GUN CONTROL: Here’s How South Americans Were Gradually and Quietly Disarmed

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For some law enforcement officers, a civilian with a gun is dangerous, whether mentally stable or not. It stands to reason that just as there are mentally unstable citizens, there are also compromised officers.

Laws, opinions, and ideologies on gun ownership and gun control differ worldwide. South America, for example, never wanted its citizens armed. It isn’t a process that happens overnight. It doesn’t start with outright confiscation. Selco has written about it too.

Citizens have been programmed for years NOT to fight crime.

Gun laws in South America have been an inquisitorial ruling for hundreds of years. An almost nonexistent ruling by the dictatorship regarding crime and self-defense has gotten citizens used to being unarmed and helpless when faced with criminals. 

The “authorities” recommend citizens to give all the valuables to the criminals, stay put, and do not, by any means, defend themselves. Of course, this is one of the reasons for the high rates of crime in the cities. 

On the other hand, though there seem to be no arbitrary laws, someone arming themselves for protection with a weapon bought on the street can expect problems. 

As a result of the lengthy, impartial, inquisitory method, South America deals with one of the worst drug problems globally, and armed forces and law enforcement organizations are inundated with violent gangs in several countries. 

What do South American officials claim the general perception of gun possession to be?

In South America, possession of a gun equals violence, rather than the hand of a violent criminal who holds the gun.

This statement is just one of the many efforts made to minimize civilians owning guns. Law-abiding South American citizens are deterred from possessing a firearm for defense, hunting, or even practice target shooting.

Regular, non-violent citizens now generally associate guns with gangs, drugs, crime, and violence. Add to the general perception, media, movies, and lack of responsible education makes keeping these people unarmed that much easier. 

Different world, different views

In other societies, people would be taught that the hand holding the gun holds power and needs to be worthy of that power and the responsibility that comes with it.

Self-responsibility in most South American societies is a loose concept, which, not surprisingly, leads to many problems in this part of the world. Police officers should be grateful to have decent citizens around them who legally carry a firearm. A decent citizen, who knows how to use a gun properly, could offer support in certain situations. 

However, South America’s preference is to minimize a civilian defending himself or herself. Why? Money and control. 

Gun laws of the six largest economies of South America

An article published by AS/COA in 2019 details gun-related legislation in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. At the time of that publication, gun possession was legal for civilians. Recently, however, restrictions have become more strict. The only exception is Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, who loosened the rules in 2019.

For the remaining 5, countries the permit standards for firearm possession require the following: 

  • No criminal record
  • Psychiatric examination
  • Undergo firearm training
  • Show proof of income
  • Prospective owners must be fingerprinted

Argentina requests a justifiable reason for the need to carry a gun. A viable request, considering Argentina suffered the most volatile political situations on the continent for decades of the last 30 years and a severe economic crisis.  

Restrictions are meant to diminish violence and get guns off the streets

Or so we are told.

Educating oneself on the judicial system will reveal that violence levels are due partially to corrupt judges releasing violent criminals for a fee. 

In many places in South America, a gangster caught with a gun won’t go to jail. Officers will confiscate the guns to later sell on the black market and pocket the money while allowing the gangster to go free. The odds of this happening in some countries may be less likely, but it happens. And will continue to happen. 

Several countries will allow possession of a gun for self-defense inside a home. There are limitations set for carrying a firearm outside the home or from one place to another. The ratio of law enforcement officers per citizen is extremely low. Having a considerable amount of well-armed, well-educated, law-abiding citizens is not something (corrupt) officers want. After all, those citizens may become tired of the corruption and take matters into their own hands. 

Brazil’s President recently made substantial changes in gun laws

Brazil is a very rich country with a well-developed industry. It is the only South American country that could, in the near future, rival the big boys up North. President Jair Bolsonaro has recently eased gun laws for the South American country that, in 2019, reportedly had more than 63,800 homicides and led the world in firearm-related deaths. 

Justification for applying for a gun permit is necessary. Under President Bolsonaro’s relaxed licensing decree, justification can be living in an area with a high crime rate. Another change brought on by this decree: permits have now gone from five-year validity to 10. The amount of ammunition purchased at once has risen, and how many weapons an individual can own have risen. 

Historically the right to bear arms was a necessity for years

In the USA, generations ago, carrying a means of defense was necessary. Wild animals, aggressive natives, bandoleers, etc. Back then, if you were to travel from one town to the next, it was best if you took something to defend yourself. 

Since then, with each new decade came new rules that aimed to keep the bad guys under control. But, without getting too political, disarming the general population seemed to be many governments’ agendas. 

 South Americans believe that fewer guns in the hands of people are going to make their streets safer. Michele Bachelet did it in Chile, encouraging citizens to turn in their unregistered guns, which were then destroyed. 

Colombia is a complex situation. With Pablo Escobar having put the country on the map for good, gun laws are quite restrictive. The government is the only one with the right to control the distribution, manufacturing, and licensing of firearms. The official position for Columbia’s gun law is to study every case before a permit is provided. 

The internal conflict of Columbia has lasted for decades. Owning firearms is complicated for everyone there. 

Meanwhile, in Venezuela

Regarding Venezuela, forget everything you have read about owning guns or buying ammo. A slow change began to occur in 2015. Ammo slowly stopped flowing the shops. Intentionally designed that way to pass unnoticed.

There is not one single gun shop left. Civilians can not legally buy firearms, nor can they purchase ammo. 

However, the paramilitary gangs (called “colectivos”) sponsored by those sitting in the big chairs roam freely, armed to the teeth.

These policies have nothing to do with violence and crime. These policies have created an unarmed population that will easily be controlled. Bad people can and do get guns, with or without a permit. All that matters is control. 

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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  • This definitely relates to attitudes of things in our “progressive” America.
    I’m fortunate to live in a free America state but traveling around, even as a LEO (which shouldn’t matter but it does), the attitudes are way different in other states.
    It appears that legal 2A supporters have become the minority. Criminals, elitist and liberal minded now make the majority.
    Things will digress rapidly I predict in 2-3 yrs. I foresee and much stronger and permanent Brady Bill type legislation coming. Buybacks and paid snitching will definitely be included.

    • I’d like to think we would never put up with that, but unfortunately I’m not so sure any more.
      Sure is a different country than when I was growing up in the 50s.

      • I guess it really boils down to where you live. Most of the men I personally know, and quite a few ladies as well all have a firearm or two with a strong pro second amendment attitude.
        I remember reading about a buy-back program that was set up in one state where they offered something like $350 for a hand gun – ANY CONDITION – and $700 for any rifle – ANY CONDITION and absolutely NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It was later reported how the whole thing was a complete failure. Guys were bringing in handguns that you could buy for $50 bucks and rifles for $80 to $100 and walking away with a lot of cash to go right out and buy their dream guns and rifles… I guess the politicians didn’t think that one through real well…
        We have to remember that well under 5% of the population were physically involved with the Revolutionary War and George Washington would literally have to send in scouts to check out a community of civilians to see if they were: “loyalists” (to the crown), “neutral”, or pro-revolution before he would come into town for supplies.
        I don’t see it being too much different today. One really quick way to find out who you’re dealing with in a wartime situation is simply say: “Go Trump!” O.M.G….. you’ll know in a millisecond – just be ready to “quick draw” That “Trump Derangement Syndrome” IS REAL!! LOL and there’s just no way that any person who suffers from it can hide it or contain it!

        Thomas Jefferson / Ben Franklin: “Rebellion to Tyrants is obedience to God”

  • Here, it’s very hard to legally own a gun. It’s such a long involved process. But the criminals elements are armed to the teeth and seem to have an never ending supply. Whilst the average citizen is socially discouraged from owning one . This is wasn’t the case years ago but we had a mass shooting and the polictians used it to tighten fun control and there were massive hand ins . My mom talked my dad into handing in all his guns some hand being in the family for generations. It’s become such anti gun country it’s ridiculous.

    • With free drugs,violent media and now beams from cell phone towers,smart devices everywhere,etc more and more people are likely to snap at anytime. We have shoveled our own grave this way.

  • I live in a state (but not a county) that is a strong backer of 2nd Amendment rights. In fact, one county made it a requirement TO carry a gun at one point! The more rural the state, the more pro 2nd Amendment it is, and for ranchers, a gun is a necessity. Most of the Sheriffs in this state would not enforce “Red Flag” gun restrictions. The legislature can pass the law, but it requires LEOs to enforce it, and most in this state wouldn’t. You know why they wouldn’t enforce it? They know that most gun owners are law abiding citizens and support the work of LEOs.

    Obama was right, despite his heinous insult…we do cling to our guns and our religion, and that, my friends, is why we won’t be totally crushed.

  • Simple minded and government dependent people fall for the “guns kill people” mantra spouted by the left and one day they will be begging to have someone protect them.

    If gun laws were effective Chicago would be a paradise that anyone could walk through any time of day. If you don’t want to own a gun that your business but stay out of my gun safe.

  • Our, American 2nd ammendment is still important but weakening. With a possible change in leadership we know the 2nd amnendment will soon be destroyed if not carefully guarded.

    • Lady…
      With it seems that Ol’ joe getting into office and kamala who will actually be running the show…and her coming from California…
      which has become basically a no-gun right state… along with Oregon, and Washington state following… the West Coast is basically HISTORY for the ” Majority” of these DEMOCOMMIES…. There are ALOT of RURAL folks that Will Not give up their weapons, as we KNOW…WE MUST Have them !!! This Nation is basically divided like Half & Half… I think… of course this is MY opinion.. in the Future…coming soon, there will be some type of an uprising of the 2nd. Amendment and OUR FREEDOMS !!!
      I am 70 years old.. 3 COMBAT Tour VIETNAM VETERAN… I have seen what happens when folks that do NOT have ANY Weapons for Self Protection happens to them… Camps and or…DEAD ! Always OPTIONS !
      I TOTALLY AGREE with YOU ClergyLady… our 2nd Amendment is at HIGH RISK as I write this reply !
      It’s ALL in the “OWO” plan anyways…. Myself… I’m going down.. FIGHTING !!! NEVER GIVE UP !! KEEP GOD in OUR LIVES !
      GOD Bless our FREE AMERICA !!! GOD HELP US ALL !!!!! Keep Your Powder Dry, your Weapons in GOOD Condition !!!
      I may sound like a ” Nut-Bucket”.. but.. I Resemble that ! and.. I don’t know Everything… just what I have seen !!!
      This is my First time to Ever comment in this website !!!

  • The Statute of Disarmament passed innocently in Brazil as a “public consultation” in 2003 is a clear example of how governments work to keep people disarmed.

    It was “sold” to the population as a way to promote peace and safety and the public consultation process was clearly designed to fool people and lead them to believe that guns are evil and should not be in the hands of common citizen.

    This came early after the election of a socialist presidency that lasted until 2016. Not even during the 1964 dictatorship of the military the population had been so duped, so misled, so pressed to hand out their guns and give away the right to own them.

    Back in the 70s/80s I remember guns being sold in stores here just as they are in US. We weren’t treated as stupid and careless or dangerous kids, but rather as responsible adults.

    Fortunately this situation started to change and improve (in our favor) with the election of a president who hates socialism and thinks people should own guns.

    But the military and the police in general aren’t much in favour and some politics are resisting, so despite some improvements in this field, it is still a bureaucratic nightmare to go through all the process needed to buy a gun. The whole thing takes 6-12 months and lots of paper, stamps and of course, cash. Guns and ammo are still limited here and pretty expensive.

    • Dear compatriot,

      The most absurd was that the convicted thief Luis Inacio held a referendum in 2005, with 64% of the population voting AGAINST disarmament. And even with that result, he and his PT gang simply threw the referendum result in the garbage can.

      The result: approximately 66,000 homicides a year (unofficial information indicates 100,000), very close to the annual death toll in the Iraq War. A rate of 29 homicides per 100,000 population is six times lower than in the United States.

      The world media is spending their time showing wars around the world, but they seem not to care that in Brazil the numbers of violent deaths, although lower in the last 2 years, are still higher rates than countries at war.

      Brazil reached the first place in the number of homicides in the world, and this is not something to be celebrated.

      President Bolsonaro makes the acquisition of arms more flexible, but the supreme court (yes, in lowercase) is already mobilizing to overturn all the presidential decrees that allowed the population to acquire arms and ammunition, creating a climate of instability.

      The big problem in Brazil is that the weapons are all from the state. The population doesn’t have the right to own weapons, but only a concession to have them. There is the problem: if in 2022 another government enters, it can legally confiscate all (legal) weapons.

  • Thank you, Jose, for sharing this information. As well, thank you to the commenters whose country has already been through this.

    My US state is pro-gun. I live in the woods & I would not want to walk the trails on the back of my property without protection. We have seen many copperheads & water moccasins. I’ve very rarely seen a bobcat but never anything bigger.

    • You´re welcome, my friend. Those idiots in Venezuela with the anti-gun narrative are part of a world wide agenda, with several decades of duration, to produce weak, ignorant, moronic sheep that obey to the predatory class that wants to rule for ever, exploiting the masses for their own benefit.

  • My county’s new rules for concealed carry permits:
    Beginning November 9, 2020 we will be honoring previously made appointments only for new concealed handgun permit applications. We will process renewals and temporary emergency permits pursuant to (legal statue listed). We have implemented a temporary service change as we closely monitor the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation. The Sheriff’s Office is suspending the new concealed handgun permit process and fingerprinting conducted at its headquarters until further notice. This is for new permit applications only. Applications that have already started will be processed. After the suspension, the sheriff will re-evaluate the situation.

  • In my state,open carry was recently signed into law(sic)and I never leave home without it.In my view ultimately,when those charged with executing the laws refuse to do so,there IS NO LAW!When those charged with enforcing the law do so selectively and seemingly political,once again there is no law.
    A politician,judge,leo or anybody fails or refuses to complete there oath of office then their is no law.

  • With our violent media and push in recent decades to make kids entertainment either non existent or dumb so the general audience can’t have any value out of it capitalism has become equal to paying for the rope to hang ourselves with!

  • I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here it´s almost impossible to obtain a carry permit. Altough it´s permited by law, get one is near a “mission impossible”. You need to have political conections…or a lot of money.

  • Those who were smart enough to see the writing on the wall in 2009 with Obama began to weapon up, learn how to build their own, amass ammo and train. Those who didn’t will be casualties; they’re just unlucky folks who voted poorly. If the Lord had not intended democrats to be sheared He wouldn’t have made them sheep.

  • “Wild animals, aggressive natives, bandoleers, etc.” A bandoleer is a belt used to carry cartridges. South America is a continent, not a country. To purchase a weapon in Colombia, you have to take a course and pass an exam, buy the weapon from the Army. Rubber bullet guns, called Traumaticos, can be purchased easily. Considered to be deterrents, but not lethal. Pnuematic weapons are completely unregulated.

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