Whitehouse Confirms Biden Looking to “Get the Job Done” With Executive Orders on Gun Measures

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President Joe Biden may not be able to navigate himself up the stairs of Air Force One. But he can manage to dance one hell of a jig on the graves of mass shooting victims.

Attack launched on Second Amendment immediately after Colorado shootings

Shortly after the shootings in Colorado, the US government at both the Federal and State levels launched an attack on the Second Amendment. From individual states seeking ways to limit the right to procure and own weapons to various gun-related court cases reaching the Supreme Court, there is an all-out assault on the Second Amendment.

But now the Biden Administration has signaled it might not rely solely on Congress to pass anti-American gun legislation. Instead, the Biden Administration is considering the use of Executive Orders to accomplish gun control measures.

The Executive Orders might include requiring background checks on sales of democrat-labeled “ghost guns.” (Handmade or self-assembled firearms that don’t have serial numbers.) Such an Executive Order considered by the Biden Administration would classify these guns as firearms and thus require background checks.

Anti-gun advocates are pushing for Biden to use Executive Orders

The White House appears to be following recommendations by authoritarian Communo-Fascist organizations like Everytown For Gun Safety and Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence.

The White House is also looking at Executive Action in other areas, such as requiring law enforcement agencies to be alerted when someone fails a background check. Anti-gun rights activists claim that background check alerts might help in flagging someone who is a criminal or mentally ill for trying to access weapons.

These anti-rights activists are also pressing the White House to expand the Obama-era definition of what “in the business” of selling guns means. That is the legal definition of who requires a license and thus conducts background checks.

The constant propaganda from mainstream media and the continued push of Communist-style organizations like the two mentioned are putting pressure on Biden to act. Something he has wanted to do for quite some time. Remember, during his campaign, Biden said he would put his Attorney General to institute better enforcement of existing gun laws? He also pledged to spend $900 million on community programs aimed at “preventing and combatting gun violence.”

“President Biden could take executive action today. He could strengthen the background check system. He could regulate ghost guns. He could dramatically increase funding to community violence intervention programs. And that is exactly what he should do,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

Biden has seemed reluctant to use Executive Orders to achieve his gun control goals. The reality is that the White House prefers Congress to take the lead issues, passing laws that the President signed and thus much more difficult to overturn. Unlike Executive Orders, which the occupant of the White House can change.

“We should first expect the US Congress to act,” Vice President Kamala Harris told CBS This Morning. “I don’t think the President is excluding (executive action), but again, I want to be clear that if we really want something that is going to be lasting, we need to pass legislation.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had this to offer:

“The vice president touched on the fact that we want something to be permanent. If we want it to be lasting, we need to do legislation (Biden) certainly believes that, but there are also executive actions under consideration that we will continue working through internally. And there’s lots of levers, you can take, obviously, as President.”

Executive orders already in the works

The White House is absolutely working on creating Executive Orders to get the job done. Susan Rice (of Libya and Syria war fame) White House Domestic Policy Council Director, and Cedric Richmond, Office of Public Engagement Director, are already tasked with creating the text and direction of those orders.

“All of our executive orders — we’re very careful to make sure that they’re constitutional and they’re legal,” Richmond told CNN. “Our team … will look at all the options and put all the options on the table for the President to decide where he wants to go.”

Psaki added that analysis has “been ongoing for several weeks,” even before the mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder.

CNN reported that both Richmond and Rice had met with anti-gun activists over the first few months of the administration to hear ideas and suggestions on moving forward with their war on the Second Amendment.

“(They are) really looking at this issue in a comprehensive way,” said Kris Brown, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “We have had several follow up conversations with the White House as early as last week about the kinds of things that they have been looking at.”

Continued compliance ensures all rights will soon be lost

So, there you have it. It seems there is a new story regarding the assault on the right to keep and bear arms daily. Besides a few weak legal challenges, law-abiding Americans continue to be compliant. Unfortunately, that is why they are going to continue to lose their rights.

About Robert

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • Anti-gun congressional leaders and even the POTUS can and must BY LAW be arrested by federal marshals for violating the Constitution of the United States of America.

    • To hell with our corrupt courts. This is a Declaration of War on the American People.
      Such an action by Congress, the Executive or the Judiciary, is the very reason why we have the 2nd Amendment to begin with. To remove a Tyrannical and Despotic Government from office and establish new guards for our security.
      It is our Right, It is our Duty to defend our Constitution from all enemies, especially those within our own nation.

  • No surprise
    King Biden loves his executive orders. Unfortunately for us that precedent was set by the former administration using executive orders for gun control.
    If you haven’t been preparing for this there’s not much I can say.

  • The united states of America constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 defines where the feds have jurisdiction within the boundaries of the states. We the people created the states. The states created the fictitious entity called the federal government. The created cannot be higher then the creator.

    Also the constitutions, both state and federal, define how laws are made. Executive orders are not law and only laws that are passed by the legislature branch, then signed by the governor or president is law. Of course only if that law does not violate the constitutions. Anyone trying to enforce an executive order is guilty of sedition and needs to be arrested if trying to apply it to we the people. Executive orders are designed for the executive branch to run the executive offices and not the country or state.

    Our young people are no longer taught civics. I don’t know how many times I hear the phrase “Our National Government!” We do not now nor ever had a national government. We have a federal government which means by contract/by agreement. Their powers are enumerated. The bill of rights is not a restriction on we the people, it is a restriction on the government. Violation of those rights whether by legislatures or judges is nothing more than treason.

    • Constitution? Bill of rights? Slick, that country does not exist any longer. There is a rogue regime occupying the White House. Haven’t you noticed the razor wire and armed troops? They are planning a genocide…..

      • ameriCCCans gave their country away to the Socialists on November 3rd, 2020. Taking your guns will be easy peasy. You’re lazy cowards. You won’t fire a shot.

        • No we didn’t give it away, it was stolen. Now we’re debating on how to take it back. No matter what, if the robbers come for our guns, it’s self-defense to shoot them.

          There are enough people who will shoot. When they shoot, others will join them.

  • Place the President, as Commander-in-Chief, on written Notice of Liability for all damages resulting in living men and living women being denied Free Will and inalienable Rights bestowed upon us by the One True Creator/Source.

  • Remember my friends, Executive Orders are not law unless they are passed by either the Senate or both the Senate and the House. We must stop thinking of those EO as law BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LAW !!! CONGRESS MAKES LAWS NOT THE PRESIDENT AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE HAVE A SEPARATION OF POWERS !!!

    That POS can write all the EOs all he wants, but at the point of taking all our guns he will be challenged at every point. If that doesn’t work then Biden needs to be taken out like all tyrants and despots. I like to remind those in charge what the Italians did to Benito Mussolini during WW-II. They hung his tyrannical ass from the nearest light post for all to see.

    If Biden knows what’s good for him, he back the fuque up and rethink his strategies because at this point one wrong move could get his ass strung up to the nearest light post for all to see. Americans have had enough or those bastards trying to take away our God given rights.

    What we must continually inform them of, is that Patriots have more guns in their possession than does our military, and if the Socialist Left’s idiocy awakens that sleeping giant, the left will suffer beyond their wildest nightmares.

  • i support full auto 18 years old sold at all stores for 200 dollars and ammo at .05 cents a round! this is america not red china mr harris!

  • Since Biden didn’t actually win the election, I can’t imagine myself complying with the demands of any document to which he affixes his Mickey Mouse…

  • An illegitimate administration trampling our rights because we the people,the military and judiciary failed to defend the Constitution from this enemy in the Whitehouse, soon the shooting will start and when the marxist see themselves losing China Joe will call in the chinese troops wearing the blue helmets and waving the UN flag for help…

    • Bidin is a sock puppet controled by China, perhaps Obama as well. , a weak sickly lion surrounded by hyennas soon be overcome. America is basically that sick weakened lion, surrounding by our enemies, relentlessly attacked, we shall suffer the same fate. Once men had courage to fight, few do today.

  • I will NOT comply with ANYTHING hiden biden comes up with. At my age, life in prison is NO deterrent. Also, uncle sam spent 7 years training me how to inflict the maximum damage at the minimum of cost. Lessons I have NEVER forgotten.

    • Here here sir, I’m with you and they really can’t me hurt at all. It will be a time that will go quickly. Be prepared to set the example!

  • Total Civilian Disarmament will not be stopped this time, I believe. It matters not that it will eventually be overturned either by the courts or by the people by force. The belief that they will succeed, the need for them to succeed to achieve the rest of their agenda, far overrides the logic of what will ultimately occur, for without Total Civilian Disarmament those that want it will not be able to bring the citizens of the United States under their absolute control.

    Tyranny over an armed population is not possible and they do know this. So, to institute their tyranny, they must disarm the American public completely.

    What they want so badly, total control of everyone outside their own group, colors their think that they cannot acknowledge that the plan will fail. They believe they are smarter, better educated, more experienced, craftier, more capable, and far wealthier. Therefore, they must win, as there is no other outcome possible.

    And so they will start the process, make the attempt, and achieve some success. The cost in money, trust, material, and personnel will begin to rise, causing them problems. Their answer to this will be violence beyond anything we have seen before. Once they become enraged over the resistance and their failure to accomplish what they are attempting, their judgement, such as it is, will only get worse.

    However, not until those that have been working toward Total Civilian Disarmament, that believe that they are part of the group that will have ultimate control, are part of the decision-making process, help guide the process, are started being treated the same way that those they believe should be disarmed are being treated, will enough people with enough power other than firearms, start to fight against Total Civilian Disarmament rather than for it.

    The politicians, the members of the media, the members of the entertainment business, the members of NGOs, and members of many other groups that believe they are part of the elite group that will be in control and will make the decisions, but are simply higher level tools of the people truly in control, that will be the ones that intend to be controlling everyone in the US, will eventually see that they are not part of that group, but only being used to accomplish the stated goals, as well as the unstated agenda that will become obvious.

    That will be the turning point. It will take a long time and many more deaths before freedom once again reigns supreme, but it will. Whether or not a person, family, or group survives the entire process will depend on their approach to the situation, their level of preps, the way they perceive what is happening, how they conduct themselves during the process, among many other factors, of which luck will certainly play at least some part.

    Hold onto the belief that we will ultimately win this battle, but never forget or believe that there will not be the attempt made, and that many people will suffer and many die during the process.

    I believe another of my posts about Civilian Disarmament is somewhere on the blog, if anyone is interested in reading it. It goes into more detail about the process, whys, and wherefores.

    Just my opinion.

    • “They believe they are smarter, better educated, more experienced, craftier, more capable, and far wealthier”

      uh, no, you don’t quite get it. it’s not that they think they’re better, it’s that they think they’re humans and that the rest of us are not – that the rest of us are talking animals put here by god to serve them, to be eliminated if we don’t. to capture and enslave us and to eliminate any who evilly resist them is, to them, nothing more or less or other than the way god intended the world to be.

  • So called ghost guns or those without numbers are not known. How does he think he is going to find these and take them? They were built for such a time as this. LOL. This circus get funnier and funnier all the time. Does he actually think the builder is going to just hand over something built for this time? He has flipped his lid. Stand our ground folks. Remember to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Put your money where your loyalties lie. Boycott all those companies and their subsidiaries that do not support the constitution. Bury them in their pride. Break them at the bank.

  • Send CONGRESS HOME! Why do we need them with EO’s making the laws? Especially send Pelosi home. To a rest home that is.

  • I’m going to be blunt and to the point over this. The 2nd Amendment clearly states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This right, like the right to free speech, to worship or not to worship isn’t granted to us, we have these Rights inherently. We ar born with them. Neither the Constitution and the Bill of Rights gives us those Rights, both protect them by proclaiming the government cannot take them away from you. You cannot be denied those Rights. Nowhere, in either document can those Rights be denied to you, except in the case of High Treason. Every single Law at the Local, State and Federal levels that restricts any of those Rights is Unconstitutional, period.
    When a President or any office holder takes office, an Oath is sworn to support, protect and defend the US Constitution. Whether they agree with everything in there or not, that Oath still holds. The only Constitutionally legal way the 2nd Amendment can be changed or repealed, is by the 3/4ths agreement of 38 of the 50 States. Neither the President, Congress or the Judiciary has the power to amend or repeal an enumerated Right.
    Now we have a Senile Fool in the Oval Office (he’s always been an idiot and fool, but now he’s senile too) who’s demanding Congress pass legislation infringing upon an enumerated Right, or threatening to use Executive Action to infringe upon said Right. Go right ahead and do it Joe. You’ll be hanged for real instead of just in effigy.
    Once you cross that bridge, our Republic is over. Any and all officers of the government who support, aid or assist you in your action, at all levels of government, will be regarded as Enemy Combatants and Lethal Force will be used.

    I have no illusions about surviving this battle, but it will damn well cost you dearly to infringe upon my Rights, because I’ll take as many as I can with me.

    Tread On This Snake at your own peril.

    • “This right, like the right to free speech, to worship or not to worship isn’t granted to us, we have these Rights inherently. We ar born with them.”

      they think that THEY are born with rights, and that you however are born to serve them, to be eliminated if you don’t. that’s their religion and they believe it with all their heart. they always have.

  • Alternative title for the article

    “Whitehouse Confirms Dementia Riddle Biden Wants Hung From A Gibbet By Citizenry”

  • Don’t we already have a law that says you cannot go into a grocery store and kill people? Or a massage parlor? More gun laws will NOT stop the violence of determined persons. Bad folks will disregard any/all laws.

    • The best comment I have seen yet. Last time I checked it was murder to kill anyone unless it was self defense, are wartime. Some how though, the government seems to think its ok to meddle in other countries affairs and kill them without out reason. Its a mad mad world. God help us!

  • this is the civil war the administration wants between us the American people and them…everybody has their own lines in the sand and they are doing executive actions that go completely against us and our bill of rights and the constitution using every means possable to tell people to comply to their ideas or face their music

  • He can take his executive orders and sholve them up his pathological lying backside. This perverted communist EO ‘s do not override the U S Constitution, which as a pathological liar he swore an oath to protect and defend. But that’s the thing with democrats, they would lie to anyone to achieve their goal.

  • It’s sad few people are willing to bring up or don’t understand that all the illegal laws our government at any level forces upon us wouldn’t mean a hill of beans if it were not for the jack wagons in law enforcement who massively violate our rights by enforcing the dictates of the empire we call our government! The reason I don’t carry a gun for self defense in California isn’t because the government passed a law! No! It’s because I know at anytime I might get busted by some cop who thinks he’s just “Doing his/her job by arresting me for practicing my 2nd Amendment right! Isn’t that the excuse the Nazi war criminals gave to their accusers during the Nuremberg Trials!?

    • “Isn’t that the excuse the Nazi war criminals gave to their accusers during the Nuremberg Trials!?”

      observe who conducted the trials then, and who is pushing the gun control laws now. same people. see, to them, until they own and control you then you’re nazi’s, and they can’t allow anyone else besides themselves to be nazi’s.

  • The patriot states needs to declare themselves “sanctuary states” against any Biden/Democrat laws-just like how Democrat states did with illegal aliens. Tell DC that we won’t recognize any gun laws made by DC. Then in DC refuses to accept that and keep pressing the issue, these states need to secede from the union.

  • I just love how the MSM bestows on Joe the ability to do anything! His dementia hinders him from doing anything really. It is his ‘management team who ever they are really doesn’t matter ~ communism is their goal and the demise of this nation as a nation of free people. When the hoe gets in the white house office Russia and China will be on our doorstep “Tout de suite” She is not capable of running anything, just like Joe. The nations of the world must laugh themselves to sleep thinking about demented Joe and the hoe Kamela being pres and vice pres of what was once a great nation. It is hysterical actually, if it were not so serious and so sad!

  • The democrats will keep staging false flag shootings until they get what they want. Dementia joe does not have the authority to use executive orders that violate the constitution!

    • “does not have the authority to use executive orders that violate the constitution”

      no, but they do have the power, and that’s all they care about.

  • So old senile Joe and the Ho are coming for our guns they said they would.What looks fishy to me is all at once we get all these shootings seems to me that is very odd one about every week .Makes we wonder if the dem/communists are not behind these guy shooting up every one would not surprise me at all if this a put up deal the communists are known to do this kind of thing .What is two faced about all this is the dem/communists are wanting to defund the cops but in the next breath they are sending them after our guns.This will blow up in their faces I think .Comes down to that whats the use of living just as well go down with a gun in your hand.

  • A classic example of how the false flag mass shooting scam is pulled off in this country might be the 2017 Las Vegas shootings. The “official” narrative was that a lone gunman, Stephen Paddock, was solely responsible. However many young healthy witnesses reported multiple shooters, and then soon were found dead under mysterious circumstances. A bit like the Clinton body count, the strange deaths of the JFK assassination investigators, etc, etc.

    8 Las Vegas Shooting [young healthy] Witnesses [of multiple shooters] Dead One Month After Attack, Nov 4, 2017


    That looks like just one example of the usual pattern to precede the predictable cry for gun control and related tyranny. And when one case isn’t sufficient, plenty more examples will be created until the gun grabbers achieve their evil wishes.


    • The gun grabbers have a problem—they have pulled the false flag stunt too often that it now has the opposite effect. People mourn the innocent victims and often the patsy isn’t the most likable person, but too many people recognize that a Las Vegas shooting, a Parkland school shooting, a Walmart shooting in El Paso, and more are false flag events with patsies and the reaction is to go out and buy more guns and ammo. More people are also buying their first guns. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are going to sites like Deterrence Dispensed or Defense Distributed and downloading plans to make their own guns that have no official record of existing. Those who get guns in reaction to false flag events will be loathe to give them up without a fight.

      Oh the leftists will moan and wail for gun control after every false flag event, but to a large extent that will fall on deaf ears.

      Some of the demand for gun control comes from traitors who wish to see the U.S. invaded and conquered. Without gun control, the armed militia as defined by the writers of the Second Amendment, namely all able bodied men between 16 and 60, well outnumber any army that could invade.

      • “namely all able bodied men between 16 and 60, well outnumber any army that could invade”

        and out-weigh them too ….

  • They don’t want our guns to protect us from criminals, they want our guns so that they can CONTROL us just as in Nazi Germany. The Bible, in Ecclesiastes, says that there is a time for war and a time for peace.
    We must pray to KNOW when the time is right for war. Regardless, I have a life that NO ONE can take away because my life is in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope all of yours are also because when all is said and done, the Lord has the last word and only those in Him will remain.

  • Anyone thinking what I am? That the mass murders in Colorado were planned so that this kind of action could be taken? Funny how the shootings of Black men and women never incited this kind of legislative backlash…

  • The main reason we are here commenting on this one issue is because the communists have been able to get away with every other liberty-crushing move on their idealogical agenda. How? Because the American people are too afraid of losing their comforts and possibly lives if they stood up, took to the streets, and made the effort to push back in any meaningful way. Now just continue to sit back and loose everything you once had a little at at time. Watch your children be indoctrinated to become good little communists and adherents of the new religion called “The State”.

    It was fun while it lasted!

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