Remember What It Is to be an American. And Let Freedom Reign Again.

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This has been a year like no other, and as Independence Day rolls around, I find myself looking at the whole thing differently than in years past. I still celebrate the freedom that I have but we’re watching it disappear at a such rapid pace.

Somehow, neighbor has turned against neighbor, brother against brother, and Americans are turning against their own country.

In my memory, it’s never been as bad as it is now. Those of you who recall the protests over the Vietnam War and other conflicts may see things differently – I’m not sure how it was in our country during those times. I can only speak about what I personally recall.

But I remember what it is to be an American. I remember who I am.

We are weaker when we are divided.

The United States of America we once knew is fading and turning into the Divided States of America.

And it’s heartbreaking.

No longer do we have the sense of patriotism we once did. No longer do we know that the country will pull together to fight against threats. No longer do we have any illusions that people in government are actually working for us – 99% of politicians are there to work for themselves, line their own pockets, and increase their own power.

If we live in a country where we have no voice and no representation, do we really live in a free country? Is it the same country at all as the one that was formed back on July 4, 1776?

No wonder we’re divided.

Right now, our enemies are rubbing their hands together with glee, delighted to watch online the fall of our united country. They’re adding fuel to the fire and sowing seeds of discord. Al Qaeda recently released a letter to the “oppressed masses” urging revolution and China just got busted smuggling 10,800 “assault weapons parts” into Louisville by US Customs and Border Protection officers. Those are just two examples of groups that take great pleasure in our current implosion.

We are weaker when we are not united. We are ripe for the picking.

Every year for the past ten years I’ve written a post on the Fourth of July about reclaiming our personal freedoms. This year, I can’t find the words to do that. This year, everything is different.

2020 is the year that dissent has been silenced.

I’ve never been in a situation as a writer in which my livelihood was at risk for continuing to tell the truth as I see it. I never felt that my entire family would fall under threat if I wrote the truth about groups that have insidiously taken over the media, proclaiming anyone who disagrees with them to be hateful racists. I never imagined that I’d be censored to the point that I’ve lost control of my own social media accounts, that my website would be at risk, or that my voice would be among those who have been silenced so that a new regime of media could burn our virtual books.

Censorship is the beginning of the end, my friends.

Orwell foretold it.

Bradbury foretold it.

Huxley foretold it.

When dissent is silenced, only one opinion remains. When people only hear one opinion, many of them think that by default, this opinion must be the truth. Censorship is the death of critical thought. That is why our Constitution was written to protect free speech and a free press.

Yet here we are in the year 2020 with an avid cancel culture, organized and well-funded riots in our streets, and an alternative media that continues to be purged.

We’re watching people whose only goal is to destroy our country. They latched onto a good cause and then took it to a dark place, inciting violence and hatred between fellow Americans. They are trying to erase our history and our culture. They’re brainwashing a generation of young Americans and turning them into the new Red Guard. They’re creating an environment of mob justice and terrorizing our cities and saying their cause is just. They’re canceling out dissent by calling anyone who dares criticize the wholesale violence and vandalism a racist.

It started out as a righteous cause but that cause was hijacked.

They’re turning us against one another, deliberately, and with malicious intentions.

Our political system is an outrageous mess.

We have a man at the helm of our country who is the most unpopular president of my lifetime, to hear the media tell it.

Yet at the same time, President Trump draws crowds of thousands every time he makes a public appearance. His fans are loyal and they actually have to have a certain amount of bravery to dare in this climate to wear a hat with his name on it.

Americans should not be publicly shunned or have their property destroyed for supporting the President of the United States. A person may internally roll his or her eyes at people wearing a Trump t-shirt. Hey, I admit that I find MAGA clothing rather cringeworthy, but I also internally shuddered at the people wearing an Obama t-shirt or at those who emblazoned their vehicle bumpers with a Hillary Clinton sticker. I might not care for the sentiment on the apparel, but at the same time, I would defend to the death a person’s right to publicly support the politician of their choice.

Trump’s presidency has been destroyed by the mainstream media and those with an agenda. Now let me be perfectly clear when I say I’m not really a big fan of the President.  But I wasn’t a fan of the last President or the one before that either.  There’s still a certain courtesy that should be offered to the person in the office and that’s simply not happening with President Trump.

Our system has become a joke. We are literally choosing between a reality television star and an old man with dementia who is openly inappropriate on-camera with women and girls to be the next leader of our country.

Congress is now a career path to unfathomable wealth, not a public service.

Our enemies are seeking to destroy us from within. They’re dividing us. They’re mocking us. They’re destroying our culture, our way of life, and the very foundations upon which our country has stood for all these years.

We are watching a Marxist revolution in the works but we can stop it.

The only way forward, the only way to cure this division, is to strive for unity and equality. I’m not saying our country is perfect. We have work to do. We have injustices to correct. We have biases that have been allowed to stand for too long.

But we can fix this.

All of us, men, women, black people, white people, Latino people, Asian people, straight people, gay people, people of different faiths and belief systems, no matter who we are or how we identify, we need to work together, not seek to separate ourselves from our fellow Americans. We need to listen when our brothers and sisters cry out to us for help. We need to stop jumping straight to rage, cancellation, and violence at any affront. There are “snowflakes” out there in every political and social faction and we need to stop letting these perpetually offended people have all the microphones.

A return to our natural human rights

We need to go back to the basics of our Bill of Rights, which was designed to protect the freedoms that should be considered natural human rights due to every human being.

  • We need to support the freedom of speech, even when it’s unpopular.
  • We need to demand a free media – no more propaganda outlets existing unchallenged by alternatives.
  • We need freedom of religion and freedom from religion – no theocracy was ever a just government.
  • We need to stop being taxed and legislated without real representation.
  • We need to have the right to protect ourselves with whatever force is necessary against anyone who would deprive us of our basic human rights to life, liberty, and personal property. And we need access to the tools to do so without the potential of felony charges just for owning those tools.
  • We need the right to be secure in our privacy instead of the technological surveillance net in which we currently find ourselves tangled.
  • We need to return to the due process of law, without exceptions like the NDAA and the Patriot Act, without civil asset forfeiture, without internet mob justice.
  • We need small, local governments that are more representative of the people in a given area instead of vast, federal overreach.
  • We need to all be treated with equal justice under the law – none of us are dispensable.

Remember that we have a government of consent. Their power is only lawful if we agree to their governance.

Remember who we are. Our ancestors were rebels. They were immigrants who sought to be free. They were the people who gave their lives for the freedom of others.

Be worthy of that legacy.

July 4, 2020

This morning, I woke up in a country that was not the America of my childhood, not the beacon of freedom that we celebrated on the 4th of July, not the country people fought and died for. Instead, it is a country filled with rage, discontent, and manipulated tension. People created this disharmony on purpose, to fulfill their own vision of the future by erasing our history and brainwashing our children.

But we can get back what we’ve lost. We haven’t gone too far, not yet. We may be battered but we are not broken.

We can remind the younger generation what freedom really is, and in doing so, we can reclaim all the things that have made our country a beacon of freedom that people all over the world used to covet.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t let those who would destroy our country continue to take it over. We can show the world yet again why the people of the United States of America are a force to be reckoned with.

We stand when united.

But we will fall if we continue to be divided.

The message I have today is this:

Be strong. Be brave. Be one with your brothers and sisters. Stand up for the rights of others as well as your own. Remember who you are. Remember what it is to be an American. And let freedom reign again.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • On this 4th of July, contrary to the propaganda that is out there, THE AMERICAN FOUNDING WAS THE GREATEST ANTI-SLAVERY MOVEMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY.
    —“The Declaration of Independence launched the greatest abolitionist movement in human history: the United States of America.
    —Slavery is older than human history, stretching back thousands of years to prehistoric times, before written historical records were kept, occurring in all societies, across the globe, over many centuries. It is heart-wrenching to know that human beings were treated as mere property, owned, controlled, used, won, bought and sold by others.
    —One group of people, far from being morally perfect, dared to declare a universal, true moral idea: that all men are created equal in terms of inalienable natural rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These imperfect people set for themselves an ambitious goal for which there was no historical model: to create a new nation upon that idea. And the idea was enshrined forever in the America’s Declaration of Independence.
    —The American idea is perfect. Every human being, regardless of looks, language, or religious beliefs—whether rich or poor or in between—does possess, by nature, a morally rightful claim to his or her own freedom, to whatever he or she rightfully owns, equal to all other human beings.
    —In the early decades of our republic, many Americans made big strides toward their goal. They treated slavery like a cancer: prohibiting the supply of slaves from Africa; prohibiting the spread of slavery to new federal territories; confining slavery to where it existed in the original states. Between the Declaration of Independence and 1800, a mere 24 years, half of those original states abolished domestic slavery.
    —That was not the end of the tragic story, of course. Through a terrible, bloody Civil War, Americans gave their lives to abolish slavery, resulting in a constitutional amendment, only a few more than four score and seven years after the Declaration of Independence.
    —Never before had a people declared their own independence upon a universal moral idea that applies to all human beings, everywhere, always. Never before had so much been done to constrain and eliminate slavery so quickly. The American Founding was the greatest anti-slavery movement in human history.” –Thomas Krannawitter, Ph.D

  • I’m not sure what American History you are referring to? The stuff they teach us in school about the “greatness” of America? That set of lies?
    How can we boast about freedom for a bunch of Europeans settlers landed on the Aboriginal Negros and the Native Americans – who where slaughtered for the freedoms of settlers.
    I love your points about going back to natural law, it’s important.
    Please don’t keep repeating the myth that America freed slaves, it’s still happening with the prison industrial complex.
    White People, Aboriginal Originals (who you have labeled African American- we where here prior to Columbus), and Indigenous Nations need to read an essay called
    “The true story of the white nation -SETTLERS…
    The Mythology of the white proletariat”
    By J. Sakai

    Happy 4th of Delusion Day! The myth of American greatness is pass…
    Make American Great For Once! #MAGFO

    • America is already great otherwise we’d get to hunt you down and chop your head off for writing this.
      You’ve said yours and I’ve said mine and guess what? Nothing that’s what. Because AMERICA ????????
      Happy 4th. Stay safe. Pop Smoke

    • Melonated Thinker: Get over it and get over yourself. Humans move from here to there. Expanding outward is human nature. Exploring is human nature. Every country on this earth has had people come into it at one time or another and move the previous people out, take them over or absorb them into the new culture coming in.
      —Slavery has been around since prehistoric times. There have been slaves in every recorded culture and society down through time. Don’t act like America is the only one that has ever had slaves, because they aren’t. People of every race and color have been enslaved — and enslaved others. White people were still being bought and sold as slaves in the Ottoman Empire, decades after American blacks were freed. The indigenous people here in the Americas fought with other tribes, taking slaves when they were victorious – before white settlers even landed on these shores.
      —According to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded ship voyage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage of the African slave trade. In fact, the overwhelming percentage of the African slaves were shipped directly to the Caribbean and South America; Brazil received 4.86 million Africans alone.
      —But America is the only country that was founded on the ideal that all men are equal. They weren’t able to free the slaves when the country was founded, but they worked tirelessly towards that goal for decades. And finally, when they couldn’t get the Democrats to vote slavery away, they ended up going to war and spilling American blood to free the slaves.
      —Black Americans have made the greatest gains, over some of the highest hurdles in the shortest span of time than any other racial group in mankind’s history. The evidence: If black Americans were thought of as a nation with their own gross domestic product, they would rank among the 20 wealthiest nations. It speaks to the greatness of a nation like America, within which such progress was possible, progress that would have been impossible anywhere else.
      —So don’t spew your ridiculous twisted view of history that you picked up from your Leftist agitators who want to see this country taken down and turned into a Marxist hell-hole. There is enough original documents that exist from our past history to tell the true tale before the Leftists decided they were going to put out a revised version to suit their own agenda. Unfortunately, useful idiots who are too lazy to look into history for themselves are just to willing to soak up the lies that are put out there by these enemies of America. Ignorance and stupidity seem to go hand in hand these days.

      • Thank you for showing your fragile nature.
        Look deeper, we where here prior to Columbus.
        Yes, slavery is an old system, but it was based on a value that after serving your time you would reap benefits.
        That is not how the system was practiced in the Americas. Do the reading. In the olden days of slavery you reference most of the times the enslaved keep their culture and sense of humanity… Not so here.
        I don’t argue with folks whose existing belief is based on suppression of true knowing… You are correct ignorance and stupidity go hand in hand… And please wash your hands.

        • Utopia has never been an option. Don’t be unrealistic, melonated. America, today, is the most free just society that has ever, ever existed, for all its people. Admit it now, computer-posting-spoiled-brat, if you actually know history you have to realize the grace that has been laid upon you to live here and now vs anywhere else in the world, at any other time. ADMIT IT! The founding and the revolutionary ideas of that founding in 1776 are responsible for what you have, you technology soaked, well fed, history reading, free educated, reading and writing, phone carrying, health care covered, free speeching, diverse society, undrafted, wealthy living, supermarket shopping American idiot. Utopia has not been an option, but it’s pretty damn close isn’t it? Those who want to remake it or tear it down are fools. That being said, I don’t want to live with you unrealistic mf s anymore. I say split it peacefully, we take flyover, you get the coasts. You are the Taliban and harmful to my family, prosperity and peace. You have taken the Marxist kool aid, the sweet meats of envy that will someday earn you a ticket on the train to the gulag. Read your history and learn about that.

        • Dear “Thinker”

          What you are suffering from is a lack of self confidence. Some people have told you you can’t excel because of your skin color. That isn’t true and deep down, you know it, because you are a “thinker”.
          The Democrats are behind telling people of color that they aren’t good enough, that white people hate them, that it has to do with their color. Hog wash! When they tell you this, they also say something like “Here, let us take care of you because you can’t take care of yourselves.” And you want to believe that?
          Shake that off. When people are told over and over a lie, eventually, they will believe it.
          Slavery, whenever and where ever it takes place or took place is horrible and wrong. We don’t have slavery here in America anymore except for the bondage you place on yourself by listening to the wrong people.

    • So What?
      These are the only countries on Earth have not been colonised. It has happened, there’s no changing it. Get on with it and enjoy all the benefits that have come with it. If all you can do is focus retrospectively, then all you can do is be bitter. Broken eggs and omelettes and all that stuff.

    • Just really think you are way off base. If this land was not taken by new Americans it would have been under the control of either the English, the French, or the Spanish, take your pick. If our awesome Native Americans would have stopped fighting each other, and banded together, and fought like a united force with guerilla tactics, not attacking directly, maybe something would have been different. But this is what we have, the beacon on the hill. If you think we are so screwed up, why are people still breaking into our house in order to be a part of US? Black Africans captured Black Africans and sold them to the Portugese, Arabs, Asians, and Americans (among others). The continent that still is haunted by present day slavery is Africa (China also, but different dynamic). Man is an incredibly loving and giving animal, man is also a dredge on the world and each other. America is a great nation, the America I have served for and am proud to be a citizen of. The America that the left is fighting for is not this America. We are being attacked by those who have no idea of the statues they topple, the protectors they denigrate (yes there are bad cops, bring them to justice and carry on), and the true Americans they are attacking. What I see as a White American of 59 years, is the very thing that in my life we have fought to rid ourselves of (segregation) is now being practiced by blacks; United Negro College Fund, Ebony Magazine, the Congressional Black Caucus, black safe spaces and dormitories in our colleges, and so many more “black” organizations. It seems to me that blacks in power are trying to segregate Black Americans into a separate part of US. Excuse my ignorance for just learning of a Black National Anthem. If we bring this BNA into the lifeblood of America I believe we need a Brown National Anthem, a Red National Anthem, a Yellow National Anthem, a Scottish American National Anthem, a English American National Anthem, an Irish American National Anthem…..I have always hears of the melting pot that is US. The American haters have been allowed to turn US into a salad bowl. It is getting closer and closer to US and the Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Anarchists entering a shooting war. My fellow Marines, veterans, and American will fight for OUR country. We are a very well armed and trained salad bowl, and the left will fall in a way that no American wants. MT, your opinion differs from mine, that is a huge part of being American. Your side does not want to allow this discourse, your side hates US. Pitiful.

  • Hi! I turn 76 at the end of this month and I do remember the 60s. I spent the last half of them in NYC, Manhattan, under Mayor John Lindsay. It was different! Basically, the Democrats were for the “working man” the underdog, and the Constitution (civil rights) while Republicans stood for corporations and the ultra rich.

    The biggest difference was that identity politics was not “a thing.” A radical liberal then, I and my cohorts supported the rights of everyone to survive and thrive. LBJ’s Great Society was our solution for that as well as anything that supported equal opportunity under the law. We didn’t guarantee equal outcomes but we wanted all to have a Head Start.

    I still remember about 10 years ago when my stepson — Western European and Hispanic Ancestry — introduced me to the concept of White Privilege. I just laughed. I’m from Appalachia where a hardworking Person of Color outranks shiftless White Trash anytime.

    And I think that’s where The Shift occurred. Identity Politics. As Orwell put it in Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

    So the pendulum has swung clear through equality under the law and into some kind of arbitrary superiority of former underdogs.

    I’m not sure what form it should take, but we need to study the Bill of Rights and end the current divisiveness with something that is fair to all and enhances our humanity instead of destroying it. I intend to do some contemplation and see what that might look like. I’m eager to learn what folks here and elsewhere come up with.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your perspective as someone who lived through the Sixties. With so many of our media sources being rewritten as we speak, it’s good to hear from someone who is relying on their own memory.

  • Y’all mentioned that China was caught smuggling 10K AR-15 kits in the U.S. which is true. However last August they were caught bringing in 58,000 AR’s. So how many haven’t we caught?

    The reason why China is not allowed to import weapons into the U.S. anymore ( remember all of those cheap SKS’s and AK’s) is because they were caught bringing in a whole ship load of full auto AK into Los Angles harbor to be sold to street gangsters . Blood/Crips?

  • Thank you for posting this, Daisy, it’s nice to read something clearheaded and oriented toward uniting instead of dividing. Right now there is so much divisiveness, engineered of course because it’s much easier to conquer where there is no unity. Yet, we all do have quite a bit in common, and things can turn around and improve. Thank you for being here and continuing to fight the good fight.

    The United States of America has a pretty sketchy history and has done some pretty horrible things as a nation. Yet, for people who self castigate over that, what does that help? Your focus determines your reality. What you resist, persists. So why not make a better future instead, one where mutual respect is brought back from the dead, education is more widespread, and we remember our history so as not to repeat it?

    Happy Independence Day everyone, even if it is just you, alone, deciding to think in an independent way.

    (Anyone noticed how many people say “Happy Fourth of July? It takes us one step further away from the original point of the day, doesn’t it?)

  • What freedom? Virtually all of the causes listed in the Declaration of Independence have been trashed since then, plus some others. Examples:

    The middle class is being destroyed by a pincer squeeze between income tax and inflation (which is the statist euphemism for counterfeiting money). The threat of hyperinflation is looming as the result of the federal government’s obsession to spending on endless wars and a welfare state.

    Even though the military draft is temporarily shut down, the mandate to register for it is still on the books in case America’s addiction to endless wars overseas gets out of hand.

    The sacred right of jury nullification in criminal trials, established in the William Penn trial of 1670 and echoed on our side of the Atlantic to shut down our Salem witch trials and the 1735 John Peter Zenger trial … was enforced through the 1890s by a mandate that judges were required to disclose that right to prospective jurors. Then an abusive Supreme Court ruling killed that mandate. Since that time the right has disappeared from government school textbooks and judges typically now require prospective jurors to accept the law as the state specifies — no matter how abusive, tyrannical, unfair, or inappropriate it may be. (Good luck if you get caught handing out copies of the Constitution outside a federal courthouse. You might get charged with jury tampering.)

    The Constitutional founders never intended the Supreme Court to have the final word. Juries were — until SCOTUS stole that right in the John Marshall era. Now competing political groups try to pack the court with “their” guys.

    The ancient commercial horror of monopoly (called “mercantilism” by the British) has returned to America with a vengeance in industry after industry. The ancient Roman Tacitus said that the more corrupt the state, the more laws there will be. A combination of state licensing and highly complex regulation means the little guys can’t compete, and only one or a very few mega-players have the entire market to themselves.

    There is very little that an overreaching central government can’t destroy. Lyndon Johnson’s Medicare is an example. At one time, medical care was reasonably affordable for most families. Today the costs have skyrocketed so badly that medical tourism (traveling to doctors in other countries) is the only way some families can afford it. And the medical monopolists, at war with naturopathic / holistic practitioners since at least the early 1900s, have destroyed competing medical schools and destroyed the lives and medical practices of practitioners. Many are seeking other countries to flee to.

    Your right to travel used to be unquestionable. Today both the IRS and the State Department can shut down your passport no matter where you are if they can profess the right grievance. When Edward Snowden exposed the hideous wrongdoings of NSA, the State Department killed his US passport. So much for free speech and the right to travel.

    The 17th Amendment ripped away the right of state legislatures to select and even quickly recall US Senators. It turned their selection into an auction among the oligarchs and special interests that could afford the enormous campaign money competition. Good luck if you think your vote for a Senator counts for anything, or that who you get can be counted on to protect your rights.

    I could go on for a long time, but it would overrun whatever the posting length limits are on

    The point is that we are commemorating on this 4th the freedoms that we once had (some of which like jury nullification we’ve even forgotten), but no longer have.


  • Will the Leftists ever acknowledge their iPones, iTablets, their Nike shoes, and all those other slave labor made items from China? For the benefit that they and their corporate and share holders all profit off of slave labor in China?
    Where is the out cry?
    No. They will not demand justice for those in those forced labor prison camps of the Uighur people. No. The Left will not even acknowledge they exist. The Left cannot or will not for they want their iPhones, Nike shoes at the lowest cost no matter whom has to pay for it in slave labor.
    That is all that is important to them, the virtual signaling. But they will continue to buy slave labor China goods as long as they are cheap.

  • Daisy, this is The Best Post I have read in a very long time. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. God Bless America and Let Freedom Ring!

  • These Chinese rifle parts were not destined for America though. They were enroute elsewhere when intercepted.

  • The end of days is near . Ain’t no fixing this . ” And the saints shall be given over to his hand ” .

  • Hello Fellow Preppers,

    This is a wonderful article and, in my opinion, beautifully articulates sentiments held by many of us. The question I receive most often is; why is this happening? My research, for the past 20 or so years, has focussed on the psychological and neurological basis for political thought. Through this research, I have discovered, what I believe to be the cause of our current position. I can only suggest to your readers that it is cyclical. I know this doesn’t help, because these cycles are quite long and those who are destined to suffer the negative ends of them, are victims. However, be assured that, ultimately, a better world will emerge from all this.

  • I did live through the Vietnam era, watched and read all the news, went to a few of the demonstrations. It was never half as bad as it is now. Today the MSM has whipped up youth and people of color into an ignorant frenzy with non-stop lies. If you want to get a better view of of the Big Picture, what all of this rioting and hate-promotion is designed to distract you from, watch this:

  • I have read a number of persuasive articles about splitting the country. I particularly liked the one making 7 nations. A peaceful split with no civil war sounds great. Countries come and go. We have been a mish mash that has unraveled. I disagree with the author. We don’t need to hold this together. It is not what it was, what do you intend to save? The empire? Liberty needs to survive somewhere, it will thrive as it always does, and I want to live there.

  • This was a very white centric article.
    I would love for you to try to ATTEMPT to think of what you wrote, and do it from an educated black person’s view point.

    We do not need to be together – i do NOT want to work with racists. I do NOT want to live with racists. We are going to stay divided. When you put we should work together, you are ignoring the fact that you are basically saying we should work with people who are either 1.) Directly complicit in systemic racism and/or 2.) people who are not DIRECTLY contributing, but do NOTHING to stop it.

    Absolutely not.
    Then i see commenters posting as if america was NOT based on slavery but the opposite. Like, they are really in these comments and are going to try to pretend history didnt happen? Im surprised at you writing this article only from a white woman’s perspective, and not inclusive of why a black person has seen all founding “fathers” as the biggest hypocrites known to man.

    • And with that comment you have undone all the work that was done by Dr King, Rosa Parks, the Freedom Writers (most of whom were white and Hispanic), and everyone else of all colors and ancestry who worked to ensure equal rights for everyone. You break my heart. All this is racism against every person who doesn’t share your ancestry. As someone of mixed heritage, but looks typically white, I say it again – your hatred breaks my heart. And I do realize that it probably makes you happy.

    • Sadly, the greatest source of your enslavement is from your own misunderstanding of history. You do not understand history and in fact it seems that you only will believe a narrative if it makes you the victim. You are free. Go be free. There’s nothing stopping anyone in this country from living a life of freedom… Save maybe the white man who has given up ground and given up ground and given up ground and yet never gives up enough ground. This debt you feel you are owed can never be satisfied. There’s never enough blood there’s ever enough treasure that can satisfy a bottomless pit of victim mentality. It doesn’t have to be this way.

      What exactly do you want? What do the people out in the streets burning down the very country that could give them the best shot at freedom the world has ever known… What exactly do those people want? Can you answer that… Can you tell us something logical that would make sense in light of the destruction?… No you can’t. Because there is no sense to any of it. Think for a minute… These rioters and looters don’t care about you they are not trying to win you the day. They are using you as a means to destroy this country and yes… As another poster put it you will be the first to die when they take over this country. Wake up and realize that you are not just biting the hand but killing the very hand that could help you. And you are emboldening those who want to destroy you. Your fight is not with your fellow Americans who you feel have wronged you in the past. Nobody alive today has or would take you as a slave. We don’t believe in that and we don’t stand for that as a country. Your fight is with those who would kill the
      very country that wants you to be free. Please get this.

    • So your a black separatist? Not any different from the white separatist who suffered racial attacks from school busing etc. and doesn’t want to live around blacks?

      I’ve no issue with it. We’ve all had experiences that make us not want to be around others. We can be together as Americans but not literally be together. In fact it’s pretty awesome that we can choose where to live, based of course on if you can afford it, in America.

      Work is different in that “equality” means just that. It doesn’t mean ones more equal than another so it’s rare not to work in diversity.

      No pretending. Slavery happened in America. Doesn’t change history. Those leaders were still leaders. Those things still happened.

      Work Slavery is still happening in Africa and other places. Sexual Slavery is just about everywhere.

      Destruction of property that doesn’t belong to that person makes that person just a common criminal.

      Not agreeing with one does not make a racist. Being racist makes a racist.

    • So, you don’t want to work with “racists”. Well, neither do I. I’m white, and I hope I don’t have to work with anyone who has your attitude. No work would get done. You sound as if you want to be separate from white people.
      No one is pretending that slavery didn’t happen. It did, it was wrong. But, it doesn’t exist today except for the slavery you have put yourself into by your own thinking. Go ahead, exclude yourself from other people who don’t look like you. isn’t that what racism is?

  • There are many reasons historically why people have found it intolerable to live with others who were “different” in some way(s). Many of my ancestors fled Europe because their lives were at risk, some because Catholics in Switzerland would have killed them, some because the Russian czar revoked their exemption from military slavery (aka conscription or draft), etc. They didn’t invent new causes (like micro-aggressions) to take offense. Fortunately, none of them got caught up in several generations of England’s horrendous white slavery operations of the 1600s and later. They simply up and moved to a country where they eventually thrived — instead of committing suicide in an attempted idiotic revolution. BTW, when England lost our Revolution, they also lost their favorite dumping ground for white (and black) slaves they had captured. The result was we were replaced by Australia as that dumping ground. See the Robert Hughes book “The Fatal Shore” for that story.

    I personally experienced some twelve years of such intolerance in the rural public school where I grew up. The local dominate religion (which my ancestors two generations before had fled) despised everybody else. Their kids would not speak to you in the hallways, nor socialize with you in any way. Friendship was out of the question. They slapped a nickname on me that was so disgusting they’re lucky they were too gutless to tell me what it meant. Had I known, there’s a good chance I’d have earned a jail record for what I might have done in revenge.

    I was under no illusions of being able to change them. Once I graduated with honors, I fled that town and never looked back. No where else in this country where I’ve lived have I ever experienced the social garbage as I did back then.

    Look over the Kurt Nimmo article titled “Year Zero in America” that Daisy has posted in, here:

    for some horrific explanations of what a Marxist revolution does — who dies, and who benefits. Typically the “useful idiots” who do the rock throwing, fire bombing, and outright murdering are the first to be eliminated at the hands of the financial elite who were funding the whole revolution.

    Dr. Walter E Williams has written that the black community in America has made more economic progress than they could have in any other part of the world. Their combined wealth he said was equivalent to the total GNP of some 20 countries.

    The claim that the American founders were hypocrites is pure bunkem. They inherited an institutionalized system of slavery from the British that they didn’t see a way to quickly do away with. If they had not made the provisions in the US Constitution for slavery, they knew there was enough political power to make ratification impossible. They were at least able to get the trans-Atlantic slave trade made illegal by 1807. That’s not hypocrisy — that’s just realism under way less than perfect circumstances. But don’t expect that hear that from a Marxist professor determined to set fire to the American system.

    So if one is that dissatisfied with America, you might choose between moving or mobbing (with the likely horrific consequences). Take your pick.


  • Good post Daisy. Sadly so true. It’s become downright dangerous to speak out or have an opinion that’s not the accepted one. Watching people, institutions, governments and media fall over themselves to promote the looting rioting mobs as “peaceful protesters” with a straight face is nauseating. Watching the NYT continue to grovel and appeal to the wokester virtue signalling folks while doing everything in their power to destroy our government as it’s led by someone they hate is mind-boggling.

    Just about choked on my coffee when I read their little missive this morning as to why they will now capitalize “black” as in “Black woman” but not “white”, so it’s only “white woman”. Seems that “Blacks” have a common culture that is meant to be recognized and respected but “whites” don’t. Uh huh. And if you object to this you are of course a racist…….

    We are so divided and the masses are so deluded and dumb. I no longer have any hope for this country. It’s not the country of my childhood for sure( not that it wasn’t pretty screwy then either) but this is over the top. I’m gonna put some more time and energy into hunkering down and hope that what I do will be enough to protect my family.

  • There was a bittersweetnes surrounding Saturday’s Independence Day celebration. Glorious weather here in the Midwest. No parades, though, no large celebrations, fairs, or community gatherings. I couldn’t help wondering, what will July 4, 2021 look like? How many past July 4ths had I taken for granted – that these things had always happened and always would. 2020 has shown us there are no guarantees anymore – even in our most basic freedoms and in how things have always been up til now. I found hope, though, based on the sheer number of individuals around me setting off fireworks that night and celebrating, albeit different than the past, that the American spirit lives on and is being rekindled in the hearts our neighbors (the silent majority?), who will (hopefully) stand firm against further encroachment of our freedoms.

    Beautiful article, Daisy. Brought me to tears.

  • Amen Sister! Such a Great Message today ❤️! Thank you for all your comments and ideas. You keep making me stronger!!!!!

  • Daisy,
    Your Independence Day article was spot on as always. Just to give you some insight into the holiday across America, I traveled from Texas to Washington State and back. Drove this AWE INSPIRING country from June 29th to July 8th, 2020. Traveled in a pandemic through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and Texas. Don’t want to get political, just interesting to note that you could tell if the states’ Governor was Republican or Democrat by the fear factor we encountered: gloves, masks, social distancing, etc. (Democrat state) versus people just living their lives like normal (Republican state). Not being able to watch tv and listening to music those days, it was like days of old. Farmers were bailing hay, ranchers were taking care of cattle, truckers were long hauling, people in small towns earning a living selling coffee, food and such on main street USA. Country Fairs and Rodeo’s signs were everywhere. When I arrived in Washington, the mood was happy. They were worried about our country’s direction, but still willing to stand up for freedom when ANTIFA threatened to tear down a local conservative billboard on the highway. The no-longer-silent rednecks came out of the woodwork with their guns & trucks to uphold liberty & freedom to stop ANTIFA demonstrators with their fists! Good men prevailed this time. The world is too focused on the bad stuff and the good is being ignored. Take heart Americans your country is still here! It may be battered and bruised, soiled and stained, but she is still a beacon of hope for us all. Just be willing to stand up when it’s your time to fight for this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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