Selco on Gun Confiscation: “Here’s How It Might Actually Go Down”

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After reading a couple of articles about magazines/weapon news from New Jersey – actually, after reading a lot of comments from people on that news-  I have the urge to write this article. It is written from the survivalist point of view. There is, of course, the possible danger to get comments like “What the hell do you know Selco? You are not American, shut up!” Because I am going to be “poking” a few sacred cows here.


Right now, this is not the rise of communism.

“Stalin is coming.”

I do not think this all news is about “rise of communism” in the US, and also I do think that you still live in a land with a lot of great rights and liberties, which is very cool.

What is not cool is the fact that you are moving in the direction of slowly “shrinking” of those rights. But it is still very far away from a “communistic evil empire”, so I do not see sense in having big headlines about Nazis and such other than scaring people for whatever reason.

Weapon rights and the government

I see here something which is much more dangerous than the fear of communism.

It is how people react to news or new laws about any weapon limitation. It’s how they talk about what the majority of them are planning to do.

Government at its core has the urge to control people in whatever way they can.  If you are more armed that means you are less controllable.

But if you are acting in a way that you are screaming from the rooftops how you “will defend your right to have (whatever) weapon (contrary) to the newest law” and how you’ll “be proud to own i, and to show it”  you eventually are not doing yourself any favors.

Do you really think that when the time comes that the government will send two pale clerks to search your home looking for whatever weapon?


Here’s how confiscation might actually go down.

Here is how it might actually go down. This is one possible scenario:

First, you’ll be labeled as a terrorist, some weird guy who wants to overthrow the government. Maybe your photo will be posted somewhere stating that you are very sick, and that you pose a danger to society.

If you are a member of some group, let’s say a prepper group, you all will be labeled as terrorists first, and through the media, you can be portrayed as a domestic terror cell, to the point that your next door neighbor will help police to get you.

Do not underestimate the power of the government machine. You may truly be a fighter for constitutional rights and a real patriot, but in 3 days you can become a crazy terrorist that citizens will actually hunt down and shoot like a mad dog.

The point here is there is no point of publicly “yelling” about what you own and what are your rights to own.

Of course, you need to own weapons that you think it makes sense to own.

But why does everybody else need to know that, including government and government services?

The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is very cool, and I like it very much, but here is the ugly truth:

It works only if the government wants it to work.

One day, when the government does not want it to work anymore it will be out of order, illegal, or even terrorist to practice it.

Sorry, it is not your inalienable right. The government lets you THINK  it is your inalienable right.

Actually, you do need to protect that right. You need to defend it.

But again not in a way that you gonna portray yourself as a terrorist. I mean, I will own what I want to own, and only I am gonna know that untill the day when I need it very badly.

Owning weapons

There used to be a law about weapons here, where I live, before the war. And yes, you could own a weapon but it was such a hard law that actually not too many people owned legal weapons.

And right when the SHTthe F, first thing that happened was the confiscation of legal weapons, based on lists of who own legal weapons.

Now what people could do then was to say, “This is my legal weapon. I have a right to own it, by the law.” And those who did that usually got shot.

There were 20 heavily armed guys at your door asking nicely for your weapon, to be turned over to them in the name of “law” as an effort of a government that wanted to calm down a chaotic situation.

Sometimes if you said no, those guys would simply destroy the whole house with RPGs and bombs.

And guess what that meant?

Folks who owned legal weapon lost them even before the big SHTF. And a lot of guys who owned them in an illegal way hidden somewhere still own them when SHTF.

Illegal and legal have different meanings in different times and based who says those words, so think about it.

I am not saying that it will go like that there where you are. What I do say is you that you need to think a bit outside the box when it comes to owning things.

My thoughts on this

For many years I found it ridiculous not to have an illegal (not traceable) weapon stored somewhere safe for the bad times.

When SHTF and when (if) guys show up on my doorstep to confiscate my weapon what will I do?

I will give them the weapon that they know about. What else I should do?

Practice my rights?


I have more of that stuff. It’s not worth it to fight over the one they know about.

What could be coming for the future?

Again I do not really see the government taking away all rights of owning a weapon as a possibility there. The tradition of firearms is simply way too big, and also the number of weapons is too big, too.

But what is possible is the rapid shrinking of that right through some big event, in an effort of getting things back to normal.

When something big happens and there is big fear and terror, people are ready to “give away” a lot of rights and liberties in exchange for the feeling of safety and security. This is wrong of course but it is how things work.

So actually you never know, anything is possible.

One bad side of having rights and freedoms for a long time (in owning weapon) is thinking it is always gonna be like that.

Or thinking it must be like that.

The “good side” of not having good gun rights is having a tradition of having ALWAYS hidden somewhere an illegal weapon. Always.

And only you know about it and maybe your family.

There is no need to brag about that anywhere else.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. He is currently accepting students for his next physical course here.

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • In politics and war there are “defenders” and those who prevail.
    History has shown defenders eventually lose. Be it a residence, castle, city or country, fighting defensive battles depletes the defender to the point of exhaustion.
    If the SHTF scenario comes to pass, staying home is a loser.
    Running is also futile.
    The best course of action is to take the battle to the enemy.
    One thing is sure, War is pure hell and unfortunately most who suffer and die are the “innocent”.
    Better it be the enemy’s innocent than yours.
    A former Marine once told me “An AR-15 is no match for an F-15”.
    My reply was a simple, “But if that pilot has nothing to come home to, he will be very reluctant to leave”.

  • If the enforcers suspect that you may have buried or otherwise hidden
    additional weapons, you will be killed and likely the whole family will
    be killed. Then, the hidden or buried weapons are likely gone for
    ever and no longer pose a threat to the Ruling Class or their enforcers.

    • Yes, that will likely also be the case if there’s a large surge of potentially armed resistance to martial law which will have to be a result of a total leftist police state take over to enact. At that point anyone who resists martial law orders, like immediately turning in your weapons (all weapons, not only firearms) automatically are not just criminals but become enemy combatants. A lot of ‘defenders of liberty’ will be tricked by this. Their vehicles will be searched before leaving and gps’d and later priority focussed upon. After all, who, but either a nit wit or someone thinking like Selco who thinks he can out-smart the Police State enforcers would willingly ‘sacrifice’ a ‘throw-away’ weapon thinking that would satisfy Nazi thugs hell-bent on disarming you?

      But long before that they will have been gathering data on all potential front line gun owners, meaning multible purchasers, as they had been gathering for the last 10 plus years in great earnest. Both in identifying potential well-armed resistors like the large Southern Militias, and keeping extensive files and facial recognition tracking on them, and what was purchased and who might have it. Before ‘They’ have to even seize or ask anybody to turn in their guns they’ll pretty much know the picture of who to come to first and where to look. (See “We Know Where You Live” By Mahatma Muhjesbude Of course they’ll come for trained experience Warriors first. And cross reference with their well established Snitch Network lured with rewards too good to pass up, even if you stool on your own family and friends and neighbors.

      And for those who think their families are tried and true to the bitter end…well I’m sorry to say that If your wife or kids know you have a stash of any kind, they will lead them directly to it after just a few ‘kind words’ and a small ‘physical’ demonstration of very serious imminent action that will definately make them a believer that your guns ain’t worth your children’s or parents’ lives if that’s the trade off. Selco, you should know about that military police state tactic??? This is why a lot of die-hard Patriot survivalists don’t tell anyone, not even their trusted best friend dog, where they bury their stash. (but they can still screw up and caught)

      So what am I really saying here? Well, it’s kind of counter-intuitive to all the movies we’ve watched over the years where good triumphs eventually, especially in the End.

      But in the Real World the movie ends with They WILL disarm all resistance eventually. And they’ll get most of the populations weapons way before that, even. How?

      If the Leftist Neo-Marxist Socialist Democrats get in power in 2021, especially if the Senate goes with the flow. The will simply enact the Bills they have already written and make them LAW, and before anybody can challenge them-which will take years- they will have plenty of time utilizing these laws
      to effectively and pragmatically disarm the vast majority of the populate by making them criminals with stroke of the pen. (hahah! who was it that warned that the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword?)

      Then they will use the criminally enacted ’68 GCA –its sole purpose to make so many laws that if strictly enforced, almost everyone is in violation, (again like they tried to do in Virginia), and you either turn in your firearms willingly in compliance or automatically become ‘ a criminal in possession of a firearm”. which was actually intentionally devised by LBJ in 1968 just for the purpose of controlling anti-G dissent and future banning of all guns. First make all convicted criminals above misdemeanors no longer allowed , forever, to buy a gun! Then make laws that specifically target focus on groups or persons they want to disarm. LBJ used this to suppress anti-war sentiment in 1970. This was a factor that helped promote the so-called War On Drugs.

      You all in Virginia had a tasty test of that, didn’t Cha? Right after the New Leftist Guv came in?
      It took the display of many good Citizens bearing (serious) arms in a peaceful show of Righteous and Lawful show of resources to Oust an Unlawful unconstitutional government by force, if necessary, to wake everybody up. You’d be surprised how many in the rest of the country thought that was illegal to carry like that around the state capital? Shows how brainwashed everybody already is?

      Good article Selco. But the G wasting time and resources surrounding a private house with a heavy weapons military platoon is not remotely first on their list to get the job done. And I’m not even telling you even easier ways for ‘Them’ to get your guns. I Don’t want to give them advanced ideas to facilitate the inevitable…

      …If we let them get away with it The only way to Resist with a chance of keeping your guns and the rest of the Constitution is NOT to WAIT nervously with your rear-end puckering up the chair seat in fear or misdirected anger for them to kick in your door and flash bang and gas you into compliance with Unconstitutional Gestapo tactics.

      It’s to initiate our own winning tactical strategy my friends. And at this point people have more than enough firearms to handle anything from Zombies to Zealots. I’m not particularly political, But its the only sane way to solve, once and for all, the vast dark specter of totalitarian tyranny coming soon, to a theatre near you for all your guns and popcorn, if We don’t keep Trump in office until we can figure out a better way to preserve our Liberties no matter who is President.

      We don’t need to stock-up on ammo right now. WE NEED TO STOCK UP ON VOTES to defeat the enemy from within. Get very, very Proactive, NOW.

      • STOCK UP ON VOTES ? how’s that working out for you ? they stoled the last election Trump had 87% of the vote. There will never be another Free Election period.Quote from the Borgs in Star Trek ” Resistanced is Futile ” Play right into the Zionist communist hands and stock up on Votes. Trump was nothing but contolled oposistion in the first placed he didnt raise a finger to stop the left wing takover but did brag alot about his warp speed effort to implement the kill shot.

  • The Bolshevik Bill of Rights haters self identify when they attack our individual rights by attempting to codify their blatant attacks on our rights given by Creator to each and every citizen.

    The Supremacy Clause and the Doctrine of Preemption. What happens when state law conflicts with federal law? The answer relies on the doctrine known as federal preemption. The Supremacy Clause is a clause within Article VI of the U.S. Constitution which dictates that federal law is the “supreme law of the land.

  • Selco described what was practiced after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans—a group of heavily armed thugs going house to house demanding people to give up their weapons. There was even a video that appeared on line where those thugs beat up an elderly widow for her little pistol. Oh yes, those thugs wore police uniforms under the command of the police chief. I call them thugs because what they did was illegal.

    The only way effectively to meet such a challenge, is to be forewarned with a group, like the Minutemen at Concord. What was done in New Orleans was without warning.

    Behind the police came another group of thugs, who still had their guns. They were robbers.

    If the thugs/police know about your weapons, and have the drop on you, quietly give them up. You’ll only get yourself killed with only a small chance of taking one of the thugs with you. But if your weapons are not registered, shut up. The time you can use them will come. Don’t boast about how you will defend the Second Amendment—that only advertises to the thugs that you have something that they want.

    • I may be wrong about this, but none of the videos of those whose guns were confiscated after Katrina appeared to be residents of Mayor Nagins self-proclaimed “chocolate city”. I’m sure that was just a coincidence…

  • I must fully agree.
    Therefore I have two, very distinct, sets of fire arms: Those that I purchased with the normal paperwork, and those I did not.
    The “legal” ones the thugs would be welcome to take if it comes to that. The others – not so much, and a search of my residence will most definitely not discover them.

    • Thankfully there are still states where you can buy privately without any paperwork.
      As you said, there are “legal” firearms and “other” firearms. That might be the only thing that saves us in the end.
      I don’t have any firearms anymore. I lost them all in a tragic boating accident.

      • A pity.
        Lake Champlain is over 300 feet deep in some locations, and very cold.
        Indeed a pity.
        Most of my above board weapons are either older bolt action hunting weapons, or, if scary black rifle types, have had the **** shot out of them, and thus are relatively worthless. They are welcome to them.

      • I have heard a lot about this boating accident. From the way it sounds, it seems like an aircraft carriers worth of stuff sunk to the bottom of the sea.

      • Not So Free: It is incredible that so many beloved and valuable firearms that accompany their owners on recreational boating trips meet with such disaster. I took mine for a nature walk, and lost track of where I set them down while resting.

  • There may be a group of Gov’t armed thugs come to your door, or they may skip all that and take you out with a drone and leave a big smoking hole in the ground where you used to be …. The Gov’t has those drones and use them daily around the world. The common man doesn’t have them.

  • Admiral Yamamoto was asked shortly after Pearl Harbor if he would attempt an Invasion of the U.S. He answered; “Absolutely NOT!!!….Behind every Blade of Grass is an American with a Loaded Rifle”……Gives you some idea of why Governments are so afraid of their Citizens owning guns of any kind………the difference in Selco surviving in the Balkans and the U.S. Tax Payer is……the Tax payers are very good shots and most are Veterans…..Big difference in a veteran and a “Writer” when it comes to a Fire fight on city Streets…..the Government knows this and Selco does not!!!!….. “Confiscation??? It won’t happen because it would be horribly expensive running into tens of Billions of Dollars …………with very questionable results (Failure and over crowded Jails)…….After a Revolt, it will not be a Quiet or Peaceful Operation…..Sorry, but remember this when you Vote in 2020……

  • I think gun “confiscation” will come in the form of advancing restrictions on types of firearms and accessories as we have already witnessed in a number of states so far. Ban on bump stocks. Bans on high-capacity magazines. The growing push to ban “assault weapons” (whatever they are. Can all semi-autos be far behind?) We are seeing “red flag” laws where anyone anonymously can phone the police claiming someone is a risk and the thugs show up and take away the person’s firearms. Private sale will be a criminal offense before long.
    Selco is exactly right. I read all the time those who, in their bravado, claim their guns will be taken “over my dead body”. Well, OK… they will be. Go out in a blaze of self-described glory, but it won’t help your family any, or make a difference overall. The media will just describe you as some terrorist, or maybe mentally ill, (whatever they are told to say) and that will be the end of it. Increasingly its the smart thing to just STFU and concentrate on OPSEC and becoming the ‘Gray man”.

    • Never try to fight these bastards on their terms. Wait. Be patient. Choose your time and place…then send them some love. Have an escape plan. Repeat. Live to fight again.

  • I have not known any Marine that would not fight, even an F15. I do know that all the ’03’s’ I have known would take the fight to the aggressor!

  • It has always baffled me why people would put NRA, manufacturers, etc., decals on their cars and stuff like “protected by Smith and Wesson” on their front door. Why would you advertise?

    Same goes for the internet; forums, blog comments, social media posts, yahoos are always saying “I got….: . Even in the internet’s infancy if you gave it a nano-second of thought you had to figure out those zeros and ones will be archived forever.

  • If they come to my door to confiscate, the gun(s) they know about will have been sold with a bill of sale to prove it. The ones they don’t know about are somewhere they’ll never know. The only person I will surrender my weapons to is Jesus Christ himself; I’ll know it when He comes knocking. Until then, distance, optics, suppression, night vision, training, combat experience and the mind are my best friends. And they will all turn into an unexpected guerrilla mode these suburbs and soccer fields have never imagined.

  • In America, it will go slow. First, popular media will make guns, gun owners and hunters seem old fashioned and strange. That will take decades. When I was in high school, we had a smoking courtyard for students. Now, its strange to even see an adult who smokes. After gun owners aren’t cool anymore, it will be a simple request. Just register with your police station so we know you are a “good” gun owner. Nothing wrong with that, right? We register cars and other things. Then there won’t be any good gun owners, and they come and get them. Any openly resistant people will make the news, and convince most people that it is good that the police shot that guy.

  • What worries me is this brain washed snowflake crowd that is entering voting age and soon old enough to get elected to positions of power. Just look at that crazy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she is just one of the newest “nuts” to get elected.
    These people are dangerous and a threat to liberty.

    If her ilk wants my weapons then MOLON LABE!

  • My guns are hidden (buried in anti-bear containers) up on my property in the N.C. mountains. With them we will fight the marxists that want to take over this country.

  • You’re making a common mistake, confusing fundamental rights with the law.

    Rights are not legal constructs, they are meta-legal constructs.

    Rights aren’t law, they are the inspiration for the law, or for resistance to it.

  • Selco is right on. Whatever weapon you may own, no matter what it is……STFU !!! No one knows what I own except for a 9mm pistol. And that’s my giveaway weapon.

  • What I’ves seen setting the stage for gun confiscation is registration schemes that seem relatively innocuous at first–requiring positive ID of the owner, make and serial number of weapon to be registered, and payment of a very small processing fee that’s good for several years. Within a few years, the processing fee increases, and is only good for one year. Within a few years, the processing fee per weapon increases to hundreds of dollars and failure to pay up by the due date is an automatic felony charge for each weapon the individual owns. If one can’t afford the outrageous fees, the only acceptable course of action is to surrender all unpaid weapons to police BEFORE they come looking for you. No need for door to door confiscations as many gun owners will dispose of some weapons with every fee increase until they’re down to a single weapon.

  • Remember the 80’s series “V”? They did it to the scientists who were skeptical of the aliens (spoiler!) friendly intentions. Easier now.

  • Location..Location. I am fortunate to live in Florida and in a county where our sheriff is very pro constitution. In do not live within an “city” limit, that is to say no city police. Sheriff’s are elected not selected by council or mayor. They are more responsive to the people to whom they owe their jobs. The ‘police’ would be much more compliant in what the feds would demand than a great many Sheriffs departments in this country…many, not all though. Learn about your local LEOs and where the policy’s stand. A number of departments have already stated they will not be involved in fed confiscation and violations of rights.

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