The Great American Butthurt: They’re Here and They’re Offended

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I have a confession to make. Kick me out of any possible minority group I might be a part of but didn’t know it, but any word ending in “-ism” annoys the daylights out of me.

  • Feminism
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Tokenism
  • Ableism

Words to express our affront are being made up left and right by the mere addition of “ism” to the ends of what were formerly perfectly neutral words. It seems like pundits can take basically any word and add “ism” to the end of it and that means they’re being slighted. The list of isms could go on and on, but instead of promoting more equality, all they’re doing is promoting more division.

Isn’t that divisionism?

Personally, I’m affronted by the constant barrage of affronts.

When did we, as a nation, become such weenies? How is it that such a collection of whiners has become the vocal majority? Certain people are constantly offended and demand the attention of others so they can express the epic level of their personal offendedness.

I also hate the word “triggered.” Grow the eff up and manage your emotions, please. The rest of us should not have to guard our words so you aren’t “triggered.” If you are “triggered” by words, you should stay home, stay off the internet, and never watch television until you get better. You should not expect the rest of the world to tiptoe around you, particularly the world that doesn’t even know you and your traumatic background.

Let me clarify that I am not referring to people who suffered extreme and genuine trauma and are dealing with PTSD. (The real, diagnosed kind, not the Google-diagnosed version that is “trendy” right now.) But even those who have dealt with extreme events have to make their way into this world – we must learn to live with the brains we have. My family members have suffered deep trauma and with therapy and loving support, function well in society. When people who just don’t want to deal with the world use words like “triggered” and “PTSD” they weaken those words for those who actually do have these issues, just like people who casually toss around words like “bipolar” and “schizophrenic” when talking about someone’s behavior that is adamantly neither.

So vast is the level of Great American Butthurt that no mainstream news outlet is complete without breathlessly exposing a secret “ism” each day. These secret “isms” are called “microaggressions,” defined as “the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”

Oh my gosh. SHUT UP ALREADY.

I initially wrote this article four years ago and the isms have exceeded my wildest imaginings since that time. I decided it was time to update with some of the new and mindboggling incidents of butthurt.

Note that this list of butthurt and microagressions is not comprehensive. Don’t YOU start in, too.

Here are a few examples of microaggression alerts aka butthurt.

Here are some examples to support my highly unpopular opinion on this matter.  Feel free to yell at me or agree with me in the comments. I promise not to tell you I’m offended. I really don’t care if you are black, brown, white, gay, straight…whatever. I’m just not into whining.

Cal State San Bernadino Apologizes and Offers Counseling to Students After Promoting Job Opportunities with the Border Patrol

The poor beleaguered students at a California University were left traumatized when they received an email from the career counseling center that mentioned…oh my gosh this is triggering…job opportunities with the Border Patrol.

As a staunch libertarian and voluntaryist, I would rather scrub toilets in the diarrhea ward at the dysentery hospital than to work for the government in any capacity. But such an offer wouldn’t require counseling. It would result in a cringe as I hit the delete button. I know others that would be happy to get a government job. To each her own.

But a number of the students of CSUSB are not made of such stern stuff. The school had to send out an apology and an offer to help them through this difficult experience of getting an email that said “The US Border Patrol Is Hiring.”

The Career Center sincerely apologizes for the email sent to students on Monday, August 5, 2019, regarding the employment webinars offered by the U.S. Border Patrol. We recognize that some recipients experienced distress due to the contents of the message, and we acknowledge the validity of your concerns. Please know that the Career Center is committed to informing students about employment opportunities while also considering the safety and well-being of all members of the campus community.

If you wish to address this in person, you are welcome to visit the Career Center to speak with our Interim Director. To schedule, please call [redacted]. You may also contact Counseling and Psychological Services if you would like to speak with a professional counselor [redacted] or visit our Undocumented Student Success Center in SU-102B for additional resources or support. (source)

10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools

In this little piece, the plight of the poor confused white teacher is brought to the forefront. White teachers are performing an injustice to children of any other race by mispronouncing their names or “valuing whiteness.”

Though I know there are actively racist teachers out there, most White teachers mean well and have no intention of being racist. Yet as people who are inscribed with Whiteness, it is possible for us to act in racist ways no matter our intentions. Uprooting racism from our daily actions takes a lifetime of work.

I’d just like to say that my children, blond and blue-eyed, have their father’s Swiss last name that contains far too many vowels for American tongues, and not once did they ever have it immediately pronounced correctly by a new teacher.  We always knew if someone said their first names and then began to stutter, they were calling on my children.  Clearly, we too, have been discriminated against and my children’s very education was greatly placed at risk.

Casual Sexism in the Workplace May Hurt Women More Than You Think

Heaven forbid that someone tell a joke or make a comment that a woman looks nice at work. It’s sexist and destroying her chances at success, dontcha know?

While overt sexual harassment can make headlines, this study suggests that daily sexist jokes and comments made by co-workers can also chip away at a woman’s well-being. It’s not all bad news, though. According to the researchers, their findings can be used to spark progress: If employers recognize the detrimental effects of the more subdued, pervasive sexism, women may be motivated to make formal complaints and organization-wide actions can be taken.

Microaggressions: More than Just Race

This little gem is full of “isms” without calling them “isms”.

Microaggressions can be based upon any group that is marginalized in this society. Religion, disability, and social class may also reflect the manifestation of microaggressions. Some of these examples include the following.

• When bargaining over the price of an item, a store owner says to a customer, “Don’t try to Jew me down.” (Hidden message: Jews are stingy and money-grubbing.)
• A blind man reports that people often raise their voices when speaking to him. He responds by saying, “Please don’t raise your voice; I can hear you perfectly well.” (Hidden message: A person with a disability is defined as lesser in all aspects of physical and mental functioning).
• The outfit worn by a TV reality-show mom is described as “classless and trashy.” (Hidden message: Lower-class people are tasteless and unsophisticated.)

The most detrimental forms of microaggressions are usually delivered by well-intentioned individuals who are unaware that they have engaged in harmful conduct toward a socially devalued group.

Our racially diverse present (and future) deserves better than tokenism

Be careful when you do try to be inclusive, because if you don’t do it right, you could be guilty of “tokenism.” Somewhere there exists a fine line between making a person of a race other than white enough of that race without being so much of that race that you must certainly be mocking or stereotyping them.

There is nothing wrong with that, in theory – except that it signals to the industry that it’s acceptable to represent the growing racial diversity in American through what advertising executives like to call “ethnic ambiguity”. Minorities featured in advertising, the sentiment goes, shouldn’t look too black or brown, or sound too unassimilated or uneducated; instead, “acceptable” diversity in advertising remains middle class, unassuming and nearly invisible by being as close to “white” as possible. The problem is that, when racial difference is represented in this way, we aren’t actually acknowledging diversity: we are homogenizing it. These diverse-but-not-too-diverse advertisements create a false promise of racially normalized society.

But when you include someone’s ethnic identity, be careful not to include it too much or in any way that might be seen as insulting, because then…racism.

There are a plethora of myths out there about black people, but the question is, which ones are actually true? For years, the black community has been inundated with oxymoronic myths that just continue as the years go on.

7 Racially Coded Phrases That Everyone Needs to Stop Saying About Black People

As well, you must also take care not to use ANY of these phrases, because it’s just another way you’re secretly insulting a minority. (Even when you’re referring to someone who is NOT a minority, although I’m not 100% sure how that works.)

Now, many words act as substitutes for the slur that, more than any other, has come to define race relations in America. These words are united by a hurtful message: Black people don’t deserve to be treated with respect or regarded as fully human.

Whether it’s commentators implying that Michael Brown deserved to die because he was a “thug,” or civic leaders peddling racial welfare stereotypes, coded racial language seeps into mainstream conversations far more than most people assume.>

It’s an easy, yet insidious way for the speakers to prompt or stir up an audience’s negative biases against black people. 

Individually, these instances might seem insignificant. But taken collectively, the common use of these coded words — words otherwise assumed to be free of any political or historical context — serve to reinforce stereotypes that stem from a sordid history of slavery, segregation and unequal treatment under the law.

White people can’t even MENTION race without getting a smack on the hand for it. Because discussions of race are racism (there’s that ism again) unless the race discuss-er is of the accepted race.

Your Guide to Avoiding Cultural Appropriation

Heaven forbid that you think someone of another ethnicity is cool and try to wear the same things or do your hair the same way. Then, you are guilty of “cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation is when white media trivializes and adopts aspects of other cultures without proper recognition, representation and respect. At least, that is how we can currently define it in 2015. Because really, that’s the main issue right now.

Journalists, tv hosts, bloggers, artists, lend me your eyes! I give to you a sure-fire guide on how to avoid cultural appropriation. All you have to do is simply ask yourself these questions before you publish or submit your potentially problematic posts/stories/segments.

You can easily be guilty of cultural appropriation without even knowing it. For example, white people getting a tan is considered by some to be an affront. Those people who go to Jamaica and pay to get beads in their hair? Also offensive. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Racist.

Why Using They/Them to Avoid Misgenderng People Could Actually Do More Harm Than Good

If you thought maybe you understood the current political correctness over the umpteen-hundred genders and that you could just use the grammatically incorrect they/them thing to avoid being publicly pilloried at work, Slate is here to tell you that you’re wrong.

 In liberal circles, they/them pronouns are largely considered the safer default option when you don’t want to misgender someone. The problem is, putting a stranger in the “they/them” gender category is still putting them in a gender category. This practice requires the assumption that any gender-nonconforming person cannot identify with a binary gender—in my case, woman. It may seem paradoxical, but this is still misgendering.

People who ask to be addressed with they/them pronouns tend to identify as nonbinary, or outside of the gender binary. Agender, bigender, and gender-fluid people all technically fall under the “nonbinary” umbrella. As a result, nonbinary-identified people exist all over the spectrum of gender presentation. Yet the general assumption in progressive circles seems to be that nonbinary people are white, skinny, female, and gender nonconforming. This creates issues for any nonbinary people outside of those categories, as well as for people who meet those criteria but are not, in fact, nonbinary.

To be clear, getting they/them–ed doesn’t upset me because I think there’s something wrong with being nonbinary. There are commonalities between all gender-nonconforming experiences, regardless of identity, and I do feel a certain solidarity with my fellow gender outlaws. Still, being a woman is integral to my identity, and it hurts when people in my own community assume I am not one because of the way I style and dress myself. I have done a lot of work to become comfortable with my own womanhood. (source)

Just face it. Even when you try, you probably cannot win the pronoun game.

And by the way, I have a couple of transgender friends who made a decision to transition as adults. I refer to them by the name they request and I have no problem with adults who don’t necessarily conform to the majority of Americans. I don’t think it’s nice to attack and insult people because they’re different – just treat people like people.

But if you’re different, you’ve gotta stop attacking the well-meaning people who don’t understand. Especially if they’re trying but perhaps getting it wrong. You have to stop trying to turn a misunderstanding into a criminal offense.

Our melting pot is boiling over

It seems to me that the most marginalized, discriminated-against person in America right now is the white male. Because of his so-called “white male privilege,” he’s passed over for promotions so that the more politically correct candidate can receive it. Because of his “white male privilege,” he has to be even more careful about what he says and how he behaves. Everything about him is vilified.

Why does it have to be like this? Why does there always have to be an enemy? This is the problem with too many “isms” and too much butthurt. The pendulum always has to swing and whack someone else in the head. This just creates a larger divide and stokes the fire under our melting pot of a country until it boils over and makes a mess on the stove.

As parents, we teach our children not to be sore losers and throw the checkerboard at their opponent’s head when they lose. Unfortunately, that lesson is getting erased through our media and public school system.

In life, the odds are rarely all lined up in our favor. Overcoming them is a measure of success. Throwing a hissy fit about those odds is, however, now held up and applauded.  If it was a kid, you’d just take the game away until the child could behave.

When I worked in the male-dominated automotive industry, I certainly never wanted a handicap just because I had ovaries. That’s not how you gain respect from your peers. It wasn’t easy to get to the top of my field, but when I did, it wasn’t because I performed poorly but got the job anyway. It was because I deserved it. If you’re busy whining about “microaggressions”, where is your self-respect? Getting ahead despite the odds is far sweeter than a handout to shut you up because you’re a baby.

I know that some folks will read this and say that I don’t understand their struggles. That’s true. I have never been black or Latino or gay or blind.  But we ALL have struggles.

And don’t use this little rant to justify being an a$$hole.  You don’t need to be nasty to people who are struggling. This train goes both ways.

When will people stop searching for things to be outraged about?

I’m personally outraged by the misplaced outrage. Why not take responsibility and make it impossible for anyone to pass you over because your performance is so incredible? Instead of using butthurt as fuel for your social media whining, why not use it as fuel to excel? Why not use it to propel you to make the world a better place?

Do you want to even things up in America?

  • Go help someone.
  • Teach an illiterate person to read.
  • Feed a hungry child.
  • Mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn.
  • Volunteer.
  • Treat people kindly regardless of their differences.
  • Treat people gently when they don’t understand but they’re trying.

Stop focusing all of your energy on crying the blues and expressing your butthurt. Focus that energy on making the world better. Be a shining example of your minority or trod-upon group instead of a wailing beacon of warning.

At the risk of sounding like I’m trying to silence people (because I seriously am – I just can’t take it anymore) …


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • You know, I like you personally (on HBN) even if I don’t normally agree with you. BUT …. I actually have to say I mostly agree with this. We need to all worry less about our personal feelings and more about just getting along.

    Granted, I think we probably have a lot less difficulty with that here in Canada than you do in the US. We don’t have lots of people searching for things to get outraged about. We’re too “nice” for that. 😛 (Yes, the stereotype is generally correct – if you bump into a Canadian, the Canadian will apologize.)

    • Hahaha!!!! You know I like you too, Marie! 🙂 I loved living in Canada – you’re absolutely right, as a group, they’re lovely people.

  • Dear author,
    Politically correct speech stems from Cultural Marxism which, in turn is founded on the social aspect of Communism. Totalitarian societies like the one imposed on the Russian people by Jewish radicals known as Bolsheviks, cannot exist where free speech is allowed.

  • I like your suggestions to make the world a better place. 🙂

    -Go help someone.
    -Teach an illiterate person to read.
    -Feed a hungry child.
    -Mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn.

    We can’t change the world, but we each can make our neighborhood a little bit nicer.

  • Good one Daisy,
    The great American butthurt! Funny stuff.
    People are ridiculous now, im sick of this trash, even my girlfriend accused me of being “racist” sorta sent me over the edge, i am totally not racist but speak my mind and dont sugar coat stuff,,,
    Love your articles, stay safe!

  • Well said, Daisy! I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I refuse to stop calling people male or female. I refuse to stop calling a person a thug if they are one (no matter who it offends… race does not a thug make. BAD, BULLYING ACTIONS are what make a thug a thug.) And a refuse to stop saying “I got jipped/gypped”, if I feel short-changed, because I never knew it was supposed to be insulting to Jewish people (because they were at one time considered “gypsies”).

    If a word fits, I will use it. And to heck with anyone who disagrees with me.

  • <<>>
    Ms. Luther,
    As a member of a race that isn’t even recognized as such, I can’t help but be completely offended by your insensitive article. We of the Freckled Community must rise up and throw off the oppressive chains of our bland-fleshed masters! You and your Blandy children should be forced to take Freckled Sensitivity training!

    Thank you for saying everything I was feeling better than I could have done!

  • The “-ism” culture is one that is driven by thought control. A culture in which words now have the power to silence and ostracize. Even when the terms being used have lost all connection to logic or consistent definitions. More ominous than their use are the hearts and minds of the people who use them, and those who are swayed by them. A “democracy” of such people is dangerous. And it’s not going away anytime soon. Generations of Americans are thus afflicted, and they do not have the capacity to embrace liberty, nor the desire. We’re headed for increasing fascism, besides whatever other uglies come our way. In the immediate future, it seems likely that WWIII and a serious economic collapse (rapid or slow onset) will help destroy what is left of the American Empire. Maybe that’s a good thing. Unavoidable, likely, regardless of whether it ushers in good or evil.

    Vox Day has written a good book on how to deal with the social justice warriors who are running our country and our society, entitled “SJW’s Always Lie.” It gives great insight into how the “ism”-throwing class thinks and how they carry out their attacks. Better yet, it outlines an effective strategy for protecting yourself, and even defeating them.

    • Mark, your obviously a man of intelligence, and YOU, can help turn this around. The answer, lies in the same dream my generation lived, one of work ethic, morals, and a solid line of respect. We indefinably have some problems, as far as things are not, as they were, KNOW this bro, the true American, lies within YOU, you just proved it.Im older than dirt, have seen much, a survivor, you are smart enough, to see why this has happened. Please, start a company, and start hiring people, there is a far grater threat, than a world war now, and that war, is being waged. You are all seeing it in the ‘weather” the skies, all around you. Some deep thought, will give you all, the answers.
      I was very stuck, by your truth, one cant fake truth.

      • Robinsoncaruso1…you are my hero! Thank you for recognizing this wise young’n I too am older than dirt,and he is on the right road. Thanks, Granny Sharon

    • Mark, a little late, but you might read my response. I was reminded of the quote “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” by Ariel Durant.

  • Spot on! It’s like someone fired a gun (although for anti gunners it would be a bubble gun) and the Great American Butthurt began! My husband I were talking about this in the car a few nights ago and I started to say..”we’re a nation of..” and he finished it with “wussies”. Though that’s the cleaned up version. All I can say is some people (let’s be honest..too damn many)need to grow a spine, a pair.., and get over it. Feelings are hurt, people get offended, it’s life. And I for one will not go through life worrying as to whether or not I’ve offended everyone in the room or worry about being offended. And no, I’m not talking about trying to be offensive, racist, hurtful, etc.. But it does seem to me that for some groups, you can’t say the sky is blue with out offense being taken. Thanks for your insight. At least I’m not alone in this!

    • And History-ism was missed too. This is actually a biggy if you insist on pointing out the crimes of the past which always involves unjust war against one people group against another. The Love of Money is a driving force almost as strong as nature.

  • Great article. Also thank you for the stock market info. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one concerned. This doesn’t seem to be a concern of most news medias.

  • Wonderful- well written article. Sums up what Don Henley ranted about in the 1994 Eagles song, ‘Get Over It’. This whole country’s sense of entitlement has gone off the deep end.

  • Oweee Wowee, ow ow ow! After reading that, my butt hurts!!
    Yeah. I think the ButthurtArmy is a derivative, an outgrowth, of the Liberal DNA injected into the prior generations. It’s gotta morph and complexify, in neurotic ways. Because, well, the infected ones are Liberals. Great example, is those who utterly defend illegal immigration, and the exceptionally high levels of legal, even though those undermine the lower and middle income brackets – the traditional Liberal fodder. Now, that’s truly Butthurt Ironic. Jus’ saying.

    These are the images that flash past as we accelerated down the rabbit hole. To meet Alice. I want a word with the Queen. And the Caterpillar.

  • Help the elderly? Feed the poor? But those things require work! And work is hard! Can I not just make the world a better place by complainging on Twitter about how hard my life is without doing any of the hard work?

  • Great article. People are way to offended by everything. There are those people who will always blame their circumstances on everybody else. They have no drive nor do they take personal responsibility. It is so much easier to live off the government who encourages these people to be victims.

  • Okay, so I agree with you to a certain extent, but I had already read some of the articles you listed and… agree with those also.

    Yes, people need to stop being so offended about everything. Saying “I’m offended” is usually just saying you can’t control yourself and your own emotions.

    That being said, I do think we need to watch what we say and do more. Your words become your thoughts and your thoughts become your actions and your actions become who you are.

    Growing up in the South, I have watched and experienced a LOT of racism from both whites and blacks. I’ve had to modify my own thinking as well. (I grew up thinking I wasn’t racist, only to realize that I really was more likely to dislike or be afraid of a black stranger than a white one, given the same circumstances, clothes, etc.)

    One of my bosses is very petty and prejudiced. Listening to her comments has made me realize my own prejudices. She says things like, “we need more guys around here to do the heavy lifting.” Even I am just so used to guys lifting things for me, that I didn’t realize until she said it just how sexist that was. It completely ignores the fact that a good portion of us doing the heavy lifting are female and we do just fine at our jobs, thank you very much. In fact, the females are the ones who have held down the same jobs, doing some of the heaviest lifting, the longest.

    It’s the little comments that can creep into your brain. I hear rape jokes and sexist jokes all the time. They seem harmless at first, especially if you know the people making the jokes aren’t rapists but then… as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that almost every single female that I know… has been raped at some point. Yeah. My mom, my aunt, my girlfriend, several friends, coworkers. At first I thought it was just horrible, and isolated circumstances, because they were unrelated, and then I ran across the quote that said that Your words become your thoughts and your thoughts become your actions and your actions become who you are.

    Sorry if this is a little… all over the place. As I said, I do completely agree that there are plenty of people out there getting butthurt over nothing, but I do also very strongly believe that we need to watch what we say and what we do, that the little things can build up too.

    • Aly, I agree with what you are saying and think that it is very insightful. The “isms” can work both ways (guys think they should lift things for women and women feel belittled because they are perfectly capable). I was a server in the dining room of an assisted living facility when I was in high school, was 5’1 and about 100 lbs, and all the busboys were amazed that I could clear my tables of as much stuff as they lifted and carry the tray to the dishwasher. It was pretty funny actually, but I’m sure other girls could have done it too, they had just had it driven into their heads that they couldn’t.. (I will admit that I was really strong for my size because I was taking gymnastics classes). But I enjoyed reading a different perspective in your comment. There’s a saying that goes “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.” One leads to the next. I don’t think that we should “tiptoe” around other people but there are things, like racism, that only cause harm to our country and to ourselves, and personal accountability for your behavior is necessary. Part of being an adult is learning to deal with it when people say things you don’t like, but being responsible in what you say and do is certainly part of being an adult as well. If people are more courteous and respectful in general, they might learn that the Other is not so bad. Take care.

  • Looks like I’m in trouble. I have many friends of different races. I speak (both a bit rusty now) Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish, and phrases in half a dozen more. Oh Heavens, Cultural Appropriation! I am of Dutch heritage, but I tan very heavily just mowing my lawn (more appropriation). I believe you should “see” the person not the skin so I must be insensitive. I never realized all this so I must be insensitively insensitive. I’m doomed! And worst of all I believe the Bible, and Jesus only gave 2 commandments: 1. Love God with all you have and are, and 2. Love your neighbor as yourself. I could not find anywhere where He say anything like your neighbor of your color, national origin, religion, or anything else. Just “your neighbor”, anyone on this planet!

    I’m in trouble.

  • I’m affronted by attacks on Americans, as though we are homogenized. And i’m affronted by attacks on America, “land of our birth. Stand beside her, and guide her…” God bless America.

  • Just a big thumbs-up. (Even if that does make fun of the minority of people that have only lost their thumbs…)

    Now – back to watching the isms pile up out there…

  • I agree there is far too much whining going on, and I think there is a lot of good that can come from being together versus apart. The media I think does purposely divide us. It’s scary.

  • Good article. I am so tired of people screaming racism when a low-life is criticized. I am so tired of law-abiding citizens being called racist because “they hate us because of the color of our skin.” Bullshit! It’s not the color of anyone’s skin; it’s how they BEHAVE. I don’t care what color you are; if you’re a lowlife stealing murderous thug, I don’t want you around me or my family and you should be arrested & prosecuted. Period.

  • My husband uses the word butthurt pretty often, it’s hard not to, you know cause of all that white privilege. It’s amazing how well this describes so much of today’s outrage. You nailed it! I call myself ‘Organic White Trash’ not because ‘white power’ but because it’s flippin funny. I’m way into real food and soooo NOT into PC. Apparently if you’re not politically correct it automatically makes you unintelligent, rude and all of the isms. So I own it, why not? Life is pretty dang boring without a sense of humor. If more people laughed at themselves, laughed it off and picked each other UP, life would be better for all! I started following you not too long ago, I’m seriously impressed with everything I’ve seen so far! Go you!

  • Even though you published this on Sept. 2, 2015 it’s still so relevant now, Daisy. ” I’m personally outraged by the misplaced outrage.” right along side you. And even though I’m a white woman raised in the South, my upbringing and high discernment have enabled me to see, hear, & read what many others can’t, or won’t. I’ve often told my husband I could be a great sounding board for advertisers, etc., to eliminate the slightest ‘isms’ before launching. Here it is a teeny bit over the date of this article and I see civil war on the horizon fueled by everyone you mentioned whom promote the garbage. Thank you for a great read.

  • I actually like being offended.
    Especially since i decided that; I am offended that other people are offended at me.
    So now we can both be equally offended at the same time.
    Which should cancel out, both of our being “offended” states.
    Thus we can get on with just living life.

  • So let me get this straight–you’re whining about people being offended and then tell them to stop whining? If that isn’t a pot-kettle situation….

  • Here is a quote about controlling the language that seems to apply here: “Progressives are actively working to control what people say by controlling what words are acceptable to use. If you can control the language, you can control the people. And controlling people is the ultimate goal of the left.” –Derek Hunter

    • Well said! The left, or you might say socialists, have several inherent evils, such as taking away basic rights, as witnessed by the inroads into free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. I don’t understand certain members of the “99%” wanting to control their fellow humans so much. Why? Are they so fearful and weak? It seems they are immature, uneducated, lack a basic understanding of history and human nature, just to name a few of their traits.

  • What ever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”? People need to be tough and resilient, not weak and whiny. I think this wave of being butt hurt is a result of the present young generation being taught that they are entitled to not have anything “bad” happen to them. If humans never had anything bad happen, they would never learn to be tough and resilient; in fact, they would never learn ANYTHING! As Sam Elliott, the actor, said, “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.”

  • My tiny contribution to this dilemma is that of resurrecting the neglected tool of public ridicule of the Butthurt-Offended crowd. There’s probably a place for a bad joke about the mental BO phenomenon, although I see nothing that justifies associating them with words like Great or American. My inspiration is the idea of carrying cans of Butthurt Spray, to be pulled out and used upon whatever appropriate occasions y’all may encounter. Even the idea seems useful in relevant online foodfights.

    Now there’s a product design issue to resolve. What should the can contents be? Something like artificial skunk scent, while it might fit the occasion, is hard to control and might stick to a lot of innocent parties as well, and for a long time. Not a good plan, even if the intentions were entirely honorable.

    Then I thought of prune juice — as a remedy for mental constipation. It’s easy to wash off, it’s not likely to adhere to the innocent, and has great comedic value.

    Now I realize that Daisy’s audience has a great many creative geniuses who may have superior ideas to enhance the strength of this public ridicule weapon. All such suggestions are cordially invited. One thing that diehard Marxist zealots detest, for lack of an effective defense, is well-targeted public ridicule.

    When Emma Lazarus wrote in 1883 about the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” speaking freely is an integral part of that.


  • Philippians 2:3,4 says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

    The Butthurt Union of America has denied its own ability to reach out and make a difference. Oh, sure, they’ll piss and moan about how the rights of others are trampled, how their hurtings are feeled (sic), and how this country is going to hell in a handbasket, but the truth is that they don’t have a clue.

    They are so focused on their own belly buttons that they have atrophied their hearts and bodies. They do not care about anything but themselves.

    Pity, really, but more for us than them. We have to put up with their malarkey.

  • I’m with you on a lot of what you’re saying, but are you saying that all shipowners/operators were Jewish? Srsly?

    Do you have reliable data to back up such a remark?

    • Unfortunately, yes and yes. Former Wellesley College black history professor Tony Martin has written extensively on this.

  • I recently read a study (I suppose I need to interject “a real, statistically validated study”) in which the majority of folks in our country resent most of the idiocy regarding the isms you refer to. That hostility drops, however, as education and income increase, which probably says something about how awful higher education has become, and how ingratiating the unjustifiably wealthy wish to remain as they loot, rob, pillage, and steal.

    • But I did. I originally wrote it in 2015 and just updated it today with new information. I’m offended you didn’t realize this. 🙂

  • If they are butthurt, then tough shit. I couldn’t care less! Except to laugh and point.

    “Evolution is harsh!” — Lord Darwin

  • “Agender, bigender, and gender-fluid people all technically fall under the “nonbinary” umbrella. As a result, nonbinary-identified people exist all over the spectrum of gender presentation.” When I can read sentences like this outside of publications like “Mad Magazine” and “The Onion,” I know the American Empire is finished and ready to be carted out to the ash pile of history. I feel certain our conquerors will never use words like “nonbinary.”

    • Why? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how the genders of people you probably don’t even know impact you or hurt our country. People of all genders (including yours) work, pay taxes, volunteer, vote, etc. We all contribute to keeping America strong. And really, don’t we have bigger issues to concern ourselves with?

  • It would seem to me there is a “bigger picture” . children are easily led. If we keep encouraging child like behavior in adults you create easily led adults which allows the ones in power to lead us wherever they like. We need Adults who don’t act like little children.

  • Great article Daisy, However you forgot the over use of Trauma, or traumatized etc. A child got in a car wreck with their parent parents grandparents neighbor or what not so the school has to give them counseling and teachers have to treat them differently because they were traumatized. HELL I am traumatized when said child throws a chair, ipad at me or flips a table because they don’t get their way. I by the way I do not get counseling nor the other children for witnessing such violence, but the perpetrator does. I agree with all except. I am NOT WHITE. I am a lighter shade of brown but paper or the clouds are white, NOT ME. A nation divided against itself will fall. We are falling because the media had pushed the over obsession with what color someone is rather than their character. Stop already. I don’t care what color a person is.

  • It’s easier to ignore the whole Leftist PC thing and not walk on eggshells all the time worrying about offending someone. Someone can be offended no matter what you say or how carefully try to say it. I also refuse to shut up. I may be censored, but I’m not worried about ‘Wrong-think’, Double-think, or heresy, and .

    I’m not going to try and keep up with all the things you’re not supposed to say anymore, because it is being changed constantly, and I no longer care. I’m not into being PC, and have zero interest in conforming to SJW garbage. Anything that someone doesn’t like is “sexist” or “racist” these days, and you can’t prove that you’re not one – so I’ll just call them the same thing and tell them to show they’re not _______ist.

    I also won’t be using the ’57’, or more, varieties of gender labels someone has concocted so they can ‘virtue signal’ to their peers. They have no Virtue. I believe that their are basically two genders, and the rest is insanity. I can’t be sent to the principal, suspended, or fired anymore.

    I also don’t care about ‘cultural appropriation’. I just want to eat my pseudo-Chinese, pseudo-Mexican, pseudo-Italian, pseudo Australian, and pseudo-Mongolian, etc. restaurant food in peace without having some arrogant, “tolerant”, leftist PC, self-righteous, SJW soy-boy punk mob getting into my face and telling me where I can go and what I can and cannot do. “Question Authority!”

  • You’re right. What you said just flat makes sense. And people used to be a heck of a lot tougher than they are now, the word snowflake, a delicate thing which shatters or melts on slight impact was unfortunately appropriately used to describe this genteel generation. Personally I want everyone to just plain be nice to everyone, regardless of gender, gender orientation, color, race and religion. Religious or not, the 10 commandments are a great set of rules to live by, and if those seem like too many rules to deal with then there’s just one, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” Our fears, worries, problems, they’re all the same no matter what skin or body parts we’re wearing. I’d like people to worry less about gender and skin color and way more about how to be a solution in a troubled world. It can start and end with the one easy rule of just being nice!

    • Here’s the subtly evil thing about all this focus on skin color, manner of dress, hairstyles, etc: It FORCES people into a mode of thinking in a racist, sexist, differently-abled way. That is the goal: to cow everyone, of every skin tone, gender, physical ability and lifestyle preference, so that all are easily led by those who are currently inventing the weekly -ism.

      All this wordplay about genders is cover for the covert reinforcement of stereotypes. So, a man wants to wear silk stockings and lacy clothing to work? Before, he would be ridiculed (which isn’t an OK way to treat anyone), but now he may end up in the hospital operating room, having his body mutilated, and become a customer-for-life of harmful hormone drugs, just because he’s trying to force himself into a narrow concept of “gender.”

      I realize that those in the thick of all this wordplay believe that they’re helping, but if one is able to step back and look at it plainly, one will see that the definitions of how males and females must behave are being narrowed alarmingly. Anyone whose behavior isn’t in conformance to these new, narrower definitions is aggressively encouraged to declare their “non-binary” status. It’s actually stifling how narrow the behavior range has become for both sexes.

      By forcing through societal pressure everyone to FOCUS on differences and narrow stereotypes, the end result is that people seek groups in which they can feel “safe.” Then these groups naturally identify outsiders as “the enemy” rather than people who are just different from them. It’s the old, time-tested strategy of “divide and conquer,” as a couple of earlier commenters have already pointed out.

      There’s another time-tested philosophy, which I’ll share in closing: “Offense taken is as bad as offense intended.” Meaning, while it’s not acceptable to intend to offend someone, it’s also unacceptable to take offense where none was intended.

  • I have to wonder when and why did it become acceptable to behave like a immature child?
    Granted, there are some cases where a break down is perfectly acceptable, loss of a loved one, getting truly bad news like you have cancer, IRS audit, that kind of thing.
    But some of these gross emotional meltdowns over some issues is just plain immature. The demands for safe spaces. The expectation of life to be “fair.” Or for someone else to pay for your college. All those things sound like the responses of a emotionally immature 7 year old. But that is expected of a 7 year old. Not someone over the age of 18.
    What we are seeing is more and more adult-children, throwing temper tantrums over trivial issues. I would almost say this is a mental illness.
    And these people not only operate heavy machinery, own property, but can vote.

  • Although I have read it many times from end to end, I can not find anything in the Constitution that guarantees anyone the right to not be offended.
    Get over it, snowflakes.

    • No, but it gives everyone the right to free speech, so why don’t all of you stop getting butthurt about things you disagree with and let people say what they want?

      • We are not getting butthurt about things we disagree with.
        What many of us oppose to is the gross expectation that we are required to change our use of words, language, the wearing of a given piece of clothing, even flying the American Flag as it might offend someone.
        And while they do have the right to free speech, we have the right to walk away and or not listen to them at all.
        But when we exercise that right, we are demonized.

  • Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t read most of this article, for 2 reasons: 1, I come here looking for valuable prepping information, not tips on how to bully people, and 2, you have absolutely no idea what “triggered” means and what you said about people who suffer from it is despicable. (No, I am not “butthurt,” I am just informed, which maybe you should have been before you wrote this article.) The type of people that can be “triggered” are often sufferers of severe PTSD. They are veterans, first responders, sex crimes victims, children that were beaten and tortured. A “trigger” is not simply a word, it can be a smell, a place, a stressful event. PTSD doesn’t just affect a person emotionally -it PHYSICALLY changes the brain. People who suffer from this may not have any control once they are exposed to a trigger; they experience flashbacks and panic attacks. Imagine going to war for your country, experiencing trauma that left you with crippling PTSD, and then having someone tell you that “you’re just butthurt” and “You should stay home, stay off the internet, and never watch television,” and “Oh my gosh. SHUT UP ALREADY.” How dare the disabled inconvenience you, right? What an entitled and privileged life you must have been blessed with, to be able to pass such cruel judgment on people who not only have been through hell but who were left with an incurable disease due to what happened to them. I don’t know if I’m going to use your site anymore. I am disgusted with you.

    • Sara, thank you for being a reader and for your comment. I should have been more clear I’m my essay that I’m talking about the overuse of the word “triggered”. I’m not talking about people who have genuinely suffered a trauma that resulted in PTSD. My own daughters are among that group due to their father’s sudden and shocking death, which they witnessed.

      I’m referring to the people who have been coddled to the point that they have no coping mechanisms. I’m talking about those who choose deliberately not to cope with something and retreat into a philosophy in which they believe others must tiptoe around them.

      Thanks for pointing out that I wasn’t clear. I’ll rectify that when I get home. Please forgive any autocorrect-related typos.

      Best wishes,

      • I appreciate you taking the time to do that, Daisy. I think that a lot of what people consider “being offensive” or “being too sensitive” are simply misunderstandings. The world is much more crowded than it used to be, which increases our chances of coming across people from various cultures and backgrounds. I understand the frustration in feeling like you have to restrain yourself in everything you do, but in many past societies the rules for social behavior were even more strict. Sure you could say all kinds of nasty things about people of other races, but women couldn’t go unchaperoned and men couldn’t say curse words, or else they were shunned. I don’t want to go back to that, but I don’t like the idea of going around saying derogatory things to or about people just because they have differences from me either, or calling people names if my words or actions hurt someone. I don’t see why we can’t treat each other (and ourselves) with a little courtesy and respect. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. For instance, if you watch at Disney World you’ll notice that no employee ever points with one finger; if they need to gesture in a direction, they use several fingers or their whole hand. This is because they get visitors from all over the world, and in certain cultures, it is considered very rude to point your finger. Disney doesn’t have to do this. They could say “This is our park, let them deal with our ways” and let their employees do what they will. But they make a tiny change out of respect for others and everybody gets to enjoy themselves. Obviously you can’t know the history of everyone you encounter and some people will be irrational if you do something they don’t approve of, but we share this planet with an amazing variety of people, and I don’t think it’s a lot to ask that we treat them with common courtesy and respect. Isn’t that how all of you would like to be treated, too?

        • Sara, Disney is not a government of the people, by the people and for the people. In fact, recently surfaced evidence has implicated Disney as part of a worldwide pedophile and sex-trafficking network. Regarding being “triggered,” be aware that word was chosen specifically to build phobia against firearms. I’ve worked with many traumatized people, and helped them/watched them heal. Once healed, they can again be as strong as any never-traumatized healthy person. The physiological changes in the brain can be and often are completely reversible.

          In the USA, citizens are officially the Sovereigns. In no other country in the world is that true (of which I’m aware). This is a very special place, and it’s a crime against the USA that the government schools are failing to teach this to their students. While there are many other cultures in the world, this is the ONLY place in which it really matters how people are educated and what choices they make for their government. In a free country, the only valid rules for social behavior are those which limit individuals from infringing other individuals’ individual rights. All this astroturf culture forcing people to choose an identity group is just anti-American.

          The founders of the USA chose to throw off many of the societal conventions of the European countries from which their families originated. In respect to future liberty for all citizens, it’s crucial that We the People remember how we acquired our freedoms while we simultaneously offer courtesies to newcomers who are not yet accustomed to what it’s like to live in a truly free society. Living happily among free people requires that individuals have a relatively thick skin, so they can let words and behaviors “roll off their backs” which might otherwise offend them. Inner strength is required to manage living among a free people.

          In order to BE free, we MUST allow others to also be FREE. That means choosing to give others “the benefit of the doubt” on occasions when we feel potentially offended. Be strong, live free, be proud of your heritage, your family, your history; and allow everyone else the same freedoms and range of pride. THAT is what the USA is really all about; not becoming yet another European-style “democracy” ruled behind the scenes by monarchs and banksters.

          • Hello Sandy. I agree with some of your remarks and disagree with others. First of all, I was not vouching for the goodness of Disney. I was simply giving an example of showing kindness to each other in our multicultural society. Disney is not a government, they are an entity like a person is an entity, and both have the choice to use the knowledge that they have to be courteous or to be rude. We have the right to be rude, but is that the kind of people we really want to be? Anyways,, I don’t know where the word triggered originated, nor do I know what kind of trauma cases you were working with but while some can get better, true PTSD cannot. “Like most mental illnesses, PTSD is not strictly curable. ” The sufferers can take medication and learn coping mechanisms and find ways to get through life, but they still suffer and it’s very cruel for them to be mocked by people who think triggers are annoying or funny. I know men who fought in Vietnam and have been in treatment for decades who still hide and think that they are being attacked if someone sets off a firecracker on their street. As for our country, yes, we are supposed to be the ones in charge, but if you think that we are then frankly someone is pulling the wool over your eyes. This is a republic, not a democracy, and our elected representatives are just as corrupt as any in Europe. They have long ago been bought out by organizations like Monsanto/Purdue, the Koch brothers, Big Pharma, and the few others who could afford it. Wages for us have stayed the same while the cost of living just keeps rising, making it difficult just to get by, let alone put aside supplies for when the SHTF. When this whole thing falls apart, it’s not going to be because some kids are sensitive about their gender or someone doesn’t like being called a racist name. Crony capitalism and antagonizing other world leaders are both bound to reach a breaking point. But that’s a discussion for another place. You say that we need to give others “the benefit of the doubt.” That can be good advice in many situations. But every American has the right to speak up and say that you have done something that hurt them, too, and, unless you’re a mind reader, it’s often beneficial to hear the reason why. It might surprise you. And if, in the end, you conclude that they are simply “butthurt”…well, you have the right to say that too. 🙂

  • You’re witnessing the false religion of Marxism at work. It’s GOAL is to divide everyone and cause as much contention and hate as possible.

    Marxism works in the following way –

    (1) Claim one group is oppressing another (sometimes has some truth to it, most of it is made up and not backed by real evidence).
    (2) Claim that the all-powerful government they want is the solution.
    (3) Deny that government inequality with the governed is any concern at all.

    So they harp on supposed oppression, most of which is accepted on faith and not facts, and then use that as an excuse to create the most oppressive government possible.

    Government = God.

    It’s a scam to enslave everyone, while feigning concern for equality and fairness. The scam should be immediately obvious to anyone – they have ZERO intention of any equality whatsoever between government people (the ruling class) and the governed.

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