember and learn from those examples! The problem with society today is that no one wants to “get involved” because they are afraid,cowardly and way to “comfortable”. They will continue to watch their favorite television program and ignore the screams coming from the rows of box cars passing their nice warm homes that are filled with those dissidents and “deplorables” on their way to the gulags, “showers” and “re-education camps”…

  • March 18, 1931 – The law effectively targeted the Brownshirts of Hitler, who used knives and clubs when intimidating enemies.

    I’m pointing out that authoritarian governments tend to try to control all potential threats, either by restricting access to force multipliers (guns, in this case) or by recruiting those who desire force multipliers (“join the SA, SS, Stahlhelm, or the National Revolution units” from above). The trend toward authoritarian rule by Conservatives “to preserve the right to bear arms” shows the beginnings of this sequence. (The trend by Liberals to constrain the right to bear arms probably has a lot to do with the use of arms in violence and threats in urban areas. You know, to preserve “Law and Order”.)

    My stance is along the lines of preserving a Rebel stance, but within the frameworks of the law. Like requiring (almost free) gun licenses for every gun owner, requiring annual attendance AND passing of government provided gun safety classes to renew said licenses, and requiring (free) registration of all guns (so that law enforcement can trace ownership when guns are used in crimes). Pursuant to that last, gun owners would be expected to report lost or stolen firearms as soon as such were lost or stolen. Mind you, this would be within a social expectation that most would be armed. I’m leaning, strongly, toward “using weapons in petty anger situations will result in the loss of your gun rights”. I want responsible people behaving responsibly to have free access to guns, not bullies taking advantage of perceived weaknesses by using guns.

    I’ve seen some of the bullying with guns (generally from angry adults who were ticked off by some small misbehavior), and some of the behavior changes around people who have guns (the few kids at school who had guns were treated a bit better, but most (who talked to or around me) would rather be beaten up than threaten those beating on them, “cause Dad was worse”). It’s because of the bullies, and the “I can’t stand life so I’ll make the cops kill me” idiots, and the hair-trigger stupid anger people, that I think ranged weapons, guns included, should be licensed and regular safety trainings be required.

    • It’s because of wilderness safety, “putting food on the table”, and patriots protecting their nation, that I think ranged weapons remain a necessity. (Small magazines w/ “replace when low” is important, though.)

    • Ogamal, with all due respect, you’re an idiot. Giving the government any information whatsoever as to whether you even have a gun, let alone it’s description, is just asking for confiscation. Doesn’t history teach you anything?

      We’ve already allowed too much, in that the form 4473 a person has to fill out to purchase a gun from an FFL tells the government you’ve got a gun. The phony story that those forms are only held for so long then destroyed is a fairy tale only children would believe. Plus, every FFL is required by law to hold their record indefinitely, and turn them over to the ATF if they close shop should just reinforce the list keeping truth.

      Your recommendation of safety training is laudable, but verifying to the government that training? Why not just register the gun?

      It’s people like you who are willing to submit to government edicts in the name of “gun safety” that will, if not stopped by those who understand government is not to be trusted, put our citizens in a position of no recourse to tyranny.

    • “My stance is along the lines of preserving a Rebel stance, but within the frameworks of the law”

      nice thought but won’t work. see, in their minds they themselves are the law, and they intend to enforce it.

  • I dunno.
    This admin seems quite comfortable with using unusual or even creative means as a work around to the Constitution.
    Or full well knowing an EO is un-Constitutional, likely to get struck down in one or more courts, still go ahead with it anyways.

    • They’ve zero issue with work arounds nor flat ignoring it altogether. This admin is dangerous and wanting IT to happen. The 2nd is just part of our combined issues and one of the few things stopping it.

  • The Nazis weren’t in power until later in the 30’s. Hitler was made Chancellor, but Hindenberg was still President. As Nazis continued to gain power through elections, they took over more of the government, but the Nazis were pretty powerless prior to January of 1933 and only partially in power until 1936. One of the Nazis main claim was to tear up and destroy all firearm registrations in 1938. So much for being about gun control.

      • Well yes, because the Nazis didnt have control of the government. Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Hindenburg, the President of the Weimar Republic. European countries (and other countries, including Israel) rule or form coalition governments. The US is one of the few countries where it’s government isnt made up of two or more political parties. The Weimar Republic was a coalition government. No political party made up more than 50%. In 1932, the Nazis won 33% of the National vote. A coalition was formed between the Weimar and Nazi parties with Hindenburg as President and Hitler as Chancellor. In July of 1933, the Nazis consolidated their power an a one party government was formed under the Nazis.

  • You may want to go back and do more research, the Nazis did not come in to any type of power until 1933. They shared power with the Hindenburg government. The Hindenburg government had emphasized gun control. Not the Nazis. Three weeks after Hitler was elected Chancellor, the Hindenburg government (of which Hitler was a member ) declared all firearms be registered at local level. This was the registration that the Nazis destroyed in 1938 during the National Gun Law. The Nazis made it illegal for any they found undesirable, ie Jews, Socialists, homosexuals, etc to own firearms. But the Nazis did not get rid of nonNazis government officials until later in 1933. The Nazis did not take complete control (as opposed to sharing government control with other political parties) until mid July 1933. So pretty much anything prior to that was the Weimar Republic and not the Nazis, since they didn’t have complete control of the government.

  • My Thoughts On:
    Civilian Disarmament
    By Jerry D Young

    I have posted my thoughts on Civilian Disarmament several times. I have revised it recently, so I will post it again.

    With the newest changes in the US power structure, the likelihood of the subject of Civilian Disarmament is likely to come up time and time again in the near future. Here are some of the ways I address the issue when it comes up and I am in a position to respond and give my thoughts on the subject.

    1) I never, ever, refer to any discussion, comment, or other situation where weapons are referenced by any term other than Civilian Disarmament. For I believe wholeheartedly that the goal of people that tend to bring it up is just that. Civilian Disarmament.

    No matter what term they use, I use Civilian Disarmament in every reply, all through any discussion that might take place. I DO NOT use any of ‘their’ terms. Because that allows them to disseminate information and ideas that are misleading, do not actually pertain to the subject, are often outright lies, and tend to have very strong emotional links to the word, words, or phrases that distract from the actual discussion of what they want to do.

    Not ‘gun control’. Not ‘reasonable efforts’. Not ‘for the children’. Not ‘crime control’. Not ‘reducing gun deaths’. Not ‘gun safety efforts’. Not ‘simply …’ anything. Not ‘only …’ anything. Not ‘reducing gun violence’. Not ‘militia …’ anything. Not ‘regulation’. Not ‘homicide reduction’. Not ‘suicide reduction’. Not ‘limited …’ anything. Not ‘The second amendment no longer applies’.

    Well, I could go on and on and on and… But I will stop here. The point is that I will not use their terms. Terms for which they have applied definitions that often have literally no connection or similarity to classic dictionary definitions of the words.

    So, basically, if I am in the discussion it is a discussion about Civilian Disarmament whether it started as such or not. And though it is very difficult at times, I always try to use the word weapons, as opposed to guns. Because Civilian Disarmament does include taking effective weapons of all types from civilians, not just modern firearms. Black powder weapons, swords, spears, all the way down to even kitchen knives in places.

    2) Any discussion, to be a discussion, whether it be verbal, written, or visual, should be conducted with courtesy, with respect for the other person’s opinion, without interrupting the other person (no matter how large the temptation), and two-way. No preaching, no demands, no ‘I am right and you are wrong’, no angry gestures, with each person being allowed to speak, in turn, and then allowed to speak again, in turn, to address what was said each time.

    I will not argue, especially a yelling match. It solves nothing and puts me in a bad light even for those that support my opinion. I intend to lead the way, provided the example, and be that person that others will actually listen to and take away something rather than just shutting it all out, which means I will have accomplished nothing.

    3) I make it personal. No, NOT calling a person names, not denigrating their intelligence or ancestors. Not using derogatory versions of political party names, group names, organization names, other peoples’ names, or anything with which they identify.

    All that does is get them angry, causes them to rant and rave in return, and totally destroys any chance of exchanging actual information and providing them with information that they might just look at, and think about. They definitely will not consider anything you might suggest if it is accompanied with vitriolic accusations and derogatory comments.

    What I am talking about is make the subject, and especially individual points of the discussion personal to the person with whom you are talking. Use their first name if you know it, and that is not already an objectionable thing to do for them, and if not, simply use the word ‘you’, or ‘your’, with slight emphasis on it each time.

    This will hopefully allow them to see that Civilian Disarmament IS NOT about ‘the other guy’, the bad person, the person with ‘too many’ weapons, ‘the wrong kind’ of weapons, or some other ‘person’ only. It is about them as well. Everything that they want others to do and rules to abide by, they will, as well. And they often do not think about that. Not even consider it. Since they are not a gun owner, nor want to be.

    The list below is the core of what I do. I ask the questions, as I said, always using the slightly emphasized ‘you’ word or variation as needed. This will cause them to think about things in ways they probably have not considered. Often the person is scared, or worried, or even just concerned, and has listened to the rhetoric put out by those attempting to disarm all civilians. Civilians. As in everyone that is not one of their own elite group, and usually police, military, and certain other ‘special’ people that they believe should have the advantages that having effective weapons available give them.

    They believe that they are one of ‘them’ and not one of ‘us’, until many of these things are pointed out.

    So, on with the list and additional comments at the end:

    With emotions running high because of recent events, and many snap decisions being made by people in positions of power, I thought I might pass along some information and some of my thoughts on the subject at hand, so people that might not have been exposed to some of the included information will now have a chance to make decisions based on a more complete base of knowledge.

    I would ask that anyone reading this not take my word for any of it, but do their own due diligence research into the thoughts that I will be expressing. To learn, on your own, if what I am asking and suggesting is true, or is not true.

    This first part is a set of ‘Gun Control’ poll questions, more appropriately called Civilian Disarmament poll questions, that I think should be included in any and all polls relating in any way to the restriction of US Citizens from exercising their God given moral and legal right to acquire, own, possess, keep, bear, and use arms, as expressed in the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.

    I have found that many polls presented to the public are asking for results that are essentially about ‘the other person’, not really indicating that the disarmament would apply to the person taking the poll, as well as ‘the other person’. Take this poll with yourself and your family in mind. See if you are or are not in one of the groups that will be exempt from being forcibly disarmed.

    1) In a gun-free zone, where there is no one around to return fire, and an active shooter with a semi-auto rifle fires all 210 rounds of his/her ammunition: Are 210 rounds in 7 30-round magazines more dangerous than 210 rounds in 14 15-round magazines or 210 rounds in 21 10-round magazines? Yes/No

    2) In that scenario, do YOU think is it better for the shooter to A) fire off those 210 rounds rapidly and wildly, because they are in 30-round magazines and they feel they have plenty? Or B) much more slowly, taking careful aim, because they only have 10 rounds at a time before they have to reload? A/B

    3) Considering the number of shootings that have taken place in areas labeled “Gun Free Zone” do YOU feel safer in Gun Free Zones than in areas where regular people licensed to carry concealed weapons, or people that open carry weapons where legal are or may be armed? Yes/No

    4) Are YOU willing to be unarmed in a society where only ‘official’ people can have firearms? Yes/No

    5) Will YOU feel safer if a new Assault Weapons Ban is enacted? Yes/No

    6) Do YOU think YOUR family will be safer if YOU are denied gun ownership? Yes/No

    7) Are YOU capable of defending YOURSELF and YOUR family without the use of a firearm when confronted by criminals using guns illegally? Yes/No

    8) Should YOU be considered a danger to YOUR family or other people if YOU own a gun? Yes/No

    9) Are YOU willing to have your home and property searched at will by armed officials searching for illegal firearms? Yes/No

    10) Are YOU willing to give up your right to have effective weapons when only ‘official’ people can have them? Yes/No

    11) Should public officials be exempt from gun control measures and be allowed to have them when YOU cannot? Yes/No

    12) Are a public official’s children more entitled to be protected than YOUR children and have armed security in their schools when YOU cannot have the same? Yes/No

    13) Should ‘celebrities and important people’ be exempt from gun control measures and be allowed to have them when YOU cannot? Yes/No

    14) Should public officials, ‘celebrities’, and ‘important people’ have personal guards that are exempt from gun control measures YOU must follow? Yes/No

    15) Is the safety of public officials, ‘celebrities’, and ‘important people’ and their families more important than YOUR safety and YOUR family’s safety? Yes/No

    16) Do YOU know someone ‘special’ that should be exempt from the gun laws that YOU are required to follow? Yes/No

    17) Are YOU one of the ‘special people’ that should be exempt from the gun laws that others must follow? Yes/No

    18) Should those that advocate gun control for YOU be exempt from the law that YOU must follow? Yes/No

    19) Should those that advocate gun control for YOU be allowed to have firearms until everyone else is disarmed? Yes/No

    20) Do YOU think that most of those in public office are ‘special’ and therefore more qualified than YOU to make decisions about YOUR safety and the safety of YOUR family? Yes/No

    21) Do YOU think that people wishing to use firearms in crimes will give up their guns during a gun ban? Yes/No

    22) Do YOU think that criminals WILL NOT be able to get firearms by theft or illegal sale when some people are exempt from gun laws, but YOU are required to give up YOURS? Yes/No

    23) Are those that support rigid gun control laws and advocate the gunning down or burning alive NRA members and other gun owners hypocritical in their thinking? Yes/No

    24) Should YOU have a firearm, because YOU are not a danger with one and everyone else not have one because only YOU are not a danger with one? Yes/No

    25) Are YOU mentally incompetent to own and legally use a firearm because you seek help for SOME mental issues such as depression and take the prescribed medication as directed? Yes/No

    26) If YOU are being treated for depression and taking the medication, if any, as directed, and therefore more mentally sound with the correct chemical balance, are YOU a bigger risk than those not taking anything or seeking help that leaves them with an untreated chemical imbalance? Yes/No

    27) Are YOU incompetent to own and use a firearm because you have minor mental issues that do not involve violence against other people? Yes/No

    28) Are YOU competent to decide whether or not YOUR children are introduced to the safe handling of firearms? Yes/No

    29) Do YOU think government enforcement agencies should have armed agents? Yes/No

    30) Do YOU think administrative and bureaucratic agencies personnel should be armed? Yes/No

    31) Do YOU think administrative and bureaucratic agencies should have armed agents as part of the agency? Yes/No

    32) If YOU do not own a gun, it was an option YOU chose. Do YOU believe you are better off if that option is taken away from YOU, so YOU no longer have the option to or to not to own a weapon because others believe that YOU are not capable of making the ‘correct’ decision about that option? Yes/No

    33) Do YOU think terrorists or people known to be dangerous should have firearms? Yes/No

    34) Do YOU consider YOURSELF a terrorist or a danger to others because of your basic beliefs? Yes/No

    35) Are YOU a member of one of the following groups, have one of the following beliefs, or engage in one of the following activities that DHS has stated that indicate that YOU are a potential terrorist and a danger to the safety of the nation and should be subject to the no recourse/unlimited incarceration/no contact/no trial/no habeas corpus arrest under the US Patriot Act? Yes/No

    1) “Anti-abortion activists”
    2) “Anti-Gay”
    3) “Anti-Immigrant”
    4) “Anti-Muslim”
    5) “Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful, or undesirable”
    6) “Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”
    7) “General right-wing extremist”
    8) “Militia or unorganized militia”
    9) “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”
    10) “Returning veterans”
    11) “Rightwing extremists”
    12) “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”
    13) “The Patriot Movement”
    14) “Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”
    15) “Those that advocate for states’ rights
    16) “Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”
    17) “Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”
    18) “Those that talk about “individual liberties”
    19) “Those that want “to make the world a better place”
    20) Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”
    21) Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”
    22) Anyone that “complains about bias”
    23) Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”
    24) Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”
    25) Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”
    26) Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”
    27) Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”
    28) Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”
    29) Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”
    30) Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs”
    31) Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”
    32) Anyone that is “anti-abortion”
    33) Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”
    34) Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”
    35) Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”
    36) Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps
    37) Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”
    38) Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”
    39) Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21/Agenda 2030
    40) Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”
    41) Christians that have ever discussed the anti-Christ
    42) Christians that have ever discussed the apocalypse
    43) Christians that have ever discussed the book of Revelation?
    44) Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.
    45) Constitution party members
    46) Evangelical Christians
    47) Fundamental Christians
    48) Gun owners
    49) Libertarian party members
    50) Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol
    51) Members of the American Family Association
    52) Members of the Christian Action Network
    53) Members of the Family Research Council
    54) Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform
    55) Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition
    56) People advocating a decentralized government
    57) People distrustful of the DHS See Something, Say Something campaign
    58) People driving vans
    59) People involved in the Patriot Movement
    60) People or groups that seek to smite the purported enemies of God and other evildoers
    61) People showing an interest in web privacy when using the Internet in a public place
    62) People talking to police officers
    63) People that are involved with alternative media
    64) People that believe in a New World Order and/or Agenda 21/2030 conspiracy
    65) People that believe in civil liberties
    66) People that believe in homeschooling
    67) People that believe in their Constitutional rights
    68) People that express an interest in self-sufficiency
    69) People that express libertarian philosophies
    70) People that express second Amendment-oriented views
    71) People that fear economic collapse
    72) People that have ever expressed concerns of Big Brother
    73) People that have expressed agreement with Constitutional rights and civil liberties
    74) People that have expressed fears of Big Brother or big government
    75) People that have religious views concerning the book of Revelation
    76) People that listen to, watch, or read alternative media
    77) People that oppose abortion
    78) People that oppose illegal immigration
    79) People that possess survivalist literature
    80) People that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority
    81) People using a cell phone recording application
    82) People using a video camera in public places
    83) People wearing hoodies
    84) People who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threats to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.”
    85) People who buy food in bulk
    86) People who consider themselves “anti-global”
    87) People who disagree with the mass media’s version of events
    88) People who display bumper stickers
    89) People who fly a U.S. flag
    90) People who oppose giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants
    91) People who own gold
    92) People who pay cash for a cup of coffee
    93) People writing on a piece of paper in public
    94) Ron Paul supporters
    95) The militia movement
    96) The sovereign citizen movement
    97) Those concerned about “illegal immigration”
    98) Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”
    99) Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”
    100) Those that “do not think they should have to pay taxes”
    101) Those that are “anti-global”
    102) Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”
    103) Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”
    104) Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
    105) Those that are against illegal immigration
    106) Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”
    107) Those that believe in “end times” prophecies
    108) Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union”
    109) Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Do not Tread On Me”)
    110) Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”
    111) Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”
    112) Those that have a negative view of the United Nations
    113) Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”
    114) Those that refer to an “Army of God”
    115) Those that support Libertarian concepts
    116) Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr
    117) Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner
    118) Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”
    119) Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”
    120) Those who are “fiercely nationalistic (rather than universal and international in orientation)”
    121) Those who are “reverent of individual liberty”
    122) Those who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
    123) Those who believe their “way of life” is under attack
    124) Veterans

    36) Do YOU believe, that even if government jurisdictions, from city governments all the way up to all three branches of the Federal government, are not currently tyrannical in nature, that there are individuals, and groups of individuals, within the governments that do act in ways that are tyrannical, that overstep their legal authority, that use heavy handed tactics, to achieve some agenda that they believe in, even if the government in general does not? Yes/No

    37) Do YOU think that these people in government that are trying to implement their own agenda, with or without the general assistance or knowledge of others within the government, and use force of arms to achieve some part of that agenda, are a danger to YOU and YOUR family due to your beliefs and your expression of your beliefs? Yes/No

    38) Are YOU able to protect YOURSELF and YOUR family from these people if they, by intent or accident, attack you with weapons if you do not have weapons of YOUR own? Yes/No

    39) Since these people are some of those that will legally be allowed to possess weapons of many sorts, often including military ordnance, when Civilian Disarmament has begun, are YOU willing to stand up, unarmed, to protest their actions when they violate some law you disagree with? Yes/No

    40) If Civilian Disarmament occurs, do YOU think that these, for lack of a better term, JBTs (Jack Booted Thugs), sanctioned or not, will be more likely to start taking action arbitrarily to achieve their agenda, and continue to do so no matter what the rest of the government suggests or orders them to do, since they will be some of those that legally have weapons, and those that would stop them do not? Yes/No

    41) Given the reality of JBTs in the future (and even now in some instances), do YOU feel that YOU and YOUR family will be safe from anything they might do, if YOU are disarmed? Yes/No

    42) Are YOU willing to permanently give up YOUR other rights, and YOUR families’ other rights, when ordered to do so in support of Civilian Disarmament, as part of the necessary actions to ensure that Civilian Disarmament can be achieved with the fewest losses to the LEOs and JBTs and government officials that will be enforcing it? Yes/No

    43) Currently, if YOU do not own a gun, it was an option YOU chose. Do YOU believe you are better off if that option is taken away from YOU, so YOU no longer have the option to or to not to own a weapon because others believe that YOU are not capable of making the ‘correct’ decision about that option? Yes/No

    44) Do YOU think YOU are capable of making up YOUR own mind about any subject, not just Civilian Disarmament? Yes/No

    45) Do YOU think YOU should only read, watch, and listen to Main Stream Media sources to get information about what is happening around you? Yes/No

    46) Do YOU think other sources of information and news should be controlled by the government? Yes/No

    47) Do YOU think that online services should have the power to arbitrarily restrict, demonetize, or otherwise keep alternative news and information sources from providing their services and opinions while allowing other sources to continue, when the only difference being the different social, political, or other beliefs being expressed, with no criminal or other rule violations taking place? Yes/No

    48) Do YOU think YOU are capable of making up YOUR own mind about any subject, not just Civilian Disarmament? Yes/No

    49) Do YOU think YOU should only read, watch, and listen to Main Stream Media sources to get information about what is happening around you? Yes/No

    50) Do YOU think other sources of information and news should be controlled by the government? Yes/No

    51) Do YOU think that online services should have the power to arbitrarily restrict, demonetize, or otherwise keep alternative news and information sources from providing their services and opinions while allowing other sources to continue, when the only difference being the different social, political, or other beliefs being expressed, with no criminal or other rule violations taking place? Yes/No

    52) Do YOU think that those that oppose people having weapons, and have chosen to not own them, but have always had that option, and exercised that option freely understand that if Civilian Disarmament comes about, they will have no choice in the matter. An option will be taken from them, in the form of losing one of the primary aspects of being free, the right to keep and bear arms. Do YOU think that those people are going to simply accept the fact that they can no longer make a choice to own or to not own a gun, but are being ordered to, and informed at the end of a gun that owning a gun is not a choice? Yes/No

    53) Do YOU remember from YOUR school years, using the textbooks of the time, and not the new ones now being printed and distributed, about how every totalitarian regime that has ever existed, has disarmed it citizens, so they become subjects, and are unable to defend themselves effectively when that regime began to control them more and more tightly, leading, ultimately, to killing everyone that did not fit their ideal of a perfect subject under their elite leadership? Yes/No

    54) Whether YOU believe it will happen or not, how would YOU defend YOURSELF, YOUR family, and YOUR beliefs if our government DID become totalitarian, and YOU had given up YOUR right to own an effective weapon to combat the abuses of such a government, whether YOU own one now or not? Or would YOU submit to whatever YOU are instructed to do, and force YOUR family to submit to whatever those in authority say they must do? Yes/No

    55) Could YOU and would YOU take up farming tools to fight tanks and attack helicopters and heavily armed troops to protect what you believe in? Yes/No

    56) Do YOU, or do YOU think anyone else, really expects the Federal Government to “control” millions of guns, AND protect 350,000,000 unarmed ‘subjects’ (and I say subjects because we will no longer be citizens), and themselves at the same time, without the support and assistance of 50,000,000 or more former gun owners that are trying to find ways to defend their families against both the real terrorist, as well as our own government agents doing no-knock warrants, because they know there will be people that will not turn in their guns? Yes/No

    57) And do YOU know just how many times SWAT and/or Assault Teams have hit the wrong house and killed the wrong dog, not to mention its owner? Multiply that percentage to 10s of millions of no-knocks. Do you think Civilian Disarmament will lessen gun deaths AND other crime related deaths? Yes/No

    58) Are YOU really aware that when they are talking about Civilian Disarmament, they are talking about YOU? Not just me and another guy, but YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Believe me, if YOU are not part of the few thousand elite, YOU will be disarmed as well, at gun point, YOUR person, YOUR vehicle, and YOUR house, storage room, gym locker, and back yard thoroughly searched. Possibly at 3 in the morning with a no-knock warrant. Are YOU willing to put YOURSELF and all members of YOUR family through that degrading process? Yes/No

    59) YOU do not even have a gun, YOU say? Well, when the rewards start going up for turning in YOUR neighbors, and YOU have even one person that dislikes YOU, YOU will get that no-knock visit, because YOU lied about having a weapon, and therefore are a ‘domestic terrorist’ and LEOs cannot risk not doing it that way because it just MIGHT be true, since no one would lie about their neighbor over something petty. Do YOU know anyone that might turn YOU in for having a weapon when YOU do not have one, but want to get YOU in serious trouble, simply because they do not like YOU, or YOUR family, or want something YOU have? Yes/No

    60) So, are YOU and YOUR family ready to start looking over your shoulder all the time, because they will be coming after YOU AND YOUR FAMILY for something, at some point, that YOU do, that the elite does not want happening. Like going to a Christian or Jewish church in more than groups of 2 or 3. Or grow a garden. Or complain about the inappropriate handling of YOUR 13-year-old daughter when searched for concealed weapons. And of course, it had to be a full body cavity strip search, just to keep EVERYONE safe. Are YOU in favor of being in situations? Yes/No

    61) And since it will be way too late before Main Stream Media realizes that not only are YOU being targeted, and they have been ordered not to report it, but that since THEY are no longer needed for disinformation, THEY are now being targeted, so cannot warn YOU, YOU will never see it coming, except for warnings like this. Is that the way YOU want to be notified about the real results of what a ‘reasonable’ Civilian Disarmament program will be? Yes/No

    62) And if I am still around (not likely, of course, after this), I will gladly remind everyone that I TOLD YOU SO.

    And if you have doubts about the intention of those that are adamant about Civilian Disarmament, take a look at the following screen shot of a UN document written in 2013 that lays out the plan to disarm all citizens in all member nations. That includes the US. Compare what was written in 2013 to what is happening now. And it this is not scary enough, research UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030. Note the restricted status of the document. They did not and do not want people to know what they are planning.


    My Thoughts On:
    How The 2nd Amendment “Guarantees”
    The Right To Keep And Bear Arms
    By Jerry D Young

    I believe the following is very important, and is the way I believe, live my life, and part of the reason I prep, not to mention how I prep.

    The Constitution Of The United States IN MY OPINION is a document that acts as a guideline for how free people can live and stay free as individuals. Yes, it does carry the weight of law, but that has always been, is now, and always will be subject to the whims of those that enforce the laws. (Not the police, the elected officeholders.)

    The Bill of Rights, as part of the constitution, DOES NOT guarantee anything. It is simply a list of what free people do. Only when the population does the things listed and sees to it that others are not prevented from doing them, is everyone free in the country.

    A law, no matter how well written, no matter how many people supported it to get it passed into law, is absolutely meaningless if it is not abided by. And if those that have the power to see to it that it is abided by fail to do so by choice or incompetence, then that law is ignored. Where is there any guarantee in that?

    Many of those in our government, especially from Lincoln’s time onward, have, usually by choice, ignored laws themselves, and allowed others to ignore even more laws, and have in the last fifty years or so actively encouraged people to ignore laws and aided and abetted them in doing so.

    Those that say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, answer me this: Are all individuals in the United States (not exempt by reason of being incapable of telling right from wrong as judged by an overwhelming majority of US citizens) now able to keep and bear arms?

    NO. They are not! The 2nd Amendment has not guaranteed it. And it never will. The guarantee comes from the individual citizens of the United States keeping and bearing arms, and if needed, using them to prevent those from preventing any citizen from keeping and bearing arms if they so choose.

    It is the same with each and every one of the first ten amendments of the constitution, and most of the rest passed early on. (Not so much some of the later ones.)

    If we, as individuals, even acting as part of various groups, do not actually do what those amendments list, we are not free, as individuals or collectively as citizens of one of the States.

    If something is given, it can almost always be taken away. A guarantee is from someone else. Therefore, that someone else might just decide to take it away. That is what has happened. Since not enough individuals have actually lived as free individuals, others have been able to convince enough individuals that the power rests with a given group of people, elected Federal Government officers, and extending all the way down to bureaucrats that write policies and procedures that they feel have the rule of law (which the courts started allowing).

    The concept of a Constitutional Republic is that it is a representative democracy. (Note the small ‘d’ in democracy. We ARE NOT a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.)

    Those that we elect are, by the guidelines of the Constitution, obligated to do as the constituents that elected them want them to do. I think it is abundantly clear now (as many things were ‘self-evident’ way back when, but are no longer) that few, if any elected officials pay much head to what their constituents want, above doing just enough to get re-elected in what has become a convoluted system where sometimes less than 35% of a voting population is able to elect a person into a position.

    It is IN MY OPINION the same situation when it comes to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, and even more so in many lower courts. The lower courts are supposed to, by their charter, adjudicate cases of those accused of having broken a law. The SCOTUS is supposed to, by their charter, adjudicate cases of whether laws, actions, and a few other things I simply cannot remember, are within the bounds of what the Constitution has set out as what can be done within the country.

    It has never been their place to create laws by judgment, or do anything other than decide if something is within the bounds of the Constitution.

    Again, I ask, where is the guarantee that the SCOTOUS will make sure our ‘rights’ are not violated or taken away? There is none.

    To reiterate, the only guarantees within the Constitution are those that we, as individuals, having been given a list of what free people do to be free, make happen.

    Until we practice our religions; speak freely; disseminate information (free press); assemble openly; petition as needed; keep and bear arms; and do all the other things openly, forcefully, without backing down, and support others that do so, we will not be free the way those that came to create the Constitution, not just those that wrote it, wanted to be, and wanted future generations to be.

    Just my very long, somewhat convoluted opinion.

    And a final request:

    Ask, do not demand, that anyone with whom you are discussing Civilian Disarmament to “Please do your own due diligence research on this subject, using not only Main Stream Medias’ and Civilian Disarmament groups’ provided sources but other sources of information. Please seek out your own sources from all types of places that might have relevant information.”

    Everything is my strongly held opinion.

  • You need to rewrite the Feb 15, 1933 paragraph. The Warsaw (Poland) uprising happened in 1943, not 1933. WW2 was well underway at that point.

  • An interesting take since Nazism is a far right wing ideology of nationalism of all concepts with the country as opposed to communism which is where the “people “ are in charge of their government and country. Of course, neither actually happens (1919 Russia is closest point of the people in charge until Lenin decided he knew best and became a dictator,much like Hitler became in 1933). Power corrupts. Had the Weimar Republic (not the Nazis) not endorsed the 1928 Gun Control Act, appointed Hitler as Chancellor (sort of Vice President to Hindenburg) nor the National GunRegistration Act of 1933, the world would have been different perhaps. But when the Nazis did finally gain control in July of 1933, it still took them 5 years to remove gun registrations regulations from the German people. Of course they had to remove all of those they saw as unfit to be German citizens ie the Jews, the Communists, the Socialists and homosexuals. Only after culling the crop so to speak did they allow all Germans to be able to own firearms and rescind any form of registration. Its still ironic that a government party included the name of their enemy (Socialists) within their party’s title. Sort of like how the People’s Republic of North Korea is neither for the people or a Republic. Talk about false advertising!

    • “communism which is where the “people “ are in charge of their government and country”

      certain people. not anyone else.

      • The concept of communism is that the workers are in charge of the government and economy. But as I said, there has never been a communist country. There have been countries who said they were communist, but they weren’t in the true definition of the word.

  • First of all, you have to leave the government OUT of the picture. That’s your FIRST mistake to even mention it in America because as RR pointed out. It says in the 2nd Amendment – it’s the “people’s right”.

    DID YOU HEAR THAT? It’s not the government’s right in the 2nd Amendment. Please get that picture out of your mind and only have a “people’s” discussion about it. That is neighbor to neighbor, town to town thing is how we regulate this right.

    Among ourselves as PEOPLE. NOT a government right.

    I might also add that it is WE THE PEOPLE that give permission to the government to rule us according to OUR Constitution. As PH mentions we created this creature (government). It obeys US. NOT the other way around.

    But many people miss out what the 2nd Amendment was really for. To CREATE AN ARMED CITIZEN’S MILITIA that has NEVER been done perpetually and largely forgotten.

    Of course, those up there DRUNK on power love that.

    • Of course finding that said right in any legal document not produced by the government is problematic at best. Our founding fathers used the term inalienable rights, yet as you dig deeper, the only inalienable rights listed were “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness “. No other inalienable rights were ever mentioned. There is no legal document that grants us these “rights” prior to the Constitution. So the concept that these were rights prior to the Constitution “granting” them is circumstantial at best. Thankfully the Constitution did list certain rights as belonging to its citizens, but declaring them “inalienable “ is a stretch. Much like the “right to not wear a mask or get a vaccine “ is hard to produce any legal document granting that right. Jacobson v. Massachusetts did grant the government the right to make vaccinations legal though and the Supreme Court upheld it in 1905 for smallpox.

      • Gosh, I just mentioned it and it flew right past you. You really do want to believe in men instead of God. All rights come from God and all wrongs come from men.

        The Constitution tries really hard to impose limits on men (or government by men) because they know the evil that lurks in them but you want to put it right back in their hearts.

        And the pursuit of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” is what the entire Constitution is based on.

  • In a way, it may be just too bad you published this. Very informative, but will our own government read it and say “Aha, that’s the way to do it!”? Maybe they don’t need the help, but this is pretty much the way I expect things to go. Except we have such superior propaganda capability now, it will go much faster.
    Hopefully gun owners can figure out how to fight these things legally, and not get suckered into the “action-reaction” situations which get us accused of ‘terrorism’, thus giving the desired excuse to arrest us all.

  • We don’t have to look all the way back to the Nazis to see the effects of gun confiscation. Look no further than Australia to see over 25 million subjects in perpetual lockdown; having lost every right their government had previously allowed its subjects to have….because none are armed and/or capable of standing up to their government.

  • General Mike Flynn said yesterday in an interview, ” There is a small group of Marxists who are attempting to take over and remake our country. They see this as their best opportunity and will not hold back, after stealing the Election” .

    Certainly gun control is a huge part of their plans.

    The D.C. swamp had a WOKE Commission who looked at the Constitution and our Founding Fathers and said that they were Racists and the Constitution holds “dark and dangerous ideas”. Like Freedom and Private Property?

    A fight is coming, prepare for ugly!

    • “who looked at the Constitution and our Founding Fathers and said that they were Racists”

      they were.

      “and the Constitution holds ‘dark and dangerous ideas'”

      it does.

      “Like Freedom and Private Property?”

      yes. see, in their minds, it’s all theirs. all of it. everything everywhere. including you. you owning anything is theft from them. you living your own life is theft from them. they intend to fix that and heal the world.

  • Was raised by a ww2 marine. Never ever give up your gun. What they can do to you is much worse than death. Think he was wrong. Look at history.
    Makes no difference what others do . If it comes to death or what the government does to people. I will die shooting lead

  • All this is timely.I read the book you quoted about gun confiscation in the third Reich. Great article n very scary.

    • My problem with the story is that the facts were attributed to the wrong people. The Weimar Republic performed gun control, not the Nazis. The Nazis inherited the gun control issue and eventually destroyed all gun registration records. They were evil people, but they were not anti-gun except for those they considered undesirable such as the Communists, Socialists, Homosexuals and eventually the Jews.

  • Certainly there will be laws passed. And there will be certain individuals who will obey they always do. You forgot about Australia.
    But there are far too many people to make a effective door-to-door search. The United States with the United Nations has found that difficult even in much smaller countries. And with America’s abundance there is plenty of clutter to rummage through. We do have Beto’s and his starlink. As said it will cover every square inch of the planet and it will be observing more than just guns it will likely observe your own thoughts. Is lecture in Saudi Arabia to the economic Forum conference says it all. But it would not be good for them to go door-to-door and they know it. And they don’t want a revolution. That is why they have tried to push division they would love to see a civil war. They don’t have to expend resources or Manpower. Just sit back and wait till we kill each other off. But that division they seek has only happened in the media, and the over actions of those who react out of emotion instead of Common Sense. I’ve said it before the easiest way for them to take care of the masses in this country is with a EMP. As 90% will have died within a year. And few well even know where it came from. No electricity, no communication, no infrastructure, and travel will be difficult if not extremely dangerous. But travel will be necessary for many when they run out of food. Ah but then anyone with food will be at Target. That would include medicine and other resources as well. And for those you think you can just bug out to the forest? That thought is shared with millions of others. Your forests will resemble large city’s. And what little game remains to be hunted will be deeply hidden. Most of the game animals will only be butchered for what can be carried. The rest will be left to putrefy. Now of course many others will migrate to a internment camp “FEMA”. And after a year there’s just a few left mop-up the rest that are remaining are too few in numbers to worry about. And if time does not get them the Drone that spots them eventually will scan them and eliminate. So weapons confiscation? I’ve only given one scenario. But there’s plenty of talk of an EMP. Whether it’s from North Korea, China, Russia, terrorists, or traitors within the USA. And then there’s the Sun. That possibility exist regardless.
    Biblically things are happening rapidly. The Euphrates River is quickly drying up. Allowing the passage from the Kings from the East. But first we have incoming meteors. Then on the second Trump there is a fiery Mountain cast into the sea. This mountain is likely Cumbre Vieja. It just recently went under a yellow alert due to tremors. Every prepper should know the dangers of this volcano in the Canary Islands. As Jimmy Buffett’s song goes where you going to go when the volcano blows. You see it’s not that it’s such a large volcano but the whole side of it will crash into the Atlantic. When that happens the only be 8 hours to evacuate the whole entire East Coast. That way which could be anywhere from five hundred to a thousand foot high. Yeah it will likely overtop tallest the skyscrapers. And go tens of Miles inland. Will likely completely over top Florida. This tsunami also hits all the east coast of North America, Central America, and South America. It also hits Europe and Africa. Millions will likely die if not from the immediate wave shortly thereafter. And all the nuclear power plants that lined the shores. Do you have your iodine tablets? You should! And there’s the two massive Global earthquakes. The first will likely be a series Global quakes within that series the west coast of the United States will change dramatically. And the New Madrid will rip the country in half. It’s currently building in pressure. When it lets go just like last time the East Coast will feel it only this time it will be much larger. So gun confiscation don’t think you need to worry about it life’s about to become extremely difficult. It’s just too bad that while I had been preparing since the 70s stepped up my game in the 90s. People ridiculed party and we’re oblivious to raising children with the mindset of survival. I have set up retreats in three different states to ensure the family through their mindset survives with his little suffering as possible. The signs were there the word was given what it takes catastrophe to wake people up unfortunately by then there’s usually too little time and too little resources.

    • Autocorrect appears to have changed some of my words and I can’t edit. I trust you get the meaning I’m not illiterate, although perhaps old. LOL
      I do have a BA in horticulture, and one in animal production. And my master’s degree is in Aeronautics and Structural Engineering. Not only have I been prepping for close to 50 years. I have bunkers that are not just Underground but under water as well. And everything is Diversified. And I have done installs for select individuals as well. I try not to speak with emotion. But from experience. Which is far beyond what most could imagine.

  • One source of some comfort is that we have over three hundred million privately-owned firearms in this country. There’d probably be a lot of resistance to confiscation.

  • At the beginning of the civil war (actually intensive terrorism), in 1992, the Algerian government confiscated all hunting guns from isolated farms. Three years later, in 1995, the Algerian government had been obliged to regroup farmers in villages and was distributing some Kalashnikov to them.

  • A little creative license.. The Nazis really didn’t come to full power before 1934 when Paul Hindenburg died. The Nazis had about 32% of the vote which meant that a coalition government was formed. The Nazis became part of the Weimar Republic. Think like how Israel and other countries governments operate. Second, Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Paul Hindenburg in 1933 when he was President to Germany. Chancellor would be the equivalent of Vice President in the US. So in essence everything that happened before 1934, when Paul Hindenburg died and Hitler consolidated his power by appointing himself as both Chancellor and President and declared himself Fuerher,
    done by the Weimar Republic. They may have been egged on by the Nazis, but it was still the Weimar Republic who was in charge. Lastly, the German Weapons Act of 1938 destroyed all weapon registrations for rifles and shotguns which had been in place since 1928, with only pistol registration required. If you are going to present history, it behooves you to be as accurate as possible.

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